Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 30 Mart 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 30 Mart 1838 Page 3
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HILJIUMMM XI. Ill lirBWWBWW MM tcrpoailiun could savo them. In tlua cx trcmity, tho customary scenes nl dread and despair wcro exhibited, as (kvcrihod in n thousand similar instances; but when lb') question war. put, '-where are the Life.Prc servers" nnd when in answer it was found that thcro were batcly twelve of them on board, the struggle which ensued for po session of this slender chance for life, if described as awful and appalling, Men Btrovo with all the energy of desperation; In and brute force struggling Hr tho prntuc lion of self, regardless of ovary cnnsidcra. tion but success in what was fancied to bo a f'gat for lifc presented a sccno of sur passing horror. Those who witnessed that contest, and were cool enough for nbscr vation, will, it is said, never forgot it. Albany paper. Considerable sensation has prevailed in this vicinity for several days past in conso. qticncc of the commission of a rape of nn aggravated characlor. in the town of Peru, on Saturday evening last. Tho oiTondor. Patrick Short, an Iri-liman by birth, and late of the UrilUh army, win pnr-ued, mid tirreslod nt Iliirhngton on Sunday. Oo Monday his examination was held before Juslicc'Tlwmas, and ho was committed lo Plattsbnrch jail, to await his trial in June next. Kecseville. Herald. .March 21. Lamentaule Di:atii.--The St. Law rence (N W Republican says that, week before last, a hard-working Scotchman hail travelled on loot lo Maitlund, a distance "f fifteen miles, and back, to within about 00 rod of his own house near Ogdonsliurgb m-Iioii ho became exhausted, nnd perielied within sii'ht. and almost within hail, of hi own fireside, where his wife nnd seven chil. drcti were anxiously awaitingjns coming, A CERTAIN CUUE FOH A WEN A yOUIlg ladv who has the good nl her fellow crea Hires nt heart, wishes the insertion of tho following, which she has proved to bo gen uine: Make a very strong brine nnd dip into it n piece of flinnol two or three times double, and apply it to the wen, keeping i constantly wet night and day, until a tup puratiun lakes place. A Mon a i. T.w.E run Tim Timi: -A little Pruiiclimau loaned a merchant five thousand dollars when the limns were good Ho called nl the counting-house a lew days Bince. in a state of agitation not easily des' cribed.' 'How do you do?' inquired the merchant 'Sick ver sick,' replied monsieur. 'What's the matter?' 'Do times is de matter.' Delimes? what disease is I lint ?' 'De maladie vat break all de marchands ver much.' Ah the times, eh? well thov arc bad very bad, sure enough: but how do they cflrct you ? Vy "monsieur, I loose do confidence?' 'In whom ?' In every body.' 'Not in me, I hone?' 'Pardonncz moi monsieur; but I do not know who to trust at present ; when all d marchands break several dunes all pieces.' 'Then I prrpiimo you want vonr money ? 'Oh, monsieur, I starve for want of largenl?' Can't you do without il ?' 'No monsieur, I have him. 'You iinirl?' 'Otii. monsieur' said little dimity breech cs, turning pa'e wnh apprehension for th fcalety ol Ins money. 'And you can't do without il ?' 'No, monsieur, not von oilier lectio mo menl longare.' The merchant reached his bank honk- drew a check on i he good old for the amount, and hnnd.'d it to In- vitiicr 'Vnt is ills, inon-ieur ?' 'A check for five thousand dollars with tho interest.' 'Is it bon?' said the Frenchman with Certainly.' 'Have you got de I'argcnt in do bank ?' 'Yes.' And is il parfaitcment convenient to pay do sum?' 'Undoubtedly. What astonishes you?' Vy, dat you have got him in dees ii'me..' 'Oh, yes, and I have plenty more. 1 owe nothing I hat I cannot pay al a mo ment's nonce.1 The Frenchman wns perplexed. 'Monsieur, you shall keep de I'argcnl for me some leetle year huigaro.1 'Why 1 thought yon wauled it.' iToul auc(,nlrairc. I uoo viiul deVargcnl I vant do grand confidence. Suppo-o you no got de money, den 1 vant him ver ieucIi snpposJ you go', linn, den I no vant at all Vous compreiics eh.' After some further conference, tho lit t lo Frenchman prevailed upon the merchant to retain the money, and left thn counting bouse with a light heart and a coiintemnee very duTornnt I rum ih-oii" ho wore when Jio colored. His confidence was restored and although he did not tstnnd in need of tho money, ho wished to know that In property was in tafe hands. This little sketch has a moral, if the render has sagacity enougu to find It out. JV. Y. JWrror. n a ft k i kTT In Siiellann, on die Mill hist, by ilii Rov. S. A. Crane, Mr. Mil on Ilid.ihird to .Mim ,1K-y 1,, Common;, u.uijliiur ol l.cvi Cunnlock, jr. In Oxfuid, Muti. on llic -llli in.M. by llnv. C. II I'outimlv, Mi, On in Dolxier to Miss I'.litiboili C Jolinion, of Weslfuid, Vi. Particular IN'oticc. THE American born citizens of the town of llurlingioii aro requested to mcct ot Purlchud's llultl in tho east part of Ibis town mi iho second day ol April next in pursuonco nf a meeting held at that place on the IO1I1 day of Morch iust. for the piirposeofprnmntinir thn ininrest of the Farmer the Mechanic and Laborer of this town. All who fed nn interest in this blosicd causo will not fail to attend. Uiirlinton, March 21, man. Sugar 13ect Seed, by J. & J, II. Peck &l Co. CLEUK WANTED. WA N T V, 1), aa a Clerk in 11 store in this place, a young man of stonily nnd industrious Imbils, who has b'Kii in tho business two or more years. None need opply except such os would be willing to give undivided attention lo busi nes, nod can furni-h the best to.-timntiinl-as in charne.ier. Salary, $150 lo $175, including board and washing. Inquire nl this office. lliirliiL'ton. March 20, 1 030. w nw,v..i,v. d:;aI)I;i:s in goods, 51 Cr,i n Stukki", XE1V YORK, WOULD thus notify those visiting tho city for purposes nl'ttadc, that they are ro cciving and will ho ptcparcd witli a good and general block ol STAPLE A.XD F.'LYCY niiv GOODS, which for cash will ho offered at a small profil. I Iip v will keep constantly on hand Alerrttnao. Dover, and a variety of low priced PI! I NTS. I rriii'int, Lawrence, nii'J other bill. I'. 11 iN (.S ufl'ilk, and Hamilton, Drown, .While uud blue DRILLS. March 30, 10,10. 2m NOTICE. AMCKTIN'G will ho held atth&Mctho. disl Chapel on Saturday April 7, at one o'clock P.M. for tho purpose of icitting tho pews in said Iioufo. iJurlmgton, March 00, 1033. ASTHADY, industrious l.oy of good com. uion education, about 12 or 11 years of ago. IVoiiu need apply except ono who can bring the besl ol'reeorninniid.s as to character. Such an otic will liud a place hv enquiring of gko. i'ktuiso.n. I'urlington. Match SO, 1030. Canes Umbrellas. TT ARGC Cotton and Scotch Gingham Urn canes, sword canes ; trout poles in cane full Ijliies and Hooks, at Hie aricty Shop. iNiarcllUU. t'ANCBlUN l!lll.Ns.MAID Powder Morns, Powder Flasks Shot rhisks and l!a-i, Drinlun l"la-!;s with cups altiichcd lo tlieiii I'm lluntors and Fish- men, I'iMoN and I'ihIoI I laslss, rcrcussion Caps and Pills, at lliu VarieU Shop. ivliieli bO. I'ANcouiiN K l!r.l.?.M.nn. duills, Paper, Pencils, Sealing Wax, Wafers, I'ainls, Uru-lics, drawing I'aper, tiMic I'a pop, lul;. Ink-lauds, sand Uoxus. Sand, Utiles, marble Stands, &e. for sale at tho Varicly Shop. March GO. Pasgborn & Drinsmai d. Clarionet Reeds and Violin and Bas.i Viol Strings just lon'd al the variety s,hop March 30. Pa.nudju.n i: Bki.s;iaiu. WJ Y the sub-erihor 0110 or two barrel heat 1 JLP quality Maplo Molassna, ali-o. onu or lu n hundri'd pouiuh liest Maplo Sugar, and one hundred pounds I!os Wav, for which cash or good alcuth prie.u will bo paid. Uoncr.T Moody. Uuilinjfloii, Mniub 30, ltiyu. 4W Sands remedy lor Salt Ilheinn, Ami am. oTiimt CfiHMions KitcrnoNs. rjjlllri rntiiedy is a eo.n'iinniiim lieretolom JL uoknown 111 llm aniril-of tneiliciiie. Il is llio nroilnetinu of niueh eAporie-H'L'. deep ro-eareli. and L'ri'al e.vjien-e, and is nll'i.ted lo llm public in the liille-t e-o'lidi'iien of ils being an eilVctiiitl, -ai'u, and speedy cure for tlei Salt Uiu'u.m, and all other di.-e-.-es ol the skin, siirh as Tun rr.. Uino, Si: M.n llr.A". liuinru'tf or Jack-on Jrcit, ,'ce. 'fie-o di-ea-es uru known lo lie llio most olisliualn of uny to ulneh the human system is subject, and can only lie thorungly ef.idie i led iiy porMiverauee in ihy rihl eour-e of treatment, and by 11-iiig llm right inedieme. Such a medicine has been discovered in litis remedy, and we speak from our own know ledge and experience when wo vay. that in forty iiinri eases mil of liliy it will effect a porinancnl and rapid euro by attending u, tho accompanying direelions for u-o. 'fhe length of t into usually required for effeelinir 11 euro, varies neoordini; to llns tevcril) of the disease, and lliu parlicuhr idio-yncracy of llm patient. Generally RpcaUing, it requires Irani 000 to lour weeks In effect a perfect cure, but the tiper.ilion will bo mueli iieuo speedy and cifeeiual when cntubined with the u-e of llio C unpour il Syrup nf Saisaparill.i, 113 thu svrup lias a tcuduney lo purify and throw out from thu blood and sysieru all the unhealthy humour, and the application ol llm 'lleiuedy ' exter nally al llie samo time, entirely eradicates it from Iho system. F01 this usu espnctal'y we compound tho Sarsr.parilla with other pow criui pnritieis ol llie blood, the wliolu ol which aro strongly coneentraled and formed into a syrup of mora than threo limes the usual strength, ami we challenge any ordinary eiso to lio brought forward whuro This oniirse. of trealinoul will not efleoi a ranul eoio if the direoli'ins arc sli n-ijy uitondeil to ; numotous innauces navn conio lo our knuwledgu whorci tins course lian cured tho complaint in 0110 weeiis nine, riieu l per liox. For sale by .athrop& I'olwin, Ilurlington SlrcHffthcnins Piaster. TTU. S. C. IlEWEiT'S (llonesetter of MS Uosion, isisk.; colelirated slrenglhening Salve. This Salve u a vast improvement on Iho old celebrated Dl.Swcol's Plaster, wlm li i.s superior lo any other plaler evor invented, which nas ocen in uso ainiiu iuu ynar.s. Dr. II. has sold upwards ol twenty thousand toll Willi 111 Iho last year. It in reeoiiiiiiViided to ho applied in ihe following cases, viz. for pains aim vc:i!tucss in uiu oava. siomacli, Hides, and loins; ItlieuiuatiMii, the efl'eets of mercury, conn, iho effects and eoteqiiouces of spraiim, dislocations and Iraelures ; dyspepsia, and in many eases of felons uud ulcerated soro, for eleasing and healing them; in fact in all weiiknttasos, particularly in Children. None will begeniiiiio except thu label is signed Iiy tho proprielor. Thin Plaster is for nalu gen erally in Iho principal towns in tho United Stales. Sold Wholosalo and Retail by Lalhrop Si I'olwin, DruggistH, Uurlinalon J'l. SPUING BONNETS. i CASH Fmu Fnghih Straw Runnels, jusl 1 received uud for Bale by LATHIIOI' & Potwin. 0. Iff. SAXTOU SUKGCON DUKTIST. Ofiicc one door south if '. lhmcilVs Auction awl Cnnmisinn Store. y. vi C 11 A U I. u T I" c FEMALE SEMINARY. fjpllli Suiniuor Term ol'this lniiltil inn, .It. will coiumenee on the first, Wednes diyiniMny, under the flirociuui of Mise M.wiv Giiout, ui Principal. Tnc term will cnuiiiiue twenty three weekji, including a vncation of one week at the end of the fir si quarter. conditions : The terms of snul school nrc $25 per quarter, including Tuition, Hoard, Wn-h-nig. L'ghis nnd Fuel. A convenient Hoarding House will be in readiness at the cotniiiencement of the term. j: if. oood.vAjY, Clerk of the Board of Trustees. Charlotte. .March 1 Kl.lll. FLOUR. JT "City Mills" and Troy JUi. flour, lor talo by I oi.i.utt K Jir.ADi.uvs. Dec. C, l!!37. CLOVJ5R SEED. ) lbs. White and Yellow Perennial Clover Seed. 1000 lbs. Red, " by Feb. 22. J. & J. II. Peck & Co. GARDEN SEEDS. Jjoxos Shaker Garden Sui'di nf last vears erowlh, bv Feb, 22. ' .1 &. J. II Pi ck &, Co. NOTICE. nrUIlS is to certify that 1 have given my JL son, George Allen, his lime, with power lo act for himself, nnd therefore will not consider him under my control, or myself liable for his contracts nfier this date. G. ALLEN. Unlltm. Nttrrh 13. 1f!.13 TJ.Vl.ltY I'aelu.'t sold in Vermont of the 3LL.4 GKNL'hM-: Morisnu's Pills, or Ilygoau Vegelablo Universal Mcdicino Hindu al iho liniif'.i Colleco of Moallh by Morison the llygni:.!, will bu signed by Pan'born &. lirins maid, and al.-o by ilu ir rcgulaily adverliscd oppumtud Agents in tho several ('ountics. G i:0. TAYLOU, 13 Chamber t,, Now York, solo agent for tho United Slates, sent out by the Collego in place of 11. Shcpheard Moat removed. Pa.NCBOKS l!lllXS51A!I), Jewellers, Butlini'ton, Vl. Agents for the stale. SUr. AGENTS. Gen. II. Fish Middlehury, Addison Co. O. A, Keith, Sheldon, Franklin Co. S. E. Morsu, Craft-bury. Orleans Co. John Kolsr.y, Danvtllo, Caledonia Co. N. C Godd.ird, Windsoi, Windsor Co. M.S. lluoMand. Hollows Falls, Windham Orvisit Uoberls, Mane.heftor, llenuingtoii II. W. I'orli'r. Uolland. Holland Co. W. W. C'ndwell, Mnnlpv'ier Wa-hiiiglon co Foster Grow, CheNea, Orangi! Co. All tho papor.s in the slate will copy this, and add oilier agents to tho ltl, as fast as limy aru publi-lied 111 this paper. J hey will observe liiitt llicre h but one r in Muiison's naiuc. ( EOYEll SKEW FOIl sale by IHrkolc Sf Collin Red Clo. ver Seed," 11I-0 Trefoil or Yellow Clo t r Seed 11 perennial p'ntit, excellent for 1) tries n r w II as lor 1 1 . 1 v . Fob. 2.'. J. 1. 1. WIS 'OULD re-p eiliriv iii'onn llie pub V r he ilia: he is now ready lo prance ill lie' nbove tiu-iliess, I' nun 11 perfeel know lcdg, and praeneo ol the business he 'eel- wiliiitt' lo iilli tn that it will be done 111 1 he ne.ilc-i manner Culls ill le1 sinelly ailended In at their rf-.-peelive du e', or at Ins rooms two doors north nf .1. M 11 chel'V. Church slreol. I'.ur' nj:'' n. F- b II. K!3!!. fTpUIE Seb-cnhers lu.vo ft ei ivi d by JL t.h Ufliinir nn nddiiioti to llieir slock ol g ioils which innkes it now the beet to be found north of Albany I hev hnve n eavy stock of Ilrnwn Slicetiugs and Shirt ni!;s. 1) ekiiigs. Pudding, fnnva-s, Prill's of I'Verv di'.-crip' ii 11. &c. &c, which wc M ill sell at a small advance Irom cost. Also a varieiy of Fancy Dress Handkerchief ipen S'lk gloves, sup. geinleinen nnd Indies Goal skin do French Prints,. Ribbon, Laces &.c. &c 1 case French Muslin Capes and Collars comprising nearly liliy new and rich I'at terns, which we are al e.Mreme low prices LATitnop ei Potwi.n. Fob. 22, 1030. Shingles and Plaster. Q,OjCK Din els iVova Scotia Plaster. m,JJ 100,000 Shiiigh'H for sain by 1. DOOLITTLE. Maieh 20,-1030. 3w Fresh 13ox Haisius. linxi-s bunch ami hlooiu Rni-iiH, re ceivcd bv laud direct from Troy and SO for solo by the sub-enbers. Latiiuoi' Porwi.v. March. 23, 1030. Sicillian Polishing Powder. FniO clean and polinh Silver Spoons, SL Plated and 15rillnnia Goods ic. Price 25 cts. per box, for sale nt the Vari eiy Shop. PaNGIIOUN & IJllINS.M AID. March 24, 103!!. SHIPPING FUI1S. c 1ASII, and the highest market price paid for Shipping Furs, bv W, It. & F. C. VILAS. Feb. 9. SH1NGLI.0S. fl ininn Shingles, a first rate article. vy,wvr for sale die ap by March 20. WALK luR &. CO. v CDi 5ft xtti .vr i II R subscriber's largo now liriek Store, at Iho F.ills, Wmooski Village. Am the liroitdch lh Factory will piobably start this spring, it will bo tho host location in this part oft ho country. SlUNF.Y IJAHLOW, Uuilington, March, let, 1030. Valuable Ural Estate. At! t Ji't rnilUl foli'dihcr i.h" lo '. aSVV'si fvW tuiCluiK.'lMicil in limling. '' !n i V "' rnii-wfinsf of t ilrtol "'J '"? f (Cj 'rrsr. lina Iminen end mil liiiililiii.-, ' one brill,' n Hi i' k lmne ilui. ' '.lii!.n.CLi-' (M. ,(, ,,( ,, ,. I1114I011 , anil llm nllim 11 U omlcn liim-ci piui.iU'd ikmiIv npioile J11I111 N. I'oiiici t i iliu.Hii'U leiii.'K, oil CI11111I1 flii'i'l. Ileinl-o Hi?lit'lo n-l! hi iillci' e.l in 11 Him on llie I'i irk .Suno ndioiiiins llli" fluri' ouncil I iv I). id. .1 , ill 11 I'eik, oil I In- 111111I1 ide nl 1 Ik (,'oml llmi-e Siii,iii' id.-n 11 fin. ill liiul(,'iis lot cilii.ili'd nil ilie 'iiinliuel niincr nf Clieny nnd Winer ."'liri'ls, iiilj'ihiins Mr llenlljs. Theieinu w ill I e in.nle e.i'j , one f 1 1 1 1 til pail ul'llie un i li.i-t! mniii'V In In1 P'dil In li. mil, mill 'lie iritiniinlci' nn n lilirnil emlil, viilli iiiiiord utiii Its l'ii!"eiimi .will lie uiven 1111 llic (iml d.iy nl Miiv" nesl, except llie l!i iik IhmI'i' uliidi ij li'.ifril nnd under lent fur one from llm lSilt d.iv of Anai .r.t'. MJi. A. GMSWOl.D, I'.urliiiglon, Maich 21 1S3S. ELEGANT FURNITURE. rijlllli subscriber oflers at private mle .11. at his Iioihc, from this dale to tho 1st of April next for approved paper llio follow ing articles of hoiiaehuld furniture, v;: : 2 Miihooany Grecian Solus, hair cloth t riinmed. 1 curl maple do. 2 Curl maple aimed Chairs to maich. 1 Mtperb sett Mahogany Dining Tables, in 3 pieces. 2 pillar claw inahog. Ircal;fat tables. 1 Mahogany nnd Ilosu Centre Table. 2 do. Pier tables, ma'blc slubs. 1 lartrc mahogany lluok Case. 1 mahogany Secretary . 1 Forlo Piano. 21 inalmgonv Chairs, hair clotii seating. 1 d 1. Kecking do. I dcz. cnrl'd maple Chairs, hair seating. 4 doz. fiiicv Gilt Chairs. 2 splendid gilt Looking Glassc nearly C feel in length; and others of variou sizes. 1 EtiglMi Astral Lamp, cut glass shade. 1 French do. plain. 1 pair limnz'j and Gilt Mantle Lamps with shades. 1 do. do. Tlrilli ittts. 2 sett Mamie Flower Vaees, with shades. 1 maible French mantle !! day Clock. 1 pair Hrrirs Andirons. Shovel and tongs. 2 superb brass Firu Fender--. 2 IJru-sll Carpets and Hall Carpet to match. 1 do. do. for a room 10 by It! feet. .Stair carpet and rods 3 English carpels, and rug. 1 pair niio mans, ellow silk. 3 mahogany 15ureatis. II12I1 and low post Jiedsleads. 1 elegant gilt China dinner service, con- lainiiirr OHO pieces. 1 gill China ten sett. Cut glass Decanters, tumblers-, wines, b iwh--, celery and preserve dishes. &c. 1 Klnfiiold plain collee Urn. silver edges. 2 pair do. do, Cake Duckets, do. do. I do. do. Servers. do. do. with other articles, and also articles of kitchen furniture, stoves, iVc. .Vc. J. S. POTWIN. IJurlinrrion, March 1. !!!3ti. Confectionary. 2 GO lbs. Confectionary just meeived by J. & J. II. Pi:ck & Co. Feb. 22. S-&S33D3?T. 1? ffti libls. N tiIi Shore Salmon, for sale tko U by Fi.i.i.i-.TTi: S HiiAni.r.vs. I) e f, 1037 IHiOOItLS. 600 Shaker Corn Brooms h' Fell. J. & .1. II. Pi ck & Co. eS i& S !D (fj!f'? liu-hels 'fiuinlliv Seed, also .jiiS s. . fuw pound, ("lover do. for sale Cheap by S. WALKCR & Co. March I New England Iltiin. ,J Hhds, llotion iT. F. Rom. by J & J II I'kck & Co TO Bit 55 NT. A ill n? and ilu elhn hnnso. II. LKAV KM WOll TIL To the Il'-n Ihe Probate C'nurl fur Ihe Di tr'nl nf Chittenden, tomrs the subscri' ln:r Hiriim HfUowt, administrator de oimi nn rum iv.mmr.nio annfxi.of ine mid Ditr'nl, dircasnl ami rrnrcstnh Hint the pmnnal estate of laid dire:sed will tint be nifjivicnt lo jn; the dibit and Icgai ia UiL're'if and hertbij mukei apjili. (ation lo yi'.d Court for liirnic lo sell the real estate of said dceinscd and also the reversion of Ihe, widow dower in the real estate for that purpose. II 1 11 AM 15 U I. LOWS. Burtinslnn, Jlarrh 0. 10.J0. STATE OF VEJi.lIO.VT, Distiuct op ("iiitti:mi:n, s-s. n Prob i'e Court holdeti nt tiurliiig. A T ton, in said )'-trict, on the 9th day of March, A. D. 1030. It is ordered lhat an account bo taken of the deb's and also, llie proceeds of Iho personal estate of said deceased, and that the heirs and all pertous concerned in said estate be mil tfied to ap pear before said Court on llie first Monday of April ncxl at the Register's office in llurhngion aforesaid, to give bond for ihe payment of deb's, and show caino why license ns aforesaid shall not be grnnled, uud that such noiice be given by publi-hing lb" above application threo weeks succis sively. ns soon as may he in the Free Press, a newspaper printed in lltirliugton, in said District. Given under my hand, the day and year firil abuvo written. W.m. WKSTON, Register. FULL mid coinplclu assoi I incut of iA- ;,Vo ml Cloths, of every colour and quality for salu cheapor for cash than ever befuro olforcd for lOor 15 days very little if nuy profit asked, Now is the lime to use vour money. Apply nt Iho ("heap CushSioro. B. E. HOWAltD. March it, KI3I). Dr. Perkin's Eye Water. OR Iho cure of sore, wrnk nndinflj. incd Uycs fyrualc at llio Vuriely Shop, IUKJIl UOUKI.KY 'J'AlvF.S ilu htiurty to inform I. is tor iiwr patrons nnd I lie public nt large, thai he has 2& filled up the FirJ.AUll HOTEL ill a stylo ii"t inferior to any public house 111 lliu capital of Verinonl, nnd he flatters liiuifolf that by uiifeuiilleil exertion and n.-iduous iitlention lo business, lie will be able at all times to nceouiinodnte the gen ileuian of biisiucss, genilcmeu of pleasure, and 1 bo weary traveller, in a style not t-ur- na.'scu tor uccouioii'iiioii iiuu rcasouauiu- ucss ol lure uy any 10 1110 stales. p. il?2S OS1 PARE. Huaro'iig. Ier week. Single ineul 25, lodging Ui i! horses, hay and oats 75, 1 nurse, hay. 25. Monloelier. Feb. 11133. tf BOOK'S ! BOOKS! rsnllE following viilua bio books ore for JL falu at the Uuok Store. Wahon's lives of old English Prose Writers. 2 vols. 12 my. Hannah Moore's Works, comp'otc 1 vol. (i vo. Franklin's Works. 2 vols. 0 vn. Mar-haM's Washington, 2 vols. C vo. IWilish Drama do do ll.iswi It's .I dinsnn do do MarrynllV Works 1 vol. do (lemon's Poems do do iJutke's Works 3 vols. I) vo. lliicklaiiil's Geology 2 vols, do Hogct's Phj-iology do il Kuhy on the history habits and instincts of Anima's, 1 vol. 0 vn. Da tin's Mineralogy, 1 vol. 0 vo. Addison's Miscellaneous Works, -1 vols. V, vo. Eng. Kd. Wavcrly'd Novels, 10 vols. 12 mo. Ara- bisque. P.ulwer's do 0 vols. do Memoirs of Aaron llorr, 2 vols. 0 vo. Modern Sicmty. by Miss Sinclair. Sam Slick of Slickvtlle. Yankee Nu'inm Kiel; of thu woods, by the author of Calavar. The Trollopiad or travelling Gentleman in America. Atttla, by James. Sweeter on Digestion. Wayland's Moral Science. IleligiotM Opinions and Character of Vnhmglon. IJIootnlield'.s Greek Testament, Am. Ed. Crtiden's Concordance, 1 vol. 4 lo. Dwights Theology, 4 vols. 0 vo. &.c. &c. School and classical Dunks of every de-cription together with Stationary of the first quality, are aUo for sale by JAS. W. IliCKOK. Hurli-.glan, Jlnnh 1. 11)30. Hickok's Patent Uolary Oven II F subscriber has jii3t. received and -- fillers lor tale, a few stoves, of which tfie above cut is a representation, To all the advantages of the improved Rotary top. is added a Rotary Oven on an entirety new plan, which, from the te-timouy of those who have used them, far Miperccdos any thing of the kind, yet ofi'ired to the public. Those wi-hiug lo purchase cook stoves are respectfully requested lo examine these before making their selection, ns ocular ileiuon-l ration will heller convince the public of the value of the article than any descnp'ioii that could be givn. Another reconimendai ion, llie.-e hard times i--, that these stoves will bo sold ns low as the com 111011 llotarvs of the same size. ROUHUT MOODY. 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Runscll,, and tho laud 011 which the same stand, hiivo been conveyed to tho subscriber to bo sold for the beiifit of certain creditors of said Curtis;, am) us llics.imi! tmift boxold at all events Uiomi who wish to puichaso will bo enabled to make great bargains, 'fhe goods consist of a very largo ass-orlinciit nf ' DllY GOODS. DliY ailOCIilllES, CHOCK Ml Y. cmx.i ar.AHs ware. And will be sold cheap. Thu Store and Shop, are very eligibly p'uuatcd, in the bn. siness part of the town. A credit will bo given lor n patt of the real estate. Also for sale as above, a one Hone Slcifrh. a Chaise, lien single Harnesses, a one Ilorte Waggon, a Saddle, he. .KOrLE LOVELY. Jlurlingtnn, lib. 1, 1030, Grind Stones. tons Nova Scotia Grind Stones, ossoit fd Hizcs, weighing from 50 to 000 lb, for sale by Fullltt Sz Da.i dlkys. TUB 1IYGF1AN nil'.ORY OF DISs HASKS, AN') nC.NElllI, DIKLCTIONS Kon TIIE CSE Ol' JIOIMSO.N'S ir.MVHIlSAL ItlCDI- cim:s, Oflht ITyitish College tf Health, London. The leading Principlci if the Hijgcian or jMorisoni'tn Thiory of Diseases are contained in the following Propo sit ions ; . The vital principle is contained in the blood. 2. Fvery thing in the body is derived from the blood. 3. All diseases arise from the impurity in the blend. From the blood all the solids arc derived and nourished all the other fluids aro secreted and all the substances appropri ated to repair the injuries done to tho body are tupplted. Tho rudiment of tins future heart (and the circulating system,) it is well known, precedes tho formation of other parts of thu body and is visible for some time before any trace of the braiu can be distinguished. As the blood is tho builder up of the body and source of general health, so it i.s also of universal disease: that being fluid while circulating in the body, it is more uniform in is nppraranco than any of tho solid parts, which accounts for thu difficul ty of delecting any foreign or morbifiek matter w hich may bo circulating with it The miasms of fever arc harmless to every other part of the system, and only become tnwchicvout when they reach tho blood. If the blood become once impreg. nated with a peculiar taint, it is wonderful lo remark tlic tenacity with which it retains it, though oficn in a state of inactivity fur years, or even generations. tienco an hereditary diseases, consumptions, tic. Lvery germ and libre of every other part, being formed and fed from iho blood and all communication to the solids being cut off, except by the circulation, whero else can we look to, ns the scat of such taints or predispositions .for disease, or for Ihe cause oj disease itself? i. rain and disease have the samo origin ami may tiicreiorc uo considered synonymous terms. Purgation by vcgctoblcs is the only effectual mode of purifying the blood, and eradicating disease. It is evident that nil those medicines which require preparation in the patient, and "ivc cold if taken in damn or cold weather, such as calomel &c; do not as similate to the bodv. and are tlicreforo highly injurious to the constitution, and impress and stamp new qualities upon it. For tlic "Vegetable Universal .Medicines" tl is unnecessary to propnre. They may be taken with advantage in any weather, or nl any lime of the year. Tins simple theory simple because true com noted in these five propositions was first promulgated by JUr .'Martini, the Ilijziisl.'m I02j; and his world.renewned med eines were taken with unparallellcd success. Since this tune numerous imittt' tors have unsen in America as well ns in F.urope. who t-lyle themselves IlygeistH, and pretend to treat di.-ea-es on Ilyguian principles, and with 'Unhcrsal Vegelablo Medicines.' The Medicines of t lie British Cnllego of Health cure all disputes, which admit of cure. 1. They remove from the ttornach, liver and intestines the blood-making organs all obstructions lo the due performance of their h-a It Iiy functions. 2. They purify the bloed, by increasing Us various excretions; and preveut dtseaso by enabling the body successfully to resist the predisposing exciting eauses'of disease. They increase Ihe action of the ab sorbents, by which all morbid growths aro taken into the circulation and afterwards expelh d from the body. 4. They restore the regularity of thosa processes upon which tho formation and circulation of the blood depend. These aro Iho only medicines known in which small doses 'hnvo a powerful and hcnelical ell'oei: ami yet, of ivliieli, in ex treme cases, such very large doses may be adniuiis'cred learlessiy nnd with greatly increased advantage to iho patient. UTNotie genuine unless sinned by PANfinon.N & Rni.tsMAin. State Agents. New Establishment, Square, formerly occupied by Abbott &. Wood, where ho intends carrying on tho Cabinet makinff business in all its branches, and hopes by punctuality and strict atten tion to his business, lo merit a share of public patronage. N If. All kinds of fancy work, such as Ladies work lloxes. Portable Dosks, Shut, fbniers. Music Stools, Fdbt Stools, &c. &e. made and repaired with neatness and on short notice. OJ'Alinosl oil kiudo of Lumber and pro visions taken in payment tor cabinet 'urtil turo. Uurlinglon, Feb. 1, 103 J,

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