Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 5, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 5, 1839 Page 3
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Mont: SwAimvotrnNO. Col. Andrews, Into a representative in t ho Maino Lcgis loturo from tho Inwn nf Turner, Town TrcBHiirer, Sic has Swartwoulcd with n largo amount of tho town's mimcy, borrow cmI monoy, &c. IIo has probably gone to Tnxos in search of li is brothers of tho Swan wont school. So toys tho Salem Gazette. llKUEAniNR a DrtUMCAtin --The Philn delphia Sentinel slates 1 1ml no Tuesday cveoing b man apparently intoxicated, fell with his neck directly over n mil of the Sntiihwarh railroad; a car full of pascii. gers pa-sing over his neck, separated Ihe unforlunati! man' head from hit shoulders Wai.kiso upon Watkii. A Swodih fisherman has made several experiments, with comnlote success, of walking noon the water, which he does with ns much ease as upon land, by means of plight tin 6hocs. Those shoes are made in the shape ol a small canoe, and are attached logclhor, so that they can only be separated mi far as to ensure the power nf walking wMh ease. VVEi.i-Eni'MS. "Doo'l rob yourself." as the lanoer said to the lawyer, veo he called him liard names. "Terrible pressure in the money market," os the mouse "-aid ven the keg of specie rolled over him. Run nine a great risk for nothing." as the loafer said ven he picked the editor's pocket and found an iron tooth comb, ami a piece of Tennessee poetry. AnvtCE. The advice of n sagacious mother to her daughter, in some old novel, is so id to have been "Ann, my dear, you can never be pretty, so you had heller be odd; and the editor of the Gaz'Uo think that a considerable portion of the modern belles have acted upon this advice." Natural Philosophy. "Isaac, can you describe a bal ? "Yes, sir. heV a flying "insfcl. about the size of a stopple; has India robber wines, and a shoestring tail; he see bei with In eyes shut, and bites like the Old Harry." Titlhs. Dr. Setli Sale-bury, of Brad ford, is appointed an aid of the Governor ond one of the administration pessos. con gratulales him upon the appointment Now we really do not see the came of felicitation. The office is nominal, cooler ring nothing but the title of Colonel and that the present holder can never enjoy. The li'le of Doctor is pa'Binount, alitor bing all ntliers. We never knew a man to shake it off, or exeliaogo it for another. Doctors have become generals, hot they remained doctors thev have been made jnilgn. and made go mI judges, but they retained the title ol Doctor, though per haps i hey never felt a pulse or wrote a prescription. Congressmen lose their uoNonABLE if they linve the docloratc. Governor Brook, of Massachusetts, was more frequently saluted by the professional prefix ol Doctor, than by the Constitutional title nf your Excellency ; and to go still higher, i lie tyrant and dictator of Para guay. ha all Miles, dignities and appella tions, merged in that of Doctor. U. S. Gazette i) i i: i) Al t'ern. N. V. vers fieUenlv, nn iheSOili nlin. Mr. SiunkvS Howahu nf ihimoun, secuiul boa of Jiilui I Ion aid, E.q 33 LOOKING-GLASSES WITH mahogany and Gill Ironies for sale Cheap at July 5. LATnnop& Potwin's. Tongues and Sounds by July 5. Latiirop Si Potwin. FRUSH ALBANY ALE. Qr Bhls Jiiet received by July 5. Latiirop Si Potwin. Ginger Preserves by Ju'y 5. Latiihop Si Potwin. 500 prs. Mansfield extra french style SHOES, by Jn'y 5. Latiirop Si Potwin. PINE APPLES," July 5. ot Latiiop Si Put w i.n V. FLOUR. JUST received Super Pino Western Flour andforsaloby Hickok & Catlin. July 5. Qfjft Bids. Western Sail just received and J JJ for sa0 iy Hickok & Catlin July 5, LOUIS DEHVILLE, BARD E R , RESPECTFULLY informs the public that he has so lar recovered from his recent indisposition as again in resume business, at his -hop a few rod south ol his old stand. Wuh many ilianks for past favors, and the promise of In,, best exertions for tho hiMire. he would he ,nppy u, receive a call Irom his old fnpnds and customers. Burlington 3d July 1839. EST RAY. A.ME nun Hie inciosure of the subscriber no Mm 1 llli nut. a Red linn.hnl. jtw, whim tail, and some whtto on her legs, aboul seven year old. The owner is requested to prove property pay charges and tuke her away. THOMAS GOODHUE. Jericho, June 15, 1839. K NOTICE. NOW all men ly tlieee presents that I Antepas Gtlman, nf Colchester, County ol Chiitcnrien ond State of Ver mont, for and in consideration of the sum if thirty dollars received in lull In my sol isfactton, of Luther Gilman my son have given and by these presents, do givo him, the said Luther, his time from andaltor this "Me. and shall not consider myself holden for any debts he may contract after this dale, nor shall 1 claim any nf his wages, or interfere with any bargain ho may make. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my bond and seal this 13th day of Anril "S? , , ANTBPASS OILMAN. of finH I. T FISHER iD PreHenCC C.' A. BATES. ' ( nenet, On consignment Cr flliils. Pure Boston Rum. OKJ 20 Pipes and hair Pipes Brandy. 30 libit). American Gin. Julv 5. Latiirop Si Potwi.v. STATU OF VERMONT, IM-TRICT UK CIMTTEMJEM. SI AT a Probate. Court lioldcn al Burlington within and for tho District aforesaid on tho 2G' h day of June, A. I). 11139, an Instru ment purporting to ho thu last Will and Tes tament of Paul Dabcoclt, lalo of Joricho, in said Djitrict deceased, was presented to the Cuiitthcra for I'rohato, by lloracu Bahcock Therefore il is ordered by said Court, that public no lino liu given to all persons coocern cd therein to appear boforo said Court, at a session thereof to be holden .it tho Register's olfioo in said Burlington on thn sscond Wed nesday of August, A. D. IH39, and contest tho probate of said Will, and it is further or dcied that this order ho published thrno weeks successively in tho Free Press a newspaper printed at Burlington, in this Slate, tho last of which shall be prcvinin to tho day arsigiw aforesaid for hearing. Given under my hand at tho Register's Office, ihisSGth day of Juno, A. I). 11139. , Wm. WESTON, lltislcr. New firm. THE fiih-crihors have loiined a copart nership in Ihe nireiiiii lie business, under Hie linn of Whipple & Bmiop, and have taken a store to Messrs. Strong's Building, rollego street , where they are now receiving from New York a very el oice selection of Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, Dry Groceries S;c. Stc, which they otl'er unutually low lor cash. Samuel Whipple, A. E Bishop. Burlington, May 31, 1 1139. Drugs, Medicines, Perfumery, Pawns. Oils uuil DyesiufF-: n large and complete a-nrtmeni of the above article, lately received ; nod for sale at the lowest market prices, hv ROBERT MOODY. Biiilingtnn, Juoe 25. I!J39. The subscriber has been receiv ing lor the last two weeks, the largest and best selected assortment of HARDWARE, SA I) OLE R Y St CO A ClI WA R E . Saw mill, Crnm cut, and Circular SAWS Stove and Fireplace HOLLOW WARE. Wagon. Curt and Pipe liOXES: GUNS, Poih-et and table CUTLERY. Plated German Silver Sf liriltan'ui Ware, CA 11 LYE T TR I. M MINGS, LOOK I YG GLASSES. LOOKING GLASS PLATE. S;c. S,-c. IIo ti it r- ever beloie offered lo Ihe pubuc. all ol which he will be happy lo di-poe of al iMioiesa e and retail on tho best terms lor ca-0) or short credit Rmijert ftloouy. Borlingicn. June 25, Ifi39. CONG U ESS WATER A FRESH SUPPLY BY Juo. 2H. Latiirop Si Potwin. QA3L2l 2000 Bnlirl. Cour.e M.-arSalt 100 do fine do 50 large sacks Liverpool blown do Juoe 6 1 339. Stuhno,- & Co. GRINDSTONES & PLASTER. A L ige lo-foruneiil ot Water an.) Hand fjL Grindstones, and Placer in any qoan liiy. constant ly on hand mid lor salo by Soule. Wiutnev Si Co.. 4, South st. New York, and hy the subscribers at No. 7, L Wharf, Boston. SPRAGUE. SOULE Si Co. Juno 17. , c m Corn Brooms and Pails. XOO ""z- dun Brooms. CiO do Patent Pails. by June 7. J. f J. H. PECK St Co. TOBACCO. 30 KEGS Ploir Tol. 40 Waxes Cavi-ndish do CO P.ickages Sheep do 2000 lbs. Leuf do do Juno 7. by J. & J. II, PECK k Co. Notice. THE subscriber has this day sold lo B. J- Siimsou Ins entire stock in trade wuh ail Ins notes and accounis. all persons indebted to mo are requested lo call mid settle the same with said Stimp son without delay, as it will save. cost. D S. RUSSELL. Burlington, June 15. 1039. 3w Notice. r"rUJE subscriber having taken the entire A stock of Boots. Shoes. Sic. of D. S. Rus-ell wi-hes to dispo-c of thein at or below cost far Cash. Those wHung Shoes cheap will find lliein at the old stand of D. S. Riir-sell. where the manufacturing business will still be continued " E. J STI.MSON. Burlington. June 15, IU39. 3w ISAAC WARNER AS received his Spring Goods, among which are BROADCLOTHS, CASSLMERES, SATTLYETTS, FLAJYJYELS, MOLESKIN, a varieiy ol muniier wear for men Si bovs. CALICOES. CAM B HICKS. MUSI1JY DE LA1NE. STRAW Sf TUSCAN BONNETS, TUSCAN S; STRAW BRAID, PLAIN S; FANCY JIOSE, GLOFES. RIBBONS, COTTON YARN. BUTTONS and other TRIMMINGS. and many other articles, making a good assonnent for the seaon. Also, Rom. Brandy and Gin of tho best quality; 2d quality of tho samo oriicle; Molasses, pure Wines, lump and brown .Sugar, CnThe, Chocolate, Teas, Codfi,h. Salaratus. Starch, Pepper, Spico, Ginger, Raisins and most other arttch'B in "tho Grocery line, all of which ha will sell at Ihe lowest prices. Tavern keepers aro parttcu larly invited to call and examino his liquors. Store opposite S E. Howard's Cheap Cab Store. Burlington, May 1839. tf I' ROM OGDENSnUllOlI TO BUPFALO IN 03-30 IIOUS!430 JOHN EVANS, Es. Commanher. rlHIS splondid now Boat of 400 tons .L burthen, propelled hy two powerful low prcssnro olivines, will make two tbipn rr;a wkfk through tho Lako from ooiicnsduiioii to i.k.wistown, slope iug UP nld down at tho in terincdiato ports, as follows : UPWARDS Leaves Ogtlrruniiigh, Monday and Thursday allits do. Mini i.iiiuii, do. do. do dn. A lexuntlrM liny, do. do. do do. Fcncli Creek, Tue-d,iy & Frid.iy mornings dn. S.ukei's 1 1 in bur, dn do. al 12 niiiin. do, O.ueign, do do nl 3 i in. ariivlii! at l.ewi'tnn nn Wcdneilnv and Sninrd iy I noi ii i ii y in lime fix llie nininiiiL; Cms fur llulTilo. DOWN IV A It IKS, Lc.urs l.eiv!lnn, W'eiliip.d.i & Satinday nl fi pin dn, Omuiii, 'I'll tu mI i v ii ml fin in I, iy ai (5 a m do. S.ickei's llniliiir.dll do in 10 a. in. dn Fienrli Cicck, do. do al 1 p, in. do Alexandria I5.iv nil Mnrrislown, iifiernnon, m riviii" ai Ojilciubuigh on Suniliiy and Tliurihiy erniM2. OCJ-l'nisenj'eis by iliU Boat can re,trh N. Vmk or .Atiniircil on ihe cloning of the eccoiuI d.iy from l.tMvision. The St. Lnwrcnre h.n eleven Inrge and commo dious Slulc Hoinn- iiiilppcnileni of liei raliins, in uliicli gnu leini'i) tviili iheir I'mi 1 1 i cs can be comfort ublv iicnimniodcilril, 'I'lieBie.u spi ed of lids boat with lier excellent arroninioil.uioiia, enlriisled lo ihe c.ire of oneofllie ii io-( cxperienrvd nnil skilful nai ig-unrs, will ensure llie iratHlliiiir public noi only ii ilc;i.inl liul a more expediilous p.iss.ige li'nlierin linmn nn (lie L.ikcs. Ogdensburgh, June 10, 1839. S T It A Y E D PROM the subscriber on the 3d inst., a middling sized bay horse, black mane and tail, black feet, n wnite stripe in the face, and one side of the n'fic white. Whoever will return said horse, or givo information, shall he liberally re warded, and necesnrv oxpenmi paid. CYRUS SPRAGUE. Willi-ton. Juno 20 1!39. ST HAY COW. '?r.m7yft22 Cf T RAY E D from 3 I he subscriber on the I Sill inst. n light red COW while flanks, very large bag and tents, nine or Inn years old, probably ha-J a calf by this lime. Whoever will give information where she in a v be found, shall be compensated for the'ir trouble. J. M. ELDRIDGE. Burlington. June1. 1839 JAMES MITCHELL & TAILOR, Corner of Church & College streets. Buni.iNOTn.v, June. If!39 HAVE received a lew pieces ot rich uodre-icd Scotch Gingham. Swiss Lawn, n beiiultlul article or La ' dies white drei-wes, Rich Prinl'd Lawn. Cambric, Mn.-liii, Slc Sic. Burluigion, June 14 1C39. PiLRM FOR SALS. A Valuable Farm lying directly in the pleasant and tlour ifhin villaen ol Wmt p port, Esex county w.y. containing obnul two hundred acres border '-3J , .... ,.,, nnll,i ing on tng an exlen-ive view ol Wes-ipori Buy. There i-i on the premises a wharf, used for the reception of lumber in the winter. In which boats can come ot nil sea-sons; the laud t -j of good quality, about one half un der cultivation, the residue thickly enverrd wiih hard limber. The commanding sit nation of I Ik; properly, its proximity to Lake Champlain. and susceptibly ol great improvement, anil the large quantity of hard wood upon it winch is daily becoming moru valuable offer uncommon inducement- to a farmer about to locate, or io any purchaser, a a safe investment. Title indi-piitablo. For terms apply to S. M vnicii. W stport. Eox no. N Y. tl STATE OF VERMONT, i Dl-TKICT OK CIIITTK.MlEN, SS. ( 77ie Hon tlm Prnlmlr. Cnnrl fny. It,, n:. trill of Chittenden, To the' heirs and all oincrs comernen in llie Vslalc of John Lnlhrnp late of Burlington in said Dis. Iricl deceased. GREETING. fifniEREAS Henrv M nvn. Ai!imnUlr-itr of iho cstnto of John Latiirop. hie of niirimgioii, iiDceaseo, nam represented to this court that tho personal estato of said do cnused is insufficient to pay thn debts allowod against said estate and tho corts and charges of settling said csiatn, and that a part of mid eslalo cannot ho sold without injury to thu remainder, and hath applied fur licenso to soli the whole of tho real estato together with the reversion of Ihe widow's dowor. And whereas tho said administrator pro poses to render an account of his administra tion, and present his account against said cs. talo for examination and allowance. Where upon the courl afoiesnid doth assign tho second Wednesday of July nnxl for a heaiio" in tho premises, at Iho Register's otfico in Burlington, and doth order that tho heirs, and all other perrons concerned in said esiuic, bo notified thereof hv niiblienlion nf il,; ..!.. containing Iho substance of said aduiinlslra- ior iippiicaiiuu. inreo weens successively in tho Freo l'fcs, a newspaper piinlod in said Burlington, (ho lasl of which publications lo ho proviuus to said second Wednesday of July ll!39.lhnt thev mnv then nnd ilium ,... , , .'. ' "IT""' lIOI show canto, tfany liiny have, why heonsn to soil said roal estato should not ho granted, and woy ino sam accouoi siinuiii not ho allowed. Givou undor my hand at Burlington, this lOlh day of Juno, a. n, 1839. Wm. WESTON, Register. LANTERNS. LOBE Lanterns, uud Ling.Uloss do. a new and good article by STRONGS A- Co. G TO BUILDERS. IlHE undersigned will receive sealed JL proposal-; for tho framiin', raising and completing of an arch Urnlgo over the Onion River, near the Meeiing-honse in Richmond. Safd bridge is of two hundred lent span thirty-two loci from outside to oufaile of Ihe posts with one orch 1 wn camagrj l.'acks two side walks with twelve feet coiiiintial ion on Ihe abutments at each end. A plan of said bridge is in the hands ol Ransom Jones in Richmond, where it may be' inspected by those inter ested. Said proposals will bo received until the 1st day nf Jnlv next. OLIVER SHEPARD,) Select RANSOM .JONES, men. AMOS It COOPER. ) Richmond, June 14, IH39. 2w VERMONT MILITIA. HMHE Sub-cribers linving been appoint- JL. pi nrrenlia for ll.n rmrbosn. Iinlo irmitn ariongf.menls to supply the Militia of Ver mont, win MILITARY BUTTONS, manufactured by the An leboroogb Cotnpa nv Mais, expressly for the purpose, with DEVICES apprnvd and adopted for GENERAL AND STAFF. FIELD AND STAFF. ARTILLERY LIGHT INFANTRY. RIFLE. To be lurnUhod in n few weeks. Terms given when received. DANIELS & BELL. Rutland, Ft. June 14. 1839. Molasses and Sugars Hhds. Prime Molasses 75 Bhls. St. Cr. and Port Rico Sugars 15 Boxes Lump and L"nr do. by J. & J. H. PECK Si Co. June 14. CHOICE WINES. WARRANTED pure juice of the grape consisting of old Maderia, Port, Sic ily Madeira and Sherry. 1 caek Spanish Sherrv n good as ever imported. ALSO, pure unadulterated Champacne Brondv. persons wishing an article 'Yor medicine may depend upon it n lining free from any mixture. Latiihop Si Potwin. CUMBERLAND SPRINGS. rjlUE -iili-enher i n I; os thn method lo JL loliirm the Public, that he has rented the large and commodious house, situate at Cu.-unEnr.AM) Si'iu.NGs. No exppnse ha v log been spared in putting the House. Spring. Pleasure grounds, Walk-. &c. in complete repair, he feel no hesitation in saying, thai I hose who may be disposed to patronize him. will find every thing to their entire satisfaction. Tho roads leading to the Springs being in excellent repair, and through a beauti ful part of the town, no other spot seems more favorable for Pahties of Pleasure to enjoy themselves, than this. The medical qualities ol the water, are considered rqnul lo iho filmed Saratoga : i.d llail-iovwi. Every attention will be paid to the comfort and convenience of in valids. 0. P. CARPENTER. Bcekmanlown, Juno I, 1839. 3wj moN &c. STRONGS & Co. ARE now receiving a heavy stock of Iron and Steel, consisting of 10 ton- English Wagon and Cart tire of all the various sizes, 5 tons Russia O. S. Iron 3 do Swedes do Co!, German, Spring, American nnd Eng. Blister Steel. English Hoops. Braziers rods -c. Also, on Consignment, 500 Kegs assorted cut Nails, 3d to 60d unil lloor Brads. 20 tons Peru manufactured Iron round and -quare of nil sizes. Band Iron, Shoo Shapes elc. etc. June G. Fresh Prunes, by the Box, at W A I Ta nd TA BORS A few straw Bonnets yet on hand, which will be sold very cheap. WAIT & TA BOR. To Manufacturers & Clothiers fILOTHIER'S Cards manufactured hy llie aprnigheld (Jard Co Springfield Mass. by J & J H. Peck Si Co. Agents. Reeves &, Sons' Water Colors. A few Boxes of I. 2. nnd 3 rows of the above fine waier paints with brushes complete. ALSO, soinu of the above in Boxes with Lock and key and drawers under them. ALSO, Fine drawing Pencils ALSO, Cap Boxes and Powder Horns by June 14. PAisfinuiiN Si BniisMAin. PINK SAUCEKS. doz. Pink or Carmine Saucers 3 doz, Mezuinto Saucers, received bv 6 June If Panoiioun Si Biu.nsmaih. BOSOMS. A few mnr.. line ,n,. Bntonis called the Patent Frilled Bosoms. ALSO, a few more 'A. No 1.' rich black satin Stocks. ALSO, some beautiful summer Stocks. ALSO. a few lino Stocks ftom I inch to OJ inches in wnli Ii. ALSO, a few long Slocks irom 10 to 20 inches in length. ALSO, a lew beautiful figr'd white satin Stocks, received at the Vanoty Store. JllllU 14. PAM-.BIinN & BniNSMAlD. A good assortment of beautiful ivouseane ae mine thn day opeoeil at June 14. Wait Si TAnons. Straw Travelling Baskots. A lew largo flat Straw Baskets, useful for I.nilip; ivhon l.nll,., .. colnrt-.d BasketR, June 11 PAf.r,Bonr & Brjnsmaid. UNEXAiMPLED MAMMOJ'H SCHEME. rfflllE following details of a Mtitr.e nf a JL LotlcriitUi hn drawn in December nnxl, warrants us'in declaring il In bn UNPARAL LELED in Ihe history of Lotteries. to tho a mount havencrer before been nfftrtd to Iho public. It is true, thorn aro many blanks, but on tho other hand, the cxtreirioly low chargn of $20 per Ticket the value nnd number of thn capitals, and Iho revival of tho good old custom of wakrantino that every PtitzE small nc Drawn and Sold, will, we arc sore, givo tiuivnisal satisfaction, and cs. pccially lo thoiV.T Iliindnd Prise Holders. To II ioso disposed to adventure, wo icconi mend catty application being mado to us for tickets when the Prizes aro all sold, blanks only remain the first buyers havo the best chance. Wo. therefore, emphatically say DELAY NOT! but at once remit and iiarn'mit to us your orders, which shall always receive our iminudialo attention. Loiters to bo ad dressed, and application mado In SYI.VESTKH St CO., 150 firoudway, New York, (Observe the number, 15ti. $700,000!!! $500,000!! $25,000!! 6 prizes of S20.000!! 2 prizes of $15,000!! 3 prizes of $10,000 ! GRAND REAL ESTATE & RANK STOCK LOTTERY OF PROPERTY SITUATE IN N. ORLEANS. 0"27ie F ithesl and most .Magnificent Sthtme ever presented lo the public, in this or any other Country. TICKETS ONLY 820. Authorized hy an act of tho Legislative As sembly of Florida, and under the diicctions of the commissioners, action undor the same To be drawn al Jacksonville, Flor. Dec. 1. 1U39- SCHMIDT & HAMILTON, Managers. SYLVESTER & Co., 15G Broadway, New York, Sole Agents. NO COMBINATION NUMBERS ! ! ! 100,000 Tickets, from No. 1 upwards in sue cession. Tho Deeds of (ho prnpo.-ly and ihe slock transferred in trust to tho eninmi-isioncrs ap pointed by tho said acl of the legislature of Florida, for tho security of tho prize holders. SPLENDID SCHEME !! 1 Prize The Arcade 2.1G feet. 5 inches, 4 lines, on Magazine st.; 101 feet, 11 inches, on Natchez St.; 120 feci, C inches, nn Gravicr st. Rented at about $37,000 per aim. Dollars. valued at 700,000 1 Prize. City Hotel 162 feet on Common slrcot; 14G feet, 6 inches, on Camn st. Rented al $25,000 valued at 500,000 1 Prize dwelling House (adjoiniog the Arcade) No". 16, 24 feet, 7 inch cs front on Natchez street, rented at $1200 valued al 20,000 1 Prize dn (adjoining tho Arcado) No. 18,23 feet front on Natchez st. runted at $1200 valued al 20,000 1 Prizo do. (adjniuio!! the Arcado) No. 20, 23 feet front on Natchez st. rented at $1200 valued at 20000 1 P rizo do. No 23, North cast corner of Basin and Custom li()iie streets 40 feet front on Basin, ond 40 feet on Franklin street, by 127 foot deep in Custom House street, rented at $1500 valued at 20,000 1 rnzo do No. 24, Soulli west cor ner of linMii and Custom-house sis 32 feet, 7 inches oo Basin, 32 feet, 7 inches on Franklin. 127 feet, 10J inches deep in front of ( oiom Iiouno strcel rented at $1500 valued at 20,000 1 rrizo uo. io. Lwu, a4 leot, ii inches on Royal street, by 127 feet, 11 inches deep rented at $1000 valued al 15,000 1 Prizo 250 shares canal bank stock $100 each 25.000 I do 200 do commercial do do 20,000 I do 150 do Mechanics' & Traders' do do 15.000 1 do 100 do City Bank do do 10 001) I do 100 do do do do 10,000 1 do 100 do do do do 10,000 1 do 50 do Exchanjro Bank do do 5.000 1 do 60 do do do do 5.000 1 do 25 do Gas light Bank do do 2.500 1 do 25 do do do do do 2,500 1 do 15 do Mechanics' and Traders' do do 1.500 1 do 15 do do do do 1,500 20 do each 10 shares of the Lousiana stale Bank, $100 each, each prizo $1,000 20,000 10 do each 2 shares of $100 each, each prize $200, of tho Gus Light Bank 2,000 200 do each 1 share of $100, of tho Dank nf Louisiana 20,000 200 do each 1 share of $100, or tho Now Orleans Hank 20,000 150 do each 1 share of $100 of iho Union Bank of Florida 15,000 0OO PRIZES 81.AOO.OOO TICKETS $20 -NO SHARES. Tho wholoof tho Tickets, with their num. hers, as also those containing the prizes, will ho examined and sealed hy the comnii'i-iiineis appointed under the Act, picviously to their being) put into iho wheels. Ouo wheel will contain the wholoof the niinibors.tliootlicr will contain the Six Hundred Prisei, and ihoiirsl 600 numbers that shall hu drawn out, will ho entitled to such I'atzf us may be drawn lo its number, and tho fortunate, holders of such Prizes will have such properly itani-fbrrcd In them immediately after tho drawing, unincum. bered, and without any Deduction .' GROCERIES. Chests llysnn, llysuii Skin, Young Hyson and Pouchoiir Teus, ol good 50 and e.virn qualities 20 Bags old Java and Si Domingo Cof fees 50 Kegs Ginger, 20 Boxes pipes, 40 Boxes bar Snan 10 do Cavendish Tobacco, 1000 lb. loaf do lor Sheep 5 Cs-ks Salrrattis 10 Bays Pepper nnd Pimento 100 Boxes and quarter Boxes Ra'fins Shiviii!.' Soap, Cloves, Nutmegs, Indigo, Cuista, Chocolate, miwiaid, Siaich, Lem on Sy tup. etc. elc. just received hv Strongs & Co. Potash Kettles constantly on hand by J 4 J H PECK 4 Co SPERM OIL. ft 0.Win,cr Sperm Oil SOOOdo Fall do do 150(1 do Refined do .fuoe 1. hv J.& .1. H. Peck fi Co. Grocer i c s . afjTfo c'"fits Youog Hyson Tea 75 do Hyson Skin do 20 Bags Peppor 20 do Pimento 40 do CoiTees 50 Boxes Pipes 100 do Bar Soap 200 in Raisins 50 Kegs do 40 do Puro Ginger 400 Mats Cassia. St. Croix Rum. Hnlhn.1 a;,,. s:ni Biandy. Baltimore Gin. American Branfl, Champagne, Hrowu and Palo Sherry, Madeira II I,, I Sinit.. T HI III- . iiiiiuuuu, marsuiiis itiaaeira ana .iaiaga wines, by ? J. (c ,1. H. PECK k Co. Crown Glass. REDFORD. Saranac and Clinton crown hy J. & J. II. PECK Si Co. l'iii. -luno 7. 1039. Foreign Iron and Steel. ENGLISH Iron from 1 to 6 inches Russia Old Sablo Iron Do Now du do Swedes do Hoop do from i to loch Brazier's Rods Spriojr. Cast, German, Swedes and English Bli-tor Slcol. Cart and Wagon Boxes Finished Cro Bars by June 7. J. & J. H. PECK & Co. WHITE BEANS. 500 Bn"llL'l!i Wanted by the sub scriber? for which the highest price will bo puin in t'ond. June 6 Latiirop and Potwin bush. Rue, 1000 do. Corn. 2000 do. Oals, for which cash will ho paid on delivery, by Follett& Bradleys Blanchard's celebrated .Scythes lt'll C'0Z' -'eir"1an slcc' cncave grass 100 do. cast do. do. do. 20 do. Cradle Scythes, for sale by May 31. r il Bradlevs, Agents PORK. 21 000 Hams, 1500 Lard, 15 BuN. Shoulders, for sale by Foli.ett k. Bradlevs, May 31. )s bbls. Boston crashed Su gar, 15 boxes do Loaf do. for sale at Boston prices and freight, equal in quality to best English refined, for sale on consiunmont by May 31. Fom.ctt& Bradlevs. Bu:liiigtnn Vermont and Essex, Cylinder Glass, mado at Iho Champlain Glass Works, and very much improved in quality comparod with Ihe late brands, for sale by June 7. J ii J. II. Puck Si Co. Ag'ls. G by S7 by9 and8 byToT 'lOO '"'XRS GLASS made at the UKJJ Champlain Gla?s Co's. Works, all other size cut lo order nn short notice for ale by Fn i.i.ktt Si Bhaulevs, Agents. ACid PACKS PINS, 200 000 Dril'd Eyed ond common Needles. 50 Grosses Knitting Pin. lorsHleby JuneS. Vilas, Loomis iijr Co. qHfk Lb-!. White and colored Cotioa OIJIJ 'I'lircnd, n-corled Nos. 2 Cases Holt's Wire Thread. 325 Doz Wnb end Gum Elastic Su-penders. for sale hy June 5., Loomis and Co. German Ailver. 400 D"Z. Table and Tea Spoons, 12 dn Sonar Tongs, 20 do Speciacles, 100 do Pencil Cases, for sole by June 5., Loomis and Co. JVOTICE. ASH will he p.) id lor WOOL at ihe Burlington Mill Company's Factory SIDNEY BARLOW, Agent' c SILVER TABLE &; TEA SPOONS. do SiiectHcles, do Thimbles, do Pencil Caes, for sale by June 5. Vii.., Loomis sod Co. HOWARD'S UNPRECEDENTED despatch in busr nss is only equalled couiparilivcly by iho siiccevsive nnd (pick pui-sage of his favonie Sleam .Ship Great Western winch has jtii-i arrived in 131-2 dsy Irom Eu rope with pretty Good.- lor Market anil good news for the country. Howards return from New Vork the ihird tune in such quick sucocmu and with so many and new kind-, of Goods has increased the sales wonderfully, well may it bo told litem is no place like Howards lo go a shopping for it does one good to see so many protty goods and happy customers buying, as ih always found al the Grand !nr Cheap Ca-h' Store bv S. EARL HOWARD. June 6, IH39. Iron Hollow Ware. 1 very extensive assortment nf Hollow t Ware. cousNting of Pots, Kettles. Furnaces, Spiders, Ten Kettles. Basins. High nans etc. wuh a great variety of Siove Ware, just reu'd nnd for sale bv Jntiu 6. STRONGS St Co, CLAPHOARDS. VfetTlltflO ,,'''t of Clapboards of first WW W quality, for sbIo by June 20. IIU9 Hickok Si Catlin. PICKLED FISH. OALMON, Shaq"d and No. I, Mackerel, also, Smoked Salmon, at retail hy June 14 LAiHRor A- PoTwitt.

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