Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 21, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 21, 1839 Page 3
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WII,L be sold at N B. Iln-well's Anc. tmn Rnnm. 777.9 DAY. an exten sive assortment (if GOODS consisting of Gold &, plated Jewelry, Eng. & French Lcp. iVatchcs, Silver fc German Ware, Choice Cutlery, Buttons, Suspenders, Perfumery, Stationery, Comhs, Collars, Gloves, etc. etc. Sale to commence nt 3 p. m. and continue through thn evening, n ml Inun day to day until the stock is di-posed of. Burlington. June 21, 1339. S T It A Y E D FROM t ho subscriber on Hie 3d Hist., a middling sized bay horse, black mono and tail, bind, feci, n white el ripe in tin- face. ' nnd one p'kIc of llio nose while. Whoever will rriurn said hors. . or givo information, s hn 1 1 bo liberally re warded, and necccinrv expon-es paid. CYRUS SPRAGUE. WillMnn. Juno 20. HI39. ,1 FROM OGIIENSIIUKOH TO BUFFALO IN CO-30 HOURS LAKX! ONTARXO--1839. S T T. AM-nOA T ' JOHN' EVANS, Esq. Commander. THiniS splendid UCW Boat of 00 TONS JL burthen, propelled by two powciful low pressure engines, will malic two trips ran through the Luke from onhKNMiuitnii lo lewistown, slopr ing up and down al llio in tcrmcdialo ptrts. as follows : UPWARDS Leuvei Ogdcnfiuirijh, Monday and 1 hursday niglils do. MuirWnivvn, do. do. !u do. A Icx.inih i.i B.iy, do. do. do do. Frnrli Creek, I'upd.iy & Prid.iy niorniig 'lo. S.iikeiV lliiibur, dii do. ;ii 12 iiomi. do. Oswego, do do ill 5 p in. sniving :il l,eviston on U eclnp?dav mid rjuiiiid.iv mornings in lime fin die inritnniu Cms fur Buffalo. DOv NWaKD.S, Lenvr I.Prtifion, Wedne-ilav & fviinid.iy al 5 p m do. Oswego, TIiiiimI.iv nnd Sunday ill 6 a in do. S.ickei's du hi 10 a. in. do Menrli Cieek, do. do al 1 n. in. do Aiexsindmi ll.iv nnd Morrinoivn. Hlieinoon. arriving al Ogdenshuigh on Sunifa) mid Thursday -evenings. fJCH'aMengeis by iliis Bonl caa resell N. Vork or Montreal on i lie evening of lite second day from Lewijinn. The St. Lawrence has elpven large and romino dintu Slate Room inilppendeni of hei ciilinn, in which genileinen uiih ilieir families can be comfort- aulv iirroinniod.iled TliPliiPrfl sneil ofiliis I).. in n-iili lirr ejii-cllrnt lonf, eiilni'ied io llie cue of one nfllie mo. I expeiienceil .mil skiTiil nnvig.tlnr, will en-iiic llie travelling piililm noi imlv a bin a moie rxpedllirni p.icf.igf ill. in luilieiiii knuun nn the "(ke. Ogdtniiburgh. June 10, 1839. Moiaso's PILLS. rTi HE :tiiuiiio Hygnian vegetable Univer JL sal Medicino of ihc BIUTISEI COLLEGE OF HEALTH IN in Pacltels of SI. $2 and S3 each. - .-?L60. The Vrgoiahlu Aperient ToAdcrs 25 ets. per Uox. We inluim the hick tbul wo have just ireeived FROM LONDON through the bands of Geo. Taylor II N I T K II STATUS Af.liST For the British College of Health, a few Hundred Boxes of ibis juplly celebrated Medicine, mado by jas murisun the llvgoiM j This medicine has by its own intrinsic" merit gained a world renowned reputation by iho many cures it is daily effecting wherever il is Introduced, although it has bean opposed by every thing vvbioli the Faculty could brine to UR.1R AGAIXST IT. It has come off victorious over Disease in its MOST VIRULENT FORMS, and over the Faculty who imposed its use by CURING THOUSANDS which thty could not cure. Wo now invite those who have nol already introduced this medicine into their practico to use it and thereby cure their paticnis and gain a good namo WHICH IS nETTER THAN GOLD. To tb oso who need Medicine ; and aro not 'decided In use this CELEBRATED MEDICINE "We would just say that this medicine is proba bly curino more persons every day throws 1 out tiir world than ALL OTHER Medicines and thu FAC ULTY put together. The salo continues greatly to incrcaso and Iho satisfaction expressed by those who use it in mosi gratifying. Wo beg loave to present to tho Public of Tcriuuiii mm vicjiiiiy 1110 cure of4 Lady Sophia Grey, who, from hor high standing in sociuly, may induanco some (o use il who may think that it tslholowor class mostly who use this modi, cinn. This Medicine is usrd nnw by Thousands of the most respectable and best educated. And there aro Thousands who would find their HEALTH RESTORED, and ihoir PURSES MSTTEll FILLED, aflhoy would lake this hest of Medicine in lead of the universal and poisonous Com. pounds which thoy now so flcey tako, but with a far different ufftct. From Lady Sophia G it F.vfo Menrs. Mormon nnd Co. Gektlkmkn.-I feelihai the best return I caa make fur the wonderful bencfii I have rreeived from your mosl excellent medicines, in 10 publish mv own and my miid's cases, hoping that fiom such aiiihnr. ly il may lie llie minus of oihers hen. fining ,v them, without n fear ofheing poisoned or injuird in any way hj it, as, from founeen mnoili use ol il, I amronvinred of im peifeci safely, and, abo, that il never (ails in nnv ;r:. :.. .1 .1 11. My mMd wasdrclarnl Iperfec ly incurable, and her cure wan perfected in five months, mid l was neof Ihe very wotsl nuinsey ihrou , r il.iriv1 jears laiiiling; andsbe has not had nnv reimn iif II siner it healed, and enjojs peifrct healib, which iic never urn uciuie, miiu is nee irom cotdf, My ease is a complication nrdborders. The Irer i of IbtoWeitdjiej waiBffecled dangerously In 1790, In my Iwclfdi jear, and before that I Imd ijplim and cearlel fever's, and wan alums delimits In IcOO my spine win limned hv n very li.ul over liirn in an open r.iir.iL.e, bill nol dipcevcrcd until 1831 ; and dining that time. I never knew real lienlih vvu,iiiiiI Mifleird innri severely in main wa. Il fimt hinuglit on violent sp.iims In the nip vvliuli no tiiedica' skill ronld even relieve for fuiirleen team j dining which time I bud a ler. min.ilinii of I'iImkI lo llie head for Ivvo vests, nnd win much weakened by constant application of leeches. In 1818 my liver wan violently MUecled, ami lor a wliole jeiir I nan iccclifii anil liliMein williout end, and iwicc bled in ilietn. This com plain! ruicd llie; Iml I bad severe relutno of die livei complaint foi ninny ear., and the mime weakening leinedics, I had il.o an inllaminatoiy, slight iheutnalir, mid hilicm fever, mid llie lasl fell on my nerves, and I thought I should have lost my senes. In IS26, rheumatic goal came on, and I h id been routined and a nipple fium it for inoiillm together, until I look vulir medicine I was rarely fiee from il. In 1831 in y epine waj di'coicied lo be affrrled ( and had il been ili-rmcred even lenjearn ponnpr, I aiii ronvinred I phot.ld have been resloied lo health, Tlii i-eetned to rnnipier the oilier rnmplainm ; but Iti) 1-lrmgth ivn nearly gone, and I rnuld nol liear fiich frequent liliitrf and leeehe?, and finm gre.n wnikiifPJ, and loo active mind and hndy, it liinuglil aiinck of llie ppine, liver and gout, nnd I wa leditred toiiunh a male ofuervniis deliilttv bnfoie I begun taking lliic medicine in May, 1834, that for tnciiitln I did not d.iro to pee any one ex rrpt my hnbaud and servant, the leapt excile meat peeined lo threatPii me wllh loss ofsenep; and the palpilatioil ol llie hfilll, (lioin uhirli I had purti'ied for jeaip,) heroine nhnoM p;ii hearing. Sound and ieliehiug pleep I had nol known fur ve.up; bin if fi en from pain, I felt rewaidcd for llie want of pleep. Scleral oilier romplainiH, not named, were brought on In the ppine and weakness. Pur the lap) founeen nmnili-i I li.iv.- never been milliard fur n day lo llie house. All my complaint have ilectrnprd gruiluallv ; from being a mass of intlimtnaliiin, I do nol know what thirst is: and after having hpen dieted for nine years, mid depriv. ed ofevriv thin,' I liked, I ran now cat or iliink whatever I fanr.v, for eveiv tiling agrees with me ; I sleep sound uinl well, and have as ranrli slrenglh as l mint daie io exiect, hut siiflir.ieal for ihn enjiijinenl of life; and I have never taken a giain or (hop ofany olliei mrdirine, or vvauud hlUleror leedies. No one has teceivrd gieaier kindueps and and aiieniion than I have done, fiom the llisi med ical mrii in manv parts ol the kingdom ; and mosl giiitrful do I feel for il, and am convinced thai, as far as lipaven permitted, noihing was left undone I rannol rial ihi letier vvilboai nientioning (he nolile and dipinteiepie.l condaci of our family piiigeon, who, vvlien I lulil him of my wish to lake this med irine, mil in n II v exiipersed feaiR on account of niv delicale nnd pi erai ioiu Plaie, hut A'lien he found it did me good, ad ied my going on with ii, nnd said he plioulil rejoice in aav 1I11114 prolonged mv life. I know man) thai have Irnefilted fiom it since 1 took il, hut am not at liberty lo mention tiAines. I remain, Genileinen, jour sincerely obliged, SOl'HIA GlvEV. Athton Ayet, July 17, 1S3G. Thu above Medicines can be bad genuine in the State of Vermont, only of Paiijjborn Sr Itrinsuiaid, Jcwollers. Burlington, Vt. Slate Agents, or of thu mb-Agcnls appointed nnd Mippliu'd by them. Remember every package will bo signed in writing by Pnngborn & Brins maid if not so siomjii uo not duv tiihm. I'ANGIIOIIN & BIUNSMAII), Jeicclkrs, Burlington, Ft. Slate Jlgents. STRAY COW. C TRAY HI) Trom 3 the subscriber on the I3ih ingt. n light red COW whim flank', very large bag and tents, rutin- or inn vears old, probably hm a calf by this limp. Whoever will give informal ion where she nine b found, olinll be rompi'ii-ntcd fur their irmibie. J. M. ELDRIDGE. Burlhigtnn. June 21. 11139 JAMES MITCHELL DHAPEB. &, TAILCH5 Corner of Church Sf College streets. Bunr.iGT0N, 1G39. LYMAIN & COLE HAVE received h lew pieces of itch undrersi'd Scolch Gingham. Swiss La wn, a boiiuttlul article lor La dies while dresses, Rich Prim d Lawn, Cambric, Muslin. &c &c. Biirliiigtnn, June 14 11139. A good assortment of beautiful Mwcline de Laine tin day opened nl June 14 Wait & Tabuus. Straw Travelling Baskets. A lew large flat Straw Basltelfl, useful for Ladies when travelling, also, some colored ISnski'ls. June 14 I'ANonnnN & Brinsmaio. BOSOMS. A few more fine (1 til. Bu-uins called the Patent Frilled Bn-nms. ALSO, n few more 'A. Nn 1.' rich black sol in Stocks. ALSO, some beautiful summer Slocks. ALSO. a few fine Stocks fmm I inch to 2 inches in with b. ALSO, a fuw long Stocks irom IG to 20 inches in length. ALSO, a few beautiful figr'd white cat in Stocks, received at the Variety Store. June 14 PANfiimiiN & IIhinsmaii). PINK SAUCERS. doz Pink or Carmine Saucers 3d(i7.. Mezilinln Saucers, receivrd bv June 14" PANfiiioriN & Bhinsmaid. Reeves & Sons' Water Colors. A few Boxes of 1.2. and 3 rows of iho above line water paints with brushes complete. ALSO. some of iho above in Boxes wilh Lock and key and drawers under them. ALSO, Fine drawing Pencils ALSO, Cap Boxes nnd Powder Horns by Juno 14, Paisoiioiin & Biunfmaiu, Fresh Prunes, by the Box, at WAIT and TABORS A few straw Bonnets yet on hand, which will be sold very cheap, . WAIT & TABOR. 1 0 Manufacturers &j G bt 1 PI'C s-i I n-IMl 1 lm u n 1 , a f! 1 . ' l1 1 hl1 S Uul "'8"llfactllred bv ""' "P'iuglieil Card (Jo S.nriutifielil ' '"Jf'... J 61 J 11. I'kck &. Go. Agenlt, "4 t i tt . venU0man B LiCghoni Hats, 1)V May 23, L-ATHRnr & Potwi.n, TO BUILDERS. fjMlll'j iiinlerMgoet! will receive sealed JL proposals, fur thu framing! raising and noinpleiiiig of nn nrnb Bridge over tin Union River, near the Meeting-lmuFn in Richmond. Said bridge is of two hundred feet ppan thirty-two leet from outside to outside of the posts with lino orcli--lwo carriage tracks two Fide walks with twelve fret continuation on the abutments nt each end. A plan of said bridge is in the hands of Ransom Jones in Richmond, wltero it may be inspected by those inter ested. Said proposals will bo received until the 1st day of Jnlv next. OLIVER SHEPARI),) HANSOM JONES, AMOS B. COOPER. S Select' men. Itlrhmnntl, June 14, 1 1139. 2w VERMONT MILITIA. rjlHE Subscribers having been appoint L ed agents for the purpose, have made arrangements to supply llie Mihlta of Ver mont wi h MILITARY BUTTONS. manufactured by the Ail leborotigh Coinpa oy Mas-s. expressly for the purpose, with DEVICES nuproved nnd ntlnpied for GENERAL AND STAFF. FIELD AND STAFF. ARTILLERY LIGHT INFANTRY. RIFLE. To bo ItirnUhed in a few weeks. Terms given when received. DANIELS & BELL. Rutland, Ft. June 14, 1839. Molasses and Sugars Ilhds. Prime Molasses 1ft Bhls. Si. Cr. nnd Port Rico Sugars 15 Boxes LuniD nnd L"af do. by J. & J. H. PECK & Co. June 14. CHOICE WINES. WARRANTED pure juice of thegrije consisting of old Madrria, Purl. Sic ily Madeira and Sherrv. I cask Snnrmh Sherry n good as ever imported. ALSO, pure unadulterated nimmniuiin Brandy, persons wishing nn article "for vudtr.tnc may depend upon it ns being free from any mixture. Latiiuop &. Potwi.n. CUMBERLAND SPRINGS. HP UK subscriber lakes this method X inform the Public, that he hns rented tin; large and commodious house, situate al OumdeiilandSphings. No expense hav ing been spared in pulling iho House Spring. Pleasure grounds, Walk-i. &c. il complete repair, be feels no hesitation 11 saymg. Hint those win. may be disposed to patronize him, will find every thing lo their em ire sal ifact inn. The roads leading to tho Springs beino in excellent repair, and through a beauti lul part of the town, no other sunt seems morn favorable for Parties of Pleasure to cnjtiu themselves, than this. The medical qualities ol ih) water, nre cnn-Kiered equal lo Hie famed Saratoga and Ball-town. Every attention will be I-"'" in inu toiiinirt anu convenience ot in valids. O. P. CARPENTER. UerKmnntnwn, Juno 1, 1039. 3vvj7 IRON &C. STRONGS & Co. A lib now receiving a heavy stock of 1 iron and bieel, consisting of iu ions i-jiignsii wagon ond Cart tire ot all the various sizes, 5 tons Russin O. S. Iron 3 do Swedes do Can, German. Spring, American nnd j'jiig. iiiiier sieel. English Hoops. Braziers rods S(C. Aso, on Consignment 500 Kegs assorted cut Nails, 3d to 60d anu ii'ior wails. 20 Inns Peru manufactured Iron round and square nf all sizes. Band Iron, Shoe Shapes etc. etc. June G. Iron Hollow Ware. A very extensive assortment of Hollow Wnre. consisting of Poin, Kettles, Furnaces. Spiders, Tea Kettles, Basins. nigii pans etc. with a great variety of uiijvu v nrc. just ree'd nnd lor sale by J'""1 C. ST R ONGS Sf Co GROCERIES. rr diesis Hys'in. Hysuii Skin, Young Hyson and Pouchong Teas, ot good and exira qualities 20 Bags old Java and St Domingo Cof fees 50 Kegs Gingpr, 20 Boxes pipes, 40 Boxes bar Soan 10 do Cavendish Tobacco, 1000 lb-.. Innf do lor Sheep 5 Casks Saleratus 10 Bags Pepper and Pimento 100 Boxes and quarter Boxes Raiins Shaving Soap, Cloves, Nutmegs. Indigo, Cassia. Chocolate, mustard, Starch, Lein on Syrup, etc. etc. just received bv Stronos & Co. To Printers and Agents. XJU E percoive that our last Advertise " inent has been published in most of tne rapers, hy one or two Papers on old onn im continued. Wo wish every old one left out and llio onn now sent lo bo pub. lished and continued from time to lime until nnntber comes. Please change immediately. Wo see most of the pnpers at Stacy's Reading Room. Wu wish the names of the persons selling the Modicum in the town and vicinity to be placed at Ihe bottom nf the ndverlisement after ihn words. "For sale by PANGBORN & BRINSMAII). Jcwellert, State Agents." To Agents. Pleaso see that the new advertisement is immediately inserted, and that it is correct ly copied. Wo wish you to forward as soon as possible statements of cures and rebel by the use of MorisnnN Pills. We know that curesnre consianllv taking plnce wherever tho Pills tfro used It alway. has boon no and always will bo so, ling is out experience and the experience of manv who write us. Pagii irn & Buinsmaid, ' Jewellers, Burlington, Ft, State Agents A new thing under the roof ol the Variety Store Patent Slav Bodkins. Ladies can by the use of this Utile useful article which costs Uut 12 els, insert and lasten intii biays, or other Garmonts, Iho ivory or metal Eylots, with much less work or trouble nnd in less time than by tho old woy ; those who wish can bo shown hw it is used by calling at the Variety Stores ALSO. Fine finished EylrtH 6 cts per doz. ALSO, for salt curling Tnngs lor curling Ringlets &c. Juno 14. Panouorn & Briksmud. UNEXAMPLED AMMOTH SCHTSIYIE THE fo llovving details of a Scheme of a Lottery, to bo drawn in December next, warrants u in declaring it lo bo UN PARA L LELED in Iho history of Lotteries. Prizes to the amount havencver htfor' liprn nfTrrett to tho public. s tr0( tlero nro tnally hiankta. uui uii mo ornnr hand, the extremely low charge 01 $20 per Ticket tho value and number of the capitals, and the revival of tho gOOU Old CUftOln Ol WARa ANTING THAT EVERY 1 itizE shall be Diiawn and Sold, will, we are sure, ijivo univnisal satisfaction, and cs. pccially to the Six Hundred Prize Holders. To those disnosed to adventure, wn inniini. mend early application being made lo us for tickets when the Prizes nrn nil nld. lilmiL-e only remain the first linvn llin best cuance. We. l icrcloro. oinn ml nn Uv snv DELAY NOT! bul at once remit and tiansmW to us your orders, which shall always receive our immediate attention. Letters lo bo ad dressed, and application mado to & CO., 150 flroadway, New York. iSfrObterve the number, 15(1. $700,000 ! ! ! $500,000!! $25,000! ! 6 prizes of $20,000!! 2 prizes of$ 1 5.000!! 3 prizes of $10,000 ! GRAND HEAL ESTATE & HANK STOCK LOTTERY OF PROPERTY SITUATE IN N. ORLEANS. KTThe I idlest and mosl Magnificent Siheme ever presented In the public, in this or any other Country. TICKETS ONLY 820. Authorized by an act of tho Legislative As semhly of Florida, and under the ditcelions of the commissioners, actiiijr under the samo To be drawn al Jacksonville, Flor. Dec. 1. 1U39- SCHMIDT & HAMILTON, Managers. SYLVESTER & Co., 150 Broadway, New York, Sole Agents. NO COMBINATION NUMBERS!!! 100,000 I'ickels, from No. 1 upwards in suc cession. The Dieds of the property and the stock transferred in trust lo tho commissioners nn. pointed by tho said act of the legislature of r luriua, wr uio security oi ihe prize holders. SPLENDID SCHEME ! ! 1 Prize Tho Arcade 2(!G feet, 5 inches, 4 lines, on Magazine st.j 101 feel, II inches, on Natchez St.; 12G feet, 6 inches, nn Gravier st. Rented it about $37,000 per ann. Dollars. valued ot 700,000 1 Prize. City Hotel 102 feet on Cominoi street; 1 46 feet, G inches, on Com i si. Rented at $25,000 valuer at 1 Prize dwelling House (adjoining tho ArcaJn) No. 16, 24 feet, 7 inch cs front on Natchez street, rented at $1200 valued at 1 Prize di (adjoining tho Arcade) No. 18,2.3 feet rront on Natchoz st. renter, at $1200 valued at 1 Prize do. (adjoining iho Arcado) No. 20. 23 reel front on Natchez st. ronied al $1200 valued al 1 I'rizodo. No 23, North east cornor of Basin and Custom house streets 40 feet front on Basin, and 40 feet on Franklin street, by 127 feet deep in Custom House btrcot, rented at $l500-valued at 1 Prize do Nn. 24, South west cor ner of Basin and Custom-house sts 32 feet, 7 inches on Basin, 32 feet, 7 inches nn Franklin, 127 feet, 10 inches deep in front of Custom house street rented at $1500 valued at I Prize do. No. 339, 24 feet, 3 inchos on Royal street, by 127 feet, 11 inches deep rented at $1000 valued at 1 Prize 250 shares canal bank slock 500,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 15,000 $100 each 25.000 1 do 200 do commercial do do 20,000 I do 150 do Mechanics' & Traders' do do 1 do 100 do City Bank do do 1 do 100 do do do do I do 100 do do do do 1 do 50 do Exchange Bank do do 1 do 50 do do tlo do 1 do 25 do Gas light Bank do do 1 do 25 do do do do do 1 do 15 do Mechanics' and Traders' do do 1 do 15 do do do do 20 do each lOsbares of the Lousiana stale Bank, $100 each, each prizo $1,000 10 do oach 2 sbaros of $100 each, each prize $200, of the Gas Liirbt Bank 200 do each 1 sbaro of $100, of tho Bank of Louisiana 200 do each 1 sbaro of $100, of tho New Orleans Bank 150 do each 1 share of $100 of tho Union Bank of Florida 15.000 10.000 10,000 10,000 5.000 5.000 2.500 2,500 1.500 1,500 20,000 2,000 20,000 20,000 15,000 OOO PRIZES 81.500.000 TICKETS $20 -NO SHARES. Tho whnlnof tho Tickots.with tbuirnum- bars, as also those containing the pri.os, will be examined and soalcd by tho cnminisnioneis appointed under tho Act. ptoviously lo their being put into Iho wheels. Ono wheel will contain the wholnof iho numbers, thootber will contain the Six Hundred Priiet, and the first 600 numbers that shall bu drawn nut, will bu untitled lo such Prize as may bo drawn to its iiuinboi, and tho forlunatu holders of such Prizes will havo such propeity transferred lo Ihein immediately after tho drawing, unincum. bered, and without any Deduction I A new lot of Slips and Shoes, jurt received by WAIT & TABOR, SPERM Oil Gls. Wlnlor Sperm Oil 2000 do Fall do do 1500 do Rnfiiicd do bv .!.& J. II &Co. Juno ' Groceries. a(CDlfin Cnc'll, YounP Hyn Tea WW 75 do Hyson Skin do 20 Bags Pepper 20 do Pimento 40 do Cnflons 50 Boxes Pipes 100 do Bar Soap 200 do Raisins 50 Kegs do 40 do Puro Ginger 400 Mats Cassia. St. Croix Rum, Holland Gin. Signclto Btandy. Ballimorn Oin. Amnslnnn ii,.i Champairne, Brown and PalnSheny, Madeira .mi Qiuuy jviauotra, Marseills Madeira and Malaga Wines, by J- & J. II. PECK & Co. Crown Glass. I EDFORD. Saranac and Clinton crown .L by J. it J. H. PECK fc Co. Aeenls. Juno 7, 1039. Foreign Iron and Steel. ENGLISh' Iron from 1 to C inches Russia Old Sable Iron Do Now do do Swedes do Hoop do from j. lo Inch Brazier's Rods Spring, Cast, Gorman, Swedes and English Blister Steel. Cart and Wagon Boxes Finished Cro Bars by Juno7. J. & J, II. PECK & Co. WHITE BEANS. BOO ,i"ilt?ls Wanted by the sub scrtbers for which the highest price will be paid in gnnds. June 6. Laturop and Potwin. bush. Rue. 1000 do. Corn. 2000 do. Oats, for which cartwill bo paid on delivery, by Follctt & Bbadleys Blanchard's celebrated Scythes aef(((ll dozt German steel concave grass Scythes. fe 100 do. cast do. do. do. 20 do. Cradlo Scythes, for sale by May 3i. Follett & Bradlevs, Agents PORK. 1500 Lard, la Bbls. Shoulders, for sale by May 31. Follett & Bradleys. fyQt bbls. Boston crashed Su gar, lo boxes do Loaf do. for sale al Boston prices and freight, equal in quality to bes.t English refined, for sale on consignment by May 31 . Follett & Bradleys. Burlington Vermont and Essex, Cylinder Glass, mado at the Champlain Glass Works, and very much improved in quality compared with ihu late brands, forsalo by June 7. J & J. II. Peck & Co. AgUs. C by 87 by 9 and 8 by 10. Caa boxes of GLASS made nt the Champlain Glass Go's. Works, all oilier sizes cut lo order on short notice for ale by Foli.ktt& Bradleys, Agents. 4(f PACKS PINS, 5o ibs Mixed do 200 000 Dril'd Eyed and common Needle?, 50 Grosses Knitting Pins, for sale by June 5. Vilas, Lodmis $ Co. GfM Lbs. While and colored Cotton 0JJ Thread, assorted Nos. 2 Cases Holt's Wire Thread, 325 Doz. Web and Gum Elastic Suspenders, for sale by June 5. Vilas, Loo.mts and Co. German Silver. 400 Doz. Table and Tea Spoons, lii uo sugar Tongs, 20 do Spectacles, 100 do Pencil Cases, for sale by June 5. Vilas, Lodmis and Co. 4aiI JVOTICE. 1ASH will bo paid lur WOOL at the Burlingion Mill Company's Factory SIDNEY BARLOIF. Agent' 40 Casks, by J f J. II. Peck S( Co. SILFER TABLE & TEA SPOONS. do Spectacles, do Thimbles, do Pencil Cases, for sale by June 5. Vilas, Loomis and Co. HOWARD'S UNPRECEDETED despatch in busi ifss is only equalled coinparitivoly by the successive nnd quick pa-sage of his favorite Sieum Ship Great Western which has just arrivid in 131-2 days Irom En rnpu with pretty timid lor Market and good news for the country. Howards return from New York the ihird fine in such quick succession anil with so manv and new kinds of Goods bus increased the sales wonderfully, well may it be said there is no piace like Howards lo go n shopping for it dues one good to son so many pretty goods and happy customers huvimr. as is always found at the Grand Beznar Cheap Cash Store by S. EARL HOWARD. June 6, HS39. Heavy Hardware, Cro Bars, Anvills, Vices. Shovels, Cast steel do. Spades. Hoes, Scythes, dung forks, Wag gon and Carl Boxes, Trace Chains, Potash and Caldron Kettles, Plough Castings, Cast Iron Waggon Arms etc. etc, by June 6. STRONGS and Co. Sugars and Molasses. ( Ilhds. St. Cr ond Porli Rico, Su gars, 20 Ilhds. nnd tierces Trinidad Molaises, 10 Boxes Philadelphia and double rtfin. cd loaf Sugars ut very low prices, by iune t, tijuuNus nnd Co DYE STUFFS. Ilbls. Cant Wood tin Log Wood St Doming? do dn do Canpcacby do Fustic do Nicaragua do Alum do Blue Vitriol do Madder 100 coo 250 250 200 40 30 50 Carboys Oil Vitriol. Muriatic Acid. Aqua Forlk Nitric Acid, Carcuma, Bar Wood, Peach Wnnd.Quer citron Unrk. Spanifh Fhunnt and Bengal Indigo. Lac Dye, Nut Galls. Press pn pers. Jacks Tenter Hunks, Cream Tartar and Agal by J. & J. (I. Peck & Co. June 7, 1839. Lorrillards SnulT&, Tobacco. OO Jar Macaboy SnutF r lll o, i, .1.. r-ir tu n iuu. Kn.uii.ii ,ni vyi,,i umuuerj 5 do do do Ox do 30 do Chewing Tobacco 30 do Smoking dn by J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Agnrtt. Paints and Oils. 1 0.000 ll,s,)fy wi'"" i,ni 100 Cask ground do do 15 Bbk Venetian Rod 10 Cask French yellow 50 Bbls. American Linseed Oil 25 do Snints Turpentine Copal Varnish, Gold L"af Sand paper, Smalls. Brushes. Glue, Gum Copal &c. by J"ne'7. J &.! H PECK & Co. SALT. SOOO Busi.ub Solar Salt Sleain do Finn do Turks Island do 1 Fine do Diiry do Coarse do Dairy do bv 3000 do 1500 1000 1000 100 250 200 June 7, do do Barrel do do Sacks J- & J. II. PECK & Co. 200 "arrcls '-''h ground hv J Sr. J II PECK Co. Boston jNf. Ii. Rum, Zf Ilhds. Gardener Brewers, by U J & J". II. PECK Co. Potash Kettles constantly on uanu uy j . cf j. u. I'ejijK Uo. Nails, Brads & American Iron, 2000 KcSs Nai,s f'""3d lo COd 250 do Brads do Gj to 20a Horse Shoe Iron Scroll and Hame dn all sizea Hind do from 1 in 4 IMCh Round do i to li do Square d , 3 $0 J. &r J. H. Peck Se Co. Agents for Kteseville manufacturing Co. 500 Bushels Corn for sale by Junes. I1ICKOK St CATLIN. Tin Plate &c. Boxes Tin plate 1-3 X and extra loO 1000 lbs. Sheet Copper tinned do. iuu mm. iron wire n-snried. 500 IbsEngli-ih Brass Kettles nil 300 do sheet Brass do Copper, tinned and black rivets. 100 Boxes Canada plates, 50 Hills. Enolish Sheet Iron nccnriml with a general assortment of goods- for tin ners use, which will be sold nt low prices. June 7. STRONGS and Co, The German Matchless Sana tive, for sale nl the Post Office nt Grand Isle Vt., where numerous testimonials as to its specific qua I H ire in cases of Con sumption &.e. mav be seen bv calling at my office. DANIEL JACKSON, Agent. December 14. 183(3. 6m Revised List 1839. MORISOA'S PILLS. OR the Vegetable Medicine of the British College of Health, Lnn don; Imported by Dr. Geo. Taylor 64 Wall, and 6 New Sis. New York, solu Agent in the United Stales, for said Col lego. Packages Pills gl and g3 each. Powders 25 cts. Every Packet sold in Vermont and in the counties of Essex, Clinton, Franklin and St. Lawrence. N. Y.. will be sined in writing by PANG BORN & BRINSMAII), Jewellers of Burlington Vt. who nre Siale Agents: and also by Sub Agents selling them. If not so signed do nut buy them. Fur sale bv Edmund Lyman North Ferrttburgli Win E Greene Vnrgi'tines Jonathan Hagar Andrew Dawson David Lunar. O A Keith Otis L Kelton Amasfi Paine C &. J W Baxter K Cleveland Sabin Kcllum Middluhnrv South Hero St. Albans Sheldon Montgomery Lowo.ll Derby Lino Coventry Ira-burgh S E Morse & S Lyuiau Cralisbury J W Remington Johnson E P Walton &. sons ) . ,. and Perry Mar,!. Mn,,tl'cllur John Kelscy Danville Jonas Flint. Si Johnsbury Lyndon Chelsea Windsor Bellows Falls Win Pierce. Foster Grow N C Goddard M S Bucklattd J Sleene Brailleboro J Piue& Co Factory Point Manchester Hiram L Cheney Ruilnnd Jns II Mm Jock Woodstock Roynllon Brandon Orwell Bridport Essex N Y Westport N Y Kersevillo Platlbiirgh, Shoreham Juel Day lrn Biitiun .las Hull J Frost vt Co G F & B Buyanton C B Hal ah Alfred Ilartwell Richard Cot trill Kent Wright J. C. Haswell Bennington Remember every packet nf tho genuine is eigned by Pangbnrn & Brinmai(l. Dr. GEO. TAYLOR, C Wall tt. U. S. Agent. Ralford Crown Glass. WJE abova articla, of all sizes, ftirnUbed JL to order, al iiianufaciuror's prices, by May 31, Follett k UiunLEir, Ac'tntx

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