Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 12, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 12, 1838 Page 2
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yimn miiBimiii arwc3L3r-rii!rTit.JJU,jrnnnjm Tin: suii-tkkasuky. Wo havo repeatedly ondonvnred 'to ini press upon mir renilors I ho nil important fad, that when tin iiou-I pulley of tho lrnpojoil Hub 1 rcn-siiry scheme was first advanced, it was met with signal opposi tion by Mr. Van Huron, nnd his Irietids. They now support il, wit hout them being nny visible reason fur such n complete nnd total abandonment of principle; except. Hint llio proposed project is well adapted to give increased strength nnil pormiiiii'iici' to tho party in power, nt tliu expense, it may bo aililcil, of our republican I henry of government, and to the great peril of pop ular liberty. Among the positions once seditiously maintained, but now discarded by Mr. Van Huron and In friend, was tho snnorior safety nnil ollicncy of the State Hanking Institutions, over individual:!, as the fiscal ogents of I he General Government. Upon tins point, we rule two extracts from the report of Levi Woodbury, Secretary oft ho Treasury, made to Congress in December, 11334. "It is gratifying to reflect," Faitl Mr. Secretary Woodbury, "that the credit " given by the Government, whether to " bank paper or lank agents, lias been nc " conipauied by unaller losses in the expo " rience under the system of Hanks " in mi", luuiii i j ..i i ,vi-;.iio r, i i (1 41 under their severest calamities, than nny " other kind of credit the Government has " ever given in relation to its1 pecuniary "transaction?, llcncc, ntilefs his States " nnd the United Slates, should both deem " it proper gradually, and in the end en " lircly, to dispense with the paper rvs'.ciii. " nnd which event is not anticipated, the " Government cannot escape occasional 41 losses from that quarter; nnd can never " hope to escape all losses from banks n 41 fiscal agents, except by tho cmploynv'iit " in their placo of other and individual " ngents, who will probably he found ess " responsible, safe, convenient end ecu- nomical." It will be seen from the above extract, that Mr. Woodbury is, or was-until it became his personal intercut to profit? a change of his opinions tho decided Hi' miner of the superiority of Stale Hank agencies. Unfortunately for his present reputation for consistency, ho wn not content to refer only onco to the subject, but in another part of the Fame report, by way of who wing his zeal in the cauc, enforced his opinions by referring to facts and documentary proof. We present this extract also to the reader, as a still failher condemnation of the gross insincerity of tho administration, in its pretenco 10 a patriotic motive, when it bpgan to lay i's plans for compassing the custody of the Public Money. Mr. Woodburv sav, that it is a 4 'f J - " lar fact in praise of this descripiun of " public debtors, the selected limine, that 41 there is not now duo on dcpositcs, from " tho whole of them, which have ever slop- " ped payment, from tho establishment of " the Constitution In the present moment, "a sum much beyond what U now due to "tho United State from one mercantile " firm that stopped payment in 1 025 or " IB26, nnd of uhnui ample security was " required and sunnmed to bn lalfeu under " I ho respon-ibtliiy of an ontli. If we in " elude the whole present duos to the " Government. Irom discredited hanks, nt " nil times and if all kinds, whether as " depositories or not, and embrace even " counterfeit hills, anil every other species " of unavailable funds in the Treasury, " icy will not exceed xdiul is due from two " such firms." DEFAULTING RUI5-TRHASURERS. In addition to the documentary evidence which we published yesterday, in regard to the relative security of soulless corporation-, nnd individual agents, ns depositories ol the public monev, wo refer ngniu to tho re. port of the Secretarv of the Treasury lor further illustration of thn subject. Wo stated on the authority of Mr. Wormntmv that, since thn organization of our Govern merit , tho Treasury had lost less money in oil its connection willi Hanks in the re ceipt of their paper and in trus' iiifT them as depositories than U had lost by tho delal cation of two individual. This I'aet must bo considered as in favor of curpo rate security ; but there arc some few m stances worthy o!' particular note aud coiiv ment. which wo would recall to the recol lection of our voters, anil which cannot (ml to justify the noble stand that has been ta. ken by our Conservative friends oain-l the favorite measure of tho administration. First wo take tho case of Wn.i;v 1'. IlAnnis, late receiver and quad sub treas. nrcr at Colombo. A distress warrant was issued against the principal anil si. re lies for the recovery of 42011,0.12. Tho set tlcmcnlin this case clearly indicates the use made of the public money by General Jackson's receivers ; and amply illustrates Iho peculations nnd speculations which thov practised on so magnificent n scale. In the adjustment of this afi'iir tho marshal found the United Suites property invested in real estate on iho private account ol Air. sun-treasurer IlAnnis, Of this property surrendered by Mr. Harris, a portion was sold by tho mari-hnl In the amount of $19,- ( 000; and a further sum of glO.000 was ex pected to bo realized from a mortgage in IlAnnis' possession of one half the town of Grand Gulf! This is hut n single speci men of the schemes for lunching individu al partizans which wore so common during General Jackson's iidmniistraiinn : and which will become still more common ns soon as tho whole revennu of tho country cut) bo brought under tho absolute control of the Executive nnd bo distributed under tho sole direction of his private favor. Another interesting case of defaulting nub'lreusurors, is that of Asimuw 1 Pr.u ky, Into rocoiver in tho southern district of Alabamn. Suit was ordered against him ,or $29,705. Return whs made that Perry had absconded to Mississippi. In tho lat ter Stain judgment was recovered against him to the amount of 32,507. Of this judgment tho United States recovered 41,600, leaving n balance duo of 420,155, exclusive of interest. This is set down as desperate all tho parties, both principal nnd sureties, in Alabama and Mississippi, being returned us "hopelessly insolvent." Without detailing Ike particular circum- 8'nncps of each can-, we annex a statement r i hn tinlnnnert diiubv certain other receiv. ers of public money, arising from Iho sale of public lands, with the amount of their j bonds i Im'l due Am'l of bondi. S. ! Iiidlcv, ChUicothc, $21.77!) 10,000 I I. r. ( i.inbj , Crawfordivtttc, .s),0in ""."M ; 8, 1 1 n in mom I . St. Louis, 1 ,57 1 Nn bond ' 10,000 ! No i'ioihI I No Imml j I YV, 1). JkCnv. Lcxinnlon, 9,877 S:5,o!)() !!3,7I2 :ss,i::;i 5l,(.2(i 23,155 115,102 do.dno S. Smut), .S7 Stephens, ,1, linih.oi, Ilunt.iuillc, l.o l!o) Pope, Ihinhrillc, U. (1. iVtiicliell. Caltubu, A. . IVrrv. Snnrta. -iU.UUlJl I.. Huukiiw, Helena, 115,102 20,000 t,. I). Hojil, Columbtli, (.0,(100 20.000 .1. W Sirplicnon, Galena, 7 I,Sj9 UO.OUU A, .Tniies, U. S. M. Missouri, -1.7 15 V. Oen aid. Oncloutcs, 27 2;i0 10.000 7I.S59 (i. Knolli-r, St. Louh, 27,051 -10,000 li. V. r.Jwauli, 7i(Oei dsvillc,i,-Vil lu.uuu Wo are not nwaro th.u there is any thing in thc caso of these defulicrs, to enti llo them to any more favor than was ex' en ded to Tobias'Walkins except it bo lhat thcycrc pnrtizans of tho nduiinistratioii, and were placed in ofi'ieo lor the express purpose of peculating upon the. Treasury. Thus it will always ho with fiscal agents vho owe their appointment to iho private favor of thc President. They are apt to attach no other responsibility to their office than the responsibility of making as much money us possible nut of it. Hut the in stances above cited, have nil boon taken troll; iliu liioeiui. Ir may bo wp to look at Iho Sub-Treasurers on tho sea-board. Tho statement below, exhibits tho amount duo from curtain Collectors ol'tho Custom", who arc to be the Sub-'I'reasurers of the new system : Am'l due Official bond. ,T. It. Pw.inlon. llath, $l:?,S(U ' s-'10.000 .)., York, 27,000 ' 00,000 W. Draillev, Fairfield, 0,?07 5.000 II. pni!,' Alexandria, S.777 20,000 I .Muse, Toppuhanock, 3;i,2l3 2,000 fi. VV. Iinnk-, ilo. 5,201! 2,000 J.Hihb, Virginia, 11,900 00,000 A. I!oi'i.-on, Camden, V,,V,n .1,000 It. Coclinoi, Wilmington, 1107,227 10,000 I!. Wall.OliiiMul,) O,corgi(i,22,:j25 00 000 A. Iwin, Tennessee, G!!,:397 00.000 V. l!rown,AciuO-c)is, 107,011 00,000 I'.F. DuboiiiL', do. :J0,9ll 00.000 D. Duucan,.Vicii7iHi(mic: LS0.G80 Z 000 !..). Harrison, Louisville, 11.159 1,000 .1.11. MeCtilloeh,Vmu,M,75:i 0.000 G. W. Owen. Mobile, C.101 0,000 S.Thaclier, PassamaquaddyXiAN 2,000 .1. Fitzgerald, Alexandria, ''30,072 10,000 '!'. liloodworlh, Wiliciugton 22.527 10,000 E. Moungor, Santiinnli, 17,000 5,000 The above aro a lew instances from r Report of fifty pagos, embracing hundred: of similar cases ; nnil yet t ii i- Report takes no notice of Post OHico dolalcaiious, or those ol disbursing officers of Iho Army and Navy, or those of merchants and purchas ers of public lands" though tho indebted, nets of unny ol them is ycry great." So very -'great" indeed must bo that indebl edness that wo aro informed by the Secre tary of the Treasury thai the defalcations of but two individuals exceed the total loss sustained by tho United Slates by tho cm ploymeut of bank agencies anil the ue ol bank paper, since the establishment of the Constitution. And now it is proposed to extend this very system of individual agen cies. by which tho Government lias thus plundered, under tho proloncc ol di vorcing the Government from tho Hanks, and ol cslslili-lung an independent Treasu ry ! that is to say, a Treasury independent of tho People, independent of Congress, independent of every thing like popular or legislative com rol and dependent solely on the private favor of'the President. Sucii an independent Treasury will never be au thorized b the citizens of the United States They will neither be seduced into it by the -pecious pretences of iho Administration, nor bullied into it by tho iiijolcut menace that it shall continuu the law of the land "in spite of ihcir lamentations !" Tho con (leiiinatiou of iho people has been spoken too loudly to bo mi.-iakcn, and loo strongly lobedtficd. il has been pronounced at Iho ballot-bnx by a majority of I 20.000 in dependent vo'ors. Willi the single oxcep lion of tho Legislature of South Carolina, no popular body throughout the Union has attempted to raise a voice in Us favor. No statesman, however subservient to the Kitchen Cabinet, with the solitary oxcep. Hon of Mr. Cai.iiou.nS tail in a Slate "eol itnry and alone," has dared to propose a legislative expression in Us f.ivor. Aud .yet we arc told thai, the Sub. Treasury is tlie iJeinocratic doctrine, and lhat it is to bo made tho touchstone ot the Democratic faith I Courier -S' En'uirrr, A SHERIFF'S R E ,M 1 N i SCE N C E S . 11 Y ft. M- NOAH. If jail limits nro necessary ihey should ho co-exiou.-ivo with the city; for I tic ob ject oloch confinement is only to be so corc of your debtor when you want him and it is the same whether ho is limited to a few streets, or has tho freedom of the whole city. On ibis subject I speak by book. When 1 was shetilf of New York", tho limits wore only one hundred and fifty acres. Houses on tho limits commanded n higher rent for those who could pay; and for those who could not pay, their niH':r nigs wero intolerable. 1 o mechanic-i it was painfully di-t rowing, and the whole system worked bad for debtor and credit or. Enticing persons i fi the limits conlin od for henvv Minis and with good bail, was an organised system. Watchers wore specially employed and Inrgo fuiih prom ised il'thoy could find tho debtor oil' Ins "iiiud and over the hues, or could decoy him in any manner from the bounds. 1 have known women engaged to slop a dobior, and interest him m her story by a nndost address, a tale of wo, and lead htm step by step, until uncniif ciously ho had passed iho fatal boundary in tight of the scout, who lodged uif'or, nation again.t htm. Girls have protended to fall into fits on one tide of Iho pavement, that tlio unfor tunato debtor's humanity might bo roused, nnd he ernes from iho other side to aid tbeiii. In short, tho abuses wore so nu merous, nnd the benefits so doubtful bv this 150 ncro limit syMom, that I wont to worli to make this manifest to the legisla tore, and thev madu Iho whole citv the limits. Some droll oeeurreiico look'placo However, niiuor tins system. Tho greater portion of tins class wore debtors undo twenty dollars, and principally poor per sons, and among my particular nnd valued political friotid-i Iho Irish. I made il a point never to lock thorn up if iimy cnud procure nny animal in the shapo of bail, lor 1 wat sure to havo Iho wife and half a doz- en children petitioning for a release! nnd I nianv a twcniv dollars, debt nnd costs, 1 have bad to pay for llicin in consequence of iho debtor, and tho bail, and wife, and children nnd pigs, nil running nwny at tho snmo time. Hut they wore all loud ol me; j, u.n3 .. MU, jfQ to your honor" I ho blessiot's ol St. I'nttick bo on you!" but ,,iuy w'!ro KlUrt "0VUr 10 VOlC rur 11,0 v,,on I was a candidate they could not bring it over their consciences, the villains, with n (lr,)r attachment to me, which was very sincere nnd unaffected. n . ,,,- .In.-Upil Si, i,.i,,-r linil. which was very amusing, and they (nought I was nnt up to it. The) had a coinnughl man among them a hod man, a tall, hand some, gentcol follow, full of fun and impudence- Whenever I hey wanted security, t hoy would dress him up in n ncnt black coat and ritfllod shirty giv.i him t gold wa'ch, n cane, n piir of ghncs.Jnnd, thus di-giiiscd, he would strut into iho office with iho air of an alderman. "I crinu In hail Torrenco O'Flynn, sir." " Wlint is the amount f" "Only twenty dollnrs.sir; n trifle, your honor, but we oust nut lot our coiinti"ymeti suffer, you kntw." So say ing, ho would pull out the old watch nnd look nt it long enough for nl iho deputies in I he office to rce the ortclc, adjust his rufllos, take n pinch out of ill) Hays's snuff box, sign tho bond and srut out. This follow was bail for the while Five I'oinl-'. which was m I ho limits; ntd ns often as I aw him chinking his iron heeled boots over the marble pavement of the City Hall, twirling his eano, imitating, and very clev erly loo, a man of wealth and importance, I used to say to him, 'Well, Rory, who aro you going to bail nnv ?' I Inst n great deal Ly him of course, in -mall sum, but ho mndo n Iriflu occasion ally by tho experiment, and his friends al ways made n prnctico of stripping him of Iih horrowod roues the moment he came off duty, nnd I have teen him one hour after signing a bond, on thc lop of a ladder wnli a hod lull ot brick, n chip hat without u rim, and a terrible rent in the rear of his corduroys. i was glad I lint tlio wholo limit system was abandoned it w os painful to parties, and did good to none. One dav I throw open the jail for public inspection. I had clcired out nil the debtors, some by com premise, some by bail, and a very fev by consent of creditors ; it was the old Pro vost during the revolutionary war, n terri ble looking place, now transformed into the beiiulilul Hnll of Records : but as the devil would have it, before night an officer brought in a wild vcung Frenchman, ar rested lor a small sum. His mother, well known and respected in litis ctt v. called at my house, full of grief nnd politeness, nnd smiling through her tears, having bv the hand a handsome, modest looking girl scarcely sixteen "Ah, mnn chor, Mon sieur Sheriff, you avu locked op mv son in do prison hero is his beautiful wife vill you let her sleep by herself, all nlone, to night?' I hero was no resisting such n pathetic appeal, and I he wife carried iho release to jail, and old Mr. Roomo lot him out to roam about and bo again caught by iiaron isasem, Tho result ol nbnlisliin imprisonment for debt is that men nro more cautious in giving credit, aud llio-so who have credit nro more cautious in guardinn it - -.'V. Y. Star. I'll! DAY MO UN I NO. OGTOHEll 12 MARYLAND EL E CTION. Our returns arc not complete from thc recent election in this Slate, but, says the Evening Journal I hey render it probable lhat the Hon. William Ghaso.v, a highly popular and able federalist of iho days of John Adams and Alexander Hamilton, and who in consisicnl support of n strong gov eminent, nnd r.n independent Executive now ranges on the tide of Van Huron and iho Sub Treasury, has beaten John N. Srnni.r,, the younger, n loss distinguished and less popular Whig candidate, by a handful of voles, Hut the Whigs have achieved n substantial victory in the elec tion of a innjnnly of members in both branches of the Legislature. Tho Senate consists of 21 members, the House of 79. There aro two lies ns to candidates for the House, reducing the number to 77. The Whigs havo 1 1 Senators and -10 Reprcssn- lativos, making on joint ball, n majority of four, which insures n Whig Senator of the United Sia'cs. For thc first time in many years, the Whigs havo carried their ticket in the city of Haltiinore. When this result was ascertained the loco focos assembled a mob, paraded iho r-lrects, cnuimilting the gross est oulinges, anil finally nitacked the Chronicle office with tho intention of lev. cling il. Hy iho timely interference of the military, however, the rim was quelled without any serious mischief. GRGItGIA, The election in this state took place on the 1st i nst. nnd tho result, as farns known, is highly auspicious. In ton counties heard from the whig majority is 2390, showing n net whig, gain since the last election of 991 votes. Tin; Li:r,isr,ATUut Richmond J whigs; Greene 4 whigs; Morgan 3 whigs 1 loco, foco j Tnlliaferro 3 whigs; Warren 4 whigs; Hibb2 whigs 1 locofoco; Ihhlwin 3 whigs; Lincoln 3 whigs; Chatham 4 whigs. Total, 34 whigs, G locofocos. What's Tin; mattkii iw?Tho Sen tinel has broke out in new placo, nnd with nu enriicstnos? that betokens mine concern, gravely informs tho public that Timothy Follotl.ChnrloRAilnmsntid harry Hradloy, expressed nn opinion last winter Fomcwhnt nt variance with the views entertained by him of tho Sontmcl on the Canada question, I i no latter gentleman, to bo sure, was re-1 contly n candidate for office, and Iho good people of this town expressed their confi dence in his ability nnd integrity by electing him to on honorable station. Tlio two other individuals nlludcd to ore merely privnto citizens, and inasmuch as they arc quiet wcll'disposcd neighbors, we do not porceivo the motive for arraigning them on the present occasion. Possibly, however, our neighbor Winslow may bo in the same state of mind that tlio old lady was, who, in the midst of n festive congregation, burst out in n violent fit ol lamentation. Heing interrogated ns to thc cause of her grief O dear !' says she, 'my poor dear husband, that died of tlio binall pox! I've borne il twculyyoars, hut I can't nor won't Eton' it nny longer ! Hoo boo lion !,' Ratiidun. Tho trial ofllciijamin Rathbun, "tho Girard of Iiufialo," as ho has been des ignated ut Hatavia,on one of tho indictments found against him for his great forgeries, ter minated on Wednesday morning in a verdict oCG'uilly. Application was immediately mado by tho prisoner's counsel for a suspension of tho sentence, which was tcfused, and thc court sentonccd him to five years imprison ment in tho stato prison. Astronomical Lnoruitus. Wo nro requested to give notice that Mr. Thomp son's Lectures, advertised in another col umn, will commence on Monday woelt, 22d inst. instead of this evening. Mr. Thomp son has been induced to make this post ponement, we understand, to accommodate those who wish to attend Mr. Lord's Lec tures on tho Middle Ages, this evening and the ensuing week. Muni) r.n. A Mrs. Ihlcs. wife ol Phi- lorinnu Hales, was most inhumanly murder ed bv the discharge of a rifle through iho window of her dwelling house, nt 7 o'clock on the evening of the 2d inst., in tho town of Shaftsbury, Vermont, near Iho New- York line. Thc ball lodged m her head, entering nt thc forehead What adds to tho horror of this sad affair, i- tho cir. cumslnnco that suspicion immediately fell upon n brother of the deceased's husband, Archibald Hates, as being the agent of thc deed, ho having threatened her life tho day previous ! Thc culprit was apprehended within a mile of the house and secured be fore his victim breathed her last, which took place abool 9 o'clock same evening. The supposed provocation, if provocation it can be called, lor tho unparalled Iransac. tion, was the circumstance that the father of the brothers was about to negociato with Philorman to lake the principal share of his property anil take caro of him through his old ago. The deceased was of amiable and excellent character, nnd highly esteem cd by the father and nil who knew her: and to this circumstance the murderer probably supposed Ins brother was principally in. debtcd for the good forlonc about to befall bun. This is nil that thus far appears. ANOTiir.ii. i lie ltuiianu Herald gives us the particulars ofanotlier most revolting murder in that town, on Thursday week It seems that one Daman kept u house of ill-fame, and on the evening in question was visited by some hostlers and n jug of Rum. A quarrel arose between Daman ;and his wife ns to the disposition of the wages of iniquity ; whereupon he seized n razor, cut her throat from ear to ear, and then attempted to lake his own life, but was prevented. lie makes full confession of the crime, and says ho has no desire to live. Tlio I'liil.nlel itii.i O.r.etio s;ijs a m in nam ed Dunl.ip, lesidin;' in Newbury, I'.i. ivln, li.ul l( eenlly sepnintnl from his wife, weal io Iter i eai ilenre unit ilem.tiuled from her iliuir child, whom she was iiurcin. She lufuscd io give up the jn foil, when die fuller fell upon her wiih ;in uxe, iiml killed holh her ami die cliil.l, uuuilaiiii ihe bodies in n nio.-l gimukinj; nunner. Ifiivin sie coinplislivd this liorriblo deed, llio wretch cut hi, lull iiicfiiclually ; he will probably iccoier. Fliti:. Wo have inaiheilenllv nniiited to no liro ih,u nlioiii ihiee o'cloik on t-uml.iy iimiiiim ol li,-) weiK, n loo wns dii-dncml in I ho li.uii Hunched in tin liici n nl iho lie. nl nf 1 'o nl siieel, iMiijwii us oil- --iiicoii .Mountain House." Inn mon nine t lie me win enunminicilcil io the hous, which w.ii! cunt fly conuniril, tngrthcr with u shop unjoining, oicuineu ny .nr. uuliley us u in,u life in.imil.icloiy. Two hoises wern liiiincil in 0 ".on. ro iiouiii is cnleiliuneil thai it is the woik of an inecmli.iry. N0Tili:u, On faunil.iy evening nlinui eleven n'cliik n (lie hioki! out in a h.ini iiitudied to the "Aineiicin I Intel " in this village, occupied by " i.iu,, hiiiuii iui a iimo iiiieaieneil foiious consequence. In admit time four Inm,-. rni,nin. in;- a laro (iinnliiy of ciiiin, n mun'.ier of eleishs, "., wii nKuiiicr wnii nine x ilualilo liiiucs, wcie eniiicly consumed. Poitunaloly litem was no wind at tho lime, to whirh ciicunislance, lo. (jeihi'r with Mm spiiiied and piaUeworihy eseiiinm of iho fiiemrn ami eili.en?, tlio safely of n .iln.ilitu pm lion of inn- illuSo U due, No iloulii h enicr. mined lhat this was also tho woik of nn incendiary. A public mcciing wat held at ihu Court House on IWnuilay, when aeoininitieo win raiFctl to iiiwsti. (jute iho iiflair, unil ufH-r a rewaul far Ihe discine. iy of tlio incendlaiy. We hope the matter will ho llioiotuhly sificil. In thn ine.inliine, llei uiiiidsi Mtfilancn h necessary. Tliii is llio thud net of Fiiccessfitl yism lujiliis village wilhiu tliu last few 1 1 1 o 1 1 1 1 1 s , no iloulii tint le.'iill of a piecon. ceiled unil ejsteniatin plan of ilesliiieiiini, It will bo seen by lefeienco to tun- mlerlNiii;' column, thn business of that ndininihly conducted Moiel will nut bo olntinrlcil in iho least. Tt.nelleiii unil lisilers will continue to ineel willi thesamo nccnni. modatioiH mid utlenlliin iir hefoir, IV e ate "lad lo obsetxe thai ilie buna ti ml t-linU will he innne ilialely ii limit, m thai in a shott time thai estnli hseniciit will he as i iplete an befoie, Sentinel, Tin: Alr.r.Ti.NO in Mmvnuui,, Tho Montreal papors brimj us the proceedings of the mooting held in that city on Mnti-ifrom uny, in consequence ot the intended rcsig. nation of hord Durham. The Montreal Courier says that il was "very numerous, and in the highest degree respectable', not exceeded on any former occasion in those requisites which givo weight to the rcsolu lions of a public assemblage of freemen." Five re.-oluiiniis were pissed the first expressing the firm persuasion of the meet ing, that in the performance of the arduous duties of his high ofiicc, Lord Durham has been ncttiatodiby an earnest desire to ac complish the object of his important mis sion ; nnd their deep regret nt the proceed iugs ol'tho Imperial Parliatnonl, and at the reeblo support given Iiord Durham by her Majesty's ministers. The second laments bis lordship's determination to resign, nt n moment when confident hopes wore enter mined that thc difficulties of tho province would bo mot by some comprehensive nnd successful measure. The third "respect fully submits to his Excellency the settled conviction of tlio meeting that tho legisla live union of the Cauadas, and tho cstab lishment of an efficient legislature therein, nffurd tho only means of accomplishing their pacification, and of perpetuating their connection with tho empire, nnd that nny "oncral federation of nl! tho North Ameri can colonics would ho inadequate to thc attainment of these ends, and would mull ply the present subjects of discord." The fourth declares that tho meeting would consider tho relinquishment of bis high office by Lord Durham, at the present crit ten I period, as a public calamitv, and respectfully but earnestly entreats him to disregard the. attempts made in Britain to prejudice the public mind against him, nnd to continue in the exercise of his high functions. Tito fifth directs a copy of the resolutions to he conveyed to the Karl of Durham. At Toronto in Upper Canada, also, public meeting was hold and resolution wore adopted, expressive of thc confidence of the A-scmbly in tho Governor General and nn address to him was agreed lo ring him of their reliance on the wisdom nnd ititoirriiv of bis administration, and of their support, and expressing n hope that ho would proceed in tho accomplishment of tho objects of his mission, undeterred by opposition or misrepresentation FROM TUX AS. An arrival at Now Orleans from Texas brines intelligence to tho 15th ult. The Mexicans had augmented their troops thn side the llio Grande to tho number of 1500 men. One of their marauding par ties had been successful of late in pillngmg merchants and passengers going to San Antonio. Two companies of the Texan cavalry bad been sent against tho Mexican plunderers hut it il was thought the latter would evade them. General Lamar it n lhouht will bo chosen President nlmot uiiauimnur-lv. Wo hear no further mention of the In dians on the northern frontier of Texas. It appears that tho Mexican leaders hav not abandoned their ideal sovereignly over Texas : a long proclamation both in Span is It and bullish, emanating Irom his celioncv. commands all the Texans in that part of tho republic lo lay down their arm notwithstanding tho provisions of Iho con stitution lo the contrarv, and forbids them under penally of being treated nnd punish ed ns traitors, to cioss the llio Nooeccs or in nnv wav In molest the Mexicans, what ever their number, when they transgre our irontior ; tiecatno tlie laitlitul .ilexi cans can linvo no other intention than that of smuggling nnd trnding with Texas. Tliu llou.-toii Intelligencer nf the I5t till, contains a proclamation of President llou-ion, forbidding all unlawful neoin blaoes anil aneintmns of armed men. i ins proclamation nt nts excellency is not looked upon by Ihe peop'e of Texas Willi approbation. He is accused of enter mining for ihu Indians a blind affection nnd it it. supposed I lint ho favors i hem in oppo-itmn io tho new settlors. Yet the Ciinianehns aro becoming bold. They are extending the ihenire of their depredations and outrage, so that travel ors aro liable lo bo encountered by tliuni at almost any point. ttluOLOGY. Tho science of Geology, in its infancy, too, is making proselytes to iho doctrine, that "the world has existed much more than G00O years," and Prof. Pond, of the Ilangor Theological Institution, goes so far ns to say, "it has been demonstrated by Geologists." lie adds "I would us soon think of disputing the Copernicnn system of Astronomy, as to call in question the deductions of Geology respecting Ua great anliquxly ot the world." This, it is con tended, docs not conflict with tho Uible account of the Creation. "In the begin ning (Jail created tho heavens and tlm earth." Jiut the earth might not for nges upon nges alter the simple creation of the mailer which formed it, have been fit for the habitation of man. Indeed, "it was with out for in, and void," until "the spirit of God moved upon tho face of tliu waters." Tho Professor thinks "that between the Iimo of this beginning, and the commence ment of tho six days mentioned in the sub sequent verses, there was n period of im measurable duration." Tho sea shells found on tho high mountains nnd imbedded in rocks, is ono indication. Wo wero shown the other day perfect sea shells taken from solid rock, high up, half a mile! Genesee river. This would indicate jthat tho wholo carlh was covered when mo spirit or Gd tn0V0( llpon thc faC(J of tho waters," nnd il,m it, i .u... , periods ns some suppose) were employed in fitting it for tho abode of man, and every living creature. The objection in Ex.xx. It, "In six days the Lord made Heaven and earth," must be obviated, by supposing tho timo when Iho visible Heavens honnmn visible on earth otherwise wo must sup. tii.ii. 1 1, ;3 ..r .i . ,,c rum.,, ui onriu to uo co existent with the innumerable systems of tho uni verse, and so almost ,.i, muir Maker, unless wo imagine such nn exist- enco separate from the exertion of all power. A. . Sent THH POF.TH. The National Fnglo heads nn eloquent article, "Where nro our nucis ?" ,m,l nnbr. niKWers " Where?" Tin, !.! Timo was when nn like Hint winch mm. nth, ,,i,n,l net ot tlesccrntion away iho earliest haltlo field of ilmrnun- lulton would havoawoko the master spir its nl poetry and son.', ns Dir. wn- i,. i summons tho slumbering soldi,-r to thc field ,., in.-, luilinvil, iMin mi - , talks about on siilu. , ' ." 'a3' hour for lining pa-hotic, and our pools have caught her mood. Thev prefer ll o mns.cof the dollar's chink to'ho tnn i of '(;,l; rC0';,,,ll'!,slv,nct v"ices of Imrmony i i.y iook upnn beautiful streams or rivers with a speculator's eye, nnd in quire how many milN thev will turn. The giand inquiry concerning every proposition w, Will it put money.,, in purse ?'" lhoLaglo then i,,q,r,.s .W'f1Cre is HaL lock - Answer : Posti,,. books in New ork as a merchant's clerk t to much por milium. Pretiv fnt snl.nn- i . i.i: ' ' .Mr. Laglc. Where is li run nl P A political gladiator, a party "hack, who watches more narrowly tlc ,!SUr, ()f now Answer: ro.-i.uoo u.nii a cW pi)0m. w, .Si.ra.ruo? An-wer; Counting llt ,,nId anilMlver m a bank, content with the ..a por im.norlnlttv which ihQ I)pre.8 of 'h upon a bank note can give him. Where is Dana? Answer.- An idle mm, immure. ,u Ins closet, content with what, ho has done, or busy in surveying his cul tivated acres. Pereiv.,1, sfu.loni of the exact sciences. Willis, raiding onions and i n.p j ,., ls cow hide boots and cocked hat. Hillhouse, sleeping upon the Ivrc And to bring up ile renrt I1()mf,s ,a. en io compounding p,p,, and ,s a regular doctor ol medicine. If tin. is not vivid picture of American poeis "campus nut" on Mount Parnassus, a great ,cay befoxo the summit, il,,.n wo aro tl jMl) or-clora 1 Mhey don t now -flare up' , blaze or glory, wo shall think ilieir fires have oone out never to ho rekmiliiwI.-r.'Vanr. T,IC Mon.Mo.Ns.-The St. Louis Repub I'oan of the 10:1. nil. and the fioonv.lle Emigrant of tho 13th, publish sutuu ac. counts of the state of excitement which cxi.-ts between the Mormons, and tho neighboring inhabitants, ff0(n which it np pears lhat there is a prospect of nctual bos. tility of a most ferocious kind. The fol lowing is from the Republican : Ilelow we give nn r x'raet from n letter Dillon by a respectable gentleman in Lex ington. and addressed to a citizen of this cny. This account of thc stale of alTairs w truly nlarniiiinr. The writer uavs wrrui excneiiienl lirevai s on il,on.. -iilo of ihe river ngntn-u the Mormons Iho are a'l up in arms and havf wo under' , " ,,",m 'fining nits moruinf, which resulted in killing n few of both parties. The nf Raj Cnuni,y sent a wunun load of arms and nmuiiition lo iho citi..Mis of Daviess, for the purpose ofde f'Miuing theinselvo-. On their way out they wero captured by a enmpanv of Mor mons and taken to the Far We-ti A com mittee arrived ibis utor g from the other side iiskiutr fir mon io assi-t them in ih0 pr .lection of their properly." We learn irom the clerk of tho s.ieambnat Howard, which come down yesterday that a report was circulating along the Missouri river, that tho Mormons had forMied their town! (Fur Weil) and wore determined lo hold "Ut. Tliey wo't; staled in be about ono thoiKninl strong amf well supplied with arms and nmtiuiiiou. We understand tltat all iho money re cently advertised as stolen from Mr. John son Post of Addison, bus h"ii found, secreted in different places but a short dis tance from (he spot whence it was taken. An Irishman who lived with Mr. Post, and assisted in polling up (C money, and who for several days after tho loss of it was not suspected by Air. P. or his friends, nltho' many of the most reputable citizens nf Addison nnd Vergennes shared largely in tho charity nf their suspicions waslu last permitted to bo searched for the purpose of ascertaining whether he had any keys which would fit ihe locks of Mr. Pot'a chests Rut instead of keys, they found a small bundle of the lost gold. Heui" thus confronted and accused with "Out of thine own pocket will I condeirn thee, thou wicked servant," h0 confessed himself tho thief, and pointed nut the several places where tho remainder was concealed. Tho rogoe is in cus.ody.- l''crmontcr. The Wayno Co. (la.) Chronicle says: "TllO editor, nublishnr. nrilr nn,1 'ilevil of ihe Chronicle, nnd the editor's wire nnd two children nro all sick, there loro ifno paper is issued noxt week, our readers will know tho reason." A paper ill tho West abuses n nrofoooU nl gentleman ns n 'briejlcss latoycr." Tho Louisville Journal lakes Ins Colli mnnn,. ... to task, and admonishes Inm never i ,i, ' n man without a cause. Victoiiv I3iiii)si:vr,. is ihn r candidate for Congress, from the fifth di irtctof New York. Should he gai,, Q victory, ho will next winter ko Q bin. eCv.ewof theafiairsof.ho nation, frni , JUartm'iUouta nt Wnsliington.-.? s, ... i.-f.K. 1IM.K. j-,o AIcssrs p f New ,,rk, had n public snlo of old w nra last week. Madeira of 70G sold . d-rn ,.or dozen bottles, and 10 bottles of w ne 50 years old, Bold at 12 50 per boulc !

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