Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 12, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 12, 1839 Page 4
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"OFFAT'S LIFE MEDICINES-I REANLMATION. Whnn Hit; tnnst imporinut functions tif life tin; sus pcnilci, nntl those vviiit nre invnhds Iiy in heritance nr i rn p r 11 d tt c nre reduced to n deplorable stale of ncrvuiH debility, I hey should nut even then dopnir. for it is not in despair that rnlicl cm ho found. No Let them first look tirnuntl, nnd, laying nsido nil prejudice, nek themselves tins question my physician ennnot help nit, is his rofiut I'll skill mv only resort ?" Perhnpn nt ihnt moment the bending of this advertisement, 'Moffat's Life Medi cines,' would catch the ryo nnd were they in truth divested of foolish prejudices, l hoy tnipht porhnns, ho induced to inquire whether Mr. Moffat's theory nnd Ircnlmenl of disenses differed frntn Hint ol their own physicinns, 'I'hey would then lenrli thnl it did differ, nnd very widely, nnd with most linnpy results, too. I ft hoy pursued their inquiries still fur ther, they would find thnl nil prnclising phydcinnx of the present dny presenile fil ERCURY, in some form, for nlniost ev ery disease, nnd they would learn, loo, Hint mercurial medicines,! hotifjli they give pres. rnt relief, undermine I he cotisltttition, nnd nlwnys lenvo the patient in n precarious Btnte of hcnllh. A ROOD VKOKTAH I.K MEDICINE is jll't tllO rcvert-n ol nil this. For hundreds of yenrs before scourge of mankind, 'Mercury, ' wns employed in tin; healing art. Physi cians used nothing lint herlw. Even the bible recommends nsthe 'skilful physician' lie wlin prepare! h his medicines from herbs. Witness Ecclesiastic!!, chnp. xxiii. F. 3. The. skilful physician shall lift vp his head ; and in the sight of the great men he shall be in ailmirnlion. F. A For he hnlh prepared his mcdicini.s out of the HERBS of the earth, and he that is icisc will nut abhor them Jhfl'al's Fegrlable Life Midit.inrs pos foss qualities dllio most mild nnd henrfi ctal nature. They are cotnpo-ed of nrti clcsthotnost nnti putrescent. combined with ingredients known ns the only cerium an ltdntc for fevers of every description When the disease is produced either from cold, obstruction, had air, swampy and camp situations, or poind mtasmi whether malignant nr epidemic, or by oilier causes, these medicines are cerium in (heir opera tion or effects. They are possessed of pe culiar qualities which not only expel nil disease, but nt the. tame lime restore nnd invigorate the system. When fust taken into the stomach, they immediately difiu-e themselves like vapor through every pore, producing effects ut once delight lul salutary nnd permanent. When the spark of life begins to grow dim, t he circulation languid, nnd the faculties paralyzed, these medicines nrc found to give a tone to lh" nerves, e.v hilernle tno nnunai spirits, invigornto the body, and rc-anunaie the whole man. Tub Livk Mkiicim:s have also been used with I he most happy success in Nor vnusand Dyspeptic diseases, Consumption, Asthma, Liver Complaint, Rheumatism.; (chronic ami inflammatory) Dropsies, &c. &.C. For full particulars, Iho reader is invited to call nt Mr Moffat's oflice, IJG7 Uroadwny' nnd receive n copy oi'lhc Good Samaritan, published gratuitoii'dy. The following letters are lately soloe'ed from a very large number whichM r Mnflii' has Holy received from different parts of the Uni'ril States. Rlr. Rlofi'at Dear Sir: It is with sincere pleasure that I venture to address yon. 10 thank you for the benefit I hove received from your medicines. My complaint was salt rheum, lor winch I have iried nearly (ill the medicines winch were ndvertised in the newspapers. I, however received 1,0 relief from any of them. Since I was shown your Good Samaritan, which in duced me to try your medicine. When 1 applied to you. my legs and arms were so bad that they looked like raw beef, and were covered with sears: but alter taking n 2.0 cent box of your pills, the dead skin began to scale off, nnd so continued until 1 was entirely cured. It is now four months 6ince I was cured, nnd I have hnd no re. turn of the complaint. I have recommend, cd your medicine to several persons, nnd odvisc nil aflltcted with the salt rheum to try it. Respectfully, your oh'i servant, M. CLEOVER. 13tb St., between 5ih nnd Jackson avenues, Lawrkncb, N. Y., Rlay 93. Rlr Rlnffat Dear Sir: I was troubled with the piles for several years. I applied to the most eminent Physical) without re lief. A friend of mine Mr. Clarke, who bad received great relief from them, ro commended me to use your Life Pills. Though I was suffering very severely with I hem nt the time, I experienced relief in 41! hours, and in n few weeks was not troubled with them at rill and I have been free from di-lrcss ever since nnd have grout pleasure in recommending them to those nfllicted in u similar manner. Respectfully. J. B. STEARNS. New Yoiik, April, K130. Dr Sir: Since your Ijito Mcdi cities have been introduced in this neigh linrhond, Ihey hnve done wonders. I will merely stnto n few cases. Tho wife ol my neighbor, Mr Cornelius S Roc, who was supposed lo be in a decline for tho last two year1', nfter Inking two bottles of the PliCDiiix Ritlors nnd one box of the Life Pills, says alio had nor health entirely re. uiorcd. Mr Rlilo IJ. Root, my next dnnr neigh, bor, who was laid up with inllatnuinloty rhenmntifin, by inking two bottles of the Hitters and one 25 cent box of tho Pills, told mc ho was as well ns lie ever was, and mid a gentleman in my store who was uflltelcd, that us soon ns he would lake the Pills and HittcrH, just so soun ho would be u well man. Also, RIrs Ilordu, wifo of John IJnrdii. was two years since Inkon hick, nnd ofien hnd fits, oud lost the use of one of her arms. In six wcekH nfter inking your pills and Hitters, she has so far recovered that she lias been on a visit to one of her neighbors. As for myself, I hnvo been in bad hcnlnh for 27 years, and though I am not now in perfect health, ri ill nm in better limn liovo been for ten ycnrB pnut, which I bo. lievo to bo thn couseuuence of taking your Pills nnd Milters. The obovn is a true statement of n few of iho many cases which tiavo coma under mv ohervoiiun You arc at liberty to publish tins letter nntl reference enn he had to me as Post master nt Clnverrock. Columbia Co.. N.Y. Wnh respect, J. A. Van VAt.Kr.Nuunnri. New York. April 1. 1030. Rlr W Rlofi'at Sin I have been nfllicted with the fever nnd ngue nbont 3 months. and UM'd n good deal of quinine, which did me no good, bnl I still grew weaker and weaker until I was recommended to try your Life Pills nnd Phoenix Hitter, anil afier Inking two boxes of nills mid two bottles of bitters, 1 nm very thankful in in form you mid the public nl largo, I consider myself completely cured. Yours truly, JOHN TENNENT. s i N.Y. Rhr.ts, Rlnre.h 29, I83B. Mr Moffnl Dnnr Sit: I have usrd your medicine in my family for some months, and have received great benefit from il, especially my wife and eldest daughter. My daughter had been in a decline for three years. Since she commenced using your tncdicinu she has entirely recovered nn,l is now well and hearty. If this will hoof any service lo you. you are nt liberty lo publish it. Respectfully, yours, Sic. N. HUTLER. Summit Him., Jan, l!J, 1.138. Dr Moffat Dear Sir: I havo groal plonsure in addressing y nu, having been troubled for some timo back with the rheumatism, and could find nothing to give mo any rebel, until I bad commenced taking your Vegetable 1if'e Pillsand Phrenix Hitters. In taking the first buttle and one box of pills I found the most cxcrutialing pain thai I had long been tum bled with, entirely disappeared. Such being tho case, it i with gratitude 1 offer there sen t incuts, feeling confident that I am indebted lo you more, linn words can e.nros, for your valuable medicinoand the speedy cure received from its good elfucls. Yours, i!fcc. geo. hrofts. M.ujou Chunk, Jan. 17, 103". Mr Moffat Sir: 1 am most happy to fend yon through your agent, Mr. While, a few lines relative to your excellent lifo Medicines-. For a length of time I have been complaining of nn infection of the liver, and tried much; medicine, but found no relief, nlil I eomiuene. ed with your", I have now taken nearly two hollies of yourl'linmix Hitlers, anil 1 nm pleas, ed to state that I find myself fat recovering from a long and lingering complaint. Respectfully, yours, iccc. GEO.KtSNER. Lockto!it,Xov,27, K'37. Mr W. H. Moffat Dear Sir: Asa remark able ineniiee ofllie virtue and elficaey of your Lire Pills and I'liomix Hitters, in restoring lost health to the alilicled. has occurred in my family, I deem il a duty 1 owe hnlh lo yourself and iho public, lo make the fact '.inown, that others sult'cring under similar ciiminslanee might percha xe sco ibis and obtain a remedy in season tu preserve Ihem from a premature grave. My wife has been nfilictcd with tho liver complaint nnd general debility lor upwards of 3 years; nnd fur the last 3 mouths she has not lienn able to wall: across thn room. After try. various medicines prescribed by different phy sieians, which gave her no relief, she was given upas incurable. In this situation she was gradually failing, when I happened to call upon your agent in this village, and he gave me a copy of the Good Samaritan, the perusing of which induced mo lo try your medicine, although I had hut litlllo hope of her receiving niiy benefit from il. Tim elite! was surprising. Hufore she had taken one bolllo of hitlers and ono box of pills, she was ro far recovered as lo bo able to accomplish uvMol her housework without assistance. Yours, icspcctfuily, Wauiic.n For additional particulars of the above med icine sco Moffat's Good Samaritan, a copy of which accompanies tho medicine; a copy can also bo obtained on application nt Iho drug stores of II. Moody and J. it J. II. I'cck & Co., Iiurlinglon, Vt. Tho above medicine for sale at wholesale and rclail by It. Rloonvand at retail by J, Si J. II. Peck Si Co. Jan. 1039. Cm A GREAT BARGAIN. A SUYTJIK FACTOUY AND MILL SITES, WITH GKHAT WAT IS U lOW Hit. THE subscriber will sell at a very low prico. and on a credit of ten years, with interest at 5 per cent, per annum, ihal valuable property situated at iho Great Falls of Sal mon Hiver, i! miles soulh of Ulalime Franklin county, Jf.Y. consisting of a large and well built SCYTHE yACTOAY, contain ing two Trip Hummers', three Furnaces, and nil Iho conveniences for a largo business, with a coal House capable of containing 40.000 bushels, and a lare and commodious Finish ing Shop, built separate, and receiving wind for tho fires from the Factory which build ing is well calculated for a Pocket Furnace, and could be easily ai ranged for that purpose. Tho dam and Machinery of tho Factory are in good order, nnd the supply ol water abund ant nnd constant. Also attached to these buildings, about six acres ol' Land, forming i front on iho Falls of tho Rivor of about 40 rods, with silos and water power sufficient for n large number of .Mills. On Iho land ther'i is a frame of a dwelling House, erected but not finished. AH Ibis properly will bo sold in one parcel at a greal sacrifice from its cost, lo aoy one who would put and keep tho Factory in opeinlion. Il presents a great chance for speculation to any young mechanic or manufacturer of en. leiprin, as it can bo bought on a lung credit, at a low rate of interest, and for a very small price. Il is also an object of attention lor a capitalist who would be willing to slock the Factory and have tho Scythes manufactured nn shares as Iho business is profitable, and the prospective value of Iho great watei privi leges and mill sites such, ns to ensure a large profil to any person who should own it and give ittiio proper attention. Tho owner of the property offers il on these inviting terms, in hopes of introducing uiauufiioiorios and thereby promoting the settlement of his lauds m Iho immediate viemily. The Qgdcnshurgh and J,ul:e Chumplain Unit llntul, which will, without doubt soon be constructed, will run within eight miles of this property, and will add greatly lo its value and importance fur manufactories, For further particulars, enquire of Iho sub. scriber nl Malouo. NOAM MOODY. May 30, HiM. ttiiw Mill and Circular Saws, A very uipcrini article, manufacturnc to our order, and to suit tho various descriptions cf timber common in this country. (-'row-bars, trace and halter Chains, Anvils. Yieos, waggon boxes, wrought ni.d easl Iron Axles, Shovels, Spades, Itussia (J. S. Rods, Manilla rope, rigging, pilch, tnr, and oakum. And a general assortment of wet and dry Groceries, for sale by Folmitt Si HitAnuivs. MOR1SQIVS PILLS. rrnilE genuine Mygeinn vegetable Univer jL snl Medicine of the IIIUTISD COLLEGE OF HEALTH IN in Packets of I, $2 and .J3caeh. .'1LSO, Tho Vegetable Aperient Poivders 2; ets, per Hex. Wo iufoiin tho sick that wo have just received FHOM LONDON through Iho hands of Geo, T.wi.on U tN I T H t) S T A T U SAG H N T For the Hrilish Cnllego of Health, n few Hundred Jinxes of Ibis justly crlnbraled Medicine, made by jas moiiison the llygoisl ; This medicine has by its own intrinsic merit gained u world renowned reputation by the many cures il is daily effecting wherever it is lulrndnred, although It has been opposed by every thing which the Faculty could bring to UKA II ,'lGlhXyj' IT. It has come oil' victorious over Diseaso in its MOST VIRULENT FORMS, and over the Faculty who opposed its usoby ODlllNB T It OtISA N J) S which they could not cure. We now invito tboe who have not already introduced Ibis medicine into their practice lo usoil and thereby cure their patients and gain a good name WHICH ISnCTTCR THAN 001.0. To those who need Medicine ; and arc not decided to ti?o this CE L FAUIA TED Jd ED1CWE We would juM say that this medicine is proba bly eniiiig more persons every div TJITtOlUJIlOUT Tin: WOULD than ALL OTHER Medicines and the FAC UJI'Y put together. The salo continues greatly to increase and the satisfaction expressed by those who use it is most gratifying. Wo beg Icavo to present to tho Public of Vermont and Vicinity the cukk of Lady Sophia Grkv, who. fiorii her high standing in society, may influence some to use il who may think that it is iho lower class mostly who ute this medi cine. This Medicine if used now by Thousands of the most respectable and best educated. And there are Thousands who would find their HEALTH RESTORED, and their PURSES RETT Eh FILLED, if they would lake this best of Medicine in stead of Iho universal and poisonous Com. pounds which lln-y now so freely take, bill with a far d llerenl eft, el. From Lady Sophia (i iu:v to IMc.-srs. Mouison ami Co. (7i:nti.kmi:k, 1 feel die liest ictitrn I Ciiu make for die unndeihil I'cni fii 1 lme icceiirrl fruin oiir ino-l excellent medicines, is to pultli-li my own and uu in lid's ran1, linpinj liom such iiiulicir. ii v il ui'iv lie die minus of oihcis bem liitim; In llicin, uiihmit a fear ofbemi' pnifnned nr iiijiutd in ;ui) wiiy In it, :i!, hum dun icon tii'mili-.' n-e nl il, I nm convinced of in pei feci s.fcl , and, nl-o, that it iiewr f.iils in inn r.ise ifjiwiice i ilnne In il. Sly m. nil uu ihcl.iie.l in fee Ij incurable, and lierrnie was pel fcc.lcil in fie. nioiuli, ;uul il was one of die wry iwnt iiiin-ey iluoac, nf lliii I v war-' i-tnudiui: ; nnd she mil had ;uiv icliu n (if il i-iiice il lieali d, and enjnjs peifeet health, uhich she never iliii bifuie, ami is flic fiiun colds. Aly rae is a complication of di-ordria. The iier ' nf iho oldest dale ; was iifl'ecn d ilangrrmislv in 1700, in my Iwelfdi war, ami hefmc din I ha.l tpluu ami seailm fcwis, and nun alwaw delirnle. In 1500 my spine was injiuid by a vr bail owi luru in an open eariaije, but mil disceieied until lSiil ; nml dm he; dial lime I never knew v. hat teal liea lib was, and mfiVic.l most n-f .-Ij in m my uns. It fit si hriiiiilit tin violent spasms in the loft hip which no medical skill could even iclieve nn njiinr... ,c.o!", iluiiii vviiiiii iimu I tiail a icr niiualion ol' lilcnd iodic head for two veins, and wai much vw.ikened by constant upplicalimi of Ironies. In lblb my liver was uolenily ndecteil, ami lor a whole jear had leeches ami biistois without end, and twice bled in llicin. 'J'his coin. plaint fined the hpasm; but I bad reveic leliiins oi'lliu litci coinpl.iuit fm many years, line the same weakeninu' leimdics. I had nls'o an iiitl.uninatory, slight ihrum.itic, and liili.m fever, and llie last fell on my times, and 1 thought I should have. Iim my senses. " In lS2fl, i hcumailc pout came on, and I had been confined and a nipple liom il for moulln ti)clliur, until I look jour medicine I was rarely fice hum il. In 1S31 my fpinn was dijcovctcd lo lie alTecied ; ami had il been di.-cowicd even lea souner, I uu convinced I should have been restored to health. This seemed to conquer the oilier complaints ; but my slrt nuih was nearly anno, and 1 con hi mil bear nn h fifquont blitcrs and leeches, and liom jreat weakness, and too active mind and body, it lirousihl on utincl.s of llie spine, liver and soul, anil I w.w reduced tofiich a state ol'nn wim. debility before I beaan lakin? lliis mediciuo in iMay. 1S31, that for iiiomlis I did not d.iic to sec any one ex cept my Iiii-ImuiI and servant, ns the Iimfi iNcile. incut seemed lo tin eaten me with lo-s of senses; and the palpitation ol die bean, (liom which I had fulfeied for eais.) become almoM past lie.iring. .Sound and lefieshin sleep I had not known for years; but if lice fiom pain, I felt icwanled for llie want of sleep. Several oilier complaints, not named, weie brought on by the tpineniid weakness. For the last fuuilcca umnilis I have never been confined for u day lo llie liou-e. All my complaints b ie decreased Gradually ; from hein;' n imus of inflammation, I do not know what lliir.-l is; and afier having been dielcd for nine j ears, nnd depriv ed of cwrv thin;; I liked, I can now eat nr iliiuk whatever I fancy, fur ewiy ihin' unices with mc ; I sleep sound and well, and havo as uuirli Blienjili ml imisi ever daie lo expect, but sufficient for die cnjiivuieiu of life ; suid I have never taken a plain or (hop oT suiy othei nicdiciue, or wanlid hitler or leeches. Nu one has icccived eater kiiidiicss and and allciilion than I have done, fiom llie first med ical men in many parts of the kinsdoiu ; and inol sralelul iln I ficl for it, nml am convinced thai, as far ns heaven permitted, nullum; was left inidoiui. I cannot end this letter without lueiitinnius the noble ami disinieioted conduct of our family ftiisjcon, who, when I told linn nf my wi-h In lake ihii- eied' ieine, nutinally expn'ised Yeats on account of my ilelicatuaud prrcat ions stale, but when ho found it did nie (jnod, uilv ced my Koine; on with h, and said he eliuiild icjoire in any thiuj that piolonjcil mv lifii. I know many ihai have Ipiicfilled liom il since I took il, Inn am nm at liberty lo incntion named. I ivmaiii, Cieullnmen, jour hinrcirly nhllned, HCH'UIA CKEV. Aihton Ayes, July 17, lPI'C. The above Mudieiiios can be had genuine' in the .Slate of Vermont, only of I'at'gborn Si Hrinsmaid, .lewollers, Jlurllngton, Vt, Stale Agents, or of the sub-Agents appointed and supplied by them. Remember every package will be signed in writing by I'angbotn linns maid ir Not so sini:n no not uny -rural. l'ANGHOUN ii ItRLN'SMAID, G li 0 C K 1UES. rr Chesis Hyson, JJyjuiii Skin, Ynung ' w Hyson and I'uucliung Tuus, ol good and extra qua lilies 20 lings old Java nnd St Domingo Cof fees 50 Kegs ("linger, 20 lluxcs pipes, 10 Iloxes bar Konn 10 do Cnvendish Tobacco, 101)0 lb,, leaf do lor Sheep 6 Casks tS'nlcrntiiH 10 Hags I'eppor nnd I'ltnento H10 Iloxes nnd (pmrlnr Duxes Raiams Shaving Soap, (Jloves, Nutmeg. Indigo. Cassia, Chocolate, miislunl, Starch, hum. on Syrup, etc. etc, just reroivml by S nto.Mi b & Co. NEW AND IMPORTANT DISOOVEUY DJl. PHELPS' COMPOUND TOMATO PILLS, ENTIRELY VEGETABLE. A NEW AM) INVALUAlUilS iH30ICIXI3 l-'OH Abb DISEASES AltlSINO I'ltOM IMPURITIES OF THE 1JLOOD, Morbid Secretions of the IjIVEK and STOMACH, AI.SH A SUBSTITUTE FOR CALOMEL; As a Catlmrllc In l'HVI3HS and all IUMOUS Al-'L-'ECTIOXS. Tnnsn popular Pills beiiiD; a combination of a newly discovered Alkaline substance, extracted from lite T()MATO PEA AT, -with other vi'etablu substances which have been found to modify anil diffuse ils effects, are believed lo be the be-t Alterative and Cathartic Medicine ever discovered. They have been abundantly and success fully tried, and have received universal approbation for Scrofula, Dyspepsia, Jaumlicc. Bilious Diseases, (travel, 1'heumalism, Coughs, Colds, Injlucnza, Catarrh, Aervons Diseases, Acid. Stomachs, Ulandular Swellings of all 'kinds, Coslivencss, Colic, Headache, &c. They are an nntidotc to Contagious and Epidemic diseases ; prevent the formation of I'iliotts and Liver nlfections, Fever and Acme, oce., in those who reside in hot climates, nml In,,' unit moral, If,ntri..c nnd nrn tl.n lint, fn,l ! .,.. t 1 ! .1 I l' ...... .v... ...... ...... a.., .,,... ...... ...v. ...v. uvni J 1111.11 uv Uliil l.uu uu USUI! 1UI IIIUU lleai- lties. Scaineii will find thein an infallible remedy for the SctmvY ; and Travellers, the best medicine they can use to counteract the dangers of exposure in unhealthy cli mates. For ordinary FAM1L V PHYSIC, they are universally approved, as the best ever offered. As a DIETETIC or DINNER Pill, one taken half an hour after dinner, will sufficiently stimulate the digestive powers of the stomach to a healthy and invigorated action, and they are found extremely serviceable for those who indulge in long dinners, or late suppers, or immoderately in dcsH'its or fruit. The peculiar virtues of the Tomato Plant, have for a long time attracted the atten tion of the Medical profession and the Public ; and a lively interest has recently been directed to the future development of its active powers, and" its Antibilians and ' Altn alice qualities; which the Proprietor is now happy in being able to gratify and pre sents his Pills to the Public, with (he full confidence of their being the most saf; and valuable remedy ever discovered ; adapted to all cases, where Nature is distiubed. and when any of tlieH;irjos do not perform their natuiiai. oit iikai.tuy action. Numerous certificates of cures, from thoe who have taken them, and the testimony of several Physicians, who have prc-eribed them, all concur to corroborate this opin ion. The rapidly increasing demand for, and the universal approbation bestowed upon them, i an additional evidence of their merits and ti-efuliicss. In presenting this article to the public, the proprietor was influenced by the hope, that a medicine prepared with much care, and strict regard to the Chemical nnd Tierapenlic properties of its several ingredient, should take the place of the thousand and one irresponsible nostrums of the day, with which the country is deluded and fiiun the favor already bestowed upon it by physicians and others, he feel jusliicd in c.rprrting this result. jr-r b'or n full account of this interesting discovery, testimonials, mode of operations, &c. hot pnmphlct?, which may be had gratis of nil who sell these IMIs. IS'utie nro genuine- without tho written bignaluro of G. It. PIIKLI'S, JL I)., sole proprietor. Hartford, Conn. Ord, rs for these Pills directed to the Proprietor, Hart font, ConnrrfLnt, (post paid,) or t HOAI)t,EV. l'H KIl'S, A Co.. WIioIcmiIo Drue-isls, U'i Water-str. el, Ke'v-Vork, (:..,. r.n forwarding agents,) will be promptly attended to : and a liberal discount made to those who buy i. sell iitrain. .Sold by authorized Agents in most of thn cities nnd towns in the Unitrd States. ' V IV. As another and a very dj"crcnt nrtiele, has r n titly lurn ndvcrtiMd under the bend o! " Tomato Pith," the public will the tu cessity of bcinj; pathcular to inquire for "1'IIKI.I'S Cumvonnd 'Tomato Puis." I'nce 371 and 7" cents per box. fCf" For sale, wholesales and ml ail by J. & J. IT. HCK,&, CO. and retail by Iiokkrt Moody, .Burlington. Vermont. FIRE LSU!tAISCL. TO M A N I J K A O T 0 1 1 1 J 1 1 H & OI'llKKS. I ITiKIUj I'rovKtencc W asliiutou liwnrauce i Loinnanv, in Proyuleiinr! li.bodn. Ulanil, continue to In-ure agnin-t loss or damage by fire, on (Jnitoii, Wollen, and other iManufactories, Uuildtngs, and iMer chandito. on favorable term. This Compauy is well known to the Manufacturers of New-J'Jiinland, anil pus sesses their lull confidence. The Company was ine.orpnrnied A. D. IliOO. Tho Captlnl Stock is gJOO.000, nil paid in many years since, and well secured in Hank Stocks and Ileal Estate. The Directors are. .SULLIVAN DOIUl. JIUN.IAMIN HOl'l'IN, JUOSKS 1! IVHM. 11HNIIV P. FltANKLlN, ROlilCRT II. IVBS, FLIS11A DVFR. CARLO MA UK AN. CIIAKLKS JACKSON, WILLIAM liUTLHK. Manufacturers ami others whiug for Insiiiauce. are reipie.-led to direct their up. plications (which should be accompanied with n particular d".-ertpi tun of i he prop eriy,) per mail, to the Protdenl or Secre tary i ft he Company, and tho same will he attended to promptly. SULLIVAN DORR. President. Wahiikn S. (iiti:r.NK. Secretary, Provident c JJ'aihinsrton Insurance ) Com; rnii'? OJjire Providence, II 1. 1 039. ) ly.f. 5 WINDOW SASH. WAaucCTq JlIST roccivRl 1;- 20 Si 2d-7 by 1) easemeiils of sash, a first rate nrtiel li4 and Js ets. per light. Also. all kinds and sizes, furnished to order. Tieouderoja Illacl Lend, a first rale arliclo, fur sale very low, together with a great variety ofolhor articles, as cheap tu can be found at any other eslab. lishinenl in Iho place. Ono. I'ctiuison rjHHK Sub.-criber htvviny completed his ar JL raiifjetuenls al St. Johns and Wiiiti;. iiai.i., is now prepared lo receive ooons in, lunded for riUNsrottTATioN between Montiiu ai. and Ni:w Yoitic. All eiders addressed In the npeut at St. Johns, Mr. W. 1 1. lleiii.AM), will bo promlly titlendcd to, unit no Iroublu or e.vpnnsn spared in lite despatch of (louds addrested lo tho KMahlUliiiicnt. Tho (;har(,'es for ('nmmlssinn, Wharfatro, Ac., will be found nl least twcntvi'ivi: rnt cunt linlow what has been hitherto paid upon the Line. FRANCIS MULLINS. Montreal, 2d May. 11139. Copper Pumps, Load l'ipos and Rotary Stove Plates. PERSONS wtsliinir id pnrchni-o any nf llie above nrlieles. nre invited lo call ni our shop on Church st. Mnv 11139. Staiiii & Ro'-TwirK. iWlt' Pieces Hiiekrkm Fancies 16 do Rowun Cassiinere and blue Drillinijs, just received by June 14, '39. Vn.Ab, Luumis & Co. i r- wmmim.h -i i ready : i iM&fokM.x m it. m rut H, i ''tffr.,,ftA !!!""a, 'iiw&cuaj-aaiiairo i cull f i f p 1 1 1'' .-ob-ertlier aehnowliMlgc- .n-t la vers with ratitnte, and would say Ihnt he continues the Tailoring Trade in till its branches, lie has lor sale a "real MADE Sk. tei. -J 2 able for lh" pre-ent season; nl.-ii, n Plene ninny other iiseinl articles. 'or lhat which cannot he bnurrht oUp- ".Iter.-. Clotbes very Neatly CLHANKD nnd Ilr.l'AI lthl) on short notice, Clotbin" exchanged or taken for 1'av. C. BEXNS. Pearl St.. Nov. 1C3S. tf R. Spoutier is ir Uurlintim. prepared SD for biHiness ; nnd will he happy lo render professional nssUtnnco to nil 'who may reed. He has n great variety in splendid Universal Teeth, sinle and in blocks, capable of being adopt nd to a great variety of cases ; also a supply of his val uable Tooth Powder. Jits slay will be limited In 3 or 4 weelf. American Hotel Room No. IO-2d floor Hours punctually from 9 to 12, and from 2 In u o'clock. May lo. 1039. A J3 ' , THIS r.stabltshineut.sil. S-Vi-3pk. uuled at the head of tho CJ 1il i '.fsTv Steam lloat Wharf. Ihii fi v Tl linjiton, is now eotnpleted ' : ' . " Sifi for iho n eeption ''"-wJiimr'-' of travclleis ami the pub. lie "enerally. Tbu location of Ibis House is one of surpassing beauly . presenliiia from ils piazzas, in limit and rear, an uninlerrtipti'd view of most of tile village and of thu lake and secuur.y around it. TJn I loam with ils ftirnituro is entirely nac, and oirers eotneni voces and comforts lo its ytiests if cijuiled, certainly not surpassed by any House in thu Place. A coach is always in attendance to cany pasMiujrers and their I!if.'f;a;c lo and from the respectivo Sle.iui lloals rium or ciiakci:. It will be tho ambition of iho undersimied to de.-erve a palronairu from the iiubho, eriunl it ' to the means placed in his hands, lo render their sojourn with him comfortable, plensaul and happy. JONATHAN HART RurtmiUon, Man 17. 1!!39. SUGAR. Ilhds. New Orleans Sugar, 10 do I'orto Rico do. fl do St. Croix do. .1 boxes white Havana do. 10 buys India do. for salo very low by Fot.i.r.rr Si liium.uvs. SALiT." 1000 bbls. Fine, 5000 hiifh. solar and eoarsoste.ini, 2(!0 larjio sacks Liverpool blown, in prima order, by FQLLRTTfc IliMDEEYS, MICSS POKK. llarrcls lor sale by IIickoic &, 50 GKOIKMS PETERSON, B'AS removed to the South end of Iho - Th as lintel, where ho has received his sprint; supply of Honda, eonsieling of ni'st all kinds of nrlieles tiMinlly called for in Ibis innrkel, ninuni' thein may be found I.'.. .-I. 11. ...... A Hi i... .i , ' .1 ... I...II- rurii tiiiiiiini j iiiiir uy i tie uarrei or i'" i i c .... IV.. .1 I i ... I... If vi ii hi, iiiuir iieer uy inn uarrvi in hall. barrel. Couiess Wmer, fresh from ! Spruiir, in boxes of 1 a & II dozen bottles eacn. llurlintnn, May 20, 1030 A new lot of Slips and Shoes, just received by WAIT & 'J'ADOR. REMOVAL," DHA1MJR AM) TA1LOK, IjlOR the especial nccomudnl ion of n'ro' B. cusloiners hns reinnved to the store nt. the north east corner of Strong's build ins on Church und Collen streets, Court House Srpinre. nntl directly opposite Doer. Moody's Ilnrdwtire Store, where he will ho found nt all business hours, rendy tn wait upon hi customers nnd snrvo tberi' with the Intest fashions and imporlalio'nH. Work executed in n style of cleonncn and d.irnbiltiy, ma surpiissetl if equalled nt any liou(. m thS villitfro. He has made nrrnnneinenii lo supply his customer" with Cloths ami Tnmmiuos of llie best quality, and as ehenp for cash ns the cheapest. Jtwi received n variety of 11110.) I) CLOTHS, ' ('1SSI.,)U:RES and FESTLYGS, suitable for the season N. 13. Culiinu done on short notice ns muni. T? il rl I nrrl nn. M'iy 27, UI39 sbw Fiisai NEW GOODS. rgHH sub-cribers linvinj; formed n Co. .ii. partnership under the firm of N. Lovely Co., nt . ?t,irR formerly occu pied by Lovely it Abbott, have been re ce.vini; within 'Z or 3 weeks past and now fie r lor salen very In rye n-.-orlmcnt of Snpl" ntd Fnney Dry fiuods, C.I11PETLG of 'difertnt tptalitics. SCOTCH. ENGLISH. .fl.MElUCAK, COTTOA" & J I EM P. CROCKERY, CULYA and GLASS II -) RE. G ROGER ES. a general rmnrlmcnl, (with the exirpt'wn of Intoxicating Litpiors.) Which for quality MI ChenpnJ.-s, ennnut he mrpii-sed. Purchasers nre invited to cull and examine lor themselves. N. LOVKLV. Wm hurlburt. Rurlinglon, .Nay 24, 1C3U. N. Ii We have li. eti so much crowded ilh bu-incfs since our fioods arrived Hint we hnvo tint had lime lo write our short adverli.-etii.'iil, und should not now, was it not for our Cu.-'omors ut a distance sayui" io ns "why don't you advertise you have a Larger nnd belter tir-c trf motit . than wo can tind elsewhere.' N. Lovki.v Si. Co. SAMUEL S. SKINNER. rT Tii7l yr-lr'"'-Cr DKfiS lenv. Kniiwlrdfi to tender Ins reotful nc etnents. to his Fneuds r,ir tueir liberal natroniiie and hopes by punc Min.iily and clo-e application lo business to merit a continuance of the same, as he has decided after two and a half yi ars trial, lo make a permanent re-idenco nl liurlinirlon. A .'real variety of ready mode work- can be i-eeti three doors west f J. & J. II. Peek k. Co Col'efxc St.. and second in quality to nono. A beoutil'nl arlicln of Ladies Saddle, ()f the laiet.1 New York lashton, very cheap. Cent lenians porlnble, pieeon, inlays, Sbaltoes and connnnn Sad dles, n grenier variety of trnvelmp equip menis than ever be'ore oflrrd for sale in HurliiirMon. consisiinjr of Porlmnnienus, Valis'es, Carpet I3as of various pnllcrns. Hard Leather. Double Deckers, French Folio, Fohlinjr. imiiaiiun. Hollows top, and Common Tuunks. from l, to vj30 each. Coach, (iiff Plated. Tiunul.Ilrosf.Jappnn. ed and common Harnesses. A superior ar ticle of Cart or Dray Harness, wnh Scotch collar--, a ootl assortment of Whips and La-hes, Trapping, Resells, Twigs, Yokes. Mnrlinnnii, Rolls. Whipple ires, Fire Uueketfl, Neeis Oil, Sheen.-kins by iheD v.. or Hnle, and other nrticb s loo niimerocs to intnMoii in iIik bill. Al.-o c fir.-t rate Hnjfjjy Wairoon for sale. Any of Ihe above articles will he -old on reason able terms. CiirriniM' triininimr everoteil in the neuter sivle. Call ttud'ee. ftyjr.'hYTED, a Journeyman at the above business. S.S SKINNER. Burlington, ,May 17, IIU.9. &(), bales l-i Shcclinir, do .f Smrl nit.', (or sale at New York prices, on eonsii'iini' in Irom the mauufac luror by Fm.i.E'iT &, Rr.ADi.KV.. IJIRMlNtJlIAM FURNACE. 'MO Y, I 'ER.MOjYT. "S now in full and succe-flnl operntt n. . and in readiness in contract for the cnsiitii; of Stove plates, nnd other heavy eastings. Also, for Pii;1rounf a superior quality, deliverable at ihe Furnace or any. pan ot i tie count rv. AUGUSTUS YOUNG. Aor.vr. Troy, ) 'ernwnl. i. Si J. II. PUCK &. Co., Aoi.vrs. Eurlinglnn, Vermont. Birmingham Furnace, TUOY, YIJItiKONT. 7"ANTFD to ciuil'act fur tho ninkinr ' V of 600 000 borbels hard wood Coal, for which cash, and a liberal price will bo paid on delivery. Experienced' Colliers will find it to their advantage m imply to AUGUSTUS YOUNG. Agent. 'TROY, Ft. or J. vt J II. PL'Clv vt Co.. Agtnh, P U RL IjYG TOJY, Ft. The Vermont Slate Paper, nl Johnson, Keiveville llernhl, und Caledonian, nt St. Jnlinshury, will insert the advertisements und address ono pnpor coiitnuiiiie tho ad. vcitit-ciuciits with hill to J. it J. II. PECK vt Co. A EiAIJIS CHANCE. aril HE subscriber will soli at JL priva'o salo at tho lowest lui.-mhl.. rl.. Hi., I, one, I. orot-t'til oeeuoieil liv Mr. Itlnrwl n Wi.. yt 0nisi .Iiulo J-llftl,M Residonco N. H Por terms npplv lo Sinn E. How- ord. E WALI1RIDGE. Rurlinglon, Jday 'M, J039. tf 40 Uuelw, by J $ J. II. Peck Co.

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