Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 15, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 15, 1839 Page 3
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red. It seems that o few loafing voiun- J teera, about the time alluded to, catne over the line, disguised as savages- and probn bly not much disguised cither erected a British flag on the old fori, declared mar tial law, gave threo cliecra for tho Queen, cursed Pittsburgh, and put for Canada again. The Montreal Herald says however, that bote have been made in that city "that a tlrittsli army will bo quartered in New York on the 1st of May next." Has tho Herald forgotten that a portion of the British army has been "quartered" in New York since 1814? No special minister has as yet been ap pointed to England, and it is new under stood that none will bo until advices are received from Mr Stevenson. So says Mr Williams of Maine, who has just returned from Washington. MARCH. BI WILLIAM CULLKK BRYANT. Tim Unrmy IWnri-h Is mine nt hit, Willi wiml, iiml clmid, .'mil changing ekies ; I hew-1 lie lifelong of the hind, I'hnt llirutigh lliu muity t alley .flies. All, linking few ate lliey who speak, Wild loiinv mmilli ! in praise of llien; "i'pl, though 'liy wind are Inml anil bleak, Thou art n welcome inonlli lo me. For lliou lo northern l.nuli again, The glad and (jlnriutu mm dos't bring, Andlliou hast joined the geaile train And wejr'it llio gentle name of spring. And, in ihy reign of blast nnd -Innn, Smiles many a long, liiigln, sunny day, When the changed winds are toft nd warm, And lienven pun on the blue of May. Then sing nloud the gushing rills And lliefull spiings, fiom frostfet free, That, brigliily leaping down llie hills, Are just about lo meet I lie sea. The year's departing bc.iuly hide Of wintry Florins the sullen lineal ; But in ihy fiprne.'t frown nbidei A look ol kindly promise jet, Thou bring'st i he hope of lliose calm tkics And thai soft lime of ninny slimveis, When the wide bloom, on earth lies SeeiiMof a bi Igliicr world than ouis. NOTICE. The Burlington Teinpeiance Jsociciy hold an ad journed meeting lliin evening at die Court House. The Delegates to the Siale Contention sue expect ed to report. H. P Hickuk, Secretary, ANTISLAVKUY NOTICR. The Chittenden County Anti-Savery Society toitl hold (Providence permitting) their annual meeting on Wednesday 21th instant, at the Jiaptist Meeting Jnuse in Essex, at 10 o'clock A. M. A general attendance i requested. By order of the President, Henry P. Hickok, Sec'y. Burlington, 37.irch4, 1839. M A R II I 15 D In Jericho on Monday the llili insf. by llie Rev. E. W, Kellogg, 91k, Simpson Hoyt, of Lee N. V. to Miss Eueline Marsh, of the former plact. DIED In Wejlford, 15th it It. Mr. John Lawrence nged 83 earii, a pioneer settler of Essex and Weslfoid, and h telcnm of r lie Ilevolmion. MONEY. WANTED, $2500 Bond and Mortgage on unproved properly. It would be tnkoii in one sum or in parts. Address A B. through the Pcsl Office, and it will receive at 'cut um. Burlington, March 1839. 200 bushels Peas for sale by 1.. M. HAG Alt. Shelburn March 15. 1839. ET110D1ST HYMN BOOKS nnd Pocket BIBLES i,f different sizes and bindings, for sale t th Book Bimlrv. College st. by S. HUNTINGTON. Msrch 15. Grass Seed. A FEW BusIk-Is superior Western Seed just rpceived and for sale at March 15. HOWARDS. FOR SALE. A MARE, five years old this spring, large, strong and perfectly kind. Soid marc has been used in this village for the lad ten months ns a lamily beast, but works equally well in a team. J1LSO, A second hand Chaise and Har ness, all of which will be sold very cheap for cash. Irqniro al this oftice. Burlington, March 12. 11)39. 2w FOR SALE. L A SMALL Farm containing llim between seventy. five, & eighty JifJUBL acres of fust rate land, situated on the county roid leading Irom Burlington to Cambridge two nnd a half miles irom Wcmord Centre, on the premises are a good farm house, two barns, &c. logethet with a email Sugar and Apple Orchard. Tho above premies will be Mild law. For n part of the purchase money a credit wil be given if requested. For pnriicnlors en quire of WARRBN HOXSIE. Wtslford Centre. Mnrrh 15. 1839. Socrates Catlin's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, Di"TiucT or Chittenden, sb. The Honorable the Probate Court for the District if Chittenden. To all persons concerned tn llie lunate oj ancrmes Uatlm, late of Burlington, in snid district, de ceased. GREETING mxrllBREAS. Frederick Hill, (Minimis. T T trator of the estate, of said deceased 'Proposes to render an account of his admin istralion, and present his account against enid estate for examination and allowance at a Eeasion of the Court of Probate, to bo bolden at Hi6 Register's office, in Burling Ion on the second Wednesday of April next. Therefore, You aro hereby notified to .appear beforo said Court at tho time and place aloresaid, nnd shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 11th day of March A. I) 1839. Wm. WESTON. Register. Adam's South Village Money, received st par, by C. GOODRICH. Feb. 7, 1838. Pensioners under the Act o July 7, 1838 mflG following blank form has been JL provided by tho Comptroller orthc Treasury Department, for pennons payn. bio under lliwnbrivo Act, and which must bo observed by all applicants for paymeni under that Class. E. T. Enolesby Pres'l. and Petition agent. Bank of Burlington, 1 March 12, 1039. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, FT-ATE OP COUNTY IS. He it known. Hint boforo me, in and for the county aforesaid, personally appeared oj)d made oath in due form of law, that she is the identical person named in an original certificate in her possession, of which (I certify) the follow ing is a true enpv : WAR DEPARTMENT. FIVE YE A II' PENSION. I certify that in conformity with the first section of the act of July 7, 1 0S8, widow of who was and died on the day of is entitled to receivo five years' pension, nt the rate of dollars and cents per annum, commencing on tho , and in casn of the death or marriage of said widow beforo the expiration of said five years, the pension will ccaso on the day of uch marriage or death. Given at the War Office of the United States, this day of one thousand eight hundred and Secretary of War. Examined and ) Countersigned. J. L. Edwards, Commissioner of Pennant. That she has not inturmarricd, but contin ues the widow of tho above mentioned that she now resides in in the county of and state of and has resided there for the space of years past; and that previous thereto she resided in : OTthe truth of which statements I am fully satisfied. Sworn to and subscribed this day of 18 In presence of Before me, Know all men by these presents. That I of in the county of and state of a revo lutionary pensioner of the United States, tin hereby constitute and appoint of in tho county of nnd state of my true and lawful attorney, for me. and in roy name, to re ceive from the Agent of the United States for paying pensions in my pension from the day of 18 , to the day of 18 Witness my hand and seal, this day of 18 . Sealed and delivered in pretence of STATE OV COUNTY 68. Be it known, That on tho day of 111 , before the subscriber, a in and tor said countv. per sonally appeared above named, and acknowledged the foregoing power of attorney to be her act anil deed. In testi. tnnny whereof. I have hereunto set my hand, the day and year last abovemcniioned. STATE OF COUNTY S3. Be it. known, That on tho day of lu , uelnre me a in and for said county, duly authorized by the laws oi saul btatc lo administer oaths, personally appeircd the attorney named in the foregoing power of attorney. anil mndfl oath that ho has no interest whatever in the money he is authorized to receive, by virtue of the forrgoing power of attorney, eithor by any pledge, mortgage. sale, assignment, or transfer, nnd that he does not know or believe Hint tho same has boon so disposed of to nnv person whatever. Sworn and subscribed the day and year last above mentioned. B' liiru mi'. CARPETING. JUST ree'd at the cheap cash store a supply of Carpethig. which for colors and dura bility is not surpassed liy any in use. Those wishing for tho article, aro invited to call and examine beforo purchasing elsowhorn. marcn la. S. EARL HOWARD. Pure Champaigne Wine. "GOLDEX KAGLE" BKAND. ror sale by WAIT St TABOR. March 15. Nathan Hutchin's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, District of GnAND Im.e, ss. f AT a Probate court holden at the Pro hate office, in North Horn, in snid District, on tho 28lh day of February, A. D. 1839. An Instrument purporting to he Ihn Inst Will and testnmcnt of Nathan flulcliins, Into of North Hero, in snid District docens ed being presented to the courl hero, by Lois Hutchius one of the executors therein named for Prnbnte. It is ordered by snid courl that nil persons concerned therein bo notified lo nppcnr al n session of snid court to bo holden nt the Probata offico in snid District, on the 30th day of March next, and shew cause if nny they hnvn ngainst Iho Probato of said will. It is further ordered that a copy of the record of this order he published three weeks successively in tho Burlington Froe Press, a newspaper printed at Burlington in Chittenden County as 6oon as may bo. A true copy of record. Attest, Auoustus Knight. Reg. IiOST SUPPOSED to bo lost, Borne days since, between the Bank of Burlington and College Green, a largo gold mounted square broach tho face of it being a mosaic, ex hibiting a sprig wilh a flower in a back ground. Tho finder, by leaving it at Pang, born & Brinsmaid's shop, shall bo liberally rewnrded. fkNE FUR CAP and n few While v-f Neck Tics, not yet sold, can bo had if applied for soon at the Variety Shop. Panguobn & Brinsmau). NOTICE. ALL persona indebted to MORSE & SLOCUM.orto E. D. SLOCUM, aro hereby notified thnt their accounts must be settled by tho first of April. Those concerned will take notice, and govern themselves accordingly. Burlington, March 8, 1839. Clarissa Hollister's Estate. WE the subscribers, having, been ap pointed by tho Honorable, tho Pro bale court for tho District of Chittenden. Commissioners to receive, examine and adjust, the claims, and demands, of all per sons, ngainst the estate of Clarissa Holhs tor Into of Burlington, in snid District, deceased, represented, insolvent, and nlso, all claims nnd demands, exhibited in ufiVct. thereto, and Six Months from the day of the data hereof being allowed, by said court, for that purpose, we do, therefore, hereby givu notice, that we, will attend, to tho business of our appointment at the office of II. Lcavonwotrlh in Burlington 'n in said District, on the second Tuesdays of April and July next, at I o'clock v. M., on each of said days. Dated (his 4ih day of March, A. D. 1039. JOHN JOHNSON, ) Commit. LUTIMOR LOOMIS. ( shncr. Read, Reflect and Judge CtfI?f'HOso proper to instruct mankind tv with regard to their bodies, as lie who had been 35 yenrssick nnd now enjoys good health?" JAS. MORISON. ucnt. (not n Uoctor.) A llttlle more than one year hns elapsed sinco the people of Vermont nnd vicinity. have been enabled to obtain ngnin. in Us ORIGINAL PURITY The inct'lecina made at llie British College of Health London, under the direct care of Jas. MorLtnn, the Hygoist, who first senl it forth to work its 11ESISTLESS WAY Against the combined opposition of Ar.r. those who wci'o interested in keeping the people shroudeo' in ignornnce with regard to disease ; ami lo all new and belter ways to cure by VEGETABLE MEDICIjYES, Which cure quicker nnrf more liy and do nol leu vc the Patient, reduced and broken down in his CONSTITUTION. But on the contrary with more vigor, more strength, and better Health. In a word the current of Life, relieved of the load of viscous humors, (effectually eradicated by Morison'8 Medicine) flows buoyant on Us wny, diffusing pleasurable sensations which are alone produced by GOOD HEALTH. The call for tins medicine is constantly in creasing, ns it did before, when the genu ine was to be obtained ; ns it continued to do until it wns BASELY COUNTER FEITED. A grent number of cures have been effected within a few MONTHS ta-t in VERMONT, And from time In lime some of them will be made public although they arc not needed to prove tho frunilncs-a nf Morgan's I1YGEIAN UNIVERSAL MEDICINE, All thai is needed is, to let the people be satbfied that they can get the genuine nrti. clc, which they nre sure of gelling in Ver mont nnd in Essex, Clinion. Franklin and St. Lawrence counties N. Y.. if tln'V will buy only of the regular advertised sub Agents and sen that the packets nre signed in writing by Pang born & BntNr.MAii), (no others aro genuine.) Jewellers, of Burlington Vt., who are Slate Agents and to whom application must bo made for Agencies nnd Medicine. The following is nn extract from a letter re ceived by Mail, which in regnrd to the satisfaction expressed by all who have used this medicine since its introduction again amongst us, is the language of nil the sub-ngents in the state and of nil who have communicated with us upon the su'ojnct. February 12, 1839. "Messrs. Pangborn & Brinsmaid, Gentlemen, with respect to the modi cine of the British Collego of Health Lon don, imported by Geo. Taylor, the General Agent, I can say that during the past year those persons who have purchased of me as your Agent, have in every instance, so far ns has come lo my knowledge, been perfectly tiaiisficd on trial that the PilU wetc the genuine Morison's Pills, (same as were to be had a few years ago before they were counterfeited,) and have nlso found them to answer every renewable expectation as Medicine. Very many in stances of cures nnd relief might he men tioned but this seems to me Fupruuous there is scarcely n neighborhood in the country where their cxl 'nonlinnry rfhency is not to bo mot with. I will just mention olio of recent occurrence. A gentlemen informs mo that hi son 13 years of ago was takon ill with a violent fever acccompnniod with DELIRIUM I'M o 20th ol January insl, lio "nve his snn Morison's Pills and relied on them wholly as a medicine in the case. The Fever though very severe, virulent and dnnger nus wu- Mihdui'd in n limit five days nnd I lit' hoy speedily restored to health; the fuilier is convinced that fevers may bo succei-sfully and snfely trcnted with this Vegctnblc Medicine, without recourse tosuch menus as may in curing Fever, ruin the conslitu lion for LIFE, And I hope thnt a steady and pcrsevcrin; course of tho Hyceisis will vet convince tho world ol it, lor their iiood." Wo thought Hint wo should not publish in tho papers ANY CUKES, But have concluded to comply with the solicit nt irm of some friends, to tho cause of IIYGEISM, whoo opinions we resprct. who sny that some poor despairing Invalid, who has tried almotl every thing el-o. in vain, inny bo induced to tnke Morison's medicine, which has in THOUSANDS OF OASES Cured when nlmost cvury thing elsu has failed to afford relief. Wo givo hero a very brief sketch of relief by Mnrison'H Hy. goian Pills in a caso, and a very Ecvoru case of" DROPSY & RHEUMATISM. A gcnlloman of this town (Burlington, Vt.") was and had been for some time very low with tho above diseases, he had become a cripple and a very helpless one lon, his legs which were complete sores, discharg ing a great quantity of matter every day; wcro drawn and bent no nearly to his bodv. ho could not feed himself, could not turn himself in bed, could not atltend to nnv of ine oroinary calls of naturo, without assist ance. It wim I bought he would not hold nut long. When in thin deplorable enndi tinn, one nf our oldest nnd BEST PHYSI CIANS recommended him to toko Mori- son's Pills, telling him ho thought they wouio nnip in ni, "IF AMY Tllim WOULD" Ho not without mnnv objections, fhavintr tried so tnnny I (nogs in vnin.) confuted to take lliern, he sent for two Pnckagcs, and before he Imd ued n ONE DOLLAR PACKAGE, And a box nf Powders which cost 25 cents. ho came to the village driving his own team and called to the acenth'storetolclla story of gratitude for the great relief he nan experienced by using Mongolia's L il Is. His Legs healed up, nnd tin vo since been getting more and mure straight, nnd ho says ho has nol. felt so well for years. Another core of CONSUMPTION by MORISON'S TILLS. A gentleman in VVoshiuriton Co. who had been sick for about n year and a half, and had been c-raduallv consuminir nwnv with what wns pronounced by physicians nnd others to bo tho Consumption, accom panied with n Cough ; niter trying tnnny things without relief wns porounded by a person who was himself cured o( tho r CONSUMPTION By Morison's Pills, to commence tnkinir them; in less time thnn he hnd been "run ning down," with this terrible disease, he wns restored to health nnd is agniu nolo to Inbnr nt his ncctistnmed business; ho eays "Morison's Pills pnved mo." SICK HEAD ACHES, Where the persons hnd been afilicted with it for days, weeks, and years, nlmost nil of the lime, or were subject lo it two or three tunes per week, have in numerous instnnces been nlmost entirely cured by using Mori son's Pills, perpcvcrmgly, upon every recur rence of tho disease ns wo nro informed by LADIES who hive tried them. Now to close wilh, we caution yon who wish to bo cured, not to go to a druggist for this medicine they do not have tho'gen nine Pills; buy only of our advertised sub- Agents and see that the packets arc signed in tcritingby Paisghorn & Bri.nsmaumvIio arc Stntc Agents. GEO. TAYLOR, Oi Wnll st. Now York. U. S. Agent For Sale, or to Rent. THE lirick Houso, with nbout four acres of land, recently oc copied by S. Ballou, ono mi!o toulli ol tho village, apply to II. LEAVENWORTH. Feb. 2 5 FOU SALE. A GOOD, kind, Strong Horse, works well in n Team and has travolcd fot the last 3 weeks ii. bout -10 miles per day, nnd ono day 50 nnd onool utiles, during the journey, and perioral ed the list weeks journey with moio case than the first. ALsn. Cur salo a first rato Plated Ilaniuf.H, a good Culler and two 110(14100?. Pangdor.n & Brinsmaid MARCH MEETING. rriHE next annual Mnrch MectuiL' will JL beholden at the Town Room. Bur lington, m Monday the 1 lib day of March next, nt 10 o'clock, A. M. Feb. 25. JUST RECEIVED. 700 packets .Mnricons, Ilygeian. I JJ Universal Medicines of I he Briii-h College if Health, London, cures by this best Vegetable Medicine nro multiplying constantly in Vermont. On hand plenty nfg3 Packages and the Vegtable Aperient Powders, 25 cN. per box. Pangwuin &. Brin'M aid. Slnle. Asmh, DISSOLUTION. fTHE copartnership heretofore existing JL between the subscribers under the firm or1. M. cS- S. B. Mead, is by mutual consent dissolved. The Cirpcnlcr nnd Joiner Business will be continued nl the old stnnd, by F. M. Mend, who will ndjust all matters pertnin ing to the late linn. Francis M. Mead. Sidney B Mead. Tribute to whom tribute and honor to whom honor is due. LL possessed or that can ho obtained Js& used for defence when necessary, but nut ono thousandth part nf tho hair of one's head, or a mill of money yielded by coercion or extortion without an opposing, recorded memento to warn tho oppressor and guard llio oppressed. No Monopoly hut what mny bs within llio reach of all who will use the means and mnko the application. Protection from imposition is duo to all clashes and is tho inherent riflht of every citizen in lliu commu nity. No threats of Taxation tacitly homo to servo n a Hobby Iho purposes of designing politicians wiioso only hopo of ever being seen to bo up is in that of having all others Imvcrcil down. T ho tiiiiely arrival last year of tho Steamer Great Western from Europo gavo such nn impetus to Importations of Goods and busi nesi ifTairi; generally, that trade was carried though without nny extra charges on Mcr chsiidizo, But should tho samo feelings nnd distortions fellow themselves this year it might rcquito greater exertions to rebut Iho iuuosilions ; and in older to bo in timo Tho Cheap Cash Sloro Man is wide owako and up and doing, already distributing his winter Goods in every direction among llio people by way of elcctionooring for tho trade and (supply' of as many protly New Goods as cuktomors may require, and if nol obliged to put too heavy a T A X r UMr too great a loss, as on Windsor Monoy, will sell Cheap, Cheap, Cheap. HOWARD. March 1st, 1839. REAL ESTATE. , Tlll'J Buuscribur ntturt, lor saie Iho store on Church street, three doors south of iho Bank, recently occupied by Mr. Bra- mini, us a shoe store. Tho building is in good repnir, neatly fitted up i nnd the location very fnvornblu for n merchant or mechanic, Or, the premises would bo exchanged lor a dwelling houso in tlin village. B. J. HEINEBERG. March 1. 1880. . FLOUR.. gA Bbls. Mipetfino Family Flour, for sale hv Hickok &,, Jan. 23, 1039. Joseph Simonds' Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) District of Chittenden, s. C The Honorabtp. Ihn Probate Courl for the JJislricl of iJnllenden, To all persons concerned in the Estate of Joseph Sinonds late of Charlotte, in said ditlrid, decerned, GREETING. WHEREAS, George Perkins, executor of the last will nnd testament of paid decensod proposes to render an account of his administration, and present his account against i-aid estate for examination nnd allowance at a session of the Court of Pro bale, to bo holden nt the RegUior's office in Burlington on the second Wednesday ol" April next. Therefore, You aro hereby notified to appear beforo said court at the time and plncc aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my hand at BurlinrMon. this 12th day of March A D. 1839. Wm. WESTON. Reenter. Samuel D. Hyde's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. ) The Hon. District ok Chittenden, orable the Probate Court within and for the District of Chittenden, To the creditors and otlr erp concerned in the estate of Samuel D. Hydo late of Charlotte, in said district, deceased. WHEREAS, Amos Clark, executor of the last will and testament of said deceased hath made application to this Court to extend the time limited for mak ing payment of the debts and legacies of said deceased twelve months from this date, and the said executor also proposes to ren der an account of his administration and present his account ngainst snid estate for examination and allowance, and the third Mondny of April next being assigned for n hearing in the premises al llie Eagle Hall in Williston, and it having been ordered thnt notice thereof be given by publishing this orderthrec weeks successively in the Free Press, a newspaper printed at Bur lington, the last of which pubhbation to be previous to the lime set for hearing. Therefore yon are hereby notified to ap. pear before said court at the time and place aforesaid, nnd show cause, if any you have, why the time of making payment as afore said should not be extended, and why the account aforesaid should not bo nllotved. Given under my hand tins 13th day of March A. v. 18C9. WM. WESTON, Register Lucv Allen's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, )At a Probate Distpictof Guano Islc,ss. courl holden at tho Probate office, in North Hero, in said dis. trict on tho 23d day of February A. D. 1839. Present tho Hon. Joel Allen, Jodge. An Instrument purporting lo bo tho last will and testament of Lucy Allen, late of South Hero, in said district deceased being presented to the courl here, by Hector Adams iho exec utor thciein named for Probate. It is ordered bysaid courl thalall perosns concerned therein bo notified to appear at n session of said courl to be holden at tho dwelling-house of Jcdcdiall P. Ladd in said North Hero, on ihc 3d Mon day of March, A. D. 1839, and show cause if any they hava ngainst the rrobato ol said will, for which purpose it is further oracrcd that a copy of this order bo published three wi:c!;s, in the ISiirlincton Free l'rcsn a newspa. per printed nt Durlinglon in tho county of Cliitttcnden, as soon as may be. A true copy tif record, Attest, Augustus Knight. Ileg, JXovascotia Plaster. 150 Tons of Novoscotia Plaster i Bulk. 300 bb'a do do for snlu by Foi.lett &. Bradleys. Sept. 24. MORUS MULTICAULIS. rl II E (subscribers JL hnvn 1 Trers nl Hi.- MORUS MULTICAULIS, lor sttle. Apply at this office. F. A. Porter &. Co Springfield. Nov. 5. 1833. Silks, Fancy and Staple Goods nn tineqiinlled nnd Chenp supply for the bent-on. nlso Uronu (Jloths nl Feb. 14. 1839. HOWARDS. NEWGOODS. A good assortment' nf DRV GOODS. DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY HARDWARE, Just roceived nnd will be sold as cheap ns nt any other establishment in Chittenden County, for cash, produce, or hori credit, by E. WHITNEY & Co. Milton, Nov 8. 1838. BltNDKETH'S PILLS!! LOOK OUT FOR COUNTERFEITS!! LL Pills sold in Iho Slalo of Vermont f. must pass through our hands ns Or. lirandrctli's General tigcnts. There will bo no nioro Pills sold at tho Boston office, noilhor by B. 15. Mussey. (who is no longer Bran drotlis agonl,) lo bo retailed in this section of Iho Country. All Pills purporting to bo Brandrnlhs, and sold by persons withnut a corlifirato of agency signed by B, llrandrelh and by us aro counter' fcits. To prevent all imposition from iho cir culation of counterfeits, just lot the purchaser ask tho vcndr for his certificate of agency fijincd by Forro and Paiuieleo, or Gen. I'. Walton, of Montpclior Vt, who is our general agent for tho following Counties, Washing, lon, Orange, Cliitlondcn, Addison, Fmnkli Orleans, Lamoile, Essex and Grand Isle, in Vermont. Never purchaso of Peddlers, for in no instanco do they evcrhavo tho gonuino articlu. Simula any of our agents lie caught in tho counterfeit trade, they will bo displaced nnd so advertised. Tho Pills must be kopl puro, auc tho Counterfeiters must bo dealt with ac cording to law, No All stake. Tho following persons aro regularly appointed in Uioi r rea ncclivo towns. For sale hy S, E. HOWARD, Burlingtor, 1 .1, T. Aiusivorlh, Milton Puller, Cull, Q0ll Faiifox L, Tylor, Essex L, Jnncs, Cionrgiu Jninc.i Htissell, St. Albans V, V , Goodrich, Swanton S. K. flail, Hij.'hj'al';. W'illiain Gieen Sc Co., Sheldon Cl'.afiVi" & Lewi?, Berkshire Thomas Fuller &'.iiii, Enosbiirgli --Arminaton & Dean, P,alsnfiold Tower Al Oakce, UndcrhillP,. 11, Oiikos. Joricho. FEltllR nnd PAUMELEE. Ger,cral Rrandrelhian Agents. Middle-town, Ce.nn., July 4, 138. Revised List 1839. MORISON'S PIML.S, OR tho Veglublo HygeiBii Medicines of the British College of Health, Lon. don j Imported hy Dr. Geo. Taylor CJ Wall, nnd 0 New Sis. Mew York, solu Agent in the United States for enid (JoU lege. Packages of Pills $1 nnd $3 each. Powders 25 cts. Every Paclsct Bold- in Vermont nnd in the coonlies of Essex, Clinton, Frnnklin nnd St, Lnwrence. N. Y., will be signed in writing by PANG BORN & BRINSMAID Jewellers of IJurlinston Vt. who nre State Agents: nnd also by the Sub-Agents selling them. If not so signed, do hot buy them. For sale by Edmund Lyman North Fcrrisburcb Wm B breene Jonathan Hagar Andrew Dawton David Lyman O A Keiiii Otis L Kcllnn Amaa Pnine C & J W Baxter E Clcvelnnd Snbin Ke 1 1 u m Vergcnnes Middlebury South Hero St. Albans Sheldon Montgomery Lowell Derby Line Coventry Irnsburgh K E Morse & S Lymnn Crattsbury J W Remington Johnson BP Wnlton& sans I f,i- . and Perry Marsh Mon,Pcllcr John Kelsey Danville Jonas l lint Win Pierce Foster Grow N C Goddard M S Bticklnnd J Stceno St Johnsbury Lyndon Chelsea Windsor Bellows Falls Brallleboro J Pine & Co Factory Point Manchester Hiram L Cheney Rutland Jns II Murdock Woodstock Joel Day Royalton Ira Billion Brandon Ja Hull Orwell J Frost & Co Bridport G F & B Boyanton Esex N Y C B Hatch WcstportNY Alfred Hnrtwell Keeseville Richard Cot trill Ploilsbureh Mnynnrd Kidder Moriah N. Y. Remember pverv packet ot the genuine is signed bv Pnntjhnrn & Brinsmaid. Dr. GEO. TAYLOR, C 1-2 Wall st. Feb. 25. U. S. Agent. Crockery, Glass ware, Looking Glasses and Ten Server, comprising near ly evcrv article desired nt the Cheap Cash StnMMi'f S. EARL HOWARD. Feb. 14, 1839. WANTED IN exchnncn for goods. Flannel, Sheep' Grey Cloth, nnd a few Tons of good Butter. Latiirop Si. Potwin. Nova Scotia Plaster. &(TfV Barrels fresh ground Nova 3 N Scotia Plaster, just received and for sale by P. Doolittlk. November 7. 3m. TISSUE PAPER, assorted Colours Coloured Drawing Paper, Stationery in great vorietv, at the Variety Shop, Jan. 17. Panguorn & Brin6.maid. John Lalhrop's Estate. To the Hon. tho Probate Court for tho District of Chittenden, comes llio subscriber Henry Mayo, administrator of tho estate of John Lalhrop lalo of Builington in said district deceased, and represents that the personal estate of said deceased will net be sulficicnt lo pay the debts and charges thereof and and hereby makes application to said courl, for liccoso lo sell iho real estate and tho reversion of tho widow's dower therein for that purpose. Burlington, Feb. 25, 1839. HENRY MAYO, Admin'r. STATE OF VERMONT, ) DismiCT or Chittenden, ss. $ AT a Probate Court holden at Burlinslon, inlaid District, on Iho 25lh day of Fob. A. D. 1839. Il ts ordered that an account bo taken of tho debts and also, the proceeds of the personal estate of said deceased, and that tho heirs and all person1! concerned in said estate be notified lo appear before said court on llie lGlh day of March the Register's office in Burlington, aforesaid, to give bond for the payment of debts, and show cause why license as aforesaid shall not be granted, and that such notico bo given by publishing tho aLovc implication and this order threo weeks successively, as soon as may be in tho Freo Press, a newspaper printed in Burlington, iu said Dislr r,t. Given under my hand, tho day and year first abovo written. Wm. Weston, Reg'r. William Ward's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. DISTRICT or CHITTENDEN, ss. AT n Probato Court holden al Burlington, within and fur llie District of Chilton . den on llie 1.1th day of February A. D. 1.&39-. on application of Olive Ward of Milton., in llie county of Chittenden, executrix of the lust will and testament of William Ward, tale of Milton, in said district, deceased. It is or dered and decreed that all portions having de. rounds against said estate, exhibit Ihe Minn lo the said exeeolrix tor settlement, on or be foro thu 13lh day of February A. D. 1840, otherwise they shall bo forevor barred. And il is further ordered, thai notico there ofbo given lo all publishing t hit docreo threo weeks successively in the Frc Press, a nowpaper p'inte.d in Burlington in said district, and hy posting tho same al four public places within llio county of Chilton, den, to wil, oiiii at John Howard's Hotel ii Burlington, one at John A. Willcy't, hotel in Colchester, ono at llio Inn ol Sylvester Ward in said Milton, and one at llio iii'i of ',. Ash ley in said Milton, within sixty days from tho making of this docreo. r .i i Given in Probato Court at Bnrling l llj ton in said distal this 13th day of L ' February A. 1). 18.19. CHARLES RUSSF.LL,7rfe. CLOTHING, AC. rMlLs,.',,cr.ber ncknowludges past fa vers with ratitiilc, ond would Bay thnt hp 'joiiiinuvs thu Tailoring Trade ii nil it brniich'.-s. Ho has for sale a great var ,eiy ol HEADY MADE '.iilnhlu for tho present season; also, g re nt ninny other useful ailicles, Plensit cull for that which cannot bo bought else when". Cloihrsvcrj Nelly CLEANED and RKPAlRBD on short notice. Clothing exchanged or taken for Py. C. BRNNS. Pearl SI.. Nov. IS3R. If

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