Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 31, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 31, 1839 Page 2
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LATH AND IMPORTANT MOM ENGLAND. I5y tlio packet ship Encland, Captain Wiuto, news hat been received frum Eng. Innil up to Iho Ii.1t h (ill. Tliu qucsliun of their Irish policy lias been decided in favor of the tniiiisiors, by n niiijnrity of 29G nieuihurn tif Parlin incut being npninil, mid 3I1J fir them. II wo Inkn from tliu ininislurinl volo I he fJG placemen, who of coursu nlwuyn vote fur their employers, it leaves the ministers in n mnrnl iiiinorily of 14. The rndicnls voted fur the ministers t0 n man, at the entile time their lcadora declared it, wan their Irish policy nluno that, they supported. Wo arc happy, then, to see that justice to Ireland is the preilominant feeling in the British I louse uf Commons. But ministers cannot retain their places unless something unexpected occurs to give llieni more pop ularity, It is also equally certain that a Tory ministry could not. live n session, unless by coalescing with tho rndicols. This consummation may possibly take place, but it will he futile, for the men who lead tho tones ate so essentially different from the leaders of tho radicals, that tho alliance would be totally unnatural. Tim only cud of these disputes will bo 1ho fixing more firmly, in the heart of the English people, the conviction that liberal principles nlono can continue on the ascen dant. Tho Tories, bowovor much they may disguisn it. are nt heart opposed to freedom. They desire to return to those limes when tenant and landlord wore only other names for slave and his master. One feature has been developed in the lato de bate which wo deeply regret. That fea ture is tho slate of the veto with the mem bers of England. Wales and Scotland among them there was a great majority against Ireland. It was the Irish members who turned tho scale. This state ol things is inure deplorable now than nt any pre vious period, for it shows that much as the English may have advanced in civilization they liavo lost none of their ancient jeal ousy of their Irish neighbors, C A NAD IAN I NSOL B N C E. On Friday the 17th instant, the schoon er G. S. Weeks, Turner, master, laden with merchandise, from Oswego, consigned to Mnrristown, Bmckvillc. and OifiPens burgh, put nil o the port of Brockville for the purpose of dischnring that part of her cargo consigned to that place. The usual papers were sent to the Collector, and r ho deputy gave a permit In unload the mer chandise consigned to that place. Among tho deck fnpght was a six pound cannon belonging to the State of N. York, and shipped by tho Commissary General for tho Artillery company of this plnce, un der command of A. IJ. James, Esq. On the discovery of tho gun, some of the over, loyal subjects of I3rockville rallied incon siderable force, and manifested a disposi tion to soizo the gun. The Captian and crew resisted, nnd as the weight of the gun was considerable, tho captain and his men were enabled to retain tho property till Col. Duncan Frazicr. Collector of the District, distinguished by a valiant nnd safe attack upon the Steam Boat U. Stales, not long since, came nnd joined his aid lo the mob by inl:in possession of the whole, properly, fchooner anrl all. Tho gun was piven up to tho mob. the property marked with the brand of conquest, and tho victors paraded tho streets in triumphal process, ion, firing tho new nun, &c. The Steamboat United States carried tip the facts of tho case to Col. Worth, on Friday evening, ond with characteristic promptitude ho camo lo the rescue, orriv ing about 4 o'clock P. M. on Snturday. Hosonta respectful inquiry to the Collect or, asking on what grounds tho schooner was dotained. The deputy slated in reply, that he could givo no answer in the obtence of his principal, hut several of tho authori ties of Brockville came off, and Col. Worth whs surprised to find that the vctsol was detained without any color of irregulnrity in her papers ond without the allegation of onyjmprnpricty on tho part of tho Captain. Col. Worth thpn ili.cfiM'Prrwl Hint it ivnc o most infamous outrage without plausible pretext of nny kind, and cxnrcst-ud his "pinion freely to tho ISrockvillo authorities, nnd signified his determination to rescuo tho properly. Col. Marshall, an inefficient fort of a man, attempted to justify on tho ground or I ho gun, but Col. Worth would listen to no such grounds. The Brueftvil. lians became somewhat alarmed hv ibi interview, nnd efi'uris u-nrp innil., tf. fiMl some causo of complaint ogainst tho vcsc.d. Fixed ammunition wus carried on hoard several limes, which ihe captain discover ed and threw overboard, showing them that lie was a lolcrble hand to detect eon traband articles. Col. Marshall pieced a guard nfilurty regulars over the schooner, ell that wore stationed nt the place. Saturday evening Col. Worth came down to Prccolt and made a peremptory demand of Col Frnsicr for the rulen.K! of Iho schooner nnd her cargo. The answer was delayed till ten o'clock on Sunday. At tho hour appointed tlio coJUttor t nt liis anbwer saying that the vessol and lis cargo would be given up, but expressed a doubt whether tho gun could be obtained from the mob. Upon the receipt of this nolo Col. Worth sent another peremptory demand for all the property. Col. Worth hod previously ordered Copt. Turnar to mako no movement with Ihe vessel till everything was placed on board in the eamn state os when taken. Cul. Worth had Ins vessel ranged along cide the schooner, and every thing in rend" iness, with matches lit, to blow the first ispark into n flame that would ho likely to convince tho rioters und their officers that war, of which tho redoubtable Canadian Loyalists have spoken so Ireoly, was o game that two can play at. In tins stale of lliingB matters remained for four or five hours, when collision was often momenta lialy expected. Tho fort nnd block-house were in tho bands ol the people who car ried on these proceedings. They loruind inuir line, muiineu inu block house, and all tho arrangements fur tho enu-'eincni made, but they found that Col. Worth did not quail, that ho had cotua prepared lo burn powder and oxchango meinl wiih them, and thoy wisely, alter lung delay, concluded thai prudunco wus iho bolter wart of valor, and saved their nmuiuimiuu for a moro fining occasion, At about 4 o'clock in Iho afternoon n teamboal arrived from Kington with British regulars on board, which tho mng islrates of 15rorkville had prudently united tti their aid. By this teiufuicenu'iil Col Marshall wns enabled lonrtesl David Mair, Jones Ilubbi'll. nnd an tun-keeper by the nauio of Powell, who worn thu ringleaders of the gnng, nnd sent them to the guard house. Col. Worth's patience having by this time became exhausted, hn notified them that he would wait no longer for the peacenhli! delivery of thu properly, and when they found that them wns an cud lo all hopes of lurllier delay or intimidation, they made the most marked Imsto lo ro ship the cannon nnd release the prize, In addition to this violence, Ihcrn was Iho most gross insolence of language- used tounrtls the nlliccrs whom Col. Worth sent on shoru on Ins first n r rival, and many other thinns loo ilisirrncnfnl to mention. 'loo low and conlompiihlu to be conceived or spoken by any but downright blael guards, nnd uniting Iho moat degraded masses of mankind who form nnv kind uf society. It may bo proper to say that Col. Worth expresses tlio opinion that tho civil magis trntes of Brock villvu acted in good faith, and with eommendnblc zonl in their efforts lo restore order, nnd procure the restoration ol the prupotty. There are many other things in rnlnlion to this transaction that might bo moro mi nutely detailed, nnd wo might, then, amplify their enormity, and excite, perhaps, thu burning indignation which ovcry American will naturally feel, when the rights, tho interests and Iho honor of his country arc assailed. But why should wo cherish a resentment which can only hum in smoth ored anguish in tho bosom that cherishes it. This is not tho first, and by no menus the most gross of tho outrages which havo noon committed within n short period on our frontiers, and yet our constituted au thorities sit on their gilded sofas, "purring over petty schemes," and planning political campaign?, aliko derogatory to themselves and dangerous to tho nation. Tho I'rosi dent, instead of arousing to the importance of tho crisis, nnd looking to the honor and dignity of the nntion, sends his pons to Europo to bask in tho sunshine of that aristocracy who are justly responsible fur all the turmoil and disorder that derange the social institutions of Canada, nnd ex tend their malign influence here. It is due lo our own character ns n nation, nnd to the Canadians ns n neighboring people of common origin and common interest, that our Government should interfere, nnd de mand for the Canadas cither a whnlesnmo and liberal system of responsible Govern ment, or their cntiro freedom from British control. The policy of Mr. Vnn Burcn. ol playing tho fawning sycophant to British power is alike unwise and undignified, and had our Government assumed an attitude worthy of the confidence nnd respect of n people who know their rights and aland ready to do fend thcrn, wo should not have been dis graced by those outbreaks of tho factious and disorderly, which, though dictated by Canadian refugee! and incendiaries, have stained our good character. Had n zeal worthy of the nation bepn displayed in de manding and obtaining redress for the Caroline, nnd tho seizure noil confinement of mr citizens, in Canadian dungeons, hoen displayed, tho nation would" have yielded a willing obedience, without on effort to avenge tho indignities that have been offered. As it is, it becomes the American pcoplo lo bear indignity nnd insult patiently. They hnvo one right which con be exercised peaceably. The glorious right lo change their rulers. EMIGRATION FROM CANADA. Tho vory great extent to which emigra tion to Ihe United S ntcs, from Canada, continues to be prosecuted, warrants the belief that the confidence reposed by the inhabitants of those provinces in the long continuance of the present peaceable state of affairs in that quarter is both limited and slight. Indeed, should Iho tide of emigra tion continue for any considerable lcnth of I i in o to as great an extent tia it has pre Viilcd since the opening of navigation, her Majesty's colony will be reduced to a "beggarly account" of population, and bolore thu end of tho season' the military will nearly ouinumupr ttic civil portion of the inhabitants. the Toronto Mirror likens the stream of families, with their possessions of hordes, cnttlo add money, which is constantly pouring out of the Canadas into tlio Sintcs, to "a mighty Hood;" nnd tho accounts furnished by the papers published on both stden of the lines indicate that the comparison is not inapt. At one gap (Lcwtston) the average has becir 1000 a week since the opening of Iho navigation. In one day, Inst week, up wards of CO families urrived I here, forming n noble anil interesting group of 350 indi viduals! Within ton days preceding Fri. day Inst, 700 had entered Niagara county, in thN state, nt Lawiston tiloui! ; und on that dny eleven families, with their good-', paired through ijr wistown, on their way lo the west. They hnd sold out their farms lor 30,000, nnd with this money and their stock, implements, and fnrnitnre, wcto wending their way lo the ferlilu lands be yond the great lakes. The Toronto paper nsks, "And whnt'nrc wo going to get in return ? Mitres, recto ries, tytlies, and the colored population from Ohio nnd Kentucky. An agent arri ved hero yesterday, who promises-, in case the Governor gives him a scat in Ihe L" islalivo Council, In bring over 400 families of color. In point of education nnd politn-j iicss, this gentleman is very superior in many of our present magistrates.", I!ay 27. Yesterday after noon, Hunaventuro Vigor, Ins brother, II. Newcombe nnd one Lauglnis, were brought to town in the Princess Victoria, having been Inkeii prisoners uu this side of the hue, by n lew men belonging to dipt. HhI luwell's company in Col. Dyer's battalion of Volunteer militia. It is strongly sn pected lhat these villains have been uf ihe parly which has committed so many rob beries of Into anil set firo lo so many houses and barns. Thoy were nil well armed with pistols nnd howiu knives. Viger is one of tlio individuals who worn bnuiidied to Itiiriuiidn, mid, according lo Lord Dur ham's ordinance, he is liable to he haiigud at. once, ns hn ought to be, lor returning lo Catmuu, iJiraUl, FRIDAY MO UN IN a, MAY 31. WHIG STATU CONVENTION, At Vn(idlnr,k,'oii (lie 27di day of June next, will Im held n rnnvenlion of dukgmrs to select from the people, suitable rnndidnles fur state nlli. cetH, In lu supported in Iho next elcolloii. It is lionrd llmt one ur inoic delecatre fmm enoii lown in llm stale will liu iippoinleil nt meetings of nil uliouru in r,inrtrst eaiiliuncd wire nnd pitnlunt ndminiMi.iltoii til ntir stale Rtnoimnetit ; opmc(l lo llm Imncfnl incisures nf lint udnuni.itrn lion ; in fnwirof displacing it, ninl establishing in if R plnnil nut! lint rliall bo responsible, nnd ipinllican , making pitlriolijin its guide; tho bet inteicsts of llin country ils coil mid die principles proinnlgilcd by Wnpliinitin nnd Jniflitr nm its inlo ef fiilh nn.l prnr.iice. It is desirable tery town in the Suite should be rrpitvenled, innniurli ne delegates tn.iy ho appointed nt tlio proposed ronicnlion, In irpiesent dm Ftnli! in tC nalionnl r.oiucntion lo he held nt JlnriUbnigh in Drcrnibrr noxt, for I ho purpose, nf noinin.tling ennilid.iles for President and Viro President, who, if eleeled, will reg.ud die u-Ulips, and not Wis regard the "lamentations of tht people." At Vermont lias been, so let her cuiilinua to be, "ALWAYS FAITHFUL." Wim.iam Ui'irur, ") K. P. Walton, i Uauuv P.nAir.r.Y, ?,'"',c , CiKo. T, Mouoi.s, KifY fJitAnr,r.s I'aini;, I Com CirAisr.Ks Hopkins, J Montptlicr, May IS, 1S3.9. Tor tliu Free Prejs. Mh. EntTOit : A trick of (ho ijpcs has put something more laiiglmblo into my l,m communica tion than tho writer ever drramcd of. Where I had merely intended nn appeal from 'tlio captious, nest ofolliers,' I nm represented as being so deeply affected by their "coativeneis," na to feel con strained to mike n public mattcrof it. Thia i.s n refinement upon modem philanthropy, to which I make no pretensions. Y. BIFWo learn from the N. V. Herald that Mr. Van Ness. Into miniator lo Spain nr rived at Philadelphia, with his family, ou Friday last. Fr.onmA. Tho Tory papers wore exult ing a few days sinco in most unmeasured strains at Ihe conversion of Mr. Dowing, lato delegate in Congrosa from Florida. An election has just been held in that tor ritory, and we should think Mr. D. would consider it a pretty essential robuko. Mr IJallzell, the whig candidate is elected, by the largest majority ever given in the tor tory. It is one thing to apostatize, and quite another to carry the people against the dictates of their own belter judgment. Connecticut, Tho Hon. Thaddcus Betts hns been olectcd U. S. Senator in plncoofMr. Kimberly, resigned. Mr. B, it is unnecessary to add, isus'.nunch Whig PR. JARVIS AND LADY. It is woll known to a very largo circle of friends, snd lo n no rnnll pniuun of the public, particular!' in New England, that Dr. Jarvis and his lady lived most unhap pily together. It was hoped that the af fair would not have become public, and that the mantle of oblivion would have been spreod over the whole affair. The parties, however, have determined otherwise. Mrs. Jarvis has applied for a bill of divorce, and has stated her grievances at length in her Petition to the Legislature of Connec. ticul, which is published lo the world, it is therefore no breach of courtesy, or deli cacy, to give the complaints of iho lady in our Journal. We shall give iho Doctor's reply to it, whenever it appears. There are probably but few persons in this coun try that have held more respectable sta. lions in society, or who ore moro respecta bly and extensively connected. Doctor Jarvis is the son of the lato Ilishop Jarvis, of New Haven. He wns educated at" Ynlo College, studied for the ministry, and was settled over large congregations in N. York and Uoslon. and we believe in Hartford. He is one of the ripest scholars and best linguist in this country. He ho? great rid vantages in life. Possessed of an ample fortune, he has travelled over n laro por tion uf tho old world and mingled exten sively with the most prominet and distin guished persons in this country and Eurpe. Mrs. Jarvis is tho daughter of lilisha Hart of Snybrook, sister of Mrs. Commodore Hull, nnd the lady nf thu Hon. Ilciunu Allen. Ihit few of the dnu-jliK.-rs of New England were better educated, or more respectably and fashionably connected. Shn Ino has truvcllod over a largo portion of tho world, and has a literary reputation. Whoro tliu fault lies, the public will judge when both bides nro presented. PostschH'T. Since the nboyo was written, we find the following in tho Com mcrcial : Tin: Divorce Cask. A correspondent at Hurtford informs iw that the case be tween the Itev. Dr. Jarvis and his lady bus been happily Buttled by Ihe counsel of the parties. Thu conditions liavo not as yol been mnda public. It is understood, however, that a very respectable support bus been settled upon Mrs. Jnrviw, nnd that in their separation shu takes iter old eel daughter with her. A man named Win. Kussu), has been committed tu prison nt DuU'uIn, for passing n counterfoil three dollar bill of the Farm or's ii u (I Mechanic's Hank of Uurlingtou, Vt., on Iho Trcosurcr of the Theatre. On searching him bills of thu same bank, und nt hers of the Fulluii Hank of Huston, tu thu ciiiuunt uf $100, were found upon him. I'loni tlio National Intelligencer nf Moml.iy. VIRGINIA ELECTION. Returns of the election hold lat week throughout Virgunn hnvo reached us from ii number ol counties, sutuo complete, nnd Botnu partial, hul not in sufficient number nur siifiiuienlly exact to nut liorizo tho for mation of nny opinion ns to tho general effect of Iho election on the political char acter of Iho stnlu government. So far as wu have heard, thu whig? have gnined in Iho stnto scnnlu, and fallen nil' in the house of delegates. Our present impression is, however, lhat the complexion of tho next legislature of the slate will vary very little from that of the last. The New York Times remark, lhat "in tlio state senate the opposition have proba bly added three to thoir number, which will reduce tho Administration majority in that body to 2, i. c. 17 loco focos to 15 whigs and conservatives." Tho election for delegates, so far as known, exhibits a falling in tho whig ranks, as compared with tho results of last year. From all sources in our possession, by last night's boat, wo have roturns of 70 dele gates elected, moro than one half. Elected this year. Elected last year. Whig Cons. L F. Whig Cons. L. F yil 3 20 42 4 24 From llin N. Y. Com. Advertiser. iMEMBERS OF CONGRESS ELECT D. Henry Jl. Wise, Joel llollriman, V. B. gain, Francis E. Rivos, John .I. Bolls, Charles F. Jkrcer, John W. Jones. John T. Hill. Whig gain, Jamks Gaiu.akd, Conservative. Linn Hanks, George C. Domgoolo, Wilhum Lucas. I hose in italic- are Whigs. Messrs. Ilolloman, IJotts, Hill and Lucas are now members. Holts is elected in the place of liouinson, wno declined a ro elect ion both Whigs. Ilolloman supercedes Mallorv. a Whig ot uncertain politico. Hill Dcr cedes Baldwin, u thorough Loco Foco. nnd Lucas supercedes Mason a questionable Conservative. The result of tlio contest in the 10th Dis. trict between Scott nnd Hunter, and in the 7th District between Talialero nndGrayson, is as yet unknown. Tho result therefore, as far os known, is i tie election ot tour Whigs, one staunch Conservative, nnd six Vnn Buren members. Garlnnd is an avowed opponent of the sub Trnasury scheme, und was opposed bv wm. f. ijoruon, V. U. His success will ho more grievous lo the Van Burenites, man ii ne were an original Whig, "dyed in IMC WOOL A NOIITII A.MKKICAN MONSTER. In 0 file of the "New York Mercury," published in 1761, wo find the following advertise ment of a monster, the like of which we havo never heard or read of. It beats all modern monstrosities, animal or human. The advertisement reads ns fallows: "Whereas a surprising Monster was caugnt in the woods of Canada, near the River St. Lawrence, and has with great difficulty been lamed, and brought to the House or James ijlliott at Uorlaer s Hook This is to inform I he Public, that it will be exhibited at the said house till the curious ure satisfied. "This Monster is larger than an olephnnt, of a very uncommon shape, having three bends, eight legs, three fundaments. It is of various colors, very boautilul, and makes a noise like the conjunction of two or I hree voices. It is held unlawful to kill it, and is said to live to a great hgo. The Cnna iliniH could not give it a name, till a very old Indian said lie remembered to have seen ono when he was n boy, and his father called it a Gormagent." A subsequent advertisement states that this monster wai romoved to Jamaica, L. I. for exhibition nt "Mr. Coom's." INDIAN MURDER. Tlio Prowdeuce Journal of a lalo date reports nt l.ueo the trial of Daniel Hurry, iti Wn.liuiutoii county, for the minder of Christopher Ross, on tliu -Olli il,ncli I'otli, of i ho N.uMgunsclt iribe. The nmrdur was committed in tlio cuuiso of a frolic, some slight offence having been given by tlio deceased to Harry. Ho ii said lo bo a cial descendant of King Tom, the last sachem of llm Iribe. The 9lh of August is unpointed for lii.s execution, n verdict uf guilty having been rendered. His depot luicnt nt the closo of thu trial is llius described : The nrirnnrr is :itpi! lliirtv.nnn ir.ira. elmrf Imt well (ornieil. u ilh slrailit lil,irl: h:ili ini.l cmi,,.; ,i,.,l by r.oufluemcul. The expression of his raunienniiro llirnmli fimwiliil. i. Hltnmf nml ,!r,i,l,l l, ,,;., .!, he l)cira(d (nliile iii conn1) no emotion of gum or i ear, except oy uie laigu drops or sueal uliirb cniiflnnlly Mnnd on Iih fare. When tlio H'idict uuj pronounced liu preserved the same im inntnble ralinnes-). I'm in the evening he exhibited ,. ,.,,-,,r,.ir ,-,,haI c,.,,-,.i. to nn-,.. llm JuiUo iiiKli cPse,l liiin, anil when lliu word-i, ftflugrtt (ii me ncc.v uniu ticau, were piniiounced, not ii muscle moved, no exniession hut that nf patient fulTeriufj. Thi-t will appear the moic remarkable, uhen it is known that lie is n man of mure ihan ordinary mind, und dial only n momenl liefoie taken from die Jail lie was weeping bitterly, while iniuirin of a fiiend bow lie could liestnir Ids inn. in mini iiiuii ii..- .-ii-ivi , lei.nnu. 11 was nllojifdicr an exhibition of fortiludo not un. worthy of his ancestors. For (he liurlinston Free Press, M R; Editor : A I wns, una day. lookin" over somo old numbeis of" Wuldle," my ejo nrri. dentally fell upon llin following noliro of "1'ici. lute," just published nt dial limn : Nov. 1(5, 183(j, rrnm ine jnuinai ot uuiies i.etlers, "The Pickwick Club," I'Iim nihV. "The posthumous J'apert of the l'ichwick Club." wu tliuuld lie iuiuisteiiii In I'al.e, lulling und depraved lasiiv, if wit i ueiunmeudeil at enniainiuj; jjood wii or humour. Uidug, llierefoie, our u.-iial unbia?ed(!) mode ol pealing, wu pruuuuucu it unwoi lliy of purrban" ! ! ! Wh, never elleet Mr, Waldio's "untinifd" crit icism ('.) Imx bad upon tint public, it has not pie vented u rale of at least lliirlv llmtuand roniec : u riirumalniici! winch irniiml nun of die het ilnjg (if .Sir Wither .Scott. Ah lo il beins "trilling" ami wanluiK rulier "e.nud wit in humour' ihoju who ham lead die book ran bel judge for my pan, I liavu nest r tend a tiook Willi which 1 was hciirr plcuml. Then) in a r,oulliuuioird k .H i i e in il upon v tiling, and it U bculdeii, n faithful piriuiu of: KnijiUli life beat ing u lillln extravagance und high. adorning, 'i'lioeo who have not )el mid the wmk hnvo ti treat heforo llirm. It's nullior, Mn. CitAiu.r.s Dickens (pethapi belter known by hi Jiou ilr-RUerrc "no.") ha fluidied nnollicV work nf n moro serinm cant ! "Oliver Ttoisl i or the 1'ariih hois Progress." He will thurtly (i iMi "Nicholas Nichltbij," nnd has nnnounred lliat hn will Minrlly romtneuce mmihcr nioiy railed "Daruaby llutlxc." "I'irkwirk" nnd '"Oliver Twisl" have been icpued in dn finP,t f. by iMt.-'si9. nml Illnncbard of l'liil.nlf Iphia. S. W , Pr.ATTSntnum, May 2."). A very dnmructivn firo (ireutred at "(-adstvilli:," (n email settlement on llic S.'iianac,aboiil ten miles west ofllii village,) nn .Sunday lat. Tlio file rommenced in th0 worlds, nbout four inilrs west of Cnilvsvillo dm wind blow inn n galo from the west ni tho lime, die firo wa driven with utmost incredible rapidity in nn rateru direction, nbout n mile in width nnd fix in length, dcAtroyin n very latgo iimnuni nf proper ty, including most of the vnluabln buildinga nt Cad) wile. H. & C. Cady lost ibeir cxl"tisivc saw mill, n sliingln mill nllnclied, n hark mill, n hriiUn nernt llio Sainnan. f private pioperty cost somu SfiOO,) mid nbntit 20,000 pieces of lumber. Insii rnnrnnn llin saw mill SSOO. Itlrssis. .Sailly & Averbill lost their new Forgo, two roal Iiuimc, a blncksmilb's shop nnd four dwelling homes. They had alfo abnul 30,000 budiels of roal on hand, sninn part of which wn paved by llin ureal ami unwearied rxcrlioni of iho r.ili.ena wdio volunleercd llieir f-erviceii on llin occasion, nnd suereeded in siiioihrring llic fire by covering it uilh sand. Mrsrs. H. &A.hnd no Infiiranre on any part of mnir properly. We undcrstnnd Hint Mr. T. Wold smidi lias Miffercd great los bv die burning of u largo lot of Ingn rut nml piled in Iho womlii, nnd nbout (iOOO piceei) ofsawed lumber. Wc nro happy to learn ilio mill nnd forgo will he immediately rebui It. Republican. Lawful Rf.venoe. .Many jenrs sincn, a gentleman in Nnwington.n parish' of H'eatbcrffield, Conneelicut, who w:n u very leligious and conpci onlioin man, married one of the most ill-nalnted and Iroublecoinc women who could bo found in the vicinity. This orcrtsioned n universal Ftitpriso wherever ho wan known, nnd nne of Ids neigh, bors ventured lo ask him the reasons which bad governed hit rhoiec. He rrplied, lhat having had but little trouble in ihe world, bo was fearful nf becoming loo much attached lo things of lime and fen--o. unci ho thought that by experiencing some nftliclinna, lie should become moro weaned from the world, nml that ho in.urird such n woman as he thought would uccnnipliidi llih object. The. hcM pari of the story i, thai tho wife. hear. ing die icamnfl wliv he married her, was much offended, mid out of revenge, became one of the moj pleasant und dutiful wives in the town ; do daring that she was not going lo be made a pack- uorio to carry ner nu.-uanu lo Heaven. What can the mattkr nn.' Applica tions for divorce thicken upon the Legi lature of Connecticut, and what seems pas sing strange, tho representatirns of the people nro becoming quite willing tn grnnt i hem. On Monday, Elizabeth S- Bradley wai divorced, on her own petition, from her husband, Charles Bradley, nnd on Tuesday three more were granted, viz : Kslher I) Mutry was divorced from her husband; Hannah Canfield from her's; nml Mary Woodwotth from her's. Pray what can he ihe matter in tho good old state of steady habits, that tho pcoplo are unrnarrying each other nt such a rate? Aro provisions scarce? Or have Ihe women jomrd tho nnti-slavory societies, and commenced bv freeing themselves from their own bonds firpt ? P- S. Tho foregoing article was writ ten yesterday. By the Hartford papers received this morning we perceive that the lower house of the legislature has granted two more divorces. A 'refractory Senate.' however, have nejraiived two of "the hi 1 1" and committees of conference have been appointed. "Hail wedded love !" "And nil dial sort of things." Mn.r.oN and Matiikw'. MrnAcui.ou Eicapk. We have seldom beard of a more marvellous saving of life than occurred in our city yesterday after, noon Mr. Patterson the owner of the brick house now building between Market and Pike streclss. nnd one of his laboror? bv the name of Boyle, where cmplnyjup; themselves in some service connected with the dijTginrr nf a vault, between 12 and I o'clock. The vault was several feet deep lloyle wont to the bottom, nnd while there the stone and sand caved away, precipita ting Mr. Patterson several feet nnd cover intj Bovlc completely un with stones nnd dirt. Mr. Patterson escaped in a very short time and with little injury, but poor Boyle was hurried under ground from the time of the accident until near seven in the evening. For on hour or two his head was covered up, and for four hours and more he could hardly move hand or foot. Wonder- lul to relate, he escaped witli n few bruises. and was doing well late last evening. rimes. Sudden death or Gi:n. IJni,TF.tN. We lenrn with deep regret, says the Albany Journal, that the votcrnn Gen. IIolstimn. who was extensively known nnd universally esteemed, died suddenly, of Apop!e.y, lnt evening. Ho was well durui!; lie day, look supper and retired in his usual health anil spirits. Ho wns n distinrruished and most eetiinablo man, A". Paper, We rerjrret to learn from the Boston nn- pers 1 liu dontb of tho Hon. TncoDor.r. Lvman, senior, nt his country seal in Wultham, on Friday morning. lb. u i i: i) In ibis town, on the 29ih inst. Bliss I.Aurti An.v Skvkuanck, nged 20 $cars. In tins town, nn iho UOdi inl. Sir RonEnT Flkminu, nged CO jcars. In tins lown, on tlio .iUili inst. Mrs. Lucrktia Dow, aged US. BONNETS, RECKIVKI) by last evening's boat, one case beautiful Florence nnd linn Kim. Iish Bonnet, by Latiiuop & PorwiN." JUuy 31, 1030, Money Pound. ipOUND by the subscriber n few days L since, n small sum of innnnv u-iimi, the owner may have by identifying and piiyiug uourtii'H. IIENRV II. BOSTWICK. Burlington, May 2U IU30. Saw Mill and Circular Saws, A vory superior article, nianufacturoc to our order, and to suit thu various descriptions of timber common in this country. I'row.bars, traco and halter Chains, Anvils. Vices, waggon boxes, wrought and cast Iron Axles, Shovel, Spades, RtibHa O. S, Rode, Manilla rope, rigging, pilch, lar, and oakum, And a general assortment of wot nnd dry Grocurica, for salo by Fom.utt & Bkaulkys.I IScw fashionable. Tailoring EST AI5 LI S II N ENT. P. OAIIAII, TAILOR, gNCOURAGHI) by tlio vcTy liberal sharo of public patronage which ho bos re ceived, and fur which liu returns his sincoro thanks to tho inhabitants of Winooski Village, nnd tho public generally, would bog lenvo to inform tliaiti thai ho continues tlio business in all ils branches nl tho nbovo placo as usual, and hopes b,y unremitting attention to, and suptirintniidnncu of tho business, lo merit a conlitiancc of thu satno. N. 15. CUTTJjXG done nt short notico and on thn most reasonable terms, a II orders from tho country thankfully received nnd promptly attended to. Winooski Village, Vt. May 31. Stocks & Collars OF tho latest styles ; mado in Now York, for salo by tho dozen or single, nt tho Vnrioty Store. I'anoiioiin & Bmnsmaid. G' HUMAN SIL VER and pla ted SPOOA'S, can hn hod by Ihe doz en or trross to sell again at satisfactory prices. Those who buy for cash, will do well to call nt the Variety Store. I'ANGJIORN ti BRINSMAID. Childrens Bolts &. Nets at the Variety Store. I'ANonon.v A: JirtlNsst aid. Copper Pumps, Lead Pipes and Rotary Stove Plates. PHIISONS wishing to purchase any of the above articles, arc invited lo call at our shop on Church at. May 1839. SrAnn & Bostwick, $ bush. Rue. 1000 do. Com. 2000 dn. Onli. fnr wl.inl, .. ..Ill bo paid on delivery, by Follhtt & Huadlrts tD l)l)ls. Boston crashed Su gar, 15 boxes do Loaf do. for sain at Boston iricos nnd freight, equal in quality to best English refined, for sale on consignment by May 31 . Foi.lett it Bradlcys. Lepine Watches, trold nnd silver casod LC IMXES, somo with L'old, somo with silver and some lib hard Jini.warranted ri..:i..i i i .: S&fr&P heepcrs. for salo bv l'ANGUORN fc BRINSMAID. Hair Fish lines with Bob, sink- ors nnd Tlooks ready for use. May 31. l'ANGUORN & BRINSMAID. IT (TfoffiV barrels Moss, ASW& 2000 Hams, 1500 Lard, 15 Bbls. Shoulders, for salo by May 31. & Braui.ets. Blanchard's celebrated Scythes (ioz' German steol concave grass Scythes. fc 100 do. cast do. do. do. CO do. Cradlo Scythes, for salo by May 3! . FoLi.nrr & Bbadlevs, .'Igenls. doz. patent Scythe Snaiths for salo on consignment, by May 31. FoLLUTT it BraCI.KVS. Just ree'd at the Variety Store STRAIGHT SWORDS, wliito and yellow mounted ; whilo Cock Feathers falling from an upright stem eight inches; whito Ragles, Plates and Sockets; white and yellow r.puuleltes, L ace, Lagle Buttons, rod, whito ami black swortl Hells and most kinds of Plumes and other Military Goods, wanted. IlufT Gloves, Priming Wiius and l'rudios, Cockailcs. Companies furnished to order with Goods not ou hand, by two weeks notico. May 31. Pa-noboun & Brinsmvid. MTIiEL PEi. A NICE asssortinent nf Ludins and Gen-tleinr-nV STI-TT. W'X-d which for elasticity stand unrivalled, for salo by thu card or sioglo Pen at low prices at tho Variety Slnro. Panoboun fc Brinsmiad. In sots of i-uvcn in a box also in piirs, and sin. glo, of fino quality at the Variety Store. Pangborn Sf Brinsmaid REMOVAL, DltArUU AND TAILOK, FOR the especial accoinodntion of bis customers has removed to tho store at the north ens', corner of Strong's build ing on Church nnd College streets, Court llotii-e Square, and directly opposite Doct. MondyN Hardware Store, where he will bo found nt all business hours, ready In wait upon his customers nnd sorvo them with the latest fashions and importations. Work executed in n style of elegance and durability, not surpassed if equalled at any house in tins village. He has mado arrangement to supply Ins customers with Lloihs nnd Tninminffs ol tlio best quality, and as cheap for cash as tho cheapest. Jiit-i received n variety of BROAD CLOTHS, CASSUIKRES and FESTWGS, Ftiilnble for the season. N. II. Cutting done on short notice as usual. Burlington, May 27, 1839. Bedford Crown Glass. THE abovo article, of all sizes, furnished to order, at inniiufaclurer's pricos, by May 31. Fon.r.TT & Biiadleys, Agents. Paints c$' Oil, a heavy stock of all descriptions, of the host quality, and at vory low prices, for salo by May 31. POLLETT & BIIADLEYS. SALT. mOO bbls. Pino, 5000 biuh, solar and eoarso steam, 200 lar"Q KnckH l.ivnn.nnl !.!... prime otdcr 1... mi f r,ni c - -

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