Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 16, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 16, 1839 Page 3
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porriion, except under strong escort. Too detachment nt Fort Maitland will be immediately withdrawn. Should Port Mellon prove unhealthy, and the Surgeon recommend its abintlonrncnt, you are nuthnriied to transfer the garrison, "and reinforce some of the neighboring posts. GEO. H. GRIFFIN, Asa't Adj't General. Important rnoM Texas-A Battle And a Victory. The New Orleans Bee brings the following highly interesting intelligence, furnished in the Red Landor, a paper published nl St. Augustine, Texas, dated 20th July. It contains, as will bo Been, uuthentic intelligence of two engage menta between the Texan find several tribes of Indians, in both of which the latter were defeated with serious losses. Head Quarters. ) Camp Garten Jul) 16, 1039. S To the Hon. Sydney Johnson, Sec. of War: Sm On yesterday the negecialinn on the part of the commissioners having failed, under vour order, the whole forco was pul in motion towards the encampment of Bowles, on the Nechcs. Col. Lnndrum crossed on the west side of the Nechcs, slid marched up the river, tho regiment under Colonels Burk'son and Husk moved directly to the Camp of Bowles. Upon reaching it. it. was found to bo abandoned. Tlieir trail was ascertained, anil a rapid pursuit made. About six miles above their encampment, in the vicinity of the Delaware village, at the head of o prairie, they were discovered by the spy company, under Capt. J. Carter, anil detachment of 25 men, from Capt. Todd's enmpanv, led by General Husk. 1 lie eno my displayed I mm the puint of a hill Gen. Husk motioned to t twin lo como on they advanced and fired four or five tunes and immediatelv occupied a thicKCt and ravine on tho li'tt. As wc advanced, tho lines wore immedi ntely formed, and the achon becamo gen oral. The ravine was instantly charged and flanked on ihe left by Col. Burleson, and a part of his regiment !he rrst of Burleson s romrncrit were led by Lieut Col. Wondlrff. A portion of Gen. Riii-ls'i regiment charged at the same time, and another portion tuol; n position on a point of a lull lo tin' right, and drove a parly who attempted to flank us from that quarter. Thus instantly driving the enemy from the ravine and thicket, leaving eighteen dead on the fi"ld, that hnvo been found, and carrying off as usual their wounded, as wa-i seen by our men. Our lues was two killed, one wounded mortally, nut! five snghtly. Capi. Imodium wns not able, having so much further lo march, to participate in the engagement, but has been ordered In join this morning. All behaved so gallantly thai it would be invidious to particularize. The action commenced about a half an hour beforo sunset, which prevented pur cuit. Most of i heir baggage, was cnplurcd, 3 kegs of powder. 250 lb-, lead, and many horses, cattle, corn, and oilier property, By order of K. II. Douola-s, Brig. Gen Com. T. A. Jas. S. Mayfield. Anl-dc-Camp. A letter from Gen. Ruk, dated 17th inst . . has also just reached this place, in which horoninrk "We hnvo had another engagement in day with the Indians, who occupied a very strong position. The con test lasted an hour mid a half, whim we charged and drove t lit: in from their station, in which, however, they sustained consul erablu loss, the amount of which is not yet ascertained. Bowles was found amongst the dead." Their number was very considerable, I think 5 or COO. Our loss was two men killed and upwards of twenty wounded, amongisl whom are my brother and Major .Augustine, of St. Augustine county. We are happy to learn that every precaution has been taken to cut off the retreat of Iho neiny, nud thereby prevent protrne'ed war. Wo shall anxiously await further intelligence from that quarter, and will endeavor to keep our readers promptly ami correctly advised on this important subject. P. S. All tho above news is corrobora ted by persons direct from Nacogdoches (Texas) to this plnco. Binding Apprentices to Married Women void. On Saturday last a case of the following description camo beforo Judge Randall, in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. Two girls, Rose Ann Gallen and Mary Ann Ga lien, had been bound as apprentices lo a Mrs. Mcdwintcr, milliner, her husband assenting to the exe cution of the indentures, as did also the mother of the girls. The mother subsc quenlly sued out a writ of habeas corpus, requiring the mistress to produce the chil dren in court, it being alledged that they were illegally restrained of their liberty, tho indentures not being legal, inasmuch os they were oxecutod by a married man. Both parties had counsel, who argued the point at issue. The following is the deci sion pronounced by Judge Randall: N. Y. Sun. "The indenture in this case cannot be supported, becnuso it wns made to a femme covert who was at the tunc incapable ol binding herself by any of tho covenants contained in it; anu although llie husband may have given his consent to the binding, yet he is not responsible on tho covenants becauso ho is not a parly. Mrs. Medwiii ter has, ofconrse, no legal control over the children, and the Court must therefore exorcisn its sound discretion and decide who ought to have their custody. As to Mary Ann Gallen, she is above tho age of fourteen years, ami una sum mm suu nous not wish to leave Mrs. Medwinter; under huch circumstances wo will not forco her to act ogoinsi her inclination, and wo wish her to understand tnoi suo is ai pericci liberlv to May Willi or lenvn Mrs. Alcuwin inr. But Roso Ellen Gallon is too young to liavo any will of her own, and she must be rriven into tho custody ol her grand father, who wns appointed some time since Guardian of her person and estate by this Court. Judgment of tho Court ncco.dmgly," Execution at Taunton, Mass. Wen-1 jamin Cummings, convicted in Mny last of the murder of Asa Clark, Jr. on the 23d Oct. 1838, underwent Iho last sentence of the iaw on Wednesday los,t, at Taunton. From tho Boston Post wc learn the follow ing circumstances of the enso : CummiDgs fur many years past had been a boisterous, dissipated fellow i and was once rent to the State Prison for stabbing and severely wounding one Perry, whom ho suspected of making familiar advances to his wife. This sentence placed a brand upon his character, which ho took no pains to efface nfler Ins release from prison, but returned to his former ditsnluto course of life; and in August, 1838, Asa Clark, senr., constable, obtained a warrant against him as a common drunkard, but instead of fer vtng it, kept it suapended over htm, in tcr rorem, to make hun be of good behavior. Cuinmings knew Iho warrant wns out against htm, nud frequently threatened lo resist its service at all hnzirds, cither with a club, an axe, or knife, which ever might he at hand at the time Clark, or any other officer, approached hun. On tho night of Oct. 23 thn younger Clnrk was killed Cuinmings went homo to his residence at Slab-brnlgo, Freetown, intoxicated, with some dissipated cronies, and began to quar rel with his wifo, and drove her from his honse. Something dropped from somu of tho party, which led Iho wlto to suppose that Cuinmings meant to attack Clark's house, and she caused htm to be warned of her suspicions. After this Cuinmings went up the road towards his brother's hoiiiie, and, when passing his niother-m-law's, threw some stones at it. The cider Clark then called in the assistance of his son Asa, and soma others, for the purpose of nrresttnir Lummincs on his return towards home. Tlice lay in Ambush near Clark's house, and on Cuiiiining's return, about half part 10, young Clark and one Rogers approached to r cizo him, old Clark having in the meantime snapped his gun at him oncj or twice without effect. The first actual attack was made by young Clark, who fulled him, and then both Clnrk and Rogers got down upon him to secure him. A dci-pernte struggle ensued in which Cummings freed himself, and, upon getting up Clark found himself cut in the abdomen, and mortally wounded. On the morning of his execution, the folowing declaration was made by tho pris oner as his last dying words : "I left my brother's about half past ten I left him at home, as he swore in court. When I got a little past Clark, s house, I heard a number behind. I kept along, and Clark's son followed me he kept within four feet of me till we gol near my own house. I then heard theoldman say. 'Knock him down, kill him if you can. My gun won't go.' When the old man raid this, he was nearly opposite the school house, and his son by my side neither ol us had spoken up to that lime. Ha struck mo with a club. I found the club the next morning. It was of white ash. The first nor second blow did not bring mo down the third blow knocked me down, nud ho jumped on my brenst. Rogers, who had como up, lei I upon my toot to kcop uic down, youg Clark being still on my breast. 1 was only down a lew minutes holore i cleared myself from them. When 1 cot away about two or three rods, I heard some onu say, 'my guts are running out.' I suppose il wan Clark who said this. I had my axe with me when they came up to me. but I did not see il again, till the next day, It was a narrow axe. such as they use ahnui kitchens. I had un knife I am sure I had on knife. Old Clark had always been meddlesome with inu." d r v. In Cavendish, Wednesday 24 ill nil. Mart W. wife nf Hun. I. F. lieilfield'uf Ihis vilbge, aged 22 Her heiilih hating been lor fouie time declining the rnnleinplalea .i visit lo .Siiialnu Sni ins , and ill lemleil hv lici liu.b.iiid, iravclluil ih fir as C.i eml i.-li , when nn findin" hen-fell' iiuiih feeble, she concluded lo tniry a few weeks uiih ihe friend of J lilies It. wliilc In intended I lie hoisir.m ol llie fSn ii erne Court in the Norllien Coiiniica ofiliU Suic; and to suddenly Imr exit the fuiinil lo lie (inking in ilia amid of deaili, licfiic her friendi thought tier rase iinmedialely d.uigeiniH, There me many ciinimnlnncfa combined lo render deal Ii pecnliiuly umotlcomt and terrific. She wh in l lie inninin; of life, turiuiiodcd hv kind and v.oi lliy fiicmh an.! all die endeiu menu of ear ill. Miinv, tery miny, anil 6tioni, ueie ihe I es lo be biokeii. Her belotvd eniiii,iniin niicon. scions nf her collirt with the king of lennrs, uim absent ; and I lie pi ivilcge nf hie.itliing llie l.isi f 1 1 en ell waj denied, Deiuli camo with mil anil silent fooisieH, and cie she ilionglil ol'llis iiiiionrb wan bending over her pilluw, nnd lo.uly lo 6nke llie I' blow. And lioiv did the die,' In I'eaci:, And how could be f ''lie waa a Chrism in. While gaeping in death, (die left will) her friends who weie present, afl'eetion.ile cxlioruuinni fur her absent friend reminding llieni (Jod was able In Misiuin I hem and In earufy iheir nflliclimn lo llieir good, expreioing her firm peisuaaion llial she win dying in llie embinee nf pardoning meiey. "I love iho .Savior," and "Jesiu is precious," ucre among her last sayinga. Alii. II. un ihe d inghler of J. Smith of Sinn, stead, I,. C. Fiom her cliildliuiiil slin in iiiifcvu il an uncommon lowliness of diFpoiiiou ; lint il was lint until 1831 or 5 thai the became exienuie.iiiilly n ("hi Dili ing a greal levival in Slnnsiciil, she songlil the tSaviur, and joined ilu Velejau Aleilioili.-t Church. Anil now e trim hlie iaiiiim. hered with llie church tiiumpbaiit. Ami may Cod in His rich niciry eeable her liuly aflliclrd com pauioii nnd fi iends lo say "Tlio l.otd cme, anil llie Lord haib inkcn away : blessed he die name of die Lord." "Thou art gone to the grave, but we will not deplore thee, Since Ood vvaj lliy Ransom, thy guardian and guide ; lie gave lliee he look thee and toon will resloie iliee t here deaih haib no sling sinre the Savinr bath died," Montptlitr Patriot. E. t5. Drowned, in Onion Riter, on Sunday last, Alex. lioisvrrl netl IB, apprenliru in lr. iMaiMiiui, I'lieilereaiieil in rompanv with two oihers. went lo ihe riter In bailie, ami getting inio deep water, where llie current wus very r.iiiul, ho was hweni down llie stream and sunk beloie niilauro could he given him. His Indy was found in nliaut luo liuura and a hall, when nil aiiemiiiM lo irmore mm wein ua.iv.iilinK. Thus was anoiher tnuug man, in thn strength of life, suddenly called fiom lime in (trinity, Let litis he a solemn warning lo all, in particular in ihe ynuib, who are in ihn habit of in dulging llicmselvei in recreations upon the. hahlialh Com. JVOTICE. CASH will bo pnid for WOOL nt ihe liurlingion Mill Company's Fncmry, SHjJyK i HARLOW, Agent. HARRIS fc ST AN WOOD, No. 29, Trcmont How, opposite Savings JSanlc, Boston. V.'f .T&nyj.-t:'P. KSriOJUJ: Jirntds, Cords. Epaolctl m f WlCA4ra Tassels. StnrH.Grcnadoi a 1 i J&tlM Aiguolo.ts ; . Army. I 1 S'AyOC-V Jtf'J'JrVJ fiZyZfc Kevnnun. nnd military hmrr buttons taJLV -3 nf "" "(!; PLUMES Pomp,,,,, of all J&JJ&Sfy:r--v yHT&wmiZ Colors; Silk and wo Epnulctts : Cap Trimmings of every description. Orders for any style of Trimmings executed in tho best manner nnd at the shortest possible notice. Tho above comprise one onhn best, assortment to bo found in tho cilv. Persons in want of such aihcles, are invited to call, as they are offered for sale at "wholesale and retail, on favorable terms. ALSO, In addition lo Ihe nbnvo, n first rate assortment nf HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS, Consisting of SILVER nnd PLATED WARES, LAMPS. PARLOR CLOCKS, I RA 1 S of all description, Table Cutlery, and oilier metal Ornaments. Rich r ancy Copartnership Notice. THE Copirtnerslnp heretofore existing under the firm of WAIT & TABOR was dissolved on the tO August inst. All persons indebted to the laic (inn are heieby notified to make immediate payment, and those having demands against them will present th'ii) for settlement to Joseph Wait, who is duly authorised to adjust the same. JOSEPH7" WAIT. GIVES notice thai he ban bought out Iho interest ol his Into Partner Mr. JOHN I'. TABOR, nnd will continue tho staple and fin i c v dry cend Business, ut the old stand, west sidu Church si.., 2 doors nbovc the square, where will be constantly kept n lull supply of French, British and American Goods of Ihe bct quality, which will be at all limes freely shown and Bold uncommonly cheap for cash he has on hand a good assortment of Plain and fig'd Silks Dark nnd light Calicoes Silk, Kid nnd Th'd Gloves Silk and Hose Ribbons, Belts, fancy Hdkfs. Net and Lmbr'd Scarfs Edenbor'n and Tartan Shawls Lace and Gauze Veils Embr'd Collars, Laces, &c, &c. Gents. Cotton Hocn Cotton, Silk. kid. & Th'd Gloves Silk, Bombazin, Satin, and Hair Cloth Stock Cheap Silk Cravails Besi Italian do 38 and 40 inches Cloths and Cn3simers Umbrellas &c. &c. Burlington, Aug. I G, 1039. Me ward. TOST, in thir. town, mi Wednesday iho x ni't. a Calf Skin Wallet, cnntoining from 30 to 40 dollars in money, nnd '"'i ween threo and four hundred dollars in Notes. Whoever will return caul Wallet with conien s. or give information where it insiy be found thall receive the above reward. A. W. BUTLER. Essex. Aug. 13, 1 'J39. Burlington High School. THE next term in this institution, will commence on Weduensdav, Sunt. .'h and coiitiuuo eleven wnck. Tho Princi ple will receive a few pupils into his own lamily. Jo. 15. Eastman, Principal. Jiurlington, Aug, 12. 1!539. STRAYED 71 ROM iho ubcribcr . on the 7ih intt.. n email dork brown, half french more, heavy mam Snnd tail, 2 or 3 while feet. a small star m the forehead, suppo.-ed to bu 10 years formerly owned by Rev. Charles Farrar of Reading, in this state, whoever will give iho necessary information, or re turn sad Marc will conler a favor and be llberallv rewarded. II cm an Iaustow. Sit ct burn, Aug. 14, 1 'J 3 9 . i f. Joseph Jones' Estate. STATE OE VERMONT, ) DirT. or Cihtti:mu:n. s rrTUE Probntc Court for the district ol -fl- Cliutendi'ii, to all persons concerned in tho estate of Joseph Jones, laic of U deilull in t-n id dibtrict. deceased, (il!KCTIM. Trotnan Sheldon, Exrcntor of Iho lat will and te-taiueiit of tin; haul deceased, having made application to f-aid court for liceiii-u to Hell thu real esinlu of said de. ceased, representing that a sale I hereof is nocoN'-ary for thn payment of the debts, nud charge of adiniiiistrttlinn, and propo fies in render an account ol'lii-i odminiMrn. linn, nnd to present bin account against Hind Cnltilc for examination and nllowiuicu. Whereupon iho court aforesaid doth assign the second Wednesday of September 1!J39, for n hearing in Iho premises, and doth order that Ihe heirs and allo'.hers inlererted in said estate bn notified thereof by publi cation of iIiih order three woel;n s ucces. sively in Iho Free l'rcs, a newspaper printed iiiEaid Burlington. the last of which publication lo bu previous to said second Wednesday of September, 1 1139, that they mny appear at tho lime nnd place aforesaid and hhow cause why licencu lo sell said Innd should not bn granted, and why the uccnunt of the caul executor bhould nut lie allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington this 15th day of August A I). 11139. Wm. WESTON. Jtegister. 105 Hoxcs Tin Fhtc l-JJ X. 32 Bundled Wire from Number C lo 17, )iist ree'd bj Vilas, Loumis & Co. TjTAVE recently opened and intend constantly to keep n first rale and com pleto nnrlmpnt of MILITARY GOODS. Among which arc Gilt nnd ploted Scabbard, and Gilt nnd plated mounted mvords, BELTS, Cloeps, CHAINS j gold gilt, nnd plated Laces, s, nd Navy, ' and and rstod Sashes: worsted Winers &. Rllli TAN1A WARE, BRANCHES articles for presents, &c, &c. Gw DR. JOSEPH MARSH ULIiNG induced by tho threatening -J slate of his health, lo spend thn en suing lull nnd winter in a soulhern climate, earnestly requests all persons who nro in dcblcd to hun, to call at his office and settle their accounts. He hopes his friends will observe thi without delay, and save htm tho labor of calling on iliem personally. Burlington, Aug. 7. 1839. SASH FACTORY. rJPI I IE subscriber would respcctfollv inform J, tho inhabitants of Burlington that by the earnest solicitation of a number of contlemun rosiding in and adjacent to said town, he has been constrained to establish a SASH FACTORY, at Colchester Falls, (one milo fiom tho Court Jlnrlmrtoii.) where ho will he happy to supply all tho-o who may wish to purchase IVmttoK bash or Minds. JIis long experience in tiui above business warrants him in assuimj all thoso who may favor him with their patron age, that thoy may depend upon a rate article, as ho is oeiermincn to employ none but first rato workmen nnd hi3 stock will be of tho vorv best materials. Orders from distanro addressed to tho subscriber at Bur lington, Vt. will bo thankfully received and promptly attond.-d to. SIDNEY SMITH. Co'cltester Falls, August 5, 1839. N. B. All work warranted lo bo good, or no sale. Any mzo or quantity of Sasli,fur nisiicu lo order. MORE NEW GOODS TJRISTOL HOARD. Covcrnment Wax mJ Hrass. Canillcsticks-, Plain Hair, Ger man Silver Hpotms. ACCOKUIONs, Thimbles, Comb brush es lo clean lino cumin, Toy Wntche; Violin Bridges, horv Combf, Violin and other iiictructiun Bonks, dressed Dolls, AI Icy rnnrblcp. Optic Glasses, &.C., jusl loccivi'd ut tlio Vnriely htoro. PaSOIIOIIS & BniNSMAID Aug. I, IC39. The, New Cheap Store. f 7K7"A1T &. TABOR DO sell ciikau and Vv puichasers will find it to tlieir ad vantage to sntisly theniiielves of Ibis fact hefore they makn their purchasosclsowhcre I hev liavo a cnod assoitmont of 'PARASOLS. SUMMER GLOVES, FANG Y HAND KE RCIUEFS, FANCY NET SCARFS. EM R RO ID Eli ED COL LA RS, BLACK LACE VEILS, LINEN CAMBRIC St do. da. II'DICFS, Checked and plain SWISS. CAMBRIC St JACCONETS, Thread, Luces Sf Edgings, Blade Lace Triming, S;c. Stc AUo, a few dresses of MoupoIuic de Lame. nnd the handsomcd Clialy to be found in tho country, with a general assortment of laucy DRY GOODS which will always be freely shown and sold chenp. Burlington, August ii, IU39. MILITTAKY. Fin HOSE who d peml upon being sup iL plied by ih with swords. Epaulette. Plumes or any Goods in this line, for the Full Training, muit leavu their orders immediately ; as we shall get only enough to supply the orders. Aug. 9. pANfinortN & Bri.nsmaid. W a t c h Jl a p a i v i a g . Ii. CURTIS resumed his ,f " sxl.J Inriner hiisi vinef' of f i;l?.T,t WATCH REPAIRING, 1 "i-&l "as taken Iho stand on Wv.'&fCi Church street, opposite . .z&i.' r . v - - -. It. Moody's, where he will give his particular and personal attention to tho business. liurlingion, August 9, 1339. BLANK BOOKS. "vHF bonks, cuniainiiig from ono lo fix Quires each. Persons wishing lo buy. to sell ngnin, will find it to thoir ndvnningo In call at Iho Bonk Bindery, on ('nllego tUeei. whern they will find said Bonks for sale law nt wholesale, or retail hv S. HUNTINGTON. Burlington. July 17, IIS39. Cocso Feathers of ;i superior quality for sal" by VILAS, LOOMIS &. Co. July 30, 1039. COUN WANTED. CASH will bo paid for l.N'DIAN CORN, delivered at thoGristMill Onion Kivcr Falls or nl Ihoir Store, hv July 20. HICKOK CATL1N, STATE OF VERMONT, ) District or Ciiitthnden, sh. AT n Probate Court hidden nt Burling Ion, within nnd for tho district of Chittenden on Iho 27lh dav of July A. D. 1839, pr.-Mjiit Iho Hon. Charles Russell. Jiidgo of said Court, a copy, of the lnt will nnd testament of John Abbott. Into of Bur- linglnn, nforcsnid, nt the time of his death. residing nt Philadelphia, in Iho County of I'hiladclphia and Stale of Pennsylvania, deceased, duly allowed nnd proved in the probata Court for thn city and County of I'hilndelphin alorcsaid beini: presented In the Court hero thnt said copy may he filed, nud recorded in iho probate Court for the listrtct ot Chittenden nloresaid, ngreeahly lo the statute in such case mndo and pro- ided, it. is hereby ordered that nil persons be notified to appear before snid Court, nt session thereof nl. ihe Itesister's office, in Burlington, within and for the district of Chittenden, on the 21st day of August next, end contest the filing nnd recording f the copy of said will ns aforesaid, ifthcy sec canto, lor which purpose it is lur. thcr ordered that a copy of Ihe record of this order bo published three wpeks suc cessively in tho Burlington Freo Press, a newspaper printed nt Burlington, as toon as may he. Given under mv hand nt. Burlington nforcsaid. this 27th dn v 'f July A. D. 1 839. CHARLES RUSSELL Judge Thursday morning, July 11, IH39. B Y daily arrivals, hnve recently ro. ccivcd, and are offering for sale, nl Wholesale and Retail, more, better and cheaper Goods than can be found in any tore in Cinttenilen County, (ourselves being judges.) Ah Mr, Stncv s Free Pres" is too Fmoll lo inseit. even the detnil nf such nn cxien sivc nssorlment, and we have such constant, sales of gniid-' wo cannot find time to write advertisement?, make country excursions, or etcn to gratify ourselves by a Steam Boat trip with the Ladies. In addition to our stock, are 30 pieces English, Scotch nnd American Carpeting. !! piece? Rush, ond Damaak do Oil Cloths for iloors. &c. 30 pieces Mouseliue de Lane, Tout de Lane, &c. English. French nud American Prints, Silk of every variety, Farwell's Boots and Shoes a constant Fiipply. but to attempt, nn enumeration of our slock would bo useless. We say to purchasers cp 1 1 and examine for yourselves no char- e for (.bowing goods. We sell for cash. 3000 lbs of Good sweet yellow Butter wontMi. N Lovely & Co. NE W-IIAMPSIIIR E MEDICAL INSTITUTION rip II E ANNUAL LECTURES in ibis JL Institution will imminence on Thurs day. Aug, nth, and continue fourteen weeks, from four to six Lectures daily. Fees for the course. (J50. Graduating Expenses, I!J. The fees must be paid nt ihe commencement r.l the course, or notes ;iven with ratisfnr.torv security. The Anatomica! Mureuin is furnit-hed with the moat vnluable preparation, nnd the Library ond Apparatus nro extensive. All operotio'is before tin; Medical Cin?s are performed gratis. Private Medical Instruction is given throughout the year by iho Resident Professors. Materia Medico, Obstetrics, and Diseases ol Women and Children, by j. m:r,AMATEii, M. n. Medical Botany nnd Medical Jnn-prudence. by s. w. wn.i.iAMs, m. v. Surgery nnd Surgical Anatomy, by i). cnosiiv. m, d. Theory und Practice of Physic, and Patho logical Anotomv, by K. IlinTI.ETT, M. D. Chemistry and Phnrmncy, by o. p. iiuBD.tnn, m, r Anatomy and Physiology, by o. w. holmes, M. n By order of thn Faculty. O. P. HUBBARD, Secretary Hanover. June 17. lf!39. Important to the Ladies. TTUST received, nnd for sale by J. St J. L? II. PECK St Co . Burlington, a lew boxes of R"vnoltN St. Parnielv's celebrat FEMALE HEALTH BESTOU TIVE. Il is designed particularly lor the diseases peculiar lo the Femtilu constitution. A iimro cfiieacioin remedy of this kind, has long been wanted, ii1- many of those discne e have baflled the . kill of the most eminent physicians, and all the remedies heretofore hnvo proved ineffectual, in thousand-, of cases. This medicine invariably removes obstructions, regulates in mot cases of painful, too Irrquent, or profuse iinustiua Hon, and has cured iho mnt obstinate eases ol Fluor Albus or whiles, nnd a a moth relief, H is not equalled by any other nieili. cine. It is recommended by many ot tin tno-t eminent physicians in the United S'nics. Duct. J. Morison. from Colerain Miit-s. who has practiced medicine sam twenty years at Oneida, N. ., says u relation in it. "That it is the bel inedi cine now in use. In caesof retiiilion, or suppression of the mioses, 1 think it w j-iisinin tho nppellation of t-pecific. I have tried il in the wotM cases, with inimitable succe.-s, und I wish for the good ol sullering females, that all physicians would introduce it iu their practice, nnd I have confidence to believe they would find happy results a I huvo found tho pills to answer fullv thetr recommendation." Duct- It. R Davis, of Syracuse, loll a Miuilnr story and many others For further information you nro rclerrotl lo Iho persons whoso names are annexed in our show bills, and -iImi to pamphlets, tell with our agents fur gratitiious distribution. Price SSpcr box containing nearly 100 pills. Prepared and sold wholesale und retail by Bevuolils & Ptirtnely. Piltsfnrd, Monroe ro.. N. Y. sold nlso by F. lliiniin.ton, Vergnnues ; Moody ei Adains, iMiudlebiiry ; Jacki-ou &. Kelch am, Biniidon; S Si T. While it Co, Rutland ; I). II. Mcachnm.M. 1).. Walling ford; A. R. VniUI'. Co.. Danby: D. An drowj, Miinchoster : Merrill it V. I) Sniegol. Bennington ; and Willistmi Tvler, Brnllleboroni'h. . ";7-ly '"ifirh "k1 Wi-Rlcrn Sail jast iccoivcd and forsalohy Hickoi; & Cati in JERICHO ACADEMY. npiJE FALL TERM will commence ! ho first. Monday in September next. Spccinl effort will be made to qualify young ladies and gentlemen to ha able and efficient Schoul Teuchers. SAMUEL KINGSBURY, Jericho, Aug. 3. 1039. I'nKCF.PTon. LYMAN CUMMIN GS, AUTQ'&im-Y AT IiiVW fit SOLICITOR IN CIIANCnilY, Office south corner, second Jloor of Strong's Building, on Court IIouss Square, BUnr-INQTON. VT. JAMES M I T C II E 1, Ii Corner of Church Sf College-streets. Bunt.iNGTON. June. 1S39. Copartnership Dissolved. THE Copartnership heretofore existing under the name W. (J. Stimpson & Co. was dissolved by mutual concent July 12th. All person indebted to said firm, nro rc quested to make payment to Edward Brin ley. late Junior Partner, who is authorized to liquidate nil Cnparnership concerns. And nil pnrsoun who nave claims agotnst snid Into firm, will present tin; same to said Edward Brinley for payment, by whom the business will be continued as asiial. W. C SriMPSON. EmvAnn Brinley. DRUG STORE. THE subscriber recently ot Iho firm of W. C. oiiinpson & Co., having la ken (he stock and stood lately belonging to the same, now offer lor sale on most liberal terms, a very large assortment of DRUGS MEDICINES PAINTS AND DYE STUFFS. From arrangements ho has entered into, he will constantly bo receiving full Importa tions of Enjilish. French and India Drugs, which, with i lie following, will be offered unusually low. 5000 Camphor. 2 cases Turkey Opium, 10 do Liquorice Paste, 5000 dn Liquorice Root, 300 do Calomel, 300 do Red Precipitate, 500 do Tartar. Acid, 1000 do Eng. Sup. Carb. Soda, 100 Boxes Ca-tile Soap, 200 nz. Snip. Quinine, 2 Cans Es. Lemon, 2 do Ess. Uurgamnt, 100 oz. Firs. Benzan, 200 do Oil Peppermint, 20 Casks Sal Soda, 2000 do Arrow Root. 1000 do Turkey Gum Myrrh, 50 Bbls. Epsom Salts, 20 Bales Bottle Corks. 100 Packages apothecaries Glas3-warc, 50 Bale India Snona. 25 Casks Whi'e Lead, 20 Cute Sbellrto, 15 do Copal, India, 20 Kegs Paris Green, 0 Hhds. Madder. 50 Bbls. ground Camwood, 200 do dn Dvu Woods, 10 do Blue Vitrol, 100 Carboys Oil Vitriol. D'nlersin Drugs, Manufacturers. Phv- sicans &c, are respectfully invited to call when wanting lo purchase, or forward t lie i r orders, which will receive the most prompt attention. EDWARD BRINLEY. No. 3 & ! South Side Old Fanieul Hall, Boston. August 2 1339. FAMILY GROCERIES and PROVISIONS. V. J. MOBlEf-IOUSE At the North-east Corner Court House. Square, Basement Story oj Strong's Building. OFFERS for sale, at retail, nn assort ment of excellent family Groceries and Provisions, Consisting of TEAS, MUSCOVADO St LOAF SUGARS, JAVA COFFEE PORTORICO MOLASSES. PORK, FLOUR, MEAL Sf VINE GAR. CLOVES. MACE AND CASSIA, PEPRR. SPICE and GINGER, LONDON MIXED PICKLES, PEPER SAUCE, PRESER VED G1NG ER. FINE. TABLE and WESTERN SALT. POLAND STARCH, FIG BLUE Sf SALERATUS. LAMP OIL and WICKING, SOAP AND CANDLES, CROCKERY Se GLASSWARE, B ROOMS, B R US II ES and BLA CK ING. Alio. Stewart's Celebrated Steam ro fined Candy. Burlington. July 12, U!39. Abel Cooper's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. I District ok Ci'i itcmiev, fs ( 7Yie Ihn. the. Probate C 'ntfur the Di. trill of Chittenden, T -V persons con. cernrd in the Estate nf Abel Cooper, late of Richmond, in said District, deceased, GREETING. OiTriEJlEAS, Slnphcn Coupon admin V V iffiior of tho estate, of said do ceaod proposes to render an account of hi administration, and pr - nt his account against said eslato for cxn nation and allow, tnco at a sossion of the Court of Probate, lo ho hotden at the Register's nlhn in Burlington on Iho second Vednoday ofSeptcmbrr next. TiiKiiKKoiu;, You nro hereby notified to ap. pear buforn said Courl at the timo and placo aforesaid, and show catio, if any you have, why the account aforesaid bho'uld not bo allowed. Given ur Jcr my hand at Burlington, this seventh day of August A. D. 1839. Wm. WESTON. Register. Vi Bundles Eng. & Amorican Sheet won. 75 lb. Copper Bolt, lust rne'd by July'M 'J9 Vn , L i min & Co.

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