Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 18, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 18, 1838 Page 3
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NEW & CHEAP GOODS. T' Illfi Ktlllvcn!icra hiu now opening n - n.cri,t rnntlt nf BrilUMIi '-rv . wwi purchased nl the Into packngu snlo in YaiUfor cadi, nntl offer ilium for m prices much lower limn they l.nvo k..L,n Imnn ,,(T..r,wl ill lllU lllnrl.-nt. Now f-alo ni ever Jfy 10. I n"3It. HicKot; fc Catmn, WEW STORE & NEW GOODS. .'i v Se 2' a n o r "ORG leavo lo give nntico thnt thoy have JLJ taken the nuwlv lilted up store, west -side Church-strcct, two doors ohovo the quart, whero lltey have just received nnd opened nu entirely now ami uentiUlul stock o f Fanci nnd Staple Dn Goods, enntisting in part of r'ch figured nnd plain Silks, Chttlys, "Mometine de lainc," I'ronch print ed Cambrics nnd Muslins, English nnd American Calicos, Otntlis nnd Cnssimcrcs together with a great variety of fancy ar ticle.-', winch v:ll bo sold Cheap for Cash May II- NEW GOODS. PDOOLITTLE is now receiving from New York his spring supply ol Goods, ennsisti ig of n general nnd well sclented nnriincni nt J)HY (iOODS AND GROCERIES. His "hi flock having been principally gold out, ho is enabled to oiler nearly an entire stock of New Goods ivhich have been bought at lower prices than ever beloro known, Being determined not to be undersold by any one, ho respect fully asks thoso who have cash to pay for goods to call nnd examine Im stock. Burlington. May 10. 1P.3I). 3w NOW IS YOUR TIME. MAS this dny received from New York a largo assortment of Role Leather from 17 to 2 I cte., Morocco, Kid, Boot, Binding, Si nl, Trimming, flog nnd Lining Skit.. Knives, Pincers-, Stamp Jgeer-, Shoulder S ich, Si rip Awls. Pa tent Peg Awls. Awl Blades, Rand File, Punches, Sand Sti ne?, Btmia Hair?, Nail.-1. Welt fJels Shoo Keys, Seam Sits, Shoe Hammer, Break? nrd Key, S z- Slick!". Heaps. S eel Tack--. Kit Files, Wi bbing. Boot Cord nod Laces, Galloon, Fitting Silk, B'ncking. Pun p Cki'p. Hurl Bail, Boot tin' k-vV.o &e. Shoe Thread. Groi n Hemp N.i. 10. Ih'f ll'enciiod No. 3. Yel low Ne. 3 aril Fining Thread. Lasts und Bool Trees. Also, on hand of his own mnnnfao'i ro, Si le. ILmirss, Bridle, Upper, Too. R'iirlioif nod Band Ltnt her. Calfskins. lorse I Files, bheep and Lamb Skins. I he above named articles will bo sold for cash) as cheap n thev can bo pur- fltncml ill nnv li iipm I IH4 siii.i nl 1 nv Ynr i. Call and see. Burlington. Pearl St., ) May 0. in.3H. , Hoston Hum. tSfn Ulids Pure B n-ton Rum, 50 per ii-3v) cent above proof, jon received, n coiMiiut supply will be krpt on hand through the senon, by T F &. W L STRONG. May 10, '3 . SEED CQttN. EARLY 12 rowed or Duiton Com for snh- by C. GOODRICH. May 10. While Italian Mulhory Seed, For sale by C. GOODRICH. Mnv 10. Farther Good News. MY Good, i ho Importers sa:d, were very cheap, thai 1 bought when the two Great Kii run Ships from England were nt N'.w Yo'k. S'nco I havi! opened ilieui nt home. I inn very iruch pleased indeed, for tho s: k- and all such kinds of goods are lower by 25 per cent Ihnu I rvor knew them btlore; so that il 1 should sell at old prices I could soon make up my 150, Windsor Bank Bill loss;,but as il was not tJikcn from customers, it' ought not to bo chargeable on mirchnndizu. H i I will not try io make it up in that way, but by being nlilllc rnuro accommodating io showing Goods, wiili ircrrascd industry and atteu tivenrfs to bu.-inrss I will soon make il up, nt this healing and growing tenson of i he year. S. E. HOWARD. Mnv io irua. A First rato umuml mny he found, the nifiiing season nt the Bam on North Slrett, known ns t lie Riddle barn, his scr vices must command 75 cts. down, no mis. toko. C Richardson. Burlington, May 0, 1333 New England Seed Store, and Office of the New England Fanner, iNon ri! AI ahki't hirrKBT. Boston. T. 1'. & XV. 1,. STRONG Audits, Builingloo Vi. "VnCpiIO have now on hand garden nnd flow cr Succs in great vnriuiy, Hula Bagn, Manuel Wurtzcl, Sugar licet Sic. &c. Vo would call Ibo attention of the public to seeds from this establishment tliey being fur superior Jo any put up m too Unileil Mates, April 5. OAKUM. fNT tho 10th .May next will bo sold by nue V-r lion without rcscrvo nt the Stores of tho fiulitcribers, tho stock of the Ilousoof Indus. try.cousistiug ol 7 tons very suporior Oakum. Terms cash. Salo nt una o'clock. CUVILLIEH & SONS. Montreal, April 21, 11)3!). POTATOES. TTh &. D. A. KIMBALL will pay cah mJ for 500 hudhtils nl potatoes. Uurlingtnn, Muj 3. 1030. S. WALKER & CO. A RH receiving this spring their usual J.M. siock ot DRY GOODS, WET St DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY, GLASS & HARD WARE, which they will sell nl wholesale or retail as chrop as can no uonght nt nny other es lobhshment in this place, Fleuco Wool ond mutt kindj of prnducu taken in cx change- for goods, rrr on old or nqw accounts. Builingloi), mny -i, nun. 30 Days Grace. A LL who are indebted to tho under xJL signed, whoso notes or nccounts have uocomo uue nro norcuy notified that pay ment must hi made to us within thirty .l..... . in.. c-i !r.l r. ' uujop ui iu iiiu oiinriii iiiurcnuer. T F & W L STRONG Mnv 10. 10311. Dissolution. npHK copartnership hnrctofnro existing j. ueiwocn ijovw.y ist aiihott, is thi day dissolved by mutual consent. All ncr sons indebted to said firm, nro requested to seiiio inn snino witliout delay, with N. Iiovelv who is niiiho.rized to sotllo the business of the concern. NO BLR LOVELY, JOHN ABBOTT. Burlington, May 9, 1033. The business will bo continued nt the snmo store, by the subscriber. N. LOVELY. Sheetings, Cotton Yarn, &,c. 5 BALES heavy "Lawrcnco Mills" Sheetings t " Fino Dover do. 5 ' Cotton Batts 2 " " Yarn 1 " " Wicking. Just received nnd for sale cheap by Mai 10, 1B3B. P. DOO LITTLE. HI1DS. Porto Rico Sugar t " Nov Orleans ilo 2 " Lump do 2 " Limp Oil 2 " best Porto Rico Molaastft, for retailing 15 clicks Hyson, Hyson skin and young Hyson Teas. Together wiih n general assortment of oilier groceries tor snhs vorv low uv M,nj 10. P. DOOLITTLE, DYE STUFFS. Bb'i Campcachy Logwood cliippcd, 150 100 150 30 do Si. Domingo do do do Nicnraqna do do Fustic . do do Quercitron Bark, 25 do Mnddor, 5 do Curcuma Ground, 15 do A llu m. 10 do Blue Vitriol. 30 Carboys Oil Vitriol, 40 bbls. Copperas Argol, Cream Tnrt., Flolnnl nnd Bangui Indigo. Press Papers, Jacks, Nut Gallj, Cudbear, &c. J. &. J. II. PECK & C: Dry Groceries. GO hnlfchostsV. IL du 25 B.i.ves Pipes, 400 Mat la Cassia, 2 bbk Cloves, 10 Tierces Rico, 20 Kegs Pure Ginger. 40 bbls Si. Croix and Port Rico Sugar, 10 do Lump do 50 bags St. Domingo and Rio Cufl'jc, 10 do Permcnlo, 10 do Pepper. 10 Tierces Su'eratu-', 50 Boxes Bar Soup, by J. & J. H. PECK & Co. Lorillards Tobacco & SnufT. HCB '!arri:l!j p Ai L- c,icwin2 t- 10 do P. & G. L. do do 10 do P. & G. do dn 10 do 1 lb paper Smoking do 10 do i lb do do do 1,000 lbs Mnccnboy Snnfl", tno do Scotch do 100 do American Gonllomnns do, J. & J. II. PECK &. Co.Afcenti. N. E. RUM. HMDS. BOSTON RUM, by corisignmeni. J. J. H. PECK & Co. Dairy Salt. fffi Saeks Ashlons. Iiv J & J. II. PECV'K & Co. qrf bbls. Troy and Keescvillo superfine OVJU ,v Jt & j, i n ,CK & Co TOBACCO. yJf 20 B.xih Cavendish do by JLvj IO, J. fc. J. II. Peck & Co. Fruit &, .Confectionary. 20 kegs Malaga do (0 sncki Almonds 5 do Brazil mils 5 do Filberts 2000 lbs, nssorled Confectionary by may 10. J. & J. II. I'kck iV. Uo GLASS. Boxes Clininplain, Peru and Jnrico Cylinder Glass. 200 Boxes Redford, Saranac and Crown do By J, & J. II. PECK & Co, Agents, Blacksmith's, Edge-Tool Ma kers and Wheelrights, Attend ! rilllE subscriber offers for salo low, and JL with alonir nnv riuv. it' rmnirml. n ii, story Triphammer Shop, with ivaler-iowcr sudieiont for an cxtani'tvo business. Also, a (.wo story Ilouso nnd five acres of land, all situated in tho contro of Warron, Washington Co. Vermont. Tho location is a good one. and an nntorprising man could hardly fail of success. I or lurllior particulars apply to tho subseribor, at tho Ship Yard, Shulburn Point. March I, licit). i.uuiuft liAW'l'ON. Fairhank's Improved Cooking STOVE. JUST rccM by tho subscribers, Fair, bank's Patent Improved diving Hue Cooking Stoves, nn nrliclo well worthy the at ton inn of tho public. They nro consul. vrcd by thoso who havu used them, ns de. cidedly superior to any other Cooking Stove now in use. Tho casting is superior, nnd Iron of Iho best quality, nnd nf extra thickness. j. , J, ii. tech ev uo, Agents, Feb. 22, 1030. -IJ.IE1UJJU MIIHI l,M,.tm.'HUI.UK! 25 Bbls. B.illiinorn Gin. 20 do American Brandy, 5 Hhds St. Croix Rum, Holland Gin nnd Signetlo Brandy. 20 Ilnds Molasses, by Mny 10 J. & J. II. PECK fc Co. Elisha Newell V Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) DtS'TIWCT Ol ClIITTENDKN, SS. The iron, the Probate Court for the Dis trict of Chittenden. To all persons con ccrnedinthe Estate if Elisha JVcwclt, late if Charlotte, in said District, deceased. GREETING. IIEREAS, Ezra Meech, administrn lor, nf tho estate of said deceased proposes to render an account of his ad ministration nnd present his account against said opinio for examination and nl lowanconl a session of tho Court of Probate, to Ins holdcn nt tho Register's officii in B ir. lington on the second Wednesday of June nex'. Tiucnr.Fiinu, You are hereby notified to appear before saiJ court nt tho time and place aforesaid, and show cause, if any you iiavn, why the account aforesaid should not be nllowed. Given under my hftud at Burlingtou, this 9th day of May, A. I). 1033. Wnx. WESTON, Register Abijah Ellis' Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Dir riiicr or Ciiittknokn. ss. C The. Honorable the Probate Court for the District nf Chittenden, to all nersnm nnnrinnl in Hit, MA1..1. TMI-.. lale of llunlingtin, i said District, de ceased, GREETING. WHEREAS. John Eili?, administrator of the Estate of said deceased proposes to render an account of hi administration, and present his account against said estate for examination nnd allowance nt n session of tho Court of Pro. bale, to be hidden at Iho Register's office in Burlington on tliu second Wednesday of J uue next. TiiKnr.Konn, You are hereby notified to appear before said Court at the lima nnd place aforesaid, snd shew ciusc, if any yon have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under mv hau l nt Burlington, this third djy of Mav, A. I). 1030. Wat.' WESTON, Register. ORNAMENTAL II AIR. Ht US. ST. JO II N . MANUFACTURES and keep Cnn sinntiy on baud Ringlctts. Puffs, wire Curls, Plain Il-tir, Sic. N. B.--Ca-h paid for Hair. White Street, oppo?ilo the Methodist Clmpel. Burlington. May II. 1033. Wholesale and Retail. ENTLEMEN are in. JH viteil to call at Win I. Seymour's for tho pros ent New York City M)le of II ATS, first floor cast White Church. Pearl-sl. liurtinston. Mai 3. 1 030 iMdvcrUscmcnt ! TO TUB ASTHMATIC A.MJ CONSUMPTIVE. MT1I1E most prevalent and fatal ot nil the JL diseases incident to civilized society Iho Consumption may generally bo traced to the least alarming of disorders', a slight but neglcdcd Cold ! By estimation, it appears that one iiummikd a-i rii-rv thousand persons die annually of (he CoiiHinipiion. Most of these dreadful results maybe attributed to common Colds, and n negligent t real incut of tho Inrrassing Cough that generally ensue-!, which is usually followed by difficult breathing, pain in the side, nnd nl last Ulcerated Lungs. Violent nnd repeated Asihniatiu attacks also bring on CoiHiimptivo symptom--. Ono or two dollars expended in tho pur chase of DR. RELFE'S ASTHMATIC PILLS. and a little attention io iheir timely admin ist ration, will usually ensure n iiiiiigalinn of these disorders, and generally ell''ct cure, I ho l'Uts are also an cav nnd effectual remedy for the symptom-) preco ding and accompanying iho Atthina and Cou3umpliin. Fur colds, coughs, dillicully of brent lung, tightness and st riot ores iicros the chest, wheezing, pain in tho side, spit ting of blood, &c. Few cases can occur of any of this class of disorders, in which tho piir-ehabors of Dr. Ilellu s Pills will not find a rich return fur their trifling expend! turn. I'rico wlioli! ti ixr.s, 30 Pills, si ; half do. 12 Pills. 50 cts. WHITE and sound Teeth nro both nn ornament und a blessing. Tho best security for their advantage id to bo found in tho use of tho BRITISH AHTISKPTIQ DENTlilFICE. This elegant To-ilh P-neder, with a very littlo use, eradicates the Scurvy in the gums, and prevents the nccnmiilntion of Tarter, which not only blaokons, but loosens the teeth, and accelerates their decay. Tho Deulrifico tliui removes the prevailing causes of ofi'onivo breath, pri serves tho healthiness and II iridness of the gums, ond renders Iho teeth beautifully white Price 50 cents. Nonn nro genuine unless signed on the onlside printed wrapper, by tho sole nro pricor, T. KIDDER, immediate successor. ot the lata I Jr. W. I . Conumv, For sale at his Counting Room, over No. 00, Conri street, near Concert Hall, Boston, nnd uUo by hw special appointment, by J. & J. H. PECK & Co, Burlington, Vt. IRON & STEEL. RUSSIA old and new Sable Iron Swedes, Englisl: nnd Peru do Band Iron fnnn I. to ll Inch Round do " . in 3 do Squaro do " 5 10 to 3 do Horse Shoo do Drafts of nil inscriptions made (o order, Horse Nail Rods Spring, Cast, German, English Blister ond American Steel1 Bv J. &. J. II. PECK & On. For Sale, on Consignment. no bbls. uo. I North Shore Salmon, also, 15 bbls. Tnnnor'fl Oil. by Foi.i.ktt & Bn.4ni.i:vs. liurlingUmMay 2, 1031', Ow MV SECOND TMl THIS SPUING. OF THE CHEAP CASH STORE, Ti"liNT In tho new Steam B iat Bur. lington, Richard VV. Sherman Cant, which is probably ono of if tint Ihu very best floating Steam Boat nn Iho American or nny other waters of the world, and re Hirned by the judiciou.dy well nr hiigod nnd highly plea.-urnblo Boat Winooski. D Lyon Cnpt. bringing tho exceedingly pleasing and intelligent news fioni New York, viz. the Fulo or his gl50 Wind-mr money at 75 per cent discount tho arrival in and intended departure from Now York of iho two great Steam Shipi from Eng land, a great influx of tho precious metafs, n partial resumption of specie payments by Iho New York Banks, n declaration ol dividends, rise on Blocks, an nilvanco on foreign exchange, n full supply nf Goods selling ot low prices for.oish, and nn innu merablo number of cotfntry Merchants from every part of the Union making their purchases ; nlhif winch has had a tendency Io restore confidence and creating a belter feeling among men of business which must and "will be. disseminated all over ond through every el ss of citizens of our once prospering and will again bo flourishing country, showing itself in increased Indus try, intelligence and enterprise Now the said HOWARD by being in 1 hat great emporium just ot the crisis, fell in with iho tido and currcni of general joy ond partook freely, largely and bountifully for Im own intended benu fit, with n view to on accommodation of his very many and innumornhle cuslomo's ; a full portion, nHortment and stock of tho very best the City nfl'irdod and from the whole of which he bad the high honor and privilege of making his own selections by paying for them, which ho lias an opinion will nflord a great treat to vi-itors and cos tomcrs to view free of charge nt his muoh talked nf and General Variety, Staple and Fancy, Fashionable, Dry Goods, Grocery, Crockery. Looking Glass, Glass ware, CarpHings, Paper Hangings and Furnish ing Ware House Establishment. One door south Biok of Burlin'r'on Vt. May 2, '33. S. EARL HOWARD TO l iL !&ff 7 III l; two story Brick Hone, formerly occupied by S. Uallou, one mile smith of iho village, apply to II. Lkavemvoutii. Burlington, May 2, KM3. tr Wary Spooner's Estate. HMO iho Hon. iho Probate Court far the Ji. district of Chittenden, Tho undersigned Nathan C Strecinr and Anna Streeler wife of said Nathan G. of Richmond w said Dir-irict, t lie said An- na being ono or the heir to iho estate f Mary Spooucr lato of Richmond, deceased. respectfully represents that Iho said Anna holds one i qual seventh pnr'l of said estate jointly wilh the other heirs thereof, and being desirous to hold the same in severalty she prays tho Hon. Court to order n divis ion of the sjid estate nnd to appoint a com mittee for thn'-piirpnsc. NATHAN C. STEETER, ANNA STREETER. By N. C. STREETER, Willhlon, April 10, 1038, ST. l TE OF VERMONT, Di'Tnrcr op Ciiittkmjen ts. A T a Probate Court hold nt Willisfon, I A. within and for the District of Chilten den on Iho Ifi.h day of April A. D. 13J3, Nathan ('. Sunder and Ann Strcelcr hav ing (ilc.d in said Court the foregoing peti tion. It is ordered by the court that the said applicants cause tlnj several persons in'crostcd in the said estate, or Iheir attor neys if living within Ibis Slate to luj notified to npponr before said court, nt u tession llierei'f'tn he liolden at this Eagle H ill, in Willi-tnu in said dis'rict on thc'ihird Mon day of May A. I), l!!3!i, then and there to show cnue. if any they have, why the said otaic should not he divided by publica tion or" said petition together wi'li this order throe weeks successively in I he Free Pre-s n m wepaper printed nt Burlington in said district, tho Inal of which uiihlieations to he previous to the said tiiird Monday ol Muv W,n. WESTON, Register. . SALT. UST received and lor sale, 1000 bmhels Turks Uland SALT, J 50 bags Dairy do. J & J. II. PECK &. CO. April 20, 1 030. 1888 THE Chnnip'nin 'Pransporlatiun Compnny beg leave to nnnnunco to tho pub'ic, that, having withdrawn the steamer Franklin from Hie Iui". thoy have supplied Iter place with the NEW Steam Boat BURLING TON. which they flitter themselves not surpassed in splendour, speed, or snleiy, by any Bout in tho United Slates. She will run "wiih the well-known Stcnm Bont WINOOSKI, until further notice, ns follows: T II E C.AVT. II. XV. SIIKUMAV, Leave ll'hi'ehatl every I Leave St. Johns every tuksday, ( Monday, 'I'llUllSDAY, & I WHDNKSDAY, & Satuisuay. I I'lllUAY, G A I'T. DAN I.YN, Leave ft hitehall tveiyX Leave St. Johns every Monday, Tuksday, Vi'FDNKSDAY, & I 'I'll I) IUI) AY, Sf Fit III A v. I SATUIIDAY. U3".'J on o'clock, P. M.jru Burlington, April 17, 11130. Fresh Ground IMastor. FH1UE snbfcribi!rsill havo a full sup X ply of Ficsh Ground Plnsler, nl Ihu Plaster Mill, Winooski falls, from and after this dato, FOM.KTT & BnADLKYS. Burlinglon, April ?0, IC30. Just received and For Salo, Under the Free Press Office, Collcge.strcel A jcncfnl utsoitmcnt of WHIPS ey LASHES, from 0 cts. to .0 50 ench. Also, n superior lot of ttnoftoitf9 O E I' ES, TRUNKS, II A RNESS. VA L ISSES, CARPET IJAGS, $r. -e. Carriago I rimming done to order. Call and ecu. SAMUEL S. SKINNER. lO-Wnnlcd, a JOURNEYMAN at the above biiiriiies'. Rurlinglon, April 27. 1033. tf STRAYED. OliOM the ubcriher, on the 2d insi. n Bny Horse six years old. white llinil fnnt a,,, I stripe in Ihu face. He was last heard of unho vicimty of Burlington. Whoever will return said horso. or give information where ho may bo had. fhnll be well rewar ded. FRANCIS BARKER. Charlotte, Mny 3d, IC3IJ. Ii E A U i$(D) """tlrcil dry While Vad. 30 kegs do. ground in oil. April 20. J. &. J. 11. i:ck II Go. NOTICE. ALL persons having unsettled accounts with mo, aro rcspcclfullv invited in mil at my storo and adjust them previous to the nV"' iA'ia-V. "cxt ; "IOf0 wl, ""gleet to do fo w.ii i...u i.iuir accounts in tlio lumls or an at tcmoy, to whom immcdialo payment must be April 27, 1033. nnriE GF.NUINE MORISO.VS PILLS, I'OWDKKS. .Iiift received direct JU nnil I'UWUF.KS. .Iiift received direct irom uoo. I aylnr. 13 Chamber si. NVw Vnrl, I ujjoiH iui nr.- umiiuii oiaies, i more case tnln C. ... 1. . I T ..!... 1 .. . . 01 uia genuitio .tinnsoii s nils and Powders; limiting iiiu oni mrgo cnao ree.'d tiii, iVi iter. 'I'ho superiority of theso medieines is duly ap. nt.-.iaiuu uy .in ciiiiglliciico pooilc. INo soon- cr was it known tho genuine Pills and Powders made by Morisnn the JfygoiM, could again 'jo Iiatl in Vermont, than orders were received from r.11 parts or tho State Cur them j and letters aro very often sent us informin" us mat tlio I'll la icccived from us aro the same kind which were first sonl to the United Slates by Mr. Morison, cxprcsMii? in iho warmest lcrm, their gratiludo to us. for sup plying ibis State wilh this first and best Veg clablo Mcdccir.p. The salo or this medicine is constantly increasing in all parts or (lie 1 ,,i,i . i, .r.,., 1 , ... continue to bo used by greater numbers every year, as all who uso it accordim' to smind . ... , ,.w ....... ruimiuuiiUII, . IIIU II Will judgment aro benefitted and do inyarialiiv enntinuo to uso il whenever thoy need niedf cine, and recommend it to tho fullest confi dcoco of their sick friends. It has cured in hundreds of thounsads of eases whero every thing else ha? failco to afford rolieT. There i more undoubtedly of Ibis medicine used nl this time in Iho world, llun orany other that has ever been discovered ; nnd what is more im portant il is curing more than any other mcd ceinc. The prices fiir this medicine arc For Puckels containing over 1 15 Pills For Packets containing over 3G0 Pills $3. Having a proportion oT two to ono oC No. 2 Pills in them. For Iho nccotnmndatinn or thoso who wi.-h to get tho No. 1 or No. 2 PilN separately they arc put up also in 25 and 50 cent bnxes, only one kind in a box. They can bo had in quantities costing 75 cents and l,50r.euts. The Vegctablo Apciient Powders arc 25 cents per box ; llicsn aro to ho when tho No. 2 Pills occainn thir.-l, or sink ncss at tho stomach; and at all limes I hey greatly assist the good operation of Iho medi cine. Directions for taking the Pills. Talio 2, 3, 4, 5, or more or tho No. 1 Pills tho fiiM night and tlio saino number oTtlio No. 2 the two following nights and so continue alter natcly, ono duso of.Vo. 1, to two doses of No, 2's, when they occasion thirst or iclehing, mako a drink ufllio Powders, mixed with wa ter and sugar. II is not possible lo give direc. lions, perfectly applicable lo eiory po.-sihlu ca.'c, bjl each person must uso judgment in Inking medicine, and very suon will know whether 2, 5, or 10 Pill aro necessary lo a doso in their caso. In violent, acute msec, such as Fevers, Colick, Pleurisy, lollimalinns, Small Pox, Measles, &c. follow tho direction given on the wrapper accompanying the Pills. Moro Tull directions accompany each box and packet. Purchasers in this stala ir they with lo got this best and genuine medicine will n-u-ays look and see that the box or packet is signed in writing by Pangborn S: Hrinsmaid, i f t is not so signed, do not buy it, no mat ter how plausible a slory is told you concern ing its genuineness. Wo supply (his Mate, and shall not let a box or packet go from our. shop until il is signed. And purchasers out oT Iho County ol' Chittenden aro informed lliayvo havo hot ono agent in a County, (said agent haslho privilcpo ofloaving the medicine in any town in his county, by taking 500 bonds ol'lho person selling them, thai hu will not sell any other medicine purpoiting cither directly or indirectly to bo this article ,) in ad dilion lo our signatuics, the county ngent will sign his namo upon ovcry box or packet sent to him unless they aio MiHncd do not pur eh.iso thoni. Do mil buy llicin of Druggists or Pedlars, for they havo not the genuine hi tide made by Morison, Seo that tho person pre. lending to sell Iho genuine Pill has a cci tificate signed by us and confirmed by Geo. Taylor, solo agent for Iho United Stales, also a printed one signed by Goo. Taylor suspended in his storo. PANonoiiN ,t Ri:insmaid. Jewellers Burlington Vt., agents lor the blalo or Vermont, appointed by Guo. TAvr.m. 13 Chamber St., New York, solo agent fur Iho United Slates, scut mil by the British Co I lego of Health, Loudon, SU1I AGENTS. Geo. II. Fi.-h Middlebiiry, Addison Co. O. A, Keith, Uhidilon, Franklin Co, S. E, Morse, Cral'tsbur.y, Orleans Co. John Kelsey, Danville, Caledonia Co. N. C. Goddard, Windsoi, Windsor Co. M. S. Dockland. Bellows Falls, Windham (JrvN.v lloborls, Manchester, llenuinglon II. W. Porter, Rutland, llulland Co. W. W. Cndwell, Moulpelier Washington co Foster Grow, Chelsea, Orango Co. April U7, 11138. Nova Scotia Pluister. if I) TONS r.ow grinding and for sale bv tho subscribers. HOAR DM AN. CLARK. Si Co. Milton, Lou-er Falls, Jan', 23, 18J0, DR. UK LFIVH IS one ol" the iuot cllieacious cnmpuuiids In tho Materia Mulira, for Iho mro of tliat elats oT iuvclernto disciues produced by an Impure slato uTtha blood, and a vitiated habit of Iho body, ahd usually exhibiting llinnisilvc.f in tho forms of Scrofula, Stll Rheum, Lepmsiji St. .Anthony's Fire, Foe-- Snrcs, (even when Iho bones aro afTeetcd,) While Swillings, (if npflicd with Dr. Jebb's Liniment.) foul and obtfiilutc Ulcers, Sore Legs awl ICijls. Sialdhtad in children, Scurry and Scorbutic Gout, Pirn' plal or Carbuncldt Faces, Festering Eruptions ami Venereal Taints throughout the body, in which last casotho Drops often euro when Mercury Tails, Thay aro also tho host Spring' nnd Autumnal Phytic to purify and clcaneo the system from humors which fircquontly ap pear lit these seasons of tho year. Thoy also aid tho process ol' digestion, and by purifying the blood, provent tho secretion or malignant humors on the lungs. Tlio Proprietor confi dently relic.i upon tho vast number or sur prising cures effected by theso Drops, not only in Boston nnd its vicinity, but throughout Iho union, I'or the host proof nf tliolr excellence na an unruilingytrife.Vetc;ic, in all tho ca Fci above specified. This article has recently been pronounced by a physician of ihu first respectability, who had wilncs'ud its surpiUing clRcacy. ns en titled, in his opinion to tako tlio load or alt tlin pnpular articles known rorthoabovo com plaints, and indeed it is last gaining this point in public estimation, throughout the countryr Price $1 a lollle, or six IJotllcs for S5. Dr. llclfe's ahti:-BaZ.i,zoi73 pills. vo- Indigestion, L'jss of Appetite, Listtesmcsft Ucailache, Costircness, Flatulence, Cholie, Billions Affection, kc. fjpo comment on I lie cfiicary oT theso Pills, JL after a successful expuiicnco of many years in England and America lias cslsblish. cd their reputation, is needless: Suffico it to observe, thai for redundancy of Bile, Flatu lence, Custivcncfs, Headache, &c. Sec, they will undoubtedly provo far more serviceable than thoso drastic purges too ftcqucntly em ployed, and will not only at tho same timo tond to remove Iho olVending eauso by gen llo motion", and strengthen the digestivo argans, but improve the appetite and rcnovatu Iho system. Prirc 50 cents. IMiLFE'S VMaSTABLE SrE CIPIC, For Sick Headache, &c. Price 50 cents. Nono genuine unless signed on tho outsido printed wrapper by tho sole proprietor, T, KIDDER, immediate successor to tho late Dr. W. T. Con w.iv. For salo nl his Counting Room, over No, 09, Court-street, near Con cert Hall. Boston, nnd also by his special ap pointment, by J. Si J. II. PEC K & Co. NAILS. tiffSf K''gSs Keccvillo Manu faciurcd n-ils from 3 a to CO a. 200 Kegs do Brada from 0 a to 20 a. By J. Si J. II. PECKfoCo. PEllIODICAL AGENCY. 27. SLEEPS?., Chelsea, Vt. Is Agent for tho following Periodicals, viz : North American Review, quarterly. Reprint ol'lho Four Quarterlies; eudiracing tho Edinburgh, London Quarteiiy, Foreign Quarterly and tho London and Westminster Quarterly Reviews. New York Review. American Journal ofSciunco and Arts. American Biblical Repository. Lilorary and Theological Rcviow, quarterly American Jurist and Law Magazine. Christian Examiner. Boston Quarterly Review. Naiional Portrait Gallery or distinguished Americans. American .Monthly Magazine. Penlley's Miscellany. Knickerbocker, oi New York Monthly Mag azine. Museum or Foreign Literature, Science and Arts. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. United Stale Magaziuo and Democratic Review, monthly. Law Library, monthly. Annals of Education; Edited by Dr. W. A. Aleut l, monthly. Tho Metropolitan Magazine monthly. Journal of the Franklin Institute, monthly. Gentleman's Magazine. Family Magaziuu, monthly. Parley's .Magazine for Children, monthly. Tho Lady's Book and Ladies' American Magazine. Ladies' Companion. Sunday School Teacher. Horticultural Rcgislerand Gardener's Mag. Magazine onjoriicultnro and Botany, Library of ITcnllh. Relijiious Magazine. Christian Spectator. Southern Literarv Messenger. Select Medical Library and I'elcelic. Journal or Medieino; edited by John Bell, M. 1). monthlv. American Medical Libre ry and Intelligen cer ; ciiitcii hy lloUicy Uunlisun. M. D. semi-monthly. American Journal ol Medical Science ouar-. tcrly. British and Foreign Medical Review. Medico Chirurgiral Review, quarlorly. Huston Medical and Surgical Juurnal. MctPcal E.aminer ; devoted lo medicine, surgery and the collateral sciences, semi monthly. U'aldio's select Library, weekly. Now York Mirror, weekly. Philadelphia Saturdjv Courier, weekly. Tho Saturday News, 'Philadelphia, weekly. American Weekly Messenger.' Philadelphia Mirror, weekly. The Soulhorn Rose, scml-inonlhly April 19, 1033. lJ"Mr. Sleeper propose? lo remain in town a fiiw days, and, in l ho mean lime, will recuivu subscriptions at the Burlinglon Hotel. Valuable Run! Estate rgMIB siibfCiibn- wilii-a to I. sell nil hU i t-st I csIhiu Im; liuiiri's mid mil building; dill' llPill' II 1 il k lMrCrilU- n led iumi' ho Bank of Iter- liii;lnn, mid die nilici st U (iiulcn lion-n Minuted nc.iily t'l'I'Ufiie Julm N. Piimi'ioj's diM'llini lioiife, nil Cl'miili rlicel. llu iiIhi u i-ln i io fell hi. iiilri-c.-l lit a iiiuilKae, en llie lit it K .Slum iiiljiiniii3 llm .inn) ot ncd hi Duct. Julm Pi ck, on iliii'iim ill indo ol ilin Ctiiui lliiioo ft'iii.m id"' a Fin. ill ImiMiii; Iui sini.tted onilio mtuliHi'si ciiiiht nf CI.ei ly und U'aier t'liccls, iiilj iiniii,' Mr lir.uivs. 'I'lioicnui will I e in. nil! eitfy, mm liaiilh iul nf die iiiiiney n li. paid i" li.uid, .mil llm n umiiuli'r en u lihiiiil cirihl, uiili iiiiiotd MTiiiii) l'ii"CM'ieii will lie im dm fiisi day nl ,M nosl, cxvrpt llm li, i, K huiiin tililih ii li'iifi'd und iiimIit fin lur one fioui die 18ih d iy nf Aiim.i ('. 1 I'm. A. QltmiVCJi. Hurlli'iioii, Shuck -I l?W

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