Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 12, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 12, 1839 Page 3
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reply to the remark in substance, that little or no capital would be hern fur thu pur chase of theso Icits ; Hint Charles Ihitlcr, Esq , of Now York, would have in the city, by hi airrnt or otherwise, n larjjo amount (gay j575(000) of money for tho invcstmanl in these land?, Charles Butler, it is gen prally known, is brother to Benjamin P. Butler, tho Attorney General, lew pupil, political foster child, and bosom friend of Martin Van Buren, President ol the United States; and last, and perhaps not least, one of tho counsel who n railed, in tho So premc Court of the United States, the Beaubicti case in bchalfuf the Government. It can also bo proved that Benjamin F Butler, Attorney General, Government Counsel, &c, invested or caused to be invested, of his funds twenty five hundred dollar in the purchase by IkeJVorlhJlmcrL can Land Company, of their lands in Kinzie's addition in this city. It can also be proved that the same Ban jnmin F. Butler, in the year 1 030. in the city of Albany, declared on 11 certain occa pinn, l hat the Frenchman (meaning Col, Reaubien) could not gel the Reservation Arc these 6oine of the "important impera tive reasons" which compel the Secretary of War, at tho instigation of tho President and Cabinet, to "persist" in the sale? An he haa not condescended to enlighten us with one single reason, except the general one of "injury to the public service," we arc constrained to believe that these facis, ptanding out in their naked light and bold ness. are intimately connected with those important imperative reasons, winch have induced the President and Secretary of War, with a cool contempt for precedent, law, the honor and digrtty of the Govern ment. to outrage the wishes and petition" ol the people, nod the rights and interest of the State by this sudden forced and nniiMinl sale ; a sale of land to winch tho would soom diM rut nig it" title and paramount right, noil not content wilh the decision of Us own court in its favor, has now pending anil undetermined, a Chancery Mill to vacate the pre-emption certificate of thse very land", on the ground of fraud in its own ag' tits !" T K X A S . Cavalierly as the Texas and some of the New Orleans paper are in the habit of talking of the strength and security of that infant republic, and much as they ridicule tho idea of an invasion by, or any se rioos annnjauco from Mexico, we have before us evidence that the real feeling in that quarter, on ilio-e points, is far differ ent from that which i put upon paper for the public eye, and the information of the United States and other countries. 'There is, we arc sBti-fied, a large sharo of deceit practiced by the Texas papers, at least, on the subject ; doubtless uh much with a view to encourage immigration, and thus increas ing the numbers nnd strength of their popu lation, as for any other purpose. And we are constrained to express our apprehen sions that they will soon stand in need of all the strength they can obtain, by means fair or foul. Tho evidence abovo alluded to is a letter from a Lieutenant in tho Texan navy, dated on board the steam ship Zavala, Galveston, June 8th, to his cousin, a res pectablo physician of ibis city ThH brief extract which we make from it will show the reader how near Texas is to blockading Mexico, as it was a few days since boasted she would do. Tho Lieu tenant's letter, while it shows tho prepos terius character of much of the news that reaches us from Texas, betrays apprehen stonsastnthc forco Mexico is about to bring la bear against Texas, which, in our estimation, are greatly exaggerated. We doubt whether, even allowing the most perfect harmony and union to be restored between the lately belligerent parties of that country, Mexico cuuld bring into actual service filled! thousand troops spoken of by the wrticr. He says: "I embrace this opportunity to say to you, thai this may be my last chance of communicating wilh ono who occupies so Urge a share of my affections. You hove probably heard, ere this, that I have be come a citizen of this new republic, which entitles me to 390 acres of land, and the two soldiers' claims which I purchased in New York, making in all 1C00 acres. This I have, within a few dnys, been called upon to protect Irom on invading enemy. The Mexicans, since adjusting their affairs wilh France and putting down tho feder alists, have sworn to subdue Texas, and havo raised SO. 000 troops to sail against the 20th of this month, to blockade our sea port towns, and as large a number to join all hostile Indians, to attack us bv land. Our little band of republicans have drawn their swords, and sworn upon the altar of our God. never to wear the yoke or aeipotiem. 1 nougn our numbers do not equal one fourth those of the enemy, still we feel equal to tho combat. Our navv is yet small, but we duly appreciate its strength. Volunteers rroin the U. S. are expected, and will bo heartily welcomed; so wo should think ; and if they come in lime to save our infant republic they will beentitledto a homoinour Elysian Fields." Although as we before said, wo do not believe Mexico could command one hall of the above number of troop, Mill wo doubt not that he will embark a sufficient force in this expedition to give the Texans their hands full of business; if, indeed, mil sufficient to fully accomplish the object of the invasion. Wo havo been hilly of opinion, from the start, not withstanding the cry of "peace, peace," which has come from thai quarter, that Texas would hoihe theatre ol as sanguinary and desperate a struggle as has ever been witnessed, before Mexico would relinquish her claim to it, Our belief, it seems, is now destined to be realized ; and wo may shortly expect to "hear thunder" from that delightful hut 'badly got up" neighbor of ours. -N. V.Sun. New MFnionor Enoimvino. -Sidney Fi. Morse, Ebq., editor of tho N. Y. Ob sorver, hai emhollishcd his sheot with a map of Connecticut tho first fruits of u new method of engraving invented by the worthy and talented editor. Tho editor of the Journal of Commerce, who appears to have received from Mr. Morse considerable information in rotation to tho invention, does not hesitate to express his belief that it will revolutionize tho business of cngra vinr in reveral of Kb branches, and pirlicu Urly in that of map making. "TI10 tnapi of Connecticut abovo referred to, says the Journal) is donu in a stylo quito superior to that of common wood engraving ; yet it by no means reaches thu full powers of the new art. Ono great advantage which Corography (for ho Mr. Morso has named his invention) possesses over wood cngra ving, iH its enabling tho artist to insert as many names, roads, &c, as can bo dona by copper plato engraving s as many, in short, as thcro is room for on tho map. Necessity was tho mother of this invention, as of many others. Mr. Morso was engaged in preparing maps to accompany his Obser ver." By thu art hn has discovered, Mr. Morso can execute a drawing, or a map, in a style but little inferior to coppar plate engraving, and at a comparatively small expense. Then, instead of 050 copies a day, which is the utmost that can bo taken ofl from a copper plate, the new method renders it practicable to print many thou sands in ct day ; as many thousands, in fact, as can be turned ofl' by a Napier press, of whatever power. TOWN REPRESENTATIVE. The Whigs of Burlingtington, arc no ifml lo meet at Ihwnrdi, on Tuesday eve ning next at half past seven o'clock, for the purpose, if nominating a candidate to repre sent them in the neit legislature 111 11 u v n n 1. : y. 1 Town Ji ) HN ISTO W. Commit- carlos Baxter, ) tee. M A It It I K I) In ihW town, on iheOih inn, by II. It. Slnry, E;i. Mr Thomas Con lay to .MijsELWA Ham,. i 1 i: i) In Willfclnn, on I tic lOili June, Aurolin, nerd nliuiil fivu je.os on iIik 24iIi June, Eugene, aged 6 je.irs iinil on ihe Sib July, C'l.irissa, ucd 2 )ear, cliililien uf Kzr.i LOVELY & HURLBUT, Thursday morning, July II, 1 839. BY daily arrivals, hnvo recently ro. reived, and are offering; lor sale, at Wholesale and Retail, mure, belter and cheaper Goods than can bo found in any store in Cniitenden County, (ourselves being judges.) An Mr, Stacy's Freo Press is too small to insert even thu details of such an extcn. sive assortment, and wo have such constant sales of goods we cannot find lime to writo advertisements, make country excursions, or even to gratify ourselves by a Steam Boat trip with the Ladies. In addition to our stock, are 30 pieces English, French and American Carpeting. B pieces Rush, and Damask do Oil Cloths for floors. &c. 30 pieces Mouseline de Lane, Tout de Lane, &.c. English. French and American Prints, Silks of every variety, Farwell's Boots and Shoes a constant supply. but to aiiempt. nn enumeration of our stock would be useless. Wo say to purchasers call and examine for yourselves no char ges for showing goods. We sell for cash. 300O lbs of Good sweet yellow Butler wanted. N Lovely & Co. FAMILY GROCERIES and PROVISIONS. X. J. MOREHOUSE At the North-east Comer Court House Square, Basement Story oj Strong's Building. OFFERS for sale, at retail, an assort ment of excellent family Grocories and Provi-ions, Consisting of TEAS. MUSCOVADO S,- LOAF SUGARS, JAVA COFFEE. 1'ORTOIUCO MOLASSES, PORK. FLOUR, MEAL Sc VINE GAR. CLOVES, MACE AND CASSIA, PEPER, SPICE and GINGER, LONDON MIXED PICKLES, PEPER SAUCE, PRESERVED GINGER, FINE, TABLE and WESTERN SALT. POLAND STARCH, FIG BLUE & our vn n Trro LAMP OIL and WICKING, SOAP AND CANDLES, CROCKERY S- GLASSWARE. BROOMS', BRUSHES and BLACK ING. Also, Stewart's Colebrated Steam ro fined Candy. Burlington. July 12. 1 039. ' A INT that a COQUET, euch as the 1m. Doctors use to bcrow on a mom Leg when they cut it ofT?' said a customer tho other day, pointing at a Screw Cushion in the Variety Sinro. W A ST 3t m u IMMEDIATELY two good Journeyman TANNERS, to whom good wage 4 ill Cash, will be paid. E C, LOOMIS. Pearl Street, July 12 1839. LYMAN GUMMING S, ATTORNEY AT LAW & SOLICITOR IN CIIANCKRY, (ficc south wrM corner, second Jlior of wrung 1 uimaing, on i.aurt House Square, BURLINGTON. VT. STRAY HOUSE. BROKE LOOSE from Ru-sell's shed, 111 Burlington on the nftertioon of tho 4th inst. a dark hay MARE, with a star in the forehead and the off bind font white, fivo or six years old. Tho person who will return her to the subscriber or gtvn inclination whoro shn may bo fuuud shall bo liberally compensated. LAWRENCE BLISS. Hincsbtirgh, July G, 1839. On consignment (Zf Hhds. Pure Boston Ruin. JJ jo Pipes and half Pipes Brandy. 30 Bbli. American Gin. July 6, L-VTiiRvr 61 Potwih. tt A SS Far Faculty of Setting Goods Cheap. HOWARD'S is tho place to buy (mods no mistake n limit it, a sure guar anty of it is thai he is Taxed for Ins faculty of doing business higher by hundreds of dollars than any other man in tho state, of the -same profession, and more singular still ho is as6eseil just twice as high as his neighbors ? Now how is it, tho gunlleman listers were judiciously chosen to oct ac cording to their best judgment nnd proba bly havo done so their doings lor persons abroad is n good ndvcrlisement lor the store home customers buy of Howard, and talk and toll of it to their friends who want goods, or to know and seo where tho busi ness is done winch is a recommendation to Howard's Cheat) Cash Store what then is left for Howard to do? 'tis sometimes said that men do not know thcnuc ves com. paratively, and aro not always conscious of their own faculties relatively, before being tested; it may be so with him. when liu lost 75 per cent discount on hip il 50 Wind. sor money, every body said hn would mBko money by it. and so he did. When ho was taxed $400 for his faculty of selling Goods in lfJSO they nil said he Vtould sell enough more pretty, new and cheap Goods to the Ladies of Vermont in make it all up and more too, and it was just as they said. Tho Listers say there is no gelling at I Inward' business, he docs so much thul h". law out big enough, a now one imi-t bo patsed in the Houso in tho sldo of tho Mountain to reach such extrnvagant mo nopolies, 'In too much lo have so tnuiiy Goods sold by one man ami ho to noil all the Brandrcth Pills '.00 that aro sold in Burlmgloii, it leaves no chance for Pedlars or Doctors. "One of the good sub-tanliiil appraisers said it. was enormous lo coe bow ninny goods that Howard sells; why, they come from all parts to trade with bun, noil somehow ho always liked to irado there himselt, for ho nlwoys went nfl' so well pleased that he got well paid for buying of Howard, and that ho noticed that the trade was all tho time increasing!" Well now such being tho stones 11 ml tho result cur responding, Howard himself is of tho opinion of many people that tho biiHiioss of soiling goods in Burlington is pretty good, and as so many are engaged in raising his faculty up he ought to endeavor to equal their ions in selling an in creased quantity of goods which the store is now supplied with and tho signal Flag up nnd flying to denote the place with the motto HOWARD'S CASH STORE. Burlington. July 12, 11)39. NE W-IIAMPSHIR E MEDICAL INSTITUTION THE ANNUAL LECTURES in this Institution will commence on Thurs day, Aug. 8th, and continue fourteen weeks, from four to six Lectures daily. Fees for tho course. jj50 Graduating Expenses, 418. The fees must be paid at the commencement ol the course, or notes given with satisfactory security. The Anntnnncal Museum la furnibliOil with the most valuable preparations, and the Library and Apparatus are extensive. All operations before the Medical Class are performed giiatis. Private Medical Instruction is given throughout the year by tho Resident Professors. Materia Medico, Obstetrics, and Diseases of Women and Children, by J. DEI.AMATER, St. D. Medical Botany and Medical Jurisprudence. by 8. W. WILLIAMS, M. D. Surgery and 3urgical Anatomy, bv u. ciiosnv. ri. 11. Theory and Practice of Physic, and Patho logical Anatomy, by k. n ArtTLETT, m. d. Chemistry and Pharmacy. by 0. r. uujiiuni), m. d. Anatomy and Physiology, by O. W. HOLMES, M. D. Bv order of the Faculty, O. P. HUBBARD, Secretary. Hanover, June 17, 1839. John Lawrence's Estate. WE tho subscribers having been appointed by tho Hon. tho Piobato Court, for tho District of Chillcndon, commissioners to re coivo, oxamino and adjust tha claims and de mands of all porsons against the cstato of John Lawrence, lato of Wcsiford. in said dis trict deceased, represented insolvent and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto, nnd six months from tho day of tho dato horcof boing allowed by said court for that purposo, wo do thoroforo horoby g',vo no tico that wo will attend to the business of our appointment at tho dwelling of Danforlh Wales in Wcsiford. in said district, on Iho first Wednesdays of August and October next, ai ono o'clock, 1', M., on each ol said days Dalcd, Ibis 15th day of Mav A.D. 1839, WILLIAM WOOD, ) Commis- REUBEN FARNS WORTH. S ""one Benjamin Irish's Estate. STATE OF VERM ONI DISTUICT or CIIITTEMIKN. SS AT a probate Court holden at Burlington, within and fur tho district uibrcsaul on tenth day of July, A. D. 1839, an instrument purporting to bo tho last Will and Testament of Bonjamin Irish, 2d. Into of lliuesburgh, in said district deceased, was presented to thu Court horo for Probata, by Lura B. Irish, tho Executrix thorein named. Tiierefohu it is ordered by said Court, uini puuni: noucu uo given to an poisons con. corned therein to appear hoforo said court, nt a snssion thereof to be holduu nl Burlington, on tha second Wednesday of August, A, I). 1839, unil conton ilia probate of said Will, mm h ib iniincr uroureu una 11ns oruur ou published three weeks successively in tho Kruo Press, a newspaper primed at Ilurlini'. ton, in this Stato, tho last of which shall bo previous to Iho day assigned, as afurosaid for hoaring. liiven under my hand at tho Register's uinco.lliiH 10th day or July, A. 1). 1839. Wm. WESTON, Rtgiiltr, LOOKING-GLASSES fflfTPH mahogany and Gilt fruines for v v falo Lneap at July 5. LATiuior& Potvvin's, Tongues and Sounds by July 5, LAiuitur & Ponvin, STATE OF VERMONT, ) DISTUICT or CIIITTKMIEN, SS. S AT a Probata Court hnlden at Burlington within and for tho District aforesaid on tho 20th day of June, A. 1). 18.19, an Instru. incut purporting lo bo the last Will and Tcs lament of Paul Habcock, lato of Jericho, in said Djstrict deceased, was presented to the Court hero for I'robato, by Horacu Babcock, Therefore it isordured by said Court, that public notico bo given to all persons concern cd therein to appear bnforo said Court, at a session thereof to bo holdon at tho Rogislcr's office in said Burlington on tho second Wed nesday or August, A. D. 1839, and contest tho probate of said Will, and it is further or dered that this ordor bo published three weeks successively in t10 Free Press a nowspapor printed at Burlington, in this Stato, Iho last of which shall bo previous to tho day assign ed.iiH aforesaid fur hearing. Given under my hand at tho Register's Office, this 36th day ofJune, A. I). 1839. W m. WESTON , Register. Drugs, Medicines, Perfumery, Paints, Oils and Dyustuffs; a largo nnd complete assortment of tho abovo articles, lotuly received ; and for salo at tho lowest market prices, by ROBERT MOODY. Butlington, June 25, 1839. The subscriber has been receiv ing lor thu last two weeks, the largest nnd bust selected assortment of HARDWARE, SADDLER Yff COACH WARE, Saw milt, Cvm cut, and Circular SAWS Stove and Fire plait HOLLOW WARE, Wagon. Carl and Pipe BOXES; GUNS, Pocket and table CUTLERY, Plated. German Silver. S,- Brillania Ware, CA BINET TRIM. MINGS, LOOKING GLASSES, LOOKING GLASS PLATE, S-c. S,-c. He has ever before offered to the public, all of which he will bo happy lo dispose of ai wholesale and retail on tho best terms lor cash or short credit. Rohurt Moody. Biirliogicn, June 25, 1839. CONG RKSS WATER A FRESH SUPPLY BY Juiim2. Latiiuop & Potwin. GRINDSTONES ITl'LASTER. ALirgi! assortment ol Water and Hand Grindstones, and Plaster in any quan tity, constantly on hand nnd for sale by Soui.k. W 111T.NKV &. Co., 4, South st. New York, and by tho subscribers at Nu. 7, L Wharf, Bo-ton. SPRAGUE, SOULE & Co. Juno 17. i G m FROM OGDENSUUItCH TO BUFFALO IN CO-30 HOURS '.3 jLAKE ONTARXO"-1839. S T E AJI-llOA T JOHN EVANS, Esa. Commander.. TM1IS nlonili.l niuv Hnnt nf 400 -" JL burthen, propelled by two powerful low pressure engines, will mako two Tairs peb week through tho Lako from oooensuuruii to lewistown, slopr iog up and down at tho in termodialo ports, af follows : Ul'WAIlUS I.entea Ogdemhnrgh, Moiulny and 'I liurrduy nights do. itlorriAimvn, do. do, ;u do. Alex.imlri.i Bay, do. do. do do. Fri'iicb Crfi-k, Tuesday & Friday mornings do. h.nKei ii lliiiuor, no ou. at I- noon. do. Osue"o, do do. at 5 p. in. arriving at l.ewittnn nn Wednesday and S.iimd.iy mornings in time for ilio morning Cars for Buffalo. UOWNIVAKDS. Leaves I.ovvifion, Wedne-il.iv & Saturday at 5 p in do. (buego, I liiiifd.iv and Sunday nt bam do, Siinkei's do lit 10 a. m. do Fiencli Creek, do. do at 1 n. in. do Alexandria l.iv anil Mnrrisiown, afiernoon, arriving at Ojilciisbuigh on Sunday mid Thiiriday ereninas. fir?" Passengers by ibis Boat can re.ich N. York or .Momrcul on the evening uf die second day from Lewuion. I'lie St, Lawrence has eleven large and commo dious Stale Kooiih independent of hi.-r cabins, in ulucli gentlemen Willi ilicir families can he comlort ubtv accommodated. I'be sot-ed of ibis boat wilh her excellent accommodations, enlrimed lo llie care of one nf I lie moi't experienced and rkilfnl navigators, will ensure the irateMing public not only a pleasant but a more expeditious p.u$ugo than liiilierin known on the Lake. vgatmburgh, June 1U, ISi'J. S T RAYED FROM tho subscriber on tho 3d mst., a middling bay horse, black mane and tail, black feet, n white stripe in the face, und one side of tho nose white. Whoever will return said horse, or ,'ivo information, shall be liberally re warded, and necessary expenses paid. CYRUS SPRAGUE. Willirton. Juno 20, 11)39. ST !tAY COW. STRAYED Trotn the subscriber on the Kith inst. a lirrht red COW while flanks, very largo ba and teats, nine or ten years old, probably has n calf by this time. Whoever will ,'ivu information where she may bo found, bhull ho compensated for their trouble. J. ,M. ELDRIDGE. Burlington, June '.'I, 11)30. J A M V. 3 Ml T C 11 E I. I. Comer of Church College-streets, iluni.iNOTON, Junk, 1839. HAVE leeeived n low pieces uf rich undressed Scotch Ginhani, Swiss Lawn, a bountiful urticlu fur La dies white dresses, Rich Printed Lawn, Cambric, iMiUiii, &c Sic. IIurliu;ton, June 14 1 039. PICKLED FISH. (JALMON, Shadd and No. I, Mackerel, olno, Smokid Salmon, tit retail by Juno 4. Latiiiiui' & Potwin, UNEXAMPLED MAMMOTH SCHEME. rillE following details of a Scheme ef a J- Lottery, to bo drawn in December next, warrant us in declaring it (oho UNPARAL LELED in the history ofLoticrios. Phizes to tho amount have never before been offertd to tho public. It is truo, thcro are many blanks, but on tho other hand, tho extremely low chargo of $20 per Ticket tho value and number of thu capitals, and Iho revival oftho good old custom of WAnnANTiNO that eveiiv Pitizc siialIj be Drawn and Sold, will, we arc sure, give universal satisfaction, and cs. pecially to iho Six Hundred Prise Holders, To those disposed lo adventure, wo lecom- mend early application being made to us for uckoib when the rrizos aro all sold, blanks only remain the first buyers have tho best chance. Wo, therefore, cmuhalicallv say DELAY NOT! but at once remit and liansmil to us your ordors, which shall always receive our immediate attention. Letters to be ad dressed, and application madu to SYLVKSTHK & CO., Broadway, New York, Observe the number, loli. $700,000 ! ! ! $500,000!! $25,000!! 6 prizes of $20,000!! 2 prizes of $15,000!! 3 prizes of $10,000 ! GRAND II ESTATE & DANK STOCK LOTTERY OF PROPERTY SITUATE IN N. ORLEANS. 0"Wic F iliu st and moil Magnificent Sthenic ever presented to the public, in this or any other Country. TICKETS ONLY 830. Authorized by an act of Iho Logislativo As. Ecrobly of Florida, and under tho directions oftho commissioners, aolinir undor the samo To be drawn at Jacksonville, Flor. Dec. 1. 1JJ39 SCHMIDT &. HAMILTON, Managers. SYLVESTER & Co., 150 Broadway, New York, Sole Agents. NO COMUINATION NUMBERS ! ! ! 100,000 Tickets, from No. 1 upwards in suc cession. The Deeds of tho property and tho stock transferred in trust to tho commissioners ap pointed by tho said act of tho leijislaturo of 1 lorida, lor tho security oftho prizo holders. SPLENDID SCHEME ! ! 1 Prize Tho Arcade 280 feet, 5 inches, 4 lines, on Magazine st.; 101 feet, 11 inches, on Natchez st.; 120 feel, 0 incites, on Gravicr st. Rented at about $37,000 por ann. Dollars. valued at 700,000 1 Prize. City Hotel 102 feet on Common stroot: 140 feet, 0 inches, on Camp st. Rented at $25,000 valued at 500,000 I Prize dwelling; Hotiso (adjoining tho Arcade) No. 10, 24 feet, 7 inch es front on Nalchoz street, rented at $1200 valued at 20,000 1 Prize do (adjoining' tha Arcado) No. Hi, 23 feet front on Nalchoz st. rented at $ 1200 valued at 20,000 1 Prizo do. (adjoininj; tho Arcado) No. 20, 23 foel front on Natchez st, rented at $1200 valued at 20,000 1 Prizo do. No 23, North east cornor of Hash) and Custom houso streets 40 foot front on flahin, and 40 feet on Franklin street, by 127 feel deep in Custom Houso street, rented at $1500 valued at 20,000 1 Prizo do No. 24, South west cor ner of Hat-in and Custom-house sts 32 feet, 7 inches on Hasin, 32 feet, 7 inches on Franklin, 127 feet, 10J inches deep in front of Costotn house street rented ol $1500 vulucd at 20,000 1 Prizo do. No. 339, 24 feel. !! inches on Itoyal street, by 127 feet, 11 inches deep rented at $1000 valued at 15,000 1 Prize 250 shares canal bank stock $100 each 25,000 I do 200 do commercial do do 20,000 1 do 150 do Mechanics' Si Traders' do do do do do do do do 15,000 10.000 10,00(1 10,000 5.000 5.000 do 100 do 100 do City Hank do do do 100 do do do 50 do Exchango Dank do do do 50 do do do do do 25 do Gas light Dank do do do 25 do do do do do do 15 do Mechanics' and 2.500 2,500 1.500 1,500 Traders' do do 1 do 15 do do do do 20 do each 10 shares of the Lousiana stain Bank, $100 each, each prize $1,000 10 do ouch 2 sharos of $100 each, each prizo $200, of tho Gas Light Bank 200 do eacli 1 share of $100, of tho Dank of Louiiiana 200 do each 1 sharo of $100, of tho Now Orleans Hank ISO do each 1 sharo of $100 of tho Union Dank of Florida 20,000 2,000 20,000 20,000 15,000 OOO PRIZES 81.500.000 TICKETS pQ-NO SHARES. The whnlaof tho Tickets, wilh their ntim bers, as also lliofu conLiiniiii,' the prizes, will be examined and bcalcd by Iho eoniinissiiiiicis appointed uudur thu Act, pieviously lo tlioir being put into tho wheels. Ono wheel will contain the whole of thu numbers, tlm other will contain tho Six Hiindrul Prizes, und the first COO numbers that shall bo drawn out, will bo untitled to such Pnr.u as may bu drawn to its number, and thu tortunalu boldors ol sucli Prizes will havu such property transferred lo them immediately after thu drawing, muncum. bend, and without any Deduction .' Potash Kettles constantly on hand bv J. S J. II. PECK ft Co. JNEW FIRM. MnilE subscribers have formed a copart JL nership in tho mercantile business, under the titni uf Whipple &, Biriiup, and have taken a store in Messrs. StrouV Huildiiii;, eiilleijo street, where they uru now receiving from New York u very clioico selection of Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, Dry Groceries f,-c. ftc., which they offer unusually luw lur caih. Samuel Winrri k, A. E- llisiior. Burlington, May 31. 1039. 4.0 Cuelm, by J, J. H. Sf Co. FRESH ALBANY ALE. qr Hhls Just rccoivad by July 5. LATiinor & Potwin. Ginger Preserves by July 5. Latiihop & Potwiiv. 500 prs. Mansfield extra french style SHOES, by J'lly 5. LATIinOP & POTWIN. PINE APPLES, July 5. at Lathoi' & Potwin's. FJLOUR. JUST received Supor Finn Western Flour and for salo by Hickok & Catlin. July 5. Orir Bbls. Western Salt just roccived and 0JJ rrKalobv IIlCKOK & CaTLIN July 5, LiOUIS DERVILiLiE, It A II 11 E It RESPECTFULLY informs the public thai ho has so far recovered from his recent indmno-iilinii nu nnnin In rrniimn business, nt his shop a few rods south of his old stand. With many thanks for past favors, and the promise of his best exertions for tho future, he would be happy lo receive can irnm ins oio menus nnu customers. Burlington, 3d July, 1R3D. ESTRAY. CAME into the tnclusurc of the subscriber on tho I Ith inst. a Red line-back Cnw, winie tail, and some white on her lugs, tibmit seven years old. The owner is requested to prove property pay charges and tukc her nwnv. THOMAS GOODHUE. Jerkho, June 15, li)39. NOTICE. KNOW all men by these presente that I Antepass Gilman, of Colchester. r!iuinlv m fltiil I nni.'nn and State of Ver mont, for and in consideration oftho sum of thirty dollars received in lull to my sat isfaction, ot builier iiitman my son navo rriveli nnrl hv I hrun presents, (lo rriVH him. the said Luther, his time from and alter this date, nnd tdiall not consider myself holuen fnr nnv dnlita lu rnnv enntrnct after this date, nor shall 1 claim any of his wages, or intcrtcre wtib nny bargain he may maxe. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and sonl this 13th day of April, 1839. ANTEPASS GILMAN. Sitrnod sealed and dpliverrd in presence of H. B. FISHER. ) C. A. HATES. " SPERM OIL. Gls. Winter Sperm Oil 20U0 do Kail do do 1500 do Rofined do June 7. bv J. & J. H Peck & Co. Groceries. Chests Younjr Hyson Tea 75 do Flvsnn Skin do 20 Bag Pepper 20 do Pimento 10 do Cnfruoa 50 Boxes Pipes 100 do Bar Soap 200 do Raisins 50 Ket;s do 40 do Puro Ginger 400 Mats Cassia. St. Croix Rum, Holland Gin. Signetto Btandy. Ballimoro Gin, American Brandy, Champasno, Brown and Pale Sherry, Madeira and bicilv Madeira, Marscills Madeira and, Malaga Wines, by Juno 7. J. ft J, II. PECK & Co. Crown Glass. REDFORD. Saranac and Clinton crown by J. it J. H. PECK fc Co. Aaents. Juno 7, 1C39. Foreign Iron and Steel. ENGLISH Iron from 1J to G inches Russia Old Sable Iron Do Now do do Swedes do Hoop do from i to I Inch Ilrazicr's Rods Spring. Cas-t, German, Swedes and English Blister Steel. Cart and Wagon Boxes Finished Cro Hats bv Juno 7. J. Ai J, II. PECK &. Co. WHITE BEANS. BOO ,!""llels Wanted by the sub " gcribers for which the highest price will bu paiu in goods. June 6 Latiiuop and Potwin. bush. Rue, 1000 do. Corn. 2000 do. Odj, for which cash will bo paid on delivery, by FoLi.r.TTtfc Bradlevs Blanohanl's celebrated Scythes j doz, Gorman stcol concavo glass 100 do. cast do. tlo. do. 20 do. Cradlo Scythes, for salo by May SI. FoLLCTr ii HiiAOi.BYs,.'7i'(rifJ PORK fmrm barrels Mes, . 21 000 Hams, 1500 Lard, 15 Bbls. Shoulders, for sale by Foi.i.ett Si BiuntxYs. Mav 31. (Q bbls. Boston crashed Su gar, 15 boxes do Loaf do, for sain at Boston prices and freight, en,ual in quality to best English refined, for sain on consignment by May 31 . Foi.i.utt Si Bisauleys. Burlington Vuimout ami Essex, Cylinder Glass, mailu at thu Chaniplain Glass Works, and very much improved in quality compared wilh thu lalu brands, fur sale by Juno 7. J & J. II. Peck & Co. Ag'ts. ( by 87 by 0 and 8 by 10. 'IHO h"'-'9 GLASS made at thu JVJKJ clall,plain GIhm LVs. Works, rill other cut loonier on short notice .for ale by Fo i.i.i.ti Si lliwvu.xe, Agents.

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