Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 31, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 31, 1839 Page 3
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VJEKMOJVT HIVE. THfi subscriber having boon appointed agent Cor Weeks' patent Bee IIivc. fjivofl not icf tlint lie is proparcd to execute rights to individuals in Jlurlintftnti or nny other town in tlio stnto wliorc no ngency exists. A perfect mnilol, with the fix t n res , mny he seen nt this office mid to una is but to bo convinced of its vast superiority over tlieold box. The attention of npinri nns, nnd oinatetirs, is respectfully mvitcil to tins subject, particularly nt t lit? present season, before colonizing now swarm in tlio common hive. The pnculinr ndvnn topes of Mr. Weeks' improvement ore too numerous to repent, nnd too obvious even lo the unlearned observer, to urjetl illustrating. Convenicnco, profit, humanity, nil, no n listed in its fnvor. II. B. STACY. Burlington, May, 1039. NEW FASHIONS. AS iuet re turned from Now York with n good nsnrtniint of Ladies T u s c n ti . WS&ct&'f SlrWSiSl! HATS of the Intent fnsb ions, Mouselin do Lainu for dresses, Silks, Ribbons. Flowers. L a w n s , Gloves, Scnrfs.Bchs Straw and Tuscnn Braid, nod many other articles nil of winch she will dispo-e of n low as I hey can bo bought elsewhere. Burlington. May. 1839. 3w a(Q Tons English i vs?' 5 do Swedes IRON. 3 do O. S. Itii5ia ) 3 do American bar Iron fiat & sqnnro 30 do Peru Iron, all sizes from .J inch to 3 inches in diameter, round ilal and rqnaru, 10 Tns band Iron from 1 loG inches for salo by Eollctt te Bradluvs. SUGAK. a(F Illids. Now Orleans Sugar, W 10 do Torto Rico do. 5 do St. Croix do. 5 boson wliitc Havana do. 10 bags India do. for salo very low by Follctt Si Braili:vs. keys Nails of all sizes Irom 4d to 6 inch spike; nlso finishing NkiIs and floor Brads made by the Peril Iron Co. and for unl." nt manufacturers prices, by Foi.i.ett & Bradi.kys. 8 pairs Burr Mill Stones, 1 do. Esoptm do. do. ror snlo nt Troy prices, and freight by May 31. Fom.ett Si BnAni.KVs. 6 by 87 by 9 and 8 by 10. KCCi 0(,X" "f GLASS made at tlm ovy Champlnin Glass Co's. Works, all other sizes cut to order on short notice for ?ol y For.i.KTT& BnADM-.vs Agent. bales 4-4 Sheeting. 25 do. j Shirtinir. for sale iiTNcw Vnrl: prices. 011 consignment from the inaiiufac Ulr y Foi.i.ett Si,. doz. Rixford's" Gorman STEEL HOES, 20 do. Cast Si eel, do. for sale by May 31. Fom.ktt Si Buadi.'kys. 30 boxes of Simonds &, co's. cast sleel Axes warranted and at inaiiufac. turers irices bv May 31. Fom.ett & Biiaiu.f.vs, Agents. SHEEP TOBACCO. N Boxes, kegs and barrels, for sale by I- HICKOK & CATLIN. STRAYED, "C1ROM the subscriber about the 15th J- of May, n white Mare, about 10 years old, had a switch tail, and n leather strap round her neck when she loft. Whoever will give information where she may be found will confer n great fnvor. ANT WINK MONMARKIT. Charlotte, May 25, 1839. GEORGE PETERSOnT XTAS removed to the South end ol the P" f ,,omnB I1Iolel- where ho has received Ins spring supply of Goods, of most all kinds ot articles usually called for iruh.s market nmong them nia'y bo found iMceb Ground Flour by the barrel or half barrel, Strong Beer by the bnrrel or half barrel. Congiess Water, fresh from thoi Spring, in boxes of 1 2 & 3 dozen bottles each. Burlington, May 2(1, 1839. STRONGS & CO. AVJNG removed their store to the L htlilflllirr Intel,, n. - .1 1, t .,v.i.umuu us mo uur lington Hotel, directly opposite their old fitand, are now receiving in addition to their old assortment a heavy stock of Dry Groceries iron, Nails, Steel, Window G ass, Hollow Ware. Stoves Sic. Sic. which they ofler on the most reasonable lorms. Mvj 30) 1039 Efjc eijcnp Ciiifjstorr. & again replenished with new and beau M. tirul goods which wore ree'd last evening Mr. HOWARD from New York. Wo nSw rnn70 10 V ,n0r 01 P"0.nB tl.O new Goods must be puiin orderTor se : GHO. It. VAIL, JIT 30, 1039?- P" I,ATTBSON. ISAAC WARN K R AS received liis Spring Goods, among which nro nnojincr.orns, cassdierbs, sattlwi'ts, FMJWfKr.S, .mni.r:sh'r.,Y. a variety nf summer wenr for men & bovs. CALICOES. CA,mnmch's, .MUSLIM 1)E LAI.N-E. sriiAir $ tuscan nojvmiTS, TUSCAN cV STRAW lilt A 1 1), PLAIN Sr FANCY HOSE, a no fes. mnnoNs. COTTON yarn. BUTTONS nnd other TRIMMINGS, nnd many other articles, tnuking n good nssnrincni for the season. Also, Rum, Brandy and Gin of the best quality; 2d qonlily of the snmc nrticlcd; Molntfe-. pure Wines, lump aiu! brown Sugar, Cofl'oe, Chocolate, Ten, Codfish, Salaratus. Slnrch, Pepper, Spice. Ginger, Rni-'ins nnd most other articles in the Grocery line, nil of which ho will sell at the lowest prices. Tnvurn keepers nre pnrticu larly invited lo cnll and cxnminc hia liquors. Store opposite S H. Howard's Chenp Cash Store. Burlington. May 1039. If BIRMINGHAM FURNACE. TROY, VERMONT. IS now in full and successful oporntion and in readiness to contract for the casting of Slovo plates, nnd other heavy castings. Also, for Pig Iron of n superior quality, deliverable at the Furnace or any part of the count ry. AUGUSTUS YOUNG. Aoknt. Trnu, Vermont, J. & J. II. PECK & Co., Anns. Burlington. Vermont. Birmingham Furnace, TItOY, VERMONT. ANTFiD to contract for the making of 500 000 bushels hnrd wnrw! C.nnl. for which cah. and a liberal price will be (in mi on uenvorv. Experienced Collier? will flnil if fn ihnir advantage to apply to AUGUSTUS YOUNG. Agent. TROY, VI. or J. &, J. II. PECK it Co.. A genii, BURLINGTON. VI. Tlio Vermont Slnle Pnnnr. nt .lohncmi Keosovillc Herald, and Caledonian, at St. .ioiinstniry. will insert the advertisements and address one paner contnininrr tho nd vortiscments with hill to T. & J. H. PECK it Co. TIN PLATE. 1 R,,!C, 'J 1 ? n,ul 1 c 15 J x square, just received by VILAS, LOOM IS & Co. May 29. 139. Copper Bolt, Sheet Copper, Zinc nnd wire Vellum, lor sale by May 29, 1039. Loomis &, Co. NEW FIRM. I TUL subscribers buve formed n copart- I nerslnn in tlm m,rr.'iin U i.,,;. ' nndor the firm of Wmrri.F. & Bishop, nnd ' nve taueii a store in Messrs. Strong's Building, college street, where they oro I now receiving from New York n M. i choico selection of Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, Dm Groceries At. Si-r. wint, i... offer unusually low (or caih. Samuel Winrn.K, A. E. Bishop. Burlington, May 31, I f!39. Opened this inonmi", May ,'j0, I Gros iMezuinto Brushes. Dmmond Pneto for cementing China itc. Children' Mohmr Nets. Verbena, n new and nxquUitc Perfume. Fine shell and twist Combi. White ruled nnd faint lined Letter nnd Cap Paper. Toy PaintR. bv tlm dny. nr Imv 0...1 vor-.My ofGoods'at the Variety Store. '"itty .n. i'ANfiiionMt BniNPMAiD. AIDS. Atir.T.trpM VFTfrAS just returned from Now York with a OiJU, snpplv of fashiomiiiln HftV nnnnv BONNETS of tho nowost style, and fashion, able Summer Hals for gentlemen. She res peetfully invitee her old friends and the public in L'enora! to call on her nnH nvnmiM.. themselves. Sloro 011 St. Paul's.strcotin the building formerly occupied by Mr. Tryon as a Tailor's Shop. Burlington. Mav 31, 1839. Tall e 3lats. TTN Beisof 0 assorted sizes nt the low price j. 01 u ois per set. may 31. Paxiiiokn t BniNMAii. Snuir and Tobacco Boxes, a great variety of patterns, for sale by '"'".V J'- TANnilOliN iV. Ii UINSMAtl). Fine Ball Wickinir. At the re quest of some customers, wo have brought on n few lbs. fine Bnll Wickitig, freo from lump? nuu oiri. siiso, wicks of nil sizes. Also, Chimney Glasses for astral Lamps. Snuffers of nil kind nml r-n,wiin. sticks, high and low, brass and plaled. juay.ii, t'Arvrinnnri- & Brinsmaid Paints & Oil. fiOOn lons Wi'i'c- Lead, dry, UWVJW 50 kc,,s do ground in Oil. French nnd crown Yellow, Venetian nod, and rod Lead, Verdogris ground in Oil, Spanish Brown and Whiting, 3000 galls. Linseed Oil, for salo by May 31. IIKJK'OIC . fMTI.Iv Liverpool Dairv Snlr. SjfV Sacks of Hi,. fi,.8, qllnllv f, pa0 V by HICKOK & CATLIN. Muu 30. coXr sewest1-:"nsa lt 1 OHO IUs,l,', h.r sale by r Z U'CKOK &. CATLIN. May 30, MESS PORK" 50 ,larru'B for t,n,tl l,y IIlCKOK &JDati,in, Cedar PostsVhrh Moy 31. by Fom.ktt Si BiiADi.Eva. FLOUR. i rr Bit's. JL JJ 100 Half Bills Plinorfinn for enln liv ,nmy lircicoK ci& (;ati,in. Snjwrhw Flour . -r - ' "j A Flit ANTED purely from Western n item, it ml nt r loiee irnm . imki received and selling very low. Iy 31. liATimnp &. "Potwin. John Abbott's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT.) IMSTItlCT (IK CIUTTENDKN, SS. A T n Probate Court, holdon at Itttrllngton within and for said District, on the 30lh or May A.I).1(!33. I'icsoni, tho Hon. Charles Hussoll, .Judge. An instrument purporting to bo tho last will and lostamcnt of John Abbott, lato of Burlington, in said district, doceased, boing presented to tho court here by Lucy Ann Ab. bott, the executrix tliorein naniod, for probate; it is ordered by Haid court, that all pcrsom concerned therein, bo notified to appear at a session ofsaid court, to tic holdcn at tho offico of tho Horsier, of th'w court, in said Hurling" ton, on the second Wednesday of July a. d. 1C39, and shew cause, if any Ihuy mav have, against tho probate ofsaid will, for wlii"ch pur. peso it is further ordorod, that n copy of the record ofthis order bo published tliroo weeks successively, in the Free Press. newspnper printed at Uurlliijjlon in said District, as soon as may bo. A truo copy of record. Attest, Wm. WESTON. Rtgitttr. Nathan Plutchins' Estate. ltfrc tho subscribers having been appointed " by the Hon. tho Piobato Court, for tho District of Grand Isle, commissioners to re ceive, cxnminn nmt i,lid il,n ...i .i mands of all persons against tho estato of mutual, iiuiciiiris, laiu oi ixortn Hero, in said dislriel deceased, represented insolvent and also all claims and demands exhibited in ofTsct thereto, and six months from tho day of the dale hereof being nllowod by said court for that purpose, wo do tlinrcforo'horoby give no ticc that we will attend to the business of our appoiiiimont nt the dwelling of widow Lois llutchiiis, in Xortb Hero, in said district, on the 30lh ofSoptcinber next, at 10 o'clock A. M. on said day. Dated this Gth day of May A. D. lf!39. W.m. II. RUSSELL. ) Commit- OliLEM IIIBHAltD, sinners. ENCLTSTT WRITING- FliUIDR. ,JUU"U J'unuiv, a superior article, nccounlnnts run! -t,r. I, I-,. .. good article are invited to call at the Book Bindery of S., on College St. whore they can bo accomodated with n good article in large or small quantities. Also, Jet Black Ink call nnd see. S. HUNTINGTON. College St. Rurlingion, ) Mm, ii loin LYMAN & COLE HAVING made arrangements with the Burlington Mill Co. aro now ablo to offer a comploto assortment ofthcir Whtnl, ll.o,, !,,. !.. . T , .. ....... ... ..I,-,, ?i,iiiiiy on nana ; uon sitting of a variety of colours arid qualities of ""r1"1"' uiiu uiujjiiiii siyies. rarmers will now ho ablo to furnish themselves with ninths willimit ilin n,t.liil,.....i i freight, Commissions, unci tlio Merchants Profits in New York. All of which must be necessarily charged upon Cloths when pur chased in the City, It is tho object of this Manufacturing Company tosupplythu inhab Hants or Burlington and Vicinity with such Cloths as aro not only beautiful in appearance, but of a firmness and finish that will give sat. isfaetion lo lho,woarer. We hazzard nothing in saying that wo be lievo these Cloths to bo superior, and much cheaper than any ever otTored in this market. Gontlcincn are invited lo call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. MERCHANTS A re also informed, that wo shall bo ablo lo fur nish them with aconiflolo assortment of iUonii(lrjtijfj, At Factory prices, which aro uxticmoly loiv. An opportunity is now olFerod for them to bo supplied with cloths of a superior quality, and on the most favorable terms. Attention is particularly requested to the above. &,AES CHANCE. rpi IE subscriber will sell at -fi. private salo nt tho lowest possible rate tho house nml lot nt parent occupied bv Mr. Blooil nn Mntn St. opposite Judge Folloit's Resilience. N. B. For terms npplv to Sum E. How ard. E WALBR1DGE. Burlington, May 24, lf'39. if WILL nycash for Oats. Cum nnd Rife, delivered nt the Store nr-cupied by S. WALKER & Co. Burlington. May 24, I!I39. M ousel i no do Lai no. A few droses more of those beautifully fino and all woot Mousnlino do Lniues just received, and also some rich thread Lace at WAIT & TABORS. Man 21. lf!39. GENTLEMAN who wish to have light, pleasant Hats to wear this summer, should goto Wait k. Tabor'sand purchase a fino Broad-way Molo Shin of tho latest fash ion and most approved shapo. STKAY MARE. ROKE into the en closure of tho sot.. scriber, on the 4th inst, n Bay Marc, with block Maui nnd Tnil. sunnnsml to be about nmlit im old. The owner of said maro is requested to prove properly, pay charges, nnd tnJ0 her nway. G. PERKINS. Charlotte. Mai 9. 11139. Gentlemen's Stocks, (Eollars, L111011 Bo.-oms &c. a constant supply, hv thu siibPcribers, hiiiq new style sntin Stocks just received by May 23, Latiiuop & Potwin. Scotch Gingham Umbrellas, Extra sizes hv La'(iirui it Potwin, Mai 23. IjRAaGLS, lifinui, Citrons, Prunes, , illl I Ulllb, iM(a nnd mix innsin8 wc, ivc. uy May'iS, LATimof rt Potwin. A m m.i ... FIRM," NEW GOODS, rfjllJE suti-nriberH having I'onni.d n Co partnership under the firm of N. Lovely & Co., m th,. ptoro furtnerly occu pii'd by Lovely it Abbott, hnve been re ceiving within" 2 or 3 wenln oust nml nniu offer for sale a very Inrgn nssortincnl of ompin nnu fanrv lirv (looils, CARIETf.,G of different mmtitics. SCOTCH. ENGLISH AMERICAN, COTTON b HEMP. CROCKERY, CHINA and GLASS WARE. GROCER MR n n.,n,.l (with the exception of Intoxicating Liijuors.) Which for quality and Clienpncss, cannot be surpnssed. Purchasers nrc invited lo call nnd cxaininu for themselves. N. LOVELY. Wm. IIURLBURT. Burlington, Ma2-, 1(139. N. B. Wi! Inif.. I...nn u mnol, ,n1,t With hUsitiesl Kllirii riltr flnnl nrrn.,,,1 WO have not bnd limn In wrilnnnr cfwirl advorti?cment, nnd should not now, wns it not lor our Customers nt n distnnce saying to us 'why don't you ntlvortisc vou linvc a Larger and heller assortment, ihnn wo can find elsewhere.' N. Lovti.v & Co. " MULBERY SEED. TIIFi subscrbera Mulberry seed has this day been iree'd. It will bo sent to tho order of any ono who cannot eend for it- C. GOODRICH. Burlington, May 23. N. B. Comstock & Kcndrick on Silk Culture, for sale. II A CAR & COMSTOCK" MA VI just received a largo and choice SOlcCtion of NEW CiOnnS tvnirt, ii, addition to their former stock, makes their as sortment complete. An enumeration of arti cles is needless, it is sufficient to say that wo bavo almost every article that is ever callod iur in a country siorc, anu many articles that aro not usually kept in an establishment of tho Ii I II u . Wo Will Kfll GnmU nnsl, mnl t.-i.wla r.P country produce, or approved credit, as cheap an can be bought at any store in Chittenden county. Shciburn Village, May 24. 1039. NEW GOODS. M OUSEL! NE DE LA1NES, Printed Jaecouetts, Priutod Muiltns, Chal lys, Silks, Hdkfs, various stylus and pat terns. just ree'd by tho subscribers. May 23, LATiinoi- &, Potwin. CALiICOES. 1 50 PIUC0H "eW H'y'u' Irench, Englih XUKJ and American prints, just ree'd by May 23, Latiiuop-&. Potwin. SILKS. HEAVY Italian, Pou de Roue, Gro do Swiss and Grode Nnp Silks, Pongee Silks and Hdkfs, Black Italian nrvmB some very lagro sizes. Satin cravats now iyie. i.eavy lllnck Satin for stocks and vesting. Figured Silk vesting? Sic. Sic. May 23, Latiiuoi' Si. Potwin. ftT"EW GOODS. LORGE MOORE is now receiving VX his usual sunnlv of Snrinrr UnmU consisting of VRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CROCKERY. HARDWARE. BBL. f SACK SALT, CODFISH, FLOUR. GRINDSTONES, Stc. S,-c. Which will be sold us loiu i, purchased elsewhere. Uuriiiigton, ilay 24, 1839. 3,v ALBANY BEER. FRESH supply just ree'd by tho sub- SCriherS. LATiinoi' &. Pn-rtrn. A May 23, 1839. BONNETS. 6 Cases Florence Braid. English nnd col'd Slrniv linmipta iiui l i... M'TV LATiinop Si Potwin COEEEE. Si((0 !&B,;!nvil'Cuba and St, Domingo W owi'Vit, lor salo by May C, 1839. KERN and WALKER. Gentleman's Leghorn Hats, by May 23. Lathroi1 Si Potwin. Balsom of Liverwort. SJ. A' fin. A rinMmc. "BOR selling Doct, Taylor's liatsam of Liv- Crnort. t'nr C.'nnsumnltn,, I ..... r '"""' nias, opimng oi niooii, l'am in inn wmc, ur rnni,,'iuitma, I'lturm, Short, ncss of Breath, Palpitation of the lliart, De liililij, Ncrreusntss and all diseases uf the I.U.M.K illlll I.IVUK, The virtues of iliia rntnlimin.i i. but rccentlv been IpkIpiI in il.i ....m eiont bnivevcr, has been used, in Chittenden ami unison conunlies, to givo it justly a iinino above anv mpilletnn niii. ,.ir i ... a remedy and cure for consumption and liver coinplanls To show what cures may bo ex peeled from its use. wo insert a singlo cao as published in tho New Wk Daily Express, November 4, 1830 ''The Balsam ofLivcrwort has found hunrireilu ,,r n, !., i i . . produced so largu a number of testimonials in "n i"-iiips in rentier lurllier npproha. lion uniicccssai v. T .n,,,i ,,.iii,i.i .n meedot praiso, knowing mysolf pto. disposed to consumption, both for peculiar formation nnd hereditary transm'ssion, J sou-lit all im-iiiir. iu uunuiu mis calamity, nnd recover a naturally weak innc i yearn at isa, in Home, tivoyoars in Florence, and auolher in dm mmli f i.v.. .. .. 11.1111:11, tuning mean tnno tho advice of tho best Physicians-. Last summer I roliimml i.. .i.:.. . . , . , , , i;iiniiry, inn recruited in health, and perhaps not much, if any worse, than when I left. I had seen in tho Heading Rooms i Kr0pe, American in,wr...i.Uip, t.uiii.uiiing advcrliscmenls or t lU 11a POIIl Of LlVnnvnrl n.,,1 .... ..!... I trying its boasted virtue. As soon as I arrived " f ' ii. ami in three months I was so well lhat I concluded I could safely past tho winter here, noil accordingly did so. I have used a botllo now nm then, tbrom-li the past summer. I nni now in as good health as 1 can wish to lin ? ..... i. i , . subsided, and my lungs have every feohti" of health. 1 shall he pleased to receive any per son, who may wih fur further particulars, at llljr luullifjr, Ji,y noiei, A. A. DELAFIELD. I STATE OF VERMONT, 1 iiHTincT or cihttkndmn. s. rBllin Hon. 1 ho I'rnliilc Court for llm iliniiri f,f Cliiilcmleii, 10 nil persona lo wliiim ihei: lirrernla 1.I1.1 It rnmi. ., , , 1 ,. ,, , t di'iirse I'eiKuis, ueardian nf r.lvirn flrrrilnnii nf " u 111 1111 1, 1 i iiiiry rn lroi.ll, 11 li'lll.uo infiiiil iinilcr the hjfi; nf elaliireii joais, li.ivini; mp. reriitcil 10 iIiih emirl lliat sii'iil wnnl is town nml pnrc"(d in licr own linlil hi fi'e nf onn (ipiiii iiiidiiiled liiilfnf lueiily.fiin ncres nf l.inil lyliiSHtid beiii!( piitiniu in Ch.irldllc, hi raid dislnct, brini; I III) S.'llllR 1.11.(1 III ill.. I, (.111 nf Plll.l.r. tlnn iini.ll by tlic ennitnittrp Hppntnled by snid I'rnlwle Cmirt 10 niHKen ihi..ioii nl llieesl.iteiif.lii.epli Simniid, file nf Cliiirlniif. nniM...ii.l. A, r, . .,..., 1,1 till! lllDl Will nf lllr, :i!il ln.oi.ll ,1....,., I ...Ill liu ili. ..l M . in the ptob.iie reconN nf sn'nl district, In uhirh refeieare Uinmle. W I.,., ....,..,. il.n r,,r. ,l,.,l, i?n llio lOlhibiy of Juno next fur 11 lienring in the Diciui.ei. :u tin. r.n'w.. ..1' ii... i';;tr ia e.ourt in llm lingion, nml cloth order that notice ineieoi ue neii 10 all ivmreineil hy piililieiiliiiii nl lllil Oilier. CnilMiniim llw. .nl..l..,ir-n f. .,,1 ,.nlilin.. tun upi-I.s Micressivrlv in the i'nm Vir". 11 news paper pi iiiled in tldi Imioii. inlaid ili.-liicl. the lal nf uliicli pnlilir.alioiis lo be pievimu lo s.iiil lolhday of June 1SH9. Oiien meler my hand at IJiirlnijjtun Ihij 23d tiny of Aliiv, 1C!I9 vt. wi.sroiv, iitgmcr. John Newcll's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) IJISTniCT OV CHITTENDEN. 88. ( The Hon, the Prolate Court for the Dis trict of Chittenden, To all'pcrsoni con cernetl in the Estate of John Newell, late of Charlotte, in said Dittricl, dereasr.d, GREEThYG. WHEREAS, Ezra Dolt, and lleman II. Newell. adminiMtrntnr nf llm nelnln nf said deceased propose to render an account of thoir administration, and present their account ne"lltist said CHtntc fnr pxnininnlinn nml nllniv. aneoat a session oftha Court nf Probate, to bo holdcn nt the Register's office in Burlington on the 17th dny of June next. TllCItCrnnr!. Villi urn linrntn. iinlifinil In appear boforu said court nt the time and place afoiosaid, and shew cauie.ifany vou have. why the account aforesaid should not bo al lowed. Given under niv hanil nt ritirlintrlnn. Ilii 30th day of May a. n. 1839- Wm. WESTON, Resteer. Children's Bonnets. -1 ?rj Vnrious sizes quality and patterns i-'JKf of Children's Bonnets, just ree'd bv May 23, L.n-tinoi & Potwin. S T ATI ON E R Y7" QUILLS, Ink-, Fiuwls, Steel Pens, Papers. Sealing Wax. Drawing Pen cila, Drawing papor, Bri-tol paper, Cap linper, Lottor paper, Slates and Pencils. Letter Stamps, Letter folders Sic Sic. Sic. for salo by S. Huntington. One door East College Street Scotia Row. May 10, 1830. S53S3W CASH STGRSI, At iniistan. VI. MORTON & CLARK are now re ceiving nt the white Store, two doors East of Eaglo Hall, nn entire Now stock of FANCY St STABLE DRY GOODS, DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY St GLASS WARE, HARD WARE St CUTLERY, DRUGS St MEDICINES, PAINTS. OIL. NAILS, S;c. S;c. which aro offered for sale at u small nd vnnco from Cost, lor ready pay. iMmt kinds of produce recuivod in exchange for (annus. Cw Willidon. May 10. 1 039. ACCOUNT BOOKS. A(jencrni assortment for Eale by the subscriber. BLANK BOOKS, of nil descriptions, mode- to any pattern on short notice, quality and price shall correspond. S. HUNTINGTON. College S.trrot, May 17. 1839 f SPIRITS- I O Hhds. Now England RXTJKZ, LJ 4 do St. Croix, do 4 Pipes G-iJ'i". 4 do II RANDY, for salo by iMay C. K!39. KEUX and WALKER. IILREAS I have given my son. Fran cis CoTin. his freedom from nml nf'inr this date, with full power to act fur himself in till things, this is to givo notice that I shall not horeaftet hold myself :espousihlo for debts of bis contracting, nor shall I claim any of his earnings. BATISTE COT1E. Essex. May 13, 1839. WHOLESALE RETAIL DK.VLKRS IN STAPLE As FA.NCY J)RV COOOS, WET Sl DHir GBOCEniES. CROCKEIIV, CLASS AND Church..itrt't, Burlington, Vl. Danici. Kiiun, ) April 25, 1839. Solomon Walker, FOR SALE. Bales of Cotton Yarn, C " " Batting, 4 4 " " Wadding. May 0, 1839. KEIIN k WALKER. R. Spooner is ip Burlinglon, prepared " for blieillCSS : mill will bn Imonv In render professional assistance tn nil 'who may need. He hns n great variety nl splendid Universal Teeth, singlo in blocks, cannble of heiin ndnnted to a irronl variety of cases ; no u supply ol Ins vnl- name I do! n Powder. Ills stay will be limited to 3 or 4 weeks. American Hotel Room No. IO-2d floor Hours tninciuallv from 9 to 12. nnd from 2 to 5 o'clock. May 15, 1839. NEW GOODS. DOOLITTLK lias just received . . from New York his sunnlv nl'snrinir and summer Gondii, comprising " nn exion" sive nssoriinetit of all the ii-unl Vnrinties of DRY GOODS. GROCERIES S,-c. Stc which nro oll'ored fur Milu nt thu lowest prices. Cw Burlington, Mny 15. 1839. ONI'5 Case more uf iboso Cheap Straw Bonnet) tins dnv upenod bv S. HTOTTINGTON. WOULD inform his customers, friends mid Hie public generally, that ho boa received from New York n choice assort- rnei'ivpii nient nf BOOK BINDING STOCK. BLANK BOOK MATERIALS & STATIONERY, ifc. He asks n continuance nf their favors, anil ho hopes bv ntiention to his business lo merit the same. 2 doors Ess! of the Free Press Office. Burlington. College St. I Mny 14. I "39. Hnnnntc JJUIM,t'lb a lai'ffo nssm'tmnnt just received at HOWARDS. lurlwgl3n,May 17, 1839, CARPETING. jflk PIECES Eng. Ingrnin Cnrpeting bv Latiiuop & Potwin. PLAS'f Ell. Bbls. We-torn Fresh Ground Plas tor. iust received hv 50 May 23. L.tTiinop Si Potwin. IM. GIDDINCS is now ri'ci'ivin? nn assortment of noml nnnriR m which ho resncclfullv InviiiM tlm nt f nut inn of purchn-ers. Pearl Strcd, May 17, 1 839. L A MP OIL! 5Sff( Gallons Winter and Fall Oil, for iij sale by Knn.N and Walker. May 0, 1839. LOOKAT THIS. Ml new nssorimeni of Books, is just ro hQi ceived and for snlo hv ihnciitin,it... inciiiliiig Wn-hington livings wotks com plete in one Vol. with n memoir of the an ihor. Robin Day by tho niithnr of Cain Vnr. Nidi oflllC Woods &C. some plnrrnnt French CllStnvinirs. toi'etber with n P.m.. rial "diiitm of Shnlccspeare. Greece Picto rial De-cilUIVO and Historical Itp PliLf... pber Wad.-worth, D. D. D. A. BRA MAN. Burlington, May 15. 1839. LYMAN & COIiB. 0Ah icceivwd u very extensive as .tl sortment ot spring nnd sutntiitir Goods, comprising a more beautiful and pleasing variety of light goods for Ladiea summer wear than usual. Among which will be found Printed Lawns, Printed Jac conct Cambric, and Muslins j rich French Printed Cambric, small figure. Part uf the above nro black ground, for mourning. A few pieces of Scotch Gingham, free from sizing. An extensive assortment of Freneti English nnd American Calicoes. Also, a few cn-cs of low priced Prints which wi'l be sold unusually low by the piece or yard, SILKS. Plain black and blue black Gro de Swi3 Figured bl'k and blue bl'k Gro do Nap, Figured brown nnd green do Black Canton Gro de Swiss, wide fur aprons. Rifh coloured Gin do Nop, superior finish, Black nnd blue black Alpinc3, Rich coloured ligumd do Black nnd colored silk Camblets, Merino Shawls, very rich. A great assortment of Ribbons, Glotraf, Hosiery. Sic. Fnncy Hdkfs., Scarfs, Shawls, Cravats. Pic-nic Gloves, Mitts nnd Scarfs. A rich variety of fnncy, checked, sin ped nud plaid Cstnbrlcs. Jnccnnet Cambric. Lawn. swiss Jaconet. Swiss and bonk Muslin Sic. Sic, LINP.NS. While and brown Drilling, Linen Shooting. 10 4 to 4 4, Dama-k 7.4 lo 0-4, Bird's eye Diaper, Table Cloths, Nop kins. Sic. Superior Irih Linen, Linen cambric Hnndkercbiefs & Lawn. Broadcloths and Cnssuneres, McrsailsDtid valeniin Veslings, A great variety of worsted goods for gentlemen. summer wear. Fancy striped Jeans for children's wear. Sotin .lenn. DOMESTIC GOOD?!. Cotton Sheeting, Shirting.Tick, Drilling, Mexican mixtures, fancv striped Drilling' York mixtures, blun Drilling un-..T cloth, colored cambric. Nankin, knitting milium, wooien aim worsted Yarn, Sic. A few pair rich kidd Sims tlntir ur gent lemon's Pumps. &c. ' The above comprise but a small Dropor. lion ofn very extensive n-sorlment of goods winch enn bo found nt our store. Burlington, May 10. 1839. ALL persons indebted lo tho subscribers whoso notes or accounts nro past dn. . are hereby notified that payment must b" made by the 20 iust. to savu "cost. .Vrtjl.liJjg. II. HYDE it Co. CALICOES. 1 nfflA YiIm English .French and Anirrl lvrv17 can Prints, of various styles nn i patterns, for salo low, by May C, 1839. K E BX& JW A LK E R. HOTEL. j n tt jA.i THIS Establishment. - t tf$PS2&M "lied at tho head of t' i 'f t W S,cn'" I!"al Wll3r I''Hl 5 i"Cl alLX- li''Sl"i!"iow coinpii if- -isi.j.jM and open for the rcceph JSuLtou oia of travellers and tho p he generally. Tho location of this IIoii.m one of suriassiiig beauty, presenting from puzzas. in front and rear, an uuintcrrnp' vioiv of most of tho village and of tho I nnd scenery around it. Tho llouso wit., i furniture is entirely riftc, and offers conn , enees and coinfortf lo its guests if crpi.ii'o certainly nut surpassed by any House in , I'lnco, " A coach is always in attendance lo c passengers and their B.ggago to and Ii i the icspcctivo Steam Itoals kiiee of cni.. It will bo the ambition uf tlio unriersi , to deserve a patronage from the public, i i,. , to the means plaeein his hands, to rei their sojourn with him roinforlablo, plmi i nnd happy. JONATHAN HA UT Burlingan, May 17, 1839. f Ij o it u . llbls. and Half tihls. SIT l l.VE Fl.Ot'p, for sale I v WAIT an ) TABOR. May G, I Co'J KER.V and WALK t. .

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