Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 26, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 26, 1839 Page 3
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COMMUNICATION. In consequence of tho stale of constant alarm existing on Iho frontier of Canada and Vormont, causod by nets of atrocious incendi arism and plunder, roccnlly committod by bands of armed ruffians, a conforonco of omity was requested by sotnorcspcctablo gontleinen Trom Alburgh, Vt., and n meeting of tho in. habitants of Alburgh and Caldwell Manor L. C tho friends of peaco and good order, was notified, and held at tho Church of tho latter place, on tho 15ll day of April inst., to consult upon tho best means of arresting thososavago depredations, and of restoring tho supremacy of the laws and tho relations ol'poaco and secu rity on tho frontlor; a conimiltco of fivo per sons was appointed to prepare resolutions ox Jirossivo oftho views and feelings of tho meet ing, who proposed the following, which wcro severally read and adopted. Resolved. That whilo ovory individual, whether a citizen of tho United Slates, or of Her Brltanic Majesty, possesses tho right of living under the Government of hia own choice, ills tho first duty which ho owes to his rcspcctlvo country, to oboy, and cordially lo support tho laws and institutions of his government, and, by ovory legal moans with' in his power, to enfoico thoso laws against nvcry one, who shall endanger Iho peaco of tho country by their violation. Resolved. That relations of peaco and amity at piescnt exist between tho govern ments of Great Britan and tho United States; that it is for tho interests of both nations that Iheso relations should continuo undisturbed, and that it is tho duty of ovory good subject and citizsn to strengthen Iheso bands of peaco 'by reciprocal acts of friendship and kindness 'towards his neighbors across Iho border. Resolved-, That thoro exists on tho frontier of Vormont a band of desporato refugees and 'others, who, by recent outrages committed on pcaccablo inhabitants on both sides of tho line, which in some instances havo been tiaced to them, havo forfeited all claim lo sympathy or protection s and it becomes tho duty of . .! !.! I ..U!I I mco tlinir nlmx.l oom cuizciiH nnu uujv;i.i! ....... u....u. influence to havo them dealt with according to tho severity oftho laws of their respective -countries. Resolved. That tho members of this meet ing publickly express to tho world their ab. horonco of iheso crimes and disorders, and mutually pledge themselves lo each in good faith, to uso llieir utmosi lnuucnceio uiscoun tcnanco every species of injury, aggression and crime which may bo attempted on tho frontier, and every legal oxcrtion in their power to bring Iho purpetralors of such crimes tojusticoj in turtoranco oi which picugu, uwy muluallv anrco, that when they can not pre. vent an aggression contemplated by tho ill disposed, they willgivo lo Iho parties in dan ger iho oarlicsi not'eo in their power, that they may bo placed on their guard ; and will also uso their best exertions for Iho recovery and tho restitution lo its proprietor of any property which may bo plundered or stolen J'roin either sido oftho line. Resolved, That tho foregoing resolutions "bo signed by the Chairman and Secretary in behalf of tho meeting, and bo published in tho Montreal Ihrald and the Burlington Free JPress, Resolved, --That tho thanks of this meeting bo given lo the Chairman and Secretary for their able and efficient services. In behalf of said Meeting HENRY H. REYNOLDS, Chavman. M. Townsend, Secretary. Mr. Stacy, I am requested to 6oy in behalf of those who attended this meeting from Alburgh, that the 3d Resolution was not passed by the vote of any man living aouth of the Vormont line. A motion was mado by a gentleman from Alburgh to amend that Resolution, by striking out the word Vermont, (or which amendment, every man from tho Vermont eido of ihe line voted. The amendment was not adopted. The meeting was n full one, but unfortunately very few attended from this fide of the line, consequently the charge or attempted admission which that resolu tion Beema to carry, that all tho outrages .committed on this frontier have been the work of the "refugees and others," exclu sively of Vermont, must bo taken as the sentiment of our neighbors of the north -alone. We admit, and deplore the exist once of "a band of desperate men," made 'desperate by causes over which we have had no control. Cut wc deny that the Vermont side of the line is alone the present home of thosemidnight incendiaries, cold blooded assassins, and cowardly knaves who have kept this frontier in a constant tate of alarm for tho laat winter. Unfor tunately there are just now on this sido of latitute 45, but too many dark spots, where once stood buildings, and but too much reason to believe that why they do not .stand there now, is tho homo and coun tenanceormcry given to the abovo de scribed beings north of latitudo 45. Wc are happy to add, that at present we have at least hopes that a bolter 6tato of things will follow. And that it may, no good man will fail to ueo every exertion having a (tendency to effect it. HENRY II. REYNOLDS. .Alburgh, April 17, 1839. Horrid and melancholy death ! Our whole city was thrown into consternation and dismay yesterday (Wednesday) at the announcement of a distressing accident, which in a few moments resulted in the death of tho Hon. Luther Lawjience, Mayor of this city. In company with a friend he went into the building recently occupied as Ihe Planeing Mill. Tho wheel pit, to called, was open, and in explaining lo his friend how tho machinery was lo operate, he caught his foot in a rope, which was extended across tho edgo of the open, ing, and was precipitated, head foremost, a distance of sixteen fect, in a perpendicular descent his head coming in contact with Ihe iron curvo of the wheel at tho bottom ofthe pit. Ho was immediately taken out, fhockingly mangled and perfectly senseless. The ben medical aid was procured, but tho falal blow had been given, and ho Jived only about half on hour. We need not say that in thismclancholly disaster and death, iho city has sustained an immense and irreparable lots, Lowell Patriot, V K I D A Y MORNING, APRIL 26. We invito the reader's particular atten tion to an article in anothor column, on tho subject of Executive patronage; and when he has carefully gone through with it, then let him answer the question to his own conscience, whether tho state of things thero described by Mr. Van Burcn, ns bcarly possible, docs not in truth exist at the present moment, under his own admin istration. Tho President's bare nomina tion docs "carry any man through tho Senate," and the principlo is openly avowed and acted upnn "the President wants mv "vole, and 1 want his patronage 1 will " votk of he wishes, and he will give vie the office I wish for." The proceedings of a meeting at Cald well's Manor, will be found in another column. Tho trick oftho Tories is in pur. fect character, and furnishes a goad speci men of their ingeniousness. Dr. IIor.MEs. Wo were right in regard to the Governor's decision. On Friday sher iff Allen received an order from His Ex cellency, directing the surrender of Holmes to the authorities of Canada. A writ of habeas corpus, however, was immediately prayed out, citing the Sheriff lo appear before Judge Bennett, at this place, to-day (Thursday, and answer by what authority George Holmes is held in custody. We hopeto give thoresult before going to press. P. S. Tho decision of this question is put by, till the next meeting of tlis full bench, which will be in July : nnd in the meantime Holmes is lo bo transferred to some other jail for sofa-keeping. Wo arc under the necessity of again reminding the County of Chittenden that their jail is rather leaky. Holmes came very near escaping on Tuesday night. lie had made a clever hole through one wall of the dungeon, and, but for the watch, would shortly have accomplished his object. A little more putty ! The conusel for Dr. Holmes chnnscs to delpr the publication of tho argument against the surrender, until the question is finally settled by tho ultimate tribunal And perhaps there is propriety in this. Fire. We learn (lint ihe Saw-mill nnd Bap list mceiing-houso at l lie middle ol (lie town in Eptex, were burned down on Wednesday last. The tire look in the mill, and was driven by ilie wind upon die meeting-house. Willi ihe aid of a l.idder we are told the house might have been saved with all eusc. In another column ilie reader will find an account of a very destructive conflagration nt Albany, and also another at Ogdensburg. A rumor has been rife for some days that the latter was ihe work of incendiaries from acrois the line, but this we be lievo to be incorrect. It was doubtless accidental. Caution. Drunken loafers should bo cautious whore they moke the nests. The remains of ono of these unfortunates were found among the ruins ofabarnat Og densburgb, tho day after tho late fire. As this building was among the last con sumed, the presumption is that the humble tenant of iho hay mow was quite toooblivi ous to bo disturbed by even such a foretaste of the future-unless like King John he might exclaim, "Now 'pon my soul, lliis day grows wondrous hot." Dethoit The charter election for Do troil took placo on tho 15th inst. and re suited in tho election of Gen. De Gaiimo Jones, Whig, for Mayor, by the unprece dented rnojnrity of 514. The Whigs aleo elected o majority of tho Aldermen, two Justices oftho Peace, ond School Inspect ors. The Advertiser designates the Al dermen elect as follows : Whigs 7; Patri ots 2; Conservatives 1; Loco Pocos 2. Shade Tubes. We remind our good citizens who wish to mako all the streets of our beautiful village, look Miko apples of gold in pictures of silver' liko the fabled clysian fields like groves of oranges, at roos and pomegranates we remind them that now is ihu season to transplant forett trees on llieir premises in front of their domicils to decorate their sido walks with the infant lords of tho forest, and to add new beauty, new charms, and new comfort to their mansions. Beef. Conner has got some of the finest beef ever slaughtered in this market, or any other. Wo have just dined upon a sirloin, and really, wo know not when wo have felt so much like a christian. Never, never, havo wo seen a finer blending of "laianu icon" tho former as yellow and as fiogrant as May butter! tho latter lender as chicken, and ruddy as the cheek of a mountain nymph. Wo know of hut ono drawback upon euch beef, and that is the price. Mr. Conner informs us llmt ho paid for tho four bullocks alluded lo, the round sum of four hundred dollars I Tlie were fatted by Smith F. Pierson, of Shcl burn, who is entitled to the palm, for the best beef ever produced in Chittenden County. Albany April 20. The Day dawns! After a long Night of suffering and lost, occasioned by Iho mnl-ndmiiiistrutiun of the Government, day loturns nnd the sun ri'cs in all its brightness. Tho Spiuno buim's opens most auspiciously. ' Along the Ducks and Pier, in the Basin, and on tho River, all is alive with the bustle and hum of business. Wnter having been let into tho Canals, navigation commences to-day. Merchants am hero urging off their goods. In New York, ns wo learn, tho scenn u ono of unparnllolcd interest. The city is alivo with business. Tho wharves groan with merchandise. The River teems with Stenm Boats nnd Vessels conveying Pno duck to nnd Meuchamjisk from our great Metropolis. Tho Do Witt Clinton. Cnnt. Hon, loll New York last night with 500 passengers, and merchandise valued at hai.i' a mil lion 01' I) oi. t. a ns ! I'ATunsoN, N. J. April 17. In consenuencc of ihe henvv ruin on Krid.iv nnd Saturd.iy last, (he river Passaic roso to a i;rc;iler Height neenrding lo the accounts of ihe oldest in linuiliinta than has been known since 1810. At the fuol of Uridge street just nbove the lurnpiko bridge, the wnter wan aliout lei leet uuovc low wnter mark, according to actual measurement, nnd n short distance xljote the fall, nt the new dam, it was (ictwecti 8 nnd Sleet. About half u mile of tho l'nirrson and Little Fulls lurnpiko road, nn the banks of the river, wns comnlctclv covered with wnter, nnd und ns the current was very strong nt that place nnd tlio soil very sandv, it has been mnile nlinoit if not quite impassable. The np pcarnncc of the falls on Sunday was nw fully sub. lime. At noon, yesterday, the river had fallen about three feel. All the mills on ihe hanks oftho river were compelled to suspend operation on account of inn water. The nmotuit of damage done by ibis freshet on (he smaller stream in this nciglibniliood. is im mensc. Almost if not quite till the mill dams havo been swept nwnv by the (hod. Mr. Morrow iiloue. nt North I'alerson, lost property to the amount of nearly $au,uuu. Wc understand that ihe Morris Canal haa given wnvln turce dillerent places between this placi nnd Little Falls, but it is supposed it can be re paired in two weeks. TEMPERANCE MEETITG; The regular meeting of iho Burlington Tern pcrancc Society, will bn iiolden at iho Court llnuse on I huisday the 2J day ol flluy next, at Hall past 0, r. M. ill A K It I li D In this town, on the 17lh Inst., by iho Rev. G. G. Inzersoll. Mr. Louts Gabouky in Miss Eliza M., eldest daughter of Mr. Louis Dekvillk, u II ol this town. DIED In this town, on the 24th insl. nt the residence of her son, Rev. Gen. G. Ingcrsoll, Mrs. Martha Ingehsoll, widow of the late Mnj. Geo. Inger soil, of the Revolutionary Armv, aged 74 years. Editors in Mass. and N. II. are requested to publish the nbove. In ihis town, nn the llih inst., Mr. Jesse Nichols, aged 53. In Sinwc, Vt., April 13, 1839, Capt. Samuel Parcher, aged 65 years. Printers in N. York and L. Canada tire requested to insert the above. AlBiistol east river, on ilie 14th inst., Eliza, eldest nnd interesting daughter of Israel und Har riet Baldwin, aged 11 years. LINSEED OIL. OF first Quality tor sale by Hickok & Catlin. April 55. 1339. CLOVER SEED. EASTERN Clover Seed for sale. Ap ply to Hickok & Catlin. April 25. 1839. FLOUR. SUPERFINE Fljur fresh ground for sale by Hickok & Catlin. flpril 25. 1839. RAN AWAY TJ1ROM tho Subscriber on tho 20th in JL a boy apprenticed to mo by tho town of Charlotte, named, Nathaniel Lincoln, aged 19 years, fivo fcot six inches in hcizht, dark complexion, dark hair, and had on when he lelt, a short jacket and hair seal cap. All persons arc forbid harboring or trusting him on my account, as I shall pay no debts of his contracting. LYMAN YALE. Charlotte, April 22, 1839. A Situation Wanted. A MAN and his wife English (free from incumbcrancc,) wishes for a sit uation in any respectable family; the man understands gardening and general work, the woman is excellent with her needle and would willingly oesUt in the general duties ol tho house. Both would strictly consult tho interest of their employers. They can bo well recommended. Apply at this oflico. Burlington. April 23. 1839. For Sale or exchange for fat CATTLE. NE yoko lartro handsomo deep red Steers J well matched, and perfectly handy for any business that a farmer would wish to put tlicm lo. Also ono first rate new milch cow, fivo years old rol'uicncc can bo given of her which will bosati8lactory to tho purchaser. D. A. Kimball Burlington April 21, 1839. Seed Corn. EARLY 12 rowed, or Dutton corn, for saloby C, GOODRICH. Burlington, April 25. This varioty of corn was introduced into Vermont, by a Mr. Dutton, of Cavondish, sorno 30 years sinco ; but by fow has been kept unmixed with other kinds. Mr. Buol of Albany, who lias sold so much of it, procured his seed from Mr. Dutton, whonco its name I planted on turf laud last year, 17th May, and picked my sood corn 23d August, Tho same variety of corn by boing plantod a long limosomo 150 miles south, has bocomo largo and much lalor. I last year procured soino and planted asido oftho Vormont Dutton corn it was three weeks later. Also for salo, or to givo to any who want, as thoy cliooso ; Early tobacco soed, for farmers who wish to raiso thoir own sheep tobacco, Early gardon corn. Do. Sweet corn for boiling. Do. Mohawk Beans. Cranberry and Horticultural boans. inTMulberry Scod will soon bo recoivud. 2v A Storo and dwelling house, H. LEAVENWORTH. April 25, 1839. ALBANY ALE. nr Bbls. Fresh Albany Ale by v Lathkot & Va Jedediah Drew's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. ) IMS'! niCT OF CHITTr.NDEN. SB. The lion, the Probate Court for the bistricl of Chittenden, To all persons concerned in the estate of Jedediah Drew, late of Charlotte, in said district, deceased, GREETING, WHEREAS, Ezra Holt, administrator, of tho osialo of said deceased proposes to render an account of his administration, and presont his account nuainst said cstalo for ex amination and allowanco nt a scsson of tho Court of Probalo, to bo holdcn nt tho Regis, tor's oflico in Burlington on tho fifteenth day of May next. TiiEitEroaE, You aro horoby notified to ap pear boforo said Court at tho timo and placo alorcsaid, and show cause, if any you havo, why tho account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 25lh day cf April A. D. 1839. Wm. WESTON, Register. STATE OF VERMONT,) DISTKICT OV CHITTENDEN, ES. The Probate Courtor the district of Chit, tenden, to the heirs, and all persons con ccrncd in the estate of Levi G. Pike, late of Colchester, in said district, deceased. GREETING. WHEREAS, Robert White, tho adminis tratot of tho estate of said deceased, hath made aplication to said court for licenso to sell the real estate of said deceased, togeth er with the reversion of tho widow' dower therein, representing that a sale, thereof is necessary for tho payment of tho debts, and charges of administration, and proposes to render an account of his administration, and present his account against said estate for cxaminatian and allowanco. Whereupon, the court doth assign tho 15th day of May next, fur a hearing in the premises, at tho Reg. istor'a office in Burlington, and dolh order that tho heirs and all othors interested in said cslala ho notified thereof, by publication of this order llirco weeks successively in tho Frco I'rcsi, a newspaper printed in said Bur liugton, t:io last of which publications lo bo previous to said 15th day of May next ; that llicy may appear at the timo and placo afore said, and i'iow causo why licence to soli said land should not bo granted, and why the account of tho said Administrator should not bo allowcJ. Given under my hand at Burlington this SMUtdayot April, A, JJ. 1839. Wm. WESTON, Eegisler, STATE OF VERMONT, ntSTItlCT OF CHITTENDEN, S8 The Honorable the Probate Court jar the District of Chittenden, 'o all persons con ccrned in the estate of Joseph Brotcn late of Jenclio in said District, deccaicu. GREETING flTIIEREAS, Rufus Brown, Executor of TT thu last will and testament of said do ceased, proposes to render an account of his administration, and present Ins account a gainst said cstato for examination and allow atico, at a sossion oftho Court of Probate, to bo holdcn at tho Register s offico in Burlington on the second WcdiicsdayoT Juno next. Therefore, You aro hereby notified lo ap noar before said court at tho timo and placo aforesaid, and show causo, if any you have, why the account alorcsaid should not ho at lowed. Given undor my hand at Burlington this Wm. WESTON, Register, STATE OF VERMONT.) DISTRICT OF CHITTENDEN, SS. The Probate Courtor the district of Chit tenden, to all persons lo whom these pres ents shall come. Greeting. JAMES DOUGHERTY of Milton in iaid district, guardian of Emily Drake of said Milton, a leniale infant under the age of eighteen years, having represented to this court, that- tho said Emily Drake is seiqed in her own right, in fee, lo the fol lowing described tracts or parcels oi ianu lying and being 6itualo in said Milton, to wit; one hundred and ten acres oi ianu, bointr all of lot No. 5. in the first division of 6aid town, and a small part of lot No. 38 the same division, sixty acres of which land was deeded by Elijah Drake to Ly man Drake, and the other fifty acres was deeded by Jabez Struler lo said Lymon Drake, ns by tlio records ot saiu ueeus, recorded in the town clerks office in said Milton, will appear, and to which reforence is made. Also one other piece of land containing five acres, lying nearly opposite Eunice Evercsts dwelling house, and adjoining land now or formerly owned by Ellsha Ashley, being part of lot No. G7, in the second division of said town. Aiso one other piece of land, contoin ing ono eighth of an acre, on which stands ihe Sioro foimerly owned and occupied by Lyman Drake, late of said Milton, deceased being also a part of iho some lot numbered sixty siiveu ; nnd that a sale of lands would ho conducivo to the best interest of his said ward, and praying said court to grant him license, nnd empower him to sell the samo. Wherefore, tho court oforcsaid dolh assign iho 15th. day of May next, for a hearing in the premises, nt the office oftho Register of Ihis court in Burlington, nod order that notice thereof bo given, by pub lishinrjr this order, that notice thereof be given, by publishing this order (containing iho substance of said petition,) in tlio Free Press, a newspaper printed at Burlington in tho county of Chittenden, two weeks successively, the last of which publications to be not less than two weeks previous to the 15th of May. 1839. Given nnder my hand, and Ihe liTi.S.ll 6cal of said court Ihis 15th day Lm of April 1839. Wm. WESTON. Register H AIT S . mi IE subscriber has J. received Irom New York tho spring form, and now offers for salo HA TS that will ploaso Gentle men who can be pleased wilh a first rate article. C. A- SEYMOUR. Pearl st., Burhngion, 1 April 17, 1839. NOTICE. rilHIS is to forbid nil porsons harboring X or trusting tny wifo Sallv, on my account, ai I shall pay no debts of her contracting after thi$,die. CHARLES GEARS. Staiksboro, Feb 10, 1839. WAIT & TABOR Oftho New Cheap Cash Store, GHVE notice that Ihey have j'it returned from New York nnd will open the com ' ingwoek, n full assortment of all the different qualities of American, English and French Calicoes of tho newnmt style, suited lo tho season, many of which aro very handsome and cheap wlthall MOUSELINE DB LAINE, tho most fashionable and most useful material ever yet offered for Ladies drous. of which thrv have a lano assortmtint of differ ent qualities and-cheaper than wero ever before CHALY, some veiy beautiful whito ground and satin stripe with rich colour suitablo fur evening dresses, thev nro verv fino mmlitv nml will wauli porfoctly well. SILKS, a full nsortmcnt or rich Black, Bluo Black Poult de So'm, Grns de Swisso and Italian Silks, rich Black and Coloured figured ; Poult da Soic and Reps do. BOMBAZfNES, Black and Bluo Black hondsomo for ladies drosses. SCARFS AND HANDKERCHIEFS, a protty variety of sowing lilk, Gouao and net Hdkfiond Scarf's, some uncommonly cheap and protty and new style. HOSERY and GLOVES, a full assortment of Cotton Hose at unsommonly low prices nnd vorv chean. loirnthnr with n rrrnat varietv nt' Gloves, such as Kldv Silk, Cotton, Lisle thread and Pic nic black BONNETS of various style's, Florence Braid very fine and now shape, an assort ment of Straw do, whito and coloured, some very cheap for children' DRILLINGS, plain and striped, whito worsted, Rouen Cassimere, worsted summer pantaloons and coats, aomo quite new CLOTHS end CASSIMERES, superfine hluo and wool dyed black, Invisible Green and other colours of best wast of Hn?land cloths. Qucona Owir. n niw stylo of Cassimores, very handsome ond durable, togethor with a great variety of ar nica usuany lounu in a ury uootii store. W. & T. tako this opportunity to assure depend upon finding good Goods at their store and at regular prices, tho abovo assort, ment will be opened in the course ofthe coming week and they will lake pleasure in submitting them to their customers. Burlington, April 25, 1829. PLASTER. OHO Bb PLASTER, for sale by W Apr G. Hickok & Catlii GEO. PETERSON, HAS Just received a new Ftipply of WINDOW SASH, price 3 1-2 and cts. per light, all kinds and sizes, fur nished to order at much lower prices than thoy con bo made by hand. A fev FRESH LEMONS, and n good assortment of SHAKER GARDEN SEEDS, now open and for sale. Also a good assortment of other articles for sale low to save moving, ns he intends to re move to tho south end of the Thomas Ho tel, about the first of May next, where he will bo glad to receivo that generous support which his friends and customers have seen fit to bestow on him for tho last eleven years. Burlinclnn. April C. 1839 NOTICE. THE subscriber having left the Buok business, expecls'all those against whom he may have accnuls to make imme diate payment. His office will be at the store of Mr. D A. Braman, his successor, where ho or some person authorized to settle his accounts may at nil timrs be found. J. VV. HICKOK Burlington, April 10, 1839. HERDS GRASS and Orchard Grass Seods, Seed spring Wheat and seed Barloy, lor pale by Hickok & Catlin. PIANO. FOR SALE, a second hand PIANO, enquire of Hickok &. Catlin. Burlington, April 6, 1839. Hay's Liniment. T7T. inform tlmso customers who aro TT waitini: for this article, that we have a box of it on tho way, and expect it hero this week. It cures tho 1'ilcs without tail. Wo havo sold all wc had, and no person has in formed us of a failure. It is usod for other diseases with good e fleet. Apr illl. Pangbopn & Brinsmaid. DISSOLUTION. THE late firm of D. & D. A. Kimrall is this day dissolved by mutual con sent. The business of tho firm will bo closed by D. Kimball, jr. who requests all persons interested to call immediately and adjust theii' accounts. He, or somo one authorised to transact business for him, will be in attendance at tho market house dur ing the forenoon, for the purpose of closirg tin the concerns ofthe partnership. D. KIMBALL. Jr. D. A. KIMBALL. Burlington, April 15, 1839. The business will bo continued at the old stand by D. A. Kimball, who respect fully asks a continuance ofthe liberal pal ronago heretofore given. WE aro now opening a tew of our spring goods, and will in a few days bo able In show a splendid assortment of merchandise, selected with great care, ex pressly for our retail trade. We have a great variety of thread laces, and edgings, whito and black wash blond, a new article far cap lace; inutlin edgings, and insert ing?; blnnd edgings ; linen cambric hand kerchief?; fancy dress handkerchiefs and scarfs ; ladies' plain cravats; gentlemen's heavy black Italian cravats, gro do Swiss, Italian, and pou do sou silks; serge; satin vestings, satin ribbons, pongee and mixed camlet silks, pongee and English silk hand kerchiefs, gloves, and hosiery, &c. &c. LATHROP &. POTWIN. April 19, 1039. NEW ARRANGEMENT. THE subscriber having recently pur chased the stock of Bonks and Sta tionery belonging to James W. Hickok, would inform his friends and Iho public, that tho business will bo continued as usual at tho old xtand. A gennrnl assortment of nil tho different School Books in uso in ihin part of tho country, in Academics. Seminaries, and Colleges, may be had Inw lor cash at wholesale or retail. Miscelln. neous works, comprising both English nnd American Literature, may bo found in rich variety. As his Btock will bo replenished from limn to time, nnticu will be given in due form of such publication bn nro new and ioloresling, for the benefit of his customers. D. A. BRAMAN. Burlington, April 17, 1839. offered in this country. of various qualities, some vary fine and while and coloured. nnd brown Drillings of linen cotton and crapo and a variety of other materials for style. their customers that Ihev can alwavs. STATE OF VERMONT, llllTIUCT OP CHITTEMDE1, B. The Probate Court, for the District of Cillenden. to all persons to whmn these presents snail come. Greeting. H' EMuY P. HICKOK. of Burlmclon in said district, cunrdian of Mortimer C. Buell, a male infant tindhr iho age of twenty .one years, and of Marin A. Buell, a female infant under the ago of eighteen years, both of said Burlington, having re presented to this court, that the said Mor timer C. and Maria A are seized in their own right, in fee, as tenants in common of a certain parcel of land containing about fifty acre?, and lying on the Shelburn road in iaid Burlington, ndjoininglha form of Theodore Catlin ; nnd that a sole of said land would be conducivo to the best inter ests of his Moid uards, and praying said Court to grant him license, and empower him to sell the same. Where, the court aforesaid doth assign the 15th, day of May next for a hearing in iho premises, at ihe olfice, of the Register of this Court, in Burlington; and doth or der that notice thereof be given by publish ing this order, (enntaining the subslanco of said petition,) in the Free Press, a newspa per printed at Burlington in the county of Chittenden, two weeks successively, Ihe lost ol which publication to be uot loss than two weeks previous to the lata day of May, 1C39. r -,i Given under my hand and tho ll k- s II seal of said Cmitt this fourth t -day of April, 1839. Wm. WESTON. RegiHsr. Lucy Allen's Estate. W7E the subscribers having been op- TT pointed by the Hon. the Prboto Court for the District of Grand Isle, Com missioners to receive examine and adjust oil claims and demands of all pcrsonH against the estate of Lucy Allen late of South Hero, in said district deceased les- lale, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in nfiVet therete; and six months from the 18th day of March A. D. 1839, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice that we will attend to the business of our appointment, at thn dwelling liouso of Gilbert Allen, in aid South Hero on the 9lh dav of July A. D. 1839, from tuno o'clock A. M. till four o'clock P. M. Dated at South South Hero, this I5tli day of April, 1830. WILLIAM rllELil a, I !.,. Wm. A. BURNET. ( CoOTM T' HE subscribers arc now receiving a general assortment of Dry Goods, Wet & Dry Groceries, Crockery, Glass & Hard-Ware. COOKING, PAItLOUR. Sc. BOX STOVES. Iron Hollow Ware. All of which will bo sold unusually low, for cash, produce or annroved credit. GEO. AYRE3 & Co. Milton Upper Fnlln. Nov. 17. if FOR SALE. THE dwelling Hnu.-o corner of Main and Pino streets, having lit! foot front on Mam and 108 feet on Pine. One vacant Lot 47 feet front and 108 deep on Main streei adjoining Mr. S. Hickok's Lot. Ono vacant Lot CO feel front nnd Jin deep on Pine street, adjoining Mr. T. F. Strong's lot. Also, the largo vacant lit corner of College nnd Pino street, being ono of thtt most desirable unoccupied building sites in the village Theproperty being all between Court House Squaro and the Lake in it direct lino, affords an opportunity for on investment rarely in the market. Application mado lo the owner RICHARD W. SHERMAN, On board Steam Boat Burlington, or S. E. HowAno, Agent -jjril?. 1839. SUPERFINE FLOUR. PRESH GROUND, from now Wheat of superior rnialiy. March 52. T. F. & W. L. STRONG. MEZOTINTO BRUSHES & SAU cers, Thnrum Poprr, Drawing paper and Pencils, fur sale at iho Variety Shop. Pang born St Bri.vsmaid.

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