Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 17, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 17, 1839 Page 3
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f BOXES OF GOODS CONTINUE to arrito at tho Variety Shop filled with almost overy little necessary articlo which the many wants of our numer ous customers require. Just received some rcry nice finished ttttl and wood Screw Cush ions, Metal Spool stands. Larpe silver Pencils. Music Box Keys. Snuff Boxes. Pantaloon Straps, six Lamp Wicks. kinds. Fine Ball Wicklng. Cologne in largo Bot- Oermnn Cnlopro' ties, Roscwnnd Briiho. PistoU, Combs. Onld Thimblfs. Gr.ld Spectacles, Childrons gold Rings. Children Thimbles, wpis. iinso Olio of Rnsn. Rose Lip SaWe, Hay's Liuimonl. Matches, niding Whips. Curls. Canes & Umbrellas. Stnlionsry. (told Pencils. Catrls. Wc hnve several other articles which wo might add to this list, hut prefer Ihnl ctniom srs would call and examinp fur themselves, PANOBORN ft RRINSMAID. VOT1CF,. WHF.RF. AS 1 hnve given my son. Fran, cis C'itir. his rrccdnm from and after this. date, with full power toad fnf himself in ll'lhines.thisis to give nntico that I shall not Jierenftei hold myself !espnniblo fnrdehiRof his contracting, nor shall I claim any of his amines, BATISTE COTIE. Esjcx. Mav 13. 1039. KERN & WAUiER. WHOLES A r.F. k RETAIL DEALERS IN STAPLE & FANCY DRY GOODS, WEf & DBY GROCERIES, CROCK WRY. CLASS AND HARD-W A "RT5. Church.Strt'1, Burlinaton. Vl. Danici. Kern. ) April 25, 1839. Solomon Walker, ) FOR SALE. Bales of Cotton Yarn, 6 " " Balling, 4 " Wadding. 4 Mav 6. 1839. KERN & WALKER. TOBAJCO. Boxes Sheep Tobacco, Cheap, 20 " Chewing 10 Kpgs " 10 Rbls lbs.. Imlf& quarter lbs., Paper Cut Tobacco, 2 Rids fino Cut for Chewinir, for sale May 6, 1839. by Kern & Walker. TEAS. ft ffSfT!i Chcsls and half Chests. Tmperi ULjffvjjjs) al. Hyson. Younir Hyson, Hyson Skin. Souchong and Bohea Tea. for sole by May 6. 1839." KERN k WALKER. Cloth Cassameres &Vcistinas. A large arsnrtment nfRtoad Clmhs. Cas suneirs and Vcsiincs, of various colors, and pallcrns ; also a large assortment of sum mer stnff.of various kinds, suitable for sum mer wear, for sale low by ' May 6, 1839. KERN & WALKER. Molasses and Sugars. f Hhds Molasses, J.vf S Sucnr, 5 Boxes White and Brown Havanna, 5 " Loaf and Lump Sugar, for salo May 6, 1839. by Kern 5: Walker. SOAP. s Boxes Rrnwn Soap, 10 " Castillo " for sale by May 6. 1839. KERN & WALKER. SPITES. CINNAMON, riovos. Ginger. Nutmegs, Pepper, and Spice, for sale by May 6. 1839. KERN and WALKER. JE Quintals Cnnfisb, 9W 20 Bblii Marlicrel, 20 do Pickled Cndfiish, for sale by May 6, 1839. KERN and WALKER. "WI NF1S MADEIRA. SHERRY.' SICILY, MA derla. Swcel and fori WINE; some of superior quality, for snle by May 6, 1839. KERN and WALKER- TWINE. irk DALES WOOL TW1NR chpap.for XUalo hv KERN anrf WALKER. May 6. 183g. RAISINS. Kpb and Ma,r KpP" RAISINS j aV4' 150 Box and Half mid Quarter Box, Bunch and Blonm liAMMS; 300 lbs FIOR. for sale by Ma3 6. 1839 Kern anrf Walkfr SHEETING & SHIRTING! fr Balps Brown Shppiing and Shiriniir,f(,r ?7 m,p ''.v KKRN and WALKER. May 6, 1839. SPIRITS. I f Hhd. New England RUi. 4 do St. Croix, do 4 Pipes OXK. 4 do DRAJYDY, for sale by May 6, 1839. KERN and WALKER. CALICOES. 1 OHO Yd" K"BUfh .F-ench and Ameri M.JJJ can Prints, of various styles and pallcriiK, for sale low, by May 6, 1839. KERN & WALKER. EXCHAUGE HOTEL? I Hl& r.stablishinent.sil. uated at the head of tho Steam Boat Wharf. Bur linglon,iH now completed and open for Ihe reception nf Iravellem nH ih. ....I. lie generally. The location of this House ia one of surpass" g beauty . presenting from its Plants, in front and rear, an uninterrupted Tie of most of (ho village and of (be luko nd scenery around it. Tho Houso with its furniture is entirely new, and oflTera conveni ences and comforts to its guests if cquiiod, certainly not surpassed by any House in tho' Place. f A coach is always in attendance lo carry passengera and their Baggage to and Irorn Me respective Steam Boats ritei of ciuroe. It will be the ambition of ihe undersignt-d 10 deserve a patronage from the public, equal to ho means placed in hi. hands, to render their .ojourn with him comfortable, pleasant and happy. JONATHAN HART. Burlington, Mq,n,lB39, Gallons Winter and Fall Oil, for WW salo by Kkrn and Walker. May 6, 1839. Furniture for sale. rilUE subscriber I'fTnrs for on In lllrna onl I lection of furniture Bureaus, Tables, Chair'. Bt dsieadsJ.ooltinff.Glasscs, Dressing. Tables. Carnets. Berts. Mnlii.y n,U;n Stoves, Crockery, and Kilchcn Furnilure of nil Kindt Must ol these onirics aro nearly new. They will be sold at low prices j and all nnrsnns wisliitur In lmt eel, i almn.l any nlhers requited In huuspkneping. win una ii ior ineir interest lo call at Ihe sub scriber's house in Colleeo street, whero lliov may hi- seen ai any time. Such as nro not sold before, will hn off.ired at auction tho 41 Ii day of Mr. Hnswnll's auction mom at 10 o'clock A. M. Sales positive, as the ub. scriher isnbnni to remove. Also at private sain two good Pianos anil also a lot of land aitualed an College St. and near the Square. S.A.CRANE. Burlington, May 17. 1839. COPARTNERSHIP. TH B snb'cribers having dinned a en. paMnprship under Ihe firm of Vilas L'inniis &i C'i.. for the purpose of a renrr. al trs'i'sr'inn of hmincsa in the wholesale Dry Goods. Manufacture of Tn Ware. Sheet Imn Sec would resp-ct fully request 'hose wishing In purchase nl wholesale. In caM n nil examine ihetr stork nt the store formerly occupipdhv VV R & P. C. Vilas. TV R VILAS HESRY LOOmS F. C VILAS. Burlinston, May 14 1839. LOOK AT THIS. Anew assnrininni nl Bonk, is just re cpivpiI and for salp by I hp subscriber including Washington brings woiks com plete in nnp Vol. with a memoir of the an Ihor. Robin Day by tho author nfCala var. Nick of the woods &c, some elpgant French eng'avinrra. logplher with n Picto. rial rdiiion "I Shakespeare. Grppcp Picto. rial Dpcipiive and Hi"torical By Chiuto pher Wadsworlh, D. D. D. A, BRA MAN. Burlington, May 15. 1839. Damask Table Cloths. 'UST rpcivpd 8 4 Linen D?mak Table Cloths, and forfait vpry clirnp bv WAIT and TABOR. Slips and Shoes. A GREAT ASSORTMENT OF SLIPS Walking 6hnet, chihlrpns boos, nnk'p 'iee. e'c. at WAIT and TARORS. May 16. Take Notice. v LL nnips and nrcniinu now dun tho laf fi;m o( D. & D A. Kimball, can now bp psul in me and unlpgs they arp I shall bMindpr ihe nrcpssily of troubling some of our Lawyer?. D. KIMBALL Jr. . May 16. 1839. o VF. C.n morn nf thnsn Cheop Straw Bonnelt this day nprned bv WAIT and TABOR. May 16. Bonnets a large assortment jlMl rfTPIVP.l al HOWARDS. nn lnrrhv .ntnv 17 IH39 CAlll'ETlNG. PIECES Eiil'. Ii'g'ain Carpeting bv L 41'HRl'P & Potwin io A great variety of splendid new GOODS, at May 3. Wait & Tabors USEFUL & NESCESSARY. ARTICLES In zrtal ahun dance. and in grpoier varirty iliau i-ver bpforp offured by ih. enn now be seen at the Varietv Shop. WE hnve hnd thp qiii'giion asked rnmc limps, wliat articlp pilher npepssary or useful dn yiui kppp? We have it saul in n by nmo cihzpns, Ihpre is not an ar- Help yiu Iiovp whirh I wiph or nppd!!! Wp are plpaspd in know that all the wants of dome perpnnu in ih" VVnrlil ARE SUPPLIED. We resppciliilly nivi'e Ihn altpntinn nf nur I'ripnds and ctisinmers whilst we enu. mpraip nvpr sump nf the uspful and ne cpssary Gmds we have for fbIp, assuring i h rin thai wp hare many more as useful as iIhibp nampd. WIipii wp name nnp articlp of a kind. plfnvH nbsp'VP flint usually a gnnd and com prphpiKiyp assuMmPiit of ihp various arti cIps can bp fminil i lnr miaiipp. wlipn wp namp BRITTANI A WARE, ii .Ioph nni mpan simply TEA POTS, hill all articles in ihat Imp; Mich a Piirhpm. Cups and Mug nf all mi'', Spinoons. LuIIps. Can for. B"X"; Bed Pane, Tumblers. Syrangps, F!ak-. &c Whsi are more npcessnry than ihcsp? Silvnr Spoons in all I heir varipiirs.Thimblpa Walehps and Clocks, and all articles con nectpd with them. BriiFhps of the upsI quaiiiies and of oil the kinds in use. Ihp bp-1 a-snrimpnl eypr on hand. Ivory fine and coarsp Cmhs. Horn and shHI Cmnhs, urass nnil nihfr Mp'rI Comb. French I ron Comb-', Shell and I ynry Pocket Cumbs BuOalu Hum drPFMnj; Cnriibs. Are these useful ? Scissors of various Fine Pen Knives, 'ZPf". Finest Razors, Cummnn and fine Toilet and Shaving Pocket Knivps. Snap, Fine Rnzm S'raps, Lmher Boxea and Tooth wash & Powder Bruhes, Lip Sulve and Cuurl Hair Oils. PlaiHier. Fme ball Wicking, Lamp wicks all kinds Candle Si icks.a good 12 cis. a bunch, assortment. Lamp Glasses. Snuffer, of Steel bmall Looking olascs Brass & Plated, Brass, Plated arltyjapaned Snuffer Trays or Stands, Indellible Ink, of both kinds for marking linen, Blue, Red, Black and changeable writing English Leiier Paper, Billet Paper and BriMnl Board, A beautiful assortment visiting Cards, Printers Cards, A moat splendid auortment or beautiful Slocks. I Linen Collars Fine Suspender, nd Bosoms, f.nrge it smnl Wafers Sealing Wax, Hooks and Evra, Pencils nf fine kindo. Boot and other La- India Rubber, clngs, Pina diNeedlesof all kinds usunlly called for Letter Stamps Ivory and India Rub and Seal, ber Rings, Paper Knives, Camel's hair Pencils. Screw Cmhion anil Spool Stands, new and fine finished kinds, Tea Bells, loud ringers' Ink Slandx, some beautiful and new pit terns of cm glass, Carlor's Sand Boxes, Vest Springs, Willow Wngguna. Bokpls, Chairs & Cradles, Curls & Plain Hair, Pearl Powder for Nipnle Shells, Hip Ntir-ery. Siiffners. for Cravats Slock frames, Speclsdes & G"gles We can fit most People with Sppciocles havmg about 300 pair and cnnsiautly re c.'iving m-.rp, Fine Calf Bellows and oilier Wall.'ls. PiirncH. India Ink and Points, Paper Buxps round and square, And wp we might go on a linnet INDEFFINITELV calling oypr ihi natnps ot the various kinds nf Goods forming a most beauliltil a-sorl-mont and a very great varieiy. which we ore induced lo kpep by the good run of custom, which i as bppii given us by .Iiiirp who wish lo find almost every lillle necps eary ariicle to supply their wants without running all over "Creation" aficr it, as many have formerly done, and somo con tinue to do and ihpn ak for it at the VARIETY SHOP. and are answered we have it, to which they ofipn reply, well! I have run all over lown and 6ent to New York by Mr . and he could not find it. and here you have kepi it thoe 6, 10. or 20 months ns the case may bo. Yes ? Yes? We know what people wish for and wc get it and we uunlly kpep a good assort ment and GOOD ARTICLES, and as cheap as the same quality can be had any where, For necessary articles, also a beautiful ossnrtmpni of Ornamentul Articles, sveh at Gold chains nice Broaches. Bosom Pins. Rinrrs, very pretty salin and wax bced Head Bands, and Necklaces. Silver Fruit Knives, Silver Forks, Pearl ornaments, silver cov- ereI Emeries, Shell card cases, Gold Spectacles and Thimbles, Corav' Necklaces, Plaq'ies and Buckles, Gold, plated and gilt miniature setting!. Gold Pencils. Curls, Ringlets and Plain Hair, L-ickets and Keys. Seals and slides. Silver handled Scis- Silver and Pearl Stil- eor,, lettoes, Work Bones, Dressing cases, Watch Stands and very many other goods, We ha vp also on hand a grpat variety which might come under the head of USEFUL AND ORNAMENTAL Together, Such as Bced Bags, nf which we have dark and lirrhl colors, some new patterns. Rose Wood Brushes of all kind, beautiful Goods, Meml Spool Stands, eteel screw Cushions, Teo Caddies, filled with Tea, Bmter Kmvet, with pearl, alone and silver handles, and forty three other kinds of articles under this head. We do not class these articles just lo suit our notions of things but to come as near suitin? Hie lasies and ideas of the sovereign PEOPLE which is the orand object of P"MTICIAN8 and all who color for the Public Good. We have mnny other articles, some of which may enme under Ihe head of Des. iructives. according to the dictionary of some persons, We asked one of our Merchonts whom we met whiUl selecting our Goods in New York, are you not going t take en(no of I hose nice fini-hcd narrow and wide Whale, hones? No! says he. I'll lei vnn k, II ihn Ladips ! and off he turned on his heel, and wp hpgan to ruminate (we didn't chew our cud though for we et chew ihe vilp wppiI) ond eat Candy, we always eai STUARTS best wluUt purchasing Goods j We would not like lo kill the Ladies, but we concluded toloki'a larre lol of Ihnso ar tirles and if ihp Ladies will u-e ihm wp will sell ih. m but we"wniAour hands of We have hair pins, and all other good black and while Pins. Needles.Pencil leads riding whips Tor Indies, loy whips, toys, pictures, card Basket, guard chains, etc CfftVe Filierprs. to make C"fTe in french style, nice Cnffee Urns for public houses. We make silver spoons and rppnir all kinds of fine Welches, Clocks and Jewelry Wp sell the genuine Morisnn'd Pi8, which are daily curing more persons than all the Doctor, put together. Where can things necessary, useful, or namental rare, scarce, nice, good and in ff-eai varieiy be found belter than al the vurie'y oiiopr ECHO ANSWERS WHERE? Lad o and gentlemen. Iriends, ciisin'mers and enemies if we hnve any, please givu us a call, give us one more call; we will shew you goods, if you see any you like, at prices which suit you, wo shall be pleased to sell you; if you do nut wo will thank you for your call, be penitent and sorry we cannot suit you and request you lo call again but we mean lo sun all without exception if! we can, and hope to have all g, 8way pleased with themselves and us, and with Ihpir purchases. We hope to send by strangers and all who visit ui a good report oflhe varieiy shop at Burlington. If there are any who have not been suiled formerly in any respect, they ore requeatcd to look in upon us once more, and we wp try to uii them. We ihu.k we can. we think we will. We havc a very fino aisnrlmeul of most all articles in Hie lino nf Perfumery Ihe best of German Cologne, Lavender, Honey Water, Hair Oils, Florida Water, Otio of Rose. Bergamonl, Puffs and p0dcr in Rose Watei for cake boxes. Tooth Powder, Hair Brufhes, We expect soon some Verbuna a new & txquiiite perfutup, bcenied Soaps, Antique Oil. Fine Tiotb aod also some Bay Rum tor Ihe Toilet, and Milk nf Roses, other articles of per Sweet Bogs, Toilet Powderi turnery fee. in the line. We keep Various kinds nf MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Musical Merchandise and Instruction Bonks for (hem. such as: Tenor & bass Viols. mites ami violins, C D & E flat Flutes, i' hps ami riceioes, uiarionciis, Flageolets, String, Pegs, Viol Bows. Bridges, Tail pieces. Tuning Forks, Clarionet Reedi, and most articles in inn linn. STOCKS. We have a most beautiful assortment from one inch in width and lo tho very wit), st. some or new and splendid patterns, an assortment unrivalled, a good fit war rautpd POCKET BOOKS Sc WALLETS. Belter ones never enun inti, our hands. FIltE WORKS. We expect to Mippiy , 1 1 orders which are sent to us by the 5TH OF JUNE. To close we may as well say. we have a very neat, well selected, choice lol ol Goods. and we shall be exceedingly gratified if every person in lown, and all who visit the town will cell upon us and look at Ihe Goods, if ihpy do not wish to purchase i hern, they will surely inform some person of ihe beauxlul goods Ihey saw at the Variety Shop; we know it ; it is human nature. Thnse who are Dleased will let others know it, we therefore go on this pnucipie. we snail shew goods to poor or rich, high or low. raoped or well.ilrpml. nod if President Vnn Rnrpn. n, n ,..... Victoria chance lo droo in. we will pII them someihmg lo carry back (if we can,) to shew their constituents, (Oil vueens have Constituents?) Well, lo shew their subjects and rrinatiln. ents, that they hnye visited Burlington and of course hnve been in Ihe Variety Shop, for Ihey know Ihat it would be expected of them, thai they should visit this celebrated ESTABLISHMENT. They could not wnh their characteristic grace rnrei tho congratulations of their subjects and constituents ir ihey hod neg lected us and gone back without calling. Please observe, we hope and expect to receive calls from every person in lown who ever goes out, except it may be some pretty one who has laken umbrngo at a crust look or word dropl in an unguarded mo ment, of which we repented ihe moment after it was given. We here ber Pave to define ihe word REPENTANCE, u,- think it is, being sorry for and breaking off nun, muug ooing. ana doing so NO MORE. Now just do lorgive us and call again. And wo expect every man. woman and child who visits the town to call upon us il jhev can consistently. "CONSISTENCY IS A JEWEL" Someboi'v saio j we exppct our customers are Ihe mosf consistent set of folks found in these porta. We reljciantly bring this short notice, of our beautiful assortment to a close, wishing ppace, henlth and plenty to all who ever crossed our threehhold and to all who do so in future. And ifo not so far forget this short epistle aod our humbf. selves a not to give us a call. It is a heart breaking word, it causes a sigh, but we must say, Adieu. ,U'i "", Vnrip,y Shop. 5th Month. 1039. PANG BORN A Rm ivsjm a in liy the Steamer Liverpool, Winch left Liverpool on Ihe 20 h April, we received a beounful lot of PATUNT LEVERS, of our own importation, par ticulars next week. PANfinoRrr & Brinpm.ud. WANTED. J FEW HUNDRED BUSHELS SA potatoes immediately by i he sub.-cn. b-r. fi,r which cash and ihe market price will be pmd. D A. KIMBALL. Burlington Mai 17 1 829. NOTICE. ALL persons indebted lo ihe subscribers,' Whose notes or acnnnnla nrn ni.i .1... 1 are hereby notified Ihat paymont must bo made by the 20 inst, to save cost. May 1,MM. H. HYDE & Co. nnuD iiuiun or accounts are past due, Mmhrniriornrl rinllc- A GREAT variety ofshapes and patterns of Ihe finest french worked Cellars, somo1 nmsnea cages and others lo admit of Lace I euging. jiiHi received at thn nrw Cheap Cash Store, and offered uncommonly low prices bv U ... in ,i, . m v i M3 10. WAIT & TAIIOR, THE nihcriber ha- ju-i returned from New Ytk wnh n encral aiiortmeni of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CROCKERY Sf GLASS WARE, which he offers unusually low for Cash. H. LANE. Burlington. May 10, 1839. 4w White Flannell. SUPERFINE 7.fl. 4 4 and 5 4 while flan . iihII of a huauiiful lexture just received and for sale al tho new Cfmiip Cash Siorn of .Atry 10. WAIT fi TABOR. Black Lace Veils. A fresh,,, of Black Bobbin!! and ' A silk Lace Veils t,,y Cap, white and eieen blond cauze Veils-6 4 black Italian Crapo of superior quality for mourning Viels green baroge of ihe host quality fur Veils, for sale Cheap for cash and always al renular prices at WAIT & TABORS'. May 1U. Room Paper. 500 'eces ,,w S,vle an,) e't"'n quali ly. by Lathrop &. Potwin. May 3 1839. T, FOR WARDING. HE Subucrtber having completed his ar rangements a! St. Johns and White, hall, is now prepared lo recoive aoona in. tended fur transportation between Months al and New York. All oidors addresod to the agent at St. Johns, Mr. W H. Hublano. will bo prninlly attended in, and no trouble or exponso spared in Ihe despatch or Goods addressod to tho Establishment. Tho Charges for Commission, Wharfage, Ac, will be found at least twentt-uve riR cent below what has been hitherto paid upon tho Line. FRANCIS MULLIN8. Montreal, 2d May, 1899. I nail Brushes. I Epril d Rose. IiYMAN & COL.E. HAVE received n very extensive as sorlment ol spring and summer Goods, comprising n more beautiful and pleasing variety nf light goods for Ladies summer wear than usual. Among which will be found Printed Lawns, Printed jnc conel Cambric, anil Muslins ; rich French Printed Cambric, small figure. Part of the aoove are black ijround. for mntirninir A few pieces of Scotch Gingham, free from sizing. An exiemive assortment of French English and American Calicoes. Also. few cases of low priced Prints which will be sold unusually low by ihe piece or yard, Plain black and blue blnck Gro de Swine Figured bl'k and blue bl'k Gro He Nap, Figured brown and green do Black Canton Gro de Swiss, wide for aprons. Rich coloured Gro do Nap, superior finish, B'ack and blue black Alpines, R'ch coloured figured do Black and colored silk Cnmblets, Merino Shawl, very rich. A great assortment of Ribbons, Gloves, Hosiery, &c. Fancy HilkTs., Scarfs, Shawls. Cravats. Pic mc Gloves, Mills and Scarfs. A rich variety of fancy, checked, stri ped and plaid Cambrics. Jacconei Cambric. La wo. swiss Jaconet, Swiss and book Mualm &c. &c. LINENS. While and brown Dulling, Linen Sheeting. 10 4 to 4 4, Damnk 7 4 in C-4, Bird's eye Diaper, Table Cloths, Nap kins, &n. Superior Iri-h Linen, Linen cambric Handkerchiefs &. Lawn, Broadcloth and Ca-ssuneres, Mersailsand volontia Veslings, A great variety of worsted goods for genllemens summer wear. Fane) striped Jeans for children's wear, uduii ji'nn, DOMESTIC GOODS. Cntion Sheeting. Shirting Tick. Drillinff, Mexican mixtures, fancy striped Drilling York mixtures, blue Drilling, Buffalo dnlh. colored cambric. Nankin, knitting Cotton, wonlen ntul worsted Yarn. &c. A few pair rich ktdd Slips, Gaiter Boots, gentleoien's Pumps. &c. The above comprise but a small prnpor lion of o very extensive assortment of goods winch can be found al our store. Burlington. May 10. 1839. SECOND EDITION. Snnv ft MAY 1,1839. UO. aftd commencing business I had n dosire to ascertain thn nufi ;,.,.: condition and capacity of that portion of rr..,IUi,i wnicn wouiu naturally find its mar ket, and be most easily supplied with Good irom uuriinston ; lor such purpose tho lofty peak of Camel's II urnn wna eliml.n.l .... where beinr so much enamoured with tho' prosper.1 ana view, that aHor my return I nearly doubted its reality, but was so forcibly impelled again to make another excursion to confirm if possible Ihe vision, and Immedi ately selected that most - i nn'd lowering eminence on AlanflnlH tn. tain, whoso crown is 4300 foot above Lake Lhamplnin, and arcended it in the silent still hours ol night by the light of Ihe full moon, hastening upward with all my strength to get a glimpse of the first morning dawn and uio rising ol me jriiitcring Hun in all :1s elory then I 'jchpld tho realily of a fruitful valley verdant lulls and country with a wondimr way through the almost subterranean passes oi uie urecn mountain chain lo dutunt con. liguouB lands. beyond all susceptible of boing rich and enriching one another in their varied agricultural, mineral, manufacturing, and pnysicai resources which oxeilcd a hope of inu prosppcis oeing suujcinnt to afford a cur rent of inoxhaustililo wealth through our most delightful lown. as look'd down upon in tho dii-lance, where its inhabitants with thn rcqui. site and necessary implements of honesty, .uuiinirj, energy, ana enterprise might secure their several portions as it pases. and yet not impoverish Ihoslream in itu nniv.rrl . rPP'"n8 ,rm wnicn il camo, but with scrupulous regard Tor cquitahlo j istice. make such relurn in goods from Howurd's Store, as wouiu give i ne most picasinu and laslingsat. it.ini;iiuii iu inoso woo coniriuuied so bounti comfn,I' intollignnce, and consequent happi' TS i i ,nl,d",,nn,.s of Burliugian, and tuny unuer rrnvioonco 10 10 nrnsnnr In , o tno whole V ul a,KI ,ar away " ,n .,e10"" yc undiscovered, and for aught I know, to Ihn iiim,.! e know, to tho inmost recessos of the oarlh. li.mti. r... r.- c ..... : .... ,u.i. rvvimoym nolo (Wllni-e novel theoiy, by the by. was that tho earth was hollow and the entrance near tho North polo, loan almost Elysian Paradise of acountry.) Unlil then I was on ihe wing for going to New lurk and looking abroad for Ihat which could bu soon effected in distributing the ponds al home, and issued thn pioclaniatinn in I8i9, with reasons fur rcmauim?, viz: the completion of Ihe Northern and Erie Canals, the making of ono from St. Johns to the St. Lawrence, the proposed rail road from Pnrt Kent lo Oe(len-hurh, nnd from ibis on in Boten. Ihe iron regions west, ihe increnso of me wool and dauy ol Vermont, thn suscepti ble productiveness of the soil, the salubrious and hca I til fill climate, ihe moral and industri. ous hahils of I ho people, together with tho eventually would bo occupancy of ihe im mnnse and almost unrivalled water power, all ZZd ZZ ThrnT'lnho 1"'" W'r' "Ii ' J S , t S" T,' lal so illuminated the future prospect Ihat I had a aeire io siay lo seo llio result, which is now as well known to others as myself, much haying already come lo pass, and more swiftly coining on. from what now is. enough is apparent lo giics a head, fieo even nnw Ihe influx of inhabitants in so groat that an unoccupied dwelling is not lo bo found. Our puhltc parks, gardens and yards, aro being highly ornamented and improved bv trees, shrubbery and walks ; many beautifufodiflros anil mansions are boing built : the hlnh char acter of tho village is greatly exallod by tho liberality of its citizens in Ihu erection of t hurchos j tho justly ilrsetvcd colobrily of its Univorsily. Episcopal Iiihtiluto, Academy and Schools, all of a superior order in tho scale of science. Tho Burlington Femalo Seminary, particularly, shows from its recent apparent commencement, to have obtained a deserved standing and reputation, which is equal lo the most exalted hopes and wishea of ils best friends, who to number would he naming nearly tho whole community, whom it is hoped will soon show ihnir usual publio spirit in extending the buildings equal to iia requirement and merits. Then, again, to know that we have two of the mosl splendid Steamboats, sod moat ably conducted ich arriting at tho same moment from north and south, with Goods for Howard, passengers' for tho Hotels, and intelligence for tho people. Also thotimoly arrival at noon, and departuro oflor dinner, of tho many mail coaches, with their beautiful fIx horso toams, and aceom. plirhed coachmen, bringing, likewise, orders and customers for HOWARD'S GOODS, and whoto store is now said will equal in nppoaranco any to uo lound in city, town or country, being a gallery Sloro the wholo length, lighlod up by a domo, and beautifully ornamented with columns, pictures, statues and paintings, and filled with an innumerable and never ending assortment of tho most celebrated, splendid, rich, fashionable, fancy, useful and desirablo assortment of Goods which could be solectod from tho four quarters of the Globe, and may bo scon freo of charge, orobtnined at as cheap a price comparatively as cNewhoro. I find il neressarv in dninir in mnpli in h nrlive in Iviili liimntr mwl .li: .,. L..r. in d.nire wnh mv innno f "Up n. Dome, Quick end ( hiMi nnil no Impri'rininont fur Debt." A sayi m aftiine is eqiul In n s;iin ofmnney. I am rejoirp,! iImi i,p fi,.Hln thtp (lirnl Western is do lus 40 il.iy nnii2PS in 14 dis. which enable I. pnriPis by her fir my ciiniomrrs, lo sell a profit rheappr, wliicli mills mv trmln cxneilv. I liavn Jim leluriteil from New Yoik the second lima this Spring, mwl the ii..nrlmpnt is full nnil cnmpleie at me uranu u, uncap i;.uli Mtore or S. KARL HOWARD, who InM tearsnH hi. $150 Wimlnor mon"y lor 76 per mil di'i-ninu itnil iiixpiI fur hi nf selling Ootid 400. by which wni marie as much as rtinlil hp exprcipit under die cirrnmunr.p. Leather Finding Store. E. C. LiOOMIS HAS ihisday received from New York tho largest nnd hnsl nisortmnnl nf MOROCCO KIDS. LININGS. BIND- lJUfi, TRIMMING SKINS. &c 6(c.. wnh a general assortment ol Shoe Maker' Kit nnd Findings thai he has ever offered tor saio in this mnrket. Likewise 500 sides Sole Leather, 150 do Upper do 28 dozen Calfskins, CO pairs nf mens thin Boots, Goad and Cheap ) 100 pairs uf men's thirk Brogant, do. 60 pairs nf men's thick Boots. I case of biy's Shots, 75 pairs nf women's JTnrrn Gt,n.. S. fino Galer Bimlees. Oak Skirling, Bridle and Hog Skint also Harness, Bri dle, Band. Top and Skirling Leather of hia own manufacture, kept constantly on hand. Togeiher with many other articles in hia tine or business loo numerous lo mention. H" would request Shoe.SaddU and Unn Makers nnd the public in general to call nnd examine his slock belore purchasing, as he is determined lo sell, and as cheap aa they can be purchased elsewhere 3w JJurlington. Peat I st. ) May 10. 1839. TROY fit MICHIGAN SIX DAY LJjYE. MERCHANDISE. FURNITURE & Passengers forwarded from New York. Albany ii Troy, daily, sabbaths excepted lo any point on tho Erie Canal, and all the different ports on ihe Western Lakes, Rivers and Canals. PROPRIETORS &, AGENTS. ALLEN WIIEEI ER. No. 106 Broad St. LEOM 4RD CROCKER, J New Fork. Stephen C. Gray, 72 Quay si. Albany, .Moore & .Siimprnn, 155 River st, Troy, Sidney Allen, Rinlipsipr. D.ivif, hUinliliii & Co., Buffalo, N. Hotrhkiss, do Tlinmiis Richmond, Richmond, O. J. SI. Goodinin& Co. Clerel.ind. Ship by -Troy Tow Bobi Line," Coen tcis Slip, daily, at 5 p m. Mark Packages "Tnov &. MICHIGAN LINE." REFERENCES. Hahipil, H.iinr. & Cu. New York, I. ee, Dier & Miller, " Phelps, Doilue & Co. Arlmr & Co. " II. iliirk & Buck, ' Wilson &(ihb, Deiiisnn & Voik. McKee & Ginder, 22 .North Wliartes, Philadslphia "t. .-i. rrrnru, wunnirK, .k x I'iiikpr & Cnil'i, lliimelnna, Clmrlps M. Reed, Erie, P Thoinii Rlrhninnd, Richmond, O J. Gnodiimii & Co. Cleveland, O II. N. Ghips, HUrk River, O Jpnkins & Trnryt Huron O Hnlliiner & Boll, S oiiln-ky O Pong & Titos, ToleJo O Forsjili HHZ.ird, Maumee O Ftrnnjf, McRptnoltls Co. Detroit M J Mnviiu, Yiitil.inii Al ich D Joiipn If Co. Grepn ll.iv Mich GrifTuli Co.'ir) Mich BritiMii .S.ingir4 Co. .Mirliigin city G S lluU.Hid, Ciiintno III Siimnp lliiim in, Milwnnkie IVT John Hin Hun, .Sniill, .St l.irin J. ono! J, II. Perk and Co., Burlingtoo, Vt. OHIO CANAL. R G ILmkill, l!'i-ion O WIippIp, 4- Ui Akion O L JmiP, I)reiiipn () Hci kaiili - H-ee, Newark O B Cnnwork & Co. r;lnniliis O M B Rom & Co. Pnitsinoiilh O Jamfs I'hkli'9, Passage Agent, N. Y. Quality the test of Cheapness, In ami arlirle nf Gentlemen's Clolhinsr. gUPFRFlNE Blue. Black. Invisible Green, and other colored Broadcluths ; elected wnh tjreat care for (ho retail trade nf the village. An assortment ol Catti meres from which any gentleman in Bur lington can select a pattern that will suit him a sivlo called "Queen's Own" is very beautiful A fins assortment nl stuns lor summer clothes, some styleslliat are not often found in ihe country, and for which we 'have been soofien nskeil by our customers heretofore. Rich fiu'iited and plain blacl.j satin, buff val"iina, and various other styles of good for ve-ls. STOCKS, nf every description-plain and figured satin with, and without bowa, biiibzino nnd silk do. some very pretty fur buys. Black lial-,B Cravats, Hanriker. Cillers, kid. silk. .,,ni ,) coUon oov, Hose and lis.,f nse, Broadway Hats, Moleskin. Ii(.g-,oin bv M"V ,p- Tabqh. WANTED, to rent a pesv in 'J'e Church, apply a this Office. An Apprentice Wanted. ViTf ANTED immediately by (he subicri- T ber a smart, active Lad as an ppren. tiee lo the Tailoring business. May 10. JAMES MITCHELL.

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