Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 5, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 5, 1839 Page 3
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Robimon Eq. of Michigan, ond the lamt lo bi rt. corded In lite lown Books," Which Resolution wns adopted, and On motion, oieJ Hint (lie forrgolne Reiolution be pnblithed in the papers printed In iliii town. C. RUSSELL, Town Cltrk. Burlington, Apt il 4, 1839. I) I K D InJcriroon lite 24ih till. Anna, the Wife of Nalhtniel Blitckmnn. lifter it protruded nnil pnln fill nirknrM, In the 42d eiir nflicr nge. A it rlii M, her character win h.ippily niliiriied with those Cliicrs 1 1 tit I twined Ih" icpect mid esteem nf her Brniiuintiinrpt, ttnd the dependence nnd loe nf her mmifioiK fiinuls mid icl uiiinn. Sancd nnd fweel In the inemmv nf our fi ilofp in Jem, iliey ipjI from their labours nnd theli wot Id ilu fol low tlipm. , In Wiltlflnn, 27ili till of Cniunmplinit, Laura, Wife ul jixinli .Sptild'HR. nnd d.mnlucr of itlosea Felon, nf IliiiPflmrah. used 31 p:in. In I'mnlii idge nn ilu- 24 1 li nit. Eli i Riclnihhnn, nt'iii 13 je.iin On tin! 28di Jnn'pli RirlMiibon, ngpd II jenm On iIip 30di Minertn llirli.iiil'oii, brpiI 1G jpnr rhildten of Win, P. Riduid-on, fmniprlv of Jrrirho. NOTICE The members of thp Burlington Volnn. Icrr Engine Company nro hereby notified to ippcl nt the Engine llmisn nn Snlurdny. 1 lie G'h 3 o'clock v M Ty rdr of th enptrfm " HYDE, Secretary. Burlington Ayril 4 1039. " NOTICE. H THOMAS' Bunks ond accounts .... m tin found in llio Stnro adjoin- . ti l Dnrnn. iindnriionlh H. inif I TIC IVim 'nu iv". 'I.., - Lcnvcnswnrlh's Office. Also ilm nccnunis of the Auction nles of I ho rnrntiure. be lonc'ing to the Burlington Hotel. On nil of which immediate settlements must bo "WANTED, n few Hundred dnltn in Conndn Money. H. THOMAS. .Inril till. Charlotte FEMALE SEMINARY. THE Summer term (if this Seminary will cummenco nn Wedneetloy the first day of May. under llio tuporintPti lonco of Mim H Bnoili. nnd continue twenty llncR weeks, iiicludinji n vacation of one week nt tin' middle of the term. Conditions : The whole expense tn the pupil will be twenty five tlollnrs n quar ter with tho pxcppiinn of wnslnnp, for which will be cho'ced 37 1-2 per drzen. Pupil, nre requeued to be present on tbp first divj of the trrm. J E. W. GOODMAN, Clerk of the Board if Trustees. Charlotte, Morel) 30, l39. GEO. PETERSON, HAS Juct received n new etipply of WINDOW SASH, pricft 3 1 -2 and 1-4 cto. por liRht, all kinds and sizes fur nitdicd to order nt much lower prices than they can be mndc bv hnnd. A fe FRESH LEMONS, nnd n Cooil nMnrtmeni of SHAKER GARDEN SEEDS, now open and for nale. Aloo n good u'sortment of other articleR for sole low to snvo moving, as ho intpnds to re move to the contli end of the Thotnns Ho tel. about tho first or May next, where he will be plnd to receive trial generous support which his friends and customeis have 6ecn fit lo bcetow on him fur thu last eleven year. Burlinetnn, Anril C. 1039. '"Here she goes" "There she goes." TEAL GENUINE SIMON PURE" fl.. "Here fIio goes there the goes" CLOCKS, for 6 50. gn, glO nnd other pricce, for sale ut llio Varieiy Shop by P ANonoriN &. Brin-maid. AUCTION. THE OLD MEETINGHOUSE eiluat JL ed in Wtlliston, will ho sold to the highest bidder on Saturday, April 13, 1839 nt I o clock p m HARRY MILLER. ) r WRIGHT CLARK. ELI CHITTENDEN. """" Willistnn. March 30, 1839. NOTICE. fXlHIS is to forbid nil persons harboring JL or t rutting my wife oam.v, on my account, n I shall pay no debts of her contracting after this date. CHARLES CEARS. Stnrksborn. Feb 10. 1839 Canes and Hiding Whins. f1ANLS of vnriMiM kind;'. Ridirjr Wliip, for Lndies or Gentlemen some very neni oops, nt the Vnripiy Shop pA,ouonN & BniNSMAin. More New Goods at the Va riety Shop. CARVED SHELL &. HORN COMBS plnui burn ond iliell suln mid buck Combs, long teeth horn Combs, drpssing Combs fine snd coarse. S. S &, S S S fine Ivory Combs, Wnllels, Boy's double bladed knives 25 cts rnch. GENTLEMEN'S COLLARS, DY THE DOZEN. Merchants nnd others wishing to buy city mode round Collnrs. enn be supplied at lower prices nt ihe Varieiy Shop than nt any other plncn. STOCKS AND BOSOMS In prpat variety, received and fur Ealo at tho Variety Shop, Pangborn &. Brinsmaid. Commissioncrs's Notice. WE the subscribers being nppointed by the Hon. the Prohalo Court, for the District of Grand Llo.cnrr.inissiniu'rs to re ceivo examine and adjust oil claims ond de mands nf nil perions ogninst Ihe psinto ot Wyman Chamberlain ut0 (.f Grand Isle, in eaid district, represented, insolvent. nnd nlso oil claim and demands exhibited in nff.ct thereto, nnd six months from the 1 91 It of February last being allowed by said court, for that purposo we do therefore hereby give notice that we will attend to the busi nessof our appointment, nt the dwelling house of tho widow of tho deceased, in Grand Fle on tho first Mondays of June and August next, from 9 o'clock A. M, mill A It M nn ..i- .1 uaieu ursnil isie march 30, 11139. sm.niM TnniA ',.. GUY REYNOLDS, siontrs, For Academies, Seminariesor Lecturers. A GOOD, powerful Mngic Lsnlhnrn with plevcn slides, ennminihp; Ihirly Dingrnma illustrating in o p too ei ti tr nml in struciivn tnnntipr, the interesting subject nf ASTRONOMY. The Dingrntns. very nnnlly pxcciiIciI nre nccoinpnniod with n compendium of Astronomy by the nit) of winch the Diagrams can bo cxplntnod nntl ilhietrntcd to nn ntidipticc, by a person bovine lilllo knowledge nf Atrnnniny. Tlio magnifiers pxhilnt the Dingrnmi quite Inrgp, it quiring n ennvnsssix feet fqunrc. Also, fur snmll Mngic Lnnthnrns, willt Coiino Figures, di'litipntnil on slide. Variety shop. PANonnn.N &. BniNMAiD. Finger Kings, March 30. SEVERAL dozen fin'.- fingpr Rings vn nous kinds nnd patterns, just ree'd. Among Ihoin nrn n few henvy, chased fini' Gold Rings, 2 ilnz. heavy fino Gold plain rings, 2 di'Z. Jewullois Gobi plain r ihjj r. good ones, henvy wtdi', Jewellers Gold Scale Rings; nlso fur nlo fine Gold Rings si-i with Pcnrl. Jet. Euinmlil, Cum. 'linn. Acjiiii innrino, (j.ild Stone, Cutii'o. Chry-i-tnl nntl o' lirr prpciotis utoncs. Now (Jotids nt thu Vurieiy Slion. " I'Avr.tinnv RntN'Min. SPUl.Nt; TUAIMC-TO THU COIJN trii trade! ! '.Paints, Oih. Dyes, Var nifties. Brushes, Snires, Window Glass and Bronze. Manufacturers articles Twine. 0Dnu(5J Foreign and Domestic .a LARNED & CORNING. Whole enlu Drui!!!tsts. 2-27 River street, op pDi-tlo Troy Huue. Are prepaiod to off ir their ueunl inducements to purchaser Their slock will not only bo extensive but comprise the mo8t choice variety of articles in their lino. DYF. WOODS. Logwood, GOO bbla. cut & round, Fus'ir, 500 do cut & ground, Nic Wood, 300 do Redwood, 150 do Camwood, fiO do Cudbi'nr, Sicily, Sumac, Red Sanders, Ancliiipn, Persian Berries, Mnngect Sal- fluvvpr, Evt'OPt liiirrwood DUTCH OilimtO AND CKOP MAD PIC It, 23 II II U.S. OILS Pun- Sperm, from beet mnnnfnc lories in New Euiilnnil: in I llicN. Pipes, Tierces, nnd Bbls. Foreign Liiii-eed, four itiipoitation) in Piiipk and or. cas-us Atnericnn do. in enh-tmitinl barr-'s, Olive Oil in Pipes nnd quarter casks, Irpkli, PAINTS, VARNISHES, BRUSHES &c White Leail.Eug dry Green Verditer Do do ground in French Green oil, pure Prussian Bluo No 1 Do do do ground Do do No 2 in oil 2d Blue Verditer Do do American Antwerp Blue dry Powdered do Do do do ground Slip Blue in oil puro Bind; Pnint Do do do ground Limp Black, Eng ns in oil No 1 sorted Do do tin ground Do American small in oil No 2 papers Do do do ground Ivorv Black. English in oil No 3 Do do American Finke While Frankfort Black Pans whuo Eng Blnck L -ad Do do American Pnient Lend Whiting, gliders Do common Clinlk Litharge, fine Red Lead Orange Minoral Vermilion, Chincso Dm Triebto Do English Red Clinlk Wlinle Oil, refined Do do common Nentsfoot nil Spirits of Turpentine Cnpnl Varnish, Coach do do Furniture No 1 do do do no 2 Japan Varnish Bright do Gum Copal. E I S do African VcnuiianRcd.Eiigliih Do do American Shellac Grniii'c India Red Do Garnet Rose Pink D Liver Spanifli Brown, dry Rosin, Pilch, Tar, Do do ground in oil Turpentine Purple Brown Asplialtum Terra de Siennn.Eng Pumice Stono Do do American Bath Brick Turkey Umber Rotten S"no Ground Glass Putty Glfizipt'fl Diamonds Gold Leaf Silver do Vandyke Brown Chrome Yellow French Ochre Vermont do Stone do Yellow Ochre ground Copper Bronzo in oil Frost ings, nil colors French Yellow, do Smalts. Blue Drv Wlmo Lend Do Green, Blnck Ground do do No 1 nnd Brown Do do do No 2 Glass paper Saxony Grnon GmhpiiI paint brushes Minernl Green per lb Riniuil Camel Hair Verdigris, dry tools Do, ground in oil Pallet Knives. ESSENTIAL OI LS Garden Lavender, llosemiry Popuermint, &c. Cic. in can- ii'stors nnd oi berwi-e. DEMI.IOIIN.S-r, 3. 2&1 Gallon. WINDOW GliASS-500 B -xes assorted. LIQUORICE PASTE Cuiabnn and Ti. lit llio. DRY SALTERIES Nitrntn nf Iron. Ni t rule of Lend, Niirnio ol Copper. Crys tals of Tin, nod many other articles' m this line, imported direct from bent Man ufaelnries. OAKUM, TAR. PITCH-Constnnilv nn hand, with oihcr NAVAL STORES TWINE India, Soma do. French nnd English. DRUGS Turkey Opium, fresh Senna, in bales. Fino Sponge. Together with nil tho raro Chemicals, French and English, of warranted purity nnd genuineness. PEPPER SAUCE-150 cases "Bird's Eye." Troy. Mnrch fl. 1839. 1st EID1TION for I8IJ9. IT Is well occasionally In tnko n roirospec. live view of past doings nnd rostilts with reference to t lie future. Suventnen years since I cninmenccd Merchandizing nnd adopt, ed Ihomotio of UP AND DOING, QUICK AND CHEAP. CHEAP FOR CASH, and 'No IjirniSONMKNT Foil Dk.IIT.' UP DOLVG was the avenuo to advancement and with tho impetus and propelling pOWor9 f ambition, industry, energy nnd untorpriso.overv subject, woik and business progresses, whe'lhor me chanical, agricultural, commercial or pro. fnssional. QUICK JlJVD CHEAP. was to sell boforo tho fashions changed, and to onsure custom at HOWARD'S. Cheap for Cnsh nnd No Imprisonment for Debt, Was substituted for tllO old fashioned dear credit synlem, so ruinous In lis poliey tri llio cl.iblor, whom to ombnrrasscd, uiMniiico. ii ipcou rn !i(!ii nnu i nil a cruui norm ciouh tendency soiniMiincs cnilinir in uissipa linn, corruption nnd vico: causim? n source ofgiiufand sufloring pasl tlio oinhirniico of men, nnd thoir families producing tho most nxtromn heart rending squalid misery that could bo imagined, nnd of which slavery with nil its innumerable horrors In III oho who novcr knew tho Mussing of freedom, lioro but a coinpntioti lo Ihnt of the poor honesl unfor tunate debtor, who for no misfortune ofcouti. try, crime or self, nor views ofdeciviiii, but unexpectedly from diFnppoiiitmnni, want of success in Inisiim", sudden losses, failure of crop", exponto of wicltnoss, surety for friends or devasling destruction by flood or fire, be comes suddenly disabled and is thrown into nnd immured in a loatlisouio prison lioosc with iron grated windnwr, heavy creaking doors, barred, boltnd and locked "upon him there to remain at tho mercy of his inconsid erate ami unconscious eicditor, or ns in somo cncs, lilt death to hiinsell'niid destruction to his family linvo overcome and cnt'rd the ocoiin. In fact tho evil become so great nnd nppnrcni that alter my harping upon the sub ject for 1G years tho Gouoral Assembly by a Legislative net abolished il from Vermont, whoso sous nnd daughters of thu "homo of tho bravo nnd tho land of tho free,' aro now nt liberty to buy of whom, hen, nnd where they choose, even if il be nt Howard's own Ciicap Cash Stop r, who hoops the greatest known variety that is contained in any cslnb lishmont within the stopo of vision from the summit of tho most lofty ponk of tho Green Mountains to which placo ho in company with a friend, truslv guide, and n ferocious liorco noblo dog, a few vears since ascended by moonlight f.-om llio base to its utmost top in tnnn lo see llio sun nso in all its rospiun'i ant morning glory above llio While Moun tains of New Hampshire, shining upon hill, over diilo and country, and gilding our own magnificent footstool, tho mountain lop, 4JUU feel abovo Lake Chainplam, which presented Inn most incomparahlo oi all boniitilol appear nnccs wild its surrounding Highlands. Islmids Villas, Collages. Farm Houses ind Villages to an interminable distance, soliciting down far n way olTiu tlio rouions bordering upon the bt. Ijawrnucc, too llowuig oullcl ol the waters ol llio iiidcfiiiulilo West, onward tn tlio Ocean but of which I have not time lo rclato, (for but a few minutes can clapsa bufoio I must scud this lo the Press, nnd the town will soon be thronged to seo tho Governor who i" now hero lo decide a iNatioiuil question, reterred to linn ly I lie IVesidonl as lo retnrnin Malelaclor to Ins own country, whoso crime of iniquity and murder, if true, moio than equals any tale of fiction over publishud.) In out return down thu mountain wo met llio Preceptor and Pupils of tho School at Jorico who were truly and perceptibly a rising gen ctalion, measuring as they wont with a chain tho distance gained, &c. Uc. wo partook togotlioi and each onward wont their way wlnlo lliey ascended to the region sometimes abovo the clouds, and looking into caverns containing eternal snow, wo came, down Meads' at the base, and at Hoslwick's a lilllo distance off, regaling ourselves with an abun dance of tho good things of tho land of peace and plenty. Go back ono hour, sulfico il lo say however, wo indelibly inscribed with liatchct and chisscl our names on tho Mono tain's highest elevation, that day, there to remain till the elements efT.ico and obliterate from which also, a prospective view was lakon of tho immiMiso country to bo supplied nt Burlington, nnd probably in a great measure at Howard's Cheap Cash Store. The day was ono of tho most lair, pleasant and beautiful of llio summer clime, which stimulated the mind at that exalted height to an exertion not to bo repulsed by minor difficulties like $150 losses by failure nf Windsor money, or by any office Hobby, $400 Faculty Tax, which I stayed long enough this spring to have justly rccnncu oy ino renpio in town uicolin nsembled, and was oil' tho noxl hour for York Market on bunnies of llio utmost im poriauco 10 inv cusiomors, who, sinco mv return have expressed themselves perfoctlv satisfied with thu purchase for my nnd their mutual lieneiit, and somo ol llio most rich and beautifully nppcaring goods evor so enrlv brought, making the assortment gicat in llio articles ol I'nucy, fashionable Bonnets and Millenary articles, llioad Cloths, Cashmeres and Vesting. Calicoes, Cambrics-, Muslin Ribbons, Laces, Silks, and beaut fa 1 goods ovorv desciiplion for dresses. Shawls, Hand kerchiefs. Gloves, Sic, &c which may bo scon frco of expense or had at tho Grand Bazaar Cheap Cash Store ol SION EARL HOWARD. March 28. 1 1139. Read, reflect, and Judge. WHO so prop.-r lo tiKirnci mankind Willi regard to their bodies, as In, who had been 35 yeurs iick nnd iw.w enjoys goou neuilll .' JAM. MUlUSlhN, Gentleman (not a dec'tir.) A little more than miij year hns elnp-rd since ino people ol V or muni nnu vicinity nave ueen eumiipd in niiiain nrjatn in its ORIGINAL PURITY, the medicine made nt ihe Britt-h college of health, Loudon, under the direct enre ol James Morison the HygeWi, who first sent It forth In work its resistless way against l lie combined opposition of nil those who were interested in keeping tho people shroiiiieu in ignorance with regard lo dis ease : and lo nil new and boiler ways to cure bv VEGETABLE MEDICINES, which cure quicker nnd moro rfiVciunlly. and do not lenvu the patient reduced unit broken down in his CONSTITUTION ; but on the contrary, with more vigor, more strength, and hotter henllh. In n word, llio current of life, relieved of tho load ol viscous humors, rflVciually crndicaled by Morison's medicine, flows buoyant on way, diffusing pleasurable sensations which nre uluno produced by GOOD HEALTH. Tlio cnll for this medicine is constantly increasing ns il did before, when the genu ino was to bo ob niueil. A great number of cures have been effected within n few

mouths past in Vermont. And from tuna to lime somo of ihuiii will be made public, although iliey aro not needed to prove the goodness nf Morton's HYGEAN UNIVERSAL MEDICINE. All Hint is needed is, lo let Ihe penplo bo satisfied Ihnt Iliey can get the genuine or tide, which they ro sure of gelling in Vermont, and in Essex, Clinton, Franklin nnd St. Lawrence Counties, N. Y, if they will buy only of I ho regular advertised sub agents, and seo that lite pnckein nro signed in writing by Pangborn & Brinsniaid. No others nre genuine Jewellers of Burlington Vl. who aro stain agents ond to whom application must bo made for agencies and mcdicino. Tho fnllmvlnfT U nn ovlrnnl rnri. n Inltnr rnxmu. , by riinil, which in rpnnl In Hip potis. fnctioii xpresaed by nil who Itnvo tined this llieilicilie since its itil riiiliieltnn non n nninnir J !j I Im In,,-.. ..r -if ... I. . ....... I i.. I (ho slnto, nnd of nil who hnvo communica ted with us upon ihe subject. Feb. 12. 1039. Mers. Pangborn & Bririsuinid, Gentlemen, with respect lo tho medi cine of the British college of henllh, Lon don, imnorted by Geo. Taylor, the general niffin, I can say that during the past year those persons who hnvn purchased of mo nsyotir ngent, have, in pvery intnnce, so fur ns has cemii to my knowledge, been pcriee.tiy sntt-fii'd on trml Hint the pills are genuine Morison's pills, nnd have nlso found them to nnswer every reasonable cxpccln lion ns medicine. Very many instances of cures nnd relief might "ho mentioned but ins soems to mo supoifl'ious, there is snnrce n neighborhood in tho country where their cxlrnordinnry cflicecv is not to met wiili, I will just mention ono nf recent occurrence. A gentleman informs mo thnt his son 13 yenrstofngo was tnken ill with a violent fcver, accompanied with DELIRIUM The SOlh nt' January Inst, he gavo his nn iMorison s 'in nnd relied on them wholly ns n meiiiciiio in the case. The Fever though very severe, virulent nnd danger. oiib wns siibilood in nhoul five days nnd the tiny speedily restored to henllh; the fnllior is convinced that fevers mav be success- hilly and safely treated with this Vegetable Medicine, without recourse to bucIi iiiphiis ns may in curing Fever, ruin the constitu tion for LIFE. And I hope that n Mmdv nnd persevering course ol tho Hygeists will yet convince the worldofit, for their good." wo Untight that we should not publish in tho infers ANY CURES. But liavccnncluded to comoly with the solicitnlnn of soma friends to the cnusc of HYGEISM, whose opinions we respect. who sny iliut some poor despairing Invalid won no ,rieu almost every thing else, in vain, ma; bu induced to take Morison's medicine, winch has in THOUSANDS OF CASES Cured wleti almost every ihitigs elso lias tailed to i fiord relief. We give hero n very briil' "ketch of relief bv Morison's Hvgeinn.Pills In a case, and n very severe case of DROPSY & RHEUMATISM. A gentleman of this town ' Burlington. Vt ) wnsand hod been for some time verv low withtho above diseases, he had become a crippluond a very helplea one too, his legs whirli wore complete sores, discharge :tig n gnat quantity of matter every day; were ihnjvn und bent up nearly lo his body, he could lot feed himself, could not turn liniircll' il bed, could not attend to any of the ordttnrv calls ol nature, without assist ance. I was thought ho would not hold out long. When in this deplorable condi tion, one )f our oldest nod BEST PHYfI ClANS lecommcndcd him to lake Mori son's Pilli, telling him ho thought they would help him, "IF ANY THING WOULD." Ho not '.vithout any objections, (having tried so nany things in vain,) consented lo tnkn then, ho sent for two gl Packogos and befoli be hnd used n ONE DOLLAR PACKAGE. And n bo-of Powders which cost 25 cents. he come lo t he village driving his own learn and tolled to I he ngenia' store to tell n story ufgiatilude for the great relief he liail pxperpnccil by tiding Morison s Tills His Legs lenled up, and hnve since been getting tnrro nnd more straight, nnd he says ho hat not felt so well for years. Another cure of CONSUMITION nv MORISON'S PILLS A gciillMiinn in Washington Co. who had been sck for nhoul n year nnd n half nml hud iii'jn gradually consuming away with what wns pronounced by physicians and nl hers tii be the ConsMiuiption, accom panied wnh a Cough; after trying innnv tilings witlotit relief wns persuaded by n ncrsun win was hnn'oll' cored of the By Morisoi'n Pill?, to coiiiiiihiico Inking i hem; in l;ss time limn he had been "run ning down" with this terrible disease, he wns resinnd to henllh nnd is ngain nblo to labor at hit nrcustonied business ; he says 'Morisou'i Pi'ls saved tne." UCK HEAD ACARS. Where tic persons bad been nthcted with it for days, week, nnd years, nlmosi all of the lime, 'ir weio subject to it two or three times per week, hnve in numerous instances been entirely cured by u-ing Morison's Pills, petsoveriogl.V. tipon peery recurrence of ih" disejso ns we are informed by LA DIES w hn have tried them. Now to close with, wo caution you who wish to bo Hired, net to go to n druggist for ill's meduine ihpy do not have the gen uine Pills; iit only of our ndverlispd sub Agents and ,et that the packets are signed in writingby Panoboiin & Bimnsmaid who nre Stale Ajenis. Geo. Tavi.or. CJ Wnl si. New York. U. S Agent. AUC 1'IUN. MULBERRIES. ' rjllE siiberibers will sell ul aiicion, on JL he 3d lay of April uex, a thoir rcsi dunce, in HirI'ord, near Qiicceheo village, from 20 fo 31,000 QuZings of ho Morus MuK icaulis, wamn'ed genuine. A lew flioi-and Canon and Alpino, also waeraeed gciuine. 10 In 15,(00 Mulicaulis Seedlings, wo years old. 12 (o Ij.uuu iironssa seeming, samo ago. 100000 ltian do. 1 o Jyearsohl. rnpSahi t" ciniinonco a 10 o'clock, A. M. forms Cash. L. Si I). MARSH. Qiiecehei) Villngo. March 12, 1839. GIIASS SEED. A few Babuls ol Grass Seed fur sale low by S. WALKER & Co. Burlington Mar, 29. 1839. NOTICE. T HIS mav certify that I have given mv son JAMES ISIIAM HO I. DEN, his lime from he lirsl of January last, nntl shall not coiuider myself holdcn for nny debts ho may contract after this date, nor bull I claim my of Ins wages, IRA HOLD EN. Hinesburgh, March 5, 1039, Peace, Pence, and no War. dome to 2Juii(Hotou. The New Rprine HOODS have arrived HOWARD OP THE CHEAP CASH STORE, HAS just returned from Now York ; and such is tho call ut his sloro fur tho very pretty Now Goods, that ho has not limn lo wriln nn advertisement. No losses on the $150 Windsor Monoy or Faculty Tax of S'-IOO is sufficient lo veto or cheek his go ahead System of up nnd Doing, Quick and Cheap, Ulmap Tor Cash and no imprisonment lor Debt. Manh 22, 1039. Dissolution of .Copartnership. THE copartnership heretofore existing under llio firm of KERN Si EVANS, Ins this day expired by its otvo limitation, Thoroforo all persons indebted lolho laic firm will pleaso call and scllle their accnuiilH im mediately ; nlso, all to whom tho firm Is In. dcbled will please hand in Ihoir lulls as soon as convenient. The books will remain in (be same placo, whero persons wishing to settle their accounts will call. DANIEL KERN, E. E. EVANS. Burlington, March 19, 1839. N. B Tho btilnos will bo continued for the fultirc by E. E. Evans, who hopes by a strict attentinu In business, arid his endeavors In givo satisfaction, lo rccoivo a continuance nf that patronage h i tlio r lo so liberally bestow ed. New Goods. Fresh Arrival. March, 1839. WE have just received from Boston nnd New York n grent variety of now Goods which will nnko our nssnrltucnt very good until navigation opens here. Among the new nrttcles arc, Ladies dnm ok ond plain Silver Pencils with rings, long french Iron side Combs, Silyer guard Chains with swivels, Silver key, gilt keys. Gold keys, Miniature cases quite low. Elliotts fine Concave Razors, Silver Thim. hies, Black Pins, fino needles, Instruction B 'oks for Blights nnd oilier Instruments. Hnvti'g B person engaged to send Goods immediately, enables ih In keep our exten sive nosortincnt at nil times good, and lo them lower than we could otherwise afford to. A good assortment of Silver Tea nnd Table Spoons nn hand. New Goods ree'd often nt the Vnriclv Shop. Panguwn &. Bhinsm.wd. Mar. 29. Adam's South Village Money, received nt par, by C. GOODRICH. Fel. 7. 1838. Hector O. Taylor's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) District of Chittenden, ss. ( The Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, lo all persons enn cerncd in the estate of Hector G. Taijlor, talc of Jacksonville in the Slate of Illinois, who dud seized am possessed if goods. chattels and estate, lyinn in said District of Chilltmlcn. GREETING TkrilEREAS, Orran Murray, ndministra. V T lor of tho estate of baid deceased, proposes lo render an account ol ins admin trntioii. and nrosctit his account against said cstalo for examination and allowanco at a fcssion of the. Court of Probate, lo be holdcn at ibe Register's office in Burlington, on ihe second Wednesday of April next. Tnrnnror.n, you aro hereby notified to appear belbro said Court at tho lime and nlacc aforesaid, and show cauc, if any yon have, why tho account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington this 20th day of March. A. O. 183U. Wji. WESTON. Register Rebecca By i niton's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, District of Chittenden, fs. The. Ho'.ornblc Ihe Probate Court for Ihe District of Chittenden, In all persons ron ccrned in lie estate if Rebeica Byinglon late of Hinesburgh in said Distrit I, de censed. GREETING. JSJ HEREAS, Joseph Marsh, aduiinistra-. Vf lor ol the estate ol said deceased nro poses to render an account of his aduiinistra lion, and present Ins account against said cslaic for examination and allowanco nt a session of tho Court of Probate, lo be holdcn at tho Register's office in Burlington on the second Wednesday ol April next. Tiicnt'.roiic, vnu aro hereby notified to nppear bnl'ore said court at llio time and placo nfuiesaid, mid show cause, if any you have, whv tho account aforesaid thould not be allowed. Givon under my band at Burlington this 20th day of March, A. 1). 1839. Wm. WESTON. Register Grass Seed. A FEW Bushels superior Western Seed i.a just received and !or sn'o at March 15. HOWARDS. Quality the test of Cheapness. rrr pieces io and r.'j cent uaiicnes JUJ (-lr fn0 uy Wait & T.wiun March 21. 200 bushels Peas for sale by h. M. 11AUAR Shelbum Marrh 15. 1839. JUST RECEIVED. rfrn packets Mortsons, Ilvgeinn, JJ Universnl Medicines of the British College nf Health, Loudon, cures liv this best Vegetable Medicine aro multiplying consimitly in Vermont. On hand plenty ofg3 Packages nnd the Veglnblc Aperient I'owders, liii eis. per nnx. I'ANonoiis Sl Bhinm wo. Stale Agents MONEY. WANTED. 625C0 nnd Morigngeoo improved properly. It wnulil ho tnken in one sum or in parts. Address A B, through the Pest Office, and It will receive nUeiilinn. Burlington Marrh 1039 FOB, SALE. VMARE, five yenrs old Ibis spring, largo, strong nntl perfectly kind. S.iid mum hns been used in tins village for Ihe In -t ten months as n fnmily boast, but works equally well in n team. ALSO, A second hand Chaise and Har ness, nil nf which will bo sold very cheap for cash. Irquim nt this office. Burlington, March 12, 1U39. ?w of superior qunlity, by t I' & w, L, STONO. March 22, 1839. Bushels Herds Ornis Seed, on con J) 4 signincnl from S. Lawrence, and of fits quuliy. J. iii, H.IY.CK& Co. A FA KM POR SAXiK. OF seven Hundred Acres of Lmd, with good Buildings, snnl Farm cuts r'mng two hundred Tons of Hay, well wotpred, a plenty of Wood Laud, nnd Pino 0k Timber, wuh a number nf good .Orchards, also n fino spring of soft water brought tt the House. AM will bo sold on reasonably terms. For further information, call on the subscriber, living nn said form. PRESERVED WHEELER. Now Haven. March. 1839. C TO the Hon. the Probito court for llio D'strict. of Chi'tonden, Tho undur--igued John Allen. of Westford, guirdinnof Neheniiah Holmes nnd Henian A. Holmes, both of said We-tford, malo minors under tlio ago of twenty ono yenrs, enrnes and shows to said court ihnt the snid Nehcmiah is seized in his own right in feo of the fol. lowing described pnrnel of land lying and being situate in said VV'cstford v z. be. ginning nt n stnko nnd stones in llio enstcr. ly Mno of lot No -to jn the second division. nt ihe right of Michael Butler, twenty two chains 33 links northerly from the souili corner nt snnl lot; thenco north 20 degrees, cast on the cast line nf said lot, six chains nnd three links; thence north, 70 deg. west 28 chains lo n sinkc Htnnding in the west lino of said town; thenco south 30 deg. west, six chains nnd twelve links ton stnkn, thenco in o straight line to Ihe first men tioned hounds, containing seventeen acres nnd half on nere nlso, nf nu undivided portion of the buildings standing, on tho (arm owned nnd occupied bvtho la!c Adam Holmes to said Weatford, nt the time of the said Adam's decease. And that the said Human A. Holmes is seized in hisoivu right jr. Ice of the follow ing described pnrcel of hind, 'lying in eaid westioru, nnu tie-cribed as lollows; viz: beginning nt n stnke And stones on tho cast line of said lot. No. 42, se ven chains and fifty links southerly from the north east comer n said lot ; thence north 70. we.t 20 chains to n 6tako in llio west lino nf said town of West ford: thenco south 30" west on tnid lown lino seven chains thirty nine links to n slake ; thence south 70& east 28 chains lo a slake and stones standing in east line of said lot; thenco nortli 20 east on said line, seven chains nnd twenty two links tn the first bounds containing nineteen acres and half an acre. Also, of an undivided sJiaru of the buildings stnnding on tho farm of the Into Adam Holmes, laic ol said Wcstford, And your petition further shows that a sale of said lands would be conducive to the best interests of his said wards. Ho tiiereforc nrays said court, to authorize nnd empower him to sell the said de.-cribed lands agreeably to the statute in such caso made nnd provided. Dated nt Burlington, this 2S'h day of March, 1039. JOHN ALLEN, fitmrdiaii ol fVehcmtaii and Human A. Holmes. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Tho Hon. District of Ciiittcniicn. ss. ) tho probato Court for llio District of Chittenden, lo all persons coiicci ncd or interested in tho Estates of Nchomiah Holmes and Ionian A. Flolmcs, both of Wcstford. io said District, malo infants under ihe ago of Iwcntv one years. WHEREAS John Allen of said Westford, guardian of tho said Neheniiah and floman, having on llio 20lh day of March, 1839, filed in said probato court the foregoing petition. Whereupon tho court aforesaid ilolh nssign the 22d day of April noxt, for a hearing in the premises, at llio office of tho Register of said Court in Burlington, in said district, and dolh order that noiico thereof uo given to all persons concerned in tho o-'tatcs of tho said Neheniiah and flcinan by publish ing tho substance of thu foregoing petition togelhor with ibis order, two weeks succes sively in tho Frco Press, a newspaper printed at Burlington, in tho county of Chittenden; the last of which publications lo bo nt least two wreki previous to tho said 22ud day of April 1839. Therefore yon aro hereby notified lo appear befoio said Court at llio time and placo afore said, anil shew causu, if any you havo, whv tho said John Allen, guardian ns aforesaid, should not be licensed and empowered losoll the lands described in tho foregoing petition. Givon tindci my hand al Burlington in said district this 2Gth day of M-irch l!!J9. Wji. WESTON, Roister. MET nor Pocket BT HOD I ST HYMN BOOKS nntl BIBLES i f diff -rem s-zes nnd bindings, for sale a' the Bunk Bindery, College si. by S. HUNTINGTON. March 15. FOR SAtiE. A SMALL rnrui containing1 between vc, Si eighty ncres of fir.-1 rnto Innd, situated on ihe county rosd leading Iroin Burlington to Cambridge I wo and n half miles Irom We-tford Centre, on llio promises ore n, good farm house, two barns, &c. together with n fina'l Sugar nnd Apple Orchard, The above premises wil' bo sold low. For n part nf the purchase money n credit will be given il rrques'ed. For pan leulars en quire of WAR 15 EN IIOXSIE. Wtslford Centre. Manh 15, 1839. ALL per. i. ns mil. bled i, MORSE & SLOCU.M. or to E I) SLOCUM. are hereby net fi-d that their uceounti must bo settled by the firt of April. Thuio cniicunied will lake notice, and govern I hem-elves accordingly. Burlington. March II. 1839. Pure Champaigno Wine. "GOLD EX aAGJJLE" IS RAND. WAIT St TABOR. fur sale by PLASTER. r T0"" Ktound riaslor. for ralo bv M No 21. B, WLKER & Co.