Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 13 Nisan 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 13 Nisan 1838 Page 3
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Sidney Powell's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT DISTRICT Ot- ClIITTKMJEN PS. The Honorable the. Probate Court for the DislriU of Chittenden, to nil persons concerned in the Estate of Sidney I'otccll late of Milton in saul District, dcteand, GllKKTINO. WHEREAS, tho executrix of llio Inst will nntl testament oftitiiil deceos cd proposi's In render on account of her ndministrotinn, and present her account ngainst said rslain for examination mid nllownncenl n suasion of the Courl of Pro. bale, to be holdon nl the Registers oflicu in Burlington on the second Wednesday ol May next. Therefore, You are hereby notified to appear belore said Court at llio lime and plncc Bforosoid, nod show cano, if nny you have, why the account aforesaid ihuuld not be allowed. Given under my hnnd at Burlington thin seventh day of April, A. D. 11130. V.m. WESTON, fleshier FOR IIENT. rjjl H two story Dwelling JL IIoiki! and qnatlor acre Int. ca-l side of Ciiampiain -I. nod opposite tin1 Clais Factory for terms opplv to L. CUMMING3, April 12 lff'31! OltiXAUK.STAL II AM. 31 ItS. ST. JOHN, MANUFACTURES nod keeps con stanttv on liaoil Ringlctts. Puffs wire Curls, Plain Hair, Sic. N. B.--Cb.hIi pnid lor Hair. Pearl Street. Burlington. Apr.l 13, l37. " ( NOTICE. THE adjourned meeting of I he Mo chanics ami working men. will he ftcld at the Circen Mountain House on 'Monday the inst., at C o'clock I M. All (hose who wish In join this fraternity, inro Teqtiestod to attend, and all native American Cm'sens. who have not ns yet Wen 'informed as-to the objects of this as. social ion (who are mechanics or Laboring men) are roqncs'i.'.l to til tend Soma Things New CHEAP CASH ''STORE. New Gotds. by the Proprietor, whatc. motto is lo be Up and Doing. Quick' and Cheap, Cheap for Cash and No Imprisonment for Debt. HE has been to New York and returned with a few well selcctod new Bonnets, llibbons, artificial Flowers, Silkv, Shawls Calicoes, Ginghams. Muslins, Gloves, Hosie ry, Handkerchiefs, Collars, Laces, Edgings, Combs and various trimmings &c. kc. With tlm previous stock of Carpeting, Pap'or Hang, ings, Cloths, Oassimerce, Sattinetts, VeMings, FarwellV Shoes and Boots, Cotton Cloths, Tarn, Wicking, Tickings, a sploniliii assort ment of rich Glass Ware, Crockery, niautlo ornumcnts, Looking.Glases, Fancy Articles, Family Groceries such as Lamp Oil, Tens, Coffee, Sugars, Molasses-, Spices, Sic. Sic, which comprises one of the most convenient tocltt to buy fiom that he lias ever had tho pleasure of having at this early season of the jroar to nfio't" Int.- vory mib"v rnnd cn-tnTncri: to whoso liberal patrouagu lio cbce.i fully an knowledges tho ability to buy cheap anil ho lievinff in progressive improvement in busi. ncss as well as knowledge hopes the demand and sales may so incieaso as to indueo him to conliriuc'lo extend his variety of goods, wares and merchandize systematically to tho extent of tho fancies, wishes, expectation and wants of the public and (he appcaiaucc of the inter, nal arrangement of the establishment until it shall be. satisfactory and gratify iugto his home neighboring and distant customer. S. EARL HOWARD. Burlington. April 10, lUJt). New England Seed Store, and Office of the New England Farmer, North Market Srtkkt. Boston. T. F. & W. L. STRONG Ascnls. Builim'lon Vl. WO have now on hand gaiden and flow. or Sscccs in great variety. Ruta Btn'a. Mangel Wurlzel, Sugar licet Sin. ic. We would call the attention of the public to seeds from this establishment they being far superior to any put up in me united Mates. April 5. Lemuel B. Piatt's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) DlsTBICT or ClIIITKMiKN, SS. To the Hon the Probate Courl for the. Dis trict of Chittenden, To all perans con cerned in the Estate if Lemuel li Plait late, if million, in said D'ntriil decerned. GREETING. WHEREAS, tho ndminisirators. nl' ilie estate of said deceased propose to 'render an account of their ndinuiistrniiou, and present their account against said estate for examination and alluwuuco nl n session of I he Court of Probate, lo be hidden at the Register's oflice in Burlington on the bix tcenlh day nf April uii-t. TJiF-iiKi-nnK, Von are hereby notified to appear before said court ol the lime mid place ofoiesaid, and shew cause if any von have, why I he accuuiil cfuresaid shnulil not be allowed. Given under my hnnd nl Burlingtnu, this 4th day of April A. D. inim. IVm WESTON, Register. Charles S. Kimball's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) DlsTHICT OK ClMTTEMiK.S. ss, 'The Honorable the Probate Courl for the District of Chittenden, lo all persons cancel ned in the Estate' if Charles S, Kimball, late of Burling! m iu snid Dis trict. deceased, GREETING. WHEREAS, Ilirnm Wiuslow, minimis trutur of l ho Estate of maid deceased proposes to render on account nl his administration, and present his nccutiut OROinsi saul estoto for examination and allowance nt a session of the Court of Pro bate, to be holdon a Willnsloii on tho 3d Monday ol April next. TitEnEFoni-., You aro horoby notified lo appear betnro said Court at the lime and place aforesaid, and shew uii'.mi, if tiny you nave, woy uiu uccuuni aiorcsaid tliould not be allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 3ISI osy ol Morcii. A. . uijfj, Wm. WESTON, Register . WAjVTED A N apprentice lo tho Cabinet Business. A CM. steady industrious hoy, of sixteen orsov cntoon years eld will meet with pood encour agement. I). K. i'ANGBORN. llurlinglon, April 4, iuju. Charles S. Kimball's Estate. STATE OE VERMONT, ) District or Ciiittc.noun. S The Honorable the Piobulc Court within and for the District of Chittenden. To the creditors ri'id others concerned in the cilatc of Clmrhs S, Kimball, late of Darlington, )i said District, deceased, WHEREAS l be tidininitrntor of the estate of said ilecrnsed hath inndo application to this court lo extend the lime limited lor making payment of the debts of said d'ccued. tix month from ibis dale, and the thud Monday of April next being as-igneil for a hearing iu I he prcini. sc., nt the E.igle Hall in Willt-lnn, and il it having been nrderi'd that notice ihereol lie given, bv publishing tlm decree two weeks snecesiivi'lv in llio Free Press newspaper pruned nl Burlington, before the Hum lixml lor hearing. Therefore, yon are hereby notified, to appear before said Court, at the tniic and place aloresaul, ihen and there, to make obj- cMon if any you have. In the stud time of payment being further extended ns afore, said. Given nin.rmv hand at. Burlington, thii 31st day of Ma red, A I) l!!3ll U'm. It'ESl'ON Register. JS3I-LIHO O'JPF. Fl VZV.YAl M.I), being ilesirnin nfelo U, i ina lili huiiuc.-s in this place hereby inf'nrnis"lbe puli'ie.'' that bis stuck of ,1 EW ELllY, Mil ATA IIY and FANCY GOODS, will lie .'old in a nvniiur ''To rj.CAsHTiiu I'co. H.r. ! !" N. 15. Those indebted as above urn remin ded that U.nulk Sam must have his rent on the sl day of April, and don't like the Lnwicrs. March 7, 1 8.J3. R. FiTZomt i.n. Powder Horns, Powder Flasks Shot Flasks and Bags, Drinking Flanks with cups attached to them for Hunters and Irish men, Pistols and Pistol Flasks, Percussion Caps and Pills, at the Variety Shop. March 30. I'angboiin" Si Bii in. Quills, Paper, Pencils, Sealing Wax, Waters. I'ainls, Brushes, drawing Caper, tissue Paper, Ink, Inkstands, sand Boxes. Sand. Itules, marble iSlauds, &e. for &ale at tho Variety Shop. March 30. Pancborn & Biunsmai d. PeiTitniery &,(.. CJOAPS, PER FUMERY. II AIR OILS. ' i'ouialuoi. Hair Powders. (J'l-mi'tn: Rouge. Court Plai-ler. Presion of Rose.--, Carmine. Ian, Tooih. i'ail and other Brushes Fine and coarpc Combs, Japanese Lotion for removing freckles. umpieB omi erupnons ol Hie sum ; miK ol Roses, Cosine tic co M Cream. Balm oH Columbia. Indolllblc IfllC, &c. &C, at the pimples and eruptions of thcskin; Mill; Variety Shot PANOimnN & Brins.iiaid March, 24, lfi3!!. IRON, NAILS, U LASS, &c. 10 ' Tons English Iron assorted sizes. 5 do old &. new sable Rucfia do. 3 do Swedes do. 20 do Round do assorted sizes from 1 to 3 inches. 5 do Land do do 1 to C inch. 5 do Square and do i to 2 do. t do Sliuo Shapes. Cast, Kn-i li-li. Germun. Swede?, and Spring Steel, Rmvlnntls best German Sleel Mill Saw.-, Hoe Cn Ca.-t and Gnnnan Steel Mill Saw?, Sieel plated, and cast aleigh and cutter Shoe--, cast and wrought wring"1 Anns. Anvils & Vices waggon Boxes Crowli-irs Shovels and Spulcs race and halter Chains Ploughs mid tloufjb Castings Improved bark Mills, mill Cranks, &c, &c. 1500 kegs Nails, of all fuzes from 3d. to 0 inch spike, of the Peru Iron Co. Mann faclnre. 500 boxes, Chainplain, Peru & Jerico G'ass. for sale by Foi.i.ett & Br.di,cs. D'.c C. 1037 CLE UK WANTED. WA N T E D, as a Clerk in a stnre in ibis place, a young man of steady and industrious hpbiis. who ha o 'in mine nnsincrt two or more years. ioiio need apply except such as would In willing io give undivided attention to bu-i ncss, and eon furni-h ihe bei te-i inionin Is as to chm net er. Salary. 150 to 175, iiiciuiiiiiir board anil washing, inquire at ' bis office. Burlington, March 2(1. 1 H3ft. whoi.ks i)i:Aiii:ns i.v 51 Ci'.daii STnn;r, NEW YORK. WOULD thus notify thnse v'siting the city for riirpii-,es nf itadii. that thny atu re" reiving and will bo pto,nred with a good ami gnnetat much nl STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS. w hieh for ritsli will bo offered at a smoll pmlii. Tlmy will keep conilnnlly on hand Merruuae, Duver, and a arialy of low pimed PHIN'TS. Treuiuul. Lawreuee, and nilier .SHEETINGS .SuH'nlk. and lluiudioii, Brown, While uud blue DBILLS. Match 30, 11133. 2m W A T E O A STEADY, indubtrioui, boy uf good com. inon education, about 12 or 14 years of a?o. None need apply except nun who can brinjrlhu best of recommends as to character. Such an one will find a place bv ennuiriu" uf GEO. PETERSON. Burlington, Match 30, 1033. Canes & Umbrellas. LARGE Cotton and Scotch Gingham Urn. brellas, small silk do, plain walking canus, sword canes ; trout poles in catios, fish Lines and Honks, at the Yariely Shop. MarchSO. I'ANonoit.N fc Bni.N-M.wn. SPUING liONiN'E I S. I CASE Fine Englisli Sttaw Bumiets, just A reccivtjtl ud lor sale by LiATunap.di. Potwin. O. II. SAXTOX SUltCflON DKN'IIST. Office one door south of N. R. Haswell's Auction and Comm'niinn Store. RURLfNGTON, Ft. "W A T 3? 23 T B Y the subset iber one or iwn b.irrrls best quality Mapln Molasses, also, one or two hundred pound best Maple Sugar, and nrn liiiiulrcd pounds Bees Wax, for which cash or goods at cash price will be paid. Ronr.RT Moouv. Butlinglon, March 30. U'3!!. Jw Sands' remedy for Salt Rheum, Aui At.t, oriinn CtmNr.otis IIiuiptionn. rjlll.S remedy is a combination hereloloin .IL unkuowiMii the a'.ii'ils of ui(dieiuo. Il is the pnnluotinii of much experieaen, deep ree.aroh. and great exieue, and is olTntcd lo tho public in tin) fullest eonfnlnnei) of its being an cfTectoal, sale, and speedy cure for tho ii.t IlllCirJI, and all other ii.eaes of llio skin, such in f i:iti:ii, Bino Wfiu.Ms, Si'AMi tln". liAinn-'ii's or,lAci"N Iron, .c. T'lesri diseu'es are known lo bo the iiVh! obiliii itn nl' any to which 1 ho human system is siibjeel. and eau only be ihoruugly erailii'.T led by pursevctnuce in Ibe right course of treatment, and by lining the riybt inedieiue. Sueb a iiH'dii'iiie has been d senvrred in iIi'm remedy, and we speak from nor own know, ledge ami e.vpi'rienee when we ay. that in I'urlv nilii! eaes nut nl' it will ell'eel a i permanent and rap'd euro by attending lo 1 the iii eiiiniianviiig iloeel ions fur u-e. j Tim leugih of lone usually ii quired for jcfleeting n eiire. varies neeorilmg lo the, ifcveritj of the disease, and tho particular 1 icItoM ncnicy of llio palient. (Jcncrally requires froiu one lo four weeks In e fleet a perfect cure, but Ibn operation will be mueli mute seemly and cfl'uelual when I combined with the use of the C-unponi d I Syrup of Saisaparilla. an the syrup has a I tendency In purify and throw mil from llio ! blond and system all the unhealthy humour, and the application of the "Reined) " exter nally at lliesamo time, entirely ciailieales il from tho system. For this use especial')' we coinpnunil'lho Sarsr.panlhi with oilier pow erful purificis of the blood, tho whole of which are sirnngly eoneeiilinli'd noil formed into a syrup of mora than Hirio I iriif.i tho usual strength, and we cIkiiIi nge any ordinary eiso to bo brought forward where this course (ir(;(., j,)IM iirK stiicllyaltemledlo; nunieioiHj inttances have eoiue In our knowledge where ..I 0'.... n n..t. 'I , this course has cu.ed the complaint, in one, weeks time. Piiee $1 per box. For sale by Lathrop .V: Potwin, Burlington. I Slmurlhen'nut Plaster. B!5. S. 0. IIEWP.TT'S (lionesetler of Boston, Mas.".) celebrated strengthening Silve. This Salve m :t vast iiiipri.vemnnt mi the old celebrated Di . Sweet's Pl.isler. winch interior to any other pla.-lcr ever invenled, whirl) has been in life about 100 years. Dr. II has sold upwards oftwenly llioii.ind rolls within the last your. It i.- recommended to ,, ,,, '.,, viz. for pains ,, l,V0,km.J, iu 10 bacU sl,....ach. Hides, and nins. ivheumali.-m. the elects of mercury. corns, illc ctlecK anil eon.-eqiiences ol sprains, dislucatiiins and fractures ; dvnicpsia, and iu many cases of felons and uieer.iled sore-, for chiasm1' and healing them ; in fact in all weaknesses. parliL'iil'irlv iu Children. ,one will bogeuuiuo except tlm label is siirned ' iy the proprietor. This Plaster is for sale m crally iu the principal towns iu the United States. Sold Wholesale and Retail by ! Lathrop & Pnlwin, Druggists, Burlington Ft. O ? A Hid T T H FEMALE SEMINARY. rlllj Summer 'I'erin ofihis In-i ii in inn, jL will cnmuience on t he firi-t. Wednes day in May, under the direction of Mifts M.uiv Grout, ns Principal. The term will continue twenty throe weeks, including a vacation of otic week at the end of the first quarter. conditions : Tho terms of said school nro 25 per quarter, includmir Tuiiinn, Board, Wa-h-mg. Lights ami Fuel. A convenient Boarding House will bo in readiness at the commencement nf ihe tot in : IV. GOODMAN, Clerk of the li-mrd of Trintces. Charlotte, Alanh I Wl.Jl!. FLOUR. njOCHESTlMl "Oily Mills" and Troy .U. Hour, for salu by Follctt !c Bi;.ou:vs. Dec. C, 1037- CLVKil SEES), lbs. White and Yellow Pen iimnl ('lover Seed. 1000 lbs. Red. " bv Fi b. 22 .1 .t .1. II. Prnc & Co. ' G Ri)E.r SI'JOOS. Uoxt.'s Shaker Garden S I- of lns year.- eii'tv'li, by F"b 22. .1 & .1 I Pr.cK & Co. NOTICE. rjllIIS i-- to e -riiv ilut Ii it v; niven mv H. Min, Genrgi! AMen. In- Hum, with power to act for linn-ell, and then fore will mil rounder bun under my control, m mv-elf liable lor his c nii met-- r r llu.. d-'e. j. ALLEN. r.o'ton March 13 KI30 27tVi:i!Y I'.'.e soul iu Vcrmunl of Ihe U (JENPINi: Mori. oil's Pill-, or llyuemi eueiiiiiui innyer.-iii Meuiciue mailu at llio Ibltlril Colleijc of llniKlh by Mwrisuu lliu IHiji isl. will biiriiiiied by Pancborn t Brins , maid, and also by thuii 'regularly ailverli-ed .appointed Agents iu the several ('utilities. Gl'.O. TAYLOB, 13 Chamber st New York, sohnii'eiii fur Ihe United Slates, sent out by tho Collego in place of 11. Shepheard Meat removed. PaiNobohn & BuiNSMAin, Jewellers, Btirliu.'tun, Yt. Agents for the state SUB AGENTS. Geo. IL F.ish Middlnbiiry, Addison Co. O. A.Kcilh. Slielilon, I'r inklin Co, S. E. Morre, Ciafi-hnry. Orb , ins Go, John Kelsi y, Danvilln, Calcnuina Cn. N. C. Goddard, Wiud-oi, Wind-ur Co. M.S. Bucklaiid. Bellows Palls, Windham Orvisfc Bobeils, Manchester, Bcnuiuj'liiii II. W, Purler, Rutland, Bullaud Co, W. W, Cadwell, .Moiiipelier Washinoion co Foster Grow, (-liiibca, Orangn Co, All the papers In Hid stale will copy iii, and add other ii'Minls to the ln-1. as l'.i-i (hey aru published in this papur, 'J'liuy will observe ihan.b..1- L'ut onS r in MoiWa namo. J. LliWIS OULD ropecl fully inform tho pub lie that he ift now ready to nraiiee in llio nbove bitsinefss. Fmin n perfcel knowledge and practice ol llio biisiucs he feels w 1 1 1 1 n ir lo allirin that it will bu dune in the neatest manner. Calls will he stnelly niteiidi'd In nt their re-icclivi! du'el'iiiirs, or nt his mums tWl, dnnrw north of .1 Miiohel'V Church hired. Burltngtn. Ftb f). Hi.lfl.' fjnllE bios biivo nceunl by JL eli'igluiig nn nddttinn to I heir stock of ooiuIh whicli niiikns it now the best to he iiiuiul norili f Albany They have n heavy teck of Brown Siioehngs'ruxl Shirt mgs, DiekinjT-, iiddiug, Canvar., I'nn's of every diverlptii u. &. &c . which we will sell at n small iidviiuce from eosl. Also a variety of Fnocy Ores- Handkerchief., ipi'll Silk gloves. Mip. ueiilli uieil mill liiilli ft Gnat skm do French fruit., Ribhoiui, Laces &.e. Sic.. I cn-e Freneh Muslin C.ipes and Ci Han: compri.-ing nearly fi!y iwnv and rich Pat. t rns, which we mo si ping at ix'n iue nw l,il,,,M L.TIIUtIl &. I'liTWIN. Feb Q1. l:)3!j Fresh Box Mai sins! i qp, li"Xes Imuh'Ii mnl blouiii Rat-in, re ......, ,,,r( ui irniii i roy anil for sale by the Mib-eriborj. LATIiltlll' Potwin. March, Q3, ',n?,v sic is a FOR sale by llirtnk S; Catlin Rod Clo ver Seed, also Tiolml or Vellow Clo vi r Seed n tiereiimnl n'aut, excellent for Dines as well ns fur Hay, Feb. 22. Sicillian Polishing Powder. f1U cliiin mnl poh.-li '"S.Iyer yp,mns, Plated nml linnaina (inmls fcc. Price '23 eta. per box, for sale at the Van eiy Wimp. Panguohis &. BulnsMaiu. March 24, 1 !!.!,'. SniA'GLlCS. 5OO00 Sbmg'es. a lir-t rain article, In- ebi-iin by S. WALK' El! & CO. 1 Mnreli Va!ual)!o Ural E?ato. r-Jlili: Mil-ciler u i,i li. m'II .ill lis mm I e ue on ( linn Ii -lie, i in !ni inn, eiiii-i-lie-.' nf lun duel bnj Ii'iii-i -i iii'd mil linllilnij nne bi-inj a I'l irl, hnii.e -no iili-l ne.u- ilie I!,imI; ,, linsiim, tm.l die oil.ei a liini-c si'it.ilcil Ill', II ly npi'O'ilc . I'iiiiii'im ili ellini! Iiim.-e. on ( Inn t h -1 1 f . 1 . c.-l in ii iniii lanae, riiire nw iiPil tn 0' nl I lie (ViiiI lliin I'H Min.iteil on lit lie iil-o i-!i,'. in ,e!l In. in,i r. on I In" liiii'U Si, ue ,n!, lining ill,. i.l. .Inlni Peck, nn ihe inn lb .-ule ! ii'-n ii -iii, ill biiililn -t iiii Inti-l i nt ner nf C'lii'i ry ami i iiii'i- neeis, inij iiiini,' in- lieailN-i llieieiuii uill I e iii.nle i'.i-n, cue l,,tiuli p. in nfilie pinch. i.r iimiicv In I"' p,iiil in liiiinl, .mil lie I eiii.iinifcr nn a III cull cieihl, ttiili iippnmil m'i'iii iij Po.-i.e Inn w ill be ien nil lb1' iiisi tl.iv nl M.t nest, exivpi ibe i!iiil bnii-e ubiMi i le.i-cil mnl miller tent fur uiie final die IS h d.u nf Acjn-1 i.eri. 'rt. A. UiUSIVOLV. p.iniiiiiiin. M.ncii si ip::s voiiit'Ci Klimi'V. lbs. ConfcH-tiJnary just roei ivid by J. & J. 11. Si Co. F-b. 22. Bble. Noil! Snore Salmon, for sale by F.ii.i.utti-. Bhahi.kvs. 0 I!I37 BROODS. S00 Shaker Corn Brooms by Feb. J. & J. II. & Co. Bushels Tiiniiihv Seed, also a iadl ''nil fuw pounds Clover do. for sale Cheap by S. WALKER ,c Co. March 15, l!i30. New England Rum. A X Huds, B i-li'ii" N. E. Rum. bv 11 J &. .1 il Puce &. Co 7o the Jim the Prolate Court fur the Di tr'nl nf ChiUcmlcn. tomri the nbscri' her Hiram llfllnws. niltnninlralnr lie. bonis' win rum tctaminta miner uf the estate' Spencer Cwih. !atc of ll'i s't,rrd . ' ' in said District, dnetisid and rem units that the personal estate of mid dnc:sid will not be. soffit ii nl In p ti Ihe debts nntl legni iif thercuf and hereby m'.vt't uppli iiilioa Id mid Court for In erne to sell ihe real inliili: of saul ilice ised and alio the reversion of the. widniKi dower in the real estate for (hat purpose llmM Bellows. Eurlinglon, Ma-ih 0. HI'.!!!. STATE OF VERMONT. I Di-i'isicr or Ciiitti:m)!:n, ss. A T a Pioba'i1 Courl in. Id, u nt Burling 1 Vo. ton. iu Mi d Di-l net. on Ilie 0U day ol Ma i eb, A I). l!I.J!i It i- union d thai an iCi'"ilol lie ml;, n ol'lli'1 ihbis nml ;il-n, I lit ir"Cieil? uf the pcr-olial e.-lnle of said ib Ct it-ed. nml I hai ibe hi'tf and n'l persons CMiic rneil in said i-i-t o I he n.iiiei i0 up. pear beloro -i,nl (J in' on Ihe f r-1 iMoiillnv of Ainl next at Ihe Register's nllice in Burlington alnrivaul, lo tvo bond for the iiiiymeiii of deb's, and show cause vhv liceii-e n? afnrei-aid shall not bo omnicd, mid that such nniice b given by publishing the iibi'Vo appliea' mil three weeks sucees- sively, as, sunn as may be in the l-Vet1 Pres. a newspaper ptiutud in Burlington, in taul Di-tricl. Given under my hand, Ihe day mid year fircl above wniirn. Wm. WESTOX, Register... 'J4 VS. XI . WJ I' mnl eoiiiiil1 lc UsMiiluieiil ol road Cloths, of (tyerv colour and qiutliiy lor sale cheaper lor ea-h than ever bi'liirn nil red for i0or 1.1 days very liiile it any prolii ns;i il. Now is the lime in use your money. Amity at the Cheap CaihSioro. B. E. HOWARD. March il, 11130. Clarionet liocdsaiHl Violin and Bass Viol Striugs just icc.'d at tho variety shop emruiioij, i anudoiim v iiai.NSMAio, Hi;J3l COUHIiKY J'.'to?, TAKES Hi. iiberiy to inform P'ihM ' IH lortner patrons mid the lllLV'v l"ll,ll,! !lt lnrn"' ,l,Ql llu liai' CifciiSik'i fined on the VI I A. AGE HOTEL in a style out inlerinr In any public house in the capital of Veriiioiil. and hi; flatters bun-elf thill by unremitted exertion and a.-iiliinu.s niieiiliun In hu-iiic-s. ho will be able at all limes In nccniiiiuoihili! Ibe gen tleman of bii.-ntcss, gentlemen nf pleasure, ami the weary traveller, in a style not sur passed nt necuiuoilaiioii and reasonable ncss, of lure by nny in the -tates. 3lAT3S"OP rAr.2, Bomd eg. c;j per wet k. Single meal lodging i c j o imrscd, buy and oata 75, I iinr-c, liny, Mnnlpeber. Feb. If!3f5. if 1300 EiS! BOOKS! rppllE followiiii; valti'ibb.1 bonkd arc for -J sale at the Bunk Sinn1. Wnliini's hyen of old English Prose Writers, 2 vols. 12 mo. Hannah Alooru'd Works, coniplelc 1 vol. !l vn. Franklin's Work". 2 voN. vo. Mar.l ail's Washington, 2 vols. !J vo. lintish Dram.i t!o do B i-weir.- .l dincnn do do Marryati's Works 1 vol. do ! Ionian's Poeun do do Bui lie's Winks 3 vols. 0 vo. Ilucklaili1'- (lenlitrry 2 Vols, do Roi.'el's Pnsiulnoy do do Kir by on the liHiory hnhi t. mid instincts of Animals, I vol. !! vo. Dana'- Mineralogy, 1 vol. f! vo. Adih-oii'- Mi-crbmieoiid Works, 4 vols. !! vo. Eni;. IM. Waverly'a Novels, 10 vols. 12 mo. Ara- b'-rpie. Bu'wer's do f! vols. do M'Muuira of Aaion Burr, 2 vol--, ii vo. Modern S'Cielv, by Miss Sinclair. Sarn Slick of Slickvillu. Yankee Ninion- Kuk nf the woods, bv tho author of Ca invar. The Trnilnpiad or travelling Gentleman in America. A" ida. by Jame.o. Swcti r on I !'-rest inn. WavhiiKl'- Mural Science. Ri liri,,u- 0,iiiiiniis mid Character of W ilr-lllUirl nil. B'ooinli. In'.- (Jreil; Testatiirnt. Am. I'd. I'i mien's C uie irdance, I vol. 4 to. DwigM- Tbeob gy. 4 vols, l! vo. &c. &e. Scliool mid e'ui..ical Bonks of every di"-cripiiiMi lorreilier with Siaintnary ol the lirsl quality, are nl-o tor sol.- by .Lfi W. IHCKOK. fhirli -gton, Mai ih 1. 1 1.3!! lliclcok's Patonl Rotary O.ven IIE sub-cnlt-r ha-- jml received and i limit for sale, a lew stoves, ni'nineii llu above cut is a rciire-.vtntMn. Tn all the advairages of ihe unproved Rotary top. I- iiddul a Rotary Oven on an entirely new plan, which, Iroio Ihe testimony of tho.-e wlio have used (hem, far supercedes nuv thing uf the kind, yet offered to Ilie public Those wi-hing in putehni-e cuok stnvcsate respeclfolly nqtiesied lo examine Une before making their selection, as ocular demoiistralion will bettor convince Ihe public of the value of the article than any ilescnp'iiui that cniild be given. Another reoniiiineiulatiiiii, ihe.-e liard tunes I-, that 'I ' -loves wnl be sold a- low as the com. mun Roiarjs ut the s ,rne size. RCUERT MOODY. .Miih I. tfl3r:. tf !5!ncksmilh-', lOfl-re-'J.'ool Ma kers a nti Wheelriiihts, Attend! rjplll', suli-enber oiiijis'inr sile low, and JL Willi a long pav d,iv, if iiquircd, a two siiiiv i n uiiimuier Mioo. mi l v, aler-oow I1 w'l. .. .. HlKkieul lor an e.Mensivo lui-ines-'. Al-o. a I h History llou-n and fun acres nf land, all situated in the cent n- of Warren, Wa-hinglnn Co. Vennunl. The locution is a jrorir! one. nil an enlerpri-uiir man eouhl bard'y fail uf iicee-ss. for I'uitlii1.- particulars apply lo the uh-eriber. at the .Ship V ml. Sliiiibiir'n Point. Match 1, I!i38. LUCIUS LWTON. Fairbanks Improved Cooking stovi:. TUST rre'd by Ibe subscribers, Fair. C biuk's Patent lmpro'd diving lhn ('unking S'i ves, nn article well ifoUny ihe an. u ion iil'ih11 pnhlie. They -mi'1 consul ered by I lui-rj who have tired Hum. a? do. uup.'iitir to any other Cuoking S'oye mm m n-e, " The cas'iiig if, sinprrinr. nml Iron of the best quality, and ol eMra I Inekee-s. J. &. .1. 11. IK Co, Agents. F. b. 2J I;,.!:: Nov in Scotia aster. and fur sale "i? C?t T lkt by the Mili-cribers, Bt)i;i)l ., CI.M'.K, Si Co. Millnn, Lnirtr Falls, Jan. 2.', ISJ!!. Bui'linirlon, Nov. 21, l$'A7. OOBEItP MOODY is now receiving ILA, irniii New York an extensive -tipply ol llardvare. Saddlerv. Hoi'.. ware. I)ru., Medicines, PauHs. iiiid Oil-; which "he oilers to 1 ho penhc cheap for cah or shurt credit, at ibe old e.iiiblished store, norih ea-l cnnier of the square. Scotch i'!;- Iron. Ions, No. I.oii cniisigniiienl, for sale by F0l.LtIT & Bii.mii.uvs. ' c.C, 11137. POWDKtt. Keg-. f,.r Mil by I''oi.i.i;tt - BuADi.r.v- FISl-L (luuilalh dry ('udfisb, 20 llbls. IIiiiImiii Bay Nu 1. Saluiuit, foi FOLLE'l'T ,v BRADLEYS. sale by Ucc, 103", fipilE slucls ufOood.-i laiely owned by Mr. JL Leniiiol Cnrti-i. tmrelbet'wilh tho Storo and Shop now occupied by Mr. D. S. Rusollt mnl tlin 1,'in l on wh rll tin) same stand', bavo been conveyed lo tho subscriber to bo mid for the banlit of certain creditors of said Cttttis and as thusamo must bu uold at all events tho&o who wish lopuiclia-n will bo enabled lo mako great baruaius. Tliegooda consist of a very large asnrtinfut nf DRY GOODS. DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY. CHINA St GLASS WARE. And will bu sold cheap. Tim Store and Shop, arc very c; 1 1 ; i b I y situated, in I he bu siness pari ofilie town. A credit will be given lor a part ol Ihe real estate. Also for sale ns nbove, a imc Horse Sleigh, it Chaise, two single Harnesses, a one Horse Waggon, a Saddle, ice NO RLE LOVELY. Rurlinglim, Ftb, 1, 1033, Grind Stones. tons Nova b'eolia Grind Stonei, afsoit cd sizes, weighing from ,10 to 1)00 lb, for sale by k. Bradm:ys. THE HYGEIAN PIIEORY OF DIS EASES, AM) Ct'.Nf.nAt. DinKC'I'IO.N'- FOR TtlR USK 01 MOIII.SON.S UNIVRUSAL MKDI OS X IiS, Of the Rrilhh College if Health, London. The hading Principles if the Hyt;cian or Mur'nnniun Theory of Diseases arc conluinul in the following Propo sitions ; 1. The vital principle is contained in the blond. 2. livery thing in the body is derived from th" blood. 3 All diseases arise from the impurity in the blood. From the blood all tho solids are derived and nourished all the other fluids aro secreted nml all the. substance? appropri ated lo repair llio injuries done' lo tho body are supplied, 'h,,; rudiment of Ihe I'u I u re h"art (and the circulating svstetn,) it is well known, preo lies the formation nf other parts uf the body and is vi-ible fur Minm hum brfnni any' trace of the brain cm be liiiliuj lushed. A-Ihe blo.'d h the hui'der up of the body and source of general li",-ilili. so it is also ol cuivorcnl di-ease: that being fluid 'nine iiif; in I lie liiiuy. It is more utitfxr ni in Us appearance than any nf the solid parts, which accounts for the difTieul ly of deieciinir any foreign or murbifick mailer w Inch may be onciilating with n The tnia-ius uf fever are harmless to every other part of the syslem, and only become mi-chievoul when i hey reach tho h'ood. If the Iiiuiul become once iiupreg. nated is wonderful to remark ibe tenacity wilh which it retains il, though often in a state of inactivity for years, iff even general inns. Hence all hereditary diseases, conMiiuplions, kc. Every urm and fibre of every other part, being funned and fed from the blood and all cnmmiiuicatiuti to the solids being cut oil', except by the circulation, wlioro i he can we Inn!; to, as t In; seal uf such, taints or predispositions for disease, orfvr the luiisc ej discaic itself? I. Pain and disea-c have tho samo origin and may therefore bo considered synonymous terms. 5. Purgation by vegetables is tho onlv effectual tiiiuli; nf purilying the blood, and eradication discaso. It is evident ihal all those medicines which require preparation in the patient, and ivo cold if takei, in damp or cold weaiher, such as calomel &c; do not as B'liiilato to the body, and are tbcrcfora highly injurious to ihe cnii-utiiiion, and impress ami stamp new qualities upon it. For tho "Vegetable Universal Medicines" ii is unnerit.ary to proparu. They may In.1 taken with a-ivaniage in any wjalhcr, j oi at nny limit of the yeur. Tho simple theory simple because J irite coi.iained in these five propositions i w.i-first iiri ntnlga-ei! by Mr Marhon, the llygeist, iu 'l?5; mnl his world-renowned j tin demes were taken with tinparallellcd -urces-. Since this lime iMiniiruus imila Jam have arisen in America as well as in I Europe, who style Ihem-elves Hvceists, jiind preinid to treat di-ea-es on liygetan j principles, and with 'Universal Vegetable I Medicine-.' The Medicines of the British Cnllego of Health cure till diseases which adiim"0f cure. 1. Tlmy remove from the stomach, liver an'! intesluie.sihe hi,, ml making organs till ob-lriiciions to the due performance of their Ii- althy lunclii'tw. 2. Tiiey purily the hloed. by incrrosinr; it- voi ions excreimiis; and prevent diioasa bv enabling the bmly successfully to resist Ihe predisposing evening eatisesof disease. 3. They increase the nciinn of the ab--orbenls. by winch all mot bid growths ore taken mio ihe circulation anif afterwards expelb il from tin; body. t Tlmy restore llio regularity of thoo pmces-es upon winch the formation and circulation uf ihe blond depend. These are the only medicines known in which small doses have a powerful and hem liral eflecpi and yet, of winch, iu rx-iN-ino ca-cs such very large dn.-es may be ailinuiisM'red learloesiy mid with grtally increa-ed advantage to the patient. JJ'Ncnu rcniiine unless signed by pA.Nfiiion.N Si BiisMAin. Slate Agents. Ne w Est a blisli m cn I. HAYLN'O taken llu Cauiiioi Shop on . the rust side ot'lht' Court Hoiiso Square, formerly occupied by Abbott &. Wood, w hern ho iii'eiuls tarrying on Iht Ciihiuei leaking bniins iu nil'iis brauche;,' mid Impcs by puncttiu'i1 y nnd strict aitcn nnii to his business., io merit a share of public pai mean, t. N B, AH Ii unit; of fancy work, such on Lad. en i,i, li,,XeS( p,u,hle Dosk.s, Shaf filillers, Milsio SlOills, F. olStotds, &c. &c. made and repaitvd with nealinbs and oiv sll irl llolire, llj'Aliiiusl nil kind nf Lumbar and pro visions, taken in payment lor cabinet fur.ii. Vitro. 1 Burlington, Feb, 1, 1030,

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