Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 11, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 11, 1838 Page 1
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mmmnwTminmm ,.j..h .nmini. 'jiiimjmii I, II1, 1 r, I1 'lujgjJJJJiiL,uiut?- NOT T1IK GLOKY OFCKSAr IHIT T II R WBLPAllK OF UOMK. BY II. B. STACY. DOMESTIC NEWS. A destructive fire broko out in Charles ton, South Carolina, on the evening of the 27th April, and raged with great fu ry until noon the next day. The space burned over is about one third of a mile square, including the two great parallel avenues to the country, the stores of the principal dealers in dry goods, hardware, chocs, i$c, together with several impor tant public buildings and hotels. The heavy giocers and shipping merchants es caped. The number of biiiliiitnrs icM oy cd is estimated at one thousand, and the total loss between two nnd three millions of dnlliii-M. Tho amount instiled in Charleston is about 1,300,000 of which it is supposed the offices there will be a bio to pa about GO per cent. The loss of the Now York Insurance Companies by this fire will be about $50,000. A lame number of houses had been blown up to no purpose. All the powder in the city was exhausted, and all the wa ter in the pump?, and the people wearied with a whole night's incessant and una vailing toil.f mill themselves in the morn inn able to make but a feeble re-d-lnnre to the still jaiug and devouring ll line.-. A number of pt rsnns had bom killed b the blowing up of houses and I'nouing furniture into the streets. DisTiu:sniN; Stiiamiioat Accident. The Cincinnati Whig, of the S-'oth ult. gives an nccmint of another of those heart-rending; accidents so common on the western waters. We gho below the substance of the account from the Whig : This afternoon about six o'clock, the new and elegant steamboat Moselle, Capt, Perin, left the wharf of this city (full of pasicngeis) for Rt. Louis, and with view of taking a family on board at Ful ton, about a mile and u half above the quay, proceeded up the river, nnd made last to a lumber raft for that purpose. Here the family was taken on board, and during the wl ole time of the deten tion the Captain was holding on to all the steam ho could create with an iiilcn ticr ff of" tin" great speed ol the boat as she passed down the whole length of the ci'y. voon as the family were taken on board from the raft, the boat shoved off, and at the very moment the wheels made the first evolution, her boilers burst with a most awful and astounding noise, equal to the most violent clap of thunder. Head-', limbs, bodies and blood, were seen living in every diiection, attended by the trio.-t humble shrieks and uroan from the wounded and the dying, i hi boat, at the moment ot the accident, was about thirlv feet from the shore, and wa rendered a perfect wreck. She soouiei to Le loin all to llmdeis as far back a.' (he gentlemen's cabin, and her hurricane deck (the whole lon.'lh) was entirely swept away. The boat immediately be iran to sink rapidly, and Ileal with a strung current, down the river, at the same tune getting farther from the shore. The captain was thrown entirely into the street, and was picked up doad and dreadfully mangled. Another man thrown entirely through the roof of one of the neighboring houses, and limbs and fragments of bodies scattered about the river and shore in heart-tending profu sion. Soon as the boat was discovered to be rapidly sinking, the passengers who remained unhurt in the gentlemen's and ladies cabins became panic struck, and with a fatuity unaccountable, jumped in- to the river. Being above the oid'mary business parts ot the city, there was no boats at hand except a few large and im manageable wood flats, which were car ricd to the relief of the sufferers as soon as possible, by the few persons on the shore. Many were drowned, however, before they could be rescued from a wa tery grave, and many sank who were not seen afterwards. Wo are told that one little bov on shore was seen wringing his hands in ag ony, imploring those present to save his father, mother, and three sisters, all of wiiuiii wuiu buugiuig in mo wr.ter to gam sunn nine me nmn ol their arms now Hie shore, but whom the poor follow had . that those delicate limbs shall he squeezed the awful misfortune to see perish, one . into Blender bags which almost bhow eve by one, almost within hu reach. An j iy paitieular vein which runs beneath the infant child belonging to this family, was. surface-. Again, what is not her influence picked up alive, floating down the river, over men ? To say nothing of tho ban" on one of the fragments of tho hurricane ings, drownings, ami poisoiiinos which deck, I have been accomplished for her sake, how The boat sunk, in about fifteen min-1 often have men pointed tm fatj pjsto or utes after the accident, leaving nothing ' fuel at each other's breast to establish to be seen but her chimneys and a small their claims to her love. Of hor fluency portion of her upper works. Most of the of speech it is needless to talk What sufferers nro among the hands of the' man can hold an argument with her? Sho bout and tho steerage passengers. can silence the closest reasoner by not It is supposed that there were about giving ,jm nn opportunity to speak ; and TWO UUiNDItEl) PERSONS on board, if she cannot compel him to bo a listener, of which number only from fifhj to scv she can at least make him a silent hearer! entyfivcarc believed to hare escaped, ma Who that think of these things can doubt Mm; the estimated loss of live about that woman exorcises a tremendous in. ONH HUNDRED AND TWENTY- fluenco upon the destinies of tho world ? FIVE ! j Who but must bow before her importance The accident unquestionably occurred, in tho scalo of beings ? Truly nothing through sheer imprudence and careless - ness, 'l he captain o; tho boat was dc' sirous of showing off her gtcat speed as she passed the city, nnd to overtake and pass another boat which had left the wharf for Louisville a short time before him. Later accounts from Cincinnati repre sent the loss of life by this horrible ac cident, as much greater than was first an ticipated. As near as could be ascertain ed the whole number destroyed was from 230 to 240 persons. This is another addition to the already fea' fully lonjj list of similar catastrophes, and we hope Congress will lose no time in passing an net which will prevent like occurrences for the future. OA'-ADA. Wc have Montreal papers of Thursday morn. ing. It appears the excitement in Upper Canada, arising from the late savage and inhuman cxe anions, is considered a serious atlair. Express eh had been sent to the Coininaudur-in. Chief nt .Montreal, for troops, and one Regiment left lor die Upper I'rovinbe in die commencement of the week. The Herald of Thursday further states "that in consequence of information re ceived hy Sir John ColhuriiQ, of additional proofs of "sympathy' from the Americana towards the rebels in Upper Canada, die remainder of the 8;!d Hcguucnt, under Lieut. Colonel Diuidas, are under marching orders for Kingston to-morrow morning." From Upper Canada wc learn that Montrjom. ci v, Anderson and Morden, have been reprieved for '10 days, nnd Theller until Her Majesty's pleasure shall be known. Arthur has been sud denly seized with a fit of humanity probably hastened on by the unequivocal signs of disap. probation of his bloody policy on the part of the people. tsrnttncl. Fiom die Ogdonshiirgh Times. v On Tuesday last the Queen's Volunteers (nearly 300 in number) who had been stationed nt Hrockville for llic protection of that town against the radicals, were discharged in consequence of their insubordination. On Wed. iicsday night they commenced an attack on die Dry Goods store of C. Leggo it Son, and broko the window shutters with stones. On Thursday night they resumed their attack nnd continuod until they nearly demolished the store, earned off some of die mot valuable goods, and com. mnu 1 "Mil, kl'pla depr 'da'tnin on tho pre in ji-h of Win. Buoll, Esq. Lditor of the iirockvillo Recorder and upon the premises of Richard Coleman. They next went in the Church of I'.nfrlnud parochial school house ami broke tho windows ; dicy then went to the house of the Rev. R. Elms, a most inveterate Tory and shat. torod his house and turned his family out of doors, and from thence they proceeded to Lasher's grocery and helped themselves to all he had eatable and drinkable ; broke his doors und win. dows, and finally dispersed on Friday morning. Tho Hrockville Rillo company were called out 'o quell them, but were greeted with a shower of stones and the magistrates did nol dare to nr. der a lire. One Orangeman was stabbed in the abdomen during tho ntl'iay with a bayonet, but fears aio entertained that ho ivill recover. The ollicers and magistrates eisher could not or dared not stop them. Tho people of the town got no sleep for man woman or child during the nights of Wednesday and Thursday. The loyal volun teers cm ried oft' bad; loads of the spoih of the vanquished. On Friday morninir throuJh the assistance of some stout hearted reformers, six of tho loyal Uuevcs were arrested and thrown into jail. So much for mobneracy in Loyal and Alon. arclucal Canada! a I rovince composed o( peo. pie, as Sir Rond Head says, "who hate democ racy." " Another row took place at I'rescott on Sat urday last, among the Queen's loving and loyal subjects, but the stealing was coinnuralivclv tri fling when compared lo their acquisitive nei"h. hois at Hrockville. Hut all these are loval love taps ina well icgulatcd government." Fjimam: I.i'lui:nci:. -The influence of woman is boundad by nothing short of the limits of the universe. She must have her tea from Canton and silks fiom ditto. She must have her waio from China her silver from the bowels of the earth. The back of the innocent kid must be stripped to supply her with shoos; and the jaws of the great whale are bro ken to render her upright. Nor is her influence) confined to merchandize alone. Every one knows that slm nnikc f;.al,m,. hop and skip like young rams, turn a do. en somersets in n "month, and become to day so different from what it was yestcr. day that it is surprised at its universalitv- oman imnerial wnmnn nn... , j.-. that sleeves as large as Laurialo's balloon 1 can match a woman, but another woman. JSoston Pearl. FRIDAY MAY IJ, 11.838. SPRIHO. 1 Now nature smile?, gay tluwrcls rise Tunnel teniming spring ; Each gidu dial duals n toug tho skies, lirnis merino on its unig. Ol. id c.iiili lier iviiitn sliiinhpi? hi raking To new and heavenly life mviiH w.iknt!;, Seam waking, seeim u, iking o Each (uclliii2 lieail Inr.iks forlli in t-ong Of siiiiiwda iiivl piaiK ; Tlirtii.jh nil ilnM"" ill" Illumed llirong I'oin I'm lb tlit'ii liiiifl'al l,ij, V.. n il finiliii!! !liiu"r die fnicsi i ii't'3 In hciinly blimiii!' il'Mlenl luaUc-s pi .li.'CS its praise.'. Mif.l 7."plur now liiealbc prifily iniind, 'I h id n r.ilin .mil In iulii ; O'ci lbmci nii'.iil m Lunlkim hound In i oIkm nf M'unvv bite : On nun;, bulk die lire aie humming, Willi founds of jiy, die piinc U ruining, Is ciniiiiiij is cuming. VOLTAIRE'S LAST HOURS. The following h from 'L'Mters on FV ina'c Character, nildr"s--od lo n y"iiug lady n tin; di-nih ul her mother, by Mrs. rn mn in Carry.' The enemies of roliijibn arc indeed the iii'iiiii'". oflhi! wholi! rnne nf ineii. They woil'd Ink" from their fclhiw boitigs the -'de p'meily provided by omnipotent tn'iiy 'or the variety ul ills winch ijont I'ul- 1 1 c iiihotit'iuoe nf men. 'i'hej would hut nl llm healing stream from the disen-ed and dying in this world, and close fon-vnr the golden gnics of henvnn upo'i the toil worn pilgrim? who have faltered through Iheu appointed course of earthly trials, mid might bo entitled tu a blessed inheritiiiee above. There is something appalling to thu im agination in thu cuitoinplation of VoltairtiV Inst moments. Yet it is n pic'un; which should be hung up for exhibition before, the fiingregnlod world. Whiit muiMoruhlo horrors prrvnih d Irs oiil when it received itp final vuimiuuis to 1 ii' b lirp ft .Mnkor ntul ii Jugde! II- vii di-rovoreil hy his nltendnnls wi'h n h oik "f prayeis in his hand, endeavoring wiih a faltering tongue to repeat some of the petitions lor mercy addressed lo that IJuiiig whose i.nme he had blasphemed. IIo had fallen from his bed in convulsive agonies, nnd lay foaming with impotent dei-pair on the fl mr, (;.vclniming, 'Will not this God whom 1 have denied sovo tne too Cannot iiifiti i i ' mercy extend to me!' A Wul spectacle. ! Whore was then the liiim; for which he had labored? the np-pmu.-o which had been the breath of his nn.-trils? Where were the hollow hearted ilit'erors, who?c faiililess professions nf neiiilship had deceived him in prosperity ? Alas, they were tin; first lo forsake him in 'lie hour of misery! His la-t moment,, wore attended solely by n hired men ml. who is t-aul to hiivu inquired, when mwi applied to in her professional capacity, whether the gonileman who wauled tier -er vices was n philosopher ; for she delcarcd lier.-ell unable lo stand the horror of ano'her scene I ke the death bod of Vol ume; and would rather forego tho emolu ment than engage in such on arduous nnd soul appaling duty. What, uiul have been the condition of that departed spirit, when the dread rcali lies of the future burst upon it uunbsiruc tcdvifinn? When the awful throne ol an insulted Sovereign ro;o in sublime uiaji'bty before tho immortal rnul, on jit eni rnnco into eternity ! when tho first oh jeet it beheld, in dread realms of fuiiirity, wus I he Heing whoso exigence he had do nied. whoso cause he had persecuted! and that Iieuig enthroned in oinnipiiteuce as a final judge ! Let us draw a voil over the terrific spectacle. THE ZANTCOTH LOVERS. Who that has once witnessed, con ever forget llic scenes prefenled by the vrntago in the loiiinii islands, ami above all, m the island ol'Zuiio? The girls, of cln-sm beauty, their lorhnii-. dolT'd nnd their bind; ires-e.s ivrenlhed with iho luxuriant ciirrnni leaves; the handsome youthe niliu them t Im i r labor tho Ifiwer crowned bare I'oiiUd childri'ii and the few r-cnttcred Eng. lull soldier Willi t heir bright rqijipuii'ii'f glir-l ening through the rich foliage fonr. nlioL'elher u scene in ire hve'y nod uinn inteiO'iliug than in this sober mailer ol l.ic1 country ran well lit! imagiiU'il "My life." said Zurelli. Iho Inirnst of the Zainc"io innidiMix in her lover, (iornsliii . as, seined wi'hin view of the sea, lint were resting after the toils of i lie duy."ou -eem not mi happy as u-nul, and see,"ndiled fhe, inking iho 'enrotm I from the head "those leaves nto faded with the scorching limit of iho noontide, sun; while thu chums thnt nro rising uhovo us thrcotnu to shut lout even the first night star from our view. Surely," the continued, "this is emblematic of you. Your brow is clouded nnd your smile is ovcreast look round love, nnd lei the l'ght of that smilo shine upon mo as it was uoni." GernMtno answered not, but put his E-ig lish key bugle to hia lips, nnd played several beautiful ntrs. IIo ceased, and gazed with an expression of sadues-uin thccniiiitennnce of hi companion At length he spi.ko. "Zu-elli," said ho, with emphasis, "I have firmed a scheum." "W-H, dearest," she replied, smilim', What i u? I!iig.i!n look up his bugle and plnycd an rm;Hh marcli upon it. "I ktii'Wit! I know i' I" exclaimed the g'rl. Ktyivi7 nn nnd H'andii'g before her l.'V(. wiMia wild look and fi shed cheek. 'I hnvesern y.-m Inddy prnciising upon your inurnment with that English soldier,, and now you would join bin resiles', wan dortng band as a minstrel, and go with theso strangers from mo and from your country." "No lovo." rejoine-1 (ioraimr, UmUxr llioh'ow of his net nulied- "wo will nol part: we will go io Eiefland together." "And why?" said Znr,iii,raliniy, where fore would yon pvo votif rpuet, ilehglitl'ii1 leun": your cntingi': and tho 11 iwors which yon are rurmg to bloom at our bn ''ul, fur n foreign land ?" 'neean-'e," iin-w,'red Germ-iiro, "I nrn tired of Huh inglnrioiw easn. I uould e the world, nnd sim' It Ion lib you, 'orel'l." 'Dill.'' mid the iiHiden, "inv mnlher ! ynn In vi! none In l-avo heh nd. Had she tiler eluld'i'ri to C'linlori Iut in her soli- Mid-', I vouM not nun,'; bnl .'".-he paii-i'il nnd wept over her lover'. ti i 1 1 ' il r "Vour inothi'r it lot n'd dearesl," re -oilieil 'icrnsitno. in a .,iihing lone, "in n .-hurt 1'iiif. w will rfliirn." In spiti' of Zur' lhV leiK-and entreaties, he j.iinid an Eugli-h rtgim. nt then quar tered at Zuiie. as a porforiner on the ;ev huglc. I think I -(O luti mm' benea'h the windows of I he gnvernir.eni Iioum' with hit li'ight snarl"! 'urban and shining iin-elhd vet. Cn'ffi-Kri'i wa i he best perfnrinor on his instrument m iho hand of t he tb regiment, One evening the governor general of tho glands:, who redded on die opposite shore having a ','i'ge party to dinner sent n nn's senger to Zanie. desiring that iliM'oand lo Inch (lerii-inio beloii'red Would iminedl n'nly C"ine over to hi- house for thu loiter 'siriinent ofhi" gnesN. The cdoiiol of the J"pmu. who filso Inif', friends, returned for answer, liinl the hfliid wn nlrendv en. gnglll. General j .inn .,r rage, iu'iiin -Clll won! llial iho men ili'ir all under Ins command, nnd ho nwisted onj their iu-tiint ob''dienco to Ins orders. They atcordirgly embarked, but without their inclruii enls. "Wei.," mid general , stopping in to hh balcony, and looking down upon the mote party assembled before his house, "why do o not play?" Tho high spirited Gornsimn nctcd ns spokesman. "Our colonel." replied he, with a scornful smile, "bade ih sny that the band of tho th regiment is yours while quartered in iho Ionian islands, but the iesi riminnis belong lo the regiment; men lore wo liave not brought them." "S'ave!" muttered General L , ven ting hi. spleen on the speaker, for lack of t lie 0 ii no I s presence. "Slave !" exclaimed Geraiiiio, his proud southern hlooil rushing into his daik check "lo whom are you "-peaking ?" "V- ynn, varlei," eonieinp'uously retort eil I h" liangb1 v general. "H nen' ilial nt your peril." cried the e.wpcra'ed Gerasnoo, m hix native lan guage, nl the same tun.- snatchiii" tin a iiiu-kei from iho hands ol a sunlrv, and prrsi'iiting it ni general L . lie wn intniulv sei-.. d bv the "iiard hi? cfl'enco in the IJritisli army being pun- i-neii uy ino uinniai ,av wiih deaih. I! .vr.s nut haniicuileii into Hie h.irgo. in which 'Ik hand silonlly nnd s.idly re.ouibirked lor Millie: anil ih mouient they landeil the unhappy ofi'oudor w.i- conveyed to tin prison iieioiiiiinjr in nio I'ingllsh Iroopsm lint island. And now where is Zorelli? in the solitude of hor own chamber, lighted solely by the pale lamp of heaven, Iho only sound Unit reached her cur, the dmhiug of the bright sea upon tho shore, her (lKlanchoiy restless thuughis her only c itnt unions. ' Zu elli," said a voice beneath the case. I.H'IU. ' Hiuh, Iluvina," sofily responded Zn redi. heiidmg from the lattice, "my moihor sleeps." Cnini! thru for a moment to me," rejo n ed Rnvina in n hurried lone; and Zurelli went down to hor friend in the porch ol the collage. The moon shone directly on tho foco of Iluvina ; her features were pale and ngiic-d. "(Jerasiuio where is he?" exclaimed Zurelli hor thoughts instantly recurring lo her absent lovor and connecting hor Iriend' agiiatiun with something unknown i tint might hive befallen lion Thus it is when woman loves every I bought, every fear reverts .o him in whom tier soul is wrapped. "He ,s in prison," nuswornl Iluvina. "In I ritou ! cried Zurelli, with u wild laugh "Aye," replied Rnvina; "that English geneneinl who would have taken you with him la-1 year in dhiea, hn done ilus." Zurelli darled into the house, and oilier, ed tho .liainber of her ino'lier. tjhe still lepi. Her daughter deliberately iriiuuied i.o lamp which burned bv the bedside, un f. bled her eriuwin loilnii, nnd sh-ouded h -r dink tresses m it. Sh" threw hr Inng manlle over h-r shoulder-, po.i"il IJuvma wi'hsivifl and fnni, und hiirrier; lo th pri-ou. The EogIo.h senlries paced wiih silent and stonily siep before the gate ; iioth Marled ns the Zantcolu girl Bluod hoforo them. "Where is he?" inquired eIic in a wild tone, Tho soldiers hi-itatKil. but. within Iho gain stood an English nfikor. The portals were I brown open. Iho ofiicer beck oiled lo Zurelli, and sho followed lo tho in ner entrance of the prison. The door creaked on us bingo. Mor conductor led tho way up a narrow stone staircase, whil" the maiden followed uncon?c ouly, with rapid and silent footfalls. At the "head ol tho siaircio was another door; this too wn opened ; they entered nn nnarinicn, and ilierij wn the daring spiri'ed Gora-dinn. The Greek girl advanced with hurrying stop, and perceived that ho slept. She looked vacantly around and ob-erved Hint her guide had retired to tho othei end of tho npartiuent. Sho knelt down and touched Iho manacles of hor lovor; she -hiidd'-rrr!. ir d (J 'nsiinn nwoke. moved, and tho rn'lling ofhis chains rous ed Zurelli from her stupor. "Gera-imo." said slio. 'Zurelli!" he replied, ma voice of deep desp-nr, nnd cv ering h.s face with his iron bound hand--, ho subbed audibly. She rose and hurried townrd the Engll-h officer ; she know hille of his luugunge, but grief, even when voiceless is i.'xpressiv !. She km. It in him, nml p'linMng tn her biver, 'aid in English. "Will you a-k ?'' The officer shook his bend, sorrow fully intimating that nothing coii'd be done, Zurelli rn-e nnd walked toward the door: -he stood lor a moment gnv.iug at her Inver tin ii darted down Ino staircase, through the high pri-nu gates and stoppud not till -In; reach"d lo r home, t On lb" l-t n Aiign--t, 1!!, iher wn an imii. unl bu.'le in the i-lauil n' Zaui". Soldier- wer( hu'rving In and fro, web 'heir bavi'ii' i. gl.'nni ng m tho 'iiiishni'' : drums W'To mi. fib .g am! a guard nf .i graoadier. was s-i'ii oin'cliing, with mo k'l ri'or.ed, tmrard tho prison. I'r.'s- "'Iy the dead march wn- hea d Imm wiih in tlie giiie-i, nnd (iorn-iiino wn-i led firth Iroin In- cell to lock upon hi- country end Us bright sunlight for i tie last time, und to die. II' and pao-ed a moment beuenlh iho nrcb. Zii'i lli, Ins beauli'ul In- belroihed, had jo-t been b-irne, t'rnui I hw pre.euee. Ho bowed Iih walked filentlv, but steadily, The English offieers were uli (hero was u garish show of head, and onwanl i-setnb'ed ; domes nnd gold nnd gay military trappin Thev enieren ino paraoo ground t lit prisoner knelt down; iho bandage was bound over his eyes, and colonel Ty advanced. "Mnko ready," said he to tin- file of men planted fm thr pnrpn-f of doscruction, nnd the mn-kou clicked loarlnliy in lh cars of tho mute tnuliiludo. "Present!" Tin guns were brought parallel with the ground. Col l'St- lolded his arms, and drew himself up in his uaunl erect end soldier like attitude. 'Gornsimn." said he at Inst, "rencral Ij died last night, and in the name of my ntllcers, I pronounce your pardon." l'oor in rasinio sank sensele-3 to the enrth. In this stnto ho was borne to tin1 government house and hud upon a couch, Uy degree? he recovorcd. liaising liimseli trom Ins recluung position, ho looked nrouin and beheld Zurelli, his own Ztirolli, bend ing over bun. Her warm brenih was or Ins cold brow ; Iit sparkling tears shorn; like perns on his snli' fingers ; and h mother mid l"n friend, Hovum, their fac beaming with smiles of happiness nnd d'dighi, stood al the loot of Uio couch. 1 lire da. afterward firn-Miin obtained hi- di-chargo It was purciin-ed for him hy lb" oilier who had granted Zurel admittance to his pri-on, nnd iindur th generous niwpices of I heir friend, colonel Ty, iho nuptial ceremoniei of tho happy pair were spoi-ddy couniiinma'ed rioni ilia Uniied Siaiej flnzetlf. LXCU'.JrilON TO MOU.Nr V.StJVUJ.S. Naim.ks, F. brnary 10 1!!J!:. In company wi'h pt'veral I'lnladelphmn nnd i wo eil iz 'tis ol iNew X r 1-c . I sot nut i his morning for n v sit to .M ii n i Vesuvius. The morning v:a- splordid ; not n cl"in nii-cureii t ho si;y, anij mo -un siinuo ooi bright nnd warm, rendermg the lenipera lure of ihf air n- moderate n-' a lino pore day ju I'hiladelplna. We rode in carriages, fie iniles, to tho village of R"iiia, jisi al ino tool ot o'uviii-- ; anil here ive wore obliged in tn on ii v on mules, the road being too rough nnd the aicctit loo rcnt for r. carriage. The hiring of miilos is mnilo n regular business of by tne people of Rma, and 'he spirited competition oeca-'Htis great annoyance to vi-iters, who are surrounded, the inonioul Ihey rnior tho, by ni least from forty in fitly of ihto 1 v I'nl- iaus all nnxious lo h,. cngn"ed.' We selected n guide, of whom wo had snoi ktiowledge, and in tho course of a low minutes wore nil snugly mounted. !oiin ling ii mule, Mid ruling a mule, are, how ever, in ibis country quiio different ihin'rj, as wo fully experienced this morning, for! wiih a single exception, nil ol the nnimal. relu-ed to advance u slop; nnd for ton ininiiles. the nrospect of seeing Vesuvius wn--exceedingly gloomy. Dining this period of sn-peuso, our guide and his olieuilanl--, m hiiiiih"r, aboil' three lo each animal, woro by no menus idle. On the onntrary, each one haslil lirovided him-elf wiih a huge kmuiv club, iho wllieh hi truuienls wero ninsl dexter-oii-ly nnp'ied, nnd w uh iio mean hire", to lb" backs and hones of the p.ior bens!-, in th" Uio-t iniiriler 'lis uiaiiner pn.i),,, ''l(, enieliy 'Vi- .hocking, and d spun our re. iiiou-lrai'C", C 'iiiiiiii"d, oumI Iho minimis began to uii've. The Iii'liaiu call ilu I r on ' ini'ii ' anting, and it reaMy seem- to be ueces-'aiy, lor Iho mules u'ro mi we ncenstoiiii'd lo it, that ih'V will scarcel ever move nil' without it. Added to 1 1 1 1 deniniiElriition of force, against the poor bcatls, were the ehouts, tcrcanis and vocif vo l. xi-o. res erntions of the Itnlinti drivers, and nn im mense crowd of .'izsiironcs, whoso dis cordant yelpings nlmnsi deafened us. Tho w hole BCeito was ludicrous, beyond desenp lion. Wo journeyed on the mules three miles, during which wo overcomo some sharp a-ceuts on ihe iiioiintain, Tho mule fiat Ii was rough nnd uneven, nnd principally through lava, either line as nthes, or in jagged lumps, resonibhnrr pumice stones. though not so white. Not a particle of the. nioinialiii, in Ibis route, 19 cultivated, and not a single bush, and scarcely a ftpenr of grit's, is visiblo:-o genorni is tho deaola imn c-iiKcd In Ihe eruptions of the crater. Reaching an apparently almost perpendic u.'nr rise in the mnuii! am, wo wore obliged 'o 'I'.--tl 0 ml Irrm Ihe mnlei. noil iiieIco thu nscini on foot, n'd.d by walking ftiicka. The lady of our p-irty was seated in u chair, with poles, nnd "placed in charge of eight men, who, lour at a time, took 'hrv ehuir iipoo ihnr shni.ldois, nnd progressed slowly piiwnnN This ascent wag exceed ingly fit giiiug. nnd nothing short of t io evpectnl mil of nn emplc reward, in tho crater above, would have sufficed lo In p up our -pints. It occupied about forty minutes of the mn-t pinnlnl excrtian, 'i hu -"d on the mountain being prim ; u v n-h'M and Iiuho poniico Plono', no- f. i gave way nt every step; and hut .ir o ir walking -tick-i. wo sh mid, ever and icon, have been down on nor facet. To ,r Italian atlendnnu. lips a.-cont app. ar .' ' he even iiio-o d ffirn't than lo us sua 's 'I'hi'V griinied. gr oitieil and -hou'ed. i. ' iiaiely, thu entire di-tatiee, and dIh '.n' , kepi ii- in a laugh tho whole route, u i 'ben ciiiphiio's of exro-sivo lii'ig'ie. With 'lo in. li wa-i a matter of interest to exaggerate Iho labor of the ascent, as, by -o ii -nig, they Imped lo c'aiui n larger reward. At length we reached the top an 1 iVre a scene opened, such as cnuiiot well be ile-enb-'d. The summit upon wlnci wo -nnd, w.i-5 aboil' three tn i'c.-j in circnirf r otiee, the wholo of which appeared to havo been iho crater of former eruptions. Tho nrfaee, which (le.-c.'ndtd all around to ward' the crater, was completely covered with pumice stones, lava, nnd rough stones. impregnated with iron and sulphur, lying; m heaps, soinu larger, nnd some smaller. over I tie whole distance. I rcmetiuouj chasms, many of I hem four and fwe fctt w.d", from which smoke was constantly suing, were Msibio m every direction. while, in places, the heaps of slonca assu med every fihade of color, from an iron black to a bright yellow. Tho leading. ri ol interest, -vis, Ik wrv'"r. n cone. ur hillock, winch n i up "i the centre of Ibid ctater, from which streams of emoke. and loud explosions of asht's. stone-3 and flame, wcro issuing aloioet every uvnule. This, wo were told, wajlho p resent crate1; ond up this hilloc'; we re-olvei to n-cend, whatever tnigh'. be iho hazard. I he at- trmnt '.vai accordingly made, o)id success ful y, ni we stopped not un'iij wo bad reached tho outer nni ol the hillock, from woicli, looking down into Ihe cMavation, every minute made grea'er by thf crap Hons, wo d'st met Iy saw the mouth oV tlio furnace of this tremendous and apalbn volcano, A3 near as I can judge, the crater was a'umit one hundred loot in cir cumference, tho bottom of which very nearly resembled Mio cool fire of a black smith's forgo. Tho whole was a mum of con I --oino of u bright red, and othei.i of a Ja'k black odor in c. instant agitation, tumbling and rolling about, ns if some I remond'iiis influence wcro opera' ing from below, and ejec'ing, coii-'auily, streams of -moke, and dishes ofllnno, so s'ronply iiiiiiregna'cd Willi sulphur, ns to render our breathing cxtronHy d'flieull. Wc reinaui.'d in i ins situation, tho s'ones I ml lava upon which we wem elanding- was ri Im! ns in bo uliii i-t nidi arable, ah nil twenty minute, porbr'ly fmoinated by the appalling spectacle. Splend'd ernpiions, preceded by loud report, like the rnmb'ing of disiant ihiindor, and rceoini'niiied by bovvers of nsiies nnd d-'sd leva, were inking p ace every uiiiiiiK' ; but ttill wo were unwilling l i lea.'e, wi hout witness ing the nt ill grander emotion, of which these ffoqueni ijeelions of ashes second to g v! p'ouuse Nt were we kept Jonjy in siispeiis". While proposing to descend, our f"ONi eps wero suddenly arrested by a reneirnal of the rumbling sound, deeper and stronger lhu usual, and incrcnsrnj grsilunl y in sharriie-a and uuensitv, ir til n loud and deafening report, ond an exrL'. sion winch fnuly shook the mounlai", announced thai our wish" wire fully gratified. A sheet of solid flam shot up from ihe crater, to n great height, filled with reil hot stones, soon of which were larger than a man's head, and ckniil- of a-hes and smoke ii-cemledt(wiih 'be swift, ue-sofnii arrow, to the skies but soon lall'iig, and nearly perpendicularly, almost covered us with their dilsl. The explosion was like llm bursting of a gigantic and overcharged cannon it was terrible and appulhng but iieveriholes-i sublime nnd magnificent, beyond any thing I had over before wit oe-seih F" a moment, we fe't nnrxolves ill s 'danger from I ho fa!' 'il' shines, several ( winch struck sumo in i ir unity and scorched lueir c Inthmg- bv i ven in l lie inult.1 of t his peril, v.'o c u 1 .nl think ol reirea'ing, until Iho erir'ti u wa- til lily over, nnd 'he cater again q'l i I I'Vnm whii I saw nf Vi'miviii-, I w,n vi ry le.nlily uirigine, that a gria' a n1 r m llllliell ' riipllon, iiiJt lie lino nf the IN ct oh ndid iied uwful exhihil loo-' l.i h . . I'he hi. I t -it.i.i"i of llm ehariu't' ' VUj III Aoi'ii.t, 1 !!:! 1, when 'he r-il 1 1 in 1 1 ' . ii'oii'i'uin tinned I'self into an he " '- ' inch ot lire, from lllO e.Sl reinU es of W i -iieam f lava tan down, slowly ul grandly, on twit iiip"s'lii sides. C.i .m ) ol sleaui. oud enormiius red hot sloops were, nt tho ennio lime, it ia Euid, rj etuu 'from the craters.

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