Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 14, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 14, 1839 Page 2
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GREAT FRESHET. AND LOSS Ol PDilPtMiTV. The rnln fell nrnrly every tiny Inst week ami riiM.1 t in v'-nobee. In on unusual hcichl. During Thursday night She wnrr rose nineh mnrn linn ,,.., I i m lour n chick in I li u ntnrinng began In tun over tho top nf iho pun nl gate into Hie canal of ilic Kenibpe Lock and Canal Company mi Hio west side. Tlii- however Would hnVL' doll,! nn mntnrinl iniiiri. I,,ii some part of tho rannl wnll below the uom ami uunvc me guirtl nato was so III)- .lll t..,nl.. I .."-.I I. I j ''i ' ' hi1 iii ii i in nn in li i nc win or j having hern bailnrod down by the ico m the January rrcslicl. and llins left in n very exposed condition, ihn wmer l.n.l mn,f, such a b'cncli over nml through tho linked DaiiK ol III" enrlli. hoforo it wns discovered, that it obtained i In; mastery over I he few persons that attempted In (.top it. In n Bhrrt time iho cairn I wall was s.) under mined ns in lent Mile way towards the river, nnd thus eau-ed the water lo pre? open the gates, in a phurt lime the water was pouring Willi great force through lite breach inin ilie niain river, nnd thus the brooch continued in widen rapidly, until before- night the bank between the canal and the-river wnsswrpt away down to llin mills. The heavy stone walls on which the mills were erected zeroed to interpose a barrier tn tlio current, but they were undermined in succession on Saturday, and late in the nfieruoon the last section of the mills went down with a tremendous crash, ond floated away. Meantime tho water had been wearing for ilselfn prn. digious chasm into the west bank of the river, being turned out of its entire by ihe Dam, which still .-muds firm, and will soon be high and dry. the river having made a new channel around it. Not less than four, and perhops live acres of land, hnve already been carried awny by the river, leaving a precipitous bank in some places seventy-five yr cilny feet high. One acquainted with the localities would be astonished to learn that the river has net unity undermined the old mansion of the late Judge Jindgc. This once beautiful plane, surrounded by largo trees, gravel walks, shrubbery, &c. with a broad "si reel below it, and a garden on the opposite Mile between Hie street nnd Ihe river, is now dismantled a heap of ruins. ovprhnninr a huge precipice near a hundred feel Inglil Willi the waicr rnarinir and foaming at "its bane. The house nf E T. ridgo H.-q. at the font of tho hill, has also been under mined and tumbled into the river, a-- well ns a stable nn the bank of the canal. Ol course Ihe road is gone for two or three hundred yards, and there is now no pas sage fur cairiage up the Sidney road, ex cept by a back road up the steep hill on the Mill Lirnoli. We hear of nn damage any where on Iho river bcloiv this, breach. It was nppre bended that the draining off t)0 ))r,ud would flow some pnrt9 of the lower street in Hallowell and Angtir-tn nnd Gardiner, but it has not done so. In Tact the water, though .-till running over Hie dnm yesler. day, had fallen lour or five feet below Hi.' dam, from which it is clear that though Hie breach has made for iiself a vcry wide channel, it has not made a deep one. In deed it has alrendy exposed a ledueol rocks but a few feet below the present level ol the water, nnd far above the common level of the rivnr. Tin- leihre mav be of grenl importance as a foundniion fiir mills. "The Dam slandi entire, and n large part of Hie western anuinienl, noiwiih. landing iM torrent ot water pouring around the end o u. 1 he immense chasm which has hpnn made by Ihe water. thutH.h now nnnil,,i ! 11 misfiirlnnn mm- i,,r u , . . fl misfortune, may turn out n, ihe end to h ne very thing that wa? wanted to make u perfectly secure Hie for nulls, nut of Hie reach of the current of ihu rmr; and if Ihe dam continues In stand, as it promise to dn at present. Ihe erection of mills on tho ledge will be nrnher thfikult nor e.. pensive, nor subject to ca-ualiies, as ihev will have Mill water boih above and below them. There is room for twenty ,-aw mill between Ihe abut mem and ihe shore, and a canul below can be mnde afterwards when wanted. So nlsothecnnnl on lln-ea-i ude winch is unioju.ed, can be indefinitely ex tended. The freshet has brought dnwn low, i prodigious numbers. For two dayn" Hie river was full of ihem. There ha, ;,U., been a freshet on the lenobfcot, hut thai river, unlike Hie Kennebec, overflows us banks in so many place? that frc.-hets do lese injury on it, iho swamps nnd low grounds on it banks serving as re-ervoirs of Hie surpliH water. The mills which worn swnpt r.fT on Rat urday wereju-t llni-hed by Mr. McDaniel. an I'xcelleni mechanic and worthy man who wo hopn will n..t Mifier ultm.nie loss. J hey were lir,t rate raw mills, and had m. boon in operation this .!.. c- n.iui;ui iiappeneu. six saws would havt ves-igo ofilie.n or their foundation nw roinnins, ami tf ,,o river enntmuei o r. , whore it dues now. it will prnbiblv awayopnrtionufihcbanka evervfteyhe At nrPBni.l lin.o. , ' slow, having renrheil n 1..1 ..e i i.. .' , , 11 "nncs nway verv I ... in uioo cinv It will not widen Hie channel much further down, as thorn is a ledge of rock oppo-tte tho mouth of Mill Ilrnok. 1'PU-' Tiic Dam acuoss tiii: " kY:nm;iif.c We lind in the National "1?, the follow mg description of the dam across the Ken nebec, which bus been rendered altogether useless by the late freshet : "Tinea or lour je.irs since n rnnmniiv vn. part in I he eenire r ,1,,,,, ,;0() ,' . ' L. ' B will, iron holm cciimN I'l" i"'-' "'""r'1 llncL, ihe lop win (miiiicI .. , , "' 1 riara: V'Lir heavy ttnnu no.k. 1 ' . . , "! u ( Jrauaiaio cal, aad cJ(,icd nioiy . n ,e inurm ,nR wurpnit.i in.uMiniriy. L.Ik I.. .7, I l...i... i . .... IHPWImin li'ilMI ill MIR il.litl mill lia liln I nielli . KIOOfiM-i. liMi-nl up nl,,,i 15 miles ! Imii, nf i fit- im riiRe IiimiiIiIi of 700 feel, nml fn.m 10 In I.") Ifi'l lire... 'I'll 0 mil nl I l.n .nnr w., 10 In 13 led drrn. "I'll 0 nut nl ihf miiietine w.h u',i uir.ii i it In., hern i'fii.ii.ikmI fimn $200,000 ,, h, H(.m ,,,,., ,1(, ,1,,,,, , ,,r,,.. I,l,nr IW.I down lion, the i,,.ul , i,n.i.,is. Hie ., ,i,l.,,- n, .1. I,. ..I ..r -oUIMIIIU. IAIililtP f.nv HlllNlliiil l.een hull. 1 1 nil. I, It ll.itf I nrnn.l I'm,,, L l.n.l ,,. oht.iii- i ne ii-i uiiHii iii i.nwrii, 1 1, ill i iipni '"'''"'I'''1 lie r.ipii.,1 nf Mnine, .mnihrr eii nf iiMjMM.iiiiMi-, wii.i ii- imii"-i. in iii. iiiiii, irini ics nn.i Hilled nf iipri.,lin' iiiiii. I h i e lifen icircil lo uir.ii huiiv Biiopj iii pruiitici IUII III ,M;i.5.kI.ii- Saiiaii M. Jaiivis us. Samuhi, F.uinAit Aitvts The n irre-iiiiindenl of the New I V",: Jlll",t!c,"l writes from Hartford, I "."u """" ' ,,lu "f lMny n" f"w-: ho IT rin t divorce cn-cul Sarah M. J,ir vis vs, Snmiiul Fnrrnr Jurvi, eaiiie on bn fore the cmnunlleo at It o'clock yesterday mtirri inrr, for the purpose of hearini; Ihe respondprt'q plea. It was nn able docu ment, drawn up willi great enn: by tin1 doctor him-elf, and was rend by J. Ii Fer rn. of Stamford, council for the Doctor, nnd occupied one hour and n qunrler in reading. A I the principal allegations in tho petition ihe Doctor denies. iUu-t of Hie petitioner's charges of ill Irea'metii, &c. were laid in Europe while in Fmr, and Itoiiie, nnd nl several waiering places on ihu Continent. Tim D.ictn7 imikes out extrnvnuant e.pen-es of In- lo dy. particularly after he lell his fnmily nml relumed himelf io this country. It seem he has already honored the drafts of his bankers. Mi rs. Wi-lles St. Hn nl Pnn.- for over (ill 000. and by nn iifli.lavil of l.'l. I... II ... . i. . r-. I. . . t i li'.-i.u, i ue miner or .i rs. .imvts. II nppenrs Ihat he remitted over cOUO Irnin his own purse for her e.vprn-es ulnle there. At 2 o'clock came on the regular examina linn ol Wllnes-es. Long before Ihnl linur, groups were seen wending their way lo Hie Court llouso, which soon became densely filled, nnd made it extremely diffi cult fur Hie committee, the counsel and witne-ses tn Inkc their seats. At nn appointed hour, the committee entered, followed by the Hun. R. ,M. Si,nr. man, with Mrs. Jiirvw leaning nn In-arm. Next followed the Hon. Human Allen, with Mi-s Janette Hart Jarvx--ihe eltb-si dnughter, who has taken sides with her mother. (Mr. Allen married a sister nf Mrs .lams.) Next or soon after, entered the D.ic'or and second daughter, with scv eral female Irienilv, Irom this city and Midtllettiwn. nnd a long array of c.iun-elj of whom, for the petitioner,' Mrs. .Tarvi-, are Me---rs. R M. Sherman, R. S- Hind svin. Win Iliingerford, Charle- Chapinnn. C. I. M(('iin.v gaiuuel Inghnin and C C Tyler. On the pnrt of the D.ictnr were, Ihe Hnn. N. Terry, Calvin Goddrtrd Thaildeus Uetis (U. S. Senator elect.) R. I Ingersoll. J. I! Ferns ami I. II. Hun linglon. Very soon after llie piriies were sealed, the (irst witness, on the pari of Hie petitioner. Mis- .Innetle Han Jarvis. wn cal!"d to Iho Maud a fine looking, black eyed, ro.-y cheeked girl of about I J where she went Ihrough theordunl ol upward-of 3 hours examination, nuhwering quertions with great self piis-e-sir.o, till half past G P. M.. when Hiey adjniirned nil f) o'clock tins morning. Sin; wa- again called up, and was soon nfler pa-ed over to Hie linnrls of ihe oppo-inir coun-el, who ban died Iht with scrutinizing severity, and nt the adjourning, at tin- i.' had" nut clo soil her lc-iimony. Nothing particularly remarkable was elicited from her. Smiie. nmn-ing nrgumenl was had from the ob- .leclinu- efl'ered by the counsel, between Ihe II. .n N. Terry, who ha- seen nearlv seventy winters, and the II,, J jj y,,, man, in which the audience sei mod to ink part in I lie sporl. Anion.' the vvilme ""' I"-'1 "toner, I ob-erve (he Il. v F. M 1 1'" OK III?, 110 W llin oldi-t ("liTirvniflii tyiinni elteiii, and f,,r mXiv vea-s Ihe IV torofihf Fir-t Church in' Saybrook nod who, pro'intily, milled tin- couple in mar riage. They were married July 5. 13 1 0 On Tue.-dav. a few depn-nion were tead. one of winch, from Hie lady of ihe Rev. John I'lerpi.ut l!n-i un, wa --1 rong ly lo favor of Mr-. Jams' rl,r,r..i,.r f... Ti.i me-l ic hnbil-. The court e.inlinoed eniw,l..iKi.iil. an Payer nml fn-liiiiniible audi, nr.. I:,,,,., I'uniber ol whom are females, r. ml ,; Z. ly ol'them seemin.' to Imve Ji.i,. with the doctor. Hi, imrh Mrc i,.,., ., number of female friends ,-ealed near her. nnd seemingly in cIom! cnveisnlion wuli her. Much nmu-euiriii wn- hrnl ye-lerday morning in the exniuinaiion of I'eier Kelly, green Irom the land of Hie shamr-ck a coufideiitial servant in l.Se family, who si ded strongly with Ihe doctor, i.ii'.l u ho had -nine d.llieully with Mrs. J. ..u account ol his sister Hulily. who wn, nUn servant in Hie house, inking a cape i,, M . J., by mi-take; and 'ei(!r, liuld)'. part in ibis matter. .She ua-fi utiby difd arged. nml Mrs. Jarvis, he -m, I wanieii in inaUi) n chaiuher iiiniil of hnn. which hu would not agree in nil nl nl' ' Mr. Sherman call lum Patrick. Tint, he ' , ' "!" '""' t'tiuiiiry, "'lr " lr0M'; " v" odneMlav, Hip coininiiie.; n d,Vnr. r;PSrr,,,''r',',i ''' '"'-"'""''. "" Mr-. JnrVI-'- pellluin for il.enre.. II,,,.. 'r'i... 1 1... , ,. .. - sinu The sub-lance of ihe repi.n of the committee- was that Hie allegations nm proof were not soflieient, nml therel.ire Hie poliliounr hnve kmc In iviliilrnw. Mr Curtis. Irom Urn r, nominee, fiaied Hn reason- which had influenced their d ci-mn, reviewing in. is! of Hie charges mnd. n' gainst Dr. Jarvis. and Hie evidence addii ced on the Irial ; nnd although he consider lid SOIIIO of the CHCIimslnr,eej nr. I rather yet in con. , wt.h Ibowhnlo testtmiMiy. they afiorded f.-rnund at all fur a diVurce , t.d for -niHiynr the charges the,,, was not Hie least fonndn..,..,. .he re, , appeared to us full acq,,,.,ai of I)r vis. and ihnl .,l..l in. t . c' r Mr ('uriis .1,, ... ' i t r I " auy moans composed of ro..os wnho,,. the bia , ei s I en b"""!' H""f !" ,ia' 'I'orns.' On '.ho whole, however. MS "'"'I'l H'H " ng very severe had he , rvnu' ,"r",;,,,V proved ngain.l euherofiiie pari.eH. After I T . , , 'l",""i r"" H.rough .ors. particularly il.e ,, w,, had to.t.fied ' , r l Z , r " 111 favor nl her father, in ,,, l,.,.i.i.. ! ""7"" ' ."nl like pace, creep. loniiiionv hod oheiied tu.thin,, ,line.,ri i . I. limVOVor, whether the Wife WOllli! rn . in I iililh.i ,i..n I,,,. i ",r" oi i.iineiiiwu, iiiiii vo Will) lifl ''"-tn.tul. nml thni it wns Hi... fliily t.f Or ... . ' -""Vis lu UinKu xnmu provislun for liCJ sup Unrl. I unrl The rrpnrl nf llin cmiirn it t en was (Its- . missel nt riniHldnrnlile Ini Ti . I. .-I. ! I l"","' il Willi III Inki.'ii. nml Hie rntinrl wn- lllll ill rep fir r.iiir dlssnllllll.r 1 VnlC.V ! So ,Mh, Jaivis has leave to with' ii r.i w iir pel 11 em I nils c.i.lrt Hi's greol , divnce cne. llnrtfartl Courier. TUB QUKHN OF AMIUUCA. Wnnlwny- believed that Americn wn? n rnpublic, until yestrrdnv. when wo salt--, faetorily n-cerlaiiied Hint il is not only a monarchy, but that like Hnglnnd, our fttth orlnml, we nre under the mild dispensation of a queenly rule; and Ihnl, although our Q,ueen is not quite so young as Victoria. 1'iiiglnnd's virgin monarch, yet she nppenr In be n- much inclined tn mercy nnd benev olence a she who governs the li-msli Nles, The discovery lint wo have a Queen wn only the trork of the present week ami Hie firstling., ol Ihe new- reached us yoMerdny. From the hi. lory of Ihe case as unfolded to u-, it appears that a well dressed female, ol poli.-iipd manners and cultivated miiiil, wn, brought into the police t.flioo on Tiic. day for supposed inebriation, and for col looting a mob of boy-, who formed her relume ns she passed along Hie street Sin- ihero gave her name as Madnipe Washington, the Queen of America, nnd was locked up in the cells nunl ye-iprihy afternoon, when -ho wn- brought belnre ju-lice Wyuinn for oxatninniuui A- she came before him -lie made a profound bow and when interrogated touching her name, t&c. snid. in a coinioaiiding tone. Hint she was 'Madame Wa-lnngi on. (. Queen nf America ' In answer in further enquiries, she slated that she had. for a few months pa-t. by virion nf her right lo reign, a tiiu. ed the arduous duties ol the government nf America, fur the sake of' the public good, lint that siune uf her subjects in this ciiy. who were opposed to royalty, had rebelled agamst her sovereign authority, and had thru-t their Queen into a vile cell in a pri-nn. There she hnd boon, with but a drop of water, for I wo weary days, to nllay her burning Hurst, and thai the ndors of Hie contracted apartment in which she had been placed, were in-uppuriable for n my. al nne. She said she was now bound io Trenton, to view I he groat national encninp. meni. whore she would meet and confer wuli Mr. Van Duron, and give him Ins instructions how tn proceed with the weighty nUiirs of state, wit h u Inch she had. for a i imp. entrusted hnn. After being by Hie mogi-lralo introduced siieee. -,volv to horSeoreinries i.fS'nteanil of War. and expre.suig her pleasure at seeing thorn about her. in answer ... m, ; quiry whither her maje.iy was about lo go. she said she was hound nt present to H'.oklyn, where she had sonio tntprotinn friends and n-lativps whom slm wished lo vi-u before her tleparlure fur her palacp in Wa-hingion. Thus saving. America', viriii.iii. Quern politely waved her band in tnknn nf a friendly adieu, and with Hie lighuioss nftho go--nriier's tread, hastily left the office. ..V. Y. Sun. FROM MHXICoT Dy tho arrival, at New O leans, of Ihe schr Gen. H. Weller. frnm Vera Cruz lOlli nil. confirmation of the reporieil defem nl the federal army, nml death of Gen. Mej n ha- been received. The action tool; phen six leagues from Peiiblu, al a plac" called Mecarigo. Gen Mejui. with a ilnui-and men, atTackcd the enemy ihu governuienl I mops consi-led of 'J 500 unri under Gi-u. Vilencm. Tin aeiinii c.mmenreil nn Hip 7ih n,si m r... o'o'ork, mid la led nil 10 o'clock A M During the whole of which period C o Mej a. fought with ih,. ,si uniN.uhied br ivery. haying taken ihe artillery ufHie enemy no less than three limes, which w.v a- oden retaken. When on the point of gaining n victory he wa-eha-ed in iho rear bv S.nin Ana who had jo. I arrived vu, MOO men ir.., Penbln. Hi- -nil, leu and mine - atuiek threw the Federali-i- int., n oilu-ion. fn in wlneh Hieveoii'il n,,t h- rallied i If v fl in nM diieelloii., lenvmg III. ir coiimiri iid.-r M-jia. n pri.nner to Hie CemraliM- II wn- immediately ordered lo be shot by S'liita Ana. and the m, nee wa- executed without delay. Th.. bus on either side wn- not n-cer'nined. The bai'le wa- well c nlesled. and COf) on ihe pan of the Fed e-ali-is were killed. Omfi ice wa- re oeiveil. and the people were cspectui" peace and q t ue.-s. r Geiiernl Alexin reeeived ihe mo. I huillll iniing insults from Sunn Ai.a Some few moiiienirt helnre Iii- deaHi, he lind been ordered lu lie .hot. will, ,l- back turned I Jo the soldiery, a- n traitor lo hi. ( lint , v , '''h- iin " ' I nnd he wa- then murder. ,1 j m a yard. Santa Ant gratifying a persnnal, veng. nnoe. tjrreii mid Ills pnmpauv have1 Inken fligh- ; they are gnne. it is sind. lo r.j'.in tho remain.!, r of iheir ln..,p ,,, T.imp'cn liuiam,nle nnd were! tuarpli ng on Vera Urnz ; there is no doubt nf I lie.r .ueco-'s. , 'P 1 1 1''. T V It A N 'P O F M F,.Y ICO I Trui Ii i- .irnng.r than fie " Tin- ' tr.le.ayng was m ver m-re Inroilily ilH.. , irated Hnn in H,,. M,n,ig(! ,.Vei,iiul M.t..rV ol Sunn Ana. who has r.nhlv won nml m ,y , ju.Hv wear the title wlneh "we have ,,, Ue, in litis article Should any writer of romance repr.-em a chnrneier pns-tu-r I t.r ,' lh varum- ami eu r.i,,,,, , y . ITr.)r t lortuoe irbich Hn. individual has expert, n ced. Ihu slury winild he c,M,s ,ered nil,, golhnr mi, nnnntiiral and improbable oven lor thai department ,,f ,tir,,. 't. . M . r , ev m .,, n ,h""" "' "'V(:,lf' , T ! y t' ::,,,,,llC,n,T,l ,r , , ' ' r'", "-"i ' ,, L ,Vu' ' ' L ffnt and unpr...... 1, , r V, mmw ""! l"","r"' f 7j 'T '"'"" W" stippuse his enrrnr nt a putihe. man Knew thai his lue ha I h ,, i,. ,,v,.ii must lertninnie. When iv saw hnn leav '"L ' U ""ivi-r.Hl tnd.gnn- loom, Hi,. i,,il,li .., i . .. .......... -.,., P,,y, w 11 i-i i we mi nil.-, ii'iir I IN V(? II MK II HI Willi II n low short months wo slum d behold bun again at the head o the Mexican armies, iho idol of his country and her adored ties put, Vet such is iho truth, as may bo

con by the inlelligenco which we "have recently I'lib'tihed frnin that country. Al though hn is nut yet Pre-ident, there ts hull doubt, from nil aupearnnces, hut Hint he can m ike linn-elf so by a word, and. il necessary for that pnrpo-i; consign the pre soul incumbent. Dustamenie. to tho bloody tomb of th" unfortunate Mexia. Santa Aim ho- all the peculiar nltrtbnie of Hie mo-1 detested lyran's who.- deeds have -tatneil tho pages of bi-lory. He I lint nun iinhl.i ..i.'. r i. ' r.,,1,1 1,1. , I ,r , I ' - ' ii ii ii , , ..... Colli blooded splfi-hnes- guides pverv stpp i id ii ii 1 Hp ha- been called brave, bin 'H- not true ; he never did nn net wh ch could be cun-idered as the ofi'.pring uf the genuine spirit nt bravery. Il is True the fi.ild nf hallle ha- Wlness,. enini dnrimr achievement- by h m, nnd lu- name ,s n "Deep writicn in the chrimiclea of blood." Hut in all his exploits as a soldier, he hns boon imnolleil by the Pame m .live which at oilier time- hu- proini.'ed him to nlnv lliu part of n bn-e onward lu wit : In- own .ef iiL'grnn.l.z.'ineni. What truly brave man wini'il ie. t have cho.eii n. die n l lion n nil denll). him. el rather lliati have ordered t he full mi. -acre a' Hie A iiiuo or the infn m .u. murder ol Mexui ? No; Santa Ann. alter all hi- deeds in arm-, is not hrnve but he . .olfi-h. ninhill.ius. eriifii- nmel r.-veligelul and blood thlr.iy. Iflhese ore not lie e-.i ill ml characleri.i io-of a t vrnnl . we know tint what are; nml each nf'ihe-e ha- he exhibited III Hie coime ol hi. life I.. an eniiin nt degree. i i- much lobe la llienlid -och a 111. ins. rr kIioiiIiI In.',. ninnng n people who nfl'.ird him so wide a field lor Iho exercise ol hi- propensities Dili so II is ; llio Mexican- are ill Hie ril. n,,,,,l,ii,, r, i ii condition for despotism, and it will alwoys bo found thai "much nf power's exrrsj Is lliuir's whoraitu tlio idol." They are ignorant, super-iitinus, torn in pieces by .'actum and discord; and Hioir siibllo leader kuuw.- well how lo take ad vantage of these circuut-lances so as to turn them to Ins own account. Masters will not bo wanting whore . people can bo found who nre willing tu be slaves. What will bo Iho consequence of Santa Ana's complete restoration to power, nn event thai may now ho looked upon as certain, is a question of .ome importance lo the Texans in least. 'i (,, with nil Ins love of ambition and love of power bo con tent to see ihem in posses-inn ofn fair ter ritory winch a handiiil ufiiipn wrested from him when he hnil nil Hip force- of Mox'co ni his coinmand? We Hunk not. He must feel that oveni tn be a blot upon In name; and Hie idea of bis own capture and impri-nornent will rankle in In. revengeful bo. om until be can by some means regain what he there lo.t. Tho engagements which he entered into, ami the cnnuitums upon winch ho was released will mil stand in his way for a moment. Such men can find a pretext for violating Hie most solemn compncls. or if they cannot I bey will be f,,iiiid ready In violate Ihem wtlnout a pre text. We have ilierefore linle il..iibt bill ihnl lie will again niiempt tho .-uhjogni ton ol that province. Dm he will ooi succeed and if ho again fall, tni.i the hand- ol'tho Texan- wo humbly tru-i I hn I they will not repeal the experiment ., Moiling hnn loose upon the world " Sun Montr r a r.. .Iiuip 1 1. Mr. Tiiom as. Puifpr ,,,i nl Hip John Hull Me.i.iipi-, ;,. i iu-il p-.pi nn. hi v 1,1 t-li'iiPiir-i. ihu .--,,1,-M.n.l I.O.U n- liu.ill, (,i.iniie.l hi (l.e ip.ipi.I,,, I'elweeii 15 1 4 nVl.irk nlf l..n..ll.ip, nlii.iit S miles nlime S.iiel, ulul Iin u.u in il,U rin , mill up ipiiiei in li-iin 1I1..1 M.ip,,, nf iip i,.t k p.i..pii...ia, wh.,, we !!' f, hpip sh.h, Insl llieii lite-- lit J 1 1 1 j t u iweili.iod din ii,L' il.e pniilie Mini .illi'iiil.tnt mi ihe i.' nl' ill,, nilip.s ;.sl... lieu ill.-fi.p w.ts fi.-l ili.ciwieil, .1 hid Imili ill. ni . iU lie iIhi U, inn ili liili.i.nil piiitiii... ..I. ell lni, ili.o .nn .inpiiipi In n.i.'.l ii. pri.!.p4 " i- de, ,1 Ie... ; I ii w.i., ilipiifnf, inline. ill ... I .lee. e.l in . nn .lie I. , n is hp. n .lie .lime ,h Hie .e.. ill ih,. u.iit-i on l, ,,.iin. In ih ,, IIIIIP, llie ImiiI. hp,.. .( I, ,n , ,,.), ,,, PMiltl-V .lie , ... i,..,.s , .1,,,,,.. Cipl .ML. ton. nf ilie Diyopr. ulin-e tc-cl w.i. in nn, nf llie MtMinci , well III- nie.i ,n lin.ns, ipihIpip,! ihB itin'l p...i-e,Minlii ,ni. ps.piiii , M.mce mi Ui' , llie ii--enPi- fin. n the h.n nin unci III', si f .11,11, IIP PI I r II 111-1 .1 ,1 Ch 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 i i w.i- a ' ii w.i - .'fl w.i- ii liiw .0 the lime, .1- ll l.iijjp i.ii.iiI.pi of lli.up nil Iiii.iiiI .no nml.. nil.,. lv iu.l, Im-.l in ih,. nn., nnrii.iH eV'iii.iiH nf lie- C.ipi.ini I,.,- il,rir Imp-, as il.e Sie nnei '.. ho weie iii.i.l. i.i.,ip i reuiei ..II in, sl,..,p IipI.i.h llie Iiiiii w ,s lu.,pi m f lm( f,m sleiil in -If i ii. I'I.e ii.M-en-.'1'.s chin ., ,,,) i l.-K l.oi.l.-il w nil il.e i-si Hiii i,,,i i,C il, wlm lpii('(liieihooil. ()il i.l'llle En iliippis ii is s.inl, i- in... We I p,p ihf ni,,,,,. uf ihp I p.iiso i' l.i-i, .i- nl-.i i li- ii i.sPiijpi.' Ini-s;.!!,,. The pii.epiijpis weie in I.piI wl, n ihp .,ei'iip,ii i,,,Hlifi. -.uieof ,l,f e. I ,h li , i,.J i iiiii.,- I'lie.p wpif null ..h..m iwelie n ,,,,. "PfiJe's Iiiilma III n. , , l e(. l.til,..,., ,. f i,, , ii 11... lt,w. i I.., ii., II. . I i i.. r. ... .... ,, ' ' i ,. , , z"v;z;t:J':r:? 'r ! K. 1""i.uii. i:-i , w..s ,i i ,-.,..,.,. ;,,! ps,..,,., wl, l.e, .j;lii el -nub Ti.,. , f ,l,e 1 I'-t-p"-'" ee,i .1,,,,.,. h.n w',,i ,l,ei h.l . ' .' ;"'r ' 'r,' '"V yi , IP.Illie.l, ii ll II llli'.e U''.. I lei I IP. I It'll I in (iiiiii . 1 ii e ml (iO . I'l,,. I,,, nil's1 i. oi ..I f w.iipr, .mil ihe w.i- ne.ul) run. e i.tflnes i .inn. il wo, king Miiiieil. Com ier. THE FLOUIDA A DRANG' EM EN'P. 'I'he Wn.huig'Mii Gi.ihe auu.iuiioe. ih,. nmvnl ol Gii. Maciub nl the seal ol Government, and extnes-es Hi 'P'o.on ll.a' the ti'raiigeiueni he Iihs succeeded ifi'e'ing will .fi'eotually put a -top to the further i 1T,iioii of 1,1 1 Terniorv 'Pile count ry In be occupied ,r,,vi.i.,it.illy by the Indian- is situated hey, mil nil for mer .etileinenls, nnd Ihe cnrdnii nf pu-t. e.lnlill.hed norn.s 111" peilliisllln frnm Now Smyrna in Tumpa Day will bo furnished with n sufficient number of t roups to en sure the laiiliful observance of the terms tlieiaieil by Gen. Mac mib. limit bv tlio "telaled by Gen. Mac Lale tle.onlehes reeeived from I'.ir, fhl. 'son nun, that (Jen Arbuekle and the uperinieu.leiit of Ind'nii Allnr., Gen Annsiroiig, had in piirfiianpe nf in-iruc tnuw from the Secretary nl War, made hu arrangement for Ihe lu'ure perinani in es '"h i-hinent of Ihe Seuiiniiles. perfectly 'ai.luciury to Micannpy and uther chiefs, and that tho Siinmoles now in the wuet wtrcubout to mnovc tlicrc. V It I D A Y M O It N i o, J U N IJ 11 . WHIG STATU OONVK.VTIO.V. At Vn,Njrk, nn i.p 27.1, ,, nf Jlln'p will l.e l.el.l ii r.iiiwiiiion i.f .l.,.j,,,,P, ,f, i,,,,, from the people, nih.tllle r.ili. II. 1,07 fr ,!,,, (1fj rei, in he fiii.riiieil m tin- next nlrt-i tmi. t , linpp.l imiMir mine i!etpj.i leu (,m ,ln in ilm nl.i.p will lie npp.ii.ili'.l ... mni-iin;;, nf wlm are In f.ivnr nf n cniilinncil wie i.n.l 1 1 r 1 1 1 1 r-1 , t iidin.'ni'lr.iiiiin nf our slnle enieriinipiii oppincil In I lie me. fin es of dip mlunm. n,,. llmi in f.nnr of ('i-pl.iPiii;' il, nil. I et.ililiiin2 j ils tpid nun ih it -I. ill he rcii'iif ihle. . "nd ippnliliraii ; ni.ikinj p.ili iinf ippnliliraii in. .kin.' i.iii l.iii.iii its gmd,. il(. . '""t intripsn nf "in poiintiv ils Hinljm.d ilip. ,4( iiiipipsK nl llin poiinti principlp4 ,.,,nl2 iir.l by W Uljlnii nml JeD pteiv l.nv.i in the .Stale .hnnlil hp ippiejcnlnl, in.fiiiiieli n- ippt,ups ni iv lie nppoinlpil nl llip prnp.npil contention, in ipprpscni ilip st.iln In the It.lli. ... I.I nn,! I, I...I.I ... II...! i I. Dpri'n.lipr nevi. fur ilm ..Mriirtn .P .......;.?..!..' i i . i, ! , ; " " n.,,, ( On- I'ipsiilpiii nnd Vicp Pipnpiii, tv in, if elppip.l, will .p....d dip ,,d nnl ins - regard the "Inmmtnlioni nf Ihe people." A V.'llllOlll ll.lS I.PPII. C, tol l.r . ,1,1. ,ll. Ir, l.n "ALWAYS FAirill'UI.." Wir.MAM UnrAM. 1 F. I W ALTON, . Mauhy lin.uir.RV, ,' y, 'e , Urn T. HnnoKS, ' tvcnrnt CllUtr PS I'AINK, I t""" ClIAMLrS'KINS.J Montpelier, May IS. IS.j!). GRAM) IS I f-i COUNTY WHIG CO.V- vi:'iioN. The U'liiji, nf firninl .le County, will linl.l a ilip 19 h il.n nf Jimp, a ). wip n'ptm-k LsV,;,; Smiie. ihe p in se.n ; nml i,. , ,,. ff hnped lliu etpiv imvn in ihp Cnmiv will lie thor ,el'refe"lp1- y order of the County Con, ... Grand lelc Cnnnrv. June 8, A. I). IS COUNTY C O N V K N T I O N . I hp Wins of 1 'liiiienilcn Counlv me icipiesipil in uippi .it ihe E.,se ,,, ; W illi,,,,,, ,. 20 I, ll-H llfJllIlP, lll-l. fin t. lll(. llf noillilMlill.r r..oiilii.iii-s for .Scn.ilois fir die .-11-11,114 jp.h, for ilm,.riinii iiI'mk Ii oilier liusine-s 113 may ha 1 Iiuii li t (iioptr when n-euihlcd. GF.O AVERS. ) PltANCIS WILSON, tSA ML. II l!UtES, Wl. WE.SIO. June C, 1S39. County Committee WHIG MEETING. TIip Wings of Diirlingion are notified lo meet nt Howard's, on Tuesday evening, at 7i o'clock, for Iho purpose nf appoint, tug delegates to the County Convention. 7'oion Committee. Juno 13, 1839. Have tho several towns made arrange, menls for tho convention on Thnrsihu. ,,rvi If nut 'hero is no time to b- lost. There are nocnliar and pn-ront mo,,, ,.,i, i " " uiu jeLiiuur uini cngent reasons why we should hnve a full and strong delegation from eve) town. ARRIVAL OF MR. VAN NESS. The Hon. Cornelius P. Van Ness ar- rived in town nn Wednesday pvpning, and wn- received v it Ii the respect duo lo his',aa' heaten A dear half tho House o"f slaltnn. Agreeable lo p-ev,....- arranrrU. I D,!!' "-a,v nr,r Hi;"2li '"Sinl Whirs; , " nml ui'jy be depended on as such. Ninu input n dpputatton of friooil-o,0 ci I ,-. .. t. L"' i 1 , Whitehall lo meet and welcome htm, and , n committee appointed to receive him , , n committee appointed to receive him al Hie wharf The Whitehall wns hantlsnmclv deenra I' il wuh tl igs Szc for the occasion, and enmn into the b nv at an early hour, in hnmlsomo style, undor tho di-charge of arti'lorv. no-werpil by a gnu fr.un the bat "ory. A- ho landed nn the wharf the band s'riipl; up'-n-tup, -weet home," mid Iho cu-'omarv -aluto ol fil'le. n gun- to a for- tgn unni.ier. wa-opened Irom th break- walor. The prncp-smn Ihen fumied. under Hie direction of Col. Thomi-. a-i-ted bv ...... i. r , a number (,f nciivn vnunn men as t pout v ' - ' '"" nnr-ha's, and moved lo Hip Park, where M'. Vio N.-s was nddro.sed in behalf of the citizen-by N D II. -well. En u. mil felicitous manner. Tho ronly was neat and apprnpnate such as Hie circuui. .- . s a,ie'? ot the case were naturally calcula- 'ed to in-piro. As Hie address and reply ,., ,f , , , , , , ,, f cuur-p b- pilbll-I.P.I. WO Shall lint attempt n synopsis. The Governnr wa- then conducted In ns nonrters nl the 1 i Amnricnn-w,,pre a lnr', cnnci,,rsc nrcin-! 7. 'ii- ns.embled lo pay the rp-peel duo to an nld neighbor, on his return from nn ""'. "'tor an ab-enco of , ,., ,.rj Mr. Van Ne-o. wo nre linnnv tn nil,! appears- in pm.iy very g .ml health, and -nil letam-much nf the manly vtrrnrlhat i:haracleried his earlier life. Wo obsorvo with pleasuro that Mr. Duvcr. ! Inav isahuul publishing a bi-tmy nf iho lalo j i ii ui ni r. in'vnit. insiirreolion in Canada. Tho work is writ. Ion by Mr. P.ipinpau , and designed as a reply to Lord Durham's Report. Tho public have wailed will, some in.nationco to hoar ,rom wailed with soiiiu impationco to hoar from Mr. P. touching Canadian affairs, and tho work in question will doubtless bo generally sought for and road. CnNisKcrtcuT. Tho Mouse of Repro. spnliilive-, on Monday pa-sod a bill for the registry ol voters 9.") to 70. Also, a bill giving a bounty of 10 els. pr lb. on cocoons, and fifty cents per lb. on reeled silk. 'I'he lull repeals a former act giving bounties nn .Mulberry trres. Tlio bill authorizing the Norwich nut) Worcester Rail Rond to isnie times to circulate as money, was lost, M lo 137, VIRGINIA. Tho ntltninislralion papers cling with unyielding tenacity lo tho frail hopes that Mr. Vun Uurcn's party is in a ma jnrily in the Virginia L"gis1nture. Placmg implicit confidence in the dtcta of Ih" Washington Glnbn, by common con sent iho must abandoned press in this or any oilier country, it continue to delude its renders with the false and garbled statements of the "organ of the Adminis l rat ion," entirely and perhaps purposely nvprlnokmg the returns as given in the Richmond Enquirer, nn administration, or he Richmond Compiler, a neutral paper. F'Vph upon ilm Gtnlip's estimate, however 'ho claim ofa Loco Fnco mnjorily in th legislature mut now bo abandoned. - .tttnn rnnn',. l.:i. .i . - - - j, wiimu, inougo no returns ' I,,, l t,n ,nn:,i , . , 1 recpived, wa conccdpil to tho j Loco Foros, has, oleeicd a Whig Delo"ata I . . , rjy over 5U majority. This at nnce de slroys the claim of iho Globe to a majority ol two tn joint hallnt. Hut Ihe Enquirer, with the be-t possible disposition to cnnnl every doubtful vote at n Van Huron on-;, can only make nut 81 Administration men in ihe Legfliiturc jutid concede-U3 to Iho Whigs and Consur- viiivos. And tho Richmond Compiler, ii r i c 1 1 v a neutral paper, estimates Ihe ' Wh ig si rengi h on joint ballot lo be 78, that of HieAdmini-traiiontobe 75. and the C msorval ivos 13. This t a Hies a Irnost "y "' -nbular statement nf the iticiimnni Wing, and of its accuracy there can scarcely bo a doubt. VIRGINIA ELECTION. The Richinand Compiler, a noutral paper, sinlc- Ihat the Wing- and Conser vatives have carried the Hou-e of Dele gates by Twuvrv majority-. Wings 07 Conservatives 10 Loco F. cos 57. The Richmond Whig of tho subsequent day confirms tins account. Tho Whigs and Conservatives will therefore have a majority of sixteen on joint ballot of both houses'. From 1 lie New Voik Whig. ALL HAIL VIRGINIA! We are fnirlv out o! the winwl- nt loo, i j Tho Old Dominion has almost certainly i elected sixtv-uight Whigs and nine I Con-ervattvi s to the Huu.-e of Delegates, j "fifty -seven Loco F,.cos, giving an Anti- no uureu iiuijor.iy oi i v ni I I in Joint Dallot. The claim of the Loco Focos that nit uf Hie C usorvativo and Wing Dole, "nips from Lillle IVmiip.u, will a .1 ... ... I. . , u i iij.ii "ii nut Lrismci gave sorno ministration, when Hut District gave some 500 Wing and Conservative majority, is ! preposterous. They said that Dr. Ewinir of Lee an undnulneii lurr is lo vote Administration, and they have Hio face to claim about iw-i-lhirds of Hie Conservative-! They did the same lust year, and swore they would have a majority in Joint Dallot; but the result showed them full twenty behind. They may say i what Hiey plea-e now, but thev know thev oi.iiu oru i,uie.eo oniMorvanves. Uis- Un'' it n- they may, tho Van Duron organs I k.ow they liovu been beaten tn Virginia. j Liberty liu proved stronger than Power I in Hu- c.inte.i ; and tho hearts of the Peo ple arc rejoiced ! Fioni iho Piirlimand Whig. TRIDULATION OF THE POWER PARTY. The groans of iho Enquirer as to "Little Tehiie-see." and it. fears of an ama'gama. mo of with Whignerv, -how. how little thai print feels nTa" fts putj hu- gamed in .he lale contest. It iss i " .nn. ii uonsieu o oein.' , able tu ! rim i hu coalition," and carry iho Stale in spi'e of the defection of the P,,n. 8Piyn,lv,,,!' N"w- " is moaning, coaxing- 1 nml heeilltng. lo proven a coahlinn wfncli , ., i. i i .i ,. , . , oil,i , " had if, o n rod to be alreadv coiiMimmntei i Ttie.e signs speak nud.biy, and ivo thu j Oppn-it ion u.-uriiuce ihut Por.-o'veranca a111 ''"'-iS.'i'W"'' li-ad iIimii lo a final and inever-ib!e vioiorv. Lookum in u-hnr ha- just tran-ptred, wo doom it wonderful, llmi the Whig cause has come oil' so well. With Hie except inn uf a dnzun counties,, our strength was nut exerted with any; Hung like it- usual vigor and activity. There was hut little, if any organization,, and in somo in.-iances the events of t tm la.-t winter wore normitiod to hnu n, unutie iiiiiu.nce. llin rot urns show that - tXLt "'her side, nliu....i every man was polled. What wn-th- curse oi the Adminisira- luinpnr'y? Diliheyont niake unparal. ,.. ,1 eir.r.s .hrough.M,, ,. whol, Sa o ? III , , line-.- their Grand Oouventinn. w.Hi an undue influence. Tlio roiurns show that 'iiiposiug arrnv 01 great names their Judges. Iheir Dank President, I heir Coun cil'tirs, anil then Senainrs. ad taking part.. Column ices ol Vigilance woro appointed in every county in the Stale, uud every doubtful man was nailed by being made oriiininenl imoo the llsl. Three Aililrocsn. , - - .-.-a )V"tM P'"i.iHjfi.'l. and rxlra copies of the ,.V(.t ,'l0,, ,,,! corner where'it was thouiht i i-ve,y nine ui.ii un, in-, h nere n was I UOUglll ' ilelii.t.ui and humbug could avail any ilium-, ' would havo been indeed surprising. If !' Iiese otiginps had nul been nvuilablo. Bui they have failed i effecting all Ihat the n i. ...i i. ....... i i .1.. i . i .i. ... . ... , mil ...... ii,,,i-,i nun in-.,,, , nun lnelj wul fail moic signally in all future contests. The Whigs luiik nn hoed of the vmilanco of tin Mr adversaries they woro pa-sive, nnd by far tun patient ; and when the battle, c lenced, they wore found in tho condi tion of undisciplined militia, breasting tho shuck of regulars, stimulated to action by iho spoils'! in hand ami the advantages in prn-pecl. They have sustained soino dis. aier in Ihe uiuqunl conflic ; but now, when Hi" clouds have nearly passed away, and the field is surveyed, we find the Whig hnonor vet flontim, in , n. 1..,...,. miinrail a little, it is truo, but slill the emblem of victory. There i no cnusc for derpondency ; but