Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 3, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 3, 1839 Page 4
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STANZAS. Uy the blue mill iliiciil lake, Gcnlle maiden, dwcllesl ihoti, Whom ilia fiber tipples liifnk Oil llio flllllO ill 111101111113 low Whore llio irec in nimmnr liiiic, Wiive llieir liuinrliei) tiu'r I lie ilde 1'linii tlori lift ihc liotiiiniiii's chime, Pealing oVr the waters wide. Moonlit waves nro dunning bright Bound tliy irclired ciciiiqu door, Ami it shallop frail mid light, IViiiislh) coining nt lilt shore. Tell, oh loll nin, nmiden fair. Dint ilimi sigh ut etching hour Ftirihe hfiirl oncu w.u lliern Willi tine in the moonlit bower.' DdiIi not memory mil him hack, Willi (lie foil;; hu need In lino, Ern his skv of hope srow, Forcing him fioni thec tu rove 1 Do not tlic.inn nf o her days Tin om ili willi crry tone, Shedding hiipc'ii ii'liiinini! laj.i OVr the w.isle of inrjiiieiits none 1 Tl inn , oh ilimi, sweet maiden, play, !'m- hi sake Miai lender main He shall In1. ii'. ihniigh far away, And, sighing, liu'.iilit: the sony Rgnin, S For the Free Pre. LINKS TO A FROG. Oil ! t colly nn the hull fins ear, Thy cmiik nf ktndiie-s Ml ; And hucsiil iiruiy a winched Tho.-u mink icviU'd lull uell And. tin illingl , inv llmnix, Wlii iilh miI'i i nv Kpii'i ." mine ; And ih'iu dnl-i i ik ih j'y lo meet A ft lend to dice and Ilium ! Thy gape wan hinad, lliinr eje uns bright, As limn diiNl rrn.ik inc I'naie ! To i heiT m water in I lie light That gill lliy wailing home. I had nnt Imped, nn this Rliange log, To lind a paiv mi w.iiiii ;--Nor nieci my weleuinc fioni a frog 'I'll. il li.ii at fair a funn. My pond was eer mournfully And d.ukly, And hnhiislits, I, will be .My poriioii lo ilie laji. Rut I rrnild pl.iinllcjs ftifTer all My fale h uh jet in ftoie, Could lliy 8weci'eionk,oli ! bull-frog, fall, Upon my eat? once mine ' ! CnAiii.F.s CiiAStno, Gent. Vlallsburgh, JV. Y. May 1. Fulfilment of Puni'iincy. I rem! in tliu sacred buok prophecy upon prophecy, and curse upon i-nri-e, against tho very land upon which I stood. I ivai nbnul ti) journey through tliN laud, and lo seo with my own eyes whether tho Almighty hnd Muycd Ins tipliflt'ij nrm, or whether his pword hud indeed come down 'upon Idu men, nnd the people of his corse, tn judge ment. ' I have before referred lo Keith on the Prophecies, where, in illustrating the fulfilment of the prophecies against Liu men, 'none bliall pas I hrougli it forever and ever,' after reforring to the singular fact thai the great caravan routes existing in the days of David and Solomon, and un der the Roman Empire, are now complete ly broken up, and that the great liailji routes to Mecca from Damascus and Cairo lie ainng the borders of Idnmcn, barely touch ing and tint passing through it, ho proves, by abundant reference!--, that to this day no traveller has ever pas-cd through the land.' Stephens' Incidents of Travel in the IIAij Land. Quick Wunii. Wo have read of many instances of judicial despatch, but have seldom heard of one m which punishment folliiwid the commission of crimu tinnier than in tliu following case which is related in l Ii o Madron (".inner of the 281 Ii till. It says "A fellow by the name of Ilichard Boornhain, with divert and Fimdry aliases. nrrived in our town night before lust took lodging-: at the Light House tavern -robbed n man who slept m an ailjiuning nf a watch, and I hirly odd dollars in money was ar retted, t r ku), and condemned to the pcin tentiary for lour year?, disfranchised for five years, and to pay a linn of ten dollars till before threo o'clock P. M . yesterday; lieing less than 21 hours after his arrival in Ihu city." Cotton Factory at the Sandtatch Islands. Judge of our niipiivi on fiuilili at Kailu.i, a col. lull factory, will) luo Iiiiiiih anil iwenly spindles. These (ooui - wtc in opeiaiion, iind a gie.n pmpor. linn of l lie spindle?; llii'so ucie nil winked b h indj the spindles weiu aiii'iided by cliildien ami small KiiU A fuieignrr, in uho-e iliiigu ueie 'he Iniiins, lotd iih ill ii ilnce pieced nfcolion clolli had l'con in.iniif.icliiicd, in lenglli of limn ihirlv.pix in fully juril' cjcIi ; llicy wem ufgnni! ipi.iliiy and li fain ift. Ofllm Iwn piere. in tin Iooiim nn lhe d.ii.of our i'iir, onu ia. a piece ofuvilicij uiped clnih (iliefii?! piece nf sniped ever made in llio. factory,) ii linl in lirromu an encnura. ping fpeciiifn of din mil nl'el.nli ii was made lo iiniliite. Sandwich Island Gazttle. Potato stun rmi wamiint. It was discovered by a French clieiiiut many years ngo that potatoes only thre quarters' boiled make better mnp lor wiis-hing than the (r ouble.-oine, cniiatic, nrd expensive article usually made umj ol by our wash Women. They make the chillies cleaner wit limit injuring them. Let mo give vuu the result of expel iencc. The soiled clnilip are first Fonkcd in tub of water about an hnur. They n then trniikferrnd In n runner nf Iml una from which I liny nro inkeu. piece by piece, lo be iliiifotiMliiy rubb"d by potatoes, the same as white snap, I lie whole thin pre pared, after having been well rubbed, roll Oil and wruiirr. nre n h-ociiiid lime nlnnim into the cupper, together whh n quantity oi puiaioes in tliu nlmvo. Alter linilinn, for about half an hour, the linen elm lies nc ngain taken out turni d, ihorouyhlv rub bed well nver. and wrung j and afieiwarih ugain thrown lino the copper for snini iinnutc. I he clothes nro then well rinsed in clean cold wntur. and hung up to dry; tlie wiioio process occupying two hours uud a half. The linen thus washed is perfectly clean, tho kitchen garments free from u grease, and perfectly sweet, ihnugh in tho old wav iney usuuiiy retain o greasy eineil. FOR SAIE. 1 a p. h fti, rB ' B d wcll,n,c ;"5C vWiit w corner of Mam 'fy'll t l&sff 0,1,1 Pmc streets, lu.ving K SiPHlmfe ,,,!I,,R' '"'"N1 "nMnii. jWMi and IOU feet on Pine. 'zzjitzia (3,, vacant Lot 47 feet front nnd 101) deep on Main street adjoining Mr. 8. Uicknk' I, (it. Omt vacant Lot GO feet front nnd III) deep nn Pino street, adjoining Mr. T. F Strong's Int. Also, tho largo vacant lot corner of College and Pino street, being nno of the must desirable unoccupied building sites in the village. Thepruperty being all between Cuiirl Ilouso Square and llio Lake in a direct line, affords an oppoitunity for an investment rarely in tho market. Application made to the owner ItlCllAltl) W. SI I KR MAN, On board Steam Ileal Burlington, or S. E. IlowAtiu, Jigcnl. AprilU. 1039. THE subscriber offers fur sale 1500 fine thrifty White Mulber. ry Tree. They nre of tho Itnlinn Variety the only kind nilapt. ed to this climate three veins old. and just right fur transplanting the present j-enMin. lo tiersuns iionkes-sinir su nns laud of tlio requisite quality the parent is n fnvornblo opportunity; for it should be borne in uiinil that the present bounty un sill; covers the entire expense of produc tion. I he trees will bo disposed of on very reasonable term, for cash or unprov ed paper. JOfhY L COllJV.'JSTG. Wiltislon, Jlprit 11. I !!39. Afr& 'MIE sub.-eiiner i fl". r lor sale r "1i"lit. tUu" l""c,, !!,r,''',- J!5!?? three doors uniih of ihe Hnnk. fe5ai3 recently occupied hv Mr. I5rn mail, u- a shoe store. The building is in good repair, neatly fined up ; and the local ion very favorable for a merchant or mechanic, Or, the premises would be exchanged lor a dwellnm house in the vtHne. V. J. HEINEDERG. March i. 1R3D. p. Trnzmmmx & co. WHOLESALE DEALERS LY INDIA, FRENCH & ENGLISH SIJLK. GOODS. JVu. I! William til. JYtia York. ARE receiving per late arrivals a supe rior assortment, among which nre Black and Colored, Figuied and Plain Ital ian Ptu do Sine nnd Gros do Napln. Bonne' Sill: and Satins. Figured and Plain. Piii o. r 'tired md Embroidered Satins, Bombazint'S, Crapes. Colored, Black and Blue Black, Silk Vol- vets. Fancy Dress Shawls, Zephyr Ildkfs. and iscarls. Merino, Chenille and Brncho Slinwls. Superior assortment Cap, Bonnet, Plain Inflelaaud Satin Ribbons, Silk. Lace and Kid Gloves. English and Saxony Thread, Edgings and Lace. Li-le luserlings and Edgings, Blond, Wash Blond, Wire ground. Figured nnd Plum, Black nnd White. Black Brussels. Black Lace Veils, Willi every variety of IjHcc in use. Larhnrn. Florence and Tusran, English and American Straw, Satin and Fancy Bonnets. flrlifiotal Flowers, Count rv merchants are respectfully in vited to CJILLmu examine. Charlotte FEMALE SEMINARY. nnlJH Slimmer term of iIih Seminary JL will commence on Wednesday the first day of May. under the superinten dance of Mis-s II Booih. nnd continue Iwenlv three weeks, including n vncution of one week ut llio middle, of the I or in. Conditions : The whole expense to the pupil will be twenty five dollar?-a quar ter, with I 111 exception of washing, for which will be charged 37 1-2 per dozen. Pupil nro requested to bo present on ihe first day of tho term K. W. (JOODMAN, Clerk of the Hoard of Trustees. Charlotte. March 30 l!!30 REMOVAL. Vj IIAYNI3S IAS removed Ii'ih I'uinttng Estalil isliment tu Collcjo.slrcc.t. cast of tho snunie, where tho buines will he carried on as usual. PAPER IMjXGhXGS. Just opened and for salo a i'ood assortment of Paper IIangiut;s, of the newest French and A merit."., i luiliions. if Hurthigton, Aoe.30, 183!). WINDOW SASH. JUST received 15 20 & 2-1-7 by 9 casements of sash, a first tato article, nt 3.) and 3 els. per light. Also, all kinds and sizes, furnished to order. Tie.onderoa Black Lend, a first rale article, for sale very low, logetiicr Willi a great variety ol oilier articles, as cheap in can he found at nny other eslab. lii-hmeiil in the place. Geo. Pi:ti:iison. The German Matchless Sana tive, for snle nt tho Post Oflicu nt Grnnt1 Isle Vl., where numerous testimonial', as to its specific qualu ies in enses of Con--uinntion file, may be seen by calling ut p iy iiflicu. DANIEL JACKSON, Agent. December 1-1 (3II filll CarAss"sTini A few Bushels m Grin- Seed for sale low by S. WALK Hit Si (Jo. Jhtrlinglon Jlnr 29 11139. duality the test ol' Cheapness. qod iM'ct,ti 10 l,ml 12i c'''" c.niicufj. OVKJ ,;)r by Wat & TUulli Jlarcli2l. l9& ,1,1IIS K'ounJ Plaster, for sale Ty li i Nov. 91. S. Walkbi i & Co. i Garden Seeds &c. C GOODRICH, ling rnceivcd W. Prince & Son's cntnlogties of Gar den nnd Flower Seeds, Bulbous Flowering Roots Aic. Any person wi-hiug to exam ine them can do It nod any orders loll be fore the I flih will be answered, April, II. !t,ASS .SEED. of superior quality, by v. . IV. L. STOJVO. March 22. 11139 Sl'KlM; I KAVIM.-TO Tnl. COIJN try trade! .'! Paints, Oils, Dyes, Far niit!, lirushes, Spices, IVindoio Glass and Ilromc. Manufacturers articles Twine. 3jJDnur.-' Foueign and Domestic. tj LA It NED & CORNING. Whole sale. Druggists, 227 River street, op. po.-itn Troy House. Aro prcpnicd lo offer their usual inducements to purchasers Their stuck will not only bo extensive but comprise the most choice variety of articles in (heir line, DYF. WOODS, Logwood, 500 bhls. cm & c round, Fusiic, 500 do cut &, ground, Nic Wood. 300 do Redwood, 150 do Cninwood, 50 do Cudbenr, Sicily, Sumac, Roil Sanders, Atichusn. Persian Demos, Muugeet Sal- flower. Extrncl Limwnml dutch ortimto AND CROP MAD- D K It , Uj IIIID.S. OILS Pure Sperm, from best manufac tones in New England: in 1 1 hd-. Pipes, Tierces, nnd Bhls. Foreign Linseed, (our importation) in PipeH and qr. casks. American do. in sub-tnuiinl barrel., Olive Oil in Pipes and quarter casks, rreli. PAINTS, VAUMSIIKS, HUTJSIIES &c While Lead.Eug dry (ireen Venliter Do do ground in French Green nil, pure Prussian Blue No 1 Do do do ground Do do No 2 in oil 2d Blue Venliter Do do American Am werp Ditto dry Powdered do Do do do ground Slip Blue in nil pure Black Paint Do do do g-ound Lamp Black, Eng as- in oil No I sorted Do do do ground Do American small in oil No 2 papers Do do do groundjvory Black. English in oil No 3 ' Do do American Flake White Frankfort Black Pans white Eng Black Lead Do do American Patent L"ad Whiting, gliders Whale Oil, refined Do common Do do convnon Chalk Nealsfoot ml Lit barge, fino Red Lead Spirits of Turpentine Copal Varnish, Coach do do Furniture no 1 do do do no 2 Japan Varnish Bright do Gum Copal. E I S do African Orange Mineral Vermilion, Chinese Dj Triesto Do English Red Chalk VcrioiianRcd.Englifh Do do American Shellac Grain India Red Do Garnet Rose Pink Do Liver Brown, dry Rosin, Pilch, Tar, Da do ground in oil turpentine Purple Brown Aplialium Terra de Sienna. Eng Pumice Stone Do tlo American Bath Brick Turkey Urnber Rotten Snno Ground Glass Putty Glazier's Diamonds Gold Leaf V.intlyke Brown Chrome Yellow French Ochre Vermont do Sionn do Silver do Yellow Ochre ground Clipper Bronze in oil Frnsiings. nil colors French Yellow, do t.mnlls. Blue Dry White Lead Do Green, Black Ground do do No I nnd Brown Do do do No 2 Glas-s paper Saxony Green Ground paint hruhn.- Mineral Green per If) Round Camel Hair Verdigris, dry looN Do, ground in oil Pallet Knives. ESSENTIAL OILS-Garden Lavender. RoM'iinry Peppermint, fiic. &c. in can luster's and oilier wi-e. DE.MIJOIINS-5.3, 2& 1 Gallon. WINDOW GLASS-500 Boxes assorted. LIQUORICE PASTE Calabria and Tn ii 1 1 1 Ii . DRY SA LTER I ES-Nitrate of Iron. Ni Irate ol U'litl. Nil rale of Cupper. Crys tals of Tin, nn d many other articles in this line, imported direct from bett Man ufactories. OAKUM. TAtt. PITCII-Constantlv on hnnd. with in her NAVAL STORKS TWINE Iiw'lia, Seine do. French and Enrjli-h. DRUGS Turkey Opium, fresh Senna, in bales. Fine Sponge. Together with nil Ihe rare Chemicals, French -jiid English, nf watrau'.ed purity and geritiinenr.---. PEPPEn SAUCE 150 cases "Bird's Eye ." Troy. March fl. 1339. Grass Seed. F'EW Bin-lids superior Western Seed ',u-t received and for sale nt A Mil rch J5. HOWARDS CLOTHXNG,&0. PIPIHE Mib-criber acknowledge- pn.-t fa vers with pratitute. and would say I lint ho continues tho Tailoring Trade in all its branches. Ho has for sale a great variety ol READY MADE -tumble for the present season: also, n great ninny other tiselul articles. Please call for (lint which cannot be bought else, where. Clothes very Neatly CLEANED and REPAIRED on short nutie'e, Clothing exchanged or taken for Pay. C. BENNS. Penrl St.. Nov. 1 OfK if SJin Itushels lien's Glass Sued, on con VH) sigiiincnr from ', Lawrence, and of fits qunliy. J. Si J. II. Pkcic k. Co. Spring lionhcts. A FEW cases, fashionable Eng. slrnw, Florence, orientnl collage, colored do. nnd Leghorn Druid Bonnets. AUn, Flowers, Victoria drnnps, and wreaths, lor trimmings with a largo as. snrtmeiit of spring bonnet ribbons, just re coived by LATI1ROP & POTWIN. April 10. Stone House for sale. THE subscriber offers for sain llio now and elegant hammered stnnc house a whole city lot, and framed house one -lory and a half The premises nro located on Cherry street near the Stotio Church in Burlington, Gent lemon wishing lo pur chase will pleaso coll soon, as the subscri ber intends lo sell the first day of June next, without fail. Tho above premises aro free nndclenrof nil incnmhrniices. REUBEN BUTLER. Burlington. Dec. 21). IH3II. KEW GOODS. A good tissorimeni of DRY GOODS. DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY St HARDWARE, Just received nnd will bo sold as ctir.Ar as nt any nlher establishment in Chitlcuden County, for cash, proi.'oce. or hort credit. by H WHITNEY & Co. .Milton, JVmi 3. 1333. Odonlhu ! Odontica ! ! The Tenth! Tho Teeth!! VKH. M. Iiri'CIICOCI-'S Magnetic Odon- v-I- licit. Tho fact is proretl, nod the most Incredulous and doubting nro fully e.ou vinced, ns wo have the evidence Iriun the sale ofuioro than 7000 boxes wilhio Ihe past year. unit tun Utopian dream ol the nltdiyini-t arc realized, and a remedy discovered lor preeerv iog those imporlaul and beautiful appendages of tho human system, by the use of tho Mag. nclic Odontica, which, by its; atltaclive, puri fying and strcnglhciiiug qualities lemovcs all extraneous suusliinccs Irorn llio teeth and preserves lliem in their natural br illiuncy, arid the gums in soundness nnd beauty. It is as. cerlaincd from experience, that when used, the teeth will not decay, but remain till the latest old ac, Willi their natural wear. When llicy aro decaying, its progress will bo at rested, and the teeth preserved nnd prevented from aching. Ladies and renllcmeo of the most rcspccla'ula character arc daily calliu who assure us ihul before they commenced using the Odontica, their teelh were lonso and fast going to decay, llieir "111111 spongy and feverish, nnd the breath fected, and after using this invaluable powder, in less than one week their leeih were firm in llieir sockets, their gums resumed their health, their breath cor reeled, and no money could induce ibem to bo without it. All Ibis costs the small sum of fifty cents. For sale by J. & .1. II. Peck & Co. only agents in Burlington for tho sole porprictors, A. Hitchcock & Co. Ulica N. Y DR. M. HITCHCOCK'S nechj invented 6JV (' ' only 25 cents. TTIOIt the euro and ab-nlutc relief of JL catarrh, dizziness of the head, weak eves nervous hcad-achcs, fallen-sickness fits, and infants troubled with the snutllns, psitial shocks of palsy, &c. For sale by J. Si J. 11. Pr.cic Si Co., only Agents in Burlington for too solo proprietors A. llitchcocl; & Co Ulica N. Y. WOR3VE TEA. DU.M. HITCHCOCK'S unrivalled and unequalled WORM TEA, a sovereign remedy for wcrms. Strange ami incredible aro llio cfl'ects of these detestable vermin few persons, and it is thought none, are free from them, particularly females and children. Many persons go f hrotigh a distressing coiitio ot medicine, without aov benefit, when they might bo relieved by using tho worm tea. I Ins invaluable medicine has been tested by tho cxpericuco of more than four thousand persons ol variotn ages, and not one solitary compluiut; on the contrary, hundreds have called and uusolic ted given their d.'-cided preference to it, after trying the diflereol articles sent forth lo the public, and pronoun ced Dr. M. HITCHCOCK'S worm lea nn rivalled and unequalled. For sale by J. & J H. I'cck & Co., only agents in Burlington for tliu solo pioptictors, A. Hitchcock c Co. Uliea N. Y. FIRE INSURANCE. WM TO MANUFACTURERS &. OTHERS ijTMlE Providence Wn-liingiou Insurance Company . in Providence Rhode Island, cuui nine to Injure ngam-l loss or damage by tire, on Cotton, Wollen, and oilier Manufactories. Buildings, and Mer chandise, on favorable lerms. This Company h well known to the Manufacturers of N'w England, and pos scses I heir full confidence. The Company was incorporated A. I). 1 1)00. The Capital S:ock is g.'OO 000. till paid 111 inn 11 y years since, and well seemed in Bunk Stocks and Real Estate. The Directors are. 1 , SULLIVAN DORR, BENJAMIN IIOPPIN, MOSKS B IVES. II UN II Y P. FRANKLIN, ROBERT il. IVES, ELISIIA DYF. It. CARLO MAURAN. CHARLES J CKSON, WILLIAM BUTLER. Manufacturers iiiitl tubers wo-hing for losUinnci'. nre requested In direct llieir up. plications (which should be accompanied with a particular ib'-crip! ion of the prop uily.j nor mail, tu the President nr Secre tary 1 1' 1 ho Company, and tho same will be attended to prompt ly. SULLIVAN DORR. President. Waiiiikn S. GiiKi:E. Secretary. Providcme Waihinton Insurance ) Company's Office Providence. R J. 1039. ly.f. SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. TVrARSII'S TRUSS, for oil who need 1TJL will ho found on inn I, tho most use ful, mid the most comfortable article for the purpose intended, ever introduced July 20, J. Si J. II. Peck & Co, Agmts MOFFAT'S LIFE MEDICINES Inntl reference can be hod lo mo an Post REANIMATION. When the master at Clnvnrrock. Cnltftnbia Co., N. Y. most important futictinns of life are ens ponded, nnd those who aro invalids by in heritance or Imprudence are reduced to a deplorable state of nervous debility, they should nut even then despair, fr.r it is nut in despair that relief can bo found. No Let them first look nrnund, and, laying aside all prejudices, ask themselves this quc6tinti "Il my physician cannot help me. is his reputed skill my only icsort ?" Perhaps at that mumeiil the heading of this advertisement, 'Muffin's Lifo Medi cine.,' would catch the eyo nnd were ihey in truth divested of foolish prejudices, they might perhaps, bo induced 10 inquire whether Mr. Muffin's theory ond treatment of diseases differed from that of their own physicians. They would then learn that it did differ, ond very widoly, and with most happy results, ton, Ifihey pursued iheir inquiries slill fur ther, they would (iud that all practi-iug phv-ieinns of the present day prescribe MRCURY, in some form, for almost ev ery disease, and they would learn, too, that mercurial modicmes. though they give pres. cm relief, undermine the constitution, and always leave the patient in a precarious stnte of beall h. A mi' n VKor.TAn if. MF.mc1.M2 is just Ihe reverse il all this. For hundred uf years belore that scourge of mankind. 'Meteury.' was employed in the heiiiing nrl. Physi coins used nothing hut herb. Even Ihe bible rccnminends ns the '.-kilful physician' lie who prepnrcth his medicines from herbs Witness Ecclesinslicu. chap, xxiii. V. 3. The skilful physician shall lift vp his head ; and in Ihe sight rf the great men he shall be in admiration. V. For he hath prepared hU medicines nut if the HERDS if the earth, and he thai is xoisc will not abhor litem Jlo(fat's Vegetable Life .Medicines pos sess qualities of the iimsi mild and benefi cial nature. They ore compo-ed of arti cles the most anti putrescent. combined with ingredients known ns the only certoin on iidole for fevers of every description When the disease is produced either from cold, obstruction, bad air, swampy and camp situations, or putrid miastni whether malignant or epidemic, ur by other causes, theso medicines ore certain in their opera tion ur effects. They nro possessed of pe culiar qualities which nnt only expel all di-cnsc, but at tho same time restore nnd invignrntc the system. When fust tnken into tho slonmch, they immediately difiu-u themselves hke yapnr through every pore, producing effects at once delight I11I salutary and permanent. When the spark of life begins to grow dim. the circulation languid, and tho faculties paralyzed, these medicines arc found lo give a tone to the nerves, ex hileratc the animal spirits, invigorate the body, and rc-animate the whnln man. The Live Medicies have also been used with the most happy success in Ner vous and Dyspeptic diseases, Consumption, A-llima, Ltver Complaint, Rheumatism, (chronic and inflammatory) Dropsies, &c. Sic. For full particulars, tho reader is invited 10 call oi Mr Moffat's office. 307 Broadway and receive a copy of the Good Samaritan, published gratuitously. The following letters aro lately sclec'ed Trout a very large number which Mr ftlolta' has lately received from different parts of 1 ho United Slates. Mr. Moffat Dear Sir: It is with sincere ' ilea-urt: that I venture to address you. 10 hniik you for ihe benefit I hove received I'roiri your medicines. My complaint was -alt rheum, lor which I have tried nearly all the medicines which were ndver'ised 111 the newspapers. I, however received no relief Irom any of I hem. Since I was shown your Good Samaritan, winch in duced me lo try your medicine. When I applied lo you. my leg-and arms were so bad that they looked like raw beef, and were covered with scars; bill alter taking a 25 cent box of your pills, the dead skin begun to scale (iff, am! so continued until I was entirely cured. It is now lour months since I was cured, and I have had no re. turn of the complaint. I hnvo recommend, ed your medicine to several persons, and advise nil afflicted with tho salt rheum to try it. Respectfully, your nb'l servant, M. CLEOVER. r 3 1 1 1 St., between 5th and Jackson avenues,, N. Y , May 23. Mr Moffit Dear Sir: I was troubled with the piles for several years. I applied in ihe most eminent Physican without re lief. A friend of mine Mr. Clarke, who had received great relief from them, re. commended me in use your Life Pills Though I ivns suffering very severely Willi them nt the time. I experienced relief in 43 hours, mid 10 a lew wei ks wn- nnl troubled with 1 hem ai all and I have been free from di-tress ever since and have great pleasure in recommending ihem to those afflicted 111 n similar manner. Respectfully, J. E.STEARNS. New Yonic. April, 1833. Dr Moffat Sir: Since your Lite Medi cine- have b"on ml rotliiced in ibis neigh tin bond, 1 hey have done wonders. I will merely si ate a few cases. Thn wife ol my neighbor. Mr Cornelius S Rnc, who was supposed to be in n decline for the last iwn year, nfier taking two bullies of the PhoDiiix Bitters and one box nf the Life Pills, says sho had her health entirely re. stored. Mr Milo B. Root, my next dnor neigh bor, who was laid up with inflammatory rheumatism, by taking two hollies of the Bitters nnd nnu 25 cent box of tho Pills, told me ho was as well as he ever was, and told a gentleman in my store who was nilliclcd, that as soon as he would take the Pills and Bitters, just so soon he would be a well man. Also, Mrs Hordu, wife of John Hordu. was two ycors since taken sick, nnd often , hnil fits, and lust the use of one of her arms. In six weeks nfler Inking your pil's nnd Bitters, sho has so fur recovered that she has been una visit to one of her neighbors. A lor myself. I hove been in bad healih for 27 years, and though I am nut nnw in perfect health, s'ill I 0111 in belter than I hove been fur ten years past, which I be. Iievoto bo the consequence of taking your Pills and Bitters. Tho abovo is a true statement of a few of the many cases which have como under my obsrration. i You aro at liberty lo publish this letter, With reipcct, J. A. Van Valkenburoh. New Yi.tik. April I, 1B38. Mr W Moffat Sin I hove been afflicted with the fever and nguo about 3 months, and used a gnod flea 1 of quinine, which did me no good, but I still grew weaker and weaker until I was reenminended to try your Lifo Pills nnd Pbcenix Bitters, nnd after tolling two boxes of oills and two buttles of bitters, I am very thankful to in form you and ihe public at Inrge, I consider myself completely cured, Yours truly, JOHN TENNENT. N.Y. Miu s, March 29, 1838. Mr Moffat Dear Sin I have ucd your' medicine m my family for somo months, and have received great benefit from it. especially my wifo and nldct daughter. My daughter It id in rn 111 a decline lor three years, siuco 8he commenced oing your mcdicino sho has entirely recovered nnd is now well and hearty. If this will be of any service to you. you aro at liberty to publish it. Respectfully. yours, &c. N. BUTLER. Summim Hill, Jan, 13, U38. Dr Moffat Dear Sir: I have, great pltmsuro in addressing )ou, having been troubled for somo lime back Willi tho rheumatism, nnd could find limbing to give mo any relicl, until I bail commenced taking your Vegetable, Lifo PilNarid I'honix Bitters. Ititakuig tho first bottle and ono box of pills I found the most excrutiating pain thai I had long been trou bled wilb. entirely disappeared. Such being llio cac, il is with praliludo I ofier theso sen t menls, feeling confident that I am indebted lo you moro lhn words can c.xnrcs?, for your valuablo rncdicincand the speedy euro received from its good effocts. Yours, &c. GEO. BROFTS. Mauoii Chunk, Jan. 17, 1838. Mr Moffat Sirs I am most happy to send you through your ngcnl, Mr. White, a fovr lines rclativo to your excellent Lifo Medicines. For a length of limn 1 have been complaining of an infection of llio liver, and tried much medicine, but found no relief, mil I commenc. ed with yours, I have now taken nearly two bottles of ynurl'licenix Bitters, nnd 1 am pleas, ed lo stale that I find myself fast recovering' from a long and lingering complaint. Respectfully, yours, &e. GEO. KIS.NER. LocKroRT,Nov.27, 1337. Mr W. B. Moffat Dear Sir: As a remark ablo iosancn of Win virtue and efficacy of your Liru Pills and Phoenix Bitters, in rsstoringlosl healih lo the afflicted, has occurred in my family, I deem il a duty I owe both to yourself nnd tho public, to make tho fact known, that othcrsfiulFcring under similar circumstances might perchance seo this and obtain a remedy in season to preserve them from a prcmaluro grave. .Mv wifo has been ahlielcd with the liver complaint and general debility for opwards of 3 years; and for tho last 3 months she has not been able lo wall; across llio room. Aiior try. various medicines prescribed by different phy sicians, which gave ner no reuei, sue wni given up as incurable. In this situation sho was gradually failing, when I happened to call upon your agent in this village, and ho gave inn a copy of llio Good Saina'itan, tho pcru'ing of which induced mo lo try your medicine, although I had but Millie hopo of her receiving anv benefit from it T he effect. wits suriri"ing. Before she bad taken ono botllo of hitlers and ono box of pills, she vvas so far recovered as to bo ablo lo accomplish mnstol her housework without assistance. Yours, respectfully, WAancs Pattehson. For additional particulars of the abovo med icine seo Moffat's Gootl Samaritan, a copy of which accompanies the medicine; a copy can also bo obtained on application at the drue stores of R. Moody and J. & J. II. Peck &: Co., llurlington, VI. Tho abovo medicine for salo at wholesale and retail by It. Moodv and al retail by J, & .1. II. Co. Jan. 1339. 6m BltlNDKETH'S PILLS!! LOOK OUT FOR COUNTERFEITS!! ALL Pills sold in llio Slate of Vermont must pas through our hands as Dr. Brandiclh's General ago tils. There will bo no inoro Pills sold al the Boston office, . neither by B. B. Mussey. (who is no longer Bran drcihs agent,) 10 bo retailed in this section of llio Country. All Pills purporting to bo Brandrelhs, and sold by persons without a certificato of agency signed by B, lirandicllt and by us aro counter feits. To prevent all imposition from llio cir" dilation of counterfeits, jusi let the purchaser ask the vender for his certificate of agency signed by Fcrro and Paimclcc, or Geo. P. Walion. of Montpchor Vl. who is our genera, agcnl fur the following Counties, Washing. Ion, Orange, Chittenden, Addison, Finn kli Orleans, Lamoilc, Essex and Grand Islo, in Vermont. Never purchase of Peddlers, for in no iiislaueo do Ihey everhave the genuine article. Should any of our agents be caught in Iho counterfeit trade, they will be displaced and so advertised. Tho Pills must bo kept pure, anc tho Counterfeiters must be dealt with ac cording lo law, No Mistakc. Tho followir.ff persons aro regularly appointed in their res pective lowns. For sale by S. E. HOWARD, Burlington .1, T. Ainsworth, Milton Potter, Cull, Si Co., Faiifax L. Tyler, Essex L. Janes, Georgia James Russell, St. Alban-- F. V. Goodrich, Swanlon S. K. I'lall, Ilighgatc William Giecu Si Co., Sheldon Chnffw & Lewis, Berkshire Thomas Fuller Si Son, Euosburgh Armington ir Dean, Bakcrsfiold Towor & Oakcs, Underbill -G. B. Oakes. Jorichn. FEU RE and PARMELEE. General Rrandrtthian A'cnlt, Middlotown, Conn., July 4, 1838. Whcaton's Itch. Ointment. A lung ond well estoblidied remedy for ono of tho mnst uncomfortable com plaints which skin is "heir" lo offered at a great discount to those who btiv In sell. J. &. J. H. Peck & Co. llurlington Mir. 29. 1339. N E W T O N'S PANACEA, Or great purifier of the Blood. k Subslituto for Swaim's Panacea, a. s&3 cheaper article and by many consid- cred superior, J & J II. PECK & Co. Agents JNovascotin Plaster. i ZC Tons of Novascotia Plaster in A0U Bulk. 300 bbla do do for sale by Follett & Bravvkti, Sept. 2-t.

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