Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 15, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 15, 1838 Page 2
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witli spirit? and managed with judgment, huccom litis been certain. Tho great objection to this ciilturu has been, the In'Jor which is required to secure these mots from tho frosts of winter ; and yet tho labor and expense required (or ibis purpose are per haps no greater than wo expend in securing our grain and forage if they aru as groat. Where collars aro not at command, or not adequate, theso roots may all bo securely preserved in pits, in dry situations, duo pro caution being hot! to covering and ventila tion. It is tho novelty of the labor, rather than tho amount, mid a want of practical knowledge and confidence of nuccess, which intimidates and deters us. We do snvo our potatoes, and wo can savo other roots in Jilcn manner. Assuming tho avcrago pro duct of liny at a ton and a half to two tons pdr acre, and of beets and ruta bnga at 000 bushels and allowing a bushel and a half uf the latter, (00 II)-. ) to bo equal, for farm stock, to twenty pounds of hay, nn ncrcof tho roots will go ns far in tho econo my of feeding as nearly three acres of "meadow, to say nothing of the tops, which will go far to pay tho extra expense of cul tivating tho roots wlnlo the ground in oiio caso is ameliorated and improved, and in tho other impoverished. Thcso Toots, besides, may he used as a substitute for grain, for working cattle, and for pigs. Tho thrco acres of grass gives loss than 9,000 pounds to the tnanuro yard, while the one aero of ruta baga, or beets, gives 30,000, or four times us much as three acres of grass land. CANADA. An American boat fired into ! The reliance of Gov. Arthur upon the magna nimity of tho loyal and orderly Canadians is fully authorized by the following which wo cut from tho Rochester Daily Adver tiser. Tho Advertiser states that tho ex citement in Rochester is very great. It will bo notified that tho outrage was committed by tho Queen's militia under arms, and on duty. Capt. Childs, of the steamer Telegraph, fitates. that on putting into Brockvillu, or rather whilo there, he was.about 10 o'clock on Friday night, fired into by the Queen'? militia, stationed at that place. From fif toon to twenty shots were fired, four of which wo know to have struck the boat. An ounce ball passed through tho Ladies' Cabin, near tho centre, barely missing tho chamber maid, who was standing by the etovo. It must have been a narrow escape, judging from the holes in the wall compar ed with tho position of tho stovo It was known at Kingston that an attempt to de stroy either iho Oneida or Telegraph, was to bo made that night, but the former pass ed without calling on them. The Tele graph was fired on till out of reach, which was not long, as tho engineer, suspicious of foul play, kept up during the stay of tho boat, a heavy pros of steam. TI113 wan ton attack will servo to show tho feeling against us in Canada, and admonish our government that means adequate to the protection of tho frontier, cannot, with safety, bo much longer withheld. Tho officer commanding tho Guard at Brockvillo, attempts an exenso by saying that the men had misapprehended his or" dors, which were to firo two muskets into the air as a signal, provided any suspicious boats should approach. Tho degreo of suspicion that justly attaches to tho Tele graph, may bo learned Irorn tho fact, thai her boll was sounded or rung fiot'cc, as is customary at that place- Col. Bonnycasllo, in command of the Queen's troops at Kingston, stated to Capt. C. that ho must expect to be fired into so long as wo acted as at present, adding, by a way of taunt, that the next outrage from our sido would bo tho signal for him to cross the lino in a hostile attitude that the Can nilas could take tho states without aid from England! Lot the braggart make good the first part of his boast and his campaigns will have ended. Tho Rochester Democrat gives the fol lowing account of tho affair: Tho Telegraph left Oswego at G o'clock on Saturday evening touched at Prp.-cott ns usual and reached Brockvillo about 9. Here she landed at tho lower dock took on board and left a number of passengers received the visit and insults of an unarm ed mob, who ransacked the cabins, and othorwiso evinced a turbulent disposition nnd was moving past tho upper wharf, when she was hailed, and commanded to " come to." The captain, Fupposing there wero passengers in waiting, stopped the engine, and dropped down to within twenty loot of tho dock, but, apprehensive that all was not right, ho told tho passengers to, comn on board in tho small boat, lint this would not satisfy the crowd, who insisted upon tho boat's coming up to the dock. Afior a few words had passed the captain porcmplorily rofusod to land, srt tho engine in motion, and moved oil". Immediately upon this, and whilo tho boat was within a few foot of the wharf, about twenty mus kets wero fired, and four of tho balls enter cd tho ladies' cabin ! Ono passed within a fow inches of tIo chamcrfiaid, and two struck very near the captain. Wo sinccrcJy hope, from this version, that tho follows who fired wore members of tho mob. At any rate, wo cannot be licvo yet, that they fired by order of their officers, even though they belonged to tho enrolled militia. Such a continual soriJK of aggravations and insults have been for a long limo given and received by tho fron tier inhabitants on both sides, that an out. break of this kind, however molunclmly, ought not to liavo been unexpected. The conduct of tho captain, in refusing to go up to the dock, was perfectly warranted by tho provious ovonts of tho evening. Tho eilly storios reported " for fun" nn this side, and religiously believed by the timid on tho other, havo been artfully fo mented by designing persons, anxious to keep up tho oxciiomont to retain their commissions, their consequence, and thoir emoluments. Moro than once, preparations have boon mndo ot different places in Can nda to rocoivo hoslilo attacks, which, it was reported, woro to bo mada from this side. Perhops this very occasion was ono of these alarms, and tho guard, called out in conscquonco, wero dotcimincd to liavo a biiol at any rate. It is stated that the pas sengers on board of tho Telegraph suppose that tho object in commanding'"er to land was to destroy her , mid attnbuto her cs capo from such n catastrophe only to hor landing at tho lower wharf, whero tho body of men woro not assembled. If the two governments wish for a war, they liavo only to let things go on without troubling them, and a very pretty quarrel will shortly bo cooked up. The Canada Accouut of tho Brockvillo affair represents that only two porsons fired tho muskets into the Telegraph, and that they fired ton shot before they could bo ncissed. Smart gunnors, they. It eays also that tho whola all'uir was explained to tho American captain. His story docs not agree with that "explanation" however, Lord Durham has issued n proclamation in relation to tho Robert Peel affair, in which ho offers a roward uf otic thousand pounds for information which shall lead to tho conviction of any person engaged in tho destruction of tho steamboat. Ho ex horts the Canadians to abstain from any act of retaliation, and states that ho shall causo an efficient military force immediate ly to ho concentrated on such points as shall best protect tho frontier. An armed six gun schooner has been fitted out by tho British Government. His Lordship says ho shall lose no time in appealing to ttio government of tho United Stales to vindi cate its own honor, by avenging tho insult which has been offered to their authority by a band of lawless pirates, and repairing tho wrongs which havo been inflicted on her majesty's subjects. LORD DURHAM, DICTATOR OF LOWHR CANADA. As Lord Durham, who has just arrived at Quebec, clothed with dictatorial powers, is invested with an authority, more abso lute than was ever bestowed bel'oro upon any individual within tho limits of British America, and ns ho holds iu his hand, as it were, the destinies of near half n million of tho French inhabitants, thn descendants of the original colonists of Canada, n race of men in whom every liberal and well informed mind cannot but feel a deep interest, some sketch of the history, character and political principles of this nobleman will not, at this time, bo devoid of interest. John George Lmibton, for that is the Earl's family nuim.-, is descended from one of -tho oldest families in tho county of Durham, which carries uack Us pedigreu to the twelfth century, and boasts a traco of the blood of the i'lantagancts. In these days, however, this high descent would bo of little consequence, wero it not for the "Lambton coal mines" which havo been discovered on tho ancient estates of tho family, and being successfully worked, and to a great extent, furnish the sourco of a princely revenue. In the limo of tho 'Grand Rebellion," 09 Clarendon calls it, tho LambtoiH were cavaliers; and Sir William Lambton, who had been Knighted by Charles 1, and a son of his, abo named William, fell fighting in tho royal causo. Afterwards, however, the Lambtons united themselves to the Whig interest, nnd William Henry Lamb ton, lather of the carl, who represented tho city of Durham in Parliament a rep resentation which seems to have been a sort of heir-loom in tho family was a staunch friend and supporter of Fox, and in 1792, put his uama as chairman, to the celebrated "Declaration and Address of tho Society of Friends of tho people," which excited so much tho iro of Burke. Ho died at an early ago, in 1797, leaving his 6ldest 6on, John George Lambton, now oarl of Durham, but five years old. John George was educated at Eton, but for some violation of its aristocratic rules, was expelled, and thoreby precluded from either Cambridge or Oxford. With his private tutor, ho early visited the continent of Europe, nnd on New Year's day, Hi 12, before he had quite arrived at years uf discretion, made a Gretna Green elope ment with Miss Harriet Cholmondely. On tho II tli of July, 1815, Mr. Lambton becamo a widower, but in December, tho following year, married the daughter of Earl Grey. About tho time of his first marriage ho was elected to parliament, whoro ho fooii distinguished himself by his violent invec tives against tho Tory ministers, and his patronage of nil projects of roform, in which ho went further than most of his Whig associates. In 182(5, being upon tho busings at Alnwick in company with his brother-in-law, Lord Howick, who was a candidate to represent the county of Northumberland in Parliament, ns Lord Ilowiek was com menting with some severity upon the con duct of Mr. Beaumont, 0115 of tho opposing candidates, that gentleman accused Mr. Lambton of prompting his relative This Mr. Lambton uuqtiivncally denied ; and Mr. Beaumont retorted by giving him the lie. Mr. Lambton immediately left tho hustings, and n challcngo was soon sent. His wifo, who sal in on adjoining window and heard tho insult, remained in a state of tliu greatest doubt and anxiety. At tempts woro mado to arrest the combatants, hut they succeeded in evading tho diligence of the officers, and nftcr playing hide and seek for thrco or four days, thov mot at last at Bornborough, during a heavy fall of rain, where, according to the fashion ol modern English duels, thoy exchanged shots without harm to cither party, and than separated. Being dnvotmlly oitnchcd to tho late Dtiko of York, who was steeped lo the neck in debt, Mr. Lambton became security for him for n vast somo of money, which ho was eventually, on tho duke's death, compelled to pay. This obliged him to give up his princely castlo nnd 6tylo of living, and for a timo to live in comparative retirement. In I02H, when Lord Wellington succeeded to tho ministry it was found necessary to conciliate suveral of tho leading Whige, and Mr. Lambton was created Baron Dur ham. When his law, Lord Grey, became primo minister, ho was admitted to tho cabinet ns Lord Privy Sonl, and soon nftcr was created an Earl. Ilo was ssoalous for Iho reform bill, was tho great patron of tho English Dissenters, and in tha liberality of his political opinions so far outrun tho present ministry, that lo get rid of him, they sent him nn a sort of honorary ban ishment into Russia, whence ho had just relumed, whon ho was appointed Dictator of Lower Canoda. In politics ho is ono of thn most liboral of English statesmen, being usually ranked among tho radicals, and has always boon prominent and con sistent in his advocacy of reform. Lord Durham is a man of unquestionable talent and eloquence ; but notwithstanding his liberal political opinions, ho has the reputation of being tho proudest man in England. Tho post ho now occupios is ono"of extreme delicacy. If ho can carry out with frankness nnd firmnoss, tho prin ciples laid down in his proclamation on assuming tho command at QuQboc, ho may part) for himsolf nn enviable reputation. But if ho suffers himself to ho made a tool of, for tho attempted establishment of tho "Anglo Saxon" domination in Lower Can ada, to tho prcjudico of tho Canadian population, it would bo far bolter for his fame that ho had never visited America. MEXICO. Tha Globo publishes tho following ex tract of a letter, dated. Mexico, May 10. "An act was passod on tho 1st inst., by tho Houso of Representatives, conferring upon the President extraordinary powers for an unlimited time, excepting, however, tho right lo banish, or take tho lifo of a Mexican citizen, savo by process of law. Having been subsequently rejected by the Senate, and sent back to tho House, of Re presentatives for reconsideration, it was repassed by a unanimous vole of that body, granting to tho President tho power to raiso an army of onu hundred thousand men, and the necessary funds, and to have resort to the means which he might deem most conducive to the interests of Iho na tion, and requisite to carry his plan into effect. It is understood that tho portion of the priest party in the Congress which ad. vocatcd tho mcasuro in Iho first instance, for tho purpose of enabling tho President to toko measures called for by tho emer gencies of the times, fearing that he might extend these powers to tho confiscation of church property to niy tho expenses ol the war, havo withdrawn their support from tho measure, wishing to confino his powers to tho raising of funds by tho ordinary mode of taxation. Intelligence has been received from Yucatan that tho whole of that State had pronounced for federation. A severe battla was fought nt Merida, the capitol, between tho national troops and tho militia, six thousand ot whom had ob tained arms from Bihze, Honduras. Four hundred men nerished in tho conflict." Foreign. Somo of tho London gossips havo asserted that Victoria's Drawing Rooms woro leas fully attended than for morly ; but that on iho 3d inst. was mure numerously attended than any previous ono. Tho Marquis of Hereford's villa, near the Regent's Park, is to be appropriated lo Iho distinguished strangers who attend Ihe coronation. Efforts aro making both by tho fashionables nnd tho trades people, to procure a postponement of tho ceremony. Petitions wore in circulation among tho latter for signatures, praying that the coro nation might not take placo in June, nllcg' ing that the immediate close of tho fashion able season thereafter would be highly prt 1 iidicinl to their interests. Tho quarterly report of the Bank of Ens, land to May first, gives 19,0134.000 circu. lation, 1.00G.000 deposits, 2i,lGU,Q00 securities, 10,002,000 bullion. On the 5th of May, Mr. Humo gave notice in tho Commons, that on the Tues day following he should call tha attention ot the Houso to tho subiect of tho arrest and punishment of individuals accused of high treason in Upper Canada. About 70,000 of tho Glasgow people, including 18,000 women, have petitioned Parliament for tho abolition of West India slavery. Tho Radicals aro ogitating in Birming. ham, and in the West of Scotland. Lord John Russell has brought into Parliament tho important subject of Church Lands in bngtand and, Wales, and tho mode in which their leases are crantcd and renewed by bishops, deans, chapters and other ecclesiastical bodies. The motion lo inquire was carried into the Commons, 277 to 241. Tho Conservatives endeavored to secure the surplus to tho church, but lost a mo. lion made to that effect. A motion made by Mr. Humo, on tho other hand, to abolish pluralities in the church, was lost, 37 yeas, 107 nays. Tho revenue of Liverpool, the American sea-port in England is stated to bo one fourth of that of tho whole kingdom. Tho rowdy ofWntorford keeps up his reputation. At a meeting of Middlesex magistrates, for renewal of tavern license, it was 8talcdthat 0110 of tho applying land lords had been patronized by tho Marquis of Waterford, in tho following manner. His lordship ordered a butt of wine to bo given uway at his expense, but 011 the con dition that all tho receivers should bo prostitutes! Ilia lordship was present at iho drinking, and got into a fight with another rowdy. Tho hnuso was such a scene of riot that a large body of police had to bo stationed in it. A Mr. Hancock lias boon driving thro' tho streets of London in a steam gig. The Great Western excitement hero was nothing to tho interest excited in Lintlon by iho tea-kettle "wohiclo." Tho Typhus Fovor wos making great havoc in London. It raged like an epidem ic, and produced much alarm. Tho British brigantino Buzzard had arrived nt Ply mouth, bringing most distressing accounts that Iho sickness at Sierra Loono had do atroyed nearly cntiro crews and officers of several vessels of war. Tho Buzzard has had, during hor four years crtiiso on tho coast, tho most unprecedented buccoss in tho capture of ulavo vessels, having taken 110 less than 4,403 slaves. 0 Tho French National debt had increased in U years to eight hundrud and seventy four millions of francs, und ninety-throo millions of which had bcon expended in public works. Tho bill for I ho con version of iho 5 per cents, had bcon adopted in tho chambors. Tho first instalment of tho Haytion indemnity had boon received. Advices from Africa woro of tho most sa tisfactory tenor. Tho indictment against Hubert and his accomplices was published, setting forth all tho particulars of his plot against tho King. Tha trial was to commonco on tho 14th of May. It would ho policy iu tho government to protract tho trial proceed ings as long ns possible, bocauso when this caso is out of tho way another will spring up. Tho 5th of Mav.boinrf tho annivorearv of Napoleon's death, a great number of garlands wero as usual deposited at tho loot o! tho column in tho Placo Vondome. Death has cotno near enough to princo Tallyrand to tako his brother but tha old diplomat still defiod tho king of terrors himself. Ho has the knack of living undor every administration, and will probably so nogoclato with tha king abovo mentioned as lo oul-livo Louis Philippe. Tho advices from Africa represent all as quiet. But by hor African possessions Franco has lo watch tha Mediterranean. A frigate was sailing from Toulon to assist tho Boy of Tunis against tho Turks. Telegraphic despatches wero received at Pans, dated Uayonnc, May 4, announcing tho total defoat of tho Carlist Nccri by Espartorn; 2000 prisoners wero taken, of whom 200 woro officers. All tho Carlist artillery and baggago foil into tho hands of tho victors. Two Carlist companies sur rendered to tho Baron do Meer on tho 30th of April. On April 27th, at Madrid (tho Queen's birth day) thcro was a grand procession, and kissing of hands at the Palaco, and addresses from the chambers. About 1500 attended tho levco. Tho young infant Queen was present for tho first time. Cabrera's corps in tho neighborhood of Cazinory had produced somo alarm at naragossa. Novel and Ecnomical. Tho follow ing proposition for tho introduction to Congress of a now moda of taking tho ayes and noc3, so as to savo timo and monoy. Mr. Wm Cost Johnson presented a com munication which had been laid an his desk, suggesting n curious time-saving plan for taking tho ayes and .noes, in tho divisions of tho Houso. I ho writer, after a proper allusion lo Mr. Johnson's laudable excr. tion3 in the causo of rcttcnchmcnt, proceeds to say. that tho estimated expenses of tho liouso are about g-2000 per day, and tak ing tho sessions to avcrago five months in each year, the annual expenses arc at least 300,000. A reference lo tho recorded proceedings, ho adds, will show that the ayes and nays aro ordered at least once an hour, or an average. This process con sumes twenty minutes, and cost one-third of the daily expenditure, making an annual amount of about one hundred thousand dollars. To remedy this evil, ho submits a plan whhich will enable the clerk to record tho ayes and noes in two seconds ! Ho proposes to extend from each mem ber's soat a small wiro, just below the surface of tho floor, to a point in front of tho clerk s table at which they should all converge, in a circle eighteen inches in diameter. From tho end at tho member's seat, ho proposes to extend another small wire, to a key on the top of tho desk, which could bo readily touched with tho fingers. From tho ends at tho clerk's tabic, he would extend another small wire upward, and connect with a small sharp probo of tho size of a common Knitting pin. These probes aro to be arranged in rows, to fit tho names of tho members on tho list or roll, and to ho placed under a plate of wood or tin, with tho same number of stnill holes in it. Upon this plate is to be laid tho list, hiving tho names bo arranged as to corres pond with the holes; nnd on tho top of this another plate is to bo placed, corresponding exactly with the ono underneath. Now comes the magical part! When tho question is propounded, ho would request tho ayes to touch their keys!" whereupon iho probo at tho table would rise up half an inch, and plainly puncture tho list, precisely whero tho clerk now makes his black mark, to indicate that vote. Tho frame containing tho list is then to bo moved sideway about an inch, bringing the other ends of names immediately over the rows of probes. Our ingenious contri vor would then request tho uays to "touch their keys," which would make a similar puncture at their places. Tho clerk then has nothing to do but call over tho list in tho usual way, to test tho acsuracy of tho record. This would consume about two minutes, and complete tho wholo process. Tho cost of carrying the plan into effect would bo not mora than twelvo or fifteen hundred dollars', and it might, he thinks, bo adopted nt tho next session. Tho members were very much amused with Iho details, and particularly with tho idea of Mr. Speaker crying "Ayes, touch your koys ! Nays, touch your keys !" Unluckily there wos nonamo attached to the paper ; so wo aro ignorant of tho author of this wonderful discovery, and what is worso a rule of tho House prohibits the reception of any communication without a real signaluro; so tho communication was returned to Mr. Johnson's hands. Facts for tub People. Wo would respectfully call tho attention of tho people to tho following startling facts which sanctioned as they aro by tho highest au thority, cannot and daro not bo denied by tho Loco Focos, much as they aro given to falsehood. Reader reflect well upon them ! and then decide whether you will support your country's interest or tho interests of thn spoilsmen, who havo boon and arc still fattening upon its ruin : "I leave this great people prosperous and happy. Gen. Jackson's Farewell Address. Such wero the words of our late venora. bio Chief Magistrate but littlo more than ono yoar sinco, on retiring from tho cares of government to tho rcposo of domestic lifo. If ho is worthy of credit; and his friends surely will not deny it j tho Treas ury was then full to overflowing, now view iho other sido of tho picture as presented by Mr. Woodbury, Secretary of tho Treas ury. "Tho Treasury of tho United States is ompty. .Ifr. Woodbury's report. Whoro now aro the surplus funds with which our Troasury was burlhnnctl when Gen. Jackson yielded up tho reigns of Gov ernment to Martin Van Buren, tho servile 'follower in tho footsteps?' echo answers, whoro ? Hut tho worst is yet to bo told, ns will bo soon by tho following remark made jn Congress by Mr. Cambrcleng, tho mouth picco of tho Adminietralion ; "I proposo to introduco a bill to author ise tho issuo of NOTES to tha amount of TWENTY MILLIONS, to pay tho debt of tho nation." Cambrelcng. Thus this groat nation, which littlo mora than a year sinco was 'prosperous and hap py !' with an overflowing treasury, is now literally out of monoy, almost bankrupt, nnd compelled to borrow TWENTY MILLIONS to pay its debts! Docs not this speak trutnpct-tnngucd of tho incapa. city of Martin Van Buren to rule Iho des tinies of a great people ? The House that Jack Built. A building of great size (containing 156 rooms) has been lately erecting, for tho use of tho Treasury Department at Washing ton: when lo! no sooner aro tho walls all up, than it is discovered that they must be taken down again. A committco of Con gress, assisted by two architects, havo reported in substance, 1. That tho building is placod where it ought not to bo, 2. That it is not suited to tho purpose for which it is intended. 3. That it is exceedingly ugly. 4. That if completed on tho present plan it will inovitably tumblo down. Thoy therefore recommend that it bo token to pieces and built at another placo on a better plan. Tho workmanship, &c. al ready expended will bo a loss of about eighty thousand more to unbuild it total p 10,000. No one can fail to bo struck bv tho meta phorical rcsomblancc between this edifice and the administration itself. 1. Tho administration is whero it ought not (0 bo. 2. It is unfit for its design. 3. It is exceedingly unlv. 4. If it does not soon tumblo down of itself, it will bo pulled down. Columbia 1 elcicope. FKIDAY MORNING, J U N E 15. COITNTV nriNVRNTiovT TIlQ WlltHS nf thn nnnnlu nrrllitlnn.lnn hereby requested to meet in convention nt K;i"le lt.,11 !. ll'llll.,.. M.l 10.I. -J- t " on muiiu.iy uiu join uay oi june mil., nt 10 o'clock A. M., to nominate tuo Sena tors for said county, nnd for tlio transaction of oilier important business. It is earnestly desired that enc imvn ill inn mnntv on rpnrrannifv iu ir n.i tlirco delegates. JOI1NN. POMEROY.I JAMES I. CUTLER, County Wm. V. BR1GGS, Comm. JOSEPH CLARK, j STATE CONVENTION. A Slaic Convention of die Democratic Whigs of Vermont, and of all Freemen of the Stato opposed lo tlio unwiso nnd ruinous measures of the present nii'J past National Administrations, will meet at Monlpclicr, on Wednesday tho 27ih dav of June next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., for ilio purpose of nominating candidates lor stuto olliccrs lor the ear enduing, and for the transaction of such other business as the bankruptcy of tlio national treasury and the palsy of individual industry may seem to require. When those who have been delegated by thn PEOPLE to guaid, protect nnd promote their interests, falsify their pledges and betray their trust, it is time for the people themselves to as semble in convention, nnd there, nnd at the ballot boxes, to speak out ii such thunder tones ns will he heard and obeyed at Washington. Tho supporters of the supremacy of the law, the friends of civil and personal liberty and of a con stitutional government honestly und wisely admin, islered the fiiends of fieo discission und of the sacred right of petition and of remonstrance are invited to attend the convention, ns volunteers or delegates, AT LEAST TEN, FROM EACH TOWN, tlio more the better and participate in its deliberations. We are aware that in making this call, we address the Freemen of a stale which has unyieldingly and successfully, maintained its political integrity, against all the assaults of power and inlluence from abroad, and the cffoits of zeal ous and active opponents at home. And wo deem it necessary only lo say to such Freemen, the friends of our country nnd of our cause are triumph ing in all parts of the nation, in well merited suc cess nt their elections ; and at such a crisis a? this, they EXPECT EVERY FIIEEMAN IN VER SION T TO DO HIS DUTY. Wm. Ul'HAM, 1 E. 1'. WALTON, Central 0. 1,. KNAI'I. i State E. II. 1'ltENTISS, J Comwi. E. l JEWETT, J Montpelicr, May 22, 1S3S. WHIG MEETING AT RICHMOND. At a large nnd respectable meeting of lite Whigs of the town of Richmond, convened at iho meeting house in said town on tlio 13th day of June 1S3S, for the purpose of taking into consideration iho propriety of nominating a candidate for Congress, in the -1th Congressional Disirict, tlio following resolutions were unanimously adopted : Resolved That wo consider the present nn im portant era in our political cxistonec, and' the approaching congressional election seems to remind every freeman that upon his sclection'of a candi date may depend the preservation of our liberties. JCcsoluca, llut while iho disgraceful outrage committed upon the steamboat C.trolino remains unavenged, nnd our fiontier is being garrisoned by n foreign power that whilo die question of our North Eastern Bound iry remains iwculcd, and the possession of a large tract of land belonging to a sister State, is wrested from her bj ihai power: and that whilo the right of petition is boldly deni ed on the floor of Congress,it behooves every re flecting patriot lo scrutinize tho principles nnd prnctico of any candidate who may bo selected to assist in our national councild to guide the dcitinies of a great nnd free people. Jicsoivca, mat lully appreciating the patriotic and unwavering republican principles of our fellow ciiiiun iiou. hm, r. titiocs, wo clieerlully cm braco this opportunity to proposo him to tho free men of tho 4th Congressional District, us a candi d.uo for election to the next Couarcss. Jiesolced, That wo consider his eminent (alenls and distinguished eloquence eminently qualify him to prefer our petitions, nnd causo our complaints to bo successfully heard and respected, upon the floor of Congress. Jlcsolccd, That wo feel undiminished confidence in our present ublo nnd distinguished representative, and would taku great pleasure in giving him our support mil lor ihu republican iioctrnio ol rota lion in office, which wo hold to bo inst ami honora bio we therefore, earnestly recommend Mr. Uriess lo tho serious consideration and sufl'rago of our fellow-citizens, at the smiio limo expressing our I.IIIIIC. IIHIIMIIUIICU UMU l-U'UICI itllUII l, MIUHOUIIUU- lion of such candidjtu as mnv bo usreed tinon bv a convention of delegates from the several towns in tins District. Uetolucd. That the proceedings of this mectini lie signed tiy inn ciiairmun nnd secretary unci pub- i;l.,,.l In !, I!ri:,,.n,. !,.. ' Henoni Thompson, Chairman. Wtlltam Rhodes, Jr. Secretary, " Monsieur Tonson come again." Wo understand that tho Van Buren Conven tion at Williston on Wednesday, rcsultod in tho ro nomination of tho old ticket for Senators, Messrs. Chittenden andllaswoll. What a farco is this ! (o bo year after year calling democratic Conventions ostensibly lo nominato Senators, when in fact it is well known and understood, by oven tho boys in tho street, that tho Hon. Truman Chittenden is (7ic man ; nnd inasmuch ns it is equally cortain that even he cannot get nn olection in this county, it is an un justifiable waste of timo and money to call a Convention for tho moro purposo of de signating who shall shoro the honor of another defeat with the youthful and am bitious aspirant who heads tho ticket. Judgo Chittenden avers that ho never sought ofHco, and the public know that ho ncvor declined it. So thero can bo no doubt of his genuine democracy; and should ho hereafter bo considered the can didato, without tho formality of a conven tion, with power to select nn associate, much valuable timo would bo saved, in which tho peoplo might very profitably obey tho injunction of Sam. Houston, nnd " plant corn." Wo loarn, by tho way, however, that tho subject of tho currency was taken up and disposed of, and Nic. Biddlc, os usual, annihilated. We shall got tho particulars hereafter. ' FnoNTiEn. -Brevet Brigadier Gonoral Wool, of tho United States Army, is or dered to tho Northern lino of this State, with instructions to call out and organizo tho militia. --Albany Daily Advertiser. Wo understand that the Hon. Daniel D. Barnard, is to deliver tho Oration, and Jame3 G. Brooks, Esq. Iho Poem, be fore tho Literary Society of tho University of Vermont, at tho approaching Com mencement, August 1st. (D Look out for gl bills of tho Bank of Vcrgenncs, Vt. altered to fives. A very slight examination will detect them. JV. F. Sun. In Peace prepare for War Tho wife of Mr. B. F. Cannon of New Salem, on Tuesday night May 8th, prcientcd her husband with foursmall cannonsor swivels. VVc understand this fine little (ark of ar tillery is in good serviceable trim ! Mrp. C. deserves an appointment in tae Spring field Armony. Barre Gazette. This event will produce gnat excite ment north of 45. For tho Free Press. Alas for Liberty! Her altars now Lie desolato and wasto; iheglimm'riig flamo , That cheered her ardent worshippers is gone. Oppression triumphs; and theglorioui causo That nerved tho t'nti iot's arm and died his heart Is lost. Shout Despots! Bid your croiching slaves Hug their chains, and worship Tyranny. Oh could a righteous cause, or ardent prayers, Or hopes that spring from generocs swnpalliy, Or acts of valor, and high patriotism', Could these avail to stem oppiession's tide, To strike the tjrnnl through his hireling slaves; Then Canada wero free, forever fice. Her patriot sons would look abroad with love, And reverence, and hope, on their own laud, And breathe once more the breath of Liberty And hear her voice. t lint we still hope. Freedom is on our borders. Her bravo sons Lift up her spangled banner ; nnd the stars And stripes flash on our eyes. We look nnd live Wo gather hope and courage, and our hearts Leap up with joy lo think upon the day When Freedom's banner shall be our's ; nnd wo Shall taste, though late, the blcssinss of tho Free; A CANADIAN. Burlington, June 12, 1S38. .communication. Lines supposed to havo been suggested in reply lo an empty-headed coxcomb, who wa3 descanting freely on the alleged men tal inferiority of the fairer portion of crea tion. You prove that women have no brains, For many cogent causes, The principal of which I think, By logic's soundest laws, is : That into a sleep, which was very deep, Tho Lord made man to fall Then from his side, he took a rib But touk no brains at nil. Ho left his brains, the whole of llicm, So woman none retains, For bone you see, ran never bo Transmogrified to brains Sinco women then can have no brains, Vour moiher can have none, So I ihink I may, with safely say, You aro your mother's son. ORDINATION. On Sunday, the 3d inst, in St. Paul's Church, Messrs. O. . Staples, John B. Pratt, nnd Jonah Obtar, late students in tho Vermont Thro- logical Seminary, were admitted to the Holy Older of Deacons, by tho Rt. Rev. Bishop Hopkins. MAR IUI E D In Charlotte, on tho IOiHBhy tho Rev. S. Simonds, Me. M. L. MineMT OQtjburn, to Miss Clarimla Crosmon, of WilliJK), In St. George, on TucsdVy last, by R. Lock wood, Esq. Mr Nathaniel Sutton, of Shelburn, to Miss Abigail Weeks, of Richmond. DIED In Ljins, Michigan, on the 17th ttlt. Mrs. Abi gail.wifcot Russel Morton, late of Wilislon,!ed37. Carding and Cloth-Dressing. TFIHB subscriber gives notice that hii A machines aro in ample ordor for card, ing Rolls, and the business will bo attended to, in tho strictest manner by tho subscrr ber. Cloth'Dressing will bo commenced in August. Carding and dressing will o done on os reasonable terms as at any otfcr clinn in thin virinili- ' N. B. Customors crossing tho Fdry at Hubbols-Falls will pass toll Trro. JOSHUA HAYNE. Essex, IIubbels-Falls, June 10, 1033. S AUCTION GOOIN Tfc ECEIVED from inv Auction Ai il now sunnlv of rich French Jhslini, fig'd, col'd and black Silks very iheap, JVc rmo oti lancy Shawls and ti aKjt, utoves. Hosiery, JWllinary Articles, Straw and Tuscan Braid, fee. &c. with n fow part pieces Broad Cloths, at good bargains. Also, rather unexpected, but fortunately, two cases vorv handsomely assorted straw andjlorence Bonnets and Artificial Flowers. June 15, S, KAlih JIUWAIiD.

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