Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 2 Kasım 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 2 Kasım 1838 Page 1
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NOT THE GLORY O F C JE S A R BUT THE WELFARE OF ROME. BY H. B.STACY. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1838. VOL. XII No. 593 STATE OP VERMONT, District or Chittenden, sr. j THE Hon. tho Probate court for the District of Chittenden, to all persons concerned in the estate of Jonathan Urnk enridge, jr. late of Charlotte, in said dis trict, deceased, Greeting. Whereas, George Perkins, executor of the last, will and testament of salt! (Incens ed, proposes to render an account of his administration, and present his account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Pro bato to be holden at tho Reeister's office in Burlington on the second Wednesday of November next. Therefore you are hereby notified to ap 'pear before said court, at the time and placo aforesaid, and show cause if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 'lOth day of October. A. D. 1838. ol 1 .3 WM. WESTON. Register. ft'sTE tho subscriber?, having been appoint Tl cd by the Honorable the Probato Court (for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive examine, and adjust tho claims and ..demands of all persons, against tho cstato of Newton llusscll, lale ot Charlotte, in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in ofTsot thereto : and six months from tho day of tho dato hereof, being allowed by said court for that purpost', we do therefore hereby give no tice, that wo will attend to the business of our nmiointmcnt. at tho dwelling of Ellis M. Rus. sell, in Charlotte, in said District, on tho first Saturdays of January and April next, at ten o'clock. A. M..on each of said days. Dalid, this first day ofOctobnr A. D. 1838. (I I RAM FIERSON, turners. Melissa, ) rTIHE petilinii c r. JL Malissa Frflse Emas B. FnAZEn. i shows that she wa married to Elias U. Fraser. December 7, 1827, that on the 9th July (833 the said Ellas left his home and the petitioner, and for more than three years has wilfully deserted her and neglected to provide her any means of support, and praying that a bill of divorce may be granted her It is ordered that the said Elias B. Fra ser appear before the Supreme Court at their session at Burlington on the Thursday next preceding the first Tuesday of Janu. ary, 1839, to show cause why the prayer of eaid petition should not be granted. And it being shown that said Elias is out of the reach nf the process of this court. It is further ordered that the substanco of said petition and of this order be published in the Free Press three weeks successively, the last of which to be six weeks before tho session of said court. SAM'L S. PHELPS. Sept. 27. '33. Judge o Sup. Court. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Grand Isle County, it. S To the Hon. the Supreme Court next to be holden at North Hero, within and for the County of Grand Isle, on the 3d Tuesday of January. 1839 THE petton of Ann Hutching, of North Hero, in the County of Grand Isle, and State of Vermont, humbly eheweth unto your honors, that at North Hero, on the 5th day of February, A. D. 1832, she was lawfully married to Nathan Hutchins, of said North Hero, by Phelps Cook, E-q. Justice of the Peace within and for said county of Grand Isle, and that from that time to the first day of June, A. D. 1835, ehe lived with the said Nathan in the strict observance of all the duties required by the marriage covenant, when the said Na than, without any provocation or just cause left-your petitioner, and erer since hath antl still doth refuse to live with your pet i lionet or perform any of the duties requi red by the marriage covenant. And your petitioner further sheweth unto your Hon ors. that the said Nathan on the first day ofJanuory, 1838, and before and since that time, did and has committed the crime of adultery ; and ynur petitioner humbly prays this honorable Court that the bands of matrimony between tier otiu the said Nathan may be dissolved and a bill of di vorce granted to your pctioncr, and your petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray. Dated at Nurtu Hero, this 8th day of Obtnber, 1838. Ann Hutchins, By, F. Hazen, Att'y. JHonlptlier, Oct. 10. 1838. It being made to appear that the above named petitionee has left tho state and cannot bo served by the ordinary process of the court, it is therefore ordered thai the foregoing petition, together with this order, be published three weeks successively in itfie Burlington Free Press, printed at Bur lington in the county of Chittenden, the last of which publications to be at least six weeka previous to tho term of said Court to which said petition is addressed, tind such publication will bo deemed suffi cient notice to the said petionec to appear and make answer to said petition. Given under my hand at Montpelier, this 18th day of Oct. 1038. S. S. PHELPS, Judge of the Supreme Court. Joseph Jones's Estate. W rE The subscribers, having been ap Dointod by the Honorable the Pro- oate i, our l tor mo uismci ot vimieuuuu, commissioners to receive, examine and ad just the claims and demands of all persons the estate ol Joseph Jones late of Under in laid District, deceased, represented in. solvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thorelo; and six months from the day of tho dato hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give notico that we will attend to the business of our appoint ment, at the dwelling ot widow Ruth Jones in Underbill in said District, on tho first Mondays of November and April next, at 10 o'clock, A. M.. on eocn o; Bald davs. Dated, this 17lh day of Oct. A- D.'l838 JOHN STORY. i r , HORACE SPAULDING. Comm IYMAiX & COLE HAVE received their Fall and Winter Goods, consisting of a very extensive assortment of Merinos, Caniblets, Cam. bletcenc, Persian cloths, Poplin, &c. for Iodic. cloaks. Also a variety of Silks. silk Camblet and Pongees A large as sortment of Lupin's best block and scarlet merino Shawls 5-4 to 8-4. Also low priced do. Heavy wurstcd shawls, verv lame. Also various sizes of woolen and fancy Shawls; making our assortment of Shawl very complete. A rich assortment of printed Challeys, new stylo. Block and colored Alepino. French Bombozino and Merinos, very nice. FANCY IIDK'FS AND SHAWLS. Challey, Mausclino de lane, sewing Silk, beautiful variety. POCKET HANDKERCHIEFS, Printed Pongee Hdk'fs, largo Bandannas Choppos, India Corahs, &c. &c Black French and Italian Cravats, PRINTS. A great variety of rich dark American Calicoes, small figure, heavy for winter wear. Merrimack, Dover, Hamilton, Fall River and Rockland Prints, which were bought by the case in Boston and will be sold very low. A few pieces of super London and French Prints. Hosiery and Gloves a groat variety. CLOTHS AND CASSLMERES. Superfine and medium Cloths, black, blue, green, dahlin, brown and other colors. Casetmcrcs, black, blue and fancy colors. Buckskin striped, plaid and dark mixed, very heavy for winter. FOR OVER COATS. Heavy Beaver Cloth, a new article, Pilot Cloth, Rattine &c. A few pieces of American Cassimeres very heavy. DOMESTIC GOODS Bleached Cotton Sheeting, Shirting Can ton Flannel and Jeans, brown Cotton Shetiting. blurting, Canton Flannel and Jeans. icu Tick, Cotton Yarn, knitting Cotton, vnry fine. THREAD, BATTING. WADDING. Superior woolen and worsted Yarn for knitting. One case of Taylor's best spool Thread, Tape, Needles &c. &c. Cus tomers arc invited to call ofld examine a very extensive assortment, unu.-'ually large. Burlington, Ft., Oct. 19, 1830. Mesrs. Pangborn & Brinsrnaid Ever ready to accommodate the Young La. dies as well as the Madams, take pleasure i in informing their foir friends, who have been kept waiting a little, that they can now find n most splendid assortment of the good old style of fine Gold Necklaces, call ed Gold Beads, ot tho Variety Store; and wu fl nt imt'iid to be caught again with out some on hand, but, it is partially the Ladies fault, they buy them so quick. We nrc also finishing off o superb assortment of fine Silvur Spoons for tho Young Ladies who are "being" married and for those who are olready Housekeepers j and when they are supplied wc will make some for Gen tli.'incn. It is rather a hopeless case, how ever, for the Gentlemen, as the Ludics lake the spoons so fast, the best way to se cure the spoons is to take the Lndies. Wc hove some fine gold plain bar Knobs, and plain Knobs with Drops; fine gold Eur Hoops ; a beautiful lot of plain and chnsed fine gold finger Rings', plain gold Bar Pins, and a new lot of silver Pencils. Tiie Young Ladies at the Seminaries arc re spectfully informed that Mr. Munroe has scut us an assnrtment of his fine Dtawing Pencils, Chalk Crayons, block Crayons, Stubs, &c. Wo are now receiving a lot of excellent silver cased WATCHES, good timekeepers; and snmu of Joseph Rogers & Sons first rate fen anil rowel KMIFES. and their excellent RAZORS; I cose of 7 dny Razors of their make, also some of their fine Scissors, warranted, fine Needles; some of Elliott's Razor's; a few dozen calf-skin Wallets, cheaper than usual; long Nursing Tubes: Ploques; somo more beautiful toned Rosewood Ac enrdcons havejustarrived.some arespoken for already, theACCORDEON iso sweet musical instrument, easily played and liked VERY MUCH INDEED. VV C tinVO JUSt ICCCIV. ed some nice silk Purses, Spectacles and Cases. Canes. Violins, Swords, Violin Bows, 2 Tenor Viols, I largo Boss Viol, suitable Tor a church, 1 good expression Orson fa fine instrument for a family or for o small church,) for sale, Lamp Wicks of all kinds, Stocks, &c. Our customers ore informed that we arc getting in the best assortment that wc have had the pleas. uto of offering, them, and we hope they will give us n call before purchasing. Uur GoodB aro ot the best quality, our prices as low as the same quality can be bnueht for, any where. Our work as Silversmiths, Goldsmiths, fratch ejr Hock Repairers, Sec needs no comment ; our run of custom in these lines, for which wc return thanks to our customers, assures us that, we give as good satistaciion as is possible, Ual! in at tho Variety Storo and see some enrrobora lion of the above. Yours truly, Oct. 18. Pangborn & Brinsmaid DOCTOR ATWATER, roepectfully informs his friends and the nublic. that ha has removed to the new Brick House, corner of Cherry and St. Paul streets, three doors north of the Lpispopal titiurcn. f rofesstonal cans promptly an 8wered. BnWingfon, October 26. 1 B30. Apprentice Wanted. livx, Jrom 15 to 17 years ot age, con XX have a situation as an apprentice to the Cabinet making business, by applying to the subscriber. Ono from the country would bo preferred. D. K. PANGBORN. Burlington, Oct. 23, 1838, From the London Satirist. A Itndicnl Hall to the Canadians. MUSINGS FOR THE MULTITUDES ', OR, A MELODT FOR THE MILLIONS. On, on! ye brave Canadians, 'with Freedom's flag unfurl'd ; Shout hatred to tho usurers, the despots of the world: Long may ye stand, yo gallant band make ram. parts of your slain; And drivo the hireling scoundrels to their Island Hell again. Up, up! yo honest riflemen, bold freemen of the States, .nd aid your brothors in tho strife thoir Mother Hag creates ; Bring over hempen-neckerchiefs forovory bully's neck ; And string or shoot thorn one and all, from Hu ron to Quebec. Tho millions of tho British isles art with ye, heart and soul ; But, oh ! their country's destinies are wrenched from their control : They rather would Britannia's flag should down to dust be hurl'd, Than be, as 'tis, protection to the tyrants of tho world. Up ! French and British both aro menboth children of one sire ; And both, alas! arc buried to their chins in British mire! Then, on ! yo brave Canadians, despite their martial law ; Nine glorious choers for Liberty, and thrco for Pahneau ! S. R. G. Cc5"Baron Frattollin, alias General Eliovitcli. alias plain " Mr Bradisn," as ho condescended to style himself while lecturing tho post summer in this village de omnibus rebus aim multis aliis it ap pears is yet in " durance vile" at Quebec on a charge of stealing. Meanwhile tes timonials of character aro every day being produced from aotno quarter or other. The Philadelphia Gazette says of him ; f We learn from tho Canada papers that an individual calling himself John Bradxtch idiovich, Baron Iratelline, has been imposing upon the good subjects of her Majesty in that country. 1 ue same individual, under tho namo and stylo of John Jiraditch Ehovtch, Count of Elio- ich, arid Baron Walbcck, has been for eighteen months past swindling the people Boston, New xork, riiiladclphia, Washington and Baltimore. In oach of those cities he lias incurred large debts, not one cent of which it is believed, he never paid. In Philadelphia ho wascon- ictcd last winter of forgery, but through the singular cccduliiy of the Mayor's Court, by wiiom he was tried, in his asser tions of innocence, and in the testimony of an accomplice who has since been con icted of horse stealing, in our Court of Criminal bessions, was permitted to go at arge on bail, and granted a now trial. A few days before the second trial was to be had, he absconded, leaving his bail to pay SOUU dollars, the amount of tho re cognizance. The New York Commercial adds i word or two upon tho soi-disant lecturer " Baron Fratelina is no other than the personage calling himself Count jjiltovitcii, who ngurcu in a prosecu tion at .Philadelphia some time ago, the particulars of which wc have for gotten, but which had something to do with the forging of certain consular doc uments. If wo remember right.tho Count Lnovitch gave himself out to be a consu general irom some torcign power, and undertook to appoint vice consuls for various towns and cities in this repub ic. During the summer ho was lectur ing at Montreal upon matters and things in the United States and Texas, and was auded to the skies, we remember, by the Montreal Herald, for tho boautiful (stylo in which ho showed up the enormities of tlierupublicans." If rumor licth not, certain individuals not a hundred miles from Burlington were " dono" out of a few cool hundreds by this great man in disguise. What an itching pcoplo have to be humbugged. Ourlingtou Sentinel. Gen. Francis Marion. After the defeat at Yorktown, Gen. Waahincton invited tho English Officers to an Entertainment, The officers of each army gave suitable toasts, and cheerfulness and good will pervaded the assembly. Tin lato bolligcrcnts did each other the justico o Die praise uue muir uravury ami conauci mey drank to the memory of those who had distin. guished themselves during the war. Whon it came to the turn of Lord Cornwallis, ho lifted high a bumper to tho "Honor of Gen, Marion." " Yes, please your excellency," continued he, lookinc at Washington, "I honor Marion. Slender as wasjhis force, he yet gave mo more alarm than anv of your officer. I ofisn de. tached my able partizans to surfirise him ; and they as frequently promised mo, by express, that they had got within striking distance, and would soon give a good account of the old swamp fox. But instead of surprising him, it always turned out that ho surprised them." Beautiful Illustration. Mr. Calhoun, it) his recent speech at Greenville, concludes with the following beautiful illustration of the danger of chartering a National Bank K woodman, said he, humbly petitioned, the fort to grant him a fmajl piece of timber, wry email piece indeed, in order that he might make a helve for , Forest hold a council, and grant, od the apparently moderate request. Tho wood man ehaped and fitted his helve, and returning, soon fel led tho forest around him. Tho axo Mr. Calhoun remarked, wn ibn hunk. n; it a charter, and jou supply the halve, and soon the troo of American Liberty will fall prostrate UCIUIG On tub Move. The Lewiston Telegraph and Advocate says" People aro leaving Canada as fast as thoy possibly can. Even tho wealthiest toriei ore leaving, With thoir families, for the States, England, Ireland and Scotland. Others, wiiu 'uuvo inemaojvos, are sending away thoir families." ' In Iowa, at a rocort ball, thara wra 5n onn. tlcmen presont and 5 ladies. This was at a town called " Blue Roin." Salaries op tiik Governors av States. That of tho Governor of Louis iana, 87600 ; of tho Governors of New York and Pennsylvania, 4000 ; of Massa chusetts, 3666 ; South Carolina. 3500 : of Virginia 3333 ; of Georgia, 3000 ; of ot maryianu, U5tj of Mississon and Kentucky, 2500 : of Now JorseV. North Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee. 3000 each ; Maine and Missouri, 1500 each ; Delaware, 1333 ; Ohio, 1200 ; Connect icut, 1100; New Hampshire, Indiana. and Illinois 1000 each; Vermont, 750 ; uiioue isianu, iuu Alluding to the complaints of the Nova Scotians of tho aggressions of American fishermen, a correspondent of the East' port Scntinol says, they have the disposi tion of the dog in tho manger will neither catch the hsh themselves nor suf fer others to do so ; and the creatures of tho aqueous regions might livo to patri archal old ago and die without a hook in their mouths at last, for any thing they would do to molest them. From (lie ilnrvanliuiia. TIIE POETRY OP NASALITY. 1 gaze with intense pleasure upon note ; 1 have a passion for those organs poroui ; Ofl do I listen, when a city doses, To hear lliem snore in one Rscendinj chouw, Pealing like kingly Boreas, when ho blows his Ponderous pipes, in gusly grandeur o'er us ; Or like the boli-precipilaiing thunder, When it bids witless mortals 'stand from under.' I have a passion for as I have said That mountain scenery ofihe human face ; And ofl, amid a cily mob I'm led The strange variety of note to trace ; The long, l lie short, the livid, and ilia red, Are there in grandeur, or atomic grace. Yon maiden's is the gem of her fair phiz, And yonder aldermun's the most of his. I should deserve to hnve no nose at nil, Did 1 forget my unpretending pu9 ; Efficient for nil purposes, tho' small, Content, through life my palid face to hug : I sweur, enrressing innocent ! by all Isnug, '1 liiit'x red mid round, by all Mini's short and I love lliee more, thou liule gristly-thing, Than woman's lips, all dewy as the spring. Witless vulgarity's malignant glance Thy delicate dimensions may deride But thou coiemporaries hast, whose chance Of visibility' no cause for pride So imall, that thereby, insignificance Seems cnrtil.iginntisly typified Noses in theory," this class I call If on true principles noses at all. Rut, pale or red, atomic or concrete, Nwility hath poetry for me ; Recipient of odours safe retreat Of pulverized tobacco grand Rappee And Maccahoy depository seat Of lofty and seiene expression ; lliee I sing, when soared a I'egnsus so high When sounded bard a nobler note than I . ODomrERO. VERMONT LEGISLATURE. Wednesday, Oct. 24. HOUSE. Reports nf Committees. By com on mil. itary affaire, a bill in addition to the militia act, ordored to a 3d reading; against bill in addition to the militia ac's, fabolisliinr' imprisonment for fines, &c) discussed at some length by Messrs Goodale, Sawyer ol a., Iewey, JJillingham, iiuiier, t isk, and others, and a motion to. dismiss was lost, ayes 97, noes 109 ; the bill was laid on the table. By gen'l com., against the bill repealing the 6th section of tho act for the observance of tho tabbath, and it was rejected on tho 2d reading. By com on roads and canals, against any legislation as to money paid in lieu of labor on high, ways; against the bill in addition to the highway acts, and it was rejected; two bills in addition to tho highway acts, (rela livo to complaints against towns, and to the time highway surveyors enter upon their office,) the first ordered to a third reading, and tho second laid on tho table. By land tax com., bills taxing lands in Somerset & Jay, ordered to 3d reading. By com of claims, againet potition lo credit tho constable of Shaftsbury a certain sum, and tho petitioners had leave to withdraw their petition. By com on banks, the bill continuing in force tho charter of the bank of Montpelior, with amendments recom mitted with instructions to insert the word repeal" in the clause reserving power over tho charter to future legislatures. By judiciary com,, bill relating to the admis. sion of attorneys at law, ordered to a 3d reading. By com on Education, bill rela tive to duties of surveyor general, (appro. priatlngglOO for new instruments,) ordered to 3d reading, On motion of Mr Bcardslcy, tho bill abolishing imprisonment for debt, wob made the special order of the day for to. morrow morning 10 o'clock, Mr Sawyer of M. called up tho buM repealing the act granting a bounty for the destruction of foxes; supported by Messrs fiawyor of M., ho itated the amount paid the last S years by the- atate, at $0916. and Field f VV , and opposed by Mr Hayward; the Ul11 WnB pned. Bills introduced. L Mr Lronard, in addition to act taxing It wds Chittenden referred to land tax corn mittce. Mr Fisk called up the oil1 incorporating the Chatnplain and Otter Creek Rail Road co., the question being on ,no amendment, subjecting the chatter to lno control of futuro legislatures. Mew. Field of W. and Dillinghim supported tb "5 amendment ; Mr Fairbanks conceded the c ""cclnoss of tho principle generally, but ar, 1ue1 that it wos expedient to exempt rail n iaa compa nies from this restriction, in ord er t0 '"v'le the investments of capitalists f otl,fir slates. Amendment adopted, !'. -7 10 C7i and the bill was passed. J ne apcaker appointed tho U "towing committees on the petition of "tho 'fiends of peace" Messrs Miner of M., L filing- nam and t'airuank9. On fire nsnrnr, ce co. bills Messrs. Field of VV.. Gowd and Fox. The Senato came in. and both hmiwa , in fol- joint assembly, proceeded to make tho lowing appmntmcn a: BENNINGTON COUNTT. Gurdin H. Smith. Sheriff. Noah Lantlon, High bailiff. Loron Dean, Judge of probato for tlu district of Manchester. Jona. Hunt, O. C. Merrill, Stephen Robinson, jail commissioners for the jail at Bennington. John C. Roberts. A. F. Merriman. A B Straight, com'rs for jail at Manchester. Moses Alellcn. hop inspector. T.AMOIM.E COUNTr. Isaac Pennock, 1st aes't justice. CUITTENDEN CO. Wm. Wood, ) Assistant Stephen Byington, Justices. Gen. A. Allen, sheriff. Horace Ferris, high bailiff. David French, states' attorney. Charles Russell, judge of probate for tho district of Chittenden. Israel P Richardson, John K Gray, H B Stacy, jail commissioners. Josopbus S VV Gnge, hop inspector. GRAND ISLE COUNTV. i Calvin Fletcher, ) Assistant Win. Wait, Justices. Harry B Molt, sheriff. Benj. Gordon, High Bailiff. Frederick Ha zn, Stato's Attorney. Joel Allen, Judge of probato for tho dis trict of Grand Isle. Wm. H. Russell, Elisha Parks, Jesso Hazen, jail commissioners. Bennjah S. Phelps, hop inspector. The joint assembly adjourned lo Satur day, 3 P. M. and the Senate retired. Thursday-, Oct. 25. SENATE. Bills considered relative to a geological survey, rejected, 15 to 1 1 : from the house, repealing the fox bounty act, referred to committee on agriculture ; incorporating Chatnplain and Otter creek rail road co". returned with an amendment laid on the table ; prescribing punishment of high crimes, &c. reported against and rejected ; incorporating Vt. Historical and Antiqua rian society, reported and laid on the table; relating to the judiciary, reported, amended nnd laid on the lablo ;"to credit Waterville jg2 75 laid on the table; relating to cor porations, reported, amended and ordered to a third reading, 19 to 0; regulating the chartering of banks, roported against and lain on i lie taoie. Mr Swift introduced a resolution, ati thorizing Bishop Hopkins to procure infor mation on literary and scientific subjects, and report lo a luturo legislature laid on tne taoie. Mr McMillan, from the committee on military offairs, made n report of expenses incurred the past year, &c. connected with the militia Paid board to organize tho militia 854 42 for books, stationary & printing 842 74 for eight regimental drills 2.384 for court marliala 691 Total 4,722 16 Probable expense of the next year will be for regimontal drills 7,800 for Btunds of cnlors, if furnished as provided by law 4,900 Total gl 1.800 Estimated recoipts for fines 2,600 Adjourned. HOUSE. Prayer by Rev. Mr Kellogg. The House resumed the unfinished hnsi ncss of yesterday, viz : the resolution rel ativo to Mr Rico of Dummorsinn Mr Goodale continued his remarks for tho dis missal, whrn tho resolution was withdrawn by Mr Field or W, Bills introduced By Mr Wcntworth, relating lo banks, referred to committee on banks; from the Senate, bills incorporating Windham and Bennington co. fire ins. companies; by Mr Blackmer, in addition to judiciary acts, referred to judiciary com; also, to survey lino between Searsburgh ond Wilmington, referred to gen'l com; by Mr Butler, in addition to act to encour age the growth of silk, roferrcd to com on manufactures; by Mr Colby, lo repeal tho 2d section of tho act of 1833 in addition lo the act relotivo to the support of the poor, &c. referred to gen'l committee. Resolutions By Mr Blackmer, as to the expediency of further moosures to preserve testimony of deceased witnofses; by Mr Fullam, as to the expediency of extending time for granting new trials adopted by Mr Dewey, instructing com on military affairs to report a bill making all white persons, between tho aires of 21 and 45. liabln to military duty, except officers of me u. a, army, nnu oihcors of the Vt. militia who have hold commissions for the term of three year. referred to gen'l com. Tho Sonato camo in, and tho joint assembly proceeded lo elect a brigadier genera), 5d brig, and 2d division; Mr 1 HastiDgB Dominated Col. Wm. Hidden, Mr Butler nominated Col. Hiram Perkins, nnd Cnl. Wm. Hidden was elected : far Col. Hidden 153, Col. Perkins 67, scatter ing 5. The Senate retired. Mr Butler called tin tho resolution de claring it unsafe to charter banks at ttia session without malting the private property of stockholders liable to the amount of their shares. Discussed by Messrs Butler. Fair. banks. Field of W. and Blackmer, and laid on tho table and mado the order of tho day for this afternoon. Adj., Reports of committees. Bv commilleo of damn, to pay Chauncey Goodrich $692, ordered lo 3d reading; by select committee, against bill annexing part of Marshfield to t'lainiiciu, audit was dismissed; by select com. on grand list, (entirely abolishing the system ot specific assessments,; amended, laid on the table, ordered to bo printed and mado the special order for to-morrow morning. M r Beardsley called up the bill abolishing imprisonment for debt, the question being on his amondtnent, extending tho provisions of the bill to all contracts not already in suit : tho amendment was rejected, 176 to 31. Mr Bard moyed to lay the bill on tht table for tho purpose of offfritig apiend menls: motion dhcussed, but superceded by a' motion to dismiss, by Mr Fullara. Messrs Fullam, Goodale and Dewey sup ported, and Messrs Blackmer, Beardsley, Dillingham and Field of W. opposed thu notion oyes 64, noes 141. Mr Bard n. toved to lay tho bill on the table, for tha pi irpose ol ottering an amendment: ayet 10 noes iui. 1 Mr Gowdy called up the bill relating to coo. 'mon schools, the question being on tho ome. ndment of Mr Richardson of W., authi "izing the towns, or selectmen-, to divitlt ' 'be public school money among the dislric fs nt their discretion. After discus sion b ' Messrs Gowdy, Bard, RichardsoDt Fisk, ft abui, Rubbins, Eames, Hayward, Porter, and others, a motion to dismiss was negative d tho amendment was rejected and the 'ill ordered to n 3d reading, Fridav, Oct. $0. The Ht '"so resumed consideration of tbo resolution under discussion in tho morning Tho mo 'ion lo dismiss was withdrawn, and the res olulion laid on the table. Sub. equently tf. '0 amendment of Mr. Fairbanks was adopted : when Mr Field of W. moved to add a proi 'ision requiring corporators to place at the t control of the treasurer of lh state unincm nbrred real estate to ths amount of tin? capital paid in, to bo disposed of, if nccessarj '. fur tho security of bill hoL dors. Support ed by Mr Field of W op posed by Mr F "Ham, and rejected, ayes 72 noes 128. Th e resolution, declaring it unsafe to charte ' banks, unless large ad ditional restrain is, beyond those now in fores, are impose d, was adopted, 172, to27 Saturday, Oct. 27. Bills Relavtin,? to the militia (touching a rifle regimen t it t the county of Franklin,) reported by Mr Lawrence, of tho commit tee on military afl'iire, opposed by Messrs Pierpoint nnd B'riggs, supported by Me6ra Hubbell, Kiltern dge, Bowcnand Lawrsne in debate; Mr R tnncy moved so to amend the bill that no e xpensr accrue to tho stater for military drills in that regiment; amend mcnt rejected, an d the bill, after various amendments and I urther debato by Moasn. Kitteredge, Ymiii, McMillan ad Converss in favor, Mr Pierp oint, was read a third time and passed; re.'nting to tho judiciary, called up by Mr Brig 'gs, considered in com mittee of the whole, Amended, and ordered to bo engrossed ; cxionding to the Goshen Turnpike Co. time to finish thoir road, sent up by the Houstv refusing to concor with the Senato in the amendment proposed Mr Briggs moved that the Senate reccda from their amendment proposed lo the House; motion lost, the Senate r solved to insist upon their amendment, and ask a conference of the Eouse ; relating to the trnstee process, caHdif up by Mr Pier point, the question bointf on the emend rnent offered by Mr Piet point, to add s section abolishing imprisonment for debt, motion was made to postpone indefinitely. On this question Mr Hubbell addressed tho Senate in opposition to the motion, ood beforo the question was taken the Senata Adjourned. HOUSE. Tho Senate returned tho bill relative to Surveyors General, with a proposal to sub stitute a bill abolishing the office of 8ur vcyor General the Houso concurred. Bills introduced f torn the Senate, ex tending the jurisdiction of constables, rs ferred to judiciary com. Tho Senate came in, and the joint as sembly proceeded to elect a brigadier gon'P 3d brigade 2d division. Mr Dillingham nominated Col. Shubael B. Flint, and Mr. Harvey nominated Col. James Gilkerson. Col, S. B Flint was elected, Flint 124i Gilkerson 51, scattering 12. The following officers wore also appoint ed, viz; wiNnson co, Edwin Hutchinson, states' attornty.' Bonj. Swan, Walter Palmer, Bliphalel Dunham, jail commis'rs. Isaac Ilovro, hop inspector. ORAXOE CO. Joshua Dickinson, jail commlsilossr. The joint assembly adj. to 3 P, M. lio day next, and the Senate retired. Mr Bard called up the bill abolitbhiff imprisonment for debt ond offered or amendment, providing that persons absut to removo from tho slate, or otherwise to defraud tho creditor, may bo proceeded against as now by law provided: laid on the Initio, and made the order for 10 o'clock Monday morning. Mr Ashley had leave of abscence after Monday morning next. Adj, Florida. Tho south eastern coast of Florida is said to bo admirably adapled to tho cultivation ofcoffoe, which will proba. bly become one of the staple products of 'that Territory.

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