Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 26, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 26, 1839 Page 4
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arr ICuiulutlctl from first iirgr.l Itiirnt Willi suppressed nnguiso. ... u!i, Im.l limm-ln' her Iron, homo:! 'No innllt;r n lew ...mules enn be of mi rvory faro was til ri itji'. nml she drew back into I ln r lniiti! rrWMfil nnd hopeless, ll wns n relief 1o her. wIiimi flic snw llint lie intended lo carry linr home. Ilml hu elm. son liny other direct tun, elm must Imvc submitted, fur she writ helpless in hie hands. They li'nl traveled uenrly an hour in silence, whuii Iliiitnnusuddeiily chucked Ins tiort-e, nnd Inking her linml in In. snid 'Mists Sulhgnte, my sweet Grncc. link upon inn I have perfnriiu (I your conditions your cousin is free vvliun inn 1 lo clmui my lovely rnwnrd ?' 'Then il wan nil fnlp. nml you have for pworn,' c.vclaimriJ the wretched girl. tearing licr tin rids from Ins grnsp, nml looking iiround I lie lom-ly spot, ns if for help, Huininn forcibly retook lnr linml. 'Lot n? understand rnrb oilier,' lie mid sternly: 'I will lint bo infli'd with did ynu not promise to give yourself m inarriagu to hip. immediately nfirr the liberali I' Henry lllnir. on cnnitit inn llint I would absent myself, or refuse lo give i'"iib'nen against him? Imvc I nut peiloruieil the condition to the le'ter ?' 'On, no, no! I never drenmed thai ynu could swear falsely I only asked absence, not perjury not perjury.' 'Onefqucsliuu Mt-s Siithgnto nncl 1 Imvc done are you prepared in fulfil your prom isu to be mine ihreo dnys Ironi this? tbe ccrtilicnte ol tbe town clerk is in my pock et do not shrink mid shudder as it I were n reptile, but Answer me.' 'Wlint can I hay? Imw can I act ?' she exclaimed, wtinyiny her iinntl-, inn) weep, my billcrly, 'will nothing soften you? I have money alas no, I have given that In yon already but oh, have pity en i n o I inn silune, pnrcnllcFs why (In you seek mc? m V heart is withered tinsorrow hns blighted me I never eaci love aught earth, ly again. 'J'ake me home 1 cut rent you leave me to spend my humble aid sur.nw fill life nlonc, till I can he down by my father's crave, and be ut restdo this, and J will bless you ; but, oh do not drive mc to the dendly Mil ol ninrryuiy yoj unlovod of wedding one perjured before heaven !' Ilmmnn gazed coldly on the heniilifol creature, as she utiered tins rapid and pas Monaic appeal. With strong determina tion, he kept down I lie e.vpre. inn of trior, tilled pride, Inch rose to Ins hps, when (-he snd thai the could not love In in ; hut the blood in Hp no of his cHnris rushed over his forehead, at the close of this speech. 'It its well.' he said, 'I have your answer; ' and, yn t heriiifi up the reins, he deliberately turned his horse's head, and drove back townrds Paris. 'Why do you turn back?' inquired Grace, timidly, To unsay the oath yon complain of--the murderer shnll not escape mo.' On went the horse ; Ins every foot fnll came like a knell to the heart ol the tor lured girl. The village spires were bo comiiiff more distinct each moment ; ills ttint shouts, and the hum of many voices, were on the air. Slowly, she reached mil lie r baud, and grouped the reiiw. '1 prom, ise,' said she, in a husky whisper. I Human turned bis hnr.-c. Poor Grace Suthgnte; she tilllo knew that our laws permit of no second irial fur the same ofl'ence, or that James 1 1 mman would as soon have thrust hit hand into a heated furnace, ns to hnve nctfnowlcdgcd his recent perjury: hut it maiered not, she was in t he paw of t he h"o. 'Nancy, will you draw the curtain? I would not look on my father's grnve tn night,' said Grace Suthgate, sorrowfully, ns the nimble fingers ol her friend were busily twining n pink wreath among Iter black tresses, preparatory to the bridal. Nancy stepped lightly across the parlor, nnd drew the curtain, then returning, she snid, 'Come now, Grace, look in the glass, nnd. sec if I hav'nt fixed yon up a little.' 'It is very pretty,' snid Grace, going to the glass, and Entiling a sad smile of pal lent endurance 'I could wear this, or any thing, Nancy to please yon.' That's, my own sweet sister,' exclaimed Nancy, kissing her gaily. 'Shter oh ye, yen have been more '.lino that to me, Nnncy. 'Not I lint but mv real sister.' replied the Imp py girl, clasping her hand over the bride's neck, nnd looking roguishly into her eyes. Grace turned away to hide the anguish of her heart. Nancy thought her friend had a strange way of being happy, for she had no idea that auv one could be otherwise on her wedding nigM. 'Grace never did laugh and talk like other lolk,' she said to herself, ns she stood by the gin--), twisting her own bright curls round her finger-.-, and arranging them nboul her rosy lace; but her thoughts sunn took a new direction. 'Don't you think it odd that Jiunes did'nt nsk father and inarm to i ho wedding ?--Pin mire I don't see wliut makes him so private iibout it j I don't soppite father would come, for he's too sick ; but I should have thought brother might have asked him 'Nancy,' said the bride, with sudden niiiination, 'does your Inlher know of ol what is to happen here to night?' 'Pm sure I can't tell .lames told mo not to say a word rt bun i it. but I suppose they'll be ns hind as fire at me, if I don't I'll fell you what it i", I've a good mind in ruiii home now. ami je-t givu father a bly hint but there come-. James and the minister up the road now ; never mind, I can sly nut the back door,' and, without lurthcr ilclibcrnttou, Nancy threw n shawl over her head, nnd gathering up the skirt of her white dress, started mi her expedition. lliuman and Ins companion must have loitered on tho way, for it wns full twenty minutes after Nancy's departure, before they entered the lion. e. iliniuan lelt the divine in the kitchen, while lie went to the porlor in search of his bride. She, poor thing, had been schooling her heart lor his reception. Meekly, and without any vist bin signs of repugnance, she ullowed linn tn drnw a scat to her title, tin (I lo tuku her hand in his. I mil hnppy to see you so compored,' ho consequence,' replied lliinnnn. not withslnu ding he Was seerellV nunoyeo in un: n) Grace t dly withdrew her shrinking form from Ins nrui, nnd arose, for her pow. nr of self-nonnnand were leaving her. Emboldened by the unresisting gentleness of her manner." llintnaii nlso left bts neat, and while still retaining her ham! in Ins. he threw Ins arms tipnm around Iter waist, mill drnwing her suddenly to his Iiikoui. pressed a kiss on her hpp. The poor bride struggled n umtuenl, as if she had been girl bv the cml ofn serpent j n shiver rnn thro' her frame, nnd shu Iny Ininting in his arms. Iliinnan laid the insensible -girl on the n In, and went calmly into the kitchen fur water, lie had placed Ins arm under her head, and was sprinkling her face, when the door suddenly opened, and his Inlher entered, followed by Nnncy. It was no wonder thnl young Ilininau dropped the pale bend Irni'n his arm and sprang upon his feet, in The astonishment of the moment: lor never was human being so changed as was tin' man belnre him. His mil, robust form had fallen nwny, till his dollies hung loosely mi bis limbs, ns if they had been innde lor a larger perMin, Ills hair, hut a few mouths before scarcely tinged with silver, now hung in thick gray masses over Ins forehead ; Ins eyes were sunken, nnd the skin lay in wrinkles on 1 1 i - lean cheek", formerly so full and ruddv. Mis whole atipenrnnce was that of n man who had suffered imprisonment 'or n long season. Nancy Iluimati stood behind him, with her hair blown about her face, and her white dress wet deep with tlew. 'Leave the room.' said the old man, tur ning toward her. He wailed till the door was clo-ed. nnd then advanced sternly to Ins son, on whom he fixed his sunken eyes, wilh deep and threatening inclining. Dar'd von think of marrying her?' he demanded, pointing to the insensible Grace, .lames was nbout to speak. The old man prevcn'ed him. 'Don't open yuur lips, but leave the hence. 1 Ilmmnn drew himself up, nnd haughtily returned In- father's glance: '1 nm ol nge,' be said, 'and shall act my own pleasure.' The old man's fnce became bloodless he cast, a rapid glance round the room, nnd then advancing close to his son, he laid his hand on hw shoulder and whispered a few words in Ins ear. James Hininan sprang from under his father's hand, as if it had contained an in strument of death. His face was colorless, and he stood cowering nnd trembling like n whipped hound, tinder the old mnn's eye. 'Go,' said the lather, sternly pointing to tho door. 'go I would'nl have your blood on my head go !' Hinmnn walked to the door. He wns about to open it, when the old man turned, und stretched his arms towards him. Ills thin lips trembled, and tears rolled over his wrinkled cheek. James' ho snid in n broken voice. Jniues, 1 will never see you again on this side the grave ; take this, and if there is nnv food in you, repent of your sinful do- iinrs :' and. niacin" a shot ban half full of silver, in his discarded son's hand, he turned nwav covered his face, nnd wept aloud When Grace opened her eyes, James lJinninn"had gone, and Ins lather was knee Ini" helore the sofa on which she lav. 'Grace Sul hgate,' said the old man, 'I have treated you most cruelly I have been sick and did nt know ol what waa parsing out of doors, or I'd never have let things "o so far. It's a hard thing to turn agin one's own flesh and blood. It's like death for me to say it, but GraCtj Suthgate, it was my son, my onlv son, that killed your father. No wonder you start, and stare so wildly no wonder who'd have thought it ol him, that I ined to bo so proud of, when he was n little fellow, following me to the meadow, when 1 went a mowing, and bringing mv dinner and a bitter bottle, when I sat down to rest who'd have thought he'd shoot a man down before my eyes 1' Here the wretched old man buried hi face in his hand, and sobbed till the mom was filled with hi? voice of ninurnin After awhile, ho raised Ins face. I hav'nt slept a night since 1 knew it- you've been in trouble, but look here has sorrow taken (.11 ourllesh Hue that.' He held his bund belore the light; tin skin wns shrivelled, and his long bony fill gers seemed almost entirely fle.-hless. 'I never expected tn come out agin, and I shut myself up alone, that I need not see the hoy, ns he parsed in and out but I shall feol easier, now I ve told you tho truth. I believe I should have died, if I'd kept pin. uig over it nlonc but now I fuel better lint I'll toll yon iut nil I know about the wicked deed, and then if you've a mind tn complain agin the boy, I can't find lault but it'll kill me and the poor old woninn, nnd little Nancy, that thinks so well of him yet. Grace strove to comfort the poor old far. tncr. She nsstircd bun, that she would take no incnsures ngnuisl his sou, and that the secret of his crime should never bo divulged, except to llenrv Rlntr. This prninhc Irniiqnili.fd the old muii; and. helore he lelt her, she hud gathered Ironi bun nil that be knew of her failier's death On i lie iiioii)iii u f ilifi mauler, Nnncy c.i I lei I un fiiiiio tn ami In licr liifinl, nini enteieJ the p.irlur in'li nf licr, jit -1 ad lil.iir wua iipsitlin ncr lo nan inn nonejsiicKiu w nut window, wlit'io slio iicciilenlnlly liunnl llu; coiner f.ilion. in which it u;n heiiltil, ih;n .Mr, Hnilimu's coom-iiI lur ill" union of ilie cousin. thuuld lie iukuil, uliile iho miido and nephew ueiu nt llirir spoil. Willi Kohi-h love ol Inn, iNniicy stole out ol llie IniiiFi! Honoured, lesolvin in licr heart lo loiiocnl (ir.ue iihoni her line (cent, die fiit lime uliu con Id find her nlone. While ioin; home sliu inci her Inolher, nnd, in the careless lifty nf her, iclnird the Kinicrsiilion lieanl, anil ilei-m. lied ilia 1,-iHliiililo pieilicaineiit of poor lilnr ulicn iho lioiicjMU-Kli) Iji oko loo, il ou r nun. I tin in: sli.uul her incriv ihonuhls, she tripped homo ijun mm of dm irniu uf ud tlm lighted. J.iim'd u;u riniiieil for u iI.ij'h thorniug, u lien tin met liin ruler, anil he niiiccedid nlono lo tint IiiIU. Soliinile, lit him, seiwd only lo engender eil ilionlils. Thu imlinily In: icceived I'm in ill. in', innMt-d in hi Ill-nil, nnd his Kintei'ii n.irr.i live sei veil to in.iliui) an indiaiiiici wish lo hu ic tended i ui o n nun loolniion, Though Minium w.m a villain. Iih iiicilomin itin-' p.ieiuoii u'.is innilv ; he cmcled mnncy inoio liee.insti il enabled linn lo rli.irnrirrir.fil liitn. lie icnilvrd In rrn (irare once imii r: mill, if rhn still rrin.iiiinl iililiiinlf in lici irliuil. in , tin lined lint think plainly In hiiinell, ulial he iiilrnileil I" do i hnl llionytilM of minder lay deep In liii '.She shnll nrier Imi liln,' heninllrieil lielueen hi e.hnchcil leeili, im he emeieil die Imii'r, when! (linen ".i" nlonc. In ulnil sliitu of mind hu dcparied, we have hefoie lelalril. . O'd llhuiiiui hail, on that nfieinonii, linen mou'ins in Mr. hnilitfiile's niendow ; die day w.h warm, nnd llie old mini laid driwii hi n'Vlhe. 'onl wrni up llielnow of llin hill, In drink of il spiini; whose wniris lie knew In lie pine nnd limpid, lie win haliinehiK hiiiiself on hii linml-' nini knees, ilhlii ip in tin; wilier, lie hennl n cnn klinsj of hrnsli. wimd near by, nnd, on Initking up, aw Ida eon .Inme.-i ii few pure final him ; nml fmlher nn, n man liom lie nippom! fioui III' cap, I" ho JoiiiiR lllair, wilh his head tinned. n if Innkins nt some ihini; ill n dislinil lice. Jiti-l nbnU! him, slnnd iiimlhrr innn wilh n ti ll mi whom lie look for Mr. .SiithiMle, hnl whose hack was loivanl luin. He saw him rniso llie pirn, na if to disclinmo it in llie iiir. I'm inns " ,u"k on his mm, nl the iiMlnnl, he saw It i in mice his piece, nnd Inke dehhciiile aim at the man on llie. rock. licfore he rnnl.l speak, hnlli Kims moiled ihcir sound, in n hiiimllnneoni dis chaise. 'I'lie mm mi die rock nave a sudden spi inp, and turned his face. The honor slricken pnien hend hison exclaim, Mly nil llicfuile I inislnken my man :' nnd llicn saw him dali into die hiii-liiumd, llunnh uhirh hu look u c.hcnilmi" nniii! lo where llie hmly was Ijoitf. The nppallcd falhcr he.ud lmins Ulnir unci- n ray of Icnnr, nl he nished down the hill, and he knew that, (Ire jmilh snppnjed himself the accidental mmdeier. All this happened in n minule's lime, 'l lie old man saw il all. Can il he wondcicd nl if he slniink from expiuin' the crime of his fiislhoni? Is il strange dial, lliinkins die intcnl death of hii nrildiimr would hu r.onsidi'icd ncc.ideiilnl, he slin: himself np, nnd llieic pined, wilh cnncenli il sorrow, ignorant of nil that passed between llie frnifiil day d? his son's euill, nnd that MMiie less avvfnl niglil. when die nimdcicr sought to mairy the orphan of liii victim? FI11K I INSURANCE ii: TO M ANUFAGTUIUjR.S it OTIIHHK TI;IIIK Providence Wnslungion Insurance Couipaiiy, in ProvideiiCfi llhodo Island, continue to Insure ngain-t loss or damage by fire, on Cnldm, W'ollen. and oilier iMaiiufneinries, Uiiildings, and Mer- chnndise. on favorable terms. This Cnmnaiiv is well Icnnwti lo the Manufacturers of Nnw-llngland, and pos semi's i heir lull ennfidoueo. The Oninpnny wns uic.orpnrnied A. I) KiOO. The Gunilnl Stock is sV.200.00U, ;,l paid in ninny yrars since, and well secured in Hank .Stocks nnd Real Ksiaiu. The Directors are. SULLIVAN DO IIH. IiHNJAMIN HOPI'IN, iMOSKS P. IV'W. 1 1 UN II V P. PltANKLIN, KOHURT il. IVUS, HL1SIIA DVHR, OAliLO MAURAN. OIIARLKS JACKSON, WILLIAM P.UTLHR. Mnnufacturers nnd others wishing for lnsuiance. are rrquesled to direct their a p. plications (winch should be accompanied a particular (Uvcription of thu prop erty,) per mail, to the President or Secre tary if I ho Company, and the same will be attended In promptly. SULLIVAN DORM. I'rcmlcnl. Wauim'.n (iin'.r.Ni:. Strritury. Pruvitluuc H'nshimslmi Insurance f ' V) ;... 1 n vrff i.11 jygtfjritwiwrtTurfMfy UNKXAMPLED MAMMOTH SCHEME. rBTHMH following details of n Srhtmc of n JiL J.vllcrti, to he drawn in iJce.nniiinr nuxt, :.. .t 1 t iii.. I... 1 1 Vl Ml A I warrant ns in declaring it to hu UNl'AUAL LKIjLD in the history of Lotteries. Phikkh to the niiiount luti c ncrir brfnrs liav iiffertd to the public. Il is true, there nro many blanks, but on the other baud, the extremely low ohnnrn of (S20 per Ticket the rfirc ir number or the mnilnh, nnd the revival ol nn: good old custom of WAtinAN'NNfJ that iivkky rilt.i: SIIAl.t, lit! JJllAWN AND hot. I), Will, WC: are sure, give satisfaction, nnd es pecially lo the Six llnmlrtd Prize Holders. To those disposed lo adventure, wo leeoin ineiul eaily application being made to us for tickets when the Prizes are all sold, blnnks only remain thu first buyers havo the best eba'nee. We. therefore, emphatically say DP.IAY NOT! but at once remit and ImnsmU lo us your orders, which shall always receive our iiiuuedinle atlelilloti. Letters to be ad dressed, and application niadu to SYl.VKSTHIt Ar. CO., li(. Ilroiiilwinj, Arm iorli. fyj-Ulitcrvi! the nmnbir, ITiO. Oflbc Provitknic. 11 I. MVJO. ly.f. A Va untile I' a r pi Gentle reader suppose six years to hao parsed, and permit mo lo change the scone from tho Androscoggin, to the drawing room of a wealthy and piomisiug young lawyer, in P.m. ton. It was eleuantly furnished hooks mil prints lay about, though center tables were not then in fashion numerous paintingf. which the connoisseurs pronounced as gems, lined tho wall, and a rich ISrussels carpet covered the lloor. Ik-toro the lire, winch burned cheerfully on the marhlo hearth, sat a lndy habited in a black satin dress. Sin was leading in a largo easy chair, with on; lililo foot resting on an ottoman, and tho other hulfhiiried in the nap of a super!) rug. So elegantly rounded wns her form, snd so smooth was her cheek, that it would seen ahnnl impossible that she could be the moth er of the beautiful children, who sal a nun back, plaving on tho caipcl. Onu a lint mnntv ho'v.ol-four vcars. with dark curly ban bright black eves, a bold forehead, and a ir.ot . There l- on the premises a wharf, used for miscbicvious "smilo, contrasted beninifully ' t ho recept ion of lumber in the winter, to with the little girl at his feet, m a pinK Ireeu : which boats can come at all season-;; Ihe and while pantalets, who raised licr soli bluu nll( H ,,f g(lnti quality, nbout one half un eyes and shook hack her sunny hair, with ,,.r cultivation , the residue tbicklv covered such a graceful motion, as the hahy man ,j,j, 1(lr( llmH,r. '',L. commanding hit strovo lo malioher unucrbianu un assertion m. (mtjn n(- ,l0 property, ,t.s prnxnult had boon making. , I to Lake Chamnlain. and susccntiblv nl nt sister naincu i , ... , 1 - , , MMMH!! Foreign Iron and fStool. ENGLISH Iron from 1 lo C indies Russia Old Sable Iron Do New du do Swedes do Hoop do from h 10 i lncl' Primer's Rods Spring, Cul, German, Swedes and Lugl'iab lllistur Steel. Carl and Wagon Roxcs ('unshed Cro I'ars by .lime 7. J. As J, II. PF.CK & Co. Crown (.Jlass. SO LDrORD.Sarniiac nnd Clinton crown JJ.O. by by .tune ' .'. it J. II. PECK As Co. ,1u,tnts 1U.TJ. UB 1)1)1. Boston crashud Sn gnr. 1.1 boxes do Loaf do. for sale at liostoi- prices and Iroighl, equal in qunltty to he-t I'nalish refilled, for sale, on consignment by May ill . Foi.i.nn- ,t Uuaui.ks. ,i??;'VS lying directly l tTKkt 1,10 pleasant nnd Hour "VKf- )' :i?'hw port, Essex county N.t ffl coiitnmmg nbout two .-,'...tVCv hundred acres binder -rr'ir?lV-. ,,, , ,,, cl)Uiniii ml ig nn e.ti'ii-ive view ol WeMporl Ray. Mamma, mamma, great improvement, nnd the large quant uy tyYVr Vi. Z wmid upon .t-whicl. is daily luoiao.v uy.iio - morn vnlonhlel nffer, lap, while the little girl ciamuerou up ueimiu - - - -- j- ( ' " hcr scat.and pultim' her liny hand on tl inducemenl-to a farmer nboul lo locate. comb which confined her mother s hair, Dent, r .o nny purciiaser, a- a sure inves.u.en:. her rosy lace over, and whispered coaxiuglyi I "le inili-nuinblc. riir terms apply lo b. .Mnm.nn nnul" iMvillCII. Westport, 1'jSPX CO. N.Y. K Reforo tho mother could answer, the comb was brandished in tho air, and down came a shower of glossy tresses over her wrought laco cape 'Oil Grace, you rogue,' rrNE Subscriber having completed his ar Jl rangenionls at Sr. Joii.ns and Wnn i:- exclaimed the a'-i., is now prepared lo receive noons in. teud.'d lor tiiansi-oi-.tatiox- between Mo.ntki: .l and New York. All oiders addressed to the nirent nt St. mother, rcachloir her hand hack, and patting tho little girl's cheek; 'Well, muster Harry Only, mamma-,' the sentence was not Johns Mr. W. II. Huhlanii. will he pron.tlv e i I p. ,i,i ., ,i il,,. iinnr nneued attended to, and no troulilu or expense spared -ml nur'nld'nd llenrv lilnir. entered. Thu ' lllc despalcli of Goods addressed to thu ..,.!).. r. i ." .oni nn.i i,!a i-siauiisiuiieni Ullliuruii lan luiwaiu iu beautiful wife stood blushing, and laughing at the figuro she made, with her hair hanging like a veil almost to her feet. Rlair seemed uncommonly serious. lie took a teat, and lilTm!! the liltlu girl lo his knee kissed her ; and then turniny to Ins wile, said, 'Grace, you know I was called upon to advo cate the cause of a man imprisoned on various charges of forgery ; his trial is over.' 'And what is the result." inquired Grace, sfonnioir on her wav lo the lilacs. 'Ho is convicted, and sentenceu, on mo on-, oi. nppusuo judge t'niieirs Resilience, feront indictments, to twelve years in Iho state N. 15. For terms apply to Sum E How prison ; but vou know this person Grace ; hit ard. E W A LRRIDGE. Tho Charges for Commission, Wharfage, cc., will he Ion nil at least twiinty-tivi: ii:k cunt holow what has been hitherto paid upon the Line. FRANCIS MULUNS. Montreal, 2d May, 1IJ39. X RARE CfflANCE. A'Sw rBllK suli-cribor will mJI at BRBgtfj JL private sale at thu lowest J.?-.!,, possible rate Ibe bouse and lot at present occupied by .Mr. lilood on iIaiu name is not French, but ' I 'James Ilininau?' exclaimed Grace, drop-i ping the hair r-he had gathered up, and draw ing close to her husband, as if there was danger in the name. : Il is no other,' replied Rlair, 'but hu is fo much altered in appearance, you would hardly know him.' 'I hope his father and dear Nancy will not hear of his arrest,' said the wife, seating Iter self and gazing thoughtfully on thu fire ; 'bad as hu was. thov loved him; and now the old man is growing more happy, and Nancy is would entirely unsettle them again. 'His cliaiiL'o of naiiii! will prevent bis trial gelling abroad,' replied Rlair, but his wile did not hear him ; her thoughts were with her father's I'rave, on the banks of tho Andres.. coggin. said, i-risxunr his nm. mw.ili nlinoi l . RMiify Iih inoidinnic self-love, than horn nny inhu. hu next r but whur . ... i .. . i leni oaniion nil ueaiui in iiib iiii.iiii, iii iran wu.s! iuu ciurgyuian is in inu nuxi room -,,,., ..,... ,:.. ,e,. utr,.jed liv -nny I call hun in now ?- Nuncy 'She has stepped out, but will return di rectly,' answered Iho victim, in a low, pn Kent voice, though her licurt was ulinub" Itl.ilr iiiid dt-eplv mollified by .Mies Sutlig.ito'' irfn sal. I In had lo'ud (, a's far ns he waa capalile of loving any ihin', and tint lliouy lit slut had it-jecicd him for lllair, hi enemy, aroiuej all the lec I intj of bitict nces ami malice that btrongiy Gro a cr ics. fittrlington. ,Wny '21. l!!39. WINDOW SASIJ" tf lit?. .,nTTTllHl'ilM k,r (TftfTTiY Chests Young Hyson Tea JAVi 75 do llvson Skin do "0 Rugs Pepper "0 do Pimento 1 40 do Cofl'ecs fiO Ro.vosi Pipes 100 do liar Soap ".00 do Raisins SO Kegs do 40 do Pure Ginger 100 Mats Cassia. St. Croix Hum, Holland Gin. Signolto Plainly. I ul I i mo ro Gin, American Brandy, Champagne, llrown and Palu Sheny, Madeira and hieily Alailuira, iilarscills iMaduira and Malaga Wines, by .1UST received lo 20 & 2.1-7 by 9 casements of sash, a first rale article, at 34 and 3i cts. per light. Also, all kinds and sizes, furnished to order. Ticolideroga Rlack Lead, a first rate articlo, for sale very low, together with a great variety of other articles, as cheap as can bo found at any other estab. lUhincnt in the place. Oku. Pi:ti:hson ""OlaOTHING, AO. " " fSlllH subscriber acknowledges past Tn vers with grattlute. nnd would say that he continues the Tuiloring Tiudc 111 all its branches. He has for talc a great variety ol READY MADR $500,000!! 8 2 5,000!! G prizes of $20,000!! 2 prizos of $ 1 5.0(H)!! '. prizes oi' 10,000 ! GitAxn nv.xi. j:stati: & hank stock OF PROl'Klt l'V sri'tJATt; IN N. OP.I.P. N.S. O flic f nhrst and nml Mwznijicent .Si I tune cur prcsenlid In lite public, in tliisur mil other Country. L'lCKKTS ONLY SHO. Authorized by an act of the Legislative As sembly nf Florida . and under the diieelions of the commissioners, nelinir under l!ic Mine To he ttruun at Jacksonville, 'lor. Die. 1. li!3'J' S:iI3!II)T trc HA.1Iir.TOX, Mmmgrn. SYLVRSTPR & Co.. 1C Ii roadway, Mew 1'orV. Solr .'lnitx. Nf) OOMRINATIO.N' NUMP.P.RS ! ! 100,000 Tickets, from No. 1 upwards in mic- eession. The Deeds uf the property and the stock transl'er'ed in trust to iho commissioners up poii.tcd by the said act of the legi-dnluru of Monda, lor the sceorily ol the pno holders. SPLENDID SCHEME !! I l'nizi; Thu Arcade 'M feet, ft indies, l lines, un Magazine st.; 101 feel, 11 inches, 011 Natchez st.; VICt lent. 0 inches, on Gravier st. Rented at about v7,000 per ami. valued at 1 Prize. City Hotel 102 feet on Common slieet; 1-10 feet,0 inches, on Camp st. Rented at $Cft.00O valued at 1 Prize dwelling House (adjoining the Arcade) No". 1C.21 feet,' 7 inch es front on Natchez street, rented al $ 1200 valued at 1 Prize do (adjoining the Arcade) No. I!!, 0.! feet front 011 Natchez st. rented at $1200 valued al 1 Prize do. (adjoining tiio Arcade) No. 20, 2.1 feet front 011 Natchez st, runted at .$1200 valued at 1 Prize do. No 2.5, North east corner of Jiasin and Custom house streets 40 feet front on Rasin, and 40 feet 011 Franklin street, by 127 feel deep in Custom House street, rented al $1500 valued at I Prize do No. 24, South west cor ner of Rasiu and Custom-house sts 32 feet, 7 i tin lies on Rasin, 32 feet, 7 inches on Franklin, 127 feet, 1 0 J inches deep in front of Custom house street rented at $1500 valued at I Prizu do. No. 339, 2-1 feet. P. inches on Royal street, let 127 feet. 11 inches" deep rented at $1000 valued at 1 Prize 250 shares canal bank stock $100 each 25.000 do commercial do do 20,000 do Mechanics1 k. Traders' do do 15.000 do Citv Rank do do 10.0(10 do do do do 10,000 do do do do 10,000 do Ex 1 liange Rank do do ft, 000 do do do do .0.1100 25 do Gus liL'ht Rank do do 2.500 25 do do do do do 15 do Mechanics1 and Traders' do do 15 do do do do 20 do each lOs-liarcsof the Lnusiana stain Rank, $100 each, each prize $1,000 10 do each 2 shares of $100 each, each prize $200, of the Gas Light Rank 200 do each i share of $100, of tho Rank nf Louisiana 200 do each 1 sliaru of $100, or tho New Orleans Hank 150 do each 1 sharo of $100 of the Union Rank of Florida Dollars. 700,000 500,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 15,000 Rwlinglon Veimoul and Essex, Cjlindi' Class, made at the Champlaiii Glass oik-, nnd very much improved 111 iiialily compared with the late brands, for sale by .lune 7. .1 & .1. H. Pick & Co. Ah Bahom of Liverwort. yjOVSJ.'S" & C'O. AGBSvTS BjTOR selling Docl, Taylor's liahnm of Liv JL. r.runrl, for Consumption, Lnir Com plaints, L'mighi. Colih, SpillniK of thud, J'um in tbi! Sidr, or llrcutt,.4slhnut. Pltvriiy, Short, ncss of Hnalli, Palpitation of the Utart, De bility. jVrriTttnm and all diseases of tho Lum;s and Liven. The virtues of this celebrated atticle has but recently been loMed in this region sulfi Biunt however, has been, in Chittenden and Addison continties. to give it justly a name above any medicine, hitherto oil'eicd n.-i a remedy and cure for consumption and liver couiplants To show what cures may bo ex pected from its use, we ue-crl a single ease as published in the New J'urk Dailv Express. November 4. 18.10 "Tim Ralsam of Liverwort has found hundreds of nihocates, and has produced so large a number of testimonials 111 its favor an perhaps to render fiullier approba. lion iinneeessaiy. I cannot wilhold my small meed of praiso, knowing tnybclf pie disposed to consumption, both for peculiar formation and hereditary iraiisin's.-'ion, 1 sought all means to obviate this calamity, and recover 1. naturally weak constitution. I spent two year-- at Pisa, in Rome, two years in Florenr- , and another in the Fonth of Prance, set-k-ng mean time the advice of the best Physician.". Last summer I returned to this country, not recruited in health, and perhaps nut much, it' any worse, iban when I left. I had seen in the Reading Rooms in Europe, American news.pipcrs-. containing advcrlisetuenlN of llie Ralsoni of Liverwort, and icsolved upon trying its boasted virtue. As soon as I arrived in ibis country, 1 used il. and in llirce month; I was so well ihal 1 concluded I could safe!" pass the winter here, and accordingly did so. I have used a bottle now and then, through the past summer. I am now in as good health as 1 can wish to he ; my cough has wholly subsided, and my lungs have every feeling of health. I shall be pleased lo receive any per son, who may wi-h for fuilher particulars, at my lodgings, City Hotel, A. A. DELAF1ELD. do 200 do 150 do 100 do 100 do 100 do .00 linn 1 lie Hie o.-lirc liwSKjS' of the sub-Triber on tin- kJL-Cimcki ' ' 1 1' "t't. a lied line-back Cow, wlnle. tail, ond sumo white oil lur legs, about seven years old. The owner h requested to prove property pay charges nnd lake her away. THOMAS GOODHUE. Jnirho. Jane 15, tl!39. .00 I 2.500 1.000 1,500 20,000 2,000 20,000 20,000 1.0.000 1500 IMtlZES TICKETS 20 $1,500,000 vVO SIL1RP.S. J OLD suitable for the present season; also, in real many other itselul articles. Please 11 . .. . .-1 1... i,..iini.i .,i 1 can lur mat which c " """." .. ... ' 1.., ,,vn,iii.iml m,d denied l,v the coinm ss h-neis where. Clothe vprv Neatly . LL A lh 1 1 . ..' , a..,j ,.ir,M in il.nir NOTICE. KNOW all men by these presents that 1 Atiiepas- Gilmnn, of Colchester, County 01 Chittenden and Stale ol Vir uinut, fur and in consideration nf tin: sum of thirty dollars received in lull to my sat isfaction, of Luther Oilman my son hnvs given and by these presents, do give him, the said Luther, Ins lime from and alter tins (Into, nml -hall not consider myself bolden for any debt- be may contract after thin daiii. nor shnll 1 cbinn nny nl his wnge. or interlere with any bargain be may make. In witness whereof I have hereunto set. mv hand and senl this 13'h div of April, 1039. ANTEPA3S GIL-MAN. Signed sealed and delivered 111 presence- uf II. R. FISHER. C. A. RATES. Witnesses. from ocii)i:N.siiui;t;n to islffai.o in Oc?-:jo 1 1 01 us. IK Junu ' .1. k J. II. PECK & Co. bush. Roe, 1000 do. Cri. 2000 do. Gait, for which rash will ho paid on delivery, by Folmh-t IIkaui.i'.vm Blanchurd's colohratotl Scythes tyt&fth doz, German steel coueavu glass ' Scythes. 100 do. cast do. do. (!o. 20 do. Cradle Scylbes, for sain by Mny31. FoLixrr Aj Rkaui.ius, Agents PORK. 1500 Lard, 15 Ilbls. .Shoulders, for salo hy I'ohLKTT Si IJlUDI.KVS. May 31 iiid REPAIRED on short notice, Clothing .chauged or taken for Pay. w. iiimmj. Pearl St. Nov. l(!3fl. If IB 2. ON &C. STRONGS & Co. being put into the wheels. One wheel will contain the whole of the niimbnrs.thoolher will contain llio Six Hundred Prizti, and the lirst 000 numbers that shall be drawn out, will be entitled to such Piu.u as may be drawn to its number, and the fortunate holders of Mich Prizes will have such propeity transferred to .1 I I.-.I..I,- .il'tni-lliK i!r:ilv.lin.-lllllri. un now receiving uy nubn bind, and without any JJutuclion ; Iruuiind Steel, coii'tsting ol J 10 ion English Wngmi mid Cart tiro of all the various sizes, .0 tons Russia O. S. Iron 3 do Swedes do Cnst. Gorman. Spring, American and Eng. lilister S'cel. English Hoops, Rrnziers rods iS'C '!.(), 011 Consignment, 500 Kegs assorted cut Nails, 3d to OOd nml Hour Rrads, 20 tons Peru uiauufncturud linn round and square nf nil si.'-h Rami Iron, Shou Shapes etc clc. Juno 0. ST P. A M - P. OAT JOHN EVANS, Esa. Commanuer. rtJIHIS splendid new Roat of -00 toss JL burthen, propelled by two poweiful low nressuro ciiL'ines. will mako two trim per I'lio whole of tho Tickets, with their Hum- wki:k through IhoLako from onncssnunoii te i.uwistown, slopf ing up and down at tho in. lurmedialti ports, as lull own : UPWARDS hers, as also lho-u containing tho prizes, will examined and sealed by tho coininissp'iieis . , . .. . . : I il..:. appointed unuor 1110 aci, pieviuusiy iu mvn IMCIiliirill FISZB. HJll.J)l()JV, Shadd nml No. I, Mackerel, also, Smoked Salmon, at retail by Juno 1 1. Latiiuoi' & I'm win, VERMONT MILITIA. rIU" Subscribers having been appoint JH. ed agents fur the purpie-o, have innde arrangements to supply tho Militia of Ver mont wi Ii JIH. IT A II Y II UTTOXS, manufactured by the Ail leboruugb Coinpa nv Mass. expressly for the purpose, with DEVICES approved and adopted for OPMUiAr. STAFP FIPJ.I) AXD STAFF. AiiTii.nnnv lACIIT IMIJW'IIV. Ill FLU. 'Va ho furnished in a few weeks. Terms given when received. DANIL'US & HELL. Rutland, Ft, June I I, 1039. l.caes Odriisimrgh, Monday and 'I luirsilay niglita do, I1oii islown, do. do. do do. Alexandria liny, (In. do. do do. Ftrncli Cieek, Tuesday fc Friday innrninga do, H.iikel's ll.ubur, do do. .il 1- noon, du. Osncfjo, do du. at 5 p. 111. nriivin;' al l.cwistou nn Wednesdav and S.ilind.iy morning in lime for llie 11101 iini; Cos fur lliiU'.ilo. now rav .USDs, I.e.uce I.ortislnn, Wcilneday & S.utiiil.iy al ft p tii do. H)i-;(i, Tlnirsd.iy and Csiuiday nl li a in du, S.icket's llaibor,di) do nl 10 a. 111, do I'lcnrh Cici-k, do. du nt 1 p, in. do Alexandria IS.iy ami Jlnrrisinwn, ufiernoon, 111 living at (deiisbiugh on Sunday and Tlnirsd.iy evenings. fJCJ'P.issenseis by iliia Itoat can leach N. Voik or IMonueal 011 llie eieiiiiis of die second day from I.euisloii, The Si. 1mrcnco ha cIpm-ii larjje nnd comino dinus State Kooms imlcpenileni ol hot cabins, 111 uhicli cnllcnicn with their families can bo comfort iiblv ucriimnioil.iteil, The Rica spi ed of litis boat wilh licr cxrcllcnt arcninniud.iliuns, cnlriNicd lo llie cue of one of dm most experienced and kilfnl nuv igaiorn, will ensuro iho liaiellinjj public not only a plea.uil but a moro rxprililioiis p.isu.iKO InlliL-iiii kiinun 011 iho Lake. Ogdcmburgh, June 10, 183!). 40 Casks, by J cy H Vkck S; Co.

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