Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 14, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 14, 1839 Page 4
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Cui.cltidnlfrom first Page advancing i ti tut t-t li"r, nnil lending Iht In I. inni mi ilii hiiln -Id vnii I mvii tin' Ii !r- lings nf llils hour. Il win Mifolv !i prni. tiniisstnr that, shuno upon nn' when I lirsi ruaied myolf beside you that ititnitrrllt inght. Had you nut enino to prove yunr clntin to her wraith, the t-pull tint bound tno would not yut have been broken,-and a w nil of ui'pnrntion might tt 1 1 1 1 1 n v r r i -- 1 1 liatwuoti hearts Hint have mot titid blended, iiud will continue to mingle through eter nity' Aunt l!ridgct turned away her head, and ucemcd t,'ddcnly to huvo lost the j;iti ol speech. iSntnewhnt alarmed at Iter unusual silence, OFpocinlly ns liu In It her shaking mid I rein 1)1 ill; under the folds of li r clonk, ho lean otl over hur rind trim) to uu'io her honil, so ns to give liar uir. Fearing she would foil into n fit, ns ?ho (.ontinui;d to I rumble mill mere violently, ho burn tliu ribbons num. der, for the hunts scorned t" tighten under Inn fingers, anil ihn clonk hood nud mob cap foil off siniuliniionosly tbu largo yroji rpecinclcs too dropped from the eyes, winch, laughing "ml brtllian') now flashed upon bis own nnd 1 1 1 s arms which had been extended lo support a far different personam', wore folded m transport around tin; eraeocfnl form of Mrs. Clifton. 'Will you forgive mo." cried she, when she raised those Ufti m i ti eyes from hi shonhlur. 'tliu wily deception 1 hnvo prne licod? Will you lorgive mo for continuing a disguise through lovo whirl) commenced Iron) cccnutric motives? nting and un protected, I have sometime found safely in thin distli'ii'ing onrb. Like the Arabian monarch, I like occasionally the cover ing of a mnsk, that I may 'on able to rend the deep mysteries of human nnitire. llul mv masqtterndc is over 1 have now read nil I ever wish to leurn. Promise not to lovo mo less because the doom of riches Mill chugs lo me, and I will pledge life and mine, that you shall inn) in A nut midgut, n faithful, triii; nod levins wil'o.' ISAAC WARNER TCTfAS received his fc5p ri tig Goods, union" cLai which are broadcloths, cassimeres, sattinetts, flannels, moleskin, n variety nf summer wear for men Sc bovs. calicoes, camriucks, muslin de laine, straw st tuscan bonnets, tuscan st straw braid, PLAIN Sf FANCY HOSE, G LOPES, rirrons, cotton yarn BUTTONS and other TRIMMINGS, nnd many other articles, making q good ossnrmcnt for tho season. Also. Rum, Brnndy nnd Gin of tlio best quality; 2d quality of tho fame articles; Molasses, puru Whips, lump .ind brown Sujar, Coffee, Chocolate, Teas, Codfish. Salaratus, Starch, Popper, Spice. Ginger. Itai-ins nnd most oilier articles in t ho Grocery line, all of which In: will sell at the lowest price.--. Tavern keepers are particu Jarly invited to call and examine his liquors. Store opposite S E. Ilowird's Cheap Cash Store. Burlington. May 1039. if WHOLESALE it RETAIL DEALKItS IN STAPLE ft FANCY DKY GOODS, VT31T & DITT-? GIIOCSZIIES. CROCKERY, GLASS AND ChurcluSlrcet, Burlington. Vt. Danicl Kiikn, ) Ajiril'25, 11)30. Solomon Walker, $ Cjby 87 by 9 and 8 by 10. 00 boxes of GLASS made at the JUU Champlam Cuiss (Jo's. Works, nil other sizes cut to order on short noiico for Hale by Foli.ktt & lr..ui.r.v-. Agents. In sutsol'soveo in a box iiIm) in pairs, and sin. .'Ic, of iino quality at the Variety Slnrc. Pangbarn Si Rriiismaid SALT. 1000 bb!s. iino, 5000 bush, anil coarso stnani, 200 largo Liverpool blown, in primn order, by FOLLETT & IlflA DLEYS Just ree'd at tho Variety Store QTRAIGI1T RWOllDP, white nud jellow s ' loiiiiiiien ; wiiiiu i-oei, i' iiainers lallui" from nn upright stem idghl inehes ; while Laijles Plains and .Sockets; whim and yellow Lpaulettrs, Laco, KiijjIo lliittons, red, whilo and black sword liclts and most kinds of Plumes and other Military Goods, wanted. Huff Gloves, Priming Wires and llni-hes Cockades. Companies furnished to order with Goods not on hand, by two weeki notice. May 31. I'A.NfjuoiiN Si lliiiNsMMii. Blanchard's celebrated Scythes aStffflY doz, Gorman tteel concave irrass Seyihes. 100 do, cast tlo. do. do. 20 do. Cradlo Scythes, for sain by May 31. FoM.rn' & Hiiaiim'.vs, Agents. POSH. hl (fi(th barrels Mess, 000 Hams, 1S00 Lard, 15 llliN. Shonlilcrs. for salo by May 31. V OLI.ETT iV lillADMIVS T.iCnine Watches. ..... . . . ' S7iTvtiolil nnil silver eascil I J, PINES, mine wilh gold, some with silver ami some lib bard Ji7j.wnrrantcd VTv-rililm f'liihliutl and good lime -. i ui i'iiuif, uir s.iin ny PANGIlOltN r P.ltlNS.MAM). fQ bbls. Huston crashed Su gar, 15 boxes do Loaf do. for sain at Itostou prices nnd 1 V o i l; 1 ) I , equal in qualily to licbt Entilish rufined,fur salo on consignment by May 31 . Foi.m:tt &i Dhaiiluyh. John Abbott" ESslalo. .s'vrv; of Vermont, IH-iTllU T "I'" ' Ml I I f.MlKN. fL A T ii Probate Court, hnhleii at Riirliiu'lnu J, wilbin and for Mid l)i-incl.on tho tilllb oI'Mnv A.D.l!-:W. l'ie)uiil,lho Hon. Charles lttlHfCll, Jtl(tj'J An iiisirunu'iil purporting lo bo tho last will nnd testament of .tnbo Ahlmlt, Into of liiuboglnii, in mi id distiiet. deeeui'ed, being pren'iiioii lo the court huie by liiiuy Ann Ah boll, tliu exeeiiliix llioruiu nained, for probate; il in ordcicd hy hnid court, that all piirmun c.oncotned therein, ho nnlilicd to iipncar at n Mwiou of mid couil.lo be boldon at tho olfieo ol'tbo llcgittur, of lhi court, in said Hurliuir lon.oii the n'oond Wuilne.-idiiy of July a. d. IIIJ'J, and hhuw cause, if any thny may have, against the probalo ofhaid will, fot which put. poe il is further ordered, that a copy of the tecord of till)) older bo published three weeks suectssively , in tliu Preo Pros, a newspaper printed at Ijiirliiigton in said District, as boon an may be. A true copy of record. Allcil, Wm. WESTON. Righlcr. Nathan 1 1 ntchins' Estate. ,?S7 P. the subscribers bavin;: been appointed V V by the lion. the. Ptobatu Court, for the District of Grand Mo, commissioners to le ecivo, examine, and adjust tho claims and de. ninnils of all persons ntrainst tho cst.ito of Nathan Ilutchins, Into of North licit), in said district deceased, represented insolvent and alfo all claims and demands exhibited in oil sot thereto, and six mouths from tho day of the date hereof being allowed by said court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby give no tieo Ihat wo will attend to the business of our appointment at tho ilwe.lliii'' of widow Lois llulehiiis, in North Hero, in said district, on tliu 30th ofHcptcnihor next, at 10 o'clock A. M. on salt! day. Dated this Gib il.iv orMav A. D. 11139. Wm. ILRUSSKLL. ) Commit OULEM limilAUD, S sinner). NEW FIRM. rSlUM subscribers have formed a copart JL nership in the mercantile biisimsa. under the linn of Wiiiimm.k & lii.-nop, nnd have taken n storo in Messrs. Strong's I ii 1 1 (I I ti rr , collei'0 street, where thev are now receiving from New York n very choice selenium ol' Fancy mid Staple Dry unods. Dry Grnecrici i;e. etc., which they offer unusU'Jly low lor rath. Samuel Wniri'i.c, A. M. IIishop. jurlinzrtan, Mt 31. 1 n.10. IiW FUR 31 NEW GOODS. Tin II E siib;criber.s having formed a Cn jL partnership under the linn of IST Lovely & Co., at tho store formerly occu pied by Lovely & Abbott, have been re ceiving within 2 or 3 weeks past and now offer for pale a verv larrry assortment of Stnilo nod Fancy Dry Goods. CARl'ETIAG n'dirn-cnt qualities. SCOTCH. ENGLISH AMERICAN, COTTON &; II RAW. CROCKERY, CHINA and GLASS WARE. GROCERIES, a general assortment. (with the r.rreptiun of Intoxicating Liouors.) Which lor quality and Cheapness cannot be surpassed. Purch.vcrs are invited to call nnd c.xaminu ler thetn-elvei. N. LOVELY. Wm I1URLBURT. Ihirlington, May 24, 1 839. IV. 15. Wo bay- been so much crowded with business since our Goods arrived Ihnt wn have not had lime lo wriiu our t-hort advertisement, nnd should not now, was it not for our Customers nl. a distance Faying lo uh 'why don't you advertise von have a Larger and better nssoriiuent, thnn we can find elsewhere.' N. Lovr.i.v &, Co. Opened this morning, May UO, I tiroj-- i.'.itinio Uriifhe-. Diamond Paste for ei-menting China &c. (Jliiidreiia' Mobnir NeN. Verbena, n new and exquisite I'crfume. Fine shell nnd twist Cninbs. White mlcd nnd faint lined Letlcr n ml Cap Paper. Toy Pninip. by tho tb or box, and a var'oty of Good-i at the Variety S'ore. 3 1 . Panhu. in & llniNsMAin. Ri.'i.uOYAL, DHArMII AM) TA1I.OK, TTnOlt Iho especial accoui'iilai ion of bis 51? cuslouiers has reuiuved lo the store at tin; ii'irlb ens', corner of Strong'i) build t ii i- on Church nnd College streets. Court llou-n Square, and directly oppofcito Duel. Moody's Hardware Store, where be will be found at nil bu.-iiuss lion r. ready lo wait, upon In- customers nnil pctve them with the latest fapbioin and importations. Wink executed in a si vie of i;leanco nnd d.irabiliiv. not surpassed if equalled a' nnv lioti-i' in this villngc. Me hns made nrrnngemi'iii'i lo supply Ins eiWomer-' with Cloihii and Trimmings of ihe best quality, and m cheap for cash as the elienpesl. .lo-t received n variety of IUIOAD CLOTHS. CASSI.MERES ar.d FITTINGS. suitable for the season. ft. II. Cutting donu on Fhort notice ns usual. I'urlingtnn, May 27. 1339. STRONGS & CO. "ff-TAVING removed their store lo t ho uuililing lately occupied ns the our lington Hotel, directly opposite their old stand, tiro nnw receiving in addition lo I heir old assortment a heavy stock of Dry Groceries, Iron, Nails, Steel, Window Glass, Hollow Ware. St oves &c. Si.t!, which they oiler on the most reasonable terms. Mav 30, 1039. Paints $ OH, a heavy stock of all descriptions, of iho hest quality, and at very low prices, lor salo liv May 31. POLLETT'.v URADLEYS STHHIj PKNS. NICE asssorlmeiil of Ludins and Gen llemmi's S'lEEL PENS, A which for elasticity stand uinivnllnd, for sale by tho card or single Pen at low prices al the Variety Store. Paniihoun ii Riunsjiiai), Hair Fish lines wilh Bob, sink- urs and Hooks ready for m-e. May 31. PANGIIORN i RU1NS.MA1D. Jolm NowclPs Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. ni'iTiiir-r or f;iirt-rr.Ni)f,N, ff. i The Hon tin I'tohatr. Court for the Dis Iriit of Chill mien. To all person ion terneil in Hit Rttte of John Newell, late of Charlotte, in said Distriel dereasnl, GREETING. IfcMKItEWS. P.zra .'loll, and llemaii II. V Newell, inluiiuislrators ol'tbo cst.itu of Raid deceased tiroiiofoto render an account ol their administration, mul present their nceouut ni'iunsi said eslatu for cxniiiinnticii and allow ance at. a session of the Court of I'robale, lo he hidden nl. Ibu UugiMur'n olfieo in Uiirlinglon un Iho 17th day ol'.lunu next. Tiii:nt:rom:, You aro hereby nolified to appear buforo said coutt al the tnno nud place al'oiesaid, and shew eamo, il'nny you Inivo. why Iho account aforesaid nhuuld not bu al lowed. Given under my hand al Uurlinglon. this 30lh day of May a. d. 18.19. Wm. WESTON. Register. Balsom of Livcnvort. IT. XiOVSJX-Y Si. CO- jft.GIfiHTS 57011 Milling Duel, Taylor's liulsom of Lit . crtcort, for Coinumjition, Lnir Com plaints, Cough. Colds, bpillmg otlilood, Rain in tho Side, or Ilrcitsl,Aithma, I'lturisy, Short, vess of lirrulh, Pitlpitalttmol' the llutrl, De' liilily, Ncrieusiuss and all diseases of the Lunos and LiVKn. The virtues of this celebrated article has but recently been tested in tbis tegion sulfi cient however, has been used, in Chittenden and Addison conunlics, to irivo it justly a name abovo any medicine, hitherto oll'ercd ns a remedy and curu for consumption nnd liver complantF To show what cures may bo ex pected from its use, we insert a single case as published in the New Pork Daily Express, November'!, 1S3G "Tho llalsam ofLivcrworl has found hundreds of advocates, and has produced so largo a number nf tcsliinnniah in ils favor as perhaps lo render further npproba. lion iinnceessaiy. I cannot withold my small mend of praise, knowing myself pic-disposed to consumption, both for peculiar formation and hereditary transmission, I sought all means to obvialo Ibis calamity, and recover a naturally weak constitution. I spent two years al Pisa, in Rome, two years in Florence, and another in tho south of Franco, seeking mean tune tho advice of the best Physicians. Last milliner I returned to this country, not recruited in health, ami perhaps not much, if any worse, than when I lelt. 1 hail seen in ibu Ucadiiifr Rooms in Europe, American news.niners. containing advertisements of the Ualaoui of Livcrwori, and resolved upon frvin!? ils boasted virtue. As soon ns I arrived in this country, 1 used it. and in three months 1 was so well that 1 concluded 1 could safely pass the winter here, and accordingly did so. I have used a bottle now and llien, through the past summer. 1 am now in as good health as 1 can wish lobe; my cough has wholly subsided, and my lungs "have every feeling of health. I shall be pleased lo receive any per son, who may wish for further particulars, at my lodgings, City Hotel. A. A. DEL AFIELD. NEWGOODS." PDOOLITTLE has just received . from New York bin supply of spring and cummer Goods, comprising nn exten sive a--oritnont or all Hie ii-uni varieties in DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, Stc. ftc. which nru offered for sale at tho lowest prices. l!,irlinglon. May 15. 1339. Gw "HiPi.. Spooner is in JJurlmgiuii, prepared My for business ; nnd will he happy lo render nrofes-'ional assistance to all who may need. lie has n great variety ol splendid Universal Teeth, single and in blocke, capable of being adopted to a great variety of cases ; nlso a Mipply ol Ins vnl uab'o Tooth Powder. His Ktay will be limned to 3 or 4 weeks. American Hotel Room No. IO-2d floor Hours punctually from 9 to 12, and fn in 2 to 5 o'clock. May 15, 1039. May I0,T83" JBW ai&m: S T O S E, At WilliiUm, Ft. MORTON & CLARK nrc now re ceiving at i bo white Store, I wo doors Eit nf Ene'e IlnU. an ei. I ire New Steele nf FANCY St STAPLE DRY GOODS, DRY GROCERIES. CROCKERY St GLASS WARE, HARD WARE ,V CUTLERY, DRUGS St MEDICINES. PAINTS. OIL. NAILS, SfC. Sc. which are oln-roil 'or salo nl a email ad vance from Cost, (or ready pay. Most kinds of produce ireeivud in exchange for Goods. bW Williston. May 10, 1339. FLOUR. iw I00 Hnlf Bbls Miperfino for sale by May 30 IIu k-m: & Cati.iv. ""HA GAR &. COiAJS'i'OCJv pJffAVE just received a largo and choice O. Folection of NEW GOODS, winch in addition to thoir former stock, makes their as sortment coinpleln. An enumeration of arti cles is needless, it is sufficient to say that wo have almost every articlo that ever called fur nl a country store, and many articles thai aru not usually kept in an establishment ol'tbo kind. Wo will soli Goods for cash, most kinds of country produce, or approved credit, as cheap as can be bought al any sloro in Chittenden count v. Shcitmrn Ullage, May 2 1. 1039. ""SHllM subscriber acknowledge pust fa JL vers with gratitute. nud would sny thnt he continues Ibu Tailoring Trade 111 nil 'ns brunches. He has for talc a great variety of READY itfADF. iLMaiasafCEb suilnblo for the pre.-cnt seaon j n'so, n grout ninny oilier uselul articles. llca- cull for that which cannot bu linugln else where. Clothes very Neatly CLEANED nud REPAIR ED on short notice, Ulolhing exchanged or taken for Pay. C. 11ENNS. Pearl St.. Nov. Itififi. If M ICSS I'OUK. liarrelti lor sale by lllCKUK & (J.tTI.IN. 50 FIRE lNSUHA.NC.5i. - 'f'-s i'O MANUFACTURERS & O I'll HUH. WlHE Providence Wa-hingion Insurance vss Company, in Providenco Rhode Island, cont .line to Insure ngain-l loan or damage by fire, on Cotton, Wollen, and other Manufactories, Jiuililings, nnd Mer chandise, on fnvornblc lorms. This Compniiy is well known to the Manufacturers of New-England, nnd pus scr'son tiirir fu confidence. The Cntnpnny was incorporated A. 1). 11100. The Capital Slock is ..'00.000, all paid in many yenrd since, nnd well secured in ilnii!; Stockd nnd Real Estate. The Directors arc. SULLIVAN DORR, tlENJAMIN HOPPIN, MOSES 15. IVES. HENRY P. FRANKLIN, ROP.ERT H. IVES, ELISHA DYER, CARLO MAURAN. CHARLES JACKSON, WILLIAM BUTLER. Mnnufaclurers and others wi.-lnng for Ins-urntici', nre requested to direct their np. plications (which should bo accompanied with n particular description of the prop crtv.'i iter mail, to the President or Secre tary of the Cuinpany, and the same will be attended lo promptly. SULLIVAN DORR, President. Wamien S. GitKENK. Sccrclary. Providence Washington Insurance ) Covijinny's OJiec ? Providence, R I. 1039. ) ly.f HM. GlDDIiNtiS is now receiving nn assort niuiit of good GOODS, to which bu respectfully invites the attention of purchn-crs. Pearl Street. May 17, 1339. PLASTER 50 IJbls. Western Fresh Ground Plas- ler, itist received by May 23. L.vninop & Potwin STKAY MAiiE. OROKE into the en. O closure of the sub scribcr. on the -1111 inst. n Bay Marc, with black Main nnd 'Pail, sunnosed old. The owner of said mare is requested lo prove property, pay charges, noil lake her nvvny. G. PERKINS. Charlotte, May 9, 1339. WINDOW ASl-L .IFST received 15 20 Sz 24-7 by 9 casements ol sash, first rate article, al 34 and 3 cts. per light. Also.allkind and sizes-, furnisheC to order. Ticonderoga Rlack Lead, a first rate article, for salo very low, together with a great variety ofolher articles as cheap as can bo found at any other cstab lisbment in the place. G no. Piituuson rnillE Suhcriber having completed bis ar .A. langemunts at St. Johns and Wiim: ham., is now prepared to receive noons in. tended fur tkansi'oii'I'atio.n between Mo.nthu ai. and New Yoiik. All oiders addie-srd to the agent at St. Jolm?, Mr. V. II. P.udi.ani). will bo promlly allnuded to, and no trouhlo or xpenso spared in 1 lie despatch of Goods addressed to the Establishment. Tho Charges for Commission, Wharfage, &c, will he found at least twi:ntytivi: 11:11 cunt bulovv what has been hitherto paid upon the Line. FRANCIS MULLINS. Montreal, 2d May, 1039. Furniture lor sale. rfJ'SIIF. subscriber off-rs for sale a largo col--lL lection of furiiituro lluroaus. Tables, Chairs, RcilsleadsJ.ooking.Giasses, Dressing. Tables, Caipets, Reds, Matrcssos Redding. Sieves, Crockery, and Kitchen Furniluru of all kinds. Most of theso articles are nearly new. They will be sold at low prices; and all persons wishing to buy such things, or almost any others requited in housekeeping, will find il for their micros! to call at the sub scriber's house in College Direct, where Ihoy may ho seen at any time. Such ns aro not sold belbru, will ho oll'uretl at auction tho .1th day Mr. Ilaswell s auction room at 10 o'clock A. M. Kales positive, as the sub. seriber is about to remove. Also at private salo two good Pianos ; and also a lot of land situated an College St. anil near Iho Square. S. A. CRANE. Uurlinglon, May 17, 1039. COPALITNEJISHIP. r-n HE subscribers having formed n co JL partnership under the firm uf Vilas Loomts & Co., for the purnosool'n goner, nl transaction ol business in the wholesale of Dry Goods, Manufacture nf Tin Ware, Sheet Iron Stc, would respectfully request 1 hose wishing to purchase at whole-tile, to call and cxntnino their stock nt tbu store formerly occupied by W. R. Si. V. C. Vilas. W R VILAS, ) HENRY LOOMIS, F. C. VILAS. ) Rurlin:lon. May LI. 11139. AKAB1B CJffANOR. .S5k, r spill' subscriber will toll at r ij JL private salo nt the lowest HJilii- possible rate the house nnd lot til present occupied by Mr. Illnnil nn Main St. npnositc Judge Folb tt's Resilience. N. JL For lei 111s npplv to Smn E How nrd. E WALRRIDGE. Hurliuzton, Man 1039. tf ( 1 I nun l.ll'NIMI 1 i .r do Swedes IRON '.) do O. S. Russia ) 3 do American bar Iron flat Si square 30 do Peru Iron, all sizes from .1 inch lo J inches in diameter, round Hat and quaie, 10 reus bund Iron Iroin I j 10 0 inches for salo by ! oi.mitt it Riuiauys, rm L U I.J. FKEKMAN & Co. WHOLESALE DE ALIBIS IX INDIA, PKKNCU & ENGLISH teilAZ GOODS. No. J William St. New York. ARE receiving per Into arrivals n supe rior assortment, nrnong which aro ISlack nnd Colored, Figured nnd Plain Itnl. inn Pin do Soto nnd Gros do Nnplu". Runnel Silk nud Satins, Figured nnd Plnin. Plnm, Figured mil Embroidered Snlitib, 15oiiibn,.iiii.i, Onpes. Colored, Dlack and JJIuu lllack, Silk Vel vets. Fnucy Dress Shawls, Zephyr Ildkfs. and hearts. Merino, Chenille nnil Rrochc Shnwls. Superior nsforttnunt Cap, Rennet, Plain lafietnaitd Satin Ribbons. Silk, Lace and Kid Gloves. English and Saxony Thread, Edging3 and IjOCO. Lisle Insertings nnd Edgings, Rlond, Wash Rbind, Wire ground, Figured nnd Plain, lllack and White, lllack Urusscls. Rlack Lace Veils, Willi every variety of liiicu in use. Leghorn, Florence and Tuscan, English and American Straw, Satin and Fancy liimncls. Artificial Flowers, Country merchants arc respectfully in yitedio CALL nnf examine. L YM AJN & CrOL E fTa AVING mado nrraiigoinctits with tho 3.JL Uurlinglon Mill Co. aro now ablo to offer a complotu assortment of their lUtOAU-OIiOTllS, Which thoy keep constantly on hand ; Con sisting of a variety of colours and qualities of superior finish and elegant styles. Farmers will now no ahlo lo lurinsh themselves with cloths without the additional charges of 1'reigbt, Commissions, ami tho Merchants Profits in Now York. All of which must bo necessarily charged upon Cloths when por l, ,,.! :., ,l. -:... i. :.. .1.- ,.!.. r .t.... Manufacturing Company lo supply tho iuhab-1 itauls ol liurlingiun and vicinity with such Cloths as aro not only beautiful in appearance, but of a firmness and finish that will givu sat isfaction to the wcirer. We bazzaril nothing in saying that we be lieve these Cloths to bo superior, and much cheaper than any ever offered in this market. Gentlemen are invited lo call and examine boforo purchasing elsewhere. MERCHANTS Are nlso informed, that wc shall be able to fur nish them with a complete aisoi Uncut of 15 pontile trjtijrj, At Faclnrji priies, which aro cxticmnly low. An opportunity is now offered for llnsm lo bo supplied with clolhs of a .superior quality, and on iho most favorable lorms. Attention is particularly requested to the above, Uurlinglon, May 2d, 1039. ,tl j 1110 i. l;y uaiLU at uiu nt-au Ul iliu hteam Ront Wliarr, Rur- fs: u. Qip ),' Imgton, is now completed , t ij),M,S-lr and open for the reception r.r 1 ,iv,.lt,..t. n..,t il. lie generally. Tho location of ibis House is 0110 of surpassing beauty, presenting from its piazzas, in front and rear, an uninterrupted view of most of the village anil of the lako and scenery around it. Tho llonso with its furniture is entirely ncic, and offers conveni ences and comforts to its guests if equitcd, certainly not (surpassed by any House 111 ibu Placo. A coach is always in attendance to carry passengers and their Rriggago to and from the respective Steam Iioats nu:u or ciiakiji:. Il will be the ambition of iho undersigned to deserve a patronage from the public, equal lo tbu means jilacejin bis bands, lo render their sojourn with him comfortable, pleasant and happy. JONATHAN HART. Burlington, May 17, 1039. SIX BAY ivaNtSo :rchandise. furniture & Pa-seinrers to; warded from New York. A'banv &, Troy, daily, s.uiiiatiis r.xn:in:n to any point on llm Erie Canal, and all Hie (UlierMit ports on ine vv e.-tern Lakes, Riveri- nn.l Canals. iuopiif,toi:s & agents. AM.P.N WIIP.HI VM. A'o. lOfi V.coad St. LEON. Mil) eiiOCKER.S A'no Fork. SiepliPii C. CJ1.1v, 72 Uuav ti. Alli.tny, Moure & SiimpMin, 153 River st. 'l'iuj' Kiilnev Allen, Riiriiesler. D.ims', ll.iinliliii & Co., R11IT.1I0, N. Ilotcliliipi, tlo 'I'lmmiH Uii liinniul, Iiiclnntinil, O. J. Al. fieoilni.ui & Co. Clevel.iml. Ship by "'Proy Tow Roat Line." Coen teis Slip, daily, nl 5 v- si. Mark Packages "tuov Si. ji icii in an," R E V P. R 15 N C E S . Unified, 1 1.iiiK-o Cu. New York, I. ee, Daicr S: iMillir, " I'lielps, DmlsjoJcCo. ' Aidinr Tiipp.m & Co. " II. ndurlo & Ruck, " Wilson fc Cobb, " Dcnifon & Yoik, " McKpr & (iiiiiler, 22 Norlh Wharveg, I'bil.idelpbia (co, A. I'lcnrb, Dunkirk, N Y Tinker & Ciafl, lliiiselonii, " Chillies M. Reed, Erin, Pa 'l'liiini;H Rit liniQiiil, Rirliniiinil, O J. M. Cinodniiin & Co. Cleveland, O II. N. Cales, Rl.irk River, O Jeiikim J; I'r.iev, lluion O llullifiei fc Rob", S.indii-ky O Po.iir & Tiina, T.ilcJo O rnisvib iv ila..ud, Maumi'c O f-.'liiii's, SI cllej nolds .5' Co. Detroit SI J Mnvias, Ypjil.inli .Mieb 1) .lnni'i" Co. (ireen Ray Mich (irillilli V Co, Kul. 1111. 11100 Mich Riiui.iii S.vng ir .S" Co. Alicbigan city (; S llntib.iid, ClueiiKo III Kaimiel Ilium 111, Milwatikie IV T .I11I111 Iliirlbiil. Soult, .St. .M.i lie J, and J. II. Peck and Co., Uui luigtuu, Vi. OHIO CANAL. R G Ihiskilt, Hostnii O Wheeler (, Co. Akion O 1, Jones, )ielcn O Ri'i'kvviib .V Ri'cm', Newark O R CiuiHitirk (o. Cnliinibiis O M R Ross ft Co, l'mii-uuiiitli O .l.VMf.s l', I'lismtge Agent, A'. V SUGAli. Ilhds. New Orleans Sugar, 10 do Porto Rico do. Sdo St. Croix do. r. lu.vna whim Havana do. 111 Imlia ' do. for salo very low by Follutt Sc Ru.vuLUvg. SAMUEL S. SKINNER. hj "as BEGS lenvo to lender Ins grcntful ac knowledgements, to Ins Friends for their libernl patronnge nnd hopes by puiic tunltty oud close application to business to merit a continuance of ihe same, ns ho linn decided after two nud n half yenrs trial, lo make a permanent residence nt Uurlinglon. A great vnrioly of ready made work can bo seen three doors west of J. & J. H. Peck fo Co. College St., and second in quality to none. A beautiful nrticlo of Ladies Saddle, of the Inlest New York fashion, very chenp. Geiitlemnns portable, pigeon, tnlnyp, Shallocs and common Sad dles, n greater variety of traveling equip ments thnn ever before offered for salo in Rorlmgion, consisting of Portmanteaus, Vnlisses, Cnrpct Rags of various patterns. Hnrd Lumber, Double Deckers, French Folio, Folding, imitation, Rcllows top, nnd Common Tiionks, from $1, to g30 each. Coach, Gig, Plnlt'd, Tinned, Brass. Juppnn. cd nnd common Harnesses. A superior nr ticlc uf Cnrt or Dray Harness, with Scotch collar--, a good assortment of VVhtpe nnd Lashe, Trappings, Rosctts, Twigs, Yokes. Marlingnls, Rolls. Wlnnnlctres. Fire Ruckots, Necls Oil. Sheepskins by iIicDmz. or single, and oilier articles too numerous lo mention in this bill. Also u first rntn Rnggy Wnggon for enle. Any of the above articles will bu sold on reason nblo terms. Carriage trimming executed in the neniest stylo. Call nnd see. UNWANTED, tx Journeyman nt tho above business. S. S. SKINNER. Burlington, May 17, 1039. V (Q) bales l-4 SllCCtillg 2.0 do. Shirting, lor sale at New York prico-t, 011 consignment from the manufac turer by Foi. i.ett & RnAni.EV. BIRMINGHAM FURNACE. TROY, VERMONT. IS nnw in full and successful operation and in readiness to contract for the casting of Smvo plates, and other heavy castings. Also, for Pig Iron of n superior quality, deliverable at the Furnace or any part of the country. AUGUSTUS YOUNG, Ac.ent. Troy. Vermont. J. & J. II. PECK &. Co., A r, k.nts, Uurlinglon, Vermont. Birmingham Furnace, THOY, VEItMONT. WANTED to contract for the making of 500 000 bushels hard wood Coal, for winch cash, and a liberal price will he paid on delivery. Experienced Colliers will find it to their advantage to apply to AUGUSTUS YOUNG. Agent. TROY, VI. or J. Si. J. II. I'DCK A- Co., Agents, BURLINGTON, Vt. The Vermont Slate Paper, at Johnson, Keesovillc Herald, and Caledonian, at St. Johiisbury, will insert the. advertisements and adtlress one paper containing the ad. vcrtiscmcuts with bill to J. &. J. II. PECK & Co. 20 1SS Nails of all sizes trom 'Id In G inch spike; nl.-o finishing Nails nnd lloor Rrads made by the Peru Iron Co. and fur salo at manufacturers prices, by Foi.m-tt Sc Uu.vrn.EVS. S pairs 1 do. Burv .lull Sloncs, Esopus do. do. for talc at Troy prices, and freight by May 31. F01. i.ett &. Ruuh.eys. doz. Rixford's German STEEL 110 ES, 20 do. Cast Steel, do. lor sale by May 31. F01. i,ett Sc Riiadi.ey?. j oft JOxeS ofSimoiuls & CO s. ! ' . ' , . , . , cast Mol .Inj warrunteu nuu at maculae Hirer-- prices by May 31. Fni.i.KTT& Rr.ADi.v:vs, Agents. SlEP TOBACCO. ' JN Roxes, kegs and barrels, lor sale by HICKOK Si. CATL1N. ' GEORGE PETERSON, AS removed lo tho South nnd of tho Thomas Hotel, where he has received his spring supply of Goods, consisting of tnor-t all kinds o'f articles usually called for in this market, nuiong them tuny he found Fresh Ground Flour by the barrel or half barrel, S'rong Reor by the barrel or half barrel. Congiess Water, fresh from the Spring, in boxes of 1 2 & 3 dozen bottles each. Uurlinglon. May 20. 1039. Liverpool Dairy Salt, Cf Sacks of the finest qunlilv fot salo 9U by I11CKOK & CATLIN. May 30. TIN PLAT 15. m ftf Roxes 1 X and I C JLmF 15 I X square, just received by VILAS, LOOMIS Si. Co. MayQO, 1G39. Copper Bolt, Sheet Copper, Zinc nnd wire Vellum, for sale by May 29, 1039. Vilas. Loomis Si Co. CO A USE WESTEN SALT 1 HUH Huthi'ls lor snlo by 1UUU HICKOK & CATLIN. May 30 Gentlcniiui's Leghorn Huts, by May Latiiuoi' Sc Potwin. " Kalford Crown Glass. rip HE abovo nrtiele, of all sizes, furnished .8. to order, at innnui'acturcr's priccf, by May 31. Foi.i.utt & Riiaulcys, Agtnts. (f) doz. patent Scythe Snaiths for salo mi consignment, by May 31. Follutt & Diudievb.

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