Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 24, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 24, 1838 Page 4
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though devoid of earthly learning, lo be full of (lint wisdom which makes I he licnrt irlnd. And should -ny of you visit our imuulrv. T can n'suro you ol n kind wul como "from the Garden-girl of thu Edcii i Bank. Am:coiu or Pope. --One day ns Pope was ni:niMl in translating llio Iliad, lit) J came lo a pussoge which neither he nor his assistant, could interpret. A stranger who blond by in mi humble gnrb very modestly suggested I lint ns he had somu litllc w ith thu Greek, perhaps lie might assist them. 'Try ii,' said Poptr with the air of n buy wlio id encouraging a monkey to est red Pepper. "There is tin error in the print, mid llit; slrnngcr, liifiking nl the text, 'Read it if there were nn Interrogation point ut thu end of the line nnd you have the livening nt once.' Mr. I'npe'n assistant iminediulely improved upon the hint, and rendered the pasngo without difficulty. Mr. Pope was chagrined he could never endure to bo surpassed in any thing. Turning lo Hie. stranger lie t-nid in n sarcastic tone, 'Will you bu so good ns to toll me what an interrogation point is?' 'Why pir.' snid the hi ranger as Ii i- eyo )i ercingly scanned tlie ugly and diminutive form of the poet, M is a little, ernoked, contcnipliblo thing that asks questions.' Cot.n Wateii ron Ciiii.dhcn. Coin ing, ns we know it doer, from a physician of standing in tin? city, we hnvo no he.-ita lion in publishing the nnii'-xcd coinuiuuicu linn.- to York Can Adv. During the pro nleuen of this hot weath. r tlicre is nothing mi "aieliil to infants a cold water; these litile creatures p niTV-r equally with aduhp from thirst, especially nl night; yet fltnngc to snv the mother cither neglects or learn to offer cold water. In my practice, in several instances I have liecn called to see children laboring under fever, from l ho cfl'.'cls ol third, and upon giving cold water have had I lie pleasure of eeing the child recover in u verv short lime, a free perspiration following the use of this natural remedy. Real thirst cannot be nllayed bv anv thing as well as bv water; when a child is feverish ol night. it will in a union' v f cases be cured b 1 reel v sponging i'.s face and limbs with tepid water, and allowing it to drink cold wutcr. Let parents who have sickly ehil ilren (of any ngc) try thw plan ; if it docs no good, it will produce no evil, but. 1 am certain it will arrest much stiflertng by verv simple and grateful remedy. MEDICUS. Uauvestimj A hoax upon our Dutch Governor. During the present harvest, Guv. Ritner visited inuiiy fields where the industroiis laborer wns employed. In one. there were several Purler men : they rotli cr insulted Ii is excellency, offered their cradles, nnd wished to know whether he could toke his hand in cutting down the grain. Old Joe. pulled niriiis coal, jacket, hncs and stockings, and then set in for a through. The lender lid, as unnl ; five well manned cradles following: when the parly came up to the hot tie, the leader halted, l'hc Governor cries out; '"No boys we go another through belorc we drink" thu others earned on the joke Before the next through wns half done, the leader gave nut, ond Old Joe (our Dutch Faifner Governor) let! the party round to the bottle where all rega'ed themselves and expressed great satisfaction at having the honor to handle a cradle alongside of the Governor of Peniijylvanin, although biigmaiiznd by some ns a Black Dutch Hog. Rut when I lie Governor got rendy logo, t hey all gave throe heariv huzzas, threw up their hats nnd said. "IVb all 20 lor the farmer. "--.A "urlUumbcrland Pa.) Miltontan. Dancing ExTnAnniKAny.-In "Sketch es of Pans," by nn American gentleman, pub'ished not long since by Carey &. Hart, we find lite following graphic, description of the performance ol Mad'lle Ussier, 0 celebrated dancer at tin Paris Opera : "She will courtesy to her middle, and ihen rise in a pirouette two yards high! This is her preliminary slop. She will then bet oil. and skip over the whole crea of the fitoge, lighting on it only occasionally, tiy in" her limb ne it were, provoking the donee from afar, and will present herself lo the spectators in nil (he variety of human shapes and (ippenrances. One while you see her 'many twinkling feet' suspended in the air, then twirling herself round, until her face and hips will from on the same side of her ; ut ln-1. (and this is iho very epic strain of performance, and therefore the last,)Bhe will poise herself upon the ex tremily of the left toe, nod bring the right gradually up to the level of the eye, (the house will hold lis breath.) and then she will give herself a rotary imneiuent, con tinning it in crcsiendn till she liecomes in visible. You can no more count her legs than the spokes of a rail wagon carrying the President's Mesage. This is Fannv NEW GOODS. rUST received; Spectacles, Violin Strings. Iron Side and Twist Combs, Flutes, fine Clarinet Herd, Toilet Soap, Sjponaceous Compound. G000 Torpedoes, &C- &C, at thu Variety Shop. August 3. Pamiiiok'n & Hiunsmaii). HYDRAULIC CIS ME NT. 01l salo nl llio Ilu rliiitrtoii Mill Com. JC pany's -Master Mill, Winooski Falls. GEO. MOORE, Agent. August 0, 1R38. Hollow ware. A good nsFnrtinrnl ofsiote nnd fire pUre hollow ware nnd iron Furnaces ihi d i) icreivnl nnd fur lo hy UUIJKIW niuuny. Atnnm'8. UK AT, ESTATE. rrilll'J subscriber niters :r -L Falo the house and Int on which ho now resides, situated in Hmesburch villugo n short dislonco west of Miles tavern. Tho nron crly consists of nbont 14 aero uf hind. 11 good House, nam. joiners simp, nun suilohle out buildings a good well of wolcr, cistern. &c. and would lurnish an excellent location for b mechanic. Terms very libeml. ns the proprietor is about to leave Huh part of 11)0 country. Appty in inu subscriber at present on the premises. JBRVIS I1ICKOK. llinesburgh, Avg. Ii, IU38, oW' Mb PROPOSALS roil BHUAKWATUIt MATE 111 A 18 - "3 ilfb. reived ...I,. )3 subscribers Office in Burlington, until the Ilrt-t tiny ofOclober, 1038, Tor lliu delivery at sumo s,tfa nnd t onvenient plncn In llin vicinily to bo designated, tho following articles: m en tine on iimilock timdek. 400 loirs 60 let I Ioiil',1 Thesu logs lo lo 10!! 1011 43 strn.gnl-ol sound 10 41 42 40 38 35 f Tl nTlh Irlco. I c,c W5 or over ion 108 1011 Kill 001 four Inches ai llio J large end ItOU.NO WHITE PINK TIMBF.ll. "1 To bu of first growth gir.en 11 moor, 10 no straight and sound, nut less than twelve inches nt the small, and not over eighteen inches at the largo 940 loirs 3j fuel long, U0 ' 40 " I end. im.., nlmvn ilnsrribud Pilch Pine. Hcniloek or Round White Pino Timber i delivered by water, tho different sizes lo he. kept separate ly h.-i.-Ii erii there must ho at least three irav. ersepolis, the outer ones of which must bo j placed four feet from the end, and threo knock downs lo eacli log. Square White Ptne Timber. 940 Sticks While Pino, lobe sixteen inches square, countor hewed or sawed, to bo from thirty lo lortv loot, muu avorngo ininyiivu, frco from sap, of sound green limber. White Oa'c Plunk. 14.000 feel board measure, While Oak Plank, Ihtcn inches thick, cloven feet long, square edged, tound firm green timber free from sap. While Oak Trunnth. 20.000 pieces of Hull While Oak Trunncls, to bo of sound green limber rived out, two feet long nnd brought lo the standard of two and a half inches tquaro. Hlone. 25,000 Perch of Stone, suitablo for said work, lo bo deliveed in Iho course of next sum. incr in sur.h quantities and at such limes as may be necessary for llio work. Proposals will hn received for a part or for Iho whole of I he above materials, to bo dcliv nred by the first of May, 1039, or may bo de. livercd as soon as the navigation opens in llio spring. Proposals to he subject to (ho approval of llio Department at Washington. Approved security will be required on all cnnlincts' Persons making proposals will re duce Ihcm to writing, (endorsing them Ilrr.ak water Proposals.) stating explicity tho price and quantity they propose delivering, and name their security. All communications must be post paid. Payments will bo made as follows ; On the delivery and acceptance of materials !!0 per cent, will be paid, 20 per cent being reserved lor the fulfilment of llio contract, when the wlTnlo will be paid. No money will be paid in advance. N. B. HASWELL. U. S. Agent for said work. Burlington, August 1- 1830. LOST, about the first of July, between liroxon's tuvern in liurlingltm, and limjnvmd'sin Willistnn, a KEG containing nboul NO lbs. if Fitrial. with Messrs J, if J. II. Peck Sf Cn's name upon the keg The finder on leaving the same at Peck's store will be suitabli rewarded LORENZO C. FOSTER. Burlington. Jul; 20 1 838. DENTIST. J. LEWIS, perfoims every operation on the Teeth. Gums and Mouth, on the most modern nnd approved principles of DENTAL SURGERY. AnrincAL Teeth, can be supplied from one to nn entire sei, to correspond with ilieLiviNf? teeth They are IN CORRUPTIBLE; they never change their color, nor do lliey ab-orb the saliva or uices of the mouth, consequently they do not cause on unpleasant lastoor fetid breath. inrTho much dreaded and painful ope rations heretofore practiced, really obvi ated in extracting of teeth and stumps nl teeth. J.L. having supplied himself with instruments of nil kinds, sizes and shapes uilable for the occasion, the surgicol treat moot i,f the teeth will be of less pain 10 the patient than ever done hcretuforc in Iho U. S Irregularities of the teeth in children prevented, in adults remedied, &c &c. From n perfect knowledge of medium cal, chemical anil professional operations be feels warranted in offering his services to the public, references can be had as to In nractico. judgement and skill, by calling nl his room, north east corner of the square, (13 door in Church st. l!orliiiion Vt. rjnill'2 subscriber is now opening and JL- 0 lie is for sale an Invoice of mill, cir cular, crosscut and pit Saws, of iho must approved make and assorted sizes. July 18. Rouekt Moonv. A prune nssoriinent of Grain Cradles English Cr tdle Scythes ; and Sickles received and lor sole by Koiieiit Moody LAMP OIL. TUSST received and for sole cheap, a first IF rale article ol Lamp Oil. blenched and unbleached, hy Koueut Moudy, Burlington, July 10, 11I3U. Cash Paid for Wool, bv FOLLETT Sf HRADLEYS June 21. mail. 3ui Amira Spauliling's Estate. liitElho subscribers having been appoint' T T ed hy tho lion. Iho probalc court for tho district or Lhittendcu, couimiiisiouers to ro cmve, oxainiuo and adjust all claim and do mnrids ol a II pdrsonsaeaiust llio estate of Ami ra Spaulding lain uf Jeriuho in said district, deceased, represented insolvent, and also nil claim and demands exhibited in ofTsct there to j and six month frnm tho day of Iho date hereof, being allowed by stid court for tlidt purposo, wo do thrroforo hoioby givo nolieo thai wo will utlnud lo tho business of our appointment, nl the d walling of llosen Spnul. ding, in Jericho in said district, on the 2d Mondays of October mid January next, al iu uuiiun i, on each ol said days. Dated this 20th day of July A U 1 030 ELI AS MARTLET. ) Coimnis. LYMAN I'll LO, S siuners. To Wood Ghonpois. GREEK'S AXES A SUPPLY ol thu abovu celebrntrd Axes, just received, and for sale by me uozeu or tingle, ny inn suuscrioer. ROUERT MOODY. WINDOW SASH. I ransc wlussis ntrana JUST received 15, 20 Si 24-7 by 0 casements of r.ibIi, a first rato article, at 34 nnd 3i els. per light. Also, all kinds and sizes, furnished lo order. . . , . ,oW logollior with a great variety of other nilielos, ncheapa. ean be found a, any ,er Ub. BM ' " if NEW GOODS, r. , 1 r, ,1 i o r 'ir i A f.' tr f.' l f nnllE subscriber bus just returned frnm JL New York, and is now receiving a very largo and general nsorlmcnt of DRY GOODS, DRY GROCERIES, CROCKER Y. C11WA ii GLASS WAR1-L which ho will sell unnunllv low for Cath. JSOBUi LOVELY. nurlintoi..Ma3, 1H3II. DR M. HITCHCOCK'S newly invented SJVUFF-onli 25 tcnls. TOIl Iho euro and absolute relief of JL catarrh, dizziness of the head, weak eyes, nervous head'nehes," fallcn-sickncfs fits, and infants troubled with llio suufllcs, pailial shocks of palsy, Arc. For sale by J. & J. II Peck & Co,, only Agents in Hurlingtmi for liie sole proprietors A. Hitchcccl; k Co. UlicnN. Y. woaiii TUA. DR. M. HITCHCOCK'S unrivalled and unequalled WORM TEA, a sovereign remedy for wcrms Strange and incredible arc tho effects of these detestable vermin ; few persons, and it is thought none, arc free from them, particularly females and children. Many persons go through a distressing couite of medicine, without any benefit, when ihey might bo relieved by using the worm tea. Plus invaluablu medicine has licen tested oy tho experience of more than four thousand nersons of various aues, and not 0110 solitary compluiul; on Iho contrary, hundreds have called and unsolic ted given llieir unruled preference l. it. after trying llio different trlieles sent lorth lo 1 11c punnc, nnu pronoun ced Dr. M. HITCHCOCK'S worm tea tin rivalled and unequalled. For sale by ).k J. II. Peck k Co., only agents in liurimyion for tbosolo piopiictors, A. Hitchcock & Co. Ulica N. Y. WOOL. r"l HE subscribers will pay the highest J- market price, in Goods for wool, or receive it on demand dun (Hem. ,nr22. S. Wai.keu &Cl GROCERIES, J POTTER, has jtisl received Irnm . New York an extensive nnd well selected assortment of West India (Jootb and other Groceries, which are 1 ffored i the public nn belter terms than ortieles ol c.qnai quality can be purchased elsewhere in this village. This stock comprises lh" best articles of TEAS. COFFEE SUGAR MOLASSES PEPPER SPICE GINGER LIQUORS, of nl the whole list of kinds. nnd, in short, Family Groceries. Cnll nnd see. Burhnclnn. July 5. 111 Ilickok's Patent Rotary Oven COOK STOVES. rr' HE subscriber has just received nno offers for sale, a few stoves, of which the itbove cut is n representation. To nil 1 he ndvaiilngCH of the unproved Rotary top M ndded a Rotary Oven on nn entirely new pin 11. which, from the testimony of thosi who have Used I hem, fnr supercedes uuv lung uf the kind, yet offered lo the public Tho-c wishing to purchuso cook stoves ate respect fully requested to examine then before making llieir selection, as oculin demonstration will beKer convince tin public of the value of the urncle than any ilescrip'ion that could be given. Auoihei reuommendaiion, these hard limes is, ihat these stoves will bo sold as low as the com. inon Rolarys of ihe same size, ROBERT MOODY. Match I. 1f!3fl. 11 j " W. "HICZOK RESPEG ITULLY invites llio alieution c' Iho public lo the slock nUiooks anil Sla lioneru which ho now offers for salo. All Iho new publications ofimpoitaucn have been late. Iv received, and additions inado lo iho assort. uient of standard works, before 011 hnud Among iho now arrivals may bo specified. Travels in Europe, by Willmi Fisko, D. D. Dr. Humphrey's Foreign Tour, 2 vols. Lil'o on llio Lakes 2 vols. Life of llio Itcv, Geo. Crabhc,by his son. Gardiner's Music of. Sal 11 re. Grilfin's Remains. 2 vols. t( vo. Tho Hoary Mead, now work, by J, Abbott. utd ironsiues.iiiusirnU'd. Russell's modern Europe, 3 vols, 11 vo. Couilio on Digestion, &c. Tho Robber, a Now Novel by James, Ernest Mnllravcrs and Sequel. Martin Fabor and other Tales. A splendid Shakspoaro English edition 10 vols, price .J 1 5. Miss Leslies complete cookery. Prayer Hooks and Bibles, n great variety. Watts and Select Hymns, ihrco sizes and in l.'ircn styles of Binding. Methodist Hymns, Piano Music A ehoico selection ofsongs and pieeos by thn most celebrated composers, Pai'Eii A largo slock uf nil qualities inado by Ames, Owen fc llutlhut.fc HiuU-ou, Sluliounrv of all kinds in nlnimhuieo. Snver Pencils, also a few fine penknives of Holers maKn. Visiting cards and card cases. Purl folios, stool polls, Ink and writiii" fluid Burlington, June If, 11138. 0 Glass by 8; 7 by !)58hyTo and nil other sizes cut in order nnd ai manufacturers' prices, for tale at the old wliuif by FOL L E TT& OH A l)L E YS. FARMS FOR SALE. SJEVERAL voluablo improved FARMS J tn the township of Moiro, in the coun ty of Franklin, and state of New York. These Fartnt arc situated in one of tho best grain gruwing nnd grazing townships 111 the county, lying between Pittsburgh and Ogdenshurgli, and nhnui G5 mile from each. Tho Kail Road from Lake Cham plain to Ogdonsbiirgh, the survey of which is now lining made, passeo directly through I he township. To farmere desirous of settling in n hoalthy and productive country, this town ship oilers great inducements. Also for sale wild land in lots lo suit pur chasers. Apply In the rubscriber, Muira Mills, Franklin Co., N. Y. iiejvry jv. miusn. Jloirn .Milh. August 1. 1H3S1. OR WA10ri"ID. DENTIST FROM LONDON. IT'ISIIES respectfully to inform the T Ladies and Gentlemen of liurlinglnn. of his intention of remaining for a Jem dais at the American Hotel, where he will be happy to receive those who may be desirous of his professional services and having pro cured his profession under the celebrated Dr. I nomas lieu, oj London, ana also practiced for five years in the city of Phila delphia, he is entitled lo warrant entire satis faition. Bloilcs of teeth inserted on the principle of tuition, without any spring, clasp or ligature whatever ; and every other operation performed with but litllc pain to the patient, As his slay is limited lo a few days, those who may wish his services will please logive him an early call. Julii !!. 11130. Disseises of the Lungs. ucsenvciiLY the most rnruLAit iiemeoy Even usnn in ameimca. VEGETABLE PULMONARY UAL SAM, is the most valuable itinedy now in use for Coughs, Colds. Asthma or Phthisic. Whooping Cough, and Pulmonary affection of every kind. Its salo is steadily increasing and thn proprietors are constantly receiving tho most layoralilo accounts ol Us ettecls 'fhe following new certificates are offered for public examination. "Mirn.iNTnN, Juniata co, Pcnn. May 3. 1837. Tho Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam ha been sold in the country for two years, and llio medicine has gamed an uncommon celeb litv, for it scarcely in one instance failed of havinrr the desired effocl. I am bv no means in favor of the many nostrum-, most of which arc impositions upon n credulous public, but what 1 know by experience In bo effectual, I cannot help but give my approbation there to. A counterfeit preparation has been offer, ed horn b a iravelhotr nenl of Coinslnck N Y., and there is a No another article vended here that is slrongly suspected to be spurious JACOB MYERS. M. D. Lf.mpster, N. H. Dec 3, 1037. For the last five years of my nrnclice, I have had tho satisfaction to witness the licnelicial clients ol tho Veiiclablo Pulmonary Balsam in many cases of ob-linalo coii'h, and other nfreclions of tho tunas. 1 uould iheieforo confidently recommend its use in all complaints of the chest as being equal if not superior, to any other medicine within my knowledge. TRUMAN AISELL. M. D. Coscoun N. II, Jan. 30, 1K37. I am satis fied thai tho Vegol'iblo Pulmonary Balsam is it valuable medicine. II has been used ibis place with complete success iu an ob stinate complaint ol the lunirs, atlenited Willi a severe cough, loss of voice, and Iho raising of much blood, which had previously resi-lcd many approved prescriptions. After lisini llio Balsam ono week, tho patient's voieo ro turned and ho was ablo to speak audibly.--This case occurred some timo sineo, and Iho man is now engaged not only in active, but in laborious biisiiie. Respectfully yours, fee. SAMUEL MORRIS. M.I). Boston, Feb. 21. 11131. To the Public I, Daniel T. Brayinan of Riehmoodiown. R. I., feel it a duly to acquaint tho public, that 1 have rocrivod llio most unexpected relief in a snvoro complaint of the lungs, frnm the use of iho Vegetable Pulmonary Balsirn, For llireo years previous lo my trial of the lial sain, 1 had a sevcic pain in my bioast, violent cough, frequent raising of blood, attended with in out prnMratioii ol strength. tor principal part ofllie nbovo time, I was under the care of a skilful physician in Boston, who employed, besides many internal medicines, hlileiing. sealous ,vc. without any improve incut in my case. Two mouths since 1 couv inenced with the Balsam, and have now taken two bottles. 1 um now nblu lo labor most of Iho limn, havo ceased to raiso blnnd, and am almost entirely relieved ol my cough. DANIEL T. DRAYMAN Boston, March 2, 11137 It is now more than six years since I as bi ought very low hy an affection of tho Iuiil's, and my com plaint was declared incurable by a council of llucn physicians. I was then restored to as good health as I liar! enjoyed formally years, hy using tho Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam. In n gicat ninny of lung complaint", and so far as 1 can learn, ils use has invuriahly been followed by much benefit, nnd in many instances it has a Heeled cures which were wholly unexpected. SAMUEL EVERETT. COUNTERFEITS !! Beware or biro. UTIon Each genuine bottle is enclosed in a blue wrapper, on which is a yellow tablet, signed SAMPSON REED. "Noiio others can be ccnnino. 'fhe ureal celebrity of tho Geuuino Vegelabjo Pulmonary Balsam has been llio cause of attempts lo introduce spu rious articles, which by partially assuming Iho nauio of thn genuine, are calculated to misload and deceive the public. Among these mixtures aro llio "American Pulmonary sain," ''Voidable Pulmonary Balsamic. Sy. nip," "l'ulinoiury Balsam," and others. Purchasers should iuquiiu for tho tiuo article by its wholn mi mn, THE VEGETABLE PULMONARY BALSAM, and stoihat ithas llio marks and signature of gouuine. Each bollle nnd seal is stnmpcd Vegetable Pulmo nary Balsam. UJ'LATEST CHEAT!! ,jUownro of a spurious imitation called Compound Pulmonary Balsam, which iho ngeuts say is donu up in good stylo 0Simi lar to Sampsonj I', P. Baltam again wo say Bewaro of counterfoils. Price 50 couts, For salo wholesale audlro. tail hy J. & JA. PECK & Co For August and September. HAVING sold all tho Fiio Works on hand for tho dlh of July, wo ordered nnd havo received a few more Firo Wheels, Sky Rockels.Ronian Candlcs,fcc. As but a limited supply in received, those wishing will pleasu apply tooiilo bomiro ol gelling Uiem, Variety Shop, Panobokn and HiiinsnaiPi ' FARM FOR SALE. THE subscriber will sell his FARM lying in llio town of Esex, near Slaiiton's tavern on the road to Mnntpclior, said KAnM contains about forty acres of land, with a good two story House, Darn, nnd Corn Barn, together with a good Blacksmith Sh up. Possession givon when snld For 'tin her particulars enquire of John Peck, Burlington, or of Ihu sub-eriber at Montpeher. ,inc27. HENRY jr. SABIN. NOTICE. A LL permus tire hereby lorliid I ruting V or trodmp with mv son. Solomon Jolmv, 11s 1 shall nut pny any dchls of Ins ! contracting niter Hits dnie, wulrui my eminent. SILAS JOHNS. JIunlinglon July 12, 11)30 TO SPORTSMEN. THE subscriber is now opening and offers low for cosh, n good assortment of English Percus-mm Shoi Guns, of the best quality. nln Powder Flnks nnd Shot Hags. July 10. Rouekt Moody. CI BA BURY & YOUNG'S patent im- O proved Baric Mills, No. I, 2, nnd 3. superior to any thing now in use, turning both ways, for sale at mauiifaclurers prices July 20. bv Foi, i.ett Si. BuMir.KY--. Odontica ! Odonlica ! ! Tbc Teeth! The Teeth!! R. M. HITCHCOCK'S Magnetic Odon- lica. Tho fact is proved, and the mnsl incredulous and doubling arc fully con vinccd, as wu havo the cvideiico from the sale of more than 7000 boxes within Iho past year, thai tho Ulopian dreams of tho alchymisl aro realized, and a remedy discovered lor preserv ing those important and beautiful appendages of tho human system, by the uso of tho Mag. nolic Udonlica, winch, hy its attractive, pun lying and slroiiL'lhsniiig qualities ternoves all extraneous substances Irom llio leeth and preserves them in their natural brilliancy, and the gums in soundness and heauly. Il is as certained from experience, that when used. the teeth will not decay, but remain til! the latest old age, Willi their natural wear. When thoy aro decaying, its progress will ho ar rested, and tho teeth preserved and prevented from aching. Ladies and uentlemen of llio most character arc daily callinir. who assure us that before ihoy commenced using the Odonlica, llieir teeth were luoso and fast going lo decay, their gums spongy and feverish, and tho breath ficled, and after usicg this invaluable powder, in less than ono week llieir teeih woro firm iu their sockets, their L'uins resumed their health, their breath cor reeled, and no money could inducu ihcm lo bo without it. All this costs tho small sum of filly cents lor sale by J. J. II. reel, & Co. only agents in Durlmirton for the -solo porpriolors. A. Hitchcock & Co. Utica N. Y. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Dl-THICT OF ClIITTE.MJEN, SS. AT a Prohaie Court holden at Hurling ton, within nnd for the District nfore. -old on Ihe 25lh day of July A. D. UI31! An instrument purporting lo he the a-i will nnd testament of Joseph Simonds, lale of Charlotte, iu said District decea-ed. wa presented to the Court hero lor Probate, by George Perkins ono of tho Executors therein named. Theuefouk it i ordered by snid Court, 'hat public nonce be given to all pursuits concerned therein to appear before said Court, at a session thereof lo be holden n' Burlington, on I Im second Wednesday id September. A. D. 10315. nnd contest Ihe probate of said will, and it further order ed i hn I this order be publi-hed three week successively in the Free Pre-s n newspaper printed at Burlington, in this Stnte, the last of which shall bo previous lo ihe doy assigned, as aforesnitl for hearing. Given under mv hand nl the Register's Office, this 25i b dnv of July A D. 1838, Wm WESTON, lighter. O-TO THOSE AFFLICTED WITH CORNS. rjlIIE celebrated Album Corn Plaster a? JL fords instant relief, and til (he s.iuio timo dissolves and draws tho Corn out by the roots, without Ihe least pain. Certificate. "To thoso afilicted with Corns on their feel I do certify, (bat I havo used Ihe Albion Corn Piaster with complete "iiccess. Boforo I had ucd one box, il ci m plelrly cured a corn which had troubled mo for many years, I make this public for tho benefit of thoso articled with that painful complaint. W.m. SHAW. Flushing, L. I. Feb. 28. I'ricn 50 els, n box. DF . RELFFS AROMATIC PILLS, POD r tiTHL iXxiS. TWIHEY purify Iho Blood, quicken itscircu. A lalion. assist tho suspended operations of nature, and arc a general remedy for iho prevailing complaints among tho female part of socieU. Tho I'llls aro particularly cllica cions in tho Green Sickness, Palpitation of the Heart, Guidine-s, short Breath, Sinking ol' llio Spirits) Dejection and disinclination to excerciso and society. Married ladies will find tho I'llls equally useful, except m cases of prciinancv, when thru must vol be taken neither must Ihey bo taken by persons of hectic or consumptive habits, l'rico 1.50 a box. ALSO THE CEI.CnRATEl) OAMimiAN TOOTII-ACIIK PILLS, Which give immtdiate rclnf, without Iho least injury to tho Teeth. On trial this will bo found ono of iho host romcdies known for this complaint. Pricu 50 cools a box. k5 iU"Nono gonuiuo unless signed on the ntitsido printed wrapper by tho sole proprietor T.KIDDER, immediate sucteaor loflhTJato Dr. W.T. Conway. For salo al his CouhtSiu Room, over No, 09, Court.streol, near Con cert Hall, Boston, and also by his special ap pointment, by J. Si J. H. Peck Si Co SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. TO THE AFFLICTED. MARSH'S TRUSS, lor all who need, will bu found on trial, the most use ful, and Iho most comfortable articlo for the purposo intended, ever introduced July 20, J, & J. II. Plck & Co,Agei,ls BRtNDRETH'S PILLS!! LOOK OUT FOR COUNTERFEITS!! ALL Pills sold in llio State of Vermont . must pass through our hands ns Dr. Rrandrclh's General nconls. There will be no moro Pills snld at Iho Boston office, noilhcr hy I). B. Mussoy. (who is no longer Bran drolhs ngont,) to bo retailed in (his section of tho Country. All Pills purporting to bo Brnndrclhs, and sold by porsnns withoul a certificate of ugency signed bv B, Brandinlh and bv us are counter' cits. To prevent all imposition from the cir culation of counterfeits, just lot tho purchaser ask Iho vender for his certificalo of agency signed by Forro and Putmeleo, or Goo. P. Walton, of Monlpclior Vl. who is our conoral ageni lor tho following Counties, Washing- ,on O'ange, Chiltcndcn, Addison, Finnklin, Oilcans, Lainoilo, Essex and Grand Islo, iu vcnuoriu Never purchase of Peddlr rn. fnr in nn instanco do Ihoy everhavo the genuine article. Should any of our ngonls be caught in Iho counterfeit trade, Ihey wilt bo displaced and so advertised. The Pills must he knot num. anc the Counterfeiters nuui bo denll with nc. cording lo law, No Mist. ke. M'ho following persons arc regularly appointed In Ihoir res pective towns. For salo by S. E. HOWARD, Burlington Fuller & Huntington, Richmond Fletcher &r Woodman, Willi.ston J, T. Ainsworth, Mil ton Poller. Cull, & Co., Fairfax-L.Tyler Essox L, Janes, Gcnrcia James Russell, St, Albans F. V. Goodrich, Swanton S. K. Plait, flighgatc Wm. Giccn k Co.,Sheldoiv Chafftt A: Lewis,Burkshirc Thomas Fuller Si Son, Ennsburgh Arminglon & Dean, Bakorsfield Tower and Oakes, Underbill G, B. Oakes, Jericho. FEB RE and PARMELEE. General Rrandrethian Agents. Middlolown, Conn., July 4, 1830. Wm. A. Griswoi.u, Chittenden Co., Su vi. prcme Court. Janu- JirtEH Durkee. ) .uy Term, A. D. 1 838. IN CHANCERY. HEREAS, William A. Griswold of orlingmn in sold county, at the jHtiuary Term 1838, of said court, com inenced his suit in chancery, ngainl Jireh Durkec. formerly of said Burlington, nnd now or lately rcnl'tig in Ihe city, county and slnte of New York, therein staling, that on Ibedlli day nl Sepnmber, 182G, the snid Jireh was indebted In the said William A. in iho sum of two ihntwnml fourhundrcd nnd fifty dollars, specified in seven promis ory notes, bearing dale the day nnd year last aforesaid, nne of winch is for the um of (JI850 00, nnd payable to the said Wil. 1 1 a tn A. in ten year-Irom the date nfore--aid, with interest nnuunlly on ihe 4Ui day o1 September tn each y'ar iherenf'er j and -ix other notes pnynble in he -aid William A. for the sum of one hundred dollars each, mi interest, and one of ihrui payable in vr six months until Ihey are ull paid, nnd for tho securing the payment thereof, ihesaid Jireh oo the same 4ih of Septem ber 1820. by his certain deed of bargain and sale, signed with his hand and sealed with his seal, and acknowlcd and recorded in duo form of law. did give, grant, bargain, sell. nhen. convey nnd confirm unto the said William A. his heir and n-signs forever, the following described tract or parcel of land in Burlington oforesaid. to wit, all Ihat pari of lots No. 294 and 295, situate on tho north side of the Court Hniiip Square, on which is a stone and brick building, bound, ed on Ihe south by the Court House Square, on the west bv Innd then owned by Isaac Warner and John Howard, and on the east, by land I hen owned by the said Jireh on which stands a brick store then occupied by Alexander & Moody, and being the same land which the said William A on i ho sumo 4 h September 1 326. deeded nnd conveyed In Ihesaid Jireh. wit h n condition, of redemption thereto onnexed. cm the pay ment of soitl sums in said notes specified and on keeping an Insurance against firo on said premie to Ihe nmonnt filieen hun dred dollnis duly nsigned In the said Wil liam A. for ten years, or until said notes shall bo fu'ly paid. And further stating thai the snid notes yet remain wholly un paid, and that the said Jireh has not kept said promises insured, but that Ihe said William A. has paid for thn Insurnnco thereof t he sum of 71 10. And praying tho eoid court nmnng other thing-, to decree thai tho said Jireh pny the said seV' ml sums nforesnid and the interest thu'eof. and ihe costs of this process, hy some short day. or in defaut nfsnch payment thai Ihe -aul William A. Ins h"irs and n-sign may hold nnd enjoy the sind p'emies forever freed and discharged of all condition or benefit of redemption, ns by ihe said Wil liam A's. petition on fi'e nppeors, which said suit of Iho said William A. was enter, ed on tho deckel of said court at the term aforesaid, tho said Will am A. appearing for himself, and the said Jireh being absent from this state, and it not being made lo nppenr lo the snid court that the snid Jireh hns had personal notice of (he pendency of the suit, it was ordered hy said court Ihat the same ho continued tn I lie next term of Ihe court to be holden at Burlington within nnd for the County of Cbitlonden on Iho Thursday next preceding iho first Tuesday of January next, nnd Iho said court also ordered thai further notice bo given of iho pendency of this suit, bv pub hshing the substance of the said William A's. petition and this order of tho court i hereon three weeks successively in "tho Hnrlingtnn Free Press," a newspaper pripted in said Burlington, the last of which to bo nt lenst sixty days beforo the silling of said court at its next term as aforesaid, which shall be deemed sufficient notice to the said Jireh Durkec to appear and answer to said suit. Dated ai Burlington in said County this 4lh day of July A.D. 1838. Wm. Noble, Clerk. SPECTACLES. WE have just received the best assort' ment of Silver How'd Spoclaclcs which we have ever opened, Wo havo the fine wiro temples frnm No. I to 18 Cnncuvn for near sighted persons: fine wire temples No 6 to 30 Convex, Slides of must nil numbers. Dutiblu Spectacles with wliito and colored glasses; Goglesj Spec tacle coses of various kinds. Gold speclas J eke, lor 6alc at tho Variety Shop. Panguoun & "UnilS'tM AID, August 3, rilUE subscriber has just received a largo A addition lo h's slock of Hardware and Saddlery which be offcis cheap for cash. July 111, HOJIERT MOODY.

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