Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 10, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 10, 1839 Page 2
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VIRGINIA ELECTION. Wc, never saw t ho Richmond Enquirer so fierce so much alive, so zealous nnd mi -imatod, as that paper now id on tho np proacliinjj election. Old Virgitnn nnd old Virginians oru forgotten, shoved usido nnd Bacriliccd ; .the Old Dominion sinks its pride, prtlriotism. inllticnce,' long services, proud position; the only cry of the Rich mond Enquirer U, "Save Mr. Van Huron." Tho mugtntudo of the conical to the parly may bo imagined from this fearful nnd tromulous r.eol. JVuijj verrons. Wo can not tell who will win the day, but the pride of Virginia is up, nnd much is to be hoped for. The Portsmouth Republican pays : The General Prospect, In tho districts of Virginia Inst represented by -Messrs. Wise, Mercer, Tnlinferro, Robertson, lun tor nnd Mailory, (Whig,) theru wi'd bo no political change at the election in May- In tho district represented by Mr Hopkins, (Cniiscrvativo.) tin; Whigs and Conserva tive? will prevail by n largo majority. In J. M. Mason's district, n Whig will 1)2 elected with no difficulty bo olsn in the Franklin district, where Stowatt (V. B.) is opposed by Goggiu, and whore every coun ty but one is Whig. In Albemarle district, the contest is between Garland nnd Gor don. The latter, it is believed, will bo de feated by llio influence of the Itivos party. Banks (V. U.) is already demolished in tho Spoltsylvanin district by Slaughter (Whig.) The Cun-orvutivo vote insures the election of the Inlter. In AuguMn, fcc. Moorn (Whig) will beat Craig (V. B. )by n handsome majority. Tho losa of llio Valines in Botetourt throws Craig int.) tho vocative. Messrs. Eicrno, Coles, Rives. Dromgoolo, Stoenrod nnd Johnson all have stronir opposition, and arc in imminent danger. The Shenandoah nnd Chesterfield districts alone are without a contest. Hero Van Burnuism lords it unmolested. In the Prince Edward district, Hill (Whig) is running handsomely against Wilson .-ub-lreastiry Whig.) On a review of the field, it is nppnrcnt that tho Whigs will elect eleven members, securing a majority, nod tho prospcet is fair for electing fourteen. Whatever may bo the vote of Tennessee ond Indiana, that of Virginia will preserve n wnig majority in the House of Rupro eenlatives. From tho Providence Journal IMIODi: ISLAND ELECTION. SEVEN WHIG SEANTORS ELECTED. Wo publish in -this dav's nnonr I fin nfl'i cial returns of the votes for Governor ond Isonate. Jt will be seen that seven Sena tors, oil Whirrs arc elected. Samuel W. King is chosen by a majority of 52U over nil others; Hezekiab Bosworth by 100; jonninan Keynoids bv 114; Ezekiel Fowl er bv 1 10: Win. S. Rrnwninrr hu lift: Ol ney Whipple by 129; Henry Aldrtch by 4UO. The majorities ore Inrrrer tlmn in nnr calculation published Inst Monday; but ob wo, in every case, loon uio lowest estimate, tve nre not summed at tin's. .Tnhn Siemo. the Loco Foco candidate, has been chosen soncral treasurer hv n mninritv rr nrt- Henry Boweti, secretary, by a majority of iu-., .iiocri vy. urconc. nuorney general, without opposition; both Whigs. There are three vacancies in the senate, but as n quo Turn is chosen, no new election will take Tijaco, and the first senator, Samuol W. Ivinr?. wilt nffininln ns irnwinnr. Mr. King enjoys ihe entire confidence of .(. Hl.! - . 1 . uiu v mg pany, ano nas repcatcuiy reins cd, for reasons of a private nature, the nom. inatioil of Governor. Iln is in nueru re- epect qualified to discharge the duties of tue umce. Tho whig majority in grand committee, is 17. Thus, it although 'is n subject of re. grot and mortification that the Wings have failed to elect their candidate for Governor, ft ill, so far n the power is concerned, it is s well ns thoujrl) thev had carried their entire ticket. YVo; Whig, T HE LEGISLATURE . The Legislature of this Stiilo will ad. jnurn to-morrow nfier ono ofthc most ar duous and laborious sessions hold for many years. Tho amount of public business transacted has been immense; and, n usti nl, n largo number of public and local bills will bo I eft on the general orders unacicd upon. In a Slate no extensive in territory as this, ond with interests so vast and di versified, it cannnt li'i expected that the necessary legislation ean bo deposed of in n few weeks us it formerly wo. As our population, wealth and resources increase, ihe local wouttj of the people create n vast find increasing thunder of apphca'inns for the action of thn Legislature. An uniisu nl number of this description novo been pressed through durine; the present Ecssion, and many of them will remain in an unfit), ishod condition for tho action of subsequent legislatures. Nearly all the important bills of tho scs idon, of genernl nnd public interest, have passed tho Hoimo of Assembly nnd will be enmo laws, unless the majority in the Scnato fail to discharge their duty. Tim internal improvement bills or at least some of tho most important of them have already been rejected in tho Snuate,or will be lost in that body for want of timo to net upon them. Tho bills, rcchnrtnring for five years tho Long Island and Rochester JJanks, hove passed both Houses of the Lcgialniurri. Of the Roil Road bills, the New York ond Albany tho New York and Eric tho Atlicu and Buffalo the Cattskill and Cannajuhoriu liavo been re jected in the Senate Tho Sarotngn and Washington thn 'I'm,, .,,! yi, ,,,., I,. and the Ogdcnsburgh ond Cliampiain Rail ik,uuu urns uru sun noioro t ijo Senate ond will pnss if thcro is limn to net upon Ihrtui. In nil probability unmo if not nil of themwill bo disposed of to.dav. 'Vow Whig. J NEW YORK'. Ai.iianv, Moy -2 J'io Assembly hns passed a bill providing for a survey of a rail rood and select wntcr navigation from ' Littlb Foils to tho River St. Lawrence. It will probably share the futo of the other hills in support of internal improvements when it gets into tho hands, of tho Loco' Foco Senate. Tho Assembly wero yesterday nnd have been to day engaged in thu discussion of n bill in relation to State Prisons. Mr. Seoles introduced nn amendment providing Hint no convict should bo punished except by the order ot'lhe nssiitnnt of thu prison, who should be required to niukn n regular report'to llif) inspectors!: nnd prohibiting fl iggmg nltogothor. Tins amendment brought out i debnlo, in which llio facts set forth in thu evidence connected with the Sing Sing State Prison report, were fully commented upon. The Speaker sun tainr.d Mr. Scolo's amendment with great earnestness, nnd expressed tho iudigitution ami horror with which he had read thu revolting facts contained in that report. Mr. Scolus rend portions of I lie tcsiimonv allowing tho manner in which convicts had been tortured by the undor'iugs of the es. tablishmrnt : and it would appear Willi the ossunt nnd connivance of tho agent; nnd declared that if ever n thorough change was necessary, it was in tho inaiingeinont of that prison. Mr. S. further observed that lie would confine himself to the icstl mony of men obovo suspicion not the tes timony of convict!- -of persona of blasted reputation, but the testimony of citizens whom no attempt has been made to im peach. Mr. S. spoke in terms of great Bovcritv of the conduct ol llio officers of thu nrtson from the inspectors down all of whom uppcurcd to have been guilty of rroat remissness, and some of wlioni were jostly chnrgenhle with the most ubominnblu atrocities. Mr, bishop and iir. iiuminnnu sustained Mr. Scolo's nmend.neui : and ihe former gentleman called upon thu I.oro Focus in the House to come lorward anil show themselves on I his occasion. Mr Until of Oneida (nodded assent. We will see whallhuy will do whether they will venture to endorse tho dark barbarities of that priSOH-hoUSC. Suicidi: or or thu Piuates or tiik nuAOA.N.A. Joseph Van Brugsjcti, one of the two pirates who were on Wednesday Inst convicted ju this city of thu murder of Captain Toroly', of the Bragnnza, was found dead in his cell this morning, having hung himself during the night. In order to effect his purpose, ho tore thu blanket of Ins bed into btripes and wove them to gether into a rope, and then took one of the wooden slats of his bedstead, and made of it what seamen call n toggle, or in other words, ho tied the rope across the centro of tho slot, nnd slipped it through tho iron grating of his cell, ond then pulled in the rupe, .so that the slat rested ncro-s the oui side of t ho bars, and thus formed n bt'am from which to suspend himself. He then raised himself from tho ground, fastened tho rope round his neck, and launched himself into eternity. Besides the slat from which ho was found hanging, there was also another slat found at the grating with another rope attached to it, which had evidently broken, from which it would appear that the unfortunate wretch had made one unsuccessful attempt to destroy himself, and only succeeded in thu second, lie was n native of Antwerp, and 35 years old JV. Y. Juur. Commerce, Fatal Dur:r.. Wc learn from tho Nor folk Herald Hint a duel was fought on Fri day last in Norfolk County, near the North Carolina line, between J. Sewoll Jones, of (North Carolinn, nnd II. Wright Wilson, of New York, to settJo n difficulty that had arisen between them on some point of honor. They fought with pistols, at six paces. At the first fire, Mr. Wilson was shol through the body, and died on tho spot. His ball grazed his adversary's temple. ''Phis fatal event, says the Herald, is the more to be lamTanted Irnmthc circumstance that the parties had long known and esteem, cd each other, and up to tho moment of their feud, had reciprocated tho most friend Ivand respectful sentiments. This is evinc ed by thu survivor in tho bitter agony of Ins feelings, and tho nvownl of his high appreciation of the worth and character of the deceased. Both, however, weru under the infatuation which chains the votaries ol false honor to its bloody code, and deemed their quarrel irruconctleublu by any oilier coursu than that, which involves a violation ufthulawsof God and man! How long will reasoning man permit himself to be thn victim of this accursed Moloch.1 Trou Whig. It is .said that the cause of this fatal duel, was tho following words spoken by Mr Wilson: "I know enough of Southern pen pie to know Unit they Kuvnn comply 'with their obligation,1!," Mr Jonus took unbrago at this sweeping remark, and jealous of tho honor of ilia South, demanded satisfaction in accordance with the rules of honor. Suicinr.. Mr. Woodman Wheeler, of Pctcrshom Jwos found hanging dead in his bum on Tuesday of lust week. The cause of this suicide, as it has been told to us, is somewhat singular. Mr. Whcolor, n mouth since, was a hearty old bachelor verging upon throo scorn and ton. But i hough old, his heart woi not insensiblo to tho "lender offices and ufi'uirs of love." In an unguarded hour, ns it seems, ho plight, ctl his troth to n lady wo cannot say exnetly how far. In another moment "ha did repent him of thu rush net," and enru cstly sought n rolenso from thu galling, though silken chain. Thu lady was leua ciuus, and our bachelor generously offered one hundred dollars for a discharge. The lady pleaded blighted hopes, and tearful as become her sex, would only uecept of twice that sum. The repentant lover thought this extortion, and refused; tho perlina cioih nugelcallad linn a trillur, and thrcnt eued u suit for breach of promise, Ho took couihcI legal, und then of Ins purse, utnl married her. On the day of tho wedding ho left her, nnd never saw her more. The dny of his suicide was the tiny fixed for her roinoval to his homo. "Lib orly or death," thought thn Highing hus band, nnd debarred ot thu former, no urn- bruced the latter. Tiio means wuro em blematic of his futo ; to ctcape tho chafing of a Milken cord, ho hung himself with a' tug clmin, -Burn Gazette, NEWS BY MAILS, A new steamship, cnllcd thuTomochichi, is to run between New Orleans and the rich plantations of tho AttakapoB, below. .Murder. A Mr. Booth, ot Richmond, Louisiana, met on tho ISlh tilt, a Mr Rusk, and addressing him Willi thesu words, "Sir, I understand you have threatened my life," as a horrid commontnry on tho men. nee. draw fori li n pistol nud shot Rusk through, causing Ins death soon alter- Another Fracas, Gen. Bossier.Sonator, nnd I). S. Burnett, Eq. cx-Sherifi', of tho Natchitoches (La) District, had n cool pis tol encounter in tho streets of tho town, by way of practical illustration of their high. legal functions. After two discharges tho Genernl wns badly and thu Sheriff slightly wounded, Summer coming. They have had strow berries south for somo lime, nnd green Peas have reached Baltimore from Norfolk. Tho "Savannah" steamboat is to ply regularly between that city and Charleston. Ohio. Tho spirit of internal improve munt Mill predominates in Ohio, as it did from the hrt tnipuUo given to it by the example of Clinton nnd tho Lmpirc State. Wo perceive the counties of Wayne, Franklin and Union havn promptly come forward nnd subscribed g.SO,O0O for the East Fork Canal, so that the charter, if llio instalments tiro paid, ns they doubtless will bo, is complied w ill, and the work will bo commenced. Gen. Ilunison and Mr. Clny nre spoken of ns guests to witness tho breaking of tho ground Richmond and the whole of tho beautiful valley of the While "water will derive inappreciable advantages from this work. Michigan, Tho Michigan Legislature have ndjotirnod after a session of 15 weeks in which they parsed $350,000 of appro priations for rail roads, improving rivers, &.c. It is not known whero the money is to come from, ns there is onlv a balance of 05500,000 belonging to the stale, and that virtually lost by the deranged affairs of the Slntu Bank. Governor Mason has vetoed Ihe bill giving relief to settlers. The branches ofthc State Bank of Michi gan have been located by law at Detroit, Pontine, Mount Clemens, Monroe, Adrian, Ann Arbor, Jackson, Marshall and Nilcs. One gallon jugs. The Temperance law of Mississippi hud gone into effect, and is popular, except with the publicans, who cannot for lovo or money find n sufficiency of one gallon jugs, the prescribed measure for sale of liquor. The revenues for Texas this year will bo n million , tnxc? half n million, and sale of lots in the new capital half a million, leaving over a million surplus above the expenses, which are estimated nt a million. Mr. Abm. Wilcox, an industrious mo chanic, was killed a few dayssinceal Ulica by being crushed between tjtnbers of a frame work erected in constructing a bridge on the Canal, and which were knocked down bv n boat passing. Tho Illinois people calculate on an aug mentation of no less than 40,000 souls to t heir population this year. The land sales having been over 50,000 per month for sumo time. Wc hope there will be less of epnlemic fevers. Dr Elishn Huntington is chosen Mayor of Lowell. Mass., vico Mr. Lawrence, killed bv n fall. The budy of n man supposed to bo Louis Cozziue, was found floating 111 Red Kivcr. There were some 1200 found in Ins pocket. The early fruit on the Ohio river for 40 miles below Wheeling, has been cut off by 1I10 frost. Edward Sillyman, n boy at Pottsville, lol bis life from a kick in the temple from a horse, with which ho was playing. Munocu. The Wayne Standard states thai n foot peillcr was murdered in Junius Seneca county, on the 2tst nil. His tin trunks were emptied of their contents, filled with stones, fastened to his neck and his body thrown into the river. Lewis Beadle and n Mr. Quel, oro supposed to be the Murderers. Troy Whig. Villaimi nl a Premium. Gordon D. Boyd, Mr. Von Buren's receiver in Mississip pi, who took the public money to purchase 20 000 acres of rich lands on his own nc count, has made over thu sumo to tho gov. eminent, who arc to sell the some lit long credits nud and give the surplus to thu swindler. 7'te Jlrscnalfor the South. Tho Secre tary of Wur bus determined to complete 1I10 Grand Arsenal of construction for thj South nl Fnycllevillo, North Carolina, nn the plan originally designed. Capt. A. J. Bradford has the direction of it. Progress of Agriculture in Canada. The Quebec Mercury gravely relates that: "Capt. Fournior of St. Coziire, took the I rouble to come lo Quebec, a distance of '.S5 miles, to purchase a ewe from Lieut. Gugv. for winch ho paid 20 dollars." The Murderer re raptured. Wilber, who made Ins escape from Prison a fow days since, was re-inkcn in the woods in Ihe town of Mndison, Fatal Accident. Tho, wall of a building in Strawberry street fell this morning, nnd buried in the ruins five persons, men who were employed 111 underpinning, &e. Two of tho persons wo regret to learn have since died, nnd, nnd the other three nro severely if not seriously injured. It is reported that a hoy is also missing. P. S. Wo Icnrn that the boy mentioned nbove va3 found dead under tho ruins, und Ihat one of thn men has sinco died at the Hospital. Philadelphia Gazette, Metimi)tst CoNrp.uNrM- tv PJr.iv .Tv.n sr.v.--This body closed its session day bo- mro yubioiuay, naving uecti together since Wednosdny of last week. The subject of Manning Force's running for Congress, Inst venr. was bioiiL'ht un. The Rev."on'. tinman frankly declared, with expressions ofhis sincere' rogret, t lint ho should not have accepted tho nomination, had lie boon aware, at tho timo, that 11 rule existed, dis. countenancing such conduct. A resolution passed, thu Inst morning, declaring that ony clergymen who should hcroulter become a cundiilntn Pur tho loiris. hit u ro or congress, would receive tho gen erni uisiipprotiation 01 tue coureronco. nir Forco voted for this resolution. Wo toko nloosuro in unvmir that Mr. V ileonrlment throughout these procecdinya wus worthy ui u curisuau, SACKED MUSIC-STATE CONVEN TION. After correspondence nnd consultation with gontlcmen in different parts of Ver mont, it has been deemed advisablo to call a State Convention, to bo holdon at Mont, poller, on Wednesday nnd Thursday, the 22d nnd 23d of May inst., for thu purpose of dovizing means to awaken n more goner ol nnd deeperj interest in .SAG RED MU SIC ; to sccuro a more just appreciation of Its high claims, particularly as a divine in st it tit ion , to the liberal support of the cnristinu puouc; 10 cicvato 1 lie stanuaru 01 practical excellence of music 111 our church es; ami, if possible to givu to il a high and uniform character throughout I he stole. In furthcrence of these objects, nnd in or der to render the convention itself tniurost nig, arrangements, arc in progress, and have been in part completed, to securn nddrosses from gentlemen of high literary attain ments, upon the importance nnd character of music for public worship; on the influ ence of music upon moral und intellectual character ; on thn spirit and manner of performing sacred music; nud upon the best modes of instruction. It is designed to make sacred music a part of the exer cises of the convention, and to closrj with nn address on the first subject named, by Rev. Dr. Bates of Middlobtiry. nud by n concort on the evening of tho 23d. The nttendence of clergymen, of musicians, vo cal and instrumental, and tho lovers of sa cked Ropg, generally, is earnestly desired. E. P. Walton, Win. Uphain, Jeduthun Loomis, Joseph Howes, Bool W. Smith, Sherman Kellogg. Eleazer Smith. Oratnol H. Smith, Moses: E. Cheney, Sluort Brown, George W. Barker, George B. Manser, Wtlliiirn IIowos. E. P. Wnlton Jr., Joseph W. Howes. Chnuncoy L. Knnpp, Montpe Her. E, W. Honker, IJenninglon. Beojn nun Swnn, Woodslork. Cyrus B. Drake, Roynllon. Daniel Wilde, Elijah Hnwes, lirookjield. Jnson Steele, John W. Smith, Elihu Norton, Henry B. Allen. Chelsea. Lemuel Richmond. Simeon B. Cheney. Derby. E. K. Prouly, Jacob Kent Jr., Aewbury. Andrew Royeo, Wilhumslown George W, Nichols, Samuel L. French Randolph. Timothy Cobb, Barton. Mav 0, 1039. Stkamdoat nun.vr. Wo lenrn from the Louisville Journal, that tho steamboat Pennsylvania was destroyed by fire at Pu ducoh, nn the night of the 21st April. She had a valuable cargo lor l u-icumbia, Flor.. once, and Knoxville. and $50,000 in specie lor llio JJecaiur Hank. When the steam boat Norwich (which was ascending ihe river) arrived at the scene of conflagration. exertions were making to get the specie from tho wreck, and about glO.OOO had been recovered. The portion recovered, however, was in a very damaged condition, having been partially melled. Tho hold filled, and tho P. sunk while the Norfolk lay there, and, in all probability, nothing more will bo recovered. Tho car"o and specie were insured, and theru was an in surancu of g5,000 on tho boat. No lives lost. The fire originated in the hold cause unknown. Troy Whig. FOKEIGN NEw. LATER FROM ENGLAND. It is evident from the tone of the London ministerial papers that tho British Govern ment liuvo commenced in sincerity to settle tho Boundary question without further delay. It isnul improbable that tho present arrival has brought important despatches on tho Boundary question to tho British minister nl Washington. They were '.0 have been forwarded either by this packet or the Liverpool. There is, of course, no Parliamentary news, the houses having adjourned to the tub nud 1 1th. The London Chronicle of Anril 3, has an article on tho boundary question, in which it is staled that n proposition prelim. iuary to a new survey, would bo sent out by (he next packet, and on the 4th the same paper contained another article, in which the settlement of the question by an exchange of territory, or tho payment of a sum of money to tho United States, wus distinctly soggested. In France a provisional ministry hod been formed. The Chambers opened on tho 4th by commission. Tho temporary ministry consisted of new men that is, of men not ono of whose names were included in the previous attempts to form a cabinet. The Due do Monlebcllo was the foreign min ister. There was a good deal of excitement on tho opening of the bession. The hall of the Deputies was surrounded by groat numbers of people, apparently bent on mischief, but llio extensive military prepar ations sufficed to preserve order. 15 A RBARO US "p U nTsTi ME N TS. Tho following is an extract from a Lot)' don paper published in 1700 and will serve to illustrate the barbarous savcrity of the English laws half a century agu when for tho crime of counterfeiting silver coin n female was sentenced to bo bunged and burned at tho stake and the sentence was executed : "July 15. Lost Monday Phcbo Harris was executed nenr Newgnte, for counter foiling the coin called shillings she was led by two ofiice;s of justice from Newgale to a stake fixed in lh" ground nuuut mid way between tho scaffold and tho lamp. The make was about eleven feel high, and near tho top of it was inverted 11 curved piece of iron, to which the end of the bal er wnHtied. Tho prisoner stood on a low stool, which, nftor tho ordinary hud prayed with her n short time, being taken away, site woh suspended by thu neck, (her feet being scarcely ninro than twelve or fourteen inches from the pavement.) Soon niter tho signs of life had censed, two cartloads of laggote weru pluccd around her, and set on lire; tlielhtnca presently burning the 1ml tor, tho convict fell a fow inches, and was' suspended by an iron chain passed over her chest, nnu fixed lo inn stoke. Somo scat tered remains of the body, wore perceptible in 1110 lira ai nan pasi u n ctoclt. The firu had cot completely burned out at 12 o' clock, Pheho Harris was a well ma do linln w0. man, something tnoro tltnn thirty years ot nuo. of a pnle complexion, nnd not of di.s ngtucble features. When she came out of prison she appeard both Inngutd nud terri fied, ami trembled greatly as she advanced to the stake, where the npporotus for the punishment tdio wos about to expenencu seemed to strike hnrtnuid with consterna tion, to the exclusion of nil power of collec todness in proparotion for llio approaching nwful moment. A great concourse of peo ple attended on tho above melancholy oc casion.' FROM CANTON. By the ship York, from Cnnton, wo hnve advices to Jan. 12th. The smuggling of Opium had continued to increase until Dec. 3d, when 203 catties being about lo be landed in front of the torctgn lactones nt Cntiion, they wero seized, und tho foreign t ratio entirely suspended. The Coolies who weroorresctd accused Mr. I tines a British merchant, of having sent money to Whatnpoa for lite purchase of the Opium, and Mr. Talbot, of thu Ameri can house of Talbot. Olyphanl &. Co. of having imported the same in ihe ship I hns. Perkins. Tho hatches were ordered to be scaled, and I lines and Talbot to bo cxpell ed. The Hong merchant Puiihoyqoa, who was security for the Perkins, wus exposed in the pillory. Several communications now passed bo tween f tic Chamber of Commerce of Hie foreign residents und tho Governor. JMr. lalbot declared hi innocence, and that I hi: Perkins brought nothing but rice. The Chamber remonstrated nt tho treatment toward him and (ho Hong iMorclgils. Mr. Innes was directed to leuv innedi ntcly or Ins house should be pulled down. On the 12th Dec. matters grew woru in consequence of the attempt of the million tics to insult thu foreign merchants by strangling in front of the factories a Chi neaso accused of smuggling opium. An immense crowd gathered 011 the square, and t ho foreign residents and the crews of the vessels resisting the execution, the Coolies consented to remove the msirti nicnls and criminal lo another pluce. The crowd up to this lime were friendly, but the foreigners having indiscreetly btrtick back some of tho Chineasc with canes, tho mob turned on them, and pelted them with shower-: of stones. The old Hong mer chant Hov.qua now appeared on the scene, and beckoned to the foreigners to retreat, which they did, into tho imperial hong. The mob, amounting to some C000,lore up the palisades, and did much injury to the verandahs and doors of the fnetories by brick bat, stones, iSic. Thu nulitury were finally called in and the mob dispersed. - Tho troop, with their camp fires und gor geous lanterns, bivouacked on thu square during the night. Capt. Elliot, superin lendant of the British trade, arrived 111 ihe course of the night from Whatnpoa, with 120 of tho crews of tho shipping. The Chamber of Commerce on the 14th remon stratcd against tho execution of criminals on the factory grounds. The Governor replied that the ground was the Emperor's, and tho executions should go on if the smuggling did not cease. A few days af ter His Excellency published an order dci daring Mr. Talbot innocent. Mr. Innes went, to Macao. Captain Elliot, at a meeting of the for eign merchants, chiefly Americans, admit ted that foreigners wero engaged in the smuggling, mid declared that in regard to (lie British he should put a slop to 11, as it was disgraceful, nnd would lose them the entire trade Willi China. lie issued a no lice prohibiting all British bouts engaged 111 the smuggling to return to the Uocca Tigris, and enjoined respect to Chinese authorities, &c. The 'rndo wus ro opened Jan. 1. Numerous brilliant meteors were seen nt Cnnton by tho Missionary tho Rev. Dr. Parker, on Ihe 9th nnd 13th November. The Doctor had been honored with a ro quest to prescribe for thu Namlioy- Busine-s is not yet re-established since tho blow it received by tho troubles. Tho Hong merchants have determined to give no security for ships until the cap tains and consignees give security that they nre not engaged in smuggling opium. As tho captains and consignees cunnot give this security, thu residents have petitioned to have the Hong merchants compelled In give security ns before, which request would probably be granted, Tho prices for tho new teas were not vet fixed. FROM VERA CRUZ. Our New Orleans slips received yester day, luruish intelligence from Vera Cruz lolheMth tilt. The French fleet, with the exception of five sail, wos to depart on that day for Europe, touching nl Tmnpico and Havana. The English squadron re mained watching the event of Mejia's movements, who with 1000 men, was within fifteen leagues of Vera Cruz. The Eng lisli ship Madagascar has taken on board the specie and valuables belonging to the English and other merchants who had claimed protection in case thu federal army should land. Admiral Bandit) forwarded an express to Generals Urrea nnd Mejia, informing them that having taken under his protection the foreign residents of thu city of Vein Cruz, he should be careful that no injury should be done their persons or properly. The English consul's house not being considered safe from plunder, a number of troops wore despatched from tho English vessels for Us protection. Tho authorities', however, would not pormit them to land, the opinion prevailing, that there was forco enough in llio city to prevent nny mischief. The fortress of St. Juan do Ulloa was evacuated on thu 7th by thu French garri son, and wus taken possession of by Gen. Ilorgero, On the part of the Mexicans, un der u salute of artillery, in which the fur. eign vessels in the harbor joined. Business in Vera Cruz had been entirely suspended by the great fire which destroyed thu Custom Houc- Admiral Buudin, with a large number ofhis officers and men, im mediately landed when the firu broke out. and did. their utmost toward staying the destruction nnd preserving property. Three of the inon attached to the Admiral's ship perished in the flumes. Tho residents of the city of Vera Cruz were making sub scriptiuns lor the purpose of relieving the families of the men who had died in their exertion to envo the city. Tho loss by tins conflagration is estimated nt a million nud a half. The commercial houses of England and Germany will be the greatest sufferers. The French houses ulono lost about 300,000 worth of goods. The cri me cargo ot tho Arago,, nnd of thrco niiKiiMi nno uinon vessels, nave occn Des troyed. JV. F. Sun. THE BEAUTIES OF RUM. The Salem Gazette of Friday Ust nar rates n most shucking disaster, nrising from intemperance, vhtch occurred in Beverly On Wednesday last. It secma that the by-laws or Beverly render it im possible lo purchase ardent spirits in that place, and those who use them are obliged to procure them at Salem. A young man nddiciod to intemperance, nnd who is less thnn 21 yenrs of ago, on Wednesday pro cured four gallons in Salcin, ond becomo so much intoxicated, that hu was thrown from his vehicle nnd very badly bruised nod disfigured. He succeeded, huwover, in getting Ihe liquor safely home, and there thu wretched being's mother imbibed bo large a portion of it, that sho became help lessly intoxicated, and fell into the fire, where she was burned 111 0 manner too hor rible to bo described, and died after a few hours of dreadful described, and tiled after a few hours of dreadful suffering. Her son was lying in another apartment, within a few feet of her. too drunk to bo any assis tance, or even to know tho horrible tragedy that was going on almost within reach of Ins arm. The officer who was sent to Prescott, in Upper Canada, for the purpose of making known to the commander of her Majesty's forces nt that place, the facts in relation to I tho outrages committed by the troops at j Prescoit on the steamboat 'United Stales, j reports, thai on his interview with Colonel I Young, l he commanding officer, the Colonel informed him that, ns soon os information I had reached him of thin unpleasant nffuir, 1 hu hud caused nn investigation to be made j in regard to it. and that the examination j was still in progress; but all that had been j learned was, ihat the firing on the occasion j had proceeded from a crowd on Ihe wharf. by persons unknown, belonging to Ihe mili tia, the only description of troops stationed at Prescott : that every exertion would be made to discover the offenders, and ex emp'ury pnnishninl inflicted upnn them: I and mat the net was to violation of Ins in structions, of law, and order. Ho deeply I regretted the occurrence, and promised that every exertion on Ins part should ba mode to prevent simtlur acts. Washington ' Globe. The Burlington Free Pifss, of tho 19th ult. ' contains the argument of Mr. Adams, a dis : tinguisluid jurist of tho Vermont Bar, upon thu application made to thu Government of tho United States for this surrender of Holmes, nnd by it referred to the stato authorities of .Vermont. The argumont of Mr. Adams ap- plies to two points ; tho first, that the author ities in Canada aro entitled to liavo Holmes I surrendered to thorn ; and next, that tho pow, , or of surrendering fugitives from olhur coun tries is not exclusively vested in tho General I Oovernmout ofthc United States, hut belongs aiso 10 1110 governments ol tho particular states. There appears to ho no reason to doubt that Holmes will be delivered up, allho' soinu delay may arise before tho question is definitively settled. The decision in this mat. ler will, probably, set lo rest the question which it involvos.and upon which there bava linen contradictory decisions in llio American Courts. All nations are interested in main taining tho principle, that their territory should not lio i.onvcttcd into sanctuaries for tho protection ol'assassiu, incendiaries ond robbers, but that tho fugitive from broken laws, wheresoever found, should be delivered up to be tried by the tribunals whoso just authori ty he has invaded, and who aro ulono compo tont tojodgii ol'hisguili or innocenco: and. if I guilty, to inflict thu punishment duo to his Icrimo. All enlightened nations, on terms of I peace, will coiitrihuto lo tho promotion of a g:uat common purpose, interesting to all, and obligatory 00 all, to bring flagitious offenders to merited punishment. Quebec Gaztlle. From ihe Wood-lock Time?. !1 aiuwask, April IS, 1S39. Dear Sir, Wiih irCi-rence in my last leller lo oii of l.i-i week' dale, respecting "the visit of our American neighbour 011 dm Itiver, il may not be iniinieie-iiiig to jou in learn liow these 'gentle men' ate solium on. Fium lliu icport of eeioral peri-Din tvlin haie within u iliy or two past coino from the neigliboilmod of ihoir operation., where ihey number from 00 10 CO armed men ii appears ihat llie) 1110 iiisikini; use of iliu tenters' priitender (((hicli u.i led at iheir approaching their hov el.,1 1111c! h.Ke selected a silo for a fonificniion. Seierul of iliem Ji.ive come into the .Muilaw.iek.l settlement (the upper of it,) armed c.ip-u pee, ulii'iH they to be 'quilo in home. John liaker s e.-iabli,lunem Hppe.nn lo be their choice pLiceof reiidez(Oin ulieie 1 suppose ihey uel a Kie.ii 1lc.1l of wholesome instructions. Tlioir nei nbjeci U (as dice sm) lolmild : lioomacrosi the St. John ! in a culled the Winding Ledges, about four or five miles nbnve llio mouth ol the Fih Itiver. They imc now nccompliphing (villi ii few men, uliut 1 hey considered (heir Great Army w.u not m rife ft to gradually foilify lliemr-elvi s 011 llm lenilury in dinpule, lo be piepaied in r.iso of 11 siriij-ijlo Jou.iiliun haj not ihe leputuiioii for iiuriue without deserving it. Emmici of 11 letter fiom a geiiilem.111 in I'reiW iriou, itceiu'il by (esteid.iy 11101 iiniij'd mail, (15di April j;- "ies has armed here in the course of to-day fiom uIhim'. dial die Americans luken pos session of Fish Kivcr, by iniiiiiif! booiiu, and nre apnrn.icliiui,' d'o .Maihiwatka settlement und iha valley of the St. John. The full p.irlinilars liavo not irnncpireil or I would wrilo uimu distinctly, i uuyinie, 11 (iciieral Older lias cuiuo out for iIhs ofilli legnuciu lo hold lliemselii's in leadiness, mill llm Miliiiu uiu 10 lie called out again forthwith, I iiiulei'siiind that Hu J, llurvey in his order states, dial a Drench of the compact has been committed by the Amei iciius. No one eer thought olliciwiso hcio !" Tho abate Idler wn forwarded aficr the mail had olo.-ed at Ficdeiinion and coming from n ri'spccinhlo nance may bo icliid un, us "far as it goes, Halifax Times, NISW GOODsr" B II YOU & Co. aro now receiving their . usual supply of Sprint? and Snmnw.r Goods, which will bo sold low for cash or approved crodit, .May 3, 1UU9. 150 blishols firs mav bo bought of T. AT WATER uurliiigio.ii, May 10. t , iUI i l. .1 '

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