Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 2, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 2, 1838 Page 3
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NEW GOODS. HM. GIDWNGS offers his usual . supply of GOODS. I'ontl street, October 30, 1830. NEW STORE A N D SIDNBV HARLOW has received most kinds of GOODS usually kept (except the great western) at his store at Wiuoos kl Village, nnd will bo pleased to seo friends and customers. Winooski Village Nov. 1st, 1030. New Books? New Books? THE subscriber lias just received many lato publications, to which ho would call the attention of tho public, Guizol's History nf civilization, Do Tdcquovillo'8 Democracy in America, Incidents of Travel's in Greece, Turkey, Russia & tlio authorof travels in Egypt, Arabia, Pclraca and the holy land. Poetry of travelling, by Caroline Gilman. Cromwell, a historical novel, 2 vols, by the aiitlnir of tho Brothers. Cnrinne, or Italy (by Mad. Do Stael,) in Englinsh. Life and Times of Wbitefield, by Phillip, Mcdhursl's History of China, Tho Young Mother, Young Wife and Young Ilouspkccpnr, by Dr Alcott. Parley's Fireside Education, Comb'8 work on Health, Eberlec's Practice, 2 vols. Phila. 1038. United States Dispensatory. Meckcls and Pnxton's Anatomy. Robinson's Calinct I vol 0 vo. Crudcn's Concordance. Cudworih's Intellectual system,2 vols. 0 vo. Neals Puritans 5 vols. 0 vo. Bibles, of itinerant kinds a great variety. Watts, Select and other Ilvinn book-. Pravrr Honks ol everv sizo and i-tv'o 'if binding. SCHOOL BOOKS. A larrro supply for tin- winter, of nil kind; used in tins rojrion. just received and offer eil atrciluced prices. JAMES W. HICKOK. Burlington, ( Vt.) Nov .it. 1030. T.F. STRONG- HAVE just received and titter in lots to suit purchasers 150 chests Hyson, Hyson Skin. Young Hyson,$Twankay and Ponchong Teas. 10 Hhds Molasses 12 do Porto Rico and St Croix Sugars 15 boxes lump and refined Sugars 120 do bunch and bloom Raisins 15 do bar Soap, whito and brown 10 do Starch 15 do pipes 10 Itygs Ginger 15 bags Pepper and Pimento GO malts Cassia J 50 lbs Nutmegs and Cloves 35 bags St Dominrro nnd Java Coffbo 10 boxes Cavendish Tobacco 10 Dbls Rice 20 bags Shot 5 casks Sulcratus 50 doz patent Pnils 30 doz Broom, &c. &c. November 2. 1 830. TIN PLATES, &c rfl &f?S, boxes Tin plates 1-3 X nnd ULMVyi extra sizes. 150 bdls. Iron Wir assorted nos. 100 bundles Eng. Sheet Iron assorted. 25 (tack': Russia do 000 lbs sheet Copper 100 boxes Canada Plates Copper, Tinned and black rivct Bolt Copper, wire Vellum 1000 lb Sheet Zmc 1000 lb' Sheet lead &c. &c. jnst received nnd for sale at low prices, by Nov 2. '30. T. F. &. W. L. Strong. GROCERIES. Hhds pore Huston Rum, 50 per ct. above proof. 20 half pipes and Hbls do do 5 pipes and 10 Dbls Holland and Amcri can Gin 6 pipes and 10 Bbls pure Signette and American Brandy. 8 Hhds St Croix Rum. 4 " pure Spirits 50 per ct above pr'f. 10 Bbls Alcohol 80 per cent above nroof. 20 qr casks Madelrn nnd Malaga Wine. 20 backets Cliampaignc, by Nov. 2. '30. T. F. &. W. L. SmoNc. Lorillard's Snuflfand Tobacco. Hbls. pounds, half pounds, & vari mkM ous qualities, fine cut chewing Tobacco. 5 Bbls Macaboy and Scotch Snuff, at Manufacturers prices, by N v. 1. '30. P. F. & W. L. Stjiono. ram wttsrais CHAMPAGNE, Old Maderia, Sherry. Port , pure nnd of fine flavor also low priced wines in great variety. By Nov. 2. T. F. Sc W. L. STRONG. IRON, STEEL, &C. I uns English Tiro Iron from 1 msWM 1 4 inch to fl inches wide. 45 Cwt. assorted Swedes do 45 do Russia P S.I. oldSoblc do 15 do English Hoops, assorted 20 do Braziers rods 40 do old sable horse nail Rods 35 do Sanderson's Cast Steel, assorted sizes. 15 do Spring do do 25 do Hasenclcver & Greavo'a Ger man do 15 do American nnd Swedes do 5 do English Blister do 200 pairs steel plated Sleigh Shoes. -AISO- On Consignment from tho Peru Iron Co, at Cltntonyillo, 30 tons manufactured Iron, round nnd square, all sizes from 3 of an inch lo 21 inches, Band Iron, Shoo Shapes, Nose, Heme, scroll Iron Sic. &c. : with 1000 Kpgs Cut Nails. 3 d. lo CO d. and Brads G d. to 20 d, jjy Nov. 2 T. F. Sf W ,, STRONG. STRAY PIG. C I RA Ylil) from the subscri K-s bur about n., ,,,ul,lin ( October, a white barrow PIG. of about Eighty pounds woiirhl The person who wiil return turn to t he undersigned shall be compensated for ex pensa and trouble GEO. PETERSON. raw SQL I I VA L UA ti L E SOKOOIj books. For sale by C. GOODRICH, and olhtr Booksellers in Vermont, generally. Acadtmhal Speaker and Clais Reader. First Cla.ii Reader, Second Class Render, Third Clasi Reader Progressive. Primer Sf Fourth clam Readv. A COMMITTEE of tho Pennsylvania As. sooiation of Monitorial Teachers, (up. pointed to examine and recommend books,) say in thoir report, that llicy "ato prepared to iccommond EuicrsonVserios of reading books to tho attention of tho association, and to teachers generally, as well ndnptcd to tho higher classes in our schools. Tho selections aro rich and varied, and tho suggestions nnd practical hints to teachers aro judicious, and such as, if properly applied, will lead to bene, ficial results." Tho above series are now very generally used in our best public schools, and arc universally approved, as far as they aro known Emerson's Arithmetics. Jfoith American Arithmetic, part first, new and improved edition, North American Arithmetic part, second. Thcabovo Arithmetics liavo now probably n more extensive una than any others in tho United Stnles. Tiov havo been ndoptod for tho public schools in Boston, and in most of tho larger towns throughout the country. Emerson's Spelling Hooks. The New National Spelling Uook, being n revised anil improved version ol the old National Spelling Book tho k in such words as public A: . fmlici', foe. and the u in such as honour, favour. &c. aro omitted, the key is rendered more simple, nnd addi Mount progrcr.-ivf lessons, illusiru ltd by nut h. nro introduced. The Introduction to the Na tional Spelling Book. This attractive little forerunner of the National Spelling Book has acquired gecst popularity in Primary Schools ; more I linn 12000 copies have been called for during the last yrnr. Goodrich's History of the Uni ted States, And Goodrich's and Emerson's Questions, to the same. More than 240,000 copies of Goodrich's History ot the U. htntes hnvo been called lor since its firrt introduction to tho public about 14 years ago. It lias been, and still h used as n text nook in our high Schools and Academics, as well as in the great mase ot our district schools. 1 heso tact hear ample testimony to tho excellency of tlic plan and execution of the work and will need only be known by teachers and school committees, who have not vet adopted it, to insure their impartial exam tuation ot its merits. Vose's School Astronomy. The Rev. Win. Coggswell, D. D. Sec retary of the American Education Society writes the publishers, in relation to this work ns follows;" With great pleasure I linve perused tho Compendium of Astrnn omy prepnroo oy mo lion, jonn vosc, ns well a.i Ins larger work m that useful and important .science, l ho treatises appear to have been made with great attention The author has wisely endeavored to situ plify, and make this sublime science easily understood, nnd entertaining ; and his ct forls, Iihvo been happily successful it fully believed that these two works on As tronomy are the most valuable of tho kind which have issued from the American press aad that were i hoy extensively known tiiey would bo extensively used." Resp'y, Yours, Wm. COGGSWELL Boston. March 22, 1030. Lempriere's Classical Diction ary. This edition contains every nnme in tho best revised English edition. It contains all t ho matter that is either important or useful for young persons, nnd costs only aunut one third the price orthe larger work NEW STOVES. fTIIIE subscribers would inform their JL friends and the public thnt they have just ree'd an nddnionnl stock of stoves which mattes their assortment complet comprising nil I he most approved patterns called lor, among winch arc the followin The Troy best premium Improved Rotary and do. Back Kitchen. Cooking nil sizes. Also A great variety of box stoves, Elegant parlour do. And a few superior Canada plate do. Also Ornamented Russia dumb Sinves and Russia, English and Canada Stove pipe and trimmings of all descriptions, n of which they aro determined to sell nt the very lowost prices Persons wishing to purchase aro invited to call ai their shop (opposite the Jail,) Church street, and oxamino tor themselves They havo on hand as usual a full assort ment of Plain & Jnpaucd tin wan wholesale and retail, all orders in their line will be promptly executed Large IRON KETTLES, rrom 3G 90 gallons. Atsi Copper Pump add Lend Pipo. STARR Sf IlOSTiriUK. Burlington, Nov. I, 1830 PAPER HANGINGS ftlftHE -nbcnbi'r has on hand a good as Jb sortiiionl ol I'npur Hangings and constantly receiving from tho Manufacturer and will sell at the manufacturers prices wholesale and retnil. EDWARD J. FAY. Church Street. et. ) .24. FISH. XsZJ 5 Tierces Salmon, by Nov. 2. T. P. &. W. I,. SrnnNO. Burlington, Oct Extension of Jail Yard Limits. STATE OF VERMONT, LOUNTV OF UiriTTBNDF.N, 88. WHEREAS at a special term of the County Court holdon nt Burlington, in and fur said County of Chitlondon, on tho Olh day of October, A.I). 1030, an order was made and issued by tho said Court, in the words and flguros following, to wit : It is ordered by tho Court aforesaid that tho limits of tho Jail Yard in Chittenden County be so altered as tako in tho Breakwa. tcr, now being crtctcd in tho Bay of Burling' ton, with sufficient room around tho same for tho notivcnioncy or doing business. And whereas tho full extent of four square miles now included initio said jail yard, which nil 'thai is allowed bylaw; therefore, It is hereby further ordered by tho said Court that thore shall bo taken off from tlio noitlicrly part of said juil yard so much land asiho ad ditional quantity of water in LakoCliamptaln Inch will bo taken into tho limits ol tlio saiu jail yard by virtue ol tins order. And wo hereby appoinuotin Jonnson, tisq. of Burlington, to make a correct survoy and description of tho land so taken off. and of tho sutfaco ol tho water to be Included uy tho foregoing order, and to mako duo return of tho said survey into tlio office of tlio Clerk our said Court ; also to alter tho plans or maps ol the said Jail Yard now deposited with the said Clot It, and at the Jail lluuso in said County, in conformity to tlio alteration abovo directs I, and to cause the stouo monu ments which havo been erected to designato said boundary, to bo so altered and placed as to ilonoto tho prcsctil boundary as ncrcm oc foro directed. And it is hereby further ordered by the Court aforesaid, that when tho plans, altered and corrected as afoicsaid, and a description f tho said alterations shall be returned by tlio said Johnson into tlio Clerk's office alore aid, it shall bo the dutv of the Clerk to causo tlio said description, together witli this order, to be published in both tlio newspapers print cd in Iturhngton, three weeks successively, at the end ol which term thu same shall be and remain tlio limits of tho Jail Yard for the said County of Chittenden. SAiMUKI, o. I'M ELL'S, 1 WILLIAM WOOD. Judgs STEPHEN BY1NGTON S Now, therefore, I the said John Johnson, in pursuance of tlio foregoing ordor of couit, commenced the survey at a stake at the foot t the bank of tho Lake, in the nortli lino of Franklin street, being the street next north of Collogo Nlreet. Thence N. 8Jo W.24 chains and 39 links, lo a buoy fixed initio Lake; thence S. Oo 3u W. passing about 100 feel outsido or west ofllio Breakwater, 39 ch'ns 24 links to another buoy in the Lake. I'lionco S. !!5o E. 2G chains 05 links to stako on the bank between llip Cove and the Lake, in the south line of tlio lane or narrow street which extends from tho angle in Slicl burn street, near tho brick yard, to tho lake lioro across tlio Love. I henco following the horo of the Lako noitlicrly to tlio place of beginning : containing cigtilynino and two tenths acres, exclusive of what was before within tho limits ofllic Jail Yard, and which abovo said tract of water is annexed lo tho said Jail Yard, I thou commenced on tho northorlv line of said Jan Karu ai a siono standing J2 chains 50 links from tho nortli east arwlo of slid jail yard, and on tlio cast sido of tho street extending Irom tlio lower bridgo over Onion River, northerly, ihrouch tho town of Col- Chester ; thence N. 80o W. 101 chains 14 links across Onion River lo a stake in the former lino of tho Jail Yard : thenco following the l'jnos of llio Juil Yuril us nuw oo record nnd in force, except tho piceo abovo excluded which ounlrtiiis uiyhly nhiti and two tenths acres, and leaves tlio Jail Yard equal to four snuaro miles, as ocioro. I have also cousco wic stone monuments lo bo placed on tho streets in the last mention. ed lino, and also, stones to be placed at the foot or the bankot tho Lake in the nortli line of tlio said Franklin street, and iulhosouth lino of the lane or narrow strcot above men. lioncd, and on tlio bank between the covo and tho Lake. Dated at Burlington, this 13lh day of Octo bor, A. D. 1830. JOHN JOHNSON. Survcvor. STATE OF VERMONT, ) 1 hereby certify Chitlondon county, ss t the torecroinir lo bo a true copy of tho order of tlio Judges of Ciiiltonden county court, altering tho lim its ol Hie Jail tard in said county, and au thorising a survoy and publication of tlio same, and also of tho return and survoy of tho came by llio said Johnson in compliance Willi said ordor. WILLIAM NOflLE, Clerk of Chittenden County Court INDICTMENT OF THE COMMON JAIL. STATE OF VERMONT, To the Hon Chittenden Countv.fs, S nrnble Co Court begun and holden nt Burlincrlon within and for tlio county of Chittenden on the Inst Tuesday savo one of August A. JJ. 10311: The Grand Jurors within and for the body of the county of Chittenden aforesaid represent to the Courl, that they have visi leu and examined the Common Jail Burlington, nnd regret tu find that it yet remains the subject of the same complaint which has been made by the Grand Jurors tor some years past. 1 hough kept as well ns ought to bo ex peeled, considering its bad construction and dilapidated slate, it is, nevertheless offensive and unwholesome. 1 liu Urund Jurors would particularly present to the Court tlio fact, that there are no separate apartments for male and female inmates of the prison. 1 no rooms originally designed far the detontiou of criminals und those charged with crime, are 60 dark, damn and danger ous in Health, that it Mas been lound neces sary at times, to put such into tho debtors apartment, thus placing tlio unfortunate thu accused, mid the guilty in immcdiato association, while conjmed under Hie au thorny of the law. Tlie stateot the prisons in any country isjustly considered a criterion, by whic to judge of the humanity anil advance in civilization of tho peoplo; but presenting iis this Jail does, a melancholy exception lo thu evidences of tlio progress of civili zation around u, wo might well dread a Judgment founded upon such criterion hero. From Hie prci-cui stato ot public opinion, wo are happy ui furling assurou, that tho barbaron- custom ol imprisoning for dobl, will bo r-pci'ilily done away, and no place of ciiufini nii'iii bo required for tho honest debtor; and for those accused of crime, or oven l hose convicted of criuio, wu cannot perceive tho propriety nf adding m tho liurrors of a coe and solitary cell, tlio darkness, the dampness, and impurity of a TOMB. ' Humanity ns well na the ccrlnm execu tion of criminal justice in the county, call loudly for n remedy, nnd in tho opinion ol the Grand Jurors, thero is but one to be found, and that is, in the erection of a NEW JAIL, on an entirely different plan. The Grand Jurors havo thus attempted, briefly, but plainly, to dischargo a duty imposed upon them by tho laws of this state, and their sense ol'jiistico and human, ity : nnd they trust that those, whoso duty it will be to act hereupon, will fearlessly and faithfully discharge theirs; that we may in tho administration of criminal law, nt least bo protected from thu reproach of inflicting PUNISHMENT B F. P II n c CONVICTION. ALVAN FOOTE, PonEMAN. A true copy of rcord. W. NOBLE. Clerk. HATS. npilE subscriber having located himself in Burlington, offers for sale nt the stand formerly own ed ami occupied by Mr. Wm. I.Seymour on Pearl street, t good assortment of late made hat? and will be happy to ac- commndato tne customers of the late pro prieior of the establishment and the public generally with hats ofsiinerior duality and fashionable style on such terms as cannot fail to be satisfactory to ihe public. C. A. SEYMOUR. Burlington, Oct. 12, 1 830. GAPS, CAPS; F O R S ALE. FIRST rate Otter, superior Fur sea' Hair scat and Muskrnt Caps, Collars Fu Gloves nnd Gauntletts-Sf Bales Buffalo Robes Tho public are invited to call and examine, quality and prices, nnd lurnish themselves with rich and splendid articles, at the lowrst prices Caps made to ordnr at the old Stand, Pearl st. Oct. 25. Wm. I. SEVjVOUR. A CARD. S. EARL HOWARD, F the Cheap Cash Store, would be tin. mindful of one of the first duties ho owes to his very many good friends and acquaintances if ho did nut most cheerfully acknowledge Ins high sense of gratitude fur their frequent recommendations lo their neighbors nf his cetnblishrnent, for it is by such helps that lie is sensible of the im provement he lias made in the way of sup plying and disposing nf merchandize, and uch acknowledgement tie now makes Imp ing tliey will accept it with t he same good feeling with which it is offered. COMMUNICATION. S. E. Howard now leaves Ins store for a few days in charge of his assistants who will be most happy in his nbsence on com mercial business, to attend in distributing such ariictes as may be desired at the most lavorable prices, und as Air. Howard e stay is not generally long in New York it is hoped the goods will bo taken as soon ns convenient to make room for the next stock which we have reason lo believe will be good. VJEO. u. vail, I C. P. Patterson, f l n. I,',.- Assistants. T. M. Tidbits, ) October 25th, 1838. Goods for the Season. A FULL nnd complete assortment of -r- Loudon, Crape, Merino, and Goats Hair Cainblct. French Morions, Thibet wool do. Merino Circassians and English Merinos, rich splendid superb sntin Damn sas Taglionys and Oelcions for Dresses and Clonks, which for beauty of appearance and elegance have never been surpassed by any goods ever imported into tho u. btalos and just right tor the Vermont Trade whoso inhabitants witii regard to propriety and neaincss ofdrcss are equal to any in the world, and one nf their merchants is HOWARD Of the Fashionable Fancy Cheap Cash Variety Store, whose motto is as it always ha been, to bs Up nnd Doing. Quick nnd Cheap, Chcnp for Cash and No Imprison ment for Debt, which rnablcs his customers to buy as good and cheap of him as can bo found in any city, town or country store in America. Buffalo Robes, Lamp Oil, Car- petings, Paper Hangings, Farwcll's Shoes and Bool. Family Groceries and TEA of an unequalled quality at 75 els. por lb. cot. ton Yarn, Butting, Wicking. Tickings, Sheetings, &c. &c. with all oilier Goods Cheap lor Cash at HOWARDS. Oct. 25, 1030. "LITE &LET LITE," Samuel Huntington WOULD respectfully inform his cus tomers and the public generally it. at he has just received from Acta York aguod supply of BOOK BINDING STOCK. BLANK BOOK MATERIALS AND STATIONERY, and would be Imp py lo wait upon all that may be pleased to favor him with their pat ronage. BIiANK BOOKS, of various patterns and bindings, kept con stantly on hand, ACCOUNT BOOKS, rulrd and bound to order on short noiico, and on as fair terms as tho times will admit of; which is on "firit best termi.'' PAPER OF THE BEST QUALITY- Persons wishing n good article of Paper and other articles of Stationery, (not infe. rior to any) will not find it to ihoir disad vantngn to call one dour cast of "Scott's Block." Ho would also return his grntcful thanks to his customers for tlio many favors rcceiv, ed, and hopes by attention to business to merit a share ol public patrnnnge. Thompson's Arithmetic for salo by tlio hundred, dozen, or singlo copy at the Book Buulory by S, Huntincton. On Consignment, H Granvilln made Iron Axlotrco JLw doubla Waggons, for salo ot gCO to 65 each, by Foixett & Uhadlkts, Cheap, Cheaper, Cheapest, J. vr. Vf EATER TTAS received from New York, and of. fcrs for salf, 500 pairs of BOOTS Sf SHOES, Making n very good assortment for men, women nnd children, of a first rale quality; Alsotocf and dry GROCERIES. Flour, Fish, Lamp Oil, Fruit, Confectionary, Sheclinir, Shiriing, Calico. Batting, Wad' dine, Wir.king, cotton Yarn, Brooms, SfcSfC. Winooski City. Nov. I, 1030. STATE OF VERMONT BY HIS EXCELLENCY, SILAS H. JENNISON. GOVERNOR. A PROCLAMATION. WHEREAS, The Committee appoint ed by the General Assembly to sort and count the votes given in the fourth Cnngressional District, on iho first Tues day of September, A. D 1030, for n per son to represent this Stale in the Congress of tho United States, have given notice to the chief Magistrate that no person has a majority of nil the votes given in as aforesaid, together with a statement of the number of votes for each enndidato as fol lows, to wit : John Smith, 4375 Ileman Allen, 3905 William P. Briggs, 368 Wyllys Lyman, 5 Nathan Smilie, 14 Harry Bradley, 1 Jchial Johns, 1 Charles Stevens, 3 S. H. Jennison, 1 Samuel Fletcher, t Chittenden & Haawell, 1 John Brown Jr. 1 Joel Allen, 1 Aznriah Corse, S S. B. Hnzeltine, 1 Joseph Chaffee. 1 David II. Wnlkins, t William N. Briggs, 10 William Briggs, s H. c. lirown, A. G. Tarlion, Francis Davis, Rensalear Reed, Stephen Brown, B S. Miner. Jonas Boutellc, T. Foster. A. Bellow. Joseph Blake, Brig? Georgo W. Foster, Scattering, Josepti Waterman, Augustus Young, Joseph Clark, Charles Hardy, Wm. J. Hastings, Alva R. French, S. S. Kendall. Therefore, tho Freemen of tlifl 19 Fourth Congressional District ure hereby rpque: t ed to meet in their respective towns, at their several places of holding Freemen's meetings, and if in nny towns, such meet ings have occasionally been held in differ cut places, at Hie place where the Free men t mceiinjr was lust held in such town lor the election of a Representative to congress;---on tho second Tuesday of novemucr next, at one o'clock nlternoon to represent this Slate in Congress of the Uuilcd States, which meetings nrc lo be governed nnd conducted in all things ngrcenbly to llio requisitions and provision uiiiiujuw in sucn cases made and provi ded. ' f"- ri Given under my hand nnd the l'.!l Seal of said Stale this nine teenih day of October, in the VCar of OUT LORD lion llmiwnnit rirrhl hundred and tliirly-eight, and of the Independence of the United Slates the bixty third. SILAS H. JENISON. By the Governor, Geo. B. MAXSEn, Secretary. Novascotia Plaster. 1 ZCl T,nH f Novascotia Plaster i 1JU Bulk. 300 bb!d do do forsnlu by Foi.lett & Biunr.Evs. Sept. 24. 20 Ilhds. Muscovado. 15 do New Orleans, 15 boxes Philadelphia Loaf, for snle by fP! .M. I'OM.KTTfll BnAnt.KV-". TEAS. 100 Chests Hyson Skin Ton 75 do Young Hvson do 40 do Old Hyson do 50 do Tonka do 20 do Souchong do 100 Caddies and Boxes Young Ily son, b and I . pounds each. 50 do do Old do 6, and 12 pounds each. For sale lowi than wns ever nfiored in this mnrket. By brpi. sti. 'all I'oj.i.r.TT & mtAnr.Kv Stoves ! Cook Stoves ! ! 4 WOOLSON S PATENT COOK STOVES. best stove in use ut the kind, Ju oh received No 3 nf litis description ol stoves and for sale at 25. Also, No 2, n larger size, at 3!!, This kind of stove is so much valued mat persons wishing them have sent lo New Hampshire from this place and paid $10 there, for No. 2, in prcfcreiico to buying any other to be had in Burliueton. IIickok Si Catm.v. October 25. 1030. NEW GOODS. TUST Received a new assortment of J Fall and Winter Goods, consisting of nil tho articles usually kept at a Dry Quods and Dry Grocery Store. Persons wishing to bn suited with their purchases will do well to call on tho sub scribers at their Btnrc, WeBt fido of tho Court IIouso Square. IIickok & Catlin, Burlington, Oct. 25, 1030. N. B. IIickok &. Catlin aro daily suit. ing customers who have sought the atticlo they wanted clecwhuic in vain. S. Walker fc Co. HAVE for salo thf Inrgnif. Stock of GOODS, ever nfiored by them lo the public, consisting of Dry Goods, Wot & Dry Groceries, Crockery, Glass and Hard Ware, At Wholesale and Retail, most kinds of' produce tnkou in exchange for ooons. Oct. 24. Advertisement ! TO THE ASTHMATIC AND CONSOMPT1TE. rilHE most prevalent and fatal ot nil tho X diseases incident to civilized sociotv tho Consumption may generally ba traced to Ihe least alarming of disorders, n. slight but neglected Cold I By estimation, it appears thnt om'jJ hundred and titty thousand persons die annually of tlio Consumption. Most of these dreadful results may bo nttribuied to common Colds, nnd n negligent treatment of the Inrrassing Cough that generally ensues, which i-t usually followed by difficult breathing, pain in tho side, and ol Inst Ulcerated Lungs. Violent and repealed Asthmatic attacks) also bring on Consumptivo symptoms. One or two dollars expended initio pur chase ot DR. RELFE'S ASTHMATIC PILLS, nnd a little attention to their timely nilruiu istrntion, will usually ensura a mitigation of these disorders, and generally effect n cure. The Pills are also an oasy nnd effectual remedy for tho symptoms preceding and accompanying tho Aslhma and Consump tion. For colds, cough?, difficulty of breath- ing, tightness and strictures ncross Iho chest, wheezing, pain in the side, spitting of blood, &c. r ew cases can occur ofany of this class of disorders, in which tho pur chasers ol JJr. Kelle's Pills will not find n rich return for their trifling expenditure. t'rice-whole boxes, 30 Pills, gl j half do 12 Pills, 50 cts. TO THE LADIES ! WHITE and sound Teeth arc both an ornament and a blessing. The best security for their advantage is to be found in (he use of the BRITISH ANTISEPTIC DENTRIFICE. Tins elegant V'oof7i Powder, with u vorv littlo use, eradicates the Scurvv in llio gums, nnd prevents the accumulation of Tarter, which not only blackens, but loosens the teeth, and accelerates their decay. The Dentrifico thus removes Iho prevailing causes of offensive breath, pre serves the henlthincss and (loridnes9 of tho gums, and renders the teetli beautifully white. Price 50 cents. U'l None ore genuine unless signed on the outside printed wrapper, by the sole pro prietor, T. KIDDER, 'immediate successor. ot the late Dr. W. T. Conwv. For sale at Ins Counting Room, over No. 99. Court street, near Concert Hall, Boston, and also by Ins special appointment, bv J. & J. H. PECK &, Co, Burlington, Vt.' DR. RELFE'S BOT&NSCAXi DHOPS. IS one ofllic most efficacious compounds in tho Materia Mcdica, for llio cure of that class of invctcralo diseases produced by an impure state of the bood, and a vitiated habit of the body , alid usually exhibiting themselves in llio lorms ol Scrofula, bdl Ilheum, Leprosy, St. Anthony's Fire, Fiver Sorts, (even when the bones aro nfiectcd.) While Swellings, (if aprlied with Dr. Jcbb's Liniment.) foul and obstinate Ulcers. Sore Legs and Eyes, istaldhcad ut children. Scurt u and Scorbutic Gout, Pivr pled or Carbunclid Faces, Festering Eruptions, and Yenertal Jamts throughout the body, in which last case tlio Drops often cure when Mercury fails. Thay aro also the best Spring and Autumnal Phasic to purify nnd ctcanso the system from humors which frequently np poar at these seasons of Ihe year. They also aid tlio process of digestion, nnd by purifying the blood, prevent tho secretion of malignant humors on the lungs. Tho Proprietor confi dently relies upon iho vast number of sur prising cures effected by these Drops, not only in Boston and its vicinity, but throughout tlio union, for the best proof of their excellence nil anunrdiling.'2n-(j.'ux.1cfici)if, in all thu ca. scs abovo specified. This article litis recently been pronounced by a physician of tho first respectability, who had witnessed its surprising efficacy, as en titled, in his opinion to lako 1 lie lead of all tho popular articles known for llio abovo com plaints, and indeed it is fast gaining this point in public estimation, throughout the country. Price $1 a Bottle, or six Bottles for $3. Dr. Relfe's ANTI-BII.T.IOUS PILLS. For Indigestion, Loss of Appetite, Listsessnets, lleadache, Costiceness, Flatulence, Chalic, Billions Affection?, Ac. TIlO comment on tlio efficacy ofthcc Pills, JL after a successful cxpoiicnco of many years in Knglaud and America lias ctUblisli od their reputation, is needless: Suffice it lo obseivo.lliat for redundancy of Bile, Flatu lence, Costivcncss, Headache, &o. &c, they will undoubtedly provo far more scrvieeablo than tlinso drastic purges too frequently em ployed, and will not only at tho same timo lend lo remove tho offending causo by gen. tlo motion.", nnd strengthen tlio digestive organs, but improve tlio appelilo and renovatu ihntvstnm. Price 50 cents, DU." KELFE'S Vi GliTABLE SPE CIFIC, For Sick Headache, &c, Price 50 cents. k I Nono genuine unless signed on tlio outsido printed wrapper by tho sole proprietor, T, KIDDEIl, immediate successor to iho lato Dr. W. T. Conway. For salo nt his Couniing Room, oyer No. 09, Coiirl-strcol, near Con cert libit, Boston, and also by his special ap. ointment, liy J. a J. H. I'KUK Uo-. DUMFRIES' REMEDY FOR THE JP1L.ES. THE proprietor bcgti leave to recom mend (which lie docs with the fullest confidence) one of tho most valuablo reme dies known for this troublesome and pain. ; complaint Without going into dclail. ho deems it enough d say, ho has in hi possession thu most undoubted trsiimnnmls I lint it liaa more completely answered the purpose, for which it is intended, than nny other pnpulnr medicine. This remedy is perfectly easy in its ap plication, to all conditions ages and sexes. Full directions, description of tho com. plaint. Sic. accompany each packet, which consists of two boxes, Ointment nnd Elcc tuary. Price, l for the whole or 50 cts. if but one of thu orltclce is wanted. k i

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