Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 24, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 24, 1839 Page 3
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Tut. ntipnrr. PmsnNEna. Wo Icnrn from the Ogdcnsburgh Tunes Hint nn the evening of iho 4tl. in-t. seven of l ho eiCh' Americana inkon ot Ainhorsiburgh in Jan uarv, 1030. who hnvo boon confined in I In1 .i(",1nl .i rJuebeti for tho Inst 10 months. were set at liberty, on tho boundary line, at St. Regis, by Mr. Sheriff McMnrtin. ol the Eastern District, U. C. Mr. VV. II Tucker, of Hngonsburgh, Franklin Co. nt tended to receive theirt. The names of the seven liborntctl men arc : Benjamin p. Pew, llhica,N. Y Abraham W. Partridge, Augusta, N. Y. Henry L. Hull, Iludtnn. Ohio Vhcron It. Culver. Cayi'ga Co. N. Y. Chauncy Parker. Gcnescc Co N. Y. Nnlhnn Smith, Redford Mich. Squire Thnycr, Burlington, VI. Horrid Attempt at Muiim:n. The Montreal Transcript slates Hint tho wife of a man named Delarti, living nrnr that city, recently allonipted to murder her husband. He was engaged on his kneci at prnycr, when his wile ennui behind hnn with an axe and inflicted n gha-tly wound nn t tic bend, fracturing his skull in a shock, ing manner, which ho is not expected in survive. His cries brought somo persons to his assisianco bcloro the blow could be repeated. Unfortunate. The Hon. James K. Polk, who is travelling over the state or Tennessee urging upon tho people Ins claims for tho office of governor, has but ono speech, which ho delivers at every place. The Nashville Whig has obtained n copy of this, tnken in short hand, and published it. As tho people have seen tho smndnrd production, therefore, poor Mr. Polk finds Ins nrgumcn's anticipated at every place, and Hie operation is tnid to have neatly nullified him. i) i i: D In Milton, on i he St h insi., Mr. David Samp, son, ngrd 85 veins A soldier of 1 1 nt Keolulitjii. Printers in Connecticut me ietirBtcil. LYMAJN & COLE fJTYAVlNG Hindu arrangements with tho JLJL Burlington JSlill Go. arc now ublo to offer a complotn assortment of their R ROAD-CLOT IIS, Which they keep cotir-tanlly on band : Con Bisting ofa variety of colours and qualities of superior liiilslt ano elegant styles. Farmers will now bo able to furnish themselves with cloths without tho additional charges of Freight, Commissions, nno the Merchants Profits io New York. All of which must ho necessarily charged upon Cloths when pur chased in the City, It is the object of this Manufacturing Company to supply ihu inhab ilaots of Burlington and Vicini'y with such Cloths as are riot ooly hoautiful in appearance, but of a firmness and finish that will give sat. isfaction to the wearer. Wo hazzard nothing in saying that we be lieve theso Cloths to bo superior, and much cheaper than any ever offered in this market. 1 Gentlemen are invited to call and cxamino before purchasing elsewhere. MERCHANTS Aro also informed, that wo shall be able to fur nish them with a complete assortment of tttpntr(loH)j3, At Factory prices, which are extiemnly lo. An opportunity is now offered (or Ihem lo bo supplied wil.'i clonic ul a huperlor quality , aou i on the most favorable terms. Attention is particularly requested to the above. Burlington, May 24, 1839. RARE CHANCE. T1 I HE subscriber will soil ot privalo sale at tho lowest possible rate the house and lot at present ncciipu d by Mr. Blood nn Mam bt. opposite Judge Folletl's Ri'siilrneo. N. B. For terms- npplv in Sum E. How ard. E WALBR1DGE. Burlington. May 24 1839. if ILL puy cash for Oats, Corn and Rye, delivered at ih Sinr occupied by S. WALKER & Co. Burlington, May 24, 1839. Mouseline de Lairie. A few dresses moro of those beautifully fmo and all wool Mouseline do Laities just received, and also some rich thread Laco at WAIT & TABORS. May 24, 1839. GENTLEMEN who wish to have light, pleasant Hats to wear this summer, should go to Wail fc Tabor's and porchaso a fine Broad-way Molo Shin of the latest fash ion arid most approved shape. STRAY MARE. BROKE into the oo, closure of the sub scribcr. on Hie 4th inst. a Bay Marc, with black Main and Tail, supposed to be about eight years old. The owner of said marn is requested to prove properly, pay charges, and lake her away. G. PERKINS. Charlotte, May 9, 1839. THE subscribers having formed a Co partnership under tho firm of N. Lovely &. Co., nt the store formerly occu pied by Lovely & Abbott, have been re ceiving within 2 or 3 weeks past and now offer for sale a very lorge oseorltncnt of Stsplo and Fancy Dry Goods, Corpcting of different qualities. Scotch, English, American, Cotton and Hemp. Crockery, China and Gloss Ware. Groceries, a generol assortment, (with the exception (if Intoxicating Liquors.) Which for quality and rChcopncss, cannot bo surpassed. Purchasers arc invited to call and examine for themselves. N. LOVELY, Wm. IIURLBURT. Burlington, May 24, 1839. N. B. Wo have been so much crowded with business since our Goods arrived I lint wo have not had fircio to writo our short advertisement, and should not now, was u not for our Customers at a distance saying lo us 'why don't you advertise you have a Larger and oeMer assortment, than wo can find elsewhere.' N. LnrKr.y & Co. COFFEE. a?oK;r:.:gBl' Dominso May 6, 1839. KERN and WALKER. II AGAR & COMSTOCK HAVE just received a Inriro nod choice seloction of NEW GOODS, wiilch in addition to thoir formor stuck, makes their as sortment r.omnlclo. An riiumorntion ol'arli- cles is needless, it is sufficient to sny that wo liavo almost ovory nrtielo that is over r.allcd for at a country store, nod many articles that aro not usually kopl in nn establishment of tho kind. Wo will sclt Goods for cash, most kiods of country produce or approved credit, as cheap as cao ho bought at any store in Chittenden countv. Shcibnrn Village, May 21. 1039. NEW GOODS. OUSELINE DE LAINES, Printed Jnccooetts, Printed Mucins, Chal- lys. Silk-". Hdkfs, various styles and pat turns, just ree'd by Iho subscribers. May 23, Latiirop & Potww. cai, moras. --k pieces new siyle, Prunch, Englih J-dV nnd American print". juM reo'd by May 23, Latiihop iY, 1'otwin SILKS. RAW Italian, pou de Souc, Gro d Swiss mid Grnde .Nap Silks, Pongee Silks and Ildkfs, Black .Unlian cravats some very logro sizes. Sol in cravats new -tylo. heavy Black Satin for plucks and vesting. Figured Silk vestings &c. &c. May 23, Latiirop iV 1'otwin. VF,W GOODS. fA EO11U10 MOORE is now receiving VX his usual supply of Spring consisting of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CROCKER Y, HARDWARE. BUT j lV sack salt, CODFISH, FLOUR. G R IjYD S TONES . &c. See. Guod.- Which will be sold as low as purchased elsewhere. Burliiigiiui, May 24. 1839. can be 3.v ALBANY BEER. AFRESH fctipply just ree'd by the sub scribers. Latiirop & Potwin. May 23. 1S39. BONNETS. 6Cii's Florence Braid, English andcol'd Straw Bonnets, just received by May 23, Latiirop & Potwin. Scotch Gingham Umbrellas, E.sirn sizes by Latiirop & Potwin. May 23, FRUIT. RANGES. Lhuihuf, Citrons, Prunes, Fis, Enc. Currants, Sultana and hx Ra'stns &c. &c. by May 23. Latiirop it Potwin. Gentlemen's Stocks, (dollars, Linen Bo-mns &c. n constant supply, by llie uli-cribers, s me new style satin Slocks just received by May 23. Latiirop & Potwin. Of the Cheap Cash Store, STARTED last evening for New York, from which place he will return about the 1st ol Juno, bringing home with him a a rich and splendid supply ot Goods. The establishment is left in our charge, with full authority to dipn-e of iho Goods durini; his absence. Customers areinviied to improve this favorable opportunity of huyuiij goods cheap whilo the as-oriment is good, Wo sliall endeavor to be Un and Doing, so i hat Iho goods may be sold Quick and Cheap, to make room for more that will soon be coming in. and Cheap for Ca-hsnaxln give such good satisfaction lo Hio-c that visit llie sioro at this tune, that they will be induced to call ngain. Mr Howard has lefi with us a good slock nfgomN to dispose of amonn which an Rich Plain and Figured Silks. Challys. Mouseline de Lnine, Prints of all kinds and qualities, and an innumerable variety of oilier goods, which will be shown free of exponbo to cusiom''r or dipned of as above. GEO. R. VAIL. C. P.PATTERSON. May 23. 1839. Balsom of Liverwort. N. LOVSI.Y Si CO. AGEfJTS FOR soiling Doct, Taylor's Balsam of Liv erwort, for Consumption, Liter Com plaints, Cought, Colds, Spitting of Blond, Pain in tho Side, or Breast, Asthma. Pleurisy, Short 7iess of Breath, Palpitation of tho Heart, De bility, A'crvcusness and all diseases of the Lungs and Livnit. The virtues of this celebrated nrtielo has but recently been tested in this region suffi. cicnt however, has been used, in Chittenden and Addison conunties, to givo it justly u namo above any medicine, hither to offered as u luuiuujr .nn, uuiu lur uuiisuiiipiion ami nvcr complants To show what cures may ba ex. peeled from its use, we insert a single case as published in tho Now J'ork Daily Express, November 4, 1836 "Tho Balsam ofLivorworl has found hundreds of adoealcs, and has produced so largo a numbor of testimonials in its favor as perhaps lo render foilher approba. linn unnecessaiy. I cannot witholcl my small meed of praiso, knowing myself pic. disposed to consumption, both for peculiar formation and hereditary transm ssion, I sought all means to obviato this calamity, and recover a naturally weak constitution". I spent two ycar al Pisa, in Rome, two years in Florence, and another in tho south of Franco, seeking mean tuno tho advice of Iho best Physicians. Last summer I returned to litis couolrv. nni recruited in health, and perhaps not much, if any worse, man wnun 1 loll. 1 bad seen in tho Beading Rooms in Europo, American nuwK.papers. containing advertisements of too Hansom ol hivorwort, and icsolved upon trying ils boasted virtuo. As soon as J arrived in this country, I used it. and in ihreo months i was so well that I concluded I could safely pass Iho winter here, and accordingly did so, I have used a bottle now and llieit, through the past summer. I am nuw in as imnd Imniil. as I can wish lo bo; my coul'Ii has ivimlli. subsidod, and my lungs havo every fooling of iieaiui, i siiuii uo piuaseu io rucuivo any per son, who may wish for furthor particulars, at my loogings, uny noiei, A. A. DELAFIELD. STATE OF VERMONT,) DITlttCT nr CHITTENDEN. Si. ( T' (IF. lion, lliu ProliAlo Com t for lli district of Cliitlcnilni, lo nil persons In whom these iircenls sh.ill I'lime. UeniHo returns, xiinrutnii ol rjlvirn tierriinan ni Kiicinc in tun trrrilciry ol Vi.ronIii, n li-umio Infiinl under tho 112c of cinlnecn tears. Iinvlnn icp. repealed lo lliis ronrt that hi said wind is seized nml possessed In her own riijhl in fee of nno rtpml undivided hulfnf Hvonty.fnc acres iifl.inil I) lug ii'td lieiim sitnnto In Charlotte, in mid district, beitis; die siiniP land el to the heirs of I'linlic llerrnnnn by llie entnmlltrn appointed by snid Probate Court Id make ii ilivi'ion of dip cslalo of Joseph Simnnds, Inle of Charlotte nrorrsniil, t)f reitpetl , iigrce.inly to the last will of llie said Joseph, deceased, as will hv the return of said eommiltee, recorded in the ptob.iln record of snid district, to uliir.h ipferpnee ir made. Whereupon I lie court doih assign llm 15lli dv of June next for a hearing in llie picui?c, in llinoffice of llie Register of said court in Burlington, and dolh order Hint nolire llieieol'he giicn lo all roiirpiiipil by publication ot this order, containing lliemlmanco of paid petition, two weeks successively In the Ptee Press, n news, paper primed in Huriinglon, in said district, llie l.i't of which pnbliriiilnns to bo pievious lo s.iid lDili d.iy of Jiiiip 1S39. Riven under my hand ul liurhiiglon this 23d day of Mnv. 139. Wii. WES I'ON, Jltgisttr. Gentleman's Leghorn Hats, by ,May 23. Latiirop & Potwin. Children's Bonnets. 4 fff VnrtniN sizes quality antl patterns AJvJ ,,( Children's Bonnets, just ree'd by Mat 23, Latiirop & Potwin. PLASTBli. rr Bbls. Western Fresh Ground Plas ter. just received by May 23. Latiirop & Potwin. . HUNTINGTON. 7iOULD infui'm his customers, friends V T and (he public generally, that lie has received from New York a choice ossort metii of BOOK BhYDLYG STOCK. BLAjYK BOOK MATERIALS $ STATIONERY Sic. He asks a continuance of their favors, and ho hopes by attention to his business to merit tho somu. 2 doors East of the Free Press Office. Burlington, College St. May 14. 1239. PROVISIONS. PORK, Lard, Butler and Cheese, for sale bv KERN and WALKER. May 6, 1839. STATIONERY. QUILLS, Ink-. Fluids, Steel Pens, Papers. Sealing Wax. Drawing Pen- oils. Drawing paper, JJristol paper. Can paper, Letter paper, Slates and Pencils, Letter Stamps, Letter folders &c &c. &c. for sale by S. Huntington. Ono door East ) College Street Scotta Row. ( TEGS leave to tender his greaiful t JL9 knowledgcmenls, to his Friends for their liberal patronage and hopes by punc tuality and close application to business to merit a continuance of the same, as ho has decided after two and a half years trial, to make a permanent residence at Burlington A great variety of ready made work can he seen three doors west of J. & J. II. Perk h Co College St., and second quality to nor:o. A beautiful article of Lndies baduli', ot the latest New York fashion, very cheap. Geiillemntis portable pigeon, inlays, Shalloes and common Sad dies, a greater variety of traveling equip menis than ever before offered fur salt! in Burlington, consisiittg of Portmanteau Vaiisses, Carpet Bags of various pattern Hard Leal her, Double Deckers, French Folio, Folding, imitation. Bellows lop, ond IvOinrunn 1 runks, Irnm C'i to s30 each Coach, Gig Plated, Tinned, Brass. Jappan. ed and common Harnesses A superior ar tide of Cart or Dray Harness, with Scotch collars, a good assortment of Whips nnd Lashes, Trappings, Rosctts, Twigs, Yokes, Marlingals, Rolls. Whippletres, Fire Buckets, Nects Oil, Sheepskins by Hie Di'Z. or single, and other articles loo numerous to mention in this bill. Also a first rate Buggy Waggon for sale. Any of the above articles will be sold on reason' nblo terms. Carriage Iritnming executed in Hie ueaiesl style. Cull and see. VXIVANTED, a Journeyman ot the above business. S.S SKINNER. Burlington, May 17. 1839. May 10, 1839. I TO 7W (ft A 5 nOT!. 1t WilliUan, VI. M' ORTON &. CLARK aro now re- ceiving nt the white Store, two doors Ea-l of Eagle Hall, on pnlircNow stock of FANCY STAPLE DRY GOODS, DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY ft GLASS WARE, HARD WARE c- CUTLERY, DRUGS iV MEDICINES, PAINTS, OIL, NAILS, c. $-c. which aro offered for sale at a email ad' vanco from Cost, for ready pay. Most kinds of produce received in exchange for Goods. Gw Willidon. May IG. 1839, ACCOUNT JiOOKS. 4 Genernl assortment for salo by the xA subscriber BLANK BOOKS, of all descriptions, madu lo any pattern on short notice, quality und prices shall correspond, S. HUNTINGTON. Cnllpgn Slrenl, ) Muy 17. 11139 i SPIRITS. rv Mhd. Now England RUJNX lv 4 do St. Croix, do 4 Pipos OXN. 4 do BRANDY, for salo by May 6, 1839, KERN and WALKER. ENGLISH WKITJIVG. FJLUSBS. Bl j U rl n ml BLACK, n superior union:, nccoiiolnuts nnd oilier" who ( 1 1 n irood orticle are invited to call at the Bonk

Bindery of S. Huntington, mi College St. where they can bo accomodated with a good article in largo or smnll quantities. Also, Jet Black Ink call nnd sec. S. HUNTINGTON, College St. Burlington, May 17, 103!). FLOUR. 1 Bbls. and Half bbls. SUPER' t&W FIjVE FLOUF, for sale by May G, 1839. KERN and WALKER. 200t Clover Seed, for sale at May 10. HOWARDS. HM. GIDDINGS is now receiving an assortment of good GOODS, to which Im respectfully Invites the attention of purchasers. Pearl Street, May 17, 1C39. DEHTIST. DR. Sponner is in Burlington, prepared for business ; and will bo happy In render professional ussistnnco to oil who may need. He hns n great variety ol splendid Universal Teeth, single nnd in blocks, capable of being adopted to a great variety of cases ; also a supply ot Ins val uable Tooth Powder. His stay will be limited lo 3 or 4 weeks. American Hotel Room No. IO-2d floor Hours punctually from 9 to 12, and from 2 to 5 o'clock. May 15, 1839. NEW GOODS. PDOOLITTLE has ju-t received . from New York hisstionlv of ami summer Goods, comprising " nn exicn" sive assnrinmnt of all llm iMlnfVarioties of )2Y GOODS, GROCERIES, $c. cf,c. which a.",! efiered for sale at tho lowest prices. ow Burlington, May io. loJ'J. 1 HEREAS 1 hav'e given my son, Fran cis Conn, his freed'.,.'!! from and aficr this date, with full power to act for himself in ill things, this is to givo notieo that I shall not horeaflei hold rnyseir:csponiblo for debls of ins contracting, nor shall I claim any of his earnings. BATISTE COTIE. Essex. Mf.v 13, 1839. RE UN & WALKEll. WHOLESALE k RETAIL SEALERS IN STAPLE ,fc FANCY J)KY GOODS, WET & DRY GH0CEH7.3S, CROCKERY. GLASS AND ChurcluSlrcr.t, Burlington, Vt. Daniel Kcit.v, ) AprilQo, 1839. Solomon Walker, $ FOR SALE. Ii Bales of Cottoo Yarn, tS G " " Butting, 4 " Wndding-. May 0, 18'J9. VEHN k. WALKER. TORAJCO. EfcrtfTii Boxes Sheep Tobacco, Cheap, UlW 20 " Chewing 10 Kegs " ' 10 Iibls lbs., halffe quarter lbs., Paper Cut Tobacco, 2 Bids fino Cut for Chewing, for sale May 6, 1839. by Kehn & Walker. TEAS. Til (ThdliY CI,cpls and !,alr Chests, Imperi iXVyVy) al, Hyson. Young Hyson, Hyson Skin, Snuchorig and Bohea Tea, for salo by May 0, 1839." KERN & WALKER. Cloth Cassameres & Vestings. A largo assortment of Broad Cloths. Cas. Mniciesand Vestings, of various colors, and patterns ; also a largo asorlmoot of sum mer sluff.of various kinds, suilablo for sum mer wear, for salo low by May 6, 1839. KERN & WALKER. Molasses and Sugars. A Ilhds Molasses, A" 5 " Sugar, 5 Boxes Whitoond Brown Havanna. 5 " Loaf and Lump Sugar, for sale JVlay 0, 1839. by Kurn a: Walker, n SOAP. ft(tOt nxcs Brown Soap, yVZe) 10 Castilo " for salo by May G, 1839. KERN WALKER. SPICES. CINNAMON, f'lovos, Ginger, Nutmegs, Pepper, and Spice, for salo by May G, 18.39. KERN and WALKER. rail i5- 'p. 50 Quintals I'odfish, 20 Bbls Maekerol, 20 do Pickled Codfish, for salebv May G, 1839. KERN and WALKER. WINES. TtTADEIRA. SHERRY, .SICILY, MA 1TX doria, Sweet and Port WINE; some ol superior quality, lor salo bv May G, 1839. KERN ari'rf WALKER TWINE. 1 H BALES WOOL TWINE, cheap, for XUsalo bv KERN and WALKER. May G, 183g. a(T Kegs and Half Kegs RAISINS; 150 Box and Halfand Quarter Box, Btinnh and Bloom RAISINS; 300 lbs PIGS, for salo by May G, 1839. Ki:rn and Walker. SlLE'rilNG & siilRTJiNO" 1 pr Bales Brown Sheoling and Shirting, for IO salo by KERN and WALKER. May G, 1839. lOmliroidercd Collars. A GREAT variety of shapes anil patterns of llin finest IVoneh worked Collars, some finished edges and others to admit of I, are edging, just received at tho new Cheap Cash Store, and oflbred uncommonly low prices by M'V 10, WAIT St TABOR. LAMP OIL. SCN(7Slk Gallons Winter and Fall Oil. for sale hv Kiiiin omMVAt.KKit. May 0, 1839. " . Furniture for sale. THE stihscribor ofiurs for salo a largo col lection of furoituro Bureaus, Tables, Chairs, Bpdsleads,Looking.Giassos, Dressing. Tables, Carpets, Beds, Matrcsses, Bedding, Stoves, Crockery, nnd Kitchen Furniture of all kinds. Most nfthoso articles are nearly now. They will bo sold at low prices; and all porsons wishing to buy such things, or almost any others required in housekeeping, will find it for thoir interest to otill at tho sub scribor's hotiso in College street, whero they may bo seen at any time. Such as aro not sold before, will bo offered at auction tho 4th day Mr. Ilaswoll's auction room at 10 o'clock A. M. Sales positive, as tho sub scriber is about to remove. Also at privato salo two good Pianos ; and also a lot of land situated an Collcgo St. and near tho Square. S, A.CRANE. Burlington, May 17, 1039. COPARTNERSHIP. TH E subscribers having formed a co partnership under the firm of Vilas Lonmis & Co., for the purnoso of a goner, al transaction of bminesa in iho wholesale of Dry Goodi, Manufacture of Tin Ware, Sheet Iron SC , would respectfully request Hinse wishing to purchase nt wholesale, lo call and examine their stock at the store formerly occupied by W, R & p. C. Vilas. W R VILAS. HENRY LOOM IS, F. C. VILAS. ) Burlington. May 14. 1839. LOOK AT THIS. new assort mcnt ol Books, is just re A ccived and for sale by the subscriber including v .ulunglon Irvtngs wntks enm plele in one Vol. with n memoir of the an Ihnr. Robin Day by the author of Cola var- Nick of i he woods &c, some elegant r renci.' engravings, together with a Picto rial rditioii of Shakespeare. Greece Picto. rial Desciptiv and Historical By Chisto phcr Wodsworli.', D. D. D. A. BRAMAN. Burlington, May 5, 1839. Damask Table Cloths. 'UST received 8 4 Ltnef! Dama-k Table Cloths, and for np very cheap hv WAIT nnd TABOR. Slips' and Shoes. A GREAT ASSOiniftlENT OF SLIPS Walking shoes, children Mine, ankle -ies etc. at WAIT and TABORS May IG- Take Notice. LLL nnles and occounts now duo f lie late firm of D. & D. A. Kimball, can now be paid to me and unless thev ore I sliall bo under the necessity of troubling sonic of our Lawyers. D. KIMBALL Jr. May 10, 1839. ONE Case more of those Cheap SiVtiio Bonnets this day opened bv WAIT and TABOR. May 16. Bonnets a Iarce assortment jut received at HOWARDS. Burhnglin.Mav 17. 1839. CARPETING. PIECES Eng. Ingrain Carpeting bv Latiikop &, Potwin. A great variety of splendid new Way3. Wait & Tabors. WANTED. A FEW HUNDRED BUSHELS so potatoes immediately by tho subscri. ber, for which cash and Hie market price will he pnid. D. A. KIMBALL. Burlington. Mai 17 1839. A LL porsons indebted to Iho subscribers, xji. wliosc notes or accounts are past due, aro hereby notified that payment must bo made by I ho 20 inst, to save cost. May '1.1839. II. HYDE & Co. CALICOES. 1 OHO YJs .E.'cnch and Amcri- 1UUU can Prints, of various styles and pallerns, lor salo low, oy May G, 1839. KERN & WALKER. HOTEL. AR n ifil THIS Establishment, sit. SrgvSSf ualcii at 'he head of tho W?M I' Ot W Stuam Hat Wharf, Bur rf$!n I $ S wlr- lmKtoni!4w completed ljiiPijuiij'jiSiij. and open for tho reception of travcllcis and the nub. lie generally. Tho location of this IIouso is ono of surpassing beauty, presenting from ils piazzas, in front and rear, an uninterrupted viow of most of tho village and of the lake and scenery around it. Tho IIouso with its furniture is entirely jinr, and oilers conveni onccs and comforts to ils gnosis if cquitcd, certainly not surpassed uy any Mouse m tbo l'laeo. A coach is always in attendance to carry passengers and thoir Brfggago to trtul from tho respective Steam Boats frisk or ciiaiigo It will bo the ambition of tho undersii'iied to deservo a palronaco from the nublic, equal to tho means placed in his hands, to reoder their sojourn with him comfortable, pleasant anil Happy. JONATHAN HART. Burlington, May 17. 1839. BOXES OF GOODS CONTINUE to arrive at tho Variety Shop filled with almost ovory littlu necessary article which the many wants of our iiuiner. ous customers requiru. Just received sumo very nico finished steel and wood Scrow Cush ions, Metal Spool stands. Largo silver Pencils. Music Box Keys. Sunn" Boxes. Pantaloon Straps, six Lamp Wicks. kinds. Emu Ball Wicking. Cologne in Iarso BoU German Cologne1 lies. Pistols, Combs. Gold Spectacles. Childrens Thimbles. Otto of Rose. Hay's Liniment. Matehos. Riding Whips. Cauls. Rosewood llruslios. Gold Thimbles. Childrens gold Rings. Spls, Rose. Roso Lip Salvo, Curl. Canes tfc Uuibiollao. Slationii ry. (old I'diieili Wo havo sovoral other articles which wo might add to this list, but prefer thai custom, era would rail and examine for themselves, PANGBORN S; BRINSMAID. LYMAN & COIiE. eAVE lecoived u very extensive rb- soriment ol spring nnd summer Goods. cnmprMng n more beoulifnl nnd pleasing vurtuiv of light, goods for Ladiea summer wear than usual. Among which will bo found Printed Lnwne, Printed Jac. cotict Cambric, and Muslins; rich French Printed Cambric, small figure. Port of tho above arc black ground, for mourning. A few pieces of Scotch Gingham, free from sizino-. An extensive assortment of French Enirlish and American Calicoes. Also, a few caos of low priced Prints which will bo sold unusually low bv the piedo or yard, SI L US. Plain black ond blue black Gro de Swisa Figurcdjbl'k and blue bl'k Gro do Nop, Figufe"d brown and green do Block Canton Gro de Swiss, wide for aprons. Rich coloured Gro do Nap, superior finish, Black and bluo black Alpines, Rich coloured figured do Black and colored silk CambletR, Merino Shawls, very rich, A great assortment of Ribbons, Gloves, Hosiery. &c. Fancy Ildkfs., Scarfs, Shawls, Cravats, Pic-nic Gloves, Mitts and Scarfs. A rich voricty of fancy, checked, elri ped and plaid Cambrics. Jaccnnet Cambric, La wn, swiss Jaconet, Swiss and bonk Muslin &c. &c. liTNHNS. While and brown Drilling, Linen Sheet me. 10 4 to 4 4, Damask 7.4 lo G-4, Bird's eye Diaper, Table Cloths, Nap kins. &c. Superior Irish Linen, Linen cambric Handkerchiefs & Lawn, Broadcloth- and Casnmcres, Mersoils and valenUo Vestings, A great variety of worsted goods for gent lemens summer wear, Fancy striped Jeans for children's wear, Satin Jan. DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotton Sheeting, Shirtiug.Tick, Drilling, Mexican mixtures, fancy striped Drilling, York mixtures, blue Drilling, Buffalo doth, colored cambric, Nankin, knitting Cotton, wooleo and worsted Yarn, &c. A few pair rich k.idd Slips, Gaiter Boots, gentlemen's Pumps. &c. The above comprise but a small propor lion ofa very extensive assortment of goods which can be found nt our store. Burlington, May 10. 1839. nnUIE tubtenber Imsju-t returned from JL New York with a ceneral assortment of DRY GOODS. GROCERIES. CROCKERY Sc GLASS WARE, which he ofl'ers unusually low for Cwt. H. LANE. Burlington, May 10, 1839. 4W Black Lace Veils. frch assortment of Black Bobbinctt and silk Laco Veils rent Cheap, while and A green blond gauze Veils G- black Italian Crapo ot superior quality for mourning Viols green barago of the best quality for Voils, lorsaio L.ncap lor casb and always at regular priresat WAIT & TABORS'. May 10. Room Paper. 50f) l''cces New Style and extra quali- ty, bv LATimop &. Potwix. May 3. 1839. FORWimDING. r B 1 II E Subs-cribcr having completed his ar JL rangemonls at St. Johns and Whits iiaix, is now prepared lo receive goods in, tended for transmutation between AIontrE" al aod New York. All oidors addicscd to the agent at St. Johns, Mr. W. II. Borland, will bo promtly attended to, and no trouble or oxpenso spared in the despatch of Goods addressed to tho Establishment. Tho Charges for Commission, Wharfage, &c, will ho found at least twcntV'FIve rua. cunt below what has been hitherto paid upou iho Line. FRANCIS MULLENS. Montreal, 2d May. 1839. TROY & miCMTGAN SIX AY IvINE. ERCHANDISE. FURNITURE & Passengers for wa riled from New- York, Albany & Troy, daily. e.uinATHt excepted to any point on the Erie Canal, ond all the difleri'iit ports on the Western Lakes, Rivers and Canals. PROPRIETORS & AGENTS. ALl.EN WHEEIER, A'o. 10G Broad LEONARD CROCKER. J A"eto York. Stephen C. Gr.iy, 72 Quay M. Albany, Moore & Slimpson, 155 Ricr St. Troy, Sidney Allen, Rm liester. Davis", lltinibliii & Co., UufMn, N. Ilotelikijs, do Tlioinin Richmond, Richmond, O. J. M. Goodm.iii & Co. Cleveland. Ship by "Troy Tow Boat Lino."Coer teis Slip. daily, ni a v. m. Mark Packages "rnov & m icmfi an i.ise," R E P K R E N C E S . Ilahled, ll.iines & Co. New York, Lee, I)aifr& Miller, ' l'helps, Piidne & Co. Arthur T.ipp.m & Co. " ll.i.lnck. & llttcli, Wilfon &Cobb, " Ocnisoii Jc Voik, " McKee & (limler, 22 North Wharves, Pliihdelphk l!eo, A. 1'ieiiili, Dunk ilk, N Y Pinker & Cml'l, lluireliina, " Cbailes M. Reed, Hue, I'a Tliiinias Rirliiiinnd, Rieliiiinnd, O J. M. ( f Co. Cleteliind, O II. N Cms, Rier, O Jenkins & True), Union O I lollUier & Roll, S.imhwky O I'lHi; & 'I'ilns, l'.ile'lo O j'(iri)ili fl" Hazard, Mminirr O t'tinn", MeReMinldj ,$ Co. Detroit Mi J Movie., Ypfilanti Alieh I) June frCo. (ieen H.iy Alich Griffith Co, Mirh Co. Michigan city ( S Hnli'o.iid, Chifco III S.uiuifl, Milurtukio " V John liiiilhiii.sjouli, Si. Alarie J. nmi J. H. IVi k nrui Co., Burlington, t. OHIO CANAL. II ( ll.lfkill, BnslOM O Wbeelei Co. AIuoh O 1, Jones, lliioden I) Heckwiili .V Rtcfe, Nnnaik O It Cniiilick & Cm. Cidiimlms O M B Ros. & Co, r.irliunoiitli O Jahks I'iielts, J'ajsoff Jc,nt A'. Y,