Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 19, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 19, 1839 Page 3
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Governor of Upper Canada, a writ of Ha beas Corpus has been issued by a Judgo of that Stair, and that I ho constitutional pow er of I lie Executive it now undergoing dis cussion tlicro. Unwilling in any instance to Rgeumo doubtful power, and especially in onsen so important, to the security of our citizens and to the harmony of our foreign relations, I have concluded I tin t it ia inex pedient lo deliver cittzena of this State upon the demond of llio Government of foreign States, until tho Constitutional power of the Executive Department of iho Stale Government is mure clearly defined and established. Having arrived nt tin conclusion, it follow that I cannot demand from other States the surrender of fugitives from this State. While the view I have presented as sumes that the constitutional power mid responsibility rotating to this subject ret with the General Government. I apprehend from n passsngo in your communication that you are in error, :n supposing that there is any provision by a statute of this State authorizing the Governor lo make requUitions uoon the Governments of fur ign countries for the delivery of persons who have committed crimes in this Stale. I am fully sensible of thu inconvenience resulting from the want of suitable regula tions for the exercise of this important na tional power, mid I shall deem it my duty in a respectful manner, to bring the subject 10 the comuloratioii of the President ol the United Stales. I am very respectfully, Your obedient servant, Wm. H. SEWARD. Panama Canal. At the last session of Conrrrefs. Mr. Mercer, from the Commit tee no Roads and CannU, made a report in the House of Representatives, on the sub ject of an improved communication between the Atlantic nnd Pacific oceans, nt the isthmus of Panama, which closed with the following rcsolunou : "Retolvcd, That the President of the United States be requested lo consider the expediency of opening or continuing tie- collations wilh tin? Governments of oilier nations, ond particularly with those the territorial lurisdictinii ol which couipre bond the ihihmiM of Pnnnrna. and to which the United Stales have, accredited minis tors or agents, for the purposeof ascertain ini' the practicability of effecting ncomniii. location between the Atlantis nnd Pacific oceans, by the construction of n ship cannl ncropi the isthmus; and ofsccuring forever, by suitable treaty stipulations, the free and fnnal rii'ht of navigating such canal to all nations, on tho payment of reasonable lolls " Thu report, in hinted in I lie Nnlumn I tit rrr. (icer of tins morning, was t n I n up by the Ilmi-e. so nun us innile. noil I In resolution nb'ive. adopted without n divi-ion So far. therefore. Ihe House of Repreeo talives has exhibited a disposition deciedly favorable lo Ihe construction of a ship conal al Iu no inn . if such a work shall li found prnciicab'e. Doubtless it will b fi mid "practicable" for what is not so to ihe means nod enierprtze of the tune leenlli century ? And donbi less, n cntuil across the Mhmus, nod affording a short cut, lo the commerce of the world, between the I wo grcBl ocetios, i one of tethings to be done, wiiliiu the next t weniy years. From Spain. By on arrival from Ha vona, a report reaches us that a great bat tie has been fought in Spain, in which both the generals, Espartero and Maroto, were killed. This intelligence is said to have been brought by a brig from Cadiz, which soiled about the 17ili of June. Shipwreck and sixteen lives mist. Tho ship Aid de Comp, from Londonderry, bound to St. Johns. N. B with three tin i) dred and five emigrants on boord, was wrecked on Briar's Island on tho IQtli ult. Sixteen emigrants were drowned, of whom three were men, and the remainder women and children The survivors arrived at Halifax on the 24th, in a wretchedly desti tute situation, having lost their all in the wreck, somo of them being half naked Measures were immediately taken for their relief, and many of them obtained employ ment at Halifax. Patriotism. The Loco Foco Common Council of the city of New York, nppro prtated 2.000 to give Martin Van Boren a dinner, and refused the cu-tomnrv appro priations to do ihe same by the soldiers of the Revolution. The little Dutch ilonia. gngue is n Demoornl, and the soldiers of the Revolutian, are federalists. 1 hat is a beauty. Conntnul (O 1 Gaz. M A It It I Ii D At Slalf n Island on the 10th insl. by ihe Rev. J Brownlee, I'HILO Doolittle, Epo, of ibis place, to Eliza, daughter of Nevvion llayei Eeo., of New York rily. In ibis town on th 15di insl. by Rev, John Has lam, Mr. Joseph Cook, to Mm Sakaii To us LEV. BLANK BOOKS. 041 QUIRES of Blank work, books, containing from one to eix Quires each. Persons wishing lo buy, to sell again, will find it to thoir advantage to call at the Book Bindery, on Colleie eUeet, whero they will find said Books for ale low at wholesale or retail bv S. HUNTINGTON. Burlington, July 17, Iii39. AQ Reams Cap and Letter paper, diflfor en l qualities, ruled and plain. 150 Uoiiles of Black and Blue fluid and Ink, for sale nt Book Bindery by SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. College Street, J P "l1 1 ".ft'!!"- Ji)y 10 1030 GERMAN WI1VES. HOCHUHIMER and Niersteinur Brands, Viniago of 31 and 4, a few cases just ree'd by LATiinop &, Potwin. F RESII. AND IN GLASS CASES, by ''r UATHROP 61 I'QTWIN. BUNCH RAISINS. QAJ Boxes fresh, and for sale by tho box U .1 lha Imuoct nn... July 19, LATUROP & POTWIM, D I K I) In Charlotte, on tlio Gili InM. Polly Ann, Daugh ter of Ammi P. nnd Aurclm II. Cl.irk, nzeil two jimis, two uionllir, nntl fourteen d;ijs. In ibis town, on llio I2ili Intl., Mr. Dwioiit Dkan, iiijed 70 ears. Mr. Dean had been lor some lime confined in tlio Itoitso by ill health, but Itnil to fur recovered ns to take a little exerciae in his carriage. On Tuejd.iy previous lo hi death, hs lie was turning llio corner nesr Mr, Weavei's, al llin falls, lin vvnn thrown fium his vehicle, nod so severely injured n lo rcull filially on the Friday following. Mr. Dean wits one of the fiiit seillers of l lie liiivn. It we lecollecl rijjhl lie Iihs told os dial moot of ihe land on winch the slnnds, was no unbroken fnresl when he Incited himself on what he with some propriety sljlcil the (l.uden of Eden. Ity a life of industry it nil economy he aecumulateil n biiiij little properly, which, we Hie happy to ndil, will fall into ery worthy h,iniU. On Snnd.iv. the 231 Inn.. Mm. Caholink II., connoriof Gen. C. 0. Waller of this city, itsjed -13 jears. Il is nol probable that the mrek nud retinue spirit of whose dccene we deplotc, would have cniiseiiled lo ihe appearance, in the columns of n public, niii mil tcelor tier virtues. Uitstom, however, has iirroduced u praciirc,, though often iinpinpprly npplied, is tichll. It is well for llio living lo lie piesenied with Intel outlines ol die characters of the vriipritted dead. Fliere was combined in the character of Mrs. W. many of Ihe attributes uhich challenge the respect, love, mill admiration ol those who Into inc Happi ness lo know her. Of lhee aurihuifs, foreskin, ihscrimiiiiilion, prudence nnd firinnegj were con spicuous. I lie cncnmsiaiices tinner uiiicn nm lived nml died were strikingly peculiar. She has buried two husbands, and has herself been bu ried bv l lie third himself having buried three wives, Few mothers have fell the weight of audi respoti'ibihlies, anil by few have lliev been ills dunged, with so much wisdom nud fidelity. Her lite wax thai of lite Idtristiiin her cleain iriumpn. ant for the iruslPil in ihe Clod ol Isreal. Ohio City Tram, and Far. Ileg. SYRUPS. pine apple. LEMON RASPBERRY Sf SARSAPARILLA. by Latiiiiop & PoTWIN. July 19 SUMMER STOCKS, July 19. A few of the new style Summer Stocks, very comfortable in a warm Day, just ree'd at the Variety Store. Pa.ngiioiin & Brinsmaid. Ormgcs, Lemons, Pino apples, &c. &.c. bv Latiiiiop & Potwin. Milton Lincoln's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) niSTIUCT OF CHITTENDEN. SS. AT a Probate Court holdcn at Burlington, within and for the District aforesaid on thu 12th day of July A. D. 1839, an lntru tnent purporting lo ho tho la-t Will nnd Tes inmuiit of Milion Lincoln, lato of Milton, in said district deceased, was presented to tho Coort hern for Probate, by Nathan Lincoln, Jr., tho Executor, therein named. TjiEtir.FuttE it is ordered by said Court, that public notice be given to all persons con corned I herein to appear beforo said Court, at a session thereof lo beholden at tho Register's oflico in Hurlington, on tho second Wednes day of August, A. D. 11139. and contest the probalo of'said Will, and it is further ordered that Ibis older be publii-hcd three weeks suc cessively in the Freo Press a newspaper prin ted at Burlington, in this State, tho last of which shall be previous lo llio day assigned, as aforesaid for hearing. Given under my hand at tho Register's Offico.tlns 12lli day of July A. I). 1039. Wm. WESTON, Register. Diseases of the Lungs. Decidedly tho most popular remedy ever known in America. IT ECJETABLE PULTvIONA- W RY BATjSAIVT is tho most valua bio remedy now in uso forcoui'lis, colds, aslli ma or phthisic, consumption, whooping cough and pulmonary affections of ovcry kind. Its sale is steadily increasing, and the proprietors aro constantly receiving tho most lavorable account of its effects. Tho following now certihcales are offered tor public examination AN INTERESTING CASE. Extract of a leltor from .Mr. C. S. Clay, King. ston, Ulster co, N. Y., lo the proprietors, Yours of the 9th inst. was duly received. A rcmarkablo euro was effected by tho Vegctablo Pulmonary Balsam in the winter and spring of 1835. Tho person, Mr. Moody, had been sick a long lime with tho consumption. His pnystctans had given In in up. He was redu ced no low as to be unahlo lo holp himself, and was ratsmg a largo quantity orhlond when ho commenced using tho ll.iUain. which haseflVc. ted a complete cure, and ho is now us halo and hearty as ever he was. Mr. Moodv has ro moved from this town, bul he has promised inn a mcro detailed account of his cai-o, which 1 will forward you. C. S. CLAY. Kingston, N. Y. Juno 25, 183a. Extract of a letter from Dr. Jacob Myors. Tho Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam has been sold In this county for two years, and tho medicine lias framed un uncommon celebrity for it scaicoly in one inntauco failed of having the desirod effect. I am by no means in favor ol llio many nostrums, most oi which aro un positions upon a credulous public, hut thai which I know by uso to bo effectual, 1 cannot bul help lmvo my approbation thereto. counterfeit preparation has been offcied hcio by a t ravellinir A"mil, or Comslock. N. Y undlhero is another arliclo vended hero that is strongly suspected to be spurious, JACOB MYERS, M. D Mifilingtnn, Juniata eo. Ponn. May 3, 1837, From Dr. Samuel Morroll, to the Proprietors ol tho Vdi'ctalilo folmonary llalsam. I am satisfied that tho Vegctablo Pulmona ry Balsam is a valuablo medicine. It has been used in this placo with complete success in an obstinate complaint of tho lungs, alton ued with a sevcro cou"h, lessor voico, and th raising of much blood, which had proviously resisted many approved prescriptions. After using tho Ualbarn ono week, tho patienl'i voicu returned and he was able to speak audi bly. This cspo occurred somo timo since, and Ihu man is now engagod not only in active ma lauonous business, llcspcctlullv, &c. S. MORREl-L. It is now moro than six yoars sinco I was brougm vory low uy an affection ol tho lungs and my complaint was declared lo boincura bio by a council of three physicians, I was thou restored to as good fioulth as I had en joyed lor many yoars, by using tlio Vouetabl Pulmonary Balsam. Sinco my recovory I h&vo rccommepdod iho Balsam in a groitma nycasos of lung complaints, and so far as I nan learn, Us use has invariably bean followed by much benefit, and in many imtancos it has effected euro which wcro wholly unexpected SAMUEL EVERETT. Boston, March 3, 1837. For sale, wholesaloand retail, by J,ii J. II ftUK (V to,, uuMington, VI, FAMILY GROCERIES and PROVISIONS. jV. J. MOREHOUSE At the Norlh'Casl Comer Court Home Square, Basement Story pJ Strong's liaddimt. OFFERS for snle, nt retoil, unrt tnent of excellent family Groceries nnd Ptovlions, Consisting of TE IS M US CO VA DO t LOAF SUGARS, JAVA COFFEE. P0RT01UCO MOLASSES, PORK, FLOUR, MEAL 8- VINE GAR. CLOVES, MACE AND CASSIA, PEPER. SPfCEaml GINGER, LONDON MIXED PICKLES, PEPER SAUCE. PRESERVED GINGER. FINE. TABLE and WESTERN SALT. POLAND STARCH, FIG BLUE SALERATUS. LAMP OIL and WICKING,' SOAP AND CANDLES. CROCKERY St GLASSWARE. BROOMS, BRUSHES and BLACK ING. Also. Stewart's Celebrated Steam ro. fined Candy. Hurlington, July 12. 1039. HURLBUT, Thursday morning, July II, 11139. B Y dnily arrivals, hnvo recently rc. ceived, and nre ottering for sale, at Wholesale and Retail, more, belter and henper Goods than can be found in any turu in Cnittenden County, ourselves being judges.) As Mr, btacy's Free Press is too small to insert even the dt'toils of such an exien. sive assortment, and we linve such constant snles of goods we ennnot find tunc to write advertisements, make country excursions, or even to gratify ourselves by a Steam Boat trip with the Ladies. In addition to our stock, aro 30 pieces English, Scotch and American Carpeting. 8 pieces Rinh. ond Damask do Oil Cloths for floors. &c. 30 pieces Mouseline da Lane, Tout dc Lnne, &c. English, French ond American Prints, Silks of every variety, Farwell's Boots and Shoes a constant supply. but to attempt, on enumeration of our stock would be useless. We say lo purchasers cull and examine for yourselves no char ges for showing goods. We sell for cash. 3000 lbs of Good sweet yellow Butter wanted. N Lmvkly & Co. LOOKIiNG-U LASSES Willi mahogany and Gill frames for sale Chcai) al July 5. LATiinnr& Potwin's. M MEDIATELY two nnotl Journeyman CURRIERS, lo whom good wiihi in Cash, will be paid. E. C LOOMIS. P.-iirl Slrcnt. Jnjv 12 1839. For Faculty of Selling Goods Cheap. HOWARD'S is tho placo lo buy mods un intrluku about it, a sure guar anty of it is that he is Taxed for Ins faculty of doing business higher by hundreds ul dollars than any other man in the state, of the same profession, and more singular still he is assessed just twico as high as his neighbors ? Now how is it, thu gentleman listers were judiciously chosen to act ac cording to their best judgment and proba bly have done so thoir doings for persons abroad is a good advertisement for the store home customers buy of Howard, anil talk and tell of il to iheir friends who waul goods, or to know and sco where the busi ness is done which is a recomrnenilHtion to Howard's Cheap Cash Store what I hen is left for Howard to do? 'lis sometimes said that men do not know themse'ves com. paratively, and are not always conscious of their own faculties relatively, before being tested; it may be so with bun. when he lost 75 per cent ill-count on his 4150 Wind. sor money, every body said lie would innko money bv it. nntl so h; did. When he was inxi.'il 400 for his faculty of sellinrr Gond-s in 1838 they nil said he would sell enough more pretty, new and cheap Goods lo tlie Ladies of Vermoni lotnukc it all up a niJ more too, unci it was just as they said. Tho Listers say there is no getting at Howard's business, he does so much that the law not big enough, a new one mint bo passed in tho House in the side of Ihe Mountain to roach such extravagant mo nopolies, 'In too much to have so many GouiIh sold by one man and ho to sell ail the Brandreth Pills '.on that are sold In Uurltngioii, it leaves no chance for Pedlars or Doctors. "One of Iho pood substantial appraisers said il was enormous to see how many goods that Howard sells; why, they come from all parts to trade Willi htm, anil somehow ho ulwnys liked lo trade there himself, for he always wont nfT so well nleascd that he got well paid for buying of Howard, and that tin noticed that Hie trade was all Iho timo increasing!" Well now such being tho stories and tho result cor responding, Howard himself is of the opinion of many people that tho business ol selling goods in Burlington is preliv good, and as so many are engaged in raising his t o c ii Ii y up he ought lo endeavor to equal their expectations in selling an in creased quantity of goods which tho store is now supplied with and tho signal Flan up and flying to denote the place with thu motto HOWARD'S C&SH STORE. Burlington. July 12 1839. STRAY HORSE. BROKE LOOSE from Russell'a shed, in Burlington un the nflernoun of tho 4th inst. a dark bay MARE, with a star in the forehead and the off hind fool white, five or six years old. Tho nerBon who will return her to Ihe subscriber or givo infomalion whern ehn may bo found shall bu liberally compensated. LAWRENCE BLISS Ilmetburgh, July 6, 1839. J A )1 t S M ITCH K I. U Comer of Church f College-streets. Burlington, Junk. ll!39. LYMAN CUMMINGS, ATTORNEY AT X.AW fic SOLICITOIt IN CHANCERY, Oi'ce south weU corner, sernnd Jlvir of airong s uwtUing, on Lourt House Square. BURLINGTON. VT. STATE OF VERMONT, ) DbTHICT OV CrilTTKMUKN, SI. ( AT a Probalo Courl holdcn al Burlington within nnd for thu District aforesaid on tho '20th day of June, A. D. 11139, an Instru ment purporting to bo the Insl Will and Tes lament of Paul Ilabcock, lato of Jericho, in said District deceased, was presented to the Court hero for Probate, by Horace Babcock. Therefore it is ordered by said Court, that public notice bo given to all persons concern cd therein to appear boforo said Courl, al a session thereof to bo holden at tho Register's office in said Hurlington on tho second Wed nesday of August, A. D. 1839, and contest llio probalo of said Will, and it is further or dnicd I Ii at this order bo published llirco weeks successively ii tho Free Press a newspaper printed al fjutllngton, in this State, tho last of which shall bo previous to tho day arsign cd. as aforesaid for hearing. Given under my hand at tho Register's Office, thi!20tli day ofJuno. A. I). 1839. Wm. WESTON. Register. QHfj Hbls. Western Sail just received and tFW for sale by IIickok & Catlin Julys, Tho subscriber has been receiv ing for thu last two weeks, the largest ond best selected nssorimrnt of HARDWARE, SADDLERY COACH WARE, Stm mill, Crois cut, and Circular SAXVS Stove anil Fire place HOLLOW WARE, Wagon. Carl and Pipe BOXES: GUNS, J'orh-cl anil table CUTLERY, Plated. German Silver. & Brittnnia Ware, CA BINET TRIMMINGS, LOOKING GLASSES, LOOKING GLASS PLATE, ,-c. $-c. He litis ever beforo ottered to the public, all of which he will bo noppy to dispose of at wholesale and retail on the best terms for cash or short credit. Robert Moodv. Burlingtcn, June 25, 1839. CONGRESS WATER A FifrESH SUPPLY BY J"1"' 2B. Latiitiop & PoTWIN. GRINDSTONES &PLASTER. AL ircfs assort muni of Wntur and Hand Grindstones, nnd Plaster in any quan tity, cunsinntly no hand and for sah by Soule, Whitney & Co., 4, South st. New York, ond by Ihe subscribers at No. 7, L Wharf, Boston. SPRAGUE, SOULE & Co. Jnnn 17. j g m FROM OGUENSUURcfll TO bTFfaLcTTn 00-30 IIOUKSrjTj LAKE OIffTARZO..-1839. STKA M -U OAT JOHN EVANS, Ksa. Cosimander. THIS splendid new Boat of 4.0 tovp burthen, propclh'd by two povvuiiul low pressure cnu'incs, will inako two trips run ki'.k through I Inlto from nniiENsnuiicn to lewistown, stealing up and down at tho in termediate ports, as follows : UPWARDS Leaves Ogdrneburgh, Mnndjy and 'I liiirrdjy niglits do. Jvlori miuii, do. do, dn. Alexandria Ray, do, do, do do. IVnch Crerk, Tuci-d.iy & Frid.iv innrniiics do, SrickeiV ll.ubur, do do. sit 12 iiiiun, dn, O-wego, do do. at o ii. in. arriving at l.i'wMlnn no Wednesday mid Saturday morning! in lime fn i lit innrtiina Cars fur Uuflalu. UUW i vVAIill.-j, Leaves Lcvvi'ton, Wedne-day & .Saiind.iy nt 5 p m do. IMvegu, I ImuhI.iv ami amiilay at b a in do. S.ickei's do at 10 a.m. dn Firnrli Cicek, do. du al 1 p. in. do Alexandria llav anil Morrislovvn, iiftprnoon, arriving al Odendbuigh un Hunday mid Tliuisday evening. OO-I'assengen Ity tin Bunt can rcarh N. Yoik or Montreal on die evening of (he tecum! day from Levvigton. The Si. Lawrence li.w eleven larae anil comino- diouw Slate Rooms independent of hi cabin, in whirl) genllemcn wilh their families can be comfort ably nrroniinodated, I'lie great piped ofiliisi brial with her excellent arroiiiiiiiiilatioiij, ciiiiimihI io die care of one cl'ilie iim-t experienreil and skilful navigatnro, will cii-nre the travelling public not only a pleananl Inn a more expeditious parage ilini hiilieiio knoun on i lie Lakes. ugaensburgh, June lu, lbJU. NEW-HAM PS III R E MEDICAL INSTITUTION THU ANNUAL LECTURES in ibis Institution will commence on Thurs day, Aug, fill), and continue fourteen weeks. from four to six Lectures daily. Fees for the course, -1J50 Griiduatin!! Expenses, 10. -'I'lie fees must be paid ut the commencement of the courso, or notes given with satisfactory security. The Anatomical iJieum is furnished with the most valuablo preparations, nnd ihu Library and Apparatus tiro extensive. All operations before the Medical Clus nru porformed uu.vm. Private Medical Instruction is given throughout the year by iho Resident Professors. Materia Mcdica, Obstetrics, and Diseases of Women and Children, by J, nKI.AMATEIt, M. 1). Medical Botany and Medical Jurisprudence. by 8. W, WILLIAMS, M. W. Surgery and Surgical Anatomy, bv OKOSI1V. M, I). Theory and Practice of Pbyeic, nnd Palho logical Anatomy, by K. It AHTLETT, M. 11. Chemistry and Pharmacy, by o. i, nunuAni), m. n. Anatomy end Pliysiology, by o. w, HOLMES, M. Pi By order of thn Faculty, O. P. HUBBARD, titer Hary. Jlanoier, June 17, lfj'JO. UNEXAMPLED MAMMOTH SCHEME. fflllE following detailx of n Scheme ol a JL Lotlcii,U ho drawn in tJcrcinliei nel, warrants us in declaring it lo bu UNIM It AL LKLIjD in the history of Lotteries. Prizks to tho amount have never before been offered lo tho public. It is true, I lions aro many blanks, hut on tho other hand, tho extremely low clrargo of 20 per Ticket tho value and number af iho capitals, nnd tho revival of tho L'nod old custom of wakrantinq that bvekv I'niZE shall de Drawn and Sold, will, we aro sure, givo univcisal satisfaction, and es. pecially to iho Six Hundred Prise Holders. To thoso disposed to adventure, wo iecon mend early application being mado to us for tickets when the Prizes aro all sold, blanks only remain the first buyers have tho best chance. Wo. therefore, emphatically say DELAY NOT! bul at once remit and lianinul to us your orders, which shall always receive our immediate attention. Letters lo bo ad dressed, and application mado lo SYI.VKSTKIt & CO., 150 Uroadway, Arm York. ftjfObserve the number, 150. $700,000 ! ! ! $500,000!! $25,000!! G prizes of $20,000!! 2 prizes of $15,000!! 3 prizes of $10,000 ! GRAND HEAL ESTATE & HANK STOCK LOTTERY OP PROPERTY SITUATE IN N. ORLEANS. 0J7te F iihesl and most Magnificent St fume ever preseiilcd lo the public, in this or any other Country. TICKETS ONLY $20. Authorized by an act of the Legislative As. scmbly of Florida , and under llio diicclions of the commissioners, nctinir under the mmo To be drawn al Jacksonville, Flor. Dec. 1. Iti39 SCHMIDT & HAMILTON, Managers, SYLVESTER & Co., 150 Broadway, New i ork. bole Agents. NO OOMBIXATIOiV'NUMBERS ! !! 100,000 Tickets, from No. 1 upwards in sue cossion. The Deeds of tho properly and the stock transferred in trust to tho commissioners ap pointed by tho said act of tho lcgislaloro of Florida, for ihe security of the prize-holders. SPLENDID SCHEME ! 1 1 Prize The Arcade 280 feci, 5 inches, 4 lines, on Mairnzino st.; 101 feet, II inches, on Natchez st.; 126 feet, 6 inches, on Gravier st. Rented at about $37,000 per aim. Dollars. valued at 700,000 1 Prize. City Hotel 162 foet on Common street: 146 feet, 6 inches, on Carno si. Rented at $25,000 valued at 500,000 1 Prize dwelling IIouso (adjoining tho Arcade) No. 16, 24 feet, 7 inch es front on Natchez street, rented nt $1200 valued at 20,000 1 Prize do (adjoining tho Arcade) No. It!, 23 feet front on Natchez st. rented at $1200 valued at 20,000 1 Prize do. (adjoining tho Arcade) No. 20, 23 feet front on Natchez st, rented at $1200 valued nt 20,000 1 Prize do. No 23, North cast corner of Basin and Custom house streets 40 feet front on Basin, nnd 40 feet on Franklin street, by 127 feet deep in Custom Mouso strcot, rented at $1500 valued at 20,000 1 Prize do No. 24, South wost cor ner of Basin and Custom-house sts 32 feet, 7 inches on Basin, 32 feet, 7 inches" on Franklin, 127 feet, 10$ inches deep in front of Custom houso street rented at $1500 valued at 20,000 I Prize do. No. 339, 24 feet. P. inches on Royal street, bj 12" feet. 11 inches deep rented at $1000 valued at 15,000 1 Prize 250 shares canal bank stock $100 each 25,000 I do 200 do commercial do do 20,000 1 do 150 do Mechanics' & Traders' do do 15,000 1 do 100 do Citv Bank do do 10.001) I do 100 do do do do 10,000 I do 100 do do do do 10,01)0 1 do 50 do Exchango Bank do do 5.000 1 do 50 do do do do 5,000 1 do 25 do Gas light Bank do do 2.500 1 do 25 do do do do do 2,500 1 do 15 do Mechanics' and Traders' do do 1,500 1 do 15 do do do do 1,500 20 do each 10 shares of tho Lntisiana slate Rank, $100 each, each prize $1,000 20,000 10 do each 2 shares of $100 oach, each prizo $200, of tho Gas Light Bank 2,000 200 do each 1 shnro of $100, of llio Bank nf Louisiana 20,000 200 do each 1 share of $100, of tho New Orleans Bank 20,000 150 do each 1 share of $100 of Iho Union Bank of Florida 15,000 000 PRIZES 81.500.000 TICKETS g20-JVO SHARES. The whaloof tho Tickets, with their num bers, as also tlioso containing tho prizes, will bo examined and scalod by the eomtnisMiincts appointed under tho Act, piuviously to Iheir bcintr nut into tho wheels. Ouu wheel will contain the wholoof tho numbers, the other will ... ..,i.,;,, ,i,n c;,. tr.,,i,r,i ,,-,, nA llmlird 600 numbers that shall bu drawn out. will bo entitled lo such Prize ns may bo drawn to its number, and Iho fortunatu holdors of such Prizes will have such propeily transferred lo them immediately after tho drawing, tmincuw. bend, and without any Deduction! NEW FIRM. THE subscribers have formed n copart nership in the mercantile business, under the firm uf Wiiii'pi.k. &, Bishop, ami have taken a store in Messrs. Strong's Building, collogo street, whero they uro now receiving from Now York n very choien spIpciioii of Fancy and Staple Dry Giods, Dry Groceries ic. c, which ihey oiler unusually low lor cash. Sa.muki. Whipple, A. E- IllillO?. Btiriiigmn, May 31, 11)39. On consignment rrv Hhds. Puru Bunion Rum. JKJ 20 Pipes nnd half Pipes Brandy SO Bblc American Gin July 5. Limner ii Potwih FRESH ALBANY AIM Qf Phi. Just reeci"'' v July , Latkhoi- & Potwin. Ginger Preserves by J niJ" o. Latuuiip & Pot win. r00 prs. Mansfield extra fronch style SHOES, by jniy s. LATTinop 3t Potwin. FL.OUR. TUST received Super Fiim VVostnm Flour U and lor sale uy July 5. IIickok ib Catlin, Drugs, Medicines, Perfumery, Points. Otis und DypsiufTii; a larirn and complete aorlment of the above articles, lately received ! ond for snlo at the lowest market prices, by ROBERT MOODY. Btnlinglnn, June 25, 1U39. - It A II U E II . RESPECTFULLY informs tho public that he has so for recovered from his recent indisposition os again lu rosuma business, nt his shop n few rods south of his old stand. Willi many thanks for post favors, nnd the promise of his best exertions for tho future, hn would be hoppy to receivav a call from his old frjonds nnd customers. Burlington, 2d July, 1 839. K ST RAY. CAM', into the niclosuro of t lie subscriber on tho 1 lib inst. a Rctl line-back Cow, wtiiic tiitl, and some white on her legs, about snven years old. The owner is requested to prove property pay charges and lake her away. THOMAS GOODHUE. Jericho, June 15, 11)39. NOTICE. KNOW all men by itiese presente that I Aniepas Gilinan. nf Colchester, County ol Chiiieiiden and Stale of Ver mont, fur nnd in consideration of the sum of thirty dollars received in full to my sat isfaction, of Luther Gilmnn my son have, given nnd by these presents, do givo him, i he said Luihnr, his time from nnd alter this dote, and shall not consider myself holden for any debts he may contract after this date, un r shall I claim any nf his wages, or interfere with any bargain he may make. In witness whereof I hove hereunto set my hand and-seal litis 13th dny of April, 1339. ANTEPASS GILMAN. Signed sealed nnd delivered in presence ol H. . rTSHGll, C. A. BATES. Witnesses. SPERM OIL. Gls. Winter Sperm Oil 2000 do Fall do do 1500 do Refined do bv J.& J. II. Peck & Co. June ' WHITE BEANS. BOO Bllllelfl Wanted by the sub scribers for which the highest price will be paid in goods. June 0. L.tTimoi' and Potwin. Potash Kettles constantly on hand by J. A- J. 11. PECK & Co. S T li A YE D FROM the subscriber on the 3d inst., a middling seed bay horse, black mane and tail, black feet, a white si ripe in the face, and on - j of ihe nnsa r will return t,ud horse, n. shall be bin "tiiv re while. Vi'iev- givo infoi warded nnd neces.-arv ovopii-o dbi !. CYRUS ."PRAGUE. Willu-ton, J' ue 20, lb'39. 40 Casks, by J J. II. Peck $ Co. Tongues and Sounds by July 5, Lathrop & Potwih. HAVE received a lew pieces uf ricti undrossed Scotch Gingham. Swiss Lawn, a beautiful arliclo for La dies while dresses, Rich Printed Lawn. Cambric, Muslin, &c Sc. Burlington. June 14 11539. Benjamin Irish's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT.) llIsTHICT or CMITTKNDKN. SS, AT a probate Courl holdcn al Burlington, within and for tho district aforesaid ou lentil day of July. A. D. 11)39, an instrument purporting to ho tho Ian Will and Testament of Benjamin Irish, 2d. lato of llinesburgh, in said district deceased, was presented to tho Courl huro for Lura B. Irish, tho Executrix therein mimed. Therefore it is ordered by said Court, thul public notice ho given to all peisons con cerned therein to appear beforo said court, at a sossion thereof lo bo holdon al Burlington, on tho second Wednesday of August, A, D. 1039, and contest the probalo of said Will, and it is further ordered thai this order bo published ihreo weeks successively in tho ' Preo Prcss. it newspaper printed at Builin ton, in this Statu, thu lasl of which shall bo picvious to thu day aligned, as aforesaid for hearing. Given under my hand at tho Rojister'a OlEco, this, lOlh d;iv of July. A. D. 1639. Wm. WESTON, Register. John Lawrence's Estate. WE tho subscribers having been appointed by lint I Ion. tho Piobatu Courl, for tho District of Cliittendou, commissioners to re ceive, examiito and adjust lbs claims and dc mauds of all persons against tho cslato of Join: Lawrence, lato of Wcsiford. in said dis trict deceased, represented insolvent and alsi all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto, ami six months from tho day of thu date hereof bomg allowed by said court for that purpose, vvudo Ihiirclbro horoby givo no tico that wo will utlend to the business of our appointment al the dwelling of Danfoitli Wales m Westford, in said district, on tho fiiM Wednesdays of Augustand October next, al ono o'clock, P. M.,ou each of said days. Dstfd, Ibis 15th day of Mv A D. 1839. WILLIAM WQQP, " ) Comm" RF.UBF.N r.KW3WORTH.$ HQ.1HT.

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