Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 2, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 2, 1839 Page 3
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mnins were conveyed to Scotland for inter moot. At the request of Iit fnthor n post mortem examination of her liody was made nnd the result forever put ut rest nil the doubts- ns to her innocence of tlio chnrgo that had been preferred against her char acter. Mr. nnd Mr. Wrbs'er nro annniinced guutts nt Lord iirouirtiani's soirco on the Olh. On the l!ih Mr. Hume made n motion in thu house of commons to inquire into the pecuniary transaction of the Hunk of Eng In lid since ihe resumption nfcush payments j nnd pnrlicnlnrly lo ascertain how far these I rausnct ions produced the alarming crisis of the manufacturing, conitncrcinl, and flnaucinl nfl'.nrs of the country in 1.125 C. nnil m 1!!3G 7 ; nnd also to inquire wheiher ns the Hank of England is at present con HtiUtcd, then! ever can be stability in the currency, or confidence in the commercial transactions of the country. In the llnus'o of Lord on Ihe evening of Hie Sill insl., the Archbishop of Cnuier hury brought forward his resolutions upon the snhjdci ol national education. The Sun Eny: "a long and spirited discussion endued, which lusted till near 3 o'clock, nnd ended in n division. The numbers were conienN present 171, proxies Ml: non contents 00, proxies 3ft : total 229 and 1 13 .majority for the Priestcraft and ngninst education, 111." Am kiiic an Boumjahv Question. Her Majesty's Government has selected two Commissioners lo proceed immediately by the British Queen to North Aniiricn. to examine into the possibility of simplifying this arduous undertaking, and bringing the question to n prompt and honorable settle ment. Lieut Colorcl Mudge. of the lloyal Engineers, on officer of high reputation in geodetic operations, is one of the Com missioners. The other is Mr. Fcatlierstonbaugh. This gentleman ha been selected as well for his scientific attainments, his very inti mate acquaintance with the details of this troublesome question as for the topograph ical knowledge which bis exicnsivo travels in North America have enabled him to ac quire. Globe (Ministerial Paper.) NoTfcrc. The annual joint celebration nf the Literary Societies nf tin; Uimersity of Vermont, n ill tin brlil ai the Hi irk Chinch, on Tuesday, iliuGib of AitiNt, :il 3 o'clock I'. M. An aililicM m.iy lie expected from Prof. Tavt.ER I.kwis, of New" York City. Immediately after ilia exercise?, llio tHiial moot, ini oT ilic two Socieiie.-' will lie held, fur ihe elec tion of mi Orator and Poet for ihe next ensuing eeltibintion. Wm. L. Knowi.k.s, Sec. of the Phi Sigma JVu Soc. UHO. LfiB I.Y.MA5, Stc. nf the University Institute, tittrlington, July 2jA, 1SH9. The annual celebr.itmii of die Society for Heli. iiiin lnipiitv of i lie Unuei sily of Vei niont, will bo holder, in die Uriel; Church on Tuesday, lite Clli of Aiiiii nexl. in 2oYlork, P. AI. liev. Jos 'en Tkacv, of Iloion, inav he ex peeled 'ii iiiiihrsj die society on the occasion, fly i.ider of die f'ociely. I). C. Hour.iiToN, Cor. Secretary. ISurhnglon, July 2."ii, 1S39. 'I'lin annual 'ntiiinaiinii of i lie liiilininn I V ! Sclioul will inku pliire mi Tliurnlav and i-'ridai, An:. IhI nnd 2d. Kxliiliitinn I'ridav eveniii". .1. 11. F.Asr.MAN, Piinclpal. 1- .. . T -ii a u ii i i: i) In this town, on the 1st inst., by H. II. Slnry, Esq., Mr. tiEoitoK Raymond to Miss BIah'v I!a knows, both of U idiston. 105 Boxes Tin Plate 1-3 X. 32 Bundles Wire from Number 0 to 17, jim ree'd by Vilas. Loomk &. Co. 12 Bundles Eng. &, American Sheet non. 75 lbs. Copper Bolt, just ree'd by July 31. '39 Vims Loom is & Co. PARASOLS A email lot of very handsome fig'd ond plaid Parasols, just r,.c'd and for talc cheap al the jYcw Cami STORE of A"K- 2. Wait & Taiioh. Sowing Silk Gloves. 1? LACK and Colored Gloves of doubled JLJ ai.dlw.stedMlk. T, y.nU, a few very fine Kmbrouiercd trench Collars, for sale uncommonly cheap by Aurr. 2. WAIT &. TABOR. STATU OF FKIUIOJYT, ) DtsinioTOK CmTm.M)EN, ss. AT u Probate Court holden at Burling ton, within and for the district nf Chit tendon on llio 27lh day of July A. D. 1339, prehcnt the Hon. Charles Russell. Judge of said Court, a copy, of the last will nnd lestnniont of John Abbott, lain of Bur lington, ulbresnid, at the-tirim of his dealh, residing at Philadelphia, in the County of Philadelphia nnd State of Pennsylvania, deceased, duly allowed and proved in the probato Court for Ihe city and Connlv of Philadelphia nlbrosaid being presented to tho Court here that said copy may be filed, nnd recorded in llio probate Court for I be district of Chittenden aforesaid, agreenbly n the mntulij in such case made and pro videtl, it is hereby ordered that all persons be notified In appear before said Court, at n session thereof at the Resistor's office, in Burlington, within nnd Tor tlio district nf Chittenden, on tho 2lt day of August next, mil contest the filing "and recordum of tho copy of said will as uforesaid, if they see cause, for which purpose H is fur. therordered that a copy of the record of this order be published three weeks mic ccfsively in the Burlington Free Prcfs, a newspaper printed nt Burlington, as soon as may he. Given under my hand nt Burlinlon nforcihid. this 27th day of July A. D. Itl.iO. CHARLES RUSSELL Judge. HOWARD lv iiiilvi'.iJinHurlinglrin last evening nil. S. dcr one nim most hciiuliful, grand anil magnificent muibotH OVor behold, ami was joy ously received and greeted bv a crowded u.ul. T . w.Ton,1,,S """ """no , a supply of T . . i: ' , oaiiiiizo ol loruigu distant, clinics, which are now being arranged for exhibition and distribution, at ,j (jra, Rar.aar Storo, where citizens and Visitors aro nv.lcd to view tho splendid collection, ontiro ly frco of chargo, July 20, '39 Copartnership Dissolved. rsnlJE Copartnership hcretoforn existing -J. under the name W. 0. Stimpsov &. Co. was dissolved by mutual consent July I2lh. All persons indebted lo said firm, aro re. quested In make payment lo Edward Bnn ley, bile Junior Partner, who is authorized lo liquidate all Coparnorslnp concerns. And all persons, who iiave claims against said la'c firm, will present, the .niinn to said Edward Briuley for payment, by whom the business will be continued nsntuinl, W. C. Stimi'son. EllWAHl) BlttNl.KV. STORES. rinllE subscriber recently of the firm of JL V. C. 3timpsou & Co., having In ken the htock and stand lately belonging to the same, now oilers lor sale on most liberal terms, a very large assortment of DRUGS .MEDICI.YES PAIJYTS AjYD DYE STUFFS. From arrangements bo has entered into, he will constantly be receiving full Fmporta tinns of English, French nnd Indta Drug, which, with the following, will bu ollurcd unusnall.y low. ,-,000 Camphor. 2 cases Turkey Opium, 10 do Lwpintico Paste, ijOOO do Liquorice Root, 300 do Calomel, 300 do Red Precipitate, .000 do Tartar. Acid, 1000 do Hug. Sup. Carb. Soda, 100 Boxes GVtile Soap, 200 oz. Snip. Quinine, 2 Cans E-s. Lemon, 2 do Ess. Burgnmot, 100 oz. Firs. Benzan, 200 do Oil Peppermint, 20 Casks Sol Sodn. 2000 do Arrow Root. 1000 do Turkey Gum Myrrh, 50 Bbls, Epsom Sails, 20 Bales Bottle Corks, 100 Packages npnthecarics Glass-ware, 50 Bales India Snena, 25 Casks White Load, 20 Coses Shellac. 15 do Copal, India, 20 Kegs Paris Green, (5 Hhds. Madder. 50 Bbls. ground Camwond, 200 do do Dye Wouds, 10 do Dine Vilrol, 100 Carboys Oil Vitriol. Dealers in Drugs, Manufacturers. Phy sicaiis (Sic, aro respectfully invited to cull when wanting to purchase, or forward their orders, which will receive the must prompt attention. EDWARD BRINLEV, JYo. 3 Sc 1 SonrVt Side Old FanUul I rail, Boston. August 2. 1039. o, Cecse Feathers oi qua'ity for sale bv su penor VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. July 30, 1339. WATCHES, "JEWELRY & FACY ARTICLES. l'A.CHOItV .V UKINS3IA11). Of the Variety Sturc. r"T1AKE this opportunity, respectfully to JL return thanks lo" their nuiuoroiis rnendsaud Customers who have bo liber ally seconded their untiring efforts, to keep their assortment so complete, that the name given to their Store, by tlio Public might not appear JjYjI P PROPRIA Til, and that Strangers as well as Customers in the vicinity might depend upon finding at all tiuxv the various little articles which tiihle, fancy, or their numerous wants might suggest. We beer leave lo state thai our assortment, never before better, is bcin" replenished with very manv JYcw and beautiful Articles, in all the departments in which wc trade. It would be Miperlliious to o into particu lars, by enumerating over tlie leading arti cles kept nt the VAItlKTV STORE, were il not to inform those who are I'isi tun, for a few days only in our delit'lilful P"Ko. wiicre, ineir wants and fancy can village where, their wants and fancy can h"',, ' !2 3 "17 ,nB"y. n,,,,cl8 would take (ho liberty of mentioning, thm wc have line Gold mid Silver Waicbe? of the very be-t QualMes nnd very accurate markers of time. We sell them ns low as they are feold in New York, Boslou or Montreal Also, Gold and feilver Spectacles, Pencils, Thim bles, ifcc. Fine Pen Knives, Rszors, Soap, Perfume ry, Mnir Oils, the best of JJrushes, Cnmbs. Mirrors. Stock?, Collars and Bosoms, of the latest New Vork styles and the best quulily. Silver Spoons, Gold Chains. Musical Instruments, Cards. Curl', Engravings, Telescopes. Work Boxes and Dresbiii" Cnc. Portable Desk. Spool stands, Screw Cushions, Portfolios. Pocket Books and Purses, fine Suspenders &.c. &c. Vu have a great variety of fancy arti cles. Particular attention given to lino Watch repairing. Pure Silver Spoons constantly mndo in the Shop, Spoons mndo and sold by us. matkpd rralis , US- S3 M l) Mil R 11 ' almost iiiiv nriiele can be muml nt Ihe A"K- '-' PA.NfilloN A ltR,MAI. JY C () ,M p A R A J LJ: TOO tTi PREPAKATION ! rBlIIU tJlopian.dri'amsoribo nlehymisl nro " r,r?J-l'flw.,. a,ul " ro"dy discovered for llio lOOIIIACfli:, nnd preserving tboso imporlant and beautiful appendages of Ihu human system, by the usn (,r i,n JMG AT.TIG ODOXriU.l, which by its attract ive, purifying and strengthening qualities, removes all extraneous hiiIjsUiicqs from tho lentil, mil preserves them in their natural brilliancy, and Ihu gums in soundness and beauty. It is ascertained from experience, that when usnd.tho teolh will nuvor dce'iy, hut remain till i,0 laletl ago or man, with their nalural wear. (Then they are decayed, its progress will bo uiroslud. and tho ireil. reserved and prevented fioiu aching. All thin has been clnno inn niultitudoof iimtan cos; and more, in thousands of eases, nervous loolhaebn (ibal eliinax ol'pnin) has nt nnco bi cn rH'octually cutnd by the use of this tho most popular dcutrifricd In America. Ant! the public, so far as they havo brcoino ac tuaintcd with llio inerila of Ibis looih pnw dor. have inado uso of itas wo havo sold. within it short limn, about 20.000 boxes of the Odoulica. Anil, In conclusion, wheroand who is tho young lady or gentleman, nyo. the individual I hat values a beautiful set of teeth, sound gums', nnd a sweet breath, more than fifty cents, that will bu longer dcstilutoof a box of Dr. Ilitcheock's incomparable Magnetic Odonlic.i? For sale, wholesoln and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK A: Co., No. 117 Gnncscn street, Utica. N. Y. And by tiicir agents throughout the (J. Status and Canada. In Burlington only by J. k. .1. !I. PECK k Co.. in Vnrircnncs by .1. il. Bow man, in Milton by Whitney, Landon & Co.. in Goorgia by Lorcn.o Janes. aug2 &3LOOM AT TffiFS-si I la no you a Cough? TO.OOO DIP. OF CONSUMPTION ovcryycar in the United Slate?, anil millions sulfur from troublesome coughs and cold, tlut can bo cured by Dr. M. Hitchcock's Vegnta bio Virgin Cicam Couh Drops, a safe. mcdi. cal prescription, containing no poisonous drugs, nnd used in an ptimivo practice for snvcral years, will wl positively afford ro. lief, and save you from that nwful disease, pulmonary consum plion,whieb usually wcops into the grave hundreds of the voung, the old, tho fair, the lordy and the ga.y"? Have you a cough ? Be persuadod lo pur Hiasca bottle of the Cough Drops to-day ! 'I'o-inorrow may bo too lato. Have you a cough ? Dr. Hitchcock's Veg. otable Virgin Cream Cough Drops is the only remedy you should taku to cure you. For this plain reason; That in no one of tho thousand cases where it has been used lias it failed to relieve. Price, 75 cents pur bottle. For sale, wholesale and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK & Co. No. 1 17 Genesee st Utica, N. Y. And by their agent throughout the United Stales and Canada. In Burlington only by J. k. .1. II. Pkcic & Co., in Vergenncs bv .1. II. Bowman, in Milton by Whitney, Landon Co., in Georgia by Lorcn7o Janus. Only Twcnly-jhc Cents! ! DR. M. HITCHCOCK'S NEWLY IN VENTED SNUFF Thu best article ever discovered by scientific men. in Europe or America, for tho cure and absolute relief of Catarrh, Dizziness of the Head. Weak Eyes. Nervous Headaches, Fallen sickness, Fit', nnd infants troubled with Snullles, partial shocks of Palsy, &c. For sale, wholesale and retail, by A. Hitch, cock & Co., solo proprietors, 117 Genesee street, Utica, nod by their agents throughout the United Status and Canada. In Burling ton only by .1. &,.), . I'ECK ct Co., in Ver. geniics by J. II. BOWMAN, in Milton bv Wiiitnuv, Lanuo.v & Co,, in Georgia by Lorenzo Jane3. au"2 S3 i M Jt.2XjLiZ f'SJIO remove these Iroublcsonic and danger. A ous inhabitants of the stomach and bow els, whieh so often impair tho health and de stroy the lives children and adults, UHK D"ct M. flitchcoclt's WORM TEA a certain and safe preparation for tho removal of tho vari. ous kinds ol worms that infest Ihe human sys tern. Wo say USE Di. M. Ilitchcok's Worm Tea, for this plain reason that in no one of tlio thousand cassos, where it has been used agreeable to the printed directions, has it ever failed. N.B. Ask for Dr M. Hi rciicncK's WonM Ti:a. as ibero are many nostrums abroad for llie destruction of worms. For sale wholesale and retail by A. Hitch, cock ,t Co.. solo proprielois, 1 17 Geneseu st Utica. and by tlio it agents throughout the United States and Canada. In Burlington by J. & .1. II. I'ECK .V Co., in Vorgciinns by J. II. Bowman, in Milton by Thilney, Landon k Co,, in Georgia by Lorenzo Janes. aug2 ( OliN wanted. 4f'1 ASH will bo paid for INDIAN CORN, delivered at the OristMdl Onion River Falls or at their Store, bv July 20. IIICK'OK it CATLIN. A ''' WA-t S'. TABOHS a full si?.? supply of light Calicoes, frcncli English and American, will be sold uncommonly Cltmp for Cash, those wishing to buy will do well to Call iiml ceo bufoto purchasing else, where. FIlLONCIl'sirOES. A na,",'snmc Variety of French Kid Shoes yS.rA of lino and light quulily just rce.'d at Ihu ntw eiioap cash storo of Wait a. 'I'Aiiott. July 20, 1039. " ""notice. rlIIE undersigned Seluelnion of Burlington JL will incut at tho Town room, on Satur day the 10th of August next, at nine o'clock A.M. for tho purpoa of henrinir anv annuals which may bo inado from tho assessments of llie ljtslera. Samuki. Nichols, ) Selectmen W.m. A. GlllSlVOLD, s of II. Lowiiv. ) liurUngton Biirlinglou. July 22d 1039. BROKE jail on the morning of the 2.1th int..a felon, mimed JOHN CHAM BERLAIN, cniniintlrd for burglary and I licit. Said Chiiiiiborliiiu H about live leel eight, rnther hiout built, dark hair, and dnrk complexion, ihoiigb somewhat blea ched by several mouths confinement, lie will be readily delected by Ins gait, ns one leg is considerably shorter than the othor. su that be walks with some difficulty. l dress cniiiiol be described, ns be left hi own chillies in the jail. Chamberlain has twice graduated at Windsor, and would he selected among n thousand as n loarer. The above icward will be paid to any per son who will rot urn said prisoner, or secure him in any jail in this or the niljomiii.r Hla'es. (!. A. ALLEN, Slicri', " JUtrlinzlm,Juhi 2,0. 1 1130 LOOK IN d-G L A SS lis WITH mahogany mid Gill frames for sale Cheap ut July 5. LatiihopiV. I'otwiVs. ftn "b'1'' v,!-ls'rn Sail jusl icceived and rJJt for Pa0 ,y IhuKOKlV Catlin .'UIV j. SHE! LIFE'S HALLO. rUlAKEN on execution, a large quantity JL of ORY GOODS, (MOCK It MS, crock i:r Y. O.ASSS? HARD WAR 11, compri-ing almost every nrliclo usually found in a retnil store. Also 07 Canisters Powdnr. ill pairs Boots nnd Shoes, nbout 300 lbs NmU, 30 bushels Corn, nnd one now Cutter, which will b,. Hold nt. public vendue at. N. B. IIiHwell's Auction Storo, on the 3d day nf August next at ten o'clock in the forcnoun. II. FKRIIIS. D. Sheriff. Bnr'inglon. Julv 20. 1039. &K sa"& wal mlbS HAVE just received from New York, a large and splendid nsoriruout of neb nnd lahinimhlr, Faun and Staple. DRY GOODS Sf GROCHRIRS. bought for Cash al the present vkuv low prices, which, in connection with their former stock, compries onnofihe largest and best ns-oriineiiu ever ill'ered in this maiket winch will he Kf,, n,r cni, or n t,pri,vori erj-dii at n very small advance from co.-d. We do not ircteud that wo have more. lietler and cheaper onos than can b" found m any store in Chittenden County, but perhaps ns many, as good, nod n chrnp as some or any of our neighbors. We will leave that Tor llioso lo judge who may favor us witli a call. Wo beg leave lo tender our sincere thanks to the generous public for t heir libe ral patronage thus far. and hope by uwea ried pains and exertion on our part lo buy nnd sell cheap, and to please customers that wc may continue to receive a generon and increased patronngn, wc would just say to our old friends and customers, and in short to all who may wish to buy goods cheap, to eall nt our Store on Cbureh-si. where they will find an eu'ire slock of nciu Goods and some chap- who nu ever ready nnd willing In ahow ihnm free of charge, and at a rate which wc hope will induce them to buy. Our stock of Goods is composed of a large and well c,.,.ciP, asnrtment of Sta ple Sf Fancy DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CROCKERY, GLASS WARE, & CUTLERY, all ofwhich will be sold at wholesale or ro'nil as chenp as the clu npcst, no jiistaki:. Most kinds of farmer's p'odnce taken in exchange for goods and ihe highest market prices paid. RurHnstim, July 20, 1039. NOTICE ;S hereby civeii that the undersigned 8. will petition the General Assembly nf tlio Slate of Vermont, next to lie con vened nt Montpelicr on Ihe 2d Thursday of October, I (139, for the grnul ol a Feirv from hi farm in North Hero, in the conn, ty of Grand Isle, ncros the Waters divid ing the towns of said North Hero and Albiirgb. for the term of 10 years from and alter the frt of December ItilO; ex tending each way from I Ii- -.1 1 J farm t, sun! Horlb Hero, along the lake shore one half mile, and along ,0 hike shore of said Albii'eh. from .I0I111 Truman's south line north lo the farm of Abijah i'ateo. JAB HZ IIAZKN. North Hern, July 15, 1UJ9. H thu subscribers linving been up pointed by the IJr.n. the Probato Court for the Di.-trict ol Chiiteiidcn, com missioner? to receive, examine, and adjust the claims nnd demands of all persons against the Citato of Amos Ilickok. late ol Charlotte, in said Disinci, deceased, rep resented insolvent, and nUo all claims and dcmaniN exhibited in off-el llierelo : and six mouths from ihu day of ihe dale hereof j being allowed by said court for that pur pose, we therefore hereby give nottco that 1 we will attend to the business of our up j Ihe dwelling nf Adah Ilickok I in Charlotte in said dtslricl on the last i Tuesdays of October and D 'cetnber ucNt, I at 10 oelock on each of said days. I Dated ibis 2d davol July, A. 1). I1J31 H. II WIIEELFR. J Conitiiis- I BENJAMIN BEERS, s sioner-. J STATE OF VEiniOVl', ; j 1)it. ty Cm iTr.Mi:v. ss ( A M' ., P...I ii A i .1 i iuuu'u ouiui iioiueii ill liiiiung Ion, within and for llie di-l'iel aforo. siad on the Iflth day of July. A. L). 1 11:19. an uistrnnii'iiL purp rimg lo h the last will anil testament of Dwiglu Denn, late of Burlington, tit said district, deceased, was prefeiil.'d in th,. pnurt hore for pro bate, by I Ionium W. R. Dunn, ihe execu tor I herein named. Thuruforu it is ordered by said Court, that public noticubo given lo all persons concern nd therein lo appear beforu said Court, ut a session thereof to bu holden al tho Rcisler's oflico in said Burlington on the h-cond" Wed nusda.v of August. A. D. 111.19. and contest tho prolan of said Will, and il is furiher or deied thiil this or .'or be published three weeks successively in the Free Press u newspaper printed al Burlington, in ibis State, llio last of which shall lie previous lo ihu day atsign ed, as albtesaid fur hcariii". ( liven under my handil llie Register's Office, this ISlh dayjofjuly, A, l. l!i:J9, Wj,. WESTON, Register. STATE OF FER.VOjYT, DlsTllU-T OP CIIITI'CMlKN. S f)IIK 1'iob ue Conn ,- t,o Di-uici ol Cliillen .. den lo .ill pei rum 0 ihuiu lhern pieeiitK sh.ill cmnl C nr. ill i mi. Melni'l.i Hiook, foninr, fiirmrilv of Biirlininii, Vei iiieiil, now of Clenel..iid Ohm, "u.odi.iii nf Me. liil'li llipek-, jiinioc, futini i ly of slid llm linK.ii, and nmv ufs.iid Cle.tiel.ind, li.iiiii;; lepiefe.ued lu llm Conn ih. il ihu said Aleiii,,!,, !1(dltf, jnmui-, is in her own ii;ln, In f,. ,,f m, ,.cll., MMdui. iu i mill mi 1 in uiu idiuuviii. i,.-, i., p.irreUi nl land sun. ito in said Bnrlinsioii, i ijii uiei aemi lols, so called, niitnlieieil luenivnui) nnd iHCiuy-1 iwii, nnd ibe liiiililnns and ,iip'iiiieiiaiu es tlieienf and llifielo lieloiiiiit Hilijoet lo the 1 ilil of doner of (ho uidiiw of .I0..I111.1 Itrnnkn, lain nf said llnr-i lililnil, deie.ind, uhiih lijhl of dnuer is a life! dale 10P.111I uidoiv of one iliiid pan iifsaiil pie., liiws.nnd lli.K saleofih,, inle.esl of said ua.d in, said pieiuisea uimU lie cond.iriu! 10 lur be-l . . els, and pi.ijin' In lie lieenrcd ami cinpuncicd by mill nun 1 lo sell die same, 1 It is lirirliy onleied tanl inn he hcnid befniusaid rmirl al a irKsinn iliercnf m lie held al llie BryiMci 'h (illice in .t itl l!iu lni;liin, 1111 llie 21sl day nl Allium, IS.'19. and ihat niiiire ilicie. of he jjiicn lo all pcisi t. iesled, h pnlilislmi Mils nriler, coiilaiiiin lliemilvianruiifii.iid pclillon, in die I'icc Pics, a ncw-'p.ipci pimic I m lliiitiii" inn, ivvii urek siirers-dwdy, the l.isi nf pnlilicnlinlii In be mil Ic.n ill. ill lun miks pieiinus 10 Ihf aid 2I ( d.iy nf Angim, IS.,f. (liu n iimler niv hand lit BiiiIiiiIimi nfoieyaiil llii L'.'iih day d JiiK, IP:!!) U m. WKSION, tlrghttr. II A I It H V I It . BALDNESS. f in p or t, a n t D i s o o v a r y . THE GREAT MYSTERY FOIWD OUT AT LAST. -Mt. STF.BBVS HAIR REGENEBA MJ1 TOIL Dr.Storry. after niiieli allenlion to the important subject" of preserving tho hu man hair, has, after many experiments, ehctni. cal and physical, buun able to discover an art i do. width i now ollurcd with the greatest confidence for ihe loilcl, as tho bust thing ever discovered, from its softening and penetrating quality, to produce a good head of hair to prevent it from filling olf when baldness is apprehended tn restore it when baldness has taken place, and lo provent it from turning gray. It is more nourishing than pomatum, antique oil. or cologne water. II is a beauti ful article fot ladies curls it makes the loir soft nnd lively, and produces uncommon brill iancy. Thousands have leled its superior virtues nnd excellence mid in every inSlanco 11 stands unrivalled. Il is an infallible cure in all affections of tho skin on llio head as dandruff', ite. &. F.verv family should ho supplied with a bolllt of llii- oil. that by its I nlinlienlinn l ll.r. !,,, I .,,,,1 ,r ( i l,l. t. 11. drcn. Ihu beiiuliful and ornamental appendage ofa fine head ofhair, which nature has sup plied us, may be preserved. From the numer ous certificates anil recommendations received of its salutary influence 'bo Doctor feels firm, ly persuaded bo has succeeded in producing and article which will nice! the desired wishes and approbation of the pubiie. For sale, wholesale and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK k. Co., 117 Genesee -treet, Ulica. In Burlington only by .1. - .1 II. I'i:ri ,; Co , in Vergennes bv .7 . II. BOWMAN, in Millon by WHITNEY, LANDON & Co., in Georgia by LOllENJO JANES. jyG .1 A iI K S M I T C It K I, I. Currier nf ChunhSf Cidlrge streets. Buni.iNTiTi v. JtjNK. U530. LYMAN GUMMING S, .aOTOHK'S'sr jilt law a SOMCITOR IN CJJANtrcitY, Office sunlit. 7Cflt. corner, fecund Jl mr nf Strong's I!uilding,nn Court J louse Srjuare, BUni.;i2TGTG2T. 7T. FAMILY GROCERIES and PROVISIONS. N. .7. MOS2S5SIOUSE At tin- JS'urtli-rast Corner Court House Square, ISasemtnt Story oj Strung' Hutl.livg. OFFERS for sale, al retail, an nnrl mi'iil of excellent family Groceries nnd I'mvUiniH, Consisting of TE.-1S. .MUSCOFADO S LOAF SUGARS, JAVA COFFEE POR TO RICO . IO 1 ss r.s, PniiK. FLOUR, J1F.AL if F L R GAR. CLOVES, .MACK A. YD CASSIA, PEPER. SPICE and GI.YGER, LOXDOJY .V1XED PICKLES, PEPER SAUCE. PR USER FED GI.YGER FIXE. TABLE and WKSTKRJY SALT. POLA.YD STARCH FIG BLUE Sf SALERATUS, LAMP OIL and WICKLYG, SOAP AJ'D CA.YDLES. CROCKERY if GLASSWARE BROOMS, BRUSHES awl BLACK l.YG. . llsn, Stewart's Ci ltbra'cd Steam re lined Cnndv. Burlington. July 12. 1030. .13 LANK BOOKS. QUIRHS ol B'nnk work, m books, ronlaiiiini' front one to six Quires each. Persons uthin;r in Imv. in sell again, will find it in ihmr ailvnuine in call at the 15. nd; Bindery, on Colle Bljei'i. where lli-y u ill find said Bonks lur sale low at wholi.Mib' or retail bv S I) CNTI NGTOX. lurlinnrlon, July 7. !:,!;i. g; R ES 1 1 A JS T) I. Y GL. ISSCA S ES . b v - July 10. LaTIIIIi.I- ,"t I'OTW IN. 15 UNO 1 1 II A IS INS. Q A' Boxes frenh, nnd lor sale by the lmx III lllC lowesl priens. Julv I 9. I. iTiiuon k. I'.'-i win. To Alnmifnctiirors Clotliiors pi LOTIIIER'S Cor.N iiiiiooliieliired bv X- llie HtirirwrfV-llI Card Ci Sirinolielll Spruiifi"ld Card C.i S.i Mass. by J & .1 II. Pi:n. Co Igrnts NOT 5 CM. i ASH will be paid Ii r WOOL at tin lirlillg'oo M Hi Oiiopiiiv'j Faeinry SID.YEY BARLOW, Aunit. SILVER TABLE TEA SPOOA'S. do Speciiicb't1, do Tlnmbiiv, do Pencil Ciidcs, for sale by June.l. Vii.ah. L0011 is and ('n Iron Hollow Vnr A very i'xkmisivi) iixtforiuii'iit of Hollow a Ware, consisting of Puis, ICtl I Furnace-'. Spiders, Ten Keiile-, Basins High pans etc, with a great vnrtety of Sinvo Wnre.jiist ree'd and for pule t v June 0. STB.ONGS Co. P(T Jrvu .lllllt CLAriJOAKDS. l&(JSi "' (''"Pboards of lirsl iJP iiali y. tor sale by 0. IlUt). H'lCMlK it ( " ATI in. 4v P CIv'S IMX'sj iUl J ',i ' , ..' V. ,l0 Utl ','r 'vv" nh'' c,,,'on Necdief il' Grosser, h'nitliug Puis, lor sale b bv J11111', Loo.Mis iV Co. FLOU1L 'UST rrcfived yuper Finn Western Flnor and fer - by I Ii K rt .V C n i, ulv . .,() K-"1""-' Gap ami Leller paper, difior onl ijnalilii'S, ruled and plnin. ir,0 Bniiles of Blatl: ard Blue fluid otul Ink, lor sale n 1 Book Bindery by SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. College- Street, ) Uurliiigtun, July 19, 1039 X.ySl-ST & KURLBUT, Thursday morning, July It, 11139. BY daily arrivals-, havo recunllv re. coved, and are offering lor sale, at Wholesale ami R..,n, Mre, firllrr ,, thcupcr Goods than can h,j found in nnv store in Contention County, (oursolvc-i being judge-.) As Mr. Slncy's Free Press i? (,n urnall to insert, even the deiaih of such an cxieu. sive assorlnieni, and w ha ve such coiislnnf. sales of goods we eaunol find time to writo ndverlisiMuents, make country excur-iinnn. or crcn 10 gratify ourselves" by a Stcnni Bonl trip Willi ihe Ladle. In addilion lo our slock, am 30 pieces English, Scotch und American Carpeiing. II pieces Bush, and Damask 'do Oil Cloths lor floors. &c. 30 pieces MouspIiiic de Lane, Tout do Lane, ifcc. English. French and American Prints, Sllki J of every Variety, FarwollVi Boots and Shoes a constant supply. bill In aiiempi.nn enumeration oT our stock would be useless. We say 10 purchase call nnd examine for your-elves no char ge fn- showing good-. We sell for cash 3CQQ lbs of Good swert yellow Butter wniiieil. N f.ovni.y & Co. PLYE APPLE. LEMOJY RASPBERRY Sf S.I RSA PAR ILEA, by Lathroi- & Pot win. Julv 19. SUMWFR STOCKS, July 11). A few of the new' sly lc Summer Stock", vory comforinblo 111 a warm Day. just ree'd at the Variety Store. Panguokn & BniNSM AID. Milton Lincoln's Instate. STATU OF VERMOjYT,) DISTKICT Of CIIITTKMIK.N. SP. ( AT a Probate Court holden al Burlington, within mill for llie District aforesaid 011 tho 12lh day of July A. D. 1839, an lntru ment purporting to be. tho last Will and Tos lament of Milton Lincoln, late of Milton, in said dislricl deecascd, was presented to tho Court hero for Probate, by Nathan Lincoln, Jr., llio Exceptor, therein named. Tin: 111: ton 1: u is ordered bv said Court, thai public notice bo given to all persons con cerned therein to nppoar bcfoio said Court, at a session thcrcufto beholden at the Piejfistcr'M office in Burlington, 011 Ihe second Wednes day of August. A. I). 11139. and contest thu probate ofsmd Will, and 11 is further ordered that lhi? older bo published three weeks fui; cessively in the Free Press a newspaper priti led at Burlington, in tlii.o Si lie. Ihu last ol which shall be previous to thu dav assigned , as afores ijd for hearing. " Given under my hand at the Be-islci'.s Office, this 12th day of Julv A. I). llUO. Wm WESTON, Register. The subscriber litis been receiv ing tor ihe last two weeks, the largest and best selected assortment of HARDWARE. SADDLER YSf COACH WARE, Saw mill. Crnts rut, ami Circular SAWS Since and Fire place HOLLOW WARE, Wagon. Curl and Pipe BOXES; GU.WS, Pntl.ct and table CUTLERY. Plated. German S,h-n- Bntlania Ware, CA B LYE T 77? I MM LYGS, LOOKI.VG GLASSES, LOOKIJYG GLASS PLATE, ifc. $-c. lie has ever beliire offered In the public, all of which be will be happy to dispose (lf al wbolesa'o md retail 00 i'Iic beat teruej lor cusb or sliurl ctedit. Ror.Ku r Monnv. Burlington, June 2.1, 1030. Mill -HAMPSHIRE M EM CA f , I N ST 1 TUT I O N rip I IK ANNUAL LECTUBES m .IL lu-tiiiiiion will commence on Thiir day. Aug. iiih. and. continue fourteen weeks Irom four to kiv Leelures daily Feus for the courso, ,,0 Gradual nig Evpeiises, si I !! The fei s must be paid nt, ihe commenceiueni ol the course, or notes iMven with sa' islnciiiry security. Tlie Aiiaiotmeal Alu-euin 'is furnished with Ihe most valuable propninlions. and 'ho Library nnd Apparatus are extensive. All operalio'is before the Medical Clnss aro perlonned guith. Privaic Medical Instruction 1- given 1 limughuut the vear by 'lie Resifl'eoi Profesior-i. .Materia Medica. Ob-ieiries, ami Dis'enses ol Women nod Children. by 1 up 1 m nT.n. M i' .Medical Botany ami Medical Juri-prudeuce by iv. ivii.i.iam-', .11. " Surgery nnd Surgical Auniomy, bv n ruosiiv. m. n Theory mid Practice ol Physic, and Putho logical Anatomy, by 1;. n.urii.v.i r, m. n. Clii'iiiisliy and Pharuiacy, by 11. i1. iiunn tun, m. ii, Analomv and Physiology, by o. w. iioi.'uks, m 11. By older of the Faeuli y. O P. HUBBARD, Sccreturi llanortr. June 17, l!!;10. FRESH A LI! ANY ALI A hlils .lust icceived by July la tiii'.op it Porwi.N. Ginger Preserves by Jolv -r. L 1 mine k. Prn wiv. i00 prs. lYIansliolil oxlra freneli tyle HIIOES, by July Laiihiop k. Poiwin ,N7.';w7 OIL. GU'. Winlrr t porm Oil do do do 1 1 ,1 k C'- '.'(ion do k.i 11 1.00(1.. i;,n...'d tv J I

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