Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 9, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 9, 1838 Page 4
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NEW GOODS. HM. GIDDINGS oilers his usual . Mipply of GOODS. Poor I circuit, October 30, 1830. NEW STORE A n ; CJIDNEY HARLOW lion received most 3 kinds of GOODS usually kept (except t ho great western) at Ins store at Winuos ki Village, and will be pleased to see friptids ond cntniners. Winooski Village. Nov. 1st, 1038. New Book's? New Books? rTflUE subscriber has just received many JL lutu publications, to whicli lie wouiu call the nttention of tlio public, Guiznt's History of civilization, J)u Tocnueville's Democracy in America Incidents of Travel's in Greece, Turkey, Russia & Pnlnnd,bv the authorof travels in Egypt, Arnbiu. Petroca and the holy laud. Poetry of travelling, by Caroline Gilmon Cromwell, a historical novel, 2 vols, by the author of I In1 Brothers. Corintie. or Iiuly (by Mad. Do Stael,) in .MlgllllSl). Life and Times of Whitcficld, by Phillip, Medhnrsl's History of China, The Young Mother, Young Wife and Young Housekeeper, by Dr Alcott. Parley's Fireside Education, Comb's work on Health, Eberlce'rt Prnclico, 2 vols. Phila. 1038. United Slates Dispensatory, flleckcls and Pnxtun's Anatomy. Robinson's Calinet 1 vol 8 vo. Cruden's Concordance. Cudworlh's Intellectual system,2 vols. 8 vo. Neals Puritans 5 vols. 0 vo. Bibles, of different kinds, a great variety. Watts, Select and other Hymn books. Prayer Hooks ol every size and stylo of binding. SCHOOL BOOKS. A largcsupply for ihu winter, of all kind? used in this region, just received and oner cd at reduced prices. JAMES W. IIICKOK. Burlington. Ft.) Nov. st, 1038. T.F. &W.L.STR.OHG HAVE just received and otter in lots to suit purchasers 150 chests Hyson, Hyson Skin. Young Hyson, jTwnnkay and Pouchong Teas. 10 Hhds Molasses 12 do Porto Rico and St Croix Sugars 15 boxes lump and refined Sugars 120 do bunch and bloom Raisins 45 do bar Snap, white and brown 10 d Starch 15 do pipes 10 Kegs Ginger 15 bogs Pepper and Pimento CO mails Cassia 150 lbs Nutmegs and Cloves 35 bags St Domingo nnd Java Coffee 10 boxos Cavendish Tobacco 10 Bbls Rice 20 bags Shot 5 casks Ssleratus 50 doz patent Pails 30 doz Broom, &c. &c. November 2. 1 838. TIN PLATES, &c. "5T (j&fj boxes Tin plates 1-3 X and 'Jyv? extra sizes. 150 bdla. Iron Wire, assorted nos. 100 bundles Eng. Sheet Iron assorted. 25 packs Russia do 000 lbs sheet Copper 100 boxes Canada Plates Copper, Tinned and black rivets Bolt Copper, wire Vellum 1000 lbs Sheet Zinc 1000 lbs Sheet lead &c. &c. just received and for sale at low prices, by Nov. 2, '38. T. F. & W. L. Strong. GROCERIES. Hhds pure Boston Rum, 50 per ct. above proof. 20 half pipes and Bbls do do 5 pipes and 10 Bbls Holland and Ameri can Gin. C pipes and 10 Bbls pure Signette and American Brandy. 8 Hhds St Croix Rum. 4 " pure Spirits 50 per ct above pr'f. 10 Bbls Alcohol 80 per cent above proof. 20 qr casks Madeira and Malaga Wine. 20 baskets Chompaigne. by Nov. 2, '30. T. F. & W. L. Srtong. Lorillard's Snuff and Tobacco. Affc Bbls. pounds, hull' pounds, & vari ous qualities, fine cut chewing Tobacco. fi Bbls Macaboy and Scotch Snuff, at Manufacturers prices, by N.,v. 1, '38. p. F. &. W. L. Strong. CHAMPAGNE. Old Moderio, Sherry. V Port, pure and of fine flavor also low priced wineH in erent variety. By Nov. 2, T. F. W. L. STRONG. Off l oik. hnglifh lire Iron I'ruin 1 mm9 1 4 inch to C inches wide. 45 Cwt. nssorted Swedes do i, , """i" i .o.i. oiu same uo vu uo itrazicrs rods 40 do old sable horse nail Rods 35 do Sanderson's Cast Steel, assorted sizes. Spring do 0 Hosenclevcr & Groove's Ger do do man do 15 do American and Swedes do 5 do English Blister do 200 pairs Etccl plated Sleigh Shoes. . -ALSO-On Conbignment from the Peru Iron Co. ot Clintonvillc, 30 tons manufactured Iron, round nnd 6qnare, all sizes from 1 of an inch lo 2J inches, Band Iron, Shoo Shapes, Nose, Hume, scroll Iron Sic. &c. ; with 1000 Kegs Cut Nails, 3 d. to CO d. and Brads G d. to 20 d. By Nov. 2. T, F. Sf W, L. STRONG. STRAY PIG. TRA YLD from the subscri ber shout the middlo of October, n white barrow PIG. i of about Eighty pounds weight The. person who wiil return him to tho undersigned holl be compensated for ex. pensc and trouble' GEO. PETERSON. FISH. X4J b Tierces Salmon, by Nov. 2. T. P. eV. W. I,. Srnnisn. VA L U A li L U SGHOOL BOOKS. For tale by C. GOODRICH, and other Booksellers in Vermont, generally. & Acadtmkal Speaker and Class Reader. First Class Reader, Second Class Reader, Third Class Reader Progressive Primer S( Fourth clas Reader. A COMMITTEE of tho Pennsylvania As. sociation of Monitorial Teachers, (ap. pointed to examine ond recommend books,) say in tlioir report, that they "aio propared to iccoinmcnd Eincrson'ssctics of reading books to tho attention of tho association, and to teachers generally, as well adapted to tho higher classes in our school's. The selections aro rich and varied, and -tho suggestions and practical hints to teachers aro judicious, and such as, if propcrlv appliod, will lead lo bene, ficial results." Tho above sorics aro now very generally used in our best public schools, and arc universally approved, as far as thoy aro known Emerson's Arithmetics. Noilh American Arithmetic, pari first, now and improved edition, .Vnri American Arithmetic narl, second. Tho abovo Arithmetics have now probably a more cxtcnslvo uso (han any others in iho llniirrt Rmina. Thov have boon adopted for the public schools in Boston, nnd in most of tho larger towns throughout the country. Emerson's Spelling Books. The New National Spelling Hook, being a revised and improved version of tho old National Spelling Book the k in such words as publ'icfc, frulicA:, &c and the u in such as honour, favour, &c. arc omitted, the key is rendered more simple, and addi lionol progressive lessons, illustra ted by cuts, are introduced. The Introduction to the Na tional Spelling Book. This attractive little forerunner of the National Spelling Book has acquired gfent popularity in Primary Schools ; more Ihan 12000 copies have been called for during the last year. Goodrich's History of the Uni ted States, And Goodrich's and Emerson's Questions, lo the same. More than 240,000 copies of Goodrich's History of the U. States have been called for since its first introduction to the public. about 14 years ago. It has been, and still is used as a text book in our high Schools and Academies, as well ns in the great mase of our district ecIiooIs. 1 hose tacts bear amnio testimony to tho excellency ol the plan and execution of tho work and need only be known by teachers and school committees, who Invu not yet adopted it, to insure their impartial exam ination ot its merits. Vose's School Astronomy. The Rev. Wm. Coggswoll, D. D. Sec retary of tho American Education Society, writes the publishers, in relation to tlm work ns follows;" With great pleasure 1 have perused tho Compendium of Astron omy prepared by the Hon. John Vose, as well as his larger work pi that uselul and important Science. The treatises appear to have been made with crcat attention. The author has wisely endeavored lo aim plify, and make this sublime science easily understood, and entertaining ; and his cf forls, have been happily successful it is fully believed that these two works on As tronomy arc the most valuable of the kind whicli have issued from the American press, aad that were they extensively known, they would bo extensively used." Resp'y, Yours, Wm. COG GS WELL. Boston, March 22. 1838. Lempriere's Classical Diction ary. This edition contains every name in the best revised English edition. It contains all the matter that is cither important or useful for young persons, and costs only about one third the price of the larger work. HEW STOTBS. HE subscribers would inform their - friends and the public that they have just ree'd an additional stock of stoves which makes their assortment complete, comprising all the most approved patterns called for, among which arc the following; I ho Troy best premium Improved Rotnry and do. Back Kitchen. Cooking all tires. Also A great variety of box stoves, Elegant parlour do. And a few superior Cnnnda plate do. Also Ornamented Russia dumb Smves, and Russia, English and Canada Stove pipe and trimmings of all descriptions, all ol which they arc determined to sell at the very lowest prices, Persons wishing to purchase aro invited to call at their shop (opposite the Jail.) in Church street, and examine for themselves. They have on hand as usual a full assort mcnt of Plain & Japaned tin ware, at wholesaln and retail, all orders in their lino will bo promptly executed Large IRON KETTLES, from 30 to 96 gallons. Also Copper Pumps odd Lend Pipe. STARR Sf BOSTW1CK. Burlington, Nov. 1, 1830. PAPER HANGINGS. OTftHE snbsenbor has on hand a good as. sortment of Paper Hangings and is constantly receiving from the Manufacturer and will sell ot tho manufacturers prices wholesale and rotnil. 1 EDWARD J. FAY. Church Street. ) Burlington, Oct, 24, f m $341. Bi'.GS leave to in. form his I'atrons that ho has taken Shop two doors West of J. & J. II. Peck & Co's. Storc.Norlh sido Square College Street. Whoro mlalfimnru lultl find 11 ",5,B.cAV great varioty of Ready mado Saddles, Harness's, Trunks, Valcsses, Carpel Bags. Pill Bags, Portmanteaus, Cir. cingles, halters, Bridles, Marlingils, Sleigh Bells, JWialcbonc Itosctls, Cushions Whips and Lashes, and such otucr articles as usually con ncctcd with his lino of business, together with a choico selection of Saddlery Hard Ware, of tho latest importations, all of which will bo sold cheap for cash or Approved Credit. Burlington, Oct, 17, 1830. Upholstorings and Carrlago Trimming exe cuted with neatness anil despatch. 4 fCi Boxes Bar Soap. XJJ 75 s1()ti from n0i 0) t0 4i 300 Mats Cassia, for sale by FoLI.ETT & BllADLEYS. Sept. 24. WANTED. , , IN Exchange lor Goods, a few hundred yards Shccps Grey cloth and Domes tic Flannels LATIIROP & POTWIN. Oct. 4, 1038. New Goods, Cheap Goods. THE subscriber has just returned from New York with a large and general assortment ol Dry Goods, Dry Groceries, Crockery, China and Glass Ware, which he will sell unusually low for cash, Butter, or Grey full cloth. Noiile Lovely. Burlington, Sept. 5, 1038. To Wood Choppers. GREEN'S AXES A SUPPLY of the abovo celebrated Axes, just received, and for sale by tho dozen or single, by tho subscriber. ROBERT MOODY STOVE PIPE. A General assortment of Rutsia, English nnd Canada Iron Pipes, kept con stonily on hand nnd for sale nt wholesale or retail by W. R. & F. C. VILAS. Oct. 4. SO Bbls. American Brandy, 3 Pipes Cogniac do 50 bbls American Gin, 2 Pipes Holland do 40 Casks of Wine of various quoll tics and prices, for sale by For.r.ETT & Bradleis, BURLINGTON CHAIR FACTORY. fTIIIE subscribers have for sale, and ore J- conslantly manufacturing a variety of C 2? 3f ft & ijiuwisunfr or COJUION DINING, FANCY FLAGG, and CANE SEAT CURL MAPLE, LARGE AND SMALL ROCKING CHAIRS. &c. &c. at Wholesale or Retail. We would soy to those wishing to pur chase that they will do well to call and examine the quality and price before pur chasing elsewhere, as we ore confident we can save them the trouble of sending to New York. ALSO On hand, a lot of Livingston's Patent Fanning Mills. NELSON $ GATES. Church Street, opposite the old Bank October 4, 1830. N. B. Wanted 10.000 feet 14.2. 2i. 35 Curl Maple Boards and Plank. GREAT BARGAINS IJ STOVES. HAVING mado arrangements for deal ing moro cxtensivelyin this branch of businoss than heretofore, we are pre pared to show purchasers Cooking Stoves ol'nll the various approved patterns, to gether with Parlor, Box, and Cunuda Plate Stoves of nil sizes. Also 10,000 joints Stove Pipe ut iiusria, cnglisu ond American Iron. Dumb Stoves, of Rusia and American Iron hnndsomo patterns. Stove trimmings ol every description of Tin, Copper and cop per Bottom, and IRON HOLLOW WARE. Wo recommend to purchasers with great confidence, an examination of thU assortment ul Stoves and trimmings, be lieving it lo bn not only more extensive and complete, but that purchasers will find belltr bargains than ol any other establish ment in the state. T. F. &. W. L. STRONG. Burlington. October 4. 1030. NEW GOODS. rpHE subscribers are now recoivmg ihcir fall ond winter goods, sonslstuig of Dry Goods, Grnccries, Crockery and Hnrd Wore, Cod Fish, Glass, Nails, Buffalo I rubes, &c. Also 2000 bushels solar Salt. 1000 do steam do 200 barrels fino do 50 sacks ground do All of which they offer at a small advance from cost. II. HYDE. 6i CO: October 0, 1830. kW FARM FOR SALE. rilHE bu bscrib offers for sale i valuable form situated ol'Huulinglon, commit ini! about 250 acres, ond is well calculated for u dairy, having a convenient dwelling Ikhi?c, two barns, with an eight feet shed between, uud other vnluublo and convenient out buildings. There is also n good orchard, cider Mill

Jlnuso and Mill. Said farm is every where well watered, and will keep thirty covvsond a team. Also, two hundred acres nf wild land, situated about one mile from tho farm, and is well timbered with a heavy growth of Spruce and other valuable sawing timber. Terms of sale mado easy by application lo the subscriber un the premises. IIEMAN GILLET Huntington, Sent. 20. 1338. FOR SALE THAT cli.'ib!e Mill Silo. ond Satinclt Factory, known ns tlm Winooski Mills, in the town of uurlincton. Vermont, tin ihn tails ol Union River. Tho building is of Mono, 100 reel long by 50 feet deep, with all the necessary appurtenances, for dying, drying and dressing cloth. There ore fnriv looms with corresponding machinery, of must approvcu patterns nnd suponor work manship. A full inventory may bo seen at the lactory. There is also attached lo it a brick house suitable for a hoarding house lor tlio workmen. Situated as this estnb lishmcnt is, in a wool growing country, with the advantages of transportation by water tho whole of the disioncc lo New York, renders it well worthy the attention of Capitalists and Manufacturers. Term ot sale will bo accommodating. Apply to U. LitiA VJlilN WOtlTH. Burlington. J't. REAL ESTATE for SALE. rilHE undersigned offers lor -I. sale, the three story brick building next cast of the book store, on collecc 6treet. con laiiiingdwelhng.storeaiid rooms fur offices Also the brick house with three fourths ol an acre of land occupid by Doct. Halch on white street. Also two buildings occupied hy .Messrs. Uomblin and Mead, and C Merritt, on College street, containing Joiners shops, Dwellings &c. Also the place occupied by Mr R. P. Tibetts on the corner of Pearl and Champloin streets. Possession given 1st of April nnd May next and lo some parts of the premises this Au tumn. H. LEAVENWORTH. Sept. 10. 1838. Franklin Hotel. ANSON SPELMAN T ESPECTFULLY informs XI his friends and the public that he has taken the pleasant and commodious House on the 6oulh west corner of the square, in the vil loge of Burlington, formerly occupied by B. Bishop. He assures his friends and ihe public generally, that no reasonable efforts on his part shall bo wanting to render his House n pleasant and desirable hnme lo tho traveller, to permanent bonrders, to gentlemen of the bar, judges, jurors and witnesses in court time; and in fine, to all persons who may please to favor him with their patronage, and which it will be his ambition to merit by a prompt attention lo the wishes ot Ins guests, and bv reasonable charges. I he Stages will call at this House for passengers. Burlington, October 1, 1838. ffe. For Sale or to Rent. THE Brick Store owned by Mr. J. S. Putwin, on church-st. apply to II, Leavejwohth. August 30, 1838. WINDOW SASH. JUST received 15 20 & 24-7 by 9 casements of sash, a first rate article, at 34 and 31 etc. per light. AL-o, all kinds and sizes, furnished lo order. Ticondororra Black Lead, a first rato article, for salo very low, together with a grcaljvariuly of other articles, as cheap as can bo found at any other cstab lish mcnt in the placo. Geo. Petekson. Hickok's Patent Rotary Oven COOK STOVE" THE subscriber has just, received ana offers fcr sale, a few stoves, of which the above cut is a representation. To all the advantages of the improved Rotary top, is added a Rotary Oven on on entirely new plan, which, from the testimony of those who nave used them, Inr supercedes any thing ol tho Kind, yet ottered to hc public Those wishing to purchaso cook stoves arc respectfully requested to examino these before making their selection, as ocular demonstration will better convince the public of the value of tho article than any description that could be given. Another recommendation, these hard times is, that these stoves will be sold as low as the com. mon Rotarys of the some Fizo. ROBERT MOODY. SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. MARSH'S TRUSS, for oil who need, will bo found on trial, the masl use ful, and tho most comfortable article fur the purpose intended, ever introduced July 20. J. &, J. II. Pkck & Ca.AeeiA Just recoived at Wait & Ta bor's Cheap Cash Sloro, 10 bales Heavy Sheetings. Oct. 25, Af Bbls, of tho best ol W. liter Oil, for cnln hu Pni.i.PTT lln , n . .. - Sept. 24, Hi inmyiiMiMHWi UNIVERSAL MEOHAXttO OR ONE THAT CAN MAKE OR RE PAIR ANY THING THAT COMES ALONG. J LEWIS, disclaiming all pretensions to Iho "heroic." but deeply impress ed with the importance of that first maxim of tinkers "DO things" offers his ser. vices to thn public as a manufacturer of Finger Rings, Breast Pins, Ear Ornaments, Guard Chains, Watch Chains, Seals, Keys, fee. Seals of every description, made and lettered to order, and Jewelry of all kinds repnircd in the neatest manner. Plain Wood Cuts, wood Types, Stamps, Broods, &c , manufactured lo order ; to gether with a thousand other things, too numerous to mention, bend in your orders Ladies and Gentlemen they shall be promptly attended lo, and it is believed entire satisfaction will be given. Burlington, Church Si. ( October 4. 1030. EST HA Y. BROKE into the ciicIoh lire of the sub scriber of Milton in the County of Chittenden, and Slate of Vermont, a small dark bay mare, having a while left hind foot, with a scar nn the same, a while stripe, in tho face, black mane and a black switch tail, appears lo bo troubled with Ihe heaves, ssid mare is supposed to be obnul seven years of age. The owner is requested to prove propertj pay charges and lake her nwav. EPHRAIM HOLMES. Miltnn. Oct. 23. 1830. p3w STATE OF VERMONT,) Grand Isle County, if. S To the lion. Ihe Supreme Court next lo be widen at North Hero, within and for the County of Grand Isle, on Ihe 3d Tuesday 0 January, 1 039 TIIHE petinn of Ann Hntchins. of North A Hero, in the County of Grand Isle, and Slate of Vermont, humbly Fheweth unto your honors, that at North Hero, on the 5ih day of February, A. D. 1832, she was lawfully married to Nathan Hutchius. of caid North Hero, by Phelps Cook, Eq Justice of the Peace within and for said county of Grand Isle, and that from that time to the first day of June, A. D. 1035, she lived with the said Nathan in the strict observance of all the duties required by tho marriage covenant, when tho said Na' than, without nny provocation or just cause left your petitioner, and crer miice hath and .still doth refuse to live with your peti tioner or perform any of the duties requi red by the marriage covenant. And your petitioner further shewelh unto your Hon or that the said Nathan on the first day of January. 1038, nnd before and since that time, did nuo nas commiltcu me crime of adultery; ana1 your petitioner humbly prays this honorabJe Court that Ihe bands of matrimony between her ond the said Nathan may be dissolved a'nd a bill of di vorce granted lo your petioPer, and your petitioner as in duty bound wji.1 ever pray. Dated at North Hero, thn 3'h day ol Obtnber, 1038. Ann Hutcjiins, By, F. Haze:;, Alt'y. Muntptlier, Oct. 10. 1838. It beinrr made to aunear that ihe named petitionee has left the ttale and'.' annot bo served by ihe ordinary process of tho court, it is therefore ordered that the foregoing petition.together with this order, be published three weeks successively in tho Burlington Free Press, printed at Bur lington in the county of Chittenden, the last of which publications to be at least six wccks previous to I lie term of said Court to which said petition is addressed, and such publication will be deemed tiilU cienl milieu in ihe said pctioneo lo appear nnd make answer lo said petition. Given under my hand at Mnulpelier. this day of Oct. 1030. S. S. PHELPS, Judge of the Supreme Court. Joseph Jones's Estate. WE Tho subscribers, having been ap pointed by tho Honorable the Pro bate Court for tho District of Chittenden. commissioners to receive, examine nnd ad just iho claims nnd demands of all persons, l lie estate ol Joseph Jones late ol Under- said District, deceased, represented in. solvent, nnd also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto ; and six months Irom iho day of the dalu hereof, being ulloivcd by said Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give police that we will attend lo the business of our appoint ment, at the dwelling ol widow Ruth Jones in Underbill in said District, on the first Mondays of November and April next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said dov. Dated, this 17lh day of Oct. A- D. I838. JOHN STORY. ) HORACE SPAULDING. ( tomm rs' COFFEE. Tings Loguera, Si. Domingo and UKJ Java Coffe. for sale by Foj. LETT & BlUDI.EYS. Sept. 24, 1838. NEW GOODS. THE subscriber has just returned from New York, and is now rpnnivinrr nl ma oiuro on i;nurcn at., a general assort ment of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CROCKER Y. Sf GLASS WARE. Whicli he wi!! sell unusually low for enfh. HORACE LANE Burlington, Oct. 5, 1030, pxt Doz. Simons &. Co., Cast Sleul Axes w for salo by the box, ot manufnclurers prices, by Fui.lett & Bradleys, Sept. 24, MAPLE SUGAR. Starr t Bostwick. ( Burlington, Oct, 18, 1038. I On Consignment, Granvilln made Iron Axlctreo donblo Wniirronfl. lor sain nt dflf 10 10 65 each, by Fui.lett & Brum.ETs. SHEEP'S PEITS. C1 ASH. and tho highest market price, t will be paid for sheep's pelt, by W. R. & F.C.VILAS. Rent 20. 6m HYDRAULIC CEMENT. FOR salo at tho Burlington Mill Com. pany'a Plaster Mill, Winooski Falls. GEO. MOORE, ARtnt. DOCTOR ATWATER, respectfully informs his friends and tho public, that ho has removed to the now Brick ourc? corner of Cherry and St. Paul streets, three doors north nf the Epispopal' Church. Professional calls promptly art' 8Wnred. Bnrlington, October 26. 1838. Apprentice Wanted. A BOY, from 15 lo 17 years of age, can have a situation as an apprentice to the Cabinet making business, by applying to ihe subscriber. One from the country would be preferred. D. K. PANGBORN. Burlington. Oct. 23, 1838. LYMAN & COL 13 HAVE received their F.ill and Winter Goods, con-Osting of a very exlen-ive assortment, of Merinos, Cnmblets, Cam', bletccne, Persian cloths, Poplin, &c. for ladie.' cloaks. Also a variety of Silks, silk Camblet nnd Pongees A large as sortment of Lupin's best black and scarlet merino Shawls 5-4 to 8-4. Also low priced do. Heavy worsted shawls, very large. Also various sizes of woolen and fancy Shawls; making our assortment of Shi wis very complete. A rich assortment of printed Challeys, new style. Black and colored Alepiue, French Bombazine and Merinos, very nice. FANCY II DK'FS AND SHAWLS. Chnllev. Mnu'ohne do lane, 6ewing Silk, beautiful variety. POCKET HANDKERCHIEFS. Printed Pongee Hiik'fr, large Bandannas Chcppae, India Corahs. &c. &c. Black French and Italian Cravais. PRINTS. A great variety of rich dark American Calicoes, small figure, heavy for winter wear. Merrimack. Dover, Hamilton, Fall River and Rockland Prints, which were bought by the caso in Boston and will be sold very low. A few pieces of super London and French Prints. Hosiery nnd Gloves d great variety. CLOTHS AND CASSIMERES. Superfine ond medium Cloths, black, blue, green, dahlia, brown ond other colors. Casimeres, black, blue and fancy colors. Buckskin striped, plaid and dark mixed, very heavy for winter. FOR OVER COATS. Heavy Beaver Cloth, a new article, Pilot Cloth, Ratline &c. A few pieces of American Cassimeres very heavy. DOMESTIC GOODS Bleached Cotton Sheeting, Shirting Can ton Flannel and Jeans, brown Cotton Sheeting. Shirting. Canton Flannel and Jeans. Bed Tick, Cotton Yarn, knitting Coll on, very THREAD, BATTING, WADDING. Superior woolen and worsted Yarn for knitting. One cne of Taylor's best spool Thread, Tape. Needles &c. &c. Cus tomers ore invited lo call and examine a very extensive assortment, unusually large. uurungion, r i uci. l, 1UJ. lvlesrs. Pangborn & Brinsmaid Ever rndy In nccominnilote tho Yitmg La. dies as will as the Madams, lake pleasure in informing their fair friends, who hnvo been kept waning a little, that they can now find a rao.'l splendid assortment of tho good old style of i?ne Gold Ncck'aces, call ed Gold Beads, at 1 he Variety Store; and we do n t intend lis ba caught again with out some on hand, but. it is partially the Ladies fault, they buy them so quick. We are also fiui-hing' off a s,'perb assortment oT tine Silver Spoons for the Young Ladies who aro "being" married at.'d for those who are already II iinckeepers ; iind when they ure supplied wo will make snmo for Gen tlfiiieii. It is rather a hopeless .case, how ever, for ihe Gentlemen, as the Ladies take the spoons so I'aM, the best way to se cure the spoons is to take tho Lndies. We have pome fine gold plain Ear Knobs, and plain Knobs with Drops; fino gold Eur Hoops ; a beautiful lot of plain and chased fine gold finger Rings j plain gold Bar Pins, and a new lut of tilver Pencils. Tho Young Ladies ot tho Seminaries are re- ipcctfully informed that Mr. Munroe has sent us an assortment of his fine Dt awing Pencils, Chalk Crayons, black Crayons, Stubs, &c. We ure now rereiving a lot of excellent silver cased WATCHES, good timekeeper ; nnd some of Joseph Ron ehs & Sons first rato Pen and Pocket KJVIPES. ond their excellent RAZORS t I case of 7 day Rizors of their moke, also some of their fine Scissors, warranted, fino Needles; some of Elliott's Razor's; a few dozen calf-skin Wallets, cheaper than usual; long Nursing Tubes: Plaques; some more beautiful toned Rosewood Ac cordeuus have just arrived, some arcspoken for already; theACCORDEON is a sweet musical instrument, easily played ond liked veiiv much indeed. Wo have just receiv. ed some nice silk Purses, Speclocles and Cases, Canes, Violins, Swords, Violin Bows, 2 Tenor Viols, I large Bass Viol, suuoblo for o church, 1 good expression Organ (a fino instrument for a family or for a small church,) for sale, Lamp Wicks of oil kinds, Stocks, &c. Our customers ore informed that wo are getting in Iho best assortment that we have had (he pleas, uto of offering them, nnd we hope they will give us a call before purchasing. Our Goods ore of the best quality, our prices as low as the same quality can be bought for, any where. Our work a Silversmiths, Goldsmiths, Watch Clock Repairers, &c. necua nu , uui inn 111 uiittium in these lines, for which wo return thanks to our customers, assures us that we L'ivo as good satisfaction as is possible. Call in at the Variety Store and sen some corrobora- tion 01 llie above. Yours truly, Oct. 18, Pahgbohk & Bmmamip,