Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 26, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 26, 1839 Page 3
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form the ntrongiti and hoped of our oppoiipalfl, Ami if we havu been coiitt'iidiii for principle, principles which nro cici mil, u lircli tuitlivi; rlnti t lived being. should m nol tttcrvo eternal ic pioach, if, in our contest I'm men, we n.icrificn our country, ila ronslitutioii, ud its liljrjrrten f fellow citizens, if ihe individual uho.iniv nilili 'i-c-t miii if I inn mi obstacle in (hi! way nf perfect h.iiiiinuv nnd union, mvny wilh inn, mid fix upon mine indi vidual more likely In con-'oliilalo I In: friend of the Union. I have long cxpi cased u ilcsim to t elite from puhlic life. I slill rntrrlnin that itr-sirc, mill I shall carry il out when i can do to wilh luiiior to myself ti ml in connislciicy wilh ihe Jnliea which I own lo my counliy. No veleian soldier, coveted wilh scars nnd vvilli wound,., ever received his did xviili iikii c ptc.ijtue than I rhonld miiin were 1 pcniiiited lo retire. Ilul I think that like him, I :un entitled to :iu honorable iliscli;iruc." ILFTho North American, n paper ilovotcd to Canadian Liberty, says that several of its agents, who nro Post Musters, Imvo declined to coiilintiu such, hecauso Anion Kendall, Post Master General, t hrcalons to turn them out of office if lliny continue to act longer as ogonlR for tin; American, They may ho agents for the Globe and other Tory prints, hut a paper devoted to liberty must ho pro, scribed. Kendall evidently sympathises with his master. Van Huron, in partialities fordid (England, and in his opposition to the triumph of republican principles in Canada, If the American has "not yet learned the fact, it will soo'i, thai Martin is no friend to universal froodom. Freedom to squander the public Treasury seoins to cmiipn hend his notions of liberty. Tho republican papers have nil boon destroyed by tho ruthless arm of oppression, nnd now one is set up upon tho frontier wosco no reason why the administration should at tempt to suppress il, unless it is to ausvvci a request of tho ISrtlish Government, which wo have sumo reason to think has been made. Caledonian. NOTICK. The annual joint rclcbiatinn of the Literal v Societies nf thu University of Vermont, will lie held nt the Brick Church, on TUESDAY, 1 1 io Gilt of Anuiist, at :i o'clock 1'. 111. An address may be expected fioni 1'iof. Ta vr.KK Lewis, of New Yuik City. Immediately after the exercises, the o.-nal Hirel ing of the two Societies will be held, for the elec tion of an Oiator and I'oet for i he next vitaiing cclcbiation. Wm, I., Knowi.f.s, Nee. of Hie Phi Sigma Nu Hoc. Geo. .r.v. I.vman, Sec. of llir Uiiivrrsily Institute. ui linston, July 2.U, IS!!!). 'Die annual celebration of i tit- .Society fur lleli. gious Impiiiy of I lie Uiiiieimty of Veiuiunt, will bu lioldeii at tin! Buck (,'lmir.h on Tuesday, die Olhof Ausini nei,al '.! n'eliirk, I'. .M, Kcv. .Ioski'11 Tisacv, ol Boston, may he ex peeled i addiess thu sneioiy on llm occasion. By older nl (lie Society. IJ. C. Hough-ion, Cor. Secretari). Burlington, July 2olh, 1839. The annual examination of the Burlington Hijjh School will uiko place on Thursday and Friday, Aug. 1st and 2d, Exhibiiion icl.iy evening. J. B. Eastman, Principal. IU A It It I C I In this town on the lSdi iniit. by the Rev. John Ilasliini, Mr. Danicl Drew to Miisa Claiussa Fuli.ku. On (lie same Rvpning, by the same, Mr. Kli Bass of , St. Albans, io Miss Mauiltc Ukkw, of litis place. In Kairlax on the lllh insl. by the Rev. Tcrlius lirjnnlih, Rli. J. II. F.iriar to iM ids Lucinda II. daiijjlitei of Mr. Ililkiah 1'iiice, all of I'.iiitax. At the same lime and place, Ml . Ileory I law lev, to Mis lletscy l. daughter of J. VV. Bulkley El. bulb ui Caiiibinln'i'. I I K O In this town, on the 2-ith iiut., Mrs. Mak Dav, widow of thu luto Alfred Day, Enj. aged 47 years. At North G lanvilTe, N. V. on Tiies-day cveuiie Ian, Misn Emma I.oiiain Smith, daiigliiei ol il Kcv. Elilin .SiiiiiIi, hue nfihis tuivn. In Fairfax on the 22-1 hut. Mrs. Sally Gioul, uileorGcn, Josiali Giout, aged 65 veins! "Blessed aic the dead who die in the Lord " CORN WANTED. CASH will bo paid Tor LVDIAN CORN, delivered at the Grist Mill Onion River Falls or at their Store, hv July 20, MICKOK CATLIN. I WAIT & TABf) fl 5! n full SUPDIV Ot Iff it Ca icoos. rrnnnli I'n.rhvli nnd Auioriean, will ho sold Cheap for Gash, those wishing to buy will do well to Call and sno beloro purchasing else whoro. "FRENCH" SHOES. V I,, J..... ir ... ,. ,, , .,... , ainiauiiiu ,mi:iy oi r rettcu Kiu allocs v8A of fine and light quality just rue'd at tho new cueap casii storo ol Wait & Tacoii July 20, i ray. rpilE undersigned Seleelmei "oT Uii rlinglon X. will meet at thu Town room, on Salnr- ciay mo i inn ol August next, at nine o'olo yi.ltl. lor UIU HUrnosu o hear iur nnu n,w,nlu which may bo made from thu assessments of me uistors. Samui:i, Nichols, 1 Selectmen Wm. A. Gi;iswoi.u, of .. , . J'?wv. )J!urltunlon. iiiiriingion. .hi iv '".'il HOWARD S)C Ujc (ffljftii) (Cnslj Store RR1VF.I) in Burlingion last evening im. der ono of thu most beautiful, grand and magnificent sunsets over beheld, and was joy, ously received and ''reeled hv a crowded mill tittido welcoming him homo' with u supply nf .in i-iu wiiiuh aim iiieieiianuto ol lnrei"n llBlanl climes, which nro now lining nrraii"ed for oxhibition and distribution, at Ins Grand Raaar Store, whern citizens and Visitois are invited to view tho splendid collection, eutiru" ly fico of charge JulyJO, "M $25 Keward. BUOKI'J jail on the morning nf thi '-' int.,n fcltiii, named JOHN CHAM RliRLAIN, committed for burglary nnd I belt. Raid Cliatnborlfltn I about five loci eight, rathnr stout htiill, dark hair, nnd dark complexion, though snmcwlmt blea ched by auvural iiiniillirt conliiinnient. Ho will bo readily detected by hwgnit, oh ono lfg IB cotieidornhly fihortor than the other, bo Hint he wnlkn with Noinn ilillicttlly. His drrBH cHitnol bu ileHcrihod, hi he left his own clotliPK in tho jail. Chiiiiiherlain linn I wico graduated nt Windsor, nnd would he fdecteil nmon; n thousand us it loafer. The above rewind will bo paid to tiny pni pim who will rot ti i n mid prisoner, or secure hilt) in any jail m lluw or the iiiljoioitig Btatos. (J. A. AJil.lJN, aitciir. RurlwRlon, July 'ib, lb'3i), snrciui'T's saijo. TgAKIJN on exoctitinti, u large qnatitily uriY coo .s OllOCICllKS, C HOC K lilt Y. G LJlHS iV I MR I) IVJlltli, e(itnpriiug nluiost. every tirttelu tisttally round in a retail sturu. Jlsn--n t'fitiisturrt I'owih'r. !ll jiairs llools and Khnos, nlmul HOI) IIh Nails, 30 hiijhuls fJorn, and otiu now (Gutter, which will he sold nt. public vendue at N. II. Harwell's Auction Sniie, on the :M day of August next nt ten o'clock in the forenoon. II. FBItltlS. ). Sheriff. ' nur'inglqn, July 'JO, ll);51). WB AVK just reeoivctl from New York, .N .IL n large ninl splendid tissoriiiniit of noli mill liHhinmilili', hiinri nnd Staple DRY (iOOI)S GROOURIUS, bought fur Cash nl the present veuy low irteen, which, in connection with Ihetr former stock, comprises oncol'tho largest and bust asforiineuis ever oflered in Mux market which will bo sold for cash or approved credit at a very small advance from cost. Wo do not. protend that we have more, belter and cheaper goods thnn can bo found in any tlorc in Chittenden County, hut perhaps nsmany, as good, nnd as cheap a some or any of our neighbors. Wo will leave that for those to judge who may favor us with a call. Wo beg Icdvc to lender our sincere thanks to the generous public for their libe ral patronage tints far, and hope by uwea nod pains nnd exertion on our part to buy and sell cheap, and lo please customer that we may continue lo receive n generous and iucreni-cd patronage, wo would just say to otir old friends and customers, and nt short to all who may wish lo buy goods cheap, to call nt our Store on Chorcli-st. where they will find an entire stock of into Goods and some chu)3 who are ever ready and willing to show thorn free of charge, nnd at a rato which we hope will induce them to buy. Our stock of Goods is composed nf a large nnd well selected assort incut ol Sta ple i.V Fancy DRY GOODS, C ROC li III US, chock an r, Gh.'lSS WARE, CUTLHRY, all of which will he bold at wholesale oi retail as cheap as tho cheapest, no mistakf.. Most kinds of fanner's produce taken in exchange for goods, and the highest market prices paid. Ilurlinglon. July -20, ll!39. NOTICE 'S hereby given that the undersigned . will petition the General Aescmbly of tho State of Vermont, next to be con vened at Mnnloelier on the '.M Thursday of October, 1039, for the grant ol a Ferry from his farm in North Hero, in tho coun ty of Grand Isle, across the Wuters divid nig tho towns ol said North Hero and Alburgh. for the term of 10 yearn from and alter the first of December Ki ll); ex tending each way from the i-atd farm to j said Worth Ucro, along lite lakohhoro ono half mile, and along the hike t-hnre of i-aid Albti'gh. from John Truman's south line north lo the (arm ol Abtjih Paice. JAI5K' HAZIiN. North Hero, July 15, I fi J). I the tubscrihcrs Imvinir been no pointed hv lite Hon. tbn l'mln.. iourt tor the Di.-trict ol Chittenden, com- mifcsionnrs t() receive, examine, and adjust llwi nl .1- 1 , J ..i. zinnia .uiii ueiuauus oi nil persons -ijiiiiim nic estate oi ntnos llickok. late ol narioue, to said Uist.nct. tI:coasct . ren resented insolvent, and also all r.buma n,l demands exhibited in ofi'-ei thereto ; and h. inoniiis irotn tho day of Ihe date hereof oeing allowed by eaid court for that our pose, we therefore hereby give nottco that we win attend to tho business of our no the dwelling ol Adah llickok in Charlotte in said district mi il... ind i oesouys ot October and December next, ui i v oeioctv on eacii ol said days. Dated this 12(1 dav of July, A. I). IQ39 K. II- WIIRm.Hlt. I Con,m"is 1JENJ AMIN IJHHItS. sioners. STATU Of VKItMt)"NT, ) Hist, ok (Jiiitti:m)k., rs ( A T a I'rohalc Court bullion at Burluxr-- ton, within ami for the district afore sinil on the l!!lh day of July, A. D. Il!39, no instrument purporting t0 U(, (! '.1S' wui nnu icsiaiui'iil ol Dwight Dean, Into of liiirlingioii, m baid dibtrict, deceased', was iirusenteit to me court liero for pro hate, by Mormon W. II. Dean, the execu tor therein named. Therefore it is ordered by said Court, that public notice bo given to all persons concern edlheiem to appear before said Court, at a BcsMon thereof to bo holden at the Iteislcr's office in said Jlutlingio,, on the second" Wed nesday of August, A. D. 1113!), and contest Iho probate of said Will, and it is furihor or deted that this ordur he published three weeks successively in tho Free I'iosm a nowKpaper priiiled at Builiugtoii, in this Suto, Iho last of which shall he previous to the day atsin. aloiesaid fr heariii". Given under mv h.iiiile:ii Hm i!.,..,...-. Oifice, this I8lh dayjof July, A. I). IUJ9. wm. WKSTON, Hcfihiu. STATE OF FHR.MOjri l,,",T,"(-"1, 01' CIIITTKNOKN, SH. I i1' f'""" r'' 'be IMfiiicl ol Chiiien- - den to all iii-rtuna lo whom ilienn mprniu imii cumc, . nlehmla Hiooks, senioi , fonnrrly of l!m lin-n.ii. ri inni.i.nmvol Cl..aeland Oliio, (ju.ii.haii of Me. bin a lliur.ks ,in, .. f K..., 11... .:,..,. am niv of said Cleau-land, v!n ..p,eien.r'd ,0' lliw Cm... il,.u ,W Melimla It.noks, j,,,,,,,,-, i sui.ed in lici nun r ..1.1 !., r ..t ' dedfmu.i, ,,', 1)f ; (;,lortll j,.,,,.,,! ,; ol land s.l.iatn.n said l!, l,,.io,,. ,r cis.soea le.l mnnliced twenty ono and iweiiiv two, and the biiililiiiL-ri ninl ,,.,,,, 1 .... ' r and ihe.eio beloiiijins, Fnbin'i in ih ,'ii',.r.i. OflllO widow Of JosllIU ItrnnLu i T.c ...:i ..... lingliiii, dei'e.ised, which riclil nl ilmw, ,. m,. ml"!''"";"'!1 wi,,1w '''"'I lit pie and lb. 11 uale ol 1I10 uucicm ol Paid waul in sanl pminijo would be cundiir.itn in lie, I,,.., enti, and piauirt 10 be limircd and cinpuweied hi i-anl court in Mill ilic same, ' It it heithv onleicd dial Haul ... , , 1 , ruiin in 11 no llie.eol to bn lielil I .11 llm l!cHei ..ofl'MO 111 aanl lliu liimion. on Ihe iilstday nf iiim, IS39, and thai noiu,. iliVi n ol Imgiidi In all ,cif,)M mtrirnlRil, by pnbli..,inif this older, lonlu miii). IK inhstance o said enuinii, in llie I ice Purs, a ncwrpapci piiuul in lluibiij; Ion, two uciks surcesinly, the last of wliiih piibliealions lo be not than two uctl.a piriiona lo the said 21m tay nf AngiHt, WA'.t, (iiiin miller my baml 'il Biullu!l(iu itfoics.iid lltU 25lh tlay ol Juts , Wm. Vi:snM, lighter II A I K..-II I J . BALDNESS. 1 m r l. a n t I) i s c o v r y . run u it ha t m r.s th it y folwd out AT LAST. 0)1. STKRUY'S HAIR II KG A TOR. Dr. Sleiry, lifter inucli atienlion to the important subject of preserving I lie hu man hair, has, aflor many experiments, chcini. eal and physical, been able lo discover an arti do, whitli is now offered with the greatest confidence for tho toilet, ns the best thing over discovered, from its sufieitiiig nnd peiiolValiug quality, lo produce a good head of hairto prevent it from falling 0f' when baldness is apprehended -to testote it when baldness has liken plice, and to prevent it from turning gray. Il is more nourishing than pomatum, antttpie nil. or cologne water. It is a beauti ful article I'oi ladies curls il makes Ihe hair soft and lively, and pmducos uncommon brill iancy. Thousands have tested its superior virtues and excolleneo, and in every instance it stands unrivalled. It isan infallible cure in all aHeclions of thu skin on the head as dandruff, A-.o. &,e. Kvory family should ho supplied with a bottle of this oil, thai by its application lo Iho head and hair of their chil dren, tho beautiful and ornamental appendage ofu fine head ofhiir, which naluro ha sup pliod in, may ho preset veil. From Iho numer ous certificates and recommendations received ol'ils salutary influence, tho Doctor feels linn ly persuaded ho has (succeeded in producing and article which will nicot tho desired wishes and approbation of ihe public. For Pale, wholesale nnd retail, by A. HITCHCOCK k Co., 117 Genesee street, Utica. In Burlingion only by .1. & J. II. I'txic & Co., in Vergennes by.). II. BOWMAN. jy'JC .1 A It 9 JV1 I T C II K I. I. DiRAFUR, & TAILOR, Comer of Church College-streets. ISimi.lMiTON, Jumo. 1 839. LYMAN CUMM1NGS, ATTORET23Y kT Saw & soi.u mit in ;iianci:iiv, Ojliii: toiith irel corner, xcrnml Jhwr nf dining s ituitiiing, on (oitrl I louse Siiture, BURLINGTON, VT. FAMJLY GROCERIES and PROVISIONS. N. J. MOJ1EIIOUSE It tin: jYoilh. cast Conn rC'mii I House. Srptaic, llnscmenl Story oj Strong's- llaildm, OFFIJRS for sate, at retail, an assort tnnni of excellent family Groceries unii I'rovi.-ions, Consisting of WAS, MUSCOFAOO - LOAF SUGARS, JAVA COFFEE. PGR TO R ICO .10 LASS ES, FORK. FLOUR, .MEAL $ FIAT GAR. CLOFES, MACE AjYI) CASSIA, REFER, SPICE ami GhYGER, LOA'DOJY MIXED PICKLES, PEP Ell SAUCE. I ' R ES E It I rE D G I.YG E R. FLYE. 'FA RLE and H'F.STERX SALT. POLAjYD STARCH, FIG RLVE ? SALERATUS. LAJIF OIL and JFICKIAT!, SOAR AjYI) CAXDLES, CROCKERY cV GLASSWARE RROO.MS, RRUSllliSand FLACK LYG. Also. Stewart's Celebrated Gleam rt fined Candy. Rurlinglim, July 12. ?,?9. BLANK BOOKS. 54M) Ul::s ,,r i,:ink " books, containing from one to ox Quires each. Person. wishing to buy, to sell again, will find it lo ihuir advantage to call al thu Monk liindery. on College uljeet. where they will find said Hooks for sale lorn at wholesale or retail by S. HUNTINGTON. IJiirlington, July 17, 11109. x 11 It ESI l AjYI) LY GLASS CASES, by - July 19. Latiiiioc & Potwi.n. JiUNCll liAlSliNS. C)K Poxes fresh, and lor tale by the box at the lowest prices, July 19. Latiiuoi' it I'otwin. 'J'o Mmuilhcturers &, Clolliiers "ILOTHIHIi'S (ards niilnctiirod by vy the Htirinc'lield (Jard (Jo .Sprmgliehl .Mas-;, by J & J II. Pi:ck & Co. Agcnh, .NOTE CHS. C1ASII will he paid for WOOL at the t Utirlingion ,M ill C'ouiany'f l''aeiory, SWJYE Y HARLOW, Agent. SILFER 'FA RLE iv TEA SPOO.YS. do Spectacles, do 'Phiiublcs, do Pencil CuniH, for sale by .luneft., LnoiMis and Co lion Hollow Ware A very .'Xleus.vo asiiorlinonl of Hollow Vaie, consiHtliiir ol I'olii, Kettles. Fuimtccs, Hpideis, 'Pea Kellles, llawms. High pans etc. with u great vanelv of Sl.ivo Ware, jinit rec'il nnd for sale hv Juno ti MTICOiNOfc. (;.i. CLAIMJOAPtDS. " dlg ,,'t-'1 11 r Ghipbourds of (irM W W V quulnv. for sale by Juno 20, Ili:i9, Hit Kmc & ( 4()i) PACKS PINS, Ml lbs Mi.ed do 20(1 0(10 Dril'tl Eved and cniumun Needles '0 (irosaes luiltling Pu.h, (or Mile by lone 5. V11 As, Liiomk ,; c. 300 LIh. Whiiu and coloied Coiiuu 'Phrcad, as.soricd Nos. 2 Cwh HiiIi'h Wiie Thicnil. -J25 Do;-.. Web and Gum Elastic hm-poudere, (y .mle by June Vil 1 I lJ aed Co ',lf..,f,Mf(,itr;mvt., ,U fteiiim Cnt nnd lienor paper, tliiret " mil ipialilleH. ruled nnd plniu. 1.10 lloiiles of Black nnd Bluo Until ami liil, for Mile nl Book llimf rv hv HAiMUKH HUNTINGTON. College Hlreci, ) liiirlingioii, July 19, I Gilo v, Thursday morning, July II, 1 1139. BJ)Y daily tirrivih--, have rpceutly ro .IJJ eeiveil, nnd niu offering lor sale, til WholoMile nnd Helm I. more, htlltr and cheaper Goodt linn can ho found in any "'"re in Ciitlteiitlen County, (ourselves being judges,) Ah Mr, Stnov's Freo I'ress is too t,tnnll to itiscrl. even Ihe dnimls of such nu exten. sive assortment, and we have such cotistanl nle ol goods wo cannot find time to write mlvi-rt ifiiMiicntH, make country excursion?, or cvm to grntilv ourselves bv a Sleinn llonl trip with the Ladies. In I'lildilinu lo our slock, nro SO pieces Knglish, Scotch and American Carpeting. !l pieces Kmli. nnd Damnalt do Oil Cloths lor lluors. &c. "0 pieces Mocseline de fjtine, Tout tie Lane, itc, liiiglish. French and American Prints, Silks of every variety, Furwell's I5ootB and Shoes a constant (supply. hut in ntiempl. nu enuincrnlion of otirplock would he useless. Wo say In purcliamrs call and examine for yourselves no char jes for showing goods. We sell lor cash. 3000 lbs of Good sweet yellow Mutter wn,ltcl. N I.ovki.v & Co. SYRUPS. I'lXK Al'l'LH. UiJIOJY HAS I' 11 lilt it y ,s- SARSAPARII.LA. l,y LmIIUOI' (& I'otwin. .Inly 19. SUMMElt STOCliS, Jul u VX A few of the ncw'slylc Summer Slocks, very comfortable in a warm Dav. inst r.f'il nl il... U,.; o J J "'"Miii flllll-IV 010(1.'. I'ANRnORN & RniNtllAtt). Mikon Lincoln's Kstato. STATU OF FlilUHhYT,) DIVI'ItlCT OK OIIITTi;.NDK. SS. ( A T a Trohato Court holden at llurlinglon a within and for Iho Disliiet aforesaid on the VMi day of July A. D. 18.19, an Instru moot purporting lo be Iho last Will and Ton lament of Milton Lincoln, late of Milton, io .said district deceased, was presented lo the iouri liero lor t'robatc, by iNalhan Lincoln jr., 1110 ivxecmor, therein named I iiuiti:i-oiii: it is oidered by said Court llat public notico ho ivcn to all ner.sons con cerned therein to appear bcfoio said Court, al a session thereof to beholden at thu lleiristor's nirnx- in nurungiun, on llie scconit Wednes day of August, A. D. l!J39. and contest iho probate ofhatd Will, and it is fuither ordered lliaMlns onlcr he published thren weeks sue eensively in the Frcu Press a iiownpnpcr prin led al Iiutlinglon, in this State, tho last o which shall bo previous lo the day assigned as aforesaid for hearing. Given under my hand al the Register's umcu, una ivin nay 01 .inly A. I). 1!S,W. W.11 WESTON, liigisler. Diseases of the Lunirs. Decidedly tho moi-t popular remedy ever known in America. HY BAISA3V2 N the moM valua ble remedy now m use for coughs, colds, nsth ma or phthisic, eonsuuiplion, wboojiiug coti"l anil puimonary alleetions ol every kind, lis t.alc issteadily increasing, and the propnelors aru cousinniiy receiving n! most lavoiahle account of its ell'ecls. The following new ccrlihcalosaro nflered lor public examination. AN IN I EllES I'lNti CASE r.lracl ol a letter from .Mr. C. S. Clay, King. sioii, uisiereo. .. v., in the proprietors. Yours ofthc9th inst. was duly received. A cmarkahlu cure was cflectcd by tho Vegetable l,.l,.,n 11. i :.. .1 ,B 3fli; ' !..iii-uiu in me winier ami s ir ug lick a long time with tho consumption. His 1 iiu, o.r. o.oony, nail licen imywoiHiiM nun given linn up. lie was redu ced so low as lo ho unable lo help himself, and ivas raising a large .piantily of blood when ho miniuenced using tho Jialsam. which haselfee. ed a comphte cure, and ho is now as liale and learly as over he was. JMr. Moodv has re noved from this town, hut hu has promised no a more detailed account o1' his case, which . will forward you, C. S. CLAY. Kingston, N. V. Juno 25, l!l.l!i. Extract ofa Idler from Dr lacob Myers. The Vegetable Pulmonary Hakim has been :old in this county for two years, and llm ncilieiuu has gained an uncommon eelelnitv, dril scaieely mono instance failed of having ho dcsiied cU'ect. I am by no moans in fUvn" 1 1110 many nostrums, nioi-l ol which are 1111 fusillons upon a credulous public, but thai vlneli I know by use to bo effectual, I cannot lilt help give my appinbatiou thereto. A counlcifcil pirpnialioii hax been ollered hero Iv a iraM'lliiMr nC (, . ,v v anillhcio is another arliele vended heie ibat is Birongiy taisjiecled lo he spurious. JACOI! JMYEItS. Al. I). Alilllingtoii, Juniata co. Penn. Alay ;t, I !3:iT. From Dr. Samuel Alerrell, to tho Proprietors 01 uie vejeianio I'ulmonary lialnam. I am satisfied t lit I the Vegelablo Ptiluioua ry is a valuable medicine. Il ha i.i.-u 11.- in nun inure won complete success 111 obstinate complaint o( the lungs, alien ded wilh a ..even, cough, Insnof voice, and the raising 01 mucli ilood, which had pievimcly icsisieu many appiovc.l picseriptionn. Aliet using tho lialsam one week, tho ialteut'.s voice leliiinciland he was able lo, audi hly. This ciso orcui led somu tiino sim e, and the man is ninv engaged not only in active but laborious business llesperl fully, c. S. MOU'liELL. Il is now mote than si veais much I was btoughl very low by an alleelioii of the lutii's. and my l ompl.iini was dcclaied lo bo iiicura. bio by a council ol thrxo physicians-. I ,ik then resloictl to a:. hooiI l.eallh as I had eu I0''mI l,,r ,l,:,,,y y ua. by using the Vegetable lmi"MIJly "aisam. Hone my lecoveiy I nnv.i .eiuiiiinenoeii 1 Me liihani 111 a glint ma nv cades of lung .-omplaiuis. and so far as I can learn, Us 11.10 has invariably been followed by 11. iirh benelil.and in many instances! it li;i ell'eclcd euica tlnih wine wholly unexpected SAMUEL EVEUETT. Iloston, Manh 2, IIOV. For sale, whoh sale aii'l i ' I l ' ' I IJ I I CK & Co , Put Initon, t C)5HUiM!AN W UN EOS. n:.B OU II IIH 1MB It and Niersieinm ?' H llrnnds, Vinlnge ol .I ami I. u cases just rec'tl by l,,vi iiiioe it I'otwin STRAY 1I0RSR jJUOKF, LOOSE Irom llu-ell'ri shed. in llnrlinginii on the uliernooii of tin 'I'll iiul. a dark bay MARK, with n ulnr in he fori'hontl mid tin oll'lnnd loot while, live or six years old. Thu person who will return her to the subsenher or give 11,1 !" where she may bo found shall he liberally coinpensntiML LA WR KNCF'J JILISS. Hincsburgh. July C. 1!!39. I iOO KING--GLASSES WITH mahogany and Gill InitnuH for sale Cheap at Jl,,y f'- IlATIIIlOI'& PlITU IS'rt. liM"- Western Kail just received ami . l"riloby HlCKOKOC July , Thu subscriber lias been roeoiv- lor the Insi two weeks, the largest and best Bolcrlod n 'nrt umiit of iiAitmrAitii, XADDLUlt Yff COACH IVARH, Sum mill, Crosi cut, nnd Circular .-.oic and lure plain UOI.f.OW ll'ARF., Wagon, Cart and I'ipc DOXliS', Glys, Foiled and table CUTLERY. Flitted, German Situry. lirittania Ware CA RLYHT TRUUILVas, LOOKIXG GLASSES, LOO Kims GLASS PLATE, ie. &;c He has ever beloro offerrtl to the public, all ol which he will he hnppv to dispo-e of at wholesale and retail on The best terms lor cash or short credit. RniiKirr Moody. Rurliiigte.n. June 25, K!39. jYF.W- IA.M FSHIR E M IS D1C A a INSTITUTION rpilK ANNUAL LECTHKEM ... this -fi- Institution will commence 00 Thurs 'lay, Aug, !Jlh, and continue fourteen weeks, from four to tlx Lectures daily. Fees for Hie course. i.,i) Cr.idnnii,;., Kxpenies. 4113. The fees must be paid nl 1 me commencement ot tbn course, or rioles given with satit-factory security. The Analotiical .Museum is rurni-dind U'illi 1 1... m.j I.... I.I . - .... ... ,.,.-,t ,,. preparations, anil , wliiie Hie Library nnd Apuaratus are extensive.',,, u, mm operniio'is uetoro llie ftledical Cin ire perionnco riutij. Private Medical Insi ruction is given ihrotighoiit Ihe year by ihe lies. dent Professors. Materia Medico, Obstetric, and Diseases of Women and Children, by j. del am ater nt n. Medical Uolanyand Medical .Inri.-prtidenc.'. by 8. w. w t I.I.I A MS, M. J). Surgery and Surgical Anatomy, by i). cuomiv. m ti Theory and Practice of Phytic, and Patho logical Anatomy, by e. n RTI.F.TT, M. I). Chemistry and Pharmacy. by o. v. nuniiArtiJ, m i Anatomy and Physiology, by o. w. HOLMES, Al. I). I5y order of the Faculty, O. P. I1UIH1AKD, Sut clary. Hanover, June 17, IC39. w A " " Fur Faculty of Selling Goods Cheap. EOWMD'S if I he place to buy Goods no in. slake about it. a sun- ( amy ol it is that ho is Taxed foi his faculty of doing business higher by hiindtetbi ol dollars than any other man "in ihe slaie. ol the same profession, and more singular Mill he is asscscd inst twice as high as hi-- neighbors ? Now how is il, the gentleman listers were judiciously chosen lo act nc- cording lo their best judgment and proba bly have done so -their doings for persons abroad is 11 good advertisement lor ihe store homo customers buy ol Howard, and all; and tell ol it 10 their frtendi who want roods, or to know and tee where Ihe husi. ness is done which is a recommendation to Howard Cheap Cash Siore--what then eit lot Howard to do-1 'lis soineiimes said that men do not know ihei.To'vos coin. parattvely. mid arc not always conscious ol Iheii own facilities relatively, before beiin' tested; it may he fo wilh him, when lie lost 7.1 per cent di-couut on hi- ;,0 Wind. r iiiiniey, every uony sain lie w.miil make money by it, mid so Im did. When he was taxed SdCO for his lacnliv of sellim Goods in Illi! they nil said he would sei enough more pretty, new and cheap Good 1.. ,1... 1 ...1 r r'. , .. i" nu: uaiiirs 111 veiiiioni i(iiuni,e II all 110 nu more too, anil il was just as they said, 'he Listero say Ihero is no "citiii"- ni Howard's business, ho does so much that ihe law 1,1 not big enough, a new one must bo passed in the House 11. ihe ride of ihe Mountain In reach such e.uravagnnt mo. nopohes, 'ih too much to have so iniiuv Goods sold by one man and he In sell nil the llrandretli Pills .00 that ate sold m liiirlingioii, it leaves no ehanee fur Pedlars or Doclors. "One of ihe good sub: l.mli.'il appraisers said 11 way enormous to see how many goods that Howard sis ; why, ihey eoinu from all parts to trade will, htm, and somehow ho always liked to trade there himscll, for hu always went oil' ho well dea?ed thai begot well paid lor buying ol Howard, and that he noticed that iheilndo was all tho timu incieasiug!" Well now such being the stones and the iculi cm responding, Howard himself is of the opinion ol many people that llm Innmos ol selling roods 111 litirlinglnn ih pretiv good, nn.t a.. 110 many arc engaged m his lai-ully on he ought lo cuileavoi to erpial then expect at ions in sellim, nu in- tieimeil iiiaulily of goods which iho Mux is now supplied ivilh and ihe meii'il Flan up and Hying to ih tioie Ihe place wilh Ihe melto CASH STOKE. iWii.'hi. July 12. tll.1'1 MMKDI.VI'ELV two oof l..uineynian l ' 'RR ILLS (ovIimm ! . ivim'.- 11 ,. ii , pai I C I i) Ml., V, . t . . . PRJiSfJ AlJiAIW ALE. j 30 received hv (Jingcr Preserves by '"'.V . LATiiuof I'otwin, 30 pis. Mansfield extra li enc.j ".vie KII0K8, by '"'y '- ' LATttnor V I'otwin FioiriL 9 IJST rcccivetl Huper Fine Wcstrrn Flour and for sale by Hickoi: As C.vrMAi. July 5. Drugs, Medicines, Perfumery, I'atnts. Oils nnd Dycsiull: n Inrgo nnd complnlu o-sortinruof the ,v nlncle-. lately received : nnd for mlo at ih lowesi market prices, hv KOP.KU'T MOODY. Jltiilinglon, June 25, liP,9 L.O U IS SO R. V I Ij Ij E , n a it it i; k . O Kfil'KCTFULLV infon.M the nubht. that he has so lar recoveied from hi, recent indisposition a'i anto to rrstitnn business-, l Ins shop it few roil, soul h ol his old stnnd. Willi mnnv thanks for pas' favors, nnd the promise nt hi. best exertion for thu future, h-would 1. ,,,py , r,.celV(, a call from his old friends and customer. Rarlinglon 3d July. i:)3t). $1EII!)1 OIL. wm ... Winter Poorm 211(10 do Fall do do l.'.DO do llofined , by J.A: J. H Pkck & Uo. June 7. WHITE BEANS. PiLhels Wanted by Iho Btlh senbers for which tin- i.i,ri.,.. price will he paid in gooiL. " I""0 c i iiitnp nnd Powin Potash Kellles eonstitnlly on h!""l I'.v -I- .V .1. II. PRCK it Co. T l A Y E D l'MtO.M I be sub-crtber on the :id unit., n midiHin s zi'd bay horse, hlocl. mane and tail, hlnr.-k fret a winte i-lnpe in t. face "i.o inn- pkkj ,, Mil- neat Whoever w ill ml urn said tiers. infonnalinn, thnllbe libetally re and necesnrv e.voi.ii.i.j iv.1,1 wnrdei , VIMJS SI'RAdUK. Will. -ton, June 20 !3'J. JNEVV FIRM.' THL sub-cnln-is have humed a copari nership in the m-rcainile hu-onrss under the linn ol Wnti k Pmh., nni) have taken a store 111 Mers. SiroiiV lUtllding, college street, whern they an now receiving from IS.W Vork 0 very choice selection of Fancy and Staple Dr, Gmih, Dry Grmcrui r t;., which llie'v otlcr unusually low lor uiih. KamUKI. Wllll'Pl.K, A . E Pisiiiii Rurtingtim. .May?,, KIJ9. On consirnnicnt- rr llhds. Pure Co.. mi Item. 'JW 20 Pipes and half Pipe- Urandy 30 Ubls. Ainerioiio Gin '"I.V 5 La-iiih.ii & I'lvnviv Tongues and Sounds by l"1' 5- LA iiiitoe &. Pouvin, BSTAVE received a I, a- omlressc.l Scotch Omni,,,,,, pieces ,, Swiss Lawn, a benuiilnl uniclu lor La- dies while tlrofM-.s, Itieh Prinli-.l Lawn, Cambric, Mo.lin, ivc Ac IJnrliugion. June I t igfjii, IjcnjaiiiiA Irish's Estate. STATE OF FEIt.mtt.YT 1 I'ISTIIICT (If riMTTI-.MIKV ss. AT .1 probale Court h.di-n at Htu lit.-.. Km , within and forth., district aforesaid 00 Icnlh day nf July, . ). lli.59 an iio-li uuieiit piirpoilmg 10 be llio I.i-t Will ami Testament oflleojaimn Irish, 2.1. lale of I liuesbiiigh. in said district deceased, was presemi-d lo llm Court hero for Probate, by l.tira II. Irish, the C.ccutrix therein named." Til unci mil-: it is ordered by said Coinl Ihal public notice be given to all pel suns con coined therein to appear lieforo said court, al a sossion ihnreoflo bo holden at liurhuglnn, on iho second Wednenl.iv of August, A, ) Ili.W, and contcsl the probalo of s,,u Will, and it is limber ordered this ,,,., . published Ihiee weeks Miceessively in tin Free Press, a newspapei pimicd i;,i,,. ion. in this State, tlio last of which shall hu pievirms to ihu day assigned, as aforeaid loi healing. , Given under my hnml al lbr Itmrinir., Olliee, thin Huh dav of .Inlv. A l IK to W.M. WESI'O.N, Rcgiste, .lulin Lawrence's Instate. l F. the luhscn'.iris having been appoiiic I T by the Hon. the Piobate ( 'out I, lot lb Ui'liicl .lft'hlltcnilen, ( iMiimifsioners ton ivo, es iuiiue and adinst iho t-laiinn and ile niands of all person, against the e.-.tato i,l Johr Lawrence, late ol U'csiloiil, in said 1I1 tnel deecaied, lenrc.o uled in-olvent ami .N II i-l.iuus and ilcmauds .-xliihilcil in ,, ,., Iieieto.aud si uioiilbs fioni Ihe day of llie ale heieof belli" albuved l.y said cou.t ,,, that purpose, wedo tln'iefoie heiehy "ivo on I ico that we will attend to the busine:..-. ofoui appointment at the duelling ,,', Wales in We llonl, in .-.aid dciii-l, oil lb first Wednesdays nf August ami Oetoiier next at one o'eloi k, I'. il .oncaib of .-aid day Dated, Ibis 1Mb day n Alav A I). iH'i!). WILLI M WOOD, ) Commit HEllllEiN FAILNSWOIl'I'll S sumo COi4i U KSS WA'V 111 K A FIIESH yi'IM'I.V It Y Lino 2.S. Luitr.oe t I'onviv UKINPSTONKS & PLAb'I'KK L'tge lu-soiniient ol Walei and Ham1 ' Giiiidsiones, nnd Plaster 111 any iiiiu Mly, eon-iatii Iv on hnml ami lo. ni hv 'mi 1 1 , Whom.'. & Co ,1. South m Nov Vnil;, and by (bo siibs.cnbcrs ot No 7, L W l,a 1 1. t o :rK .11' L'l L -V " el f. p

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