Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 10, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 10, 1839 Page 4
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EVliltCJKliHNS. ny k. c. riNKNEY. When dimmer' ninny leave nilorn Sky, ffjri est, liill, tt ml moadaw, TIib foliiigo of ilic evergreens, In cuinnifli teems 11 tliudow. But when l lie tints of nuliimn liavs 'I'hrir sober relim owned, 'J'lie l.ind'cnpo iliiit cold shadow shout Into a light converted. Then iliotiglits lli;it frown upon our mil 1 1 1 Will smile upon our foiiow, Anil in liny k ream of to-il.iy May be bright hopes to-morrow. CtlURNING. There is sometimes cnnsiilcrnbro difficul. ty in making btillcr from crcatn, owing, pcrliops to onuses not perhaps exactly un derstood j nntl every dairy woman knows that cases occur in which the manufacture of a good arhcli; is iiupraclictiblc. A I'rirnd assures us. that in ordinary coses, the dilli cully is at once removed, and liullcr ol a good quality procured, by I he addition of a little rratj to the crenm. Wc hove since tried it when cream proved refractory nnd found it to succeed admirably. A spoon full of sal aratu pulverised is MifTicimit for two golons of crenm. After the cream lins been churned a proper time, if no signs of butler nppcar, sprinkle Ihe powdered eal oratus over I ho surface, half tit a time, ns it is possible no more than half may be required. After churning a few minutes longer, add Ihe remainder if necessary. The philosophy of the mailer we lake to bo this: the alkali of Ihe vol aratus neu tralizes the superabundant acid of the cream and thus produces the butter. -Gcncscc Far. A PLEASANT COUNTRY'. A WCSlCttl od itor describing the great advantages pecu liar to the Maumec river country, snys : " A stranger passing through Toledo the other day, inquired his way to Monroe. Michigan. He was told to take the road that appeared plainest and most traveled. He did so, nnd in the course of a few min utes found himself in the burying ground ! He did not 6lay there very long, bnt was neen running through the country as if the rider of the pale horse was at his heels." Again, he slates, on good authority, that the portion of country which lies on the eouih side of (he river will produce more rattlesnakes to the acre than any other place of its size in America. Cruet, hoax. The Lincoln Gazette elates that a young lady in that place htiv ing a pique against one of her acquaint ance, a Miss Barry, procured a suit of men's clothes, and an introduction and under pretence of love, induced Miss B. to receive her as a lover. She carried on this hoax successfully for nearly three months. Ihe two lovers wandering round the banks by moonlight almost every fair evening; and the time was actually set for their nup tials. At Inst a mutual friend discovered the cheat by accident, and acquainted Miss B. with the hoax. BoniED alive. The attention of a per son attending n funeral in New Orleans lately, was attracted by the groans of some person in dUtress. which appeared to pro ceed from the coffin that had a short time beforo been deposited in theearth. It was immediately opened nnd found to contain Ihe body of a negro woman who had fnllen into a lethargic sleep and was considered dead, but awakened by the entrance of water into (ho coffin ; she was taken out nnd carried home in fine spirits, and there is every prospect of her recovery. Jour. Horrible accident On Saturday af lornoon while the Brooklyn railroad car was passing at a rapid rate through At lantic street, a lad about 14 years old, named McLaughlin, ran at one of the cars, and while attempting to catch hold of it, fell beneath tho wheels, which passed over him and revered Ins head from his body. JV 1' Journal of Com. Tommy Tipple always has an excuse to (jive whenever ho calls for any thing to drink, He went into tho tavern tho other day and said to the bar-keeper, "Ahem! let's have a glnps of brandy I'm going to bave fish for dinner!" Concord Gazette. The Now Orleans Bee Intely contained a military order in which the Orleans Guards were requested to pnrado on Sun day next 'without pantaloons.' Panta loons, wa doubtless a misprint for 'uni forms.' To lake grease out of Silk. If n little powdered mtiganeso be applied on Ihe in ner side of Ihe silk. n soon ns the spot is dieenvcred, it is a never failing remedy, the dark spot disappearing as if by magic. Consolation. "Fnlher," t-aid n sport ing youth lo his revered pnreiil, "they say trout will bito now." "Well, well, was die consoling reply, "mind your work. I lieu, and you'll be sure I hey wont bite you." A Virginin paper announces the death of Mr. Pollock of Roanoke, one of die larpcsl slaveltlders in ihe United Slates Twelvo months since hid slaves umoutitcd lo about two thousand. Chakok von the iicttek. The Alba ny Daily Advertiser bays i "Tli6 Albany theatre is about to he converted into an Episcopal Church, after an elegant plan by Mr. Hector, me architect. Have you planted a Vine? If you have not, go anu uo ii. nut n lew years nnd you shall eat (lie (run thorcof, and bless tho day when you planted it. ICrA couple of paupers in a New Jersey Poor House, Foil in lovo with each oilier, owhilo ago, and eloped ill fashionable etyle. The London Age toys there are two very distinct claese of society iu England Wis nobility ana nanny. FOR SAIiE. 1 npUH dwelling House JL corner of Main nnd fine streets, having 1 HI feet front on Main I inn r... .... 3to8aa& One vacant Lot 47 fort front, nnd 10ft deep on Main street adjoining Mr. S. Hickok's Lot. One vncnnt Lot CO feet front nnd 110 deep on I'ino street, adjoining Mr. T. F. Strong's lot. Also, tho largo vacant l'it comer of College and Pine street, being one of I he most desirable unoccupied building silos in the village. Tlicpropcrty being nil between Court House Square and the Lake in a direct line, affords nn oppotlunity for an investment rarely in the market. Application modi! to the owner RICHARD W. SI I HUM AN, On bonrd Stenin Boat Burlington, or S. E. Howard, Agent. April 11. 11330. THH sub-criber offers for pain 1500 fine thrifty Willie Mnlbcr. ry Trees. They are of Ihe Italian Vaiioly Ihe only kind ndnpl. ed to I his nlimnln Orf!J& ihrnn vnnta nlil. nn,l just right lor transplanting the present season. To persons possessing s t J ' plus land of ihe requisite qunlity Hie present is a favornble opportunity ; for it should bo borne in mind that the proem bounty on silk covers the entire expense of produc tion. The trees will ho disposed of on very reasonable tortus, for cash or npprov ed paper. JOHN L. CORNING. Willislon, April ll, 11139. RISAIi ESTATE. 1 lib subscriber oilers tor sale the store on Church street, three doors south of the Bank, recently occupied hv Mr. Bra- man, us a shoe store. The building is in good repair, ncntlv fitted up ; nod tho location very lavornblc for a merchant or mechanic, Or, tho premise would be exchanged lor a ihvellinir house in the village. B. J. HEINERERG. .March 1. UI30. P. PStEaBESAiJtT &, CO. WHOLESALE DEALERS IN INDIA, FRENCH & ENGLISH SILK GOODS. Nu. 3 William HI. At to York. ARE receiving per late arrival a supe rior assortment, among which are Black nnd Colored, Figured and Plain Ital ian I'ou do Snin and Gros do Naples. Bonnet Silk and Satins. Figured and Plain. Plain, Figured rnd Embroidered Satins, Bombazines, Crapes. Colored, Black and Blue Black, Silk Vel vols. Fancy Dress Shawls, Zephyr Ildkfs. and Scarfs. Merino, Chenille and Brochc Shawls. Superior assortment Cap, Bonnet, Plain Taffeta and Satin Ribbons. Silk, Lace and Kid Gloves. English and Saxony Thread, Edgings and Laee. Lisle Inscrtings and Edgings, Blond, Wash Blond, Wire ground. Figured nnd Plain, Black and White. Black Brussels. Black Lace Veils, with every variety of Lace in ue. Leghorn. Florence and Tuscan, English and American Strata, Satin and Fancy Bonnets. Artificial Flowers, Country merchants are respectfully in vited to CALL ami examine. Charlotte FEMALE SEMINARY. THE Summer term of this Summary will commence on Wednesday the first day of May, under the supcrinten dance of Miss II Booth, and continue twenty three weeks, including a vacation of one week nt tho middle of the term. Conditions: The whole expense to the pupil will be twenty, fivn dollars a quar ter, with tho exception ot washing, lor Which svill be charged 37 1-2 per dozen. Pupils are requested to bo present on ihcfirsl day of the term. E. W. UUUDMAN, Cleric of the Board of Trustees. Charlotte. Mnreh 30. IIS39. REMOVAL. C. 1IAYNKS AS temoved his Painting Establishment lo Cullojo.streel, oast of tho snunic, wheru tho business will ho earried on as usual. PAPER HANGINGS. Just opened and for sale ugood assortment of Paper Hangings, of iho newest French and Anient ;n fashions, II Burlington, Nov. 30, 1U3!I. WINDOW SASH. JUST received 15 20 Si 21-7 by 9 easements of sash, a first rate article, at 3.J nnd 3i els. per light. Alto, nil kinds unci sizes, furnished lo order. Ticondernra Black Lead, a first rato arliclo, for sale very low, together with a grcut variety of othur articles, as cheap ns can bo found at any oilier estab. Iishmenl in Iho place. Oro. l'i:Ti:nsoN. The Gorman Matchless Sana tive, for sale ut the Post Office nt Grand Isle Vl., where numerous testimonial ns to its specific qualities in cafes of Con sumption &c. may be seen by calling at my office. DANIEL JACKSON, Agent. December 14. UI3II. Om GRASS SUED. few Bushels ol Grncs St-ed for sale low by S. WALKER & Co. A Burlington, .Mar, 29, 1 1139. Quality the test of Cheapness. nrvrv nieces 10 and 12 coilt Calicoes OUU for fnu by Wait & Taiioh JI7ar7i2l. r vZSU) 'ons Kroullu" Piublurt for sale by j H Nov. 21. S. Walker & Co. Garden Seeds &c. C GOODRICH, has received W. Prince & Son's catalogues of Gar den nnd Flower Seeds, Bulbous Flowering Roots Ate. Any person wishing lo exam ine thctn can tin' it and any orders loll be fore tho 13th will be answered. April, It. GRASS SEED. of superior quality, by T. F. & W. L. STONG. March 22. 1339. KING TltAOIS TO TllJi OOUN- try trade! ! .'Paints, Oils, Dyes, Var nishes, Brushes, Spices, Window Glass and Bronze. .Manufacturers articles Twine. Dnur.s Pollute ,v and Domestic. jr LA UN ED & CORNING. Whole sale Druggists, 227 River street, op posite Troy House. Are prcpnred lo off:r their usual inducements lo purchasers. Their stock will not only be extensive but comprise the most choice variety of articles in their line. dyh woods. Logwood, 500 bhls. cut & j round, Fiisiic, 500 do cut &. ground, Nic Wood. 300 do Rctlwood. 150 do Camwood, 50 do Cudbear, Sicily, Sumac, Red Sanders, Ancbusa, Persian Berries, Mungcet Sal flower. Extract LtiffWnnil DUTCH OMBItO AND CROP MAD- DISK, 2. I11IDS OILS Pun1 Sperm. Irom best inanufac lories in New England: in 1 1 h d-. Pipes, Tierces, nnd Bbls. Foreign Linseed, ("iir importation) in Pipes nud qr. casks. American do. iu substantial barrels, Olive Oil in Pipes and quarter casks, fresh. PAINTS, VARNISHES, BRUSHES &c White Lead.Eng dry Green Verdiier Do do ground in French Green oil, pure Prussian Blue No 1 Do do do ground Do do No 2 in oil 2d Blue Verdiier Do do American Antwerp Blue dry Powdered do Do do do ground Slip Blue in oil pure Black Paint Do do do ground Lamp Black, Eng ns- in oil No 1 sotted Do do do ground Do American small in oil No 2 papers Do do do ground Ivory Black. English in oil No 3 Do do American Flake Whito Frankfort Black Paris white Eng Black Lead Do do American Patent Lead Whiting, gilders Whale Oil, refined Do common Do do common Chalk Neals-fool oil Litharge, fine Red Lead Orange Mineral Vermilion, Chinese Do Trieste Do English Red Chalk Venetian Red, English Spirits of Turpentine Copal Varnish, Coach do do Furniture no 1 do do do no 2 Japan Varnish Bright do Gum Copal, E I S do African Do do American Shellac Grange India Red Do Garnet Rose Pink Do Liver Spanish Brown, dry Rosin, Pitch, Tar, Do do ground in oil Turpentine Purple Brown Asplialium Terra dc Sienna, Eng Pumice Stone Do do American Bath Brick Turkey Umber Vandyke Brown Chrome Yellow French Ochre Vermont do Stono do Rotten Sone Ground Glass Putty Glazier's Diamonds Gold Leaf Silver do Yellow Ochre ground Copper Bronze in oil Frostings. all colors French Yellow, do Smalts, Blue Dry Wlnio Lead Do Green, Black Ground do do No 1 and Brown Do do do No 2 Glass paper Snxnny Green Ground paint brushes Mineral Green per lb Round Camel Hair Verdigris, dry tools Do, ground in oil Pallet Knives. ESSENTIAL OILS-Garden Lavender, Rosemary Peppermint, &c. &c. in can- inslcrs and otherwise. DEMIJOHNS-5.3, 2 &. 1 Gallon. WINDOW C.LASS-500 Boxes assorted. LIQUORICE PASTE Cnlabria and Tnntillo. DRY SALTER1ES Nitrate of Iron, Ni tratc of Lead, Nitrate of Copper. Crys tals of Tin, and many other articles in this line, imported direct from bett Man ufactories. OAKUM. TAR, PITCII-Consianllv on hand, with oilier NAVAL STORES TWINE India, Seine do, French and English. DRUGS Turkey Opium, fresh Senna, in bales. Fine Sponge. TnL'oihor with nil the raro Chemicals, French nnd English, of warrau'.od purity nnd genuineness. PEPPER SAUCE 150 cases "Bird's Eye." Troy, March fl. UI39. Grass Seed. A FEW Bushels superior Western Seed just received and for sale nt March 15. HOWARDS. CLOTHING, do."" npiJE sub.-criber acknowledge piifl Ta JL vers with gramme, and0 would sny that he continues the Tailoring Trado in all its branches. Ho has for bale variety ol great READY MADE suiiablu for the preterit season: oImi, great many other useful articles. Please cull for that which cannot b0 boiiirht else where. Clothes very Neatly CLEANED and REPAIRED on short notice, Clothing exchanged or taken for Pay. C. BENNS. Pearl St.. Nov. 1033. If llushels 1 uriln Ornuu M.....I .... SSA si.ruinen from Si. m,',i ,,r urtf qualify. J. J, it, j,:oK Co Spring lionnets. A FEW cases, fashionable Eng. straw, fl. Florence oriental collage, colored do. and Leghorn Brnid Bonnets. Also, Flowers, Victoria droops, and wreaths, lor tritniningswiiii a largo as sortmeut of spring bonnet ribbons, just re ccived by LATHROP &. POT WIN. April 10. Stone House for sale. THE subscriber offers for sain the new nnd elegant hammered stone house a whole city lot, nod framed house one story and a hnlf. The premises arc located on Cherry street near the Stono Church iu Burlington. Gentlemen wUlnng lo pur chase will please call soon, as Ihe subscri ber intends to sell the first day ol June next, without fail. Tho above premises arc free and clear of nil incumbrances. REUBEN BUTLER. Burlington. Dec. 213. 1333. JVEW GOODS. A good assortment, ol DRY GOODS. DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY Sf HARDWARE, Just received and will bo sold as cheap as at any other establishment in Chittenden County, for cash, produce, or short credit, by E. WHITNEY & Co. JWItan, Nov R. HI33. Odontlca ! Odonlica ! ! The Teeth! The Teeth!! SjR. M. HITCHCOCK'S Magnetic Odon 4X lica. Tho fact is proved, and Iho most incredulous nnd doubting nro fully con. vinced, ns wo have the evidence from the sale of more than 7000 boxes within tho past year, that the Utopian dreams nf tho alchymist are realized, and a remedy discovered for preserv ing (hose important nnd beautiful appendages of the human sysljcm, by the uso of the Mag. nulic Odonlica, which, by its attractive, puri fying and slronglhaiiiiig qualities removes all extraneous substances from tho leeth and preserves them in their natural brilliancy, and Iho gums in soundness nnd beauty. It is as certained from experience, that when used, Iho tcclh will no I decay, but remain till the latcit old age, with their natural wear. When thoy are decaying, its progress will be ar rested, and ihi) tcclh preserved nnd prevented from aching. Ladies and gentlemen of the most rcspccUulo character nrc daily calling, who assure us that before they commenced using the Odonlica, their teeth were looso mid fast going to decay, their gums spongy and feverish, nnd the breath foiled, and nlier using Ibis invaluable powder, iu less than one week their leelh were firm iu their sockets, their gums resumed their health, their breath cor rcelcd, and no money could induce I hem to be without, it. All this costs Iho small sum of fifty cents. For sale by J. .v .1. H. Peek & Co. only agents iu Burlinirtoti for the solo porprictors. A. Hilchcoek &Co. Ulica N. Y. DR. Jlf. HITCHCOCK'S newly invented SNUFF only 25 rents. FOR tho cure and ab.-olutc relief of catarrh, dizziness of tho head, weak eyes nervous hcad-nclics, fallen-sickness lils, and infants troubled with the snullles, pcttial shocks of palsy, c. For sale by J. & J. H. Pi'.ck Sz Co., only Agents in Burlington for liie sole proprietor's A. llitchccck Si Co. Ulica N. Y. WORM TEA. DR. M. HITCHCOCK'S unrivalled and unequalled WORM TEA, a sovereign' remedy for wcrms. Strange and innrcdiblc are the ctfecls of these detestable vermin few persons, and it is thought none, arc free from them, particularly females and children. Many persons go through a distressing eoutso of medicine, without any benefit, when ihcy might bo relieved by using iho worm tea. This invaluable medicine has been tested by Iho experience of more than four thousand persons of various ages, and not ono solitary eoniplviiil ; on the contrary, hundreds have called and unsolicited given their decided preference to it, after trying the different articles sent forth to the public, nud pronoun ced Dr. M. HITCHCOCK'S worm tea un rivalled and unequalled. For sale by J. & J II. I'cck & Co., only agents in Burlington for the. solo proprietors, A, Hitchcock & Co. Utiea N. Y. FIRE INSURANCE. TO MANUFACTURERS Jt O 1'HERS. SffTfHE Providence Washington Insurance t Company, in Providence Rhode Island, conl mue to Insure ngain-t loss or damage by fire, on Cotton, Wollen, and other Manufactories, Buildings, and Mer chandise, on favorable lerins. This Company is well known to the Manufacturers of New-England, and pos sesses their full confidence. The Company wns incorporated A. D. 11100. The Capital Stock is 200 000, nil paid in many years since, and well secured in Bank Stocks and Real Estate. The Directors are. SULLIVAN DORR, BENJAMIN HOPPIN, M OSES B IVES. HENRY P. FRANKLIN, ROBERT H. IVES, EL1SUA DYER. CARLO MAURAN. CHARLES J.CKSON, WILLIAM BUTLER. Manufacturers and others wishing for Iiisiiionce, are requested lo direct their ap. plications (which should ho accompanied with o particular di'fcnpliou nf ihe prop erty,) per mail, to Ihe President or Secre tary i f t he Company, and the same will be attended to promptly. SULLIVAN DORR. President. Wauukn S. Giirbnk. Secretary. Providence Washington Insurance ) Company's Office Providence, R I. 1339. ) ly.f. 5 SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. MARSH'S TRUSS, for all who need will bo found on trial, tho most use ful, and tho most comfortable article for the purpose intended, ever introduced July 20, J. & J. II, Peck & Co,'cn M OFFAT'S LIFE MEDICINES I KUAmMATlON. When the ( most, important functions of life arc sus pended, and those who nro invalids by in heritance or imprudence are reduced loo deplorable Mate of nervoua debility, they should not even then despair, f,r it is not in despair that relief can be found. No Let them first look around, and, laying aside nil prejudices, ask themselves this question "ll my physician cannot help me. is his reputed skill mv only resort?" Perhaps at I hot moment tho heading of this advertisement, 'Mollnls Lille INleili cines,' would catch the eye nnd were they in truth divcsled of foolish prejudices, they might pcrhons, ho induced lo inquire whether Mr. Moffat's llicorv and treatment of diseases differed from that of their own physicians. They would then leurn that it did differ, and very widely, and with most happy results, loo. Ifihey pursued their inquiries still fur ther, they would find that nil practising pliv-icinns nf I he present day (ircscribo MERCURY, in some form, for almost cv cry disease, and they would learn, loo, that mercurial medicines. though they give pres. ent relief, undermine the constitution, and always leave the patient in a precarious slate of health. A Ooni) vmliiTAu t.E medicine is just the reverse ol all this. For hundreds of years before scourge of mankind, 'Mercury,' was employed in the healing art. Physi cians used nnihing but herb?. Even the bible recommends ns the 'tkilful physician' hr who prepared) his medicines from herbs Witness Ecclesiasttcus, chap, xxiii. V. 3. The skilful physician shall lift vp his head ; und in Ihe sight if the great men he shall be in admiration. V. 4 For he hath prepared his medicines out of the HERBS of the earth, and he that, is wise will not abhor them. Moffat's Vegetable Life .Medicines pos sess qualities ol the mos't mild and benefi cial nature. They are compiled of arti cles the most onti putrescent. combined with ingredients known ns the only certain an li'lotc for fevers of every description. When the disease is produced either from cold, obstruction, bad arr, swampy and camp situations, or putrid miasmi whether malignant or epidemic, or by oilier causes, these medicines are certain in their opera tion or effects. They are possessed of pe culiar qualities which not only expel all dicase, but nt the same. lime restore nnd invigorate the system. When first taken into Ihe stomach, they immediately difTu-e themelves like vapor through every pore, producing effects at once delight lul salutary and permanent. When the spark of life begins to grow dim, the circulation languid, and Ihe faculties paralyzed, these medicines are found to give n tone to the nerves, c.v Inleratc tnc animal spirits, invigorate die body, and re-animate the whole man. The Life Medicines have al.-o been used with the most happy success in Ncr- vousand Dyspeptic diseases, Consumption, Asthma, Liver Complaint, Rhctitnatism. (chronic and inflammatory) Dropsies, &c. &c. For full particulars, the render is invited to call at Mr Moffat's office. 3G7 Broadway and receive a copy of the Good Samaritan, published gratuitously. The following letters are lately selected from a very large number which MrMofiii' has lately received from different parts of the United btales. Mr. Moffat Dear Sir: It is with sincere plea-ure that I venture lo address you, to I hank you for the benefit I hove received from your medicines. My complaint was salt rheum, (or which 1 have tried nearly all the medicines which were advertised iu the newspapers. I, however received no relief from any of them. Since I was shown your Good Samaritan, winch in duced me lo try your medicine. When 1 applied lo you. m.y legs and arms were so had that they looked like raw beef, and were covered with scars ; but alter taking a 25 cent box of your pills, tiie dead skin began to scale oil' am! so continued until I was entirely cured. It is now four months since I was cured, and I have had no re. turn of die complaint. I hove recommend, ed your medicine to several persons, and advise all alllicted with the salt rheum to try it. Respectfully, your oh'i servant, M. CL HOVER. I3ili st., between 5lh and Jackson avenues, Lawrence, N. Y., May 23. Mr Moffat Dear Sir: I was troubled with the piles for several years. I applied to die most eminent Physican without re lief. A Irtend of mine Mr. Clarke, who had received great relief from theni, re. commended me to use your Life Pills. Though I was i-uffering very severely with Iheui at the time, I experienced relief in 43 hours, nnd in a few weeks was not troubled with them ol all and 1 have been frco from distress ever since and have grout pleasure in recommending them to those alllicted in a similar manner. Respect fully. J. E. STEARNS. New York, April, 1030. Dr Moffat Sir: Since your Lito Medi cines have been introduced in this neigh borhood, they have done wonders. I will merely slate n few cases. The wife of my neighbor, Mr Cornelius S Roc, who was supposed to be in n decline lor (he last two years, after taking two bottles of the PIiobiiix Bitters and one box of the Life Pills, says she had her health entirely re. stored. Mr Milo B. Root, my next door neigh bor, who was laid up with inflammatory rheumatism, by taking two bottles of the Rulers and one 25 cent box of die Pills, told me ho was as well as he ever was, ant! told a eentlcman in mv store whu was alllicted, that as soon as he would lake tho Pills and Bitters, just so soon he would be a well man. Also, Mrs Hordu, wife of John Hordu, was two years since taken sick, and often ,had fits, and lost the ii6uiifonool'her arms. In six weeks after Inking your p'l' om' Bitters, she has so fur recovered that she lias been on a visit lo ono of her neighbors As for myself, I have been in bod health for "7 venrs. nnd ihnurrh I am not now perfect health, st ill I am in heller limn I havo been for ten years past, which I be. lievc lo ho Ihe consequence of taking your Pills and Bitters. Tho abovo is a true statement of a few of tho many cases which linen noma under my obsrvation. You aro al liberty to publish l his letter, and reference can be had to tnc as Post. mnstor at Claverrock, Columbin Co.. N. Y. With respect, J. A. Van Valkenuurgh. New Youk. April l', 1838. Mr VV Moffat Sir: I have been afflicted with the fever and ague about 3 months, and used a good deal of quinine, which did me no good, but I still grow weaker and weaker until I was rccrjtntnended to i ry your Life Pills and Phtcnix Bitters, nnil ofter taking two boxes of pills and two bnlilcs of bitters, I am very thankful to in form you and the public at large, I consider myself completely cured, Yours truly, JOHN TENNENT. N.Y. Mints, March 29, 1833. Mr Moffat Dear Sit: I have used your medicine in my family for somo months, and have received great benefit from it, especially my wife nnd oldest daughter. My daughter had been in a decline for three years. Since she commenced using yow mcdicino she has entirely recovered ami is now well and hearty. If this will hoof any service, to you, you are at liberty lo publish it. Respectfully, yours, &c. N. BUTLER. Summim Hill, Jan, 18, 1 J38. Dr Moffat Dear Sir: I havo great plcnsuro in addressing you, having been troubled for some time back with the rheumatism, and could find nothing to give me any relief, until I had commenced taking your Vegetable I.ifo Pills and Phtenix Bitlers. In taking iho first bottle and one box of pills I found tho most cxcrntiaiing pain thqt 1 had long been trou bled with, cntiroly disappoarod. Such being tho caso, it is with gratitude I offer these sen l meuts, feeling confident that I nm indebted to you moro thm words can express, for your valuable medicine and tho speedy euro received from its good efibcts. Yoors, fcc. GEO. BROFTS. Maurii Chunk, Jan. 17, 1C38. Mr .Moffat Sir: 1 am most happy to send you through your agent, Mr. While, a few lines relative lo your excellent Life Medicines. For a length of time 1 have been complaining ofan infection of the liver, and tried much, medicine, but found no relief, mil I commune, cd with yours, I havo now taken nearly two bottles of yourl'lueiiix Bitlers, and I am pleas, ed to stale that I find myself fast recovering from a long and lingering complaint. Respectfully, yours, &c. GEO! KISNER. LocKroBT,Nov.27, 1837. Mr W. B. Moffat Dear Sir: As a remark able insnncn of the virtue and efficacy of your Life Pills and Phomix Bitters, in rsstoring lost health to the alllicted, has occurred in my family, 1 deem it a duty I owe both to yojjrself and tho public, to make the fact known, that othcrssuffering under similar ci'rcumslancen might perchattce sec this and obtain a.remcdy in season to preserve them from a prctnaturo grave. .My wife has been afflicted with tho liver complaint and general debility for upwards of 3 years; and for the last 3 months she has not been able lo walk across the room. After try various medicines prescribed by different phy sicians, which gave her no relief, slip was given upas incurable. In this situation sho was gradually failing, when I happened to call bpon your agent in this cillagc, and ho gave mo a copy of the Good Samaritan, tho perusing of which induced mo lo try your medicine, although I had bat litltlo hope of liur receiving uny benefit from it. The effect wns surri.-iur. IJoforo she had taken ono bottle of bitters and one box of pills, she was so far recovered as to bo able lo accomplish mo.tol her housework without assistance.. Yours, respectfully. Wauuen 1'atteiiso.n'. For additional particulars of ihe above med icine seo Moffat's Good Sainnrilan, a copy of which accompanies tho medicine; a copy can alio be obtained on application nt Ihe drug stores of R. .Moody and J. & J. H. Peek Si Co., Burlington, Vl. The abovo medicine for sale at wholcsalo and rcl.ail by It. Moody and at retail by J, Sz J. H. Pixjk Sz Co. .Jan. 11)39. Cm B 11tNDR liTH'S PILLS!! LOOK OUT FOR COUNTERFEITS!! ALL Pills sold in the State of Vermont . must' pass through our hands as Dr. Braudicth's Gederal agents. There will bo no moro Pills sold at Ihe Boston office, nehher by B, 15. Mussoy. (who is no longer llran droths ngent,) to bu retailed iu ibis section of tho Country. All Pills purporting to bo Brandrcfhs, and sold by persons without a certificate of agency signed by B, Brandiclh and by us are counter feits. To prevent all imposition from tho cir culation of counterfeits, just lot the purchaser ask the vender for His eertificate of agency signed by Ferro and Parmeleo, or Geo. I' Walton, of Montpclior Vl, who is our genera agent for tho following .Counties; Washing, ton, Orange, Chillcnden, Addison, Fian kli Orleans, Lamoilc, Essex and Grand Isle, iu Vermont. . Never purchase of Peddlers, for in no instance do they ever have the gcnujiia article. Should any of our agents' bu caught in Iho counterfeit trade, Ihey will bu displaced and so advertised. Tho Pills must be kept pure, am. the Counterfeiters must bo doalt with ac cording to law, No Mistake. Tho following persons aro regularly appointed in their res pective towns. For sale by S. E. HOWARD, Burlington J, T. Ainsworth, Milton Poller. Cull, & Co., Fairfax L. Tylor, F.ssexL. Janes, Georgia James Russull, St. Albans F. V. Goodrich, Swanlon S. K. Plait, Ilighgalc William Giccn Sz Co., Sheldon Chaifir & Lewis, Berkshire Thomas Fuller & Son, Eiios'burgh Armington & Dean, Ilakersfield Tower & Oakes, Underbill G. B. Oakes, Jericho. FEB RE and PAR.MELEE. Gineral Brandrethiun Agents, Middlotoivn, Conn., July 4, 1030. Wheat on's Itch Ointment. Along ond well e.-tablished remedy for oiio"of the most uncoinfuriahle com- plaints which skin is "heir" in offered al a iireal discount to ihose who buy to sell. J. & J H. Peck & Co. Burlington Mir. 29. 1339 NEWTON'S PANACEA, Or great purifier of the Blood. Subsliiuto for Swaiin's Panacea, a $tk cheaper article and by many consid- j UJ,Crir. J & J. H. PECK & Co. Agents Novascotiu Piaster. 1 Zf "0,ls Nova&cotia Plaster Bulk. 300 bbls lor sale bv Sept. 21. do do Follett & Brauleis, tA'r

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