Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 19, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 19, 1839 Page 1
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wtinii hum id i i i ii v.. .. I,, Miwwiiwtii!MmB!imii.wi i,'.TiMi'i,iwirAii-v-r'c'iw,s n m. N O T T II H ! I, O R Y O F Cl! SA II 11 IF T T II V, V V, I, r A It K a V U O M U BY II. 1?. STACY VOL. XIII Vo.630 CLING NOT TO HAItTll. Clinu nut In e.uih llmre's nothing llicrc, Iloue.ier loved howeier f.iir, Hill mi il fiMltire si ill iniiat wear The impiess of morlaliiy. Tlie vojngpr on i lie hoiindlpJ deep, Williin Ins h.irqnp ui.iy smile or s'ppp ; lint ben him on lie will not weep To leave Us wild nncerliiinly. Cling not to earth n? null we. "My Tutsi Anna's spi pool's u-.inlon play. 'J'lml gliltnis nnl to liniiiiy To ilp.illi or cUo lo misery. Picam not of I'lpiniUhip lliero. may lie A woid, a siniU, a urii,i fur iIipo Uui wail the hour of need and tec 15ul wonder nut ih' ir fallacy. Think not of IJr.inty likn llie i est It wrais nlinlicon ils p.ipiI 15ni short the liineeio slands confest Ils I'.iUcliood ; 01 ils fi nilly. Then clinst no innir so fondlv on Tim Hon ci of e.iiih aionnil I hue stioun, Tlio d' a while lo spoil upon, I!n! nut lo loc so fcivently. I'ioiii 1 1 1 0 I'oilland Mn.i.iiic. TIIU DAUGUTUK. 1!V M11S. ANN f VIM'IU'.SS, Two heavy blows wore struck nn I lie Ii ti f lira knocker of house in Back street, rn'her lnii niic voti nijr. when I lint beiiutil'u1 street was far l.-ss llne.kU inbab lied iIihii ai lb'' present day. Tin- kitchen girl win served ii cook, chambermaid, lno'innn and piiriiir, cpenrd the dnnr mid cnnlroiif-d n fill. Wr II drespil gentleman. m it.. nqipdlnr I In' mii-l or "I I lie hnu-o. Wi Ii hi n n i"ii''- ib'liy. t lie -Irani,'! ' Ml- u-lii" il imi III" rillllfiiflnhbi silling fiiiiin in c i' 1 In M who I ii ill down l' I'll' 'mill GuZ' " . mill miUmV'iI Ills feel In Ml 'bi'ir "alii'H po-Minn nvr the lin plnee. in receive In- vi-ilnr. There was -nui" tlnug x ' r i i i ' y iiiioresiing m lb' n p pes 'ii ii nl 1 1 stranger; Ins n u f lit r; h i n ribmit tnrty. bill bis feature- were handsome mid stumped with n ca-t of set tled melancholy, win If! his manner bad ibainiriif quiel gentle breeding which results from n useful inlercnnr-o with men mid books. Ho "urreiidered ins hallo iln red handed servant, and I ;i k 1 1 1 r the chair bin; bad p.nntei! for tnni on Hip hearih-rug, opened Ins business. After inquiring il Mr. wn tint a stockholder in I lit Cumberland Hank, lie staled bis wish to purchase twenty shares in that, institution nt iip low per centngo as possible. VVInle he was speaking, the look of easy hospitali ly passed from the stockholder's features, which instoiitly changed lo their intial crnliy business, expression be coiunressed Ins lips, crossed one log over the other, mid drtiiiiincd on the bland bc-idc him with the :nr of n man debating nboiit nn oiler he can well nllord to refuse. 'Really, I don't knnw,' he paid with a becoming share of indifference, 'Mock in our bank is first-rnte properly if I noil twenty shares I shall want a handsome premium. How much do you expect to pny ?' The strnnger replied, by asking how the Ciiinberlaiid stock then flood. Highalways high,' replied the other, nvoidmj,' n direct answer. 'Ourrt is a safe institutionyields live dividends the only bank in the tnlo that held out specie pay ments thrnuoh the last war shares always nbnve par .' he wn ruiiiiititr on m prao of the hobby, but ibe btrauer bnnijjht bim to the point, bv saynif; iba' he hud left a daughter at the uni near bv, who would be anxion.s for bis return, and that lie must solicit a direct iiunver to hii prop OEittnn. 'Well, what do you say to eight per cent ?' replied the capi'nltsi. 'That if morn than I am prepared to pny the best stocks in Boston were not more than five when I left.' 'You nro from Boston then, inquired, or rather affirmed the stockholder, losing Fight of his bargain, in tbo earnestness of Ins cunofity. The stranger calmly replied that he was. 'Come this morning in the sloop Mary Ann, I suppose?' persisted the inquirer. 'Yes,' was the dry answer, which would Jiavo silenced any man bom south of New England; but Mr. , a heavy Block. bolder in a wealthy state bank, bud a com. fnrlable fcrnso of his own importance. What is money good for if it will not eon bio its possessor to be ill bred when he plenses? Nothing certainly. Mr liad nn undoubted r lit to ask impertiueri questions he could nflord it so ho went un regardlcs of llie onnoyanco of Ins victim. 'Brought your family, you say?' 'All that remains in me,' replied the stranger in a broken voice, wbilo nn ex prcs-ion of anguish contracted his forehead iind trembled on Ins hps, unregarded by Ins rtilh'es'f questioner, who continued 'Probably you intend to settle in Port land?' 'No. Sir.' 'Back in the country then?1 'Yes,' 'On the Kennebec?' 'No on the Anilro-coggin,' 'Why, whut can such n person ns you appear lo be, exp' Ct lo do away luck in the woods? oh. I see gol men up ihere gelling out lumber line boason lor log '"?' The blrongcr saw that llmro wero no liopca ol'concludin Inn business, till lie hud ruruit-hed tlie Mockholder with his history, past, present audio come; so in n few hurried words he staled thai ho was n un live of Maine, bin had pent most of his life in Boston as a merchant lint ho bad ainuiassi'd a Inrge properly there, which had been greatly diniiiiHbeii by viMauy nl one he had liusled. His voice faltered n be went on to 'ay, I hat his wife nndlwo children lint! died in the same year, leaving nun one daughter, with whom bo was re moving Ion liUlefnrm that he had purchas ed in Oxford county. The curiosity of ibe capitelisl being sat isfied be no longer hesitated to close In bargain, which was finally settled by the stranger's paying two thousand one hun dred mid twenty dollars wo liku to be particular in money mniters for which he received the requisite twenty shnres of slock in the good old Cumberland Bank. Mr politely al tended bis visitor lo the door, nnd. wishing mirifi go. id i veiling, rolurued to his sitting room. He lookup the roll of bank bills be hadjii-t. received, looked them all over earetully. counted them thr'jc limes, and then deposited them in an old black wallet with the comforta ble smile of n successful bargainor. Meanwhile the stranger made his way to Beck's divert), still to be found, with other occupants, nt the corner of Maine and Beaver streets. Ilo entered n private room where he had left Ins daughter, n delicate girl of fourteen. She was in deep mourning, nnd her glossy ourU, almost as black as her dre-s, were confined by a cir ciilar comb of wrought shell, nnd dropped over her neck and shoulders as she bent with n willowy gracefulness toward the fire; her liny bauds clasped on her knee, nnd her large dark eyes fixed mournfully on Ibe hlazi;. Tears wen; stealing un heeded down her cheeks mid she was loo much nb-nrb' d to notice the entrance of her father, nil he hnd nlmost reached the low stool on which she was sealed. Hasli. ly drawing her hninl over her eyes mid -IniUing her curb, forward in a vain eudeav oi to hide her learlul cheek, she urose nnd stood bi'lnre him as ll del cied in some evil Mr. Su'hgale .-eaieti himself, null drnwuiir i In- Iieaut lui child lo In- knee in quir.'d il ins ali-. nee bad seemed tedious; .mil then, s-'i'ing llie tear- on her face, as be kissed her. ,,iid in a lone ol gcntlo clu ing. Shame, Grace, your eyes are lull nf tears surely ymi were mil alrnid lo ciny alone. No, papa, bin , 'she hesitated, and the tears a".ain sprnng lo her eyes. 'But what my child ?' 'I was thinking ill minima and of all 'bo said in me that inglii, and I cried for lear I ciiilii not do all she wi-hed ; she told me to fill her place io be all that she hnd been lo you;' --nnd I he motlierless girl threw her arms about her father's neck and sobbed on In-, bosom io which he pressed her, while Ins tears rained over her bend, nnd a prnyer was swelling Ins heart a pruyer of thanksLMving. that when the blossom of his happiness wa- blasted, a bud was left in its place so full of purity and auu ricn promise. 'Bapn.'snid the voum? orohnn. rnisinn j her innocent face from the paturnnl boson)1, I 'do yon think miiinuiii can hear me now. j when I protni-ti lo obey her wishes as nenr as i can.' it seems to mo sometimes when I kneel lo say my prayers, ns if I could fe her breath on my forehead ns she whispers prayerini words into my heart then I close my eyes, and strange sweet thoughts seem rising and turning lo words, nil 1 can scarcely utter them for happiness and men more is such a still contented feelm comes over iiie--lither, nm I wicked, run I lorgctful, because 1 do not feel so sorry iiini poor mamma is dead nt such times? io, my sweet child, it is the lmlni winch dud himself administers to the bro ken bean hut for such merciful comfort nigs your lather too must have sunk to the grave. Bui sit down nod li-ton to Urnce you know nothing of the hfe are io lead in our new habitation II wn-' your sunned lumber's request thai you "iiiiiini ne removed from Hie city lo lb quiet of a country life, where you should become llie pupil of your father, and take upon you such charges as will servo lo ren oer you useiui in llie liuinUlo lot inv broken spirits and impoverished fortune has left to us. Crnce, enn you cheerfully tin. iieriauu mc nurUiiiips ot a hie so monoto nous ?' 1 enn, father," replied the gentlo child, raising tho meek eyes she had inherited from her lobt mother lo his faco, with the conthdenco of a pore heart untried in the struggles of life. Again eho was nrcssed to her parents bosom nnd agnin ho thanked Ood that so much hnppinesa was left to nun. l'Inrly the next morning, Mr. Snthgnto nnd Ins daughter sinrled on Ins journey lo me inierior. At rn ns; they lelt the pub. lie conveyniice nnd proceeded ui a hired cnaise. As ihey penuirated into the conn. try toward Woodstock, Ibe scenery, hith erio cultivated nnd uasiornl swelln.l irrndn ally into irregular hills, broken occnsmnnllv into hugu precipices, thrustiiiL' their rrrnnite crngs through their covering of underwood and lorest trees. As thuy proceeded spots i im ii ri.r qii ii grandeur oroko upon ihoir view ut every turn ol the road. Now our travelog were in thu depth of n valloy, and then n bleak precipice shot its cliffs over their heads ob they wound up the brow of a hill, while Ilia waters of a mountain lake lay sleeping beneath them, in thu dense shadow thrown by an unbroken rocky causeway frowning on the oppnsito shorn, surmounted by a rango of blasted trees, and appearing like n close (ilo of dusky giants, each brandishing his pear against tbo sky In ihei-o wild hills thu cross roads were riughaiid dangerous. More limn once Mr. Snthgnto and poor tiruce wero obliged lo louvn the chaise nnd pick their way through Hit) stones, chokinjj thu road, anil uoi tiiilroqut'iiny bounding down the steep, I loosened by the horsu, in Ins struggle for n sure foothold, n he toiled nn with the! empty chaise. The day wns waning when our travelers readied the oud ol their jour ney. For more Ihnn n mile their mini hnd run nl(mg the very summit o!' n hid, ex coi'dingly broken, yet (ouuunnding a line virwolibo country. Suddenly it swept back from nn eminence running parallel, t nod ibe rond turned shnrply down into n I geiher lb" gl.ibfcs from winch they bad litllo valley of some twenty ncres. Through eiv n lessons, to their child the mathe n chasm between the two hills n mountain I miucil iiihtruinei,ls, whose uses Ihey hnd stream dashed in n sheet of foam In the 1 siudied the ninin she had touched nil vallev. nnd wound in n considerable bodv through nn opening in the iiorili. .lust in the ci:rve of the bill stood a smnll, uenily furnished hou-e, with a meadow sprending Us green hnnini in front, nnd n small irnr den, hedged by rows of eurrrant bushes and cherry trees, huh ruddy with frnil, 'ireclnng lo n precipice nl the back. Mr. Siithgi'e c'.ieiKcil Ins horse nl the b'Miil of I he road, nnd poiufnglo the valley ns n lay, serene nnd beautilul, in Ibo bosom of the lulls, said. I'liore Grace is our farm look at it ilinu look nnd say if thu whole is not even mure bountiful than 1 have de scribed it.' (Jrace bent eagerly forward, nnd for oine moments remained breathlessly ga zing on the sublime scenery around her. Lessor declivities than the one on winch they stood, were swelling nway on either side like n succession of brouen waves, till their iindnlntions were lost in the difinni landscape, spreading nwny lo the horizon in n sea ol lorest trees. Oultivatetl larins occa-ionnlly broke the monotonous foliage il a lull side, or smiled in the valleys like spots of joy in the wnste of life: while bore nnd I here stnpenduous frnirmenis of rocks upreared their rilled heads Ironi the bosom of the wilderness like the battle ments of a darker world, their sides dashed sparingly, with stinted trees, dead pine- bristling no their naked sides, mid the green inonnrehs of the forest, crowding lo their tout ns if lo do them homage. The -un was nn Hie verge ol I lie horizon show- ring Us 'powdered gold' over n portion of the west, melting into purple twilight over llie still hosem of the forest. Regardless ot Iniigiic, the father and daughter sal gazing upon the sceuu, wrapped in monrn lul thoughts, winch so uniumlly stenl upon the mind when i he day is expiring. Nei. t her sopko, for both were thinking of her who had been the sun of their liu.'o world. Halloo there what's tlie difficulty,' in quired a lu-ly farmer, ruling up the hill with n bag ol newly ground iiienl I hi own acres his horse by way of saddle 'hallow docs your horse shy, or have you lost a linchpin ?' Mi ..!n hgaip lo.'k up his r. i ., ;.),. no- -wering lliiii iioiinng was the mailer, was proceeding down Ibe bill--but bis new trieiul soon came on n level with bun and drew up for n parley. 'Rather guess Iv'o seen tbnt'are horse o'yourn afore, bav'nt I .'--don't ho belong on Bans Hill?' Mr. Suthgato replied that it did. 'bortm on t the first intuit any news stirnn ." Mr. buthgatc replied Hint he knew of none. 'Belong on Paris Hill, ha?' 'No, io Boston.' 'Boston! why yon an't tbo man that's bought Mr. Doun's place down below here, are vou ' 'Yes, I havo purchased tho farm nt the fool of ibe bill.' vva:, now I tnougiit FO--glattlo cc you, Mr. Suthgnte--thnl's your nnme they toil me hope you'll ho neighborly I live in the black house you've jiiss past,' and the good hearted fellow reached over nnd shook Mr. Suihgiitn's hnnd, ns if he hnd been swingling flax for n wnger; then re. sinning Ins perpendicular on the inenl.bag, he C'liiliiiued. 'That's your daughter I s'pofie." Ye-, my only child. ' I've goi one just about her age I' send her over lo scrape acquaintance to morrow you'll hud inv indent girl wnitui" lor vou.' Grace smiled gently, nnd said she should ue happy In see Ins daughter. 'es 1 warrant you'll bo like two peas in n poo you'll tnni all your things in order. Mr. Suthgatewo went down nnd holned unload the goods night afore Inst they are nil put up just as y. in wrote if thorn's any iiiiug mure in no rn rule back with vou. ft r. hiuhgalu thanked turn ns his kuu). ncss deserved, but declined troubling bun. 'Wnl good night then if any thing's wauled you'll know where to send my name's Hiiunnn : then the kind farmer settled luin-olf on his meal bng, and ndmo nishuig his horso with his stirruplcssjroot, milieu toward Home, while his new neigh bors proceeded lo ihoir habitation. As Mr Hiiunaii had taught Ibein to ex pect, they found his daughter waiting their arrival, anil, after n slight supper, Grnco received her lather's kibs nnd went In her little chamber. Her heart swelled as she poiorcd it. The furniture was that of her bed chumher in Boston Ibo sainu wluto counterpane was on the bed and the night wind ciuno through the small open sashes laden with ibo brenlh of wild llowere, and played with Us invisible fingerH among the snowy toids ol the saino muslin curium that drnped her windows nt home. 'How very, very good it was in dear pnpn to think of brngmg all theso things here,' wore the grateful thoughts with which tho young girl sunk lo sleep. Mr. Suthgato had selected the occupa Hun of n farmer ns that in which he should olnso his life: but with his new stntmn ho still retained all tho refiiirjiiionte of his for mer one. His wns an intollect that never could becomo subservient to tho pro. pensilies; bonevolenco nnd true religion scuinud ii ruling passion of his nature, "nnd ho had sought thu quid of a country life, riiHiur from a ii incluiai ion to nmain lun ger in u pursuit, winch loo often debases all the fnnuliies of the snol join nn nccor dance with Mie one great pnrsion for gam, ban becnine In. follen forliiues Inn! ren dered it iilH'dtiirly necessary. He hnd triiu-ported lo his reniole farm such of his household gnod- ns wero most nssocinted with ibe memory of bis deceased wife. 'n,,, hbrnrv out of which thev hnd rend in were nlnoed in im liillo tiarlnr wliieh. wiih a kitchen, bed room, nnd jmrch, con si Hilled 111" lower part ol the house Su rah Ilinmnn, a gold nnturod girl, perfectly at home ui nil the bandies ol'houso wifery, remained several weeks with hor new neighbors, in o'der to instruct, the inex- pericnoPM ti'kce in li';r various (iiiMc. ; then the father nnd oaugh'or wero left to the quiet enjoyment of their home. Three years had pi-ed nwny and time hnd yiel ded its lit I n i lo the lienrta of the widower and orphan, yet had wroiion but little changu in the perfuii of Mr. Suthgate. II hisninplo forehead was nut quite so smooth and while, tho glow ot n contented spirit broke over it -.villi n compensa' ing lustre; and Ibo few additional lines about bis tumuli took Duth'rig from the lenovolcnco ol Ins smile, lln face was slightly snu burnt, mid Iik hands etnbrowmd with In hor; hut a rubust form, with hebils cheer ful nnd henlthv, hnd taken tilnci of Ins for mer pnb) and mi'Kiucholly expression of countennnce. and Ibe gentle drnce never thought ot the hnrdne-s of his 'la'id when it wns Inid in blessing on her heid. 1 he change thai hnd come over Grace Suthgato was henunful. She lad gained hut little in height, but her torin wns more grncefullv rounded, her hair mote abundant. nnd her clear white cheek dimpled sweetly when she smiled ; while her lips, like si ra wberriei', in brightness nm color, took a wny the nppoarniicy of i'i heoith, which her perfect whiteness might otherwise have convey d. Pure in n rson nnd more pure in mind was Grace Sulbgate; nnd it was bevi'ifo! lo see her, nUer performing the'jbor ot her little household, draw stool to her Cither's feet, even ns she hnd done when n child : nnd with her kmttin" work in her hnnd, nnd n book upon her knee, spend 'he long winter evening in nd ding to her slock of rnoutnl wealth; now und then laying down her work and leaning on her father's knee, with her sweet eyes raifon in ins, at ne explained n passago which hnd puzzled her. Kvery night since her mother s death thegond girl prayed Hint sho might he ennbled lo fulfil llie du ties that denth hnd imposed on her youth; I.."! cvc." nay fil. l.u'hgatr- foil irori strongly the benevolence of God in gran ting ti i i ii a child, so lovely and eo good, to cheer the solitude of his heart. She wns to him n companon, child and friend strengthening her intellect to meet his nnd drinking with nvidity the moral and scientific lessons hit loved to leach her. It wns scarcely possille for two persons lo be thrown more competely on ench other for happiness, yet lhe never Incki d resources Together they pinned their lilt lo garden wiih vegetables aid flowers, honeysuckles wore taught to trail over their parlor win dnw, red nnd while rose-bushes formed i little wilderness nbout the house, nnd n young apple orclnrd at the foot of the meadow, gave nc.i promise of fruit in nfier summers. Mr ilinmnn, who wa3 Ihoir nearest neighbor, lived i mile distant over tho bill; and abool ilireo miles from the nutlet of tho vnlloy wns n cluster of four or fivo houses, n grist nill and a store. A few months aftur tb'ir arrival in the vnlley Surah Ilinmnn hid been mnrried nnd hnd removed from tie neighborhood ; while Nnupy, llie younjer daughter, fully verified her father's preilclion, ol shewing her rosy Icicp nl Mr. Sinlgnie's at least twice each week. One mniuuig Nancy enmo running down the sleeo 'leyoud the house, with her liminel hanging by the strings nnd flying out behind, and her huge hazle eyes dan cing wnh duliglt. 'Grace Grnso Sulhgaie! where are yon?1 she exdaimed, running from one room toaunthoi till she found the object of her senrch in the jmrch, moulding and stamping delicate liillo cakes from n heap of golden butter lying in a tray boforo her, 'Oh, I'm so tned I'm so happy who dn vou think his come ?' 'I am sure I canimi tell, Nancy.' 'But guess guess.' 'Well, your sister and her husband. ' 'No, James, brother .Inmes nnd he has not been nt home before in six yenrs you can't think how handsome he is bis hair is nil combed up in tho tip of tho mode, and his C'ini reaches almost lo his heels, nnd shines just like satin ; nnd then ho has gut such a proud, peel kind of a way, just ns ' all tho genllo folks iiavo; I'm so glnd 1' could jump over the home,' nnd tho lint) py girl began to dauoo round thu room like n cruzy creature; then pulling her boiinut ovei her head sho darted nwny, saying, 'Well, I must go, for I can away, ju?t to toll you tbut James and I aco coming down here; he says he's fnilcd in business, and is going to Btuy at homo nil winter but I'll lull tho rest whan I come again, so bo ready for us, for bo inkes a great deal of not ico, I enn 'ell you.' Before sho had finished hor speech thu restless girl was half wny down tho mea dow, lenving Grnce to her own conjectures about tho tuno of the promised visit. Of James 11 iiiiiinn sho bad never heard, ex eunt when Nancy, with pardonnblo vanity. occasionally boasted of hor brother, tho merchant in Boston. In truth thorn was little known of his recent lifo. oven by his own fuinily. Ho nail loll homo in his nine toontn year, because his lather had ra- pronched hiui for idleness on tho farm. Nothing wiu licim) of linn until nearly ilireo years had jinsseil, when a letter came, staling that he occupied the siuation of a clerk in n drygood store, in Boston Ann. Ihcr yeor elap-ed and ihcu came n sconud, written in n bold, flourishing baud, ami nnnoiinciug Ibo fact that Mr. Himnaii's eon had becomo n merchant. There was n tone of consequential arro gance running through Mr. James Hut., man's epistle, by mi menus pnliitnblc to bis hone-t father. lie wrote patronizingly to the whole fninily: wns for removing hi unmarried sister to the city, that she might he accomplished; nnd hoped thnt lushilhcr would not think of visiting htm, without first providing himself with n new suit of broad cloth as he assured him thai his 'best coat' would he sndly out of fashion in Bos ton. Tins wns the iiukuidest cut of all. Mr. Ilinmnn could hear that his son should be idle nnd run nwny thnt ho should sel (loin wn omul never vis. I homo: hut when he presumed lo insinuate that In- blue coal wns not exnctlv ibo thing; the venerable garment Hint hnd performed duly on his wedding. dnv, nnd clothed Ins broad shoul- deis every snbhnlb, totny nothing of town meetings nnd inuster-days, for the Inst wcntv-livo yenrs when James Ilinmnn dnrcd to do tins, the father was convinced hat he wns utterly degenerate, and with a henvy heart bo prepared to nscertniii the fncts of Ins son's situation. Early one fine morning his hors'o wns brought to tho door, and an old pair of saddle bags thrown over his back, with one end siofi'ul with oats for the boast, nnd thu other equally filled with n box of baked beans, six doogli nuts and a lump of cheese for the man. Mr. Hinmai! shook hands with Iih wile and dnnghter, tried the stirrup with Ills" foot ind raised lunielf cnu'iriusly to his sent on I he cnddle-bngs : then Inking n bundle from his wife, which contained the nforesnid wedding cunt, with other things to match, be swung it on Ins arm; and with net her limbs snugly cushioned against the onis nnd dough n u is. started on a sober trot for Boston. The events of Ilinman's journey were never mndo public; but it was observed that he never boasted of bis son after Ins ret urn, and that he hateiLxvery thing in t lie shape of a dandy. Wsi tiic hopeful vouth returned home, and announced his intention of remaining there for on indefi into space of time, giving for a reason that Ins business had been ruined nnd his pro perty lost by the villany of n partner. Mr. Ilinmnn answered bluntly, that he was wel come to stny at homo so long ns ho behaved himself but as for the Btory about the loss ot property be did not believe a word ot it in as much as .Tun had never been worth n dollar in Ins life, nor never was like to be unless he changed his ways I. i.unriy cvf-ouig, oo the earn", day that Nancy Iliumati hnd announced her brother's arrival, when she cnlled with him lo pay their promised visit. During their walk the young gentleman edified Ins sister with nn account of some dozen of tho most fashionable Indies in Boston, who had cvin ced unequivocal symptoms of nitachmuni to him, but to none of whom hnd he deigned to give the least encourngement. The innocent Nancy, fully impressed with her brother V importance, begin to tremble for her friend, who she was certain must be como the thirteenth victim to the iiivinci ble nttrnc'inns which had alreidy dono so much execution. But. to her surprise Grnco ivih by no means so comp'i tey cap United as hc anticipated. She had si. too many of tho really high bred during h. mother's- life time, not to feel an instinctiv repugnance lo tho second hand airs and underbred pretensions which chnrncicr'zed James Ilinmnn; and from the period of hi first visit tbo sweet girl experienced n feel ing of dislike while m bis company, which she condemned ns uncharitable, yet could not entirely overcome. Not so with the gentleman ; whatever bad been bis cruelty lo the city Indies, he seemed by no means inclined to practice any in bis intercourse with Ibo beautiful country girl. He bnun ted her like her shadow, broke in upon her walks, obtruded upon her during her mom ing avocations, and entirely broke up the pleasant ovonings she had delighted lo spend wiih her fnthor. These intrusions but served to confirm Grnco in her dislike, nnd io render his society nu evil which she struggled to bear patiently. One morning in tho cnrly part of June, about n month afmr young Hiumnii's urn vnl, ho cnlled nt Mr. Suthgnle's with nu oflering of flowers, ns ill assorted ns his chnracter. Grace accepted them, and saw linn depart, with the earnest hope that Ins, visit would not oo reivnted that day, A pleasant shower came up in tho afternoon, which confined Mr. Suthgnte to tho house. Before tho tea things were removed from tho pnrlor, tho rnm had abnted. Grace drew her father's sent lo ono of the front windows and opened tho sash, that bo might enjoy tho delicious nir, ns it enmo up Irum its covelry among ibo wild flowers. Tboir little farm would have made a beau liful picture, as it lay outspread before tbcin. Tho meadow, with its springing gross, sloped gently from the door, gemmed all nvor with rniu drops nud with u profu sion of dnndolions, that hnd unfolded their golden crowns at the first pattering mini mniis of tho shower. The river's brink was blue with violets, mid (lit! opposite bill towered against the sky, clothed in tho pale green foliugo of Spring, broken by tho snowy blossoms of tbo hawthorn, or t lie crimson buds of the wlntc-ouk, ns they blushed into life. Tho swollen wntcrfal foamod onward to its outlet, nnd a dozen mountain streams, children of thu storm, inado bold music as they loft ihoir caverns, tossing thuir sprny, scattering foam like snow-flakes on the green moss, and dashing from cllll'to clifl'down (he faco of tho hill. A rainbow Dung its brilliant urch from cast lo west, just over tho water full, and tho black clouds, rolling in solemn grandeur to tho horizon, mulled away into fleecy billows, ns tho sun poured its light upon them. 'Oh, how she would bave enjoyed this,' muttered. Mr. Sulbgate, drawing his hand across Ins wut eyes. Grace threw her arms around his neck nnd whispered, in n voice that was ihrtl- bngiy sweol, when she deeply felt 'Yes, father, but how much greater must her en- - joymoiit be in the brighter scenes to which she is gone; or bow do we know that hor pure spun may not be here, communing with ours even now ?' I hnve often tho't tich tilings, when I have been wakeful in the still night.' Mr. Suthgnte mnde no answer ; Ins heart wns busy with tho pnst, and bo abruptly left the room. When he returned. James I Imrnun wns sented by bis dnupbtor, and seemed waiting her reply to something ho had been snving. Ills look was anxious rod b:s manner impatient, while she seem. d lost in astonishment and something very like anger; her cheeks were flushed, her pyes opened wide, nnd her hps slightly iviiled. like the unfolding ot a rose bud. Hinmnii started from Ins chair, ns Mr. Suihgnte entered, and begnn to wnlk tho room impatiently. Just then a knocking was heard nt the door . As Mr. Sulbgate left the room nl the summons, Hinman has tily approached Grace and said I will call again lo-murrow, and then I shall hop.! lo receive the answer your flat tering embarrassment has deprived me of. Grncc wns about to speak, but thnt mo ment her father returned, followed by a voung gentleman, whoso features struck Grace ns familiar, yet whom sho could not uistnntlv recognize. The stranger lifted Ins lint from the mass of brown hair, brush- d up from his broud forehead, in the fash ion of the day. nnd, with his hand extended, advanced eagerly townrdhcr. Grnco gave him her hand irresolutely, and looked in quiringly into Ins fncu. What! have vou lorgotten me?' ex. clnimed he, evidently mortified with his reception. 'My daughter can scarcely be expected to detcci her old playfellow in the man bo fure her,' said Mr. Suthgaic, smiling, net he glanced at the manly face nnd finely proportioned form of thestrnnger; 'Grace it is your cousin Henry B nir.' Tho young man had Ins cyes fixed admi ringly on bis cousin, as her father spoke. Instantly her features lighted up with a beautiful expression of joy ; and her hand, which was still in his, warmly returned, his claFp. 'I never should hnve recognized you,' she said, 'you nro so much tailor, and your eyes ' she hesitated and blushed deeply, for the bright blue orbs of which sho spoke, met her's with such nn expression of plea puru. that somehow they confused her. 'My eyf8,' said be. laughing, so as to dis play the edges of a 6et of teeth, even and exquisitely white "My eyes must bo sad bunglers, if they do not say that this is the happiest moment I have known since 1 used to torment you with my pranks. But I am come to live my childhood over again if you dnre venture to give mo a homo fi r a few week.' Grncc smiled, nnd her father expressed his pleasure. As Blair turned to place his baton n table, his eyes fell on James Hin man. Instantly Ins features underwent o change ; nnd, with a cold haughty air of recognition, he passed on, wit hunt appear ing to observe the hnnd which tbo other, chough with evident const ram', had oxten d 'd. Huiinan dropped his hand, tho blood gushed over bis faco, the veins on his fore licad swelled wo h suppressed rage, and a dusky glow broke from his eyes; yet he did not for a moment lose the affected softness of his manner; ho lingered awhile in the room, and then departed, without addressing Blair. 'You have met thnt young man bofore, it would seem,1 observed Mr. Sutlignte, as Hinman left the room. 'Yes,' replied Blnir, 'but I certainly did not oxpeel to meet film in thu houso of my mother's brother. 'His fnthor is our nenrcst and best neigh, hor; but do you know might of hit char acter, which should prevent us from recet. ving him as n visitor !' 'Nothing from personal observation, but, ho is said to have swindled his partner out of a considerable amount, and his charac; ter is generally suspicious.' 1 feared ns much,' said Mr. Sutlignto, thoughtfully. 'Yet for his father's sake., wo cannot chnono our conduct with regatd to him ; but take n seat, Harry, and tell us how you happened to drop in upon us so suddenly.' Indeed,- can hardly inform you, uncle. I bad finished my studies, nud you being my nea rose relative, now that my parents aro gone, I took it into my head to visit your little farm, and talk over old times wild my sweut cousin here and now, with your pcrmissiqn, I will parluko of the cold chicken she has provided so expeditiously ;' and, without further ceremony, ho sealed himself by tho tray of refreshments, which Grace hnd just brought in, and to which, it must be admitted, ho did nil reasonable justice. In the afternoon of tho third day aficr Harry Bbur's arrival, Graco went to tho fool of the nearest lull to gather flowers for hor parlor. After collecting a quantity of violets from u grossy knoll, eho was attracted by a wild cherry-treo a little farther up tho steep. Sho clambered to it, ond wns breaking ofl'somo snowy blossoms, ivbcii a stone came rolling down tho lull, nnd lodged in u bush close by her side. Starllud from her employment, Urnce looked up, nnd saw James Ilinnianetatidni" just nbovo her. Ho sprang to lior side. nnd in Ins smooth, s'.lky manner, apologized for not having called, as he had promised, to receive her answer to lna proposals. Grace, nt first, felt Boniothing like alarm al lua tudden nppcnrnncQ; but, collecting Sue fourth Page

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