Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 12, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 12, 1839 Page 3
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B TO attW& 3f B 3T FRIDAY MORN I N (3, A 1' RI Ij 12. TUB LAKE. Tho worm sun and wind of llio past week ' hnvo dnno their perfect work for Lake Chnmplain, mid wo are now rejoicing ot tho presenco of stcotn-boats, Bloops and other craft, while our wharves nre vocal with tho nolo of busy preparation. The Winoneki came out of tho harbour on Tuesday, and has commenced her regular trips on the ferry. She leaves this port at 9 o'clock in the morning, touches ot Port Kent, Plattshurgh. Grand Isle, Noith Hero and St. Albans, and returns tho same day. The Winooski is a first rato boat of her class amply largo for the present purpose, and will furuish the very bett accommoda tions the nature of the enso admils. She has been repoircd and neatly fitted up the past winter, and, under the management of ono who understands himself so well ns does Capt. Phillips, wo hazard nothing in saying bIio will fully sustain tho high reputation she has heretofore acquired. Capt. Sherman's boat the Buhmngton, and Copt. Lyon's new boat of the same class, Whitehall, are to form the line through the lake. They will be out in all this week and tako their places at each and of tho lake on Monday. These are both superb boats, and we shall take oc casion to apeak of them moro particularly hereafter. CONNECTICUT. Connecticut has immortalized herself. Two years ago tho torics carried the six Congressional districts by an aggregate majority of over 5000. Last year, the Whigs garothem notico to quit, and at the late election havo turned them out in every district by an aggregate majority of near three thousand. See particulars jn another column. FRONTIER. Wo learn from Alburgh, that tho barn of a Mr. Huxley, near tho line, was burned on Sunday night. Tho incendiary was seen, and fired at by Mr. II. but without effect. A despatch has gone to tho Governor in refer dice to this matter. Wo learn from Franklin County that the burnings on that frontier have been suspended for a few days past. Gen. Nason, who has eomo threo or four hundred men under arms at the lino, it is said, has formed a temporary treaty of amity with tho Torics at Mississkoui Cay they agreeing to restrain tho brigands on that side provided the presses aro silenced on this. We, however, havo not as yet received instructions from Gen. N. on this subject! RECRUITING. We had a recruiting sargent from Pitts burgh parading our streets yesterday with a band of music, beating up for recruits. We hope he has been successful, for wo could spare a goodly number of loafers, who, if they would sorvo their country as faithfully aa they do I he devil, would be a great acquisition to the army. "It is nimorn! tlml several elm uses will shortly lake place in i lie cabinet nt Vnsl1in5lrjn. It is said that Messrs. I'orsjlh unci Woodbury will lie sent on foreign mission : that Mr. I'nlnsptt will take the plare of I lie latter; tlint Mr. (imndy wil be appointed I'osimaflcr General, mid Sir Steven eon, present Minister lo I?n"l.iml,u ill take hi place Wegivft the rumor as it win leeeived by letter from Wellington, without votteliinj for its accuracy, which may lie questioned." The above, from the American Sentinel, was copied by tho Globe a few doys since, without note or comment. This circum stance having been alluded to by the Intel ligencer, the Globe replies that tho para graph was sc'ccled for the purpose of con tradicting it ; but the official takes especial care not to make the contradiction, even now. A chango in tho cabinet will soon be made, and tho above was doubtless put forth as a feeler. Whether Mr. Biddlo is to como in under the new arrangement, -does not appear. Death or Hkzkkiaii Niles. WeYeget to learn that this cenl, uhirlt his filends Imc for ome lime anticipated, look plnre at Wilmington, Delaware, a few days since, Ho had been for ecterat jears in declining health, the result of n life of great labor, ns the publisher of the Register, which he published for half a century, and which has rendered hie name immortal. Mr. N ilea was n primer by profesihm, n man ofslrongnnd ardent feelings, of consideiable intent, and of an iudtisiiy so untiring, that ho achieved lesuhs which men of superior Intellect, hut less capable of labor, would have failed lo accomplish. He una besides, of a frank, honorable, independent mid truly republican spirit, simple in his manners nnd habits, affection, ! ntft to his family, liberal lo those whom he employ, ed in lite prosecution of hN Imsine.-, disinterested nnil public spirited. His life win one of steatuse! fu'Sness, nnd few men in our county have done tndre to connect their' names, in no honorable manner, witliltlie public enterprises in which the welfare of sociesty is concerned. JJalt Chron. Navigation resumed on the Urpnn Lakhs. Tho ibctroit Advertiser of March 2Glh says ; Navigation may now bo ennsidorod fairly opon on Lake JSrio abovo Clovoland. Steam boats aio daily ariiving from and donartini? for that port, and considering that it is early in mo season yei, iuu uuiiiy u jircuy gootl business, Tho I'altnor, and t-overal other vessels, will leave for Chicago and other ports on tno Upper Lakes, in a lew days, Notico is given through tho Albany papers that tho water will bo lot into (ho canals on tho 20th Inst. The readout attention is directed to somo valuable ro&l estato advortisod in another column. Th.o vacant lot on has fw equals iq the lower part of tho town. AnvEttTisiNf at Church1 "I nm re quested to givo notice," said the son of a clergyman in n neighboring town tho other day, "that my lather will preach at this place, one week from to-day. Also, that the Union Ball will be held at Staun ton's on Thursday." Fact. M A Jl It I K I In this Inwn on lite 4th int. by Rev. J K. Con vetsc, Mr. Ir.t Ulin lo Miss Sophia E. Fisk. fn Colchester cm Monday last, bv Rev. J. K. Cniuprsc, .Mr. Kiccm.ui Ilullon lo Miss Charlotte Weeks, DIED In Milton, on the '1th ins!. Olive Alexander, nged 7.0 jc.irs. In Unilci hit I on ihcSOih lilt, of consumption, Litcind.i 1. wilo of Dear. E. Frink, iind daughter of Capt. E. Itirge, ngcil 31 jcais. GtiAHAM Stuart, the "wandering piper" who travelled through this country a jcar or two since, died recently in Dublin, having previously made his will, nnd thereby bequeathed nil his prnpcilv for ihetwes nnd purposes of lite Mercer's hospital, in thai rily. At Waterloo, S. C Joseph E. Ciiann, of this place. Mr. Chapin becamo a member of tho University of Vermont at tho samo time with tho present Junior class: but at tho end of the first term, ho was obliged to relinquish his studies, and Roon after to seek tho restora tion of his health by a residenco in a milder climato. lie obtained a situation as a teacher in a privato family at Waterloo, whero his fino abilities and tho retiring modesty of Ilia character won for him many sincere and afl'ec tionato friends. Tho grief incident to his situation as an invalid far from his heart's homo, wcro thus soothed by the assiduities of those around him, av well as by the brightest consolationsof a Christian's faith. liisqtiicl demeanor and the gcntlo innocenco of his heart rendered it imposstblo lor any lo bo Ins enemies; whilo no ono among his many fricntls wilt soon forget tho oxccllcncos of his character, which have called for this hum ble tiibulo to his worth, from a former class mate. In Williston, on tho 1st inst., Mrs. Mary WAKcrnxn, wifo of Mr. .Simeon Wakefield, and daughter of Mr.-John Brown, in tho57lh year of Iter age, of a lingering disease, which she horo with Christian patience Through the whole of her distressing illness, sho was not heard lo murmur at tho dispensation of I'rovtdonco winch called her to suffer so long a time, nod so sovcrly; but felt resigned to the will of God cither for life or death. Hers was truly a Christian's exit : Iter eyes closed in a firm reliance, through her Saviour, of a happy of a blest immortality beyond tho grave and so truly Mad slio been enabled lo overcome tho sling ol death that too grim tyrant lay prostrato at her feet. When the character ol Mrs. Wakefield is contemplated as a Christian, wo find in it all that can bo expected of erring mortality Tho various relations she filled in life, of wife, mother, Iriond and benefactress, wcro (lis. charged by her with christian fidelity. In her, the bereaved family lias sustained a loss irreparable severely afiltctivo lo a kind and affectionate husband and six fond and confi. ding children. May the consolation of divino grnce bt richly enjoyed by these dear and afflicted friends. Communicated by ono long and intimately acquainted with Mis. Wakefield. HERDS GRASS nod Orchard Grats Seeds. Seed spring Wheat nnd seed Barley, lor sale by IIickok & Catlin. PLASTER. OHO Rbl? PLASTER, for sale by April C. Hickok & PIANO. FOR SALE, a second hand PIAXO, enquire ol IIickok & Burlington. April C. 1339. STOTIOE. THE subscriber having' loft the Book business, expects nil those against whom he may havo ncoonts to make immc- unite payment. Hw ofhee will heal the store of M r. D A. B'aman, his successor, whore ho or sonic person authorized in settle his accounts may at nil limns be found. J. W. IIICKOK. Burlington. April 10. 1839. MEZOTINTO BRUSHES & SAU curr', Tlicrum Paper, Drawing p'iper and Pencils, for sale at tho Variety Shop. Pang nniiN &. Bri.ns.maiu. Hay's Liniment. WE in form tlmso customers who aro waiting for this article, that we havo a box of it on Iho way, and expect it hero this week. It cures tho Piles without fail. Wo havo sold all wo had, and no person has in formed us of a failure. It is used for other diseases with cood cfiect. Aprilil. 1 ANononN umnsmaid. Garden Seeds &c. C GOODRICH, has received W. Prince & Son's cataloirties of Gar- don and Flower Seeds, Bulbous Flowering Roots &c. Anv person wishing to exam- ino them can do it nnd any orders led be fore tho Ifiili will be answered, April, II. FOR SALE. nmlE dwu ini? House feSW J- corner of Main 2) Jl 511 3f nnd Pino streets. Imving Si ffl 51 LZ- 1 18 feet front on Main ?y?and 108 feet on Pine. Ono vacant Lot 47 feet front nnd 108 deep on Main street adjoining Mr. S. Hickok's Lot. Ono vacant Lot CO met Iront and llti deep on Pine street, adjoining Mr. T- P otrona n lot. Also, the larao vacant lot corner ol College nnd Pino street, being 0110 of tho mou desirable unoccupied building sites in mo village. Tncproperty being ull between Court House Sounro and thu Lake in rt direct line, affords an opportunity for an investment rarely in the market. Application mmlo to the owner RICHARD W. SHERMAN. On hoard Stcnm Boat Burlington, or a. How-Ann, Jigenl, April 11, 1039. SUPERFINE FLOUR. TTlRESn GROUND, from new Whoat L o! superior qualify. March 22. T. F. & W. L. STRONG, Tons ground Plaster, for ealo by Nov. 21. S. Walkeh & Co. P. FREEMAN' & CO. WHOLESALE DEALERS IN INDIA, FRENCH & ENGLISH SIliK GOODS. , No, a William HI. New York. ARE receiving por lato nrrivnl a supe rior assortment, among which nro Blnck nnd Colored, Figured and Plain Ital inn Ii .ti do Soio and Gros do Naples. Bonnet Silk nnd Satins. Figured and Plain. Plain, Figured ttnd Embroidered Satins, Bombazines, Crapes. Colored, Black and Bluu Black, Silk Vol vets. Fancy Dress Shawls, Zephyr Hdkfs. and Scarfs. Merino, Chenille and Brocho Shawls. Superior assortment Cap, Bonnet, Plain Taffeta and Satin Ribbons, Silk, Lace and Kid Gloves. English and Saxony Thread, Edgings and Lace. Lisle Inserting?; and Edgings, Blond, Wash Blunt!, Wire ground, Figured and 1 lain, Black and While. Black Brussels. Black Lace Veils, willi every variety of Lace in use. Leghorn. Florence and Tuscan, English and American Straw, Satin and Fancy Bonnets. Artificial Flowers, Country merchants oro respocltully in vitcd to CALL and examine. TREES. o.'AW'fffcr.-ias. I HL sub-criber oners .rirfstftxii for inlo 1500 fine thrifty Whito Mulber. ry Trees. They nre of tho Italian Variety tho only kind adapt, cd to this climate three vears old, and just right for transplanting the present season. To persons possessing surplus land of tho requisite quality the present is a favorable opportunity; for it fchould bo borne in mind -that tho present bounty nn silk covors the entire expense of produc tion, The trees will bo disposed of on very reasonable term", for cash or approv ed paper. JOHN L. CORNING. Williston, April ll, 11)39. Gilbert Brewster's Estate. L the subscribers, having been ap pointed by the Hon. the Probate court for the District of Chittenden, com missioners to receive, examine and adjust the claims and demands of nil persons, a gainst the estate of Gilbert Brewster, lato of Pokcpsec, State of New York deceased, represented insolvent, and ulso all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto ; and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed by said court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby give no tice, that wo will attend to the business of our appointment, at the dwelling of widow Lydia IJrewster in St. George in said JJis tnct.on the 30th day of September next at 10 o clock, A.M., of said day. Dated, this 1st day of April, A. D. 1839. ISAAC IMG BEE. ) Cnmmis HORACE FERRIS, sioners. Seneca Tobias' Estate. fTC tho subscribers being appointed by t T 1 tio Hon. tho l'robato Court for H'o District of Grand Isle, commissioners, to re ceive cxamino and adjust all claims and do inands of all persons againsl the estato of Sen eca Tobias, lato of Grand Isle, in said district decoased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in ofiVet thereto; and six months from tho 20th day of February last, being allowed by said court for thai pur pose, wo do theroforo hereby give notice, that wo will attend to the business of our appoint ment, at tho dwelling house of Hiram Tobias in Grand Isle, on tho second Mondays of July and August next, (rum nino o'clock A. M. until four o'clock P M. on uach of said days. Dated at Grand Isle, this 8lh dav of March A. D. 1839. SAMUEL ADAMS. SILAS MACOMBER, CommmVi. SETII HOAfi, ) STATE OF VERMONT, Si DtSHUCT OF CHITTENDEN, SS The lion, the Prolate Court fur the Dis tricl of Chittenden, to all persons con. corned in the Estate of Newton Russell, laic of Lharlotte, in said district, de cerscd. Giieivmno, II ERE AS. Ellias M. Russell admin istrntor of said docca.-ed proposes to render an account of his administration, anil present hia account against snid estate for rxannunlioti nnd allowance at a session ot Iho Court ot f roliale, to be holdcn at iho Registers Office 111 Burlington 011 the 2nd Wednesday ol May next. Therefore, you nro hereby notified to appear before said Court at tho I una nnd place aforesaid, and shew cause if any vou have, why the account ofoic:aid should not bo allowed. Givdn under my hand at Rurlinglon, til is lOlh day of April A. D. 1039. CHARLES RUSSELL. Judge. rjIHE siibscrioors are now receiving 1 J. general assortment of Dry Goods, Wet & Dry Groceries, Crockery, Glass & Hard-Ware. COOKING, PA ULOUR & I)0X STOVES. Iron Hollow Ware. All of which wil! he sold unusually low, for cash, produce or opproved credit. GliO. A VltKS oi Co. Millon Upper Falls. Nov. 17. tf 200 bushels Teas lor sale bv Ij. llAUAIt Shclburn March 15. 1030. NOTICE. THOMAS' Hooks and nccnunts um .are to bu found in the Storo ndjuin iiil' thu Reading Room, underneath II Leavcnsworth's Oflice. Also I ho accounts of tho Auction sules of tho fiirniluro, be longing to the Burlington Hotel. On nil of which immediate settlements must bo mode. WANTED, a few Hundred dollnrs in Canada Money. H, THOMAS. April 3d, MWMIttWMIfltMFaBMMnil UMi BliMMJttl Charlotte FEMALE SEMINARY. rilHE tfummcr term of this Seminary JL will commencu on Wednesday the first day of iTlay. u.vlcr tho feuporintun dnnco of Mis H- Booth, und continue twcnlv three wccliJ- including n vocation of one week nt tho middle of iho term. Conditions iTho .,v"olc expense to the pupil will be twcnty.fivo- dollars n quar ter, with the exception of joshing, for which will bo charged 37 1-2 ,'or dozen. Pupils nru requested to bu present on lc first day of tho term. E. W. GOODMAN, Clerk of the Board of Trustees Charlotte, March 30, ID39. GEO. PETERSON, HAS Jut received a new supply of WINDOW SASH, price 3 1-2 nnd 1-4 els. per light, all kinds ond sizes fur nished lo order nt much lower prices than thoy can bo made bv hand. A fe.v FRESH LEMONS, nnd a good assortment of SHAKER GARDEN SEEDS, now open and for sole. Also n good assortment of other articles for salo low to save moving, ns ho intends to re move to tho south end of the Thomas Ho tel, about the first of May next, where lie will bo glal to receive that generous support winch hia friends and customers have seen fit to bestow on him for tho last eleven years. Burlington, April C. 1839. "Here she goes" "There she goes." "OEAL GENUINE SIMON PURE" "Here she goes there she goes" CLOCKS, for gG,50, go, glO and other prices, lor sale ut the Variety Shop by Pang nonN & BrtiNsMAtr. AUCTION. THE OLD MEETINGHOUSE situat ed in Williston, will he sold to the highest bidder on Saturday, April 13, 1839 at 1 o'clock t'. m. HARRY MILLER. ) -WRIGHT CLARK. ; ELI CHITTENDEN. ymULC' Williston. March 30, 1839. NOTICE. nnlllS is to forbid all persons harboring JL or trusting my wito fc,u.r,Y, on my account, as I shall pay no debts of her contracting after this date. CHARLES CEARS. Siarksboro, Feb IG. 1839. More New Goods at the Va riety Shop. CARVED SHELL & HORN COMBS plain horn and shell side and back Combs, long teeth horn Combs, dressing lyombs tine and coarse. S. a. & S. S S. fine Ivory Combs, Wallets, Boy's double bladcd knives 25 cts each. GENTLEMEN'S COLLARS, BY THE DOZEN. Merchants and others wishing to buy city made,) round Collars, can be supplied at lower prices nt the Variety Shop' than nt anv other place. STOCKS AND BOSOMS In great vu'rioty, received and for sale at the Variety Shop. PANGimnN & Bri.nsmaiu. Commissioners Notice. WL the subscribers being appointed by the Hon. the Probate Court, for the District of Grand Isle. commissioners to re ceive examine and adjust all claims and de mands ot nil persons arrninst the estate ol Wvman Chamberlain lato cf Grand Isle, in said district, represented, insolvent. and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto, and six months from the 10th of February last being allowed by said court, for that purpose wo do therefore hereby ivo notice that wo will attend to the busi ness of our appointment, nt the dwelling houso of the widow of the deceased, in Grand Isle on the first Mondavs of June nd August next, from 9 o'clock A. M. until 4 P. M. on each of said da vs. Dated Grand Isle March 30, 11139. SOLON TOBIAS. ) Co mmis GUV REYNOLDS, sioners. For Academies, Seminaries or Lecturers. A GOOD, powerful Magic Lanthorn with eleven slides, containing thirty Diagrams illti'lrating in a pleasing and in Birtioiivo manner, the interesting subject of ASTRONOMY. The Diagrams, ver tically executed are accompanied wit h 11 compendium of Astronomy by the aid of which the Diagrams can bo explained nnd illustrated to an audience, by a person having little knowledge of Astronomy. The magnifiers exhibit the Diagrams quite large, requiring n canvass six lect squnre. Also, lor small Magic Lanthoros, with Comic Figures, delineated on slides. Variety 6hop. Pangiioiin & Brinsmaip. Finger Rings, Marcb 30. SEVERAL dozen fine finger Rings of various kinds and patterns, just ree'd, Among llieni aro n few heavy, chased fino Gold Rings, 2 dnz. heavy fine Gold plain rings, 2 dnz. Jewellers Gold plain rings. good ones, heavy wide, Jewellers Gold Scale Rings; also for sale fino Gold Rings set with Penrl. Jet, Emerald, Cornelian, Aqua marine, Gold Stone, Cameo, Chrys tal nnd oilier precious stones. New Goods at the Variety Shop, Panohoiin & Buins.maid. Peace, Peace, and no War. (Conic to JJUl'lfUQtOII. The New Spring GOODS have arrived, HOWARD OF THU CHILM CASH STORK, Ii AS just returned from Now York : ant: XX such Ir tho call at his Mora for tho very pretty New Goods, iliat ho has not tiino lo writo an advertisement. No losses on tho $150 Windsor Money oi Faculty Tax of $-100 is Millicicm to volo or clicclc lus go ahead Svstom of up and Doiurr. Quick and Chran. Cheap fur Cash and no imprisonment (or Uciit. March 22, 1839. NOTICE. THIS may certify that I have given mv son JAMES ISUAM I10LDEN, hi limti Irorn Iho first of Jnnunry last, and shall not consider myself holdun for any dcbls ho mny contract after this date, nor shall 1 claim any ol his wages-. IRA HOLD EX. SPUING TUA.I)li-TO THU COUN- try trade! 1 1 Paints, Oils, Dyes, Far nishes, Brushes, Spices, Window Glass and Bronze. Manufacturers articles Twine. Ij"Dnur.' FonmoN and Domestic. .m LA RN ED & CORNING. Whole 6alo Druggists, 227 River 6trcot, op posite Troy House. Aro prepared to offijr (l,0 ir usual inducements to purchasers riinn' fltoCK will not only bo extensive nut conmrie''3 UG most choice variety of articles in tlicir Lorrwood', 500 ''"Is- cut & p round, Fustic, ' '00 1)0 cut & ground, Nic Wnoa, 3b7 do' Redwood. i.f0 ," Camwood, fitf do Cudbear, Sicily, Sun?ac, I"" sanucrs, Anchusa. Persian Berries, i. hingect baf- flownr. Extract Logwood DUTCH O.M1JKO AND CHOP MAD- IJDIt, 25 I1IIDS. OILS Pure Sperm, from best njanifioc torics in New England: in Ilhds. Pipe si Tierces, and Bbls. Foreign Linseed, (our importation) in Pipes and qr. casks. American do. in substantial barrels, Olive Oil in Pipes and quarter casks, fresh. PAINTS, VARNISHES, BRUSHES &c Whito Lead.Eng dry Green Vorditcr Do do ground in Frcncli Green oil, pure Prussian Blue No 1 Do do do ground Do do No 2 in oil 2d Blue Verditcr Do do American Antwerp Blue dry Powdered do Do do do ground Slip Blue in nil pure Black Paint Do do do ground Lamp Black, Eng as- in nil No 1 sorted Do do do ground Do American small in oil No 2 papers Do do do ground Ivory Black. English in oil No 3 Do do American Flako White Frankfort Blacli Parts white Eng Black Lead Do do American Patent Lead Whiting, gliders Do common Chalk Litharge, fine Red Lead Orange Mineral Vermilion, Chinese Do Trieste Do English Red Chalk Whale Oil, refined Do do cnnnion Ncatsfoot oil Spirits of Turpentine Copal Varnish, Coach do do i urniture no l do do do no 2 Japan Varnish Bright do Gum Copal, E I S do African VonotianRcd.Englifh Do do American Shellac Grange India Red Do Garnet Rose Pink Do Liver Spanish Brown, dry Rosin, Pitch, Tar, Do do ground 111 oil 1 urpentino Purple Brown Aspholtum Terra dc Sienna, Eng Pumice Stone Do do American Bath Brick Turkey Umber Vandyke Brown Chrome Yellow French Ochro Vermont do Stone do Kottcn Sono Ground Glass Putty Glazier's Diamonds Gold Leaf Silver do Yellow Ochre ground Copper Bronze in oil Frost ings, all colors French Yellow, do Smalls, Blue Dry Whito Lead Do Green, Black Ground do do No 1 and Brown Do do do No 2 Glass paper Saxony Green Ground point brushes Mineral Green per lb Round Camel Hair Verdigris, dry tool Do, ground in oil Pallet Knives. ESSENTIAL OILS Garden Lavender. Rosemary Peppermint, &c. &.c. in cun- lusters and otherwise. DEMIJOHNS 5.3, 2 & 1 Gallon. WINDOW GLASS 500 Boxes assorted. LIQUORICE PASTE Calabria and rnntillo. DRY SALTERIES-Nitrnteoflron. Ni trate of Load, Nitrate of Copper. Crys tals of Tin, nnd many other articles in this line, imported direct from best Man ufactories. OAKUM, TAR. PITCH-Constnntlv on hand, with other NAVAL STORES TWINE India, Seine do. French and English. DRUGS Turkey Opium, fresh Senna, in bales. Fine Sponge. Together with all the rare Chemicals, French and English, of warranted purity nnd genuineness. PEPPER SAUCE 150 cases "Bird's Eye." Troy. March 0. 1839. Grass Seed. A FEW Biifhelstuperior Western Seed -a ju-t received and for salo at March 15. HOWARDS. GRASS SEED. few Bushels of Grass Seed for sale low by S. WALKER &. Co. A Burlington, Mar. 29. 1839. Canes and Riding Whips. CANES of various kinds. Riding Whips, for Ladies or Gentlemen, somo very ncnt ones, at the Variety Shop. lWNOIIOUN Oi lilttNSMAI I), NEW STORE SIDNEY BARLOW bus received most kinds of GOODS usually kept (except the great western) nt his storo nt Winoos ki Villnge, nnd will bo pleased to sco fricntls and customers. Winoosi;! Villugo, Nov. 1st, 1838. REMOVAL. C. 1IAVNFS HAS removed his fainting Establishment la Collojo.slrect, oast of tho squiiio, whoro tho business will bo oarried on asXibual. PAPER HANGINGS, .lust npancd and for salo a good assortment of Paner Hangings, of tho newest French and A mnriiHn fas linns. tf Burlington,Nov, 30, 11)30. Dissolution of Copartnership. nnilE copartnership hcrotnforo oxUllnjr JL under tho firm of KERN & EVANS, lias tills day oxpircd by Its oivu limitation. Theroforo all persons Indobtcd to tho Into firm will ploaso call and settle their accouhts Irn incdUlcly; nlso, all lo whom iho firm is In. debted will pleaso hand in their bills as soon ns convenient. Tho books will remain in tho samo place, whoro persons wishing to settle their accounts will call. DANIEL KERN, E. E. EVANS, Burlington, March 19, 1C39. N. B. Tho buslno's will bo continued for tho future by E. E. Evans, who hdpesbya, strict attention to business, and liiscndeavor.i to givo satisfaction, to receive a conlinuanou of that patronago hilhorto so liberally bestow cd. R,ASS SBKD. of superior quality, by ?'. F. Sc w. L, StOKQ. March 22, 1039. ifcTSV Bushels Herds Grass Seed, oil C0fi ' signmcn from St, Lawrence, and of fits quality. J, & J. II. Peck ft Co A FARM FOR SALE. OF seven Hundred Acres of Land, with gootl Buildings, said Farm cuts rising two hundred Tons of Hny well watered, a plenty of Wood Land, nnd Pine Oak Timber, with a number of good Orchards, also a fino spring of soft water brought to ,'ie uouso. All will be sold on reasonable ten?'3- tor further information, call on the su bscriber, living on said farm. PRESERVED WHEELER. Now laven. March, 1839. S TO tho 1 ton. tno l'rouat3 court lor tho District of Chittenden, The under signed John Ali' Wcstford, guardiariof Nchcmiah Dolmen nnu iicman a. Hoitnes, both of said Weitfo rd, male minors under the ago of twenty one" years, comes and shows to said court that the said Nohemiah is seized in his own right In fee of the All. lowing described parcel of lond lying and being sltuato in said csnpru viz. rjo ginning at a slake and stones in the easier. ly lino or lot No 42. in the seconu division, of the right of Michael Butler, twenty two chains 33 links northerly from the south corner ol snid lot; thence north 20 dcgroeB, cast on the cast line of said lot, six chains and three links; thence north, 70 deg. west 28 chains to a stake standing in the west lino of said town; thence south 3G deg. west, six chains and twelve links to a stake. thenco in a straight line to the first men tioned bounds, containing seventeen acres and 'half an acre also, of an undivided portion of (he buildings standing, on tho farm owned and occupied by the late Adam Holmes in said Wcstford, at the time ot the said Adam's decease. And that the said Heman A. Holmes if seized in his own right in fee of the follow ing described parcel of land, lying in said Wcstford, and described as folluws; vizt beginning at a stake and stones on tho east line of said lot. No. 42, seven chains and fifty links southerly from the north east corner of said lot ; thence north 70. west 2G chains to a stake in the west lino of said lown of Wcstford: thenco south 3G west on laid town line seven chains thirty nino links to a stake ; thence south 70& east 28 chains to a Make and stones standing in east line of said lot; thenco north 20 east on said line, seven chains and twenty two links to the first bounds containing nineteen ocrcs and half an acre. Also, of an undivided share of tho buildings standing on the farm of the late Adam Holmes, late of said Wcstford, And your petition further shows that a sale of said lands would be conducive to the best interests of his said wards. He therefore nrays said court, to authotizo and empower him to sell the 6aid described lands agreeably to the statute in such case made and provided. Dated at Burlington, this 2Glh day of March, 1839. JOHN ALLEN, Guardian of Nehemiah and Heman A. Holmes. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Tho Hon. District of Ciiittenocn, ss. J tlio probato Court for tho District of Chittenden, to all persons concerned or interested in Iho Estates of Nchcmiah Holmes and Heman A. Holmes, both of Wcstford, in said District, malo infants under tho ago of twenty onoycars. WHEREAS John Allen of said Wcstford, guardian of tho said Nehemiah and Heman, having on tho 20lh day of March, 1839, filed in said probato court tho foregoing petition. Whereupon tho court aforesaid doth assign the 22d day of April next, for a hearing in tho premises, at tho officu of tho Register of said Court in Burlington, in said district, and doth order that notico thereof bo given to all persons concerned in tho elates of tho said Nchcmiah and Heman by publish ing tho substance of iho foregoing petition togothor with this order, two weeks succes sively in tho Frco Press, a newspaper printed at IJurliiigton, in tho county of Chittenden; tno last oi which publications lo bo at least two weeks previous to tho said 22ud day of April 1839. Theroforo you aro hereby notified to appear befuto said Court at the time and placo aforo said, and shew cause, if any you liavo, whir the said John Allen, guardian as aforesaid, should not bo licensed and ompoworcd to soil Iho lands described in tho foregoing petition. Given under my hand nl Burlington in said district this 20lh day of March 1839. Wm. WESTON, Register. CLOTHING, &C. THE subscriber acknowledges past fe vers with grntitulo, and would say that he continues tlio Tailoring Trade in nil its branches. He has for sale a great variety of READY MADE suitablu for tho present season; also, a great many other useful articles. I'leaso cnll for that which catinol bo bought else where. Clothes very Neatly CLEANED nnd REPAIRED on short notice, Clothing exchnitged or taken for Pay. C. BBNNS. Pearl St.. Nov. 1830. tf To Wood Choppers. GREEK'S AXES A SUPPLY of the nbovo celebrated Axes, just received, and for sale by the dozen or single, by tho subscriber. ROBERT MOODY.

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