Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 9, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 9, 1838 Page 4
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ILBriVi:flttffMtlT3 , Ctiiithiuul Jfum first page. folonir, tliiit tlio inensiiio oftymnny lins filled lo ovci llownijr. Wo tmeetisitioly, hut in vain, have rttloiiiptcil to brullo had yovertiinoiit, icciud hiid liuvy, enact such ns would cause our institution to emerge Cioni (ho mire of ancient vassal lage and rise to the level of those which cl.aracterisi; the recent government of the 10th century. Wo now are compelled, hv the loico of tvranny and contrary to our sentiments, to appeal to the force of aims in order that wo may acquire and secure to us such rights as are duo to n dcseiviiig and fiee people , nor shall we lay those arms down, until wo miuii Have secured to our country the blessings of a patiiotic and sympathising government. To all such persons as aid us, in these our patriotic exertion", vi: extend the hand of fraternity and fellowship. And to such as shall persist in the blind, head- long, tilundeniiL', saniMimarv, and lticen diarv course, that has, to our sorrow, and the suffering of our aged people, our women and our children, so disgracefully stamped the heedless career of Sir John Colborne, the commander of the firms forces, and his adheient, we shall in self defence and in common iustice to our people and our cause inllict the retaliation which their own ten i(ic example has set before us : but, as theio aie many persons who now repent of their conduct, and of the vandalism of their associates, a course which lias driven us to war, and as our sense of humanity, of iiiaticoand of honor. is cast in a dill'ercnt mould from that of our oppressors, we cannot reconcile to our principle, or to the morals that else where than in the Knglhh government in Canada, distinguish the age wc live in, to exercise their savage example towards them. We, therefore, solemnly promise lo nfTord Security and PROTECTION, both in lMiRSONand PROPERTY, to ALI SUCH AS SHALL LAY DOWN Til KIR ARMS. AND OTIIKRW1SI CKASK TO OPPRESS US a promise which our Character, and the known Moral and Peaceable habits of our native people, sufficiently guarantees. Nor shall we lay down our arms until wc shall have effected and secured the object of our first Proclamation. Jh order of the Provisional (lovcrn mcnt of Ihc Slate of Lower Canada. ROBERT NELSON, Commander-in-Chief of the Patriot Army. 'powder. Qfy Kegs Powder manufac tured nt the Fairlawn Mills. A ptiperior article tinil recommended fur po-se.-sing strength equal lo ilic Grunge mid l)n Pont Powder. Fur sale on ciiitimniil bv Pel). 22. J. & .1. II. I'i:ck & Co. JIEW KXLAK5J COBWEB WYKSJJ, Tic rijmlnli'm of v:!in-lt m wn In -it m isl ihlhhitl as ti.e vnM sufe awl iffiaicbtu- rinnilt tttr discmirtil fur IKVI.lJiWAAfCOJ.'VV.L-M JECN, ASTII.HA, U'Jiooi'iNt; o: t:i2, .:b's,ti.v or or 'i".ir. i.i sua. Paints, Oils mid Dyo Stuffs. Diseases of the Langs A CONTRAST 0 III-" Wli'lis Lend lihN Vi'iii'iimi Red do W hit inir ilo French Yellow ilu Aincrinat do do Siils. Tiirii!iuine 25 dn Luin-od Oil S 000 giils. pnru winter and (nil Sperm Oil 130 bbls ground Logwood. St. Domingo, 75 dn do do Catnpeuchy 150 do do rustic 100 do do Nicarogun CO do do Cam Wood 10 do do liar do 12 do dn Pencil do 10 do do Quercitron Bark 30 do Madder 2i Dciutjoiis Oil Vitriol 10 bills A Hum ft do Hluo Vitriol 2 Ccroons Plotant Indigo 1 Case Bengal do by .1. & .1. II. Pi:ck & Cn complaints, Fovernnd Ague, Dyspepsia, Pal- .v. film. iniuriLt from Ike Use of mcrcUM- 111 nations from the remotest nzres, have had 1 i;,',mW ,im) nther diiuu.i nf Ions Uandine, it tliips lint Columbus only found oat tlio way to , bu loiinil necessary lu'talio'bolli tlio Life America, lleforo tliotimo of the great Spanish pills ami lliu llionnix litlerK,in tlio doses bo- in:si:rtvut)t.v Tin: most vorut.Aii m..mi;ov CVl'.ll USUI) IN AMI.'lllOA, V 1'JV,, 'VV.J ... ..V ',! !.!' ! , ,,n,li i . v livienl"r' P.C0P' "J only . cimblcd to paddle r,)ro nl.nnl llin uIk.m.s (ml ... ! I Ii 1 1. I If- t...l .. , ., ..... III..... in use for Coughs Col An. Asthma or Ph. istc. ,,. , but lUotlycw I first - t . o "It I Holy fast Whooping Cough, and Pulmonary allcc.tio.iK vemni k j l , ll o I I re naral on of SarVnp r.lla, ofovcry kind., Its sale ,s Men. I ly ,,ing (li cd lh ; ollj tI w'as , 6carcl ! ; ' ' ' no s i..g o ..... tin, p.opro in , n. " "'"'2. "-""'J". Vo8clablo medicines were indeed lllum , ,1U IU!U, or all violent headaches, tic niw iiuifi mi"1"1"1' i.wv--. iuuh vinjii i uuiiunciiuuu uiy Miurua uui iiiuir noiiiosMavoriii.iu nctuniH ui n known when 1 commenced my search but their j ,,MllInMninv Ai f,rnii who aru nicdip- rho rollowin.iioweertinea.esnro ollere.l .or UB0 s ot y , them, I have not oniy j " ( j t" i.ulilm cvamiiialion. passed from the dejected invalid, lo the ...ear- !;,',,, 'iiVi U n'r llin ll.tior. for one "Miitmnton, Juniata co, Pnnn. .Mnj H, ty an. active man ol business, Imt. comparatively ',..: iimB Wi navo lifo. Tlicv rum 337.-TI.O Vejrelablo Pulmonary IlalM.n, has spcak,nt. have renewed my youth. 1 can thu, " ' fft, J tfVtL 3cnolil in the onnnlry for two year?, nid a t iconl.deiico of my own oxporicncp oqvisc Vi i.' ,.i rcinl0 I1Crsn rntion. mid tlir ,.!! i,nUMinn,l m.'.. cceb. 'Vith my fellow citizctib. Does the reader want 1,10 tL1 '. I?,"''''n', V ' I rity, for it scnreyly in ono inslancu failcc or prooi mat tlic 1 cgclnhle hijc Medicines are suit. haviiiL' the desired ell'ect. I am l.y no means al) lo to Ins own case? I have on file at my office, in favor of tlio many nnhlrums, most ofwlieli 5i Hroadwny, hundreds of letters, from some ol ,,r ii,.i,r,ii'ini,u 1,1,1,1, n e pimI ii I ii us ii ii li I i e . b ii t die most respectable ciU7cns of this my native 3PLOTJB. llarrel- Sup. Fino bv .1. & .1. II Pitk & Co. 8 I oii! poricil bullish Iron, G do Swedes do 5 do Ru-Ha do 5 do Peru do do Rn.-v-in Nail Rodfl Pairs Sleili and Cuttnr Shoes At-Mirtcd Hound Iron do Square do do Peru do Horse. Shoe do Ilmnt; mid Scroll do Cast Stool do 4 coo 20 Ton !l do 4 do 5 do 5 do 2000 lbs a---oricd 3000 do Swedes 1000 do German do 1000 do Brnsierb Rods 1000 Kegs Nails from 3a to COa 200 do Brads bv J. & J II. Pkck & Cn fllllj iliirliiiinii .Mill Uo. 11. o prepared iL to exeenii orders Inr Lasluifr: of t.y cry descriplioi', nt short nolici;. thev art eou.-iiiiiitly provided with lliu bn.-t Scotch "ir ro)i, lor imikii''' ca.-tuifra- winch nre reouired lo be soil for finit-liiii"- ; and nls-n Imii most Mutable lor t-liiifi.i, eers, and Mini til li o r ca-tin;'.-', where great si rctifit It mid durabililv are required. I lie v have on hand a ood iiSMirtuieiit of pattern pailenw made to order al short notice, by expenenciMl workmen Potash kettles Hindu if ordered, Caldron do. ircnorallv kepi on hand, j-everal sizes ol box and lancv loves, alo Plnw'hs a first rate model, with or without woods. Casr i n;.s which are required to be turned or bored, can be done in the host manner All order.-, directed to the cbovc concern will receive prompt attention. Winooski Guy. Dee. 25. It!37. Nova Scotia and Western 150 100 tons jriuund iNuva bcolia in bun and in barrels, tons Nova Scotia, in tho Stone. 75 tons ground Western, in barrels, for sale by 1'oi.i.i:tt & Iln Aiiurrf. 1 I)c Pibls. Norili Shore Salinon, for .'ale by i'Vi,i.r.TTi: IJnAin.r.vs 0, KJ37. PItKl'AUKn ON'I.Y 11V THK SOI.i: 1'ltOI'ItIKTOI dami:l uonnAitn, io. s Goi.n sT. xi:w-voi!ic. In nrrscntins tliis n-cful runicilytn ilio imblir, tlio IV jiricur niitliiuizcil by a l'hjvi 'Ian, Ironi whom tiic Itrcl.: was niiiflilcmiiilly bt:i int il, to nine, lluil In, lias iisiil'. liiiiutir, anil In Ills PMeiiHVu jirnclicc In I'lilinuiiary iill'ec linns, sll!i astoni-Oilii!,' fit rt. 'I lie conibiuaiion c writable Fiilitani'i'i", nl' winch it Is rniinly enmposoi arc incnllarly aitiij'tuil to iliMiai-ts uf the I.ungs, I.ivcr, un. i'li.inarh. This ineilicino li.n lioon tir,l ycry cxtcnshi ly, anil tf: jirnj.i ktnr has nut Known us-inijh' ins-tanrc in which it 1. . lailcil in giving ri'lief in ili.-ca.-is lor nhii Ii il Ii I tcomincn nt; run In caes iiinai'liiiis m cuniiuiiipiiiiii, MlenO. wilh lili-rilintr nt Ihc Liiii!:k, iiial whfi all oilier U'liii'dL hail f.tili'tl, the mo.-t ilieiiicil ami Iti'tu-rinj HiiccebH l uiicmli'il its ie. Ciiiiininn coMs, which urn generally t1 i licit of ohrtructeil iicr.,iir'iiion, will yitM to lu nilliier.r ina few hours; when iieril in :ithina, lioarsi-nc.-d, wliet Ins, and thoiincss of hieiuli, it t,ies iinmcill.ite relief, pio. cui'nii; traniiiil ie-t ami bleep. In hunihm coujjli u h without a livul. It opei ales Willi gentle expectoration, anil limy he I'iicn to Inlanis Willi pelf, lU.ileiy. '1 he L'enuinu New Kni;l.iiiil Coiiuh Syrup will he en velopeil in a hill of ilirecllons, cuclosn) In an i-nyracd W'ni'pi r, hearing on it tliennniituie of the proprietor in his own IiiiuiI wininj:. The hrlllo will Le i-ealeil unil ttniniied on tlie cork ' New I'mrlaiiil Cuush Sj nip-' A few ofilie iiianyci'iii.lcaies in f.ivorol'tliliSyriip which are In pnet-sioii oi'llie 1'i opiietor, ate.nliieil for .lie jn'i of thoMi who may he troubled w illi similar complaints. M mv. MuJfat.'l'linniiHrfr Cu. (it Kilrnii ii After having: trlul, hy the rccnmiucntlntkin of my fiiends, almost cwry nieiliciue for a rniish, wiiliout th" leul relief, I rceonr-i' lo J our New IhiiMaml (Joiii'li Syrini, and am enabled to bay. "wnli miieli thankful riess, limit has cured me of nw of the ino-tobiiu.itecoulis I ever knew, and h,ii fn l it t. be a duty to ricommeml it to eviry one whom 1 find in need of to .aluable a medi cine. Yours reepcufiillv, JluHou, Xur. 20, lt,S5. JlillN V. STKVK.VS. I have tlio Ha.l.f.ii.inn anil pie.wuie of iiifornilui: nu ill it the hoillc of New I.ii'jl.ind Cimil'Ii Sir in, whirh I uro. ued ol iu on tlie li.i.l of April has euealv ielieed nn ,n 'i s. iv sen ere cnuijh wlileli h..d alllicted ine lor u ot i el. Al'.er iiuu' a vanity of medicine, and tlmling ! i nt relief, I was induced by the ml. lie of my . -, i i 'y your S) nip. The result I hae already stated; . li beyond my e.xpi etation ; and I cheerfully ml I itusn wiy valuable intdiune for allthote wliu .v ho aiilirti'd wltli Minilur comiil.iuits. ' Your, lespeetfully, OlIAULHS UUGGLUS. ltostuit, Mni I, lb!i5, 1. nmn mo treat pleat.iire tn bo able lo mill my tcctlinnny n fa. or of your New Jin-'land Con h Syiup, two bottles jf which haiuK entirely curi'd my coujili, nhieli was u fcfvcrolhnt my ihysinaii udied mc to tpeml the cumin-; Vtiuti-r lua f-uu.liern I'lluute, hut tlie foituuaie u.-c of lliu Eyrup will preclude die neccemty. Yams, Kc. JOSKI'H UKADLEK. J.'ntfoii, Hipltmbir 1. 1631. Tin- I'roprietor would add, that ho Is constantly receiving numerous lesiimoiiliils of the value and clhcacy of tliti remedy, Tho'iih.ivo article Is fold wholen.tlo in Vtw l'or', t,y (,0 Proprietor and nil llin ilruggUta. JtJituii, by Henshaw U Want, Maynard k NnyeB, t Ilrewers, Slevens S.Cuhlni,'. Vhilaihtpfaa, by If uae ThompMUi, J. i. J. W. Sinilli, ,. W. Carpenter, nnd A. rullerton, jr. JBaltimoic, hy H. II, Coleman St t'n Wliltakcr 6t ... . . , . , llarri.l, ami (;. . N. I'oj-pleln, jr. Cmeiiwiili, Ohm,,e U Harrison, and Allcii.S. Co 'attliuTiflt, Venn., by J.imes Srhgomnuker Jc Co. Vfir Urliims, hy Nathan J.irvU. IlliiiHij, N. i' hy Sands S Shaw, toiilrttil, I.. C, hy (Jco, Hem. hitifiiT, A'. ... by 11 C. I'riedhain. r. juittm, n, ii., ny w. u. Hiuitii, rRUH s-iore anil (lwullin;r next Ji. door east ol Mr. lliekok' l.oiil; Store, on college sireet also the preuvt-e-i oeciinietl bv C. iMuint, emit a i ti in r u i-nncrs fhoti nn.I I wo ihvelliii"", alto the house occupied bv It. P. TibbeU, corner of (lli.nnpliiin am Pearl ftroolf. II. l.l.AVI.tN WORTH Feb. 14, 1030. iitrlbtU what know l.y experience, to be c Hoc tn n I , , 1 ' t a r ly o (To r c (. t c -, t ' V 1 ' c, T ' I cannot help but (live my approbation I lUc of A ul) VI, .h AIILI. 1ED1CIXE. to. A counter felt preparation ban been ofor. l'oiw wl.o.o conBtitiiilons have been nearly i , . i . ' ..ii:. r f .i-,,.!.. ruined by the " all.inf.illible" mineral, nrcnara. uithnul llui litlo Pills or tho Hitlers, for ono liiali'.o tlio isfiuro from thrown oil' every impurity by tho pores oflbo skin. Tlw above iWcuicine Is lor falo ny ROIJKIIT MOODY. Harry C. Boardinan's Estate WtU h thi ti.b.-criber iiuvinjr been ai.poin " ' ted by t ho I lor. (he probate couri for the District ol (yhitieiideu, coiiimi.'.-ioi) ors to receive, (famine and adjust tlx claims and demands of all persons, ii"iiiiif I the oi-iatc of Hairy (J. Uoardman, late ) .Milion in, said District, deceased, repre sented insolvent, i.ud also all claims nod demand' exhibited in offset thereto: and mx months from tho day of the dale hereof, brinr allowed by said Court for that pur pnc, ivo do therelore liereuv "ive notice lhat we will aitcnd to the business of our appointment, at the dwclliu! ol Mr-'. Amy Isoarduian, in Mihon. in taid District, on the thirtieth day of June next, at lOo'clock, A. M. on f-aitl day. Dated, this 10th dov of Jan. A. D. 1030. Cr.PIIAS PHHM'S, I Commh Gi:0. K. PLA'IT, sioncrs. Iliuiiing, Oakuni, 'J'ar, Pilch. 1 OH CjiTilor tarroil ripgin;;, U'hilc and 1UU Mnnmlla roics, of various biv.cs, up to 7 inch, Spun yarn, bainborline, house line, mar line, and deep-sen line, C00O lbs. Oakum. 2-t bids, North Carolina tar, 15 " pilch, for sale by Foi.i.riT & llnADi.r.vs. Dec. C- 1037, Boot & shoe maker. OVAS opened a (-hop on church etreot, tlio ll a firi.t duor South of li. Jobonnott &Co. let lie r store liurliiii'lon Jan -llh 11133. bv a IravelliliL' N. Y., and there is also another article ven led hero that is&trongl.y suspected to bo spuntus. .IAUU1I M I'.KS, il. V. T.r.Mi'STiin. N. II. Deo. 3, l037.--Por the last five years oriny nraetice, I have bad Ibo satisfaelinn to witness tho beneficial cfl'ecH of tho Vcuctiiblo Pulmonary Ilalsan. iu .mnv cases ol'ob-tinate couj-b, and other alTuclions of tho luiifis. I would therefore confidently recommend its use in all complaints of the chest as being eipial if not superior, lo any other nicdicinu within my knowledge. TRUMAN AliKIil., M. . CoNfonnN II, Jan. 30, 1!!37. 1 am sali-i. fied that the Vceliblo Pulmonary llalsam is valuable uicdicinc. It lias liecn t.sctl n this place with complete success in an ob stinate complaint of the luucs, attended with a soverc cough, loss ol voice, aim mo raising of much blood, which had previously reisjed many appioved prescriptions. Aftcr using tlio llalsam one wcck, mo paucni s vuicu ru turned and bo was ablo to speak audibly. This case occurred somo tunc isinr-c, and tlio man is now engaged not only in active, but in laborious business. Respectfully yours, kc. SAMUKIi MORRIS, Al.D. Ros-ro.v, Feb. 21. 1031. To thi: Public.-- I, Daniel T. llraynian of Riehmondlowii. R. I.. feel it a duly lo acquaint ihc pubho, that I have received the most unexpected relief in a severe complaint of tho lungs, from tho use of the Vegetable l'ulmonary JJ.tlsun, l or three vears previous to mv trial of the Halt sam, I bad a severe pain in my bicast, violent cough, frequent raising of blood, attended with prostration of blrength. l or a principal part of the abovo time, 1 was under ll.ucarc ofa skilful physician in Hostnn, who employed, besides many internal medicines, blistering, scalons Kc. wiinotii any improve, incut in my case. Two months since I com menced will, ll.o llalsam, and have now taken two bottles. I am now able to labor most of tho lime, have ccasctl lo raise blond, and am almost entirely relieved of my coiil'Ii. DAM HI; T. UKAY.MA.V Koston. March 2, 1037. It is now more I was brought very low bv an all'ection of the ninos, and my com- ilaiut was declared incurable by i council ol llit uu physicians. I was then restored to as good health as I had enjoyed formally years, by using tl.c Vegetable I'tiltnonny isaisam. In a "real many cases of lung complaint?, antl so far as I can learn, its use has invariably been followed by much benefit, and in many instances il has aileelcd cures which were wholly unexpected. s.MUi;ii i,v Liu, i r. COUNTERFEITS!! I!i:waiii: ov biro siTlo.v Each ''cnuine bottle is enclosed in a blue wrapper, on which is a yellow tablet, sinned SAMPSON REED. Nonc others can be eenuine. The "real celebrity of the Genuine Veaetablu Pulmonary llalsam has been the cause of attempts lo introduce spu rious articles, which by partially assuming the n.'itno of the genuine, are calculate mislead and deceive the public. Among these mixtures are the "American Pulmonary Hal sum," ''Vegetablo Pulmonary I'alsaniic Sy. nip," "Pulmoniry llalsam," and other--. Purchasers should inquire fur tho true article by its whole name, THE VEGETAIiEE PULMONARY ISALSAM, and seo that it Iia the marks and signature of genuine, Each bottle and seal is slumped Vegetable Pulmo nary llalsam. ID'EATEST CHEAT!! .j.I!cwaro ofa spurious imitation called Compound Pulmonary llabain, which lite agents say is done up in good style IL Sum lar to Hamptons P. P, llalsam again we say Ileware of counterfeits. Price 50 cents. For sale wholesale and re tail by J. & J. II. PECK & Co GifiOCE&fiffES. Q u Pipes American Gin 0 do do Hraiuly French llraudy, Holland Gin, St. Crmx Rum. Madeira, Sherry, Purl, French Madeira, Malaga and Champaign Wines, 'JO hhds Molns.-cs, 30 Hag.- Coffee, 10 do Pimento, 10 do Pepper, '2 bbls Cloves, 300 lbs Cnsiia, 15 Kegs Pure Ginger 10 'Pierces Saleralus, 65 Chests llysnn Skin 'Peas, 00 do Young Hyson do. 50 Quintals Codiish, 25 Hoxos Pipes, 30 do Hord Soap. ,35 bbls St. Croix & Port Rico Sugarn J. & J. II. Pr.eic it Co. 'J00 bv GLASS. Iloxes Chainplain and Peru Glass. do Rcufnrd Crown Glas. J. & J. II. Pkck &. Co. ,'lgenh, 1 OO Nma Scotia, xKjyj i-00 do Western bv J. & J. II. Peck & Co. 3. R. 7f ALKSR, , ,aV'(JUliD r.-specil'ully in- fejSy VT form tho public I hut ho has now on bund and h con slanlly uiauufacluring nt the old bhop (formerly Nichols n. id I lerrteksl on chll'Ch si.. an elegant assortment of Cab 1? " Tl llllll.llllll UUIIBIPIIII t vsft ovory nrtuilo culled for Is1- 'a in his line of business, which ho offers for sale on as good tonus ns can . Luy'l'.raiO.eVlag?:3 anJ carlc, : bo purchased for il. this vicinity. Most kinds of lumber or produce received in pay. OIUUS TOOTH WASH Imeut. Cash is ino:,l wanted but n liberal valunblo nrliclo for tho teeth and gums J & J II Pi:ck & Co. wholesale adonis Uobkrt MoQr Uctuil, credit willbegivon. Aslmrcol patronage Hi most respectfully policitcd liurlington, Dec. 7, 11)37. Drugs ifr Medicines, 111H subscribers are now receiving r new supply of Drugs &, Mcdiciuci which they ufler on favorable lorins. J. & J. II. Prxicfc Co. lions of tho day, will bear mo witness, that tho Life Medicines, uuch only, are the true curoe to permanent good health. John MorrAV. General Remarks relative to Moffat's Life Pills and Phwnir Hitters. Those medicines have long been known and appreciated for their extraordinary and immediate powers of restoring perfect health to persons suir ering miller nearly every kind of disease to which the human frame is liable. In many hundreds of certificated instances they have even rescued sttll'erers from tlie very verco ot an untimely .rave, niter nil ihc deceptive nos trums of the day bad utterly failed ; and to many thousands they have permanently secured that uniform enjoyment of health, without which life itself is hut a partial blessing. So creat indeed, has tlteir cll'teacy invariably and infallibly proved that it has appeared scarcely less than miraculous Ik ihosc who were unacquainted with the beau tilully philosophical principles upon which they compounded and upon which they consequent ly act. ll was to their manifest and sensible nc tint' in purifying the springs and channels oflife nnd enduing them with renewed tone and vigor thattliey were indebted for tlteir name, which was Iiest.iwe.1 upon them tit the spontaneous request if several individuals whoso lives they had ob viously saved. 'Pie proprietor rejoices in the opportunity nf. by lliu universal dilliisionof tho daily press f..r placing his VEGETABLE LIFE PILLS within the knowledge and reach of every individual in the community. Unlike the host of pernicious quackeries, which honst of vegeta hie iiiirrodi-'tits. the Life Pills are purely and soi.K i.v vr.t.T.TAni.t: and contain neither Mercury An timony A:.-- .-it , i.oi .i iy oini . ... mil r..l,ui tiny I'urni whatever. Tln-v tire i litirelv composed uf e.: tracts iron mri: and powerlni plants the virtues ol whL'h lhoui;h UuiL' known to several Indian tribes and recently to some eminent chemists tiro altogether unknown to t1 e ignorant pretenders) to medical science ; and were never before administered in so happily efficacious a combination DYSPEPSIA, bv thoroughly cleansing tho firsi tind second stomachs and creating a How ol nure henllhv bile instead of the- stale and acrid kind; Hatulcney Palpitation of the Ileal t Loss of .Ippi'tile Hi art-burn and lltad.aclie, licsitess iiens Anxietii Lunisuor and Melanchoh which are the general symptoms of Dyspepsia will vnnUli ns -i natural i-onscoiieiii"2 of its cure. Cos- tireiicss, by cleansing the whole length of tn: intestines with a solvent process and withou violence ; all violent purees leave the bowels ostivc within two dnvs. JJiarrfiau and Ll.olera, . r.tin.ivincT ilm sliarii acrid Hinds bv which these son' 'jl.iinlsaro weea'-ioneil and by promoling the i,r,,. ntivn secretion of the mucus membrane Vi-ert f all kinih, by restoring the b'.ood to a rculur itreiilation through the process of pers -oration :in-.tue eases and tl.c thorough soiUtion nf nil in ti-s.inal obstructiciis in others. The LIFE PI '-LS have been known t-o euro Ilheu mutism permanently in three weeks, and (VoMf in naif that tun o bv removing local inlkimmation from the muscles and ligaments of tl.c joints Dropwxof all kinds I.v freeing and strcnglbcning t ho iiilnevs anil uinuuer ; uiey operate mosi ue ii"btftilivon ibeso impuriaiit organs and hence tiave ever been found a certain remedy for the worst cases of (Inn el Also W'oims by dislodging from tbeiarnuiKs of the oowels the slimy mattci iO which these ereatii .'cs adhere: Asthma anc, Consiimrtionbv relie .lg the air vessels of the nines from the mucus which oven slight cold .vill nccasion. which il not removed becom Hardened and produces th os-! dreadful -liscases Scurru Ulcers ami Inntci cle Sores by the per feet purity which these Life Pills give to tlie blood and all the humors , .W-e ie Eruptions & Had Camnlrxions bv ibeir aiterf'VC elieet upon the fluids tint feed the skin the tmrbiJ stale of which occasions of liruntirt. emunlmi, t sallow Cloud. rind other dimrjreeabie Camiilcx wis. The use ol iheso Pills fjr a very short tune will cHcct ar entire cure of Salt-rheume, Lrusipehis and striking improvement in tho Lieaiuess oj the skin. Common cold and InlliieP za wilt alway be cured by one ibscor by two even iu tho worst i-.isns. I 1 1 1 s . as a remei v or ft is most ins iressimr and obstinatif malady tfio egclaln Life Fills deserve a dislmct and i mplutio re cominciidaiion. It is well known id hundreds ii this cttv tint the Prot.rietor of the:;e nivoltiabl Pills wis himself atHieted with this complaint for unwardq ol ihirtv-five years and tint he tricn in viiii evi rv remcdv nrescribed within t he whole cotmnss ol tin-M .teria .Mediea. He lowcvei at length, tried tin uipdicine which he - ow of fers to tho public nud he was cured ina very uhort time after tits recovery liad been rronounc cd not only improbable but absolutely impossible by any human means THE P1KEN1X HITTERS, arc so called be cause ihoy possess the power of restoring tho expiring embers of health to a glowing vigor throughout the constitution as the Phujuix is said to be restored to life from tho ashes of its own dissolution. Thcs Ph.cuix Hitters are cn tircly vegetable, computed of roots found only in certain parts of tho wesorn country, which will infallibly euro l-'LVEK M AGUES ot oil kinds; never fat! in the bickm-ss incident to young females; raid will bo found a certain remedy in all cases of nervous debility and weakness of tho moat impuirod constitutions. Asaremededy for Chronic & lmflamitory Rheu matism, tho efficacy of the Pha-nix Hitters will bo demonstrated by tl.c uso ol a single bottle. Tho usual dose ol thoso bittcra is half a wine glass full, in watei or wine, and this quantity may bo taken two or three times a day, about half an hour before meals, or a less quantity may be taken at all times. To those who are afllicted with indigestion after meals, these Hit ters will prove invaluable, na they very greatly increase tho action of the principal viscera, help AXE HANDLES. , v(Q; JJoz on consignment, lor snle by Fom.ktt & UiiAur.uvs. Dec. 0.1037. PURS, Cap?, Mulls, Boas, Gloves, Milts, Collars, &c. for sale by IIlCKOli & C ATI.IN. "BOSTON ItfBW HUM (? 'h lids, on consignment, and for sale at wJiMunufaoluicrs prices, 50 per cent, above proof, by I'OLLETTE & HRADLYS IRON, NAILS, (3 LASS, &c. 10 Tnna EnnlUIi Irnn assorted sizes. 5 do old &. new sable Russia do. 3 do Kwcdcs do. 20 do Round do assorted Mz"s from to 3 inches. 5 do Hand do do 1 to G inch. 5 do Kqunre and do i to 2 do. G do .Shoe Shapes. Ci't, English, Gorman, Swedes, and Spring Steel, Rowlands best German Steel Mill Saws, Hoe & Co Cast and Gorman S'eol Mill Saws, Sleel pinion, ami easi and cutter Sheer, ca-t and wrought wai'gou Arm-'. Alivns vV v ices waggon lo.ves Crow Inrs Shovels and Spades ace and halter Chains Ploughs and liiiigh Ca-img- Improved bark Mills, mil Crank--. &c, Sic. 1500 kegs iuils, of a;l sizes from 3d. to G inch spike, of the Peru Iron Uo. Manufacture. 500 boxes, Chainplain, Peru & Jcrici Glnss. fur sal-- by Foi.i.ktt it Die 0. 11137 Clntbeirs Screws, Uench do Mill do Standing Press do Mauufaciurcd by E. & T. Fairbanks & Co For sale by J. k. J. II. PECK k Co. jlnints. POWDEll. Keg-:, for sale by Fom.ktt &c IliiAm.Kva FISH. Qui lals drv Codfish, 20 I!h!s. Ub Hudson Hay No 1. Salmon, for sale bv l-'OLLET P k HltADLEVri. Dec, 1337. New England Rum. a X Illuls, lioslon i. I'. Kum. bv J J A- J II I'i-i-k- fr. Co HATS & CAPS, W. G. SlJR,AUK e'AS i pi.iiLiI a Cap and Ilui-Store. in I be same room formerly ocrupi. d In G. T. .Mead, where he offers Hals of nl- kinds, and Cans of mini' ntirilitics, Ilufl'ilo Robes. Fur Cellars, ,tc". oti us ood term as elsewhere, for prompt pay. Hurlingion, Nov. 9. 11137. IT Til Sides, of bei-t ma-iufuclurc. on ilkS Vgcon-igiiit'ent for sale by FOLLETT & HRADLEYS. l)rcjCth iS37. Old lly.-on, oung Hy son. IIvon Skin Souchong, and Tonka 'Pea. 00 Caddies very superior V. Hyson do 15 1 1 lids. Molasses. 10 Hhds. New Orleans and Porio Rico Sugar1. 20 Ills, best Hoal Sugars. '.'0 Hags Coffee. 'JO Hags penper and spices. 10 Kegs pure Ginger. 100 Poxes Muscatel and Bloom Raisins 50 Ilexes liar Soap. 5? 5 Iloxes Pipes. 100 Malts Cassia. 5 Tierces Saleralus. 15 Ills. Am. llrnndy. 10 Pipe Hall. Gin. 4 do lblltind do. 4 do best signetlo llraudy, 1! Hds. Winter Strained Oil. 10 His. do do do. sale by FoM.ETT & lln.UH.KYS. TO THE! PUBLIC. , IN of ili r to counteract sundry mis-state. menu lhat hovo gone abroad in relation' in my work, and to put Ihc public on their guard against in.posiMoii, tlie undersigned dooms it proper to inform those interested, lhat the lull sells, parls. and single, IN. CORRUPTIBLE MINERAL TEETH. -et on gold, nl O. II. Sexton's, was dono wholly hv mo. Uj'As I am not now in his employ, this explanation is hut nn net of jo-lice. J.LEWIS. TOTIIIj PUBLIC. Surgeon Dentist, RESPEC'PFULLV tclurns Inn thahka for the liberal patronage In; has re ceived for ihirtei'ii yenrs post: Ihc whole, of which tunc I have been employed in Dentistry olid have spared no pains or ex pense to qualify myself for the business?. I qui willing to warrant my work to bo done skillfully, and as I intend to remain in town and continue my practice I thai! be ready and willing to make any reason able repairs of my work grniis. Aftor tn year practice I went to Philadelphia and spent th-1 si. miner in practice with Duct. S. S. Fitch, one of the rnoft scion, tifin and celebrated practitioners in Den tal Surgery in the United Slates, where I paid live hundred dollars for tuition, be sides other cxpunses and received n Diplo ma, authoriiiiig and recommending .no to prndico Dental Surgery in lis varioui branches in any part of tho United Slates. I can assure the public that there is in busi ness lhat requires more practice to make perfect than Dentistry business, and if ihoy would realize, as thoso who have expe rienced, the great injury done by tnal practice in Dentistry they would guard against employ mg impostors. I am sorry to be under the disagreeable necessity of speaking ptibhckly ot a young man by the name of John Li wis, who advertised the practice of Di niislry in this place, but as he has 'ravelled out of his path and inado an unwarrantable Use of my name lo give himself currency in I he Denti-t business, justice lo the public a well as myself re quires thai 1 should state some lads in re lation to Mr Lewis and In- qualifications, or rather want of qi.alifiratiui.s. Mr. LewH eulercd mv olfico last May, under a couttaci lo work for me for the space of i wo vears nt the Whiie-muli hiMimx and making nnd rppninng Mu-ic-il in?' riitnenls, and tlie Mechanical pari ol Dentistrv. He lelt my employ unceremoniously in January la-t: about three fourths of the eight muni h- lime he wiw with me ho wi rked at Organs, orcasiouaily a-sisling" mo in the chemical opoialions of Manufac turing pi.rceluin teeth. I never entered into any .iiidti.-iaiidiiig with Mr. Lewis to learn htm Dentislry, and during the timu be wa wilh me. I never directed or per mitted him to perform any operation in Dentistry, except I he mere mechanic.-.! part, ol Manu'nc'ur.tig the Materials for my opei munis ; and I am not aware of Ins ewr prnoll.-ing Denli-lry. or lhat be ever nil ui ded lo practice. i.i.i.I I -va hn mH..-ii-ement. I tin il Manufactured let lh in d materials before Mr. L'wis came to wto.c tor me, ami Continue to Mnolitctiire llit in mil am propnrid lo instruct oilier- how to un no fa Cure tliein, as well a can be done: iu ihe Unt'ed State-, bu. the art rannot In acquired in a few wetks, or i ven a lew months. A'i the kn- wli dg,; Mr l.-wi-i I n-j in even the Mechanical pari nf Dentistry in: acquired from ine in the manner tibuv-' Vt.i. ted. I have been 'I.ih particu'ar in ile' the histoiy of M r. L-wi-' edueai ion in Sur genu Dt'iiti.-iry, in order lo caution the pnbl.c against he lit ving every (nick's ad vertisement. It ri quires no logic to con vince sens ble people I'nl il doe- no! fo'loiy ol'ci'iir-e that the Wnitomit h who maim- luctnris the surgeon'.- Instriimi ms know.-, h iw, win n and where, to use tluin an skil fully a-- Ihe surgeon himself. llurlinlon. ib 20. 1037. Estate of Jiry Hammond J?d. V?7"H thu subscribers, being appointed by Y tho lion, the Probalo Court tor tlie u. strict of Windsor, commissioners to re ceive, examine and adjust all claims and demands of all person?, "ngain-t the estate uf Juy Hammond Cd Into of Windsor in raid district, decca-ed, represented insoi vent, and also nil claims and demands ex hibited in offset thereto; and six mouths from the second duy of December 1037 be ing allowed by t-aid court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice, thai we will attend lo tho business of our said app in liiient, at Ihe dwelling of Lathrop I. oi ine iiiiiiuii!ii iscuiul nt'iii ii",,,, i .... i .,, .1,,. ii. ., !,,,. i l),n. ... .,r.,,. ti,..!, I,,ni. nnu .111 .irnltln ll.rt I II III IIIUIIU III 1, lllllcvll in, ittv itici 1 livsuui. stomach to discharge into the bowels whatever ! "f April and Juno A D. 1030, fro... nine is ollbnsive. Thus indigestion is easily and o'clock. A- M. until four o clock, P. M. on enoedilv removed, ntinetilu restored, and tho each of said day-. mouths of tho absorbent vcssoU being cleansed, NEHEMIAII PARKER, jr ) Commit. EDWARD D. iNUKTU, s nouns- ,mm " I nlilrilirm isliini riml klreniM Ii n lnult- rnl 11 will 1. I, .. . l' I n w.., ...... . "..u i I W,UUW JJU'SMUIS OUJUT IliVapOl It- energy ormitid and tho liappy results, t or far. - linn, Salt, ! l'cr particulars of .doffat's Life Pills, nud Pha. ' To WOOtl CllOp)Cl'S. '2,000 Coarse Steam do. 1 ' V, -f- Molfafs. otlice, No. , ' 1.500 " Ci.nincuchy oii.l St. Ubes do '? lb Broadway, iNew urk, where tho Pills can i (j. 1( fl!il!7ft) AXIliJ3 "00 Sacks Liverpool .rroiind Diuiv do p uui"vii 'ur v. cents, ...i cents, or 1 cacti SUPPLY of the abovo celebrated 000 BUs (I.mV Wc d ! J I S "ml ,h '!,'-lor.S Ur, or y" p7 .Uul0- A Axes, juM received, and for sale by 40 do do do Da(iry do. lor snln by Fom.ktt & Uhadlevs. Dec. "G, 1(137. m ... . .v, " , , ,,, ' i i.u--i J"si icceivi-o, nun inr sun Numerous cort.l licaluB of the wonderful elhcacy i , jozen or Bi),,u) , , ,,, Mlb.iCrlbt.r. oi iitu,muy uumeiu iiisobuiuu. - inKlt'P MOODY In some obstinate and complicated cases of n V,,,,n-lfll chronic and flaininiitatory Ithcuiimtisin, JLivcr 1 Burlington, Ucc. -U, 1037. f P. pre-ent ibis nicdicitiu with tho fullest T T confidence to the consideration of the sick and discouraged invalids, and urgoyou to take them, wc u e e as unbt-iiering u. their elfieaey as any ono possibly could be; but iheto has been loo many cases of cures in Ihc town of Hurlingion alone, to permit ua lo doubt llicir good qualities. Wo know oi persons of what tho "Faculty" pro nounced to be incurable, confirmed Consump tion; some of various kinih of fevers, ant, somo of these cacs given up as past cure, before the Morrison's Pills wero administered We can send you lo persons where two wore; taken down with fever, one was put undo: Ihc caro of a Physician, and tho other was put under tho operation cif Morison's Pills; this ono was up and well in a few days and tho other was given up, (last Friday, Feb. 9lh, 1030, as incurable by tho Physician,) ho was then fut under the operation of Morri:on's Pills, and is now (Feb. 17th) doing well. Wo can shew you a person, who retu rued from tho West very sick wilh ll.o fever and ague, ho was after much pcrsuit ion induced to tako this medicino and was shortly well ; this gen tleman and brother and father uso it in their families in all cases of sickness, and so do all tho rest. This is tho medicino which docs not weaken when taken every day, week after week, but on Ibo contrary, as thousands upon thousand do testify, it strengthens, enlivens, and builds up tho system. Hardiy a day passes but what thcro arosomo caso or casca of cures reported to us, ellected by this, first and best Ycgctablc Medicino ever invented, Tho public will plea-o bcur in mind that, until this had obtained an c-tablished reputation no other Vegetablo Universal Medicines wero heard or, hut now they aio si ringing up hko mushrooms, evidently imitating Morison's, but they succeed badly, they cannot mako them like Ins and they do not have tho groat anU boneficiil operation, which Mon.-on's do. Tlie calls for ibi medicino continue to increase every where and tlio cases of cures aio niulti plying daily. For the leading principles of Ibo Ilygom or Morisnnian Theory nf diseaso ko. seo Hurlingion papers, of February 1030. i:'l RY BOX AM) PACKP.T sold in Ver mont is signed by Pangborn & llrinsimiid, Slalo Agents; appointed by Geo. Taylor, 13 Chamber st., Now Yoik. inou.bei of tho British College of Health, nnd solo llyg'i delegatu to tho United Slates sent out A' said College in plaeo of II. Phepard anil .Moat, removed, Thoy will also be signed by tho tulfagents appointed by u in thoir rc pectivo towns. NO OTHKltS CAN HE GENUINE. PANGBORN k HIHNSMAID. Srate Agents, Burlington Vt.

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