Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 12, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 12, 1839 Page 2
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lie Sjlrraw National Expenihtuiiks. Vtom n Blntcmcnt of tlio npproprlations mado by Congress during its recent session, publish ed by the Clerk of tlio IIouso ofltcprcsen tatives, it appenrs that tlio expenses of the -session were 54!t,344. Of this Bum were required for the pay ond snilcagcof members! J 13,400 for pny of tho officers and clerks of the two houses i and 5535,000 for stalionnry, printing, fuel ond othor incidental and contingent expen bcs of tlio Senate ; ditto for tho IIouso of Representatives, $100,000. Tho total appropriations mado during Tho sessions amounted to g3G,0G2,242 78 ; the details of which are . Civil ond diplomatic 0 010,001 57 ; Ar my fortifications, and Military Academy 10,550,253 05 ; Revolutionary and other pensioners 2,499,020 15; Current expenses of tho Indian department 1,755 007 2!!; Preventing anil suppressing Indian hostili ties 1,056,774 00; To promote tho progress of 1 ho useful art89,259 22 j Private claims, 45,065 27. The Clerk also appends to this state ment a list of the new offices created during tlio session, with the salary attached to each; which arc as follows: Special minister to Great Britain, salary and outfit ('111.000 00 ; Minister resident to Turkey 0.000 00i Commissioner to cany into effect tlio convention between the "United States and Texas for marking the lioundnry between them 2,000 00; Com missioner and clerk lo rc-oxamine claims tinder the 2d articlo of tho treaty of Sep tember. 1337, with the Sioux Indians .6,500 00; Two assistant examiners in the patent office, at 1,250 each; 2,500 00: To the chief justice of the district court of the District of Columbia, in consideration of the duties imposed on him by tho "Act in addition to 'An act to promote the progress of tho useful arts'" 100 00; Two additional clerks in the office of the clerk of IIouso of Representatives ol tho U. S., at gl ,500 ach 3,000 00. Massachusetts Fourth District. Tho last trial resulted in tho election of rarmcntcr the Tory candidate for Con gress in this district, by a majority of nine votes. The abolitionists of Massachusetts such of them, at least, as were instru mental in producing this result, have won an undesirable degree of infamy. Whole number of votes, 991 G; necessary to 0 choice, 4947; Parmentcr has 4972; Brooks, 4432; scattering 412. CONNECTICUT ELECTION. "Whig GovEnNon Wmr, State Legis lature, and Whig Congressional Delegation throughout. It is with no ordinary feelings of joy that wo record tho result of another con test in the staunch und true land of steady liabits aod good principles. We are victo rious again in Connecticut; completely, fully so; our friends havo carried every thing before them; havo elected the Govcr nor a majority of both Houses of the Leg islature, and the entire Congressional ticket which displaces six Loco Focos. and sends in their stead six good Whigs, making a difference of twelve votes in the House of "Renrescntatives Our expresses are from all parts of tho fatate. and we nave the pleasure ot ir.torm ingour readers that Connecticut maintains her ground in opposition 10 1110 man schemes of the Administration. She has declared in her "sober, second thoughts," her determined resistance to Loco Focoism, Van Burcnism, and tho sub- Treasury. J. M. Nilcs and Isonc Toticey &. Co. arc consigned to their proper insignificance, and men are chosen in their places who will renresent our true interests, anil not betray our rights to further the designs of n Partv Our enemies have met with a Waterloo dnfnnt ihev arc completely prostrate. With all their weakness, ihey had dared to ,honn ibat tho freo and intelligent electors of Connecticut could he induced to vole for a man for Governor who had slandered tho whole State by comparing the laboring r.lnBRrs to oattlo in tlio market and for ttion to renresent them in the councils of ilm nntion. who had betrayed the trust re nosed in them but never worn ihcy more ;,H mlslnltrn. THE I' II EE JfOIlN snivrs np CONNECTICUT WILL NOT RE TRAMPLED UPON Never was there a political contest in this state, in which greater exertions were made by our opponents they propagaico Klnnilnrs nfeverv kind nothing was too low for them : falsehoods the most bare faced, and which were without the Jcat?l shadow of foundation, were manufactured and published in their pnpers and fraud and corruption in every form they could assume, worn practised. To tho Whigs of 'he United Slates we proclaim in tho spirit of grateful exultation, that our VICTORY IS COMPLETE. Wo have carried our Stale ticket by a largo majority. Wo havo chniigcd our cnHro detention in Congress, having rice ted SIX WHIGS 111 the placo of as inanv Loco Focos and wo havo 15 out of 21 Senators, and near two. thirds of the mem born elected to the House o Representa tives; But our joy is too full to comment, and we hasten to givn tlio result. Ellsworth. Mies Phelps. 445 131 5 75 43 77 Hartford cnuntv, 5235 New-Haven do 311111 Low London do 2175 4080 3481 2052 2405 201 1 3320 1120 1401 Fnirfiold Windham Litchfiold Middlesex Tolland do 2870 2172 37411 1947 1G53 do do do do 1G9 22G7G 19957 945 Tho following gentlemen aro elected Members of Congress ; First District. Hartford County, Joseph Trumbull, majority over Toucoy, 1000, ,over all opposition. G40. Second district, New Haven and Middle. sex counties, Wm, Li, storks, majority over Ingham, 339. Third district, New London County, Thomas W. Williams, majority over Mil ling, 117. Fourth District, Fairfield County, Tho mas B. OsiionsE. Fifth district, Litchfield counly.TiiUMAN Smith, majority over Phelps, 510. Sixth district, Tolland and Windham counties, John H. Brockwav, majority over Cleveland, 57G. Washington, April 3. Tho adminis tralion is nutting forth its wholo strength, In carry Virginia. From every part of that Statu wo hear the notes of preparation for baltlo given by ''the party." Tho Whigs ond Conservatives also ate animated by at least equal zeal and energy, and aro deter mined not to bo outstripped in their rxor tions by tho Loco Foco". Tho Cabinet arc looking to the struggle with deep soli citude. Emissaries of tho Government aro traversing the Slate, urging the election of tlio Government's candidates! and ma king the most disgraceful appeals to the sordid passion of s.clf-intpreet. In the Norfolk district tho Loco Foco candidate for Congress is openly electioneering, on the ground that, being n supporter of tho administration, ho would bo able to obtain moru favors from the General Government for his constituents, that would Ins oppn. ncnt, who is well known to bo out of favor at Court ! ! The people of that district, I am informed, have properly resented so distrusting an appeal; and will return Dr Mallory by n larger vote than has ever been given lo him. Tlio veteran weather, cock of the Inquirer seems imbued with 0 second spring of existence. II is nrdor,his industry, his perseverance, furnish an example to the editors on the Whig side. They arc most crcditablo to him; aod would dohonor to a hotter cause. I To is, of course, in tho highest favor with tho administration party, and with the Cabi net. Letters Irom our friends in all parts of tho State, represent their prospects as hihly encourajjins ; and the election of Mr. Rives to the United Slates Senate is looked upon ns certain. The President continues to be besieged most mercilessly by applicants for office. A gentleman who is in the habit of seeing him frequently, declares that not n day passes without Mr. Van Btircn receiving numbers of letters, begging, imploring, and some absolutely demanding appointments for the writers or their friends. IJo is consequently in tlio most pitiable tribula tion. What can he do? If he makes a removal, the most tremendous clamor is borne upon tho wings of every wind. lie hears but one bun-t of indignation from the hoar mountains of the North to tho teem ing vallics of the South? By every ap. pointmcnt he makes he gratifies one appli. cant, and disappoints ninety nine perhaps converts them into enemies. It is an un. questionable fact, that the President has rcccivcullic most significant intimations, that he is in danger of losing tho greatest portion of his Irish Legion in Now York, because the claims of a clever young barrister, the son of an Irishman, and one nftlio "fallen soldiers" in the glorious three days ol November, who is considered as a leader of the said Legion, have been so lornr disregarded. Do not bo surprised if vou hear that Mr. John McKcon, formerly Representative in Congress Irom tno city of New York, should be gazetted, 0110 of these fine sunny days, os (or some, thing or other) in tho place of Lukewarm Dnnothing, Esq. removed! There has been another not explosion bu fracas n the cabinet; and Mr. Van Huron and Mr. Forsyth arc excessively cool, polite, and diplomatic towards each other. That "Oliver le Diablo, Amos Kendall, is the cause of it. Forsyth hates him witli a creditable rancour, and became so indignant at some new proof of Kendall's influence over the vacillating mind of the President that lie could not forbear exprcs sing his feelings in a most contcmptous manner. Kendall returns the sentiments of Forsyth, Poinlsetl and Grundy towards him, with all tho malignant and furtive hate of his nature. It is not generally known, that when Kendall insulted the Senate, a cabinet meeting was held on his case; Mr. Grundy wa3 in tho Supreme Court shortly before that meeting; ond his eyes sparkled with ineffable pleasure as ho spoke of the conduct of the Senate towards the Postmaster General. Gladly would he have scut that person a packing. The occurrence of any fracas in the Cabi net will bo denied of course by Ihc'autho. rity presses.' hut it did take place not with, standing. Whether any thing will come of it further, will bo determined solely by tho consideration of whether the parlies concerned, regard it as consistent with their present interest and future prospects, to havo a quarrel. It will no rememncreii mat 1,01. Joiiunn was some weeks ago huslled ofl'iho rnuise for the Vice I'lesidenc.v in 11 veiy unceieninnimn mumier, lv iIir Richmond Enquiier. Tim gullanl colonel lias li it li cet most 1I1 cut 111 il v ngainsl this lieatinent : and proclaims cvciy "line 1l1.1t lie will not decline volunlinilv ilie'lionnr of 10 election if tho people choose lo tiilie liim up! in plain wonts, lie will not willidiaw his 11:11110 11s 11 rnndidalo. Ill mm over nimurc'l, 1l1.1t hcfoio leaving Washington, the, colonel spoke mot-l indignantly ol ihe ntieinpls ol few nolilicians lo him ii'lile, iiimI thai if the paiiy vvoin to yield 10 iheir whhes, lie would be even vv ilh them ho would go linnio lo Keiiiiicky, lulio 1 In; lump, anil come out liolilly lor 1 lie opposition candidate for ihe piesidency ! 1 1 .1 1 1 1 Hounding ill" ! Tho toques huvugni them selves imo 11 fiijc pickle J und we must liy 10 keep dual llicic. ANOTHER CANDIDATE FOR THE PrCSI nr.NCV. Tho name nl Gon. Scott has very recently been mentioned by several public lournals in this quarter ol tlio Union, connexion with tho Presidency : nnd the American, an influential political popcr of tins city, atlnched lo the opposition party, has adopted that gallant and estimable olli cor as its candidate fur the next ensuing term of that ofiiee. Ho is far from being tho least qualified, of those who have been put forth ns suitable incumbents for the high and imporinnt trusts which devolve upon the first officer of our republic ; and unquestionably so far ns ihoso duties par tuko of n character involving relationships with othor nations, pacific or belligerent, and as they relate to the consideration and direction of matters pertaining to might connected with tliu war department of our government, no individual is better qual ificd lor their judicious fulfilment than is Gen. Scott. Those duties, however, In-! elude but comparatively a small portion of nil those great interests, tho direction of winch lies in n c'cot measure, in the nanus of tho chief magistrate of our country. Of the competency of Gen Scott for the proper fulfilment of all the duties which devolve upon tho executive head of our government, wo are unprepared to express on opinion, as wc know littlo of him ex cept ns pertains to his military career, which has been brilliant and spotless Should ho, however, bo advocated to any great extent, as tho successor of Mr. Van Huron, his capabilities for all the varied and complex duties of the station, will not bo likely to remain long "hid under a bushel," ns they have been heretofore, but tho public will undoubtedly bo fully advised of all he can do. if not a little more. We shall sec JV. Y. Sun. ENLARGEMENT OF THE ERIE CANAL. Tho Argus of Monday contains tho es timate of tho Engineers in relation lo the cost of enlarging the Erio canal, as furnish cd by tho (Janal Commissioners to tho Leg islature a lew days since. I Ho conclusions arrived at by tho Engineers, aro that tho tolnl expense will ho 23,402,803,02; of which 2,874. 304 30 ore already expend ed, 4,704,000 will become duo on the 1st April, 1840, and 10,405,91338 wore under contract on the 21st Jan. lasi. Tho items making up the grand total ore given as follows: Fur sections of equal, 11.270, 771 7G ; Lock. 4 98I.58G 83; Aqueducts. 2,022,700 78; Culverts,41,G77 95; liridgcs, l,2GG,G53; Waste vviers, lG9, 737 80; Feeders, except Black River. 11 1,011 ; Dams, bulk heads, aud guard gate, 48,725 GG ; weigh locks, houses and scales, 83,000; land, damages and build ings, 804,844 GO ; engineer, superintend enco and cunt. 1,512,050 07 ; Black Riv. or feeder, 290,097 CO. NEWS BY THE GREAT WESTERN. The principle topic of conversation at present is, "what accounts will the Great Western brings us of the course of Great Britain relative to the boundary question ?" To those who know the iealousy with which Great Britain has ever guarded her immense territory, there will arise foiuo apprehensions perhaps, that she has taken Governor Fairfield's military demonstra tions in high dungeon. But when wc con s'ulcr that Mr. Van Huron's message and the correspondence of Mr-Fox and John Harvey, were also transmitted to England at tho same time with tho news of the belligerent attitude which Maine had as sumed, we have every reason to expect that tho British government will deliberate calmly upon the subject, and not allow the remembrance of ancient animosities to fos ter and keep alive a disagreement which can be easily removed. A1? to war between Great Britain aod the United States, it is utterly out of the question. For the truth is that neither that country nor any other monarchy in Europe would dare to involve themselves in a war with us. The spirit of republi canism is so rife all over Europe, that the first blow struck in such a contest would bo the signal for the downfall of many an ancient prerogative. The accuracy of our remarks is verified by the course Which the French government pursued relative lo the American indemnity money. Louis Phi lippe well knew that his tenure upon the throne of the Bourbons wa3 far too frail to bo periled in a war with a real republic. And the consequence was, that although lha people ofFrance wero extremely indig nant nl the tono of General Jackson's message on the subject, their rulers nock cted ihe affront and paid the money. In all quarrels therefore, with kings or despots wc tire sure to havo the advantage; such personages prcterring a security to their own families and themselves, of present power and Liliuencc, to tho risk of losing all in a contest with democracy. JV. Star. FOREIGN. A Dav Later rnoM Enoland. Lon don papers to the 3d March and Portsmouth to the 4th arrived on Monday night by the packet ship Montreal. The news they contain is neither of much importance nor great amount. On llio 28th Feb. tho Inconstant frigate ar rived nt Plymouth, 14 days from Halifax, with the rumot (not then confirmed) thru iho U. S. government intended to take possession of the disputed territory ; also, of the secret assemblage of Maine Senate. No mention of the arrival in London of those reports is made in the papers of that city. Sir Francis Head, and his pompous ac count of his doings in Upper Canada, ex cite much attention. In tho IIouso of Commons, on the 1st, Mr. Charles Duller offered to submit to the decision of a com mittce, composed exclusively of opposition members, on the question whether he had vacated his scat by going to Canada with Lord Durham. Up to Iho 14th February. 214 petitions hnd been prosented lo t tic British Parlin merit, for tho repeal of tho Corn Laws, containing nn aggregate of 369,857 names. Against Iho repeal, 1224 petitions, con laming 99.93G names. The Official Gazelto of the 1st records the swearing of Lord Elirington and Sir George Grey as members of the Privy Council. A bloodless duel was fought at Coomhe Wood, 7 miles from London, on tho 28th of February, between Lord Powcrcourt atrl Mr. Roebuck the latter attended by Mr. Trelawney, well known in this coun try. Mr. Roebuck fired in the air, after receiving tho fire of his antagonist, nnd then declared his readiness to apologize; the declaration was nccepted as n sufficient apology, and tho parties returned to Lon. dou, all good friends, The causes of the duel wore certain expressions used by Mr Roebuck, charging his lordship with cor runt conduct in relation to the elections. Tho expensu of the British Nnval eurvico for 1039-40 h estimated at 5,197,51 1 For 1838-9 it was 4,811,090. An mm sually largo number of vi6els aro to bo put in commission ; aud will be placed on 1110 mn6i ciiicieiu mining. News had reachud London of tho mas sacra of four Carlist gonerala by order of General marolo, Un tho 21st February, Don Carlos issued a proclamation.disavow-1 log nil agency in tho wholesale murders ( perpctrn'.cd by Gen. Maroto, declaring him a traitor, ami authorizing 'an cuicia, au thorities, and every Individual' to treat him as such if ho did not immediately surren der himself nd submit to tho decision of tho lawn. Maroto had issued a proclama tion threo days previous to that of Don Carlos, slating his reasons Tor shedding the blood of his victims. He alleges that ihcy were consprtrators, traitors, and an archists. Caw. Marvat and tub Aeerican Mahiui;. Capt. Maryat lias lately ad dressed a long communication lo the Lon don Times, on Iho subject of the Amcri can naval and merchant service, which contains a great deal of truth, with n con siderable amount of error. As 0 specimen of the latter, wo will repeat to our read crs, somo of tho gallant coptain's statu mcnts relative to tho largo proportion of English and other foreign sailors on hoard our ships. At the present time, ho ob serves, by far the largest proportion of sailors on board their men of war arc En glish; and if I lint is the case now, with a population of 15,000,000, what must it havo been during Iho last war with Great Britain, with only half that number of in habitants? The captain then proceeds to repeat the stale falsehoods of tho London Quarterly, and to prove, very satisfactori ly no doubt to himself and his tory readers, that our naval superiority is to bo attribu ted lo tho fact of our ships being manned by British seamen. But there is one point which ho and his countrymen seem to havo overlooked. Suppose we grant that the sailors who manned the Constitution and the United States, tho Wasp and the Hornet, were British. Tho officers of these renowned ships wero at least American ; and hence it follows that American officers with a British crew are superior to Briiish officers with the same crew. How will Peter Sim pic get over that'? But a truce to this badinage. Our rcad ors know, as every American ought to know, that two thirds of tho crew of tho Constitution at the time she captured the Gurriere, were Marblchead fishermen a race of men who have stood by their coun try in its darkest hours, who in that dread, fill night when Washington seemed al most ready to tlespair of I lie holy cause in which he was embarked, nnd paused on Ihe bank of the Delaware uncertain nnd despunding dashed boldly into tlio raging torrent, and by their exertions secured tho passage of the whole army. When the ocean closed over tho ill-fated Wasp and iier gallant crew, sixty-five famihos in Marblehcad wore bereaved of parents 0 children. And so it will ever bo. When ever their country demands their services. the fishermen of Marblchead, Cape Ann, and Cape Cod, will be foremost in the fight, whethor on the land or on the sea. Sun Froji Tampico ani Matamoras. Our New Orleans slips of the 2Gth ultimo, furnish several items of interest from Mex ico, received by arrivals at that city the previous day. The treaty with France lias been ratified by the Mexican Congress, ant) peace being established in that quar tcr, the attention of Bustamento was con centrated upon tho insurrectionary move incuts in tho provinces. At the 17 ultimo, General Arista and Coz, wero rapidly ad vancing upoo rampico, with an army ol 7000, driving Urrca, with his 2000 men, before them. 1 he greatest consternation prevailed. Gen. Urrca would try to make a stand, and give bnttlc in the valley of thcMaiz. It was feared tho city would be taken, and given up to plunder, anil Ihe American property there n million ond a half, be sacrificed. The onlv U.S. vessel in port was the small revenue cutter Wood bury which might serve perhaps as a shel tor to protect t ha lives of our countrymen from massacre. 1 he American resident had formerly requested protection from our consul and tho cutter had consented to re main. Advices from Matamoras to March IGih slate that GOO to 800 government troop had marched against the federal forces who are besoiging a parlv of the government troops in that citv. Private advices slate that the army under Menu nt Tosban, con sisied of 1400 men, who aro working at the fnrt meat ions night ond dav. Great ler moot prevailed in the interior. Tho town ofTiiluca had declared in favor of Urn a Snnta Anna filtered the city of Mexico no the 18th Feb. It was believed Hint Bnstoinento would soon place himself nt tho head of the army acting against the fedcialists. An English gentleman, n few days bad was walking under tho arcades of tho Rue tie Rtvoli, in Pan-;, holding in Ins hand a gold headed cane of splendid workman ship; n man supported by two crutches came up. and asked for alms in rt pitiful lone. Our countryman, moved to pily gave tho beggar a small sivcr coin. At the moment, a person near him suddenly exclaimed, 'How can vou, sir, allow tin rogue to deceive you ; please hand mc your cane: 1 will soon show you that tho rnscal runs bettor than I can" I he hnglishman inkcn unawares, without reflecting, lent his cane ; the beggar, I he moment ho per ceiyed it in his detector's hand, threw away his crutches and took to his heels as if hi satanic majesty won running after him, and was followed by the gentleman with the cone, whilst tho spectators, and the English man particularly, remained in convulsions of laughter at the eight; and exclaimed alternately, "Oh, ho will ho caught !" But both tho racing heroes disappeared at the next turning in tho slreot, and the good Englishman remained wailing for his splen did cane which cost 900 francs. Lynch Law and its Effects. Wo received n private letter from Natchitoches, 0 day or two since, in which the writer relates an instance of Lynching in tho fol lowing words. 'Somo timo within Iho last month, 11 man living 011 the Texas road, about twelves miles from Natchitoches, within tlio State, who had threo orphan children under his care, whom he frequent ly maltreated, was pretty harshly dealt with by the adherents of Lvnch law, an the fol lowing circiimstnnccH will show. Tho citizens of Natchitoches on hearing of his maltreatment of tho children, disfjuieed ihcmsclycp, and repaired to his horeo at night, for tho purposo of inflicting summary I punishment upon him. Having found Inm, they carried him to tho woods, tied him to a tree, tarred nnu icatliorcd him, nnu men whipped him severely. Shortly nftorwnrds ho came to town, armed with a loaded pis tol, and meeting a strange man, accused him of having assisted in tho Lynching affair. Instantly upon making the accusa. tion, he discharged the pistol into th; breast of tho innocent man, wounding him severely. The fellow was then taken up, and committed to prison. Ho subsequently gave hail for his appearance at court, and was liberated. On Iho evening after Ins release, ho went lo hi home, nnd killed himself! So ends Ihe aff.iir. A. O. Sim. Suspected Murderous Conspiracy of Slaves. A fortnight since the inhabitants of Mom phis, Tenn., were in n state of great alarm and excitement, occasioned by the sup posed discovery of a conspiracy among n portion of tho slaves of that placo against tho lives of somo of tho citizens. What first gave rise to tho alarm was an attempt which proved nearly successful, to destroy tho family of a Mr Dnbncy by poison, Suspicion fell upon a yellow girl belonging to him ; she was arrested, & confessing her guilt, alleged that she administered the poison under the solicitations and instruc tions of others, several of whom she named. Numerous arrests were made, and a town meeting was held on the snbicct, at which a committee of investigation was appointed. I ho result of tho investigation was, the satisfaction of the committee, that tho con spiracy did not extend beyond tho attempt upon Mr. Dabncy's family, and several ol the negroes arrested had liecn discharged. Four, however, remained in prison, as ac complices with the yellow girl in the dia bolical attempt above stated. Fire in Auiiurs Prison. A postscript. in the Auburn Journal and Advertiser of April 3d states that on Tuesday last, about 8 o'clock P. M., the south wing of Iho prison was discovered to be on fire. The fire caught from the kitchen chimney, and and bad undoubtedly been at work for some time before it broke out. It was first discovered in the ceiling of the roof, and for a short timo threatened a good deal of injury, but the flames wore very soon subdued. Tho attempts to trace out the peculiar locality of tho danger were far more destructive 10 tho building than the flames. Troy Whig. Destructive fire at Mobile. Three sides of nn entire block comprising shout 25 pri. vale edifices on St. Michael's conception, and St. Louis street, were destroyed by fire on the night of the 25th ult. Education ami Crime. Tho Man Chester (Eng.) Guardian says : By tho col umn in tno colander denoting the state of education of tho prisoners for trial at the present sessions, wo learn that of the 20G charged with felony, 97 can neither read nor write; 51 can read imperfectly; 41 can read and write imperfectly; 1 can read well; 12 can read well and write imperfect ly ; 4 can read and write well, but not one has received a superior education. Of the 19 persons charged with misdemeanors, 7 can neither read nor write; 3 can read imperfectly; and four can read and write well. Easy method of detecting counterfeit coin. Take a clean slip of common sheet zinc, about two inches by half an inch and lay it on the longuo ; place a genuine silver coin under the tongue, and on bringing the silver and zinc together, a pungent nnd disagreeable taste will be perceived. Sub stitute, now, a coin suspee'ed to be coun tcrfeit, in the place of the genuine coin, and a very slight if any taste will bo per ceived. The false coin of half dollars dimes and half dimes, is made mostly of German silver, and produces scarcely any galvanic action with a piece of zinc. The above test is almost infalible, aud recom mends itself for its simplicity. FROM TUP FRONTIER. The St. AllMn3 Messenger ofilie lltli saya The fiiM biirnin? since paper, w.13 11 hoiue in lliuligiuc, liulonsinx lo :i illr. Hi hit, yiiii.ucd iitioiu li.ilf ;i mile on iIim side of the line. It took on TIhiimI.iv motnin. in open d.iy liijht, after our guard led it, who li.ul oeeupied if, dining ihe niglu, m n post. At ihjlihl llict c.iiefullt exlinijuiflieil the Cue in the limi'd hefoie loving it, which 1 lip- li.ul dining the uighl, by pcui iiig wmcr upon il. A few Iioiii nfier iheii.iil lefi llio hoine it was dii'Tuicred lo lie on (in; on ihe 1101 ill side, iniviuiU llie line. No fundi w,j living in ilie limi-p.'" Afilei ions ii" lliH liuinin 11ppc.1i!', we ihiiik that llie 1 no-.-1 ic.i-oiulilo Mi-'po-'iiinii i--, that il win the woiU uf .111 . In I'.icl", v! are inlbiined. hy mi eie wiliiess llieie can bi.' ilo doubt of it. On Sunday night the heavens were illu mined by a large fire in tho direction of Alburgh. It was hccii at a great distance, and in beholding its magnificence, various wero tho conjectures os to its probable situation and extent, and the end of such nightly scenes. Wc learn that the fire was tho burning of two bams and a shed, belonging to P. Huxley, 111 Alburgh, situa ted about half a mile this side of the line. What wore the iho barns, wc are not informed. On Friday night previous to the burning of Mr- Huxley's barns, an attempt was mado to firo Iho house of Mr. Vosburgh, at Caldwell's Manor, which was set on lire last January. The following extract of a letter gives the circumstances of the case, and arc entitled to credit : "Amiurgii, April 0. Last night thero was an other attempt to burn Abrnham Vosburgh's house. Tho firo was well kindled in the cellar-way with straw. It was done about dark, when tho guards wore exchanging, The day guaid had been gnno about an hour, and tho night-guard coming within about half a mile, the light of the firo attracted their attention, which they put out. "John Vosburgh, a ncphow of Abraham Vosburgh, who is a loyal volunteer nnd a iiiglil'gunrd, raised a feud cry, and fired his gun nt somebody and Iho lest of tho guard did tho samo--they nav at two in on In French clothes ; but tho truth is John Vosbuigh is tho incendiary, and is now nrrostcd. They think there is proof enough against him to convict him." in At nn interview bolwocn llio American and British officers on tho Highgato frontier, holdon at P, Shotlor's in Nighnato, on Sun day last, Col. Williams of her Majoity'sl regular forcn is -oportcd to havo said : that in a conversation 1 a : MonlrMl, with bir John Colbornn, in which Col. Williams remarked, that the stalo of thinus on Iho frontier waa worse than it would bo if tho two countrlos woro nctunlly at war. . Sir John replied, that "iie wished to God Tiiunn was war!" If such is tho actual wish of tho Governor Gon. oral of tho Biilish colonics, with nil tho power ho has ready to back his wishes, how is it to l,o expected that our own nuthoritici can ro Btoro quiet to tho frontier? What can wo rationally expect but a continued and incroas fingstnto of excitement, which will finally end in tho full fiuillon of tho wishes of Sir John Colborno. 67. Jllbuns Messenger Montreal. April 5. Wo understand that the battalion of Volunteer militin un der Lieutenant Colonel Dyar, is to ho kept on actual service for the period of ono year from tho 1st proximo, and is to ho limited to 400 rank and file; tho Queen's Light Dragoons and Montreal Cavalry aro likewise lo ho kept on for tho same period all to be stationed on the frontier. liar aid. From llio Now Yoik Kxpresi. Wasiiinctok, 2d April, A. D. 1839. To Squire Middle I got jour letter lelliu me you had quit llie bank, nnd intended, if jou could possibly so maniige mat ters, lo go lo farming. I know thia has always been your notion, and lhal you would ilo fo aseoori ns you fee nil thing; clear uhend ; nnd a man who has been cyphering so hard ns you have for moro llni 11 1 won 1 v tears for llio public, now I think lias some right lo go and dig his own potatoes, nnd hoo his own corn, and lake 11 little comfort in his own way. Hut somehow 1 feel, squire, 11 leetle warn. hlccrnp l, jist u I did when 1 hi! Gincinl left nnd went home lo iho liermilnge ; nnd llio' jou have left in your place aa good 11 man lo manage the bank as llio Oinernl did lo manage llie gnernmenl, I hope vou will keep :in eje on mailers nnd things, nnu yii: 113 imitu m jinn huviiik in mailers you understand 10 Mr. Dunlap nnd his cabinet, ns the Ginerah doci lo Mr. Van Fitiren nnd hii cab- incl. The fact is, you and the Ginernl I nlwnys thought wni made of priity much the same kind of gril, and both of jou considerably overwoikcd yourselves, lliongli tlio liineral got the nest pay. I used lo tell the Gineral says I ."Ginernl, you are loo good natural by half, oti not onlv do Gov ernment woik, hut you dip into priity much nil kiikH ol worn mat no oilier pi culprit ever thought on," and tho fact is, the Gineral did carry mailers so far, or let oilier lolks carry him so far that lliero was lew thing going on he was not mixed up with, till it got s 1 111 la?l that ntmon every old lady about llie country wouldn't set a hen, without willing nr calling on llio Gineral lo usk him which was lha most luckv nniuljer of eggs lo put in llie necsl, 11 or 1 J eggs: anil it iiluiosl woro hi in to lha skin and lione. 1 believe 011 was ihe only man that wu? utile lo outwoik 1 tic Gineral, und if it iilnl ben that vou w.11 a leetle younger linn I10 was, ho 'd made a tooth pick on you, 'n he did nf priity much all llie re.-t of erratum, But as I said afore, I am ronsidcrnb'e wamblecropt at your leav ing public lite for now that the Ginernl has gono home and jou ton, I feet somewhat cut out. Mr. Van Huron dont seem 10 want my sarvices no how, and I dont complain nl that I did expect 10 oil a chance down east, but he selected Ginernl Scott a man that outranked me all hollow, 113 he doe pietly much every man nowadijs. Ilowsever, Gineral Srolt didnt foigct 1110, nnd mid that if any fighting was to ho done among llie loggers, lie knew who he could count on, und looked ineslinit in the face; and I pat down and writ a letter, marked "confidential" lo ihe 2d Biigade, -nd lell'd 'cm to stand firm, nnd obey no ordeis hut Ginernl Scott's dial it was a national mailer, ami lliat he was a national officer; and when he said " shoulder hoo," then to march nnd follow him to IIolion or Hali fax, or anv oilier beginning with II if lia chose !o lead ; and in way I hoy would not nnlyhinen Fail field, but a ll'tn field, and lluit was more imporinnt. In this, matter of fighting, there is ono thing I always keep my eye on; and I found Ginernl Scolt in the samo wav of thiukiug : and thai is lo depend less nn lolls who say they me icadv lo shed tho lasl diop of their blood, than on folk who 11 ro toady to shed the fi?si diop, Give u man eight dollars a dav lo make speeches in Cnngies, with llie right of fiee poslage, and you hear ennfof lha ' last drop" matleis ; hut when it comes lo camp duly, and raw beef and stale In Aid, and bagnet woik, then die '"first drop" folks have 10 stan' llio racket at S8 a month. I lell'd Gineral Scolt savsl, "Gineral. 1 suppfiVe you would about ns liefs fight as cat, for that is your nalur; but for my pari, seeing as how tilings nrr gelling on remaikn btv smart now all over llio rmintrv, and the s.irinir of 1 hi! year too, and llie new improvements every divandlhe. gicen leaves :ijd gias, aud llie little children all spioiiliug.'-iiuil ihe canals and railionda about half made, and the rotlnii crops jest about bagging, and the hank all gilling into sjede pay mcnts. and eveiy thing looking aliout slick lo say mulling nl out llie sleainhoals crossing the ocean evcrv week it sceiiK to me that a war wont help malteis no how." "I know that," says lie, "major, war is a gieal calamity, and there aim only one thing worse," says he." "U'hal is thai 1" said 1. "National dishonor," said he, straightening up priity nigh like an Aionstnnk pine. "Go ahead, ) 011 eriltur," says I "and if I here is any chopping lo he done down eat, let mo know." Well.yoit see what he ImmIoiio; and all I've got lo say about it thus-far is, ilia!" when you come to think of a in in nigh upon seven foot high and s'rait as a bean pole, and all grit finmone tend 10 1 oilier, and wil ling In work fikn n braver nt nil pinls south and roiilli west, 1101 1I1 und 11011I1 ea-t, and down east, to keep an honoiahlo peace ; and watching like a lins, lo sen llinl llie nation' honor is no wav sited, 1 do ill ink Jim' a war would give me a considerable lioo-t up ill the woild in miliiarv rank, iho man jjio.keeps llio peace is, accoiding lo die good book, iiuiiiju iu ,1 uii.-?ni irpctuiiiy, 11 war la ins trade. There is one thing I think Mr. Van Buren de seiv03 great credit for, and thai is in commanding; llio services ofGinoral Scolt in manage all innttcra of this nalur ; nnd (hero is onlv ono thing moro I think is wauling, and that llie people arc entitled (0. nnd is some one to manage ihe money maltersr. of llie country ns well. I go 011 the principle, that, if a man does right in uing tho best plough he can gel on his farm, nnd sowing tho best grain jest so a I'lesidenl does right in calling into ihe sei vice of llio country (lie best Inleni the counirv has iho people aro emitted 10 il and if paily folks grum ble they should lake it out in giunibling. I 00k at whal parly has done nlreaily fur some years back " scratch ploughing, and smutty crops" but enuf of t hi . I thank you for your kind invitation 10 slop nnd eat peaches wiih jou when (hey me ripe j nnd ns I lemembcr you have got some" capital early apple tires on your farm, I 'II slop und taken bite 011 my wav north, und a chance 111 tho peaches when 1 Lrciurn back, je-t by way of reminding you of old llie bank for jesi so sure, you icinember when 'you li'll'd folks vou iliought penches woiit be ripe' in Sepiember lliey would be down upon you 10 gel a nip of early nppie in June, aud llieu fetch up 011 llie peaches nriervvardj. Tho fact is, squire, i nm desperately arald now that you nnd tho Gineral have boih banted out nnd gone 10 gei somo quiet and i est lha' a good many 011 us vvill have cause in feel that rood limes havo gono by only wilh this dificiencp. that ihe Gine. ... i' ,.,-, ;i. ,..,, r,n, i.i, ,,r'",cr,l. ral's extra work came fiom his notion of "icvvnrd ing liicnds and punching rucinir," and you went on llio principle of f'eding balh and onu was about ns haul as lollicr was. As Amos Kindlo habit j ei got a post office nigh your farm, I send this Inter to iho i. Y. Express, to pi int and scud out, and 1 suppose you'll git il somo how that way lirst , Your friend in old 11H nud times present, Anil lin oa to come, J DOWNING, Alnjor, Dovvningio Militia, 2nd BrigarV. Gon. Ilodsdon, commanding tho "M'no ar. my in tho disputed territory, intcrdips viola tion of tho ija'jbath, prol'ano nveuri'gi &c.

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