Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 10, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 10, 1839 Page 3
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V IUDAY M O R N I N G, M A Y 10. The sloro of Messrs. Lyman & Colo wos entered im Mondny nifflit, through tho cel. !or window, mill robbed of sundry articles of dry goods, n few dollars in money, nnd two vnluable golfl watches. Two of the thieves Imvo been nrrcsted, nnd the money nlld gouds recovered ; but the watches, we believe,uro still missing. t Wc nro gld to learn from Costlcton that Ilor , who was supposed to have been mortally wounded in tho fracas nt Ciistl! ton, ineiitKincd m our last, is lively lo re. caver, nnd that Totnlinsoil, the accused, will probably be admitted to bml. Tho Montreal tUciuM of tho lih inst. vents itself through tho following 'blood thirsty aTticle relative to Molt. It will not bo regarded, however, Mott will not be executed, even if found guilty. It is confidently n'teiicd by individual'! who speak will) so device of inilliorily, llnil if Mott, I he American who as l.ilcly on hi-" trial fm llinh Treflbon and minder, fliould be found liiiilly of llieso niuie. Mm sentence nl deiilli will lint he enfmced. If mil) i to Iju I he case, it. in.iy bo called clemency lo ihe, but not policy or jusl-ice cilier to tlio lojnli'ls, the lobelliuns or the cjiiipa thi'cis. If Mott is found guilty and not bunged, llien Uniiles Hindeiiliin;; has Been judicially mur dered ; lliey were (hi! only foirigners connected with dm lelic'lioii wholiave been tiicil ; lltey were both taken in 'lie net of open, armed resistance in the Volunteers, nt the fame lime and place, nnd Mult deseAes death qufie ua mucli .19 Hiudcnlanf; ; Caidinnl, Duooettc, iiud dm other Canadians who have been banned, Hi well as t lie must of their counlrjmen wltu cii tqi.iHy Riiilly lint inoiu caution", might li.ive icbclled on accuunt ol 1c.1l or fancied giieuinres, but such could neer bale been (lie case with Ibieicnt'M. 'I'lieir object in. joining tltc 1 chela was ni'ilhcr more nor less ill. 111 to pmcuie lilunilerand "lalily an innidin.ilc appetite fur blood anil devastation ; they I1.11I 110 lii"h .mil Iwly punci pie lo guide 1 1 1 1 M 1 ) in tlieii operations, bat uuie uoin actiui; ""I" int'im-u nu in''" pirates. Moil in paitinnlar, II we me not inism formed, was exctedingl) nemo in filing a calinnn, durine nn einjiinpincnl in which secnil ol our vol niitceis uote killed and many Hounded; and, 'i fiom being a lit object for Ito'nl cleaienri , bis is a wij'nggi nulled cite, nnd the law should hu cufoiced ng.iintt him to ii." lulled extent. U o s.iy i-o, not bco.iti.-e we lime any lor blood, hut because we feel coiiineed lli.rt li r 3 execution will have a c fieri oil ihe homier populaiiou, wliuaic, and will be 1 esti aine'J by t tic fear of the consequence, and by alone, I10111 again inv.i. ding our conuliy, or aiding the lebellmus in it Mull i well knimn lliionglioui Veiinunt. and lii' fate would jnoie fiii li a unming lo hi "swupalhi idiig'i and "ictpeciablu" fiicndi as would nol be lost on llicm. It appears by the following, from the Herald of the 8th, that Mott has been fo.und guilty, "Tins finding of llm Couit Mnrliul in the case of II ut I has been ronfiiined by Ilia Lxcellenc the -Commander of the l-'oice. I5y it, the piisoncr in fouuil KUiby of 1 be fiist, scroiid, nnd loin lb cliiugrs preferred against 11 1 111 , vr. : jet. I'or levying war tigninfi ucr wnjesivs unirrnnieiil. zoo. ror aiding mill assisting in 1 lie icbulliou, and -lib. !' being piesent at, and abeitmg in, the minder of Hubert M'lntirc, a Volunteer, whs was killed at the battle of l.:ieole. He is arrpiilteii of trial, the Cuuit'liiiislioa its l.tbois, afier a session of live inonilis and a half, dining which 110 prisoners have been 11 led, ol whom hate been pncciimu, 12 ununited, 9. Tim irni. under am now in Gaol under ecutence of death. ', LIBKL SUITS IN IJOSTON. I The ediiors of the Boston Atlas have been prosecuted civilly for libcl, at the suilVif William II. and George L. Mon- laou, nu uy l in: 1 1 Uillllu.UN Ul IU,UUU ' each. The alleged lihol was perpctrnicd nbout two years ego, in nn article relative to the Chelsea UaiHi in the affairs of which precious institution tlco plaintiffs ncled a conspicuous pat. "Uad luck to them'" . , In tli1 case ofMr. Sleeper, editor of the lio'lon Mercantile Journal, at tjiu buit of Ezra Snow, for libel, the 'jury on Friday Tendered n verdict fur the defendant. The following is a brief explanation of the case the defence wa$ justification : "A little inure than three years go, a German girl arrived in JJnston m the brig Old Colony, frjitn Cuxliaveu, and was taken by Lyman MitcheH. the mate of 1I10 vessel, to the boarding house then kept by Snow, at 81 Court Mreot. where die was detained, without the knowledge of her friends. Af tr;r sninViiini.', hri.wever. they discovered tho jilacu of her slay, nnd lu-ndo inquiries respecting her of Snow, who denied any knowletlne of her or Hint she wns in ihe house. The circumstances wore then sia.. ted to lly; edito; of 1 In- Jnuriinl. and nn ar ticle was published m tmt paper concern jng the affair, in cuiiecqnence of which Snow's boarders, fifhyn 111 number, left the bouse." Mo therefore brought uu nc lion against Messrs. Sleeper and Ford, to recover damages (5000) whinh ho alleged he had'susiained m pocket nnd reputation, in consequence of mid arliclo." . I I i: I) In Willliinn, Apnl I2th, in il, ibuysccoiid Jear ol Ins np, Duct Jonathan IIassktt, for mei l a 1 oeidf nt of jVniiipelicr. He had tp'rnt a number nfje.irs nl Riislnn, scckinjf Knnwlcilgo in ihe licalin nil, and win nbout lo t'oininenre''biii. ric?a in 1I1U line upiin his oivn responsibility, lint lie w.m suddenly l.ikcn ill, nnd after a dec'limt ul' about two month,), which Im wmtiiincd will) clirisiinn resignation ; lie died in full hope of afjloiioun im mormlily. I hi lias left an companion nnd lour childicn lo mouin lux ilcpnrtuie. I'riuiers in nnd MiKsauliutctis are icqiiedled lo inicrt the nboye. At Jerffijyille. Illinois, on l!io 15th April List, Nr. William 15. ATinkii, of Aihon, Vt. nged 61 je.irs. Straight and Uroad Swords, Black, red nnd While Belts. Cap Plates, Hol ster Pistols, Epaulells, Sashes, Stats, Sword Chains, Spurs, Laces, Bullous, and other Allhlnrv Goads. 1'anqbokn & Bkinsm.ud, May'M, Kmhroidered Collars. A GREAT variety ofslmpes and patterns of the finest french workud Collars, soino finished edges and others lo admit of Lneu edging, just iccoived nt the new Cheap Cash Btoro, and offered uncommonly low prices by GOODRICH will soil a few thousand Mulbory Trees 1 and ii yeais old which tiro now in fine order for transplanting. Mulberry heed daily expected, which will bo sold tit Now York prices by tho o..; and at the Albany prices by tho pound, livery Fanner should sow it. May !t. i?ETvT bobs" nHlIE subscriber Un just 'returned from JL New York with n gi'iiorul usortineiil of dry noons, GROCERIES. CROCKERY St GLASS WARE, which he offers unusually low for Cash. II. LA INK. Burlington, May 10. UI39. 4w WHALEBONES. 7F. have now opened some beautifully ' finished, smooth polished, narrow and wide Whalebones ; lino, slifi' Steels, covorud ery neatly with cloth and leather, brass and steol do, japancd, wooden do. Evicts, La cings, Wustics, Pins, Needles, fino knitting I'ins ol yatioim nos. l en doz. Curls, King lots and plain Hair. We inl'orui the Ladies and others, that wu shall soon have an assort- moot of small rapcr,lSo.xes of various, which wo bolievo will be a vacuum fillod in our assortment,, which has loni; been wanted. A .great many other articles, useful, necessary mid ornamental, nro being opened at tho Variety bhop. Pancdohn Si IsniNSMAiD. MayH. White Flannel!. SUPERFINE 7.8, 4 4 and 5-4 whilo flan null of a beautiful lexturujust received arid for salo at tho ri.eic Chuap Cash Sloro of WAIT Si TAUOR. May 10. Black Lace Veils." fresh assortment df.IJIack liobbinolt and . silk Veils rerw Cheaii, white and nreon blond gauzn Veils G-4 black Italian !rapu 01 Mjpuriur tuuuiy nir uiourinni viuis ''rcon barano ol the bosl.quality lor Veils. I'or sale Cheap for. cash and always at regular prices at WAIT A: TAIJOUS May JO. New Goods, New Goods. OLENTY of them nt tho Variety Shop. PA.NOiinnN & IlntNtMAin. Room Paper. cHfj Pieces New Slyle nnd extra quali JJJ tV( )V Latiiuop (Si 1'otwi.n. May 3" HI39. ' Quality the test of Cheapness, In any article f Gentlemen s lAuthin" CtUPFRFLYE Blue. WarL Invisible Green, and oilier colored Urondcluthi selectetl with "rent cure for Ihe retail trade of the village. An nssorlmenl of Cassi meres from winch nny gentleman in Bur Itngton can select a palloru that will suit bun a style called "Queen's Own" is very beautiful. A fins assortment of stuffs for summer clot he, some styles that, are not often found in the country, and for which we have been so, often nki'd bv our customers heretofore Rich figured and plain black satin, buff valenlia, and various oilier styles ol good lor ve-ts. SIOCJ1S, of every description plain and figured snlin with, utid without bows osmuif.ine noil Mik do. some very pretty for boys. JJIaek linlian Lraml. llandUr chiels, kid, silk, linen, and collon Glovts llni-o antl half Hose. Broadway Half AlrilcfUiu. Lieghorn (Sic. by May 10, Vait &, TAnon WAlyTtiD, to rent a pew in Hie twicK t.htirch, apply at this Otlice. New Style of Clocks. THOSE who intend to liurclmso a Clock aro in J2vi formed that we nro open 3jjM ing somu cnliroly nkv ZIO" Pattckns, at nbout th NKW .1,.. WTLSSS same prices of the old !'!,.- H 1 ltifl wl,i,., will In. nil m lrf-iif. ill III chased by persons wh -J. .' "'toi-s ,bn n t.'islv. m,tu N.B. Some with Looking Glasses of tho now style. Pangbokn it Diunsjiaiu, .May 8, Pounds Sheep Tobacco just received a good article. J. & J. II. PECK. May i5, 11)39. Panghorn & Brinsmaid ARE now opening a beautiful assortment of all tho various kind of Goods usually kept by them, together with very many now articles. They will be ploascd to receive calls from all their old friends and customcts and from all strangers and new customers, nnd they believe thoy can and will suit ihein with good Goods, at satisfactory prices. Wo again request persons wishing for any Goods to ask for llicui, as our extensive variety cannot bo kept in sight. Wo keep many articles not advertised, many in drawers and hoses, some in lliu shop and some up stairs. Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, utid a very cxtensivo as.ort- tnont of fancy Gouds to bo found at ihu Variety Shop. Wo invite all lo look through our assortment Perfumer f V various kinds received anil for sale;' ' MnyW. Panubokn Si Biun'maio. An Apprentice Wanted. WANTED immedintuly by tin mhscri ber n smnrl, active Lnd as an ppren. tico to the Tailoring business. May 10. JAMES MITCHELL. lMne Knives, Razors, Scissors, Pistols, Powder Flasks, Shot Bags, Powder Horns, Fji-h Lines, Fly Hooks, Cones, I'ish Poles, fro. PANGBORN Si BRINSMAID. r BTllh hubsenbor huviug compluled his ar-J- rauguinenis at St. Johns and Wiiiti: ham., is now prupurcd to reeuivo ouons in, lendetl for tiunsi-ohtation between Montiik ai. antl Ni:w York. All oidurs addrovscd lo ti0 ngent at St. Johns, Mr. W. II. Uuih.and, will bo pionilly ultoiidud lo, nnd no troublo or uxponsu spared in iho despatch of Goods addrussud to the Establishmeut, Tho Charges for Commission, Wharfugo, &c, will hu f'uiind at least twuntv-I'Ivk h:ii cunt holow what has hoeu hitherto paid upon the Lino. FRANCIS MULL1NS. Montreal, "d May, 1U30. c. rjTBAVH reeeiveil 11 very extensive as lUH Mirlmeiit ol spring nnd summer (liiiids, comprising n more bntintiful nnil plensiiifr variety of light goods lor Ladies suniiuur wear tlmn u-uinl. Among which hefountl Printed Lawns. Prinled Jnc conut Cumbric. nntl MihIiims rich French Printed Cambric, small lisuri!. Part of the above are black ground, for mourning. A lew pieces of Scot eh (jinghnm, tree Inun siziiil'. An extensive nssoruncni oi r rencn 1'jiiL'lish and American Calicoes. Also, a few cn-es of low pried Prints which will be sold unusually low bv 1 hu pieco or ynrd, SILKS. Plniu black and blue blank Gro de Swhs Figured bl'k nnd bluu bi'k Gro de Nap, Figured brown and green do Black Canton Gro do Swiss, wide for aprons. llirh coloured Gro do Nap, superior finish, Tllack nnd blue hlnck Alpines, Rich coloured figured do lllack nnd colored cilk Cambtcts, Merino Shawl, very rich, A great assortment of Ribbons, Gloves, Hosiery. &c. Fnncy Ildkfs., Scarfs, Shawls, Cravats, Pic nic Gloves, Mitts nnd Scnrfs. A rich variety of fnncy, checked, stri ped nnd plaid Cambrics. Jacconet Cambrics. La wn, swijs Jaconet, J Swiss and bunk Muslin &c. &,c. LINENS. While and brown Drilling, Linen Sheeting. 10 4 to 4 4, Dama-k 7.4 lo G-4, Bird's eye Diaper, Table Cloths, Nap kins, &.C. Superior Irish Linen, Linen cambric Ilnndkcrchicfs & Lawn, RrnadclotlH and Cassimeres, iMcrsails and Valentin Vcslings, A grent variety of worsted goods for gentlemens summer wear. Fnncy etriped Jeans for children's wear, Satin Jean. i) 031 r: stic goods. Cotton Sheeting, Shirting, Tick, Drilling, Mexican mixtures, fancy striped Drilling, York mixtures, blue Drilling, Buffii cloth, colored cambric, Nankin, knitting Cotton, woolen and worsted Ynm, &c. A few pair rich kidd Slips, Gaiter Boots, gentlemen's Pumps. &c. 1 he iibnve comprise but a small propor tiou of a very extensive assortment of ;oods which can bo found nt our ptore. tturlingttm, May 10, 1839. SECOND EDITION. MAY 1. 1339. QJOON'aftci commencing business I had desire to ascertain tho exact situation. condition and capacity of that portion of Vermont which would naturally find Hs mar kot.and bo most easily supplied with Goods from Burlington ; for such purposo the loftv peak of Camel's Mump was climbed up, where being so much enamoured with tho prospect and view, that aftor my return I nearly doubted its reality, but was so forcibly impelled again 10 make another excursion to confirm if possible iho vision, and Immedi alcly selcctrd that most Magnificently grand anu lowering einiriencn on iMansllelu Aloun lain, whoso crown is 4300 feet above Lake Cbamplain, and ascended it in the silent slill hour of night bv the light of tho full moon hastening upward wilh all my slrongih to got a gliup-u of tho first morning dawn and the rising of the glittering Sun in all its glory ; then I beheld the rcilily of a fruitful valley, verdant hills and country wilh a uotiding way through iho almost subterranean passes of the Green Mountain chain lo ditlant eon. tiguous lands, beyond all susccptiblu of being rich and enriching ono another in their varied agricultural, mineral, manufacturing, and physical resources which excited a hopo of the prospects being sufficient to afford a cur rent of inexhaustible wealth through our most delightful town, as look'd down upon in the distance, where its inhabitants with the requi. silo and necessary implements of honosly, industry, energy, and enterprise might secure their several portions as it passes, and yet not 1 impoverish Iho stream in its onward course or the regions from which it camo, but with a scrupulous regard for cquitablo j istieo, make such relurn in good from Howard's Store, as would give the most ploasing and lasling sat isfaction lo those who contributed so bounti fully uudor I'rovidencu to tho prosperity, comfort, intelligence, and eotihequent happU nos of tho inhabitants of Burlington, and through them disseminate it to tho wholo world near round about nnd far away off lo regions yol undiscovered, and for aught I know, to ihu inmost rucoeses of Iho earth, through Capt. Feeso Sytns' holo (whoso novei theory, by tho by. was that the earth was hollow and Iho entraneo near ihu North polo, lo nn almost Elysian ParudNo of a country.) Until then I was on tho wing for going to New York and looking abroad for that which could he soon effected in distributing tho Goods ul liotiiu, nntl issued the proclamation in 1829, wilh reasons fur remaining, viz: tho completion of tho Northern and Erie Canals, tho making of ono from St. Johns to the St. Lawrence, Ihu proposed rail road from Port Kent lo Ogdensburgh, and from l ' ioleu, ihe iron regions west, lite in ,u Wool nnd daily of Vormoiit, llm this on to increase ol suscepti ble productiveness of Iho soil, ihe salubrious and heallblul climate, the moral and industri. otis habits of iho people, together with tho oventually would bo occupancy ol the im ....... .,.,..,!.. I..,, 11,. 1 . .. 11 .'...I .1 n. . ' . ' .'.V,i ',..,., ...1 ,1... ,:.r. . .1 . V , 1 ' . : .. ." ... 11 V il UC1IIU III BI.IV III BUU UIU IL'hUII, WHICH IH ) OW ,,,l I. ,,,,," , ,1 w , Having aireauy enmu 10 pass, unu more swiftly coining on, from what now is, enough is apparent to gucs a head. See even now the influx of inhabitants is so great that an unoccupied dwelling is not to bo (bund. Our public parku, gardens and yards, aro being highly ornamented and improved by trees, shrubbery and walks ; many heautiful'edifieos and mansions are being built; ihu high char" ticter of the village is greatly exalted by iho liberality of its citizens in ihu erection of Churches; tho justly dpsnived celebrity ofils University, Episcopal Institute, Academy and Schools, all of a superior ordor in tho scale of science. Tho Hurlinglon Fumalu Seminary, particularly, shows from its recent apparent eoininoncemont, to have obtained ti deserved f landing and reputation, which is coual lo tho must exalted hones nnd umbIhiu il' ils besi friends, who to uunibur would ho naming nearly tho wholo community, wliouilKUB cusi, will ho given. Apply m it is hoputl will soon ihow ihoir usual public UEURICK & .MEAD spirit in extending the buildings equal U its Burlington, Mail 'A 1 1130. r.umir ,,i,l l.mrllo 'IM,.,,. !.. ... - - - - know that wc Imvo two of llm most "plciuliii oieuiiiuoau, uuu inoti tiuiy eonuucleU, each I arriving nt the same moment from north and I ' south, with Goods Tor Howard, passengors for tho Hoiuls, and intelligence for tho pnotilo. Also thnlimuly arrival at noon, nnd departure nfler dinner, of tho mnny mail coaches, with their beautiful six horse limins, and necom. plirltcd eonchmcu, bringing, likowise, orders nnd customers for HOWARD'S GOODS, and whoso store is now said will equal in appearance any to bo found in city, town or country, being a gallery Storo tho whole length, lighted up by a dome, and beautifully ornamented wilh columns, pictures, statues and paintings, nnd filled with an innumerable and never entiing assortment of tho moft celebrated, splendid, rich, fashionable, fancy, useful nntl desirable nsNorlmunt of Goods which could bo'soloclod from tho four qunrlors of the Globo, nnd may bo seen freoof chargo, or obtained at us cheap a price comparatively as elsewhere. I find il ni'ccfsary in doine bo much In bo very naive In both bujing and celling 10 keep in nccor. d.mco wilh my motlo of "Up uml Ooins, Quick nnd CIkmp mid no Impri'onnxMil fur Debt." A sayi'it; of lime in cqiul lo 11 paving of money. I am rejoiced tint tho sii'iiin ship (Steal Western is do ing 40 day p.iimiges in 14 iIhjk, which enables hn. pniteis by her for my euiMomers, lo sell a prniil cheaper, which suits my trade exactly. I have jiHl returned fiom New Voik llio second lime ibis binii'.', and die ih.kii linenl m full and complclc ul I lie Great Gi.ind llazi).ir Ctie.ip O.ili Store of S. UARI. MOA'ARD. who hut tear sold hi" $'150 VVimNor nioii"y lor 75 per rent ili.rount nnd was luxm! for hu faculty of Felling 'looiN S-1UU, liy winch was iniule in much as could be expected uudi'r I lie cirruinsi.uicrs. Leather Pin ding Store. E. C. liOOMIS HAS this day received from New York the large-it nnd besi assortment of .MOROCCO. TODS. LININGS, BIND INGS, TRIMMING SKINS, Sc. SfC, witli n general ossortment of Shoo Mnker'n Kit ntnl Findings, (hat he has over offered for sale in this ninrkot. Likewise f)00 sides Sale Leather, 150 (o Upper do 2!i dozen Calfskins, 50 pairs of mcr.'s thin Boots, Good and Cheap.) 100 pairs of men's thick Brogans, do. GO pairs of men's thick Boots. I case of bay's Shots, 75 pairs of women's Morocco Shoes, Slip and Gatcr Bootees, Oak Skirting, Bridle and Hog Skins, also Ilarncsi, Bri dle, Rami, Top and Skirling Leather of his own innntifaoiurc, kept constantly on hand. Together with many other articles in his line of business too numerous to mention. Hf would request Shoa,Staldle and Harniss Maccri nnd the public 11! general to call and examine his slock bolorc purchasing, as he is determined to sell, and as cheap as they can bo purchased elsewhere. 3w Burlington, Pearl si. ) May 10, 1839. ( SIX DAY LINE. ERCIIANDISE, FURNITURE & York. Albany &. Troy, daily, sauhaths kxceptei). to any point on tho Erie Canal, nntl all Hie different ports on the Western Lake. River.-, antl Caonls. I'ROriilKTOUS & AGENTS. Al.U'.iV V I i E I , I .E It , iVo. 10(5 Jlroatl St. LUU.VU.l) UliUUKKIl, J Aeio Fork. Stephen C. Gray, 72 (Juuy n. Albnuy, Moore & Slinipsuu, 155 Riyer si. Troy, Sidney Allen, Rm lii'sier. I).iis, llnmblin & Co., Ruff.ilo, N. IJolrhkjs, do Thomas Richmond, Richmond, O. J. Al. Goodman & Co. Cleveland. Ship by "Troy Tow Boat Lino," Coen teis Slip. daily, nt 5 i m. Mark Packages "TltOY 61 MICII1RAN mm:." It EFEIIUNCRS. Il.ilj'ed, Haines & Co. Now Yotk, 1.1-e, Hater & Miller, ' Phelps, Dodge k Co. ' AiMiiii' Tiippan & Co. " lUlueks & Duck, ' Wilson & Cobb, Deuisni) & Vi k, ' McKce & Cinder, 22 Not th Wh irycs, Philadelphia 1 i'. ,1. I'lenin, uunkiik, .. 1. Tinker & Crafi. liainelona, ' Cliatli's M . Reed, Erie, Tluiin.K Richmond, Iticluuniiil, O. .1. .M. Goodman & Co. Cleieland, O. II. N. Gale, lllack (liver. O. Jenkins & Tracy, Huron O. Ilolli-ler fc Roll. O. roag cc I 1 1 ii-", I ole'Jo U, I'm 5 ih $ ll.1z.1rd, Mnumee O. f-'trnug, Mclievnold.-' Co. Delloit M. .1. Mnviiis. Virilnnii Alich, D. Jones iJ- Co. Green li.iy Mich. Grillilli fy Co. Kal.11n.uuoo iMirh. liritii.iu San.'.ir ,5- Co, .Michigan cily, G. S lliilib.nd, Cliirao III. Sanmi'l Ilium in, Milw.iukio VV. T, John lliirlbut, S011I1, Si. Mniie. OHIO GAVAIj. R. G. HiisUill, lioitou O. Wheeler ,5- Co. Akion O. I,. Jones, Dresden O. Rei'kwiib ,V Riw, Nnwaik O. !. CoiiHlnrk Co. Columbus (). M. 15 l!os. Co. I'm imiioiiiIi O. Jamks I'HKLi-s, I'atsas -Agent, AT. Y, Oopartnership Formed. rjnilE subscribers have formed ihomsolvo .tL. into a lyoiiipanv uiitlcr Iho firm 0 KERN Si WALK I'll, for the purposo of buy 1 log "llu puiiuia iiii'iuouooisu. i uuy uuvu 1 ..11 M ......i:. .. Hi, I lllought tho largo olu-unt Brick store on 1 Church street, well known as the sloro recent )v owned and occupied by Eomtiel Curti Si , L.O,, IVOIlill llliiv until II 10 into u ! r, ..).:..). .1 I.. I . ' .. . poriuancnl they will apply thuir un divided altonlion lo Iho litisiuuss. I hey re speclfully invite all thnir formn; friends and customers, anu till olhois who wishtobuv Cheap, to give thorn u call before purchasm olsowhcro, as thoy can and will soli as eheaj: as the cncapcsi. UA.MIil. M.ll,, SOEOMON WALKER Uuliiigton, .Maij 1 III.!!). WANTED, A JOUR N E V ,M A N CO O P E R ; to jTU. w lioni good wages nnd permuiieut einployuieiit will bo given. C. Burlington, Mai I. 11139. .r CJL or EKill'P Jouriieyuien Joiners "'autetl imtueiliaiuly, ihe highest wa I A great Variety of splendid HOW UUUUS, ut Way U. Wait vV iuuus W.aj'" Bi TABOR Of the New Cheap Cash Store, HAVFjj'i't returned from New York and will open the coming wpk, n full an sorluieiit of all the different qualities ol American, English and French Calicoes of tho newest style, suited to the oeasuii, many of which aro very handsome and cheap withall MOUSKLINB DFi LAINE, tho most fashionable nnd useful mnter'nl evor offered for Ladies dresses, of winch they hnvo it largo assortment of differ ent qualities and cheaper than weru ever offered 111 this country. CIIALY, soino vuiy beautiful white ground nnd sal'm slripo with rich colour suitable for evening dresses, they uru very fino quality nnd will wash perfectly well. SILKS, n full nsorttncnt of rich Blnck, Bluo Black Poult do Soio, Gros do Swisso nnd Italian Silks, rich Black and Coloured figured ; Poult de Suie and Reps do. BOMBAZINES, Blnck and Bluo Black of various qualities, soma very fine and hundsumo for ladies dresses. SCARFS ANDgilANDKEItCIllEFS, a pretty variety of sewing silk, Gaaao nntl nut Ildkfs and Scurfs, soma uncommonly cheap and prettynew style. HOSEltY nnd GLOVES, n full assortment of Cotton Hose nt uncommonly low prices very cheap, together will) n great variety ol' Gloves, such as Kid, Silk, Cotton, Lislo thread and Pic nic black white and coloured, BONNETS of various stylos, Florence Braid very fino nnd new shapo, an assort ment of Straw do, white and coloured, 6omo very cheap tor children, DRILLINGS, plain and striped, wltito and brown Drillings of linen cotton and worsted, Rouen Cassuncre, worsted crape nnd 0 variety of other materials for summer pantaloons and coals, some quitu new style. CLOTHS and CASSIMERES, superfine bluu and wool dyed black, Invisible Green and other colours of best west ol England cloths, Queens Own, a new style of Cassimeres, very handsome and durable, together wilh a great variety of othur New Goods. V. & T. nssuro their customers that they can always depend upon finding good Goods at their store nnd nt regular prices, the nbovo assortment will be opened in the course of the coming week nnd they will take pleasure 111 shewing tbem lo their customers. Burlington, April 25, 1329. STATE OF VERMONT, DIsTIUCT Of ClltTTK.MJKN. ?S. The Probate Court for the- district of Chit lenden, to the heirs, and all persons :on ccrncd in the citalc f Levi G. Pike late of Colchester, in suid district, deceased. GREETING. HEREAS, Robert White, the ndmiuis trator of tho estate of said deceased, ball) matlu application to said court for license lo sell the real estate ofsaid deceased, togeth er with tho reversion of tho widow's dower therein, representing that a sale thereof is neccFsary lor the payment of tho debls, and charges of administration, antl proposes lo render an account of his adiuiuisiration, and present his account against said estate for examination and allowance. W hereupon, Iho court doth assign tho 15th day ol May next, lur a hearing in the premises, at the Reg istor s oliice 111 liurlington, and doth order that tho heirs and all others interested in said estate bo notified thereof, by publication nl Ibis order three weeks successively in the Free Press, 11 nuwspaper prinled in said Bur lingtou, the last of which publications to be previous to said lath day of May next j that they may anpear at the timo and place alore said, nnd ih iw cause why licence lo sol! said land should not be giantcd, and why the account of the said Administrator should nol bo allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington this 2.1th day 01 April. A. IJ. 11)30. Wm. WESTON. Fcgister STATE OF VERMONT, nlSTrtlCT OP CHITTENDEN The Honorable the Probate Court Jor the District if Lniltenden. 'o all persons con cerncd in the estate of Joseph Broicn late of Jericho in said District, deccuicil. GREETING. TTftniEREAS, Rufus Brown, Executor of thu last will and testament of said do ceased, proposes to render an account of his idministralion. and present Ins account a- atiisl said estate lor examination and allow inee, at a session of tlio Court of Probate, to hu holden at thu Register sodico in Burlington on the second Wedncsdayol' Juno next. Therefore, You aro hurehy notified to ap pear before said cotirl at tho timo nnd place aforesaid, and show cause, il anvyou have why the account aforesaid should not bo ab lowed. Given under my hand at Burlington this 22d day of April, A. U. 1!I39. Wm. WESTON. Register. DISSOLUTION. nnUE late linn of D. &. D. A. Kimjiam JL is this day dissolved by mutual con ent. The business of thu firm will be closed by D. Kimball, jr. who requests all persons interested to call immediaiely nnd adjust thei'.- accounts. lie, or some one authorised to transact business for him.will he in nttcudnncQ nl ihe market house tlur ing the Ibri'iiooii, for the purpose of closirg up the concerns of the pnnnership. ) lvl.M HAM,. Jr. 1). A. KIMBALL. Burlington, April 15, lu39. Tho btisine-s will be continued nl the old hi n ml by 1). A. Kimball, who icspect fully asks n continuance ot the imcrnl pal ronago hert'tolori! given. L nro now opening n lew ol our spring goods, nntl will in a few day bo able to show a splendid nssnrlmeul o merchandise, selected with great care, e. pressly for our retail trade. We hnvo great variety ol thread laces, and edgings whilo and black wash blond, n new articl for cap Ince; muslin edgings, and insert ings; blout! edgings; linen cambric hnud kerchiefs; fancy dress handkerchiefs and -carl's; ladies' pluiu cravats; gentlemen's heavy black Ilnlmii cravnls, gro do Swiss, Italian, and pou tie sou silk.-; serge; satin vesting, satin ribbons, pongee nnd mixed camlet silks, pongee and English silk hand kerchiefs, gloves, and hosiery, &u. &c. LATIIROP & POTW1N. April 19. Ii;39. NEW AURANG E3IEN'1 rin II E subscriber having recently pur. JL chased Iho slock of Hooks and Sin turnery belonging lo Jainos V. llickok, would inform his friends and iho public. that thu biihiness will bu continued n iistinl nl the old stnrtl. A geneinl nPsoriuieiH ol'ull I hu ditliirent Sciiooi, Books in use in this part of Iho country, in Academies. Seminaries, and Colleges, iniiy bo bntl low I'or ensh nl wholenile or retail. Miscolla. iieoiis works, cninprising belli English nntl Ameiinnn Literature, may bo found in rich variety. As Ins stock will hn replenished from niuo lo lime, milieu will bu gien in duo forinof such publications us nro new mid inicii'toliiig, fur thu bunelil nl hisciihtoiuers D. A, BRA MAN. Jedediali Drew's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT.l ntS'llllCT OK CHITTENDK.N. PS. The Tlon. the Probate Court for the District of Cltittcnucn, Jo all persons concerned in the estate of Jedcdiah Drew, late of Charlotte, in said district, dictased, GREETING. WHEREAS. Ezra Holt, administrator, of tho cstalo of said deceased proposes to render an account of his administration, and presunt his account against said estate for ox nminalion and nllowanco at a sesson of tho Court of Probate, to bo holdon at tho Regis. ter's office in Burlington on the fifteenth day of May next. TiiuiiEFoiiE, You are hereby notified lo nn- pcar bef'uio said Court at the timo and placo aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have. why tho account aforesaid should nol bo allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 25lh day cf April A. D. 1839. Wm WKSTON. Jiesister. Lucy Allen's Estate. WE the subscribers hnving been ap pointed hy ihe Hon. the Probole Court for the District of Grand Isle, Com missioners to receive examine and adjust all claims and demand of all persons' against the estate of Lucy Allen late of South Hero, in said district deceased tes- tnte, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto; and six months from the 1 81 h day of March A. D. 1839, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice that we will attend to the business of our appointment, at the dwelling lion-o of Gilbert Allen, in tnid South Hero on the 9th dav of July A. D. 11139, trom niuo o'clock A. M. till four o'clock P. M. Dated at South South Hero, this 15lb day ofAnril, 1039. WILLIAM PHELPS. 1 n Wm. A. IIURNET. ( Lommt SUPERFINE FLOUR. FRESH GROUND, from new Whoa of superior qualify. March 122. T. F. & W. L. STRONG. NOTICE. ALL persons indebted lo the subscribers, whoso notes or accounts arc past duo. aro hereby notified that payment must ba made by Iho i!U inst, to save cost. May 1, lti39. II. HYDE Si Co. LliNSEED OIL. )F first Quality for sale by Uickok & Catli.n. April 25. lf!39. ALBANY ALE. or) Bbls. Fresh Albany Ale by Lathiiop &. PnTwrr. El AN AWAY 17 ROM tho Subscriber on the J0th inst., a boy apprenticed lo me by the town of Charlotte, named, Nathaniel Lincoln, aged 19 yours, live feel six inches in height, dark complexion, dark hair, and had on when ho left, a short jacket and hair seal cap. All persons aro forbid harboring or trusting him on my account, as I shall pay no debts of his contracting. LYMAN YALE. Charlotte, April 522, lt!39. For Sale or exchange for fat CATTLE. ONE yoke large hand-ouio deep red Steers well matched, and perfectly handy I'or any business thai a farmer would wish lo put them lo. Also ono first rale new milch cow, fivn years old rnfoicnee can bo given of her which will be satisfactory to thu purchaser. D, A. Kimball. Burlington April 2-1, l!39. FLOUR. SUPERFINE Fioir Ire-h ground fur sale bv Hickok &. Cathn. US39: 4 A Store and dwelling house, II. LEAVENWORTH. April Si.. 1H39. ha Hhd pii ru Huston N. E. Rum. ao5 St. Croix Rum. I do Cherry Rum Holland nnd Baltimore Gin. Cog. anil Spnui-h Brandy, Malaga. Mnrseiles. nnd Sicilv Md. Wines. Pure Port ami Mndo. nil Wines, Old Sherry. Chnmpnigno. Sic. LATIIROP POTWIN. HERDS GRASS mid Orchard Grn Seeds. Seed spring Wheal nnd seud liarluv, lor sale by Hickok &. (Ra tlin. CLOVER SEED. 1,1 ASTERN Cluvei Seed for t-nlu. Ap. -J ply lu llui.uu April 05.

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