Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 3, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 3, 1839 Page 3
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FROM ENGLAND. By the arrival of tho packot.shlp Washing ton, Liycrpool dalos to tho 2!itli March havo boon rccoivcd. Tho following nrticlo from the London Times, is all wo find in rcfcrouco to tho Maino disturbance. From the London Tlme, Mnrch 27. BUUNDAKY QUESTION. Tho intelligence from Norili America becomes more serious Willi every pacing day. Yesterday morning, we received a mass of papers mid letters from New Yoik to llicGth instant, bi ought by iIiq ship Scotland : and not many hours afterwards by1 llio steamer Liverpool, accounts readied town to lOih Inst, which are of the famo complexion with the former ones that is to say, tho reverse of satis factory or pacific. Wo do not indeed find just cause to complain nf any thing peculiarly acrimonious or virulent, or of fensive toward Gicat Urilain, In the hngiinga cm ployed by the American government or by members of Congress, or by the leading portion of the repub lican picss. There is n lone ofdecency and gravi ly in their proceedings which bespeaks no rancor, and convejs no roi l of insult, and e.xpresfea no Willingness, but on 'he contrary, repugnance Io n national war with deal Britain. So far there is nothing that an Englishman could wish to fcp.iiI. tered in I lie demeanor adopted by the United States, nor any thing unworthy a race of fieemen, who earned their libcities on the field of battle, contending against a mistaken senso of right, and n short sighted calculation of policy, on the part of their kindred antagonists. Out there, unfortunately, all feeling of satisfac tion with our Republican brethren must cease. If their words he measured so aie not their notions. The votes of Congress, the executive proceedings or the cabinet, the nttiire and extent of the warlike armaments authorised by Congress, undertaken by the Executive, eagerly clamored for and accepted with rapture by (lie people, ilcaoie that when the period of ical exertion shall arrive the Americans will not waste their breath in angry vituperation only. The Times then proceeds to state what lias been the action of Congress and New Brunswick on this subject, and adds: Such are the measures already with exemplary vigor and promptitude adopted by tin Republic of tlie United otaica win avoweuiy wrim iiiiucip.iiru war with Great Hrilain. IV e hear from I lie com. millee of the American Senate, nothing like the rubbish talked bv Loid I'.ilmereton about foi bear- in" to augment the national armaments for fear nf rousing the jealousy nl an antagonist power. I lie Americans urn not afraid to provido themselves with timely defences lest they may thereby piovuke nn pneinv to attack them. No : they are not such fools, or fiicb recreant rowauta as Jlr. Daniel O'Connel has imposed upon the Hi it irli empire in the shape of an hxecutive government. But how is all this to end 1 How Is it In end we sav, when tho Republic dec'ares beluiehund siie will not it-Id 1111 inch of the prize con tended for, arming hei self vigorously to make good tier rlaim. while England humbly trusts the chap ter of accidents, nnd to the tender abstinence and coinnassion of a declared anlauonisl ? To expect that Hits country stioutu succeed in retaining the whole of the disputed territory, with .such a form of government as the present, would be to look far a shower of miracles fiom heaven It must terminate in a compromise, each yielding somewhat, unless Lords Hawick and I'ahnersion have concluded to give up the whole. In this jour nnl we have more than once pointed out a district along the bay of Kundy, which appeared to us and i still appears, the best adapted sis material for coin promise on I he part of the British crown. The lords of the admiralty havo ordered five new engines fur war steam ships, one of which, :o be named the Cjclops, is to be 1300 tons buithen, iinJ carry twenty-six guns the larger armament ; vet placed on board a steam frigate in any navy. CANADA. Montreal, 20th April. "The Coint Martial did not sit ( to hear he recapitulation of the evidence in the case of Aloft, owing to the absence of Col. Barnaid, of 'the guards, from illness, produced from a severe Ideating which he received yesterday from a man by i the name of Pepin, a tobacconist, and some others i in his employ. It appears that Col. B. in compa- ny with .Major Dickson, was riding up a street leading fiom Cote a Barron 10 the mountain, when n dog belonging to Pepin came out ol die house and worried one which was following Col Barnard. Some altercation then arose, which ended by Col. B. being apparently left dead fiom blows which he received, inflicted by a large oak slab. Benjamin Hart, E-q a magistrate who resides near the place, on hearing the cries, hurried to the spot, and found both the gentlemen lying on ihe ground. Major Dickson although utinned by blows which he had received , was not seriously hurt, but Col Bernard is considered in a dangerous situation. The Doc tor's report this morning was that he cnuld give no opinion till to-morrow. Col. B. is dcliiious. "Mr. Hart very properly alarmed the neighbois, nnd surrounded Pepin's houje. till the police were eenl for. In the mean time the villains got into the garret and nailed down the doors, so that they could not be arrested, till they agreed to come lown themselves, on leceiving a promise that tlicy would not be lynched. They are now in ruslody, and will not be admitted to bail until Col. Barnard is out of danger. We understand that Bnron Fratelin was liberated on Saturday. Tho only political prisoner now remaining in the jail of this city is Mr. C. Hunter, Advocate, Quebec Gazelle. ..FROM THE N. BRUNSWICK FRONTIER We learn from the Woodstock Times that four companies of the 69th regiment of regular troops were in the garrison there, nnd one at tho Grand Falls, with a detach ment at the mouth of Iho Restook. The rest of Ihe Regiment is at St. John. Mnj Brooks, of the C9ih, has assumed the cam rnand in the couniy of Carleton. The la-t of the 36th Regiment has left there for b rcdertckton. The St. John Royal Ua zette Btatcs that a considerable force i stationed at the mouth of the Restook. for the purpose of protecting the boom which is placed across its mouth. Tho officer in command is instructed to seize all thu tint ber cut on the disputed territory, which may be attempted to be passed into the St John. The warden of tho disputod terri lory has also received authority to employ a sufficient civil force to tnaku seizure of ll the timber cut upon tho upper St. John Boston D. Adv. Halifax papers of tho 10th and Frcder--ickton of the lClh inst., are without any thing of importance. Frederickton, April 14ll), Reports wore in circulation during tho past week, and which we believe are well-founded, that iho Government of tho Slate of Maine have extended the surveillance of the Land Arjrent and his party to the Madawaska and havo thrown a boom across Fish River which is wo think about six miles distant from that eoltlement. Wo believo such an net is considered a deviation from the spirit if not the letter ol the arrangement, enter cd into between tho two governments Another week however, will probably de cide how those interlopers aro to bo dealt with. Return of the Maine Troops. The following is an extract of a letter, dated Bangor, 17th April, giving an account of the return oi tno troops irom mo uoruer; - Tho several companies of soldiers under I tho command of Generals Hndsdon and Batchclder havo toft the disputed territory, with the exception of two companies, which havo been detained to guard the timber and to assist the Land Agent in the protection of tho bootn. They hove been arriving in tho city for several days past in small detachments, and the most, if not all, havo already come in. ihe artillery marched into town I Ins morning in fine stylo, with an escort of several companies which went out to meet them. As an ap propriate emblem on tho occasion, I hey presented on the top of tho principal bag. gage cart which carried tho flag, a famous cock, riding backwards. An appropriate device, most surely ! More Prescott Prisoners iieleabed. Ten more of the prisoners recently con fined in Fort Henry, havo been released, and were conveyed from Kingston to Sack. t' Harbor, and this place, Irco of charge, bv Cntit. Despord, of the steamer Tele graph, on Friday last. We give below the names ol the released. Lorenzo E. Finney, Watertown. JclTcrson co. do. do. France. Lower Canada Onondaga co. Oswego. Jefferson co. Hiram Collon, Orson Rogers, Selah Evans, Jacob Herring, Oliver Aubrey, Giles Thomas, Philip Alger, Eh Clark. Slebbins. Tho Steamer Telegraph, Captain Des pard, on her arrival at Kingston, last week, was visited by the Mayor, and received with marked attention. This looks well. Owego Herald. LATE FROM FLORIDA. Carey's Ferry, E. F. April 20- Gen. Macomb, I prcsumo you havo heard, has arrived hero, and is empowered to ttcat witli the Indians, allowing them to remain in tho territory within prescribed limits. As soon as they becomo aware of this, it is thought that tho war will bo at an end. Tltoy are tired of it. They havo been prevented from making thoir crops of corn, and their ammunition is nearly exhausted. A party of Indians, somo 15 or 20, wero met on the Santa Fo river, by a party of vol. utitccrs, and were several times fired on. There was no ono killed, and ono negro was taken by tho whites. Tho Indians lircd but one gun. Gen. Macomb will leave shortly for Fort King, moro in the interior of tho In dian country. Fivo companies of the second Dragoons aro to leavo ere long fur the north ; head quarters, Baltimore all of tho 4th Ar tillery, save our company, (japt, Harvey Brown's havo left for tho North. FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 3. Revival ov Business. A most grati fying change appears to have taken place in the commercial aspect of affairs in tho city of New York. The week ending last Saturday is represented by the newspapers and business men, as the busiest that has been known since that panic which ruined the merchants, and prostrated the prosper. ity of the commercial emporium. The steamboats havo arrived full of passengers, the greater part of whom wero mercantile men, and tho wharves, streets and ware houses have presented a sccno of activity like the olden time. The Commission Merchants, Jobbers, and Grocers, have all been fully engaged, and every tiling wears the air of bustle and thrift, to which the city has so long been almost a stranger, Money, too, which has been very scarce grows easier, business men find less cause for complaint in this respect. To the favorable news from Europe is to bo attri buted, in a good degree this pleasing change, added to which the opening of the canals gives an impetus to trade with the interior. Notwithstanding tho unpropitiousncss of Iho winter, tho prospect is now fair for tho harvest. Tho month of April has, to bo sure been rather dry, but tho latter rains, and tho continuanco of cool weather, havo given grass a good start, and wo now sec no reason to doubt a full crop. Winter grain, wo ap prehend, has suffered less than many poopl had supposed. Most of thai in this neigh borhood looks well, Spring grain has been put in much earlier than usual, and, wo aro glad to obscrvo, that tho amount is largo The present prices of grain, and in fact nil the products of tho farm, hold out tho most liberal encouragement to tho husbandman and to thoso who appreciate- tho importance of "making hay whilo the sun shines," no admonition is neccesary. Nono but sluggard sleep now. Ono word to thoso who cultivato pino plain laud. Bo suro to got your crops in early, Tho chances for a good viold aro two.fold better with an early than a lato crop, and (hen you havo tho additional advantago of reali zing tho crop when It is worth tho most One bushel of potatoes in Scptcmbor, is worth two in December, to mako pork of and Iho samo remark will apply to a consider ablo extent to pons, and other hog-feed Trees. Wo notico with a great deal of pleasuro the decided improvement, which the taste of our good cilizensoppears to have undergono in rcspoct to trees. Our streets need only these ornaments of nature, to mako them amongst thu most beautiful of any in New England, and it is grati. fying to see that the naked and barren look which somo of our streets havo presented, is fast yielding to tho pleasant appeoranco of green and blossomy trees. This is the time for completing tho work ; tho expense aud trouble of placing a fow trees in front - , , , .. ,. Ola hoUBO is but trifling, and III a few years tho value of the eetato will be greatly in- creased by it. Vacant lots would in this way bo rendered much more valuablo ; for who in selecting a spot for a house, would not prefer one which was shady nnd or namcntnl by trees? No beauties of art, no architectural splendor can compensate for tho absence of these ornaments, which como from the hand of nature. With these ornaments, tho absence of artificial beauty will hardly bo observed. Wo oro glad to obscrvo that some of our neighbors arc turning their attention to the elm and sugar maple. These aro clean, beautiful trees, grow readily in our soil ; nnd, in terspersed with our locusts, would do much to relievo the dull enmeness which the uniform prevalence of these trees presents Our friend Barstow (ElishaJ has some very fine maples. Baron Fratelin, Southerland, and the other political prisoners at Quebec, have been discharged The Monlica I Courier savs that the Bnron was es cortcd to the lino by u company of police, and there set at liberty, with an admonition never to enter the province again. Mott'a trial was pro gressing on the 1st inst. Tho author of "Lines on tho death of n friend," has written too carelessly to do justice to herself or tho subject. We therefore omit them. Somo writer has beautifully remarked A peculiar sanctity is said to linger about tho memory of thoso who descend in early life, or the flush ofyears to the grave ; who fall asleep upon the kind lap of earth, be fore the cares or calamities of the world have weighed down the heart, or clouded the spirit; before thu ethereal freshness of being, has been sullied by change or wea. kened by misfortune." Such a sanctity- such a cheerful and tranquil light, we nrc ssured, belonged to tho earthly career of the subject of this paragraph. If tho love of kindred, the prayers of friends, and the affectionate solicitude of thoso whose eor. rows alone make a pang in the last triumph ant moment could have availed, the name of Elizabeth Cnllamorc would not now be numbered with the departed. In her spirit there was a combination of the nurc and frank simplicity of childhood, with thu ac complishments of cultivated womanhood, and that deeper intuition which is seldom the lot of any but matured years. In man nor, gracious without familiarity, and con fidins without imprudence, she won all friendships without awakening envy, and preserved them only to increase their strength. Reared in tenderness, she yet appreciated the blessings of life with calm gratitude, which u.'cd, but not abused them ; and while she valued sublunary be its chiefest merit was, in her esteem, that it afforded an opportunity lor acts of daily goodness, and thanks to tho Supreme. A course thus blameless and pure, had iu death its crowning reward. Throughout a sickness which the best medical skill was sought for in vain to avert, it was marked with perpetual thanks all was resignation all was peace. And when the last hour arrived, when tho dews of death bathed tho pale brow and fading eyes, a conquer ing soul looked with guileless fortitude to the last enemy ; and the final surrender of the meek and quiet spirit to its God was "even as a sleep, and pleasant as a dream." Life vanished with a smile ; and with an expiration soft ns an angel's whis per, and a glance beaming with immortal hope, a habitant of earth was borno to heaven. Then, who can tell how wide and bright The lealm of slorv opened round : Mow thought iiiitl feoling flowed ike light. Hi rough ranks ol bem without bound." Died in Rutland, on ihe 19th nil., I'HINKAS smith, Jr., attorney ami counsellor at law, 15. Ho was ihe second son of I'liineas Smith o uoxuury, lonu, no grauuaieu at late uollego in 181G, having acquired and maintained a eiy ic spectable standing in that institution. Soon afier this he turned his attention to the study of law, and in 1819, having been admitted to the' bar in Con neciii'ut, ho icmoved to this Slate nnd settled in Arlington, lie was at this tiino thoroughly groun led in ihe clmentary nrincinles of local science but such was his dilfideucu that his frieniN were apprelicns'un that he would shrink fiom the more arduous dunes ol his profession. In this, liowctcr his friends were happily disappointed. Very soon a number ol inipoiiaut causes weic cammed to Inn which brought him in contact with very distinguish cd legal talent, nnd ho proved himself fully to nil the exigencies of legal disquisition, lie rose very rapidly in public estimation, and his practice soon extended to this uud oilier ntljoiniii counties. With a view to a moie central position he removed to this village a few yeais shire, ami his anticipations of advantage from this measure were fully readied. At his decease he enjoyed a practieo ns extensive and lucrative ns any other member of his profession in Vermont. Few men hate trod with more sucress than he did, the intri cate oflhe law. lie was admirably tinali

fled to discharge the duties oflhe forum in iudus try he was untiring ; in manners courteous : temper subdued ; in feelings ardent ; In reciiiudu unlaltering, in judgment sagacious and profound and in learning most abundant, possessing a mind " thoroughly nirnimieii ir every gnod wot It" with in tho spheie of effort lo which ho consecrated his life. He was n devoted husband, n tender parent n dutiful son, an affectionate brother nnd n warm hearted fi iend. The death nf surh a man is to the conininniiy a scvern loss lo his family and fiiends nn irrep.irauli! iiiislnrluiio, JiUUaml Herald: iii a it it i i: i) In this town ihe 2Sili ult. by the Rev. Jeremiah O'Callaghan, Mr. Juhn Quinlan, lo Miss Betsey riuuu,uuui ui qiiuiuuiii. 1)7 13 I) At MHs Green's Seminary in this plare, nn ihe morning ol the Jst instant, 111 us I.Liit hf.tii ColLAMOre, daughter of the lion. Jacob Colla moro, of Woodstock, aged 17 years. in jRricu un lie uih urn. ixiuara jann, ngea 10 years, and oi the 26th Mary Maria, oged 3 jenrs lnd 7 months, daughters of L)inan & Ilhod Field. MAY. BY J. a, PKRCIfAL. I feel n newer life in everv pule J The winds, that fan I he lluwers, And wiih ihcir welcome brc.uliirgs fill the sail' Toll of serener bonis Ofhours that glide unfclt away Beneath tho iky of May. The spirit of tho gentle south-wind calls Fiom his blue throne of air, And where his whispering voice in music falls, Beauty is building theio ; Tbe brlght ones of iho valley break Their slumbers uud uwakc. The wnving ycrdurc rolls along the plain, And the wide forest weaves, To welcome hark its playful mates again, A caitopy of loaves ; And fiom its darkening shadow floats A gush of trembling notes. Fairer and brighter spreads the reign of May; The tresses of the wood With the light dalljing oflhe west'Wind playj And thu lull-brimming floods, As gladly to iheir goal they run Hail the returning sun. Copartnership Formed. rilllE subscribers havo formed themselves X. into a Company under tho firm of KERN & WALKER, for tho purposo ofbuy ing and soiling Merchandise. They havo Bought tho largo cloant Brick store on Church Btrcet,well known as tho sloro recent ly ownod and occupied by Lemuel Curtis & Co., which thny intend to malto a permanent establishment, and they will apply thoir un divided attention to tho business. They ro speclfully invite all thoir former friends and customers, and all others who wish to buy Cheap, togivo thorn a call beforo purchasing elsewhere, as they can and will soil as cheap as the cheapest. UANIKL Kfc.Ui!, SOLOMON WALKER. Bulington, May 1 11139. HOWARD Of the Cheat) Cask Store. "TAS returned with so many foods and so LX much to do in selling, that an advor lisemonl must be deferred lor a day or two his goods nru selling moro rapidly than ever before, and the sloro literally throngod with customers. Never was trade so brisu, hut no has eunuch coods for all that want, and cheap, cheap, cheap, and pretty, pretty, pret ty, winch makes them sll so last, iso ptaco like HOWARDS. .Mat; 1, lf!39. A card to customers. WE talto pleasuro in informing our friends and customers,' that wo havo returned from New York and shall be opening tho coming week a very "rent varioly of fine goods to winch wo invito tho attention ot ladies and gentlemen of tho town and vicini ty, and strangers and others visiting the placo. We inform strangers and others that wc keep good watches and jewelry, and tho most ex tensive assortment ol lancv gooes to uo touno in tho country. Silver waro niado in our bop to order. 1 articular attention given to fiuo watch repairing. We shall bo happy to sec our friends and ctistomors and show them goods. Wu hero remark that wo do not moan to be undersold uy any one. f ANGBOKiN & RRINSMAID A great variety of'splcndid new GOODS, at Way J. Wait ,: tabors. Goods received. OO.ME HAYS' LINIMENT, rings, pins V3 chains, keys, Brilania ware, flutus, gold miniature cases, silver spectacles, ice. Wo havo moro of theso and other goods on the way lo bo hero noxt week. Infants' goods. ILLOW Wagons, cradles, and chairs Rattles, rings, dolls, spoons &c. on tho way lor the variety shop. barrel large Oranges on the way for tho varioly (-hop. l'ANUfiORN & I5RINSMAID FOR SALE. A COW, (to como in in a few days,)- MM. Also, 15U Dusiiois ot potatoes, may be bought of T. AT WATER. Burlington, May i. WANTED, JOURNEYMAN COOPER; A whom good wages and permanent employment will bo given. U. SEVERANCE. Burlington, May 1, 1839. SIX or EIGHT Journeymen Joiners wanted immediately, the hichect wa ges in Cash, will bo given. Apply lo HERRffJK &. MEAD. Burlington, May 3, 11)39. NEW GOODS. HHVDL & Co. aro now receiving thoir . usual supply of Spring and Summer Goods, which will bo sold low for cash or approvod credit, ,Un3, llWU. UOTICK ALL porsons indebted to tho subscribers, whoso notes or accounts arc past duo, aro hereby notified that payment must bo made by iho 20 inst, to save cost. ,Wjil,lUJa. II. 1 1 V I) I . fi Co. C. GOODRICH will sell a few thousand Mitlbory Trees 1 and 12 years old which are now in fino order for transplanting. Mulberry Seed daily expected, which will bo sold at Now York prices by tho oz.; and at the Albany prices by the pound. Every Farmer shouiu sow it. May i. LINSEED OIL. OF first equality lor sale by Hicicok & Catli.v. April 25. 11139. CLOVEli SEED. T71AS J2i plyth' April 25, Hickok & Catmn. 1039. ALBANY ALE. Cja Bhls, Fresh Albany Ale by A- Latiirop & Potwin. RAN AWAY "171 ROM tho Subbcribor on tho 20th inst., X? a boy apprenticed to mo by Ihe town of Charlotte, named, Nathaniel Lincoln, agcu 19 yoare, fivo foot six inches in height, dark comiiloxion, dark hair, and had on when he loft, a short jacket and hair boal cap. All norsonsaro forbid harhorinir or trusting him on my account, as I shall pay no debu of l.l. --. ...-.I.... I VMAV VAI.IV llll, CUIIll UUlllll III.'UIM ti.u.. CharMlc,April22, 1G39. WAIT & TABOR Of the New Cheap Cash Store, HAVE just relumed from New York and will open thu coming woelc, n full rls fortmont of all tho different qualities ot American. Enzliik arid French Calitoei of the newest stylo, suited to tho season, cheap withal! OUSELINE DE LAINE, Iho most offered for Lodiop dr'cfeos, of which ent qualities and cheaper than wero ever offered CIIALY, somo voiy beautiful white ground and satin etripo with' rich colours suitablo for evening dresses, they aro very fine quality dn'tl will washf perfectly well. SILKS, a full assortment of rich rilacfc, Bluo Black Poult de Snie, Qros de Swissd and Italian Silks, rich Black and Coloured figured ; Poult de Soic and Reps do. BOMBAZINES, Black and Blue Black of various qualities, some very fine ant! handsamo for ladies dresses. SCARFS ANDJHANB-KERCHIEFS, a pretty variety of aewirtg Silk, Gauicf ond net Hdkfsand Scarfs, somo uncommonly cheap and prettyn'cw style. HOSERY and GLOVES, a full assortment of Cotton Hose ot uncommonly ,low prices very cheap, together with a great variety of Gloves, such as Kid, Silk, Cotton, Lisle thread and Pic nic black white and coloured, BONNETS of various stylos, Florence Braid very fine rind new shape, rin dssort-1 ment of Straw do, whito and coloured, some very cheap lor children. DRILLINGS, plain and striped, vvliitc end brown Drillings of linen Cotton and worsted, Rouen Cassimere, worsted crape and a variety of other materials for summer pantaloons and coats, somo quite new style. CLOTHS and CASSIMERES, supcrfino liluo and wool dyed black, Invisible Green and other colours of best west of England cloths, Queens Own, a new1 style of Cassimcrcs, very handsome and durable, together with a great variety of other New Goods. V. & T. assure their customera that they can always depend upon findinrf good Goods at their store and at regular prices, the above assortment will bo opened in the course of the coining week aud they will lake pleasure in showing them to' their customers. Burlington, April 25, 1 829'. STATE OF VERMONT, ) DISTRICT OF CIIITTKMJEN, SS. The Probate Court fur the district of Chit, tenden, to the heirs, and all persons con cerncd in the estate of Levi G. Pike, late of Colchester, in said district, deceased. GREETING. WHEREAS, Robert White, the adtninis. trator of tho cstato of said deceased, hath madu application to said court for license lo sell the real estate of said deceased, togeth er with tho reversion of the widow'a dower therein, representing that a salo thereof is necessary for tho payment of tho debts, and t charges of administration, and proposes lo . render an account of his administration, and present his account against said cstato for examination and allowance. Whereupon, Ihe court doth assign tho 15th day of May next, fur a hearing in the premises, at tho Reg. islcr's olfice in liurlington. and doth order that tho heirs and all others interested in said eslato bo notified thereof, by publication of this order thrco weeks successively in the Frco Press, a newspaper printed in said Bur- liii"ton, the last of which publications to ua previous to said 15th day of May next ; that they may appear at the timo and placo afore1 said, and th iw cause why licence to soli said land should not bo giantcd, and why the account of the said Administrator should not bo allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington this 2.1th day of April. A. 1). KJ39. Wm. wkstu.n. i-cztsler. STATE OF VERMONT, rIu,s,7, ; rV V , , , The Honorable the Probate Court for the Districl of Chittenden. o all persons con- "'. n ?ee"c'?; dwellum hnue of Gilbert Allen, in said of Jericho m said Distnrt deceased. s,ilt) H,ro 0) ,ho h (ny o( Ju)y A D Wt,tc, n r UH'1Iju- -1 lf!39, Irom nino o'clock A. M. (ill fotfr1 HEREAS, Rufus Brown, Executor of .. 'i. p sj thu last will and testament of said de-1 ' . ' ,, e tI , ... cea.ed, proposes to render an account ofhis1, Dated at South South Heft, tbid I5tb administration, and present hia account a" I y 0 Av ir r t a i onrr or ganist said eslalo for examination and allow- WILLIAM rJllhLjt'&, 1 rjojnmg anco. at a session of tho Court of I'robale, to I War. A. BURNET. ( bo holdcn at thu Register's olficu in liurlington tiiTD I7U I?l TV I? iv l n NT on Ihe second Wcdnesdayof Juno next. O U l 1L K L 1 1 li. ILUUK. Therefore, You aro hereby notified to ap- ' fTRESH GROUND, from new Wheat! near tir before said court at iho timo and placo aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you havo why Ihe account alorcsaid should not bo al lowed. Given undor my hand at Burlington this 22d day of April, A. D. 1U39. Wm. WESTON. Register. DISSOLUTION. T" HE late firm of D. & D. A. Kimball is this day dissolved by mutual con sent. The business o( the turn will be closed by D. Kimball, jr. who. requests all persons interested to call immediately and adjust theii accounts. He, or some one authorised to transact business for htm, will be in attendance at the market house dur ing the forenoon, for tho purpose of closirg un ihe concerns oflhe partnership. D. KIMBALL. Jr. D. A. KIMBALL. Burlington, April 15, 1S39. The business will bo continued ot Ihe old stand by D. A. Kimball, who respect fully asks a continuance of tho liberal pat ronogo heretofore given. E aru now opening a lew of our sntintr unods, and will in a few day he able lo show a splendid assortment of merchandise, selected Willi great care, ex pressly for our retail trade. Wo have a great variety nf thread laces, and edgings, white and black wash blond, a new article for cap luce; muslin edgings, and insert- ingsi blond edgings; linen cambric hand - kerchiefs; fancy dress handkerchiefs and ecarfs; ladies' platu cravats; gentlemen's heavy black Italian cravals, gro do Swiss, Italian, and pou do sou silks; serge; satin vestings, satin ribbons, pongee and mixed camlet silks, pongee and English silk hand, kerchiefs, gloves, and hosiery. &c. &c. LATHROP &. POTWIN. April 19, ll!39. NEW ARRANGEMENT. riHE subscriber having recently pur X chased the stock nf Books and Sta linnery belonging to James V. Hickok, would inform Ins friends and Iho public, that Iho business will bo continued as usual at the old siand. A general assortment of all Iho different School Books in uso in i his part of Iho country, in Academies, Seminaries, anil Colleges, may bo had low for cash at wholesale or retail. Miscollo. norms works, comprising both English and American Literature, may be found in rich variety. As hi stock will bo replenished from timo to time, notice will be given in due form of ouch publications an uro new and interesting, for the benefit ol his customers D. A. BRAMAN. many of whifch afe very handsome and foshionnble nnd useful rtaterial ever they have a larL'O assorttfient of differ in this country. Jedediah' Drew's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. DtSintCT OF CHITTENDEN, 88. The Hon. the Probate Court for the Districl of Chittenden, lo all persons concerned ut the estate of Jedediah Drew, late of Charlotte, in said district, dectased, GREETING, WHEREAS, Ezra Holt, administrator, of tho cstato of said deceased proposes to render an account of his administration, and present li is account against said eslalo for ex amination and allowance at a ecsson ol trio Court 0f probatc. to bo holdon at the Regis tcrV o(ricc j,, nurjclon on tho fifteenth day 0f ay nexi Therefore, You aro hereby notified fo ap pear before said Court at tho limo and placo aforesaid, and shew canse, if any you-havo, why tho account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given undor my hand at Burlington, this1 25lh day of April A. D. 1C39. Wm. WESTON. Rrzisler. Lucy Allen's Estate WE the subscrtbera having been op pointed hy the Hon. the Probotd Court for the District of Grand Isle, Com missioners to receive examine and adjust all claims and demands of all persons, against the estate of Lucy Allen late of South Hero, in said district deceased tes tate, represented insolvent, and also alt claims and demands exhibited in offset thercte ; nnd six months from the 10th day of March A. D. 1839. being allowed by 'said Court for that purpose, we do thereto ,. .... .i.: ...1 ....i ......i . , hereby give notice Ihat we will attend tot . I, l,. nF ..... nnn',nlmnl r,l I, n i L of superior qualify. March 22. T. P. & V. L. STRONG. MEZOTINTO BRUSHES & SAU cers, Therutn Paper, Drawing paper and Pencils, for sale at the Variety Shop. PaNGBORN & BrflNSM aid'. Seed Corn. EARLY 12 rowed, or Dutton corn, for sale by C. GOODRICH. Burlington, April 25. This variety of corn was introduced into) Vermont, by a Mr. Dutton, of Cavendish, somo 30 years since ; but by few has been kept unmixed with other kinds. Mr. Iiucl of Albany, who has sold so much of it, procured his seed from Mr. Dutton, whence its name; I planted on turf land last vcar, 17th May and picked my seed corn 23d August. Thd same variety of corn by boing planted a long limo somo 150 miles south, has become largo and much later. I last year procured somo and planted aside of tho Vermont Dutlon corn it was three weeks later. Also for salo.oi lo give to any who want, as they choose : Early tobacco seed, for farmers who wish to raiso their own sheep tobacco. Early garden corn. Do. S wool corn, for boiling. Do. Mohawk Beans. Cranberry and Horticultural beans, ICTMulberry Seed will soon bo received. 2w For Salo or exchange for fat CATTLE. NE yoke largo handsoiiiodecp rod Steers , J wc matched, and perfectly handy for any business ihat a farmer would wili to put them lo. Also ono first rato new milch cow, fivo years old rel'cicnco can bo given of her which will be satisfactory lo iho purchaser. D. A. K til BALL. Burlington April 24, 1039. FLiOUK- SUPERFINE Flmir ground for ?ule bv Hickok & Catlin. ?n7 25. 1fl30. to &2&$ra A Sloro and dvvalllnir houn II. LEAVENWORTH. April 25. 1039. C)r Ilhtln pure Boston N. E. Rum. rioS St. Crois Rum. 1 do Cherry Rum' Holland and Baltimnro Gin. Cog.' and Spnnirh Brandy. Malaga. Marseiles. and Sictlv Md. Wiius. Puro Port and Made, rta Wines, Old Sherry. Chnmpaignn. Sic. LATHROP &. POTWIN. HERDS GRASS and Orchard Grai Seod. Sped spring Wheal and sred Barley, l r f ale by Hickok & Catlin.