Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 22, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 22, 1838 Page 2
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through tbo ilonrintr oflhe cage, and break jii(r into tho apiirtmont. sprung upon a beautiful lama, which, with tlm olcphnnt niul some small minimis, wore pormiticil to fro loose. It wan killed and devoured in a short time. Tho roaring and noise of tho other ani mals wyis terrific all their nativo wildnuss seemed to have, returned. The keeper hearing the noise, nnd supposing that they were impatient for food, went into the Toom, whore Uio first object that met his view was lit a ligurs preying upon t ha Inmn. lie seized n stick to drive t he in into their cage, ot this tho tiger left his victim, and in the net of springing upon tho keeper was arrested by tho lion, near whose den ihc was crouching, and who held him fust ii his claws. In the mean time, our hero, Tippo Sullan, hurried to his friend the keeper, wound his trunk around his waist, and lifted him in tho air, out of the reach ot harm, and kept him tiioro safely until assistance came, and the brutes were secured. Hut to return to what exhibits him in a lefs favorable light. In Dccoulher Inst, soon after his arrival at Port an Prince, ho be came quite wild nnd unmanageable, at tempting several tunes to strike his keeper, nnd whilo the caravan was journeying to another part of the bland, he fell upon a horso which was following on in the traiiii ran his tusks through him and destroyed the poor nriuinl on llic spot. The keeper was knocked down, in nitcmpting to res cue the horse, nnd would probably have shared the same fate, had not Curtis rode tip and fired a ball through his trunk, which made tho elephant fall back. The keeper took to his heels, and the elephant reared up nnd prnpnrcd to attack Curtis, but he succeeded in getting out of his way. At this lime thu eyes of tho elephant teemed to project, out of his bead, and ninid the darkness of the night, to emit wild unearthly glooms of light, resembling balls of fire. Ho then rushed into the woods, with great fury, tearing up every thing I hat came in bis way, stripping him self of bis saddles, and tho canvass cover ing. After tho party had succccdcil in getting him back into the road, he set nut and chased one of the men, mounted on a ilect horse, for four or live miles, the men behind following in order not to loose sight and if possible to seize him. Towards morning he broko into a plantation, nnd commenced the work of destruction. Tho planter, au old black man, heard the noise of the elephant, and supposing that cattle were making havoc with his crops, took his musket nnd went out for the purposo of driving them out. Tho first glimpse of old Tippo, never hnving seen eo high a creature before, frightened him half out of his senses, and made him drop li's gun and scamper for his domicil, with the elephant at his heels. Ho really thought Old Nick or his Satanic Majesty had made his appearance. During the day, he made repeated attacks on his keeper and the company. He then took to the inoun. ains, nnd was pursued in a circuitous f'ute in his ascent for about three miles, 'beoarty cons'antly firing upon him, till bo nilcngili came to n ledge of rocks and was so cornered llml he must cither turn back and receive the fire of his pursuers, or fumble- down an almost endless precipice, lie howovei, chose the latter alternative, nnd descended more than n mile, tearing trees and rocks, and every thing that impeded his progress. lie ran into a small river at tho bottom of the mountain, whore he remained more than nn hour throwing water over his body. Until then he had been perfectly u ninannircablc, but his wrath was somewhat subdued bv tho coolins in fluence of tho u'dIlt. His 'keener, still Oflr llrr In nnr.rr.-wll. ,i;mr.ln,l 'I'.nnr. In If,,, but by Is pearmg nnd severe disci- in.' I v vm i rd to the will o lis length became so tame and he has never submitted to yield 10 uui one master. i iuuu oui- CONGRESS. j - tno row uctvveen Messrs. ocn iiuu between Messrs. Middle ot I'a. nun lavish expenditure it has occasioned. growing out of a upeccli of the former in which he accused the hitter of dishonorable conduct in somo Tennessee matter. They had a couple of rounds of hard words in the Scnntc, upon tho appearance of this speech in the newspapers, and then the Vice Pres. tdent interfered to break up llio sport before it t-hoold grow serious. Wo hopo this weather will drive tho two Houses into an adjournment without waiting to do any more mischief though the Sub-Treasury and Pre-emption Dills uru both close at hand. The acid is betrayed by sundry Members in other matters than their own broils. Mr. Everett of Vt. has culled on tho Exec utive for full statistics of the Florida War. Unamiablc, this, Mr. Wise likewise has put in an inquiry as to what Mr. Ex-See rctary Cnss is doing in Italy, Greece and Asia Minor how lar his leisurely travels nrc likely lo extend ; whether United States frigates nru kept on hand to trans tiort him ; and whether ho is drawing sala ry and allowances as Minister to Franco all tho while. Mr. Whittlesey ot unio tun kindest cut of all) has moved to deduct from every Member's pay for llio days that ho in absent without reasonable cause Tho IIouso refused to suspend tho rules in order to consider this, by a vote of Oil to 89. We have not room to exhibit in detail all that has boon said and proposed in rota lion lo tho Currency. In tho House, Mr. Kennedy has introduced a series of able resolutions, covering nearly tho wholo ground, and looking decidedly towards 'the back track.' The IIouso will not of courso suspend its rules to givo them precedence. On Tuesday, Mr. Webstor made a highly cone liatory epeech on the gencrnl euIuci, in introducing n petition from Now Haven. 1 Ho remarked that ho had never been Inu tile- lo the abstract policy of abolishing the smaller ilenoniinntions of Dank Notes. Ilu had even favored that policy. Ilu thought, however, that tho course of the Government in other respects had rendered it impossible to pursue that policy at present, and ho therefore should urge tho propriety of go ing back to tho principlo of receiving all Hank Notes of undoubted worth that are redeemed in epccio. To this end, ho asked leave lo introduce a bill. Messrs. Prentiss nnd Word have intro duccd a scries of resolutions, bearing hard upon tho conduct of the House in regard to the Mississippi Contested Election. Wo suspect they will not bo ncled on. Tho victorious party can afford to let that mat ter rest. Tho Senate did n sensible thing on Wednesday. A bill had been introduced by somebody, proposing to set apart a belt of land on tho Western frontier of tho States, to bo given away in bounties to a corps of volunteer settlers who wcro to be enrolled 'for tho defenco of the frontier in plain terms, to pick quarrels nnd raise disturbances with the Indinns. After n full discussion, by Messrs, Fulton, Linn, Clay of Ala. and Sevier in the affirmative, and Messrs. Strange, Davis, Morris, Nilcs and Lumpkin in thu negative, this bill was re jected: Yeas 10; Nays 211. So three mil lion aerosol the l'uolic Domain are saved for the present. At the suggestion of Mr. Wright, Mr. Webster agreed to postpone action on bis Currency Hill copied above until the House shall have acted on the Sub-Treasury Hill, the two being wholly inconsistent. So the House is to decide this momentous ques tion. In the House on Wednesday the Annex, alien of Texas was incidentally discussed, but tho Pre-cmpliun Dill was the staple of the day's dcbaic. No question taken. Mr, Lcgnrc. from thu Committee on For eign Affairs, renortcd nn thu memorial of the Now York Peace Society. 10,000 co pies wcro ordered to bo printed. FRIDAY M O II N I N G, JUNE 22. ID" 7 'Ac Jfhigi of lturlington are reques ted In meet (it John Howard's Hotel THIS EFEMjYG, In elect delegates In th$ Stoic Convention at Montpelier on the 2 7 t , WIHGN O Ml NATIONS. It gives us pleasure to learn that thu Whig Convention at Willislon, on Mon day, was numerously attended, and resulted in the unanimous and very cordial nomina tion of John N. Pomeiioy of Durlington, and Joseph Ci.ahk of Milton, to represent us in the stale Senate. The nomination is a good one, and will, we doubt not, bo ratified by the people. Dy some mischance tho official account of tho meeting has been delayed until it is too late for this week. Wo shall give it in our next. Arc t lie several towns prepared for the State Convention at Montpelier, on the 27th ? Evory town should bo represented the more numerously the belter. We have received but too late for insertion to-day the proceedings of a meeting in Huntington, seconding the nom ination of Mr. Driggs, for Congress. The Bills ol the old Unileil Suites Hank nro daily genius; moiu into disiepnlc, and mil of cir culalion. The Mai ket people will nut lo'ich them. A gentleman ustiiies 11.4 lie could not pass one of these if llio denomination of live doll.ii.-', ycsleiday in innikct. A ten dollar bill of another Stale was preferred. Ilicsu bills are lie.Hed preity imirh 113 llio bliin plasicrs generally, people like llio specie best, anil will adheic 10 iheir piefcicnce while llicy linvcufieo choice. Venmngton Gazette. The popular sentiment in regard to theso bills, is pretty clearly indicated, we should think, by tho circumstance that special legislation was fcund necessary to prevent their circulation. Was there ever u more striking commentary ! Ten years ago Gen. Jackson commenced his warfare against this institution, and, armed with the whole power of the Government, and sustained by a popularity which nothing could resist, prnsoCutod it during the eight years of his administration with a violenco and virulence unprecedented. Tho result is matter of history. Ho pronounced the bank insolvent, and recommended the withdrawal of tho public funds from it. Congress investigated tho subject, found the institution sound, and refused to remove tho dopositcs. But Gen. Jackson "took tho responsibility,'1 withdrew the public money and entrusted it to the keeping of his southern and western political Pets ; and the result is but too well known and keenly felt by tho whole community. Twenty millions of tho public money is now reported as "unavailable," lost the government in a stato of bankruptcy, and actually compelled to resort to an issue of millions of irredeemable paper money, in order to keep tho wheels in motion. Again, tho representatives of tho people, justly appreciating llio valuo of such an institution, as illustruled by tho fact that it had kept and disbursed tho public money for twenty years without charge or loss of a single cent to the government ! had fur nished a sound currency, of equal value in all parts of tho country, facilitated exchan "cs. and restrained and kept tho local banks within safo and wholesome limits fully impressed with theso weighty consul orations, both houses of Congress, by decisive majorities, said the bank ought to lm rechartorcd; but alas, how surely do wicked rulors feel power and forget right I Our republican President had flworn"bythe Eternal" it should not bo rcclmrtcred. It wos not. Tho bank expired by limitation of its charter, paying tbo government fifteen per cent, premium on its stock. And hero commenced the "experiments" of tho Executive branch of tho govern ment In furnishing the country with a"'oct tor currency." How well they have suc ceeded, need not bo written ; nor need wo mention tho quadruple of local banks, whicji, stimulated by tho government to excessive issues, flooded tho country with paper, until monoy was tho cheapest arti cle in market the consequent appreciation of property tho mania for speculation, tho idleness, extravagance, bankruptcy and distress which followed, for these events arc too severely felt in their conso quenccs at the present moment to require urging upon the attention of any man who has intelligence enough to reason or can dor to ascribo to causes their legitimate and obvious effects. Having destroyed the best currency the world ever knew, and brought the country to tho very verge of ruin, Gen. Jackson retired to thu Hermitage on the -1 1 1 1 of March 11)37, announcing to tho world, "I leave my people prosperous and happy." Sago conclusion ! Within ninety days from that time, tbo entire business of the country was prostrate, tho Treasury bank rtipt, nnd the nation without a currency. At this juncturo, Mr. Diddle, whoso capa cious mind takes in the whole country at a glance, perceiving the ruinous relation in which the planter stood lo the merchant, and our merchant to tho merchant in Liverpool, for the rncro wont of a medium of exchange, stepped forwaid with the bills of the old U. S. Dank, purchased the cot ton crop at the market price, and shipped it to Liverpool on his own occount-thus cna. bling the planter to pay the atlantic mer chant, and, at I be same time furnishing the importer with tho means of paying the balance against him in Liverpool, without a resort to shipping specie, which was than twelve to twenty per cent, pre mium. Thoro was surely no wickedness in this. But alas, the consequences I These United States bills, instead of im mediately returning upon Mr. Diddle for redemption, as might naturally be expected, when it was recollected that the President of the United States had pronounced them worthless, have continued in circulation from that time to this. Thoy have consti. tu'.ed a considerable portion of the circu. laling medium at the South have been sought for by thoso who wished to hoard their money, and until quite recently have been at one per cent, premium over specie. Thus surely docs truth prevail over false hood ; and public opinion, though some times slow, is euro ultimately to do homage to virtue and integrity. But this was too much for tho "Roman firmness" of Gen. Jackson. In vain had ho fought tho battle of Now Orleans, more than vain had been his reign of "glory," and how impotent his "veto," if, after all, tho good name and reputation of Diddlc's Dank was to survive tho adminis tration that had warred upon it ! Alas the glory of his great deeds, the multitude of his followers, and the things wherein tho people had promoted him, "what availed him all this, while Mordecai the Jew sat at tho King's gate." A more unhappy frame of mind could hardly bo conceived of, and Mr. Diddle has undoubt cdlv rendered himself liable to indictment at common law for the "infliction of severe and unusual punishment." However, as 0 sort of peace-offering to the perturbed spirit of an honest but mistaken old man, who is fast disappearing in the oblivions furgetfulncss of those who made him tbo instrument of incalculable mischief to the country, Congress has entertained a law forbidding tho circulation of these bills. Under these circumstances, it seems some one has declined to receive them, nnd this event the Gazette considers of sufficient importance to requiro a glorification Small favors taken at par. Dut tho true inference from all this is a pregnant one. Tho good sense of the community wns always in favor of the U S. Dank, and that this confidence has not been shaken, is fully demonstrated by this resort to special legislation. When tho people again take possession of the govom merit, as they arc about to do, wo shall have a inturu In tho old and tried paths in which wo prospered, when n perfect currency was considered good enough. Aiimv movements. Our govoinmont is at length turning ils attention to tho northern fronlior, and several small dotachmouts o troops bavo recently passod down tho Lako An atmv ordor of 9th Juno, directs General Ilrady to proceed to Sackcts Harbor and as sumo tho direction of things in that quarter Col. Cutler of -lib Infantry, to tnko command at Pittsburgh and Mnj. Churchhill, of 4lh Artillery, lo lako post at St. Albans or Swan ton. Tho ordor adds "In addition to tho forco already ordered lo Saekoll's Harbor, tho disposnblo recruits nt Fort Monroo, and in tho hurbor of Now York, will bo mustered, armed, equipped, nnd officered, and despatched to that post. A detachment of sixty well instructed recruits will bo sent without delay from tho depot at ForlJMonroo, lo Swanlcu, on tho Vermont frontier, and a like detachment of sixty re. crults will be soul lo l'lattbbiirgh, from llio Now York depot, as soon as possible." Gen. Macomb is now at tho north, A loiter from Washington slatos that tho War Department has determined upon tho cmploymant ofan armed steam-boat on Lnko Erfo, and also on Lako Ontario. This is a wise precautionary moasuro, and It strikes us that sound policy would dictato a similar courso on Lake Champlain. An ounco of preventive is surely worth a pound of euro, Tho Now York Commotcial Advortlsor, Albany Daily, and somo oilier city papers, afi'eet to bo marvellously indignant that tho Windsor grand jury did not find bills against Nelson and Colo. Tho Commercial, however, finds consolation in tho reflection that a largo portion of ils neighbors think tho Vcrmontors aro no better than thoy should bo. Wo shall not quarrel about that matter j but wo beg lo have it distinctly understood that wo moun- laincors, now, as of old, entertain opinions of our own, and act with roferonco to them, with out inquiring what the Empiro Stato will think of us. Wo nro furthermore of llio opin ion that a Vermont jury, with all tiio facts heforo them, aro quito as competent, and quito as likely lo decide correctly, as our southern neighbors, who know nothing about it. We aro sorry to see our neighbor of Ibo Vcrmonlcr, chiming in with tho ultra-tories of tho cities, in their insolent abuso of tho Windsor grand jury. Ho mistakes llio pcoplo of Vermont and tbo temper of tho times, or bo would surely have refrained from such whole sale denunciation against ono of tho most intelligent and upright bodies of men perhaps, that over asscmbcd on a similar occasion in tho Slate. On their oaths thoy declare, unan imously, that tbo evidenco presented did not warrant them in finding a bill. We boliovo them. If tho best evidenco tho case admitted was not presented, or witnesses withheld the llio truth, tho jurors aro certainly not ac countable. Wo trust in God the day is far distant when an American jury shall go be yond Ibo evidence before them in order to fix tbo brand of infamy upon a noblo-hoartcd but unfortunalo exile, struggling for freedom. The vngahoud reneendo Robert Nelson, a fel low who cum; into llio Suite (0 trample on our laws,- mui who Flaixu lielorc Hie coiniminilv a branded linr, has been "honored" bv a nublic din. nor IJy someof die "baser sort of gentlemen" at the p11.11. vermonlcr. Tho lino of separation between tbo "baser sort," and " good socioty," depends so much upon tbo taste of tho individual wholfcndcr takes lo draw it, that any attempt to fix a permanent boundary, would, wo imagine, re suit in manifold violations of neutrality. For ourselvos, wo should consider it no mean praise to receive llio' good will and approba tion of most of tbo individuals alluded lo at tho capital. Our neighbor thinks otherwise. Dut as this is a mere matler of opinion, wo shall not quarrel about it. When, however, wo witness such wanton and unprovoked abuso as that bestowed on Dr. Nelson, wo will not hold our peace. Will tho Vormonter inform us when, and by what process, this gentleman became " a vagabond renegade," and bv whom he has boon "branded a liar?" Wo know Dr. Nelson to bo a gentleman, t man of fine talents, and eminent in his pro fcssion. Hut, lorsooth, tins " fellow camo into tbo Stato to violate our laws." This was surely n wickod intent j hut a jury of disinterested freeholders declare on their oalhs that ho has been guilty of no act unbo coming a peaceable and nuict citizen. Un dcr these circumstances, it nenjs to us that ibis shower of epithets would have conio with vastly better graco from another quarter and last of all from tho author of the fol lowing spirit-stirring linos : Will joeii down your hearths beside And, when jour cliildien Freedom name, Willi liembling voice ihe prallleis chide, Lest it should waken lo 11, line I'lio ham which even for a biealli, In l-'iceduiu's cause, condemn to death 1 Shame ! sli.inic I upon llio coward fall Who d.ire not nay lie Wltr. iik kiiek ! On him who dare nol found iliu call Tu Freedom's Field, from tea 10 sea ! Who wilt not mm- hid sword unslic.uh, And with it Freedom win, or dealh VRItY LATE FROM ENGLAND. New YoitK. June 10. The sieain-liio Great Western 111 rived early jeaierday uioiiiinp frum Hiisiol. haviii'! sailed fiom that port on llio cvcniii'' of iliu 2d inat., and consequently made llio parage in M ilajH ami a liall. 1 lie passage Iroin lew Voik 10 Uriflnl was maue 111 lotincen nays, and wilh'iiil Occident. The Shin ariivrd nt Cork in 20 days fiom New Yoik, mid was to sail again for iliu port 011 the IS 1 st of illav. Urn- papers uv IIih arrival nro cxccedinmy mi mcrnus including London, Liverpool, Itristul nnd Paris Tile lo llio latest dale. Our London papers urn lo June M inclusive. The Liverpool packet Independence has also nr lived; lier day ol h . i 1 r 11 lt M.iv 2 lib. The House of Commons passed a resolution on llio 22d of Alay, declaring that negro iipprcnticc ship in the Ilnliili Colonies ought to cease imme diately. I Thcro wns :t fatal riot near Canterbury on llio 30lli of May, lo suppress which llin military wcro called in, nnd n fifjlit ensued, in which 18 or 20 persons were killed. It was excited by a man calling hiinsell Sir William Courincy, who shot llio nfliccr dead who camo 10 nrrest him, nnd was himself Immediately killed by n soldier. The celebrated Prince Talleyrand died on llio 10th of May. Hubert, 011 trial for niiempling the life oflhe French Kins, has been acquilled on (hat charge, but found guilty of 11 plot in ovarium iliu govern incut. On hearing the verdict he attempted to slab himself, The Directors of llio (ireat Western steuni ship company hate patsed it resolution that nnolher grrat sieain vessel bo immediately commenced, which Is lo bo called '1 he Cily of New Yoik, No less than four new companies have been form ed in Loudon for gleam navigation across llio At lantic, Measures oflhe like nature were in pro gress also in Ireland, Fifth Distkcti, Tho Whlga of tho 5th Congressional District held a convention at Danvillo on tho 14lh inst. at which Hon, Win, Upham, of Montpolior, was nominalod a can didalo for Congress. Tho U. S. District Court is now in session at Albany. Twolvo bills of indictment have been found against Nelson, Bryant, McKonzio, and others. McKonzio, however, has subse quently boon discharged, inasmuch as tho Dis trict Attorney could provo nothing against him. Wo think tho Windsor crand iurv pursued tho truo courso to find no bill whero thoro was no cvidonco. Tho Washington correspondent of the Courier and Enquirer under dulo of the I Oth inst. says, that Jame3 K. Paumjino, Esq. ot Now-York is nominated to the office of Secretary of the Navy From llio RulTaln Com. Adv. of Saturday. ' AWFUL CATASTROPHE. Tho Steamboat North America is just , by tho passengers on which wo learn ihe particulars of a most heart-rcndnm calamity tc destruction of the new and elegant Steamboat WASHINGTON, bv fire, ofrSilvcr Creek, about 3 O'clock this morninrr, with estimated loss of FIFTY LIVES. Thu Washington passed tho North America whilo the latter lay nt Erie, in tho early part of the night, and was again seen by thoso on board tho N. A., until when within about three miles of the city. a bright glare of light was discovered by llio helmsman, in tho diretion 01 Silver Creek, and the North America was in stantly put obout for the scene of oppre licnucu disaster. On Hearing the spot, about 0 o'clock, the burning hull of the largo and noble boat was found drifting over llio waters, three or four miles from shore with not a living human bcinp- on board. The lake was literally covorcd with lints, bonnets, trunks baggage, and blackened fragments of tho wreck. The inlcn?e anxiety of the witnesses of this fearful scene, for tbo fate of the pas sengers on tno unlortunatc Washington, was partially relieved by the discovery of several small boats near thu shore, in which the survivors of tho disaster bad been res cued from destruction. The alarm had been given at Silver Creek, as soon aa tho flames were per- coivacd from the shore, and all boats which could be found were sent to the res cue of the sufferers. Thcro wcro only three skiffs, bciides the yawl of the Wash ington, which could be thus used. Ihu North America tool; nn board about iO of thoso saved, many of whom, including all the ladies, remained on shore. There were six dead bodies picked up on the spot those ot tour children am two women. Ono man died of his injuries soon after reaching tho shore, and one child was dead in its mother's arms when she was taken out of the water. After picking up all floating baggage which could be seen, the hull which was still able to float tho engine was towed to Silver Creek, where it nunk into C or 8 feet water. The North America remained at Silver Creek, employed in thi melon, choly business, six or seven hour, and, every thing was dono by Captain Edmonds and crew, for llio relief of the sufferers. Their prompt and efficient services aro en titled to all praise. The ill. fated Washington was built at Ashtabula, last winter, and had made but one trip previous to her destruction, ho fire caught near tho boilers, and had made such progress when dii-covcrcd, as to defy all attempts to extinguish it. !TJie helm was instantly put about, and the boat head ed for shore, but in u few moments the wheel ropes were burnt (', and she was rendered nn unmanageable wreck. Had iron rods been substiluted, as melancholy experience has taught on the Mississippi, this appalling loss of life might have been averted. fFa hear that the surviving passengers 01 llio zrasinugton unite in stating Hint no blame was attributable to Capt. Drown, the commander. Wo hopo and expect that the reported loss of life, as slated above, may prove ex aggerated. Wo have heard, "since com mencing this article, the loss variously es timated from twenty to tixli. Many of the survivors weru badly burned before they left ttic noat. We have no statement as to the probable amount of pecuniary damage sustained by oisiruesmg ovciu. nc passengers must have" suffered heavily. One merchant from Illinois lost $0,000 in money. Tub Smithsonian Legacv. The Pennsylvanian states, on the authority of a letter from London, that Mr. Rush has oblained an absolute decree for tho Smith sonian bequest, and that the money arising therefrom has been paid to him. It is said to amount to upwards of a hundred thousand pounds sterling say half a million of dol lars. Mr. Rush was expected (by the writer of tho letter) to embark for tho Uni ted States in ths courso of the present month, and bring the monoy with him. This money was bequeathed to the Gov nrummil nf lhi lTnilnd Klnfpa. it Will bo recollected, for tho purposo of establishing an institution for education within tho District of Columbia. CANADA. Refuoeej. - A writor in tho Journal of Commerce estimates tho number of Cana dian refugees scattered along tho frontier at fifteen hundred, and thus describes Dill Johnson and his lurking places. The thousand islands aro said to bo nearly sev enteen hundred in number, and scattered thirty miles up and down tho St. Lawrence. "These desperate men ennnut bo driven off without 0 military nnd naval forco of considerable power. The islands havo high rocky shores, are covered with a Uon?o wood, sonnrated bv narrow, winding and intricate channels, and full of fastnesses of great natural strciistli. The present pos sessors have numerous lurking places, very difficult to bo discovered, are provided with water craft well adapted to their service, well armed, and plentifully provided with ammunition and provisions. Their leader, William Johnson, seems to bo, from all ac counts, admirably designed by character, ana tilted by education and habit, for the enterprise in which ho is engaged. Hardy, bold and resolute, ho recklessly pursues the objects ho has in view. Ho professes to bo wnll awnro of the perils ho encoun lers, acknowledges the despcratcnessofhia cause, and avows his belief that ho shall lose his lifo in its prosecution. Ho declares that he will nol bo taken alivo, and has no tified thoso who aro on tho search for him, that thoy must bring their coffins with them. Ho is literally armed "cop a-pie" car rics six pistols about his person, a repeat ing rifle, dirk and bowie knife. His row boat is nearly forty feet in length, made of white cedar, has eight oars, and exceeds in speed, on trial, the fastest steamboat on tho lake. Ho declares that he is at war with the Q,ucen of Great Dritain, for the redress of injuries received from her Canadian sub- juctf; that his warfare is honorable, and that he acts under a commission received from tho patriot government. He bids fair to bo as renowned in buccaneering history ns Captain Kidd. Tho following is his proclamation: "To all whom it may concern. I, William Johnson, a natural born citr. zen of Upper Canada, certify that I hold a commission in the Patriot service ai com-mandcr-in chief of the naval forces and flo. tilla. I commanded tho expedition that captured and destroyed the steamer Sir Robert Peel, The men under my com mand in that expedition were nearly alt natural born English subjects Ihe excep tions were volunteers for the expedition1. My Head Quarters was on an Island in the St. Lawrence, without tho jurisdiction of the United States, at a placo named by me Fort Wallace. I am well acquainted with the boundary line, and know" which of the Islands do, and which do not, belong lo tho United blntcs; and in the selection oflhe Island I wished to be positive and not locate within the jurisdiction oflhe United states, and had reference to t lie- decision of tho Commissioners under the Cth article of the treaty of Ghent, done at Utica, in Ihe biate of New-York, 13tl June, 1022. I know the number of (ho Island, and by that decision it was British territory. I yet hold possession of that station, and we also occupy a station soma twenty or more miles from the boundary lino of the United Slates, in what was his Majesty's dominions until it was occupied bv us. 1 act under orders. The object of my movement is the independence of tho Canadas. I am not at war with tho com merce or properly of the citizens of tho United States. " Signed this tenth day of June, in tho year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight. William JonN30.v. There is a report that tho Patriots bavo a gain made a rally in U. Canada, and, from 200 to 400 strong, formed a camp in Long Swamp, between Grand Island and Cliippowa Creek. This needs confirmation. The Lke DuccANEEn, Tho Steam Doat Oswego, while taking in wood near the wreck of the Sir Robert Peal, was ap- proached by "Dill Johnson" who was in a barge with armed men. He hailed the Oswego and said he had possession of a Dritish Island in tho St. Lawrence, and ivas a mark to Ic shot at, but nol lo be taken. The New-Yorker takes the following just and comprehensive view of passing events, as connected with Canada. It is manifest that tho British do not know how to govern a province like Can adabut that is their business. Wo remark on it only as it endangers tho preservation of peace. But misgovern mcnt in any country where a spirit of resistance has been awakened is always perilous to its immediate neighbors, and therefore a legitimate subject of comment. Wo understand Hint Great Britain has spent from twenty-fivo to thirty millions of dollars within the last six months in what she calls maintaining her authority in Canada, and protecting her subjects from insurrection and invasion. Three-fourths of this has been as clearly thrown away as tho twenty millions that we havo su beautifully buried in the morasses of Flor ida. In tho first place, there need have been no rebellion if her Governors had under stood their business, and been as intent on discharging their duty as maintoining their dignity ; in ihe next, there has been no occasion for this lavish expenditure, Dut for the audacious burning of the, Car oline in an American port an act of con summate insolence and folly thrce-foartha of this treasure inigh.'l havo been laved. Her Maiden Majesty may make tho lndcr in that exploit a Duko if she will ; tlto act will still bo nn indefensible one. To talk of that steamboat and her crew as pirates is tho extreme of fo lly. We are the ;nper judges of the character of an Amcrcaii vessel lying at avicnor in an American port; and when Dritish authorities afeumo to cut such a one out at the dead of jighl, drivo off the crew with deadly weiion?, and burn her, they arc quite too car Jul of our morals. Beside.'?, their own cotduct refutes this shallow subterfuge It tho Carolino was a pirate, why wero not her crow detained for trial Why weropven those carried away prisoners released" tho next day ? Tho pretext Vails to the groont. But a new Governor Getnoral has beci sent over, with Dictatorial powors: anl wo havo boon favored w'ulra few touchc of his quality. Wo regret to soy (hat the! aro not very promising. FAom tho littli wo know of Ins prcvi6us character, Lor Durham would seem about thq worst ma that the British Ministry lotld hav solcclod for this momentous Vrust. T begin with, a Radical Aristocrat is th wrong man lo command in America. i speak not of more aristocracy of (osiiion Durham is neither better nor 'oreo fct being a Lord j whilo lofty birt(h and ail illustrious ancestry aro rather in his favor.! Dut a Noble who rises to powctjea a Lijw

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