Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 8, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 8, 1839 Page 3
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talnancoor our rights to the whole territory In question, I rh.tll cheerfully i(ivo them my decided support. Mc.nillme I suggest to joii the propriety of both the government mid Mr. 1'ox finding n special agent to the frontier, to mlvise both i the functionaries to whhdr.iw nnd to the adjust ment to tho two tuprcmo Governments. Cienerul Scott will tie our iigcnt tunl will proceed soon. A complete nnd Hidden ntn ilg.ini uioii of parlies lias almost taken place. ImI nvciihiir !lr. Ilidille, Mr. Kecvcj of Virginia, Mr. Giaocr oHM. Wk, Gen. Scott, nnd several other persons of distinction, nnd of both parlies, dined at tho While Uouao with the President. . . Postscript. It U now seven o'clock, nnd dorm; tho whole of tins iificnioon, up to t1iis li'iur, Gen. Scott has lieen with tho senate's r.omiuitlco of for. eln relations. It sr-enn to me that lm is the only man now in Vinliinitoti, lhal really knows wImi i. in ln dmif! or how In do it. The President and his imbecile caliinct of litterateurs can talk, eat, drink, play rards, and tin t Willi llm lame, mil in the day of trouble, till tnim depend tin thu soldier, itaie?man and man of action. Gen. Scott teems to be lha only man iiround ua iiiulcrstandlns the situation of i lie country or capable of pioteclinj its rights und ils honor. We have, been llius brought on the verge of war by the miserable rabble of rotten politician;, who have neglected llieir public duties while their favorites have plundered the public treasury, From the I'lniishtirRh Whiff, Extra. "Pt-ATTsnunait, n. Y., Match 5, 18o9. "By n letter icreitcd in town but fuelling, mid tiUo fiom n citizen direct fmm the east side of the 1 ,1. ipnrii MiMt ilm Hriiish aiilhoriiies in Cum n. la have taken formal possesion of the strip of l . ml In .tUitinn mi i i s ronticr. inc'iiilni!! me sun of the old furl nt House's Point, liv cfrciinj u flig mid stininninjr mined patniles within the jurinlic tion oflliis state, us heictofoie iirknowlfilged ; and what is still woua, haie embodied 400 Imli'ins on !,;. tin... Otieru. has llin (imcinor of llm Cuiia- das selected savages fur ''"'h fcrvicc becaiwo be daio not trust the volunteer!, of troops so nearu fiee governim-nt? Or does be coimtler Indians the tnott civilized portion of Her Majesty's tub. wets in Canada, and on this account, use them to J .-..;... ; r. .... ... ..II ... 10 preset VIS muillllllj in (iicicituu, iu .111 uiims Sir John Ilarvcv, now lieut. Governor of New nninjivick. was aid d camn to the Duke of Wei- Innt.n.i -n il,r ti.iiiln nf Waterloo, and lot an aim in llio militaiv service of his coiinny. He married Miss Caton of Baltimore, grand daughter of Charles Caroll, and iwr to the Marchioness of Cirinar then. Sentinel. HOLMES. We understand that the President lias declined noting upon tlio application for Ihc surrender of Dr. Holmes, nnd referred the subject to Gov. Jettison. We titidert-tanJ the position taken at Washington to be. that, inasmuch as neither the constitution nor the laws of Congress provide for the case at all, it timet rest on tho ground (if mere comity between the British Provinces and Hie adjoining States, nnd therefore the decision should be left to tho state authori ties, Under thuso ci rcu inelo ticea. Gov. Jenison has issued his warrant for the further detention of the accused, and ap pointed 1110 28111 March for a, hearing in the premises, at this placf. The Baltimore Chronicle nays that Mr. Webster will be appointed pecial minis to England, on tho boundary question. "il KN K YCLX Y. If ihe public cat eer of II KNKY Cr.AY wpredis linguished for noihing else than his eulaigrd views, tiis :oiiisici!l, felfde vol ing roure on t lie public Land question, he would have done enough to place him second to no living st.itesuiio. Of ruuise, ibis is not die fact ; theie has hardly a wise, patriotic-, bonifirenl hhmmim been engrafied upon our national policy within ib last ihirly jcais, of which he was not either ihc oi ijiualur or a leailiu fii,i.ouer; and, no the other han.l, ilieie has bald ly lien a project of mi-chief, contiplinu, rap.icitj, or i ii justice hiniiglit foruaid I lie lias nut pow ci fullv opposed, and il poible defeated it. I'Iib I lie of no mlier ever exliilincd to In il iant and tmelola career us o( Mi, Clay. The leader and champion of ilic dnnuciaiic p iny in Congiees, nhnn-t as soon as his jears vverr: fiilli cicnt to allow him a i-eal llieic ; its Aj ix.ihioujli out llie rmlwiiiissini and peiilnus poiiud of iho bi-l war with Great liiilaiii; emploved with nie.u sucres to iifgocialc the peaca winch ronclodeil il J tlie eni ly, nidenl, and in Icngih, Miccefnl chain pion nfSouib American Independence : tlio pacili calor of ihe Missouri quest ion ; the champion uf American induilry through the long lerm of its infantile conflict ; the prrsrrverof ihe maniifaclu. l ine interest by tlio rompiuinise act ulicn thieaten- cd with totnlruin In 1833 iheso hip but a few of the leading points in Ins career. No other man was ever so lemaikably successful in cariyiug yrcut ineijsuies of legislation in the leeth of ao rm liillcieil und drilled inajoiity of poliiicil iiihcisa ties. And atnnug his many triumphs of tliiscla"s, pethaps ihctc has been none iiviih signal, or which Dromised nieaier usefulics.", than his land disiriliu- tin ii bill of 1832, which passed both huli-cs of Con., Riets by overwhelming majoi ilies, so gieai as lo defy even ihe teriois of ihe veto, but which was mot outrajc'iusly killed Ijy lieing tlirti-t into III poikei of Gen. Jaekron, and iheic letained until Cotmrcrs liad adjuuioed! .Such was i lie hi"li. handed usurpation which robbed our Mate of her just share of llio avails of the public I mil. amounting by this tunc, in eight millions, Tour bundled thou sand dollars, which a few jtars would swell n fiflv millions. We have not room to-day lo enter more laigcly upon the public land question. Suffice it lhal we fully concur with Mr. Clav in the conviction that if the land bill of 1832 had passed into a law ralh- cr than into the iinf.iihouiable alnss of Gen. Jack son's pocket, there would have htcn no undue ex pansion (j I ihn currency and rise of prices in 1S3C; no exlrayagant speculations, excessive impm-ia tions nnd wasteful excess in that year, uml of course no reuilsiun, prostration, suspension and general baukiuptey the next. The cxressiie, self, stimulating and geomeirically accumulating receipts for public, lauds fouuing a surplus icveniie und nn extra capital for the depnii banks, was in the bottom of the evil. Had this been ciciy mouth or quaitcr distributed to all the states, it would have legulated exchanges, kept bank dirrmmi within true limits, irstruiucd issues, repiored speculation nnd extrangant prices, anil kept ihccoueuy in m sound a cniidilion that neither specie ciicular noi bank of England timidity neither folly iibroad nor madness at home could hac so disastiously over whelmed us. iV. Y, Express, MA It 11 I E I) In this town on the 3d inel. bv Rev. J. Citmhev. Mr n;,. n,.,.i.. m:.-. i.. u...i. 1....1. :. r mis town. Also, by ihe same, on the same cicning, Mr. Roswell G.Spaiilding to Aliss Calisla Kninswonh. I) 1 h i) In Shelhurn on tho 4th instant, of coniumpiinn, Miss Mary n. I'iu;t.i's, daughter of Elijah 1'Hr.LPS. Esn. nerd 18 icurs. In illie death nf this joung lady, another instanco h;i8 been furnished of the power of gospel influence 111 taking nwuy the fear of death, and giving victory lo believer, through our Lord Jesus Chiist." V . " "een n wr'hy member of the Medio A Eniim,,,,! n .1. r... .1 . Z j 1 """". uireo jears previous in her dealb, mu through her whole Bickness. Bhowed that she bad not ' believed in vain, nor labored in vuin." llermerknesi. naiicni'fl.i.,.,1 ,.,.;,,!, it,,,. the strokes of Divine I'rovidence, were such as cave satistactorv atiuranre nl m.r,. r, heavenly glory, and enable her friends now to sorrow not as luote niai nae no hope," Com, aWti-st.aveky notick. The Chittenden Countu Anti-Slaveru Society will hold (Providence permUtins') their annual meeting on Wednesday 27t7i instant, at the Meeting House in Essex, at 10 o'CIock A, M, A general attendance Is requested, Jlij order of the President, IIekiiy P. Hickok, Sec'y. nuilingion, iUarch-i, 1S39. liOST. , . SUPPOSED I" bp lost, sumo days Htticn, between llio BinU nf Burlington ami Ooltrjrra Green, n largo gold mounted square broach thu face of tt being a mosaic, ex hibiting a Apr t;r with n flower in a back jjrouniF. Tlit! finder, by leaving it ot Pang burn & Briiiamaid's shop, shall bo liberally rewarded. A Superior pair of young caltio coming four years old, for salu or to exchange for Beef oxon. 1). Si D. A. Kimball. IJnrlitigton, March 8, 11)29. Also, will bo seen a superior Cow and Sloor in the Markot Houso next wcolc. D.&D. A.K. NOTICE. 0.1 Vf II. Jl VJUI A LL tinrs-iiiH indebted to MORSE 6i 11L SLOCUM, or to E. D. SLOCUM, nru hereby notified Hint their accounts must bo settled by Ihe first of April. Those concerned will take notice, and govern thcnir'ulve.s accordingly. Burlitiglon, March ti. UI39. Nathan Hutchin's Estate. STATE OF VEllMOiXT, DtsmtCT of Gram) Im.k, ss. AT a Probate court holden at the Pro bale office, in North Hero, in said District, on thu 2Cth day of February, A. D. 1039. An Instrument purporting to be the last Will and testnmcnt of Nathan Hutchitis, lato of North Hero, in said District deceas oil being presented to the court hero, by Lois Hutchitis one of the executors therein named for Probate. Il is ordered by said court that nil persons concerned therein be notified to appear at a session of said court to be holden at the Probata office in said District, on the 30th day of March next, and shew cause if any they havo against the Probata of said will. Il is further ordered that a copy of the record of this order be published three weeks successively in the Burlington Free Press, a nowspaper printed at Uiitltngton in Chittenden County as boon as may bo. A true copy of record. Attest, Augustus Knigmt, Reg, Clarissa Hollister's Estate. WE the subscribers, having, been ap pointed by the Honorable, the Pro b'il court for tlio District of Chittenden. CuminisMonpis to receive, examine and adjust, lite claims, and demands, of all per sons, Hrrainst the estate of Clarissa Hollis tcr late of Burlington, in said District, deceased, represented, insolvent, and also, all claims and demands, exhibited in offset. thereto, and Six Months from the day of the date hereof being allowed, by suid court, for lhal purpose, wc do, therefore, hereby give notice that we, will attend, lo tlm btiatnesR uf our appointment at the olliee of II. Leavenwottlh in Burlington n in said District, on tlio second Tuesdays of April nnd Joly next, at t o'clock p. m., on each of said days. Dated this -tth day of March. A. D. 1839. JOHN JOHNSON. ) Cnmmis. LUTtlEll I.OOMIS. sinner. Read, Reflect and Judge ii kf HO so proper to instruct matikind ? with n-gard in their bodies, as he who had been 35 yen rs sick nnd now onjove ood health?" JAS. MORISON. Gent. ( not a Doctor.) A lilttlc more Ihan 11110 year Imu olapicil siiiee the people nf Vermont, and vicinity, '.uve been enabled i.i ob'niii n"nin. in its riio tneducino made nl tlie College of Ileal' Ii London, under the direil care of Jus. Jlloriwn. tho IIv''oist, who first bunt it forth to work its KESISTLESS WAY Agaiusl the combined oppnstiion of ai.i. tho'so who were interested in keeping Un people shrouded 111 ignorance with regard lo disease ; and lo all new and bettor ways in cnri by VEOETAIU.E JIEOICLYES, Which euro quicker and more efieciually and do not leave the Puiient, reduced anil broken down in hw CONSTITUTION. But nn the contrary with inure vigor, morn strength, and bulto; Health. In a word tho current of Life, relieved of tho load of viscous humors, (eiTi'ctuallv crntltcateil bv M orison's Medicine) flows buoyant on its way, diffusing plcjstirnblo sensations which are nlono produced liv OOI HEALTH. Tho call for this medicine is tonslanlbj in- creating, ua it did uulore, when the genu me was lo Mcoulainutl ; n it continued to .lo until 11 was BASELY COUNTER FEITED. A great number of cures havo beon ijfiVcted within a few MONTHS pa-t in VERMONT, And from time lo timo some of them will be made public although thev nru not ncctleil in prove Hip t.nniliiess of Mnrison's I1YGEIAN UNIVERSAL MEDICINE, All that in needed is, tu let the people be satisfied lhal they can get the genuine nrti cle, winch Ihey urn fiiu of gelling in Vor mont und in Ecx, Clinton. Franklin and St. Lawrence counties N. Y.. if they wtl buy only of the regular advertised sub Agents and sen thai the packets' nru signed ta toriiin? bv 1'ANRnniiN & BniNSM aid, (no others ore genuine.) Jewellers, of Burlinstmi Vi who are Slate Agcnls and lo whom 'application must be tnado for Agencies nnd Medicine. The lollowing is nu extract from a letter coved by Mail, which in regonl to Iho satisiaciion expressed by all who have used this medicine since 'Uh introduction again amongst us, is thu Inngungo of all the miu-iijii-iiib 111 tnu slate and of all who have communicated with 111 upon the subject, , February 12, 1U39. "Messrs. Pangborn &. Brintmnid. Gentlemen, with resneci to ibn mndi cino of the Britisli Colleira of Himltti F.nn don, imported by Geo. Taylor, the Generol Agent, I can suy that during thu past year those persons who huvo purohosed of me os your Agent, havo in every instance, so far us has come to my knowledge, been perfectly sutislied on trial that tho Pill wine the genuine Morieon'a Pills, (samo as were to bo had n few years ago boforel iiiuy wcro couninricitcu, 1 auu iinvo iiixdi fni.iwl llmin to nn.ivsr nvnrv rnonnhln expectation as Medicine. Very many in dances of cured and relief might be men tioned but this ecctns to me superfluous, there is scarcely n neighborhood in (ho country where their extraordinary cfiicacy is not in be met with. I will just mention one of recent occurrence. A gentlemen informs mo that Ii'h son 13 years of age was taken ill with n violent feveh, occcompnniod with DELIRIUM Tho 20th nf January last, ho gavo his eon Morison's Pills and relied on them wholly ns n medicino in tha case. Tho Fever though very severe, virulent nnd diinuer 0113 was subdued in nbout five days ami Ihe buy speedily restored to health ; the father is convinced that foyers may be successfully and safely treated with this Vegetable Medicine, withntii recourse tosuch means moy in curing Fever, ruin the conslilU' Hon for LIFE, And I hope that a steady and porsevcring course of the Hygeists will yet convince tho world ol it, for their good." Wo thought that we should not publish in Iho papers ANY TURKS, But have concluded lo comply with the solicitation of some friends, to tho cause of HYGEISM, whose opinions we respect. who say thnt some poor despairing Invalid, who has tried nlmott every thing els, in vain, may bo induced lo toko Morison'a mcdicinn. which has in THOUSA NDS OF OASES Cured when almost every thing else has failed lo afford relief. We givo hero a very brinf tketch of relief by Morisoti's Hy geian Pills in a case, and a very severe C3 C DROPSY & RHEUMATISM. A gentleman of this town Burlington, Vt.") was and had been for some tune very low wit h the above diseases, ho had become a cripple and a very helpless one too, his legs winch were complnte sores, discharg ing a great quantity of matter every day; were drawn and bunt up nearly to his body, he could not feed himself, could not turn himself in bed, could not atttend to any of the ordinary calls of nature, without assist once. It wa thought lie would not hold out long. When in tin deplorable r.cndi lion, ono of our oldest and BEST PHYSl ClANS reciimmcndod him to takt Mori son's Pills, telling him he thought they would help htm, "IF JJVT THING WOULD." He nut without many objections, (having tried so many things 111 vuin.) consented lo take them, he sent fur two gl ruckoges, and before he bnd ijut-d n ONE DOLLAR PACKAGE, And a box of Powders which cost 25 cents, ho came tu the village driving his own team and called to the agents' store to tell a story of gratitude for the great relief he had experienced by using Mortsons's Pills. His Lfgs healed up. and have since been gutting more and more straight, and he says he has not fell so well for years. Another euro of CONSUMPTION bv MOIUSON'S PILLS. A gentleman in Washington Co. who had bt'cu sick lor about a year and a half, and had been gradually consuming away with what was pronounced by physicians and others lo be thu Consumption, accom panied with a Cough ; alter trying many things without relief was persuaded by a person who was Inin-elf cumd nf tho By Morison's Pills, to commence taking them; in less time than he hid been "run ning down," with tins terrible disease, he was restored to health and is aratn tioio to iibnr nt his ncctislntned business; he says Morison's Pills saved me." SICK HEAD ACHES, Whcro the persons had been nfllicied with it for days, weeks, and years, ulmost nil of the time, or were subject 10 it two or three times per week, have in numerous instances been almost entirely cured by using Mori sou's Pills, pertcverinsly. upon every recur rence of the disease a we aro informed by LADIES who have tried them. Now tocloso with, wo caution you who wish to bo cured, not to go to a dru!rist fur this medicine they do not have tho gen nine Pills; buy only of our ndvortised t-tib- cuts and sec that the packets are signed in wrilinghy Pa.sohoun & Brinsmaid who are State A-'onte. GEO. TAYLOR. Ci Wall st. New York, U. S. Agent. MARCH MEETING. rtnilE next annual Mnrch Meelinr will -M. bo holden nt the Town Room, Bur lington, on Monday tho I llli day of Mnrch next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. Feb. 25. JUST RECEIVED. 700 l,nc,;'Its Morieons, Hygnion, lloivnrsnl MndmiiiPA rif'lbn Itrnili College of Health. London, euros by this best Vegetable Medicine nro multiplying con-lantly in Vermont. On hand nleutv nfg3 Packages and the Vogtablc Aperient I'owuers, Uj cts. per box. Pangborn &, Biunsmaid. Stale Ae.nls DISSOLUTION. TSnllE copartnership heretofore existing JL between tin subscribers under tho firm of'1. M, S, Ii. Jdead, is by mutual consent dissolved. Tho Carpenter and Joiner Business will bo cnnlinued at tho old stand, by F. M Mead, who will adjust oil matters pertain ing lo tho late firm. Fiiancis M. Mkad. Sidm-.v B. Muah. For Sale, or to Rent, J llh Brick Ilouso, with about lour acres of land, recently oc cupicd hy S. Ilallou, ono milo south ol tho village, apply to II. LEAVENWORTH Feb. 25 FOR SALE. A GOOD, kind, Strong Horso, works well in u Team and has travolcd for thu last 3 weeks bout 10 miles per day, nnd ono duy 50 nnd ono si miluB during tliejonrnoy, anu pcrlorm cd the list woeks journey with mom ease than tho fust. Also, for solo a first rata Plated

Harness, a good Cutler and two Buffaloes. Pangborn & Boinsmaio. Tribute to whom tribute and t . . .1 llOIlOl to WllOm IlOIlOr IS QUO. Aj possessed or that can ho obtained used for dofenco when necessary, but not ono thousandth part nf tho hair of one's bond, or n mill of money yielded by coercion or extortion' without an opposing, recorded memento to warn tho oppressor and guard tho oppressed, No Monopoly but what may be within the reach of all who will use tho means and mako tho application. Protection from imposition is due to all classes nnd is llio inherent right of every citizen in tho comtnu- ntty. No threats of Taxation tacitly borne to servo ns a I lobby tho purposes of designing politicians whoso only hnpo of cvor Going seen lo bo up is in that of having all others lowered down, Tho lunolv arrival last year of tho Steamer Groat Western from Kuropn gavo such an impetus lo Importations of Goods and busi ness affairs generally, that trado was carried thtouch without any txtra charges on Mer chandizc. Dut should the samo feelings and dispositions show themselves this year it might require creator exertions to rebut tho impositions ; am! in order to bo in limo Tho Cheap Cash Sloro Man is wido awnko and up and doing, already distributing his winter Goods in every direction among the people by wav of f!cctionocrinr for tho trado and supply of as many pretty New Goods as customers may require, and if not obliged to pui too ncavy a T A X of "oar too grcai a loss, as on Windsor Muiicy, will sell Cheap, Cheap. Cheap. HOWARD. March 1st, 1839. HEAIi ESTATE. JVmsV THE enbsenber iifTeri, for sale PI the storo on Church street, three doors south of thu Bank, recently occupied by Mr. Bra- man. us a shoe storo. The building is in good repair, nestlv fitted up ; and the location very favorable for u merchant or mechanic, Or, the premises would be exchanged for a dwelling house in the village. B. J. HEINEBKIIG. .Mnrrh I, 1R39. Lucv Allen's Estate. STATR OF FEFIMOJYT, ) At a Probate Distimctof Grand 1slu,s. S court holden at tho Probate office, in North Hero, in said dis. trict on the 23d day of Fuhruary A. D. 1839. Present the Hon. Joel Allen, Judge. An Instrument purporting lo be tho last will .Mid testament of Lucy Allen, late of South Hero, in said district deceased being presented to the court here, by Hector Adams tho exec utor therein named fur Probate. It is ordered bysaid rourt that all pcrosris concerned therein bo notified to appear at a session of said court to bo holden at tho dwnlling.houso of Jcdcdiah P. Ladd in said North Hero, on the 3d Mon day of March, A. D. 1839, and show cause if any moy navo against iuo rruuniu oi sum will, for which purpose it is further oraorcd that a copy of this order be published three wocks. in the Burlinnlon Free Press a r.ewspa. per printed at Burlington in tho county of Clnlttciidcn, as soon as may no. A true copy ofrcr.ord, Attest, Augustus Kniqiit. Reg. John Lathrop's Estate. To the Hon. tho Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, comes tlio subscriber Henry Mavo, administrator of tho estate of John Latbrop late of Burlington in said district deccatcd, and represents tiial too porsonal estate of said deceased will net be sufficient to pay tho debts and charges thereof and and hereby makes application lo said court, lor liacneo to i'Oll tlio real cstaio anu inn reversion of Iho widow's dower ihoreln for that purpose. Burlington, Feb. 25, 1U39. HENRY MAYO, Admin'r, STATE OF VERMONT, District of CiiirruNni'.N, ss. S A T a Probate Court holdon nl Burlinnlnn, t in vaid District, nu the 251 h day of Feb. A. D. 1 039. It Is ordered that an n (.count bo taken of llio debts and also, tho proceeds of the personal cetato ol said deceased, and that tho heirs and all persons concerned in said estate bo notified lo appear beforo said court on Iho lGth day of March the Register's ofliso in Burlington, aforesaid, to givo bond fur the payment of debts, and show eanso why license as aforesaid shall not bo granted, und thai such notice bo given by publishing tlio above application and Ibis ordur three weeks Kiicccj'sivBly, as soon as may be in tho Frco PresH, n nuwspapcr printed in Burlington, in said Dtslr r.t. Given under my hand, the day and year fi.-stabovo written. Wm. Weston, Reg'r. William Ward's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. DUTIIICT OF CIMTTE.MlKN. SS. V A T a Probate Court holdon at Burlington, within and for llio District ot Chitlnn don on tho 13lh (lav of February A. D. 1839, on application nl Olive Ward ot Milton, in the county "f Chittenden, executrix of the last will and testament of William Ward, late of Milton, in said district, deceased, Il is or durcd and decreed that all persons having de mands against said estate, exhibit the same to tho sabl executrix for settlement, on or bo. foro tho 13lh day of February A. D. ltMO, othcrwiso they shall bo lorcvor barred. And il is further ordered, that notico therc of bo given lo all concerned, by publishing this decree three wooks successively in the Free Press, a nowpapor printed in Burlington in saitl district, and by posting tlio samo nt four public places within thu county of Chittcn. don, to wit. ono nt John Howard' Hole! in Ilurliugtun, one at John A. Willoy's hotel in Colchester, one at the Inn ol Sylvester Ward in said Milton, nnd ono at tho inn of Z. Ash ley in said Milton, within sixty days from the making of this desroo. - - Given in Probate Court nt Bur1inr- IfL.S. if ton in said district this 13th day of UJ rcbruury A. U. IUVJ. CHARLES RUSSELL, .iirfce. Groceries & Provisions. THE stibcribers have uu hand a heavy stock nf Tea, Sugars, Spices, Fruit, Coffee, Codfish, Molasses, Confectionery, Sic. Szc, and wo will tvo our customers some better bargains than they have been in the habit of making if they will call be foro our stock is sold. Wu have gnud Hyson Shin Tea, fur 25 els. nor lb and other things as cheap. PROVISIONS, such as Pork. Flour, Butter, Cheese, Lard, Salmon, Mackerel, &tc. Sc., and a small qnnnliiy nf cheap Pepper St ?Plce lr0 lo clt, PC lb Persons wishing to lay in their stock Ml will do well to call soon. Jan. 1U. Lathrop Sl Potwin. Novascotia Plaster. A KC To ns of Novascutia Plaster i 3V Bulk. 300 bbls do . du for salu by Pon-urT Si Buadi.kvs. Sept. 24. Revised List 1839. OR I lie Vugiublo Hygcian Medicines o' tho British College of Health, Lon Inn; Imported hy Dr. Geo. Taylor CJ Wall, and G New Sts. Now York, sole Agent in tho United States for said Col h'ge. Packages of Pills jjl and $3 each, Powders 25 cle. Every Packet sold in Vermont nnd in ihe counties of Essex, Clinton, Franklin cud St. Lawrence. N. Y.. will bo signed in writing by PANG BORN & BRINSMAID Jewellers of Burlington Vt. who nro Slate Agents : and also by the Sub-Agents selling them. If not so signed, do uot buy them. For sale by Edmund Lyman North Ferrisburgh Wm E Greene Jonnthan Hagar Andrew Daweon David Lyman O A Keith Otis L Kclton Am&sa Paino C & J W Baxter E Cleveland Sabin Kellum Vcrgennes Middlcbury South Hero St. Albans Sheldon Montgomery Jjovvoll Derby Lino Coventry Irasburgh S E Morse & S Lyman Craftebury J w llemington Johnson EP Walton &. sons ) T,,u. nnd Perry Marsh 1 John Kclsey Danvilln Jonas r lint Wm Piorco Foster Grow N C Goddnrd M S Buckland J Steene St Johnsbury Lyndon Chelsea Windsor Bellows Falls Bratlleboro J Pine & Co Factory Point Manchester Hiram L Cheney Rutland Jas II Murdock Woodstock Joel Day Royolton Irn Button Brnndon Jas Hull Orwell J Frost & Co Brtdport G F & B Boyanton Esex N Y C B Hatch VVesiportNY Alfred Hartwell Kecscville Richnrd Cottrill Plallsburr-h Remember every packet of the genuine is signed hv Pansborn &. Brinsmaid. Dr. GEO. TAYLOR, 0 1-2 Wall it. Feb. 25. U. S. Agent. kNE FUR CAP ond n few While " Neck Ties, not yet sold, can be had if applied for soon at the Variety Shop. FANOIIOIIN &. UniNSMAID. Crockery, Glass ware, Looking Glasses and Ten hervors. comprising near ly everv article desirrd nt the Cheap Cash Store of S. EARL HOWARD Feb. 14. lf!39. Adam's South Village Money, received at par, by C. GOODRICH. Feb. 7. 1f! FLOUR. Bbls. superfine Family Flour, for jlV sale bv Hickok cc Catmn Jan. 23. If!39. HPJSSUE PAPER, assorted Colours JL Coloured Drawing Paper. Stationery in ercnl variety, at the Variety bhnn, Jan. 17. Panguorn & Bkinsmaid. WANTED IN cxchince for goods, Flannel, Sheep' Grey Cloth, and n few 'Pons ol gnod Butter. LATiinop a I'otwin MORUS MULT1AUL1S ril II E subscribers JL have i o.ono Trees nl ihu MORUS IJUULTJCAULIS, tor sale. ;i4.ry "V ui hum umuu Springfield. Nov. 5, 1838. Nova Scotia Plaster. Barrels fresh r;rnuut! Nova Scotia Plaster, just, received and for sale by r. Duomtti.e. November 7, 3in Silks, Fancy and Staple Goods, nn unequalled und Cln-np supply for Ihc Season, nlso Broad Cloths at Fib. 14, !!39. HOWARDS. NEW GOODS. A good us-iirimenr nf DRY GOODS. DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY St HARDWARE, Just received nnd will bo sold ns cheap as ni nny other establishment in Chittenden i County, for cash, nroducn. or short cre.dil, by E. WHITNEY & Co. Milton, Nov 3. 103f!. BllylNDUETH'S PILLS!! LOOK OUT FOR COUNTERFEITS!! ALL Pills sold in the Stale of Vermont must pass through our hands as Dr. Brandrclh's General aireuts. Thoro will bo no more Pills soldal the Boston office, neither by B. B. Miissey. (who is no lonjxnr Bran druths ngoul,) to bu retailed in this section of thu Country. All rills purporting lo bo Brandrolhs, and sold by persons without a corlihcato of agency signed by B, Brandiclhand by us aro counter ftils. To prevent all imposition from tho cir dilation of counterfeits, just lot tho purchaser ask tho vender tor Ins ccrtiticato or agency sijjncd by Fcrro and Purmalec, or Geo. P. Walton, ol Alontpclior Vt, who is our general aircnl for the followinc; Counties, Washui'? ton, Orange, Chittenden, Addison, Fianklin, Oilcans, Lamoilo, bssc.x and Urand lslo, in Vermont, Never purchaso of Peddlers, for in nr instance do thoy evcrhavo tho genuine arliclu Should any of our agent bo caught in thu counterfeit trade, they will bo displaced and so advertised. Tho Pills must bo kept pure, anc Ihu Counterfeiters must bo dealt with ac cording to law, No Mistaki:. Tho following persons nro regularly appointed in thuir res pectivo towns. For sale by S. E. HOWARD, Burlington J, T. Ainsworth, MiltonPotter, Cull, & Co., Fairfax L. 'I ylor; Essex L, Janon. Georgia James Russull, St.,Albans F.V. Goodrich, Swanton S. K. Plall, Hiijhgalc William Giocn Si Co., Bholdon Chuflii k Lewis Berkshire Tholiia. Fuller ii Sou, Euosburgh Arrniui'toii Dean, Bakorsliold Tower A: Oakcs, UndorhilU-G. B, Oukos, Jericho. FEIUtE and PARMELKE General Brandrtthian Atnls Middlotown, Conn., July .1, 1030. A MERICAN CORN PLASTER"A sure cure for those little torment! on tho feet nnd Iocs. This1 sriiele ri not weeks In curing, but il ciVres in a fevr days the worst of Corns if the directions are followed. " Who will keep coins on" their toes now? For sale for Ihe rj'rn'pr'ffilor by Ihe dozen or single box at ifrtf Variety Shop. l'ANf.nonN & BrwrtsMAin. Fresh Flour. r1HE subscribers have remaining nn X hand o few n.innEt.s superior quility superfine FLOUR, warrntiled made from new Wheat. Persons wishing 0 choice article, will do well to call soon. Jan. 24. LathhoI' &. PoTWINi SHEEP'S PEITS. C1 ASH, and the highest market pnoe, will be paid for sheep's pelu, by W. R. &.F.C. VILAJl, Sept 20. dm Advertisement ! THK ASTHMATIC AND CONSUMPTIVE. rnHE most prevalent and fatal ol all tho JL diseases incident to civilized society tho Consumption -may generally ba traced to Ihe least alarming of disorders, a slight but neglected Cold ! By estimation. it appears that one huniiiied and FIM'Y thousand persons die annually of Ino Consumption. Most nf these dreadful results mr.y be attributed to common Colds, nnd a negligent treatment of the harrossinp Cough that generally ensues, which id usually followed by difficult breathing, pain in tho Bide, and at last Ulcerated Lungs, Violent and repented Asthmatic attacks also bring on Cousumptivo symptoms. One or two dollars expended in the pur. chase of DR. RELFE'S ASTHMATIC PILLS, and a little attention to their timely admin istration, will usunlly ensure n mitigation of these disorders, nnd generally effect a cure. Tho Pills are also an easy and effectual remedy for the symptoms preceding and accompanying tho Asthma and Consump tion. For colds, coughs, difficulty of breath tnrr, lightness and strictures across tha chest, wheezing, pain in tho side, spilling ofbloud, &c. Few cases can occur of.any of this class of disorders, in which the pur chasers of Dr. Rclfe's Pills will not nnd a rich return for their trifling expenditure. Price-whole boxes, 30 Pills, $l half do 12 Pills. 50 cts. TO THE LADIES I WHITE and sound Teeth are both an ornament and a blessing. The best security for their advantage is to be found in the use ol tho BRITISH ANTISEPTIC DENTRIFIC&. This elegant Tooth Powder, with a very tittle use, eradicates the Scurvy in the gums, and prevents the accumulation of Tarter, which not only blackens, but loosens the leeth, and accelerates their decay. The Denlrifice thU9 removes tho prevailing causes of offensive breath, pre serves ihe healthiness and ftoridncss of tho gums, and renders tho teeth beautifully white. Price 50 cents. O'Nono genuine unless signed on tho outside printed wrapper by tho sole proprietor T.KIDDER, imiiiediate suctessor to the lato Dr. W. T. Con wa v. For sale at his CoUnt3ui Room, over No, 99, Court.streot, near Con cert Hall, Boston, and also by his special ap pointment, by J. & J. H. P'fccK Si Co. May be mcd in Wine or Water, THESE celebrated bitters aro composed purely of vegetables of tho most ihttu cent yet specific virtues. They are recom mended particularly for restoring weak Con stitutions, cleansing and strengthening tho stomach, and increasing the appetilo also a preventive against tho cholcia morbus, feVer-and-ague, removing nausea, vomiting, heart burning, weakness in the breast, pain in tho stomach and other symptoms of Flatulenco and indigestion. One box will tincture ono gallon. Price 23 cents n box. ltussell's Itch Ointment, nnil IS choice and safo ointinrnl is said to JL be superior lo any now in use, for that disagreeable and loathsome disease, tho ITCH. This Ointment is so certain in ittt operation th.U no person troubled witi the above disorder ought to be without it-, his n remedy foe cutaneous eruptions, sc6Vbutiu affections of tho head, or any other brcakinir out which arises from sharp humors in tho blood. I'rico 25 cents a box. Russell's. Vegetable Bilious PILLS, OR FAMILY PHYSIC. FOR general use, in cases of Jaundice, morbid sensibility of tho stomach and bowels, loss of appetite, fmtid breath, Costive- ness, riles, una all diseases arising from bili ary derangements, also for correcting the state of iho bluud, and clcanriug the system of luul auu tscid liurnors. incse pills are x mild cathartic, produclirr neither pains nor griping, and are thcrcfoio a valuable and highly approved medicino, and aro pronoun ced as such by tlio most distinguished physi cians, l.'uch box containing 30 Pills. Prico 37 1 2 cents a box. liusselfs Celebrated Salt Rheum Ointment. RRHIS is unquestionably llio best anri 4 safest :einccy ever yet otTorod to tho public for that obstinate disorder SALT RHEUM. Whero other means hivo failed, it has succeeded, and tho fncl that il has been extensively used hy eminent Practitioners spnaks volumes in i is praise. It is equally cllicacious in all diseases of the skin, scald head, ring worms, nnd tho most iuvctcrt Itch, kc. Sic. Numerous certificates might bu obtained, but the proprietor chooses lhal a fair trial should bo tho only evidence ot its superior cllieacy. l'rica 50 cents a box. A fresh supply isjusi received and fur lo by J. Si J. ll.Pcck & Co., Or. Moody. Lalhiop & Potwin. Burlington S.H, Barnes Chailottai M, Hull Ilincsburgh Onion & Strong, G ft W. I.. Parker. Huntington & White Vergen nc Skill' & Loosey Chcckobijry green . Jnmiii Hamilton, l', Fletcher Jerico D, B. Wilson, S. B. Fletcher Essex I). Cai pouter Watorbury ; and with tho DrugisU generally throughout tho U. Slates, and at wholesale by Wm.C. Slim-on & Co. Boston. Also by" J. &. W. Townsond. corner of Beekinan and Water streets, jw 'ok. '