Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 19, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 19, 1838 Page 3
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FRIDAY MORNING. OCTOBER 19. DXSTMOT CONVENTION. (fThe Whig electors of the Fourtli Congressional District are hereby notified that a Con vention of the freemen of this District will be holden at Cam bridge on Thursday the first day of November next, at ten o'clock, A. M. to make a nom ination of a candidate to rep resent said District in the Con gress of the United States. By request of the Whig del egates of the Fourth District in the Legislature. GEO VV. FOSTER, SAMUEL ADAMS, JOHN N. l'OMEROY, LEMUEL RICHMOND, 17lh Oct. 1830. District Com turns, tlmt ll la quite ImpoMible to (peak decluvftly Wo repeat, however, nnr decided conviction that tlie wltigs have triumphed by n email majority. PENNSYLVANIA. ThoTorv candidate for Governor is elected, by nbont the satin majority iho whlgs carry Vermont. At the last gubernatorial election wo wero in n minority of twelve thousand. We have lust one and gained two members of Congress, anil elected n whig majority In iho legislature which secures us nnolhec U.S. Senator. Not bad. The mulberry tree mania bids fair to outstrip tho merino, or even the Eastern hind speculation. One firmer in Old Hiiinpdihe county is nit lo hae sold six thousand dollnt a worth of trees from sin Investment of one thousand dollars Another gen tleman invested two thousand five bundled, and has cold twenty thousand dollars worth, reserving twelvo thousand of his best trees t So says the Northampton Courier. Astronomic At. Lectures. Wo would again remind our readers that Mr Thomp sun's Lectures commenco on Monday eve ning. For a long Umo we have felt the want of some substantial entertainment of the kind; and, considering the general in lerost of l ho subject, and the well known ability oftho Lecturer, we can hardly doubt that he will have a full attendance Astronomical Lectures. rjT I HOMFbON proposes to givo n IiYMAN & COL.E TTAVR rnrnivml their Fall nnd Winter JLX Goods, conisling of n very extensive cnurso of lectures on Agronomy nl assortment of Merinos, Cnmblcte, Cam. tnu Court nonce In this villnge, lo com blelcenc, Persian cloths, Poplin, &c. for mence on Monday, tho 22d instant, at 7 Indie clonks. AUn a varietv of Silks, o cioci: in mo evening, tho course win silk Camblet and Pongees A large as- consist of at least twelve lectures, and tho Horttncnt of Supcn's best block and scarlet subjects will be illustrated by diagrams and merino Shawls 5-4 to 8-4. Also low priced other apparatus. Terms gl lor the course, do. Heavy worsted shawls, very large. Tickets rnny bo had at tho Post Office, and Also various sizes of woolen nnd fancy at thu Bookstores of Messrs. Goodrich and Sim wis ; making our assortment of Shawls Hickok. Burlington, Oct. 5, 1038 A rich assortment of printed Challcys, A ncV lot of Rob Roy and new style. Black and colored Alcpine, Tartan Shawls, vory handsomo colors and French Bombazine nnd Mi-rinna. very nice. patlcrns,just rccoivctl by Wa1t& Tabor. Ladies Shoes. f? Pairs, composing cvorv size OJFaP nnd quality of Ladles, Mis?e& ond Childrcns Shoos, just received onil for solo by the subscribers at very rrduccd prices for cash. Also, Gentlemcns Moroc- co Pumps, Moccasins, India Rubber Over Shoes, Fur Lined do., Fur Lined Walking Shoes, &c. &c. LATiinop cV Potwin. October 5lh. Fourth District. Tho ofOcial canvnsss Verifies our prediction of no election. The follow. ing i the state of the vote. Smith 4375, Allen S0S5, Briggs 3GS, scattering 74, Chittenden County.--Wo learn that the nominations for this County aro tho eameaslaat year, with exception of States' Attorney. Mr French, of Williston, it is said, fills the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Mr Pomeroy. Tho election of U. S. Senator takes place according to appointment, this day. Tho general impression oppears to be that Hon. S. S. Phelps will be tho man. Wo understand ho received a majority of the votes in Whir caucus, and of courso will bo elected. VERMONT. By reference to the journal of the Lcgislatnre it will be noticed that tho official canvass of votes gives Governor Jenieon 5,544 majority over Brad. ley, and about a thousand net gain from last year. The Senate, politically, is tho same ns last year 20 Whigs and 10 Tories. But in the House there lias been an astonishing increase of Whigs, speaker Foote being re-elected by 69 majority. Last year the majority for speaker was only about 25. ft ILLINOIS OFFICIAL. Notwithstanding the fhouis of victory from the Tory press, iluougliout the country in relation to the Illinois election, it has resulted in a substantial whig victory. The official returns. thow the fol. lowing results. In the Senate there are 22 whigs, 16 lories, and 2 conservatives, giving the whigs and conservntives ii majority of 8 over the (ories. In the Home the whigs have 46 members, the tories 89, and llie conservatives 6, giving I tie whigs nnd conservntives a majority in the House of 13, nnd on joint ballot willi the Senate ol 21. In the third congressional disliict Stuart, whig, is elected over Douglass, loco foco, by a majority of 77. In the eccond district, Casey, conservative, and pledged lo go against the etib. treasury, is elected over Mc Roberts, loco foco. And in the third district Rejnolds, loco foco, is elected. Carlln, the loco foco candidate for Governor, is elected over Ed wards, whig, by a majority of 916 voles. In 1836 the tories had a majority in the state ol 3,114. Whig gain in two years, 2198. MARYLAND. The election in Marjland has resulted in the choice of a tory Governor by 134 majority, and (he choice of a whig majority in both branches of the legislature. This gives the whigs the election of a U,S, States Senator. This is the first elec tion of Governor under the new constitution. Gen. Harrison's vote in Maryland was about 3(100 in 1836, nnd the lory vole is now the same ns then, while the whig vote has fallen ofTsomc three thou. Mild. This will be n good lesson for die vthigs, and induce them lo trust not too much in their fin cied strength. The whig candidate fur Governor run considerably lower than the oilier whig candi dates, he being opposed lo a certain f.ivorile stale project for internal improvement. The puities stand Senate, 12 whigs and 9 lories ; House 40 whige and 37 lories. GEORGIA. Georgia has elected the whig ticket for mem. Lers of Congress, nnd a majority in the legislature, Itoth for the first time in several jears. The pies ent delegation stands eight Van l'uren and one whig. Ifunyofiho whig candidates are lost, it will be the two tub treasury men, who run the lowest. Mr. Dawson, the whig member of the present Congress, decidedly opposed to the sub treasury, runs highest on the ticket, nnd Mr. Hab. ersham whn took grounds in favor of a national bank, comes next. The Augusta Constitutionalist, (a Van Buren paper) makes the following admis ion : We have received sufficient returns lo antici pate the final result of the election for members of Congress nnd of the stnte Legislature tho Stale Rights Whig ticket for Congress is elected ; and there is no doubt that the same party will have a majority in both branches of die General Assembly small, but enough to lake the lead in all elections by joint ballst." A political revolution appears to have taken placn in some parts of the State. Counties where the Van Buren party hitherto has had complete ascendancy, have elected wing candidates, NEW-JERSEY. The contest in this tiuto has been a close one, and the result for some days, doubtful J but victory at last nerches on the Wilis standard. The N. Y. Gazette says Conlrnrv to our previous imnressions. it is with n gnod deal of confidence we declare our belief that 4 we have carried our whole congressional ticket, as we know we havo carried majorities In both bran. dies of the Legislature. Tim vote has been a very close one, and the accounts have been so contra, dictory, the reported whig nnd loco foco majorities have alternated so beautifully dnrine tho last two days, and both parties huye heeu to certain by Mn. Biddle's new bank has gone into opera, lion, in the city of New Yoik. f he capital em plojcd is large, nnd the facilities to merchants great. The New-Orleans banks have held a cor respondence witn Air. uiuiue, amine una ngrecu io n (lord such facilities ns lo induce them to resume specie payments at all hazards, on the first of Jan uary next. According to the wise saying of the parly, Hint when tne couniry prospers ine wings go down, tney oiigni io ue very iiiiumiui mm mi. B. is not only helping the party, but the country too! "htronTANT to Farmers." Under this head Mr. Grant Thorburn, of Hallet's Cove, near New-York, the "Laurie I odd" of Gault, has communicated in tho N. Y. Commercial Advertiser, a notice of a new kind of corn which ho has raised this year fcr Eeed, more prolific than ony hitherto discovered. It was from a few kernels found in a China tea chest. Tho ears are from 10 to 14 inches tho stalk having several branches liko a tree, on each of which is on car, of a large white flint ker nel. It is called tho tree corn. Ho coun ted 600 grains on one ear, and 2120 groins the produce of ono kernel. We intend to publish Mr. T.'s full account. A Common Scold. Tho Woodstock (Va.) Sentinel says that at tho August term of the court for that county a Mrs. was indicted ob a "common scold" by a most unchivalrous grand jury. The most of them were married men, however, and it is probable they had reasons for bringing in n true bill, which are best known to themselves. Tho lady thus convicted must toko her seat upon tho "ducking stool," and submit to be baptized in the namo and for the sake of the different neighbors she has kept in an uproar. FANCY HDK'FS AND SHAWLS. Clmlley, Mousolinc du lane, sewing Silk, beautiful vnriotv. POCKET HANDKERCHIEFS. Printed Pongee Htlk'fs, largo Bandannas Chcnnas. India Corahs, &c. &c. Black French and Italian Cravats. . PRINTS, A croat variety of rich dnrk Amorican Calicoes, small figure, heavy for winter wear. Merrimack, Dover, Hamilton, Fall River nnd Rockland lJnnts, which wore bought by the case in Boston and will be sold very low. A few pieces of super London and French Prints. Hosiery and Gloves d great variety. CLOTHS AND CASSIJIERES. Superfine and medium Cloths, black, blue, croon, dahlia, brown ond other colors. Cassimcrcs, black, blue and fancy colors. rj E DOZLIN worked muslin Capes and I Collars from 34 cents to $0 each, just ree'd. Oct. 12. LATiinop & Pot win. Heavy Brown Sheeting, 5 BALES just ree'd and selling very low THE Partnership bet wen Iho subscri bers under tho firm of II. Johnson Co. is this day dissolved by mutual con sent. All accounts with the firm to be settled with C. Goodrich. HIRAM JOHNSON. CHAUNCEY GOODRICH. Burlington Oct. 4. 1038. The Printing business will be continued by C. Goodrich, under the superintendence ot Mr. Vernon Harrington. Oil Cloth Carpeting. A HEAVY nrtclo for putting under clnuns. ffltn fl.J !,-? I'lj luirln fnranli. Oct. 12. bv LATimop & Potwin. LADIES' lenvy silk hose, black, while, and assirtcd colors, nb'il silk hose, gentlemen's Hack nnd whitu half hose, a superior arlide, just received by LATimop & I'otwin. WAIT & TABOR "JT AVE just received a great variety of n..-l.l,: ,...i...l li.l .t.l, .;,l ""'" "'"""1 iiguiou nuuii wu MUULOItlll DIIIIJUU, IJtUlU UUU UdlA llllAVUl ,nm ..v . cinnU Ml n t na l.t.iltn nn, lint very noavy inr winter. ian sitk c;aval. fur coiar linnets, mufflers. j r iii, i u, I nnil mntla ! men. womnn nnil r In firm's wnrn- Heavy Beaver Cloth, a new article, Pilot tcd hoso. boots, mitts, and rrlovos : Guernsov Cloth, Ratline &c. A few pieces of shirts, walking canci, fancy baskets, linen c American uassimcrcs very ncavy. hankcrchicl3, artificial llowors, elastic suspon, DOMESTIC GOODS. ders, worsted, silk and cotton volvct vestings, Bleached Cotton oheetinir. Shirtwrr Can-Wvc uct. ll. ton Flannel and Jeans, brown Cotton Sheeting, Shirting, Canton Flannel nnd Jeans. Bed Tick, Cotton Yarn, knitting Cotton, very line. THREAD, BATTING, WADDING. Superior woolen and worsted Yarn for knitting. Ono case of Tavlor's best epool rebos, &c t hread, Tape, Needles &c. &c. Cus tomers arc invited to call and examine very extensive assortment, unusually largo. Uurlinglon, VtUcl. 19,1838. NEW GOODS. npHE subscribers are now rccoiving their J- fntl nnil winlnr rrnnito enl.ulctinn r.C Dry Onods, uroceries, Crockery and Hnrd Ware, Cod Fish, ulaas, Nails, Uutlalo STATE OF VERMONT, ) Disinter of Chittundkn, 6s. The on. the Probate Court for the Di.f trtcl of Chittenden, To all person con cerned in the estate of Jlrtry Wilcox, late of Wcslford, in said District, deceased. GREETING. WHEREAS, Allen Stone, administra tor of the estate of said deceased, proposes to render an account of his admin istration, and present his account against said estate for examination and allowance, at a session of the court of Probate to bo holden at tho Register's office in Burling, ton on tho second Wednesday of November next. Therefore, You arc hereby notified to appear befora said Court at the time and place aforesaid and show cause, if any you have, why the account alorcsaiu siiouiu not bo allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, this d day of October, A. D. 1830. Wm. WESTON, liegisler. DISSOLUTION. rilUE copartnership heretofore existing be JL tween the subscribers undor tho firm of A. and I. Slovens, is this day by mutual con gent dissolved. Tho books and papers of tho lalo firm aro in tho hands of Ariel Stevens for adjustment. ARIAL STEVENS. IRA STEVENS. Jericho, Oct. 10, 1338, MAPLE SUGAR. Lbs. Maplo Sugar, for sale, by tho subscribers. Starr & Bostwick. Burlington. Oct, 18, 1838. Large Pearl Buttons for Over Coals, India Rubber Sttaps for Pantaloons, Leather and Metal Pantaloon Straps; Pistol and Rifle Flasks, Powder Horns and Shot Bags, etc. etc. received at tho Vnricty Shop l'ANaoonN ana urinsmaid. October 18,1838. "LITE & LET LITE," Samuel Huntington WOULD respect fully inform his cus tomers and tho public generally that he has just received from New York a good supply ot BOOK BINDING STOCK. BLANK BOOK .MATERIA f.S AND STATIONERY, and would be happy to wait upon all that may bo pleased to luvor him with their pal t0"DgCBSiAWK BOOKS, of variutiti pattern; m il bindinirs, kepi enn stnnllv on hand, ACCOUNT BOOKS ruled ami bound to order on -horl notice nnd on as fair term as the time will admit of; winch id on "first best termt.'' PAPER OF THE BEST QUALITY. Persons wishing a good article of Paper and other atticles of Stationery, (not info, rior to any) will not find it to their di6ad. vantage to call one door east of "Scott's Block." Ho would also return his grateful thanks to his customers for the many favors rccciv. cd, ond hopes by attention to business lo merit a share ol public patronage. Thompson's Arithmetic ior sale by the hundred, dozen, or singlo copy, at the Book Uindery by fc. Huntington, Burlington, College-street, l 2 doors east Free Pres Office. October 18. 1833. ) Mcsrs. Pangborn & Brinsmaid La. Ever ready to accommodate tho Youn dies as well as tho Madams, take pleasure in informing their fair friends, who havo been kept waiting a little, that t hoy can Also 2000 bushels solar Salt. 1000 do steam do 200 barrels fino do 50 sacks ground do All of which they offer at a small advance from cost. II. HYDE, & CO, October 8. 1038 A CARD. IRA SHATTUCK begs leave to return his grateful acknowledgements to the now find a most splendid assortment ol the Lngine Companies, the Fire Wardens and good old style of hne bold Necklaces, call the citizens of Burlington and vicinity gen ed Gold Beads, at the Variety Store; and crally, for their prompt and spirited exer we do not intend to bo caught again with- lions in endeavoring to savo his property out some on Hand, nut, it is partially the Irom tho flames on bunday evening. Uadies lault, tney buy them so quick. Wei Uc would also take this opportunity lo nre also finishing off o superb nssortmcnl of I say that tho business of his house will ex- fino Silver Spoons for the Young Ladies perienco no interruption from tho loss of who are "being" married and for those who bis barns and stables, which will bo rebuilt nre already Housekeepers; and when they) immediately. For the present ho has pro are supplied we will make somo for Gcn cured the use of large and commodious iicmcn. it is rattier a hopeless case, now premises contiguous. Ho hopes Ins exer ever, lor tno ucntlemcn, as tho Ladies I Hons to please will induce a continuance tukc tho spoons so fast, the best way to se- of that patronage hitherto so liberally nc cure the spoons is to take tne Indies. We I corded to turn by a discerning public. havo some fino gold plain Ear Knobs, nnd plain Knobs with Drops: fine gold Ear Hoops ; a beautiful lot of plain and chased tine gold hnger Rings; plain gold Uar Pins, nnd a new lot of silver Pencils. The Young Ladies ot the Sctninories arc re- epcctlully informed that Mr. Munroe bus sent us an assortment of his fine Diaiting American Hotki,, Burlington. Oct iT j HAY FOR SALE. THE subscribers offer for sale 12 tons of HA Y, of good quality, about ono mile from Essex Meeting House. Also, -10 toos of Hay, of good quality, on tho Pencils, Chalk Cravons. black Cravons. Slielburn road, three miles from this vil Stubs, &c. Wo are now receiving a lot lagc. Ibis hay will bo sold low, and is of excellent silver cased WATCHES, worthy the notice of persons wishing to sood timekeepers; and enmu of Joseph purchase and draw it themselves. Rogers & Sons first rato Pen and Po-.kel Also, 300 bushels of OATS n.jvi'Zio. anu meir cccni jwiAuitz ; at ,,eir slorc. CKOK & CATLIN. 1 case of 7 day Razors of their make, also some of their fine Scissors, warranted, fine Needles; some of Elmott's Razor's; few dozen calf-skin Wallets, cheaper than usual; long Nursing Tubes: Plaques; somo more beautiful toned Rosewood Ac cordeons have just arrived, some are spoken for already; the ACCORDEON is a sweet nniMcal instrument, easily plavcd and liked very much i.nieed. Wo have just receiv cd some nice silk Purses, Spectacles and Cases, Cnnrs, Violin?, Swords, Violin Bows, 2 Tenor Viols, I large Bass Viu Hiitablu lor a church, 1 good expression Organ (a fine instrument for a family or for n small church,) for sale. Lamp Wicks ot all kinds, Stocks, &c. Our customer nre informed (hat we nre gelling in the best assortment that wo have had the pleas. uio of otriring them, and we hope they will give ns n call before purchasing. Our Gooilr nro of the best quality, our prices as low as the same quality enn be bntighl for, any whore. Our work ns Silverstnilhs, Goldsmiths, Watch ! Clock Repairers, Sec needs no comment ; our run of custom in these lines, for which wo return thanks to our customers, assures us that wo give as good salislnctton as is possible. Cal in at iho Varietv Storo and see somo corrobora tion of the above. Yours truly. Oct. 18. Pangborn & BuiNSMAin. Burlington. 3d October. 1838. COFFEE. Kfi Bags Lnguera, St. Domingo Inun for en! hu FOLI.ETT & BnADLEVS, Sept. 24. 1838. and 40 Bb!s, ofth best ol Winter Oil. for sale bv Fom.ett & Bradley Sept. 24. JNEW GOODS. THE subscriber has just returned from Now York, and is now receiving at his Store on Church St., a general assort mctit of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CROCKERY. Sf GLASS WARE, Which he will sell unusually low for cbbIi HORACE LANE. Burlington, Oct. 5, 1838. MERINOS. Case French and English Merinos, for sale cheap by tho subscribers. Oct. .1. 1838. Lathroi' &. Potwin. MILLINER AND DRESS MAKER. MISS S. BRAY. TJAS commenced the Fashionable Mtllitiary and Dresa making business in tbn rnnm Intnlv tin cupied by Mr. Bra r man, 4 donrs loath oftho Bank of Bur liugtnn; and having; nt all times tho la test fashions, invitee Ladies from the villago or country to call. Straw and Leghorn Bonnets cleaned and repaired. Burlington, Church St. ) October 3, 1838. f v -or 1 OH BnXfla Bar Soap Bans Shot, from No. 0, to 4. 300 Mats Cnpsia, for sale by FoLI.ETT & BrADLEYS. Sept. 24. vn .WANTED. , , IN Exchange lor Goods, a few hundred yards Shceps Grey cloth and Domes, tic Flannels. LATIIROP & POTWIN. Pel. 4, 183H, 2LATHROP & POTWIN HAVE received a largo ussaortmenl of Family Groceries, warranted of su perior qtiuhtv, and fur sale cheap, Oct. 3 1038, ' Feathers. THE subscribers will pay tho highest Market price for 500 lbs, Live Geesa Feathers, if delivered soon. Lathrup & Potwin. Oct. 5. 1838. 50 iKGS Icavo to in- JD form his Patrons that ho has taken Shop two doors Wcbt of J. U J. II. Peck & Co's. Storo, North sido Squaro Collcco Slreot. Whero customers will find taOiV groat variety of Huady made Saddles, Harness rs, WJ rums, yausses, Carvel Haas. Pill Hoes, Portmanteaus, Cir. cingles, halters, Bridles, Marlingilt, Sleigh Hells, Whalebone llosetts, Cushions Whips and Lashes, and such otiicr articles as usually con. ncctcd with his lino of business, togothcr with a clioico selection of Saddlurv Hard Ware, of tho latest importations, all of which will bo sold cheap lor cash or approved Credit, Burlington, Oct, 17, 1830. Upholslorings and Carriage Trimming cio cutod with neatness and despatch. Burlington, August 1, 1838. DRUGS, MEIJICIJYES, rEIil'UJUti- RY AND DYE STUFFS. THE subscriber lists this day receded a large nnd selected ndilition to his slock of the nbnve nmdes, lo which he request the mtcntion of Phy sicians, as he fl.itiers himself that he can give satis- r.ictiun in mutiny and prices. $300 Reward. 50 Doz. Simons &, Co., Cast Steel Axes, lor salo by the box, nt manufacturers nrices. bv I' oi.lett 6i uradleys. IXHEREAS this villago has recently Sept. 24. been called to witnes the conllagra-1 iViTW fnfinQ llnnnf llin Pnll.nlin f!lirpl. ll.n firnnn """" Mountain Houso and buildings, and last Uieaper than ever aituc jumweap store. nielil. all the hams nnd slahlos of tho I lrVAA JL Ot TABUn American l o e . with n no horses nnd I i r uiwi uieir irienus uuu cutiuwurB other valuable properly; and whereas - that tlioy have received anil aro now there arc strong reasons for believing that opening a full supply of Fall Goods, ond these hrcs were tho work of nn incendiary mat tlioy aro noi ns some may do leu in uu or incendiaries: Wo, a committee np licvc, any higher lhan in tho spring. Their nnintPil nt n mnntinrr of thn nii'mnnH of this assortment is very larco and well worthy villo"e. bv direction ol'said mcotinir.,hercbv tho attention of thoso wishing to buy cheap nunr t in above reward or t ie detection u consists m mn m uuu iiiiKimu, i-muui and conviction of tho persons who were and American Calicoes from 6 ponco lo instrumental in soiling Iho above fires, or 3 shillings por yard. French ond fcngiisii ono hundred dollare for tho detection and Merinos, plain and figured, ol uncommonly conviction oftho person or persons concern- low prices, hngiish ijtisiro a now anu uenu cd in setting either of said fires. JOHN N. POMEROY, N. B. HASWELL, JOHN HOWARD, A. W. HYDE. HYMAN LANE. Burlington, Oct. 8, 1030. Committee r of I Vigilance, J til'ul article for ladies dresses, very cheap, figured Alpacosa hcovy rich material for Ladies Cloaks entirely new stylo and cheap, a variety of plain and figured Silks, Satin and Reps, plain Bluo Black Poult da Soio ond Italian Silks, fancy Hdkfs, Ribbons, Bolts. Gloves, Hoziery, Rob Roy, Cash more, Merino and Thibet Shawls, togcthur with a great variety of other articles suited Plated Spoons. German Silver to tho season, which will be freely shown Spoons, and some moro Tooth Brushes, re- ui all tunes. Tho Ladies of Burlington oro ceived and for salo at the Variety Store. invited to examine and judge lor them Oct. 18. Panobork & DaiNdMAiu. solves, October s,iU3U, Diseases of the Lungs. DESERVEDLY THE MOST rOTULAR REMEDY EVER USED IS AMERICA. VEGETABLE PULMONARY BAL SAM, is Iho most valuablo tcmcdy now in uso for Coughs, Colds. Asthma or Phthisic, Whooping Cough, and Pulmonary affections of every kind. Its salo is steadily increasing and the proprietors aro constantly receiving tho most favorable accounts of its cflccls. The following new certificates aro offered for public examination. "Mifflinton, Juniata co, Pcnn. May 3, 1837. Tho Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam has been sold in tho country for two years, and Iho medicine has trained an uncommon celeb. rity, for it scarcely in ono instanco failed of havinir tho dcsircu eticci. J am uy no means in favor oftho many nostrums, most of which aro impositions upon a credulous public, but what 1 know by experience to bo effectual, I cannot help but give my approbation mere to. A counterfeit preparation has been offer. ed hero by a travelling ajent of Comstock N. Y., and Ibcro is also anotner article venuea hero that is strongly suspected to bo spurious, JAUUU MYfcllS. ftl. U. LnMfSTER, N. II. Dec. 3, 1837. For the laFt five years of my practice, I have had tho satisfaction to witness the beneficial effects of Iho Vecclablo Pulmonary Balsam in many cases of obstinato cough, and other affections of tho lungs. I would thcrcforo confidently recommend its use in all complaints of tho chest as boing equal if not superior, lo any other mcdicino willnn my knowledge TRUMAN AI5ELL, M. U. Concord N. II, Jan, 30. 1837. I am satis fied that the Vcgetablo Pulmonary Balsam is a valuablo medicine. It has been used in this nlaco with complcto success in an ob stinate complaint of the luris, attended with a sovcro cough, loss of voice, and tho raising of much blood, which had previously resisted many approved prescriptions. After using tho Ualsam ono week, tho patient s voico ro turned and ho was ablo to speak audibly. This case occurred somo limo since, and tho man is now engaged not only in active, but in laborious business, llcspectlully yours, tvc. SAMUEL MORRIS. M. D. Boston. Feb. 21. 1831. Totiiu I'ublic- I. Daniel T. Hrayman of Richmondtown, R I., feel it a duty to acquaint tho public, that have received the most unexpected relief in severe complaint of tho lungs, from the uso of tho Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam, For thrco vcars previous to my trial of the Hal earn, 1 had a severe pain in my btcast, violent cough, frequent raising ol bloou, attended with meat prostration of strength. For a principal part of tho abovo lime, I was undor tho care of a skilful physician in Boston, who employed, besides many internal medicines blistering, scatons :c. witnoui any improve mcnt in mv case. Two months since I com tnenced witli the Balsam, and have now taken two bottles. I am now ablo to labor most of tho lime, havo ceased to raiso blood, and am almost entirely relieved nrmy couali. DANIEL T. BRAYMAN. Boston, March 2, 1837. It is now moro than six vcars sinco I was brought very low bv an affection of tho lun:s, and my com plaint was declared incurablo by a council of till co physicians, l was men restorcu io as good health as I had enjoyed for many years, lv usitiL' tho Voclablo Pulmonary Balsam In a croat many casc3 of lung complaints, and so far as 1 can learn, its U6o has invariably been followed by much benefit, and in many instances it has affected cures which wore wholly unexpected. SAMUEL EVERETT COUNTERFEITS ! ! Beware of biro mtion. Each ccnuino bottle is enclosed in bluo wrapper, on which is a yullow tablet signed SAMPSON REED. Ji!Nnno others can ba genuine Thosjreat celebrity oftho Genuino Vegolablo Pulmonary Balsam has boon tho causo ot attempts to inirouueo spu rious articles, which by partially nssutniiiL' Iho namo of tho genuine, aro calculated to mislead and deccivo Iho public. Anion;: theso mixtures aro tho "American Pulmonary Bal sam." "Vcsclablo Pulmonary Balsamic Sy rup," "Pulmonary Balsam," and oihury. Purchasers should inquiro fur tho true article) by its wholo name, THE VEGETABLE PULMONARY BALSAM, and stu that it hab tho marks and signature of genuino. Each botllo and seal is stamped Vogelablo Pulmo nary Balsam. U3-LATEST CHEAT!! Bowaro ofaspurious imitation called Compound Pulmonary Ualcani, which tho agents say is dono up in good stylo 0Siini lar to Sampsons V, P. Balsam again wo say Uewaro ol counterfeits, Price 60 cents, For sale wholcsnlo and re tail by J, & J, II. PECK U Co, Bbls. American Brandy, 3 Pipes Cogniac do 50 bbls American Gin, 2 Pipes Holland do 40 Casks of Wine of various quali ties and prices, for sale by FOT.l.ETT CL linADLEYS. BURLINGTON CHAIR FACTORY. THE subscribers have fur sale, and are constantly manufacturing a variety of Consisting of COJUION DINING, FANCY FLAGG, and CANE SEAT CURL MAPLE, LARGE AND SMALL ROCKING CHAIRS. &c. Sic. at Wholesale or Retail. Wo would say to thoso wishing lo pur chase that they will do well to call and examine the quality and price before pur chasing elsewhere, as we are confident ,w can save them the troublo of sending to INew YorK. ALSO On hand, a lot of Livingston' Patent Fanning Mills. NELSON 4- GATES. Church Street, opposite the old Bank, October 4, 1030. N. B. Wanted 10.000 feet li,2, S, 3i Curl Maple Boards nnd Plank. GREAT BARGAINS IN STOVES. IAVING made orrungeinenls fur deal ing more extensively in this branch of business than heretofore, wo are pre pared to show purchasers Cooking Stovea of all the various approved patterns, to gether with Parlor, Box, and Canada. Plalo Stoves of oil siz"s. Also 10.000 joints Stove Pino.1! ui ivu-Tiu, Eiiigiisn uuu .American iruu. Dumb Stoves, of Rusio and American Iron handsmno patterns. Stove trimmings of every description of Tin, Copper and cop per Bottom, and IRON HOLLOW WARE. Wo recommend lo purchasers with great confidence, an examination of this assortment ot Stoves and trimmings, be lieving it to bo not only more extensive and complete, but that purchasers will find bclltr bargains than at any other establish ment in the state. T. F. & W. Ii. STRONG. Burlington. Or-tnbm 4. 18311. New Goods, $ Cheap Goods. THE biibfcriber has just returned from New York with a large and general BFsorlmenl of Dry Goods, Dry Groceries, Crockern. China and Glass Ware, which ho will sell unusually low for cash, Butter or A.'-e ii full cloth. Noni.E Lovely. vnglon. Jfit. a nun. To Wood Jlioppcrs. GREEK'S AXES A SUPPLY of Iho nbuvo celebratPtl Axus, just received, and for salo by the dozen or single, bv the subscriber. ROBERT MOODY. STOVE PIPE. A General assortment nf Ruttia, English uud Canada Iron Pipes, kept con ftnnlly on hand ond for miIo nt whuleala or retail by W. R. & F. C, VILAS. ' Oct. 4.

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