Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 9, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 9, 1838 Page 2
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FRIDAY MOItNINC, NOVUM CR 9 FOR CONGRESS. HEMAN ALLEN. E L E C T I O NONr U ESUA Y NEXT. Wo publish to-day tho proceedings ol he convention at Cambridge, and also the r letter of Judge Royco, declining the nom ination thcrc'madc. The late day at which the Judge's determination is made known, leaves little room for consultation with dif. fcrcnt parts of the district ; but wc ore ro joiccd to find the best possible spirit pre vailing, so far os wc have information, and Hie emergency seems to have infused into whigs generally a life and spirit llicy did not before posse??. Simultaneously with the receipt of Judge Royee's letter, com munications were received from our friends in Franklin County, announcing the fact, nnd expressing a determination among tho whigs in that county to poll the entire vote for our well-tried and trustry friond IIeman .Am.en-. A public meeting was thereupon called at Howard'?, and niter a free consul tation, it was unanimously rcsolvrd to sec ond the nomination of Mr. Allen, nnd invite the united co operation ol tho Whigs throughout tho district. Tho following irculor explains more fully tho views en tertained by the meeting. We according y place Mr Allen's name nl the head of our columns, not doubting that it will bo cor dially responded to; nnd. if the freemen but come to the polls. HE WILL BE ELECTED. BEYOND ALL PERAD VENTURE. CIRCULAR. At a meeting ot the wings of Burlington, convened on the evening of the 7lh Nov. Hon. Wm. A. Gitiswor-ii in the chair. It was stated that intelligence had just teen received that Judge- Royce had decli ned being a candidate, and his letter to that ' effect published in the Sheldon papor was read. In this unexpected state of things something was to bo done, and no time being left for consultation with the district, or even with the neighboring towns, it only Temained to fall into such n course ns would probably bo pursued by the oilier parts of tho district. At the Cambridge convention the most perfect union prevailed, oil had confidence in Mr. Ai.r.Err, and expressed their willingness to go for him, but came to tho conclusion to support Judge Royce, from the belief expressed by our friends in Franklin county that Judge Royce would consent to stand, and would command more vote in that county than Mr. Am.en Lstters from distinguished gentlemen in that county were read to the meeting, announcing the determination to vote for Mr. A. In this state of things wo have concluded unanimously to support Mr. Allen. In coming to this conclusion, wo by no means intend to urge any local claims on tho district, but quite tho reverse It was, nnd is now our wish to follow the lead of the other parts of the district. This in tcnlion was avowed at Cambridge, not only by the whigs of Chittenden County ,but by Mr. Allen. The delegates who heard the very able and frank remarks of Mr. Allen on that occasion were favorobly impressed with the soundness of his views, his desire to ovo tho country, and entiro'disintcrcst edness. Chittenden County warmly sup ported the nomination of Judge Royce, and none more so than Mr Allon, hut now that "Judge Royce has refused to be a candidate we are compelled to name a substitute, and wo ire persuaded we aro following the views of the district, when we again put in nomination, tho HON. HEMAN AEN. We shall not stop to enquire what course whigs will toke. They will do their duly. Even in this disastrous slate of things, they will be at the polls and save the country, from thoevils of misrule and consolidation. Wm. A. Gmswoi.r). Chairman. FROM THE NORTH. We copy tho following from the St. Albans Messenger, of 'esterday: " We have been requested by several of our friends, to again pro pose tho Hon. HEMAN ALLEN, the present incumbent, as a candi date for the suffrages of the free men. We cheerfully comply with tho request, and now invite our whig friends in all parts of the dis trict to give him their cordial sup port. There is no doubt a whig majority of several hundred in this congressional district, and if we all do our duly on the present occasion wc shall be saved from the disgrace of sending a Van Burcn Represen tative from a whig district. The prejudices against Mr. Allen on ac count of his vote on the neutrality bill wc believe arc fast wearing away. If his whig constituents could have heard his triumphant vindication of that vote in a speech by him at the late convention at Cambridge, we are confident they would not withhold from him their support on account of his having voted for that bill. Wc do not wish to dictate to the freemen the course 1 they arc to pursue at the approach ing election. They arc, dfyepurse, at liberty to vote for whom they choose, and wc humbly trust they will so act and vote as to show a determination to elect a whig who will stand by the country and save it from the hands of a grasping and corrupt administration." WHIGS OF THE 4TII DISTRICT - On Tuesday next you are called upon to exercise a right dear to freemen, and for midable to tyrants only. Remember the importance of' tho stake the sacrcdness of the trust, and tho importanco of your action. Remember. Remember that you are supporting the principles of freedom, ogainft tho combined efforts of government influence, backed by the treasury of tho nation and an army of office-holders. Tou havo to contend with a formidable enemy, fighting for plunder and spoils whose very existence depends upon success. The best interests of the country arc involved your success. If you succeed tho country will bless you, and your reward will be the glo rious one, of protected interests, equal rights, and honest government. To the polls, then, fellow citizens, and cost your votes for IIEMAN ALLEN than whom no truer hearted mountaineer exists. ARE YOU HEADY Tho timo for ACTION i at hand mow if. Let every Whig in the district devote his time from this to the day of election, to the ecrvico of his country. Let not oust nets interfere with this resolve. Of what importance is a few days business, com pared with the great question whether business agriculture, commerco ond manufactures shall be fostered nnd pro tected, or not ! This election is of vastly more importance than any ordinary busi ness, nnd every whig who stays away from the polls, or neglects to use his influcnco, is a traitor to the common country. Make a business of politics on Tuesday. It is hut u minlt sacrifice lo jour country. If Govern ment lins nothing to da with I lie people, we mint tench our rulers ilint people have something to do with the government. Gen. Murphy, of Ohio, pla ced this mutter rijdit in n speech of Inst jeur, in allusion to the evils we have suffered from ill gov ernment, when these evils might lime lipeu n veiled by proper attention to the duties of citizenship. "The people Fluid nt home (Jic fa id) t they might pnvc the profits of n day's lahor, when by going to the polls ihev would have saved the earn ings of twenty years, "St. Albans Messenger. CAUSE AND EFFCT. There is one consideration, if no other, which ought to bring tho whigs to the polls on Tuesday. It is believed by the loco fo cos that the result of the late elections abroad will have an important bearing on the question in this district. Is this true? Is there a single Vcrmcnter ready to sub. mil tothis degrading imputation? willing to acknowledge that his principles sit so loose ly as to leave him a prey to Euch influences. Because the mercenary minions of the ad ministration have carried an election by fraud and corruption in Pennsylvania, therefore, the independent electors of Ver mont are to surrender at discretion! If there be one freeman so poor in self-esteem as to admit this, let him go to tho polls and volo for John Smith, or, by staying nt home, leave such an inference to be drawn. But if indeed the insinuation bo ns FALSE as it is FOUL, let EVERY whig go to the polls nnd cast his vote for HEMAN AL LEN -thus proving to the world that Ver mont is herself, ready now, as of old, to battle single-handed against tho world; and let it go forth, as with a loud voice, to tho high priests of corruption at Washing ton, that wc worship neither them nor their idols. The towns of Shelhukn, Char lotte, and IIineshuhgiIj can give Mr. Allen threk hundred more votes than they did in September. Will they sec to it ? FRAUD UPON THE BALLOT HOX. Wo are glad lo havo this subject brought up at the present moment, as it may be tho means of putting our friends on their guard. The history of several of tho recent elec tions is but a narrative of tho grossest fraud and outrage at the palls. Tho des peration of t lie Tories is beyond conception, and unlets the Whigs are on their guard, they may bo defected in a way they little dream of. In 8amo of tho counties in Maine, the apparent administration voteB oxeceds Iho entire legal vote of the district, whilst in many towns in Now Jersey, the returned whig vote is from twenty-five to fifty per cent less than the number known to have voted tho whig ticket. In one small township, thirty-eight respectable individuals havo mado affidavit that they voted the entire whig ticket; but, only twenty four votes aro returned by the proper officer! In another instance, 25 Irishmen were permitted to vote in a body I not one of whom, it was woll known at the timo, had ever been naturalized ; but in this instance justico has not boon slow, as this proceeding vitiated the cnliro voto of the township, nnd thereby lost the ad ministration its whole ticket. Thcso events incontostibly prove a pervading system of fraud throughout tho country, that ought to alarm, and arouse all honest men. Elections are to be carried for the administration not by tho votes of free men, but by stealth, by worse than highway robbory, tho robbery of tho ballot box. Tho circumslanco alluded to in tho fol lowing article from tho Vermontcr, wc were charitably disposed at tho time to consider a juvenilo indiscretion, and there fore lot it pass. But taken in connection with subsequent events, wc cannot but regard it as indicative of the most flagitious intentions " A sjsteni of villany, practiced no doubt very generally by the t'oriet rtcmoernH of l Itis Slate herelnfurewas diicoeicd in Darlington nt the late election. .Inst after proclamation had been made that the ballot boxes were open, and before a voto had been lawfully deposited in them, one of the Magistrates chanced to look into the one intended to teceive votes for town representative, and about ihirly olrs fur tho Tory candidate were found snugly laid in ! " On former occasions the number of totes had bepn found to vary considerably from tho check list, nnd supicion had been awakened llmt die canvasses had been unfairly conducted. Suspicion exists no tnoie. Hut for the scrutiny ol the magistrate, Mr. Lyman might have been declared elected." Kr. wionfn". In reply to this tho Sentinel of Monday says It is only necessary to say that ihe above precious morceau is fioni ihn Vcrgcnnes Vermontcr of I Wednesday. This will be sufficient In convince nny one acquainted with (he character of that paper, that thoie is not n word of tiulh from the beginning to the end of the paragraph. A more atrocious falsehood never difgiaced even it Whig paper. Sentinel of Monday. If any thing could exceed the atrocity of me act aiiuucu lo, it is mis brazen anu reckless denial of the Sentinel. The state ment of the Vermontcr is literally true, except in one particular point of time. Tho boxes were deposited as usual in the town room, on the morning of election. About an hour before the poll opened, some individuals happening in, had the curiosity to examine the boxes, when, lo! some twenty or ihirly votes for the Van Huron candidato wore found snugly deposited in one corner of the representative box. The hallo's were those printed at the Sentinel office, the same as those used by the Van Duron party that day, and which at that time were only in confidential hands. This circumstance precludes tho possibility that they were put there by any other than the friends of Mr Lyman; and if any man now doubts tho motive, he must exercise moro charily than we can at present command. Under the circumstances, however, it is but justice to say, that, whoever may have been guilty of tho foolish act, wc absolve the presiding officer from nny supposed connivance in the matter. No one who knows him entertains a suspicion. But tho facts are just as wo havo staled, and can be substantiated with proof. VOTES AND VOTING. The Sentinel bestows a liberal share of its abuse upon the legislature for its dec! fiion ns to the votes in this district, and cites the authority of the Baltimore Republican nnd Washington Globe for saying that Mr. Smith is now legally elected. The doctrine contended for is, that all the ballots desig nated as for John Smith "for Congress," ought to be counted as such, whether found in tho rcpresonlative, governor, or Con. grcBS box. Now let us apply the rule. Take the town of Bolton, for instance, where the voters are all on ono side. Tho forty voters deposita their ballots in the congress box, for John Smith, next comes the governor box now, 6ay they, what's the use in voting for governor, we know our candidate will not be elected, and wc may as well give Smith another lift so in goes forty moro votes. Then again at the representative box, a single individual casts a voto for Mr. Whitcomb, and he is elected; the other thirty uinongain cast their votes for friend John. Now for tho canvass. Here, says the chairman of the board, are a number of votes for Congress in tho representative box; what shall bo done with them? O, says Mr A. there can be no dispute about tho intention of the voters, as tho ballots expressly say "lor congress;" besides, there is no John Smith in town, and therefore it is evident that the votes were not intended for town representative. Perfectly conclusive. Record tho vote Mr Clerk. Again at tho governor box, the same nrgumont holds good. Jolur Smith was not n candidato for governor, hut was a candidato lor Congress, and tho ballole themselves express the intention of the freemen, They have only got into tho wrong box. And then the forty in the congress box, there can bo no disputo about them, of course. Tho result is, tho little town of Bolton, with forty votors gives Mr Smith 119 legal yotce which event tie Sentinel would make the foundation for a tremendous flourish about "reactions !" nnd a "democratic gain in Vermont ! ! How utterly obsurd. And yet tho Globe, with all the gravity of a tomb stone, insists that it is the true doctrine, wliilo the Sen thiol has exhausted all the epithets in the catalogue in its denunciations of our legis laturo for refusing lo acknowledge it. It is worse than useless to reason with such men. The following letter from Judge Royce, explains his motives for declining tho nom inalion. Having received notice of my nomination by n whig convention held nt Cambridge on the first iusliint, iig n candidato for representative to Con gress from litis district, n nomination wholly unex. pected by me, I avail myself of lite earliest oppor. utility to apprise the Freemen, that the situation of mv domestic concerns would forbid my acceptance of the nppointmcnt. Those distinguished gentle, men nnd esteemed friends from whom tho nomina tion proceeded, will therefore be pleased lo n crept my grateful Acknowledgements lor l lie honor of their preference, nnd consider mo na entirely excluded from the list of candidates. Stephen Rovck. East Hcikshirc, Nov, Sih, 183S. VERMONT. The Legislature adjourned on Tuosday. The most important net of tho session is that abolishing imprisonment for debt. The law takes effect on all contracts en tered inlo after tho 1st of January next, and gives the creditor the right to trustee for any 6um over five dollars. Tho act to encourage the culture of silk, is liberal. It gives a bounty of 20 cents per pound on cocoons, 20 cents on iccled silk, and 30 ccntB on the manufactured article. But one bank was rcchartercd that at Monl policr. This wo understand was done at the special request of the Van Burcn members from Washington county, who though opposed to banks in general, were nevertheless, in favor of having one in their immediate vicinity, just for convenience sake ! Tho whigs were not wicked enough to deny thorn so reasonable a request. Tho Montpclier Watchman, in closing itB journal of proceedings, adds tho following remark Did leisure permit, we would indulge in some comments upon the proceedings regular, and, on the part of some men, exceedingly irregular of this legislature. For the present, however, we will i only notice the parting announcement of Speaker i' our. it was witii sincere regret we Heard ins declaration that lie had determined never again to I take part in the deliberations of the House. lie has done the state much service, in the prompt coirect and courteous discharge of the duties of the chair n service which can be duly appreciated only by those who have long been familiar witli legislation. We trust his determination will be reconsidered. RHODE ISLAND SENATOR. Tho two Houses of the General Assem bly joined in Grand Committee on Sat urday last, for the purpose of electing a Bonntui to llio Concrcoo nf llio TT Stnloo, lor C years, from the 4lh of March next, in place of (he Hon. Asher Rollins, who'C term of office will then expire. All the members from both Houses were present, and on the first ballot, N. F. Dixon, of Westerly, was elected by a majority of 25, over all others. The vote slood for N. F. Dixon, 5d; Richard B. Thurslon,2G ; scat tering, 2; blank, 1. Mr. Dixon has long boen known as one oT the most prominent members of the Whig party in the southern part of the state. He was for many years a Representative lo the General Assembly from the town of Westerly, and for several sessions was Speaker of the House. His election cannot fail to prove highly satis factory to the whigs throughout the 11010. NEW JERSEY TRIUMPHANT. Tho vexed question as to Congressmen in this state is at length settled. Tho en tire whig ticket is elected, by an average majority of 287 votes. The following is tho official canvass. WHIG. YANBUItEN. Aycrigg, 20.150 Dickerson, 27.951 Maxwell, 28,239 Force, 27.1113 Hoisted, 28.192 Vruom, 27.990 Randolph, 28,283 Ryoll, 27,939 Strntton, 28,283 Cooper, 27,951 Yorke, 28.177 Killc, 27,924 WHIG MAJORITY 287. Pennsylvania. -It seems highly prob able that the election of Mr Porter will bo contested ; the frauds wcra so open and so outrageous, that Iho whigs would hardly bo justified in allowing him to take his scat before an investigation is had into the means by which he received a majority of the votes cast. The amendments lo tho Constitution wero carried by tho meagre majority of one thousand. This will deprive the exc cutivc of tho immenso palronago which ho has hitherto enjoyed, and, according to the American Sentinel, a Van Burcn papor. will bo the means of changing tho political comploxion of tho State. Tho following is tho language of the Sentinel, held pre vious to tho election :-- "It is idle to pretend to conceal iho (ruth that if tho amendments to the Constitution bo carried, the old democratic parly will be broken up. This is fairly conceded by Mr Ingersoll, who is incomparably tho ablest champion of tho administration in the Com. monweallh. And further than this, if the amendments be carried, and Ihe democratic parly compelled to undergo tho process of rtorganixation,as tho friends of the amend ments admit will be tho case, it will be impossible for Mr Van Burcn, at tho next Presidential election, to receiie the vote of Penntylvania, It require! neither a pro. phot nor Iho son of a prophet to predict I this. A moment's reflection will satisfy any intelligent man that such will be the result. At a general rule, the loco foco papers claim every thing all tho elections nrc theirs. Tho truth, however, is continually breaking through tho mist. New-Jersey was theirs, but Now Jersey provos to bo all whig. Smith was elected in Vermont, but Smith prove not to havo been elected Georgia was theirs, but prove lo bo ours. Illinois was theirs, but wait a few days I Pennsylvania was theirs, every thing; but a few days will prove, wo suspect, that tho Legislature and Senator will be whig! Yes, tho Keystone Stato; and that it is matter of doubt whether even tho Gover nor is honestly thoirs. JV. II. Sentinel. CANADA. The following synopsis from tho Sentin el embraces all the information received up to the hour of going to press. Our intelligence from litis province corroborates the reports previously received, lint ihe insurrec tion is general. Nelson was nt Nnpicrville at the Inst accounts, where lie had some ISO prisoners. Thero nrc large risings in the rear of Montreal, at Sorel, lierthier, lieloel, Chambly, Bcauharnois, Chaleatiguay, and other places. A private letter from headquarters informs ui that the patriots have po'sessiou of the whole coun ty of PAcadio nnd have been successful in several skirmishes. Col, Hryant with Ilia force was lo join Nelson on Wednesday night, when n movement was lo bo made lo I'Acadle village. Two procla mations, (the same that were issued last winter,) had been profusely scattered through the Province. We havs no papers fiom Montreal of a later dale than Monday morning. A skirmish look place nbout nine o'clock on Wednesday morning, between n detachment of Pat riots who were stationed about two miles from Rouse's Point for the purpose of keeping open the communication with the Stales, nnd n large body of volunteers and regulars, in which llio patriots were repulsed, with tho loss of some eight or ten , men. We learn that the patriots took possession of the famous Stone Mills, at LaCole,on Tuesday. 'I hesc mills arc tho same which Gen, Wilkiuson attempt ed to take dm ing the last war. St. Johns remains quiet, and is slid to very strongly garrisoned. The following was issued in a bulletin on Tuesday morning. The reported de. lention of MrPrice's tloop proves incorrect. CANADA WAR RENEWED. Tuesday morning, Nov. 6. We have to announce the important and thrilling intelligence that tho Canadian population is again in arms, resolved strike a blow for freedom. The news by last night's boat is, that a general and simulta neous rising of tho French poulation on this side the St. Lawrence, has taken place, and that several small posts had fallen into their hands: they had made prisoners of the 6oldiors stationed at Nnpicrville, and secured a considerable amount of arms and amunilion. St. Johns, it was believed, would be attacked last night by a strong force, estimated ut seven or eight thousand. The utmost consternation prevailed at St. Johns yesterday, and every means was put in requisition for tho emergency. Capt. Price's sloop, the Daniel Webster, we un derstand was not permitted to leave the port. Several of our citizens went down last evening. This movement is said to be headed by Robert Nelson, Cote, Gagnion, HotchkUs. and several foreign military leaders. Ol its results, a few days will in form us ; and this evening's boat will pro bably bring a pretty decisive indication. All accounts speak of arms, amunitiou and men, in abundance. May God prosper the right. Martial law is again proclaimed within tho District of Montreal, and we shall doubtless be called to chronicle scenes of bloody outrage. The Montreal Courier gives the follow ing statement of affairs up to Sunday evening-It appears, that at La Torlu, about 7 or 8 miles above Lnprarie, a number of rebels attacked, on Saturday night last, the scat tered loyalists in that quarter, and we re gret to state, that two farmers of the names of Wat.ker and VirnEV were mur dered in cold blond. Several others who lived in tho neighborhood made their escape with great difficulty; and conveyed intelli gence of tho attack to Laprarie, from which place a party of the Hussars were, on the inslont, despatched to La Torlu, and were fortunate enough to come upon the rebels unawares, and dispersed them with a few sho'.s with what damago it could not be ascertained, as tho cowardly scoundrels took immediately to the woods, leaving bo hind two loyalists, they had made prisoners. The deceased Walker's widow and child, as well as many more families from near Laprarie, came to town yesterday. In Bcauharnois a rising oftho rebels took place on the same night, and they succeed ed surprising ihe loyalists of tho village, and made prisoners of Messrs Ellicc.Brown Norval and Ross. This information was conveyed to town by soma of Mr. Ellice's ssrvants who had mndo their escape, nnd who stated that tho family wero confined in tho collar. The Steamboat Henry Brougham with Iho mail ond passengers from Upper Canada, havingcalled at Beau harnois, as usual, was also captured. It is said that tho rising had extended up xhe Chaleaguay River, ond that Mr John McDonald, the Magistrate, had been se riously wounded, On the River Richelieu, wo understand tho rebols have jisen from St. Mary's downwards, and by the last occounts they had musttired nt St. Charles, about 400 strong. It is slated Mint their intention was to attack Sorel, and wo hope they may attempt it for thoy will get a very warm reception from the 6Cth Rogiment slationed there. Great Credit is duo to Colonel Taylor and tho party who acted under his orders, in effecting tho capture oftho seven rebels wo mentioned jn extra of Saturday, as in consequence of this coup de main, all at tempts to procuro a rising in L'Acadie proved entirely abortive. The most gallant achievoment that yes terday's nowg furulsh remains lo bo told-, While the Indions of Cbughnawoga wero nt public worship on tho morning of yes terday, an nlarm was given, that a party of rebels hod surrounded tho church, upon which they immediately turned oul, and: tho Chief, setting an example, which was promptly followed by all, raised tho War Whoop, and setzod tho rebel next him and wrested from him his musket. Trio others" being panic struck, were made prisoners, to the number of 04; and wero brought in to town yesterday afternoon, in charge of a party of iho Lachino Cavalry, After their committal to jail I hey mado some im portant disclosures uf the plans of their leaders. This exploit of Iho Indians ought to givo tho most timid every confidence, for it shews what energy and decision earn do in tho greatest emergency; they did not number ono half their enemies, and yet unarmed ns they woro, thoy paralyzed tho scoundrels by their War Whoop an'ddaring. Tho steamer Princess Victoria mndo an extra trip on Saturday afternoon, for thcr purpose of taking over four pieces of AtiI lory, with the men, horses, &c, for SV. Johns. In consequence of tho late hour ot which she reached Laprarie, it was deemed imprudent to forward thonitillcrythat night. Dtirning the night an attempt was made lo burn the boat, by conveying combustible into tho berths in the forecastle. Fortu nately it was discovered boforc any matt rial damage had been done. The circum stance of iho artillery being detained at Laprarie, was probably tho means of sav ing the boot, if not tho village, from being; destroyed, as nn attack was meditated. The cars hot! not proceeded far from St. Johns yesterday morning, when it was dis covered that obout thirty feet of tho rail way had been torn up, which, however, was repaired in the course of an hour. The driver oftho Quebec moil was de tained by nbout 20 armed rebols at Bout do L'Islo, on Saturday night nnd yesterday morning, but wos allowed to bring on the mail from below, it being the one for Que bec I hey wished to possess themselves of, as they imagined it might contain despatch es for Sir John Colhornc. It. however, had passed before they expected They expressed a confident hope that their friends would stop it at Berthior. In the course of yesterday the following persons were arrested D. B. Vifjer, Chan. Mondelet, L. H. Lnfontaine, Harkin, John Donegoni, Frangois DcsRivierci, Goulet, Labcllc. L. M. Vtger. Dexter Chapin, Fransois Pigeon. La- bnute, J. J. Girouard, J. A. Labadie.H. B. Weilbrenncr. George Dillon, besides sever al others whose names we did not learn. We have heard of some risings In tho North, but have not been able to learn any particulars. From the Morning Cour. Exlrar of Saturday , It was ascertained yesterday that there was to be a preliminary meeting last night of a few of the leading rebels who had es caped hanging last winter, nnd some relu gees Irom the other side of the line 45. nt the notorious Gagnon's resinence, Points a la JIule, about six miles from St. Johns. A parly nf Ihe 1 51 ft Regt.. by water, and a few of the Dragoon Guards, from Chambly, were secretly dispatched with a Magistrate to capitire the conclave, while in ihe act uf plotting ihe destruction of the lives and properly of loyal subjects in that neighbor hood. We have just learned from Col. Taylor, that seven of them were token, and among them the son nf Gognnn, hut tho fnther wos not to be found. Wo also un derstand thai n few arrests were mnde nt St. Johns, and that Dr. LAcnorx, who lux uriated all last winter in Ihe gaol of this city, nl public expense, was unceremoni ously taken out of his bed, last night. Tho hypocrite was, of course, very much aston ished at this aonarent v-nni nf nnnnncu ni tho hands of a Governmont from whom ho had previously received such liberal treat ment. The ossemblv of t raitora worn nrmorl. and wo saw one of their muskets in Colo nel Taylor's possession, with bayonet, scabbard, carlouch box, complele, and about twenty rounds of ball cartridge. It was a good American piece. THE STEAM-BOATS. $&Thc Sentinel is misinformed as to the steam-boats. They will continue their trips to St. Johns, as usual, unless some new feature pre sents itself. The boats have thus far preserved a strict neutrality, and it is to be presumed that neither party will find it for their interest,, or be disposed, to molest them. Strange. A correspondent of tho Rochester Democrat details a romantic ad venture of n Mips Strange, in the line of beau catching. Miss S. was a niece of tho member of Parliament of that name ond was engaged to marry a Mr Ducent. Thn to be happy pair were to be married at the uncle's, in Kingston, and and embark im mediately for Scotland. Among the friends who called the previous evening to sigh farewell lo Mi-B Isabella Strange, was a Mr McLean, who, as ho pressed the fair hand of tho bride, said ho "supposed this wos tho last time he should have tho plea sure of saluting Miss Strange," ond left house. The night wore away, and the lima for calling iho priest and iho bride approached. On opening tho door to the cbambor of the latter, sho was found not dead ! No a husband was too fair a speculation lo bo dodged in that way. But she was found asleep.' No, Drunk? No. Dressed and ready for the ceremony? I No. How then? JUisnng! Miss Isabel la Stranuo was found missing ! Every body but Ducent 'ho;'5ht "'twas Strange? and ho sworo 'twas McLean! ho saw it in his eye the night before. And so it was. Miss S. hsd jumped from her window into tho arms of her lover, nnd fled from her uncle's house n9 though thoro was a Duct, in't. No body could help it nobody wont uftor loom nobody would bo married ond nobody cared, but Ducent and ihn priest. Whilo the latter called her & Strange girl, (he former sworo she was like all the rest, stranger than he took her lo be.

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