Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 18, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 18, 1838 Page 4
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The itptilnli'in of ti'lihh now Ircomr ttlablhhrtl ns the lRT''ji.i;iwy.XtMiiOW,vlMais,ASTi!llA, ' JUIiOOS), APf AI.Ij API'JJOTIOA'S PRKPATtKIl ONLY BY TtlK SOI.K I'UOPHIKTOI DANIEL aODDARD, No. 8 Gold St. NEW-YORK. In presenting lids useful mildly tit llio public, llio Pia prlctor U nutlinrlzcd by n I'liyslrl.iii, trout whom Ilia Kcclp. was rutillilciitlnlly nltnlnnl, to Mute, thnt liu lini lifi'il J, lilmsrll', Mini In lib cmhisIVo pmcum In Pulmonary ntl'to tiuns, ullh nstniilsliliig efl'ict. Tliu liappy conililnntlon C' vcgclablo mili.-tanee, ol'ulifcli It Ij i-mlrcly coinpiiaeii. nro peculiarly adapted to diseases of the Lungs,, Liver, aav Slonnicli. Tills meillclno hm bri-n used very extensively, nnd th-. pmpiittor Im- ni t Kiuiwii a pintle liirtiinro In wfiicli It I t t.illeil In giinn relief In !! -111.1 lorwltn-li It Ij tecominenrt iilj eeii In ci'.-cs nppinucliliifr l" coimiinptlon, iiliend.-d with Meeilln" til llio l.iin, ninl uhoro (ill other U'lncdlS" liail I'.iilril, the inot dreidnl anil llnltcilng fiiccchh lief otlrmUilltH use. Common coin's, which nro generally tbi ifferl i f iili-tliti teil UT.-pinilinn sll jielil to lu inlltifit!? In 11 fiw hours j ttlicn useil lu u-tlnna! lionrsriic;s, wlic.".: Ing, anil shunned of Ineath, it glu-s iinnieiliato lelief, juo. cinliig traniiiil rest mnl sleep. In wlinnplmr cough it ii '.vlthout n rival. It operates with ucnttu expectoration, and may Ijo given to Infants with ei li et safety. Tin! geiiuiuo New I'.nqhiiul Coir-Ii Syrup will ho rn vclopcil In a hill of (lii'CClioiH, inclosed in nn engraveil wrapper, healing on it tlii".l.i!iialiiro of the proprietor in liU own liaiul writing. Tho Initio lll ho sealed unit fctampeil on tint cork ' Now Knghonl Ciiuah Syrup.' A'fejy tfllic niany eertilieate.i hi Civor uftlili Syrup which nro lit posse Mini of the Pioprii tor. ntoriddrd for tho perusal oflliooo who may ho troubled with similar complaints. Mcisrs.JInJ'at, l'litiiwicrfr Co. Gentlemen Alter liaving tried, by tbo recommendation of my friends, almost every inedlcluo for a couch, viiibuut tbo least relief, I had rccourso to your New Kuclanil Cough Syrup, and am enabled to My. with much thankful nesj, that It has cured moofoneoftlio must ohstlnulu coughs I ever know, and slull feel it to bo 11 duty to recommend It to every 0110 whom I llnd In nerd nfeu valuable a medi cine. Yours respectfully, Jloilon, Awl-. 20, IS."".. JOHN P. STEVENS. I havo thu satisfaction and pleasure of informing you tliat tho bottle of New England Coujh Syr.ip, which I pro cured of you 011 the of April, lias entirely relieved mo from a very sovcro cough which had ullllcted mo for a short time pan. Afier using a variety or medicine, and finding no permanent icllef, 1 was Induced by the advice of my fiicndi, to try your Syrup. The result I havo already stated ; It succeeded beyond my expectation i and I cheerfully recommend it as a very valuable medicine for all those wiio may bo alllicted with similar complaints. Youm respectfully, CHAULES RUGGLES. Hoston, May 1, li:-j. It gives 1110 great pleasure to be able to add my testimony In f.ivor of your New England Cough Syrup, two bottles of which bating entirely cured tny rough, which was so dcvcro that my pliys Iclan advised 1110 to spend tho coming winter In a southern climate, but tho fortunate uso of tho Syrup will preclude llio necessity. Vours, &c. JOSEPH EUADLEE. lloslon, Srptemlir 1183-1. Tho Proprietor would add, that he U constantly receiving numerous testimonials of the value- and ellicacy of this remedy. The above article Is Mild wholesale In A'cio 1'ocA-, by the Proprietor and all tho druggists. Vistun, by Hensh.v.v Ward, Mnynard & Noyes, ftDrcwcrs, Slovens Sithislilns. rinlaihlphia, by Isaac Thoinpnn, J. & J. W. Smith, , . C. Carpent. r, and A. Kullcrion, jr. Jlalttmorc, by It. H. t.'ideiuan U Co., Whitakcr Si Hanoi, and G. ii N. Popplcln, jr., Ohio, by Glasroo Harrison, nnd Allen, Si Co l'illsbiirqlt, Penn.. by James Schoonmakcr k Co. JVV ip Oilcans, by Nathan Jarvis. Mlamj, A'. V., by Sands S; Shaw. Monti ml, L. C, bv Geo. Pent. Halifax, N. 8., by II C. Piiedham. iSt. Johns. A'. It., by U. O. Smith. And sold wholesale bv tbo drugdsts and apothecaries generally throughout the United States. ORRIS TOOTH WASH A valuable Article for thu leuth ant! gums J Si J II Pi:ck & Cu. wholcdalu ngents. RiiiiKMT Altiotiv, Ri-inil. Burlington, Nov. 2d, 18137. "OOIJERT MOODY is now rcceivin jOL from New York nn e.vlcnsive sunnlv i nf Hardy aro. Saddlery, Ilolinware, Drturs, Mcdicinen, Paints, and Oils ; which he nfiers to the public clionp lor cash or short credit, nt ihu t.l.l established store, north I ...( 1 1. , cast corner of llio square. J. LEWIS 'OULD re-pecl fully inform tho pub lie that no ih now reailv to praticx! in llio above- business. From a pcrfuct knowledge nnd practice ol thn business he feels willing- to affirm that it will be done in the nenlest manner. Calls will he strictly attended to nt thoir respcelivt) dwellings, or nt his rooms two doors north of. I. M ncholi's. Church street. Burliiifflon. Fob. t). 1 030. Best business stand in Town THE fcubfcriher cfl'ora tor snle ihe Store House in Church si., recently occu pied by D. W. Iiifrcreoll &. Co nnd ol proscnl in the occupancy of Lovely & Ah bolt. Possession piven lt August next terms of payment to suit the purchaser. .1. S. POT WIN. TO.Il- 1 "TiOn Nova colia, J. JuU -200 ((J Wosien, by .1 &. J. II. & Co. Hickok's Patent Rotary Oven OOOS STOVE. 'HE subscriber has 'mat. roer-ii-mi nml oirors lor sale, n few sieves, ofwlncli mo nnove cut is a rcprptenintinn. To nil lliondvantnguB of tho improved Roiary top is odded a Roiary Oven on an entirely new plan, winch, from the testimony of those who have uted litem, fur supercedes tiny thinR o iho kmd, yfi ciftbretl to the public Ihoso wibhiiicr io jiutclinso conk stoves nte respectfully requeued m cXttmino Ihese bcroro ranking their selection, ns ocular demonstration win hotter convince tho publico) the value of iho article thnn mis description that couhHu .riven. A.iothor rccommondatin:, . tlio ,nVl limos i. these stoves will be sola w kiw ns ,;, com moil llolnry3 ol ihe sn UOlikiri'' fltr,r.i-xr Match 1, 1030. ".www, ii - POWDFAl. Kegs Powder manufac tured nt the Fuirlawn Mills. A supotlor nrliclu and rncotiituendod for pnfseHsin,. fitrenrrth nitio I to the Grnngo and Dn Ponl i owiler. r or sale on consignnirnt bv Feb. 25. j. &, j, M. VacK & 50i 1S A CONTRAST Vll nations from llio remotest ng-cs, lmve lind 6il,s but Columbus on!y( found out the way tp Atnurioa. llcforo tho titno of llio grcqt Spntiifch nuvijjator, pcoplo w-oro only enabled to intltllo nlicttt llio siiorcp. Just to with the J.1I0 Med iclncs. It i but two short years since I first ventured upon nn unknown ocean, and 1 havo discovered tho precious objeetlwns in search of iirai.tii. ' Vcgcttibli) inotlicincs wore indeed known when I cointnenced my search but thoir iiscwasnot. Hy tho uso of them, I have not oniy passed from tho dejected invalid, to the hal , near ly nnd active man of business, but. cotnparativrlv speaking, I have renewed my youth. I can thus with conlldenuo of rny own oxporienco aaviso with my fellow citizens. Docs the render want proof that llio Vegetable Life Mctlieinoa arc suit, able to his own case? I linvc on file at my office, 510 Uroailway, hundreds of letters, from some ol iho most rcspcctnblu citizens of this my native land, voluntarily ofTerod in teitn-ony of the vir tues of A GOOD VEGETABLE MEDICINE. l'crsonu whose- constitutions mvo been nearly ruined by tho " all. infallible" mineral prcpnra. tions of tho day, will bear mo witness, that tho Life Mcdicinct, & such only, aro lite true curse tu permanent good health. Joiin Mofht. General Romarlcs relative to Moffat's Life Pills and Fhccnix Bitters. These medicines have lony been known nnd appreciated for their extraordinary nnd immediate powers of restoring perfect health to persons sulf ering under nearly every kind of disease to which the human frame is liable. In many hundreds nfcortificated instances they have even rescued stillerers from the very verae of an untimely crave, after nil tho deceptive nos trums of tho tiny had utterly failed ; and to many thousands they havo permanently secured that uniform enjoyment of health, without which life itself is btit n partial blessing. .So great indeed, ha3 their nfiieucy invariably nnd infallibly proved that it has appeared scpreely les-s than miracul'-ua to those who were uuaequainicd with the beau, lilully philosophical principles upon which they are compounded and upon which they consequent, ly act. It was to their manifest and sensible- nc. titm in purifying the springs and channels of life and enduing them with renewed tone and vigor that they were indebted for their name, which was bestowed upon them nt the spontaneous request of several individuals whoso lives they had ob viously saved. The proprietor rejoices in the opportunity nf. (orded by tbo universal diffusion of tho daily press f.r plating his VEGETABLE LIFE FILLS within the knowludgcpnd reach of every individual in tho community. Unliko tho host of pernicious qiiut-kt-rics, which boast of vegcla ble ingrcdicntd, tho Life I'ills are purely and boi.u i.v vuoi-.TAnLn and contain neither Alcrcury An timony Arsenic-, norany utner mitietnl,m any furm whatever. They aie entirely composed of ex tracts Irom rare and powerful plants the virtues ol which though long known to several indian tribes and recently to some eminent pharmaceutical chemists are altocetiier unknown in the ignorant' pretenders to medical acioncO ; and wcro nover before administered in so happily efficacious a combination. DYSPEPSIA, by thoroughly cleansing the first and second stomachs and creating a (low ol pure healthy bile inrtcad of the stale and acrid kind; flatulency Palpitation of the Heart Loss of .-lppctitc Heart-bum and Ilcad.ache, Restless hps.? Jll.temper Anxiety Languor and Melancholy which arc tho general symptoms of Dyspepsia will vanish ns a natural conscqucne? of its cure. Cos thencss, by cleansing the whole length of tlie intestines with a solvent process .and without violence ; all violent purges leave the bowels : ostivo within two days. Diarrheal and Cl.olera, jy removing the sharp icrid fluids by which these som claims nro occasioned and by promoting the ubnc ativc secretion of tho mucus membrane Fevers nf all kinds, by restoring the b!ood to a regular 1 irculalijn through the process of pers juration in some eases and the thorough solution of all intestinal obstructions in others. Tho LIFE IM'LLS havo been known t-o euro Rheu Imatism per tnanently in three weeks, and Gout in i nalf llmt 11,11 0 hJ removing local inflammaiion 'rom ,h0 "c ps ,n ''t'aments ;oi tf.o joints Dropicaf,,U by freeing and strengthening the kidneys and bladder; ihoy operate most de lightfully on thefco important organs nnd hence havo over been found a certain remedy for the worst cases of Crave I ' Also 1 Yohjis by dislodging from thctarnmgs of the nowols thoslimv tnattci lowliich tlieye crentif'es adhere: Asthma and Consumption by relie 1 .lg the air vessels of the ittngs from the mucus which even slight colds will occasion, which if not removed become Hardened and produces thos'j dreadful -liscases Scurvy Ulcers and Invelcl ate isorcs by tho per feet purity which liicsc Life Pills give to the blood and all the humors, Scarlwlie Eruptions ik. Dad Complexions by their altora'tvc effect upon the Hums that Iced tlie skin tlie mo rum stale ot wiucli occasions of f'ruptire complaints Sallow Clouth nnd other disagreeable Complex ions- Tho use ol theso Pills fjf a very short time will effect at entiro euro of Sult-rhenme, p.ryttpelas and a striking improvement in tho Clearness of the skin. Common coldn nnd Influenza wili ttlway? uu curcil hy one ilose or by two even in the worst cases. Piles, aa a remedy (or t'-is most dis. tressing and obstinato malady ifo Vegetable Lilo rilN iloservo a distinct nnd emphatic re conimoudaiion. It 13 well known to hundreds it this city lint the Proprietor of these invaluable Pills was himself afflicted with this complaint for upwards ol ihirty.five years and thn t he tricn in vain every remedy prescribed within t 'lO.whole compsss ol tho materia iWedica. lie liowovet at length, tried tho medicine which he i ow of fors to tho public and ho was cured in a very short time after his recovery had been pronounc. cd not only improbable but absolutely impossible by my human means. THE PIKENIX HITTERS, are so called be causo ihey possess the power of restoring tho expiring embers of health to a glowing vigor throughout tho constitution as the Phtunix is said to be restore 1 to lifo from tho ashes of its own dissolution. Thcs Phajiiix Hitters aro en tirely vegetable, compoled of roots found-only in certain parts of the wesom country, which will infallibly curo FEVER AND AGUES of nil kinds; never fail in the sickness incident to young females; r.nd will bo (burn! a certain remedy in nil cases of nervous debility nnd weakness of the most impaired constitutions. Asnrcmededy for Chronic it Imflamitory Rheu nintisui, the ellirncyof the Plirenix Hitters will bo unmoiislralcd by the uso ol a single bottle. The usual dose of thoso bittors is half a wnio glass full, in wntoi or wine, nnd this quantity may bo taken two or thrco times a day, about half an hour boforo meals, or a less quantity may bo taken ntull limes. To those who aro nfllicted with indigestion after moals, theso Hit ters will prove invaluable, ns Ihoy very greatly mcroaso the action of the principal viscera, help them to perform thoir functions.and or.nblo tho stomach to discharge Into the bowels whatever m uiiciiMno, inns indigestion is ensily and speedily removed, uppotito restored, and tho mouths of tho absorbent vosaols being cleansed, n iDiiiuiiMiuuu, nnu strength ol tiody and onorgy of mind and tho happy results. Forfar. tner particulars oi mjat's Life Pills, nnd Pha. nix Hitlers, apply at .Mr. Moll'nt's ollico, No. 510 Ilroadway, New York, where tho Pills can bo obtujied fur 25 cents, 50 conts, orgl onch box; and tho Hitters forg;! or SSJpcr bottle Numerous ccrtillicalos of tho wonderful efficacy of both, may bo there inspected. In some obstinato and complicated cases of chronic nnd lluinmmatory Rlioumatism, Liver complainls, Fovcr nnd Agun, Dyspopsia, tyl sy,' Piles, injuria from the use of fnereur.v, aitinnine and olhef dicases of long snimVnr,, I iiiny he found necessary In tako both Iho Life 'Pills and Iho I'IiooiiIn Hitters, in the doses bo foro recommondnd. N. H. Those Pills and iho Hitters will gel nil inurcury out of llio system Infinitely fnster than tho best uronarntions of Sarsanarllla, nnd aro a certain rometly for tho rushino; of blood In the head, or all violent headaches, tic douloureux, &c. Al persons who nro predis posed to apoplexy, palsy, Ac. should never bo wllhout Iho Lilo I'ills o'r the Hitlers, for one closo in liitio will save lifo. They rqunlizo the clrcnlnlltinof Iho blood, draw all prosfiiro from the head, rcstoto perspiration, nnd thrown off every impurity oy Iho potrs ol tho shin. The above Medicine is for fiiIo by R01JEUT MOODY. GARDEN SEEDS. Boxes Shaker Garden Sbi-ila of Inst venrr nrowih. 1y I F... 22. v4-.l &. .1 H I' & Cn. WAN T 13 . U A M nMiiriiniii-it lo tho (Jalnnet UtlHItlCSS. A Z"3L steady induttriotis boy, ol'Ri.xtocn orsov- eniccn vcars ciu win inent wim s.'""" tmu'"" 0ff,.,nent. . K- PANUBOIlN. "lIurlinglonApril 4, UWIL CLOVKll SEED, fTOll salt- by llkkoh- Se Cittlin Rett Clo. 7 ver Seed, nlso Trefoil or Yellow Clo- v.-r Komi n imrnillMnl nllllll. CXCl'lh'llt for Danes ns well ua fur liny. Fob. 22 SHINGLES. r HOA Shiui'les. n tirpi rale article. AJiJyJ ,r sn(. chenp by Mnrri. 20 S. WALKER. & CO. lyi J:U W UU4i ram n-! mAW riTlHB lollowing recent publicaiions have J. been lately received and aro for sale nt the Hook S'.nrc. The Iteiiju of Ferdinand and Isabella 3 vol. 0 VD. Lockhnrt's Life of Scott. Aiabin Fclraca and the Holy Lind 2 vol. 12 mo. Ware's Palmyrn, 2 vol. 12 mo. Retrospect of Western Travels by Miss Mnrtiucau, 2 vol. 12 mo. Ernest ftlalttnvers, 2 vol. 12 mo. Sequel to do. do. Lelin, I vol. Corinnc, or Italy 2 v"l 12 mo. Life in London, do. Life in Paris, do. (loutlt'inau .lark. do. Martin Fnbnr and other Tales do. do. Modern Society. Love To It c n lor children, by Miss. Sedg wick. Youth's Portfolio. Christian Retirctn'-nl. Woman as she should bo, by Hubbard Wtnslow. Sherlock's Sermons and Discourses. Mnrdock's Moheim' Church Iln-tory 3 vol. C vo. Roller's Annlozy, with Rarnc's Essay. Real DialniFties. by Abbott. Christian Pastor's Manual Phila. 1037. Irvine's As-tnrin.2 vols 0 vo. Humbugs of New Ymk, by Dr. Rersf. Yankee Notions, by Tun. Tittcrwcll. Shakespeare, Ho-ton rtl. 7 vols, a vo. Hannah Moorcs' complete woiks, 2 vol, 0 vo. Russell's Modem Europe 3 vols. C vo. Robertson's Work, do. Mrs. Ilemnns' Pneni. complete in I vol. Sigoutney's Poem-', M.-w cd. ClnirncleriBtics of Women, by Mrs. Jameison. A new stock of prayer Books nnd Bibles, has just been received, many ofiliftn put up in elegant style. Those who wish to purchase books, are requested to cnll nnd examine for themselves, ns quite an exten sive n-isnrtmoiK ol nandard, M i.-colliineous nnd Religious publications not eiititneruted above nre ofl'ercd fur sale. JAMES W. IIICKOK. Burlington .May A, 1030. Price HO Cents. A fresh supply just received by Lnthrnp & Polw'in, Hurlinginn Berk wilk C. Dyer, Solesbury A. 1'. Rt'coo. New Haven M. W. Hinslny, Monk ton M Hull, Ilinesburgh Fletcher & Wood innn, Wiiliston C Jl, Mnrlin, Chnrloite E. Lyman. Ferrti-burgh L. Bixby, Ver getnios Fleicher &. Miner, Britlport -lien Wright, Slinrohnm. Ulacksmith's, Edgo-'J'ool Ma kers and Whoolrights, Attend ! TfflllE subscriber offers for salo low, nntl JL with along pay day, if required, a two story Triphammer Shop, with wulor-powor sufficient for an cxiousivo business. Also, a Iwosiory House and fivn acres of hind, nil Minuted in tho centre of Warren, Washington Cn. Vermont. Tho location is n good one. .mil an enterprising ui:ui could hardly fail of succors. For liirthor particulars apply lo thu suhscrihor, nt llio Ship V-ird, Shulhurn Point. March 1, 11138. LUCIUS LAU'TON. Fairbank's Improved Cooking STOVE. JUST rcc'il by tho subscribers, Fair bank's Patent Improved diving flue Cooking Stoves, nn nrliclo well worthy the nttcii'iiui oftho public. Thry nre consid ered by those who liavo used I hem, as du cidedly superior to nny other Cooking Stove now in use. The enisling is superior, and Iron of tho best quulily, mid of extra thickness. . .!. ei J. 11. Pi:cu cw Co, Agents. Feb. 22. 11130, LUMBER. THE subscribers havo on hand on tho Dock, a ht'go n,uanlity of common Lumber, which Ihoy ofl'erTor sale very low. Also, on hand at their Mill Yards, 100,000 feet of Lath, which can bo delivered in nny quantity wauled. Foi.i.ktt Si UiuutEvs. Burlington, April 20, 1C30. TILLAGE HOTEL iiUfiifoouniiKY TAKES ihu liberty to inform his lormer patrons mid llio public at large, that he has fitted up tlie VILLAGE HOTEL in n style net inferior to nny public liniisc In (he cnplial of Vermont, and he flatters himself thnt hy unremitted exertion nntl nesiduolis htlnntlon to business, ho will be nble nt all times hi accommodate the gun lleinnn of business, gentlemen of plensnre, nntl tho weary traveller, in n stylo not sur pnsscd for accomodation and reasonable ticss of lore by any in the slates. HATES OF PARE. Boarding, $3 per week. Single meal 25, lodging 1 24 '2 horses, liny nnu oaia vo, I horse, hpy, 25. Montpelicr, Feb. 1030. tf Valuable Real Estate. TWlflE snlnr-tiber wishes lo I. fell till Ids I c.i I entitle on Clinirli pliort in llinliii''- Wilt Z a S T "". ron-isilntf of two duel- n'wiM M V'ji'i. """'cs iiiitl oiil hiiililiuizs, -V "rjf- on.-lining n m iik iiuii.-i: mii. linalnn, nml i lie oiliee n vi (union Ihhi-h sliuaieil nenilv iipioi.ile Juhn N. I'niiiiMoj'sdut-lliiiK hoiise, on Chin t-h plierl. lie iil-o uUlu-s lo elllils iiiler- em in n nihricnue, nn Hie Illicit hinro iidj.iiniiig lie slnie owned by Duct. Julio Peck, on die north iJc. mm ....n. ...,... , i .in- . 7500 lotimonials bavo been rcceivcti irom n I in Coiir lliiii-n tpnne ut.-o n ximill htiiltlii.e. I . J. , .. . ilii,1 ,,., .,. In, Ph.inlc,l nn -he hwcsi miner of Clin ry nnd , in'v "i tho lug est W.itcr Ktrecis, it!ji n nt; Mr H.-n.ljs. The lernu , Tlmy in fact prove, by the cures I Icy make, will I e ni.nln eiiay, one limrili pun ol'ilic purcha-e that thoro is no necessity Tor any oilier modi money In be p.iiil in hand, nnd ilie triiniiiiilcr nn n cine. lilinnl eirdii, with iippiou'd strin iij I'lis-csKion Althouirh Dr. B. has ctiiirtinralcd by name will lie uUen mi lli lirsi iluy nl May next, except the Bilik lioiisie which U leii..cil nml under mil for one car fruni llio lSth !. nf Ausjinl i.fxl. IVn. A. GllISll'OLD. Burlington, March 21 1S5S. O. II. SAXTOW SUUGEON DENTIST. Ollcc one door south of JT. B. IlaswclVs Auction and Cnmniisvon Store BURLINGTON, VI. Diseases of the Lungs. uusiinvftii.v tiii: most popular nnMnuv uvnn uscn in amkkica. VEGETABLE PULMONARY BAL SAM. is thn most valuablo lemcdy now in use for Coueha, Colds. Asthma or Phthisic. Whooping Cough, and Pulmonary affections of every kind, lis sale is steadily increasing and the proprietors are constantly receiving tho most favorable accounts of its effects. The following new certificates are offered for public examination. "Mitfi-Inton, Juniata cn, Penn. May 3. 1037. The Vegetable Pulmonary Btilsam has been sold in llio country for two years, and tjio medicino has gained an uncommon celeb rity, for il soarcdy in one instance failed of having tho desired ufTucl. I am by no means in favor of tlie many nostrums, most of which arc impositions upon n credulous public, bill what I know hy nvporieuco lo bu clleetual, I cannot help but give my approbation lh"ic lo. A counterfeit preparation has been oiler, ed hero by n travelliuii a rent of ( omsloek N Y., and thcro is also annlhcr article vended hero that is strongly suspected to bo spurious. JACOU MYKUS, iI. I). Lhmpstkii, N. II. Dec. 3, 1037. For Iho last five vcars of mv practice, I liavo had the satisfaction lo witness the beneficial effects of the Vcgctnblo Pulmonary" Balsam in miniv cases of obstinato cough, and other affections ol llio lungs. 1 ould thcrcforo confidently recommend its use in all complaints of Ihe chest as being equal if not superior, to any oilier medicine within my knowledge. TRUMAN A BELL. M. D. CoNconn N. II, Jan. 30, 11137. I am satis fled that llio Vegoliblo Pulmonary Balsam is a valuable medicine. It has been used in this place with complcto success in an obstinate-complaint of the lungs, attended with ti sevcro cough, loss of voicn, and iho raising of much blood, which had previously resisted many approved prescriptions. After using I lie Balsam ono week, the patient's voieo ro turned and ho was able to speak audibly. This case occurred some lime s'turo, and tho man is now engaged not only in active, but in laborious business. Respectfully vours, tc. SAMUEL MORKLS.M. D. Boston, Feb. 21. 1031. To tiii: Public. I, Daniel T. Brnyman of Rielimondlown. It. I., feel it a duly to acquaint the public, thai I havo recnived tho most unexpected relief in a sovnro complaint oftho lungs, from (he uso of tho Vegetable1 Pulmonary Balsam, For threo years previous lo my trial ol tho Bal sam, 1 hail n sovcro pain in my bioast, violent cough, frequent raising of blood, attended with gicat proslralion of strength. For n principal part nf Iho above lime, I was under the caro of a skilful physician in Boston, who employed, besides many internal medicines, blislciing. scatons &c. without any improve ment in my case. Two monlhs since I com. meneed with 1 lie Balsam, and have now taken two bottles. I nm now able lo labor most of Iho timu, have ceased In raise blood, and am almost entirely relieved ofmy cough. DANIEL T. BRA Y.MAN. Boston, March 2, IU37 Il is now inoro Ihan six years since I wns biotight very low by an nffection of llio lungs, and my com plaint was declared incuiable by a council of t hi co physicians. I was then restored to as good lumllh as I had enjoyed for many years, ny using mo vegeiauio ruimonary llalsam. In n great many casos oflung noiniilaints, and so far ns 1 can learn, its uo has invariably iiccn loiioweil tiy much licnelit, and in mnnv insiarieos it has affected cures which wore wholly unexpected. H.ilUKIi EVKRETT COUNTERFEITS ! ! BiavAnn op Ijipo- kition Lncli genuine Imttlu is enclosed in o blue wrapper, on which is n yellow lablol signed SAMPSON REED. 'Nono olhnrs can be genuine. Tho great celebrity of Iho Genuine Vegolablo Pulmonary Balsam has ocoii tho causo ol attempts lo mlroduco snii rlous articles, which by partially assuming Iho unino of Ihu genuine, aro calculated lo mislead and deceive llio public. Among those mixtures aro inn "American I'ulmniiary Hal sam," ''Vegetable Pulmonary Bnlsain'io Sy nip," "Pulnioinrv Balsam." nml others. Purchasers should inquire for I ho Into nrliclo by its whole nntiio, THE VEGETABLE PULMONARY BALSAM, and see that it has Hid marks and signnturo of genuine Each iioiuo ami seal is Mumped Vegclablo Pulmo nary Biilsam. ID-LATEST CHEAT!! Jjnvaro ofnspurious imitation called Compound Pulmonary Bnl-ani, which tho ugonts say Is dono up in good slylo UJ'Siini lar lo Sampsons V. P, BalstVll ogain wo say Beware of counterfoils. Price 50 cents, For sale winlcsnla ami ro tn'H'y J. Si J. II. PECK & Co, Sugar Beet Seed, by J. & J, II. I'tci Co, nn - 12 a n ti rvv rr Wunls nn college nit iHsliltilwn, tluntonnpoly nu charter, he being quite sathftnl lo rest on the patronage of the public fur Ihe nicer of his grand-, father's VEGETABLE UAIFEllSJIL PILLS JSslallhhcd in England, 1751. 'Solor.eo should conltlbiilo to tho comfort health, nnd happiness of mankind."' THESE colebrnlod vegetable Pills of which EIGHTY TIIOUSUN BOXES have been sold In N. York since July, 1035, aro now recommended by thousands nT persona whom ihoy hnvo cored of Consumption, Influenza Dyspepsia, Iloadacho, JViiih and Nascnse, fullness in the back part of llio nojpl, usually llio symptoms of Apoplexy, Jaundice Fever and Ague, Hillmus, Seatliit, Typhus, Yellow, nntl common Fevers of all kind-. Aslhmn, Gout. Kheiimnlisni, Nervous diseases, Liver complaint. JluuriHV, Inward WonknosH. De pression of the Sjiirits, Hnplnics, Inflnmation, Sure Fyns. Fits, PnUy, Dropsy, Small Pax, i Measles, Croup, Uonghs, Whooping (jnugn, I Quinzy, Chii'ic, Choloramorbus, Gravel, I Worms, Dysenlnry. Deafness, Ringing Noises in tho lload, Kings Evil. Scrofula, Erysipolns or SU Anolhy's Firo, Salt Rheum, White Swollinas, Ulcers, somn of 30 years standin.s rnncers. Tumors, Swelled Fret nnd Legg Piles Cosliveurss, ill eruptions of tho skin j(rlt- Dreams, Female complaints of every , , p,.)n(,iaiv obstructions, rcluxntionr, &:e : (he abovo disoascs. UcU nevertheless of opin. , ...j.i. .: r.,rilii,r. Ihn Inte' celebrated Drandfuthe Dr Win Brandrelh, that thcro is only one (lis. casn. nn impurity of llio blood, which by im pctling the circulation, brings on iiillauialinu and consequent derangement ti thn organ or part wherosuch impurity of the blood settles ; and thai it is iho dillurcnt appearances which this infiainntion or derangement put or, that have caused medical men to designate such appearances by various names, but Which aro in lact, only llio samo disease, with mine or less virulence. Dr. Win. Braudrelhwas so fully convinced of the trulb oftho above sim pie theory, that ho spent 30 years in expert incut arid laborious research into the medicinal properties of ihn numerous plants composing the Vegetable Kingdom j his object being to compose a medicine which should al once pu rify. and ptoduco by specific action, a removal ol all bad humors from Ihn blood bv Iho stom ach and bowels, as by llio continuation of the use of such a medicine, such humors aro sure lo bo eariied off, and the-blood assume a slate ofpiuily -. and whoever lakes these 'ills, and perseveres with them, will be satisfied thai Di Win Brandrcth fully attained his philauthrop ic object, It is now an nbsoluio and known fact. that every disease, lictlier it bo in llio head or feel, in tho brain or meanest member; whether il bo an outwaid ulcer, or an inward abscess, aro all, though arising from many causes, reduciblo lo this one grand effect, namely, impurity of blond. In nil cases they will bo found a snfe and simple remedy, yet nil powerful fur the rcmo. val ofdiseasc. whot liar chronic or recent, in fectiotis or otherwise ; and what makes them particularly adapted In this country, is that there is not Ihu slightesl liability lo cold when Inking them, indeed tho system is absolutely loss susceptible of cold when under their iuflu. cuce, Ihanataiiv other lime llierefoio in tin climnle they aro invaluable. Neither do they require change of diet or caro of any kind. ro Kngland these Pill have been llio only Iticdicinc of many families- for periods varying mom forty lo sixty years and have always proved effectual in restoring health whenever an abcrialiou fiom il has occurred. In many cases where llio dreadful ravages of ulceration had laid bare ligament and bone1 and where to nil appearance no human means could save life, have patients by the use of Iheso pills been restored lo good health, the devouring disease having been perfectly erad icatcd. In consequence of the pleasantness of their operation, and the dose not generally being required lo i.o more llian four or five mils (merely keeping in view the drain upon Ihe humors,) they aro fast superseding ovury othc ...... ..i u siiiuiui iiup.m. oases may occur wheio it will lie proper to tako twenty or even lliiity or more pills ; this must tie considered Willi reloronco to highly inllam matory disease, or when great pain is experi enced. As Brandreth's Pills prevent Scurvv. Cos. tiveness and its consequences, seafaring insn, and all travellers lo foreign regions, should not be without them, in ordor lo resort lo on every occasion of illness. N. B. Time or climate affects them not. Southern Gentlemen will find this medicine ono which will ensuto health to thu people on llieir estates. -CANCERS. Several cases of cure can bo referred to, Iho cure is suro if purseverafico is used. CONSUMPTION. Boferencn can ho ma.lo lo numbers who havo been cured in New. York and Brooklyn, of this disease. Such is llio reputation, and so great ihe de mand fur Iho Genuine 'BradrelhV Vegetable Universal Fills,' that a counterfeit article is made, advertised and sold ns genuine nnd some individuals whosell the eiiunleifeit pills have advertised themselves as my agents that I havo found it necessary, to preserve thn rep. uintiou ofmy pi IN. mid save Iho public from imposition, to furnish every agent with a cor lificalo. which is as follows; "Bruntlrflh's Vti viable Universal Pills.' S5KCUKITV ASAIST CnU.M'KIlV-RlTrt. The within named, Fnrru& Pnrineleo of ftliildleinwii, Onun. nro my nppninlcd Gc-u erm Agcnis tor uu Mmlo or Vermont, Con nrciicut (except Fairfield Co.,1 Hampden uniiiiwiirc oi i- rnniilin Counties, Mass. Cheshire & Siillivnn Counties). N. IL In the United Stutei of America, And thn letter, which is signed by me, B iiiia.-miiiktii, 111 my own fm lid writing, must nlso be sigutfd by t ho within named uenerai Agent, whoso nnmc will nlso op I' or snle by S. K. HOWARD. Burlirm- lon 1-tiller & Huntington, Richmond t'leiciier Cc Woodmnn, Willision J. T. Ainsworili, fthlloii I'oitcr. Cull, & Co., fuirinx-ti. ryicr, Essex L. Janes, Geor gin James Russell, St. Albans F. V, Goodrich, Kwuntnn S. Iv. Plntt, Highgnlo Will Green A: Cn.. Mhelilnn niinfl'... .t. Lewis Berkshire, Thomas Fuller &. Son, r'liusuiirgii Ariuiiigiun iv. uean, linkers, field Tower &. Oakes, Underbill G. B Oakos, Jcrico. To Wood Choppeis. GREEK'S AXES, SUPPLY ol thu nbovo celnbrutrd J.A. Axes, just received, and for snlo Li the dozen or single, by the subscriber. BOYHTOar to HYDE, t immmii ', A II ' It 1 DRY GOODS, fil Ckdaii S-rnBKf, JYEW YORK, WOULD thus noliry ihoqn visiting tho city for purposes of trade, that thnv aro re ceiving and will bo prepared with a good and general o toe it oi STAPLE AJW FANCY DRY GOODS, which for rash will bo ofTerod at a small nrofil. They will keep constantly on hand Merrimnc, r ........ nn,l n ..-..I,, I,. C Iniu nrlnrt.t PIJTVJ-l't- Trnmont.Lnwrcnecnnd other SHEETINGS Suffolk, nnd Hamilton, Brown, White nnd blue DRILLS. March 30. 11130. 2m Just received a large supply of Moffat's eolobrntcd Phoenix Billere ngenls throughout this slate can now be supplied by application lo the subscriber. R. Mood v. Burlington, April 27, 1838. PERIODICAL AGENCY.. W. SI'S! PUR, Chelsea, Ft. Is Agent for tho following Periodicals, viz : North American iteviow, quarterly. Reprint oftho Four Quarterlies; embracing, the Edinburgh, London Qunrtoily, Foreigiv Quarlcily and tho London and Westminster Quarterly Reviews. Now York Review. American Journal of Science and Arts. American Biblical Repository. Litorary and Theolngicnl Review, quarterly American Jurist and Law Magazine. Christian Examiner. Boston Qunrierly Review. National Portrait Gallery of distinguished Americans. American Monthly Magazine. Bcnilny's Miscellany. Knickerbocker, ot New York Monthly Mag. azine. Museum of Foreign Literature, Science and Arts. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. United Stales Magnzino and Democratic Review, monthly. Law Library, monthly. Annals of Education; Edited by Dr. W. A. Alcnit, monthly. Tho Metropolitan Magazino. monthly. Journal of tho Franklin Institute, monthly. Gentleman's Magazine. Family Magazine, monthly. Parley's .Magazine for Children, monthly. Tho Lady's Book and Ladies.' American Magazine. Ladies' Companion. Sunday School Teacher. Horticultural Register and Gardener's Ma". azine. Magazino oflloriicultnro and Botany, Library of Health. Religious Magazine. Christian Spectator. Southern Literary Mosscnrrnr. ouicct aiemcai unrary and Eclectic Journal of Medicino; edited by John Boll, M. D. monthly. American Medical Library and Intelli-ren-. cer ; cdiled by Rublcy Dunglison, M. 5. scini-tnnuthh. American Journal of Medical Science nuni torly. British and Foreign .Medical Review. Medico Cliirurgieal Review, quarlerly. Bnslon .Medical and Surgical Journal Mcd'cnl Exaininet dovnie-d lo medicine, surgery and the collateral sciences, semi monthly. Waldio's select Library, weekly. New York Mirror, weekly. Philadelphia Saturday Courier, weekly. The Saturday News, 'Philadelphia, weekly. American Weekly Messenger, Philadelphia Mirror, weekly. The Southern Rose, scmi-inonlhly. April 10, 1038. J fcTMr. Sleeper proposes to remain in (own a few days, and, in tho mean lime, will receive subscriptions al tho Burlington Hotel. Samuel D. Hyde's Estate. STA'f'E OF VERJIOXT. ) DisTIUCT OF ClIlTTKMIKN ss. A T n Probate Conn holtlen nt lio.',,.,!. ton, within and for Ihe Do-trici afire said on the twelfth dny of April A. D. 1030. An inlmmeni purporting lo ho the lust will nnd teslnment of Samuel D. Hyde. Into of Chnrloite, in snid Di.-trict, deceased, was presented lo the Court hero for P.-nbiHe, by Amos Clark, thu Executor therein nnnind. TiiKitnronr. it is ordered hy snid Court, that public notico bo given to nil pcrhiins concerned therein to appear before said Court, nl a tcssinn thereof in be hidden at Burlingion on the Wednesday of May A. D. 1030, and c-mtest the probate ol snid will, and il is further ordered that Ibis order be tiulili-hed three weeks suc cefsivoly in the Free Prejs. n newspaper primed ni Biiningion. in iii State, tho lu-t nf which shall he previous to the day assigned, n afore-aul for hennng. Given under tnv hand a the "R.-r-istor's Olficf, this -2Ui day nf Annl A D. 1030. Win. WESTON. Register. FOR SALE A QUARTER acre lot. with a hlock hiiiiso and bam llmn-on. situalcd on the Colchester side of u n Hiver Lower Fulls, on iho north side of tin. m.,,l i.i.,..,n i W. Wt-avoi's Storo and llio Stono House four" r, ' For ft,,lll0r Particulars inquire of J. . Wcavor.or oftho subscriber, at Joricho Coneif- F. G. HILL. April 27, 1C30. TIN I'LATE. Qty Boxes, 1-3 X just ree'd and for sale by W. R.&F.C. VILAS. . April 25, 1030 3w THE subscribcis havi on hnnd, a full assortment of Broadcloths of all qual ities and colors. Satinolls, Flannels, Ken tucky Jeans, carpets fco. &o. which thev nm prepared to oxciiango for lleeco or pulled wool al liberal prices, or wool will bo our- chased for cash or sold on commission. Groworsof wool and country mcrchaniy will find it their interest to call. Annlv tn 'mi i vim t-' !-.'.:. . . No. -15 Fulton st, ,2nd door frnm city of Now York. 15 Ilhds. MOLASSES JUbP Innuod and for sale; by CO. UyiJERT MOODY. soth April, 1030.

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