Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 19, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 19, 1839 Page 3
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Intelligence ofour movement." In relation to llie N. E. Houndary Mcmi lo have created but little apprehcniion In London. The menage of Presi dent Va UunKN was irgarded n pacific mid alitfactory ; nnil llie fooling on llio question much more tranquil und quiet tlian ivc hud tiny reason to nnttcipaie. London, nlnrch 10. In iheHoufeof Commons Sir S. Canning, with refeience to llio leccnl collision which wan icpoilrd to hare taken place upon llie bmiml.iiy br-iueen the itnteof Maine ami our province of N. Hiiinvnk, wa rle'iroiu lo know wliellicr Laid P.ilinetnoii t...r.i inr.iiiiipil of llie cotitfc which tin; Atncti. can Government pin.iuM-tl lo take in nonjcqiiencu of irunwsipiinii. He 11U0 wirlicil to 1)0 iiifuriiieil wlii;llier iliero was iiuv leasonalilo probability of llie ncotialions wlimli nan now new cm Tying on for eight jenis f'' llie settlement of t 111 qursuon of tlifputeil teiriioiy ucmg uiuugni iu Miusi.ii.iuiy leiininatioii 1 Lord Piilmcistnn staled in reply, " it was not el in tils power to stale wltal course llie Amer ican Government intended to puisne. Ho would he, however, fully justified in slating dial tho most friendly disposition towards ihls country pievaileil in that quarter." ... , , Sir S. Canning, "What is the dun oMIie Communication 'n whirh the noble Lord lefers V Lord Palmerston replied, "ihat he did not re. member the exact dale, hul llio communication had reached by n rapid conveyance (ih Oimi West, ern.) He could nni say whether the remit of Urn negoliaiions referred (o by ihn Hon. gentleman would be satisfactory or not i hul ihn he could say, thai both Goerntnenl were animated by n most ierlotis desire lo obtain such n result. Tho leiinrs from London nil ogroc in Buying that the, English ministry are en tirely averse to war, nnd that no serious apprehension is felt ol'sucli nn event in llie money circles, though the possibility of uch an event has created a good deal of motion. The London Morning Chronicle, amment nanor, of March 21 st. eays- gov " the intelhgcnce from the United States, is. on the whole, of u satisfactory character. Notwithstanding the deposition of the cili sens of Maine, and t ho opprehensinn which a portion of the Americnn press cntortains that some hasty nnd inconsiderate pro ceedings of that Slate may precipitate events, wo ore strongly disposed to confide in the central government without whose approbation it is scarcely possible Hint a goncral collision should take place. Whero t lie deposition is in manifestly good.wcarc justified in anticipating a peaceful issuo " The following are extracts from the London tnry papers of March 21. The Morning Herald remarks, in the course of a lending article on tho subject eif the American boundary question : -"A war between Great Britain nnd the United Stales, would appear to be inevitable. At all events nothing can prevent war except most amicable preparations nn the part of i his country to guard the notional Honor from violation, Htitl lo maintain nt nil lioz rd the dominion of England over her North American colonics." Tho Morning Post, in allusion to the i American boundary qtietst'uin, ays "We own that if wo go to war wiih the United J Stntes, our loss must he much greater than 'that of ordinary war. but not so great as that it should frighten us from our national rirrhts. Wc are not insensible nor unmitiU ' ful, nor careless of tho loss of our trade; but belter lose any thing than our national '-houor. FRANCE. Returns of the election in tho various departments had been received, and the imposition journals claim a majority in the chamber ol deputies ol fifty three votes. The Minister, finding themselves in nority, tendered their resignations to the Kmc on the Qui ol March. Ureal Delay had taken place in the formation of tho new coalition ministry. The Loudon pa periof the 10th Elate that the cabinet would be composed as follows: Marshal bnult Minister of Wnr and President ; Theirs, of Foreign Affairs; Pussy, of the Interior Ilumann, of Finance; Dnpin, of Justice nd religion; Duperre. of Marine; Du faure, of Commerce; Sauzet, of Public Works; and Villcmain of Public Instruc 'Hon. Mr. Pnpinean had nrrived in Paris and 'been warmly received by the liberals. FROM THE FRONTIER. Affairs on our frontier have, perhaps, .assumed a more quiet appearance since our latt, there has been no burning. Doubt- 'less this is owing in a great tncasuro to the . presence and watchfulness ol our militia, who have, in several instances, frustrated the plans of llie incendiaries. Tho almost 'nightly disturbances of our guard, we fear, will yet lead to serious consequences. On Thursday morning, ubout 3 o'clock, Capt. Caldwoll's guard, stationed at John sons, were fired upon by three men, who immediately fled. Their firing, however took no effect. On Friday night the guard, slat lotied near Shetlers, were some, what molested. A correspondent at Saxe's JMille. (Highgatp) speaks of it as follows; The guard on tho outpost, obout 11 o'clock, saw u man prowling ubout in the lots among st.ino scattering trees, near tho post. The guard hailed him, upon which llio man snapped liis gun. The guard Mien fired without effect. Nothing more was seen .till about 12 o'clock, when two men were discovered about tho same place. Our guird hailed them, nnd foronswer received the discharges of I wo guns. Our guard -then relumed the fire, discharging three Suns, but still without any effect, though they came very near. Having no mine catridges with them they returned to the house af'.cr ammunition. When they te. tired they heard (he men eoy, 'they have left.' The guard and others returned to the spot, but could discover nothing. About S o'clock tho picket saw a man ap preaching, when he hailed htm, but icceiv. cd no.aiiHwer, ho then snapped his gun but it flashed in tho pan. Tho nun iiiitncdi. otely disappeared into the woods. On Saturdoy night there was enmo dia turbancc. Ono of our guard seeing a sua picioue person b short distance off, hailed him, whereupon a gun was discharged, which was immediately returned by the guard, and probably without effect. Franklin Messenger. .muiis. i ui uaunua, arrivcu in r ii ... .f n i . Ptrii March 9th. and attended M. Lafitto's soiree the next evening, whero ho was lion of tho first water, and introduced to ell the liberate-. New Youk, April 13. The week bag been devoted lo politics. The exciicinenl has been very arcal, so mtieli so, us In inlerlero consiuerahlv Willi business. The Election ii now over, n ml things will lake their accustomed channel. 'I'll" news fiom England is six days later, Tho nthunc.e nn Cullnii, and extensile sales, mo Important. Mitch later news by ilin (heat Weslein is hourly looked for. As she will bring something relating lo llio (Maine boundary question her arrival will be iinporlriiit. The Iniclligcitr.e lintn I lie riotilh is not of a favoniblo character ; the lightness of llie Money Maiket llieie lias nn effect lieie. The Canal will open in n few das, when (ho gient western transportation will commence. DEATH or BENJAMIN SWAN. Wo perform a molaiicholly duly in announ. cing tho decease of Bl'njamin Swan, Esq. who died nt his residence in Ibis town on Thursday tho lllh inst., atliio ago ofsoventy six years. It is nrcdlcus to say I hat ho was universally respected nnd beloved. No mun was over more highly esteemed by tho people of this state, ami no man was more doscrving, nunc inoro faithful, nono moro honcat. Woodstock Mercury. A Miser's uxfi.ections. On affixing his signature tu his Will, he uttered a deep drawn sigh nnd exclaimed in a sor rowful voice, "Mine Golt ! is dis ull whnl n long life come In? For lirly or forty years since I arrived nt Bristol, I gave initio lime and labor and judgment, droadg. nig liko n shlnve, and denying myself nil holidtivs, and luxuries and comforts, dat I chrnpo togcdiler, by hook and by grook, n handsome property ; and in von little mo ment, vid.vun 6tnglu sgiolch of mine pen, it shall all pass nway vrom mo for cber nnd eber, and auodcr shall enjoy it : houses and stocks nnd debts nnd bills, I must leave (I cm all pchind. Du is what makes it bo bitter to die. TEMPEKANCK MEETING. Tho Mcetini! of llie !liirlin&(on Temperance Society stands adjuurned to I'lid.iv, t lie 19lh inst., at Co cloik I . ill., in llio (;ourt House COKNEIt STONE. Tho corner Stone of llie Mcihmlist Episcopal 'h.ipel (wilh the leave of Pinvidcnce) will ho aiil at Essex Centre, on the 25' Ii Inst,, ut one o'clock I'. M. An ailihess suited to I tic orcasion may be cxpee.ird fioin lite '.lev. Cjiih Pi nulla of ihelliurn. I lie pitnlK! am lespecilullv mviteu to alli'iid. I!v mdi'i of llie liuildiug Couimiltco. A'sscx, April 17, 1S3U. l 1 1: i) In Madrid. N. V., April 9, 1S39, Rev. James l'a lor, nin of De.i. Nthemi.ili I'uvlui', foimeily of Vermont, in the SSili onr of his age, "He tell .ipteep," NEW ARRANGEMENT. nplIE subscriber having recently pur JL chased (he 6tnck of Books ami Sta tionery belonging lo James W. Hickok, would inform lu friends and iho public. hat tho business will be continued as usual nt the old stand. A general assortment of nil thu different School Books in use in this part of tho country, in Academies. Seminaries, and Colleges, may be had low lor cash at wholesale or retail. Mtscella. neons works, comprising both English out) American Literature, may bo found in rich! variety As Ins stock wih bo replenished from tune to lime, notice will bo given in due form of such publications ns nru new and interesting, for tho benefit ol hi customers. D. Av BRAMAN. Burlington, April 17. HJ39. DISSOLUTION. T' II E late firm ol" D. &. D. A. Kimiiai.l is tins day dissolved bv mutual con sent. The business of llio firm will be closed by D. Kimball, jr. who rrquests all persons interested to call immediately and uiljust ilieii- accounts. He, or sumo one authorised to transact business for him, will be in attendance at tho market house dur ing the forenoon, for Iho purpose of clostrg uu the concerns ol the partnership. D KIM HALL. Jr. 1). A. KIMBALL. Burlington, April 15, IU39. The business will bo continued at the old stand by D. A. Kimball, who respect fully asks a continuance of the liberal pat' ronago heretofore given. li'rM e. tf.VJ? fP.Y. m (F TeVv li are now opening a lew of our spring goods, and will in n few days be nbli! io show a splendid assortment of merchandise, selected with great care, ex pressly for our retail trade. We have a great variety of thread laces, and edgings. white and black wash ulouu, a new urticle lor cap lace; muslin edgings, ant) insert ings; blunt! edgings ; linen cambric hand kerchiefs; fancy dress handkerchiefs and scurfs; ladies' plaiu cravats; gentlemen's heavy blnck Italian cravats, gro de Swiss, Italian, and puu de sou sillu; serge; snltn vesiings, satin ribbons, pongee and mixed camlet silks, pongee and English silk hand kerchiefs, gloves, and hosiery, &c. &o. LATHROP & 'POT WIN. April 19, 1U39. Spring Bonnets. A FEW cases, fashtouuble Eng. straw, Florence, oriental collage, colored do. and Leghorn Braid Bonnets. AUo, Flowers, Victoria droops, nnd wreaths, for trimmings with a large a6- sort (nmit of sprintr bonnet ribbnn. just ro ceivcd by LATHROP & POTW1N. April 19. Groceries. Q( Ilh (Is pure Boston N. E. Rum. 5 do St. Croix Rum. 1 do Cherry Ruin. Holland and Baltimore Gin. Cog. and Spanish Brandy. Mulnga, Marseiles. and Sictlv Md. Wines. Puro Port und Made, ria Wince, Old Sherry. Chainpnignu. &c. LATHROP &. POTVVIN. April 19. II ATS. riUlE subscriber ha6 X received Iron.) New York iho spring form, und now offers for Ealo II A TS ihat will pleasa Gcnllo- men who can bo pleased with u first tato article. C. A. SEYMOUR. Pearl nt., Burlington, ) April 17, 1039. PLASTER. 900 nb,s- PLASTER, for sale by w April 0. Hickok & Catlin. T.unv A linn's IT.ctntn . , , , i 11 u "lu cuum-iuhi n imnny ."(' f T nninlcd by the Ilnn. Ihn Pruboto Court for llio District of-Grnnil Isle, Com missioncrs lo receive exnmino nnd adjust nil claims and detnunds of nil persons against the estate of Lucy Allen late of South Hero, in said district deceased tes tate, represented insnlvenl, nnd also nil elnims and demands exhibited in offset thereto ; anil six months from tho 10th day of March A. D. 1039, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give noltco that wo will attend to tho business of our appointment, at the dwelling Iioimo of Gilbert Allen, in said South Hero on the 9lh dnv of July A. D 1839, from nine o'clock A. M. till four o'clock P. M. Dated at South Soutli Hero, this 15th day ofAnrll, inf?9. WILLIAM PHELPS.? Wm. A. BURNET. Comm STATE OF VERMONT, IMSTIUCT OV CHIT'IT-NDES', BS The Probate Court, fur the District of Ciltcndcn. to alt persons In wlium these prtinits shall come, Giikktino. HENRY P. HICKOK, of Burlington in said district, guardian of Mortimer C. Bucll, a male infant undhr the oro of twenty one years, and of Marin A. Buell, a female infant under I he age of eighteen years, both of said Burlington, having re presented to this court, that tho said Mor timer C. and Maria Anro seized in their own right, in fee, ns tenants in common of n certain parcel oflnnd containing about fifty acres, and lying on the Shelburn road in iatd Burlington, suljoiiniigtha farm of Theodore Catlin ; nnd that, a sale of said land would bo conducive to tho best inter ests of his naid wards, and praying said Court lo grant him license, and empower him to sell tho same. Where, (ho court aforesaid doth assign the 15th, day of May next for a hearing in the prcmiecs, nt jho otfico of tho Register of this Court, in Burlington; nnd doth or der that notice thereof be given by publish- ing this order, (containing the substance of said petition,) in tho Free Press, n newspa per printed nt Burlington in the county ol Chittenden, two weeks successively," the last of which publication to be not less than two weeks previous to thu 15to dav of May, 1 039. rjTl Given under my hand and the j'L'1 st;ul said Court this fourth day of April, 1839. Wm. WESTON, Register STATE OF VERJUOjYT,) DISTIllCT OF CHITTENDEN, t . The Prolate Court for the district of Chit lenden, to all pcrsuns to whom these pres ents shall come. Uiiektino. J AMES DOUGHERTY olMiltouin snitl dUlrtct, guardian of Emily Drake of said Milton, a f'emalo infant under the age of eighteen years, having represented lo this court, that- tho said Emilv Drake is seined in her own rirjht. in fee. lo tho fol lowing described tracts or parcels of land lying and being situate in said Milton, to wit; one hundred and ton acres of land being all of lot No. 5. in the first division aftatd town, and a small part of lot No. 38 in t ho same division, sixty acres of which laud was deeded by Elijah Drake to Ly man DraUe. and the other tilty acres wa deeded by Jabez Struler lo said Lymon Drake, as by the records of said deeds recorded in the town clerks office in said Milton, will appear, and to which reference is made. Also one other pirco of land containing five acres, lying nearly opposite Eunice Everests dwelling house, and adjoining land now or formerly owned bv Lllsh Ashley, being part ol lot No. 07, in the second division of said town. Aiso one other piece of land, contain ing one eighth of an acre, on which stand the Store foimerly owned and occupied by Lyman Drake, late of said Milton, deceased being oUo a part of Iho same lot numbered sixty seven ; and Ihat u sale of lands would bo conductvo lo llie best interest of his said ward, and praying said court to grant him license, nnd empower him to sell the same. Wherefore, llio court aforesaid doth assign Ihe 15th. day of May next, for a hearing in the premise?, at the ofliic of the Register of this court in Burlington, and order that notice thereof be given, by pub lishitig this order, Ihat notice thereof bu given, by publishing this order (containing the substance of sntd petition,) in the Free Press, u newspaper printed nt Butlington in thu county of Chittenden, two weeks successively, the last of which publications to be not less than two weeks previous to the I5th of May, 1039. . : -, Given under my hand, and the j L.S. j seal ol said court this 15th dav :J of April 1839. Wm. WESTON. Register. HERDS GRASS and Orchard Grass Seeds, Seed spring Wheat antl seed Barley, lor sale by Hickok & Catmn. PIANO. FOR SALE, a second hand PIANO, enquire of Hickok & Catmn. Burlington, April C, 1U39. 1TOTIOE. THE subscriber liuving left tho Book business, expects all those againa whom he may have occnuts to moke imme diate payment. His office will boat the store of Mr. D A. Brainan, his successur, where ho or 6omo person authorized to settle his accounts may ot nil limes be round. J. W. HICKOK. Burlington, April 10, 1039. Hay's Liniment. inform those customers who am wailinir for this article, that WO liriVn n box of it on tho way, and expect il hero this week. It cures the Piles without fail. Wo havo sold all wo had, and no person has in. formed us of a failure, Jt is used for other diseases with good effect. AprilM, PANaaonN & BniNSMAio. NOTICE. riIIIS is to forbid ull persons harboring X or trusting my wifo Sally, on my account, ai l slmll pay no contracting after this (IhIo. debts of her CHARLES CEARS Slarkeboro, Feb 10, 1030, P. FREEMAN' fit CO.

WHOLESALE DEALERS IN INDIA, FRENCH & ENGLISH SIIiK GOODS. , .Vo. U William Ut. JVeto York. ARE receiving per Into arrivals a supe rior assortment, among which aro Black nnd Colored, Figured and Plain Ital in ii Pmi tie Sum and Gros du Naples. BiinnclSilk and Sat ins. Figured nnd Plain. Plain, Figured did Embroidered Satins, Bumbuziues, Crapes. Colored, Black and Bluo Black, Silk Vol- vols. Fancy Dross Shawls, Zephyr Hdkfs. and bcnrls. Merino, Chenille and Broche Shawls. Superior assortment Cap, Bonnet. Plain Taffeta and Satin Ribbons, Silk, Lace and Kid Gloves, English and Saxuny Thread, Edgings and Laeo. Lisle Inscrlings and Edging's, Blond, Wash Blond, Wire ground, Figured and Plain, Black and Wliite. Black Brussels. Black Lace Veils, wilh every variety of Linco in use. Leghorn, Florence and Tuscan, English and American Slrau;, balm and Fancy Ilnnnets. .artificial Flowers, Country merchants aro respectfully in vited to CALL nnd examine. 1HL subscriber otters fur sale 1500 fine thrifty While Mulber. ry Trees. They arc of the Italian Variety the only kind adapt. cd to this climate three years old, and ,111st right for transplanting the present season. To persons possession; surplus land of tho requisite quality the present is lavorab.e opportunity; for it should be borne in mind that tho present bounty on covers the entire expense of produc tion. Ihe trees will be disposed of on very reasonable leruw, for cnh or npprov- d paper. JOHN L. CORNING. Willislon, April II. 1 IJ39. Charlotte FEMALE SEMINARY. THE Summer term of this Seminary will commence on Wednesday llie first day of May. under the sunerintcn dance of Miss II Booth, and continue twenty three weeks, including a vacation of one week nt tin middle of the term. Conditions: The wholo expense to the pupil will bo twenty. five doliarsa quar ter, with the exception of washing, for which will bo charged 37 1-2 per dozan. Pupils nre requested (o bu present on Ihcjirsl day of the term. E. W. GOODMAN, Cleric of the Board of Trustees Charlotte, March 30. 1039. GEO. PETERSON, TTAS Just received n new supply of JLJL WINDOW SASH, prico 3 1 -2 and 1-4 cts. per light, all kinds and sizes fur nihed to order at much lower prices than they can be made bv hand. A fe.v FRESH LEMONS, and n good aesnriment of SHAKER GARDEN SEEDS, now open and for sale. Also good assortment of other articles fur salu low to save moving, as ho intends lo re move to tho south end of tho Thomas Ho tel, about the first of May next, whero he will be glad to receive that generous support winch his friends and customers have seen fit to be-tuw on him for tho last eleven years. Burlington. Anril 0. 11139. G!!ASS of superior quality, by T. F. S W. L. STONG. March 22. lf!39 HE subscribers arc now receiving a gi'iieral assortment of Dry Goods, Wet & Dry Groceries, Crockery, Glass & Hard-Ware. COOKING, PA KLOUR & BOX STOVES. Iron Hollow Ware. All of which wil! be sold unusually low, for cash, produce or approved credit. GEO. AYRE3 & Co. Milton Uppt Fulls. Nov 17. If Garden Seeds Sec. C GOODRICH, has received W Prince & Sun's catalogues of Gar den and Flower Seeds, Bulbous Flowering Roots iv.c. Any person wishing lo exam tne them can do it and any orders left be fore the HJili will be answered. April, II. FOR SAIiE. 9ti rnUE dwelling House JL corner of Maui and Pine streets, having 1 1(1 feet front on Main und 100 feet on Pine. Onu vacant Lot 47 feet front and 100 deep on Main stroet adjoining Mr. S. Htckok's Lot. Ono vacant Lot GO feel front and 110 deep on Pino street, adjoining Mr. T. F. strong's lot. Also, llio largo vacant lot corner of College nnd Pino aircet, being ono of the most desirnbli! unoccupied building sites in iho village. Theproperty being nil between Court House Square and tho Lake in a d'.rect line, n fiords an opportunity for on investment rarely in ihe market. Application made to the owner RICHARD W. SHERMAN, On hoard Stenm Boat Burlington, or S. E. IIovaui, Agent, April 12, 1039. SUPERFINE FLOUR. 'TIRESII GROUND, from new Wheat - of superior qunliiy, March 22. T. F. & W. L. STRONG. HTl llM. core, Tliorum Paper, Drawing paper and Pencil, for sale nt Iho Variety Shop. PANGnoRN tSt Bri.nsmaid. .I A JJ rr t PKING TliAlJE TO THE COUN try trade! ! .'Paints, Oils, Dyes, Var nishes, Rruihes, Spices, Window Ulais and lironzc, JIunufacturcrs articles Twine. ILr,Dnuo FonutCN ano Domesticcd LARNED & CORNING. Whtrlu snlo Druggists, 227 River street, op posite Troy Houso. Aro prepared In oiler their usual inducements to purchasers Thoir slock will not only bo extetisivo but comprise tho most choice variety of articles in their Jinc. DYE WOODS. Logwood, 500 bbls. cut & e round, Fustic, 00 do cut & ground, Nic Wood, 300 do Redwood, 150 do Camwood, 50 do Cudbear, Sicily, Sumac, Red Sanders, Anchusa, Persian Berries, Mungeot Saf- flower. Exlroct Logwood DUTCH OMimo AND CHOP MAD- DElt, 25 IIIfDS. OILS Pure Sperm, from best manufac lories in New England; in Iihd-t. Pipes, Tierces, and Bbls. Foreign LinsecJ, (our importation) in Pipes and qr. casks. American do. in substantial barrels, Ohvo Oil in Pipes and quarter casks, fresh. PAINTS, VARNISHES, BRUSHES &c White Lead.Eng dry Green Verditer Do do ground in French Green oil, pure Prussian Blue No 1 Do do do ground Do do No 2 in oil 2d Blue Verditer Do do American Antwerp Bluo dry Powdered do Do do do ground Slip Bluo in ml pure Black Paint Do do do ground Lamp Black, Eng as- in oil No 1 sorted Do do do ground Do Amoricansmall in oil No 2 papers Do do do ground Ivory Black. English in ml No 3 Do do American Flake While Frankfort Ulack Pans white Eng Black Lead Do do American Patent Lead Whttin gilders common Whale Oil. refined Do do cnmiiou Neulsfoot oil Do Chalk Litharge, fine Spirits of Turpentine Cupal Varnish, Coaoi Red Lead Orange Mineral do do Furniture no 1 do do do No 2 Japan Varnish Bright do Gum Copal. E 1 S do African Vermilion, Chinese ) Iricsto Do Englihh Red Chalk Venetian Red, English Do du American Shellac Grange India Red Do Garnet Rose Pink Do Liver Spanish Brown, dry Rosin, Pitch, Tar, Do do ground in oil Turpentine Purple Brown Asphalium Terra de Sienna, Eng Pumice Stona Do do American Bath Brick Turkey Umber Vandyke Brown Chrome Yellow French Ochro Vermont do Stone do Rotten Sune Ground Glass Putty Glazier's Diamonds Gold Leaf Silver do Yellow Ochre ground Copper Bronzo in oil Frosiings, ull colors French Yellow, do Smalts, Bluo Dry While Lead Do Green, Black Ground do do No 1 and Brown Do do do No 2 Glass paper Saxony Green Ground paint brushes Mineral Green per lb Round Camel Hair Verdigris, dry tools Do, ground in oil Pallet Knives. ESSENTIAL OILS-Garden Lavender, Rosemary Peppermint, Sic. &c. in can nistors nnd otherwise. DEMI.TOHNS-5. 3, 2 & 1 Gallon. WINDOW GLASS 500 Boxes assorted. LIQUORICE PASTECalabria and Tuntillo. DRY SALTER1ES Nitraleof Iron. Ni trato of Lead, Nitrate of Copper. Crys tals of Tin, and many other articles in this line, imported direct iruin bust Man ufactories. OAKUM, TAR, PITCH-Constanilv on band, with other NAVAL STORES TWINE India, Seine do, French and English. DRUGS Turkey Opium, fresh Senna, in bales. Fine Sponge. Toijelhcr wilh all iho rare Chemicals, French and English, of warrau'.ed purity nnd genuineness'. PEPPER SAUCE-150 cases "Bird's Eve." Trov. March 3. 1039. Grass Seed. A FEW Bushels superior Weslern Seed just received and for sale at Miireh 15. HOWARDS. Canes and Riding Whips. CANES of various kinds. Riding Whips, for Ladies or Gentlemen, soma very neat ones, at ihe Variety Shop. Panohohn & Uiu.NSMAin. A FARMFOlifSACisI OF seven Hundred Acres ot Land, with gontl Buildings, said Farm cuts rising two hundred Tons"of Hay, well watered, a plenty of Wood Land, and Pmu Oak Timber, with a number of good Orchards, also a fine spring of soft water brought to the Houso. All will bo sold on reasonable terms. For further information, call en the subscriber, livtnrr on saitl farm. PRESERVED WHEELER. Now Haven March. 1039. G CLOTHING, &C. THE subscriber acknowledges past fa vors with gratitute, and would sny that ho continues the Tailoring Trade in all its branches. Ho has for sale a great variety of READY MADE suitablu for the present seusun ; nlso, n grcut many other useful articles. Please call fur that which cannot bo bought oIpp where. Chillies very Neatly CLEANED and REPAIRED on short notice, Cluihing exchanged or taken for Pay. C. BENNS. Pearl St.. Nov. 1030. if Husliels Herds Grass Seed, on con signuicnf from S. Lawrence, and of fits quality. J. Ic J, II. Pi'.ck te Co. 200 bushels Peas for salo by L. M. II AGAR. Shelburn March 15, r039, OFI'WT'S LIFE MEDICINES most important functions of life are sus pended, and those who nru invalids by Mi lierttatint! or imprudence are reduced lo a deplorable statu of nervous debility, they should not even then despair, I't.r it is not in despair that relief can bu found. No. Let them first look around, and, laying asido ull prejudices, ask themselves (hi question "If rny physician cannot help me. is his reputed skill my only resort?" Perhnps nt dial moment tho heading of I hia advertisement, 'Muffin's Lil'o Medi cines,' would catch the rye nnd were I hey in truth divested of foolish prejudices, they might perilous, bo induced tu iuquiru whether Mr. Mufml'a theory and trcutiuent of diseases differed from that of their own physicians. They would than learn that it did differ, and very widely, and with moit happy results, too. Iflhey pursued ihctr inquiries still fur ther, (hey would find llmt nil practising phyicians of the present day prencribu MERCURY, in some form, for almost ev ery disease, and I hey would learn, too, that mercurial medicines, lhoti"li they give pres. cnt relief, undermine the constitution, and always leave the patient in a precarious state of health. A C. OOI) VnGETAB IE MEDICINE is JUSt tho reverse of (ill this. For hundreds of yearn before scourge of mankind, 'Mercury,' was employed in the healing art. Physi cians used nothing hut herbs. Even tho bible recommend ns the 'fkilfol physician' he who prepare! Ii his medicines from herbs. Witness Ecclesinsttctis, diap. xxtu. V. 3. The skilful physician shall lift up his head ; and in the sight if the great men he sltall be in admiration. V, Fur he hath prepared his medicines out of the IJERHS f the earth, and h that is wise will not abhor them. Moffat's Vegetable Life Medicines pos sess qualities ol the musi mild and benefi cial ualure. They are composed of arti cles llie most antt putrescent, combined with ingredients known as the only certain an litlote for fevers of every description When the disease is produced either from cold, obstruction, bad air, swampy and camp situations, or putrid miasmi whether malignant or epidemic, or by other causes, these medicines urn certain in their opera tion or effects. They ore possessed of pe culiar qualities which not only expel nil dicase, but at the same time restore and invigorate the system. When fi'St taken into the stomach, they immediately dilTusu themselves liko vapor through every pore, producing effects at once delightful salutsry end permanent. When the spark of lift.' begins to grow dim. the circulniion languid, and the faculties paralyzed, these medicine are found to give a tone lo the nerves, ex lulerate tne animal spirits, invigorato tho body, and re-uniinil'te the whole man. The Life Medicines huvc also been used with the most happy success in Ner vous and Dyspeptic diseases, Consumption, Asthma, Liver Complaint, Rheumatism, (chronic and inflammatory) Dropsies, &c. &c. For full particulars, tho reader iainvitod to call at Mr Mofijl's office. 3G7 Broadway and receive a copy of the Good Samaritan, published gratuitously. The following letters are lately selectod from ii very large number winch Mr MufiV. has lately received from different parts of the United States. Mr. Moffat Dear Sir: It is with sincere pleasure that I venture to address you, to thank you for the benefit I hove received from your medicines'. My complaint whs salt rheum, for which I have tried noarly all the medicines which were ndvortised in the newspapers. I, however received no relief from any of t hem. Since I wast shown your Good Samaritan, winch in duced me to try your medicine. When I applied to you. my leg and arms were so bad that they looked like raw beef, and were covered wilh scars ; but alter taking a 25 cent box of your pills, the dead skin began to scale off, and so continued until I was entirely cured. It is now four mouths since I was' cured, and I have had no re. turn of ihe complain'.. I have recommend, ed your medicine to several person, and advise all alllictcd with the salt rheum lu try it. Respectfully, your oh't servant, M. CLEOVEll. I3ih St., between 5th and Jackson avenues, Lawbescc, N. Y May 23. Mr Moffat Dear Sir: I was troubled with iho piles for several years. 1 applied to the most eminent Phy.-toan without re lief. A Iriend of mine Mr. Clarke, wht had received great relief from them. ru. commended tne in use your Life Pills. Tlioiinh I was suffering very severely with them at the time, I experienced reliel in 41. hours, and in o lew weeks wa not troubled with them at all und I have been free Iron distress ever since and have great nleasum in recommending them lo thosj ofllieled in a similar manner. Respectfully. J. E.STEARNS. New York, April, 1030. Dr Sir: Since your Lite Medi cines have been introduced in this neigh borhood, lliey have done wonders. I will merely stute n few cases. The wifu my ne'ighhor, Mr Cornelius S. Roe, win. was supposed tu be in n ilccline tor llio last two year-, nfter taking two hollies of thu Phmntx Bitters nnd one box of the Lifu Pills, says sho had her health entirely ru. stored. Mr Milo B. Root, my next door neigh bor, who waslanl up with inflammatory rheumatism, by inking two bottles of the Hitters nnd one 25 cent box of ihn Pill, told tne he was as well ns ho ever was, and told n gentleman in my store who w afflicted, that as soon us ho would lake tho Pills and Bitters, just so soon lie would bo a well man. Also, Mrs Hordu, wifu of John llordn. was two yeors since token sick, nnd often ,had fits, and lost tho usuofoneol her arms. In six weeks after Inking your pills and Hitlers, khe has so fur recovered ihat sho lias been un vNil lo onu of her neighbors. A" for myself, I havo been in bod health for 27 years, nnd though I am not now in perfect' health, s'ili 1 am in belter than I havo been for ten years past, winch I be. hevo to be Ihe consequence of inking your Pills and Bitters. The abovo is u truo statement of n few of tho many chfn which have comu under my ubsrvnuon. You aro at liberty lo publish llns letter, Wilh rcpcct, J. A. Va V'alkrkbtjw.ji. M