Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 27, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 27, 1838 Page 4
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THE SUB-TREASURY DILL. AN Kl'IOUAM, Willi pain and llnoes to light di.'Clos'd Die crcaluru born nlic, Took nlltliee.iro the mirso could spare 'J'u holp it to survive. Tlio held in lip nnil Ted on pap Anil d.indlcd on l lie knee, Its euro di'tress in vien of dentil Tw.19 piteous to see. Willi nil it eti", 'tis worms and fits lliirrasa'd itappan of life, Tlio' anxious Wright liy day nnd night Perform 'd theciieful wife. Tivas fo diftreat for want of rest .So troublesome to keep, Mn-t (I ictors tlio't in how it ought Uu sent to ild last sleep. Wecan't nfTiird, t:w they l' bo bored To Ucop llm wriiirh nine, So gave it pill the wretch to kill A hundred tucuiv-hSe. J. Huntington, July 14, 1S33. THE HONEST COUmVAI.NER. 11 V U. BIIOUN, ESO.. In the days of my hojhmil (I recollect well, And others no doubt the same story cm tell,) Our tradesmen uerc honest: no one tho'i of cheat' And what is still stranger, ilicy nil went to meeting! i iiuiu win Hiocmaher ioi ; I remriiiher the spot, And the htm l) where he sot, With his strap on his knee I to wild upright and lair, Ay, exact to a hair, Aiula faithful old Coidwaincr lie. On u mooiiMiiny nig In, (1 hanl;?giing was coining,) i iiicMiiiiLii in ii.isjiu uucie .it'iemy a nunc; "OlV Dobbin' s.iij I, "let jour trotters bo ilium ming Ton a id Uncle Lot's," und shesoun had mo there. O, good Uncle Lot, I ipincinbcr the e-poi, And the bench when; ho ?ol, With his snap mi hid knee: Our .-hoes were nil nudy, For me and for .Neddy, And .Sally nnd Hetty", And Dolly ami Belly. What u faithful old'Cordwainer lie. Then, there was the stitching. ?n strong and so nice; Why, the threads held the leather as firm as a vice ! There was nine of jour pegging, and none of your nailing, And there was no fretting, no scolding, no railing. When Shoemaker Lot, He woiked on the spot, Which I never forgot, With his strap on his knee, How strong lie would sew then ! Ah, could he now tinny tliem, What a faithful old Cordwainer he. I.ut nils now-a-dajp, how changed is ibis matter, Old honesty seems lo go begging about ! For one scarce has n coat, or a shoe, or a garter, That I, ist moie than thrpe wreks.befure its worn out. O, that some Uncle Lot Would iiaiii lake the spot, And the bench ulieie he sot, With the strap o'er his knee ; Who would woik in the trade. And have shoes duly made, No cheat nnd no cozen, No rip by the dozen, How useful u Coidivainer he. Our good Uncle Lot lately took his departure, And went lo inhabit I ho 'Land of the Leal !' No d'liihl but his tout will iheie find belter quarter, But then he has led ns all 'doiwi at the heel'.' O, blest Uncle Lot, I do veiily wot Vnu will ne'er bo forgot, Nor the strap on jonr Ifiee, Your making jonr mending, Not nil oiir wax-ending, Adieu, Uncle Lot, now to tliee. The Cup or Poison Weevil, unfortu natc as he was in his jokes, was no less so in his more serious attempts ; his whole career was one grand mistake eloping uitb a sweet young lady who was reported to bo a fortune he discovered, loo late to retract, that sho was the dowerless (laugh, ter of an extravagant insolvent. To add to his disappointment, Mrs. Weevil proved nn incorrigible shrew, whose eloquent tongue annoyed him unceasingly. Proud, however, of his boasted Inct and abilities, Weevil resolved to tame her; and after pondering for some months upon tho subject, resolved to put in form the follow ing novel nnd extraordinary experiment: Having purchased nomo while arsenic, upon the paper of which was duly printed 'arsenic poison,' he consigned the deleteri ous mineral to the flames, nnd replenished the envelopo with whiiosugnr. Watching his opportunity when Mrs. Weevil was in her tantrums, ho calmly proceeded to the closet, and pouring out n cup of milk, mix fd up tho sweet notion. 'Jane cried hu in a melancholy tone, 'urring mo potion with tlu fore finger ol his ritrht bund' Tnno li-m., ... r. fow short moments-I bhnll not long bo n ounien to you.' His look and impressive manner silenced the storm. Quaffing the draught nt one gulp, hp cast iho cup into tho grate, and uihtw uiu puper upon the ground. 'What havo you done?' shrieked Mrs. Weevil, snatching up tho paper, and turn ing pile oh Parian innrble. 'Poison!' muttered Jesse, with tho most thrillinr trairodv-lool. hu and clasping his hands to hit face lie ourieu iiih ncau in tuo cusiuons nf tb0 8ofu A shriek, followed bv an awful iinn... ensued. Jesse ventured to peep betweon his fingers, expecting to see his rib extend, cd on tlio hearth rug in a swoon, but she had vanished. 'Where tho dickens has sho gone ?' cried '"-timing. jano! no answer. He rest Cd tinon Ilia nllinu, nn,l listr.nn.1 A Irnn. j'lirifj : of many feet upon the stairs aroused ...... ,.u, ma posture j and tlio next tiinmonl u,J-lur "n rusncu wildly into tho room, followed by thrca men njid tho servant maid. 'My dear Mr. Weevil said the foremost t'onlleman in black, whom Jesso rpconnizcd a neighboring oputheeury-'whut "cuuld have compelled you to this rash net?' Weevil was renlly alarmed by t)u cr0W( which ho had so unexpectedly bruuiflu about his cars. k What act." tlomanded Weevil. 'You hnvo swallowed poison!' Nonsense nonsense,' said Weevil. 'Wltcro is the cup, ma'tun?' 'He has thrown it tiwtiy replied Mrs. Weevil, sobbing aloud ; 'but but hero is tin; horrible paper.' Tito npothcenry looked nt the paper, shook In bend, shrugged hi shoulders, nnd then looked significantly nt his assist ants, who immediately lnul violent hands upon the disconcerted Weevil, and threw linn nt length upon the tnblc. 'What in thodoyil nro you about ?' de manded Jesse, glaring wildly upon the medical operator, as ho drew a stomach putno from Ins pocket. 'You must submit, sir,' said ho ; resist ance will avail you nothing.' I'ooh! pooh! nonsense 'pon my soul 't was only a joke ! a mere ruse don't he a fool!' cried Jesse, struggling. 'May 1 dio il ' The forcible introduction of the admira ble machine put an end to lurtlinr opposi tion. Weevil kicked and plunged in vnin. Tho whole operation was udtnirnbly per formed ; and, feeble, spiritless, mid exhaust cd tho unfortunate patient was left extended oi the couch. Tho npothecary promised to Rcnil a composing drnught immediately, and left him in tho meanwhile to the tender care of his wife, who alternately wept nnd scolded ; winding up her hysterical hnr ranguo with a bitter remark upon his cruel ly in wishing to leave her unprovided for! Old , Monthly Magazine. New & Cheap Goods, IS now rccoivitig his Spring supply of . Goods, and oilers them for cash very cheap Broad Cloth1., Casimcrcs, Famuin's best dark nnd Cadet mixed Satinctts, heavy Sheetings and Drillings, Cotton yarn, Dover and Merrimack Prints, sup. French Prints, Printed Lawns, Straw Bonnets, Bonnet 'Primings, fancy Stripes and Summer Stud's. First rate young Hyson und Hyson Skin Teas, superior Wines, Liquors, Lump and Brown Sugar, linn Liverpool Salt, Rico, Codfirh, Lamp Oil, Sheep Tobacco. Also 100 kegs Nal on consignment from the manufacturers, Ames Shovels, Cast Stool Hoes, Pigous and Wilkes' celebrated Eng lish Powder, and a good at-sortmuiit of Crock ery, including Ridgway's Dining Sots, Glass Ware, &c. Purchasers are respectfully invi ted to call. Burlington, Pearl si., May 10, 1033. LYMAN & COLE, HAVE received their usual assortment of Spring and Summer Goods, con. sisiing in part of the following articles : Blk nnd col'd Silks, chullys Bombazines Pongees Shawls, liincy Hkfa. and Veils of every variety Lawns and Cambrics fiarr'd strip'd nnd llg'd jaconet Cambrics, Plain swiss, jaconet &c. Beautiful articles for ladies Drosses A few pieces French Prints and Muslins English. French and Atncrcs Prints a great variety at unusuil low prices. A variety of small necessary articles for faintly use Umbrellas and Parasols Cloths, Cassimeres and Vesting?, of the various colors and qualities Persian Cloths, Crochciius &. Camblols A large variety of stud's for men and children's summer wear Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, brown &. blenched Ticks, Jeans, Drills, Diaper Crash, &c. Burlington. June 1, 1830. SCYTHES, MARCH'S superior concave steel back Scvtbes, warrnuted. -10 doz for salo by T. F. &. W. L. Strong. June C, 1S38. Hickok's Patent Rotary Oven COOK STOVE. rBHFj subscriber has just, received nnu uflers lor sale, a few stoves, of which tho above cut is a representation. To till the advantages of tho improved Rotary top, is added a Rotary Oven on an entirely now plan, which, from the testimony of those who hnvo used them, far supercedes tiny thing of the kind, yet offered to the public. Those wishing to purchase cook stoves are respectfully requested to examine these before- making their selection, its ocular demonstration will better convmcj the public of tho value of tliu urticlo than ony description that could hu given. Another recommendation, these hard times is, t lint those skives will be sold as low us the cum inoii Rotarys of the same size. ROBERT MOODY. Manh I, 1C3I5. tf Just received and For Sale, Under the Free I'rcsi QJicc, Cnllegc.strcct.) A general assortment of WHIPS LASHES, from U cts, to $5,5 each. Also, n superior lot of TZ& SADDLES, TRUNKS, HARNESS, MUSSES, CARPET RAGS, c. fc. Cnrnagu trimming donu lo order. Call und sue. SAMUEL S. SKINNER. nrWantod, a JOURNEYMAN at the abovo business. Rurlinirtan, April 27. 1C3I1. tf 1000 N"'1' '1',ks Maud Salt, loot) do steam do 1500 do Fine Western do 300 Bills do do do 150 sack Dairy do June i!2. J. & J. U. pKck & Co, 5Htt. GROCERIES, J POTTER, has just received from New York an extensive nnd well Bulnclnd assortment of West India Goods nnd oilier Groceries, which aro offered to tho public on bettor tonus lhan articles of equal quality can bo purchased elsewhere In this village. This stock comprised the best articles of TEAS, Vr.PPER COWER SPICE SUO J) II GLYCER MOLASSES LIQUORS, of all kinds, nnd, in short, tho whole list of Family Groceries. Call nnd 6ce. Burlington. July r, 103H. Heavy black and blue black Silks Blnck Ince Veils Wrou'Mit muslin Capes New Style, by WAIT and TABOR. "CASES OF DYS13NTARY, BOWKL Complaints, Fevers, and other diseai-es ineidcut lo thu season, will be surely prevented by the use of Mnrison's nils. Jt lias uocn tcslcii in every clitnu. Ulil standing Chronic ami other diseases incurable by tho regular Practice, aro effectually cured by the persevering use of Morison's Pills and Powders. This has been dune in thous-. nnds of cases. Every kind of Fever, the Small Pox, Measles, that tcrriblu diseao the Croup, and every diseasn yield up their viru lence to tho sure and effectual Goddess of Health, Tho Morison's Hygcau Universal Medicines of tho British Colleiro of Health," Soo "Morisonia" by Jas. Murison the Hy geist. Do not bo induced to buy some other kind of thoso who aro using tho VERY WORDS OF THE IIYGUIST to vend a fat inferior medicine, as can bo scon by compar. ing tliu iMorisoma, Willi their standing adver tisements. To those lakimr Morison's Pilh wu say, do not stop taking lliein when you foul worse, rather increase tlio doses, you must feel worso when tho medicines begins lo act upon tlio foul acrimonious humors of the body which often havo bcon left to fix themselves with almost fatal grasp to the intestines, and many times made stronger still, by mercurial and other hurtful poisons. Many a restored patient says, I tiied your Morison's Pills a few days, felt no better, 1 think worse, and stopped tiMiig them, but soon lound I must no some thing and commenced again with a determin ation to persevere, knowing how m my testify that thoy grow stronger instead of weaker by a continued purgation by them; and hero I am iicartv and well, better than I have boon lor years before, and as I had "ivcti up all hopo of over being again, I am well, enjoying a sound body. O bow thankful I am that I took Morison's Pills and persevered in taking tliem. What a blessing to the world are Mori. son's Pills; anil would that I could indtico multitudes who aro miserably sic'., and so hoodwinked lo tlio GOOD OLD Rl.GULAR PRACTICE, that thoy will not takucvon that which is curing persons diseased liliu them selves all around tliem. No ! No ! Its all Quackery! Quackery! Nonsense. I will not laku this bluff prepared to gull tlio public uiu gel money. No, not I. I am too well in formed to bo caught thus. I will dio first, and thus thousands do go on, who iniglr be cured by using Morisons Pills until Ibcy are quack ed into tho liravo. Burlington and everv town in tho Union can furnish Paiisnts. and plenty of them too. cured bv the us. nf Mori- sons Pill, of almost every named Disease in the vocabulary oI'Maloira Medica. Tin reader will bear in mind that there aro not so maiiv real disoa.-csas Ibero aro names given; but an ever fruitful naming Faculty arc dally giving names to diseases which exists only it any where in the Drain of him whogivesit. The doctrine first broached by Jas. Morison tiiu uygcisl in lii-jj, 13 years ago, that tho "vital principle is contained in tiiu Ulood" and "ovcry thing in tho body is derived i'hom Tin: HLooo," and that All diseases arise Irom m- uritv in tiiu Ulood. and that "Pukgation by vi:gi:tahu:s is the only effectual modo of purikyinu tub Hlooi), and eradicating dis ease," lias sped with unparalleled rapidity over tho wholu habitablo wodil. His medi cine by which lie was cured (seo Morisonia, or the skulcb of his life in pamphlet form to be nail Ireool most ol llm Agents) alter ihtrtv-fivo years of suffering under the medical Faculty, proparcu ol voreiaules solely, cud upon tliu principles abovo quoted, have not failed to act upon others as it did upon him. It prevents disease, and it is quite a sure cure of any dis caso if persevered in, unices tho person is past cure. At any rate no other medicine eiiics so many. Complaints are not made against the medicine made by Morison Ihe Hygcist, but there aru Pills madu in New York called Mori son's Pills, which hao caused much com plaint. Let il be boruu in mind that thu Gen uinc Morison Pills havo a train madu their appearance in lhcs-o United States. Mr Mori sou has sent an agent from Loudon in wnom hu has full confidence that hu will not betray tlio important trust of tending forth only the medicitii) sentlo htm by thu celebrated Hygu ist from London. And thu public will please notice that this medicine takes tho foremost rank in giving vigor, activity, life imd health. A short tiniii will suffiuo to complete the re covery tho Hygcan causa sustained by its be trayal; and ere long, in tbotu'ands inoro of tho Families in thoso States, no other niudiciiio but Morison's 'ills will bn wanted. The caii-o goes on as well as its inui.t sanguine friends could havu anticipated, lit. uu u.d get the medicine made by Morison the llygo ist himself, and you will get for $1 to $.1 that which in many instances will savu you a Doe lot's bill of 10 20 50 or $100, and which will give you life and Health. Gt:o. 'Pay i nt,Cl Wall street. New York, member of the Urilti Col legu of Health and solu agent for ihe United Slates, sout out by said college. PANGIJORN ft IJIUNSMAID. Jew- oilers, Rurlingtoti, Vl. Agents for Vermont, lor Lsscx, Clinton, M. Lawronco anil Frank lin counties, N.Y. Evciy packet sold in iho abovo places we shall sign our namu3 upuu : nono others aro gunuiiio. Our sub ngunts will also sign thoir names upon thoso they sell. Panodork and Hiiinsmaiu. Packages .Jl and $;J each. Powders 2u cents per bo.v. Tho Packages contain many more Pills lhan formerly, and tho boxes of Powders nro much larger and cost less. Cases nf cures will come uoxt. Sec that the packets arc signed by PANG HORN and llllLXSMA ID. Uurlington, July 15, 1038. SUIJ AGENTS. Goo. H. Fish Middlubury, Addison Co O. A, Keith, Sheldon, Franklin Co. S. E. Morse, Graftsbury, Orleans Co. John Kolsey, Danvilln, Caledonia Co. N. 0. Goddard, Wiudsoi, Windsor Co. .M.S. llitckland, Hollows Falls, Windham Orvis Roburls, Manchester, ISeuuiiigtun H. W. Porter, Rutland, Rutland Co. V, W. Cndwoll, Moulpolior Washington co Foslcr Grow, Chul-oa, Orange Co, J. W. Remington, Johnson, Lutuoillo iw April 27, 1UJ8. STATE OF VERMONT,) Cimttkndhn County, ss, TT0 the lion, the Probato Court for the JL District nf Chittenden, Comes John Hasolton, of Wuslford, in said District, and shows that ho is legal guardian of Hannah It. Hasclton, nnd Clarissa M. Hasellou, female infants under tho ago of eighteen years, both of tho town of Westford aforo said, that tho snid Hannah R, is sct.ed in her own right in feu of n ccrinin parcel of land aituato in Westford in the District of Chittenden, described ns follows, to wit: Beginning 75 'i 100 rods unllio river from the north lino of lot No. 24 in the 2d divts ion, thence up the river lo the big brnok so called, tboncu up the brook to the line of lots, thence north 20o cast 74 rods to d stake, thence north 70o west 32 rods to a stako thence north 20n cast 4 rods to a stake llionco south 70o cast 72 rods to the place of beginning, containing nbotit 21 acres and four rods of land and that n sale of said parcel of land would be condusivc to the best interest of tho snid Hannah R. Tucroforc he prnyssnnl Court lo grant him license a ud empower Inm to sell tho said liml. And that tin; said Clurrissa M. H seized in her own right hi l-iu of n certain parcel of land, situate in Westford in the District of Chittenden, described as follow?, to wit : Beginning nu the east side of the highway 40 13-100 rods from the north hue of lot No. 33, in the 3d division, thence 70o cast 120 rods lo the river, thence up tho river 28 rods to a stake, thence north 70" west 72 rods to a stake, thencn north 20n east 10 rods lo a slake, thence 70o west. 51 1G.100 rods to the highway, thence northwardly on the highway 12 lfi-100 rods to the place of beginning, containing about 17 acres and three rods of land and that a salo of said parcel of land would be condu sivo to tho best interests of Clarissa M. Therefore he prays said Court to grant him license nnd empower him to sell the said laud. And your petitioner will ever pray. JOHN n AsmPON Guardian of Unntiah 11. Hasclton and of Clarissa M. IIaelton. Burlington, July 14, 1333. STATE OF VERMONT, Dis'i nicT or Cuitti:nik.v, ss. s At u Probato Court holden at Burlington within nnd for said District, on tho 14th day of July A. D. 1033 Present thu Hon. Charles Russell, Judge of said Court, The Court aforesatd doth assign tho 2d Saturday of August A.D. 1833, for a hear ing nf the foregoing petition at a session of said Court then lo be holden at the office of I ho Register of said Court in Burlington, and doth order that the said John Hasclton notify nil persons concerned in tiie estate of his said wards of tlio pendency of said petition in said Court, by publishing the substance of said petition and of this order in the Free Press, u newspaper printed at said Burlington in the county of Chittenden, two weeks successively, the last of which pnbl, cations to be not less than two weeks previous to the said 2,1 Saturday of August A. D. 1838, that they may then and there appear before said Court and show cause if any they have why the prajcr ofsaid peti tion ought not to be granted. Given under my hand and the seal of said court this 14th day of July A D. 1833. CHARLES RUSSELL. Judge. Moses Ayors' Estate. TO the Hon. the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, comes the sub. scriber ilnldah Ayres administratrix of the cetato of .Moses Ayres, late of Milton, de ceased nnd roproionts that the personal' estate of said deceased will not bo sufficient lo pay Ihe debts thereof and expenses of set thug said estate and hereby makes ap plication to suul Court, for licence lo sell oaid c-late for ihat purpose HULDAH AYRES, Adm'r. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Dl'THICT ok Ciiittdmji'.x, SS. At ii Probate Court holden at Burlington, in said District, on the lllh day of July A. D. 1838. It is ordered that an account be taken of the debts and also, tho proceeds of the personal cstnio of said deceased, nnd that Ihe heirs and all persons concerned in said estate be uolilied to appear before said Court on th second Wednesday of August next at the Register's office in Burlington aforesaid, to give bond for the payment ol debts, nnd show cause why license as afore, snid 'hall not bo granted, und that such no tice he given by publishing the above ap plication three weeks successively, ns soon a, may be in thu Free Press n newspupur print lid in Burlington, in said District. Given under my hand, tho day and year first above written. CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. MEDICAL LECTUlltiS. nil HE Medical Lectures at Daht.moutii jL Coi.i.ugi:, Hanover, N. 11., will com inence on Thursday, the second day ol next Augu-t. nnd cuntiutio Hurt.1, n v.eek .'Lutut'iy (rntytj anil Olnlclrirs. bv II 1) Muh:y, M. I). Physiology, Materia Medira and Mtdivul .lurUprudcncc, by I)ami;i, Oi.ivku. M. D. Theory and Pnuticc of Physic, by J. Jh:r,.i mati:ii, M. D. Chemistry and I'harmaey, by 0. P. IIuu liAnn, M. D. Demonstration in Anatomy, by N, Won cKsri:it, M. D. Lectors Fees, 50. Matriculating Fee, 3. , I. 1838. NOTICE. WILLIAM SLADE, aged between 13 und 14 years, nn indented boy, absconded from mo on Saturday tho 7th inst. All persons aro forbid hurboring or trusting him; if such aro found tho penal lies of tho law will bo enforced against them. William is supposed to be now in Milton, n suitable reward will bo paid lor his apprehension und bringing him to mu, II. B. SAWYER. Burlington. July 20. 11138. Firo Works July Mth. YP OCKI.TS, Candles, Firo Whculs, fccjust received. Panoiiorn nnd Brinssiaiii. LAMP OIL. JUST received and for nalc cheap, n first rate nrtielo of Lamp Oil, blenched mid uiihlenchcd, hy Roiieut Moody, Uurlington, July 10, 10'JO. JAMES W. HIOKOE RESPECTFULLY invites tho attention of tlio public to tho stock of Hooks and Sla tioncry which ho now offers for salo. All Iho new publications of importance havo boon late ly received, and additions made to tho assort, incut of standard works, beforo an hand. Among iho now arrivals may bo specified. Travels in Europo, by Wilbut Fisko, D, D. Dr. Humphrey's Foreign Tour,2vols, Life on tho Lakes 2 vols. Life of the Rov. Goo. Crabbo,by his son. Gardiner's Music of Nature. Grilfiu's Romsiins, 2 vols. 8 vo. Thu Hoary Huad, new work, by J. Abbott. Old Ironsides, illustrated. Russell's modern Europe, 3 vols, C vo. Combo on Digestion, &c. Tho Robber, u Now Novel by James. Ernest Maltravers and Sequel. Martin Fabor and other Talcs. A splendid Shakspcare English edition 10 vols, price $15. Miss Leslies coinplnto cookery. Prayer Books and Bibles, a great variety. Walts and Select Hymns, three sizes and in three styles of Binding. Methodist Hymns. Pimm Mimic A choice selection ofsongs and pi jos by thu most celebrated composers. P. pur A huge stock ol ull qualities mado by Ames, Uwen & Hurlbut.fc Hudson. Stationery of all kinds in abundance. Stiver Pencils, also a few fine penknives of Rogers make. Visiting cards and card cases. Porl folios, steel pens, Ink nnd writing lluid Burlington, Juno 3, 1838. Cash Paid for Wool, bv FOLLETT BRADLEYS. June 21, 183U. 3m Blanchard's Scythes, On Consignment.) 200 d7" German Steel 100 do. do. Cast Steel Concave Grass and Crndlo Scythes, for sale at reduced prices by 3m May 25. Fom.ett -V Braw.eys. SCYTHES. 9 DOZ. Farwcll &. Co patent concave sett Scythes, just received, and for salo by the subscriber, at manufacturers prices. Robert Moody. Jane 18, 1830. Class G by 8; 7 by 9; 8 by 10, and nil other sizes cut to order and at manufacturers' prices, for salo at the old wharf by FOLLETT & BRADLEYS. Burlington, June r 14, 1838. To Wood Choppers. GtHjEBN'S AXES A SUPPLY of the abovo celebrated Axes, just received, and for sale by the dozen or single, bv the subscriber. ROBERT MOODY. WOOL. rgl HE subscribers will pay tho highest market price, in Goods for woor., or receive it on demands due them. 'fic22. S. Wam.eii&Co. O. Iff. SAXTOIf SURGEON DENTIST. Office one door south nf N. B. HasiccU's Auction and Cnminis;ion Store. BURLINGTON, Vl. FOR SAiLJE. J ,t) DOX. Scythes ?k'nlJk 24 doz. do Snaths 20 doz. Hay Rakes 0 doz. do Forks. For sale by June 23. S. WALKER & Co. WINDOW SASH. 1 JUST received l., 20 & 24-7 by 0 casements of s.icli, a first rate article, at 3J and 3i ets. per light. Also, all kinds and hzcs, furnished to onier. f icondcroga Black Lead, a litst rato article, for salo very low, logctiicr with a great variety ol other articles, as cheap as can bo found at any other estab lUluncnt in the place. Geo. Pctuuson. Jsitrlingtnn, June 19, 838. t IV O HIVE T3A. BR. M. HITCHCOCK'S unrivalled nnd unequalled WORM TF.A, a sovereign remedy for worms. Strange and incredible arc thu elfeuts of these dotcslablu vermin; few persons, and it is thought none, aro free from tliem, particularly females and children. Many persons go through a distressing couiio of nieiiiciiio, without any benefit, when they might bo relieved by using tho worm tea. This invaluable medicine has been tested by tliu experience of more than four thousand persons of various agos, and not one solitary eomplemt; on llm contrary, hundreds havo called and unsolicited given their decided lin-ii reiu o ti it. nflet Irving t Ii u different mu. 1,'t. . .i lii i tue ,,u i.h;, :iud pronoun I cud Dr. M. HITCHCOCK'S worm lea uu- rivalled and unequalled. For sale by J. & J. ! II. Puck & Co., only agents in PurliiiL'lon for tlioMiln piupiietors, A, Hitchcock & Co., Ulica N. Y, I'll AST R 11. 100 Tons Nova Scotia Plas- im, now receiving by June 29. J. Sc. J. II. & Co. DR. M. inTCnCOCK'Sncwiylnvcnlcd SNUFF cmlii or. "B011 ,cu'o "ud nbsoluto roliof of . ,,,, ,ll(..iui;..a ui uiu iiuiiu, weuu eyes, nervous licad'achcs, fallcn-sickness fits, and infants troubled with the snuffles, pattial shucks or palsy, Sen. For salo by J. & J. II, Pt'.ei: Sz Co,, only Agonls in Burlington for ino solo proprietor' A. Hitchcock & Co. Uticu N Y. INDELIBLE INKS. JUST received soino superior Indelible Ink, to mark, with or without it prepa rution. Also, Mathematical Instruments. Variety Shop. July 9. P.tNcinouN & Biu.nsmaid. ', To Hay Makers. A( DOZ March's Scythua XKJ 50 do Patent Snatlm 30 do Rakes 20 do Forka by T.F.& W. L. SROtfG. Goclick's Matchless Sanative, i' or sate uy CYRUS JOHNS, June 25, 3m Agent for Huntington, VL SUMMER STOCKS. Linnen and Cot ton Gloves, Suspenders, Buff Vesting, Linnen Drilling and a variety of othor stuffs for gentlemens summer wear, by WAIT & TABOR. W A IT fir rn 4 nn 0"AVF. just received tliuir New Goods T m. -M. w . II a -f-JC lor the summer trade Gentlemen's Mole Skin Hats Latest Fashion. By WAIT St TABOR. A Great variety of New Culicocs, at tho New Cash Store by WAIT nnd TABOR. NSW GOODS CHEAPER, THAN EVER. rTllIE subscriber has just returned from -L New York, and is now receiving a very large nnd general assortment of DRY GOODS, DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY, CHINA St GLASS WARE. which hu will sell itniHiiaily low for Cash. NOBLE LOVEL Y. Ihirlinghn. Mm 31. 1838. THE AUGUSTUS OGSAll WILL be kept stable in Willts ton, Mondays. Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and Saturdays at the stable of William Mann, in Hurling, ton. Tho Augustus Cie-ar was sired by the Sir Walter, his dum a morgan marc. Terms $5 a mnrc- Wat, BROWN. Willislon, June, 1338 pa NT 1ST. J. LEWIS, perforins every operation on the Teeth, Gums and Mouth, on tho most modern and approved principles of DENTAL SURGERY. An TiricAr. Teeth, can be supplied from one to an entire set, to correspond with tlio living teeth. Thev are IN CORRUPTIBLE; they never change their color, nor do they absorb tho saliva or juices of the mouth, consequently they do not cause an unpleasant taste or fetid breath. ttTThc much dreaded and painful ope rations heretofore practiced, p really obvi ated in extracting of teeth and ttumps of teeth. J.L. having supplied himself with instruments of all kinds, sizes and shapes, suitable for the occasion, the surgical treat, ment of tho teeth will be of less pain to the patient than ever done heretofore in the U. S. Irregularities of the tocth in children prevented, in adults remedied, &c. &c. From a perfect knowledge of mechani cal, chemical and professional operations ho feels warrnuted in ofi'i ring his services to the public, references can he had as to his practice, judgement and skill, by calling at, Ins room, north east corner of the square, d3 door in Church st. Uurlington Vt. SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. TO TH?, AZXOTZD. A RSI Is TRUSS, lor ull who need, will bu found on trial, the most use ful, and the most comforlaLle article fur tho purpose intended, ever introduced July 20. J. & J. II. Peck & Co, Sdvertisemcnt ! TO THE ASTHMATIC AM) CO.NSU.MPTIVE. rjnHE most prevalent and fatal ot all tho A diseases incident to civilized society tho Consumption may generally lie traced to the least alarming of disorders, a flight but neglected Cold ! By estimation, it appears that one humjued and Kirrv thousand persons die annually of tho Consumption. Most of these dreadful results may be attributed lo common Colds, ' and a negligent treatment of the hnrrassitig Cough Hint generally ensues, which is usually followed by difficult breathing, pain in the side, and at last Ulcerated Lungs. Violent nnd repented Asthmatic nliacks also bring on Consumptive, symptoms. One or two dollars expended in the pur. I chase of 'DR. RELFE'S ASTHMATIC PILLS, I mid a little attention to their timely admin istration, will usually ensure n mitigation of ibese di-orders. ami generally effect a cure. I 'Tlie Pills are also an easy nnd effectual J remedy for the symptoms preceding and i accompanying tlio Asthma nnd Coiisuiuu i tiun. For colds, coughs, difficulty of breath ing, tightness and strictures across the chest, wheezing, pain in the side, spitting of bluod, &c. Few cases can occur of any of this class of disorders, in which the pur chasers of Dr. Relfe's Pills will not find n rich return for their trifling expenditure. Price - whole boxes, 30 Pills, &i ; half do. 12 Pills, 50 cts. TO THU Lii-DEES ! WHITE and soum) 'iVelh are both an ornament and a blessing. The best security for their advantage is to bo fouud in Iho use of tho BRITISH ANTISEPTIC DENTIHFICE. This elegant Tooth Powder, with a very liltlo use, eradicates tho Scurvy in tho gums, and pruvents tho accumulation of 7'nrcr, which not only blackens, but loosens Ihe teeth, ntid nccclorntcs their decay. Tho Dentrifico thus removes tho prevailing causes of offensive breath, pro serves the healthiness nnd lloridness of tho gums, and renders thu tooth LcautilWy white. Prico 50 cents. r Nono gonuino unless signed on tho ouUido printed wrapper by tho sole proprietor, I , KIDDER, immediate successor to tho la to Dr. W. T.Conwav. For lo at his Counting Room, over No. 9!, Court-stroo , near Oo -cort Hall, Boston, and also by hu special ap polntmont, by J. & - L Co' mm i

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