Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 1, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 1, 1838 Page 3
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IRON, STEEL, &,c. Ions Swedes, English, Russia told sable, Peru roiintl, square, band, Horse fIioo. or overy variety nnd sizo ot Iron. FIVE TONS Sanderson's cast, American, spring, German, English, blistered Stool. A.ill."l. Ul,n.,,,l. S,,t0 Unno. Porks, Scythes, Trace- Chains, Waggon and Cart Boxes &c. tSic. by J)3I, '30. T. P. Sf W. L. Strong . , .SALT u , , f( Sacks Liverpool dairy bait, by T. P. Sf W. L. May 31.1 fl3B. Sheep Tobacco. Oflfin lus. Sheep Tobacco by ' p V. L Strong. 7'. iV W. L. STRONG OFFER on rr.ost reasonable term?, in lots to suit purchasers, GO chests II. S., Y. II., Hyson, Pou- cliong and Bohca Teas. 25 kegs and boxes plug and cav. Tobacco, 40 bags Coffee, Spico and Pepper. 50 boxes bunch Raisins. 40 boxes liar Soap. Ginger, Cloves, Sal-Erntus, Pipes, Cassia, &c. &c. Mny 31, 1830. IiYMA.1V & COJLE, HAVE received their usual assortment jof Spring and Summer Goods, con eisting in part of ihe following articles : Blk and col'd Silks, challys Bombazines Pongees Sliawls,foncy Hkfa. and Veils of every variety Lawns and Cambrics Barr'd strip'd and fig'd jaconet Cambrics Plain BWit'i), jnconct &c. Beautiful artrcles for ladies Dresses A few pieces French Prints and Muslins English, French and Amcrcs Prints a great variety at unusual low prices. A variety of small necessary articles for family use Umbrellas and Parasols Cloths, Cassimeros and Vcslings, of the various colors and qualities Persian Cloths, Crochctias &. Camblcls A large variety of stuffs for men and children's summer wear Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, brown Si bleached Ticks. Jeans, Drills. Diaper Crash, &c Bu rlington. June I. 1038. Gentlemen and Ladies' good Hiding Whips, children's riding and other Whips, at tho Variety Shop. PaNOBOBN & BniNSMAID. WINDOW SASH. "JTUST received 15, 20 & 247 by 9 C? casements of sash, a first rate article, nt 3. and 3J cts. per light. Also, all kinds nnd sizes, furni-hed to order. Ticondcroga Black Lead, a first rate ar tide, for sale very low, together with a great variety of other articles, as cheap as as can bo found at any other establishment in tho place. Geo. Peterson. Burlington, May 30. 1833, NEW GOOBS, CHEAPER, THAN EVER. THE subscriber has just relumed from New York, and is now receiving a very large and general assortment of DRY GOODS. DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY. CHINA ft GLASS WARE. which ho will sell unnsuallv low for Caih. NOBLE LOVELY. Burlington, .May 31, 1U38. Music for the Piano and Flute and other instruments; Songs, Duetts, Sic. just received also, Guitars and Guitar ln etruelors, most kinds of Musical Instruments and Instruction JSooks tor tliem, ami most kinds of Musical Merchandize, Motrinomcs &c. Goods low at tho Variety Shop. ' PANG BORN Si BIUNSMAID. CTTO THOSE AFFLICTED WITH CORNS. fTWIE colobralcd Albion Com Plaster af- jm- torus iiisium ruuui, iiiiu ni uic samo timo dissolves and draws the Corn out by iho roots, wuuuui wiu luu&i pain, CcRTiriCATE. "To Ihoso aflliclcd with Corns on llioir fool I do certify, that I havo used the Albion, Corn Plaster with comploto success. Before I had'used one box, it com pletely cured a com which had troubled mo for many years. I make this public for tho benefit of Ihoso afllclcd wilh that painful complaint. W.m. S.'IAW. Flushing. L. 1. Feb. 28. Price 50 cts. a box, DR. RELFIYS AROMATIC PILLS, POP F2IVIAZ.:ES. THEY purify the Blood, quicken ilscircu. lalion, assist tho suspended operations of nature, and arc a general remedy for Iho prevailing complaints among tho femalo part of society. Tho I'llls aro particularly cflioa cious in tho Green Sickness, Palpitation of llio uoari, -iiuciinosK,siiort llrcath, Sinking of tho Spirits, Dejection and disinclination to oxcorciso and society. Married ladios will find tho Pills equally useful, except in cases of pregnancy, when they mutl not be taken neither must llioy bo taken by persons of licctio or coiiBuinpuvo nabils. X'rico $1.50 a box, also Tim crannuATnn CAMBRIAN TOOTH-ACIIK PILLS, Which give immediate rdirC, without tho least injury to tho Teeth. On trial this will bo found ono of iho host remedies known for this complaint. Prico 50 cents a box. (CTNono gonuino unless signed on the outsido printed wrapper by tho sole proprietor T.KIDDER, immediate suctcssor lo tho late Dr. VV.T. Con wav. For sale at his Count in" Room, over No, 93, Court. strcot, near Con" cert Hall, Boston, and also by his special ap pointmcnt,by J. Si J, II. Si Co. k5 Watches fc Clocks. GOLD CASED LEVERS, LEPINES and common Watches, some now and beautiful patterns, extra Jewollod. with parachute and compensation, Silver Lovers cxira jcwoiiou, Hiivor and English Watches jewelled Verges, some neat and good silver dial Lcpines, all of the ubovo aro warranted Vc kcorf iia gut,,) Ol0 n'I)(1 oj hl ( Wooden Clocks, and a bettor orticlo than is usually found, also email German briking and Alarm Clocks nn.i Watches and Clocks carefully cloan'cd aU', May 24. I'Axcnona & BiunSMAID Mns M. FRAZER has just returned from N. York with tho newest fashions for Ladies Hals, uCjCaps and dresses. Sho has a splendid assortment ol Log horn, Tuscan and fine Straw Hats ; Ribbons, artificial Flowers. Veils. La ccs, Handkerchiefs, Cillars, Scarfs, Cnli cocs, Ginghams, Silks for hats and dresses Sic. &c. Burlington. .Mny 22, 1038. Blanchard's Scythes, (On Consignment.) 200 un7" German Steel. 100 do. do. Cast Steel. Concavo Grass and Cradle Scythes, for sale at reduced pries by 3rn May 25. Fom.ett ft Bradley". PAINTS & OIL. 50 Casks White Lead dry and ground. 30 casks Verdigriso, ground in oil and superior quality. 5 Black Paint in oil. 40 bbls. Linseed Oil. for sale bv May 25. IHCKOK ft CA TLIN. S&CK SALT. orv Sacks Dairy Salt for sale by May 25. Hickok Si Catmn. JUST RECEIVED, A T T II E NE W S TOR E , WEST side Church street, 2 doors above the square, a beautiful variety of Chalys and Mouselinc do lainc, n do liirlitful ar'.iclc for evening or street dresses, Rich figured Poult da soio and Reps 6ilks ; which will be sold very cheap for cosh by May 24. WAIT & TABOR. SILKS. HEAVY BLACK ITALIAN, JET and bluo black Poult do snic nnd grosirram bilks of superior nua lit v. mst received nnd for sale by May 24. WAIT & TABOR. French Calicoes and Muslins. A beautiful assortment in great variety of Patterns, some entirely new style and uncommonly low prices, for sale by May 24. WAIT & TABOR. SHEETINGS. K((C Yards super heavy 9-8 and 4-4 jjj Merrimack, Trcmont, Gladding and Florida Sheetings, for sale cheap by May 24 WAIT Si TABOR. Attend and Save Cost. HE person that look a plough from. Ihe hop ofllie subscribers in Burlington on tho first of this moiiih, and the person that took one unthclOtli inst., without leave, nro re quested (oscillator them immediately or the law will be put in force against thorn. If ihe one I hat took the first plough sends six and the Inst one five dollars (tho price of the Plough-) there will bo no qocstions asked, if not they will bo brought before the Public, for they arc known. R. Si J. WAIN WRIGHT. Burlington, Nay 21, f 033. Jot and oilier Pins ; a pretty assortment of linger lungs, I'laqncs and Buckles, some very chaste delicate Patterns j Silver and Shell Combs, Silver pocket Fruit Knives. And many very pretty articles connected with the above received nnd for sale nl the Variety Shop, lower than usual. pA.vfinortN & Brti.vsMAirt T OOTII, NAIL. COMB. HAIR. Clothes, ilat. Counter. Window. Hearth, Flush. Shoo, and most all othei kinds of good Brushes, and good Broom Brushes for sale at the Variety Shop. PANGDOrtN & BniNSMAID. DENTIST. J. LEWIS, performs every operation on the Tbetii, Gums and Mourn, on the most modern nnd approved principles of ArtTirjcAi, Tnrrru, can be sunnlicd from ono lo an entire 6Ct, to corresnond with tho i,i vi Nf! iKBTit Tlicv aro IN CORRUPTIBLE; they never change their color, nor do they absorb tho saliva or juices of the month, consequently they do not cause an unpleasant taste or fetid breath DJ"Tho much dreaded nnd painful ope rations Heretofore practiced, rrcatlv obvi atcd in extracting of tecth nnd stumps of ji.ktii. j. i j. Having supplied uimscll with insirumcnis nt all kinds, sizes and shapes suitable for the occasion, the surgical treat meni (.i inn tuutii will bo or less pain In the patient than ever dono hcrctoforo in the U. h Irregularities of the tocth ii children prevented, in adults remedied, &c SlC. From a norfecl l.-nmulmltm nfmnnlinni, cal, chemical and prufcssionaronoraiions ho fuels wnrrantcd in offering his services to tho public, references can bo had as lo Ins practice, judgement and skill, by calling nt ins tuuin, norm cast corner o I ho snnaro 3d door in Church st. Burlington Vt. WHEREAS it has been ihe object of ono of his profession tomjuirc and ifpossiblo to urivo mm irom ino piace, uic public may bo warranted Irom the fealurcs of tho abuse, of good success by calling on J Lewis. Cheap Looking Glasses. "ITUJIl bed ronm3, Kitchens &c. for 12i 25 and 50 cts., also, Glasses to Shave uy with a drawer under them to put Knzor and Comb in for 12, 25 and 37 els. cheap Lather Boxes with and without loukillir irlnsana in ll.nm fnr I nil If. .... i i . n.wu. - ...... .a. good Lather Brushes for I2i cts; Fans Inr o cts., tioat and prelly Necklaces for chil dren tlllly 0 els.. Purfiiinnrv bn.vns nnntnin mg, 'loolh Brush, bnxtoutli Powder, bottle Perfumery nnd cuke Soap, fir 25 els., nnd many othorarlielus aslow. Wo bought nnd wo sell goods lower than cvor before ; call nl tho Vuricty Shop, where ;ooils are sell, ing fust and low, P A.NGUOnN $ BHl.Ne.MAII), 1 RINGS, BROACHES, &c. BEAUTIFUL real Mosaic, Enameled. Diamond. Emerald. Paintim Pearl. HUNTINGTON & LYON, STATIONERS. a! WOULD respectfully inform their old customers nnd the public generally, that they have just received a choice selection of Book Bindery Stock and Blank Book Material, and nro in readiness to wait upon all that may favor them with their orders, and will endeavor to do it in n manner that will give satisfaction to all. They have also received the following articles of Stationery, viz : Superfine Cap and Letter Paper. Billet Paper, Music Paper. Tissue Paper. Blot, ling Paper, Colored wrapping (suitable for Book covering,) Drawing Paper, Writing Ink. Writing Fluid, Quills, Steel Pent, Scaling Wax, Wafers, Drawing Pencils, ftc. ftc. All of which will be 6old on fair term. Thankful for past favors and would solicit a continuance of the samo. An Assortment of Blank Books con stantly on hand at fair prices. 2 doors East or Free Press Office, College st. , Burlfogtan, Ft. May 10, 1833. For sale or to Rent. THE brick Store, owned by by Mr. J. S. Pot win, on church street, in this village. Posses sion given 1st of August, apply II. Stocks, Collars, Bosoms, Sus penders, Pamaloon Strap-", Suspender ends, of a grcot variety of kinds; new style bosoms, round nnd pointed Collars ; India Rubber and Silk Suspenders, Summer Slocks, Silk, Satin and Bombazine Stocks, just received and more are on the wav. Those who wish any of the above articles or any kind of poods, nro informed that wo keep an almost endless variety. We bought lower than usual this spring and hall sell according. Call at iho Variety bllOp 1'ANfillORN Si iJRINSMAII) STATE OF VERMONT, Distiiict or CniTTENiinN ss. I The Hon. Ihe Probate Court for the Dis Incl ol Chittenden, lo all persons con. ccrncd in the estate cj Spencer Cook, late oj a csijora in sum District, deceased, OltEKTlNG. 17HEREAS, Hiram Bellows, odminis " trator dc bonis non cum tcslamcnto anncxo, ot the Kstatc ot said deceased proposes to render an account of his admin istration, and present his account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Probate, lo be hnldcn at the Probate oflicc on the second Wednesday of June next. Therefore, you are hereby' notifiod to appear uelore saul court at the time and plane aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid hhould not bo allowed. Given under my hand nl Burlinnton, this 22d day ot May, A. H. 1833. W.m. WESTON, Register Laguira, St. Cuba Coffees, by Dommjio, and Wait Sr. Taiioii Pepper, Pimento, Pure Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves and Nutmegs by May IG. Wait & Tadou, Dry Groceries. Chests Ilysnii Skin Tea, CO half chests Y II. do 25 Boxes Pipes 400 Malts Cassia 2 bbls. Cloves 10 Tierces Rico 20 Kegs Pure Ginger 40 bbls St. Croix and Port Rico Sugar 10 do Lump do 50 bags St. Domingo and Rio Cofi'oe 10 do Permonto 10 do Pepper 10 Tierces Saleratii3 50 Boxes Bar Soap, by J. & J. II. PECrc& Co. Lorillards Tobacco &, Snufl". P. A. L. Chewing To- Barrels bacco. 10 do P. & G. L. do 10 do P. & G. do 10 do 1 lb paper Smoking 10 do i lb do do 1,000 lbs Maccaboy Snufl', 800 do Scotch do 100 do American Gentlomans J. & J. II. PECK Si Co.- do, Agents, Dairy Salt. ITI (ffotffo Sncks Ashtons. by L j, & j, h, peck & Co. FLOUR. OAf bbls. Troy and Koesevillo superfine t,UU by J. Si J. H. Pkok Si Co. GLASS. Boxes Champlain, Peru nnd Jerico Cylinder Glass. 200 Boxes Rcdford, Saranac and Crown do By J, & J. II. PECK& Co, Agents, IRON & STEEL. RUSSIA old nnd now Sable Swedes, English and Peru Iron do Band Iron from 14 to 41 Inch Round do " 4 lo 3 do Square do " 5 10 to 3 du Horse Shoo do Drafts of all discriplions mado to order, Horse Nail Rods Spring, Cast, German, English Blister nnd American Stool By J. Si J. II. PECK Si Co. leW6ns C)r Boxes just rccoived, ami for solo bv w May 25. Hickok Si ' Brown Sheetings $ Tickings. j rv Bales assorted qnolitios for sale by lKJ Mny 25, Hickok & C.umn. to OZKTARXO--1838. THE STEAM BOAT TELEGRAPH. DAPT. II. p. CHILI), WILL ply tho present season between Ogdcnsburgh and Rochester, touching ni tho intermediate ports, and making one trip between Ogdcnsburgh nnd Genesee Rivor, and one trip between Kingston and Gencsscc Rivor, as follows : GOING up, 1st TRIP, LEAVES Ogdcnsbiirgli lic.nolt Morrisiown llrnckvillo Alexandria I'micli Oi cck Kinsstnn

Sarkctt's Harbor Friday fi r. sr. no do 5i p. M, Evening do do 12 night G A. St. Nuon, 0 P. M. do do Saturday do do Osts Arrivins at BoclieMcr Saturday nlnlit COMINU DOWN, 1ST TltlP, LEAVES Rorlicsicr Sunday 8 evening Osu-rgo Monday 8 morning Sarkell's Harbor do 2 P. M, Arriving at Kingston Monday iificrnoon. OOINO UP, 'M TRIP, LEAVES Kingston Tuesday fi P. M. Sarkcll's Haibor do 12 night Oiivcgo Wcdncslny 7a.m. Arriving nt KoclicMrr Vo(lne?lay nhcrnnoii. COMINO DOWN, Zct TRIP, LEAVES Roclieslcr Wednesday 8 P. M. Oawrgo Thursday 8 A. M, S;irkell' Ilnrbor do 2 P. M. Kingslon do 8 P. At. French Creek (jo 12 night Alexandria bay Friday morning Brorkvillo do do Morrisiown do da Arriving at Ogdcnsburgh Friday morning. OIPFor freight or passage, apply to the master on board, or to E. B Allen Og. dcnbbiirrrh ; W. Buckley, Sackett's Har bor ; II. Filzhugh. Oswego j and R. J. Van Dewater, New York. Ogdcmburgh, May 1, 1838. 1 S 3 8 LAKE ONTARIO. THE STEAM BOAT m m i m IJAl'TAIN SMITH. FAVORABLY known by the travelling pinlic as a first rate sea Boat, and distin guished for her cleanliness, good fare punctuality and despatch, having always neon lounu at tho place of her nnnoinmcnt will run during tho season of navigation, between Ogdcnsbnrgli, Lowislon, and Hamilton, touching at tho intermediate Ports, as follows : GOING UP. LEAVES Ogdcnsburgh every Thursday 5 o'clock Piefcolt do Thursday Kingston do Friday S'keits Ilnrbor do Friday Osurgo do Friday lioclieslcr do Saturday Toronto do Saturday 5i P. CJ morning 12 nonu S evening 8 morning 9 evening Arriving at Lewiston on Saturday night, and leaves lor Hamilton faunday morning at u o clock . COMING DOWN, LEAVES llnmihon every .Monday Oo'clork A.M. I.mviston do do Ci o'clock P. M Rochester do Tucsdny 8 o'clock A. M. Oswego do do 5 o'clock P. M. S'kctts Haibor do do night Kingston do Wednesday morning Arriving at Ogdcnsburgh ol 1 o'clock P. M. tonchinir at Morrisiown, Brockvillc, Alexandria Bay, French Creek and Niag ara bulb up and down, passing the Thou sand Islands by day light. O'Passnngers leaving Toronto on Mon day by tho Transit, will be at Niagara in tune for the Oneida on her downward trip. Passengers fur Montreal by this Boat will arrive on Thursday, and Passengers for New York on the same day. 'Phis ar rangement will give passengers two days to visit the Falls and return bv ihe eamo Boa'. For freight or passage, apply to Ihe Master on hoard, or lo E. B. Allen Og. densburg. W. Buckley, Sackett's Harbor, II, Filzhugh, Oswego, and R. J. Vande watcr, New York. LAKE ONTARIO. THE STEAM BOAT OSWEGO. CAPT. JOILY EVANS, CJOI.NG UP, LEAVES Ogdcnsburgh Prcscott Morristown Brockvillc Aloxandr.n Bay French Creek Kingston Sackett's Harbor Oswego Monday do do do do do Tuesday do do P. M. 6 1.2 P. V cvenin do do 12 night 0 A. M 12 noon 9 P. M. 8 A. M. 0 A. M. Rochester Wednesday Toronto do Arriving at Lowiston Wednesday night : leaving Lcwihton Thursday morning al 0 o'clock and will go to Hamilton. COMIMI DOWN, LEAVES Hamilton Friday 0 A. m. Lcwision do 7 p. m. Youngstown do 7 1-2 p. m. Niagara do c p. m. Rochester Saturdoy 0 a. at. Oswego do 5 p. m. Sackett's Harbor do 12 night Kingston Sunday 5 a. m. French Creek do morning Alexandria Bay do do Brockvillo " do do Morristown do do And arrives nt Ogdcnsburgh at noon. illT Passengers leaving Hamilton nnd Lowiston by the Oswruo. on Friday, will reach Montreal on Monday ; panning tho St. Lawrence and llio llioui-aiid Islands by day light. i For freight or pawsngn, apply to Ihe Maslur Oil lloiinl. nr i.i IV It. , I l.iii Oif. denshiirnh, W. Bucklov, Sackett's Harbor. ir i iizhngh. Oswego, and R. J. Vandc water New York. ST jaw Q8SU I WE nro opening a superior nsnorlinonl of Goods in the various lines In which wo Undo: most nf (ho articles which wo were out of in April, can now bo had of us, and to our great variety, we havo ad ded very many orliclcp, useful, heccssory. and ornamental. No time, exertion or pains, have been spared in making the ne cessary additions lo our cxtensivo assort meni, nnd in selecting the various kinds of now articles, suitable for the season, nnd to make our shop whnt it purports lo bo, viz: a Variety Shop. More particulars, under their appropriate heads in future advertise mcnls. Ladies nnd gentlemen nrn invited lo call nnd look at Ihe G'owf at the Variety Shop. PANr.nortN & BnissMAti). lhirlinglon, May 10, 1838. SILVER Dining. Desert and Pickle Forks, Silver Table. Desert, Coffee and Tea Spoons, Silver Cream, Mustard and Salt Spoons, Silver Plain ond Claw sugar longs, Silver Butter and Fruit Knives. Silver nursinc Tubes, Coffin Plates; Rattles and Whistles. Silver side and back Combs, some beautiful Patterns, Silver Tweezers, Scissor Cases and Silver handled Scissors, Silver Chains, Keys, Rings, Pencils and Plaques, Silver Cups, Silver Vinegarcltcs or pcrfumo Bones, and other articles of Silver, nt tho Variety ibliop. rANCIIOIlN 06 BniNSMAID, May 1 8. Silver Smiths. Bunch and keg Raisins, Eng lish Currants, Citron and soft shell Al monds. Niw Fruit bv Wait & Tador. A few doz. Bettys Table Oil Fresh and very nice by Wait & TAiion. NOTIOT. ALL who nrc indebted to the subscriber, whose notes and accounts aro due, arc requested to pay them by iho first of June next, as those demands unpaid at that timo will bo given to an attorney for col lection. ROBERT MOODY. Burlington, May 18, 1038. A choice selection of Hyson. Hyson Skin, Young Hyson ond Pouchong Teas Now Cargoes lor calc by May 10. Wait & T,non NSW a &OODS. II. HI. GIDDINGS TS now receiving his Spring supply of X Goods, and oilers them lor cash cheap -very Broad Cloth?, Cassimeros, Farnum's best dark and Cadet mixed Salinctts, heavy Shootings and Drillings, Cotton yarn, Dovor nnd Merrimack I'nnls, sup. trench l'nnts Printed Lawns, Straw ltonncts, Bonnet Triniinss, fancy Stripes and Summer Stuff First rato younff Ilvson and Hyson Skin Teas, superior Molasses, Wines, Liquors, Lump and Iirown bucrar, lino Liverpool bait Rice, Codfish, Lamp Oil, Sheep Tobacco. Also 100 kegs Nails on consignment from tho manufacturers, Ames Shovels, Cast Steel I Iocs, I'ijrous and Wilkes' celebrated Eng lish Powder, and a good assortment of Crock cry, including Itidgway's Dining Sols, Giass Ware, i fee. Purchasers arc respectfully iuvi-. leu to call. Burlington, Pearl st.,May 10, 1G30. DEL. E. WEITGrHEIt9 T ESPECTFULIjY informs the Inhabi tants of Burlington and adjoining towns that ho still continues to heal the sick nnd cure diseases with the Tliom sonian Botanic System of practico, ond that he from a thorough knowledge and experience in the business firmly believes that ho can give entire satisfaction to those who may please to give him a call at Pearl street, 2 doors cast of Wm. I. Seymour' hat store, where tho genuine Thomsoiiian Medicines may nt all times bo had and where the sick can at all times be attended too. Mns. WiiiTcnnn bavins a thorough knowlodpo of the ThoinHonian practice will at all times prescribe for females, fur nish Syrups, &c. A few doz. West India and African Pepper Sauce bv May 10. Wait &. TAnn 2 Doz Lemon Syrup now Brand warranted Pure by Mny 10. Wait Si TAnnn. St. Croix, Port Rico, Manilla Lump and Loaf Sugars by May 10. Wait & Tabor Abijah Ellis' Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, District of Ciutte.mif.n. ss. s The Honorable Ihe Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, lo all persons concerned in the Estate of Abijah Ellis, late of Huntington, it. said District, de cerned, GREETING. WHEREAS. John Ellis, administrator of the Eslato of said deceased proposes to render an account of his administration, and present his account ngainst said csinto for examination nnd allowance at a session of the Court of Pro., bale, to be holdcn at tho Register's oflicc in Burlington on tho second Wednesday of June next. Therefore, You aro hereby notified to appear before said Court at tho lime nnd plnce nforcsaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given under mv hand nt Burlington, this third day of May, A. D. 1030. Wm.' WESTON, Register. ORNAMENTAL HAIR. 31 US. ST. JOHN, MANUFACTURES nnd keeps eon stnntiy on hand Ringlclts. Puffs, wire Curls, Plain Hair, Sic, N. ), Cash pnid for Hair. While Street, opposite Iho Methodist Chnpol, Burlington, Mny II, 1030. To Wood Choppois. A SIIPPLV or tho ubovo eelf hrntfil Axes, just received, and for sale by mo dozen or Biimlp, hy tin' fiiti-criuor. ROBERT MOODY. DYE STUFFS. Bbls Cnmpcachy Logwood chipped, 150 do St. Domingo do d 100 do Nicarnqua 150 do Fustic do 30 25 do Quercitron Bark do Maddor do Curcuma Ground do Allum do Bluo Vitriol 15 10 30 Carboys Oil Vitriol 40 bbls. Copperas Argol, Crcnm Tart., Flotnnt and Bunco! Indigo, Press Papers, Jacks, Nut Gall, Cudbear, &c. J. & J. H. PECK & Co. Sheetings, Cotton Yarn, &r. 5liAljbb hcovy "Lawrence Mills" Sheetings Sheetings 1 " Fine Dover 5 " Cotton Baits do. 2 ' Yarn I " " Wicking. Just received and for sale cheap by ii i. 1H38. 1'. DOO LITTLE MILITARY GOODS. CAP and Bell Plates, Sockets, Belt', Sword Chains. Buttons. F,nnutrttp.. ace, Stars, Swords, Tassels, Spurs, riming Wirco nnd Brushes. Sash-- . Holster Pistols, Green, White. Rod. Black and other Plumes and Feathers, with soni.i other articles in this line at iho Variety Shop. Pangboun &. BniNSMAio TROUT FISHING. TO answer the repeated calls for art i clcs in this line, wo have been indu ced to purchase gross 1 rout Hooks on gut string-? ready for use, assorted, i do do do willi fl c, 300 Trout Hooks Nos. 1,2, nnd 4. 1000 Fish Hooks assorted sizes. C doz Barrel Swivels for liishinr.-- Hair, Silk, Sea-weed nnd cotton Fi-d Lines. Trout Poles in Canes, 0, 9. &i Z feet. Drinking Flasks with cups, for Him tors nnd Fishermen, nt tho Variety Simp. may 10 1 ANononN & BniNSMAio. Just Received, AT the New Store, west side church st. two doors above tho sqaro a general assortment of Groceries, purchased ex pressly for family use. May 10. WAIT Si TAUUR. Wholesale and Retail. GENTLEMEN are in. vited to call at Wm I. Seymour's for tho prr--cnt New York City sM I.' of HATS, first door r'n-i White Church, Pearl-s-. Burlington, May 3. 1031'.. Curls, Ringlets, Caps, & Net . RINGLETS, Wire Curls, plain Hv, Mohair Cap3, Nets for Children, jut received at tho Variety Shop by 1 ANG BORN Si BRIKSMAin. French Iron Side and Twist Combs, also Shell Side nnd round Comb . Shell, Twist and Quill back Combs, Sh II Dressing and Pocket Combs, nnd emu" nice Carved Shell Combs, Horn Twnt nm Quill back Combs, Horn dressing Comh , Ivory Pocket Combs, Gilt nnd Silv r Combs, at the Variety Shop P.INGRORN Si BRI.NSMAin. I hereby givo notice, that 1 havo given my son, Alonzo G. Brusli. his timo and lih-r-ty to contract for himself in his minority -j'ul shall claim nono of bis earnings, nor pay any debts contracted by him, after Ibis date. JOSHUA BRUSH. Fairfax. May M. 1038. S. WALKER & CO. ARE receiving this .spring llicir usual stock of DRY GOODS. WET Sr DRY GROCERIES, CROCKER Y. GLASS S,- HARD WARE, which they will sell at wholesale or retail as cheap as can bo bought at any other r-. lablishmcnl in this place, Fleece Vm and most kinds of produce taken in ex change for goods, or on old or new accoums. Burlington. May 4, 1030. FOR SALE. 0 Quintals Cod Fish, 20 bbls. Mackerel, 10 do Pork, 200 do superfine Flour, 4 Tierces Rice, by May 10. S. WALKER Si C". 3 HIIDS. Portr. Rico Sugar 1 " New Orleans do 2 " Lump do 2 Lamp Oil 2 ' best Porto Rico Molasses, for retailing 15 choets Hyson, Hyson skin and young Hyson 'Peas. Together with n general assortment "f other groceries for sale very low bv M'ty 10. P. DQOLITTLE Elisha NcwelPs 'Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Dktiwct of Ciiitte.ndkn, ss. 1 The Hon. the Probate Court for the 73 "t trict of Chittenden. To all persons ci, ccrncd in the Estate of Elitha Nciccll, I iir, of Charlotte, in said District, deceased. GREETING. WHEREAS, Ezra Mccch, administ.o tor, of (ho estate of said decen- d proposes to render an account of his ml ministration and present his neemm' ngainst said estate for examination nnd nl lowanco nl n session ofthe Court of Prolr , to bo holdcn at the Register's oflicc in II i. Iington on tho second Wednesday of Jure next. Therefore, Yon nro hereby notified 1 appear heforo said court at tho lime m l place nforcsnid, nnd shew causo, if any "i have, why tho account nforcsaid should n- i bo allowed. Given under my hand nl Burlingloo, I' m lUh day of May. AD. Ili3fl. WnWu'ESTON Rex ' J A few boxes Sperm CahdK new and wluto oy Wait Si Tahu...

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