Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 19, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 19, 1838 Page 3
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placo nnd one from up the lake. The Mmro is untliing to justify it. It ivan lo Mw P.nalnnd. nnnllmr lame Floanmr!!"-'r'frrrll. d(.Mr C said) that In our own lying here, is fitting mil for Mm Island i n number of engineers wnrn nbnnrd of her yetterday getting her ready. It if n-cor-taincd lhat Mm r,roatcr pnrt nf McNah's nrtny hns retired Imm Chippewa, either with l ho intention of inviting Vnn IIciip.-o-lacr to n landing to cope with him on more rqnal terms, or fur other reasons, lie undoubtedly intended to make, an nttnek on the Inland lnt Sunday night, but hi.' I roups refused lo gn nhoard. Tim Antcri ran troops on Orntid Nlniul dislinclly henrd thrtn refuse. The object of the Plentn bnats is supposed to be to take the pnlriot forces to the tnnin land II would n-penr to bo nulicy for them tn move simn. 1 S. VV. P. S. I open my Irtter lo say since writing Mm above lint tlm rumor of Dun c mbrt'e ImitiL' in nriiH in the wetern purl nf the province is confirmed It is said lm lias n ihoiHnnd nrmed rtiftt witli him, nnd is making protrre-. ll is also tuirmfed to day that McNab has resigned his command, and lliot Col McD maid U appointed in his s! cm!. Yesterday'. mail brought us nnlTih dates to Mie 1 3' ll. Tlmrp is nothing deci five. A smart runtmnniltng wa rained on lor several Imurs tlm night before be. twrcn tho Island and the Canada shore, but with little or no rtT-ci. One hundred volunteer, joined Mm I-danders on the 12th. Gen Scott arrived nt IlufT.ilo on Thtifsi'ay. An armed party of loyalists came nul to Cham plain n few day sinco and kidnaped eleven Cjuadian palriolM. Possibly this announce. mcnt will bo considered "inlldiualory," hut can'l holp il. Tlm R'clunond Wing announces the death ol I'M ward V. Spnrhswk, tlm editor of the I'rterr-burg Intelligi'iicer. .Mr K. rt n geutlemnn of line talentp and nc qiiiretnenlc and ha tunny uannly at tached Ini nds lo ileplnre lit." bus. Rhode Nomination, The Whigs of Ilhmle bland have hld n Con ventmn in Prondenci'1, nonunated Hon. Win Sprsgue i.a their candidate for Gov nrnorntlbc eltction in April next. I3e will be elect etJ by a lare majority. Maine. From i hu report of Mm j iint select committee ol Mm Maine Ijpgi-lottire, to which was rrferred the counting of the vote far governor, have reported that l'M ward Kc-nl (Whig) ha received 3JQj!I: Gorhfini Pirk-i, t Loco Foco) 33.119:?; all the other citirlidiitcs Thus Mr. Kent is constitutionally elected Governor ol ft. Maine. A whig, M r Sliilometli S, Whipple, ho b!n elected in convention of both liMines. tn fill a vacancy in Mm eighth seiminrml dllrici. Php whig iimjori'y on j not ot ss indieated by this vol- wa 7 but the nctor.l mij)iily ii-- ei-' minted nt I1.'. BjT I'iik I'n-iDKNcr It neeni now to be conceded l ha t Mm Wing elmice will be botwern Gen Harrison ant! Mr Ci.av. Long belore Mm time when n nBttonil couventinn will he nere-nary, public npin inn will have designated wlncli of tlm two will command its support. Siiou'd Mr Clay he the man, wn venture to promi-e that lm will receive the undivided suppod of nil the friend of Gen. Haiuu-on. and the vole oftlie Hero of Tippecanoe him pelf. If no the contrary, a majority of the Whig parly should declare Hsclf in (avor of the latter, we believe, from our knowl edge of the feelings of Mr (lay's friends and from our confidence in Mr Ci.av htm self, that they and he will cordially unite in elevaling Mm "soldier citizen" to tlm highest office in the gill of a grateful peo ple. There will bo no split in the Wing ranks, The following arc Mr Clays remarks in the Senate on Mm Kchlosser affair. Mr. Clay : of Kentucky rose, and mov ed that that p irtiou nf Mm message wlrou relates lo un appropnnti n be releneil 10 the Committee on Finance; and Mint the other portion of it, reln'ing lo i ur Foreign Affairs, bo referred to Mm emu intttee on Foreign Relations. While up. Mr. C. mid he must lake uccamu tn say that he did think that the recent murage .committed on the nut of the Untied States nnd on the live of citizMts. wa- ol the iiiosi atrocious nature in its charne'er and cnnsequences-whollv iiiijiisiifiahle.and not in tlm fchghtcut degree palliated hy a iv Miing which prrccdoil it. And sir. (saiil Mr. C ) there ivns a character of dehberu tion atleitdiug it which agiavates tlm cuor nitty. It w6 in the dead Imurol the night 11 was from a shore in belhgerant condi tion, and therefore in a state of constant watchfulness ; it wa after a state nl picim ration, which timet have been st least three or four hours, showing that the coiuuinu der of the Uritli lorces was apprtned of il, and Ihe destination of tlm ntiaektug force. It wub altogeilter tintiosiible that he wis ignorant 'if tlm fact I hut t lux vessel was lying quiclly at anchor within our ju risdiction, and thert'loro in a condition which could nut justify an nltaek II was tinder all these ciicunistauccsMintilie attnek was made, Neither th people of Mm U. Slates, in the aggregate, nor those in Mm immediate neighborhood of the disturbed district, nor the Guvcrnment of tho U. Slates, had done any thing to justify this mop.', unparalleled outrage. 1 want po further ovidence (said Mr Clay) than that now pretexted lo mo to t-atisfy mc that hisiury, examples had been furnished hv which thi- outrage tn ti lit In' pnltnlcd, Wi'lmiil, however adverting In ilmm, or nny recent uccurrnnco. lm would nuly say llinl I In; I nut ground (or n great uatinn In place Itself mi, wa that nf justice, llinl H slinulil rc-poct llirj rights ot nil tialmns. tlm won It no well as tlm powerful; and In nbxiniii from till nets which tn ijr lit Imroaf tor bo brought up ns precedent- against thiMii, While lir made tlmse remarks, he liy no iimaus wished in he nmlursi (mil as doirii'g to l;indli' up a spirit of wnr he twecn this Country nnd Ureal IJri'nm though he t lioiiif hi that niniilo, and prnnip indemnity should ho i v u. II'1 should us much a- any intin, deplore n wnr ; hut looking in ihcvn-t resources of our coun try, Mm valor of our citizens, nnd achieve ments in former time-, ho would not. leor ilmr"uli. l (said Mr, C ) il s'muld bo n wnr with Great Britain, hp would deeply deplore ll ; hnl in Mil- case it would hp a j 1 1 r-1 wnr, and he wouhl lm roady lo iri"ct it. Wuh I he present friendly relattrins between thi- count iv and Ureal Ilriiam. with Mm I'vcpt ion of Mm recent nreuren i'fi in Mm northeast, he did not see nny cause to apprehend it. Dkaut ikui. I''. The clorv of Mm suniitier is gone hv Mr' beautiful greenness hi- b"cnitm withered nnd dead. Were this all were there no n-ocialiotis of moral d'-fi'ihiMon of faded Impcs of hearts withering in the bosom- flhe living eounocied with i h o decaying scenery nrountl it-, we tvnttd not indulge in n mo. incuts'- uielarmholy. Tim sea-on of fl.w ore will noum again Mm streams will fl itv grncofnlly nnd lightly ns before Mm tree. will again to-- Mmir cumbrous load of iriennnes to the sunlight and. by nm-sy stone Btid winding rivulet. Mm young blo-.nin- will Marl up n- nt tlm bidding of Mmir f n i r v gnn'd'aii-. Hnl Mm human imnri has change like lhat of nalure. I; haw no cond spring tune. Once blighted in ii liour of Irei-lines". it wears forever the mark of i lm spoiler. Tlm dews of n (Taction may fall, nnd MmgenMe rain of sytnpnMiy bo lavished upon tt bill the tore root ol blighted feeling will nevr ri-rnin waken in lo life nor the crushed flower ol hone , blossom with their wonted beauty. What is I.tri:.- ... , . . here. ,s eloquence of, well n- language, in ihe fi lowing paragraph frein A rnolt '- Bletuenls ol P, y..cs : ('Pne function by which Mm animal b olv P'sunies foreign mailer from around, and converts Ihem Us own sub-tnnce, is little inviting in Mime of Us details hut in ken aliogpilmr is oueol thi mot wonder ful nibjecls which can engage the human attention. Il points direct ly lo Mm con mis nnd yet nnntt'-were.l quentinn : Whm is life ? The student nf na'ure may una lyse with nil hi-art those minute po.tmiH of imittr.r cb lied seed.- and rvhieb lm ktmwn to he the, tudiinentpt of fu'nrH creature-, and tin links hy which enilpK generation of living creatures, hang ' e.iien:e but he cannot diMMitatigle nod a parl tlietr myteriniis i.ifi: ! t hal Munet h mg under Mm influence of winch deteruiiora its form and proportion. One such sub stance thu- beer.mej a bennteoti rn-e hu-h; another a noble oak, a third an eagle ; n luiirth no elnplotnt ; yea m Mm -aiot; way on' from the nulet mnterinU ot hroki ii seed-, noil leave- and plants, and pit- of nn mini fl?h is bu ll up t lm human frame m .elf whei her of 'he ac'IVe undo, coiiihm mg gtai'"foliifs- and -ireogMi. or nf I lit' gi otler o, v Mi heaoty nrmitid her ns light. II. ..i mi's- ng l i that fucIi should1), the o-ijiii .film bright human eye. who-e glaoee pierces ns if I ho mvis ible Kiul weie spot with H, of the hp whieb p"ii r sweete,t .l ip;, n,.., of the Inrnyx which bv vihiatiog. till- Mm sur rounding air wuh ninne . tnl more won . Mill lloin all, ol Hint .en. p. 1 1 0 1 up within Ihe h oiy I'm ire of -ko I. wh..-e do lea'e I. xtore I' the Hlmile of the muiI. with u-reil-i.ll which COUtenipll(-. ami seiihly which delight-, in Miti-e and endless oth er miracles i f creation." mrtti ifJTON Assr.5inT,ir:s. 'I'll.- llliid fi llie Feitsiill will he held ;il Ilnw aid's on iIip 2-lih, tn-i. 1 A R II I K 1 . In this toion on Monday morning by lieu Mr. Convvrte, Mr. Giles T. Meail lo Mint EJcn Mai tin. Edward Pope's ISstntc. C the siih-eribors having been appoin ted bv the botiurahlc Ihe I'rohale Court, for the District olThltleiiih-n. eoniMiisiouriru lo receive, examine ami adjust the el.iiuis and i (leinam - nl all person-, ngiiinsl Ihe estate nl I'Mward I'o,)!!, I.ite ofliurloigloii in said Dis tiiel. deceased, repreuled insolvent, and al-o nil claims mid diiinand- exhibited in oll'-cl thereto; and six month- from ihn day of the dale hereof, being illowed hy said court foi that purn'.se, wc do iheriil'ine hereby give notice, that wo will allend to tlm business of our aiipoiniiiieiit,ai iheriwi llmgoflni Shuiick Ion Keeper in Dorliiigtou in the said District, on the reeoioi day of April, and 'J7tli day of June next, at 10 o'clock A. M. on each of said day.-. I).ited, this 27lh day or Deccinbsr A. D. J 11.37. CKOUCR A. ALLK.V,? Cominis. V. IIAKUINGTO.V, S si 'tiers. CA UTION ! CA UTWN ! ! NOW in eimsequenco of Doer, Itnt.M nttCTu's vegi.tablu universal Pill- hav tug such popularity by the cures ihal have followed the use of ihrin as is attested hy tho thousand ofihatisful persons who aio daily reeoiniiiundingsaul lliaodreths Pills In their alllicled neighbors, ha- been n ciiu-n of lining seizod upon by unpriucipleil innii with a view of 'rolling tnoiKiy, and who make an entirely spurious arlicle (fori buy ol'eoui-e cnnlil not make any othurjtvith coiinierlVited directions', which is palmed upon unsuspciling person for the geiiuino niticlo, thronyli pedleis and sointi traders on thu West side tho (Ireen Mountains, who had belter be on the look out for physio of a tlitluront liiml, vvhiuh will ha preparud by Doct. UraudrelliR attorney on purpose lor such impostors -Cmninenolmr by the aulhorily of the Unilcil Stttes," fio, and adiuinisl'-red hy ihu U S. Marshall of tho District of Vermont to the tiunn of an op. urulinu o''aboni A 1,000 wotlli ofnlivsie. Tho leal llinndieih Pills cannot ho had of any others llian tho authorized areola, as advertised in thogoneral advorlisetnuulB in this paper. The agent in IJurlioglon is January 10, 1 030, S. E. HOWARD r flTIII'J propriil rs of I tin btli'k tnnnling IL house nt Wumoskio village nre, to- quitsled to inurl at j) mini & Murshr'n olfe'ii, m IJuiliiigioii, on Iliu !Mtli of .1 miliary nl (I oVIoek P. M. Iom'o what nicnsuies they will take to finish said ImiiM!, nml do every ollmr business appertaining thereto. Jlurliogtrm .luu. 17, llliiti. DAN DAY. ) Iluilding Win. 1). KIDDI H, Comm. Nv.vo PubVvutions for sale ol run nooic sronn THE Chrnlinn Pnfetnf nddM'sei) in a (-Plies of counsels nnd. eaullonn lo Mm members of Christian (yhiuehe. by John Aimell Jatneh I vol. I", mo. New York, man .1 JV'irrnlhn nf .Mhi'wnnry Enterprise in llic .VuiiVi .Sen hhintli with retiiuik-1 upon 'he natural hNtoiy of thu l-lnul.s, origin, li'ingunge-, Triultlion nnd ungi" of the in hn ti il n lit by .1 dill Williams, nl the Loo duii Muionarv Socu'iv, illus'tnicd with 'J7 wood I'lngriivitigs, I vol. fl vu. oOO pp. New Yoik, Religious Diisctniont. their cause nnd cure, n prizeis-uy, bv Plnireellug Church. I vol 12 mo. N..w York i!',5lt. Young .Man' Cfosct Library, hy Robert Phillip, of M nberly Chapel, with nit inlro tine ory DKay hy Albert Uarttrs, 1 vol. 15 mo r.ctlurrx itltntritling the rnnlratt between fir rhrislimiil; and various other t'Vs'ftn'. by Willinui H. HprRguc, D. I). Albany, 1 vol 12 mo. Thr. Cnmtilutfan of .Man considered in relniton to external objects, by George Combe, 1 vol. 12 mo. Dm I Swcctsrr's .Yne Wnrk on Dyipep xia 1 vol. 12 urn. I! iston Ifl37. Lorh-harl'H Life of Sir Walter Scott, Boston l!U!l. .MmUrn the .March of Tntellett, hv Mi-f S bur. New York li'f37. The sayings anil ilningi nf Samuel Slitk of Shiksmlle. Philadelphia 111.17. The .Aeio York liciucw tor .lanuarv 1030. 'Phi- able periodical will be i-med regular ly in Jitmi'v, April. July ami Oetobei of each i r. Toe J.inoary No, i mm nf I he fir-' specirm mi ol Ameticrtu Typ' grnpl'V and give- deei-ive ..vidence uf Mm nbiiiivol it- lMllor- nnd Mi. .so who eont ribnln lo il Its articles aio well (-el"ciel and ful of en- ,:,i'- i ii.-t- iiji.iii jnriin norr, i;narm ,Jllfb ,, ,:,,,,. ... ,, ,.,.,,,.,. peculiarly tu'eri 1 inrr. 'Pimm; who wih to exiiiuine or siih-cribe for the wmk are re queried lo cull upon the niroiil JAM US V. J1ICKOK. llorlingloo. J;in 111 l'!37 Turlington, Nov. 2i, J8:J7. I TiOIIHirP MOODY h now rrceirmg 9u I'rotn Now York an etn-tve mipiiU ot llaritvare. Snddleiy, Ilolioware. Drug-. Medicines, Paints, and Oil-j which he nfl'er.- to Ihe public cheap for ca-'h or short credit, ol the old e-inbliheil store, north ea-t corner of I he square. To Wood Clionpois. Gr'iS IRION'S AXiSSS, AhUPPLY ot Mm almvi c i- Unite: Axe-, just received, and for sale l tliu dozen or single, bv tlm subscriber. KOP.mtT MOODY Burlington, Dec. 211, li!37. Aocordoons. few choice It'i-ewood Accnrdeniis for sale al Mm Variety Shop by PAfillor fi lllll.-MAII. A Manifold Writers; Those wish log to get a good n ol cheap atlicle, to i o able Miein to lake tun or more copie- ol a letter wi'h oiiee wn(mg: can he accomo dated at I lie Vemv Shop. P c iion.N &. Himnm tin. Plated and silver edged Cake ISii'k.'if, 'Pen Pie- Sugar aim l)i-h e-, Ca-lors. &(',, for mile at Mm V.tiiety Shot, bv PtNCii its it P,iiis-m ill) FIRE ! AN adjourned ineeMng of the Hoxer Kiigme Coinpanv will be hohlen .t J. Mow riiVlloieloo .Monday evening J,u. 15. al halfpa-l 7 o'clock. A pmicnml nt leudmee s ri qo -ti ll. Variety Shop Notice, January 7. AH pcr-oii indebted to us; lm th, amount 0, 35, or 100 eon'- or mote, are ilertred lo call ami -.( lit'. Those liavuie aeconuts against u- will plcn.-e present them. No credit given." P t snii wis Brissm wr. A LIj persopw tuil bled lo the Mibsciibrr l' either hv note or honk neeount nre her. hy tmtifn il Mint they must call and set. Me the Kiine snon . lo ci-i. IiATIIUoi' &. Potwiv. Hnrbngion. Jan 1. lllilll. Boot & shoe maker. "PVP" AS opened a simp on church streel. Iho ii. tt first door South of L. Juhonuotl Co. lulhi r store- Uuilmgtou Jan dth 1:128. rSIIH nndersigueil ..fl'er for sale a qunn J- itiy of LU.M l.'Klt. coiibifting of Pine Board , uus mtd Cedar 1'm.ti, .Maple Si nulling suitahlenr hemhlnU, ,'Uapie Planning suiinnte jar uccni.sittii, White Oak Sp ates, first rate, by the il , i J i, On hand, as ti-ual, a good nfortment ol lumber ami pleasure KLHICHS, which will lm sold Intv for cash QAH persons having unset- Med account ri .iro called upon to adjust ihein pruvious In Mm 'JOth tnst., nnd save cost. JOHN K. CRAY Ilurliiiglon, Jan. I, 10311, Provision Carrels. TSUII' -nbsenher has on hand n good lol .fl. of Pruvisioti Hurrcls, which will hu sold low fnr cash. C. SKVUKANCH. Ilurlingtnn, Jan. 1 . 11137 10 Casks Whito Lead, 2000 Galls Linseed Od, fitr salo by Hickok it Catmn. NOTICE. CAMF, into the inelo Hire of t lie nib KTjbi'r SIMIie. I t m e in t be month ol July Inst ii ilnrk iron gray yearling horse Coll. The owner u said cult h roipo-lod to call prove properl v pnv ehnrnen and lake htm nwnv. " liUriJUIl IMIOUTY. Jericho. Jan II 111.11! Hycnn ngoncy for Vormonl, 'or Mm sal.' "I the g"toime, MorrionV Vegetnble Ulliverpiil Medicme, of the III lllr.h (College of heiilih. 'I'lm rrplllil Hon of il is c-inhli-ditd, Mirouglmnl the wor'd, nnd need no ri'comeiulnt ion. Ap pliontiom lor sub agencm.. tor eouutte-i, or lowti". fritn res)on-ihle ieisous, who do tint il-nl 111 oilier moil cities. ill be n' lenih d io, iiion npbc i'ioo per-onnHv or l.v I letter. (pol paid ) n' the V 'irmly Simp hi Paiigboru A'. Iirm-jiu'iid. Agent fur the State nl Vcrnioti'. January 11. I!!3!!. N. 15. Sub Agent will lm Mippin-d tin on much better leiui- limn under the form er IJ. S Agent, Mid Vt SniU ngenl. He eortly will h" re(inred. and one third the amount of ihe bi'l uiut lm paid 'i' 1 1 lime nf purchase, nml ;i bond sigmd inrn' mg ii.. t to -e nny coou'eil.-it medicme. Bocf'Ttnd Pork. Mil- nf Heel, Hi... H lew i,bl. cl-'nr "Nft' Pork for s.,1.. r.f (.,.. ,V!.,rl,,l J. uih... D & I), A. KIM HALL .Tallin rr. o. Kl.ll! .Jiieh Isliam's I'lslale. swn: of i'i:i:.uoxr. ) r or Cim tkmiks. st. ( A 'P ' Prolmte Coml hoi.h'n nt 15urlmg J.X ton wtn.m .mtl for tb" ! t-i nfoie- sillll Oil I lm t I'll' v tug l h of lis W of Del't'ln. lmr, A. D. IIIU7. An lisMuin'fit piirpor'tiig to bo the l.'i-t Will iin.l 'PcslMtnrnl of .1 r m I-hnm. late of Sh' Ihitriie, n t IriCI lleCO-etl. wan pret n'ed to the Court here for P'nbate, by Simuel K. Lham the FiV'.enior, I herein named. Tiirii'TonK il is otdered by said Court, that public notice lie git en to till pw..n eooee.ncd therein to appenr before mh.I Court, at n seiion th.'re.if to be bolden at said P.orlitigton on I he second Wei'o.-d ii" of Febrnnry A. I). 1 11211. and cooiet th mobale ol niul Will, nnd il i- further ordered that Ibis order be published I href week- mcce.Jively ill llie Free Pre n newspaper printed n' Iliulmgioi,. in M;t- SUIe. llieUn of u hu b publicil mo--hull lie pr vmo-in the day asrigued, u alore sHlt! for lietrmg. Given nud 'r tnv hand a! the Regi'',er' Oirice, this 'Jlllh dnvof D.c. A 3). MYM. Wm. WHSTON, Jleg. Samuel Keeler's Estate, s v.'j ti: o ' vi:,yt DIS I IIICT Ol' CHITT)'M M, - A T a pioh ile (ji.uri hold, o nt Hurling J.. loo. WiHim noil fur llie ili.irici (Mure said on tlm I wen'UitMi day of D'cmber, A. I). 11137, an lli-lriiment purporting tn he the l,(t( Will it ml I en!;tinent ot Sim ne K"ler kite of 'J--ix in said di.-lriel dece; I. win pn-enletl to the Court, her-' for Proleil', bv ALirrhal C!k'tU the e0cu tor. tlioi.'in named. 'Pher. fore it i- ordered by said Court, tlmt pol.iic not ice he given lo nil per-on-coiicerned therein lo appenr before raid Court, at 4 h.'s. urn Mieieoflo he holden al saiil llnrltngtim. on Ihe Vd W. fiue-'hiy nl Fehtiiary A. D. 1(1311, xml coute-i the pro I. .ie of r-iil Will: and tl i ItirMier order . .1 i hat I In- order lie puli'i-liei) t bree wrt'k-.ueees.u-. v in tlm Free Pre-, m iie -jiM-r printed si Unrling'on, III tht- S'n'e, Ihe list of which puli'ieir ion- shall b" previ-oii- lo Mi..' day as-igued, a- ulDrvaul for homing. ftiveu under tnv hand a' the R-igi-ter's Otl'iee, Mils 'JiVh tl - V of I) toiler". . D. 11137. Wm. Wk.-'ids, Ifjii'n- NOT ICR. f" II Ii member.- of the P.nrliogton Fire A. (Jouipmiy ate hereby not ilied t hnl Mm ,10011a1 niei'ting of said couip'.nv, will be lioldeii nt J. II, .ward1- llolel. no Mm fourth WedliesdlV .'lOeCith (I iv)of .1 UMiary. in-t. at balfpa-l -l. o'clock in I he "eri.on, for Ihe choice i.l' le-i Warden-, a Clerk anil Tr usurer, and for Mm triiu-netiou of all oi her hn-mesw r, rpiiie.l b I lie Charier, ami by 1 1 Ws ol said Company. ' Hy order ol 'he Wardens. i.i iii.t.s, uier.-. Jan. 1. Ki.;:i T II II sub-cither quests nil per sons Huh lileil to htm, to iii'ike liiiiiK'flia1 pat no nl, n- hi- ne. "S C --II le. v. III tint ni: in, i ... oriin r din. Ami he w tl Id ngam j,. the H'CoH' Ctton ol tho-e tt hu cull en Sutoiny inotning. Mi- Simp in-' h" closed al nine; lm tbeiefore Miggo-i- Mm evpedi encv ol calling on Saturday evening. 'I'bo-e peron having burrowed lla.ors. are rennesled lo retum the .rune and pay their I it 1 1.- bi'lt Ie Dkiivii.i.i:. Jiurlington, Jan. ! IUJ:i. Comnioji & large pacldii!; Trunlis. for sale nl the Vat u ty Shop. Pascii ifIN tXl PilUSSM Ml). iMoKo Seals, Ivory Paper Cul lers .te. A "real vatinlv of "lass seals, with , r; - . . inolln.' ,,,l.,H Ivory paper knives brass seals, red and black sealing wax. red wafers. India Uubhcr, Rrliu ground I'liylish letter paper, fine iinpnrii'd and American lei. tur and cap paper, billet paper, good quills, paints brushes, .fee. ic. fur sale al Mm Variety Shop. PANfJIIOIlN.'t: IMIINS.MAID. POWDKK, Kegs, for sal hy Foi.i.r.iT vy lintm r.v. FTSM. 7Tv'iT Q'ti'l'tl drv Codfish, CO Hid-, Hudson Hav No 1. Salmon, for sale by FOLLPIT..- HUADLDYS. Dee. 1(137. Swortls, Pistole, Sabres, &oth- er militarv goods for sale, nt the Variety Shop, PAXKIIO'lNfc HIUNSMAID Deo. 29, 18;i7, 10,000 IJmliuN olur Ifivapora- l inn. f!fil'. 2 000 " Co,ir-o li'MDiii il l. I.fitlO " Cumpenehv and St U!- do 200 Snek-1 L vertioo! gronttd,l)illty do (100 1 5 1 - Hue Western do. AO do do do I) ttry do. fnr sale bv Fni.t.r.TT ifc 1IM ni.KVH Deo. 2(5 11137. fS'oti c.(!. "fTS hoiehv given Ilmt llie utidnrsignrd and hi .M wil'o Dihma ChiilrniUn, have iepnr.itcd hy mutual agreement and HiaI piovismu hu Ikpii made for her M'pnraln inaiiitaiiinien . Therefore all persons are forbidden to truM her on my account. I'r.i.A (. iiiti i:niii:n. r-5hfHiuriie. 27. 1S37. AlftHit ! and ("ohirrt Tn Unit long train of di-. n..-. whu h -i nn S. to grow '.(I'll Ihe ornw'h of CIVI;1V'(I -oeieu, CONSUMP TION fike Mo 'II- tid in il- tclentl.'--. loimol upon hum in life ; Vt I t Ills d'etidful ilisnriler l-eiisily i veieoiilf to il- iiirli.r wing.... It i- eiilv when tug I'Ct.d Miiil il nrnve- a' Mm t'irilie uoiitirt ty Inch so often Infiles the s.igiiciiy of . which l iomo olmo.t insupporlablc. A great p'ii.fe,ioiinl n' ce. An olnlinatr r'nuh variety of the most approval ex'crnal nnd l. the itwloimir firernunef of the ri'l.Mo. intcrnul remedies- wero used without nny per. m.wiy cos-,;viMi. r. Improper neglect i! maneiil relief. Much inletet was excited in he itnmle ;..! tr,,.,,,,, of simple and I hehall "I the child, and consequent Iv difler. -alo.nrv .:m.,l,..s, ,.,,.. t be ,e(.rove.l i"'1, ,m"llc;j! fv wa so hcled hut will. . '. i, . . , 1 ill or no advantage. Ihn di-easo progressed !,v k;1n 'f"M""'''','hvilh..n,.b,lingviole.,ce.nndsren.ed to defy sviototn-: oimre..,.,,, of the br. r.. ; green. ,, rl. At Icnglh lite parent wa? I'll "d 1)1 lypitMe; ii' lung-t.nd iI(,1( i ,,o advice of a nciehbor. who lotiie feer; shrivelled ol lemi'ies, and ,. ,cnn 1,,,,,,'titied bv the ailmle. to trv Dr. gfoeriil emncin'ion of lb-" w ho bodv , ;i,i,n;V HOTANICA I, DROPS. Se'veral tf .rtrrilton of str'ngMi ; lln-hed cheek-, . lollies were given according lo the. directions, swollen feci and legJ ; and at la-t. in In! j before the le.i-t abatement of the disease was p --ton of lbs- ineiiirl fci,ii", mill ! observed j but by r. persevoring tt-o of thctn, while hope rtill w lu-pei- lmr Il iH. riug tale ; the ichorous di ebaig. s began to abate, tho cold extr. unite-, and n'nre deeth. seat.- to tfiwi way in places, and full ol'. Tho For it,.. vario.H i.tii..- of thi. comprint ' Drcp were continuul until the boy becatno ...,....' 1 1. ,..,r"!.t.,.l .,.!...- ne. I'eellv well, the skin resuming its natural. ve' di-c ver. il i , mid healthy apecl, seeming indeed liko a ron- 7 Ti tl i' f'll ovated skill inee which lime the boy ba ..' J''(:'lf!yS tStfHMtiiC i'tlS. ( pjy,.., perfect health, andbiicuro is ascri 'Phi I'tret'dtngly pourrfui, and. yet . wholly to the Drop-, as no other mcdi erinnllv -ale noil mnotMit jrprnion, has fine was used in conjuelion with thorn." .'(j'jo.d tle.'ongh i.nd rapid core- upon! rhe origmnl letter, with additional par , c.' -uppos"d to have b"' u fur ail-1 licular-. may bo seen by calling on the Pro vanreil in n confirmed Co'ttamptinn, Mid '. prietor.) . , ,, hate eh,bit..'d I be itppenrittice- whirl, JGtnlUmnn e,f this City, wnohad been at-o-m.llv'e a la'ul tenn'muieo of llJ !',J,'d 11 !S V'"0. ''.V ""'t chra!ed 1)11. nr.LFK'S PILLS hate a'-n oh taim d tie high.-i cloiii.eler n- n I'at n ial .Unlit ine . all'irding th tii'.st nm xpecitil n lief to tln... hih, Hiring order the coin ueio Caigh, occa-omul by ecrid iiiunors lruinMtig the Ibtoiit. or by di llnetmn- on Mm lung- -jmtom- which deprive I be tut ler"r of sleep, noil grn.lnallv iul roduc i be 'ong tram of I'lihnmtry ntVectmn-. The Pill. ioiiene the CUOgll. promote eisv ex- p., very f's-eoiuiliy relieve, tini;,'"".' ". " i'""""1;1" ofien enttrelv cor ' Ihe most nlHtuiairf iuiiII"' . ' " U5l;U ""'' "" iit-lre--mg c.-t. (.nthm in Cnlth nre iimi r.Hv ren.oked by 'he Pill- in n fe hour-. In Ihe hnrrn-smg and ruff eat mg coin plaint of tlm t-'lllMt, the Pill.- g've I III inuliii'e relief. They mitigate Mm com plaint, and generally client n radical cure, in i lio' Asthmatic aMaeki ch.tnicieried hv dillkuhv of 'irenthmg, ligliines mil -Inelure aero-- Ihe bren-l luti"-, nppreivp llii'iil.'l.e a I nl in Mie , wheezuifi. c.ioi'hiii". honr-ene-j, coiiivcne, and. many other fi-'binalic svniptoio-. A- (he IMU r quire nt ordinary cn-e. tio 1 confjoeimmt , they rnnv by a.lonni-iered wuh conlideime and -nt'ety to all nges nnd clit-.e- of people, l.'n. xauip'ed socce--. ha- hitherto alien. led their adinmi-'tti'mn in n vnriely of casps ; nnd the P'o nneior can refer to a multitude. luclr te-tify to their fiiency m reviving tho emaciated victim Irotu the bid of di-cn-e ! re.ioru g h'm lo the ble-iiig-of nc.-cu-tiMiii d li'oi'th and activity. Till' I'.r.NKl'ICIAL I'FFP.CTS nnltiig from llie i:dminihnlioi of Dr. lielfe's .'hllimalic and Cn'niitnptirr ';?,! crhil'ilul in the following met. 3.TA Phv-teian, M. D. nod Droggi.-t.' re.Vl.tlv WHICH: " I re t-'titliatic rill - (ll'dfi's) are inva-iab'y well spoken of by I ho'-e w ho o-e I hein '' IT .Un . riffAi eitn. wn Ihrre venr -enousiy iilllie'eii wiiii eon-iiniiit ive tymn lorn-, a. onin in the side, -him-l pnrp.'Minl cough, -ml'itiir of h oiiil. ftcuerikl d' hiii'y. m Mo- ili.tfe.-ing r iiie. nnabl-' lo -it up, and not exi.r cli.ig in live iiiNiiy day--he n-advt-.d to take ()r Ueltc'- A-tii- tmi'ie I'lll-. anil al-o l)r. Ji hb's Lnument lie up) il lo lor -nle, wh'eh she did, and lo Ihe e-tolil.hio-'lit i.l.vei eim. in n -lent lime rim a- perl'cei Iv re-tort il to bea'lb HV .'J l.adifrnm I'raminham. tta- se nlllc'ied Willi cough, spi. I urn ..( , , , , iiii. , i . bio. il. and general debthiv, on in k mg t w belli,., of the-.' Pill-, tiuil one bo of Dr. Ile'v'.- An ibtlmiw Ptils, was rchlortd t" pert, et heal' h. ,1'fAn el.'erly person in thin v eini'y who had siitlereil unit 1 1 for years ! s iiid.-I di'l re.--iiig ii-ll.nin, had tried nliuint ttery thing r. i oiotm nib d. tt Inch only nt tune gate lempoimy relief, and moinlU n iiior violent return of lmr eomp'nint , b.i-mcent ly noide n-e ot the above Pill, mill uiur bein lieinl elleci-i hnn any Hung she hat ever u-ed before. JVA Voiillg Lnilt nt M , bed Imtn troulil.t wil l a vert bail imiiil' h. sn violent (is at lime- in rack and harra- her ex-'y: a was feared, (a - tier ui'iiuer uau no u in unit compi'iin'H slu was tmioeduitelv relieved, and sub-j sc(iiently enniely cured hy Dr. RclfeV A-thniniic Pills. '.N'one genuine utiles- signed on I hi outside i rui'.d wrapper by Mm oc I'mpri.. elar, 'P. KIDDKH, immediate sun'iwr to the lalo Dr. W. 'P. For sale with all Ihe oilier uConuiai; .Main ine." ut, hi- Counting llnom, .N". l'!. ne.xt il.,nr tn J. KlddelV Drug S'nir1, coiner ol Cnnrl.. I B S most respectfully solicited, by thu Hih. icsitet'tiiilly solieileiJ, lit' thu Hili - scriher. to an lnvihnblu Pinparatiou, lha inerils nf wlliili have been letted by timi:. - me bci pieteniite nf tlm 'I'ooni Acur and are si'!) hv tiMiociiTi'ii TL'si imonv. i 'I he J)entfi ite innate t dn-eii'i.ur.iiiiiiK, and ie. Vi.. I '..It'.' -. f.. i,. I f...oi 'he I'laiuilnl n.ilite tt burners nf die i?V. hV.ljf. S holanil'tll IJlVlp .SjA j,, ,N,li,. ,,.. I.r s and rUeliiiibe.,- ibe are every year increasing their long uslnh- (ii.m'., ii rrnues in ilieni ilieir liealibv mid fin el lisbnd repu'lation. 'I hoy havo outlived many; hue, and In leiimtni all nflenrite Im-iim ,inmii. rival preparation-, and are coutltiuallv gain-! lamiu finm the teeth, i-i-i , c- ihe uatinal nteei lug upon puhl'u ennlicleiieo. ' I l "' "" l'"' "f'0 Tho Ihdnnical Drupt havo born succeis I " . , fully adiniuistered for many yearn, a- a3llK l-u t Ol'Sl 0(1 siasllOS, Op thorough leinedy for that well Known and . Hells, for salo al t he Vuitoly Simp, prevalent class u'f iutrleralc dit-eases, tvliiohj PANt'llOCN ,v; ItltlNSMAH), ongmaie from a ttlialed habil of hndy. or an hen i.'ila'V ptei'i-pie limn in the palient. Mm vatiotis nn'l dis. gem ssingVi' ii"- nf Sernfiiln Salt llhtum. I.rp' '). .'.. .'Inlhmiii's 1','i-r. 'ti re Sorts. While ippear nude In Sirellingi, Snri'.y. '""' and Olnlimilt Ulcers, Vote ,rs anil Eyrs, Scald Iliad, and Yrnrrt al'J'ainl. In the last mentioned condition of the tnsiein. tho llolnnieal Mwpi will hn found hi eradicate llie lurking pim'tin. where Me.reu. ryh.ts totally failed I time prevent the pa. lent from entailing Iho souls of an heredita ry disen-n on hi- offspring. Dll. UF.M'T.'S ISOTANICAI. DIUM'S are Micecssfiulv used in ca-i- of violent eruptions al'ler the Mciifles icd Malt In s -pimples nn llir face festering crupliom on the skin anil oilier dlseaie- of ibeexleiiial eurf.iee, and ate one nf the host .''ii''ng and .hilnmnal phyu'is known, lofico the nystniu I' oin humors. S.y .'linking Instances of Success P.xlrael ol' a letter finoi a Physician of tho fir-l re.spectn'iilily, and extensive practice, in tin-vicinity, member of Ilia Massacliu setts Medical Socinl v. .Itm: IOtit. ir.CO. Dear Sir: "This child , before he was n year del, became nflltrted with a leprous diseasa ol the skin, nod which gradually increased, t-r. that when about three years old. the wbolo sitrl'itee ol'the body was one continued sore, I nlttmlui with an iclinrouslisciiargeprouti . (diiir jjri at soreness and intolerable ilehinjr, been reduced to almost the last stages nf ex- !j 1.,. n,,.,,l-,;nl linil Intl rm, ruf' ,jr'...iill'ol ulcers began to deslrm, his leg. nnd spread ov r hi- w hole side, and lo threaten a mo'l painful and lingering death .' in com municating hi.t cn-c nt large lo the l'roprio. tor. m.ikc" the following closing remnrks "My ean wa- pn.uuuiiceil h' my pltyi cian- lo he. one nf inveterate Scrofula. It is not necrssary to inqiiiro whether other means would have etleeled Iho euro. I can i'onlv ray that Dr. Kelfe's Ilolanical Drops pby-ician- had e.thauslf d their skill, and havo eo re'ison to iluuhl that under Providence tho Drop-were the mean- of relioving tnu from one of the mo-l afflicting diseases thai hu. inanity i- called to er.ilute." A Physician of eminence who had wilnr: srd the elficaey of thi article had tlm candour ii.cently to aeknnwledgo to tea Proprietor. Ihal he consiileied it tho best iiinJiciue know n. lor ihn complaints fi r which il ii inlenileil. cod that il ought deservedly to laud at the head ol' lie; whole chits ol Mich remedies. Puce 1 for whole h xes of SO pill-, nnd 00 cenu lor half do of 10 p.lh, with dircc 1 ion-. None gei.uine unless signed on lbs outnnln printed wrapuerby Ihejus PmprieUir. T. KlDUnit, inuneilialt uticessor lo thu lalo Dt. W. 'I'. Oo.swtv l'or sale, with all iho olhur k'('imitay Midicinti," al hi- Counting Itoom, No. OD.urvt door lo J. Kidder's Drug Store, comer nf ('mitt and Hanover street.-, near Ooneert Hall. IJo.iou ; anil by hi- "pe eial iippomtinent, by J. k. i. II. Pl.CIC it Co. Ilurlingtou N't. i li.u .icier, afirr liavlnz ni.o, - I vt iiloteoil llienm-t liijbb leniininr'iiiliil I mnlicil pi. p.u.ui.iiw, b,.- been checked, relieved, ""d curid. in a iniinbi'r nf iii.i.oiit- in nml nh,,n( em. In u-nig lm a .linn lime Do. Itct.K Vi:tiP. I'Alil.l s'l'l'.i.'ll-ie, AND ANl'llill.- IOUS I'll.l.S. in cotniesinn, nnniihn lo llin diieci!nn acrnin p in ii,',' ibe Sj oeific. I i. nl-u nne nf llie be-t uieii.ciii.'- kiinit ii ,.r Sick Headache, Sicknets at the SlomarU, A'fitltfrt, anil I'M i'iilenrcs, Ni. 1 1 . 1 1 j 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 i- pei tup- mine piet.ileiu in ilii ur lint eniiiili , ilim I lead iriie. ll i.J -i IJnni :i ,.ir...., I nJ r.. :., r.ui-t-. -in b a., n'm si.m .f ciim.iii.ut in nb-ii n.-u-.l j i - ; j . ., i.,n, &r. Ii i, hKotti. ! inilii'iiienilv stnipioin oie. of iinlie-ii,,n, fun o s"-u ih the stiiiinli heiwcen llie lu-.tin ndn i :'" 1 j1' "'''! 11 " "' ''" ''! "''I'h t"1 H'a'H in I mil, ii m I lit'ii it .o ifP.- fr,,in a fun ,,i' ,i. ., ;, i ,., .n, , t .: .l- bea. !.n lie, lib Ii tt ill be sper.lih iflietcl lit litis ?sp eilie. A i em o kah'e rnp 'n iiiriuiniii'.l in Dr. Cmiu ,iV ponplilei, of ;j "A I.a, It nl D.intii', ttlio bien .'litii ied in .-t of i tie tune fm CO vcir- it 'ib it siik'lie, tt.n eniel h pan nf ii box uf ihi Sp eifin." Pi he nl llie Spieifie and Pills ZO rents cub. OU-'l'il i: 'lOO l II AC II K I 'I hi. 'Kiiiii.hi! ili,niiler riued in its tnojl painful rlinjeji, In nne uf ihe mnsi rimplu ii- well n pimeilnl ii'iiifile - kit'ot ii in mullein iiariiee, 'I lm CAMWilAX TOOTH ACHE l'UJ.S illT.iiil in. lam telief, uilliimt ii'lim i'.' iliu s1 "','r.r j injinv nn tin ireth 'I I'.'t .no iipplii'il esi.'iii.i Iv nilli llie eii .tii'M e,'i-i! nnd l ''' puts mi ,,'xl''1" K';"'"'" opeia-n n- n nviilun- 1 no L' ,uttn '"8 I""1""' ,,"re:0 nn,t n White Trvth ! and healtliv (hum: I THOsr, tiliii ttaiilil ictain, or letfie, lbee dialialili.' peisoiial, me iifine,l thai lm eni.i'..'1-iiiriii cm be ohuiinnl rupeiinr In llie minion ANi'isi'.i'iii; m:. riKitiiT.. I'Iim i- nn eli'i'mii anil ple.imnt pn p.ii;iiiuii in eteiy lemee', niid ha- fn' ni in toau past, pucn liniiersal saiisfat'iinii ttlieieier il bfeiiu-el, The Authentic Dtntifi ice U rxemni f. n,.i I mid oili'i-ile'in i iihn iniJieilii'iils, ttbieli mn I.e. uiienllt enlei' llie i nni,nuiiiii nf innib nnudfis in ! emiiui oe, and ii ttlulcin in ( namel of the teeili lloin.' U ihe least injiiif. TheiejMil.n u e .n! iln- mlinneil iimnler, hv luuil'thi" din mnieh ! nf iWn ml ' nml pieteniuis the ,ii i'iiiiiiil.iii,,ii t tin tar. neeintet

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