Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 28, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 28, 1839 Page 3
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trative of eucli operation. The following oxlract it offered, nut as bearing on the subject of n geological BUrvey, but because it may bo interesting lo your renders. Thoe psiMiigc into llm mountains, caltnl tun nets, ilic npi'imiif (if which is r,iltd llip inouili, tire iliually oT sufficient height unit width fur n i(;r f (ii conveniently lu slnnd ciect in them. On t tie Rath-hatis inrituil.ihi, in llic Saltzhiirijli district, there In n tunnel 12 led lni;h mil 7 wide. Il was entirely hewn out Willi llm m.illct mid clii'rl, an intercut ititf, Inn nutty o(irr.ii inn. The cx'cnl ol these tunnel is tifien considerable ; llm nne called The (Jeoige tin the llnrlZ, cxipiuN !J nilles in one dliecliun, without l.ikini! t tie Lilian I bi ani'lio.4 into the nccniinl. Il is cry seldom j on see n inoniitiiin iiinncleil cnliielv lhiiiiiili. On I lie Italli. limn niounluin tneuliniird above, llip iclcbraicd Cbriampliei's liiiinel, which m 10,500 feet Ion;;, ' extends ihiniijih the whole niuiiiiini that n m i n niiiv enier on the N, Mini tome out on ihu S. V. side. Shafts arc perpendicular, nr mnrp or le.'s incli ned passages into mtiiinliiinii, which iiiiu,hl lip comp.iicd lo imnipiup rliiinnp The opening nfn Vlial'i i c,i I lid the mouth, and its icimiii.ition, the pool. 'I'licre nrc viiriom coiili ivaiircs for lurrndinj and dnreniling shafts. In moi c,ica she'll', and sometimes double l.idilei me used TIip double laddcis arc rinployd ill the p. ill uniksof llnlle.of which we shall leiun mote lieiealiei'. In some places sinirs or steps, rut nut of the locks, or con. pirnclpil of masoiiiy anil wood aic used. In the Ian raf! strinii,' lie.i in s roiisinuip ihe slepa. There die etimo mini's in whiih the slabs extend to tlie lowest depth, Al Falun, In Swcn. con venient wuoiIimi steps willi li.iliHtiaile extend lo a fie plh of 1,200 feet. In iuliipirniieii chamber the oflicern ol'lhp establishment hold iheir meetings, when the vvoiks nic examined. It m ornamented Willi vvaiiismiling, fm iiihed with scats aiouml n table, and fiom the ceiling is pn-pi tided a rb.itule lier. Accoiding lo an ancienl cutoin, nieiy king ol Sweden was olilisicd lo visit thai (hiinlipr, in least once, dining Ins teigu. The names of many crowned head aic hcie lo he (-pen. Kvcn Imrsi-s, vvlnrh aip ompliived, ran spnnily dp I and tisppail on lliPt-e steps. Augustus i tic 'I'hiid, hint; of Poland, intending lo visit the l.czku sh ,fi at Wiflizrkii, onleied a flight of winding slain of 470 steps to he rnti-niiricil, that hp ims-hi hp (-peine ngainl danger and excessive fatigue. In seveinl of ihe Utal mines the descent id ulto by means of glairs. The descent and nsceiil in shafts by slrnng ropes, or iron chains, moved by a windlass m' steam engine, nro not so rommnn. Al t lie co il pits near Zu in tuit, the miner is let down by si'ling on :i lonnd piece of wood iIxpiI lo a mpe, which is woiiail off ihe In lliuig.ii v, Bohemia and fi.ihci.i, the seal is made of a piece of s'oiit bailiei, anil another piece seiving as a hack is attached lo it. lit llii'ii!ni, thcie mo usually llitce, anil in Vieil7cka sinnpiiiiipj as manv as 10 such feats, fasleneil 10 the tope, one ahmi; ihe oilier, finni 7 lo M feet apart. Those lalinieis, who orenps ihe hijiliesl and the lnwe.-l M-at, an'nlp the whole line, mill ciuimn is iierpsarv lo aioiil coaiacl Willi die wood woik of ihf i-Ii-iO, fur if 11 piojcclms nail or plank weie 10 s'oplheir piotjiess, it would be il'ITiciill to pipteni ihi in fniiii IimIm piccipilaied to 11 depth of fiom 1.400 10 2,000 feet. The de sceiil itilo ihe coal pit- of l.niiiik nnd oilier places is efl'pclpd in casks, or in unall wagiaH on wheels. HllacliPil lo chains 'this lai mcllnd is often altpiiileil ivitli eai daauer. In one of the mines ill l.tiniek, in 1S35. emhi men were killed. Seien of litem had safely col into ihe cask; ihe ciahih linslilv tan up. anil, ronliai V In all 1 Pinoti'liancp, leaped inlo it, while siHppndpd opr llteehafi Tiie rope broke, and t lie whole of ihein weie dashed lo pieces at the boiiom. In ihe Sivpili.b minps al-o, the wiakmen, in older lo amid the laborious ih teem In stairs, are let down in ral;s, siiiiiikU hoopeil wild h on. 'I hey di.-plav n peculiar dex. terity in iiuiiin; their little car fiom the projecting tocks, and thus iiePiil il fiom dishing violently asainst the walls. Women anil childimi, who arc emploieil in ihn pilK, meofien si-en stiitiding, with one arm lonnd the rnpp, on the lini of ihe fiail ca'k, us 11 swiiijjs and :111ns in its descent, fjo great is tlie force ol h.ibil, 1I1 11 wnmeii ply iheir knitting needles williniil am anxiel, dining iheir descent or ifccul, in no degiee wh.ileier appie bending nrcidenis, or eon-cioas of ihe d inger lo which thev aie exposed, A siorv i- lold of .1 girl, who, in 17S5, afceniled hv her'elf. Unable lo guide the co-k, itstimk again-l a projecting rnck and tin ned over. The 1111(111 innate gii I was tin own out, and fell on another projection, .11 ihp of JliU leei liom the Inlttiin. Her siiimIiiiu must lue Iippii hoirible, bill ipiitp onalarnipil, flip clnnii lo il for half an hnnr. 'I'he.slii;liie-l motinn would have precipitated her lo the. awful ahs benealh. 1'inally somp icfoluln wmkmen deiei mini'il 10 n-k their hips in the atleniil In nvp her and i-urcepileil Ilorsp- which ale rinploveil to oik ilie michineiv l I'alini, are let down and Innu.dil up in the .iiik' wav. In some of the Sweili..i minps, nt iliedepih of 960 feel, iIipio are stables, and eien finiih-hops, hewn out of the solid roik, for the w,v si 1 e liroimht to the fiii face onh a (ew limes in the eai-. Al l.iinirk and Aix la Ch .tune p. I hi'ie me in inv horses in the coal pils, winch never see the liglil of tiay. These wngo-is, called dogs, aie emplojcd below to comey ore fiom one place to another. ni a it 11 1 k rT At Si. Paul's Chtiich, in VergpnnPs, on the evening nfihp 24ih inst., by the Itev. '., I'lumipsoii, Mr. Da mk I. Kimrall, Jr of Dm lington, lo Miss Marv A. I'iki.I), of Veiaennes. On Thuisday eveniiig, ihe 20ih int,, liv the Rev. Mr. Ingermll, Hikam S. I.amjon, ofSh,.. Iiiirn, to Miss Mahv K. Isiiam, daughter of Sam tiel K. I.-ham of this town. I) I K I In this town, on the 20th insl., MrSETIt Wooli, in the 70th jear of his age. WANTED. A stnady. nciive, iii(liisinuiir hoy from 15 to 16 yenra of ago j who can come well recnininenilcil : to nt lend n Siorc. One whose pn renin reside in t tin village would ho prefiirred. Apply at this ofi'icu. Burlington, June 2(t, 1 039. A good assortment of goods for .men and boyu summer cliii,ei, nt June 28. WAIT & TAIIOIIS. Jewelry this day received. WE llivilu nllentliin lo our new tisnrt. merit of Rings and Puis winch is far suporior lo nnv hefnro offered. Enamelled l'ainttngiJ and all other kinds, eelltng off very low at llio Variety Store,. June 25. pAisrsnonN & liitiN-MAm. For Sale a good COW. c ALiVM) in April and expected In taive 111 1' eorunry. w I'ANOIlOliN & IlntNfMAIP. Drugs, Medicines, Perfumery, PainiH. Oiln uud Dye-iufT-i n largn and romnlMlO naenrl ... ..C.l.., ....r,w.w u. ,,, ,,,,, uiiiivii nriictlls, lately received ; and for Fnln at the lowest market prices, bv ROBKRT MUODY. Btiilington, June 25. 11)39. m m Hales Urown Shoutings and Shirt- Aw tng 3 cases Bleached do do 3 bale 'Pickings 1 1 do brown Drillings, fur rale ae low aa can bu purchased in the market, bv t rt t ion It-- r . ' ' juno si, j, viijfti, L100MI8 at io. Wllitj bo sold ot. public Auclinn, nt N. 11 IliiHu cU'rt n net inn room, tin Sniur liny June 20, n (icnernl nesnrltniMU nf Dry CSimils, Ilhnl wire Scythe Snaths, and Filth Fork itc. Sulutu coiiimunco al uno o' r.hick, P. M. The subscriber has been receiving- lor tin: In ft two wt'rk-i, thu largunt out best scleolnil nnrlment of HARDWARE, SADDIAUl YS( COACH WARE, Sato milt, Cnt rtti, ami Circular SAWS Slovc ami Fire place IIOIJ.QW WARE, Waifon. Ctrl and Pipe HOXES; GUJVS, Fixkel and table CUTLERY. Plated Grrman Silver Brittania Ware, CA ULYET TRI.MJIIjYGS, LOO h'l Vf; G LASS ES. LOOKING GLASS PLATE, S(C. S(C. Mu liiis over lit'1'nrn ofFt'fpd to the public, all nf which In; will bu hnppy lo dispose of til wlioli;Fnlc olid ret till on Ihrj best terms lor cash or Miort credit. RunEUT Moody. IlnrliiiiMcn. Join; 25, 1039. 6 cases American Prints, just reocivi'Ml by, Loomis &. Co. Junu 241 h, 1839. Pieces Piiickrkin Fancies 15 do Rnwen Cassiiuurc and blue Drillings, just rec'.'ived by June 14, '39. Vfi.AS, Loomis & Co CONGBiKSS WATER A FRESH SUPPLY BY June 28. Latiirop & Potwi.V. Dll. IIULIS Utero Abdominal Supporter. rrtlllS new Insiruinent lor 1 lie radical JL cure of ProlapMis Uicri, or Falling of the Womb, by external application, ftiper selling the use of I he ohjeri lonahle Pe-sary, is coi'fiilent'y recommended lo Ihn nfllicied ns iiit; tneun of a perfect resiortii tun to health, it never having failed of performing ti core, even under Hie tnosl aggravated circiiiiisiancefi. i has received Ihe decided approbation of Sir Asiley Cooper, of LON DON; Sit Benjamin C Brndiej Sir James Clark. Phyhiciun lo Hie Queen ; Dr. Ash well. Lecturer on Mitlwiterv lo Guv's Hos PH al ; Dr. Righv. Lecttiter lo Si. Burlliol-"tnes-; Dr. finUM). Lecturer to Westmin ster Hospital; Dr. Rain-boi hntn. Lecturer lo Loudon Hospital ; Rnberl Ferguson. Lecturer In WeMmm-ter Lying-in Ho-pi Inl. Dr. Svveatman. Lecturer to Middle-ex Hospital, and senior Accoucheur In Queen Charlotte's Lying-in Hospital ; also, by Henry Davies. Ciinqil',i ; Blnndell, Lee, iMerrtman. Surgeini Keales. &.C. by Dr Moreno, President ol the Academic Roy ale ile Medecine, PARIS and Accoucheur to 1 he Dnehess D'Orlenos; Professors Vel poau, Mnrjolin. Paul Dubois, Sanson, and others ; urd in New York by Professor J. W. Francis; G. S. Bedford. Al. D. Prolersor of Midwifery in Umver.-iiy llio city NEW YOKK; Professor Delnftehl. Francis U. Johm-tnu. President Coitniy Med. Society; Laurens Hull, pres. Medical i-ociely, stale ul New Yotk; ptof. J aim'- McNaughion. of Albany; pro(esor March, prof Cyrus Perkins, prof. Donne Drs. Thus Boyd. Gilbert Smtlh. Hn-ack, Siearns. Ludlow. Cisain, Vnche, Power, Gmyi-nii, Van Rensalaer, and tunny other distinguished Pt.v-iciniis in the U. S'ates. A. G HULLjOffic" -1 V y-st, A.tnr House. N"-w York. 0"A constant Mipply ol he above Inslru meol-, with Dr. HtlHV Improved Tru.-s lor Hernia, will he kept by jioi:ertmoody. Druggist, liarliglan, VI. K. W. Brew -1 cr, .Middiebury. I). II. Prentiss, Jlnntp'ilier. James Porter, Rutland. jy 2000 l-hel C.mrte solar Salt JOO do fine tin 50 laroe sacks Liverpool blown do June G 1839. STimr.s & Co. G R IN D STONE S &PL iASTElf A L rge nr-soriinent ot Wnier and II11111I Grititlsioties, and Phisier in any quan lily, con-iinnt ly on hnnd and for sale by Sour.E, Whitmiy & Co., 4, Smith at. New York, and by Hie subscribers at No. 7, L Wharf, Boston. SPRAGUE, SOULE & Co. June 17. j c m LAN T J3RNS , Gi LOBE Lanierus, and l-tiig. Glass do, T u new and good article by STRONGS & Co. Corn Brooms and PailsT 100 N"2, ("" Brooms. .riO do Patent Pails. bv Juno 7. J- St J. H. PECKvV Co. TOHACCO. KEGS Plug Tobacco 10 Boxes Cavendtbh 30 GO Packages Sheep 2000 lbs. Leaf do Juno ' by J. & J. II. Pi;CK & Co. Notice. r'FlHE subscriber has this day sold to E. J. Snmson Ins entire slock in trade with all his noics and accounts, nil persons indebted tn mo nro requested lo call ond settle Ihe same with said Slimp son without delay, as it will snve cost. ,. D S. RUSSELL, Burlington, Juno 15, 1039. 3w Notice. rpHE subscribur having mken tho entire J- slock of Boots, Shoes, &c. of D. S. Rus-nll wishes to dispose of them at or below cost for Cash. Thnso wisbunr Shoes cheap will find tliem at tho old stand of U. a. Kiireuti. where tho nmnufacluriin' hueincbs will elill bu continued, E. J STIMSON. Burlington, Juno IS, IU39. 3W Potash Kettles constantly on hand by J. J. H. PECK ff Co. l'KO.M UODRNSIIUKOII TO BUFFALO IN CCMH) IIOUIIS ! 30 LiSvXSE OMTAmO-1839. S T V. A M - II O A T JOHN EVANS, Em. Commander. riIUS uplondiil now lloat of 400 tons JL burthen, propelled by two powerful low prcssuro cngnius, will inaKo two triph rt:n week through llio Lako from onniJNMiuuon to LKVvisrovvN, slopf ing up mid down al llio in tonuudiato ports, as fullowa : ui'WAiitJa Leaves Ogdpnihitrgh, Monday and 1 hursd.iy niglils do. ilon iiown, do. do. i!o do. Alexandria llav, do. do, do do. Fiench ("reck, Tuesday & Friday mornings do. Suckers llaibor, tin 1I0. ill 12 noon, do. O'wcgo, do (to. ill 5 p in. arriving al Lewlslnn on Wednesday "nil .S.ilinday mornings in lime, fie the morning Cats for IJutfalo. down iv Aims, Leaves Lewislon, Wednesday it Saiuiday nl 5 p ni do, Oswego, Thuisday and Sunday at 0 11 to do. Sachet's llaibor, do do al 10 a. ill. do Fiench deck, do. do at 1 p. in. do Alexandria 15ay and Morristowu, afiernonn, arriving al 0,-ilcnsbuigh on Sunday ami Tliiiisday evenings. Qrj-l'assengeis by ihis Hoat can reach N. York or M011t1c.1l on the evening of the second day from Lewislon. Tlie St. Lawience has eleven huge anil commo dious State ItoniiH independent of he 1 cabins, in which grnlleiiipii wiihlheii families, can he comfort ablv iiccnmuiodaled. The ci eat spi-cd of ibis boat with her excellent accommodations, cuirinled lo the care of one oftho liio'l experienced and skilful navigators, will eiictire ihe travelling public not only a pleasant but a moie expeditious, passage than liithetin known on the Lakes. Ogdemburgh, June 10, 1S39. S T HAYED FROM ihe subscriber on Hie 3d 1 list . , u middling sized bay horse, black mane and tail, black feel . n wiiiiu i-tripe in the face, and one." side of the ni ee while. Whoever will re.'urn said htirt-e, 01 give information, shall be liberally re warded, and necessnrv expen-es paid. CYRUS SPRAOUE. Wtlli-tnn. June '-'0 lt!39. ST II AY cow. , '1 ritrt 1 IjU 1 r o m K I lie .-ubscriber on the l.'.!th inst. a light red COW while flinks, very large bag and tents, nine. rr leu vears old, probably has a calf by Hits 1 1 1 1? e . Whoever will give informal 1011 where she may be found, shall be compensated for their trouble J. M. ELDRIDGE. Burlinslnn. June '2 IH39 JAMES MITCHELL DRAFBR & TAILOE, Corner of Church Sf College struts. Boiu.inrton. Junk 15)39. HAVE received a lew pieces ol rich undressed Scotch Gingham. Swiss Lawn, a benulilul article lor La dies while tlresses, Rich Printed Lawn. Cambric, Muslin, &c tS; c. Burlington, Junu 14 1839. PARIi FOR S-&L1S. Valnahlt! F 11 r in lyitio direcilv in ii the pleasaul and flour- Vfe- 5 port, E-sex counly n.v. coniainiug ahiiui two AciSfficSH hundred acres bortler -3r5saBi&tiei ing nn, and command ing an extensive view ol Weslpnrl Bay. There is on the premises u wharf, used for Ihe reception of lumber in Hie winter, to which boats con come al all fch-oiis; the land is of good qunlily, about one half un der cultivation, the residue thickly covered vviih hard timber. The commanding sit nation of the properly, Us proximity to Lnko Champlain, and su-copiibly of great improvement, and the large quantity of hard wood ttpon it which is daily becoming moro valuable ufl'er uncommon inducements to a farmer about to locale, or 10 any purchaser, n- a safe investment. 'Pule indi.-pulable. For terms apply to S. M VlilClt. Wi stporl. Es.'o.v en. N Y. if STATE OF FErJi0N71 DISTHICT OF CIIITTKINDKN, ss. The Hon the Probate Court for the Dis trict of Chittenden, To Ihe heirs anil all others concerned m the Estate of John Latlimp tale if Burlington in said Dis. trict df tensed. GREETING. JfniEKEAS Henry Mayo, Administrator TT of tho estate, of John Lalhrop, lato of Ilurlinglnn, deceased, hath represented In this court titat tho personal estate of said do cosset! is insufficient tu pay llio debts alhnvud against said estalu ami llio costs nnd charges of settling said ostato, and that a part of said estate cannot ho sold without injury lo tho remainder, ami hath applied for license in (.oil Ihu whole of the real eslato togulhor with tho reversion of Ihe widow's dower. And whereas the said administrator pro poses in remlur nn account of his administra tion, nnu present his account agiiiist saiil cs lato for examination and allowance. Where upon inn court alotesnnJ Uoilt assign tho second vYcdiiusday ol July next for a henrine in tho pruinises, al tho Ueuislct's officii in Burlington, and doth order that ihn hnlrs, and all other persons concerned in said estate, bo notified lliureof by publication of this order, coniainiug thu substance of said administra tor's application, llireo weeks successively in tho Freo Press, a newspaper piloted in said Burlington, tho last of which publications to ho previous lo said second Wednesday of July 11139, that I hoy may then and Ihcru appearand show canto, if any they liavo, why licunsc to soil said real estatu should mil bo granted, ami why tho saitl account should not ho allowed. Givon undnr my hand al Burlington, this 10th day of Juno, a. i, 1839. Wm. WESTON. Resislcr. PICKLED FISH. C!ALJION,Shadd and No. I, Mackerel, also, Smoked Sa i.mon, at retail bv Juno 14. Latiikot & Potivin, TO BUILDERS. TBIIIE undersigned will receive 6chIim1 JL prnpnsaU for tho frnining, rnwitig nnd cmnleiiitg of nn nrch Ilridgii over Ihe Onion River, near the Meoiing-liiiuse m Richmond. Said bridge is of two leel ppnn thirty-two feel from outride to niilmde of the pouts with one nrch two carriage track? two side walks with twelve feel cnulinualion nn the abuiiiieiile at each end. A plan of t-nitl bridge in tho bandit ol Ransom Jones in Richmond, where il may bo inspected by those inter cHied. Said proposals will bo received until the Isl day of July next. OLIVER SHEPARD, RANSOM JONES, AMOS (J. COOPER. Richmimd, Jane Id, 1839. Select' men. 2w VERMONT MILITIA. rilHE Subscribers having been appoint JL ed agents for the purpose, have made arrangements to supply the Militia of Ver mont IV I I) MILITARY BUTTONS, manufactured by the An leburough Coinpa ny Mass, expressly for tho purpose, with DEVICES nniirovd and adopted for GENERAL AND STAFF. FIELD AND STAFF. ARTILLERY LIGHT INFANTRY. RIFLE. l'o be liirni-lieil in a few weelo. Terms given when received. DANIELS & BELL Rutland, Ft. June 14, Jtl39. Molasses and Sugars Ilhds. Prime Molasses l "B's- V'- a,u' l'"rl Rico Sugars 15 Boxes Lump and Loaf do. by J. &. J. H. PECK & Co. June 14. CHOICE W3ENES. WARRANTED pure juice of" Utgrnpc consisting of old Matleria. Port, Sic-1 ily Madeira nnd Sherry. I cask Spanish Sherrv n good as ever imported. ALSO, pure unadulterated Champagne Brandy, persons wishing on article for medicine may depend upon it n being free from any mixture. LATiinor & Potwin. CUMBERLAND SPRINGS. .TfHE .-ubscrtber lakes this method lo JL inform the Public, thai he has rented tin.' large and commodious house, situate nt Cum BKr.r.AM) Spri.ngs. No expense liuv mg boeii soured in pnittng the House, Spring, PMiieurc grounds. Walks, &c. in compleie repair, he feels no hesitation in saying, that those who may be disposed In patronize him. will find every thing to their entire satisfaction. 7'ho roads leading tn the Springs being in excellent repair, and through a beauti ful pert of Ihe town, no oilier spol seems more favorable for Paiitiks of Pleasuiu: to enjoy li;en.'clves, than tiis. The medical qualities of tfij waicr, are con-ider.'d equal ' the famed Suratoga and Ball-town. Ev.-ry attention will be paid lo Hie comfort and convenience of in valids. O. P. CARPENTER. Beekmantown, Juno I. Ul29- 3wj7 IRON &C. STRONGS & Co. ARE now receiving 11 heavy slock ul Iron and Steel, cousibttng of 10 ions. English Wagon and Cart tiro of all I In- various mzi's, 5 tons Russia O. S. Iron 3 do Swedes do Cast, German, Spring, American and Eng. Blister Sieel. English Hoops, Braziers rods SfC. Also, on Consignment, 500 Kegs assorted cut Nails, 3d to 60d and floor Brails. 20 tons Peru manufactured Iron round and square of all sizes. Band Iron, Shoe Shapes etc. etc. June G. Fresh Prunes, by tho Box, at WAIT and TABORS. A few straw Bonnets yet on hand, which will be sold very cheap. JWAIT &J!'ABOR. 'l'o Manufacturers & Clothiers CLOTHIER'S Cards manufactured by the Springfield Card Co Springfield Mass. by J & J H. Pkck &. Co. Agents. lleeves & Sons' Water Colors. Vfew Boxes of I. 2, nnd 3 rows of Ihe above line water paints with brushes complete. ALSO, Mime of the above in Boxes with Lock and key and drawers under them, ALSO, Fine drawing Pencils ALSO, Cap Boxes and Powder Horns by June 14, Paisoiiohn &. Hui.v-.maip. "pink sauceks. 6(lnz Pmk nr Carmine Saucers 3 do7 Meziiinlo Saucers, received by June 14' pAfinon.N & BniNS.M.UD. BOSOMS. A few more line dm. Bosoms called l tic xIl Patent Frilled Biennis, ALSO, n few moro 'A. No 1.' rich black satin Slocks. ALSO, sumo beautiful summer Stocks. ALSO. a few fino Slocks from I inch to 2i inches in width. ALSO. a few long Stocks trotn 10 to 20 inches in length. ALSO, ti tew beautiful figr'd wihtk satin Stocks, received nt the Variety Siore. June 14. Pamiiioh.n & BniNSMAin. A good assortment of beautiful Mnuseline de Laine this day onened at June 14. Wait Ki TAiions. Straw Travelling Baskets. A tew largo flat Straw Bsskeis, useful for Ludies vt lieu travelling, also, some colored Baskels. June H PANOKon.N & Bai.n'm ho. UNEXAMPLED a mm TH SCHEME rjiHE following details of ti Scheme of a JL Lollcni, lo bu drawn in December ncU, warrants ns in declaring il to bo UNPA ItAL LELED in thn history of Lotteries. Pfiizt's to llio amount have never before been offend to tho public. It is true, tlicro nro many blinks, but on tho other hand, thu oxtrctnely low charge of $20 per Tickol tho value and number or tho capitals, and tho revival oT tho good old custom of wakhantino that eveny I'ldzt: sii,r.L nt: Diiawn and Soi.n, will, we aro sure, give univutsnl satisfaction, and us. pccmlly lo tho Six Hundred Prise Holders. To thoso disposed to ndventtire, wo tecum mend caily application being made to os for tickets when the Prizes are all sold, blanks only remain tho first buyers havo tho best chanco. Wc. thcrefuro, emphatically say DELAY NOT! hut nt onco remit and tan!m lo us your orders, which shall always receive our immediate attention. Loiters lo be ad- d rcsttcd, and application tnndo to SYI.VHSTHK & CO., 150 Hroadway, New Yoik, Observe the number, 15ti, $700,000 ! ! ! '500,000M $25,0001 ! G prizes of $20,000!! 2 prizes of$ 15.000!! 3 prizes of $10,000 ! GRAND II E Ali ESTATK & HANK STOCK LOTTERY OF I'KOPERTY SITUATE IN N.Oill.RANS. "XT'Thc 1 ithesl and most Munijicenl Siheme ever presented lo the public, m litis or any other Country. TICKETS ONLY 8'iO. Authorized by an act of the Legislative As sembly of Florida, and under the diicctions oftho commissioners, acting under t!iu si mo To he drawn at Jacksonville, Fhr. Dir.. 1. 1H39 II. II IDT & HAMILTON, Managers SYLVESTJ-.R fc Co.. 15G lhoadtcay, New i or.-. Sole Agcnls. NO COMBINATION NUMBERS!!! 100,000 Tickets, from No. 1 upwards in sue cession. Tho Deeds of llio property and tho stock transferred in trusl to tho commissioners ap pointed by tho said act of the legilaluru of Florida, for tho security oftho prizo holders. SPLENDID SCHEME ! ! 1 PnizE Tho Arcade 2IIC feet, 5 inches, 4 linos, on Magazioo st.; 101 fuel, II inches, on Natchez st.; 12G feet. G inches, nn Gravier st Rented at about $37,000 per ann, Dollars. 70000 valued at 1 Prize. City Hotel 1G2 fuet on Common street: MG feet,G inches, on Canto st. Rented at $25,000 valued at 1 Prize dwelling Hoico (adjoining the Arcado) No". 1G, 2-1 feet, 7 inch es front on Natchez street, rented at $1200 valued at 1 Prize do (adjoining iho Arcado) No. It), 23 feet front on Natchez st. rented at $ 1200 valued ut 1 Prizo do. (adjoining tho Arcade) No. 20, 23 feel front on Nolchez st, rented at $1200 valued at 1 ,'rizo do. No 23, North cast corner of Basin and Cuslnm house slrcols 40 ii'cl front on Basin, nnd 40 fect on Frsnkhn street, by 127 feet deep in Cusloi.'i House ttrcot, rented at $1500 valued al 1 Prize do No. 24, South west cor ner of liasin and Custom-houso sts 32 feet, 7 inches on Basin, 32 feet, 7 inches on Franklin, 127 fect, 101 inches deep in front of Cusioin-bou-u street rented at $1500 valued at 1 Prize do. No. 339, 24 feet. 3 inches on Royal street, hy 127 feet. 11 inches deep ronlcd at $1000 valued at 1 Prize 250 shares canal bank slock 500,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 15,000 $100 each 25.000 do 200 do commercial du do 20,000 do 150 do Mechanics' & Traders' do do do 100 do City Bank do do do 100 do do do do do 100 do do do do do 50 do Exchango Bank do do do 50 do do do do do 25 do Gas light Bank do do do 25 do do do do do do 15 do Mechanics' uud 15.000 10.(100 10,0011 10,000 5,000 5.000 2.500 2,500 Traders' do do 1.500 1 do 15 do do do do 1,500 20 do each 10. shares of the Lnusiami stale Bank, $100 each, ouch prizo $1,000 10 do each 2 shares of $100 each, each prize $200, of tho Gas Light Bulk 200 do each 1 sham of $100, oT tho Bank of Louisiana 200 do each 1 share of $100, or tho New Orleans Rank 150 do each I share of $100 of the Union Bank of Florida 20,000 2,000 20,000 20,000 15,000 000 PRIZES $1,500,000 TICKETS tfO-NO SHARES. The wholoof tho Tickets, with tlioir num bers, as also thoso containing llio prizes, will ho examined and sealed hy the couiinisMoncis appointed under Iho Act, pteviously lo their being put into tho wheals. Uno wheel will contain ihe whole oftho numbers, theotlicr will contain llio Six Hundred Prizes, and the first GOO numbers that shall be diuwn out, will hu entitled lo such I'lttzf ns may ho drawn lo its number, and the fortunalu holders of such Prizes will havo such propetty transferred to Ihein immediately after thu drawing, unincum. hered, and without any Deduction 1 GROCERIES. K diesis Uvson, Hyson Skin, Young jkj ti,.,,, i,,,,M,;,,, M',,,,.. ,,,i and extra qualities 20 Bags old Java and St Domingo "3nf. fees 50 Kegs Ginger, 20 Buxcs pipes, 40 Boxes bar Soap 10 do Cavendish Tobacco, 1000 lb,, loaf do for Shcrp 5 Casks Satnrntus. 10 Bags Pepper anil Pimento 100 Boxes and qutnnr Boxes Rni'im Shaving Soap, Cloves, Nutmegs. Indigo, Catsui, Chocolate, mustard, Starch, Lcin on Syrup, etc. etc. just received bv Stronos & Co. A now lot of Slips and Shoes, jitH received by WAIT & TA FOR. SPERM OIL. GIs. Winter Sperm Oil 2000 do Fall do do 1500 do Kefinod do J un e 7. hy J.fe J. II ti Co . Groceries. affiTVfTTV Clients Yonnp Hyaon Tea WW 75 do Hyson Skin dc 20 Bags Pepper 20 do Pimento 40 do Coffees 50 Boxes Pipes 100 do Bar Soap 200 do Raisins 50 Kegs do 40 do Pure Ginger 100 Mats Cassia. St. Cioix Bunt, Holland Gin. Signetler Biandy. Bullimoro Gin, American Branrjy, Champagne Brown and Pale Shorty, Madeircc and Sicily Madeira, Marscills Madeira and Malaga Wines, hy June 7. J. & J. H. PECK & Co. Crown Glass. REDFORD.Saranac and Clinton crown by .1 it J. II. PECK Ai Co. Airents. Juno 7. 1039. Foreign Iron mid Steel. ENGLISH Iron from 1J to G inches Russia Old Sable Iron Do Nuw do do Swedes do Hoop do from to I Inch Brazier's Rods Spring. Cast, Gorman, Swedes and English Blister Steel. Cut anil Wagon Boxes Finished Cro Bars by June7. J. Ai J. II. PECK vfcCo WHITE BEANS. " 500 lt"'UpU Wanted by tho sub tenners for which tho highest price will be paid in goods. June G Latiiuoi' and Potwin ii wi&m bush. ?,,,.. 1000 do. Com. 2000 do. Oats, for which cash will bo paid on deln ery, hy I''r & Bradley BlanchariTs celebrated Scythes "Ri'ffo d"2, German steel concave grass b Scythes. 100 do. cast do. do. do. 20 do. Cradle Scythes, for salo by May3l. r Iz Bkaolevs, Agents PORK- barrels Mess, 2000 Hams, 1500 Lard, 15 Bbls. Shoulders, for sale by May 31. r Sz Biiablkys. 'fj) bbls. Boston crashed Su gar, 15 boxes do Loaf do. for sale at Boston prices and freight, equal in quality lo best English refined, for sale on consignment by May 31. Fom.ett & Bradlrys. vl), SV a, Burlington Vermont and Essex, Cylinder Glass, made al Iho Champlain Glass Works, and very much improved in quality compared with tho late brands, for sale by June 7. J & J H. Pkck & Co. AgUs. 0 by 87 by 9 and vS by 10. CCl l,r,xes GLASS made nt tin; jyjJ Chntnpluin Glass Cn's. Works, nil other size cot to order on short notice for ale by Fo m.ett & Buadi.eys, Agents. 400 PACKS PINS, 50 lbs Mixed do 200 000 Dril'd Eyed antl common Needles, 50 Grosses Kniinng Pins, for (.ale by June 5. Vilas, Loomis Sf Co. 300 Lbs. White nml colored Cotton Thread, ns,oried Nos. 2 Cases Hull's Wire Thread, 325 Doz. Web and Gum Elastic Suspenders, for sale hy June 5. Vilas, Loomis and Co. German A'ilver. 400 Rz- Table and Tea Spoons, 12 do Sugar Tongs, 20 do Spectacles, 100 do Pencil Cnse, for srIc by June 5. Vilas, Loomis and Co. JVOT2CK. CASH will bo paid tor WOOL et the Burltllg'on M ill Company's1 Factory SIDNEY BARLOW. Agent 40 Casks, by J Sf'i. 11. Peck S- Co. SILFER TABLE .V TEA SPOONS. do Spectacles, do Thimbles, do Pencil Case?, for sale by Juuefi. Vilas Loomis and Co. HOWARD'S TTNPRECEDETEI) 'despatch in busi U nss is only equalled comparilively by Ihu successive nnd (pick pd-sage of his invortio Sieum Ship Great Western which has just arrived in 131-2 days I nun Eu rope with pretty Good.- tor Market unil good news for the country. Howards return from New Yotk tho third lime in such quick succession and with so many nnd new ktutlx of Goods has increased ihu sales wonderfully, well may it busaid thero is nn place like Howards to go a shopping for II does one good to seo so many pretty good s and happy customers buying, as h always lonnd al the Grand Brzanr Cheap 'Cti-h Store by S. EARL HOWARD. Jur.eG, 1U39. Iron Hollow Waro. 1 very extensive assortment of Hollow t Ware, consisting of Pots, Kettles, Furnaces, Spiders, Tea Kettles, Basins. High pans elc. with a great variety of Slovo Ware, just ree'd and fnr sain by June fi. STRONGS $c Co. Gentleman's Leghorn Hats, by May 23, LATiinor &, Potwin. CLAPBOARDS. F jjfk g feet of Clapl oirils of first WW Tiali y, for ule by June i'O IB". HfK k & rut t-

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