Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 14, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 14, 1839 Page 3
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(he events ol I lie campaign unequivocally jirovo to . wlwl we nsertod t (irony Imtii , t hat li Fccuro success, the Whig party must be nulled, active, nnd unflinching' The "signi of wu" from I ho other stdo. ndtnnnish them of I heir duly. Let no man falter, n ml nil will hi? well. The deopnrntiou nf the Enqnirrr wn never mure forcibly ! pictcd. ttmn in its tfllitlfi in wheedle Coiiservntives ami tin pmclicnblo Wings. Mad Us par'y obtained n miijiiriiy. I hn-r men would have been penmed nnd srnfl''d lit. but now Mint n LnCO P.icn cnllliol III- elected WIllliUII tlllMII. we have nil snrl- (if nppenl" In thou prnli' nnd ciiii-t-iency. and tbeynro pruned n llli'ii m firm in In' "Ihrown inln the nun" of their iidv-r-nrics ; yet. in llio very -n rm breath, ihey nre Iri-Hli'd ns though ihey were wenk enough In he whipped or wheedled i n 1 1 the Sub Trensury rntik?! Mut nut the subjcc' nf these nnxinu outpouring nf 1 1 1 Enquirer, feel ti'ter FCnrn nml contempt fur such puerile effu sions! Dn they nut feel ilicm-elvcs ibs hnnnred by Hi" ntipicion. I hn . niter hnving btnvi'tl the furnace of persecution. Iienti d by tin? nnroliMii mjr pariizm. thry should now bo the victim nf hi- shivering praise? We tliuihl not ihey will spurn alike (ho ft'ducMiiii" nnd the threats ot the sink nnd swim'' organ. Whether Mr. Hnrlon obtains the certifi cate or not from 'he sheriff, he will get the sent when an investigation i made by the committee of elections in Hie House. The majority of .Mr. Hopkins in Little TcntlCs-eo i 473. The Richmond Enquirer has been sadly at fault in Us calculation respecting the member r'f Congress", it bundled Hint Garland. Hopkins, Ilunier and Tnliofei-ro were to be beaten, and their places supplied by "sink or swim'' Loco Focus. The re sult is that the Whigs have gained fnur members, as compared with the last elec tion, inc'uding Harton, of whose eventual success not a duuht is entertained. The great contest throughout the Stale a struggle which hns absorbed other questions tins been for the Legislature. Here the Whigs and Conservatives have gained a glorious triumph. Ten mi mbers of Congress anil sixteen majority in the Legislature are the fruits of the victory ! Well done, Vihoima! Important Decision The Circuit Court ol the United Stales for the L niia na District has decided llini the late law of Congress coiicniing sieiiinhonis is not up plicnble to bonis navigating the Mississippi river. There are nearly one huiitlrtd and fifty suits to which this decision is applica ble. The case he!ore '.he Court was that of the Untied Stales vs. Cnpl. Price, on an information that the said cnpintu hnd not complied with the act of Congress in pro curing iron tillar-ropes lor the Use of his boat. We find the above in the National Intel ligencer. On what grounds: tins singular decision was made does not appear. Tbe citizens of Burlington, without distinct ion of party, are requested to meet at. Howard's Hotel on onday evening next, at 7 o'clock, for tbe purpose of making arrangements for cele brating tbe coming 4tb ol .July. i i i: i) In this mwn, on Pi iimning l,ii, ,Mr. Nye, widow nf I lie tale Lino. Nte, lined siliiini 70 tf.m. In Hiiiphiii!ili, mi ilieOih iiiji,, Air I1g.nja.mik Irish, nel 47. J A M K S iM I T C II K li I. DBJLF3R & TAILOK, Corner of Church S; College streets. Buuli.noton, Jo.nk, 1 830. LY31AJN & COLE HA VK nice iv. d ii lew pieces ul ncli undressed Scotch Gingham. Swiss Lawn, a beauiilul articlu or La- diep while dresses, Rich Print d Lati n, Cambric, Muslin, &c &c. Burlington, June 14 1839. Flounce Hounds, Again. WE have selected n few in tho-e finest Florence Hals.soine as high n- 12. also a Inrge nssnriineui. price- ranoiim fmni 3 lo g0, which will hi. disposed "of m jilense our cu-tomerH. Wo lin ve a Isn oeu tlemen'H extra quality blnck Coal "skin Cloven, Ladies do. Ladies, block Pic Nic Gloves and a front vani'iy of NEW GOODS which wo will bell Cheap. Cheap. Cheap. June 14. Latiihop & Potwin. PICKLED PISH. OALMON. Shadd ami No. I. Mackerel, a tt. Smoked Salmon, nl reiail by Juno 14. Latiiiioi' Si Potwin. The very best of durable or In- dclltble Ink for marking linen or cuilou, warranted not tn wash nut ; fur sale fur 25 el" large Bottles, at tho Variety Store. June 14, Pakgbohn &, Bni.N'MAii). 4th Julyi A good assortment of beautiful Mueliue dc Lainc lln day opened nl June 14. Wait Si 'mn. Straw Travelling Baskets. A lew large flu t S raw I!akots, useful for Ladies when travelling, nho, hoiii rolop.d l!u.. N. Juno I I pAsrilinuv Si IIiiixiM Ml). Hose Water treble distilled, lor Cake, in Jllltl; Hollies 50 c Pa.'-.OIIiiI'.s. (Si iiHIN-MAIt). Willow Wagons and Cbairs. iJTflf tew more Wngon of different sizes. Yrfy .11. SO, n few more childr. u's willow Chair- and Cuid'e. received by lliosnnio IJoat which bronr-hi t he Cover nor 1 1 ino. June U, I'ANRnniiv Sc. ItrilN-MMl). A few niori- fine ilh1, IJii.-nins called the Patent Frilled H .-oins, ALSO. n few mnro 'A. No I ' rich black satin Stocks. ALSO. some beautiful summer Slocks. ALSO. a few fine Slocks fioio t inch to 2i inches in width. ALSO. n few long Stocks in, in IG to 20 inches in length. ALSO. n lew beautiful figr'd wiim: satin Stocks, received nl the Vii'ieiy S ore. Juno 14 I Ann .iiN & Rhin-m ami. PINK SAUCEiiS. 6 it. z I'o'k or C.iriiMiie Sincere I doz MiZ'lMHo Saucer, received by Jill e M P.ANnilOIIN Si HlllN-MAIIl Reeves & Sons' Water Colors. 4 few lioxes of I. 2. and 3 rows ol the x.V nbnve fine wa'er paints with brushes complete. ALSO, -ome of the above in Ho.xes with Lock and key uuil drawers under them. ALSO, Fine drawing Pencils ALSO. Cap Hoxes nnd Powder Horns by June 14, pA-tRimm & Hiiinsm All). FROM the pns lureol'ihc sub scriber on the 13th of May. a light grey Marc, saia to bi seven yenrs o'd had a switch tail, was low in flesh, had the Horse distemper nt the time she lefi. She was formerly owned in New bury, and has probably taken that route. Whoever will give information where she ( mav lie found will confer n favor. 5w Milton June 12. '39 J S PLATT. j Fresb Prunes, by tbe Box, at ! WAIT n ml TA no its A few straw Bonnets yet on hand, which will be sold very cheap WAIT & T A 150 II. SILVER SPOONS. WF. give notice Hint we have made arrangements, which will ennble ui. we l Inou, lo niniiufacliire in on r Shop, by ourselves or uiiiler our immediate direction, enough spoon-" to supply nil calls for them. We iiHeud lo sii'-iniii the reputation we have nrquired for innklng a good spoon and warrant them good silver. Should l he call lor spoon- nl any lime he greater than we can supply of our own make u- H ha? been formerly w -hull mipp'v our custo mers with 'Vtp York mride Spoons. P.NRIIOR Si. IllUN-MAll). ,Tnn 14. Silvt rvnith. To Manufacturers & Clotbiers CLOTH I Kirs Cards inaiiuiiirtiiN d by the Springfield Card (Jo S;innirfi 'h" Mn-- hy J &. J II Si Co. Aenl Thoro nro several small ac- liiiiniip due ii- iroili varioii- eroii- in tins Town and Vicinity! small in niiiouni lo lie in hut of imporinnce lo u-. We wish them nil paid, in order lo help keep up our good assortment Wo can keep ui) our variety only by 'not irediting 1 June 14 PanRH-.rn ,& ISlllNCMAII). TO BUILDERS. rBHIH unit., ,1 tti, ,.(;,.iv. M.nled I -B- iroionl. lor the Irnuiing. raising nnd I eoinpl,, jog of no nreh lirulge oyer llie Onion Hiver. mar llie Alee lug I -e mi , R'chnioni!. Slid bridge i-of two hundred leet span thirty two leel from i ul-lde to' I outside of Hie posts wilh one arch--lwol enrnage iracKs two stile wnlki with, twelve feel coin inual ion on the ahuunenis, at each end. A plan nf said bnilge is in the bauds ol Rnri-oin Jones m Richinonil, where il may be in-pected by ihosu inter esled. Said proposals will bo received until the lit clay of July next. I OLIVIJIl SIIHPARD.) Select RANSOM .IONFS, S men, AMOS IS COOPF.R. ) Richmond. June 14, Iil39. i VERMONT MILITIA. rilHI'j Sub-cnber- linviug been appmni JL ed ngents for I be purfoi-e hnve miide nrrnngf inenls to supply the Altltlia ofVer iiioiit wt h MILITARY BUTTON'S. inniiiifnclured by the A'l leh irough Compn iiy Mn, expressly for the piirio-e, with UBVICBS iiiiiiroyed nod adopted lor O li.VK ft A L AND STAFF. FIELD AND STAFF. ARTILLERY LIGHT INFANTRY. RIFLE. To bo lurni-heil in n Tew weeks. Terms given when received. DANMKLS & BRLL. Rutland, Ft. June 14, 11139. Molasses and Sugars Hilda. Prune Alidades lllils, Si. (Jr. and I'ort Ilicn Snpnrf 15 Duxes Lump uud L"a( do by J. & J. II, PECK & Co. Jgnc 14. STRAI A new tbing under tbe roof ol the Varicly Sime Patent Slay liodkitif. Lndics can hy Hie ine of I Ins little useful article which costs hut 12 els, insert and fasten into Slays, or other Gnrtnonls, i lie ivory or uiutal Kvlets, with much less work or trouble nnd in less tune ilinti by the old way ; those who wih can he -liown how it is used by calling nt the Variety Sioro. A LSO, Fine finished Kylcis c cts per dnz. ALSO, fur sale curling Tong- lor curling Ringlets &c. June 14 I'anrii 'H.n Si. Itiu.ssM no. UNEXAMPLED m&mmT schemes rflll-; following details of n Srfttmc of it JL Lottery, to hn drawn in Deeiouher next, wananls ih in deel iriug it lo ho UNI'A It A L IjI'.LIII) in the liHlnry of Lolleries. Piurs In llm auiouiil liare nu ir tnfore titcn offend lo the hi lil ic. is true, there are many blinks', hut on llio other hand, the extremely low charge of $20 pur Ticket the value mid number of the rapitrtli, and llie revival of the good old r.u-tom of that nvcitv I'lllZn SII.M.I, III". DllA WN AND Sol, I), will, wt are sure, give iiniyeisnl snlifnclinn. and cs. pecially lo lw. Six Hundred Prize Holders. 'I'o Ilium disposed to adventure, wo iceotii mend eaily nppliealinu heing uuuie to us for tickets when the Prizes are all sold, blanks only remain the first buyers have the best chance. We. therefore, emphatically siy DKLAY NOT! but :it oiiee remit and tianiiiih lo us your orders, which shall always receive our immediate nlleiitiuu. Letters lo bo ad dressed, and a p nt irn t inn mndu In SVI.VH'JTKH V CO., l.TO itrandwny, i'ew York. Q&Observe the number, 150. ? f f $500,000!! $25,000! ! G prizes of .$20,000!! 2 prizes of-S 1 5.000!! 3 prizes of .$10,000 ! GItAND nEAf, KSTAT12 fc JIANK STOCK LOTTERY OF PROPRIirYSITUATR IN N. ORLEANS. 0"'ie nhrst and most .Magnificent Sthenic ever prcsentrd o the public, in this or any other Country. TICK UTS ONLY $.0. Authorized by an act of the Legislative As (icnihly of Florida, and undur the directions of thn commissioner!., acting under llie samo To be drawn at Jacksonville, Flor. Dec. 1. l!;39' SCHMIDT St IMJIlIrON, Managers, SYLVLST1 U k Co.. 150 Broadway, Sew Yor';. Sole Agnits. NO COMBINATION NU.MIiF.llS ! ! ! 100,000 Tickets, from No, 1 upwards in suc cession. The Deeds of the property and the slock trati'fcried in trust to the. commissioners ap pointed by the. said act of Iliu legislature of Florida, for llio security of the prize holders. SPLENDID Sf'HFMF. ! ! 1 Prize The Arcade SBC feet. 5 inelie-, 4 hnef. on M.iirnzi'ia t.; 101 feel, II inelie--. on Natchez st.; 1'JO feel, 0 niches, on Gravier st. Honied at about 37,000 per arm. Dollars. valued nt 700,000 1 Prize. City Hotel ICC feet on Coniinnn strccl ; I4G feet, C inchc, on Camn t. Honied at 'J5.000 valued at 1 Prize dwelling Hnun (adjoining the Arcade) No. 10, 2 1 feel, 7 inch es front on Natchez slrcel, reeled nt $l'.'00 valued at 1 Prize do (adjoining ihn Arcade) No. Hi, 'J.i feet front on Natchez st. rented at SI 200 valued at 300,000 20.000 20,000 Prize do, (adjoining the Arcade) No. 20, 2J feel front on Nrlchcz si renlcd at .J 1200 valued nl I Prize do. No 2.5, North cast corner ol'I'a-lii and Cu-toin hoii-o streets 40 feet front 011 I!a-in, 11 ml 40 feet 011 Franklin sireet.hy 127 feel deep in ('11-I11111 llou-e slreul, rented at $1500 -valued nl 1 Prize do No. CM, South wosl cor ner of llasin and Ciisluni-hoiise stH 32 feel, 7 iuelies on liasin, 32 feet, 7 inches on Franklin, 127 feel, 10 inches deep in front of I ii-toni-house strcel rented at .JlfiOO valued nt 1 Prize do. No. 330.21 feel. II incho 011 Hoynl street, U 127 feet. H inelies' deep rented m ,J1000 valued al 1 Prize 250 shares canal hank lnck 20,000 20,000 20,000 l-000 ? 100 each 2.i.000 do 200 do commercial do do 20,000 do 150 do Mechanic!)' k. Traders' do do do 100 do Citv Hank do do do 111(1 do do do do do 100 do do do do do 50 do Exchange Hank do do do 50 do do do do do 25 do Gas light Hunk do do do 25 do do do do do do 15 do Mechanics' and 15,000 10.001) 10,000 10,000 5 OflO 5 000 2.500 2,500 1.500 1,500 Tiaders' dn do 1 do 15 do do do do 20 do each 10 shares of the Lotisiana slain Hank, fi 100 each, each prize $1000 10 do each 2 shares m" .$100 each. 20,000 eaeii prize 2110, of the (ias Light Hank 200 do eaeli 1 share nf .$100, or tho Rank of Louisiana 20,000 200 do each 1 slmre of $100, of llio New Orleans Hank 20 000 1 GO do each 1 hhnre of $100 of the. Union Hank of Florida 15 qqO OOOPUIZKS 81.8110.000 'TICKETS ,!0-NO SHARES. Tho whole of tho Tickols, with their num bers, 118 also ihnso containing the prizes, will ho examined ami sealed by tho cnminisMomus appointed under llio Act, pieviuusly 0 their being put into the wheels. One wheel will contain l( whole oflhn iiiiinhnrH.tht, other will contain tho Six Hundred Pnzei, and the first 000 luunhers ihni shall he drawn nut, will ho entitled lo such I'tiizc us may he drawn lo its tiiiiuhur, ami tho foriiiualo holders, of such Prizes will lutvu sueh propeiiy tinnsfcrred to Ih cm immediately alter the drawing, unincum. htred, and without any Deduction .' A new lot of Slips and Shoes, jiiit received by WAIT & TAPOIt. GUQIC WISSTES. ! AllltANTHI) pure juice ul'ihernjc consist lot" oi i i ,i liner ii. I'nrt ss,.,. t'v AIndeirn and Sherry, I cask Spnnfh onerry ns good nfl ever llliporled. ALSO, pure uiiadulieniled Chnmpngne ISrnnilv. persons wishing r,n nriiclu for medicine may depend upon u ns being free Irom II II V III .V II re. LaTIIUi.I' Si. PoTWIN. CUMBERLAND SPRINGS. rffHI' siihscriher tukes tri method n JL inform the Public, thai he has rented llie large nnd eoinmiiilious house, situate nl CuMiimiLAMi Si-ui.Nfis. No expense hav tug been snnred in putting t ho House. Spring. Pleasure grounds, Walks, &c. in complete repair, ho feels mi hesitation in snyuig. thai those w!c. mav he disposed in pntroii'Z" bun, will find every thing to their entire sali.fncllon. The roads leoding lo tho Springs being in excellent reputr. and through n benuli Mil part of tin. inwii. no other spot seems more lnvornble for Pahtiks nf Plkasuiu: 10 enjoy themselves, .'bun this. Tlie iiinilieiil qunljiift) ol tin.' wnter, ore con-ldered 1 (juiil to tho fnmed Saratoga nod liall-low 11. Every n I lent ion will be paid to 1 lie comfort and convenience of invalids-. O. P. CARP F.NTFR. F'eekninntown, June I, 1030. 3ttj7 VMON &C. S TR O N G S & Co. ARFnotv recnving a heavy slock of Iron nod Steel, consisting of 10 tons K11gln.l1 Wagon and Cart tire of all t lie vn rums s ,-', 5 Inns Ru-sia O. S. Iron 3 (In Sw des do Ca-t. German. Spring, American and Eng. Ilhsier Steel. English Hoops. Hmziers rnd Sc. Also, on Consignment, 500 Kegs ns-oricd cut Nails, 3d to C0d nod floor Hrads. CO tons Peru manufactured Iron round and squa.-c nf nil szeS. Baud Iron, Sliou Shapes etc. etc. .Tune G. Iron Hollow Ware. A very extensive assortment of Hollow Ware, consisting of Pols, K. tiles. Furnaces, Spiders, Tea Kettles, Rasins. High pans etc. with a grenl variety of Stove Ware, just ree'd nnd for sale hy June 0. STRONGS St Co. GROCERIES. 50 ''"'"ls lly-oii. Ilv-un Skin, Young w !Iyon nml Pouchong Teus, ot good and extra qualities 20 Hags old Java and St Domintro Cof fees 50 Kegs Ginger, 20 Boxes pipes, 40 Iloxes bar Soan 10 do Cavendish Tobacco, 1000 lb-, leaf do lor Sheep 5 Cn-Is Sa lerai us 10 Hags pepper and Pimento 100 Huxes nnd qmrter I'mxes RnittH Sim ving Soap. Cloves, Nnlineg--. Ind'gn. Ca-wia. Chocolate, niu-lnrd, Sinrch, Lem on Syrup, etc. etc. just received bv S rnoNr;s i: Co. 2000 1 'n-hel- Coarse so nr Si 100 'lo line do 50 large sacks L'verpnol blown do June 0 I'i39. STRnsn-' .t Co. AMP OSL-. (IfjOallnns Winter nnd Fall AarHKV Sppr( 0, anij rrfii( () .Inn. 0 '39 by Stuono- & Co. L A N '1' E R N S . G ( LOI1E Liiiti-ru-. nnd l-ing Glass do. a new and "nod an icle hy STRONGS & Co. Corn Brooms and Pails. 100 ""z "'""ins. .10 do l'aieni Pails. bv June 7. .1. Sf J. II. PECK .S- Cc. TOBACCO. KRCS Plug Tobacco y 40 Hoxes Cavendish do CO Packages Sheep do 2000 lbs. Leaf dn do bv J. J. II. PECK k Co. June ' SPERM OIL. &D(& GL.WI, 'inter Sperm Oil 2000 do Fall do do 1500 do Helmed do June 7. bv .l.k .1. II Proi; k (Jo, (1 r o v c. v i v. s . Chests Young Hyson Tea id Co Hyson akin do 20 Il.igsl' 20 do Pimento 40 do Coffees 50 Iloxes Pipes 100 do ll.i r Soap 200 do Raisins. 50 Kegs do 10 do Pure Ginger 100 Mats Cassia. St. Croix Hum, Holland Gin. Signelto Hiandy. Hallinioro Gin. American Hrandy Champagne, Drown and Palo Shorty, Madeira and Siclv Madeira, Murseills Madeira and Malaga Wines, hy .Iuue7. J. .t J. H.Pi:cKjtCo. Crown Class. EOrOHO. SAranae. ami Clinton crown t by tV J. II. PECK : Co. Audits. .limn 7. UI39. Foroiirn Tron and Steel. ENGLISH Iron from 1 10 C inches Russia Old Sable Iron Do New do do Swedes do Hoop do from J to 4 Inch Brazier's Hods Spring. Cast, German, Swedes nnd English lllisler Steal. O.irt and Wagon Iloxes Finished Cm liars hy Juno 7. J. it J, II. PECK &. Co. WHITE HEANS. fiHI 1Iii'Iu,h W'liiled by the .sub t-criberi? for which tho highest price will he paul in gnods. June C, Lvrtiuor and Pi twi.n DYE STUFFS. 100 Ilbls, On rit Wnod do Log Wood St Domingo COO 250 250 200 40 25 30 do do do do do do do do Cunpcnchy Fustic Nicaragua A'titii Hlue Vitriol Madder 50 Carboys Oil Vitriol. Murtnlte Acid. Anna For! i". Nitric Acid, ('nrenma, liar Wood, Pencil Wnnil. Quer coal Hoiipd eapahlo of ronlaiiiing 40.000 ciiron Hark. Spnni'h Floinnt nnd Iietignl buhely. nnd a Inre and commudirius Finish. Indigo. Lac Dye, Nut On Ik Press pn. , !i Shop, built separate, and receiving wind pers Jacks Tenter Hooks, Cream Tnriar 'or tho lires from ihn Fnetorv which build and Agal by J. &, J. II. Peck Si. Co. 1 '"- wc" 'ja,l',llal'-'d for a Pocket Furnace, June 1, 1039. ' and could he easily airanged for thai purpose. 1J 1 Tho dam and Machineiy ol'lhe Factory aro Lorrillards SnnfF Sc. Tolincro "r,,,,r 111111 tl",s'i'P,y -t water ahumU lmiill.lKIS .3 1U1I lOUatCO. ,,, ullMlllll, A Iso attached lo iheso 40J !" lMa''"h"v bm,ir ! buildings-, nholil six acres of Land, formimr - 5 bhls. Scoich do Calf Bladders rr,,Ml iln Falls of the Hiver nl' nlwoii. 5 do do do Ox do 30 do Chewing Tobacco 30 do Smoking do bv J &, '. II. I'kck Si. Co. Agnvh Paints and Oils. 10,000 l)fy White Lead 100 Ca-ks ground do do 15 Hills. Venetinn Red 10 (n-ks French veilow 50 IU, s. American Linseed Oil 25 do Spirits Turpennne Copal Vnrn.-h. Gohl L"r,f Sand paper, Smalts. Hruslies, G tie. Gum Cnnnl &c. bv Jl""' 7 J-'J . I'l'.t'K Si. Co. SALT. SOOO B'"'' Sn'dr Sail Sicain do 3000 I 500 1000 1000 100 250 200 Julie 7. do Fine do do Turks l-lnnd do Barrel-1 Fine do do Dairy do do Coarse do Sacks Dairy do by J. ifc J II PECK Si. Co. 200 H"rroN lie-h giounil hv J A- J II PECK Si. Co. Boston N- 1' liiun, 50 Illlds. Card, uer B'ewer-, hy J & J II. PECK Si. Cn. Potash Kettles constantly on hand hv J & J. II. PECK S,- Co. iYails, Brads & American Iron. 2000 '"-8 aiU (",m 1(1 00,1 U'iO do Hradd do Ga to 20j Horse Shoe Iron Scroll and llainc do n'l sizn Hand do from I i to 4 J Inch R -11111(1 do i to i do Squan; (lo 5-fl to 3 do J. if,- J- H. I'kck .f,- Co. Agents for Kciscville manufacturing Co. 500 Bushels Corn for sale hy June 5. I1ICKOK CATLIN. Tin Plate &c. H 'Xes Tin plate 1-3 X and extra 150 SI7.e 1000 Ui-. Sheet Copper tinned do. 100 HdU Iron wire a---oried. 500 ihs Engli-li Hra-s Kettles all sizs, 300 do sheet I!rn-s do Copper, tinned anil black rivet?, 100 (Jnnada plates. 50 liiii-. English Sheet Iron, assorted with n general a--orimeiit of gond-s for tin ners u-e. which will he -sild nl low prices. June 7. STRONGS and Co. Heavy Hardware, Cro Bars, AnviUs," Vic-. .S'll.'Vt'1-. l.'a-l s'eel (lo. Spade.-. Iloes. Seytlu dung fork-, Wag gon nml Curt I'oixes, Trnee Cbawis, i'oiiish uuil ('nldron Kettles. Plough Ca-lings, Ca-I Iron Waggon Ami-- etc etc. bv ,ine G STRONGS and Co. Sugars and Molasses. Iliids. St. Cr and Porti Ilico, Su- 20 llhds. nnd lierces Trinidad iMolasses, 10 I! xes Philadelphia nnd d.'ubh' rtfin. ed boil Sugars al vcv low prices, bv ,i;ie G. STRONGS nnd Co. 110 WARDS TTT NPHECEDE I'ED de-pn cli in btisi U ii"-sl Iv ( qua. led comparitivcly bv .1,0 succ-sive nnd q nek p,.-sage of lu's 'nvor.te Steam Ship Great Western wh'ch i. . : 1 ... 1 ey i - n .i.... 1 1.'.. ' ,1 rW 1 7 P m' 1. , ' M.(li: ou v...,...- o.u.n. v ..., good news fir the country. Howards return Irom New Ymk the ihird fine in Mich quick sucoe--tun nnd wit h so ninny nnd new kind-, of Goods has increased the sales wondeifii'lv, well may it besniii there is 110 place like IJotvirds logo a shopping lor it does one good to see so many p'Oity gnnds and happy customers buying, ns is altvny-foiiuil at 1 lie Guind Hi '.-inr ('tienp Ca-h Sii.te bv S. EARL HOWARD. Jitr.e G, 11139. nASIl tt ill he pniii li r W OOL r.t the y Hurluig'on M C'oinpnnv'n I''.iemrv' SIDNEY EAR LOW Agn 4) Ci.-lis. by .1 .V J. 11. .V Co. SILI'ER TAHLE S,- TEA Sl'OONS. do Spectacles, do TliuubU's, do Pencil Cnses, for sn'c by June 5. Vilas Loomis it ml Cn, aoo ,ACKS 1MiNS' t-klJ 50 iN M.txed do 200 000 Dril'd Eyed nnd common Needles, 50 Grosses Kniuing Pin-, tor sale hy June 5. Vilas, Luomis Sf Co, 300 Lbs. While ami colored Colto't Thread, nssorlcd Nos, 2 Cii-es Holt's Wire Th'ond, 325 Do. Wib nml Gum F.laslic Su-ieniler.s. for km In by June 5. Vilas, Loomis nnd Cn. Oerman Silver. 400 7.. 'Polite nnd Tea Spoon?, 12 do Sugar Tongs, 20 do Specmcles, 100 do Pencil lisc". for f ale by June 5. Vilas, Loo.mi and Co. I A Gil HAT HAItGAIiV. A SCYT1IK I'UTOltV A NO MILL I MTKS, Willi 'l If hat WAT I'. It i I'O Willi. 1 rgHE Mibsrriber will k ai ft vcty low I J. price, and on a credit of icri years, with ' interest nl 5 per cunt, per nnti'im, that valunhlu : properly situated nt the Grtnt Falls of Sal moii River. .'! miles snnih xf Mnlnne Fianklin comity. A. Y. eoiisinling of a large arid well built SOYTHH ?iOTOAY, contain i I IT two Trm I 'litminn.'x. llm " I'tirnnri... nml nil the conveniences for a Int-m husinns?. tviih 40 rods, tvilh files and water power sufficient ! for a large number of Mills. On llio land ' there is a frame of a dwelling House, erected but mil finished. All this properly will ho ' sold in one pnrei I at n great ocrifieo front , its cost, to any one who would put and keep I the Factory iu opemlion. Il presents a gicat chanro for speculation to I any young mechanic ot manuf'iclurer of en. I leiprize, n item ho bought on n long tredit, '".'"" rain o uncres . n,m ,r a very smau Pric- , 1 "J ",M n" 'J"01 "Intention 'or V?'' lil 1 W " '' ' ""i . .1. ,1... 1. : ...:. i.i.. ...i ,10 prpt.ciivi! value of the great water privi leges and mill Mt(s is such, ns lo ensure ;i large profit to any person who should own it and givo illhe proper nlteiilion. 'I'ho owner ol'lhe properly oilers it on these inviting terms, in hopes of introducing; manufactories' and thereby promoting tho settlement ot" his land? in the immediate vicinity. The Ogdnii.liurgh and Lake Champlain Hail Road, tthieli will, wilhoul doubt soon he constructed, will run within eight miles of this properly, and will add greatly to its valuu and importance for manufactories. For further particulars, enquire of llio sub scriber at Malone. NOAll MOODY. IUav30, U,39. I t( gross Hnurdctl's Iron Side Combs, 5 do Patent Ilrass do. 200 do, fine S. F. Sz S. S. F. Ivory do. 20 gross Honks and Eves, for salu by .lutioo. VILAS, LOOMIS &Co. 16 case.- Eugii-li nid American prints, lor .-ale by Vii,.s, Locmi nnd Co. iUouselinc do Laine, Challyctts Ginghams, ifce. by VILAS, LOOM IS ifc Co. Jesso Woodrufr's Esttate. STATE OF FERMONT. ) Dt-i niCT or CiMT't i:dkn, ss. S 7Vie Hon the. Probate Court for the Dis. trill nf Chitlendni. To oil persons con. ccrnrd in Ihf Estnle of Jesse Woodruff', late if Milton, in said District dereaicd, GREETING. WHEREAS, Sally Woodruff, excnutrijc of llio In-t will and testament, of said deceased proposes to render an account of her administration, and present her account against said estate for examination and allow- 1 unco at a session of the Court of Probate, lo be hidden nl llie Register's in JiuriiugtoiL ! on the ?ecnud Wednesday, of July next. Tin mrroni:. You are hercuy notified to ap. pear before sa ,d Court nl lite tune and (dace; aforesaid, and shew caii-e. if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given under mv hand at Burlington, this fifth day of June A. D. IS.19. W.m. WESTON, Register. Win. B. liners Estate. STATE OF FE R.MONT, ) Di-'i iitcT ( v rmiTr.NOF.s. s. S A Ta Probnio Court hidden at Burlington, f'k. within and for said District, 011 tho 3d day of June A.I). 1039. Present, llie lion Charles Hu ell. Judge. An instrument purporting to be the lat will and testament of Wm, IS. Miner, Into of Mil ton, in said District, deceased, hoing presented to the court here by Henjamin Miner Jr. tho I executor therein named, for probate ; it is or ' dered by said court that all persons concerned , thorein. be untitled to appear at a session of I said G0111I lobe hidden at llie office of tho I Register of said com t. at the Court House. ' in said niirlington. on the second Wednesday of July A. D. 1039, and show causu if any ' they mav have, against the probalc of aid will, for which purpose it is further or- 'hoed, lhat a copy ollho record of this order b published three week, .successively in tho ' 'W; a newspaper, printed nt lii.rlu.g- Ion aforesaid, as souu us may be, A truo copy of record. Altest, W.u. Wr.S'TON, Register. NEW FASHIONS. E..H AS f the latest fash ions, Mouselin de- aino for dresfOs, S 1 I k p . Ribbons, F.owerp. Lawns, G loves, Sea rfs, Hells St'nw in d Tn;cnu Hraid, and 111:1 11 v other nrl'd'- nil ot th ch sin- will dispo.-o of na low ns ilie can be bought cl.-: where. Hurt'ogion. Mnv. 1039. Sw .AIKS. MILLIKEN fTliAS just returned from New York with a OJRjk supply of fashion-able DRY GOODS, HOX.VETS l' the newest style, and fashion able Summer Hats for gentlemen. Sho res peclfully invite hor old friends and the public in "ciieral lo call on her and examine for Iheni-elves. Store oil Si. Paul's. slreot in the building formerly occupied by Mr. Tryou aa a Tailor's Shop, Hiirliiijjluii, Mn.v "1, 1839, Copper Pumps, Lead Pipes and Rotary Stove Plates. P'.USONS wutiuig to purchase any of llie ntioye nrtieies, nrc invilod lo call ai our shop on Church st. May 1 11:10. Staiui it HosTwrcrc, Childrcns Bolts &. Nets at tho Vurioly Store, Panob ii-.n ,t Hrinsshid. I iVt si N,'w Y"rl w"1' 11 I ri'iljJ I " !i& ns-ortuienl of j Ladu-s Tiiscnn. mfl" Slrluv & Sdk Hats 1 '. " 1 1 wj A

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