Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 5, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 5, 1838 Page 3
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J. UNIVERSAL MECHANIC OR. ONE that can make or re pair any thing THAT COM US ALONG. LEWIS, disclaiming all pretensions to the "heroic." but deeply impress ed with the importance of that first maxim of tinkers "DO things" mats his scr. vices to the public as a manufacturer of Finger Rings, Breast Pins, Ear Ornaments, Guard Chains, Watch Chains, Seals, Keys. &c. Seals of every description, made and lettered to order, and Jewelry of all kinds repaired in the neatest manner. Plain Wood Cuts, wood Types, Slumps, Brands, &c , manufactured to order; to gether with a thousand oilier things, too numerous to mention. Send in your orders Ladies and Gentlemen they shall be promptly attended to, mid it is believed entire satisfaction will bo given. Burlington. Church St. ) October 4, 1838. S MILLINER AND DRESS MAKER, miss S. BRAY. ttAS commenced AJ- the Fashionable Milhnary and Dress making business in I hn rnnm Into v nr. fCcupicd by Air. Bra man. 4 doors south of the Bank of Bur lingtnn; and having nt all times the la testVashions, invites Ladies from the villarrc or country to call. Straw and Leghorn Bonnets cleaned and repaired. Burlington, Church St. ) October 3, 1838. ( NEW GOODS. THE subscriber has just retorned from New York, and is now receiving at liis Store on Church St., a general assort inent of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CROCKER Y. Sf GLASS WARE, Which he will sell unusually low for cash. HORACE LANE Burlington. Oct. 5. 1838. Arrival with Goods for the CHEAP CASH STOKE. HOWARD. WHO wrote his cu.-tomerb that bis lengthened slay at New York was for his and their mutual benefit, has turned, and such an assortment of Mer chandize as he will now have to exhibit to buyers or the curious, ho pledges himself was never beloro tin a or seen ai nis Jsiau lishment. Long stories at this moment would bo inadequate, as tho new assort ments must be arranged. Ere this wil have isc jed from tho Press he will be ready to show or distribute from which may be eelccted some of the most desirable kind of Goods for the present, coming, and all seasons of the year. Thursday morning. Oct. 4, 1038. A LARGE AND SPLENDID ENGRAVING THE STEAM SHIP GREAT WESTERN. Is at the siore ol S. Earl Howard, and well worth being 6ce.i. Come see, and brin vnur friends. GREAT BARGAINS IN STOVES. HAVING made arrangements lor deal ing more extensively in this branch of business than heretofore, wo nro pre pared to show purchasers Cooking Stoves of all the various approved patterns, to gether with Potior. Box, and Canada Plate Stoves of oil sizes, Also 10,000 joints Stove Pipe Of Russia, English and American Iron. Dumb Stoves, of Rosia and American Iron handsome patterns. Stove trimmings of every description of Tin, Copper and cop per Bottom, and IRON HOLLOW WARE. Wo recommend to purchasers with great confidence, an examination of this assortment ol fatoves anu trimmings, no lie vi tier it to be not" only more extensive and complete, but that purchasers will find teller bargains than at any oilier eetuuiisii ment in tho elate. T. P. & W. L. STRONG. Burlington. October 4, 1838. Franklin Hotel. ANSON SPELMAN RESPECTFULLY informs his friends and the public that he has taken the pleasant and coninindinnn Hnuse on the outh west corner of tho square, in tho vil I V"K of Burlington, formerly occupied by B. Bishop. He assures his friends and the public generally, thol no reasonable efforts on his part shall bo wanting to render his iloust a p eobant and dcsirablo homo to tho traveller, to permanent boarders, to gentlemen of iho bar, judges, Wore and wuncbHCB in court limo; and in fine, to all l.uiDuiiB i..ay pigaso 10 lUVOf him Willi their patronage, and which it will bo his ambition to merit by a prompt attention to lliu wishes of his guests, and by reasonable charges. The Stages will call at this ilouso for passengers, Darlington, October 1, 1(138. NEW GOODS Cheaper than ever nt. tho Nno Cheap Store. WAIT & TABOR NFORM their friends nnd customers that they have received and oro now opening a full supply ol Fall Goods and that they arc not as some may bo led to be novo, any higher than in the spring. Their son incut is very large nnd well worthy the attention of those wishing to buy cheap It consists in part ol finu English, French nu American Calicoes from G pence to 3 shillings per yard. French and English Merinos, plain nnd figured, at uncommonly ow prices, tiiiglisli Lustre a new and benu. ilul article lor ladles dresses, very cheap, figured Aloacosn heavy rich material for Ladies Clonks eniirelv new st vlo nnd cheat). variety ol plain nnd figured Silks, Satin and Reps, plain Blue Black Poult do Soio nd Italian Silks, funcy Hdkls, Ribbons, Belts, Gloves, Iloziery, Rob Roy, Cash- more, Merino nod Thibet Shawls, together with a great variety of oilier articles stilled to the season, which will be freely shown at nil times. The Ladies of Burlington oro invited to examine and judgo for them- ft'ves. October 5, 1838. WANTED. N Exchange lor Goods, a lew hundred yards Shccps Grey cloth and Domes tic Flannels- LATIIROP & POTWIN. Oct. 4, 1838. IATHROF & POTWIN I HAVl'j received a large assortment of Family Groceries, warranted of su perior quality, and for sale cheap. uct. J 1838. Feathers. THE subscribers will pay the highest Market price for 500 lbs, Live Geese Leathers, if delivered soon. Latiirop & Potwin. Oct. 5, 1833. The Farmer's Almanack for 1839. ASTRONOMICA L CA LCULA TIONS 1JY ZADOC THOMPSON, A. M. "OUBL1SI1ED and for sale at wholesale JL by C. GOODRICH. For sale olso by E. & T. Mills, Brown & Lowcry, Daniel Davis, S. Walker & Co. tieo Peterson, Hine &. Johnson. Geo. Moore, C. Bonos, and Lathrop and Potwin at WinonsUi (Jity. 50 Bbls. American Brandy, 3 Pipes Cogniac do 50 bbls American Gin, 2 Pipes Holland do 40 Casks of Winn of various quali ties nnu prices, tor sale uy Fut. i.ETT & Bradley. Ladies Shoes. S!f7k Pairs, composing every size und quality of Ladies, Misses and Clnldrens Shoes, just received and for sale by the subscribers nt very reduced prices for cash. Also, Gcntleinens Moroc co Punipa, Moccasins, India Rubber Over Shoes, Fur Lined do., Fur Lined Welkin" Shoes, &c. &.c. LATitnop .V Potwin. October 5th. rilllE Partnership bet wen tho eubscri- JL bers under the firm of II. Johnson ( Co. is this day dissolved by mutual con sent. All accounts with the firm to be settled with C. Goodrich. HIRAM JOHNSON. CHAUNCEY GOODRICH. Burlington Oct. 4. 1838. The Printing business will be continued by C. Goodrich, under the superintendance ol lr. Vernon Harrington. stovjTTipe; A General a-sortmcnt of Russia, English and Conada Iron Pipes, kept con stantly on hand nnd for snlo at wholesale or retail by W. R. & F. C. VILAS. Oct. 4. MERINOS. Case French and English Merinos, for " sale cheap by tho subscribers. Oct. 5. 1838. Latiirop & Potwin. Newton Russell's Estate. yTK tho subscribers, having been appoint. " " cd by ilio llnnnroblo the Probato Court for the Dinricl of Chittenden, commissioners to receive examino. and adiust tho r.laiins mid demands of n persons, against tho cstato of huwioii uuwell, lato ol Charlotte, in said District, deceased. renra,orilcd into'vonl. nnd also all claims and demands exhibited in oflVol thereto: and six mouths from tho dnv ol' ihn datu hereof, being allowed by said court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby give no lice, that wo will attend to the business of our appointment, at tho dwelling of Ellis M. Bus. mui, in Kiiuriouo, in saiu Uistricl, on tho first Saturdays of January and April noxt, at ten o'clock. A. M.,on each of mid dnvs. Daltd, this first day ofOciolier A. D, 1838. i-XA3SUiM U. WHEELER, ) Commit. illitAiM rir.USON, , shners. Alary Wilcox's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, l District or Chittenden, bs, ( The Hon. the Probate Court for the Dit. tricl of Chittenden, To alt persons con. cerncd in the estate of Mary Wilcox, late of Iresljord, in saul District, deceased. UHKETINO. "f IlTHEREAS, Allen Stone, admmistra- TT tor of the estnto of said deceased, proposes to render an account of his admin istration, and present his occount against said estate fur examination and allowance, at a session of the court of Probate to be holdcn nt tho Register's office in Burling- ton on tho second Wednesday of November next. TiiEiiEFonE, You oro hereby notified to appear beforo said Court at tho time and placo aforesaid and show cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, this! 2d day o October, A. u. 1838. Wm. WESTON, Register. SCHOOL & CLASSICAL BOOKS. IMTEnSTRIl'S SPELLING BOOK T T Marshall's do do Cobb's Hnzoris Lamb's Cumming's do do do do do do do do do do Leonard's Child's and Amorican Primer, Worcester's Dictionary, Walker's do Johnson's do ' 4 vols. Webster's do Thompson's Arithmetic, do do Small, Adam's Davies' Youths Daboll's Piko'a Ficrco's Aloxandor's Emerson's Colburn's do do do do do do ff do J; 1st 2d and 3d. do do Sequel do Bn'msmaeds Geography, Parley's do Cuming's do Fnwlc's do Hall's do Goodrich's do Rlallo Brun's do Halls do Huntington's do anew work, Olnoy's do do com'n school do Woodbridgo's do do J. Willard's do Willard's do Worcester's do Morse's do Murray's Grammar 8 vo. do do 12 mo, do do abriged. Kirk'nam's do Smith's do Hall's do Fletcher's do Do. Sacy's do Putnam's do Goodrich's History U. States, Hale's do do Webster's do do Willard's do do do do do abridged Parley's 1st 2d and 3d books of Histoiy, Thompsons History ol Vl. Whclploy's do Tytler's do Ilccrcn's do Grimshaw's do of France. do do of Rome, Robbins England English Reader, Emerson's 1st 2d and 3d Class Reader National Reader, Rhetorical Reader, Improved do Progressive do American 1st Class Book. Porter's Analysis, Academical Speaker, American Reader, Agricultural do Analytical do Blair's Rhetoric, Jamieson's do Newman's do Whateicy's do Jamieson's Logic, Hedge's do Whatetevs do Comstocks common School Philosophy a new work, Comstock's Philosophy, Blake's do Jones' do Blairs' do Olmsted's do Comstock's Chemistry, Jone's do Conversations on do Blake's Lincoln's Turner's Web'ter'a Eaton's Parke's McNevcn's do do do do do do do Lincoln's Torroy's Thorntons Nuttalls Botany do do do do Gray's Eaton's Geology, Burritt8 Astronomy, ltyans do Guy s Vose's Vilbur3 Wilkin's Herschel'8 Farrar's do do do ilo do do Paley's Philosophy, Woyland's Moral Science, Smith's Moral Sentiments, Say's Political Economy, Kairne's Elements of Criticism, Ainsworth's Latin Dictionary. do do by Dymock, Leveretts do do Young's do do Adams' do Grammar, Russell's do do Andrew's do do Patterson's do do Gould's do do Andrew's do Reader. do do Exercises, Jacob's do Reader, Virgil Gould's and Cooper's. Horace, Latin Tutor, Liber Primus, Patterson's Crosar, Tacitus, Sallust by Antlion, Livii, 5 vols. Tcrrenco, Ctcoro's Orations, Donnegan's Greek Lexicon, do do do abridged, Schrevoll'fl do do Grove's do do Butiman's do Grammar, Goodrich's do do Fisk'a do do do do Exercises, Ileroditus, 3 vols. Homer's I Iliad, do Odysoy. Plato's works, 0 vols. Strabo, 3 vols. Greek Testament Boyors French Dictionary, Nugent's do do Wanostrocts do Grammar, Levizacs do do DcCheno'e do do Charles I2tli. Picard, Lcbruns Tclcmaquo, Bolmars Phrases, do Fables, German Dictionary, 8 vo. do Grammar, do Reader. do Phrase book, Hebrew Lexicon. do Grammar, Chrestomathy, &c. &c. &c. Many of tho obovo aro for salo in quantities and will bo sold atwholesalo or retail at the most reduced prices. C. GOODRICH. Wickwaro building, upstairs. Darlington. Sept 28. FRANKLIN HOTEL. BY AWSON SPELMAN, SOUTII.WEST CONNER OF THE SQUARE. BURLINGTON, Ft. JAMES 7f . KXGKOK RESPECTFULLY invites the attention of the public to tho stock at Books and Sta tionery which he now oflurs for sale. All tho new publications til uupottnncc navo occn laic, ly received, and additions made to tho assort. ment ol binnuarn wonts, ueiorc on nana. Among the new arrivals may bo specified. Travels in Europe, by W iihui I islto, D. U. Dr. Humphrey s r oreigu 1 our,5i vols. Ilfc on tho Lakes 2 vols. Lifooftho Rev. Geo. Crabbc,by his son. Gardiner's Muio of Nature. Griflfin's Remains, 2 vols. 8 vo. The Hoary Head, now work, by J. Abbott. Old Iroisitlcs, illustrated. Russell's modern Europe, 3 vols, 8 vo. Combcon Digestion, &c. Tho Robber, u New Novel by James. Ernest Mallravcrs and Sequel. Martin Fabor and other Talcs. A splendid Shakspcaro English edition 10 vols, price $15. Miss Leslies complete cookery. Prayer Books and Bibles, a great variety. Watts and Select Hymns, three sizes and in three styles of Binding. Methodist Hymns. Piano 31usicA choice selection ofsongs and pieces by the most celebrated composers. Paper A largo stock of nil qualities made by Ames, Owen A: Ilurlbut.& Hudson. Stationery ofull Kinds in abundance. Silver Pencils, also a few line penknives of Rotors make. a Visiting cards and card cases. Port folios, steel pons, Ink and writing fluid. Burlington, June 8, 1838. Hollow ware. A good assortment nfsiove nnd fire place hollow wnre and it on I'miiarps I li is d ty rereited nnd for sale by KOBEIU' MOODV. jm inch Burlaps, for Wool and Hop TfiU Sacks, by WAIT & TABOR. Sept. 27. NEW GOODS. A Great Variety of New Good?, just received nt the New Cash Store moderately cheap, by Sept. 27. WAIT and TABOR. C ALICOES. for the Fall and Winter, lastest lashiona, by WAIT and TABOR. Sept. 27. T71RENCH and ENGLISH MERINOS I? of superior quality by WAIT & TABOR. A good lot of Gloves and Hose may be found ot WAIT & TABORS. ERINO SHAWLS cheaper than ever, by WAIT and TABOR. COFFEE. Bags Lnguera, St. Domingo and Java Coffo. for sale by 50 Foi.LETT (Si BnADI.EYS. Sept. 24, 1838. 40 Bills, of tho best of Winter Oil, for salo bv For. lett & Biiadleys. Sept. 24. On Consignment, Granville made Iron Axlctree double Wnngons, lor sale at 4G0 10 to G5 each, bv Fom.ett & Bkadi.kys. Gcesc Feathers. FIRST rato article, for sale by W. R. &. P. C.VILAS. 'Pt. 27. 3w TIN PLATE. 1 HA Boxes just rec'tl and for salo, by AUU W.R.&.F. C.VILAS. Sept. 27. SHEEP'S PI2IFS. ClASH.and tho hiohesi tunrliut price will be naid for sheen's noil, hv W. R. &, F.C. VILAS. Sept 20. Gm Novascotia Plaster. 1 n '1'0"8 of Novascotia Plaster Rulk 300 bbls do do Foi. LETT (Si BnADLUYS. for sale by Sept. 24. Ilhds, Molasses uf Various qualities Sept. 24. For, lett & Buadi.kys 20 Illids. Muscovado. 15 do New Orleans, 15 boxes Philadelphia Loaf, for sale by Sept 24. I'UM.ETT & lilMDLKYS. GOODS- (RlHI'i Hih:crihcrs arc receiving their fall gfk Goods, comprisini' the usual varietv of Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, Groceries Crockery &c. &c, and will sell for cash at prices to suit customers. .IMTHROP & POTWIN. Sept. 27, 1030. TEAS. 100 Chests Hyson Skin Tea 75 do Yfiunir Ilysun do 40 do Old Hyson do 50 do Tonka do 20 do Souchong do 1 00 Caddies and Boxes Young Hy son, G and 12 pounds encli. 50 do do Old do 6, and 12 pounds each. For salo lower than was over offered in this market, By Sent, m '.in. J''ni,i,v.TT v iimnnvi CjA Doz. Stmons&, Co. .Cast Stool Axes for salo by the box, ol mannlnclurers prices, by Fom.ett & Biiadleys. Sent. 24, 1300 Bushels of Rock Salt, a superior article to any salt ever ottered in this market. 10.000 Bushels of Solar Salt 3,000 do Steam do 800 Bbls:. Fine do 250 Sacks of Liverpool ground Dairy For sale low by Sept. 24. Foi.IjEtt &. BnAnr.r.vs. 1 00 Hnx''9 N'ir Soap. AUU 75 Bags Shot, from No. 0, to 4. 300 Mats Cnshi, for snle oy Foi.LETT & BltAM.EYS. Sept. 24. WINDOW SASH. JUST received 15 20 & 21-7 by 9 cnsouicnts of s.ish, a first rate article, at 34 and 3i cts. per light. Also, nil kinds and sizes, furnished to order. Ticondorosa Black Lead, a first rato articlo, for sale very low, together with a great variety of other articles, as cheap as can be found at any other cslab lishment in the placo. Gr.o. Pm'r.nsoN. ELOPEMENT. I HEREBY forbid all persons from har boring or trusting my lawful wile Colli, urine on my account. She has eloped and refuses to return and live with mc, and 1 therefore refuse to pay any of her expenses abroad, after this date. ASA NARAMORE. September 20, 1838. 3w FOLt SALE, THAT eligible Mill Silo and haunctt Factory, known ns the Winonski Mills, in the town of Burlington, Vermont, on the falls ol Onion River. The building is of Stone, 100 feet long by 50 fort deep, with oil the necessary appurtenances, for flying, ilrvinganu dressing cloth. 'J here arc forty looms with corresponding machinery, ol most npproveo patterns nnd supenor work manship. A foil inventory may be seen nt the factory, i here is also attached to it a brick house suitable for a boardintr house lor the workmen. Situated ns this cstab lishment is, in a wool growing country, with the advantages ol transportation by water the whole of the distance to New York, renders it well worthy the attention of Capitalists and Manufacturers. Terms of sale will bo ocenmmndnting. Apply to 11. LISAVliN WORTH. Burlington, Vl. Charles S. Kimball's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, DlSTItlCT OF CtllTTEMJE.V, SS. The Hon. the Probate Court for the Dis tricl of Chittenden. To all persons con ccrncd in the estate of Charles S. Kimball late of Burlington, dectuscd. GREETING. WHEREAS the ndministrutor of the ct-tatc of said deceased, propo?es to render on account nt his administration nnd present his account ngainsl said estate for allowance, at the Probate Court to be holdcn at the Eagle Hall in Wilhston, said District on the third Monday of Octo ber next. 1 hcrcforc, you are hereby noti fied to appear before said Court, at the lime and place aforesaid, to show cause any you hove why the said account should not be allowed. Giveu under my hand and tho seal n aid Court, at Burlington, in said District this 20' h day of September. A D. 1838. CHARLES RUSSELL, Jwlse. A CERTAIN CURE FOR THE ETCH, TTTOWEVBR inveterate, in one hour' XJl application, and no dnngcr from talcing cold, uv usin;r DUMFRIES' OINTMENT. This preparation, for pleasantness, safe IV. expedition, ease and cerininlv. standi unrivalled for the cure of I his troublesome complaint. It is so rapid as well ns certain in nsnperation, a? to cure this difu-rrceabl disorder most etlectually, m otic hour application onlii! It does not coniain ma least particle ai mercury, or other tianuoMtis ingredient and may be applied with perfect safety bv pregnant tomales, or to children at the breast. Price 37 1 2 cents a box, with, ample directions. DR. RELFF:S AROMATIC PILLS, FOR FS1VCAZ.BS. rilllEY purify tho Blood, quicken ilscircu JL laliou, assist tho suspended operations of nature, and arc a general remedy for tho prevailing complaints among tho female part ol soniot). I ho rills uro particularly elhca ciott in tho Cxrecn bicltnuss, l'alpitntion thu Heart, Giddiness, short Breath, Sinking ofthe Spirits, Dejection nnd disinclination to nxcoicibo and society. Married ladies will hnd the rills equally uselul, except in cases of nrcirnancv, u-hcn they must not be taken neilhor must tltny oo laiton uy persons ot hectic or consumptive habits, Prico 1.50 a box. also Tttn cr.t.unruTr.n OAMIIItlAN TOOTH-ACHE PILLS Which jrivo immtdiate relief, without tlio least injury to the Teeth. On trial this w bo found ono of tho best remedies known for this complaint. Price 50 cents u box. 1 ILiTiouo gnnuino unless signet! on tho outside printed wrapper hy tho sole proprietor T. KIDDER, immediate sucicssor to the late Dr. W. T. Con w.w. For salo at hisCounlfiin Room, over No, 09, Court. blrcet, near Con cert Hall, Boston, and also by his special ap pomtmeul, by J, ic i, 11. Pr.oic & (Jo. WAKTTBD. Young man from 10 to 20 years of age, as a Clerk, can hear of u place A by enquiring at this Ollico. Sept. 20. Grey Shaker Yarn, just ree'd By WAIT ami TABOR. POTATOES. CASH and a good price will bo paid fur q lew thoiibiind bushels Potatoes if delivered soon, by Km.,1 o mil Per I r -T $. n inLEV. Sim Ms MEW KiVGIiAIVI COUGH SYRUP, The rtputntim of uUidt liai nwi become ettabluhd as lh mo safe and tfiracinui rcmaly tier disrovcrtd fur INI'Iil,T,.VKA,C;OMS,COlHJlIS,AJSTlirriA wiiooim.m; :ot tm, spitting oi? IIMJOU, jINJI AM, AI'I'i:CTIONS or Tin: i.uxvs. pnKPAtu-.n only nv tiik sou: i-hopkietoiv DANIEL GODDAltD, No. 8 CIold St NEW-YORK. In presenting tlili useful remedy to tho public, tho Prtj. nrictor Is authorized by u Physician, from whom ih tininr. was confidcntiiilly obtained, to state, that ho has used It himself, nnd In h! rMcnsivu practice In Ptdinonary ud'ec tlons, with astonishing rflVct. The happy combination oi vcgciauio siureimicea, 01 men H is ehiueiy composed, are peculiarly adapted to diseases of tho Lungs, Liver, una Stomach. This medicine hat born used very extensively, nnd tho proprietor lias not known a single Instance In which It ha3 failed In givln? relief in diseases for which it is recommend- sdi cseu in cases anpioacnnig to consumption, attendod. with, bleeding at theLunss, and where all oilier rcmedlefl had filled, tlio most decided and llatterlng success hno attended its use. Common colds, which are generally tho effect of obstructed perspiration, will yield to Its inllusnco ina few hours j wlunuscdin asthma, hoarseness, wheez ing, and shortness of breath, It gives Immediate relief, pro. curing tranquil ret and sleep. In whooping rmi$h it Is wunout a ruai. u operates wun gentle cxpcctoratiun, and may bo given to with perfect safety. J no genuine isew i.ngianil lough isyrup will bo cn (oped In a bill of direction', enclosed In on cnsraveil wrapper, bearing on it the signature of the proprietor In his own hand writing. The bcltle will be scaled and ttampej on thu cork ' New England Cough Syrup.' A few ofthe many certificates In favor of this Syrup which arc In possession of tho Proprietor, ale added fortlio porusal of tlioso who may be troubled with similar complaints. (lenllcticn After haing tried, by tho recommendation of i.iy friends, almost every medicine for a cough, without the lcat relief, I had rccoursu to your New England i, mat It lias cured muol oncol the most obstinate coughs ever knew, and pliall feci it to be a duty to recommend to every one whom I find In need of so valuable a modi. cine. Yours respectfully, Moslem, Nov. 20, 1S33. JOHN P. STEVENS. I have the satisfaction nnd pleasure of inl'ormioff vnti tiiat the bottle of New England Cough Syr.ip, which f pro cured of you on the 23d uf April, has entirely relieved mo iroin a very set L.rc cougn w incli Hail mulcted me for a short time pan. Afier lining a variety of medicine, und finding no permanent rebel, I was induced by the advice of my friend', to try your Syrup. The result I have already stated; it succeeded beyond my expectation! ami I cheerfully tccomineiid it ns.i vtry valuable medicine for all those who, mav be nilllctod with similar complaints. Yourt lespirtfully, CIIAULES ItUGGLES. Jtoston, Ma' 1, ISM. It elves me great plcnurc to be able to add mv testimony in favor of jour New England Cough Syrup, two bottles, of which having entirely cured my rough, which was so severe that my physician advised tneto spend the coining winter lua southern climate, out the lorlunato use ol llm Svrup will preclude the necessity. lours, ..c. jus&i'u uilAulsulX Boston, Pepttmltr 1, 1831. The Proprietor would add, tiiat ho Is constantly receiving numerous testimonials of tho value and ellicacy of tlus remedy. The above article i sold wholesale In iYeic York, by tho Proprietor and nil the drugilsts. Boston, by Hcnshaw &. Ward, Mayuurd Jc iNoyes, titirewers, Mevcns ScCnslilng. Philadelphia, by Isaac Thompson, J. k J. W. Smith, C. Vv Carpenter, and A. Fullerion, jr. Baltimore, bv It. II. Coleman St Co., Whitaker fc jiartoi, nnu ii. a r. roppiem, jr. Cincinnati, Ohio, by Glascoe & Harrison, and Allen. St Co Pittsburgh, Penn., by .lames Schoonmaker St Co. -Vfic Orleans. by Nathan Jarvis. album, X. Y., by Sands ScShaw. Montreal, I.. C, by Geo. Jj'ent. Halifax, X. S., by II C. Pricdham. St. Johns. A". )!., by W. 0. Smith. And sold wholesale bv the drugsists and cnothecarlea generally throughout the United States. ORLUS TOOTH WASH A valuable article for the teeth and gums J & J II Peck & Co. wholesale agents. RounnT Moody, Retail. Advertisement ! 1 THE ASTHMATIC AM) CONS-U.MPTIVK. nnUE most prevalent and fatal ol all tho JL diseases incident to civilized society the Consumption mav gcnerallv bj traced to the least alarming of disorders, a slight but iteglectcd Cold ! By estimation, it appears that one dummied and kiftv thousand persons die annually ol tho Consumption. Most of these dreadful results maybe attributed to common Colds, and n negligent treatment of the harrossing Uoagli that gencrniiv ensues, winch t usually fullowed by difficult breathing, paia in the side, nnJ at last Ulcerated Lungs. Violent and repeated Asihmatic attacks also bring on Consumptive symptoms. One or two dollars expended in tho pur. chase of DR. RELFE'S ASTHMATIC PILLS, and a little attention to their timely admin istration, will usually ensure a mitigation of these disorders, and generally effect a cure. The Pills aro also an oay and effectual remedy for the symptoms preceding and accompanying the Asthma nnd Consump tion. For colds, cough', difficulty of breath ing, tightness and strictures across tho chest, wheezing, pain in tho side, spitting of blood, (Sic. I" ew cases can occur of any of this class of disorders, in which the pur chasers of Dr. Relfe's Pills will not find a rich return for their trilling expenditure. Prico- whole boxes, 30 Pills, l ; half do 12 Pills, 50 cts. WHITE and sound Teeth are both an ornam nt and a blessing. The best security fur their advantage is to bo found in the use of tho BRITISH AXTISEPT1C DEXTIIIFICE. This elegunl Toilh Powder, with a very little ue, eradicates the Scurvy in tho gums, and prevents the accumulation of Tarter, which nut only blackens, but loosens I he teeth, nnd accelerates their decay. The Deulrifico thus removes tho prevailing causes of offensive breath, pre-s-orves the healthiness and lloridncss of tho gums, and renders thu teeth beautifully white- Price 50 cents. Nono arc genuine unless signed on tho outside printed wrnpper, hy the sole pro' priclor, T. KIDDER, immediate successor, ol tlio into Dr. V. T. Co.nwav. For salo nt his Counting Room, over No. 00, Court street, near Concert Hall, Boston, and also hy h'w special appointment, hy J, &. J. II. PECK & Co, Burlington, Vt. Horse, Chaise and Harness FOR SALE. A gentleman has left with Mr. J. K. Giuv, carriago maker of this village, to bo sold on runsonablo terms for cosh or approved paper, ono light Chaise, .Horso and Harness, nil in excellent order, ami a very respecltiblo establishment. They can bo piiffihnsod separately if required. Burlington, Aug. 22, 1030. ST. Croix and Portorico sugars oflhobcsi quality, and rriccs lower than ovor by WAIT and TABOK.

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