Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 21, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 21, 1838 Page 3
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ttie first tang arang was a failure ( it was too thin. Pork" cried tho trumpet to tho trombone, and. on tho instant, tho two instruments gavo forth a beautiful tang a rang tang tang. At this moment the trombone recollected Hint nothing had been aaid rnlalivo to tho beam. Ho suddenly ceased playing. Beans" whispered the trumpet. 'Pork and beans." "Good" said tho trombone, "that's enough, here goes-" And ho did go it, to the great ro lief of tho poor trumpet, as well as to the in tlnito delight of tho whole orchestra, who by this limo were in tho secret Messrs. Cassolar.i and Ambroiso, hro of the then, as wollns now,mcmbera of the or chestra, wcro colled to prove the nature of the contract. They testified not only to tho abrve circumstances, but also to tho fact that whenever this pieco was per formed the defendant had to call out to the trombone, 'pork and beans,' in order to in duco him to help him through (lint parlicti lar picco of music. Tho case being fully made out, the jury found for tho plaintiff to tho full amount claimed, viz. $9 54. SPIRIT OP Til 13 TIMES. We copy tho following from an adminis tration paper in tho norlhcn part of N. York, tho Franklin Gazette. It is a cause of deep regret to every lover of his country, or hi country's honor, to witness tho npnthy, nay. I ha culpable indifference, of I he Federal Government to the insults almost daily offered to our flag, and tho flagrant violation of our rights as on independent and free nation, by the self styled Mistress of tho Ocean, no less thnn its cownrdly subserviency to the wishes and demands of Grent Britain. Arc we longer to submit, after the decisive report of the commissioners appointed by Maine, to en croachments upon our territory and juris diction, on our Nortlicn frontier? Are wo to allow, without even n remonstrance, the growing influence and even sovereignty nf Britain over our western territories and Indians? Are we tamely to suffer vessels to be cut out of our harbors to bo fired upon time oftcr limo our property forci bly taken f om us, and our citizens daily insulted and even murdered, without de manding that satisfaction which even the weakest Mate in Europe would insist on, even at tho hands of arrogant Britain? Verily, if this is to be so, havo we polite and gentUmanly rulert, who scorn to fork any other means of redress from a Lody Queen then acquiescence or entreaty. But this wo hope is not the character of the President's Message, which ere this has been laid before Congress, but that its tone may be such as will arouse the whole American people, to wash from their hith erto fair National Escutcheon, the deep tain which have been corroding and festering there. justice. After the above was penned, and in type, probab'y, the message was received, but which the reader is awaro but poorly real izas the expectations of "Justice." Tho editor of the Gazette, however, disposes of the subject with the following manly com ment. Wo will not allow the occasion to pass however, without expressing our decided nd unqua ified disapprobation of tho views advanced and conclusions drawn by the President in relation to the Boundary and Frontier questions. The important ques lion of (ho Northeastern Boundary of the Republic, which has been in dispute for upwards of twenty years, and frequently threatened to involve the United States and Great Britain in a bloody war, is pass cd over with a brief paragraph of a few lines. The frontier excitement in favor of the liberty seeking Canadians, and the disposition manifested by portions of our citizens to do by them as Lafayette did by ua when we were situated in similar cir. cumstanccs, arc taken up at some length, and tnatcd in a manner which cannot fail to prove acceptable and satisfactory to the petticoat tyrant who coidratho destinies of t lie British realm. The President roller atcs the principles of tho proclamation, of which we expressed our opinion last week. He docs not bestow a single word upon the cutting out and burning of the Steam boat Caroline by ft British armed force, while lying in an American harbor. The murder of our citizens, the repeated inva sion of our territory, the firing upon our boats, and the many unprovoked and insuf ferable wrongs and insults heaped upon our people along the frontier by the loyalists of Canada, appear to have entirely escaped the notice of the President, not the re motest allusion being made to any of them in tho meESOgc. Tli.s, we suppose, is, in the opinion of the Prcsident.all well enough, and no more than wo deserve, for presum ing in defiance of his proclamations lo the contrary, to express our sympathies for the cruelly oppressed people of Canada, and for rendering them such aid and assistance aa wo hove an undoubted right to under the Constitution. 'The Proclamation of tho President touching our trcaly obligations, Sic , meets with universal approbation on this frontier." Platbburgh Republican. It is hardly necessary for us to say that the above statement is utterly destitute of truth, for the rcadera or tho Gozetto nl ready know it to be so. Tho writer could not have been ienorant of this fact when ' he penned it, So far from the assertion being true, we believe we hazard nothing in dcclanncr mat no document ever emann ted from tho Chief Magistrate of this country which met with such universal and deserved censure nnd disapprobation on th'u frontier as Mr Van Boron's late Proc lamalion of Neutrality. If tho editor of Iho Republican was ignorant of this, ho at JCBBl Knew Hint ll uiu mo ini-ci wu inn vcrsal approbation, for he had unnucslinna bly become acquainted with our opinion of it DC ore no made I lie staiemeni nunvc oiiolcd. and that formed ono exception Wo now tell the Renublican that wo have the satisfaction to know that our views of that document aro thoso entertained by nearly tho entire population in this section, nd among the democracy wn do pot know of a single exception. Fori Covington Ga. utile. Tho above ore both abmiuistration pa pens but the editor of the Republican holds an office in the custom house, and henco probably the wonderful facility with which he finds approbation for nil tho Presi dent says. Tho doctrino is, that the Pron idont being elected by the people is the representative of tho whole people. His acts are their acts ; his voice is their voice s and, as the voice of tho peoplo is tho voico of God, it would bo waring ogoinst the decrees of Heaven to withhold from the Proclamation, or any thing else tho Presi dent might advance, "universal approba tion." Our neighbor, the Sentinel, wo presume, is of this fcIiooI, for he murmurs not. Hu is indeed a bright example of christian resignation, "Though thou slay mo, yet will I put my trust in thoc."--" Rrethrcn, bo obedient to the powcra that be." From the Baltimore Sun. CANADA. The Executive's homily upon tho present condition of Canada, and the conduct of citizens of the United Siotcs, whether we lake it from the Proclamation or the Mes sage, is, in our opinion, a very poor affair. In cither or both, the President has man i fesled a weakness but illy suited to tho ex alted station he occupies, Hear him. He asserts "Information has been given lo me, derived frnm official and oilier tourers, that nianv ciiiiens of ilio JU. Mi; If J have associiiled together In in. ike liouite iiidimons fiom our lerrilury iulo C.inad,i,and lo nid nml alicl inriirrecilnii ilif ip, in ioliiiion of i lie olilj. galiom nml lawn of die Unilrd Slides, nml in open disregiud of ilicir own duties in citizen Admit that this is I tie fact admit that from "official and other sources" the Exec utive ol Hits Union is made sensible ol a violation of tho laws of the United States as outrageous as that described in the mes sage, and that this violation has been com mitted by "many citizens oflho United Stales," is an emply proclamation the euro for this evil? Is this the remedy which wai resorted to in the caso of Aaron Burr? If the evil had been merely an an ticipated evil, thero might hove been 6omo propriety in issuing a proclamation declar ator nf the law of the land; but where the President, positively admits the actual commission of violent acts, why meet those ants of violenco with a noisy, threatening proclamation ! Why not enforce tho laws of Congress agreeably lo the power vested in the Executive asCommander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United Slates ? The President appears anxious to preserve peaceful relations with England. What step docs he lake to accomplish thia great object? Ho acknowledges, in a solemn communication to Coogress a communi cation immediately made public to tho whole world "that many citizens nf the United States have associated together lo make hostile incursions ft om our territory ht'o Canada, and to aid and abet insurrec tion there, in violation of the obligations aad laws of the United Stales, and in open dis regard of their own duties a? citizens." If England wanted an admission upon which to ground a quarrel, she could not havo framed a better. What construction will be put upon this admission by the ministers of tho English Queen ? What willbeeaid of it in the British House of Lord, or the House of Commons? What will bo said of it by the world at large? Wc shall not be at all surprised if this passage in the meeeago of President Van Huron should bo the cause of a special appropriation on the part of the Commons of England to defray the expenses of additional troops, to be im mediately poured into Canada. That the English ministry aro sufficiently disposed to push their oppreaivo measures respect ing Canada to tho o I mast, no one can doubt ; that thev will find a sanction in the admissions of President Van Buren, is equally true ; and that a special minuter from the Court of St. James will be des patched to the Government of tho United States, with instructions to require some stronger measuro than a proclamation to prevent Canada from being over run by "associated" hostile Americans, is highly probable. We insist that in the proclamii. (ion, as well as in the message, too much lias been admitted in tho proclamation especially i for there tho Executive has not only acknowledged a disgraceful and out rageous violation of national law by Amer ican citizens, hut has undertaken to pro nounce upon the character of tho contest in Canada, and in a spirit of what we con ceive lo bo presumptions wisdom, has at tempted to foretel the defeat of the Cnna. dian patriots. From what source the chief magistrate of this Republic derives the right lo pronounce, in on official paper, upon the character of men and measures struggling against oppression in a neigh boring province, wo cannot conceive. One thing at least must be palpable to every one it is that while some ol the most ills. tinguished and liberal statesmen of Eng land arc eloquently protesting in the Eng. h farliamcnt, as did the great Lord Chatham in the early days of our own rev olution, ogainst the oppressive course of the English government towards the Can nilas, the chief magistrole of I he only grcot Republic upon earth ot the United States is found in open hostility to their noble efforts, arming ihcir opponents with admis. sions and opinions ndmWsinn and opinions as plainly hostile to rational liberty, and as plainly in favor of mnnarchial oppression, as admissions or opinions can be. Our readers well know thai our paper is not, nor ever lias been, devoted to any par ticular party. It would bo idle, thercloro, to attribute these remarks to political par fin lily or political hostility. In Martin Van Buren we only behold the chief mag istrate nf the Republic as such, wc honor and respect him; but this very honor and respect will induco us at all times lo speak as frankly of his errors as wo would plainly of his merits. Wo think it an error in him In have given utterance to nn admission or an opinion, which will he used by tho mm ions nf monarchial oppression as a double edged sword, against a suffering peopl struggling for their rights. In the early davs of the American revolution, every monarchist in Europe would have said ol tho rebels of America what Martin Van Buren has said of iho rebels of Conoda, theu are in rebellion azainil their govern ment-' they lannot succeed without foreign aid ; and the denunciation! uttered against American citizens by tho President in hi proclamation, is precUoly what would have been said nt thai day of Lafayette, Kosciu ho, Do Kalb, Steuben, Pulaski and a host of others. DonEPirtjj AnnF.r. who was second In command of tho "Patriots" at Prcecott, and who has ero this been executed si Kingston, is a Printer. Some twenty years ngo ho was a journeyman in the office nf tho Messrs. WcnsTuns and Skinnkixs. His habits and tastes wnro then nl tho most Pacific character. Both must havo been strangely transformed or ho would never havo devoted himself to tho rough trade of war. Albany Journal. Peter It Bristol, Assistant Tellor of the Bank of Buft'ilo, cnmmiltod suicido on Wednesday evening last in tho Bank, by shooting himself through the heart. No cause can bo assigned for the rash act. All moneys entrusted to his charge had been scrupulously accounted fur, and no cvidencii of any misconduct can bo discov ered. The deceased was aged 23. Alb. Daily Adve.ttiser. MARRIED In Richmond, on Iho Gtli insl., by tho Rov. Amzi Jones, Mr. Mirou Small, to Miss Louisa Barber, both of Richmond. I) I K D . In this town, on tho 17th inst , Mr Elias Nye, a nativo ofPlyinplon,Mass. and a soldier of tho revolution, rtged 87 years. In Villiif.n on llie 14th inil.'. Mrs. Brundridgo, nscd iiliotit 70, YOUNG LADIES TOILET SOXES. A BEAUTIFUL ond u-elul article of cabinet work as a Christinas and New Years present and keepsake, for sale at the low price of jjl at tho cheap cash store of Dec. 20. S. E.tnr. HowAno. CRISTMAS & NEW YEAR. HOICE Christmas ond New Year's Gif's, suited lo all ones, sexes and conditions, are for sale by the subscriber. "The Crislian Keepsake." an annunl edited by Rev. John A. Clark, Philn. 1839. Tho Token and Atlantic Souvenir an annual fur 1830. edited by S. G. Good rich and enriched by contributions from the pen of Miss Sedgewick. The Gift, an annual for 1839 edited by Miss Leslie, Phila. Tho Religious Souvenir for 1039, edited by Mrs. Sigourney. Tho Youth's Keepsake an annual for young persons, 1839. 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WHEREAS John Ellis Administrator of the estate of the said deceased, proposes to render an account of his admin, istralinu, and present his account against aid estate for allowance, at tho Probate Court, to bo lmlden at the Eagle Hall Tavern in Williston, in said District, on the third Monday of January A. D. 1039. t herefore, you are hereby notified to ap pear uetore said Uourt at the timo and place aforesaid, to show cause, if any you have, why the said account should not be allowed. Given under my hand and tho sen) of said Court, al Burlingtun in said District, this 13lh day of December. A. D. 1030. CHARLES RUSSELL. Judge. Levi G. Pike's Estate. WE tho subscribers, having been appoint ed by Iho Honorable tho 1'iobato Court for the Dist rid of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examinoand adjust tho claim and demands nl all person, against tlio estate ol .cvi tr. rilte, lato ol Colchester, in said Dis- li ict, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims nnd demands exhibited in offset llicroto ; and six months from tho day of tho dale hereof, being allowed by said court for that purpose, wo do thercloro uorcby imvc no tico, thai wo will attend lo llm business of our appointment, at the ollico of 7enry Lcavcu worth, in liurliiiL'ton, in said District, on tho 3d Tuesdays ol January and April next, al 1 o clock, I'. il., nn each ol said days. Uillcd, tins 27111 dav ol .Nov. A. V. 1030. . LEAVENWORTH, Commit HENRY Ii. STACY, sinners. Lawrence & Parsons HAVE the bcsl assortment of SLEIGHS for sale that was cvei offered in this couutiy, (nouo oxcopted.) Having obtained the most approved patterns lioni Ilio south,

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Goodnow, morchnnts in company under I ho nmio, firm ond stylo of Beardsdcy and Goodnow, of 7enrysville, in tho I'rovinco of Lower Canada, to wit, of Al. burgh, in said county, and George B. Rod. dington, Win. E. Reddington, Moses P. Little, John Farr nnd Gcorgo W. Ely. partners under tho name, firm and stylo of Rcddingtons & Co of Bedford in the Province of Lower Canada, to wit, of'AHiurgh aforesaid, declaring against tho said lleardslcy and Goodnow and Rcd dingtons and Co in an action on nolo dated tho2'lih day orOctobor 1030, for tho sum of iwo hundred sixty fivo dollars and sixty throo cents payable to tho plaintiff or his order on or before tho first day of July 1837, with inter est till paid, which nolo had not been paid, lo tho damage of tho plaintiff fivo hundred dol. lars. Said causo being duly entered on the docket ofsaid court at tho September Term, A. D. 1037, and nuticoof tho pendency ofsaid cause having been proved to tho defendants Boardsloy and Goodnow and Guorgo It, Red. dinglon the causo was continued to the next May Term ofsaid court 1830, nnd it not thon appearing to said court I hot tho said William L. Kcddington, Moses P. Litllo John Farr and Gcorgo W, Ely. havo had personal notico of tho pendency oflhissuit, It is ordored by tho e.ouil that lurlhcr notico bo givon of tho pondoncy of this suit by publishing tho sub stanco of tlio plaintiffs declaration in tho Uurlinglon t ree rros" a nowspaticr printed al Burlington in Chittenden County thrco weeks successively, llio last or which pub lications to bo four weeks before Iho next lorm ofsaid court, which shall bo deemed suffi cient notice to the said defendants to appear and answer llicroto, and too causo was con. Untied to tho next September Term of said court, 1038, and tho aforesaid order not hav ing been complied with, it was ordered by tho court that tho foregoing order of pub lication bu enlarged to tho next tonn ofsaid court. Dated at North Hero, in said county, this 1 Ot h dav of December A. D 1030. JOEL ALLEN. Clerk. 41AMNEr. SOFA. & MAIIOG'NY CHAIR -J Maker, keeps on hand n "nod norlment of Shaded mid (Jrolcli VKiVKEUS, eelecieil tviili pailicular refeience to the cabinet hn.-inels in ihi tpi.irter. The nude supplied on liberal lernij. Shipping Furs. CASH, and tho highest markot price, paid for all kinds nf shipping hy W R & F C Burlington. JVou 30, I R30 QHPi bush, solar Snl:, tor sale low for cash, by E. WlHTNEV & Co Jlilton. JVou. 8, 1830. HHE7T GOODS. M. GIDDINGS oilers his usual supply of GOODS. Pearl street. October 30. 1830. NAILS & GLASS. FOR sale al Winonski Village, at tho manufacturer's prices, by SIDNEY IJaut.ow. SHEEP'S PJEITS. 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